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00:00<heckman[fng]>sent: Reminds of when CBS Broadcasting in Manhattan was testing their fire system. Someone thought it would be a good idea to trigger the alarms in the generator rooms...whole building lost power. rofl!
00:00<jzy>Daevien_: yeah this is mostly for me to learn more about the internets anyway
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00:00<sent>heckman[fng]: not enough warning labels?
00:00<Peng>SelfishMan: I'm sure I just sent you 12,000 bits of DNS traffic while typing this.
00:00<Daevien_>jzy: and yeah like au said, some things are simply out of linode's control, from what i see in thsi instance, it's much of, which is a bad outage
00:00<jonny52>are failover ips working, or would they be broken during a power outage too?
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00:00<SelfishMan>Peng: your IRC client does a DNS lookup to my servers for every character typed?
00:00<Peng>jonny52: If the whole DC is down, failing over to one also-down Linode would not help.
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00:00<Peng>SelfishMan: No, I'm running "ntpq -c mrulist".
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00:01<sent>unless your other Linode is in Dallas
00:01<sent>or some other focal point
00:01<Peng>sent: IP failover only works in-DC
00:01<SelfishMan>Peng: the dallas one your primary?
00:01<G_pateke>UPS work by the sounds of it
00:01<G_pateke>not a powercut
00:01<sidd>how many people are in one data center
00:01<G_pateke>hence why their core routers still respond to pings
00:01<alain6>hello folks, do we have an outage in the freemont datacenter?
00:01<sent>peng: i did not know that.
00:01<jzy>Daevien_: yeah i understand, just hope i can continue playing with the vps later
00:01<Lardle>what's annoying is that twitter is having one of its all-too-regular overloads, so I can't tweet my site's users to let them know what's going on
00:01<tjfontaine>sidd: proprietary information
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00:01<sent>alain: just listen to the conversation :)
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00:02<Peng>SelfishMan: Yeah
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00:02<Daevien_>jonny52: if you need to be up all the itme, you'd want a HA setup with multiple datacenter locations used
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00:02<Hobbsee>power outage. that might explain some things
00:02<alain6>wow: lots of new features
00:02<dark>it would
00:02<aaronpk>I've never seen the #linode channel this hopping! too bad it takes a minor disaster to bring everyone together
00:02<hyy>It seems, Even I try to shutdown my linode within linode manager, I can't do it still, What should I do please?
00:02<alain6>never seen the blog begore
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00:02<Ovron>I still think this is a coverup - aliens are attacking
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00:02<SelfishMan>Peng: private network? is your IP ending in .4?
00:02<Peng>aaronpk: It happens every disaster.
00:03<jonny52>aliens took a dump into the power station
00:03<Peng>SelfishMan: Indeedy. :D
00:03<alain6>thank u all goodbye
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00:03<sidd>hopefully all data and stuff is ok
00:03<hyy>My linode is in the fremond. >_<
00:03<jzy>jonny52: i thought they peed on the substation
00:03<Daevien_>hyy: if you are in fremont, there is datacenter issues currently, see
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00:03<SelfishMan>Peng: you have more than paid back your debt then
00:03<nathancscrivener>hello, if somebody would help me I would be very grateful. My Linode crashed about 30 minutes ago, and not responding to shutdown/reboot through the Linode Manager
00:03<sent>of course the data is fine
00:03<sent>the servers are fine
00:03<xinming>Daevien_: thanks. >_<
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00:03<jonny52>nathan: Which data center?
00:03<milkmit>nathan, read the last 1000 lines above :)
00:03<sent>aside from the "incident" in HE
00:03<Daevien_>NOTICE: if you are in fremont, there are datacenter issues currently, see
00:03<swajr_>nathancscrivener: your linode is probably in Fremont, and fremont is having issues
00:03<sidd>but sent, what if there were aliens...
00:03<Peng>SelfishMan: Excellent. :)
00:03<G_pateke>yeah definately looks like UPS outage instead of generator/etc failure
00:03<sent>a few years ago ;/
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00:04<Daevien_>sent: or theplanet catchign on fire, i liked that one though
00:04<jonny52>Does anyone here bother claiming thru the SLA?
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00:04<sent>Daevien_: you know what incident i refer to, i assume?
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00:04<G_pateke>sent: I liked the one where the guys stole from the Chicago Datacentre and they covered it up
00:04<Peng>Note: The Planet facility that kaboomed was not the one Linode uses.
00:04<Daevien_>i used to be abel to give oen of theplanet offices the finger multiple times a day when going up and down teh elevator, i miss that :p
00:05<AFellow>I like how it is a 'possible' power outage ;)
00:05<sent>this one is actually a power surge in a DC somewhere
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00:05<sent>i don't think HE
00:05<sent>but somewhere in the bay area
00:05<sent>a massive power surge
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00:05<G_pateke>AFellow: it's rumoured elsewhere to be a UPS outage
00:05<Peng>AFellow: Maybe there's too much power!
00:05<sent>destroyed racks and racks of servers
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00:05<MJCS>it was really a government coverup of a martian landing
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00:05<jonny52>They should have used fedex
00:05<sent>MJCS: old. enough.
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00:05<Peng>The Martians wanted to aquire samples of Linodes.
00:06<Daevien_>G_pateke: that was the "DC" that had like paperthin walls, right?
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00:06<G_pateke>Daevien_: I think so yeah
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00:06<MJCS>the martians heard they were good for their minecraft servers
00:06<AFellow>I like how my users notify me my site is down before Linode or my monitoring service. LMAO.
00:06<Peng>Daevien_: Not paper-thin. Just, drive-a-car-through-it-thin.
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00:06<AFellow>It was faster than pingdom :/
00:06<sent>AFellow: 1 minute granularity, SMS/email alert
00:06<sent>you use pingdom?
00:06<AFellow>I did.
00:06<dominikh>sent: how expensive?
00:06<joshdotsmith>sent: Awesome. I was just about to ask for recommendations
00:06<jzy>it's very possible it was me. i set a new linode, created a user, exited, tried to login with new user, and BAM. aliens.
00:06<sent>i knew 30 seconds after it went down
00:07<AFellow>Second time my users were faster tahn pingdom.
00:07<sent>dominikh: i don't recall, not expensive
00:07<joshdotsmith>Are others experiencing some downtime here?
00:07<AFellow>Yes Josh.
00:07<sent>like $5 a month?
00:07<mookie>pingdom is free for one check.
00:07<AFellow>Power outage, maybe ;)
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00:07<mookie>that's all i need for my vps
00:07<Daevien_>NOTICE: if you are in fremont, there are datacenter issues currently, see
00:07<joshdotsmith>I just got on, so I'm a little late to the party
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00:07<dominikh>sent: $10 for the basic plan.
00:07<sent>AFellow: down since 11/20/2010 08:32:36PM.
00:07<AFellow>I <3 how it is a possible power outage tho.
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00:07<sent>you get 8:32?
00:08<swajr_>you'd think that an ISP like Hurricane Electric would have redundant power... a single UPS going out shouldn't knock out 50 racks
00:08<heckman[fng]>swajr_, it depends
00:08<AFellow>8:32:05 I got an IM :|
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00:08<heckman[fng]>If they have a large generating station
00:08<jcy>a single UPS for 50 racks?
00:08<sent>are you crazy?
00:08<Peng>swajr_: We don't know what happened.
00:08<dcraig2>but it's the UPS that powers the other UPSs...
00:08<heckman[fng]>And something caused the generators to go out...loss of power.
00:08<AFellow>Who is crazy?
00:08<sent>swajr_: way to generalize, now go away caption assumption.
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00:08<swajr_>sent: eat me.
00:08<SelfishMan>swajr_: they do have redundant power but that doesn't mean that the equipment in the racks is utilizing it
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00:08<sent>swajr_: you should run a datacenter
00:09<Peng>dark: Killjoy.
00:09<sent>swajr_: you sound like just the person for the job!
00:09<AFellow>I wish I had the money to run a datacenter :(
00:09<heckman[fng]>swajr_ for datacenter president
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00:09<dominikh>this is like IT yellow press
00:09<sent>he'll have 10 digit SLA!
00:09<abadr>i herd it was bats
00:09<jonny52>they should use netbooks as servers as they have batteries in
00:09<swajr_>nice to see the trolls are in full force
00:09<Peng>AFellow: And then you'd spend it on beer, right?
00:09<AFellow>No no
00:09<sent>swajr_: then stop making dumbass assumptions.
00:09<AFellow>I'd retire.
00:09<SelfishMan>anyway, wtf is this firesheep thing all about?
00:09<MJCS>would an operator please turn on the moderated flag?
00:09<swajr_>sent: stop being a disprespectful cocknozzle
00:09<Lardle>finally, Twitter let me tweet an explanation for the downtime to my website's users
00:10<AFellow>SelfishMan: Session Hijacking for dummies.
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00:10<SelfishMan>AFellow: huh?
00:10<dark>Peng: me ^ ^
00:10*Daevien_ slaps SelfishMan
00:10<Peng>MJCS: That's a bit excessive.
00:10<dcraig2>MJCS, it's not like the ops are providing all these status updates that are being drowned out by idle chatter...
00:10<dark>Peng: ill firesheep you!
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00:10<SelfishMan>Daevien_: shhhhh
00:10<sent>swajr_: you just joined, this has been ongoing for 40+ minutes
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00:10<AFellow>SelfishMan: Firesheep is session hijacking for dummies.
00:11<sent>PG&E has a estimate of 10:30pm PST for power restoration in Fremont
00:11<heckman[fng]>swajr_ is the one to blame. He walked by the one UPS in the entire facility. He tripped, fell, and ripped about 1000 power cables out >_>
00:11<mccreavy>sent: where can I find out what's been going on? (I am guessing there's a Linode problem because I can't connect to my server).
00:11<swajr_>sent: I joined the instant my linode went down. I know what's going on. It's just rediculous that they don't have better redundancy, that's all.
00:11<SelfishMan>AFellow: I don't get it
00:11<swajr_>heckman[fng]: lol yeah clearly
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00:11<G_pateke>sent: i don't think it's the same thing
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00:11<Daevien_>dcraig2: woudl you rather they find & fix the issue? or make guesses like everyone else and waste time repeating hey we know there's a problem?
00:11<Lardle>sent: where are you getting that figure from?
00:11<Peng>mccreavy: We don't know much yet. There's a major power issue in Fremont.
00:11<AFellow>SelfishMan: Then go figure out what session hijacking is via google ;)
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00:11<mccreavy>Peng: ok, thanks for the information.
00:11<dcraig2>Daevien_, I wasn't complaining about the lack of updates, I was advocating that +m isn't really necessary in here
00:11<Daevien_>NOTICE: if you are in fremont, there are datacenter issues currently, see
00:11<sent>G_pateke: sure it is. they went on UPS power during the outage, something happened with the UPS, boom.
00:12<SelfishMan>Ovron: Isn't that the second time I've trolled you on firesheep?
00:12<sidd>cant you just make a user greeting lol
00:12<jzy>swjr_: i just joined too, i guess it can only get better?
00:12<G_pateke>sent: it sounds more like they were doing stuff the UPS
00:12<Daevien_>sidd: it's in topic, people still miss it / ignore it
00:12<dark>G_pateke: i erh cable trip woops!
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00:12<Peng>It's at the end of the topic. Not unreasonable for people to miss it.
00:12<sent>G_pateke: combined with the Fremont power outage...
00:12<sidd>yeah i know Daevien_
00:12<pharaun>Peng: if i didn't see the topic being changed i would had missed it
00:12<Ovron>SelfishMan: I wouldn't consider this being "a troll" - but whatever makes you feel better.
00:12<@jed>we're working the issue, nothing clear at this point, hang in there guys
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00:13<sent>"est time of restoration, not available"
00:13<Lardle>sent: where did you get that 2230PST estimate from?
00:13<Peng>jed: Now I have a mental image of one of the "hang in there baby" posters.
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00:13<sent>Lardle: it's gone now, nm.
00:13<pharaun>anyway damn this channel is pretty livy
00:13<praetorian>in other news, dallas isnt down
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00:13<aaronpk>sent: it used to say 10:30pm
00:13<@jed>sent: for the record, my sister is an ambulance driver in fremont, and she has power - not sure where your data's coming from, but she says everything's fine where she is (about six miles from the DC)
00:13<Daevien>praetorian: they shipped the dallas gremlin to fremont for a vacation
00:13<SelfishMan>Ovron: alright, maybe not a full one but you did provide a link to the website
00:13<Peng>jed: That's...coincidental. Neat.
00:14<praetorian>Daevien: seemingly
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00:14<sent>jed: six miles from the DC would be a lot of customers.
00:14<groulder>so fremont is down?
00:14<groulder>is that right?
00:14<sent>jed: this one is fairly localized.
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00:14<Daevien>NOTICE: if you are in fremont, there are datacenter issues currently, see
00:14<nessenj>see /topic
00:14<AFellow>500-4999 customers effected.
00:14<AFellow>We just happen to be one of them :|
00:14<Peng>AFellow: Your customers or Linode's?
00:14<AFellow>the power map
00:14<Radar>Ah, so that's what it was.
00:14<Peng>AFellow: Oh.
00:14<sidd>i think its time to mass call pge
00:15<sidd>logical option
00:15<pharaun>Daevien: i think it will be simpler to just setup a bot to auto spam that every 10 sec ;)
00:15*MeCooL brb Work
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00:15<linbot`>Peng: Point (0.18494987, 0.28026118) is within the circle. Hits: 9530 of 12150 (pi ≈ 3.137448559670782 + 0.004144093919011)
00:15<groulder>i can't believe this. my linode had been up for over a year
00:15<G_pateke>sent: have you checked to see if the datacentre is in that general bit, it looks a bit further out of fremont to tell the truth
00:15<linbot`>SelfishMan: Yo momma's so stupid, she keeps clicking the link to (835:5/0) [mormu]
00:15<Daevien>pharaun: heh yeah til jed kickbans me :p
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00:15<dcraig2>groulder, there's a chance it could still be running!
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00:15<groulder>and what the hell kind of dc is this? hello? generator?
00:15<sent>FMT1 is on Mission Court
00:15<sent>it's south of fremont
00:15<sent>groulder: go away
00:15<beilabs>problems with responsive slices?
00:15<pharaun>Daevien: hehe, i'm sure after a while even jed would tire of the repeat question
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00:15<Peng>beilabs: Yes Fremont is down.
00:15<beilabs>Peng, ahh, gotcha
00:15<Daevien>groulder: various reports of outages, backup failtures, etc. nothign confirmed as of yet
00:16<joshdotsmith>groulder: I know! Mine's been up for...6 days
00:16<pharaun>isn't UPS failure... tending to be specular?
00:16<Peng>Queue mass updike
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00:16<AFellow>Groulder: Mine has been up since I moved it from the Planet after multiple network problems in a short period :/
00:16<sidd>my server isb ack up?
00:16<Peng>sidd: It is?
00:16<sent>it's back up
00:16<sidd>im getting texts from people XD
00:17<sidd>yes its up
00:17*sent checks
00:17<Peng>Ah, I can ping now too.
00:17*sent checks uptime
00:17<Daevien>and soon to be crushed by everyone hitting the sites that were down
00:17<linbot`>pharaun: timed out
00:17<joshdotsmith>how do you cancel jobs from the queue in the new manager?
00:17<Peng>sent: Have you been rebooted?
00:17<sent> 21:17:22 up 17 min, 1 user, load average: 0.15, 0.07, 0.07
00:17<sent>i have
00:17<@jed>joshdotsmith: you don't
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00:17<Peng>Bad timing.
00:17<joshdotsmith>jed: gah.
00:17<AFellow>Reboot still 'processing'
00:17<joshdotsmith>that's a pain
00:17<Peng>AFellow: Yeah, it takes a while to reboot everybody.
00:18<groulder>the twittersphere is going ape shit over this downtime
00:18-!-aatharuv [] has joined #linode
00:18<AFellow>Peng: Ya.
00:18-!-cakedeals [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
00:18<jzy>AFellow: mine is too
00:18<sent>groulder: fuck you for using that word, "twittersphere"
00:18-!-tnathan [] has joined #linode
00:18<SelfishMan>urmom has nice twitterspheres
00:18<groulder>twittersphere is reporting the hosts are coming back up
00:18<G_pateke>gosh this channel is getting hostle
00:19<swajr_>it's just sent
00:19<Trigger>12:00am (EST): This has indeed been a power outage. We are working on bringing hosts and Linodes back up as quickly as possible. Your Linode will be returned to its last state (running/booted) -- issuing (re)boot jobs is not necessary.
00:19<tnathan>rabble rabble
00:19<swajr_>and his overwhelming douchebaggery
00:19-!-deimos [] has joined #linode
00:19-!-miked [] has joined #linode
00:19<AFellow>G_pateke: Angry nerds need their servers or they get hostile :P
00:19<miked>is the world falling apart or is it just me?
00:19<sent>not hostile
00:19<SelfishMan>Doesn't anyone in here have a life?
00:19<sent>i could care less about my server
00:19<G_pateke>miked: the world is falling apart
00:19<dark>SelfishMan: apparently not
00:19<SelfishMan><---- mopstly drunk
00:19-!-QB89Dragon [] has joined #linode
00:19*dark goes back to coding
00:19-!-caker_ is now known as caker
00:19<Daevien>SelfishMan: the novelty & downtime will go away soon (i hope) and then things will get back to normal
00:20<AFellow>SlefishMan: I do but I have people raging at me on IM about how my site is down :/
00:20<sent>/join #linode hi, i'm a self described armchair datacenter expert/technican, and i have theories for why the dc is down!
00:20-!-TheUniverses [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
00:20<dcraig2>linode manager seems a bit sluggish
00:20<groulder>SelfishMan, i pay $20 a month for this service. i expect results. although with the strength of the australian dollar it's more like $18
00:20<Peng>miked: The world is coming back together.
00:20<AFellow>dcraig2: Probably because tons of people are logging and going nuts.
00:20<G_pateke>miked: the world is doomed and we are all going to die eventually :)
00:20<miked>is it just Linode or is all of HE offline?
00:20<sent>groulder: so what am i to expect after paying $500 a month?
00:20<sidd>o lawd
00:20<Alex-HK>Guys i wonder if Linode in these cases like power off, earthquakes etc. has possibility to make temporary dns redirect to another their hosting with message that "website is temporaty unavailable"??? now it actually is not fair that our customers can see nothing at our website now. don't you think??
00:20<dcraig2>it's the linode section of he
00:20<nessenj>yawn, /topic
00:20<Peng>miked: Not just Linode.
00:20<Daevien>groulder: you get results. worthy of $20. if you want results worthy of multiple hundred, you need to pay multiple hundred
00:20<dominikh>sent: a bj...
00:20-!-Ayiek0 [] has quit [Quit: Ayiek0]
00:20<Peng>miked: Dunno if it was all of fmt, though
00:20-!-bkero [] has joined #linode
00:20<miked>ok thanks. just gotta know what to tell my boss :)
00:20<swajr_>sent: people are upset, and you aren't helping anything at all by acting like a giant douche.
00:20<MJCS>guys shit happens
00:21<G_pateke>Peng: the core routers have been up the whole time :)
00:21<sent>groulder: 10 years ago, $20 wouldn't buy space anywhere
00:21<SelfishMan>groulder: I pay substantially more than that per month and have a lot more reason to be angry but see no reason to be. Shit happens. Deal with it.
00:21<AFellow>Alex-HK: There are servers that do it for you. :/
00:21<pharaun>SelfishMan: drunk is good ;)
00:21<G_pateke>srsly... shown up on my MTR all the time
00:21<Daevien>Alex-HK: thats what HA with multiple datacenters is for
00:21<yann__>Alex-HK: that's your fault, not linode's
00:21<SelfishMan>pharaun: not good enough
00:21<SelfishMan>or drunk enough
00:21<Peng>G_pateke: I got a "no route to host" once
00:21<tnathan>I CAN'T REATTACH MY SCREEN SESSION TO GET BACK TO IRC AND I'M ANGRY! (am I doing this right)
00:21<linbot`>pharaun: timed out
00:21<yann__>Alex-HK: I'm sure geocities can do that for you, oh, wait...
00:21<sent>i see the bottom of my glass.
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00:21*sent goes to refill his beer
00:21<pharaun>SelfishMan: ah, haha long day?
00:22<G_pateke>tnathan: you forgot the bit about a fully loaded AK-47
00:22<tnathan>o right
00:22<AFellow>I just realize I said servers instead of services.
00:22<Ovron>tnathan: and threats to throw cow shit at their office
00:22<sidd>05:21 -!- Irssi: Looking up
00:22<sidd> fuuuu
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00:22<jimmyxu>have something to do with SLA?
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00:22<pharaun>i think one thing that everyone needs to keep in mind
00:22<pharaun>this is unmanaged VPS providing
00:22<SelfishMan>pharaun: That probably won't work anyway since it is on one of my nodes that was busy with more important tasks
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00:22*G_pateke had 148 days uptime
00:22<pharaun>so all of the disaster recovery is YOUR job
00:22<pharaun>we can help sure
00:23<nessenj>wish i could've turned off one of the geocities servers
00:23<groulder>i had 380 days uptime. on the upside i'll get that ram upgrade now.
00:23<sent>ok, weird
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00:23<pharaun>but if you want up time, you gotta to pay for it
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00:23<sent>i saw a spike in traffic about 2 hours before the linode went down
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00:23<tnathan>G_pateke: I had over a year - but this has reminded me that I really ought to upgrade my DomU distribution to something more recent than 9.04
00:23*jzy should have picked a dif datacenter when he signed up today.
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00:23<dark>groulder: heehhe. nothing is 100% uptime ^ ^
00:23<tnathan>jzy: ouch, bad timing :)
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00:23<Lardle>jzy: over the long term, Fremont has been the most reliable, as far as I've been able to tell
00:23*SelfishMan laffs
00:24<Ovron>urmom is 100% uptime
00:24<dcraig2>jzy, but then you would have avoided the one that typically does really good! :p
00:24<swajr_>jzy: historically, fremont is incredibly reliable... you just have bad luck :P
00:24<jonny52>you'd break it for hours setting up 100% uptime
00:24<sent>no problems with fremont
00:24<tnathan>Ovron: no no, it's "I have 100% uptime for urmom"
00:24<jzy>good to know
00:24<joshdotsmith>Entered: 36 years 10 months ago
00:24*dark rand vs android rant rant
00:24<Ovron>tnathan: even better
00:24<joshdotsmith>wow. my server is old
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00:24<jonny52>You can claim a credit for the downtime if its worse than 99.9% uptime
00:24<jzy>i'm impressed it was handled reasonably fast
00:24<pharaun>SelfishMan: oh, drink more ;)
00:24<sent>uptime contest
00:24<jzy>for a saturday night
00:24<sent>i win
00:24<sent>hands down
00:24<dark>uptime 500days
00:24<G_pateke>hmmm has the downtime been greater than 43.2 minutes?
00:24<Peng>!f 1 month * 0.99
00:24<sent> 9:24PM up 1355 days, 9:35, 1 user, load averages: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
00:24<dcraig2>like computer nerds have plans on saturday nights......
00:24<linbot`>Peng: How am I billed? We currently offer monthly, annual, and 24-month billing cycles. If you are interested in pre-paying, open a support ticket and we can accommodate you. When you sign up, your first invoice is pro-rated until the end of the month. After that, your subscription is automatically renewed on the first of each month (for annual accounts, on the anniversary of your first full month). (54.944%)
00:24<swajr_>still waiting on mine. hopefully it'll be soon
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00:25<G_pateke>Peng: it's 99.9% too
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00:25<sent>that server is in market post tower in san jose
00:25<SelfishMan>Peng: !newcalc 1 month * 0.99
00:25<sent>been solid
00:25<sent>for years.
00:25<dark>sent: how?
00:25<SelfishMan>or !newercalc
00:25<groulder>so we're all getting full refunds. that's what i'm understanding from this convo
00:25<Peng>dcraig2: My plan was "Go to bed!". Fortunately, this delayed it!
00:25<sent>what do you mean, how?
00:25<dark>16:24 < sent> 9:24PM up 1355 days, 9:35, 1 user, load averages: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
00:25<dark>sent: HOW
00:25-!-KhaosT [~Tix@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:25<dark>where is that?
00:25<G_pateke>so 24x30x0.001x60=43.2 minutes
00:25<sent>it's freebsd :)
00:25<sent>dark: market post tower in san jose, it's a dell poweredge 2650
00:25<dark>yeah and the power supply ?
00:25<dark>oh ok
00:25<nessenj>sent: is that you personal box or a work server?
00:26<sent>it's scheduled to be decomissioned next month
00:26<jonny52>I think it is longer than 43.2 minutes. I can't wait to get my 0.02% refund
00:26<jimmyxu>so when exactly did the power went out :(
00:26<nessenj>wonder if i can beat that
00:26<G_pateke>groulder: TOS say 'prorated' so 43 minutes of downtime is like... 10 cents?
00:26<pharaun>jimmyxu: recently
00:26<sent>nessenj: good luck :)
00:26<pharaun>its back on, they are booting things up now
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00:26<jonny52>I got an alert at 04:32:13
00:26<nessenj>i have alot of servers to check
00:26<dark>G_pateke: oh well give up
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00:26<sent>nessenj: i have several 1000+ day servers
00:26<sent>3, actually
00:26<dark>seriously, linode hardly goes down.
00:26<jonny52>1 of 3 of mine is back up yay
00:26<dark>sent: nice
00:26<joshdotsmith>so forgive the noobishness of this question, but what kind of failover do you guys have for situations like this one?
00:27<pharaun>and i would like to repeat, if you want TRUE reliability you got to pay the $ or deal with getting multiple linode
00:27<pharaun>in each datacenter
00:27<pharaun>that is the key
00:27<G_pateke>joshdotsmith: backup MX in another datacentre
00:27<AFellow>dark: So far my 1 VPS with them is once every 6 months :|
00:27<dark>joshdotsmith: what kind of service do you run?
00:27<nessenj>sent: ok, lemme look ;)
00:27<AFellow>*is down
00:27<G_pateke>joshdotsmith: and backup NS servers in another datacentre
00:27<Peng>joshdotsmith: I have a copy of my irssi config on two other boxes
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00:27<pharaun>keep in mind they provide unmanaged vps, it is an excellent service and is almost never down but you WANT 100% get multiple linode in multiple DC
00:27<joshdotsmith>dark: I have a web app. new to this and I work solo atm
00:27<sent>i use for DNS, google apps for email
00:27<G_pateke>as they are the only two things I care about
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00:27<dark>joshdotsmith: they should be back shortly there probably isn't a point in worrying
00:27<Peng>, eh? Never heard of it
00:28<jonny52>I'd consider having more than just linode in case their entire network goes down
00:28<sent>i am basically stripping down the servers
00:28<sent>and putting all services in the so called "cloud"
00:28<joshdotsmith>dark: yeah but in the future, at least
00:28<sent>aka using vps services
00:28<jonny52>only really makes sense if you lose so much money from an hour downtime that it would pay for all that overhead
00:28<sent>i'm also using amazon's cloudfront
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00:28<sent>and RDS/EC2
00:28-!-enlakich [] has joined #linode
00:28<jonny52>amazon sucks for reliablity
00:28<pharaun>jonny52: true, but they have multiple... connection in each datacenter so it would be rather severe if *ALL* linode went down
00:28<jonny52>im sure noone agrees
00:28<sent>jonny52: no problems for 3 years
00:28<nessenj>sent: i found a 1331 day server
00:28<joshdotsmith>sent: I use CloudFront for image hosting, but would like to start using EC2 instances
00:28<dark>joshdotsmith: maybe.
00:28<jonny52>pharaun: i think it has happened before, and you did say 100% ;)
00:29-!-jonny52 [] has quit [Quit: can finally sleep, thx 4 nothings]
00:29<G_pateke>sent: hmmmm looks kinda neat
00:29<sent>nessenj: lol.
00:29<joshdotsmith>is there any way to clone my current set up on Linode on EC2?
00:29<dark>joshdotsmith: you can have lot dns TTL on you records and just repoint them at another host
00:29<sent>4 days!
00:29<nessenj>4 machines there have over 1k day uptime
00:29<pharaun>jonny52: true but for most its like 99.9<insertwhatever9'sasneeded> :)
00:29<G_pateke>woot node is backup
00:29<dark>that's the poor mans way : )
00:29<yangzhu>i can't reboot vps
00:29<G_pateke>errr back up
00:29<Lardle>see, if everyone had been using Slackware none of this would have happened :)
00:29<dark>G_pateke: how do you know ^ ^
00:29<pharaun>i mean if you are serious about 100% then yeah multiple country, multiple server, multiple of everything
00:29<G_pateke>dark: mtr
00:29<dark>yeah im running it too
00:29-!-Guest93 is now known as perihelion
00:29<dark>i can't see it hitting my host
00:29<sent>joshdotsmith: why would you want to clone your linode to EC2?
00:29<G_pateke>dark: just started responding
00:30-!-cakedeals [] has joined #linode
00:30<linbot`>pharaun: [mtr] 7 hops, no loss, last hop average RTT was 2.8ms (urmom)
00:30<dark>G_pateke: 10gigabitethernet2-1.core2.fmt1. ?
00:30-!-mode/#linode [+o perihelion] by ChanServ
00:30<pharaun>its back up :)
00:30-!-Ayiek [~480ebfc8@] has joined #linode
00:30<jzy>my Dashboard says: "Host initiated restart: entered 37 years 10 months ago" ---- what??
00:30<G_pateke>dark: no actually hitting my node
00:30<sent>joshdotsmith: you can't export the xen instance anyway
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00:30<dark>G_pateke: mine isn't up ^ ^
00:30<groulder>my linode is back up
00:30<dark>so yeah power will come back soon i guess
00:30<sent>dark: what size is your linode?
00:30-!-d3zb [] has joined #linode
00:30<dark>sent: ill wait ^ ^
00:30<dark>should be back soon.
00:30<sent>dark: what size?
00:30<joshdotsmith>sent: could very well be a dumb question. just because there were a lot of things that were difficult to setup (e.g. Sphinx search) that I'm dreading to have to do all over again on AWS
00:30-!-yangzhu [~45a4c8c8@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
00:30<dataiv`>i have been able to ping fremont177 all along but still can't open a console and my linode isn't up yet
00:30<dark>sent: this isn't a problem
00:31<sent>dark: sigh.
00:31-!-b0tz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
00:31<sent>WHAT SIZE.
00:31<dataiv`>so i guess it's still on the way back up..
00:31<dark>sent: ;)
00:31<SelfishMan>pharaun: it has happened
00:31<dark>whatever the 360 is now
00:31<austin>does HE not have ups and/or a generator?
00:31<sent>dark: i'm saying the smaller linodes are going to take longer to get back up
00:31<dark>sent: oh ?
00:31-!-azaghal_ [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
00:31<G_pateke>austin: we don't know what it is yet
00:31-!-larryr [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
00:31<pharaun>SelfishMan: entire linode everything going down ?
00:31<sent>because these xen boxes have to start each instance individually
00:31<dark>because they need to ensure they have the setup for the big ones right?
00:31<austin>oh ok
00:31<AFellow>austin: We don't know beyond a 'power problem'
00:31<SelfishMan>pharaun: yep
00:31<G_pateke>austin: I heard a rumour it was a UPS maintenance issue
00:31<jzy>i'm being restarted right now i think :)
00:31<nessenj>sent: ok
00:31<pharaun>SelfishMan: really like how did that happen?
00:31<nessenj>sent: i found some :)
00:31<dark>sent: mmm
00:31<dark>by your login the small ones would come up first
00:32<dark> / whatever order they are in ;)
00:32<dominikh>ups and downs my friends, ups and downs:
00:32<Lardle>someone who wasn't using Slackware tripped over a power cord, obviously
00:32<pharaun>SelfishMan: but i would think for most, just having multiple DC would do the trick but if they truely could not tolerate any downtime, multiple providers or *their own* hardware/dc/etc
00:32<SelfishMan>pharaun: bad xen stack type of thing. horribly situation where everything that could go wrong did. Basically, every DC had issues
00:32<nessenj>1380 days
00:32<sent>nessenj: dammit
00:32<Daevien>G_pateke: there's also a rumor it was aliens. so yeah, why not wait to find otu the real reason :p
00:32<sent>nessenj: gg
00:32*jzy is back up.
00:32<mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
00:32<dark>Lardle: yeah slackware prevents that
00:32-!-Dataforce [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:32<SelfishMan>that was an extreme edge case though
00:32<nessenj>sent: :)
00:32<groulder>pingdom says my linode was down for 55mins. refune.
00:32<groulder>refund rather
00:32<pharaun>SelfishMan: oh? ow, still it did prove that it can happen :)
00:32<austin>this rain is definitely causing some trouble in the bay area.. even the weather radar is down
00:32<Lardle>dark: obviously, it does :)
00:33-!-attexo [~480eb4c8@] has joined #linode
00:33<Ovron>Wish my node had been in fremont, I'd so enjoy that 10cents refund.
00:33<SelfishMan>pharaun: the key to full redundancy isn't just geographic diversity it is network and provider diversity
00:33<Daevien>groulder: how abotu you pay us for all the bs trolling you've done first before you get your refund?
00:33-!-mohaa911 [] has joined #linode
00:33<nessenj>05:32:12 up 1382 days, 5:02, 0 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
00:33-!-attexo [~480eb4c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:33<Binjo_>How long should I expect the linode migration cleanup script to take?
00:33-!-ejp [] has joined #linode
00:34-!-Teckie [Teckie@] has joined #linode
00:34-!-Teckie is now known as game-proz
00:34<pharaun>SelfishMan: yeah I just thought about that *after* i talked about geographic diversity, but it was just something that i don't ever really hear, i just keep on hearing about geographic diversity, but no one talks about network/providers
00:34<dataiv`>Host initiated restart
00:34<dataiv`>Entered: 36 years 10 months ago - Waiting...
00:34<dominikh>groulder: economically, you wast more money by requesting a refund than what the refund will actually be :)
00:34<Daevien>Binjo_: depends on size of linode & hwo much space you had in use, etc
00:34<pharaun>SelfishMan: beside don't linode have different network providers in each datacenter ?
00:34-!-Dataforce [] has joined #linode
00:34<Binjo_>Daevien, brand new, it's the cheapest one, aka small
00:34<game-proz>isnt the fremont datacenter N+2 redundant?
00:34<Peng>pharaun: Yes, but something could happen to #linode.
00:34<pharaun>SelfishMan: so wouldn't they be able to cover 2 of the diversity you stated, hence only thing left would be another providers
00:34<AFellow>game-proz: I think it is N+1.
00:34<ejp>oh, so cali didn't slide into the sea?
00:34<Trigger>apparently not when redundancy concerns power
00:34<Daevien>Binjo_: shouldn't take long, if it's to do with fremont though was just an outage at the DC there so may take logner than normal
00:35<Peng>ejp: Fortunately, it floats.
00:35<Trigger>ejp: Sorry to get your hopes up :(
00:35<SelfishMan>pharaun: I've seen issues where colo providers with multiple DCs have turned off service because a bill wasn't paid when in reality the payment was applied to the wrong account
00:35-!-cakedeals [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:35<game-proz>Trigger that's what I was thinking, I thought they had onsite generators
00:35<Binjo_>Daevien, rofl it is in fremont
00:35<pharaun>Peng: yeah, SelfishMan pointed that out recently that once all of them went down so yeah hence needing multiple provider
00:35<milkmit>regarding python: anyone know what shebang I should try? I've installed apache + mod_wsgi, added the Handler to the config and restarted...I think this is the last step...
00:35-!-Ayiek [~480ebfc8@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
00:35<ejp>wait, does this mean we're hosted on a sealand alike now!?
00:35<Binjo_>I'm pretty awesome at picking the right datacenter :P
00:35<SelfishMan>pharaun: and yes, they do have different providers and different DC operators in each location
00:35<pharaun>SelfishMan: oh? ow
00:35-!-enlakich [] has left #linode []
00:35<Peng>ejp: Cascadia, actually!
00:36<Daevien>Binjo_: shit happens on the internet, can't predict or prevent everything
00:36<game-proz>I wonder if credit will be applied to our accounts for the outage
00:36<dataiv`>i am back up now
00:36<game-proz>either way I'm more worried about lost data
00:36<ejp>Peng: na, cascadia is what, WA/OR/BC?
00:36-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
00:36<pharaun>SelfishMan: well i just got educated :) thanks, never thought about needing multiple provider/network
00:36-!-Ayiek [~480ebfc8@] has joined #linode
00:36<Binjo_>Daevien, I work in IT, I know :P
00:36<Binjo_>It just succeeded anyway though so I'm happy
00:37-!-Nigel [] has joined #linode
00:37-!-Nigel is now known as G
00:37<SelfishMan>pharaun: Hell, my city just spent $5000 digging up the sidewalk to turn off water to a business because someone in the water department applied the payment wrong. Could have been avoided by just walking in the door and saying "can we have some money so we don't need to dig up this huge chunk of sidewalk?"
00:37<G>and I'm back :)
00:37<Peng>ejp: ....New Cascadia? :D
00:37<Ovron>Don't worry guys, everything will be alright, I'm from the internet.
00:37-!-G_pateke [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
00:37<Daevien>Binjo_: ah k. incidents liek this bring out the trolls so hard to tells ometimes and our (channel regulars) nerves get frayed :p
00:37<ejp>Cascadia South.
00:37<ejp>Trending Westward.
00:37<pharaun>SelfishMan: XD oh man the city have to do things the hard way don't they?
00:37-!-groulder [] has quit []
00:37-!-groulder [] has joined #linode
00:38-!-slapshot [] has joined #linode
00:38<Peng>ejp: As long as it's not trending downward!
00:38<SelfishMan>pharaun: technically, you should run multiple platforms and multiple distros too. What if the big SSH key vulnerability from a few years ago was used to compromise *every* debian-based server you operated?
00:38-!-NiftyLettuce [] has joined #linode
00:38<pharaun>SelfishMan: oh yeah that one too XD
00:38-!-mohaa911 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
00:38<Ovron>We do not talk about that incident, it never happened.
00:38-!-abadr [] has joined #linode
00:38<SelfishMan>pharaun: it all comes down to how much downtime you are willing to pay to avoid
00:38-!-larryr [] has joined #linode
00:38-!-Greenanswers [] has quit [Quit: Greenanswers]
00:38<pharaun>SelfishMan: i find it curious that almost none of the doc that i read on that talks about multiple platform/distro/network/providers, they just mainly emphasis geospantial
00:39<Lardle>and you should hire planes to tow banners across the sky as a last resort
00:39<pharaun>SelfishMan: indeed, and how expensive your service is
00:39-!-mohaa911 [] has joined #linode
00:39-!-larryr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:39-!-maiken [] has joined #linode
00:39-!-jasont [] has joined #linode
00:39-!-jzy [~j@] has left #linode []
00:39<Daevien>pharaun: most peopel don't need that level in the end really, they just think cause they pay $20 they will get $2k worth of service
00:39-!-mjrich [] has joined #linode
00:39<SelfishMan>pharaun: topology diversity (geographic) will make the biggest difference typically which is why most focus on it
00:40-!-jasons [] has joined #linode
00:40<Peng>The thing about outages is that they aren't typical. :D
00:40<pharaun>SelfishMan: yeah that's what i figured, the biggest bang for the money/effort i suppose like in case of linode, easy to get multiple vps
00:40<Daevien>pharaun: plus a lto of time, having multiple DC means multiple companis & providers
00:40<Peng>Cover the typical bases, and something weird'll happen.
00:40-!-larryr [] has joined #linode
00:40-!-dataiv` [] has quit [Quit: ciao]
00:40<pharaun>Daevien: yeah that i was thinking also so even with just 1 providers you still usually would have different network for each DC
00:40<pharaun>so that helps
00:40-!-jasont2 [] has joined #linode
00:41<pharaun>Daevien: yeah that's the problem with people they want 100% but won't pay for it
00:41-!-monocheese [~480ebfc8@] has joined #linode
00:41<mohaa911>how can i hard reboot my vps?
00:41<pharaun>I only have one linode cos its just my personal site, some extra stuff so doing a $20 is enough for me, if i wanted uptime i would need to put in more money
00:41-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
00:41<Peng>mohaa911: Fremont? You don't need to.
00:41<pharaun>all about risk&cost
00:41<jimmyxu>getting a "Host initiated restart" entered: 36 years 10 months ago... fail
00:41<Daevien>pharaun: even with linode, say caker & whoever else has signing permissions croaks (ie: caker crashes his plane into phil's hosue or something) that the diff dc dont' get paid and shut down linode services
00:41<SelfishMan>The majority of outages are directly tied to the stupidity of a single person in one location. Power, backhoe, bolt cutters, etc can all be negated by geographic diversity
00:41-!-b0tz [] has joined #linode
00:41<mohaa911>yes Fremont
00:41<caker>jimmyxu: that's my birthday! :)
00:41-!-Ayiek [~480ebfc8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:42<Peng>mohaa911: You don't need to. Hold your horses, your node will come back up soon.
00:42<d3zb>The dashboard claims my machine is booting...
00:42<pharaun>Daevien: indeed, but i don't think *most* people would be willing to pay that much
00:42<dcraig2>beware of a single person with a backhoe.... who can teleport!
00:42-!-mjrich [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
00:42<pharaun>Daevien: to also deal with *other* providers, etc, etc etc
00:42<Daevien>pharaun: correct. htought they will try to EXPECT that much. without payign that much
00:42<game-proz>Peng: I just hope my host job queue wont go through, I initiated a ton of commands before seeing the status update
00:42<pharaun>Daevien: indeed
00:42<mohaa911>i just click web dashboard "reboot" button, but i wait 28 minnutes.....
00:42<pharaun>Daevien: beside does linode not have a SLA? isn't SLA usually used for the more serious uptime requirements ?
00:42<game-proz>mohaa911 there's a power outage
00:43-!-jayvee [~jayvee@2001:44b8:7df3:b970::14] has joined #linode
00:43<G>pharaun: SLA is 99.9% according to TOS
00:43<Daevien>dcraig2: every time i see a dude digging with a backhoe near a building, i think of that
00:43<pharaun>G: ah? they do?
00:43<d3zb>"Host initiated restart: Initiated 36 years 10 months ago". I see the new dashboard still has some time issues.
00:43<jayvee>Host initiated restart
00:43<jayvee>Entered: 36 years 10 months ago - Waiting...
00:43<jayvee>...I take it it's not just me
00:43<X-LP>its caker's bday
00:43<dcraig2>is that a feature of the new dashboard? I thought the old one had that, too
00:43<caker>that is intentional.
00:43<@jed>d3zb: intentional
00:43<Daevien>d3zb: no dallas is stuck ina timewarp
00:44<G>I remember that from ages ago
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00:44-!-slapshot [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
00:44-!-slapshot [] has joined #linode
00:44-!-monocheese [~480ebfc8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:44<pharaun>G: you're right, just found it under #5 uptime guarantee
00:44<Peng>mohaa911: There was a power outage. Your node will be rebooted soon.
00:44-!-jasont [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:44<dcraig2>some non-op is imitating caker
00:44<game-proz>what i don't get is that the physical machine that my linode is on is up (i can ping it) but the container isnt?
00:44-!-kronos003_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
00:44<@perihelion>There is no imitation!
00:44-!-kronos003 [] has joined #linode
00:44<SelfishMan>perihelion: your name is wrong
00:44<G>genuine imitation caker!
00:44<pharaun>game-proz: its booting up
00:45<Daevien>game-proz: it just got pwoer again, it's workignon starting all isntances, be patient
00:45<@perihelion>I know :<
00:45<Ovron>who'd want to im... I mean, that's him
00:45<@jed>game-proz: we're working on it, we're issuing boots to Linodes
00:45<@perihelion>I didn't want to be annoying and change it after just changing it
00:45-!-jasons [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:45-!-mode/#linode [+o caker] by ChanServ
00:45<SelfishMan>perihelion: it confuses me and is making me doubt everything I know
00:45<AFellow>game-proz: I noticed that my host was up while my VPS was down ;)
00:45<pharaun>a 512 container has.... a silly amount of nodes so would take time to boot em up
00:45<@perihelion>SelfishMan: I'm glad.
00:45<game-proz>that is true
00:45-!-larryr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:45<SelfishMan>perihelion: why do you hate me so much?
00:45<mohaa911>fremont server is down now?
00:45-!-karstensrage [] has joined #linode
00:45<@perihelion>Because you're selfish.
00:45<Daevien>SelfishMan: it's the cool thing to do
00:45-!-nb [] has joined #linode
00:45<game-proz>jed while you're available, any news on the cause of the outage or are youstill looking into that
00:45<G>well it helped me notice a serious problem
00:45<@perihelion>mohaa911: We're currently looking into it
00:45<SelfishMan>perihelion: anything but
00:45<Peng>mohaa911: The Fremont servers are coming back up. Your node will be booted soon.
00:45-!-jasont2 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:45<Daevien>mohaa911: read or stop repeating stupid questions please
00:45<Peng>perihelion: Wait what? Something new?
00:46-!-halfhalo [] has joined #linode
00:46<G>my rc2.d folder is full of junk scripts and ordered wrong :P
00:46<@perihelion>Peng: Nah
00:46<SelfishMan>Daevien: I will eat your soul
00:46-!-azaghal_ [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
00:46<Daevien>SelfishMan: i have no soul
00:46<G>apache is apparently more important than ssh... I don't think so :)
00:46<SelfishMan>G: rc2.d is where I keep the porn
00:46<Peng>Hmm, I prefer "Perihelion" capitalized, but I could be biased... :D
00:46<ejp>or, capitalist?
00:46-!-sirpengi [] has joined #linode
00:47<@perihelion>I didn't capitalize it when I regained the nick :>
00:47<SelfishMan>ejp: Peng is a socialist
00:47-!-perihelion is now known as Perihelion
00:47-!-AFellow is now known as AF|WatchingTVWhileHeWaits
00:47<sirpengi>yay my server isn't borked
00:47<G>I should sue because it went down during my Hulu viewing :P
00:47<Peng>sirpengi: Linode is skilled at deborking.
00:48<Daevien>sirpengi: not yet, until caker deletes it
00:48<sirpengi>urg, I have to rejoin all my channels
00:48<Peng>Oh...this may explain why was wacky..
00:48<Peng>Or not.
00:48<G>(actually it was a rubbish episode/show so it's okay :)
00:48<Peng>Yeah, probably not.
00:48<@Perihelion>I'd really like a baked potato right now.
00:48<enc0de>Perihelion: can you start my linode up now pls? kthx
00:48<@Perihelion>I'm willing to share with you all.
00:48<heckman[fng]>Perihelion, goto bed
00:49<@Perihelion>enc0de: Peoples are working on them
00:49<G>Perihelion: please send some here :)
00:49<enc0de>yeah i know
00:49<@Perihelion>heckman[fng]: Nein
00:49<ejp>Perihelion: Virtual Private Potato? pass.
00:49<dark>oh linode has updated the manager now?
00:49<@Perihelion>Though the potato would not be private.
00:49<game-proz>Perihelion are you able to cancel job queues BEFORE my system boots up?
00:49<d3zb>ok, it's working now, cool. Back to vacation.
00:49<@Perihelion>dark: Yeah :D
00:49<dcraig2>the new manager is a bit too Trebuchet
00:49<G>"Potnode - Worlds first VPP provider"
00:50<pharaun>heckman[fng]: how come you're not op'd ?
00:50<@Perihelion>He hasn't started yet
00:50<Daevien>pharaun: they don't trust him
00:50<NiftyLettuce>\o back
00:50<pharaun>Perihelion: oh? thought he already was
00:50-!-larryr [] has joined #linode
00:50<heckman[fng]>7 days
00:50<@Perihelion>game-proz: Do you have job IDs?
00:50<pharaun>haha that explains
00:50-!-d3zb [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
00:50<Daevien>pharaun: he's really just hired to be a decoy & scapegoat
00:50<heckman[fng]>Negative pharaun, but in 7 days. I'm going to walk into the office and say, and I quote, "ops nao plz"
00:50<aaronpk>Host initiated restart: Entered: 36 years 10 months ago
00:51<Peng>Oh hey, is non-wacky now. But isn't up yet. :P
00:51<pharaun>Daevien: haha scapegoat, yeah caker would need one
00:51<game-proz>Perihelion no job Id's have been issued, they're all in Waiting, I can give you my linodeID if you need
00:51<Daevien>heckman[fng]: odn't bet on it. poor stan doesn't get then all the time
00:51-!-halfhalo [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
00:51<mohaa911>how can i cancel the how job queue?
00:51<pharaun>heckman[fng]: heh
00:51<@Perihelion>heckman[fng]: The cakey one is the giver of opness
00:51<heckman[fng]>Daevien, he's PT I believe.
00:51<@Perihelion>game-proz: Sure, if you feel like PMing it to me
00:51<mohaa911>i click reboot button many times
00:51<heckman[fng]>At least that's what he told me when I asked him.
00:51<Daevien>heckman[fng]: he's still more useful than you will be for a while :p
00:51<heckman[fng]>That's what I am the FNG
00:51<dark>Perihelion: i liked the old one!
00:52<@Perihelion>dark: What don't you like about the new one? :(
00:52<dark>dont worry ^ ^
00:52<heckman[fng]>I alreayd said what I disliked
00:52<heckman[fng]>And it was shot down
00:52<mohaa911>how can i cancel the host job queue?
00:52<dark>i haven't logged in yet!
00:52<heckman[fng]>I dislike the lack of gradient at the top
00:52-!-NiftyLettuce [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:52<heckman[fng]>green > black
00:52<Daevien>mohaa911: don't worry about, go have a smke or somethign and chill alrADY
00:52-!-NiftyLettuce [] has joined #linode
00:53<ejp>I would just like to point out that the manger says fremont82 is 'online'. clearly it's full of LIES.
00:53<G>ejp: your node is still booting maybe?
00:53<game-proz>ejp the hosts are up the VPSes are not
00:53<Daevien>ejp: it's probably onlien and dealign with a dozen people spammign it with requests to reboot, etc as it tries to run all the nodes plus deal with all the traffic to site son those nodes
00:53<dark>my host isn't up!
00:53<G>ejp: there could be say 40 nodes trying to boot at once
00:53<Lardle>time for some opera!
00:53<Lardle>La Forza del Destino, anyone?
00:54<ejp>right. I should still be able to ssh to the host though right?
00:54<ejp>if it was actually up?
00:54<sent>dark: i suspect you're on a tiny linode :)
00:54<heckman[fng]>I prefer trance
00:54*heckman[fng] bobs head to music
00:54-!-qb89dragon [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
00:54-!-Alex-HK [~asd@] has quit []
00:54<ejp>I don't really care. just a possible bug in the manager.
00:54<@Perihelion>That's not a bug, it's a feature!
00:54<linbot`>New news from forums: A simple one: Stick Status notices on the node's page. in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
00:54-!-elky [] has joined #linode
00:54-!-rlankfo [] has joined #linode
00:55-!-kainz_ [] has joined #linode
00:55<dark>sent: maybe so? :)
00:55<dark>the status says "running"
00:55-!-mathew [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
00:55<ejp>Perihelion: hey, that explination never works for me!
00:55<rlankfo>something going on at freemont?
00:55<kainz_>dark: lish disagrees
00:55<kainz_>topic says power outage
00:55-!-larryr [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
00:55<Lardle>this world needs more opera
00:55<elky>Host initiated restart Entered: 36 years 10 months ago - Waiting..
00:55<rlankfo>yeah i'm getting that too
00:55<game-proz>read topic
00:56<dark>kainz_: yeah i know
00:56<dark>kainz_: no i know this im just saing
00:56<Peng>rlankfo: It's over now. Your node will be back up soon.
00:56<dark>it isn't running ;)
00:56-!-shirro [] has joined #linode
00:56<elky>it be funny though
00:56-!-sm1 [~simon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
00:56-!-mookie [] has quit [Quit: Hey! Where'd my controlling terminal go?]
00:57<aaronpk>one of my servers has been back up for an hour, but the other 6 are still down :(
00:57<@Perihelion>=( Sorry
00:57<elky>Perihelion, that's what happens when you firebomb fremont, didn't nobody warn you?
00:57<game-proz>someones getting fired tomorrow
00:57<pharaun>where is the 36 year coming from? the clocks got reset?
00:57<sirpengi>will we eventually be hearing about what went down?
00:57<rlankfo>ok power outage is over
00:57<game-proz>hope the DC is okay though
00:58<rlankfo>but one of my linodes is still jacked up
00:58<Peng>pharaun: It's caker's birthday
00:58<@Perihelion>elky: Next time I'll try to aim better :<
00:58<ejp>game-proz: yeah, the gen. fueling dude at HE. :P
00:58<pharaun>Peng: oh?
00:58<elky>Perihelion, that's the spirit.
00:58<sirpengi>rackspace went out a while back, due to a truck crashing into the power transformer outside the dc
00:58<game-proz>ejp the water boy
00:58<pharaun>oh yeah i heard of that one
00:58<@Perihelion>rlankfo: Linodes are coming back online as we speak...yours should be back soon
00:58<Daevien>rlankfo: host is still booting nodes & sorting stuff otu while being hammered, give it a bit
00:58<game-proz>here's Perihelion attempting to cater to everyone yelling about the outage
00:59<game-proz>they're not paying you enough man
00:59*Daevien chuckles
00:59<Lardle>ahh, I would have gone to bed an hour and a half ago, then I noticed my site was down right before I went to bed
00:59-!-goodwill [~goodwill@] has joined #linode
00:59<Lardle>and I couldn't sleep until I figured out what was going on and fixed it
00:59<elky>game-proz, there's no such thing as enough when you're a sysadmin in the trenches.
00:59-!-nitsua [] has joined #linode
00:59<game-proz>i can't agree more
00:59<jayvee>hi elky
00:59<Daevien>Perihelion: yeah they aren't paying you enough *man*
00:59<elky>jayvee, ohai
00:59-!-goodwill is now known as Guest100
00:59<game-proz>man can be used unisexually
00:59-!-Guest100 [~goodwill@] has quit []
01:00<@Perihelion>Dude is also acceptable
01:00<Daevien>game-proz: nice attempted recovery
01:00<joshdotsmith>elky: yeah I will have to remember that as my startup expands. I think sysadmins are WAY undervalued
01:00<elky>game-proz, oh, can woman be used equally?
01:00*Perihelion spanks Daevien
01:00<Lardle>The Dude abides...
01:00<@Perihelion>Quite, you
01:00<game-proz>elky yes it can babe
01:00-!-goodwill1120 [~goodwill1@] has joined #linode
01:00<@Perihelion>rr, quiet
01:00<@Perihelion>Yes, that word.
01:00<joshdotsmith>Lardle: +1
01:00<elky>game-proz, ok, from now on, I'm referring to you as woman.
01:00<game-proz>Perihelion would it be better if i call you madame
01:00<@Perihelion>I'm indifferent
01:00-!-Anjie^34 [~cw0_KuL_C@] has joined #linode
01:00-!-Anjie^34 [~cw0_KuL_C@] has left #linode []
01:00<@Perihelion>I think Daevien is just trying to defend what little honor I have left
01:00<Hoggs>wtf? Doesn't freemont have UPS systems?
01:01<Peng>Hoggs: Most likely. Perhaps someone forgot to turn them on.
01:01<game-proz>Daevien has two nicks :)
01:01<shirro>wonder if that shutdown I applied an hour ago will still happen?
01:01*Lardle is humming the Smugglers' March from Carmen
01:01<Daevien>Perihelion: i figured you'd set him straight and he was in trouble to be honest :p
01:01<@Perihelion>The hamsters that run them died.
01:01<joshdotsmith>shirro: doubt it
01:01<aaronpk>Perihelion: ironically, the one linode that's back up is my memcache server. a lot of good that's doing right now
01:01-!-nathanscrivener [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
01:01<@Perihelion>Haha :( The rest of em should be back online soon
01:01<game-proz>you can never have enough memory
01:01<sirpengi>time to convert it to redis
01:02-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
01:02<Hoggs>Peng: I hope that's sarcastic :(
01:02-!-jtc [~chatzilla@] has joined #linode
01:02<joshdotsmith>random noob question, but why can I SSH into my node while the host's still down?
01:02<NiftyLettuce>!urmom is in my node
01:02<linbot`>NiftyLettuce: Yo momma's so fake, Mythbusters did an episode on her! (742:7/0) [orumm]
01:02<game-proz>well i'm happy to say that it wasnt my horrible linux administration that killed my server first
01:02<ejp>of course now I get to play the "hey, what stupid configuration errors did I introduce and not find?" game. Mmm, reboots.
01:02<G>Hoggs: I heard it was UPS Maintenance
01:02<G>Hoggs: but meh
01:02<Hoggs>Perihelion: Is there actually UPS systems in place? Do you know why they didn't work?
01:03<@Perihelion>Hoggs: I don't have any information on what happened
01:03<swajr_>human error
01:03<joshdotsmith>game-proz: heh I jumped on to Serverfault immediately and started asking what I was doing wrong *this* time
01:03<Lardle>and now it's time for the Triumphal March from Aida...
01:03<swajr_>the weakest point in any system
01:03<elky>I rather imagine the debrief will come after the servers are back up.
01:03<elky>I rather hope too.
01:03<@Perihelion>Lardle: la traviata...GO!
01:03<G>"Now remember, under no circumstances do you pull this cord"
01:03<game-proz>Perihelion the hampsters died? don't you have RFID tags on those things with health administation and regular vet visits?
01:03<Daevien>Hoggs: usually takes a bit to figure out full reasons behind an outage, at this poitn efforts go into getting stuff going again
01:03<Lardle>Aida > La Traviata
01:03<G>"What does it do? *PULL*"
01:03<@Perihelion>game-proz: They weren't our hamsters!
01:04<jtc>hi I have 2 servers. one mysql and the other web server. After the CA issue, they rebooted but the web server couldnt connect to mysql server. any idea?
01:04<joshdotsmith>jtc: start your daemon
01:04<jtc>any suggestions?
01:04-!-keito_ [~keito@] has quit [Quit: keito_]
01:04<Daevien>jtc: both servers may not be online yet
01:04<jtc>they are running
01:04<joshdotsmith>then give it a bit
01:04<game-proz>Perihelion aha, you outsource your hampsters!
01:04<Daevien>and if they are, the host server / your site, etc are prob under heavy load of everyone goign OMG it's back! *reload, reload*
01:04<jtc>i can ssh to both so they are online
01:04<@Perihelion>game-proz: No, the datacenter owns the hamsters and clearly neglected them!
01:04-!-StevenK [] has joined #linode
01:05<joshdotsmith>jtc: I can SSH into mine but it's still not really up
01:05<StevenK>Well, that was fun.
01:05<rlankfo>hmm i notice some linodes at freemont are back up
01:05<rlankfo>but not all fo them
01:05<Lardle>Hierarchy of operas, according to me: 1. Simon Boccanegra 2. Tosca 3. Eugene Onegin 4. Lady MacBeth of the Mtensk District 5. Aida 6. Carmen 7. Der Meistersinger von Nurnberg 8. La Traviata 9. Der Rosenkavalier 10. Turandot
01:05*StevenK is one of the lucky people
01:05<@Perihelion>rlankfo: Yeah we're still working on it
01:05<game-proz>Perihelion through careful metaphoric observation I assume said datacenter will be hearing a lot about their power tomorrow
01:05-!-Hobbsee [] has joined #linode
01:05<@Perihelion>I assume so :)
01:05<Hoggs>Host Job Queue
01:05<Hoggs> Host initiated restart
01:05<Hoggs>Entered: 36 years 10 months ago - Waiting...
01:05<Hoggs>36 years!
01:05<game-proz>Hoggs yeah it's been a bit slow today
01:05<Daevien>game-proz: i iamgine the non technical contacts have already heard round 1 of complaints
01:05<game-proz>might take a few more years
01:05<StevenK>Hoggs: Tis the caker-epoch
01:05<jtc>before it was cant connect to db
01:06<jtc>now the errors are too many connections
01:06<game-proz>Daevien the execs won't hear about it for another two weeks unfortunately :(
01:06<joshdotsmith>haha Hoggs I made that observation a bit ago. Marveled at the age of the servers they have in Fremont
01:06<game-proz>joshdotsmith hotswap motherboards ftw?
01:06<jtc>i guess just gotta waited out
01:06<pharaun>Lardle: what about "repo the generic opera" ?
01:06<@Perihelion>We've been cutting edge for almost 37 years
01:06<@Perihelion>Linode ftw
01:06<game-proz>can I call you for my next laptop
01:06<goodwill1120>guys is that normal for a server restart job not able to run on fremont in like 30 mins now?
01:06<dark>Perihelion: the new interface lacks a cancel button for queued items?
01:06<joshdotsmith>game-proz: or ftl, in this case
01:06<Daevien>goodwill1120: see topic
01:06<Lardle>pharaun: yeah, that's non-artistic crap
01:06<shirro>Pity it was Fremont. Everyone in Australia is on it. Kill Atlanta or London and nobody will care
01:07-!-jiehan [~jiehan@] has joined #linode
01:07<game-proz>i'm looking for a videocard with about three terabytes of GDDR500
01:07<pharaun>Lardle: ah heh :-p
01:07<@Perihelion>shirro: Lies! I'd care.
01:07<joshdotsmith>shirro: everyone in Oz. Try SV!
01:07<dark>Perihelion: also
01:07-!-karstensrage [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
01:07*Lardle is a high-culture elitist snob
01:07<NotInternat>did i miss something? i think one of my nodes rebooted..
01:07<dark>Perihelion: i have a security problem to report
01:07<@Perihelion>NotInternat: See topic D:
01:07<Daevien>NotInternat: see topic
01:07-!-Guest97 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:07<@Perihelion>dark: PM it to me?
01:08<dark>i have pmed you
01:08<joshdotsmith>dark: post it here for all to see
01:08*joshdotsmith sarcasm
01:08-!-sparanoid [~sparanoid@] has joined #linode
01:08<game-proz>I wonder what a server cage of linode hosts would sound like all starting up at the same time
01:08<dark>joshdotsmith: hell no
01:08<goodwill1120>ok so what would happen is the server not starting at all
01:09-!-Captain_Intern [] has joined #linode
01:09<@Perihelion>goodwill1120: We're currently working on bringing Linodes back online
01:09<Daevien>game-proz: much like any other cept for the automated caker voice saying: you fucked up, i'll be calling you shortly
01:09-!-karstensrage [] has joined #linode
01:09-!-karstensrage [] has quit []
01:09-!-beilabs [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
01:09<pharaun>game-proz: like a bunch of monkey slinging shit
01:09-!-Hobbsee [] has quit []
01:09-!-Hobbsee [] has joined #linode
01:09*Perihelion gives #linode some cookies
01:10<game-proz>text the guy rebooting all the machines "don't forget to stand at least 3 feet away, we don't know how much horsepower is being generated by those fans right now"
01:10<goodwill1120>mine is fortunately not affected, but my fd who signed the server with you guys just recently seems not able to restart his server, which I think what actually happened is the server is not even starting for now, correct?
01:10<Peng>Meat cookies? I'm hungry/
01:10-!-Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
01:10<elky>oh, lassie's paid me a visit
01:10<joshdotsmith>hmm so question for everyone here: my Pingdom setup is a fail because it's pinging and the site's down, but it doesn't recognize that; what should my setup ideally be for this kind of situation?
01:10<@Perihelion>goodwill1120: Where is the server located?
01:10<pharaun>Perihelion: om noms noms!
01:10<game-proz>joshdotsmith one question, are you in fremont
01:10<Peng>goodwill1120: If he's in Fremont, it'll be rebooted shortly. There was a power outage.
01:10<goodwill1120>both Fremont
01:10-!-nessenj [~nessenj@] has quit [Quit: nessenj]
01:10<Lardle>choco taco!
01:10-!-Anjie^34 [~cw0_KuL_C@] has joined #linode
01:10-!-Anjie^34 [~cw0_KuL_C@] has left #linode []
01:10<joshdotsmith>game-proz: I am indeed
01:10-!-Sindacious [] has joined #linode
01:10-!-procyon [] has quit [Quit: procyon]
01:11<game-proz>joshdotsmith read
01:11<@Perihelion>goodwill1120: The issues are likely related
01:11<dark>joshdotsmith: protip: you don't post security problems in the channel here which are against linode
01:11<shirro>Perihelion: Perhaps should have said nobody awake would care.
01:11<goodwill1120>mine got lassie visited but it said its already running which I believe mine was not down fortunately thats why
01:11<Hoggs>Are we getting full reboots, or will the linodes just return to whatever state they were in?
01:11<joshdotsmith>game-proz: I'm aware, but wondering why Pingdom wouldn't be showing that it's down when it is
01:11<joshdotsmith>dark: if you notice, I said "sarcasm" immediately after
01:11<@Perihelion>shirro: I never sleep!
01:11<game-proz>joshdotsmith pingdom appears to be failing it's pants right now then :(
01:11<goodwill1120>Hoggs: imagine that should be full a full
01:11<dark>joshdotsmith: missed it ^ ^
01:11<@Perihelion>Hoggs: They'll be returned to their state
01:12<joshdotsmith>dark: figgered ;)
01:12<goodwill1120>ORLY? freezed?
01:12-!-nathanscrivener [] has joined #linode
01:12<goodwill1120>so it wont be a cold boot even its power outage?
01:12<ejp>game-proz: dunno what they sound like, but I wonder how this effects them...
01:12<joshdotsmith>game-proz: well at least my set-up is. I'm just pinging the HTTP which responds positively, so just wondering what I *should* be pinging
01:12<NotInternat>goodwill1120: yes itll be a cold boot :)
01:13<goodwill1120>ar right, I expect cold boot.
01:13<goodwill1120>dont think xen is so smart :P
01:13<shirro>I have 56min uptime on the only one back up so is a boot
01:13<NotInternat>i think when Perihelion said previous state they meant on/off
01:13<@Perihelion>Si. Whatever their last state was before the host went down
01:13<game-proz>ejp ahahhaha!
01:13<jayvee>well I'm back up
01:14<jayvee>joshdotsmith: I got a pingdom alert from mine
01:14<joshdotsmith>ah nvm. Pingdom can check for a string on a page. That's what I want
01:14<joshdotsmith>jayvee: I just set it up and went with 'nilla HTTP, so it's not showing I'm down right now when I am
01:15<milkmit>anyone feel like helping me resolve a python set-up issue? ubunto10.4 / apache2 / mod-wsgi
01:15<milkmit>10.04, too
01:15-!-nathanscrivener [] has quit []
01:15-!-nathanscrivener [] has joined #linode
01:16<joshdotsmith>jayvee: is that what you do or are you just using a plain HTTP check?
01:16-!-kainz [] has joined #linode
01:16-!-dkam [] has joined #linode
01:16<joshdotsmith>jayvee I'm sure it would have pinged me had I been a Pingdom user an hour ago
01:16<jayvee>plain vanilla http check
01:17<aaronpk>man, I can't wait until my servers are back online :) I was about to test an HTTP post from my first iPhone app when it went down
01:17-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:17<joshdotsmith>jayvee: yeah this at least was a lesson in knowing that I should ideally be checking for a known string
01:17<Daevien>joshdotsmith: is a free option as well, more things checking = somethign will notice and let you know
01:17<joshdotsmith>Perihelion: will there be a longer post-mortem about this?
01:18<@Perihelion>joshdotsmith: I honestly don't know. I'm sure HE will have something to say about it.
01:18<joshdotsmith>Daevien: very nice
01:18-!-tuquee [] has joined #linode
01:18<sirpengi>tjfontaine: you've got some relation to oftc right?
01:18<@Perihelion>He's kind of a big deal. People know him.
01:19<Daevien>joshdotsmith: i forget who right off but someone that comes aroundthe channel runs that and it's run at least partially on linodes
01:19-!-sparanoid [~sparanoid@] has left #linode []
01:19<Hoggs>Do we all get free linode t-shirts for the inconvenience? I'll wear it proud! :D
01:19<Daevien>sirpengi: lol do a /whois on him
01:19<sirpengi>I want a sticker
01:19<jiehan>Hoggs, lol, agreed...
01:19<jayvee>I want a pony
01:19-!-sparanoid [~sparanoid@] has joined #linode
01:19<Ovron>NO SOUP FOR YOU.
01:19<@Perihelion>I'd like a Linode pony. I'd name it muffins.
01:19<dark>jayvee: mee too!
01:19<Daevien>jayvee: we'll send jed over in his pony outfit
01:19<swajr_>in 20 minutes it'll be 2 hours down for me /emotear
01:19<AF|WatchingTVWhileHeWaits>Still down :|
01:19<dkam>Anyone know if postgres handles outages better than mysql?
01:19<joshdotsmith>Daevien: I just read their FAQ. Looks neat. If I ever have less money or need it for personal use I'll probably use it
01:20<game-proz>linode needs to send out complimentary ponies
01:20<Lardle>we should have a sing-along while we wait
01:20<game-proz>never gonna give you up...
01:20<Lardle>I'll start
01:20<game-proz>never gonna let you down
01:20<swajr_>on the plus side, it appears my host has been up for quite a while... just waiting on the 5000 spammed reboot jobs :(
01:20<Lardle>When are you coming home? When are you gonna land? I should have stayed back on the farm, I should have listened to my old man.
01:20-!-jiang [~480eb4c8@] has joined #linode
01:20<Ovron>Can I get one even if not affected by the outage? If not, I have some business to attend to in london. *prepares bulldozer*
01:20-!-mohaa911 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
01:21<enc0de>still not up :(
01:21<game-proz>Your Linode is currently
01:21<game-proz>11 days uptime
01:21<game-proz>YOU LIE!
01:21<Lardle>You know you can't keep me forever; I didn't sign up with you. I'm not a present for your friends to open; this boy's too young to be singing the blues
01:21<@Perihelion>The uptime is a lie
01:21<dark>uptime is a lie
01:21<Lardle>So goodbye, Yellow Brick Road, where the dogs of society howl. You can't plant me in your penthouse, I'm going back to my plow.
01:21<tnathan>upgrade day / see you there / under things / segfaulting
01:21*game-proz prays my host job queue doesn't go through :(
01:21<joshdotsmith>Daevien: do you use this yourself?
01:21<rlankfo>same here
01:21<Lardle>Back to the howlin' old owl in the woods, huntin' the horny-backed toad. Well, I've finally decided my future lies beyond the Yellow Brick Road.
01:22-!-jcy [] has quit []
01:22<Daevien>joshdotsmith: yeah it's one of th eones i ahve setup, works well from what little i've had it go off
01:22<Hoggs>I hope my uptime keeps, I just crossed 100 days :(
01:22<dcraig2>I wonder what fraction of the linodes in fremont are back up
01:22-!-kainz_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
01:22-!-ryan_ [] has left #linode []
01:23<joshdotsmith>Daevien: I just shouted into empty space (asked Twitter) if anyone uses it as well
01:23<milkmit>finally, got it working (python)..
01:23-!-Bass2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
01:23-!-abadr [] has quit [Quit: abadr]
01:23-!-trustee [] has joined #linode
01:24-!-dkam [] has quit [Quit: dkam]
01:24*Perihelion makes camel noises
01:24<joshdotsmith>wow 200k sqft!?
01:24<trustee>hey do you reset the root password?
01:24<Daevien>Perihelion: ssh, don't get phil excited
01:24*joshdotsmith just now reads up on the facility where his server is...
01:25<Peng>trustee: There's a button in the manager.
01:25<Peng>trustee: Or, of course, you can do a sudo passwd or whatever if you're logged into the node
01:25<Hoggs>trustee: Remote access tab in the manager
01:25<@Perihelion>It's under the "Rescue" tab
01:25<game-proz>trustee: I like cupcakes :)
01:25<trustee>ah ok thanks :)
01:25<Hoggs>my bad, what Perihelion said
01:25-!-slapshot [] has left #linode []
01:25-!-jiang [~480eb4c8@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
01:25<game-proz>mine being the most helpful comment
01:25<shirro>Host initiated restart Entered: 36 years 10 months ago - Took: 19 seconds - Really?
01:25<@Perihelion>I had to look it up to be fair haha
01:26<Daevien>shirro: yeah caker is old
01:26-!-Darxus [] has joined #linode
01:26-!-slapshot [] has joined #linode
01:26<@Perihelion>shirro: That's the power of THE CLOUD
01:26<Darxus>I miss my server.
01:26-!-jiang [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
01:26<@Perihelion>Darxus: It should be back soon
01:26-!-slapshot [] has left #linode []
01:26<Daevien>Darxus: it hates you though, says you abuse it
01:26-!-bkero [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
01:26<joshdotsmith>at least my site's blog is up (go Posterous!)
01:27<Hoggs>game-proz: You should apply for linode helpdesk
01:27-!-slapshot [] has joined #linode
01:27<AF|WatchingTVWhileHeWaits>Anyone else getting kicked out of the Linode Manager thing every few minutes?
01:27-!-jayvee [~jayvee@2001:44b8:7df3:b970::14] has left #linode [bai!]
01:27<dark>linode hurry up!
01:27<dark>still not back :(
01:27<@Perihelion>Darxus: I assumed you had a Linode that was down...I meant that would be back :P
01:27<game-proz>Hoggs people would appreciate my uplifting attitude, and when they harass me about my incompetence, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"
01:27<@Perihelion>It looks like HE is back up
01:27<Darxus>Perihelion: Nah, traceroute is dieing in
01:28<@Perihelion>Can you PM/notice me the IP?
01:28<Darxus>Long enough for me to install a new power supply :)
01:28-!-hb [~480ebfc8@] has joined #linode
01:28<Hoggs>Still getting no pings to my nodes
01:28<Darxus>Perihelion: It's
01:28*au is angry
01:28<@jed>still working the problem
01:28<X-LP> works
01:28<Eman>fsck for all!
01:29<pharaun>free fsck for all!
01:29-!-slapshot [] has left #linode []
01:29<Hoggs>Free tshirts?
01:29<pharaun>free time with urmom?
01:29-!-vsync [~vsync@] has joined #linode
01:29-!-slapshot [] has joined #linode
01:29<vsync>the linode manager crashes when i try shrinking a disk image :(
01:29<au>my linode is up now
01:29-!-ayiek [~480ebfc8@] has joined #linode
01:30<Hoggs>Both my linodes just powered off in the manager :x
01:30<game-proz>i want a free 10gigE private cage in for this incident, who do i contact
01:30<miked>you dont want a cage at HE :)
01:30<game-proz>well not now
01:30<AF|WatchingTVWhileHeWaits>miked: I second your opinion.
01:30<ejp>depends, do you need power?
01:30<pharaun>Perihelion: one thing i am curious, are you guys all based in NJ? so how do you guys fix broken server/etc in say CA if its a physical issue
01:30<game-proz>power is not important to servers, what are you talking about
01:30<dark>HA firefox crashed!
01:30<AF|WatchingTVWhileHeWaits>Remote Hands.
01:30<game-proz>it runs on internet juice
01:31<@Perihelion>Darxus: Yeah that one's still being worked on
01:31<rlankfo>big dc's have people on staff usually
01:31<Eman>servers run on PoE
01:31-!-nigel [] has joined #linode
01:31-!-jiang [~45a4c8c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:31<@Perihelion>pharaun: remote hands!
01:31<ejp>Eman: right up until they don't.
01:31<game-proz>would I be able to hire remote hands for my personal pleasure
01:32<@Perihelion>Argh, my battery is dying
01:32<vsync>oh, if i log back in i see that a resize is in the queue and i must shut down
01:32<ejp>Perihelion: ironic.
01:32<@Perihelion>game-proz: You could prepared for rejection
01:32-!-AF|WatchingTVWhileHeWaits is now known as AFellow
01:32<vsync>but it bounced me back to the login screen and if i tried to log in i got hit with CSRF or whatever
01:32<Eman>what about... broadband over power lines?
01:32<Eman>so all your shit can be down at once
01:32<game-proz>my response to
01:32<Darxus>Perihelion: Ah, okay.
01:32-!-jjwinter200 [] has joined #linode
01:32<game-proz>OH BOB SAGET!
01:32*Darxus checks his backups.
01:32<@Perihelion>ejp: :P
01:32<Daevien>Perihelion: let him try. then send jed. he'll change his mind
01:32<Darxus>Love my backups.
01:33<AFellow>Perihelion: He can hire remote hands for his personal pleasure. The problem is they can't reach him. :/
01:33-!-slapshot [] has left #linode []
01:33-!-shakr [] has joined #linode
01:33<@Perihelion>AFellow: I preferred to damage his self esteem
01:33-!-slapshot [] has joined #linode
01:33-!-hb [~480ebfc8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:33-!-jiehan [~jiehan@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
01:33<AFellow>Perihelion: I suppose. Hiring remote hands for that sort of thing is prostitution anyway :/
01:34<@Perihelion>Yeah, there are laws
01:35-!-ayiek [~480ebfc8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:35-!-nathanscrivener [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:35<Darxus>Perihelion: So the linode manager is saying linodes are running that currently aren't?
01:35<@Perihelion>rlankfo: I suddenly feel better about my life
01:35<@Perihelion>Darxus: Yeah there may be some desync
01:36<Hoggs>These things
01:36<Darxus>What happened?
01:36<Hoggs>They suck.
01:36-!-nigel [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:36<AFellow>Perihelion: So all of you are in NJ, just using remote hands for the other locations?
01:36<rlankfo>some of my linodes at freemont are up
01:37<saikat>is there a googlable term for the concept of doing IP failover across multiple data centers?
01:37<rlankfo>all the ones i had backup enabled for
01:37<Lardle>seriously, folks, a little bit of opera and everything will be fine
01:37-!-nathanscrivener [] has joined #linode
01:37<Darxus>saikat: BGP.
01:37<Lardle>saikat: google that question to find out
01:37-!-Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
01:37<saikat>Lardle: i did, nothing interesting appeared
01:37<saikat>Darxus: thanks
01:37-!-jjwinter200 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:38<Hoggs>Perihelion: my nodes have all gone inter a powered off state - should I reboot them or just wait for the 36 year old reboot to take effect?
01:38<Hoggs>into a*
01:38<Darxus>saikat: You need to get assigned an ASN. Which you can't do unless you can get a large block of IPs assigned to you. Which you probably can't do.
01:38<game-proz>the linode manager is so slow, probably getting hammered by refreshes lol
01:38<rlankfo>Darxus: what about from linode to dc to another linode dc?
01:38<rlankfo>thats what i need
01:38<elky>Poor Lassie still hasn't managed to power me back on yet.
01:38<Darxus>rlankfo: dc?
01:38<AFellow>Darxus: You wouldn't happen to know the # off the top of your head would you?
01:38<Daevien>rlankfo: high availability with something liek heartbeat, pacemaker, drbd, etc
01:38<swajr_>yay, 2 hours and counting :P
01:39<vsync>ok now even though i powered my linode off the manager still shows it running
01:39<Darxus>AFellow: What number? Of IPs? No.
01:39<rlankfo>they had a high availability tutorial in the linode library but it works for linodes in the same datacenter
01:39<vsync>and the manager takes many minutes to render its dashboard page
01:39-!-Anjie^34 [~cw0_KuL_C@] has joined #linode
01:39-Anjie^34:#linode-cool site
01:39-!-Anjie^34 [~cw0_KuL_C@] has left #linode []
01:39<shirro>Happy to move to the Sydney datacenter. Otherwise hard to beat Fremont for latency from here.
01:39<AFellow>Darxus: I was always curious about that ;)
01:39<Hoggs>ban that shit.
01:39<Trigger>couldnt be a tarp
01:39<Trigger>no way
01:40-!-mode/#linode [+b *!*@] by Perihelion
01:40-!-jmcfarlane [] has joined #linode
01:40<nathanscrivener>my linode is up, but no apache. Is that expected at this stage?
01:40<Darxus>Yeah, you can do some good stuff with high availability with two machines in the same place. Otherwise you need to have DNS servers checking each box for liveness, and only returning the IPs for the ones that are up.
01:40<pharaun>Perihelion: you guys should make sure to feed that poor lassie some food/water and give it a break after this :)
01:40<Lardle>won't do any good, those kind of spammers are usually just one-time hit-and-run anyway
01:40<Darxus>..Unless you can get an ASN and do BGP.
01:41<Ovron>something is making irssi do the audible signal and thus making my putty flash... and I can't figure out what it is >:( just started happening few minutes ago
01:41<warewolf>I get new malware to download
01:41<AFellow>Darxus: Ya I've seen the DNS services that handle that but the TTL is ignored by like 20% of ISPs or sth like that.
01:41<mikegrb>mmm cake
01:41<@Perihelion>pharaun: We feed her cake!
01:41<rlankfo>Darxus: linode should
01:41<pharaun>Perihelion: \o/ she deserves it!
01:41<slapshot>is there a way to clear the host job queue from the web manager? I initiated a reboot before I realized the power was out in fremont.
01:41<Darxus>rlankfo: Yeah it would be nice if linode could route the same IP block to multiple datacenters.
01:42<pharaun>Ovron: check your term settings
01:42<pharaun>Ovron: i think its a term setting not irssi
01:42-!-nigel [] has joined #linode
01:42<Darxus>I miss being able to tile windows.
01:42-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:42<warewolf>linode would probally have to be much larger than they are right now to be able to announce the same IP space from multiple locations
01:42<Binjo_>Hmm. My node is powered off because I was messing with it before I knew my problems were because of the power outage, but now it's waiting for it to shutdown... despite being off.
01:43<Binjo_>Just a desync I take it?
01:43<warewolf>I could be wrong though
01:43<vsync>Binjo_: same here
01:43-!-Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
01:43-!-sparanoid [~sparanoid@] has quit [Quit: sparanoid]
01:43<AFellow>Darxus: Ya, if they could do that, I would be using them for more than personal projects :)
01:43-!-sparanoid [~sparanoid@] has joined #linode
01:43<Darxus>AFellow: Have you asked?
01:43<nathanscrivener>Should we expect our linodes to be powered on but not having internet connectivity?
01:43<Ovron>pharaun: bell_beeps are on, and I have them set for msgs, notices and hilight -- which is fine, and as I want it. But now... it has started flashing twices, and there's no msgs, notices or hilights :p
01:44<Ovron>twice *
01:44-!-OverlordQ [] has joined #linode
01:44<elky>Perihelion, is this "host initiated restart" likely to be holding lassie up?
01:44<AFellow>Darxus: Nope.
01:44-!-wuff [] has joined #linode
01:44<AFellow>Darxus: I assume if it isn't publicly offered, it isn't offered ;)
01:44<warewolf>that psybnc.rar file
01:44<warewolf>is a mirc based botnet
01:44<Darxus>AFellow: Maybe they haven't looked into it.
01:44<wuff>did go boom?? It's like I went back in time to dialdown or something trying to deploy a linode.
01:45-!-sparanoid [~sparanoid@] has quit []
01:45<pharaun>Ovron: weird, well i have it all disabled :) visual bell are annoying
01:45<vsync>wuff: same here, manager is completely broken
01:45<AFellow>Darxus: Considering they have intra-datacenter IP swapping for HA purposes I'd say they have.
01:45<miked>wuff: bunch of servers down
01:45<miked>people trying to boot them bac kup
01:45<AFellow>Darxus: It is the logical next step.
01:45<linbot`>New news from forums: Timezone on in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
01:45<vsync>right when i'm trying to migrate a bunch of servers after recommending linode to my cofounder :(
01:45*enc0de wonders how much longer it will be
01:45-!-jmcfarlane [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:45<Darxus>AFellow: It's often dangerous to assume people have been logical :)
01:45-!-pedro [] has joined #linode
01:45<Ovron>pharaun: if I want to ignore irc, I just detach screen :)
01:45*wuff laughs. Yeah, I never use the manager... and when I do it's broke.
01:46<OverlordQ>so are they still issuing reboots?
01:46<AFellow>Darxus: Yes. But I live in hope.
01:46<pharaun>Ovron: haha
01:46<saikat>Darxus: so short of getting my own ASN, there aren't other approaches to doing ip failover across data centers (other than DNS round robin which seems to have its own problems) that you know of?
01:46<pedro>issued a shutdown/reboot before I noticed it was a widespread issue. any way to undo that?
01:46*jimmyxu got the beep from ping -a ^ ^
01:46<Ovron>pharaun: (as in screen, the application, not my monitor :DD)
01:46<AFellow>saikat: Are you including low TTL DNS as 'round robin'?
01:46<nathanscrivener>bump ... my linode is rebooted, but apache no listening socks available. i.e. no webserver. Is this to be expected at this point?
01:47<saikat>AFellow: yes
01:47<pharaun>Ovron: ofc :) I've actually been considering checking out tmux :)
01:47*wuff screams
01:47<Darxus>saikat: Correct, there are not.
01:47<wuff>they better not've killed my pertyfull uptime!
01:47<@Perihelion>nathanscrivener: Can you access your Linode through ssh/lish?
01:47-!-syslink [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
01:47<Ovron>pharaun: I have seen several people complain about tmux's behavior being odd, with increasing CPU usage over time for no apparent reason.
01:47-!-syslink [] has joined #linode
01:47-!-nigel [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:47<@Perihelion>You may want to check your log files and see if there's anything useful in there
01:47*dark grumble linode isn't back yet!
01:47<@Perihelion>If you can access it then it should be good to go
01:48<pharaun>Ovron: oh really? i just heard that its config was much cleaner/etc and generally I like openbsd stuff
01:48-!-austin [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
01:48<ejp>wuff: uptime is just a sysadmin not updating important things.
01:48-!-Shishire is now known as Shishire|Away
01:48<dark>ejp: like?
01:48-!-snubby [] has joined #linode
01:48<Ovron>pharaun: there's also a thread on the linode forums about it
01:49<game-proz>oh man my headache is setting in
01:49<wuff>yes, because I need to reboot to update the kerenl my vm instance is running under. :o
01:49<AFellow>Perihelion: Does Linode have any plans to do IP failover across multiple DCs?
01:49<golb>two of my linodes are not up yet
01:49<pharaun>Ovron: oh? hm goes to check
01:49<wuff>ejp: you're an idiot. >.>
01:49<Darxus>I wonder if there's any chance of me getting any sleep while my linode is down.... probably not.
01:49<golb>Host initiated restart, Entered: 36 years 10 months ago - Waiting...
01:49<@Perihelion>AFellow: Not that I know of :D
01:49-!-WormFood [~wormfood@] has joined #linode
01:49<AFellow>Perihelion: Might I ask why?
01:49<Lardle>you know, I should have spent these last two hours working on funding applications for grad school...
01:50<@Perihelion>golb: We're still working on a few hosts
01:50<Ovron>is that ':D' supposed to be a subtle hint that there are plans?!
01:50<wuff>but porn and Linode downtime is so much more interesting!
01:50-!-blehbleh [] has joined #linode
01:50<@Perihelion>AFellow: I don't know - that's all up to the admins
01:50<WormFood>does anyone have a server in fremont that isn't back up?
01:50<dcraig2>I wouldn't read too much into the :D
01:50<syslink>yep me
01:50<@jed>a lot of people do, the issue isn't resolved yet - hang tight
01:50<syslink>still waiting
01:50-!-jimmyxu [~jimmy@] has left #linode [Leaving.]
01:50<Binjo_>WormFood, me
01:50<golb>ah... i can play some games
01:51<WormFood>ok, at least I'm not the only one
01:51<AFellow>Perihelion: Alright ;)
01:51<Demonicpagan>i know someone hat has 15 servers on freemont and not all of theirs aren't back yet
01:51<AFellow>WormFood: Meh.
01:51<Darxus>WormFood: Me. (server in fremont not up)
01:51<Hoggs>SYSADMINS! Lets all go outside instead of waiting!
01:51*Hoggs ducks
01:51*AFellow murders Hoggs.
01:51<pedro>Perihelion: if I issued a shutdown/restart before I saw the issue was widespread, will that shutdown be ignore when it gets brought back up?
01:51<nathanscrivener>Perihelion: Apache says: (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
01:51<nathanscrivener>no listening sockets available, shutting down
01:51<nathanscrivener>Unable to open logs
01:51<AFellow>pedro: I know how you feel.
01:51<ejp>Hoggs: it's about 25 outside and the wind is howling. pass.
01:52-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:52<@jed>nathanscrivener: you have another running Web server - netstat -l
01:52<Darxus>391 people in this channel... how many were there before the power outage?
01:52<pharaun>Ovron: oh yeah i see what you talk about, ow
01:52<pharaun>Ovron: on the tmux/cpu usage
01:52-!-NiftyLettuce [] has left #linode []
01:52<pedro>Darxus: 42
01:52<game-proz>Something went wrong :(
01:52<game-proz>Our development team has been alerted to this error. If you continue to have problems please contact support:
01:52<Darxus>pedro: Really?
01:52<pedro>it's the answer
01:52<Lardle>ejp: I had that weather during the day, and I ran 12 miles in it...
01:52<Darxus>I'm familiar. 6x9 in base 13.
01:52<game-proz>oh i guess it's under load
01:52<Ovron>pharaun: yeah seems a bit dodgy; screen works for me for irssi, don't see any reason to move myself
01:52<@Perihelion>Darxus: That's pretty much a normal number for this channel
01:53-!-slat [] has quit [Quit: slat]
01:53*OverlordQ remembers when there was a few dozen on a good day
01:53<Darxus>Perihelion: Ah, okay, thanks.
01:53<pharaun>Ovron: yeah but i've never bothered to config screen and i kind of want to but its config is a bit... not wonderful
01:53<ejp>Lardle: heh. I wouldn't mind the actual weather so much if all the non-grass surfaces weren't covered in ice
01:53<WormFood>this fuckin' sucks! my server being down seriously hampers my ability to surf the internet
01:53<OverlordQ>back before all these slackers got hired :P
01:53<Ovron>pharaun: there's stuff to config?
01:53-!-tasaro_ is now known as tasaro
01:53<pharaun>Ovron: yeah
01:54<pharaun>Ovron: usually just go and play but yeah you can tweak things around and i kind of want to tweak a couple things
01:54<pedro>Perihelion: can a bootup notice be given from within the linode iPhone app?
01:54<Ovron>pharaun: fair enough, I just start it with unicode support and that's it :p
01:54-!-syslink [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
01:54<wuff>eeek! the web interface was all fucked up since last I used it.
01:54<pharaun>Ovron: hah me too but kind of would be nice to add some opts to it
01:54<dominikh>re tmux + cpu: so far (after a couple of days), my tmux is still at 0.0% cpu usage
01:54-!-Continuum [~Continuum@] has joined #linode
01:55<pharaun>dominikh: distro/setup?
01:55<pharaun>the one i saw on the forum seemed to be debian/ubuntu
01:55<AFellow>Just out of random curiousity...has anyone tried the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud for anything? XD
01:55-!-blehbleh [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
01:55<Ovron>someone mentioned cloud
01:55<dominikh>pharaun: arch. I can test it on my debian VPS, too, if you want me to.
01:55<pharaun>dominikh: arch? interesting
01:55<Daevien>Ovron: cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud
01:55<pharaun>probably a debian/ubuntu thing then
01:56<ejp>the cloud is a lie.
01:56<dark>Daevien: CLOUD
01:56<dark> ./cloud
01:56-!-linbot` is now known as linbot
01:56<AFellow>ejp: Yes. But I'd like a convenient way to manage dev VPSs without building my own solution :/
01:56<Lardle>choco taco
01:56-!-LinodeJavaUser [] has joined #linode
01:56<dominikh>pharaun: I'm curious if they're running 1.3 or some older version (which is what ubuntu ships)
01:56<pedro>oh well. sitting here isn't going to change the fact that people are still hustling to get things back to normal. gnite.
01:56<WormFood>what the hell is taking them so long? my server has been down for over 2 hours...when I worked for an ISP in Florida, they had a generator that was so big you had to bring it in on a semi-truck....this is exactly the shit I DON'T pay extra for.
01:56<pharaun>looks like 1.3
01:57-!-pedro [] has quit [Quit: pedro]
01:57<AFellow>WormFood: There aren't many providers cheaper than Linode. You aren't paying extra. :|
01:57-!-agittins [] has joined #linode
01:57<dcraig2>they're bringing in a generator on a semi truck as we speak :p
01:57<Daevien>AFellow: linode api
01:57<game-proz>dcraig2 are they really
01:57<Hoggs>Perihelion: Am I supposed to issue a boot? My nodes have gone into a powered of state, but the 36 year restart job is still pending
01:58<Trigger>WoodFood: paying a whole $40/mo
01:58<dcraig2>I dunno... maybe
01:58<WormFood>yes, there are many providers cheaper...and their bandwidth is expensive compared to others (I got 500 gig of bandwidth on a similar VPN, for the same price I get 300 gig for on linode)
01:58<AFellow>Daevien: Without paying someone else ;)
01:58<game-proz>i'm hoping to hear some more information on this
01:58<Peng>Hoggs: If the job is pending, they'll be booted soon...
01:58<Continuum>Anyone else have a "Host initiated restart -- Entered: 36 years 10 months ago - Waiting..."
01:58<Trigger>have fun paying rackspace for a managed dedi I guess
01:58<Peng>Hoggs: Adding more jobs won't do anything.
01:58<Ovron>I thought WormFood was being silly, but... guess not.
01:58<rlankfo>Continuum: yes
01:58<Continuum>Can't get my node to boot :(
01:58<dominikh>pharaun: weird. well, works for me, and switching to tmux definitely is worth it (if it doesn't waste your CPU :))
01:58<swajr_>WormFood: then go with the cheaper provider and see how it works out.
01:58<Peng>Continuum: Yes. It uses caker's birthday to signal "omg high priority!"
01:58<rlankfo>yeah same here
01:58<@Perihelion>Hoggs: If your Linodes were running they will be booted for you
01:58<Peng>Continuum: There was a power outage. Nodes are being brought up one at a time. Patience.
01:58<ejp>AFellow: define "manage" I guess. there's multicast screen, or puppet like systems.
01:58<Lardle>none of this would have happened if (a) everyone used Slackware; and (b) there were more productions of operas for me to attend
01:58<rlankfo>some linodes in freemont are up
01:59<Hoggs>okie dokie
01:59<rlankfo>thats what's weird
01:59<AFellow>WormFood: Really? I haven't seen any Xen VPSs with comparable performance more than 3-4$ cheaper than Linode :/
01:59<WormFood>well, I justified paying linodes prices because they are supposed to have good service, but my server being down for hours is not acceptable
01:59<pharaun>dominikh: ah, heh yeah, probably fixed in the newer one but he said cvshead so i guess its a config or some sort of glitch
01:59<Peng>rlankfo: They're being brought up one at a time. It's not weird.
01:59<AFellow>ejp: I'd like to just be able to deploy images easily ;)
01:59<Continuum>Thanks. Just making sure I wasn't going crazy.. :)
01:59<pharaun>WormFood: its not exactly their fault,
01:59<rlankfo>Peng: i hope so
01:59<WormFood>and this time is middle of the day for me. My customers need to use my server
01:59<Peng>rlankfo: I know so.
01:59<Darxus>"BIG RAM Increase" still needs to be taken out of the topic. I keep briefly getting excited that there has been another one.
01:59<pharaun>WormFood: the datacenter lost the power
01:59<pharaun>what can linode do?
01:59<WormFood>pharaun, I don't know who's fault it is
01:59<Daevien>AFellow: virtualbox. just wathc out for oracle involvement. and deal with server costs. or go with citrix xenserver / vmware esxi. and still ahve server costs. not to mention connection costs
01:59<pharaun>WormFood: the datacenter i believe
02:00<game-proz>well theres about 200 fremont servers
02:00<game-proz>so i guess im gonna be waiting a while longer
02:00<WormFood>I worked in a datacenter, and we had big-ass generators (we never had to use them when I was there, but they were ready)
02:00<pharaun>had some sort of power issue and UPS failed to go down or something along these lines
02:00<pharaun>WormFood: you know things can fail right
02:00<Ovron>WormFood: sometimes things happen that can be nothing but handled, as they happen. Shit DOES happen.
02:00<dcraig2>WormFood, maybe you could host your site with that isp?
02:00<dominikh>WormFood: why don't you host in said DC?
02:00-!-milkmit [] has quit [Quit: milkmit]
02:00<ejp>AFellow: sounds like puppet to me. never used it myself (just one vps), but lots of guys I know swear by it.
02:00<pharaun>yes its supposed to be N+1 for generator, for UPS, for XYZ yes
02:00<AFellow>Daevien: I'm trying to avoid paying anyone ;) I guess I'll use Virtualbox then.
02:00<pharaun>but sometime when something surge or something fries, all bets are off
02:00<WormFood>dominikh, california is the fastest server for me...#2 is UK
02:00<AFellow>ejp: Puppet can't deploy the actual images tho as far as I'm aware :/
02:00<WormFood>I mean, fastest network
02:01<Peng>WormFood: Ah? Just curious, where are you located?
02:01<wuff>Dear Linode, I'd like my linode manager up and working again. <3!
02:01<pharaun>i'm guessing in asia/AU area ?
02:01<Daevien>AFellow: xenserver & esxi are free for software. still ahve hardware & connection to deal with
02:01<WormFood>我在中国 (I'm in China)
02:01<pharaun>close :)
02:01<G>insserv doesn't seem to be able to understand I want SSH to be started before anything else :P
02:01<vsync>so is the load from bringing those hosts back up why the manager is unusable even for my atlanta linodes?
02:01<Ovron>and UK network is fastest for you? *really*?
02:02<sirpengi>man, bug reports take a lot of time
02:02<pharaun>vsync: probably and its probably being *slammed* by all of the people refreshing
02:02<Ovron>2nd, fastest *
02:02<WormFood>no Ovron, 2nd fastest in my tests
02:02*vsync refreshes
02:02<dcraig2>WormFood, your server isn't actually down... that chinese firewall is just blocking you :p
02:02<dark>really still not back :/
02:02<ejp>AFellow: hrm, dunno. I think it can handle that, but I really have NFI.
02:02<AFellow>Daevien: I have hardware and connection (e.g. my local LAN) ;)
02:02<dark>maybe i should login and shutdown / boot?
02:02<WormFood>I wished that was the case, because I can get around that (I still have yet another computer in usa I can use)
02:02<xinming>Is fremode power outage fixed?
02:02<swajr_>my host has seemingly been up for 1.5 hrs, but my node is still down. frustrating.
02:02<AFellow>Daevien: I've just never really needed to do it before but it looks like I'll have no choice come January. ;)
02:02<pharaun>everyone in here needs - #
02:03-!-G [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:03<WormFood>xinming, does not appear to be fixed yet. I'm still waiting for my server to come back online
02:03<AFellow>Daevien: Which would you say is easier to use between the two?
02:03<xinming>WormFood: nice too meet you here. lol
02:03<Peng>xinming: Yes, it's fixed; nodes are still coming up
02:03<@Perihelion>Power has been restored and Linodes are being booted at this time
02:03<xinming>WormFood: How do we clear the jobs in job queue?
02:03-!-syslink [] has joined #linode
02:03<WormFood>why is it taking so long to boot them?
02:03<Lardle>ok, one more hour and I'm going to bed regardless
02:03<WormFood>I don't think we can.
02:03<@Perihelion>WormFood: There are a lot of them to boot :P
02:04<Daevien>AFellow: virtualbox is easiest for physical access to server. it can be anythign for a machine, ie: laptop with win7 or something, jsut run the program and setup the vm. esxi & xenserver are bare metal vm, no os installed on machine
02:04<dark>Perihelion: hurry up!
02:04<AFellow>WormFood: 40 VPSs on a server does that.
02:04<xinming>then, We'll have to wait.
02:04<dominikh>Perihelion: more hamsters.
02:04<Peng>Overclock 'em!
02:04<dark> ./dosomethingstupid
02:04*Perihelion puts more hamsters in the furnace
02:04<AFellow>Daevien: Well, of the two bare metal ones...which would you say is easier?
02:04<wuff>WormFood: this isn't bad. It's irritating, but I was with another company before Linode. I had to ask them to log in and fix my .ssh perms because a script fucked it up, so because they were unable to ssh into it, they just pulled the plug without any warning, kept it down for an hour and a half while they changed my root password, brought it back up, tried to log in twice and failed (and thsu got blacklisted), then took it down f
02:04<Daevien>AFellow: of the two, citrix is easier for hardware requirements, but not as known and not as much info out there abotu it. i have a citrix xenserver setup righ tnow, will shortly have esxi, only reasn i dont have both now is that esxi is a pain for getting latest vers & their limited hardware lsit for nics
02:04<dominikh>... furnace? that wasn't the idea :/
02:05-!-jazzybee [] has joined #linode
02:05<dark>dominikh: burn!
02:05<WormFood>wuff, that is fucked, but I've seen similar things before.
02:05<dominikh>yo dawg, we heard you like hamsters, so we put a hamster in your furnace to wtf you
02:05-!-syslink5 [] has joined #linode
02:05<pharaun>WormFood: think about how long 1 machine take to boot up, now do 40 of them, that's going to BEAT the host
02:05<wuff>WormFood: nods. Linode's occasional dowtimes are no problem. :)
02:05<AFellow>Daevien: I'll look into Virtualbox and Citrix then. I suspect VirtualBox does not handle a large number of headless instances well, unless my memory is wrong the one time I touched it awhile ago ;)
02:05-!-G_pateke [] has joined #linode
02:06<wuff>Perihelion: what, hold entertainment? :p
02:06<nathanscrivener>i can't get my webserver up
02:06<@Perihelion>wuff: burn baby burn!
02:06<pharaun>WormFood: plus if you need more fault tolerance, get more linode & more DC/etc
02:06<G_pateke>I decided to reboot my node and now I can't boot it again
02:06<Daevien>AFellow: virtualbox does ok, i jsut hate oracle takign over sun :p
02:06<WormFood>help, my web server's fallen, and I can't get it up
02:06*wuff snorts
02:06<vsync>G_pateke: welcome to the party
02:06<nathanscrivener>it was working fine before the power failure
02:06<Trigger>G_pateke: I doubt you can reboot your node
02:06*vsync worked as a contractor for Sun and hates it too, Daevien
02:06<AFellow>Daevien: Alright. Thanks. ;)
02:07<G_pateke>Perihelion: this is crazy, the host even said host job inserted
02:07<vsync>but if it helps, the community is forking pretty much every oracle project
02:07<jazzybee>Both my linodes are inaccessible. Anything the matter?
02:07<vsync>libreoffice for example
02:07<dark>quack quack
02:07<X-LP>topic jazzybee
02:07<Daevien>AFellow: if you are goign to run a lot though, yeah vmware or citrix is better, less overhead for the host os. there are also othe roptions like xen which is what linode uses and what citrix is based on. but it's prob easiest if you have a sspare machien to throw citrix xenserver on it
02:07<G_pateke>vsync: OpenOffice was bound to be forked
02:07<wuff>jazzybee: yep. they went boom.
02:07<WormFood>god damn! I've been waiting almost 37 years for my linode to boot....maybe it will boot this year?
02:07<Darxus>jazzybee: Yes:
02:07<Daevien>vsync: yeah i bet. oracle blows. and not in the nice way
02:07<Lardle>would it be alright if I told the next person who comes in and asks that if the reason is because linode is going out of business?
02:07<wuff>WormFood: seriously, take a chill pill.
02:07<pharaun>oh yeah on openoffice just updated
02:08-!-tacticus [] has joined #linode
02:08<pharaun>BAM oracle logo
02:08<Peng>Lardle: No.
02:08<pharaun>and i was like ugh
02:08<wuff>WormFood: Bitching wont' make them boot faster, I promise.
02:08<@Perihelion>Lardle: Not really :)
02:08<WormFood>wuff, awww, come on, can't we have some fun with that 36 year entry?
02:08<dark>WormFood: maybe!
02:08<bd_>Perihelion: any news from the DC on what happened yet, btw?
02:08<dark>erh wuff
02:08<Ovron>we did, 2 hours ago ;))))))))))
02:08<saikat>lucky that it's a saturday night
02:09<WormFood>unlucky that this is middle of sunday :(
02:09<dominikh>saturday night and everyone is at home, staring at their screens
02:09<@Perihelion>bd_: I don't have any information about it right now :<
02:09-!-bkaplan [] has joined #linode
02:09<AFellow>Daevien: So noted. It is basically to toss a small cluster on a single machine to keep all the services separated with different software stacks, etc. So it might be as many as 20.
02:09<wuff>Yeah. I can sit here and think about the life I should have while I'm actually waiting for news on my precious node's t oreturn.
02:09<WormFood>it is 3pm here
02:09<Lardle>Saturday night's alright for fighting, yeah...
02:09<dark>saikat: it is sunday here ^ ^
02:09<saikat>well, lucky for me anyway =)
02:09<wuff>o. it turned sunday while I wasn't looking. :o
02:09<saikat>since i am a loser otherwise with a business focused app
02:09<WormFood>just because it is not a problem for you, because of your time, does not mean it isn't a problem for the rest of us :P
02:09<@Perihelion>It's 2am here D:
02:09<Daevien>AFellow: just need a bucket of ram and decent drive(s) basically if theres not much for load
02:09<wuff>WormFood: I think you might've mentioned that.
02:10<saikat>haha WormFood i would never dare to suggest such a thing
02:10<jazzybee>Darxus: thanks
02:10<wuff>WormFood: once, twice, ten times... Maybe a bit more
02:10-!-slapshot [] has left #linode []
02:10<dark>Perihelion: orly
02:10<Ovron>8 am here - it is easy, I just never sleep, time is... a thing of the past.
02:10*vsync wouldn't care about it but since he had the joy of flying up to boston on short notice this week to pitch a project, then got a cold, now i am playing catch up
02:10<dark>wow that was fast for a saturday night at 1maish / 00:00 for the start
02:10<Lardle>Once, twice, three times a lady...
02:10<Darxus>Maybe I could take a nap.
02:10<dark>Perihelion: go back to the party!
02:10<vsync>the app is right now on a single shared server
02:10<vsync>monday morning, it gets tweeted to 30k people
02:11<AFellow>Daevien: Ya that is what the testing box will be. 2 quad cores, a large helping of RAM, and RAID 10. I just never really had to deal with virtualization except for my one VPS on Linode for pet projects ;)
02:11<@Perihelion>I'm staying out of the party
02:11<vsync>sometime between them i need the whole server farm up on linode :)
02:11<@Perihelion>I'd be in the way!
02:11*vsync has set up xen manually before, it's fun
02:11-!-prowl [] has joined #linode
02:11<vsync>although apparently now linux poops on it in favor of KVM
02:11<AFellow>Daevien: As far as load goes, it really depends on what is being tested. That is why I asked about the bare metal ones. ;)
02:11<G_pateke>vsync: Xen had the side effect of making me sick to my bones, KVM is pretty darn good as a replacement
02:12<Darxus>Man, switching screen windows to check my mail is so habitual... and not there :(
02:12<dark>vsync: sort of
02:12<dark>different things
02:12<WormFood>did you know, there is a XEN version of windows (it is not released, not public)?
02:12<@Perihelion>Don't knock t3h xen
02:12<Daevien>AFellow: ah. if you ahve that much of a budget, be sure to get good intel nics then. which means esxi is an option fo ryou as well, esxi has more info out there abotu it, but latest vers have smaller list of compatible hardware, nics being one of hte annoying factors, hd controllers being another
02:12<vsync>a friend ranted to me over the phone at 02:00 after i had been up for 26hrs
02:12<G_pateke>(that was on my work machine)
02:12<vsync>i gather he favored xen, but can't for the life of me remember why
02:12<G_pateke>Perihelion: Server use and desktop use are slightly different though imo
02:13<G_pateke>that said, I want to try these cgroups things (like the 4 line bashrc stuff :P)
02:13<Daevien>xen is pretyt nice, but unless you want to do a linode type setup, it's easier to do esxi/xenserver/virtualbox/vm workstation
02:13<joshdotsmith>for anyone interested in startups, here's my lesson learned after tonight's Fremont outage:
02:13<pharaun> <-- everyone chill and enjoy a kitty that occupies bed!
02:13<Darxus>My web and mail servers really *should* come up on their own fine....
02:13<AFellow>Daevien: It is what I'm fighting for on the 1st of Dec, so we'll see if I actually get what I ask for...:P Good to know about esxi. More documentation is always good. :)
02:14-!-bkaplan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:14<saikat>joshdotsmith: how would you have set anything up to avoid going down in tonight's outage?
02:14<saikat>it seems like the entire data center suffered
02:14<saikat>just out of curiosity
02:15-!-agas [~boy_borin@] has joined #linode
02:15-!-agas [~boy_borin@] has left #linode []
02:15<joshdotsmith>saikat: having a server outside of Linode would be a good way to start
02:15<Daevien>saikat: multiple dc with HA
02:15<vsync>saikat: i would have a second farm in another data center
02:15<vsync>saikat: replicate the database backends
02:15<pharaun>saikat: multiple DC, multiple provider, etc..
02:15-!-mode/#linode [+b *!*@] by Perihelion
02:15<WormFood>saikat, failover servers in different physical locations
02:15-!-mary [] has joined #linode
02:15<saikat>earlier i was asking about having a multiple DC setup - it seemed like the consensus was this is almost impossible without having your own ASN?
02:15<dark>saikat: i think so
02:15<dark>maybe linode can organise something tho?
02:15<Lardle>Perihelion: like I said before, you're just wasting your time with those bans
02:15<vsync>saikat: depends on the kind of app involved
02:15<pharaun>saikat: no, can use various stuff like dns round-robin, etc HA, fall over, etc
02:15<dark>would be neat for linode to do it for you
02:16-!-mary is now known as Guest107
02:16<Lardle>if they come back at all, it's always with a totally different hostmask
02:16<Daevien>joshdotsmith: doesnt need to be outside of linode really, jsut outisde of that one dc. ie: if it takes you 2 servers to run everything in fremont, you have 2 servers in fremont, 2 in nj, 2 in dallas, etc
02:16<pharaun>dark: then the price would go up
02:16-!-bkaplan [] has joined #linode
02:16<@Perihelion>Lardle: They cycle all channels until they get banned
02:16<saikat>pharaun: HA = HAProxy?
02:16<dark>pharaun: erh no
02:16<dark>i mean as a special service
02:16<pharaun>dark: and its too specalized, each app has their own stuff
02:16<vsync>for most apps it's easy to get working
02:16<@Perihelion>They're doing it on several networks
02:16<vsync>saikat: postgresql 9.0 has replication built in :)
02:16<joshdotsmith>Daevien: right you are
02:16<dark>vsync: really?
02:16<pharaun>vsync: full replication?
02:16<vsync>dark: yep
02:16<pharaun>or still the perl script replication?
02:17<vsync>there are a couple diff replication paradigms and it picks the sort of lcd best for the average case replication
02:17<saikat>vsync: so you would have a dual master DB setup?
02:17<pharaun>saikat: ha = high availability
02:17<vsync>built in, i believe
02:17<Daevien>HA = high availability
02:17<saikat>with one master at each data center?
02:17<joshdotsmith>well, for those of us still using MySQL, there's a nice O'Reilly book out there called MySQL High Availability
02:17-!-Bhavic [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
02:17<pharaun>vsync: ah
02:17*G_pateke headbangs
02:17<vsync>there are other options depending on the type of concurrency needed
02:17<vsync>saikat: for the simplest case, yes
02:17<pharaun>hence its applicant dependent
02:17<pharaun>hence its better for you to do it
02:17<Daevien>saikat: basically yeah. you duplicate yoru setup then link them together. one dc falls voer, anotehr takes up the slack
02:17<joshdotsmith>they even run through how to do replication on EC2 (though that's clearly irrelevant here)
02:17<G_pateke>I've now apparently triggered the CSRF prevention measures...
02:17<saikat>i see, thanks
02:18<Daevien>there are soem articles on the library about it
02:18-!-sporadical [] has quit [Quit: sporadical]
02:18<saikat>ah i see, thanks
02:19-!-jiehan [~jiehan@] has joined #linode
02:19<pharaun>make sure its a well done HA, not HAHA
02:19<G_pateke>pharaun: awwwwww punny
02:19<Daevien>you can also throw in stuff like puppet & chef where it will build you new servers and then link them in and stuff. gets complex and it's more than most people need
02:20-!-nathanscrivener [] has left #linode []
02:20<G_pateke>ahhh thats what I was going to look up
02:20<Daevien>the basic idea is multiple servers in multiple locations on different providers that all talk to each other and take up the slack if one falls over
02:20<Lardle>There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run
02:20-!-Guest107 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:20<Lardle>When the wild majestic mountains stood alone against the sun
02:20<G_pateke>and doh, typing Chef into Google is fail
02:20<Lardle>Long before the white man, and long before the wheel
02:20-!-Bhavicp [] has joined #linode
02:20<syslink5>guys, what are your thoughts on mysql now that oracle's taken over
02:21-!-sandeep [~sandeep@] has joined #linode
02:21-!-Bhavicp [] has quit []
02:21<Lardle>When the green dark forest was too silent to be real
02:21-!-bkaplan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:21<Lardle>For time has no beginnings, and history knows no bounds
02:21<vsync>syslink5: i would suggest just using postgres anyway
02:21<Lardle>Into this verdant country they came from all around
02:21<Lardle>They sailed along her waterways and they walked the forests tall
02:21<Lardle>Built the mines, the mills, and the factories for the good of us all
02:21<Lardle>For they looked in the future, and what did they see?
02:21<Daevien>syslink5: oracle is the devil
02:22<Lardle>They saw an iron rail running from the sea to the sea
02:22<syslink5>vsync: well postgres is the only other better alternative
02:22<Lardle>Bringing the goods to a young growing land...
02:22<syslink5>Daevien: lol I'd agree, Java is kinda in limbo too
02:22<Daevien>there are forks of mysql, some are goign that way, some more to other stuff like postgres, etc
02:22-!-beilabs [] has joined #linode
02:22<@Perihelion>I'm going to be sad if I have to pay to use Java
02:22<G_pateke>Perihelion: 20 minutes to boot a node via LISH :P
02:22<@Perihelion>I'll go back to C# out of spite
02:23<@Perihelion>G_pateke: Yeah things are kinda slow right now
02:23<syslink5>hahah and pay for that too?
02:23-!-bkaplan [] has joined #linode
02:23<vsync>syslink5: i've used postgres since day one and never saw a reason to use mysql, anyway
02:23<vsync>but everyone's different
02:23<vsync>Perihelion: you won't have to, openjdk is already out there
02:24<Daevien>vsync: mysql is like microsoft windows. not necessarily the best, but sometimes it's hard to argue with how widespread it's use is
02:24<@Perihelion>It doesn't always work well for me :<
02:24<vsync>although microsoft and oracle are both patent trolling so no language is really safe
02:24-!-jtc [~chatzilla@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.12/20101026210630]]
02:24<elky>Perihelion, uh, how many are still in the queue?
02:24<dark>elky: a lot!
02:24<@Perihelion>syslink5: Yes, just to spite them.
02:24<@Perihelion>elky: I don't know offhand
02:24<vsync>Daevien: it is preinstalled in many places
02:24<Daevien>elky: considering some peopel put in multiple requests.. i'd say a lot
02:24<Hoggs>Should I still be waiting for boot? :(
02:25<elky>Perihelion, lassie initiated a reboot an hour and a half ago and there's still no indication of that being acted on
02:25<Hoggs>update says most are back up
02:25-!-slat [] has joined #linode
02:25-!-Scott_skritter [] has joined #linode
02:25<pharaun>everyone here needs more maru
02:25*vsync just wants to be able to resize/create nodes
02:25<elky>the spinny circle thing is still is obsessing on the 'host initiated restart' from "36 years ago"
02:25<syslink5>woo im back up
02:25<enc0de>mine still isn't up :(
02:26<vsync>ok, time for bourbon
02:26<sirpengi>they've got medicine for that
02:26<Darxus>Daevien: All the high availability stuff you're talking about involving servers in multiple locations involves redirecting traffic with DNS, right?
02:26<@Perihelion>elky: There's likely a decent number of jobs before yours that are being processed
02:26<@Perihelion>It seems a lot of people logged in and hit reboot a few times
02:27<elky>Perihelion, so the 36-year-old host initiated reboot isn't holding up /my/ queue?
02:27<Daevien>Darxus: well among other stuff, yeah
02:27<Darxus>Perihelion: Might be nice if the linode manager was intelligent enough to drop those jobs.
02:27<Darxus>Daevien: What other stuff?
02:27<syslink5>it looks liek everyone is hammering the linode manager, its bit slow
02:27<@Perihelion>Darxus: It has no way of knowing if you meant it or not, really
02:27<elky>Darxus, yeah, gandi's does IME
02:27<Daevien>heartbeat / drbd / pacemaker / etc
02:27<prowl>Mine just started showing 'host initiated reboot', 36 years ago
02:27<G_pateke>Perihelion: haha you can clear my node's pending jobs if you want
02:27<dark>syslink5: ha it is!
02:27<Darxus>elky: What's IME?
02:28<prowl>manager also slow here.
02:28<elky>Darxus, in my experience
02:28<Lardle>His sister Pam works in a shop, she never stops, she's a go-getter...
02:28<Darxus>Daevien: Any of those work with machines in multiple physical locations - different ASNs?
02:28-!-bkaplan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:28<dark>Perihelion: there may be some jobs like i did by accident that want to talk to some node that isn't up --> for lish
02:29<dark>but i think you guys are smarter than that ^ ^
02:29<dark>so it shouldn't be
02:29<Hoggs>Perihelion: You guys should seriously consider the t-shirts thing. I think that would be awesome. :D
02:29<@Perihelion>I don't know if we have anymore shirts :<
02:29<dark>yeah id buy a linode tshirt
02:29<dcraig2>instead of a credit for downtime, can I have a free shirt?
02:29<dark>dcraig2: how about you give some credit to linode for giving up some time on a saturday morning?
02:30<enc0de>Perihelion: any idea if the remaining hosts have hardware problems?
02:30<enc0de>orwhy they're tkaing so long?
02:30<Hoggs>See, that's a loyal customer base. "I'll wave the law suit if you gimmie a free shirt!"
02:30<@Perihelion>enc0de: Not a clue. Admittedly I'm lurking in here while other people poke at servers
02:30<miked>im having some problems getting into the linode manager, can someone kick
02:30-!-darkrain42 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
02:30-!-bkaplan [] has joined #linode
02:30<dcraig2>I was going for lighthearted humor :p
02:30<@Perihelion>miked: It's a little slow right now
02:30-!-Scott_skritter [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:30<@Perihelion>dark: It's Sunday morning here!
02:31<Daevien>Darxus: there are things that work with multiple locations, yes. it's the main purpose. diff locations & providers so if one breaks, it picks up. think google. if one of their dc dies, still works cause another dc will get the traffic destined for the one thats down
02:31<saikat>Perihelion: any idea on how many linodes still aren't booted (status update says most)? mine still isn't receiving a ping.
02:31<dark>Perihelion: close enough
02:31<@Perihelion>saikat: I don't know offhand
02:31<vsync>i assume Perihelion works for Linode? thanks for keeping us in the loop and so forth in here :)
02:31<Hoggs>Lisy shell is going über slow.
02:31-!-Scott_skritter [] has joined #linode
02:31-!-bkaplan [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
02:32<elky>vsync, lolwat
02:32<Darxus>Daevien: Yeah but google's stuff is all DNS based. I'm saying I don't think you can do it without redirecting traffic without DNS. Or BGP.
02:32<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
02:32<@Perihelion>vsync: I do! And no problem :)
02:32<vsync>it's okay, i'm taking the opportunity to fix the unit tests my web dev guy broke
02:32-!-darkrain42 [] has joined #linode
02:32-!-online [] has joined #linode
02:32<elky>Perihelion, there I was thinking people paid you guys money for the sheer fun of it.
02:33<Daevien>vsync: see above explanation. i'm one of the somewhat helpful community ones heh
02:33-!-Scott2 [] has joined #linode
02:33<@Perihelion>elky: Some do
02:33<elky>Perihelion, yeah, I'm one of them.
02:33<elky>but still, you neeeeeed reminding!
02:33<dcraig2>I find these jeans very constricting
02:34<Darxus>I'm going to try to get some sleep. If I succede it'll be the first time while my server is down. Wish me luck.
02:34<Lardle>"I find your lack of pants disturbing..."
02:34-!-compumike [] has joined #linode
02:34<@Perihelion>Darxus: o/ Night
02:34-!-jake [] has joined #linode
02:34*fo0bar is guessing his linode is last because he's special
02:35<vsync>fo0bar: you're not the fo0bar i know from #dnalounge, are you?
02:35<fo0bar>vsync: the one and only. hey.
02:35<vsync>ha, small world
02:35<vsync>what are you up to lately?
02:35<vsync>besides waiting for linode to work again :)
02:35<Daevien>fo0bar: we'll beat caker for you later if you want?
02:36<fo0bar>vsync: I've known caker for years, which is why I'm on here :)
02:36<@Perihelion>No beating the cakey one
02:36-!-snubby [] has quit [Quit: autokilled: This host violated network policy.]
02:36<Daevien>Perihelion: for putting fo0 at the bottom of the startup? there will be cakey beating
02:36<@Perihelion>I will DESTROY you.
02:36-!-alain [~alain@] has joined #linode
02:36-!-Scott_skritter [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:36<Miranas>Also cakey batter, mmm
02:36<Daevien>now the amusing thign fo0 will be is you needing to run finnix to repair it
02:37-!-slapshot [] has joined #linode
02:37<vsync>fo0bar: cool. i worked for Sun and then Oracle through CSC until a few months ago. now i'm working on and
02:37<vsync>(hosted on linode and soon to be hosted on linode, respectively)
02:37<fo0bar>vsync: not much. hell of a year at work, one massive project consuming most of my professional time. most of my free time is spent on various personal projects
02:37-!-wuff [] has left #linode []
02:37<fo0bar>Daevien: hell if I know how to use finnix :)
02:37<vsync>fo0bar: yes, Sun liked to have those kind of projects. glad to get away.
02:38<fo0bar>but seriously, I recently made a finnix release
02:38-!-Scott2 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:38-!-wewewe [] has joined #linode
02:38-!-enc0de [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
02:38-!-ivan`_ [] has joined #linode
02:38<fo0bar>checked off one of those "ten years in the back of my mind" projects and made 2ping, a client/server ping utility that can determine directional packet loss
02:38-!-zigosis [] has joined #linode
02:39<Daevien>ah i saw a link to that recently fo0, didnt' realize it was yours
02:39<alain>has the fire been estinguished in freemont? my linode is still burning apparently
02:39<vsync>fo0bar: ooh that could be useful
02:39-!-jake [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
02:39-!-Edward [] has joined #linode
02:39<fo0bar> <-- vsync
02:40-!-danmorin [] has joined #linode
02:40-!-nitay [] has joined #linode
02:40<Daevien>i should setup a listener for that sometime, hmm
02:40<nitay>hey guys i just upgraded my linode hours ago and now i cant access it
02:40-!-Yevaud [] has joined #linode
02:41-!-sidd [] has left #linode []
02:41<nitay>it said the upgrade should just take 15 mins or so but it's still not up
02:41<pharaun>nitay: fremont?
02:41<Daevien>nitay: fremont? see topic
02:41<vsync>nitay: in retrospect, that was a bad move
02:41*vsync lols
02:41-!-wewewe8 [~wewewe@] has joined #linode
02:41-!-Gnewt|laptop [] has joined #linode
02:41-!-Yevaud [] has quit []
02:41<alain>nitay: somebody didnt pay their electrical bills in freemont
02:41-!-zigosis1 [] has joined #linode
02:41<Daevien>nitay: you broke fremont! (not really, bad timing)
02:42<nitay>guess i might need to look elsewhere
02:42<nitay>for hosting
02:42-!-Nigel [] has joined #linode
02:42<Nigel>and I'm back :)
02:42<Lardle>actually, Fremont has ridiculously high uptime
02:42-!-Nigel is now known as G
02:42<Lardle>this is just an unfortunate coincidence for you
02:42<saikat>nitay: this is probably the first prolonged downtime fremont has had in recent memory
02:42<Lardle>not indicative of any sort of general trend
02:42<Daevien>nitay: shti happens on the internet, if you need 100% uptime you won't get that with one server from one company and especialyl not at low prices
02:42<au>HE are known for their whacky power issues
02:43<fo0bar>Daevien: if you're a debian/ubuntu guy, the .debs have a rather robust initscript for starting a listener. otherwise, "2ping --listen >/dev/null &" is a nice low-tech solution
02:43<saikat>au what is HE?
02:43<nitay>so when will it be back?
02:43<pharaun>saikat: the DC
02:43<G_pateke>owners of Fremont
02:43<saikat>ah ok
02:43<Ovron>HE - Hurricane Electric
02:43<Daevien>fo0bar: yeah, debian or ubuntu usually, used to use a lto of centos but i've used everythign pretty much back to 1993 ;)
02:43<G_pateke>(The DC not the area)
02:43<Lardle>nitay: it's "back" now, actually
02:43<alain>i think i have been with linode since 2003. uptime is not an issue
02:43-!-G_pateke [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
02:43-!-sandaru1 [~sandaru1@] has joined #linode
02:43<Lardle>it's just taking a long time for all the linode hosts to come online, because of the workload involved
02:43<ivan`_>unless you're in fremont and have major packet loss every week
02:44<nitay>my linode manager is basically not usable
02:44-!-zigosis [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
02:44-!-Continuum [~Continuum@] has quit [Quit: Continuum]
02:44<Lardle>my host just came back up in the last fifteen minutes or so, and my linode hasn't started yet
02:44<fo0bar>Daevien: there's a .spec file in the Git repo (and will be in the next version) if you want to compile an RPM
02:44<Daevien>nitay: basically, you've got a zillion people either tryign to load their linodes or get to sites on fremont linodes so it's created a nasty bottleneck, be patient and it will sort out soon
02:44<zigosis1>waiting for my reboot job queues.....
02:44<nitay>ok, will i get some email or something when its back up
02:44<Daevien>fo0bar: thanks for the info, i might do that. if i don't get sidetracked by sometihgn else shiny :p
02:45<saikat>has anyone already made a twitter bot for the linode status feed?
02:45-!-Edward [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:45<sandeep>got a CSRF warning when I tried to reboot o_O
02:45<alain>my concern is not the downtime. my concern is the possible crash
02:45<Lardle>that reminds me, I need to edit my rc.M (I use Slackware, which uses a REAL init system) to e-mail me whenever it boots in case something strange happens overnight
02:46<fo0bar>Daevien: heh, I know the feeling. earlier this week I decided to reverse engineer apple's AirPrint, even though I print about 20 pages a year, and have little use for it (tjfontaine: nice automated script, BTW)
02:46<linbot>New news from forums: Moving from MT & site craps out using Load Impact in Performance and Tuning <>
02:46-!-zigosis1 [] has quit []
02:46<G>wow I never knew you could do that....
02:46<G>^a+^x in screen locks it
02:46<shirro>Lardle: I keep on waiting for status emails then I remember my mail server is still down :-(
02:46<syslink5>well people still use MT?
02:46<Gnewt|laptop>Is manager login broken in Chrome?
02:46<xinming>I think because of the power outage, Many people issues the Reboot to the vps, and whenever the host brings back, It'll be a really slow start for running hosts. ;-)
02:46<Daevien>fo0bar: i gave my last printer to my mother when hers broke cause i never printed with it heh
02:46<pharaun>syslink5: coding horror uses MT i think
02:47-!-molesquirrel [] has joined #linode
02:47<WormFood>xinming, the only reason people would do that, is because there is NOTHING about any problems on the dashboard (where that type of shit should be to start with)
02:47<syslink5>tried MT, moved on to word press, and now ive finally settled on drupal
02:47<swajr_>yay, 3 hours now
02:47-!-netoearth [] has joined #linode
02:47-!-au [] has quit []
02:47<joshdotsmith>tonights downtime killed my productivity. there goes at least two new features for my web app
02:48-!-alain [~alain@] has quit [Quit: alain]
02:48<WormFood>syslink5, I think you'll be happy with Drupal, it is a really nice and very flexible system
02:48<syslink5>oh yeah its definitely flexible
02:48-!-nitay [] has quit [Quit: nitay]
02:48<WormFood>joshdotsmith, why would that kill your productivity? Don't you develop your web apps offline?
02:48<xinming>WormFood: Yes, I didn't found that problem, and try to ssh to my host, no ping echos, I tought my vps died.
02:48-!-bkaplan [] has joined #linode
02:49<WormFood>xinming, I thought it was a routing issue at first
02:49<joshdotsmith>WormFood: yes, but I needed to look into downtime alerts and failover
02:49<fo0bar>vsync: how long past the sun/oracle merger did you work there? do you know anything about the datacenter in Reno?
02:49<joshdotsmith>so I guess it didn't *kill* my productivity
02:49<swajr_>I guess I'm confused why it's taken over 2 hours now since myhost is up
02:49-!-compumike [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
02:49<WormFood>joshdotsmith, well, there is nothing to do until it is back up, so relax and work on your web apps :P
02:50-!-Rev_Icon [] has joined #linode
02:50<joshdotsmith>WormFood: I'm back up. Just sharing needlessly
02:50-!-netoearth [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:50-!-skritter [] has joined #linode
02:50<WormFood>joshdotsmith, bastard! I'm still waiting for my server to come up
02:50<Rev_Icon>help help, my console says Host initiated restart
02:50<Lardle>ten minutes, them I'm going to bed up or not
02:51<Rev_Icon>Entered: 36 years 10 months ago - Waiting...
02:51<WormFood>Lardle, didn't you say that 30 minutes ago?
02:51<swajr_>yeah this is rediculous :(
02:51<Rev_Icon>I have rather unhappy users calling me.
02:51<joshdotsmith>WormFood: heh. and I'm a moron who thought his wasn't up because I was getting a blank page. failed to realize I hadn't started my MySQL or Sphinx daemons
02:51<WormFood>Rev_Icon, they anticipated this power outage years ago, so they submitted the reboot request almost 37 years ago
02:51<Lardle>80 minutes ago I said I'm going to bed 90 minutes from then
02:51<sandaru1>my server is down and the iphone app(released 2 days agp) is not working because server is not there.. started getting bad reviews :(
02:51<Lardle>joshdotsmith: you don't start those from init scripts?
02:52<joshdotsmith>Lardle: I was just about to ask; how can I do that?
02:52*joshdotsmith started dev work 6 months ago. forgive me
02:52<Rev_Icon>s.l.c says "Most Linodes should be booted at this time" at 2am. Mine seems to be in the "most but not all" category. Any further updates?
02:52<WormFood>joshdotsmith, there are many ways to do it...the generally accepted best method is to add an init.d script
02:52<miked>I'm sorry, but you've triggered our Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) prevention measure.
02:52-!-bkaplan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
02:52<Hoggs>Rev_Icon: You and most of us both
02:53<WormFood>Rev_Icon, join the club
02:53<Lardle>chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld
02:53<WormFood>it wouldn't be so bad if it was middle of the night, but this is middle of the day for me.
02:53<joshdotsmith>that goes in /etc/init.d/*?
02:53<Lardle>no, /etc/rc.d
02:53<Lardle>you need to use Slackware
02:53<WormFood>there are different standards
02:53-!-bkaplan [] has joined #linode
02:53-!-CCs [] has joined #linode
02:53<WormFood>put it where it belongs in your distro
02:53<mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
02:53<Lardle>and Slackware uses the correct, superior one
02:54<syslink5>any aussies here?
02:54<joshdotsmith>well I'm #debian
02:54<Lardle>then you need to switch
02:54<dark>joshdotsmith: and i am sparta
02:54<Ovron>harr dee harr
02:54<Rev_Icon>Seems I assumed professional shops like this would have UPS or backup generators or some such thing to prevent this kind of thing. now I've got to push migration to EC2 up on the roadmap. not happy.
02:54-!-heckman [] has joined #linode
02:54<heckman>Stupid motherboard
02:54<shirro>syslink5: isn't everyone on fremont au/nz?
02:54<mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
02:54<WormFood>slackware would have been my first Linux distro in '94....I had gone to dinner with my mom in a neighboring city, and I forgot my money, and my mom wouldn't loan me the money (until I got back home) to get the Linux book, with the slackware CD
02:55-!-CCs1 [] has joined #linode
02:55<Miranas>UPSes can fail, generators can fail...
02:55<Lardle>Slackware is a clearly superior choice in all situations.
02:55<miked>do the linodes not have connectivity yet? mine appears to be up.
02:55<joshdotsmith>a little Google magic takes me to a 2004 page about deb admin, so idk if this is appropriate
02:55<syslink5>shirro: really? I only remember having the choice of either dallas or fremont
02:55<Peng>ns2 is still down. :X
02:55<Hoggs>Perihelion: Are you able to look into any of our hosts and check there's nothing stopping the queue from processing? Just for peace of mind?
02:55<@jed>we're handling it
02:55<Peng>Coincidentally I stopped using it right before this happened. :D
02:55<Daevien>Rev_Icon: you are showing how little you know of linode's setup or networkign in general, i suggest you stop bitching and making yourself look foolish. your choice though
02:55<WormFood>joshdotsmith, this isn't windows....many times linux info is good for longer time than other systems (ie, windows)
02:55-!-heckman[fng] [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
02:56<shirro>I used to use Slackware but I got sick of recompiling everything to ELF. It was a long time ago.
02:56-!-heckman is now known as heckman[fng]
02:56<pharaun>amen Daevien
02:56<joshdotsmith>WormFood or Mac OS-*. pick your poison
02:56<G>Hoggs: it shall be fixed in the next 10 years
02:56<Lardle>In fact, if the people at HE had been using Slackware, none of this would have happened.
02:56<Hoggs>G: Yours alive yet?
02:57<G>Hoggs: finally got mine rebooted
02:57<shirro>syslink5: it is a latency thing. It sucks so bad not having a decent au/nz vps provider.
02:57<Ovron>Or Emacs, if they only had been using Emacs. Linux runs on Emacs.
02:57<aaronpk>i'm still waiting on 3 of my 8 nodes to come up
02:57<G>Hoggs: it came back a while ago, but I had to reboot it
02:57<Hoggs>shirro: NZer?
02:57<pharaun>i'm curious what the lag is like for you guys down under?
02:57*G muters something
02:57<G>pharaun: not too bad these days
02:57<shirro>Hoggs: I wish. Really like Welly. In southoz.
02:58-!-trustee [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
02:58<G>especially since I changed ISP
02:58<saikat>my linode shows up in the dashboard as running now but still can't ping it - is it just waiting for Linode to issue it a reboot?
02:58<pharaun>G: really like whats the average? i'm curious
02:58<G>pharaun: leqss than 200ms
02:58<Epi>Usually 180 odd ms to my node
02:58<syslink5>shirro: i was looking at jumba etc, but most dont use xen - jumba is cheap but i didnt like them much
02:58<pharaun>not bad,
02:58<@jed>saikat: hang in there, we're almost there - we're working with our facility on getting everything going
02:58<saikat>ok, thanks jed
02:58<pharaun>used to be on dialup and would get >400-600 msec
02:58<shirro>wow, huge packet loss to the server that is running
02:58<Hoggs>linode should open a datacenter in oz :D
02:58-!-CCs [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
02:58-!-bkaplan [] has quit [Write error: connection closed]
02:59<pharaun>shirro: probably just heavy traffic
02:59<pharaun>there's who know how many machines coming up
02:59-!-njones [] has joined #linode
02:59-!-jiang [~480ebfc8@] has joined #linode
02:59-!-njones is now known as G_pateke
02:59<Hoggs>Rev_Icon: Late reply.. but I hear the problem was with the UPS itself.. or something like that
02:59<G_pateke>pharaun: not sure if it went through but <200ms, ~175ms normally
02:59-!-eric_nw [] has joined #linode
03:00<syslink5>does linode send out incident reports for these of outages?
03:00<G>178ms atm
03:00<pharaun>G_pateke: ah not bad
03:00<G_pateke>ahhh here it goes now
03:00<pharaun>high to me now i'm on cable but still considering your guys distance
03:00<pharaun>still not bad
03:00<Hoggs>It's pinging! :D
03:00<G_pateke>I typed that just as I had packet loss
03:00<pharaun>haha BEALIVE!
03:00<skritter>so does anyone have any info on how much longer it's going to take to get the rest of the linodes back up? Even an estimate?
03:01<WormFood>I'm coming up on 3 hours of downtime now....nice now I'm left out of the "most" of the machines that are back up and running...just my luck my vps gets to take forever to reboot.
03:01<swajr_>that update was an hour ago, too
03:01-!-bkaplan [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
03:01<tonyyarusso>whoa, Linode is actually having downtime?
03:01<elky>WormFood, what host are you on?
03:01<shirro>whatever fremont latency is from oz, it is better than aws singapore.
03:01<aatharuv_>My machine is on a host that is now online. However, the linode manager says that a host initiated restarted was started 36 years, 10 months ago
03:01<WormFood>I think they are lying, or their idea of "most" is something different than mine
03:01<@jed>why would we lie?
03:01<WormFood>elky, I'm not sure
03:01<@jed>we're working on the stragglers, hang in there
03:02<elky>WormFood, it'll be in the bottom right corner of your dashboard
03:02<WormFood>just very frustrating
03:02<pharaun>tonyyarusso: oh they had power issue in fremont, apparently something .... fun happened :-p
03:02<swajr_>aatharuv_: my host has been online for 2 1/2 hours :/
03:02-!-ivan` [~ivan`] has joined #linode
03:02-!-{aaron} [] has joined #linode
03:02<Epi>Be nice if you could kill jobs in the dashboard
03:02<elky>WormFood, i'm on 74 and still not up
03:02<swajr_>apparently my node is being lazy
03:02<WormFood>swajr_, you're lucky if you've been ONLINE for the last 2 1/2 hours
03:02<slapshot>any way to give us a list of hosts still not at 100% ?
03:02<tonyyarusso>pharaun: ha, lovely. Most likely of the "out of our control" type then.
03:02<Hoggs>jed: could another updated be posted on the status page? it's been a while now
03:03<swajr_>WormFood: my HOST, not my NODE
03:03<WormFood>swajr_, ok, I thought you had a typo there
03:03<pharaun>tonyyarusso: probably, i heard that when an ups/etc fails, tends to be nasty
03:03-!-irgeek [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
03:03<syslink5>Epi: i agree, i hit shutdown after fremont went down :(
03:03-!-irgeek [] has joined #linode
03:03-!-mode/#linode [+o irgeek] by ChanServ
03:03<Epi>Same :(
03:03<{aaron}>is the api throttled somehow?
03:04<tonyyarusso>pharaun: yeah.... At one of my jobs we had a garbage UPS that would work for one outage, but the batteries would all get all wonky during that, so if there was a second before we could buy replacements everything was toast.
03:04<pharaun>!/leeunkrich/status/6117772832538624 <- :-p
03:04<elky>My dashboard is still obsessing over the 36 year old restart request, which isn't going to be having much luck on a machine that is shut down.
03:04<pharaun>tonyyarusso: boom?
03:04-!-jiang [~480ebfc8@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
03:04-!-jiang [~jiang@] has joined #linode
03:04<molesquirrel>anyone have any ideas what it might mean if your linode can be ssh'ed into, but a simple command like 'ping localhost' times out?
03:04-!-Lardle [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
03:05<tonyyarusso>pharaun: not quite, but the batteries would get a very concerning bulge too them that made you wonder if you should still be in the room.
03:05<pharaun>molesquirrel: something in between is dropping ping
03:05<pharaun>tonyyarusso: XD ouch, so everytime it went out it would eat up a battery?
03:06<tonyyarusso>pharaun: More accurately, a stack of batteries. I think it had six.
03:06-!-bkaplan [~45a4c8c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:06<Ovron>molesquirrel: firewall rules?
03:06<{aaron}>would the fremont outage have anything to do with really slow api response time?
03:06<G_pateke>pharaun: therqe you go, best ping 166.3ms longest 212.2
03:06<pharaun>tonyyarusso: oh dear, one of those... yeah I recently bought one of those rack UPS that can have a chain of up to 10 battery attached
03:06<@jed>stuff is normalizing out, hang in there, {aaron}
03:06-!-orengelo [] has joined #linode
03:07<elky>tonyyarusso, at what? $200/unit?
03:07<{aaron}>jed, ok, np, worried i was getting throttled or something
03:07<pharaun>G_pateke: ah, not bad! :) was expecting it to be even worse for you guys, whats the packet loss like?
03:07<@jed>no, there is no throttling except for linode.create (5 paid per hour)
03:07<tonyyarusso>elky: something like that, yeah
03:07<molesquirrel>pharaun: thanks. Ovron - well, I guess that's possibly; but since this was working perfectly prior to the outage, it's a bit confusing
03:07<vsync>since i realize even with bourbon i'm not the least bit sleepy, and i have much work yet to do, i began roasting my tofurkey
03:07<G_pateke>pharaun: that was 12% in the end because there was packet loss near the start of the MTR run
03:08<AFellow>Jed: Any ETA on how long it will be before things are back and running?
03:08<pharaun>molesquirrel: yeah like i said probably just overload, if i was making a router ping would be the first thing i would toss out on an overload
03:08<G_pateke>pharaun: to dallas; best 202.1, Avg 213.1 worst 242.0 after 70
03:08<pharaun>G_pateke: ah
03:08<@jed>AFellow: updates will be posted to, we're working as hard as we can
03:08<G_pateke>pharaun: w/ zero loss
03:08<pharaun>G_pateke: still better than expected :)
03:08<pharaun>G_pateke: don't you guys tend to setup a ton of massive caches/replicate stuff down there?
03:08<G_pateke>pharaun: w/ my old ISP I could have easily added 50-100ms to that
03:09<WormFood>jed, why does the newest problems (status) not show up in the dashboard? When we have problems, that is where we go, not
03:09<G_pateke>pharaun: not really
03:09<pharaun>G_pateke: really? i thought you guys did, might have years ago
03:09<molesquirrel>pharaun: thanks for the extra info; I suppose I need to just wait.
03:09<pharaun>molesquirrel: yeah it in fremont? then yeah, give it a few hour or a day or so
03:09<pharaun>should be back, or your ping could just be taking a different route through
03:09<pharaun>and one of the router/something does not like it
03:09<WormFood>I guarantee you, if you had a note in the manager not to issue a reboot, there would be a lot less reboot requests out there, because of this power outage.
03:10<pharaun>WormFood: problem is the manager probably came up the same time the other nodes are
03:10<G_pateke>pharaun: my traffic would go from Auckland to Wellington, just to return back to Auckland to go to the states
03:10<pharaun>i got a node in newark and my manager is not working because of everyone spamming the manager
03:10-!-thegyppo [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
03:10<pharaun>G_pateke: ew
03:10<molesquirrel>pharaun: if it was just ping, I would wait; however, I have apache sitting behind lighttpd, so php requests aren't making it to the local port assigned to apache
03:10-!-orengelo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:10<pharaun>G_pateke: i've seen something like that happen here but most of the time its only a few tens if not hundreds of miles so not too bad... usually
03:11<pharaun>molesquirrel: oh, you can ssh in? i thought i heard you saying you could
03:11<pharaun>molesquirrel: if you can ssh in then the connection is working and the issue is on your server probably
03:11<tasaro>WormFood: 1) status is hosted off site to make sur eyou can always reach it (ie, imagine if it was in fremont...) and 2) it would really confuse the customers that aren't affected
03:11<pharaun>well working..... enough
03:12<WormFood>absolutely tasaro, I know it isn't hosted at the same wouldn't want to create a single point of failure
03:12<molesquirrel>pharaun: yea, I can fortunately ssh in, but there's something fishy with the server =/
03:12*elky continues to pout in the general direction of fremont.
03:12<Daevien>molesquirrel: stop bringing home strange women? might fix yoru fishy smell
03:12*tonyyarusso huggles newark
03:12<elky>lassie visited 2 hours ago even :(
03:12<pharaun>molesquirrel: is it a "LAMP" setup? if so check your mysql, it pretty much crashed
03:12<G_pateke>pharaun: in context, Wellington is like a 8-9 hour drive easy, so ~650km
03:13<G_pateke>(well 8-9 hour drive based on the NZ AA)
03:13<Ovron>molesquirrel: does lo interface exist?
03:13<pharaun>G_pateke: ah, yeah that would really screw the ping
03:13<G_pateke>pharaun: so thats a 1300km round trip at least to add onto the ping
03:13<elky>tonyyarusso, yeah, you figure how to get tolerable Au->Newark latency and I'm sure it'd mean something to me
03:13-!-aatharuv_ [] has left #linode []
03:13<Ovron>molesquirrel: ifconfig, to check if lo is up
03:13<pharaun>G_pateke: hehe still you guys got ton better ping than my parents do :)
03:13<G_pateke>pharaun: thats roughly 807 miles
03:13<pharaun>my parents are on sat, 3,000 msec ping
03:13<G_pateke>pharaun: NICE.....!
03:13<pharaun>its *FUN* to click on a link, wait 3-6sec for a page to load
03:14<pharaun>so yeah, plus toss in a 1gb a week cap yeah
03:14<G_pateke>even better
03:14*Daevien throws some more fans at, it's prob on fire by now
03:14<pharaun>then again we are way out in the bonnie so not like we can get anything better
03:14<pharaun>and hey its better than dialup
03:14<tonyyarusso>elky: Step one: stop living on a desolate island :P
03:14<molesquirrel>Ovron, I've got eth0 and eth0:0, that's it
03:15-!-gypp0 [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
03:15<pharaun>molesquirrel: no lo ?
03:15<elky>tonyyarusso, step two: make the US seem less insane
03:15<Ovron>molesquirrel: try ifup lo
03:15<WormFood>elky, how can you do that, without replacing the gooberment?
03:15<tonyyarusso>elky: Oh, I didn't say move to the US - that'd be crazy. Just somewhere on an attached continent.
03:15<pharaun>molesquirrel: you have mysql, you might want to check the logs/etc to make sure something didn't get corrupt ?
03:15-!-thegyppo [~45a4c8c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:15<elky>WormFood, the gubermint isn't what scares me
03:15<WormFood>what does?
03:15<vsync>see above about mysql :)
03:15<elky>WormFood, glenn beck
03:15<pharaun>vsync: ?
03:16<tonyyarusso>Silly elky, thinks there's a difference between the two.
03:16<Ovron>molesquirrel: check /etc/network/interfaces ; should have: autolo <newline> iface lo inet loopback
03:16<eric_nw>issues getting access to my fremont linode dashboard. is this related to the outage? for a little while it was accessible, but not now
03:16<elky>and his loyal disciples
03:16-!-ownpile [] has joined #linode
03:16<pharaun>elky: yes
03:16<Ovron>s/autolo/auto lo/
03:16<pharaun>elky: related, probably,e veryone is hammering the poor thing into ..... mush
03:16<pharaun>elky: oh oops
03:16<tonyyarusso>elky: most of Europe is sane, and Canada is about 70% sane.
03:16<pharaun>eric_nw: ^^^
03:16<eric_nw>pharaun: thanks
03:17<elky>tonyyarusso, the only problem with this whole "attached continent" is that I'd have to train .eu to speak english to me, or thaw canada.
03:17-!-thegypp0 [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
03:17-!-CCs1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
03:17<tonyyarusso>elky: Some parts of Canuckistan are rather warm donchaknow.
03:17<Daevien>tonyyarusso: not sure 30% of canada is in quebec for sure..
03:17-!-danmorin [] has quit [Quit: danmorin]
03:17<elky>tonyyarusso, the parts that speak french?
03:17<tonyyarusso>Daevien: I meant Alberta.
03:17-!-Rael [] has joined #linode
03:17<Ovron>.eu not comprende anglais j'ai ledsen
03:17<Hoggs>Baah, manager is totally unresponsive now :(
03:17-!-ownpile [] has left #linode []
03:17<pharaun>Daevien: i was under the impression that like 80-95% don't remember exactly of the population of canada was within 50km of the border
03:18<Daevien>tonyyarusso: ah :p
03:18<tonyyarusso>elky: No, southern Ontario and Victoria/Vancouver, BC.
03:18<molesquirrel>Ovron, those two lines appear to be missing . If I add them in, do I need to 'restart' anything?
03:18<Ovron>molesquirrel: just "ifup lo"
03:18<Ovron>and it should hopefully bring it up
03:18<Daevien>pharaun: hmm, not sure it's that high. prob fairly high though
03:18<Ovron>molesquirrel: notice I typo'd above, should be "auto lo" instead of "autolo"
03:19-!-djpadz [] has joined #linode
03:19<pharaun>Daevien: i was pretty sure it was at least 80
03:19*pharaun goes to look it up
03:20<Rael>Anyone else here on a Fremont node and still waiting for things to come back up?
03:20-!-gypp0 [~45a4c8c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:20<pharaun>Daevien: The Canadian Shield and rugged western mountains experience subarctic climates, resulting in a near empty north-an estimated 75 percent of Canadians live within 161 kilometers (100 miles) of the U.S. border.
03:20<djpadz>I am...
03:20<molesquirrel>Ovron: success!!! Thanks so much
03:20<pharaun>, not sure how accurate it was but that's a figure
03:20<Ovron>molesquirrel: :)
03:20<Daevien>pharaun: most americans think we live in igloos & use sleddogs to go club seals when we aren't skiing
03:20<pharaun>Daevien: hah!
03:20<pharaun>Daevien: what you mean that's not accurate?! ;)
03:20<pharaun>i'm shocked, utterly shocked!
03:21<Rael>djpadz: I guess you and I are in the same boat then... :/
03:21-!-googol [] has joined #linode
03:21<xinming>Rael: I am
03:21<ejp>Daevien: my wife's canadian. she (so far) puts up with my refering to it as "the frozen northern wastelands"
03:21<djpadz>Rael- Yep. Unfortunately, the one that's down is my primary DNS server... :-(
03:21-!-LinodeJavaUser [] has quit [Quit: LinodeJavaUser]
03:21<Daevien>i've actually had american tourists show up in mid july with skiis on their cars.. or tell me yeah we're goign to drive around nova scotia and be back for noon, right?
03:22<Daevien>ejp: just be careful, she may club you eventually
03:22<Rael>djpadz: My node itself is offline. Atleast acording to lish, dashboard (when I can get to it) claims it's on...
03:22-!-thegypp0 [~45a4c8c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:22<pharaun>Daevien: ha, on that topic, how far north does the snow/etc retreats in the summer?
03:22<djpadz>Rael: Same here. The manager says it's online, but the console can't connect, nor can I connect via ssh to the console or the node itself.
03:23<Daevien>pharaun: pretty far, i've had days where it was hotter here than in houston & dallas, much to my friends horror that live there :p
03:23<aaronpk>my nodes have been coming back up in exactly the opposite order I want them to. First the memcache server, then the DB server, last the web server
03:23<ejp>Daevien: indeed. though, we're only about 30 minutes each side of the border, so it's really a technicality.
03:23<pharaun>Daevien: haha! thats pretty funny
03:23<WormFood>aaronpk, quit yer bitching, some of us are STILL waiting for our servers to come back
03:23<pharaun>Daevien: and yeah probably pretty far up considering alaska is way up
03:23<Daevien>WormFood: how about you quit your bitchign so we can get some peace & quiet?
03:24<Daevien>ejp: ah whereabouts?
03:24<djpadz>aaronpk: What WormFood said.
03:24<Rael>aaronpk: Fun stuff! I've only got one node but I got a text message and 4 query windows from users within 3 minutes of it going down, never thought I'd still be waiting now...
03:24<ejp>Daevien: WA/BC. Abbotsford and Bellingham specifically.
03:24<pharaun>aaronpk: there's no way for linode to know which node you want to boot up in order, because it can be located on different hosts, etc, so unless they add a way for you to mark in what order you want the nodes to come up its not like they can do anything about it, plus some hosts could be having hardware issues, so...
03:24<Daevien>ejp: ah cool. never been further north in canada than ottawa myself.. got friends out that way though
03:24<pharaun>aaronpk: power loss... tends to damage things sometime but from what I've heard, most nodes are coming up
03:25<eric_nw>plans for an android app to be developed akin to decaf for aws? would love to allocate ip addresses from the phone
03:25-!-Gnewt|laptop [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
03:25<WormFood>Daevien, I've said one thing in 10 minutes, and I'm bitching?
03:25<ejp>Daevien: it's funny actually, abbotsford is warmer than bellingham most times since we're closer to the water.
03:26<pharaun>ejp: yeah water can do funny thing to the weather in the area, and don't forget the good ol' mountains and all of the rainshadow/desert effects
03:26-!-bkaplan [] has joined #linode
03:26<Daevien>ejp: yeah. i have the opposite happen, i'm literally 5 min max walk from the ocean so it tends ot be colder here than inland
03:26-!-Captain_Intern [] has quit [Quit: Poof!]
03:26<ejp>I've gotten a distressing amount done tonight with none of my normal IRC channels to distract me. :|
03:26-!-slapshot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
03:26<pharaun>ejp: is that not a good thing :>
03:26-!-aatharuv_ [] has joined #linode
03:26-!-bkaplan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:27-!-bkaplan [] has joined #linode
03:27-!-molesquirrel [] has quit [Quit: molesquirrel]
03:27-!-Melignus [] has joined #linode
03:27<G_pateke>WormFood: I think Daevien's point was that it's not very community spirited to tell another person to 'shut up' when they would likely be agreeing with you otherwise, arron's comments certainly read to me as a "heh, thats kinda funny" rather than moaning
03:27<ejp>eeh. trying to decide os/fs/virtualization system for new home fileserver.
03:27<ejp>open source people are vauge and annoying.
03:27<pharaun>ejp: how so?
03:27<aaronpk>I know, it's kind of amusing more than anything.
03:27<pharaun>ejp: oh spec of the home server? i'm curious :)
03:27-!-djpadz [] has quit [Quit: djpadz]
03:28<aaronpk>unfortunately even though 5/8 nodes are up, I still have no sites running
03:28<sandaru1>is there a way to see restart job position in the queue?
03:28<pharaun>been hoping to setup one for myself someday but just never got the money to do so, really would like to get a fileserver going
03:28-!-lliu [~liu@] has joined #linode
03:28<ejp>pharaun: older box, but I'm dropping new drives and reconfiguring it. athlon x2 64 3600+, 2g ram, in a compact case/mobo solution from asus.
03:28<ejp>outboard esata/sata 5bay drive enclosure from AMS.
03:29<pharaun>ejp: ah nice
03:29<pharaun>I currently have 6x1tb drive + 6x250tb on my desktop :-\
03:29<ejp>I quite like the hardware, just consolidating from 6 drives to 2.
03:29-!-djpadz [] has joined #linode
03:29<pharaun>really want to offload that crap into a dedicated server so that I won't have to worry about system crashes screwing up my filez
03:29<xinming>My host has been down over almost over 5 hours. >_<
03:29<ejp>2x 250, 2x320, and 2x500s. getting a couple 2tb drives.
03:29<WormFood>aaronpk, that sucks, that you have 5/8ths of your servers back, but still not a working you're in the same boat as many of use with only 1 server
03:29<pharaun>i mean sure the fileserver can crash too but it would be more... stable than a desktop :)
03:29-!-enc0de [] has joined #linode
03:30-!-Affe [] has joined #linode
03:30<pharaun>aaronpk: the problem is they are probably on different machines and they don't know what order you want them up :-\
03:30<djpadz>Would be nice if they'd post a 3am update, at least saying if any nodes are having hardware problems.
03:30<ejp>pharaun: right now I'm debating raid1 vs nightly rsync.
03:30<pharaun>ejp: heh yeah, right now mine is a bit complicated
03:30<aaronpk>yea, I should number them 1-8 next time so they know ;) (kidding)
03:30<pharaun>raid6 for data, raid10 for os, raid 0 for swap/tmp/var-tmp, etc
03:31<pharaun>aaronpk: heh that would be nice feature to have but would make the whole starting shit up oh so much more complicated!
03:31<pharaun>ejp: yeah for 2 disk i would just do raid 1
03:31<ejp>given it's mostly just media storage. I could set the dirs I actually work in to raid or sync more often/with multiple snapshots
03:31-!-Gnewt|laptop [] has joined #linode
03:31<Rael>djpadz: yeah... Oh well...
03:31<pharaun>but same time a rsync would be nice
03:31-!-jmcfarlane [] has joined #linode
03:31<pharaun>cos if you corrupt something you would have <x> amount of time to correct before it rsyncs but...
03:31<pharaun>but same time you also run the risk of losing that data
03:32<pharaun>when that drive goes bye before the rsync
03:32-!-bkaplan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:32<joshdotsmith>lol. I just got a Linode bill. Really?
03:32-!-Melignus [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
03:32-!-syslink5 [] has quit [Quit: syslink5]
03:32<pharaun>joshdotsmith: weird
03:32<pharaun>i usually get mine on 1st/2nd day of the month
03:32<G_pateke>joshdotsmith: sure it's nota credit? :P
03:32<WormFood>my bills goes to someone else, so I never get 'em :P
03:32<joshdotsmith>pharaun: well, I initiated it (backups), but still
03:33-!-bkaplan [] has joined #linode
03:33<djpadz>joshdotsmith: LOL
03:33<pharaun>joshdotsmith: different dc/machine/etc probably lulz
03:33<joshdotsmith>just made me laugh when five minutes later I got an email
03:33<pharaun>yeah they're
03:33<djpadz>Apparently, billing doesn't run out of Fremont...
03:33<pharaun>*fast* when it comes to billing ;)
03:33<G_pateke>oh purchasing backups heh
03:33<G_pateke>pharaun: I've noticed that w/ tickets too
03:33<joshdotsmith>billing is in the old, not-so-fancy colo center
03:34<G_pateke>fastest response is for billing queries
03:34-!-jmulder [] has joined #linode
03:34<G_pateke>particularly upgrade to yearly
03:34<pharaun>joshdotsmith: oh btw on the topic of backup, would like to point something out, its good idea to get their backup, its excellent, but you'll also want to make sure you have offsite backup also
03:34<pharaun>G_pateke: haha
03:34<djpadz>3:30 update just got posted… "Some hosts were damaged by the power outage and we are working on moving these Linodes to hot standby equipment."
03:34<pharaun>well there you guys go
03:34<elky>74 being one of them, I take it.
03:34<pharaun>probably were on the damaged machines :-\
03:34<pharaun>power surges can do *NASTY* thing to computers
03:34<djpadz>I hope that, by "hot," they mean "ready," and not "aflame."
03:34-!-beilabs [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
03:34<joshdotsmith>pharaun: my biggest concern is MySQL, and I run a cron that emails me a dump every 12 hours
03:34<G_pateke>djpadz: flame grilled to perfection
03:34<elky>djpadz, hot as in hot swap
03:35<G_pateke>just like my local burger king
03:35<@jed>djpadz: it means the hosts were ready to be used, and we're now repurposing them
03:35<pharaun>joshdotsmith: ah, yeah mysql isn't very good with crashes i don't think
03:35<djpadz>(yes, I know what "hot" means; I was making a joke...)
03:35<pharaun>djpadz: CHAR BROILED!
03:35<Ovron>try adding a few fans, harr dee harr
03:35<joshdotsmith>pharaun: it's actually held up fairly well thus far
03:35<joshdotsmith>pharaun: I think that's cause I use InnoDB for all my tables, though
03:35<pharaun>joshdotsmith: oh? well that's good but still as always, backup :)
03:36<Daevien>jed: thsi si TOTALLY how you pcitured your saturday night, right? :p
03:36<pharaun>joshdotsmith: hahaha probably :)
03:36<WormFood>this is not how I pictured my sunday afternoon
03:36-!-ejp [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
03:36<joshdotsmith>I accidentally did a create table recently as MyISAM, and on the next mysqldump my Linode crashed
03:36<dcraig2>WormFood, you think you've got it bad? it's after midnight here! :D
03:36<elky>joshdotsmith, your vps is technically powered down, it won't be dumping or mailing anything.
03:36<joshdotsmith>there were maybe five rows in that table
03:36<enc0de>jed: any idea if that means data loss? or just moving disks across at this stage
03:37-!-Pryon [] has joined #linode
03:37-!-googol [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
03:37<joshdotsmith>elky: no I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm back up :D
03:37<AFellow>I'm one of the lucky ones :/
03:37-!-ejp [] has joined #linode
03:37<G>ditto :)
03:37<WormFood>dcraig2, "midnight" is is after, and before midnight all the time....except for that one instant, when it is exactly midnight ;P
03:37<elky>enc0de, they can't know until they boot
03:37<ejp>my node! it lives!
03:37<@jed>enc0de: can't say at this time, simply because we're still diagnosing, not because we're withholding info
03:37*djpadz wishes he was one of the lucky ones.
03:37<pharaun>joshdotsmith: better hope its... yeah :)
03:37-!-Affe [] has quit [Quit: Affe]
03:37<enc0de>jed: ok cool
03:38-!-bkaplan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:38<pharaun>enc0de: plus another thing you can't tell if stuff is damaged till you run/start/etc and like jed said diagnosing wtf just went wrong/etc
03:38*AFellow goes to check on his backup.
03:38-!-beilabs [] has joined #linode
03:38<enc0de>pharaun: yeah, but there's a difference between "oh, that host went up in flames. recreate empty linodes on new host", and "oh, that host isn't powering up, move disks to new host and try booting"
03:38<joshdotsmith>I tried to reboot my node and got a friendly XSS warning
03:39<swajr_>was fremont124 damaged?
03:39<WormFood>now my server is back up and running, but it says "1 day uptime"
03:39<joshdotsmith>was thx1138 damaged?
03:39<pharaun>enc0de: heh indeed true, but they are probably doing the move "now" so they won't find out
03:39<pharaun>for a while
03:39<Rael>swajr_: Id asume so if you aren't online. I'm on fremont146 myself and still down.
03:39-!-yaegashi [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
03:40<jiang>any news about fremont144?
03:40<swajr_>it's strange... fremont124 has been pingable for over 2 hours
03:40<swajr_>yet my node is down
03:40-!-lliu [~liu@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:40<G>swajr_: tried lish?
03:40<elky>haha! the 36-year-old host initiated restart is finally done and the lassie boot failed, wheee!
03:40<@jed>we are still working to restore service, hang in there
03:40<Ovron>perhaps you're pinging the new host that they are moving to
03:40<WormFood>joshdotsmith, I wonder what percentage of the people here know what thx1138 is
03:40*djpadz is on fremont224. I'm assuming it was damaged.
03:40-!-jjcm [] has joined #linode
03:40<pharaun>swajr_: can you check via lish/etc ? if no good then probably still in process of starting up there's like 40+ nodes on a 512 server
03:40<knix>manager slow atm?
03:41<elky>i still don't seem to get ping though
03:41<WormFood>elky, same here too :D
03:41<pharaun>joshdotsmith: thx1138?
03:41<Pryon>pharaun: a good movie
03:41<pharaun>figures :-p
03:41<AFellow>Oooh bad gateway for the linode backend XD
03:41<Ovron>Can someone check if my node was damanged? moon21?
03:41<joshdotsmith>WormFood: I'm guessing 3/count
03:41<jjcm>What's the general status update on the servers that are down?
03:41<Pryon>They're down
03:41-!-trustee [] has joined #linode
03:41<jjcm>I'm aware
03:41<WormFood>jjcm, they're working on them as fast as they can
03:41<Daevien>jjcm: there are on fire
03:41<jjcm>Any damage to them though?
03:42<jjcm>AFellow: Saw the announcement
03:42<joshdotsmith>I wonder what percentage of people under 25 here know what thx1138 is
03:42<jjcm>just wondering if there are any updates
03:42<G>then you know exactly what we know
03:42<dcraig2>damn, I'm 28 I think
03:42<AFellow>They update the post jjcm
03:42<Daevien>jjcm: they are moving to diff host servers, no way to knwo til that is done
03:42<djpadz>jjcm: I think it's safe to say that any of the nodes that aren't up now, have been damaged.
03:42<jjcm>joshdotsmith: Any movie buff should. I'm 23.
03:42<WormFood>there is one CPU that has an "HCF" (Halt and Catch Fire) instruction....maybe they used those in some of the servers ;)
03:42-!-nigel [] has joined #linode
03:42<joshdotsmith>jjcm: And for the first time in my life, I feel old
03:42<Rael>joshdotsmith: I'm barely not under 25 but I know what it is.
03:42<pharaun>joshdotsmith: some are damaged
03:42<elky>jed, is part of the networking infrastructure included in the damaged hosts?
03:43<pharaun>joshdotsmith: D: i am exactly 25 :-p so where does that put me
03:43<tasaro>elky: not that we're aware of.
03:43<joshdotsmith>pharaun: exactly!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
03:43<pharaun>jjcm: some are damaged
03:43<elky>pharaun, unless this is the precise minute you were born, you're either above or below :P
03:43<pharaun>fuck you irssi autoredfoadgu
03:43-!-mode/#linode [+o tasaro] by ChanServ
03:43<jjcm>joshdotsmith: Here, lemme help you feel older: I was born in 1987.
03:43<pharaun>elky: yeah i'm above
03:43<pharaun>joshdotsmith: yeah i mean exactly as in year :)
03:43<knix>wait, are there actually servers on fire?
03:43<knix>are they at ... the planet? :D
03:43<sent>AFellow: lol
03:43<joshdotsmith>jjcm: eh, that makes me feel less old, actually
03:44<sent>AFellow: what a clusterfuck.
03:44<AFellow>sent: Yes/
03:44<jjcm>joshdotsmith: Odd. Usually the year born makes it worse.
03:44<sent>i just came back to my computer and a friend sent me a ycombinator thread
03:44-!-nigel [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
03:44<pharaun>sent: don't blame them, things can and do fail
03:44<WormFood>jjcm, I graduated from high skewl in '87
03:44<tonyyarusso>elky: &
03:44<pharaun>ideally you would have multiple N+1 backup on everything
03:44<sent>i'm not worried
03:44<sent>i use linode's backup service
03:44<pharaun>but when one fails sometime there is surges can take out other stuff, boom, or you didn't know, etc
03:44<sent>my host is fine though
03:44<joshdotsmith>jjcm: eh, idk what it is. the delta's the same but the increment just feels so much smaller
03:44<WormFood>jjcm, I had a girlfriend last year, that was your age :D
03:44<pharaun>sent: ah
03:45<sent>but, lol.
03:45-!-yaegashi [~45a4c8c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:45<sent>this is not the first time this has happened at hurricane electric
03:45<pharaun>sent: yeah shouldn't happen but like yeah, shit happens :)
03:45<elky>tonyyarusso, 16-20'C??? I'm supposed to cope with /that/ being the warmest I'll get all year?
03:45<sent>about 5-6 years ago
03:45<jjcm>WormFood: Creepy. I'll applaud that.
03:45<sent>similar ppower surge incident
03:45<tonyyarusso>elky: Read the key - that's the low, not the high.
03:45<sent>destroyed a hundred and change servers
03:45<joshdotsmith>jjcm: not creepy. Pretty standard
03:45<sent>i lol'd
03:45<WormFood>jjcm, I'm 42....last girl I was seeing was 24
03:46<jjcm>Outside of the half plus seven rule.
03:46<pharaun>this is rapidly heading toward lulz zone
03:46-!-nigel [] has joined #linode
03:46<WormFood>actually, that not uncommon here
03:46<Rael>jjcm: Bravo on bringing that up! :D
03:46<WormFood>age of consent for girls here is 14 I've read
03:46<pharaun>WormFood: shanghai? :-p
03:47<WormFood>no, I'm in Shenzhen
03:47<jjcm>servers down are not lulz, I'm flying 2.5k miles for a job interview on monday, and my site is part of my portfolio
03:47<jjcm>Not too worried
03:47<joshdotsmith>jjcm: Any idea how many younger women exclusively look for significantly older men?
03:47<jjcm>I have other servers I can deploy on
03:47<jjcm>joshdotsmith: Good point.
03:47<WormFood>more women in Shenzhen, by percentage, than any other city in China (actually more women than men here)
03:47<joshdotsmith>jjcm: what site is that and where are you interviewing?
03:47-!-LK- [~LK@] has joined #linode
03:47<tonyyarusso>elky: "Canada’s record high temperature, 45 °C (113 °F), was recorded at both Midale and Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan on July 5, 1937. "
03:47<joshdotsmith>jjcm: just overly curious
03:47<sent>i'm curious about something
03:47-!-prettyrobots [] has quit [Quit: prettyrobots]
03:47<pharaun>WormFood: oh that's south, was recently in china
03:47<jjcm>joshdotsmith: My personal site. Had design work mostly.
03:47<WormFood>yeah, just over the border with hong kong
03:47<sent>if i do have a linode backup
03:47<joshdotsmith>if you're going 2.5k miles I'm guessing destination is either NYC or SV
03:47<sent>can i restore onto any machine instance
03:48<jjcm>joshdotsmith: Not that you can hit it now, but and
03:48<elky>tonyyarusso, we get that kind of temp for like weeks at a time, not once in 1937
03:48<pharaun>WormFood: yeah i noticed, haven't been in that area yet, probably will someday
03:48<jjcm>Most of my stuff is in git though
03:48<tonyyarusso>elky: yeah, but that's disgusting.
03:48-!-Rev_Icon [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
03:48<AFellow>sent: Probably is in the same DC as the host :/ They probably can't copy it to another DC for awhile :/
03:48<jjcm>redeploying sites wont be a huge issue
03:48-!-Gnewt|laptop [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
03:48<joshdotsmith>jjcm: GitHub?
03:48<elky>tonyyarusso, only if it's the wrong humidity
03:48<AFellow>sent: At least that was my understanding. XD
03:48-!-HedgeMage [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
03:48<WormFood> check out the view from my apartment...that is HK across the water
03:49<pharaun>jjcm: \o/ i got my site in git outta to put it on github someday
03:49<fo0bar>tonyyarusso: hottest temperature I've ever experienced was 115F during a rafting trip in California a few years ago
03:49<joshdotsmith>pharaun: that will take about ten minutes
03:49<WormFood>the picture from a month ago, is when a storm was coming, so many ships in the bay for a few days
03:49<pharaun>WormFood: damn
03:49<pharaun>WormFood: that is close
03:49<WormFood>I should get some pictures of the sunrises online...they are beautiful
03:49-!-tronix [] has joined #linode
03:49<pharaun>WormFood: i bet :)
03:49<fo0bar>tonyyarusso: ... and I live in the desert ;)
03:50<pharaun>joshdotsmith: github? yeah
03:50<jjcm>joshdotsmith: yep
03:50<pharaun>joshdotsmith: just not done on my site when i finally do, easy enough to just push it to github
03:50<joshdotsmith>jjcm: you have any public repos?
03:50<jjcm>Some recent changes aren't pushed
03:50<jjcm>joshdotsmith: plenty, none with anything important in them.
03:50-!-wewewe8 [~wewewe@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
03:50<jjcm>I use public ones for test projects
03:50<WormFood>and just to the left of those pictures, there is a soviet aircraft carrier called the Minsk (I can't see it from my apartment, because of other apartments in my way)
03:50<jjcm>private for anything serious
03:51<joshdotsmith>jjcm: so where are you interviewing, or what city at least?
03:51<pharaun>WormFood: oh one that the soviets sold to china?
03:51-!-nigel [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:51<elky>tonyyarusso, can you ping from your linode?
03:51<jjcm>joshdotsmith: san fran
03:51<WormFood>,114.237288&spn=0.002081,0.003594&t=h&z=18 here it is on google maps
03:51<joshdotsmith>WormFood: pharaun You mean the ones that are supposed to be for "carnivals"
03:52<pharaun>WormFood: oh docked? interesting!
03:52<tonyyarusso>elky: Nope.
03:52<WormFood>pharaun, this is one that was damaged, and the company that made it was in the newly independent Ukraine, and they wouldn't fix it.
03:52<joshdotsmith>the day the Chinese have serious projection of naval air power is the day I move out of California
03:52<pharaun>WormFood: ah
03:52<WormFood>so they turned it into a military theme park
03:52<elky>ok, somethings borked in the networking to fremont74 then
03:52<tronix>is Fremont busted or something? traceroute goes to a core router (HE) in Fremont then dies. Logging into via web hangs
03:52<djpadz>joshdotsmith: That might be a day too late.
03:52<pharaun>WormFood: hahaha that's pretty neat tho
03:52<pharaun>tronix: look at topic
03:52<joshdotsmith>djpadz: that's why I have nagios alerts for it
03:52<pharaun>there's a status update
03:53<tronix>ahhh ick.
03:53-!-py1hon [] has joined #linode
03:53<pharaun>joshdotsmith: and here i am thinking of moving to CA! :-p
03:53<joshdotsmith>jjcm: with a startup?
03:53-!-{aaron} [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
03:53<pharaun>joshdotsmith: woe be me
03:53<djpadz>joshdotsmith: So, when the Chinese military goes red, you leave Cali? :-)
03:53-!-eric [] has joined #linode
03:53-!-jin [] has joined #linode
03:53<joshdotsmith>djpadz: lol well, when you put it that way...
03:53<WormFood>China will never attack the usa (not with the military)
03:54-!-ibeliz [] has joined #linode
03:54<sent>raining again
03:54<sent>pretty hard
03:54<tronix>yeah, they'll just administer any attack via a thousand paper cuts
03:54<py1hon>man, what's going on in fremont? anyone know any details? =/
03:54-!-jin is now known as Guest112
03:54<sent>here comes FMT1 II
03:54<joshdotsmith>pharaun: to make matters worse, I'm in San Diego, HQ of the Pacific Fleet
03:54<WormFood>USA will not fight any wars it can't definitely win.
03:54<pharaun>py1hon: status
03:54<jjcm>joshdotsmith: No with a big company. Just started a small LLC with a friend, and I can't handle two startups at once.
03:54<pharaun>py1hon: check status,c heck topic
03:54<sent>joshdotsmith: not a san diego native?
03:54<jjcm>joshdotsmith: Need something stable
03:54<elky>Ok, since I can't ask my other ircs, do I want to order in pizza or do I want to defrost some pasta?
03:54-!-eric is now known as ericwan
03:54<pharaun>joshdotsmith: ah, hah, was thinking of moving to san francisco myself
03:54<joshdotsmith>sent: nope. not an anywhere-native
03:54<sent>i'm a sd native
03:54<jjcm>joshdotsmith: You in SD?
03:54<sent>born & raised in north county
03:54<sent>i live in san francisco now
03:54<pharaun>I'm an Colorado native, currently in Boston
03:54<joshdotsmith>yeah, SD now
03:54<pharaun>sent: oh hows SF ?
03:54<jjcm>sent: born/raised all over SD
03:54<@jed>here comes some love, guys, we fixed a piece of hardware - I just got a couple hosts up
03:55<djpadz>sent: If I may ask, where'd you go to high school?
03:55<@jed>we're making progress, hang in there
03:55<joshdotsmith>sent: where in SF?
03:55<pharaun>jed: <3
03:55<WormFood>ok, I'm gonna get out of here and finish getting osx setup on my laptop (lots of reading to get everything working right)....see ya'll l8r 再见
03:55<jjcm>jed: Nice. Toss a topic update in for all the new peeps joining.
03:55<pharaun>jed: don't have any node there but sending you bunch of love anyway :)
03:55<joshdotsmith>pharaun: be careful where you choose to live.
03:55<jmcfarlane>jed: :)
03:55<sent>djpadz: san dieguito
03:55-!-ibelzi [~ibelzi@] has joined #linode
03:55<djpadz>sent: Ah. I went to Mt. Carmel.
03:55<sent>djpadz: i lived in coastal encinitas
03:55<pharaun>joshdotsmith: really? explain more, i'm not sure where I want to go yet, just a general idea of wanting to move on over to San Francisco
03:55<djpadz>sent: RB here. I'm up in the Seattle area now.
03:56<sent>the people in san francisco suck asshole
03:56-!-PeterTork [] has joined #linode
03:56<joshdotsmith>pharaun: one hyphenated word: micro-climates
03:56<tronix>La Jolla was a nice area when I visited buddies there. El Cajon wasn't bad either
03:56<joshdotsmith>sent: THANK YOU!
03:56<elky>jed, you guys are doing exceptionally well for wee hours on a sunday.
03:56<pharaun>joshdotsmith: haha yes, i heard
03:56<Rael>djpadz: Seattle area fistbump!
03:56<jmcfarlane>pharaun: I moved there (here) 2 years ago :)
03:56<sent>i miss san diego
03:56<sent>moving back next year
03:56<jjcm>I miss the mexican food in san diego
03:56<joshdotsmith>sent: I've been saying that about SF people since I lived there
03:56<djpadz>Rael: Back atcha!
03:56<pharaun>joshdotsmith: want to get into one of those micro-climate that has a lack of rain, i HATE rain
03:56<sent>tired of socially dysfunctional people
03:56<sent>jjcm: oh my fuck
03:56<sent>jjcm: yes, i miss a cal burrito so badly :(
03:56<pharaun>and i heard that some area in san francisco has less rain than boston and ton more sunshine
03:56<joshdotsmith>pharaun: I lived in the micro-climate with it. and fog.
03:56-!-qb89dragon [] has joined #linode
03:56<sent>"micro climate"
03:57<pharaun>joshdotsmith: always liked fog :)
03:57<sent>fucking hate that term
03:57<joshdotsmith>pharaun: East Bay
03:57<jjcm>sent: truth
03:57<tronix>tacos in SD rules as well as being able to make a run for the border for some Tacos Ermita food
03:57<pharaun>sent: social fucytional people?
03:57<elky>tonyyarusso, but where does it get to 30 consistantly for weeks?
03:57<jjcm>anyway all
03:57<jjcm>sleep for me for now
03:57<pharaun>joshdotsmith: that's the sunny one?
03:57<joshdotsmith>pharaun: or just live in the Valley
03:57<Rael>djpadz: what area up here? I'm up in lynnwood right in the middle of the crazy weather zone. I've had snow, sun, rain, sun, hail in a 10 minutes period before...
03:57<pharaun>joshdotsmith: ah valley is.... down by san jose ?
03:57<joshdotsmith>pharaun: if you're interested in startups, better to hang out around Palo Alto anyway
03:57<sent>fuck palo alto
03:58<tronix>...or wait for the next hiring wave in Mountain View :P
03:58-!-nigel_c [] has joined #linode
03:58<tonyyarusso>elky: London, Windsor, Winnipeg, Regina, Swift Current
03:58<sent>google is full of retards
03:58<djpadz>Rael: I'm in Duvall. Just plain cold here. :-)
03:58<sent>i know so many googlers
03:58<pharaun>all i know is I'm tired of the weather here and I know a ton of people in CA
03:58<sent>and i can't be friends with them
03:58<pharaun>so just kind of want to move on over to san francisco
03:58<elky>tonyyarusso, so nowhere interesting?
03:58-!-blognewb [~blognewb@] has joined #linode
03:58-!-Guest112 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:58<joshdotsmith>Google has way too many people employed for their core competency
03:58<tonyyarusso>elky: London and Windsor are interesting. Regina somewhat less so.
03:58<joshdotsmith>bad case of over-hiring/over-acquiring
03:58<jmcfarlane>pharaun: it's very nice
03:59<pharaun>jmcfarlane: yeah i've heard, really want to move
03:59-!-ibeliz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
03:59<pharaun>but only concern is figuring out which region is a good one
03:59-!-qb89dragon [] has quit []
03:59<elky>tonyyarusso, if I were to move to canada it'd probably be to toronto. but not if I can't have a real summer :(
03:59<pharaun>want one with mostly sunshine and minimal rain
03:59<pharaun>i'm from colorado - land of 300 days of sunlight
03:59<joshdotsmith>pharaun: San Diego
03:59<pharaun>and the darkness/gloom in boston is just bothering me
03:59<Rael>djpadz: You must be 20 minutes out of the city! That's rural crazy land! :P
03:59<tonyyarusso>elky: It's just doesn't KILL you. Sheesh.
03:59<joshdotsmith>pharaun: best weather in the world after the Canary Islands
03:59<pharaun>joshdotsmith: too far down most people i know is in san francisco or san jose
03:59<jmcfarlane>pharaun: it doesn't rain at all really, except winter (then rains a good amt)
03:59<pharaun>that area
03:59<joshdotsmith>and if my startup succeeds, I'd like to throw some money back into the consumer internet community here
04:00<pharaun>jmcfarlane: yeah i was looking it up actually
04:00<djpadz>Rael: Yup. Nice and quiet out here. Quite rural.
04:00<Hoggs>Eggghhh, Teamspeak is refusing to restart since the reboot :(
04:00<pharaun>was surprised at the weather
04:00<tronix>pharaun: move out to Lancaster, CA (hour northeast of LA) -- 364.25 days of sunlight and 1 day of 'bit cloudy'
04:00<sent>best weather?
04:00<sent>if you live on the coast
04:00<pharaun>tronix: haha
04:00<tonyyarusso>elky: Toronto's also in that red area - it's just a matter of how close to the lake you are (since the Great Lakes moderate all temperatures).
04:00<tronix>of course, there's not much in Lancaster unless you like deserts or work for the gov't or USAF ;)
04:00<sent>"marine layer" becomes part of your daily vocabulary
04:00<blognewb>How is Japan able to offer 60 Mbps downstream speed for 50$US and we can't?
04:00<pharaun>tronix: haha indeed
04:00<joshdotsmith>sent: lulz. my fiancee hates when I say "marine layer"
04:00<sent>blognewb: land area size
04:00<elky>tonyyarusso, that might be fine if you're not supsceptible to the whole seasonal depression thing. winter just about kills me.
04:00<blognewb>sent huh?
04:00<pharaun>elky: same here,
04:00<joshdotsmith>pharaun: I think SD actually has a decent chance of becoming a second SV
04:00-!-jin8 [] has joined #linode
04:01<sent>blognewb: think about it.
04:01<pharaun>elky: i'm a bit weird, i *love* all four session, but i'm an colorado native so in the winter its ALWAYS sunny if its not snow storming
04:01<sent>japan is the size of nevada
04:01<tonyyarusso>elky: That's a matter of sunlight though, not temperature, ja?
04:01<pharaun>elky: so i get to enjoy all climate yet i get a ton of sunlight
04:01<blognewb>sent and how is that relevant
04:01<elky>tonyyarusso, temp helps a lot
04:01<Rael>Wooo! Mine just booted!
04:01<pharaun>joshdotsmith: yeah i've been wanting to check out the silicon valley
04:01<sent>blognewb: the capital costs required to build such an infrastructure
04:01<pharaun>there's a few company there that i'm interested in
04:01<sent>blognewb: make sense yet?
04:01<pharaun>such as say cisco, vmware, intel, etc..
04:01<tonyyarusso>elky: okay, so go to Victoria - hang out with the Burger brothers.
04:01<joshdotsmith>pharaun: what companies iydmma?
04:01<nigel_c>I'd think I was doing well if I could just log in to the manager.
04:02<pharaun>joshdotsmith: i am just tired of java devel
04:02<elky>tonyyarusso, SAD treatments aren't limited to phototherapy, it's just part of it.
04:02<pharaun>joshdotsmith: want to get more into linux/etc, not sure
04:02<joshdotsmith>pharaun: zzz on those companies. I'm a startup guy myself
04:02<pharaun>so i was thinking like vmware or like cisco or intel, or one of the other big company
04:02<pharaun>joshdotsmith: i'm deaf,
04:02<pharaun>joshdotsmith: ADA act only covers company >50
04:02<joshdotsmith>elky: you know a lot about SAD?
04:02<pharaun>under 50 they are not required to provide support
04:02-!-mrjim [~mrjim@] has joined #linode
04:03<dcraig2>hey you know what?
04:03<joshdotsmith>pharaun: they may not be required to support, but people in startups are generally awesome
04:03<ericwan>hello.. sorry to interrupt the chat
04:03<sent>blognewb: Verizon has to spend billions to expand their network, DoCoMo in Japan could spend $100m and have all of okinawa wired for 100mbit.
04:03*tonyyarusso smacks pharaun for saying "ADA act"
04:03<ericwan>i just got in here and wonder what's the status right now
04:03<dcraig2>all us folks with linodes that are still down are getting brand new hardware !!
04:03<dark>my linode still ins't back
04:03<elky>joshdotsmith, not a lot
04:03<dcraig2>it's like christmas
04:03-!-kiran [~kiran@] has joined #linode
04:03<pharaun>joshdotsmith: heh
04:03<blognewb>sent blah the same argument can be said with UK and yet they dont have that
04:03<pharaun>tonyyarusso: pfft
04:03<joshdotsmith>elky: you seem like you know a *little* at least
04:03<sent>blognewb: because they're english.
04:03<tronix>there's something to be said for snowy places -- you get to make fun snow angels
04:03<tronix>and launch snowballs
04:03<sent>blognewb: look at sweden, norway, finland
04:03<blognewb>sent how convenient
04:04<sent>they all have a form of that.
04:04<sent>korea does
04:04<tonyyarusso>pharaun: gonna go up to the ATM machine and type in your PIN number now too?
04:04<sent>HK does
04:04<joshdotsmith>elky: want an invite to Goals where I can ask you a question about it? because I actually have a question about it
04:04<dark>elky: is your node back?
04:04<pharaun>joshdotsmith: i guess, really to me 1) use some sort of IM service, 2) email, 3) interpreters for meetings, and 4) some sort of video phone for calls if needed 5) someone to alert me if there's an emergency/etc if they don't have visual fire alarms
04:04<elky>joshdotsmith, not really a whole lot more than is on the wikipedia page
04:04<sent>blognewb: it's quite simple dear. face it, we're simply too big to be high tech. if you want 100mbit internet for cheap, move to fucking Seoul.
04:04<djpadz>Rael: Gratz… Still waiting for mine...
04:04<dark>djpadz: yes
04:05<Rael>djpadz: Thanks. Which node are you on? I'm 146...
04:05<pharaun>tonyyarusso: what?
04:05<elky>dark, not pinging yet, so not fully
04:05<pharaun>tonyyarusso: i'm not giving you mah cash ;-p
04:05<djpadz>Rael: 224
04:05<Rael>djpadz: Hope yours comes up soon.
04:05<dark>the manager interface is slow
04:05<djpadz>Rael: Thanks… Gonna be a long night, otherwise...
04:05<blognewb>sent you're arguing that to be able to offer such affordable services, a company has to expand nationwide, when the truth is, much like at&t they offer fiber optic service at a relatively cheap cost but only to select regions
04:05-!-tw2106 [] has joined #linode
04:06<AFellow>Is anyone else pissed about how frequently the backend kicks you out and makes you login again?
04:06<tonyyarusso>pharaun: ADA is Americans with Disabilities Act, so you just said Americans with Disabilities Act Act. See: redundancy
04:06<dark>AFellow: yes
04:06<AFellow>And doesn't even take you back to where you were?
04:06<blognewb>AFellow i dont mind
04:06<dark>AFellow: security time out i assume
04:06<dark>AFellow: oh it does
04:06<pharaun>tonyyarusso: haha i know, just habit, everyone says "ada act"
04:06-!-aatharuv_ [] has left #linode []
04:06<AFellow>dark: I can't even use it.
04:06-!-aatharuv_ [] has joined #linode
04:06<@jed>it's because everyone is trying to do the same thing you are - run a ping to your Linode if you need to know when it's back up, is my suggestion
04:06<tonyyarusso>pharaun: Then they should all be beaten until they qualify for its benefits!
04:07<dark>jed: except mine is 'powered off' now
04:07<@jed>we're soothing the Web site and the system, there's a lot going on
04:07<dark>and i can't get in to boot it !
04:07-!-tw2016 [~tw2016@] has joined #linode
04:07<tronix>i'm submitting a whole pile of goats upon Murphy's altar on behalf of Linode, Inc.
04:07<AFellow>jed: That doesn't do anyone any good if they have a firewall configured :|
04:07-!-au [] has joined #linode
04:07<pharaun>tonyyarusso: ha
04:07<@jed>why does your firewall ignore pings?
04:07<AFellow>Because I want it to. :/
04:07<dark>AFellow: heheeh
04:08<dark>what about port 80 ?
04:08<AFellow>I've assumed the backend was reliable enough for me to sit on the page with my VPS and not do anything.
04:08<mikegrb>mmm cake
04:08<pharaun>jed: make sure to feed the manager and lassie bunch of cake for this :)
04:08<au>what is the estimated ticket response time at this hour of the morning?
04:08<mikegrb>mmm cake
04:08<tronix>mmm cake
04:08<mikegrb>mmm cake
04:08<djpadz>cake or death!
04:08-!-ctd [] has joined #linode
04:09<eric_nw>can we get individual host updates?
04:09<AFellow>au: They are all busy with the fremont problem at this point, I bet.
04:09<WormFood>I guess is hosted on linode, because it was down for me before (but now up)
04:09<G>au: normally pretty good, but I would expect unless it's a major issue with a different DC it'd prob get prioritised before a response
04:10<WormFood>I wonder how many people tried to use to check if their linode is up
04:10<aatharuv_>Hmmm, there was a lassie initiated boot on my machine 37 minutes ago. (It's on fremont52, which appears to be up.
04:10-!-jin8 [] has quit [Quit: jin8]
04:10-!-tw2106 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:10<aatharuv_>(But it's waiting for a host initiated restart 36 years ago to finish)
04:10<dark>jed: ha! i see you are fixing the web interface
04:11<tronix>1974 was a good year. ;-)
04:11<elky>aatharuv_, then your host is still awaiting a new body.
04:11<aatharuv_>tronix: Hah
04:11<aatharuv_>elky: I see...
04:11<nigel_c>How do you tell what your host is?
04:11<djpadz>Just like Anikan Skywalker...
04:11<dcraig2>nigel, it's in the manager
04:11<tronix>Linode Manager website
04:11<dcraig2>it'll say something like fremont87
04:11<aatharuv_>From the manager, you can tell what machine your virtual server is located on.
04:11<nigel_c>So if I can get in there :)
04:11<Ovron>best year is certainly 1987, and especially march 1st.
04:12<tronix>Ovron: hahahaha
04:12<elky>nigel_c, the bottom box of the right column of the dashboard will tell you
04:12*nigel_c secretly wonders if this is a test of how well the new manager handles being hammered... nah :)
04:13<Ovron>STOP! Hammer time!
04:13<dark>nigel_c: :)
04:13<nigel_c>Doh. Back to login!
04:13-!-jiehan [~jiehan@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
04:13<eric_nw>i find it to be a significant failure of the dashboards. how can i switch ip addresses if i can't get it to load?
04:13<dark>inb4 i shoop
04:14<dcraig2>I just keep hitting refresh on the manager page like every second hoping it'll come up...
04:14<djpadz>eric_nw: I think it's just wonky because of the Fremont outage; lots of session timeouts.
04:14-!-skritter [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:14<nigel_c>So it's your fault, dcraig2!
04:14<dcraig2>hey, I've found the problem with the linode manager... nginx/0.7.62
04:14<towlmanat>i can't get in to the control panel and one of my nodes is still down :|
04:15<nigel_c>Nah. Nginx is good stuff. It's what it's passing the requests to...
04:15<@jed>we're still working the issue
04:15-!-mrjim [~mrjim@] has quit [Quit: mrjim]
04:15<@jed>hang tight, we'll get this sorted out
04:15<towlmanat>k, thanks
04:15-!-dfc1 [] has joined #linode
04:15<elky>the manager also seems to plug in to gravatar. whose bright idea was that?
04:15<tronix>what's a bored data center employee to do on a saturday night? finished tape bowling. hmm, play with 3phase power feeds? hmmm... and the rest is history. :P
04:15-!-ironie [] has joined #linode
04:15<nigel_c>Thanks jed - I'm sure we're all trying to be patient.
04:16-!-yaegashi [] has joined #linode
04:16<dark>no i gave up on that
04:16<dark>going to start blowing things up now!
04:16<djpadz>jed: Thanks for the updates!
04:16<nigel_c>Pressing f5 as fast as you can now? :)
04:16<dark>nigel_c: hahahah
04:16<tronix>dark: if you're in the UK, don't put that into twitter ;-)
04:16<yaegashi>power outage?
04:16<dark>tronix: OHOH
04:16<dark>im in australia!
04:16<dark>we are all convicts!
04:17<elky>speak for yourself
04:17<ironie>408...humm...I take it my machine isn't the only one down at the moment
04:17<nigel_c>dark: Hey, me too. And I'm not a convict.
04:17<enc0de>not everyone
04:17<@array>pressing F5 won't help! are you guys trying to knock out access to the Linode Manager too? *shakes fist*
04:17<nigel_c>Just the ones from Tassie?
04:17<enc0de>some people migrated to australia as free citizens
04:17<dark>array: dddddddddddddddddos
04:17-!-loxs [~loxs@] has joined #linode
04:17<enc0de>adelaide was settled by non-convicts
04:17<nigel_c>And some of us came from NZ :)
04:17<xinming>linode manager died. :-)
04:17<elky>some of us are bushrangers
04:17<enc0de>plus all the immigrants who arrived after the initial invasion
04:17<ironie>the *new* linode manager looks like crap by the way....and so far seems to preform that way as well
04:18<elky>enc0de, plus the ones who arrived 40k years early
04:18<dark>ironie: the new one brings some extra security ^ ^
04:18<dcraig2>yeah it logs you out after 1 minute of inactivity
04:18<ironie> secure I can't log in....great!
04:18<enc0de>elky: indeed.
04:19<nigel_c>At least we can still watch Dr Who episodes. The world doesn't revolve around quite that much yet!
04:19*MeCooL i`m Back
04:19<djpadz>ironie: Well, it was determined that letting people log in presented a security problem.
04:19<ironie>i see
04:19-!-jiehan [~jiehan@] has joined #linode
04:19-!-advion [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
04:20<ironie>so how many machines are down?
04:20<jmcfarlane>I think Nginx is a great choice, use it in a bunch of places
04:20<elky>enc0de, dammit, now I'm singing "We are Australian"
04:20<G>back to my hulu watching which was rudely interrupted :P
04:20-!-disinpho [] has joined #linode
04:20<au>elky: I hate that song
04:20<au>it's stupid and annoying
04:20<tronix>nigel_c: to whomever futzed the power @ Fremont, I have but one command: Ex-ter-min-ate!
04:20<G>elky: the I am, we are Australian?
04:20<djpadz>ironie: I know that mine is (fremont 224).
04:20<nigel_c>Oooh. I should be catching up on LKML reading while the fire hydrant is off :)
04:20<nigel_c>tronix: Indeed!
04:21-!-ariel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:21<elky>G, yeah
04:21<tonyyarusso>elky: now, if you want to be SAD, you can come visit me - we have 3-5mm of ice on the roads from freezing rain tonight :P Driving to church should be fun.
04:21-!-chesty [] has joined #linode
04:21-!-Rael [] has quit [Quit: Nodes up, guess I can go to bed now.]
04:21<tronix>nothing like feeling like a zamboni operator ;-)
04:21<G>elky: I got hooked on that song after watching the Andre Rieu concert that he did in Sydney
04:22<ironie>is there some chance of someone finding the plug, and putting it back in?
04:22<nigel_c>In our house, I sing "I'm not, you aren't, we aren't Australians".
04:22<ironie>and shall we line up in a orderly queue to start them back up?
04:22<nigel_c>Nothing helped my patriotism like coming to live in OZ :)
04:22<chesty>I'm in fremont, lish is up, but my linode is still down. jobs are queueing up. is this a know problem?
04:22<tronix>chesty: ja
04:23<djpadz>chesty: Quite so…
04:23<Guest1335>504's on the manager, lovely
04:23<tronix>chesty: power outage in fremont, some stuff partially restored
04:23<chesty>i know there is a power outage
04:23-!-eric [~480ebfc8@] has joined #linode
04:23<chesty>but lish is up
04:23<chesty>however my linode isn't
04:23<tronix>could be waiting on booting other linodes on that host
04:23<chesty>it has been waiting for hours
04:24<ironie>the manager lasted long enough for me to push reboot....then disappeared
04:24<djpadz>chesty: Yeah. Welcome to our world. They're working on it.
04:24<ironie>doesn't seem to have booted though
04:24<eric_nw>funny tweet: "phew! finally our linode slice seems to be back"
04:24-!-HB [~480eb4c8@] has joined #linode
04:24-!-dkam [] has joined #linode
04:24-!-testtest [] has joined #linode
04:25-!-k[t [~]r@2001:0:53aa:64c:885:4aa3:b355:d5f1] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:25<jmcfarlane>nothing on henets' feed
04:25<vsync>chesty: LIES!
04:26<vsync>you can't wait for hours, the manager times out and gives you a CSRF error
04:26<tronix>I think this situation calls for something special... PB&J sandwich!
04:26*tronix heads out for some comfort food
04:26<jmcfarlane>tronix: +1
04:26<jmcfarlane>was thinking that myself
04:26*djpadz is contemplating something a little stronger...
04:26*ironie brandies my coffee and tries to shake off last nights hangover
04:27<ironie>why is it things only crash when you are hung over and dopey
04:27-!-Timo [] has joined #linode
04:27<djpadz>ironie: Would you rather be coherent for these events? :-)
04:27<elky>G, I kind of wish qantas didn't steal "I still call australia home"
04:27<G>elky: haha
04:28<G>elky: note, I'm not an Aussie
04:28<G>I'm actually a Kiwi :)
04:28<ironie>you have a point djpadz...that would take all the fun out of it I suppose
04:28<vsync>yay fixed all the unit tests!
04:28<vsync>can i log into the manager now?
04:28-!-mrcbrown [] has joined #linode
04:28-!-eric [~480ebfc8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:28-!-Timo is now known as Timo1234
04:28<G>hmmm I got invited to a wedding in India....
04:28<ironie>must be nice for Caker to see all his costumers at once ;)
04:29<nigel_c>G: :)
04:29<mrcbrown>Lincon 2010
04:29-!-Epi [] has quit [Quit: Epi]
04:29-!-HB [~480eb4c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:29<tronix>also serving as a protest rally against power outages ;-)
04:30<mrcbrown>how is ol fremont coming along? anything newer than whats on the ol blog?
04:30<djpadz>jed: How are things coming? Any chance of getting updates as servers come back online?
04:30-!-hac [] has joined #linode
04:30-!-HB [~480eb4c8@] has joined #linode
04:30*nigel_c wonders if Fremont has UPSes.
04:31<mrcbrown>imagine it would
04:31<ironie>sure doesn't seem so, does it nigel_c?
04:31-!-HB [~480eb4c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:31<Timo1234>This must be why you don't plug power boards into other power boards.
04:31<elky>nigel_c, broken ones apparently.
04:31-!-hac4 [] has joined #linode
04:31<chesty>it's more than just a power outage, the dashboard seems to be broken which I thought was in dallas
04:31<nigel_c>mrcbrown: I would have assumed, but if so, why the damage?
04:31<djpadz>Epic power surge.
04:32<mrcbrown>yeah large scale outage caused by a surge ... anything is possible
04:32-!-sime [] has joined #linode
04:32<mrcbrown>heck few years back part of the planet/ev1 caught fire
04:32*tronix sad whenever the magic blue smoke is let out
04:32<elky>chesty, that's the manager not coping with all the fremont customers hammering it.
04:32<G>Timo1234: but that spoils the fun :)
04:32-!-HB [] has joined #linode
04:32<knix>Anyone else having problem with manager?
04:32<py1hon>UPSes are supposed to keep a surge from letting out the magic smoke =/
04:32<Timo1234>Yeah, it's toast.
04:32-!-MarkJ [~mark@] has joined #linode
04:32<knix>k, just making sure
04:32<message144>If my linode has not booted on its own, should I boot it?
04:32<knix>is it in fremont?
04:33<pharaun>py1hon: yes but if a UPS is WHAT made it surge, yeah
04:33<tronix>message144: no. will be done automatically
04:33<pharaun>py1hon: all bets are off
04:33<elky>py1hon, not quite...
04:33<HB>Im new to linnode, was able to log in earlier but now i cannot.. It seemed to never respond when i tried to pick a datacenter
04:33-!-testtest [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:33<message144>tronix, ok thanks
04:33<djpadz>py1thon: There's an old saying that, in the event of a power surge, a $2,000 component will always protect a $0.10 capacitor.
04:34<tronix>HB: Linode's having a rare data center issue in Fremont, CA. I'd say check back once things are fully operational again
04:34<py1hon>pharaun: If your UPS does that.. epic fail
04:34<pharaun>py1hon: thing always fail
04:34<py1hon>djpadz: hah, yeah, i've heard that
04:34<swajr_>happy 5 hour anniversary fremont! 5 hours and counting :(
04:34<pharaun>py1hon: there was some sort of power issue, which means that the generator and/or the UPS failed to do their thing
04:34<HB>No worries, Ive heard good things.. Im a linux system admin so i know how a power loss can break ....everything....
04:34-!-Emmanuel [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
04:34<Timo1234>Maybe it's just an epic fsck...
04:35<HB>one would hope
04:35<tronix>reminds me of IBM RS/6000 B50s... these were infamous for having several fried hard drives whenever power would get loopy at a data center I worked at
04:35<ironie>the question is how much is lost....are we dealing with data coruption....the disk just taking forer with fsck....?
04:35-!-hac [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:35<HB>more likely its a raid rebuild
04:35<djpadz>Isn't that why we use journaled filesystems?
04:35<jmcfarlane>I once received the wrong power supply from HP for an HP300, result were fancy blue flames :)
04:35<HB>eep, now thats epic ;)
04:35<elky>jmcfarlane, purrrrdy
04:36<G>jmcfarlane: nice!
04:36<jmcfarlane>elky: there was also the magic smoke :/
04:36<MarkJ>evening #linode
04:36<tronix>is this the same HP that once shipped several sheets of paper via pallet?
04:36<HB>my luck. I was once going to convert a physical to virtual... the DAY BEFORE it had a massive raid failure...2x disks at the same time.. was a very long and painful day.
04:36<py1hon>pharaun: yeah, I know. really though, stuff breaking is not remotely normal, and for good reason. good power supplies can tolerate fairly epic surges, a real UPS shouldn't even be able to surge... etc.
04:36<MarkJ>unfortunately I've got first informed we were have dc problems when I was out. At least was able to let us know... hoping not too long to go for our servers!
04:36<jmcfarlane>it was my fault for not noticing it was 220 :/
04:36<djpadz>jmcfarlane: My experience with HP is that you could have had blue flames, even with the correct power supply.
04:36<MarkJ>That sucks HB.
04:36<chesty>MarkJ: says nothing about the dashboard being down
04:36<MarkJ>Right now I'm glad I'm still not maintaining dedicated hosting!
04:37<MarkJ>not about the dashboard, but our servers
04:37<MarkJ>but isn't main dashboard in fremont?
04:37<jmcfarlane>djpadz: I would have expected a different type of plug or something
04:37<MarkJ>That's why I didn't think anything of that
04:37<chesty>MarkJ: dallas
04:37<MarkJ>oh. d'oh
04:37<HB>such is life i guess. Things ALWAYS go wrong on weekends right? Then Nagios/pager starts making your life heck.
04:37<djpadz>jmcfarlane: You'd think so, but I've had all kinds of issues with HP hardware. I stay away from it when I can.
04:38-!-blurgurdy [] has joined #linode
04:38<jmcfarlane>I took the (melted) power supply apart, and kept it as a desk thingy
04:38*py1hon sticks to supermicro
04:38<HB>yeah, ive got an old 2u HP server the likes to "somtimes" boot
04:38<G>tronix: A pallet for a couple of slices of paper sounds proportional
04:38<py1hon>I don't get why anyone with the skills to do their own maintenance and enough servers to justify it would go dell or hp over whitebox =/
04:38<tronix>G: :-)
04:39<aatharuv_>My machine is back up now
04:39-!-rchr [] has joined #linode
04:39<G>tronix: kinda like dell putting individual screws in their own boxes
04:39<py1hon>more of a hassle than it's worth to deal with support to get a part replaced
04:39<HB>my company is now going with IBM
04:39<elky>py1hon, having someone to point the finger at and blame is nice sometimes.
04:39-!-blurgurdy3 [~blurgurdy@] has joined #linode
04:39-!-Emmanuel [~45a4c8c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:39<HB>so far i would say ive had no complaints other than the price tag
04:39-!-dark [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
04:39<djpadz>elky: +1
04:39<jmcfarlane>my home firewalll (athlon) is still kicking it, like 6? years now...
04:39<MarkJ>I do have 1 question though. How many of these "damageD" hosts that are being moved also need full filesystem rebuildss?
04:39-!-d-b [] has joined #linode
04:39<pharaun>py1hon: yeah i know its not normal, hence... when something "NON" normal happen, all bets are off :)
04:39<py1hon>elky: having to sit on the phone with dell support... just ain't worth it :p
04:40<elky>py1hon, you're doing it very wrong then.
04:40<py1hon>haven't done it in years, actually
04:40<jmcfarlane>In fact, I've been using it for 2 years now without a monitor :/
04:40<Timo1234>Enterprise likes to deal with Enterprise.
04:40<jmcfarlane>glad it has't broken badly
04:40<tronix>G: my bad -- pallet was for a mouse and other boxes were for paper. found the photos:
04:40<MarkJ>I do have 1 question though. How many of these "damageD" hosts that are being moved also need full filesystem rebuildss?
04:40-!-Hoggs [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
04:41<py1hon>Timo1234: that's the story you hear, the big companies that go whitebox you don't really hear about... except for google
04:41<rchr>no one is answering marcj's question
04:41<MarkJ>pressed up and enter in wrong window
04:41-!-bintut [] has quit [Quit: bintut]
04:41<Timo1234>my host is back!
04:41-!-dfc1 [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
04:41<djpadz>Gratz, Timo1234!
04:41<rchr>we have 3 lindoes all on fremont
04:42<rchr>2 are back up but slow
04:42-!-zero [] has joined #linode
04:42<elky>Mine still doesn't ping :-/
04:42*ironie wonders if I am the only one with a host initiated boot, that has appretly been trying for 36 years...should I take a screen shot?
04:42<G>tronix: haha great
04:42<MarkJ>I've got linodes aorund the places. right now the ones I want up are the ones in fremont :-/
04:42<rchr>but they intranet is down so they cant talk to the DB
04:42<rchr>the host with main site is down
04:42<MarkJ>shit happens
04:42<elky>ironie, your host is awaiting a new body then I'd guess.
04:42<ironie>the wheel of life is tough
04:42<HB>i gotta say i feel bad for what ever guy they sent in their car/airplain to fremont
04:43<chesty>ironie: that's normal when a hosts reboots
04:43-!-blurgurdy [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
04:43<tronix>ironie: almost makes me want to bust out some Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome quotes ;-)
04:43<aatharuv_>Just ssh'd in, things look good, but slow (but with all the vm creation and data transfer), that's to be expected
04:43<chesty>ironie: but it should boot in a few minutes, not hours
04:43<MarkJ>When I first saw wheel I was expecting one of these ferret jokes... used to have them in WoW all the time when servers always died :p
04:43<ironie>"Host initiated restart
04:43<ironie>Entered: 36 years 10 months ago - Waiting...
04:43*py1hon wonders who hit the Big Red Button
04:43<rchr>mine just came back up
04:44<MarkJ>You must have a lifetime subscription
04:44<miked>we had some really bad storms in San Francisco, I assume Fremont got hit just as hard
04:44-!-shrimp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:44<miked>My guess is a lighting strike on the DC itself
04:44<jmcfarlane>miked: yea, this is the hardest rain I've seen here
04:45<aatharuv_>miked: It was bad throughout the Bay Area. Earlier today, driving was almost impossible along 280 when I was driving by Palo Alto.
04:45<jmcfarlane>my dog was not pleased when I took her outside
04:45<G>tronix: quite good photos those
04:46<pharaun>jmcfarlane: like how... bad?
04:46-!-jiang [~jiang@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:46<nigel_c>Yeah, I had 36 years too :)
04:46<pharaun>jmcfarlane: whats the rain storms like there? here in boston it just rainrainrainrain nonstop for weeks, slowly driving me insane
04:46<pharaun>nigel_c: its caker birthday
04:46<jmcfarlane>pharaun: nothing like weather I got in Ohio, but it was raining quite hard
04:46<G>tronix: I kinda liked Apple sending on my keyboard in a giant box filled w/ those inflatable plastic bag things
04:46<xinming>Is fremond hosts fixed?
04:46<pharaun>jmcfarlane: ah, i kind of miss the epic thunderstorms in the midwest
04:46<nigel_c>Ah. I got logged in quickly. I'm on Fremont 72.
04:46<ironie>poor caker...No doubt he has had nicer b-day presents
04:47<miked>System Shutdown
04:47<miked>Entered: 2 hours 3 minutes ago - Waiting...
04:47<tronix>G: hahahaha
04:47<nigel_c>It says 'Online'
04:47<jmcfarlane>pharaun: in the winter it rains off and on every day... give or take
04:47<nigel_c>Happy birthday, caker :)
04:47<jmcfarlane>pharaun: yea, gosh... such fun thunderstorms out there (Cincinnati)
04:47<HB>lol i gotta say, Me picking tonight to sign up for my linode account after checking it out for about a month and a half makes me feel like this is somehow my fault ;)
04:47<miked>anyone else on fremont157?
04:47<chesty>is cakers birthday the 21st of the 11th?
04:47<jmcfarlane>I actually saw lightening this evening, maybe the second time in 2 years here
04:47<G>tronix: most stuff I get is sanely packed tbh
04:47<pharaun>jmcfarlane: haha indeed! grew up with them, they're truely epic
04:47<djpadz>224 here… Still down.
04:47<G>tronix: oh actually I do have one better
04:47<dcraig2>woohoo, my linode is now powered off!
04:48-!-Greenanswers [] has joined #linode
04:48<miked>one of the things I miss about living in the bay area is lighting
04:48<ironie>It makes us feel that way to HB ;)
04:48<dcraig2>and I've got the 36-year thing... perhaps it'll be up soon!
04:48<pharaun>jmcfarlane: ah yeah I was looking at the weather charts, i saw that the bay area is like 2-4 inch of rain a month, but summer no rain, which is quite nice
04:48<jmcfarlane>miked: me too
04:48<HB>Havnt you heard? I control the just not very good at it.
04:48<message144>I know this might sound inflammatory, and I am sure it has been asked, but why was this power outage not prevented with the use of backup generators?
04:48<pharaun>i love the lightning
04:48<pharaun>i mean it wrecks shit yes but its great
04:48<pharaun>message144: things fail
04:48<HB>i was aiming for the rackspace building
04:48<Greenanswers>One of my linodes in Freemont hasn't come back up, is that still in progress or should I check something else?
04:48<pharaun>message144: something probably got fried
04:48<jmcfarlane>pharaun: very nice for outside sports
04:48<pharaun>jmcfarlane: summer?
04:48<ironie>in all honesty HB, this is the first major fail in the 7 years I have been using linode
04:49<jmcfarlane>pharaun: right
04:49<message144>pharaun, the backup generators failed?
04:49<miked>message144: what do you do if your generator gets hit directly by lightning?
04:49<djpadz>message144: It was a surge; not an outage. Probably took out a bunch of stuff. Lightning strikes can definitely do that.
04:49<G>tronix: I ordered a book from Amazon to go to my work's reception in NZ, they wrapped it in the normal cardboard etc, then put it in one of those USPS canvas-plastic sack things (giant one) and sent that
04:49<tronix>miked: cry then join #linode and commiserate.
04:49<G>tronix: it looked like a semi-transparent santa sack
04:49<miked>*high five*
04:49<G>(It arrived just before xmas too)
04:50<tronix>G: hahahaha wow
04:50<Greenanswers>Lassie initiated boot: Linode failed to boot for unknown reason.
04:50<Greenanswers>that mean anything to anyone?
04:50<pharaun>message144: something like that, UPS or generators or something failed, and probably surged and boom, things went to hell
04:50<@jed>yep, it means we're still working the issue and expect results soon
04:50<elky>I think the data on fremont74 might be in less than pristine condition...
04:50<pharaun>message144: yes its supposed to be N+1 but things can fail
04:50<G>tronix: I think the sack could hold like 10kg
04:50<G>actually not it'd be more than that
04:50<@jed>elky: data on fremont74 looks fine
04:50<message144>pharaun, ok
04:50<pharaun>jmcfarlane: hows the winter?
04:50<G>but it was a proper large USPS mail sack
04:50<Greenanswers>Fair enough
04:50<nigel_c>Greenanswers: It means you need to be patient :\
04:51<pharaun>jmcfarlane: cos i'm currently going nuts here in boston its average solid 3-5 inch of rain each month, YEAR AROUND
04:51<miked> is also a pretty ghetto datacenter. You are definately getting your $20s worth.
04:51<ironie>how about freemont 141?
04:51<Timo1234>Amazon, like book depo and places like wiggle buy all their postage by weight per month. So it doesn't matter what size it is, just how much it weighs
04:51<Greenanswers>Sounds like Blizzard in here
04:51<pharaun>jmcfarlane: i grew up in an area that only got 16 inch a year, so, i noticed that on the weather report that SF got about the same rain as boston but only from like nov->march ?
04:51<@jed>ironie: looks fine
04:51<ironie>wish it did from my end Jed
04:51<jmcfarlane>we should all play the quiet game, see who can be quiet the longest | sed -e 's|quiet|leave_their_vps_alone|g'
04:51<elky>jed, my lish login is telling me it can't mount the filesystems
04:51<djpadz>jed: As long as you're taking requests, how's 224?
04:52<@jed>I'm not, I'm fixing issues
04:52<@jed>expect news soon
04:52<xinming>On linode manager page, The Host Job Queue, It is always showing "System Boot - My profile"
04:52<dcraig2>can you paste the status of all 297 hosts?
04:52<xinming>and it's entered 45 minutes 36 seconds ago. still waiting...
04:52<djpadz>jed: 'k. Thanks.
04:52<G>Timo1234: haha yeah
04:52<xinming>How to clear that queue?
04:53<nigel_c>Leave it?
04:53<dcraig2>xinming, if you haven't done anything (like issue a shutdown), I don't think you need to clear anything
04:53-!-pop [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:53<HB>anywany able to get into the manager yet?
04:53<eric_nw>same question as xinming. if a node comes back online, will its job queue be cleared on boot?
04:54<nigel_c>HB: I did quite quickly about 5 minutes ago.
04:54<dcraig2>manager seems to be working fine for me now
04:54<dcraig2>it wasn't like 15 minutes ago though
04:54<jmcfarlane>rain is picking up here again :/
04:54-!-akl [] has joined #linode
04:54<HB>ahh thanks, looks like its working for me now as well
04:54<HB>guess ill be picking TX for my linode ;()
04:54<tronix>I vote we all buy jed a nice fluffy pillow with a high thread count + cotton count when all's said and done. :)
04:54<Luizg_>wtf power outage?
04:55<eric_nw>also curious what linode does to determine if a node should be auto-started on recovery of the hardware? was state of each node stored on startup/shutdown? or watchdog monitoring nodes?
04:55<jmcfarlane>tronix: +1
04:55<vsync>i wonder
04:55<elky> :((((((
04:55<vsync>why don't you just shut down the manager
04:55<xinming>dcraig2: But there are 2 booting jobs.
04:55<tonyyarusso>This is our weather today:
04:55<jmcfarlane>and all the other cats working on things
04:55-!-ione [] has joined #linode
04:55<pharaun>tronix: amen
04:55<vsync>and either let it clear its queue, or clear it manually (of course having not done it at the start you don't know what requests are spurious)
04:55<swajr_>the manager is actually pretty responsive here
04:55<swajr_>my node is still dead tho
04:56<pharaun>tonyyarusso: ha
04:56<vsync>really? i tried to log in a minute ago with no luck
04:56<xinming>my node is dead still..
04:56<miked>the manager is responsive, it just dosent do anything
04:56<Luizg_>my linode is stuck in "lassie initiate boot" 1.53 hours ago
04:56-!-beilabs [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:56<xinming>Luizg_: So did mine
04:56<dcraig2> is like 3 IPs... maybe it depends on which one you get?
04:57<aatharuv_>And now the rain is starting up again. (Not in Fremont, but about 20 miles away from there.)
04:57<jmcfarlane>aatharuv_: same here, in Foster City
04:57<mrcbrown>mine's pretty good... Host initiated restart
04:57<aatharuv_>jmcfarlane. I'm in Foster City, too.
04:57<swajr_>sure hope hurricane electric is paying for the damaged equipment
04:57<jmcfarlane>aatharuv_: how about that
04:57<Luizg_>hmm, I tried booting it and there's nothing on lish
04:57-!-kpavery [] has joined #linode
04:57<Luizg_>Host initiated restart
04:57<Luizg_>Entered: 36 years 10 months ago - Waiting...
04:58<mrcbrown>good things come to those who wait I suppose...
04:58<miked>I hope HE pays for all my losses
04:58<@jed>we are still working the issue, please hang in there
04:58<Luizg_>Can I get a pro-rated refund for those 36 years?
04:58<ironie>"but not to those who wait too late"
04:58<mrcbrown>ooooo deep.
04:58-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
04:58<ironie>fleetwood mac
04:59-!-kpavery4 [] has joined #linode
04:59<tronix>a stitch in time saves nine -- or a temporal wormhole saves 36 years and 10 months
04:59<jmcfarlane>aatharuv_: you work close to foster city?
04:59<mrcbrown>take that apple time machine!
04:59-!-Jere [] has joined #linode
04:59-!-blurgurdy3 [~blurgurdy@] has quit [Quit: blurgurdy3]
04:59<dcraig2>everything's going wrong tonight... now the batteries are dying in my mouse !
04:59-!-Jere [] has left #linode []
04:59<nigel_c>36 years. Wouldn't that mean a good portion of the people here purchased Linodes before they were born?
05:00<djpadz>dcraig2: Must have been a power surge in the mouse ;-)
05:00<dcraig2>but I'm like 5 hours from fremont
05:00<aatharuv_>jmcfarlane: I worked in Redwood Shores until recently, though I'm working in San Bruno these days.
05:00<Luizg_>yeah well, it's still stuck at booting
05:00<dcraig2>pretty big surge!
05:00<HB>soo, setting up my first linode. Question. Im getting the cheap 20/mo plan. Why is it willing to let me tell the system to use 1.5gb of memory when i am alotted 512?
05:00<jmcfarlane>aatharuv_: :)
05:00-!-ione [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:00<nigel_c>HB: Sounds like a bug in the new manager.
05:01<dcraig2>where does it let you tell it that?
05:01<tronix>either that or it's letting him pay for extras
05:01<HB>when doing my first deploy
05:01-!-yaegashi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:01<HB>oh bloody hell
05:01<vsync>Linux allows memory overcommit too, if this is at the OS or software level
05:01<swajr_>my bet's on swap space
05:01<HB>im looking at the wrong place
05:01<HB>im looking at DISK size....
05:01<ironie> Fleetwood Mac - Second Hand News got stuck in my head...and thwe only way to get it out is to share it
05:01<HB>its a little late here MNT time ;)
05:02<swajr_>central time here ><
05:02-!-bob2`` [] has joined #linode
05:02-!-jords [~jords@] has joined #linode
05:02<vsync>eastern here
05:02<tronix>ironie: I've found the cure for that problem (song stuck in head) is to replace it with another. Conjunction junction, what's your function? Yay for Schoolhouse Rock ;-)
05:02-!-sixthgear [] has joined #linode
05:02<jords>both of my nodes are still down... bad luck is bad
05:03-!-blurgurdy [~zeller@] has joined #linode
05:03-!-Timo1234 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
05:03<aatharuv_>jmcfarlane: I presume you work in or near Foster City?
05:03<miked>works great for songs stuck in your head
05:03<enc0de>100% of my linodes are down too :(
05:03<jmcfarlane>aatharuv_: ya
05:03<djpadz>100% of my linode is down, too :-)
05:03-!-jiang [~jiang@] has joined #linode
05:03-!-kpavery [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:04<tonyyarusso>jed: I'm not affected by the outage, but I'm definitely hoping out of sysadmin curiosity that someone will blog a post-incident analysis of this.
05:04<jords>the damaged hosts sounds worrying... I assume that if there was hard drive failures they would let us know?
05:04-!-kpavery4 is now known as kpavery
05:04<jords>yeah it sounds like hell
05:04-!-JamesN [] has joined #linode
05:04<HB>like i said
05:04<HB>most likely problem is a RAID rebuild
05:04<chesty>tonyyarusso: don't hold your breath
05:04<pharaun>jords: same thing as tonyyarusso i'm really curious myself also
05:05<pharaun>fuck you irssi nick
05:05<elky>jords, dunno. my linode can't mount filesystems but I've been told that the data on the host is fine
05:05<kpavery>Has anyone had and luck getting their host to boot, after it's stuck on a Host Initiated Restart? Or is the recovery process still in motion?
05:05<ironie>that isn't the linode spirit pharaun...
05:05<pharaun>ironie: ?
05:05<jords>ok good. I have backups of course but it's 11pm here don't really want to have to stay up all night pulling data from s3 and rebuilding servers...
05:05<djpadz>kpavery: If you can't boot your linode, then it's probably still being restored.
05:06<ironie>oh..I must have ment "don't be a twat" pharaun
05:06<ironie>sorry for the confusion
05:06<dcraig2>my "Host initiated restart" finally completed (after 36 years), and the "Lassie initiated boot" failed with the message "Linode already running", and my server is now "Running" and pingable, but I cannot connect via ssh
05:06<pharaun>ironie: no, i was just asking jed if there would be like a breakdown on what happened
05:06<kpavery>djpadz: Thanks for the information.
05:06<tronix>dcraig2: could try checking it out via console
05:07<tronix>see if it's really fully booted, etc...
05:07<jords>probably at the moment they aren't sure themselves, will require investigation
05:07<pharaun>ironie: i'm just being curious about details, i was not being an twat
05:07<JamesN>My server has been running for a couple of hours, though just recently, it stopped being able to access the filesystem (I/O errors)
05:07<dcraig2>yeah, it looks like it's halfway through booting
05:07<ironie>my mistake than
05:07<JamesN>Lish is also unreachable
05:07<jords>why does it seem like power backup systems never actually work when the shit hits the fan?
05:07<dcraig2>oh hey ssh works now :D
05:07<dcraig2>everything's a bit slow
05:08-!-sixthgear [] has quit [Quit: sixthgear]
05:08<jords>dcraig2, you have every other guest on there booting also
05:08<dcraig2>they should know to wait until I'm done
05:08<blurgurdy>i wish there were a way to clear the job queue. i accidently set my linode to reboot before i saw the notice of the power outage (i also wish that were on the front page of the dashboard rather than having to click support to find out)
05:09<djpadz>blurgurdy: +1
05:09<swajr_>hmm... my cable company would like me to upgrade to 60 mbit service
05:09<swajr_>seems overkill
05:09<pharaun>blurgurdy: problem is there's multiple DC so the other users would be confused
05:09<walterheck>hello, a bunch of our linodes seem to have mysteriously rebooted. Problem is, I have root access but no linode panel access so i cannot see which linodes we have and/or if there was a problem with linode that made them restart. How do I find out what happened? Our syslog mentions no errors, it just randomly starts with "Nov 21 09:56:14 redfish syslogd 1.5.0#1ubuntu1: restart (remote reception)."
05:09<aatharuv_>Woops, wrong xterm.
05:09<tronix>blurgurdy: wonder if lish command 'destroy' or 'kill' might kill pending jobs in the queue? not sure
05:09<bob2``>walterheck: /topic
05:09<miked>I'm getting my 100meg up/down installed soon :)
05:10<jords>yeah for an outage like this a big banner at the top of all the manager screens would be good
05:10<Trigger>le sigh
05:10<tronix>using the infamous <BLINK> tag even ;-)
05:10<walterheck>bob2``: sorry, that last part of the topic falls off my screen :)
05:10<Trigger>It seems that my linode must have been on one of the damaged clusters
05:10<JamesN>tronix: Too far!
05:10<tronix>(I'm kidding -- I'd fire a trebuchet at anyone who dared to use the evil <BLINK>)
05:10<Trigger>cause its still stuck with the 36yr old boot up
05:10<jords>god those speeds sound nice, I'm on 10mbit that gets about 4 most of the time...
05:11<JamesN>I can get 34mbit at 2AM
05:11<blurgurdy>tronix: lish just tells me that my linode is not running
05:11<djpadz>Useful when you're on IRC...
05:11<bob2``>heh, "This isn't a Xen kernel! Fix your configuration profile. "
05:12-!-kpavery [] has quit [Quit: kpavery]
05:12<blurgurdy>is anybody else on fremont195? if so is yours running?
05:12<tronix>bob2``: had that a few months back... someone at Linode swizzled something and got it fixed up for me
05:13<Luizg_>freemont129 is still down
05:13<AFellow>Anyone else on 162?
05:13<Trigger>Anyone else on 127
05:13<Trigger>says host is online & idle
05:13<bob2``>tronix: oh, pretty sure it is code for "holy shit I can't read the disk"
05:13<Trigger>but my job queue is still stuck
05:13*ironie now understands why I should have had backup mx servers...
05:13<chesty>I'm on fremont129, the host is up, has been for hours, my linode isn't though
05:13<bob2``>frmont121 seems downz
05:13<JamesN>while everyone's yelling out numbers - anyone else on fremont25 having trouble accessing their filesystems and lish? :)
05:14*ironie cries over spilled spam
05:14<Luizg_>chesty: my linode still isn't able to boot
05:14<tronix>just to be cool and join the party, announcing fremont176's available but linodes hasn't started. at least, not mine. ;-)
05:14<swajr_>freemont124 has been up for many hours... I'm even on lish... no node booted though
05:14<elky>JamesN, fremont74 is like that
05:14<nigel_c>and 72
05:15<JamesN>Yeah, I've had SSH open for a few hours with no problems.
05:15<jords>I've also got one on fremont176 it's saying powered off, got a pending boot which hasn't run yet
05:15<elky>HE have fucked up big time
05:15<tronix>either that or some unlucky squirrel
05:15<swajr_>I'm up to 19000 pings to my linode ... 100% packet loss :P
05:15<Trigger>Job Entered: 1974-01-04 00:00:00 Status: In Queue
05:15<djpadz>On the plus side, the manager is nice and quick now...
05:15<dcraig2>02:15:46 up 14 min, 1 user, load average: 19.06, 14.26, 7.65
05:15<swajr_>oh crap
05:16<dcraig2>load average seems a bit high
05:16<swajr_>my node might be up
05:16<jords>Woot! my linode on fremont99 came up 2 minutes ago
05:16-!-sandaru1 [~sandaru1@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
05:16<tronix>and thar she blows
05:16<swajr_>yay my node is up
05:16*tronix starts searching at pillow stores online for jed
05:16<jords>and I now have a 5 hr 40 minute downtime. holy crap
05:16<mrcbrown>fremont77 up and running - node came up
05:16-!-shrimp [] has joined #linode
05:17<ironie>he could [probably use a bump of crank more ;)
05:17-!-shrimp [] has quit []
05:17-!-jinso [] has joined #linode
05:17<au>System Shutdown
05:17<au>Entered: 9 minutes 52 seconds ago - Waiting...
05:17<mrcbrown>fremont100 still waiting, load listed as medium
05:18*jmcfarlane smells a bunch of Pingdom "up" alerts in our near future
05:18-!-Bowbles [] has joined #linode
05:18<pharaun>tronix: I saw something like 1,000 thread pillow, go get that :-D
05:18<Trigger>so if I can access LISH is there anyway I can forcefully clear out the job queue?
05:18<dcraig2>you can't believe thread counts anymore
05:18<bob2``>pillow or pillow case?
05:18<tronix>pharaun: hahahaha :)
05:18<dcraig2>they're like megapixels... useless!
05:18<mrcbrown>my pingdom just reported 5h 45m downtime.
05:19<rchr>im on 150
05:19<pharaun>dcraig2: why not? i have like a low hundred and a high hundred bed sheet and I can tell the difference
05:19<pharaun>150 i can sleep fine on but it feels rough, the 400something i forgot feels silk smooth
05:19<pharaun>might have been like 700 or something insane
05:19<au>this is ridiculous
05:19<jords>jmcfarlane: way ahead of you, already got it for one of my servers. but then I have to look at that horrible 5 hr 40 mins downtime number!
05:19-!-rpgsimmaster [~jonathan@] has joined #linode
05:20<bob2``>au: you're right, silk >> cotton
05:20<dcraig2>I'd be skeptical of anything that is advertised as over 500
05:20<jinso>mrcbrown wow 5h 45m downtime can not be right?
05:20<jmcfarlane>jords: least it's past tense :)
05:21<au>does anyone know how to cancel jobs in queue?
05:21<dcraig2>what's 8:40 pm to 2:20 am? that's like 5 hr, 40 min, right?
05:21<ironie>you guys know far too much about thread counts for my comfort.....
05:21<pharaun>dcraig2: probably, it came with my bed, all i know is the low count feels rough, the high count feels smooth to me that's all ic are :) I sleep on both anyway
05:21-!-elsig [] has joined #linode
05:21<mrcbrown>pingdom has never failed me before... at least that I know of... as its my monitoring choice ;)
05:21<vsync>well, think i'm calling it a night
05:21<pharaun>dcraig2: never had anything in silk so wouldn't know there
05:21<vsync>good luck y'all
05:21<rpgsimmaster>Hey guys; do we currently have downtime on some of the Linode servers? - Just looking at the status updates, there hasn't been an update in 2 hours correct?
05:21<jords>rpgsimmaster, yes
05:22<bob2``>yeah, slackers
05:22<djpadz>Yep. Two hours, though Jed's been chiming in from time to time, when there's something useful to say.
05:22*dcraig2 slaps bob2`` around a bit with a large oil-covered whale shark
05:22<AFellow>Basically they are re-building the raid arrays for the hosts that failed on new machines :/
05:22<jinso>so has servers been down for that long?
05:22<nigel_c>Fancy that. They're actually working on getting our servers back up instead of telling us what they're doing :)
05:22<AFellow>They've been down since 8:30pm PST aprox.
05:22<bob2``>jinso: some have
05:22<jords>rpgsimmaster, I think most servers are up now but some are still down like freemont176
05:22<djpadz>…and 224.
05:22<chesty>and 129
05:22-!-goodwill1120 [~goodwill1@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:23<nigel_c>Do I hear 72? :)
05:23<miked>LinkedIn apparently suffered at the hands of as well.
05:23<xinming>166 still down
05:23<tronix>I'll see your 72 and raise you a 176
05:23<mrcbrown>all i have left is 100 down
05:23<djpadz>If you hit 300, sell.
05:23<jmcfarlane>my buddy's node just started to ping
05:23-!-favorious [] has joined #linode
05:23<nigel_c>Wait. This is sounding like a Dutch auction. The numbers were going down!
05:23<mrcbrown>36 years and counting
05:23-!-hdwow [] has joined #linode
05:23<ironie>heheheh 141 up
05:23<ironie>yeah boys!!
05:23<jinso>With power outage i thought they would of had UPSs or did theyt fail?
05:23<nigel_c>Been there :)
05:23<mrcbrown>storm/ninja attack
05:24<mrcbrown>upses didn't have a chance
05:24<miked>jinso : it was a power surge
05:24<bob2``>someone replace the batteries with peanut butter
05:24<tronix>ooo ninjas. *asks them to pick a different facility to train on*
05:24<JamesN>jinso: Don't tell me you have never unplugged a critical server from a UPS to power a coffee machine! :)
05:24<swajr_>for the longest time, my node never gives me a login prompt on the console
05:24<Guest1335>unplug? just double adapter it..
05:24<swajr_>I can SSH in, but there's no prompt to login from lish
05:24-!-hdwow [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:24-!-hdwow [] has joined #linode
05:25-!-Guest1335 is now known as jsmith
05:25<djpadz>jamesn: Actually, they plugged a toaster into the UPS.
05:25<chesty>swajr_: same here
05:25<AFellow>Well this is interesting.
05:25<AFellow>I can connect to my host.
05:25-!-jsmith is now known as pmac
05:25<AFellow>But my VPS won't boot
05:25*nigel_c was testing power use on my HTPC a week or two ago. Discovered my UPS uses 10W for just being turned on (no load)
05:25<jmcfarlane>friggin leave things be for a bit, geezle
05:25-!-hdwow1 [] has joined #linode
05:25<eric_nw>never so glad to get an UP alert from pingdom. Thanks guys
05:25<tronix>djpadz: or pulled a R2D2. In Empire Strikes Back, R2-D2 got a bit fried after plugging into a power outlet, mistaking it for a computer terminal outlet :P
05:25<nigel_c>Maybe it was the UPSes themselves, rebelling against under utilisation?
05:25-!-pmac is now known as mcinerney
05:25-!-jjcm [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
05:25<blurgurdy>woohoo mine is booting!
05:25<bob2``>AFellow: lots of hosts seem to be up but with nodes down
05:25<djpadz>tronix: lulz
05:25<bob2``>AFellow: perhaps the hosts are being fixored
05:25<jinso>JamesN ahhh sounds like someone needs lables saying do not plug put your coffe machine else where ;)
05:26<AFellow>bob2``: That seems odd.
05:26-!-Greenanswers [] has quit [Quit: Greenanswers]
05:26<hdwow1>I am not a linode customer, but I have observed linode machines attempting SSH brute-forcing. To whom do I report a possible compromised box?
05:26<djpadz>tronix: That always puzzled me… All that technology, and they couldn't come up with a different-styled plug for power, versus network...
05:26<bob2``>barely relatedly, is how a dc should own up to problems
05:26<hdwow1>ok. thanks.
05:26-!-chesty` [] has joined #linode
05:26<miked>HA! Don't even use 365 Main as an example of how to do things
05:26<AFellow>bob2``: If a machine is stable enough I can ssh into it, it should be stable enough to boot VMs one would thing.
05:26<bob2``>hdwow1: whois should list it for the ip range
05:26<nigel_c>Eth over AC?
05:26<bob2``>AFellow: heh
05:27<chesty>129 is coming back up
05:27<jords>hdwow1, but you probably won't get a response for a bit, they are a little busy atm :)
05:27<bob2``>miked: at least they owned up in detail
05:27<miked>bob2`` : because they were contractually obligated to
05:28<rchr>fremont22 was online never down
05:28<rchr>just powered off
05:28<rchr>can get back on
05:28-!-favorious [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:28<bob2``>miked: they signed a contract promising to publically own up in enormous detail about what went wrong?
05:28-!-chesty` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:28<tronix>djpadz: :-)
05:28<bob2``>chesty: is that a good or a bad sign?
05:28<miked>bob2`` : yes, public RFOs
05:29-!-chesty` [] has joined #linode
05:29<chesty>bob2``: good for me, now i just have to wait for it to reboot 3 times
05:29-!-hdwow [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:30<HB>so after i provision a system... How long should it take before it can boot?
05:30-!-zero [] has quit [Quit: Hooray it's back]
05:30<mrcbrown>when the queue is done.
05:30-!-zero [] has joined #linode
05:31<chesty>HB: under normal circumstances it's no time. right now? no idea
05:31<HB>ahh, so bad sign if everything in the queue says "waiting" ?
05:31-!-zero [] has quit []
05:31<djpadz>HB: Under normal circumstances, it should be pretty quick — like a few minutes, but tonight, I wouldn't bet on it.
05:31<tronix>HB: just a bit backlogged at the moment
05:31<mrcbrown>page should refresh,
05:31<HB>heh yeah
05:32-!-zero [] has joined #linode
05:32<chesty>one more shutdown to go
05:32-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
05:32<d-b>chesty: why ?
05:32-!-dcraig [] has joined #linode
05:32<jords>right! both nodes up now,
05:33-!-gtufano [] has joined #linode
05:33<mrcbrown>im 1 out of 2 myself.
05:33<chesty>d-b: because they said there was a power outage, my host came up, the dashboard said my linode was running, but I couldn't log on. so I tried to reboot it
05:33<@jed>we're making significant progress. hang in there
05:33-!-mrjim [] has joined #linode
05:33<djpadz>Jed: Thanks for the update. How many are still off line?
05:34-!-dcraig2 [] has quit []
05:34<@jed>more than zero :/
05:34<mrcbrown>so like 5? :)
05:34<djpadz>Clearly. :-)
05:34<d-b>bet most stuff is back now ^ ^
05:34<d-b>even this box is back
05:34<tronix>probably a number that could be expressed as an unsigned 32-bit integer. ;-)
05:34<rchr>more than 0
05:34*jmcfarlane recalls that line from: "Dumb and Dumber"
05:35-!-nigel_c [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:35<rpgsimmaster>\o/ I'm back. Brilliant
05:35<jords>tronix, O RLY?
05:35-!-kiran [~kiran@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
05:35<JamesN>tronix: Bet you it could be expressed as a signed 8 bit!
05:35-!-mrjim0 [~mrjim@] has joined #linode
05:35-!-chesty` [] has quit [Quit: Coyote finally caught me]
05:36-!-mrcbrown [] has quit [Quit: off to see what nature wants... it keeps calling!]
05:37<saikat>should things be running really slowly right now?
05:37<tonyyarusso>So did they figure out the cause of the outage yet?
05:37<MarkJ>if everything's just starting up, amybe
05:37<djpadz>224 just came back up!
05:37<dcraig>saikat, this was my "uptime" output: 02:30:56 up 29 min, 5 users, load average: 41.84, 42.52, 28.83
05:37<JamesN>tonyyarusso: power failure + damaged host servers.
05:37-!-chesty` [] has joined #linode
05:37<@jed>djpadz: quick noticing ;)
05:37<@jed>djpadz: boots issued, hang tight
05:37<tonyyarusso>JamesN: I meant the cause of the power failure.
05:37<@jed>(that was one of mine)
05:38<mrjim0>is amyone else haing truble logging into the Linode Manager, jusy says incorect username/password?
05:38-!-mrjim [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:38<dcraig>I've never got an "incorrect user/pass" error
05:38<ironie>it did to me too....then I remembered my password
05:39-!-mrjim0 [~mrjim@] has quit []
05:39<rpgsimmaster>mrjim0: I'm getting an incorrect username/password; but I think that may be to do with incorrect credentials being given to me by my boss for the web interface :P
05:39<JamesN>I previously had a problem with it dropping be back to the login screen, session timing out after seconds, but it seems to have been resolved a couple of dozen minutes ago.
05:39<rpgsimmaster>oh, well so much for that
05:39<tronix>for that reason, I set my pw to match my luggage's combination lock. one... two... three... four... five! 12345.
05:39-!-chesty [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:39<rpgsimmaster>it's genius!
05:40<djpadz>Jed: Thanks for all the hard work tonight!
05:40<HB>remind me to change the password on MY matched luggage...
05:40-!-djpadz [] has quit [Quit: back up and running!]
05:40<jords>competition : who had the longest server uptime interrupted by this inconsiderate thunderstorm?
05:40<tronix>jed: thanks again!!!
05:40-!-chesty` is now known as chesty
05:40-!-chesty_ [] has joined #linode
05:40<jinso>Whats worth learning ROR or PHP
05:40-!-nigel_c [] has joined #linode
05:40-!-chesty_ [] has quit []
05:40<jords>I'll start the bidding at 150 days
05:41<JamesN>Mine was something like 25 days, caused by previous issues on the host system.
05:41<rpgsimmaster>jinso: Depends what you want to do, but really it's just worth picking one and sticking with it
05:41<ironie>I have been up since the last upgraded....and that I took like six months late
05:41<jords>last reboot was to get the ram upgrade
05:41<tronix>or rather, chase the money -- whichever will make it easier for you to make money
05:41<tronix>(re: ror or php)
05:41<message144>jinso, those arent comparable.. one is an MVC framework, one is a scripting language
05:41<rpgsimmaster>tronix: :P True enough
05:41<ironie>the bright side Is I found out we got a ram boost, and probably have it now ;)
05:42<bob2``>please don't produce more php code
05:42<bob2``>there's enough already
05:42<rpgsimmaster>jinso: Actually, message144 has a point - it'd be fairer to compare ruby with php, or ror with <insert PHP MVC framework here> :P
05:42<message144>jinso, the ROR equivalent for php would be CakePHP or CodeIgniter.. but as bob2 said.. please no more php... go with RoR or Django :)
05:42-!-axod [] has joined #linode
05:42<jmcfarlane>I'd recommend learning Python.
05:43-!-hdwow1 [] has quit [Quit: hdwow1]
05:43<JamesN>python fastcgi!
05:43<jmcfarlane>I'd also recommend learning a language, not a framework.
05:43<jmcfarlane>JamesN: ftw
05:43<axod>hi I see lots of power issues? Was London effected as well then? (My london linode seems to have been rebooted)
05:43<message144>JamesN, fastcgi? why not wsgi?
05:43<bob2``>don't write to fastcgi
05:43<bob2``>write to wsgi or use one of the existing hundred thousand wsgi-based frameworks
05:43<jords>axod, only fremont AFAIK
05:43<bob2``>(which can all run under fastcgi)
05:44<jmcfarlane>message144: fastcgi becomes wsgi (see Flups)
05:44<@caker>axod: which Linode?
05:44<@caker>(also: no)
05:45<jmcfarlane>message144: flup, not flups :)
05:45<message144>bob2``, jmcfarlane, i never considered tying wsgi and fastcgi together...
05:45<axod>caker: sorry, my mistake. Thought it was in UK :/
05:45<bob2``>message144: well, there's lots of simpler ways to run wsgi things, but if you're stuck with fastcgi or nothing, flup works
05:45<jinso>what would be best for web app python or php or ruby ;)
05:46<message144>jinso, stay away from php
05:46<d-b>php is evil
05:46<jinso>Why would that be? message144
05:46<nigel_c>PHP is cool. Joomla is evil :)
05:46<jmcfarlane>fastcgi is just readily available, wsgi is a bit more exotic when it comes to webserver support
05:46<nigel_c>Drupal is great stuff!
05:47-!-elky is now known as elky_
05:47<rpgsimmaster>d-b, message144: I don't disagree, but then always the right tool for the right task - PHP has it's uses
05:47<message144>jmcfarlane, yes i was very shocked to find the nginx support for wsgi to be less than stellar
05:47-!-gtufano [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
05:47<HB>if you like drupal check out concrete 5
05:47<rpgsimmaster>however, how *not* to use it: Like my boss does, for command line scripting :P
05:47<Ovron>We're going to have PHP vs the world again? I'm in.
05:47*Ovron prepares flamesuit and flamethrower.
05:47<saikat>hm i keep getting bad gateways...
05:47<tronix>rpgsimmaster: I hear ya... couple folks I know does exactly that and I always wince
05:47<message144>hey, ill preface this by saying i did PHP development for 13 years since version 1x.. heh
05:48<saikat>but only for some of my django requests
05:48<jords>Ovron, Ok, sounds good! PHP is the only language anyone should use for anything ever
05:48<nigel_c>Never heard of concrete 5 before. Will take a look
05:48<rpgsimmaster>jords: Damn straight :P
05:48<Ovron>PHP works fine for CLI. Next.
05:48<jinso>LOL what make php bad i know a bit of it and can code a whole site but looking at other langs that mite be better?
05:48<jords>Once emacs has been implemented in PHP, world domination will be complete
05:48<Ovron>jinso: look at English first!
05:49<jords>oh and the linux kernel also
05:49<Ovron>Emacs was implemented in Emacs. Chicken and egg problem.
05:49<tronix>Ovron: it's like chopping a stick of pepperoni for a sandwich with an industrial slicer.
05:49<miked>Thank you Linode, my node is back up!
05:49<tronix>works fine too but...
05:49<message144>jinso, if there was one single reason to stay away from php, its that in the workforce, senior level engineers will take you more seriously if you have python or ruby knowledge
05:49<d-b>rpgsimmaster: i like python.
05:49<d-b>to me php has a use, filling my bin ^ ^
05:49<Ovron>tronix: powertools ;))
05:49<JamesN>How about intercal?
05:49<mcinerney>im sorry, did someone just say.. take ruby seriously?
05:49<rpgsimmaster>mcinerney: I concur :P
05:50<tronix>JamesN: now that's a real man's programming language ;-)
05:50<message144>mcinerney, well, i dont know any ruby.. so ill modify that to only include python
05:50<MarkJ>if instead you said Ada...
05:50<jinso>Okay new one now python or ruby what one is easier and can be used for websites?
05:50<rpgsimmaster>jinso: I recommend Haskell
05:50-!-miked [] has quit [Quit: PHP > *]
05:50*elky_ continues to pout at fremont74
05:50<MarkJ>my servers are all up now
05:50<rpgsimmaster>jinso: (I am just kidding, before you accidentally take me seriously)
05:50<message144>rpgsimmaster, hah.. yeah haskell or Ocaml
05:50<jords>any RPL love?
05:50<rpgsimmaster>jinso: To be serious, between the two it's just a matter of choosing one and learning it
05:51<Ovron>I recommend brainfuck-CGI, for websites.
05:51<rpgsimmaster>It really doesn't matter which,
05:51<tronix>assembly FTW! just give me some good ole LDA, STA, PHP, PLA, LDX, INC, INX, DEC...
05:51<nigel_c>Hmm. Concrete 5 = pay for most things?
05:51<message144>cobol on cogs
05:51<nigel_c>I'm not rewriting TuxOnIce in PHP!
05:51<MarkJ>I want a VPS that is programmed with punch cards
05:52<enc0de>woohoo! finally my linode is booting
05:52<rpgsimmaster>jinso: although Python has considerably wider proliferation than just for making websites, so I tend to lean towards Python (and that was a very clunky sentence)
05:52<HB>though the addons are vetted
05:52<HB>which is nice
05:52<JamesN>tronix: Why not just write a binary through a text editor?
05:52<tronix>JamesN: I sorta did something like that once, in 6502-land. ;-)
05:52<tronix>once, mind you.
05:52<JamesN>ah, the 6502
05:52<message144>jinso, python feels more "unixy" to me also... although that is hard to explain
05:52<rpgsimmaster>JamesN: Why use the text editor? I have a switch on the front of my case for that ;P
05:52<Ovron>Python is nice. Rubya is probably nice, I don't know about it. People hating on PHP just make me laugh, they are pretty cute. HARDCORE FANBOIZ; anything they don't use, or know properly, is immediately trash.
05:52<nigel_c>Oooh. I wrote a pop up menu system on my Commodore 64 :)
05:52<jords>tronix, there were no survivors
05:53<nigel_c>Hid most of the code under the Basic ROM
05:53<rpgsimmaster>Ovron: I was going to say: Rubya? :P
05:53<message144>Ovron, i hate on php all day and night, and i used it for 13 years
05:53<jinso>Okay i am going to look into python.
05:53<MarkJ>nigel_c reminds me of all those DOS menus you could "program" :)
05:53<rpgsimmaster>jinso: Good plan
05:53<JamesN>rpgsimmaster: You're right. It would be more efficient to dismantle the HDD and use a microscopic magnet to flip the bits as needed.
05:53<message144>Ovron, one has to just be willing to admit when something blows..
05:53<Ovron>message144: oooooooooook. Perhaps you need to reconsinder, if it causes you that much pain.
05:53<jinso>any good sites to learn it like tutorials etc?
05:53<jmcfarlane>pick a small app and build it in say 2 lanugages you're interested in. Then decide.
05:54-!-blurgurdy [~zeller@] has quit [Quit: blurgurdy]
05:54<MarkJ>I even ran OS/2 console only sometimes (didn't need to boot to GUI)
05:54<rpgsimmaster>message144: Things that blow aren't always bad ;P
05:54<message144>Ovron, well yes.. that is why i dont use PHP anymore
05:54<MarkJ>I still use PHP, but to change our work product.... there's a year of work
05:54<chesty>caker: I heard that a local security expert who was affected by the downtime and was bored owned your new manager. better check your logs
05:54-!-Atlanthrice is now known as egns
05:55<Ovron>message144: what is your primary concern with PHP, and the reason for why it "blows"?
05:55<tonyyarusso>Tidbit to make the PHP-haters wince more: The Ubuntu IRC channels have a bot that's written in PHP :P
05:55<rpgsimmaster>They wouldn't be the only ones, no doubt
05:55-!-jiang [~jiang@] has quit [Quit: jiang]
05:55<MarkJ>While I use PHP, but I'm no longer really a fan :-/
05:55<sandeep>chesty: perhaps that is why it was throwing up CSRF warnings?
05:55<rpgsimmaster>but there really are some things that should not be written in PHP - that'd be one of them :P
05:55<chesty>sandeep: nah
05:55<MarkJ>at least not at the scale we are at
05:55<Ovron>rpgsimmaster: because? come on
05:55<elky_>Ovron, essentially, it's tarnished the same way javascript is.
05:56<MarkJ>not performance scaling but in terms of a large-codebase
05:56<message144>Ovron, threading sucks, no list comprehensions?, variable interpolation = stupid, no closures until 5.3....
05:56<tonyyarusso>I tried to learn javascript once.... That didn't get very far.
05:56<Ovron>There's something wrong with javascript now as well? Or do you mean some implementations of the runtimes/VMs?
05:56<bob2``>Ovron: it encourages stupidity
05:56<MarkJ>I hate javascript.. jQuery makes things a lot more friendly though!
05:57<bob2``>Ovron: e.g. it is hard to do safe db queries
05:57<jords>javascript is actually awesome in some ways, with a good library it's a nice language
05:57<rpgsimmaster>jords: I agree
05:57-!-loxs [~loxs@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
05:57<jords>I love the object-as-argument paradigm that's used a lot
05:57<message144>Ovron, functions not objects until v5.3, no namespacing until 5.3, namespacing using backspaces WTF?
05:58<bob2``>and it's far too sloppy - bare words? really?
05:58-!-sneakums [] has joined #linode
05:58<nigel_c>Ovron: Real men program in asm :)
05:58-!-jinso [] has quit [Quit: jinso]
05:58<tronix>I'd like to see someone program a VM emulator in one of these interpreted languages. Would be a hoot. ;-)
05:58<Ovron>nigel_c: I mostly use C at work, with some asm thrown in at places. Everything has its place.
05:59<tronix>though I have vague recollection someone did just that for SNES or something under JS
05:59-!-amitz [~amitz@] has joined #linode
05:59<nigel_c>I agree. I was only jesting :)
05:59-!-eric_nw [] has left #linode []
05:59<Ovron>I am still waiting for real reasons why PHP sucks as it currently is, besides possibly it not having threading - but then again, it wasn't created to have threading, and if you really want threading, you can implement it as an extension.
06:00<nigel_c>Well, there's one thing to say about all of this: You'd better get a screenshot of those nice flat sections in your graphs, because you probably won't be seeing them again for a long time.
06:01<bob2``>jed: is my-linode-doesn't-have-a-boot-scheduled ticket-worthy? (status.l.c says yes, support page says no)
06:01<Ovron>nigel_c: Pardon?
06:01<nigel_c>Linode is pretty reliable.
06:01<bob2``>praetorian: =(
06:01<amitz>hmm was my host down?
06:01<JamesN>fremont25 seems to be coming back up
06:01<message144>ok Linode overlords (actually is the customer the real overlord?), my site is back up with no data loss (that I can see).. thanks for getting this handled.
06:01<bob2``>praetorian: I want my emailz
06:02<praetorian>i have them for you
06:02<@jed>bob2``: IP/linode label?
06:02<Ovron>nigel_c: still not following, was that even aimed at me?
06:02<nigel_c>Ovron: Nope. Just a general comment that this is the exception, by no means the rule - and I'm very glad.
06:02<MarkJ>Ovron: all it takes is one very minor bug to take down the whole application. And many errors that even basic warnings won't catch, like change in data types etc from utility functions that flow through :-/
06:03<MarkJ>At least you CAN enabled errors for undefined variables
06:03<nigel_c>try, catch?
06:03<bob2``>jed: hot
06:03<rpgsimmaster>MarkJ: Arguably, that "minor bug" problem applies to many languages
06:03<rpgsimmaster>Python, for example
06:03<MarkJ>how much should you have to try/catch though, the whole app? ;p
06:03<Ovron>nigel_c: If your task was to confuse me, you have succeeded. It might be just me being tired. Sorry. :p
06:03-!-hac4 [] has quit [Quit: hac4]
06:03-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
06:03<MarkJ>rpgsimmaster: True. That's doesn't mean it's not a flaw in large applications though
06:03<bob2``>rpgsimmaster: python doeasn't hide errors like php does
06:03<enc0de> I guess fremont151 was the last host to be swapped out
06:04<tronix>wow, didn't know Windows 1.0 debuted 25 years ago yesterday. eeps.
06:04<MarkJ>hehe, ancient
06:04<amitz>the whole fremont were down?
06:04<bob2``>(if you're writing serious things in a dynamically typed language, you need teh tests)
06:04<G>amitz: you missed the fun
06:04<nigel_c>Bah.Trying to catch up on 9000 unread LKML messages. Why don't I just clear out the whole folder and start again?...
06:04<enc0de>jed: typical. Next time can I be at the front of the queue instead of the back?
06:04<bob2``>jed: thanks!
06:04<rpgsimmaster>Ovron: I'm not saying PHP sucks, I'm saying it has a place - for example, coming back to my "not designed for a bot" point, PHP is (from what I've experienced) designed as a Server Side Dynamic Language (why is that capitalized?): for example, it's error suppression is designed to prevent clients viewing code they shouldn't be - there are functions like setcookie() in the root namespace, etc.
06:05<@jed>enc0de: you were on a broken host, things take time
06:05<@jed>bob2``: np
06:05-!-bob2 [] has joined #linode
06:05<amitz>G: i seem so.
06:05<rpgsimmaster>so while you *can* do stuff not related to page generation, it doesn't mean you *should*
06:05-!-jiehan [~jiehan@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:05<chesty>amitz: the aircon was too cold in the fremont dc, so I plugged my heater in and overloaded the circuit
06:05<enc0de>jed: yeah, I guess my typical facetiousness doesn't translate well over irc, especially when you guys have been up half the night
06:05-!-py1hon [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
06:05<tronix>two thirds? :)
06:05<JamesN>fremont25 back up
06:05<message144>bob2, erlang is dynamically typed :)
06:05<rpgsimmaster>It's only been half a night here ;P
06:06<bob2>message144: and it needs teh tests
06:06<Ovron>rpgsimmaster: Valid, sure - but php-cli does exist, and imo, it works quite well for many things. There is no memory leaking. The only thing I miss in php-cli, is threading ;).
06:06<d-b>chesty: it was you!
06:06-!-tw2016 [~tw2016@] has quit [Quit: tw2016]
06:06<tronix>I haven't been able to figure out if INTERCAL's dynamically typed yet. Once I understand the language syntax itself... :)
06:06<amitz>chesty: ah, you're fremont rebooter!
06:07<nigel_c>Now there's a mind twisting language.
06:07-!-py1hon_ [] has joined #linode
06:07-!-py1hon_ is now known as py1hon
06:07<@jed>(define scheme "wut?")
06:07<amitz>in both sense of the word.
06:07<Ovron>Currently in the process of learning python's ins and outs, to join the hipsters in preaching ;)
06:08<rpgsimmaster>Ovron: It's not necessarily that PHP is bad, it's just that for many tasks there's usually something *better*
06:08<rpgsimmaster>for example, I do not recommend writing your everyday command line administration scripts in PHP
06:09<rpgsimmaster>Unless, like my boss, you really do find it a whole lot easier to write in PHP than Bash (or Python, or whatever you tend to use for your admining) :P
06:09<rpgsimmaster>shit... silence for more than ten seconds
06:10<jords>I prefer python for complex scripts, bash for simple ones. bash is nice for running some stuff one after another but don't like it much for complex stuff
06:10-!-encode [~encode@] has joined #linode
06:10<saikat>did something go wrong again? my linode was up but pings are timing out now
06:10<saikat>on fremont 101
06:10<rpgsimmaster>jords: Yes, I tend to mix BASH and Python myself
06:10<tonyyarusso>Some of the scripts I've written for work are bash scripts that then pull in a python script in the middle of them.
06:10<Ovron>It might not be "proper" or cosher, but it does the job, and it does the job no worse than python, or perl. I guess people just want things to only be used for specific things ;)
06:10<rpgsimmaster>And my boss goes "You're using Python" XD
06:10<rpgsimmaster>(As a question)
06:11<jords>saikat, somebody kicked the plug again
06:11<nigel_c>The last of the damaged hosts has been hot-swapped and the remaining Linodes should have boot jobs in their queues. Please open a support ticket if you are still encountered problems. We will be following up with the facility and will post an update once we understand what caused this. At this point all we know is a severe lightning storm in the area caused a power outage and redundant UPS systems failed.
06:11-!-elsig [] has left #linode []
06:11<saikat>yes i read that
06:11<message144>Ovron, well if you like C, one of my favorite parts about python is being able to easily write C extensions for python... you can do it in PHP as well, but the python c-api is very smooth
06:11<tronix>jords: or plugged in a heater again ;-)
06:11<elky_>My filesystems on fremont74 are still not mounting.
06:12<@jed>elky_: ticket
06:12<Ovron>message144: I will certainly be looking at how one writes extensions in C for python, in due time. :)
06:12<nigel_c>Ditto with 72. Will open ticket
06:12<message144>tonyyarusso, lol yeah i have a python script that grabs a remote bash script that executes a python script
06:12<jords>so, when's the next time any linode employee is going to sleep?
06:13<@jed>we never sleep
06:13<tronix>sleep is, after all, for the weak
06:13<jords>ah, that helps
06:13<amitz>c and python, perfect combination.
06:13-!-bob2`` [] has quit [Quit: silencio]
06:13-!-jiehan [] has joined #linode
06:13*nigel_c makes a mental note not to apply for any Linode jobs.
06:14-!-sime [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
06:14<Ovron>nigel_c: they bite you in the neck, and you never have to sleep again
06:14<jords>nigel_c, or if you do make sure to live a long, long way away from any datacenters
06:14<tronix>it's tough to land a job at Linode because under requirements, they list 'Superman' :-)
06:14<praetorian>array lives a long way away
06:14<praetorian>wonder where he is
06:15<jords>tronix, yeah, that sounds like a good thing to add to my CV actually
06:15<mikegrb>mmm cake
06:15<Ovron>CV: "I like cake." <--- I have it
06:15<amitz>tronix; don't worry' after you see some linode individuals, you no longer can sleep even if you try.
06:16<@jed>that sounds like an INSULT
06:16<Ovron>only sounds?
06:16<jords>O RLY
06:16<@jed>I'm gonna reboot fremont again just for that
06:16<nigel_c>Which server were you on? Hope it's not the same as mine!
06:16<tronix>jed: nah just plug in a heater
06:16<tronix>gets it done faster
06:16<amitz>you're imagining things jed :-D
06:17<Ovron>amitz broke your ToS
06:17*JamesN quickly migrates to dallas
06:17<Ovron>§11: Do not make fun of Linode employees.
06:17<jords>well, if we take 'boot' literally, then it's kicking the big the big plug that keeps everything spinning with your boot?
06:17<saikat>the host is the actual physical machine and the node is my specific VPS? or the other way around?
06:17-!-enc0de [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
06:17<Ovron>saikat: correct
06:17<praetorian>§11.1: Exceptions are made for jed.
06:17<saikat>i see - seems like fremont101 got an emergency reboot
06:17<tronix>I envision all the good folks at Linode has a red cape and a 'S' (or 'L') logo on the shirt. They're certainly my heros!
06:17<saikat>if anyone else is experiencing downtime there
06:17<@jed>if you were waiting on fremont34, I just made your night - boots otw
06:18<chesty>see, if linode used planes as datacentres, they could fly around the storm and not be affected
06:18-!-LK- [~LK@] has quit [Quit: LK-]
06:18<tronix>would be fun to have a GOOG-style container data center
06:18<praetorian>you raise a valid point m'dear
06:19<jords>chesty, until, you know, the storm broke their link to the ground
06:19<Ovron>chesty: even better, would be to have the datacenter IN THE CLOUDS.
06:19<tronix>cloud computing!
06:19<elky_>Dear pizza, where the fuck are you?
06:19<jords>oh god
06:19<elky_>Really is not my night.
06:19<praetorian>elky_: it was nice
06:19<elky_>praetorian, :((((((((((((((
06:19<bob2>hm, good idea
06:21<tonyyarusso>elky_: The pizza man probably died out in the desert from your lovely 50-degree temperatures. On the plus side, if you can find him your pizza will still be hot.
06:21<praetorian>it isn't that hot here.
06:21<jords>tonyyarusso, although it may be difficult to find under the flies
06:21<tronix>could be worse... some desert has ice and snow. Like the north slope of Alaska ;-)
06:21<@jed>alright, is everybody happy?
06:22<@jed>anybody got anything I can fix?
06:22<praetorian>not really
06:22<praetorian>can you get me some chocolate?
06:22<nigel_c>Those of us in Geelong, AU, get a high of 30c on Tues, 17 on Sat.
06:22*elky_ pouts at jed
06:22<tronix>jed: 176 works great -- thanks!
06:22<elky_>i ticketered
06:22<@jed>elky_: did you pop in a ticket?
06:22<nigel_c>jed: no! fremont72, please!
06:22<elky_>jed, 288148
06:22<au>nigel_c: on nsw/vic border, had 33C today
06:22<nigel_c>(I did a ticket)
06:22<@jed>nigel_c: ticket ID?
06:23<@jed>looking into both
06:23<nigel_c>ta muchly
06:23<axod>hi I have a 'connection' listed in netstat that shouldn't actually be there. Any ideas on how I can "kill" it? I need the application level to get notified the connection has been closed etc
06:23<praetorian>my room hita high of 20
06:23<praetorian>which is annoying, cause the air con was on 18.
06:23<nigel_c>au: Good time to be in Yarawonga or such like?
06:23<@jed>elky_: check your console - one of your filesystems needs a check to proceed
06:23<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log into the LPM. Lish's primary function is to allow you access to your server's console, even if networking is disabled.
06:23<jords>you typing on two keyboards simultaneously?
06:23<elky_>jed, but it won't let me do anything
06:23<tronix>2011 resolution: learn how to be ambidextrous
06:23<@jed>elky_: can I drive for a sec?
06:23<elky_>jed, please
06:24<praetorian>baby you can drive my car.
06:24<nigel_c>Ah. I have a migration pending. Cool.
06:24<@jed>elky_: type root
06:24<elky_>jed, my password renders $chars_in_password "failed" prompts, so i really can't do anything
06:24<au>nigel_c: I live in Yarrawonga :)
06:24<elky_>jed, done
06:24<@jed>it didn't take it
06:24<nigel_c>au: Nice. I went there for a holiday a couple of years ago. Liked it a lot.
06:25<elky_>jed, aaand connection gone, i'll assume that's you
06:25<@jed>no, not me - it didn't take your password
06:25<rpgsimmaster>I think linbot needs an update - that link doesn't work
06:25*nigel_c pushed the big "Migrate now" button.
06:25-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:25<elky_>that looks much better
06:25<au>nigel_c: nice for holidays, sucks for living :)
06:26<@jed>nigel_c: ah, I read your ticket - caker beat me to you, after migration you should rock
06:26*tronix blinks das blinkenlichten and makes tape whirring noises for nigel_c to accompany the big migration :)
06:26<nigel_c>jed: Thanks muchly.
06:26<nigel_c>caker: Thanks even more :)
06:26<jords>nigel_c: it's in progress, I can see the guy running out of the datacenter with the HD now...
06:26<nigel_c>tronix: No! Not the blinks!
06:26<nigel_c>jords: You guys are so funny!
06:26<nigel_c>Especially given the hour.
06:27<nigel_c>What drugs are you on? :)
06:27<@jed>elky_: if you can reconnect to your console and type your password one more time I can get you squared away - it didn't accept it
06:27<elky_>Apparently my pizza was held up by a drunk with insufficient cash.
06:27<jords>it's only 12:30 am here
06:27<elky_>jed, i was fetching precioussssss cargo :D
06:27<tronix>jords: reminds me of my fav two reasons major network maints were cancelled (elsewhere)
06:27<rpgsimmaster>jords: NZST?
06:27<nigel_c>jords: Oh, you must be in Kiwiland?
06:27<jords>rpgsimmaster, you got it
06:27<tronix>one night, UK network called saying the field engineer was too sloshed :)
06:27<rpgsimmaster>:P, same here
06:27<@jed>elky_: cool, sec
06:27<praetorian>drunk with insufficient cash? chesty, have you been ordering pizza again?
06:27<G>jords: where abouts?
06:27<elky_>jed, i have a root prompt now
06:27<nigel_c>Ah. Stop it. You're making me homesick.
06:27<jords>yeah, the land of the great white kiwi
06:27<G>nigel_c: ESKIMO PIE!
06:27<jords>G, JAFA
06:28<rpgsimmaster>Oh god, a JAFA
06:28<G>jords: ditto :)
06:28<tronix>other night, the guy put a $100,000 router board in his nice sports car in silicon valley and stopped for a bite before the data center for the big maint
06:28<rpgsimmaster>actually, I mean: Oh god, JAFA
06:28<tronix>well, that $100K board got stolen. so, maint cancelled :P
06:28<nigel_c>G: Yes please! And Tuimato sauce (though that's recent)
06:28<G>rpgsimmaster: it's okay, we understand that you are jealous
06:28<elky_>tronix, lol
06:28<nigel_c>Jafas down the aisles in movie theatres?
06:28<chesty>praetorian: they declined the skim i made of your card. can you transfer some funds into your visa account?
06:29<nigel_c>and "Keep cool until After School"
06:29<rpgsimmaster>G: You're right! OMG, all this time I've been confusing these feelings of repulsion and disgust with feelings of jealousy ;P
06:29<jords>tronix, I wonder where you go to fence a $100k router board... can't be a common item
06:29<rpgsimmaster>nigel_c: Stands for "Just another F***ing Aucklander"
06:29<nigel_c>jords: Tell him to run faster :)
06:29<G>"click goes your seatbelt, click, click, click"
06:29<tronix>jords: I'm guessing some random idiot saw something electronic-y and figured he could pawn it easily.
06:29<praetorian>chesty: done
06:30<rpgsimmaster>"When you take a ride you've got to belt up quick"
06:30<saikat>how long does it take to boot a host usually?
06:30*nigel_c has lived all over the place, but has to admit he grew up there.
06:30<jords>tronix, meh I want to believe that it's the router mafia
06:30<G>I remember that ad growing up
06:30<nigel_c>"And Hugo said 'You go' and I said 'No. You go...'"
06:30<saikat>fremont101 has been booting for about 20 minutes
06:30<tronix>jords: :-)
06:30<G>sad thing is, I'm sure a lot of kids these days wouldn't know what it is/was
06:30<rpgsimmaster>And many not-kids would like to forget ;P
06:31<rpgsimmaster>(just kidding)
06:31<rpgsimmaster>But Ronald McDonald in a car... yeah...
06:31<nigel_c>Puha and Pakeha! (Billy T!)
06:31<saikat>jed: sorry to bug - just curious if you have any idea how much longer fremont101 will take to finish its reboot
06:31-!-sandeep [~sandeep@] has quit [Quit: sandeep]
06:31<HB>well im going to crash for the night. Nice chatting with all of you. GL to the Linode staff! Hope you at least get a beer after all of this =)
06:31<nigel_c>Oooh. I've got an eta. Pretty choice, eh?
06:32<elky_>saikat, he'll probably tell you to submit a ticket
06:32<saikat>elky_: i have
06:32<nigel_c>All these Kiwisms I never say anymore because I've lived in Oz too long.
06:32<jords>meh, got to be up tomorrow to collect a courier for a case for my shiny new desire HD, so cya all
06:32<rpgsimmaster>Please do not tell me you just put "Pretty choice, eh?" to try and sound Kiwi
06:32<jords>thanks to the @linode peeps
06:32<saikat>elky_: or rather, linode opened a ticket on my linode saying it has started a reboot
06:32<rpgsimmaster>"eh" is a Canadian thing ;P
06:32<tronix>rpgsimmaster: I'm still trying to erase the awful mental image of Willard Scott as that creepy Ronald McDonald in the '60s TV ads :P
06:33<rpgsimmaster>tronix: Bit before my time :P
06:33-!-HB [] has left #linode []
06:33<@jed>saikat: it's being looked into - little burps left over from the reboot
06:33<nigel_c>rpgsimmaster: I am Kiwi. Just haven't lived there for most of the last 15 years.
06:33<tronix>rpgsimmaster: (fear.)
06:33<jords>nigel_c, like most kiwis :)
06:33<rpgsimmaster>jords: Good call :P
06:33<nigel_c>I love L&P as much as the next guy! hehe yeah
06:34<nigel_c>That's because we're taking over Oz, one house at a time.
06:34<tronix>Marmite or Vegemite?
06:34<nigel_c>No real defence force anymore, so we have to do it by stealth.
06:34<elky_>tronix, define marmite
06:34<nigel_c>Marmite, of course!
06:34<rpgsimmaster>tronix: Vegemite
06:34<rpgsimmaster>ewww, Marmite: ewwww
06:35<nigel_c>Vegemite is for Aussies!
06:35<G>rpgsimmaster: you know that seatbelt is actually on Youtube, saw it the other day brought back memories
06:35<jords>nigel_c, hey, we have a defence force, he's over there!
06:35-!-eighty4 [] has joined #linode
06:35<@jed>elky_: your system is unhappy
06:35<G>Vegemite, yuck, Marmite, yuck :P
06:35<@jed>elky_: I tried a few different kernels, but it's definitely unhappy
06:35<@jed>let me try one last thing, then I have a suggestion
06:36<elky_>jed, oh, i need to unlock it again?
06:36-!-tronix [] has quit [Quit: ok back to tinkering -- thanks guys (Linode staff and everybody else)]
06:36<@jed>elky_: no - rebooting into finnix
06:36<G>nigel_c: I take it you've seen the invade NZ thing that Guern Transfer did a while back
06:36<nigel_c>yeah, that was funny.
06:36<nigel_c>Gruen's a bit crude for my liking, but definitely funny.
06:36<elky_>jed, mkay, what do you need me to do?
06:36<rpgsimmaster>God, now you've got the sound of a North Islander saying "choice" stuck in my head...
06:36<G>I saw that when I was living in Brisbane, gosh that was great
06:37<@jed>elky_: grab popcorn? :)
06:37-!-PeterTork [] has left #linode []
06:37<elky_>jed, the pizza arrived so i'm set for munchies
06:37<nigel_c>rpgsimmaster: Have you heard of the Aussie takeoff of us 'Beached as' (Think it's spelt funny)
06:37<rpgsimmaster>No - do I want to know?
06:38<nigel_c>Let me see if I can find one
06:38<G>I could never get into that
06:38-!-au [] has quit []
06:38<rpgsimmaster>Seriously, I'm pretty sure those stereotypical phrases like "Beached as", "Choice", etc. are a North Islander thing
06:38<encode> <-- beached as
06:38<@jed>df -h
06:38<nigel_c>Just Google 'Beached as"
06:38<G>rpgsimmaster: I don't think Beached as is really an Auckland phrase though
06:38<encode>possibly won't make a lot of sense to someone unfamiliar with the NZ accent
06:39-!-snubby [] has joined #linode
06:39<nigel_c>Or the Aussie accent.
06:39<nigel_c>'cause the Aussie take-off of a Kiwi accent is just a mess!
06:39<elky_>I work for a kiwi company, I pretty much have to actively listen for the accent now.
06:39-!-JamesN_ [~james@2001:470:1f05:22c:0:dead:beef:cafe] has joined #linode
06:39-!-JamesN [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
06:39-!-JamesN_ is now known as JamesN
06:40<rpgsimmaster>What the hell did I just watch/listen to?
06:41<elky_>rpgsimmaster, the closest thing kiwiana has managed to an internet meme?
06:41<@jed>elky_: root password one more time please?
06:42<rpgsimmaster>I'll be honest, I'm a Kiwi, and I'm not a great fan of the stereotypical "Kiwi accent" - especially the end-of-sentence inflection
06:42<G>haha I once had to deal w/ an American (or maybe Canadian) customer, he couldn't stop going on about how he had this Kiwi Secretary once and how he loved her accent :P
06:42<@jed>elky_: one more? :/
06:43<@jed>something isn't happy here
06:43<@jed>this is your Linode's configuration, not the host
06:43<@jed>you upgraded through a few ubuntus, huh?
06:43<elky_>jed, yeah
06:43<JamesN>jed: When you're available, can you PM me?
06:43<@jed>JamesN: you'll have better luck with a ticket
06:44<JamesN>It's something a little minor for a support ticket, but something that has been bothering me all the while.
06:44<bob2>JamesN: it's 6am
06:46-!-Mumintrol [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:46<linbot>New news from forums: Request: Linode 256 Micro in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
06:46<@jed>elky_: your fstab matches a 9.10 Linode I administer, so I'm not sure what broke
06:47<elky_>jed, it'll possibly be quicker to just recover the data and put it on a fresh install?
06:47<@jed>I think one of the upgrades broke you and it lurked until you rebooted, perhaps
06:47<@jed>yeah, that's where I'm heading
06:47<@jed>that's up to you though ... let me see the space situation
06:48-!-spkitty [] has joined #linode
06:49<nigel_c>heh. Even though my server is down, I still keep habitually checking my email.
06:49<nigel_c>Sad, real sad.
06:50<@jed>elky_: setting you up
06:50<elky_>jed, ta
06:51<@jed>elky_: log in and deploy a newer version of Ubuntu that you want, use your existing swap, and set the deployment size to 24216 MB
06:51<@jed>I'll fix your profile so you can pull the data you want over
06:51<G>elky_: nigel_c: good luck on getting your servers back :)
06:52<nigel_c>G:thanks :)
06:52<nigel_c>Migration almost finished.
06:52-!-Mumin [] has joined #linode
06:52<G>I think I'd get some kip now
06:52<G>mad day
06:52<nigel_c>Night :)
06:53<jords>nigel_c, what you migrating for, foo? :)
06:53<elky_>jed, ok, deploy clicked
06:53<G>argh no good daily deals for Monday :(
06:53-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:53<jords>ok, that was significantly more incomprehensible than intended
06:54<jords>i think it's /quit time
06:54-!-jords [~jords@] has quit [Quit: cya :)]
06:54<JamesN>su - www-data
06:54<saikat>yay fremont101 is running normally
06:54-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: Cromulent]
06:54<G>JamesN: Password:
06:54<JamesN>oops again
06:54<saikat>though i guess it's now about time for me to wake up instead of going to sleep
06:55*nigel_c suggests picking a better password anyway.
06:56-!-shirro [] has quit [Quit: shirro]
06:56<@jed>elky_: ticket updated
06:56<@jed>the ubuntu you just deployed is booted, and I attached your "old" image as /dev/xvdc
06:57<@jed>so if you add /dev/xvdc to /etc/fstab you can mount it anywhere you like and start copying over what you want to keep
06:57<nigel_c>/dev/xvda has gone 291 days without.... :(
06:57<G>nigel_c: fix your fstab :)
06:57<elky_>jed, thanks
06:57<nigel_c>Should have migrated from slicehost earlier :)
06:57<@jed>elky_: you're welcome, and sorry that I couldn't find the problem
06:57<message144>damn, seeing people have to get into fstab and friends makes me feel like one of the people on the titanic who got on a lifeboat...
06:57-!-saikat [] has quit [Quit: saikat]
06:58<elky_>jed, that's ok, if I believe the volume label in the dashboard, this started as an 8.10
06:59<@jed>elky_: understandable - take your time, and let me know if you need help
06:59-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
06:59-!-message144 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
07:00<G>I've got a Debian 3.1 disk image still sticking around :P
07:03-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
07:03<elky_>You're probably not supposed to admit that.
07:04-!-syslink [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:05-!-Ruchira [] has joined #linode
07:05-!-rpgsimmaster [~jonathan@] has left #linode []
07:10-!-Ruchira [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:13-!-ibelzi [~ibelzi@] has quit [Quit: ibelzi]
07:18-!-A-KO [] has joined #linode
07:18-!-dkam [] has quit [Quit: dkam]
07:20<nigel_c>Ok. I'm back up. Thanks and good night!
07:20-!-nigel_c [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
07:21-!-jiehan [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
07:25-!-redgore [~redgore@] has joined #linode
07:30<praetorian>royal wedding news: amitz to wed chesty
07:32<chesty>i'm too good for him
07:33-!-online [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:33<A-KO>that's a rather large insult over IRC :)
07:35-!-rchr [] has left #linode []
07:39-!-wewewe [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:40-!-b0tz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:41-!-jhesketh [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
07:42-!-jspiros [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
07:42-!-iondrip [~nibbler@] has joined #linode
07:43-!-Bass2 [] has joined #linode
07:43-!-elky [] has joined #linode
07:45-!-Jere1 [] has joined #linode
07:46-!-Jere1 [] has left #linode []
07:46-!-jspiros [] has joined #linode
07:57-!-ktabic [] has joined #linode
08:13<disinpho>can you use domains with special characters as reverse dns ?
08:14-!-elky [] has quit [Quit: Coyote finally caught me]
08:14-!-elky [] has joined #linode
08:15-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
08:15<HoopyCat>disinpho: define "special characters"... punycode?
08:15<disinpho>highascii æøå
08:16<disinpho>cyrillic etc
08:16<disinpho>japaneese, chineese
08:18-!-elky_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:18<A-KO>Not specifically sure with linode, but it's certainly allowed in DNS.
08:18-!-koisoke [] has joined #linode
08:19<HoopyCat>disinpho: since the domain name system deosn't support anything other than basic ASCII, names with high ascii/unicode characters are encoded using something called punycode
08:19<HoopyCat>!rfc 3492
08:19<linbot>HoopyCat: timed out
08:20<HoopyCat>linbot: eat cheese
08:20<HoopyCat>disinpho: yup... that should work just fine
08:21-!-elky [] has quit [Quit: Coyote finally caught me]
08:21-!-elky [] has joined #linode
08:21<koisoke>hello. I added a 2nd ip awhile back and did not immediately reboot/bother changing the network configuration. after the fremont outage, eth0 grabbed my 2nd ip address by dhcp, even though the dashboard shows my original ip as the primary one for ssh access
08:21<disinpho>so the ip will resolve to that and most likely not display the special chars
08:21<koisoke>is this a bug, or normal?
08:22<A-KO>koisoke: You can connect with Lish to fix the issue. I believe you need to set static.
08:22<HoopyCat>koisoke: it's somewhat normal... it will assign the first IP address it finds assigned to your linode at boot
08:23<koisoke>A-KO: yeah i sshed to the other ip and set static. i was just wondering if that was to be expected or not
08:23<HoopyCat>disinpho: it's up to the DNS client to translate it the other way
08:24<koisoke>or rather, it seems the dashboard's notion of the first IP address is not the same as the dhcp server's notion
08:24<A-KO>that's correct
08:26-!-X-LP [] has quit []
08:26<koisoke>A-KO: ok thanks
08:28-!-egns [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:34-!-elky [] has quit [Quit: Coyote finally caught me]
08:35-!-elky [] has joined #linode
08:35-!-dragonsd [~chatzilla@] has joined #linode
08:36-!-dragonsd [~chatzilla@] has left #linode []
08:36-!-Talman [] has joined #linode
08:37*Talman completes setting up irssi.
08:40*MeCooL :)
08:40<amitz>praetorian: I should have trolled more often to get first replier advantage over chesty -_-
08:42<Talman>Isn't BitchX just a bastardized irssi client with a bunch of annyo presets?
08:42<Talman>annoying. meh.
08:43<HoopyCat>it's more of an ircII derivative
08:43<A-KO>I use mIRC
08:44<A-KO>in da hizzouse!
08:44<Talman>I used to use mIRC. Did you buy your mIRC?
08:44*HoopyCat slaps A-KO around a bit with a large A-KO
08:44*Talman uses putty to screen to irssi.
08:44<A-KO>yes Talman, I did
08:45*disinpho uses Colloquy on maxos 10.6.5
08:46<disinpho>bsd license and much nicer interface than eg mirc
08:46<amitz>hmm mirc is not as bloated as I expected. I remember a hundred of kilobytes download when the storage norm is probably less than 10GB of harddrive. hmm or something like that.
08:47<amitz>1.98MB for mIRC version 7.15, which seems to be the most recent at this moment.
08:47<marius>I used to use mIRC as well
08:47<marius>I paid for it :3
08:47<marius>and now I use the Talman method
08:47<A-KO>I dunno. I wrote my own FTP client in mIRCscript when I was bored a number of years back. So it's hard to get me to switch when I know/knew it that well :P
08:47<marius>A-KO: I wrote an OCR using mSL :P
08:47<amitz>ooh, I never pay for it. I couldn't even pay for it if I wanted to :-p
08:47<Talman>mIRC has changed with the never version.
08:48<marius>it has
08:48<schwullo>irssi > mIRC
08:48<Talman>You won't be not paying for it. It has remote authentication.
08:48<marius>Talman: that was added in v 6.2 :P
08:48<marius>it's been a while, and even then it doens't -matter-
08:48<A-KO>I bought it many years ago. Though I did use it for a number of years beforehand.
08:48<Talman>Which is why I used a custom version.
08:48<amitz>I used irc when the scripting was not a full turing machine.
08:48<marius>it still uses the same auth method, but calls home to say what name and key was used
08:48<A-KO>But I figured since I got that much use out it, the author deserves my $
08:49<marius>then after X people use it, it's locked and you just email support@ and they unlock it and it can keep being used from keygens
08:49<Talman>>.> WTF is OpenCandy.
08:49<amitz>oh? back in my day, iirc mIRC was a shareware.
08:49<disinpho>i remember i wrote a sms gateway in mricsript way back
08:50<amitz>You could use it, but it kept nagging me to pay.
08:50<disinpho>so you could send text messages triggered by channel events
08:50<marius>amitz: it got worse
08:50<Talman>Yes, yes it did.
08:50<marius>you could keep using it after a 60 day period, but the wait when tarting it would increase with every day over
08:50<Talman>I used a version called JupiScript.
08:51<Talman>Now I just use irssi or xchat2.
08:51-!-agittins [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
08:51<marius>I used MurderScript first
08:51<amitz>ooh. I have always wondered how much he earned at the end.
08:51<marius>then I used that Peace and Protection one, and eventually went with "screw it" and just went vanilla with my own addons
08:51<Talman>My ex-gf used Peace and Protection, which confused the fuck out of me cause she didn't run a share DCC.
08:52<marius>amitz: quite a bit I would think, but I didn't mind, he has been doing yearoly events where all sales income goes directly to charity etc
08:52<Talman>My version of jupiScript was so fucked up by my own modifications that I got a suffix. :)
08:52-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
08:53-!-HedgeMage [] has quit []
08:53-!-procyon [] has joined #linode
08:53<amitz>marius: well, I think he deserved the money. But back in those days, I considered him a successful shareware author. So I was wondering how much he earned in actuality.
08:55<Talman>Do an average of his donations, he should post them for inventive to give.
08:56<marius>he did at one point post a milestone in sales I think
08:56<marius>at $20 per license etc
08:56<marius>release speed sure has picked up since he got staff though
08:57<marius>in 1 month he sold just over 2000 copies in 2004
08:58<marius>seems sales in 2004 were between 2000-3000 per month
08:58<amitz>hmmm.. but irc is no longer in now, yes? no?
08:58<marius>hmm, seems he stopped doign the charity thing after 2004
08:58<marius>IRC is actually more in now then in 2004 I think
08:58<amitz>hmm I may be asking the wrong crowd :-p
08:58<marius>at least from what I can judge
09:00<amitz>he should have followed the trend, I mean if he made a multi-messaging system, he could have capitalized his user base.
09:00<Talman>IRC on an instant messenger is evil.
09:01<amitz>but I guess it's easier for me to comment from the sideline, after the fact :-p
09:01<HoopyCat>bitch as i might've about mIRC in the past, the fact that it is still around and being developed is worth respect
09:01<amitz>Talman: well, a UI for everything! short of OS. For that, there is already emacs :-p
09:01<Talman>Ok, this is a headline "TSA pat down results in urine soaked traveller."
09:02<marius>amitz: like trillian does?
09:02<amitz>marius: perhaps, never tried trillian
09:02<marius>I never liked trillian
09:02<HoopyCat>Talman: don't touch the bag DON'T TOUCH THE BAG! DON'T-- awwww dammit
09:02<marius>always came off as bloated and unorganized
09:02<Talman>... I thought it was a redditor who peed on them.
09:03<HoopyCat>i used trillian at work, where we used AIM for most tactical comms
09:03<marius>Talman: that's so lame though, either you agree to be scanned by our naked scanner thingie that is so controversial and apparently insecure, or you let us grope you
09:03-!-blognewb_ [~blognewb@] has joined #linode
09:03<HoopyCat>marius: or both
09:04<marius>they do both ? :o
09:04<HoopyCat>marius: (the guy went through the scanner thingy, but apparently it detected a discreet container of unknown liquid)
09:04<marius>I mean, the naked scanner thing can't really be called "naked"
09:04<marius>I saw one of the's a blurry "ghost" image
09:04<Talman>That's MMR.
09:05<Talman>The scanner, people fear, can give you cancer. Others just don't want the shape of their breasts or penis displayed.
09:05<HoopyCat>i'm as not happy with the new scanners as the next guy, but... well, if you can slap the trout to one of those images, god bless you
09:05<Talman>The only thing i can see about that is seeing how big a gir's boobs are.
09:05<Talman>Or pert, etc.
09:05<Odious>I personally love mirc's interface, and I would probably re-create it if I could when using another client. But then again, I love windows classic interface so...
09:06<Talman>Seriouslym, though, unless you're being scanned with a raging hard on, why are guys with small penises caring?
09:06<Talman>Anatomy. It doesn't work that way.
09:06<marius>I love the mIRC UI as well
09:06<marius>I havne't found any to rival it for gui IRC clients yet
09:06<Talman>About the only thing you can do is see boobs.
09:06<amitz>Talman: because we must have a raging thing to make it as if not raging, which is difficult to maintain. oh wait....did
09:07<amitz>I say we.... and did I say that outloud?
09:07<Talman>I... If prsented with something that I find ^^, its not difficult to maintain for me.
09:08<Talman>TSA FORCES CANCER SURVIVOR TO SHOW PROSTETIC BREAST. <- Deploy the fake boob censors.
09:08-!-elky [] has quit [Quit: Coyote finally caught me]
09:08<HoopyCat>Talman: my concern with the scanner is that it is a confined space. if i'm concerned that they might have to frisk and grope me anyway because i go through sideways before my flight to thailand, i'm likely going to bangkok
09:10<Talman>HoopyCat: go through sideways? Failure to parse.
09:10-!-blognewb [~blognewb@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:10<Talman>I'm usually the subject of advanced screening and explosives detection when I fly.
09:11<Talman>Thankfully, they didn't 'enhanced' screen me.
09:11-!-elky [] has joined #linode
09:11<HoopyCat>Talman: instead of walking forward through the machine, i would rotate 90 degrees so that i'd walk through sideways, and... oh hell, bangkok. BANGKOK. say it out loud.
09:11<marius>heh, even I got picked for "extra security check" when goign to america
09:11*HoopyCat drinks more coffee
09:12<Talman>OK, I wasn't sure if you were speaking rationally or not.
09:12<marius>travelign alone you say? O hell naw, we be extra checking you, boyo!
09:12<Talman>marius: I wear more expensive combat boots than TSA screeners.
09:12-!-jmulder_ [] has joined #linode
09:12<marius>I hate the whole shoe screening thing
09:12<Talman>However, in 2004, I got on an aircraft 3 minutes before the flight and paid in cash.
09:12<marius>some palces it's jsut too extreme
09:12<Talman>THAT was advanced screening.
09:12<marius>shes off, going through security
09:13<marius>through metal detector, walk without shoes to next section
09:13<marius>put shoes on desk
09:13-!-elky [] has quit []
09:13<Talman>Now, if I fly, I have slip on shoes.
09:13<marius>let security officer manually scan and check shoes
09:13<HoopyCat>marius: the canadian screeners laughed at me when i took my boots off and put them on the machine
09:13<Talman>Oh, I wear 5.11 HRTs, they have no metal components in them.
09:13<marius>HoopyCat: this was in the UK...
09:14<Talman>So, there's nothing to scan, they look like GHOST shoes in x-ray.
09:14<marius>Talman: same with mine, they used non-magnetic metals, so they didn't react on the metal detector thing
09:14<marius>(army boots)
09:14-!-elky [] has joined #linode
09:14<Talman>5.11 is a brand of military boot here.
09:14<Odious>I had no shoe problems going from canada to australia. But they used the full body scan when I didn't even realise what it was at first... w/e.
09:14<HoopyCat>marius: these are definitely steeltoes that will set off the metal detector. the wanding person was very relieved, since i was the first person in the queue in a long while who didn't set off the machine
09:14-!-disinpho [] has quit [Quit: disinpho]
09:15<marius>HoopyCat: nice one, I ALWAYS forget somethign when going through those
09:15<HoopyCat>("OH! Yeah, those are my keys" "*facepalm*")
09:15<xinming>Is freemond166 restored successfully?
09:15<marius>belt buckle, clock, necklace, usb stick in a random pocket
09:15-!-jmulder [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:15-!-jmulder_ is now known as jmulder
09:16<marius>so I've stopped wearing belts and clocks when traveling, they're safely inside my travel bag until I'm done with the plane part
09:16<HoopyCat>xinming: your best bet would be to open a ticket... i'm not sure anyone who would know is active on IRC right now
09:16<Talman>EVERY time you left or boarded the ship, 2 metal detector screenings.
09:17<praetorian>` The last of the damaged hosts has been hot-swapped and the remaining Linodes should have boot jobs in their queues.'
09:17<HoopyCat>marius: if i don't wear a belt, setting off the metal detector would be the least of my worries
09:17<Talman>Once by local port authorities, then by Princess.
09:17<praetorian>seems to indicate all should be back
09:17<HoopyCat>marius: losing weight + being cheap = fail
09:17<Talman>I'm very used to knowing everything in my pockets.
09:17<marius>HoopyCat: gaining + being cheap = just as bad
09:17<HoopyCat>there's a bad moon on the rise
09:18<Talman>Um, is there something i should be aware of in fremont?
09:18<marius>I still insist on using my old jeans
09:18-!-elky [] has quit []
09:18<py1hon>just posted a new version of bcache:
09:18<HoopyCat>Talman: the wrong kind of rain on the power rails
09:18-!-blognewb [~blognewb@] has joined #linode
09:18-!-elky [] has joined #linode
09:19<HoopyCat>Talman: "This Facility Has Not Had A Catastrophic Power Outage In 000 Days"
09:19-!-Ruchira [] has joined #linode
09:19-!-Ruchira [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:20<Tiven>umm guys
09:20-!-Ruchira [] has joined #linode
09:20<Tiven>i want to make a new certificate for openvpn
09:20<Tiven>cant i just make a new one instead deleting everything and remaking them all ?
09:20<praetorian>rails? so ruby is to blame
09:21<Talman>So... wait, I'm ssh'ed into my box, it must be working.
09:21<marius>I'm watching an interesting show on eskimos
09:21<A-KO>Tiven: You can opt to keep the same private key and re-create a new cert off of that.
09:22<A-KO>Tiven: It just depends on why you need to create a new cert
09:22<Tiven>but how :/
09:22<Talman>It was rebooted 8 hours ago, ok.
09:22<marius>I just found out how their harpoons function, quite ingenious
09:22<Tiven>well, i have one cert for my desktop
09:22<Tiven>and i want a new one for my notebook now
09:22<HoopyCat>py1hon: nice... so you can have big-ass "conventional" drives (or even something networky, like that amazon S3-based block device) and use an SSD for caching? <3
09:22<A-KO>Tiven: Your notebook should have a different private key than your dekstop
09:22<py1hon>HoopyCat: I dunno if there's any way to use S3 like a regular block device... but if you had that part, sure :)
09:22<A-KO>you should just use the same keypair between both
09:22<A-KO>if you're okay with that
09:23<HoopyCat>Tiven: just create another one for your new machine, using the same certificate authority
09:23<Tiven>oh, but im doing the command in the library and it gives me this message i pasted
09:23<Talman>I use nothing but public networks.
09:23<Tiven>it tells me to do clean all, wont that make my desktop's cert invalid?
09:23<Talman>I SSH tunnel everything, should I bother with OpenVPN?
09:23<py1hon>HoopyCat: The part that excites me the most is having a massive write buffer to take care of the raid6 random write penalty
09:24-!-blognewb_ [~blognewb@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:24<HoopyCat>py1hon: s3backer
09:24<A-KO>Tiven: if you run clean-all it shouldn't get rid of the CA
09:24<A-KO>at least I don't htink
09:24<py1hon>There you go :)
09:24<Talman>Friday, its was a 200 dollar budget.
09:24<Talman>Saturday, 100.
09:24<Talman>Now its an unpaid internship.
09:25<xinming>I got "request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c" via ajax lish console. Anyone here meets this problem too?
09:25<HoopyCat>Talman: it can make things more simple (e.g. you can route all your traffic through there using the routing table)
09:25<A-KO>oh, it does....
09:25<Talman>On Windows, Hoopy?
09:25<HoopyCat>Talman: oh. well, you're on your own
09:25<Tiven>ok A-KO im gonna try it in a few min, thanks guys
09:25<A-KO>do this
09:25-!-Ruchira [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:25<Talman>Se, the end client is... Windows. :( I.e. my pC.
09:25*HoopyCat assumes a proper client OS
09:25<HoopyCat>xinming: i have not seen that one before. when was your last reboot prior to this?
09:25<Talman>I have to run WIndows programs, all I has is a netbook. :)
09:26<HoopyCat>Talman: virtualbox :-)
09:26<A-KO>Tiven: Go into /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys, take out your private keys and cert files....but leave everything else...including the CA keys....
09:26<HoopyCat>sure, "hello world" takes 25 seconds to compile in visual studio...
09:26<A-KO>leave index.txt and serial
09:26<A-KO>and your CA.crt and CA.key
09:26<Talman>1 GB of RAM.
09:26<xinming>HoopyCat: I don't know, I got this error after this time the power outage
09:26<A-KO>and then run build-key
09:26<xinming>i'll paste the log
09:26<Talman>Also, can you run CS5 in VirtualBox?
09:27<HoopyCat>xinming: which distro/kernel are you using?
09:27<HoopyCat>Talman: CS5?
09:27<Talman>Adobe Creative Suite 5.
09:27<HoopyCat>Talman: probably, assuming it doesn't do anything fancy with hardware/video
09:27<Talman>I dual boot right now, but my Ubuntu 10.10 dies horribly.
09:27<Talman>It does, it has full video acceleration now.
09:27<Talman>The broadcom drivers can't be made, jockey sigfaults.
09:28<Talman>Its pretty awesome.
09:28<HoopyCat>Talman: yeah, probably wouldn't be my #1 choice for an easy situation
09:28-!-Ruchira [] has joined #linode
09:28<Talman>Yeah. Right now, I just SOCKS5 everything.
09:28-!-Ruchira [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:28-!-Ruchira [] has joined #linode
09:28<HoopyCat>xinming: hmm, it shouldn't need to load any modules. which distro is this?
09:29<Talman>The crazy starbucks girl keeps saying Happy Day.
09:29<xinming>HoopyCat: I am using centos 5.5
09:29<HoopyCat>Talman: i'd worry about leaks (e.g. flash)
09:29<HoopyCat>xinming: ugh... hmmmm
09:32<Talman>Well, the weird part is, Starbucks is creating VLANs for each user.
09:32<Talman>I've tried listening to the network, I only see myself.
09:32<Talman>But, I can't be sure. (And its sad, we WORK on Wayport)
09:33<HoopyCat>xinming: a trick i've used in the past is replacing /sbin/modprobe with a shell script that just exits (exit 0), but i don't recall that being generally necessary...
09:33-!-rjorgenson [] has joined #linode
09:33-!-Ruchira [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:33<HoopyCat>Talman: is WPA/WPA2 involved?
09:34-!-rjorgenson [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:34<xinming>This is the log from lish console
09:34<xinming>and after that, no login prompt
09:35-!-rjorgenson [] has joined #linode
09:36<rjorgenson>hi all, just setting up a brand new gentoo node. When updating packages udev complains about not finding kernel sources in /usr/src/linux ... sure enough they are not there. Where can I download the sources for the latest
09:36<HoopyCat>xinming: yeah, that's not happy. i'm not familiar enough with centos to be useful, unfortunately, but if noone else here can provide help, it might be worth opening a ticket to see if they've seen that happen before
09:36<HoopyCat>rjorgenson: :-)
09:37<HoopyCat>it appears to have moved!
09:37<rjorgenson>that worked for me
09:37<py1hon>if you're a gentoo user shouldn't you be compiling your own? ;)
09:37*py1hon is running 2.6.37 on his linode
09:38-!-MeCooL [mecool@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:38<rjorgenson>not sure, my last gentoo virtual server didn't support custom kernels, right now I just want to get it up and running
09:38<HoopyCat>rjorgenson: well, it's the source, configured as in /proc/config.gz, with the version number tweaked to add -linodexx. but i'm getting a 404 for that URL, which i suspect is related to the linode manager transition
09:39<rjorgenson>yeah me too, the src list loads up fine, abut when i wget the file on my server I get a 404 =/
09:39<amitz>bitlbee with twitter functionality, yahoooo
09:40<HoopyCat>amitz: real men use twirssi
09:40<rjorgenson>link seems to work from home
09:41-!-tibbetts [] has quit [Quit: tibbetts]
09:41<amitz>HoopyCat: I like to keep my client leant.
09:41<HoopyCat>rjorgenson: yeah, is spread across a few different servers and i bet one or more of them are missing src/
09:42<amitz>and the world need an integrated feed of software update you can selectively subscribe to. I can't believe I missed that news about bitlbee.
09:42<Talman>Help me prase this.
09:42*HoopyCat opens a ticket, for he has run out of "you should open a ticket on that" credits
09:43<Talman>There's a guy in this starbucks. Two people were confused trying to figure out how to get in. He said, once they did (There are 6 doors to get through before you can get into the starbucks, its a mall type design) "Congratulations, you made it."
09:43<Talman>Why does this person set me on edge?
09:44<HoopyCat>Talman: they didn't win a tangible prize, merely the ability to sniff your hulu traffic
09:45-!-MattWB [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:45<Talman>>.> I actually haven't bothered to torrent or hulu off this network.
09:45<Talman>Maybe I should.
09:45-!-disinpho [] has joined #linode
09:45<amitz>it's really time for me to force upgrade my debian to squeeze.... -_-
09:45<HoopyCat>"sniffing the hulu" sounds... bad
09:46-!-BitRadiator [] has joined #linode
09:46-!-BitRadiator [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:49-!-devside [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
09:52-!-devside2 [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
09:54-!-megatron27 [~firdaus@] has joined #linode
09:56-!-devside3 [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
09:57<disinpho>i changed my /etc/postfix/ to add 'virtual_alias_domains = mydomain1.tld, mydomain2.tld' and 'virtual_alias_maps = /etc/postfix/virtual' the domains are in my /etc/hosts and i did a 'postmap /etc/postfix/virtual' and a 'postfix reload' after. It doesnt work. How do I troubleshoot?
10:01-!-devsidex [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
10:02-!-prowl [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
10:06-!-devsidex [~45a4c8c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:07-!-devsidex [~45a4c8c8@] has joined #linode
10:08-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
10:12-!-devsidex [~45a4c8c8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:12<amitz>see postfix log?
10:13-!-dude [] has joined #linode
10:14-!-dude is now known as Guest134
10:14<disinpho>amitz: i dont have a /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail - where might it be then
10:15<amitz>you said postfix reload didn't work. Define didn't work?
10:18<Karrde>how do you not have a /var/log/mail* ? What distro is this?
10:19-!-Guest134 is now known as ariel
10:20-!-ariel is now known as Guest135
10:23<ironie>no /var/log = ditro4dummies..?
10:25-!-rjorgenson [] has quit [Quit: rjorgenson]
10:25<disinpho>is there no syslogd in the debian lenny 64 image?
10:26-!-devsidenet [~480eb4c8@] has joined #linode
10:28-!-jtc [~chatzilla@] has joined #linode
10:28<linbot>New news from forums: Feature request: geographic heterogeneity for backups and... in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
10:30<Talman>Isn't lenny ancient?
10:30<HoopyCat>disinpho: i haven't deployed it myself, but "ps aux" will list everything running and "dpkg -l" will list everything installed. if debian doesn't consider it an essential component of a minimal install, then yeah, it might not be there
10:31<jtc>hi anyone elses linode traffic/cpu/io graphs not showing activities?
10:31<disinpho>HoopyCat: ty
10:32-!-Binjo_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:33<HoopyCat>jtc: now that you mention it, mine are looking quiet
10:33*HoopyCat fires up bittorrent while the bandwidth meter isn't spinning
10:33<Talman>Oh, I see.
10:34<amitz>Talman: but sueeze is not of legal age.
10:34<Talman>At 2325CT on 11/20/10 my host issued a restart.
10:34<HoopyCat>jtc: mine dropped to zero around 0730 UTC, looks like
10:34<Talman>Considering that I was asleep at 11 PM< I'm going to say that was the power outage.
10:34<jtc>yup, same here
10:35<amitz>my irssi session was gone hence i restarted. such a useful irc client!
10:35<Talman>0200 to 0500 apprximately, GMT, via iphone linode app.
10:35-!-Xobb [~xobb@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:35-!-Xobb [~xobb@] has joined #linode
10:35<dKingston>question = ( to ) ? be : ! be;
10:35<Talman>?Syntax Error
10:35<Karrde>disinpho: also look for rsyslog
10:36<amitz>yeah, what happened anyway?
10:36-!-blognewb_ [~blognewb@] has joined #linode
10:37-!-sm_ [] has joined #linode
10:38-!-JamesChevalier [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
10:38<Karrde>amitz: Fremont?
10:38<amitz>Karrde: yes, and seems verbose enough, hmmm
10:39<Karrde>was just going to point you there
10:39<sm_>hi all.. console output is stuck at "fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2\n/dev/xvda: clean, 1120497/5120000 files, 12531706/20480000 blocks\n" - is it still fscking ?
10:39<amitz>but don't they have a generator?!
10:39<Talman>Hoopy said someone rained on their data center.
10:39<Talman>I'm guessing a sprinkler went off.
10:40<tjfontaine>amitz: it ahppened during ups maint according to a thread I saw?
10:40<Talman>Now that's timing.
10:40<tjfontaine>its more common than you think
10:42<Talman>This is a camwhore site, isn't it.
10:42<sm_>anyone ?
10:43<tjfontaine>sm_: it looks clean to me, hit return
10:43<sm_>thanks, I did but it's not coming up
10:43-!-blognewb [~blognewb@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:43<sm_>I hit ctrl-C a few times
10:43<tjfontaine>no ssh either?
10:44<sm_>no.. reboot time ?
10:44<sm_>I can ping it
10:44-!-procyon [] has quit [Quit: procyon]
10:44<tjfontaine>what does your dashboard say about IO usage?
10:46<sm_>tjfontaine: the disk graph shows it was high last night, up to 24k blk/s for an hour or two. network traffic is well below quota
10:46<HoopyCat>Talman: no, it rained outside. inside is fine.
10:46<amitz>tjfontaine: ups maintenance is more common than what we think? or such bad timing of ups maint + power outage is more common than what we think?
10:46<sm_>15 Mb/s for an hour or two
10:46<HoopyCat>Talman: (thunderstorm + power outage)
10:47<tjfontaine>sm_: but nothing now?
10:47<sm_>nothing going on now
10:47<tjfontaine>amitz: ups maint causing power outages
10:47<sm_>eh wait
10:47<sm_>you're right, the day graph shows stuff happening
10:48<sm_>in. Hmm
10:48<disinpho> i still cant figure out how to troubleshoot postfix, please take a brief look if you know how to set up postfix basics
10:48-!-lembacon [] has joined #linode
10:48*sm_ is confused
10:49<fahadsadah_>tjfontaine: What are Linode upspeeds capped at?
10:49<sm_>tjfontaine: sorry. The 24h graph shows nothing happening now
10:49<HoopyCat>disinpho: pastebin a "ps auxwww"?
10:49<HoopyCat>sm_: i suspect the graphs may be broken at the present time
10:50-!-fahadsadah_ is now known as fahadsadah
10:50<sm_>ok, though it looks kind of correct
10:50<tjfontaine>fahadsadah_: at levels I never hit
10:50<Talman>thought that the dallas graph box recovered.
10:50<fahadsadah>tjfontaine: I heard 50Mbps before.
10:50<fahadsadah>Is that correct? Anywhere near?
10:50<HoopyCat>sm_: ok, i will consider brokedness less widespread than i thought :-)
10:50<tjfontaine>right, levels I never hit
10:51<HoopyCat>fahadsadah: by default, yeah. if it's causing problems, it can be adjusted with a ticket
10:51*sm_ will reboot
10:51<fahadsadah>By adjusted, do you mean lifted?
10:51<fahadsadah>Does that cost extra?
10:52<tjfontaine>got that many people looking at your porn that you need > 50Mbps?
10:53<fahadsadah>I just need to shift a tonne of data, one off.
10:53-!-Guest135 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:54-!-lembacon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:54<sm_>tjfontaine: reboot swiftly fixed it. Weird. thanks
10:54<HoopyCat>fahadsadah: moved either up or down, and it probably won't cost extra (but it'll require a ticket and a reboot, and you'd be able to run through 200 GB of bandwidth in less than 8 hours, which could cost extra)
10:54-!-jyygyiuj [] has joined #linode
10:55<fahadsadah>A reboot?
10:55<HoopyCat>fahadsadah: network parameters are configured on boot
10:55<sm_>oh boy. It's down again
10:55<fahadsadah>That's a Xen limitation, right?
10:56<HoopyCat>fahadsadah: it's a limitation of linode's implementation, and is probably a design tradeoff
10:56-!-megatron27 [~firdaus@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
10:59-!-jyygyiuj [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:59<sm_>heh. a shutdown request causes it to finish startup :/
11:00<sm_>then after a minute: emergency sync.. shutdown completed
11:00-!-Solver_ is now known as Solver
11:00<HoopyCat>(when you've got tens of thousands of instances across thousands of hosts, you usually don't ssh in and muck with iptables :-)
11:00*sm_ boots once more, gingerly
11:01-!-moesian [] has joined #linode
11:01<HoopyCat>sm_: i suspect there's something in the boot process that is hanging, perhaps whatever starts immediately before postgresql...
11:01<sm_>that is pretty unfortunate :/
11:02<sm_>I just resized the disk from 50000M to 80000, don't know how that would hurt
11:02<fahadsadah>Downloading at max speed, 24/7, on a Linode 360, it's possible to run up a network usage bill of over $1.7mn
11:03<HoopyCat>sm_: boot up finnix (the rescue image) and ls /etc/rc2.d/S* ... whatever is right before postgresql gets the look of disapproval first
11:03<moesian>hi is there a problem with having web applications in your home directory, does it present a security issue? Where is the usual place to keep your applications?
11:03<sm_>it still hangs right after fsck.. is it possible to tell from that paste what's hung ? mountall ?
11:03<HoopyCat>sm_: probably not so much the disk resize as it was the reboot
11:04-!-jmulder [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:04*jmcfarlane wakes up
11:04<HoopyCat>fahadsadah: s/Linode 360/Linode 512/ but yep. not the world's cheapest bandwidth.
11:05-!-cats [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:05<fahadsadah>I misread the cap as 200MB, not 200GB.
11:05<fahadsadah>And almost shat myself halfway through this transfer
11:05-!-cats [] has joined #linode
11:05<jmcfarlane>just woke up, mine was powered off, but seems to have booted normally
11:05<HoopyCat>fahadsadah: that's ok, i misread that as zimbabwean dollars and whipped out my amex
11:06<fahadsadah>mikegrb: Do you ever say anything other than "lulz"?
11:06-!-nori [~480eb4c8@] has joined #linode
11:06<mikegrb>mmm bacon
11:06<HoopyCat>moesian: probably not a particular security risk by itself. other factors are usually more important (what username is the application running as? what else can it write to?)
11:07<HoopyCat>moesian: as for where to keep applications, /var/www seems to be the default, but a convincing case can be made for /srv/www (or at least somewhere other than /var)
11:07<HoopyCat>fahadsadah: i think he's probably asleep
11:08<jmcfarlane>ohh, all shiney
11:08<moesian>HoopyCat: Thanks
11:08<sm_>HoopyCat: reboot to rescue mode failed
11:08<jmcfarlane>seems that while I was sleeping, someone else was working to fix things :)
11:08-!-Damian [~Damian@] has joined #linode
11:08<sm_>"unknown reason"
11:08-!-vsnine [] has joined #linode
11:09<MikeSeth>linode + iredmail = win
11:09-!-vsnine [] has quit []
11:09<HoopyCat>jmcfarlane: <--- might be applicable :-)
11:09-!-vsnine [] has joined #linode
11:10<HoopyCat>sm_: hmm. *tries it*
11:10<sm_>oops, I just tried another regular boot
11:10*HoopyCat waits for wife to yell "HEY, THE DEV SERVER IS BROKEN"
11:10<sm_>you're not trying it on mine I guess
11:10-!-lcannell [~480ebfc8@] has joined #linode
11:11<snubby>got a real important question to ask to you linoders!
11:11<jmcfarlane>HoopyCat: yea, I was up till 3 (pst) following along
11:11<HoopyCat>sm_: that is correct. :-) i've never actually used it
11:11<HoopyCat>sm_: (well, at least not since it turned into an easy big button)
11:11<snubby>Have you made the world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race today?
11:11-!-nori [~480eb4c8@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:11<amitz>snubby: yes, nobody did urmom.
11:12<jmcfarlane>HoopyCat: was sad to see mine was still dead as of this morning, but a boot request was all it took
11:12*snubby assumes silence as a yes
11:12-!-lcannell [~480ebfc8@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:12-!-seanthegeek [] has joined #linode
11:13<HoopyCat>jmcfarlane: sounds like some were a little more difficult than others
11:13<seanthegeek>Does anyone know of a good guide to setting up virtualmin onn linode post-install?
11:14<HoopyCat>sm_: the Reboot into Rescue Mode button worked for me, at least
11:14<sm_>HoopyCat: thanks. I'm filing an issue
11:15<sm_>hope it's not lost in the flood
11:15<HoopyCat>seanthegeek: apt-get install virtualbox, then ssh -X you@your.linode virtualbox? :-) 'bout the only gotcha i can think of would be that you'd need to use NAT instead of bridging
11:15<sm_>time for breakfast
11:15<jmcfarlane>HoopyCat: gosh, I can only imagine the crazy that (went|is going) on to get things fixed up
11:15<Yaakov>HoopyCat: virtualmin
11:15<HoopyCat>sm_: i'd bet you get a response by the time you get back
11:16-!-Damian [~Damian@] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
11:16<Yaakov>HoopyCat: Webmin refactored.
11:16<HoopyCat>seanthegeek: disregard that, i think i need new glasses
11:16<HoopyCat>Yaakov: thx
11:16<jmcfarlane>mine looks to be functioning normally, not data loss or anything that I can tell
11:16-!-Odious [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:16<Yaakov>HoopyCat: I got your back, buddy.
11:17<HoopyCat>i do, however, wanna try this now
11:17<Yaakov>HoopyCat: I got your six, I should say.
11:17<jmcfarlane>Yaakov: ha, you a staffer?
11:18<HoopyCat>jmcfarlane: Yaakov, like i, is but a lowly customer
11:18<HoopyCat>lmatos: <3 <3
11:18<jmcfarlane>HoopyCat: :)
11:18<jmcfarlane>nothing wrong with that
11:19<lmatos>HoopyCat: can I help you?
11:19<Yaakov>I would love to work for Linode, LLC, but I can't afford to. I would recoomend, though, that anyone who might want to work for Linode, LLC, apply!
11:19<jmcfarlane>darn NJ
11:19<jmcfarlane>I looked again last night, hoping they had an office closer to SF
11:20<HoopyCat>lmatos: just sending along a sideways-heart in regards tickets 288376 and 288420 :-)
11:20<jmcfarlane>I've spent enough time in a colo to wish I was there last night to help do something (even if just providing coffee)
11:20<Yaakov>It's not New Jersey that is the impediment, it is that I would have to be caker to make enough to live in the style to which I have grown accustomed, and there is only one caker slot.
11:21<lmatos>HoopyCat: Ah. <333333
11:21<jmcfarlane>Yaakov: for me it's NJ, not in a position to move there just for one sweet gig
11:21<Yaakov>I once lived in NJ.
11:22<Yaakov>But that was something like 30 years ago.
11:22<HoopyCat>jmcfarlane: IRC-wise, there are a few of us that tend to be a ladies' auxilliary of sorts
11:22<jmcfarlane>Yaakov: glad to hear you're now living in what you're accustomed :)
11:23<jmcfarlane>HoopyCat: might be a bit too sleepy just yet, but dunno what that means
11:23<Yaakov>jmcfarlane: HoopyCat numbers himself among the volunteer shock troops.
11:23<jmcfarlane>Yaakov: ah, tx for the translation
11:23<Yaakov>jmcfarlane: He's a Linode Scout, Eagle Class.
11:24<jmcfarlane>Yaakov: haha... very nice
11:24<Yaakov>jmcfarlane: He also makes a hell of a covered dish for the potluck.
11:24<HoopyCat>jmcfarlane: something like except without the bake sales, candy sales, canteen services, snacks, beverages, and conjugal benefits
11:24<jmcfarlane>when I moved to SF I gave up my L3 cabinet, and moved to Linode
11:24<mikegrb>mmm cake
11:24<Yaakov>HoopyCat: If you would organize the bake sale we could have cake.
11:25<jmcfarlane>HoopyCat: ah, context
11:25<mikegrb>mmm cake
11:25<jmcfarlane>all this cake, makes me want coffee even more (bastartds)
11:26<jmcfarlane>so not to kick anyone while they're down, but things seem dramatically calmer now...
11:26<jmcfarlane>has anyone soffered data loss?
11:26<Yaakov>HoopyCat: As far as the conjugal benefits, you will need to ensure that you do not exceed a certain minimal temporosptial proximity to mikegrb.
11:27<Yaakov>I missed some drama. I am glad that I missed the drama, mind, but what was it?
11:28-!-moesian [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
11:29<Yaakov>Ah, Fremont.
11:29<Yaakov>Well... icky poo, &c.
11:29-!-Yahovah [] has joined #linode
11:30<jmcfarlane>going back to bed
11:30<jmcfarlane>tx jed and everyone else who worked so hard
11:30<HoopyCat>jmcfarlane: i haven't heard of anything. ext3+good hardware RAID will do wonders much of the time.
11:31<jmcfarlane>HoopyCat: that's awesome
11:32-!-jmcfarlane [] has left #linode []
11:32<HoopyCat>i did, however, lose my connection to EFnet
11:32<vsync>yay, manager is all snappy and my resize is running!
11:32<nenolod_>i see hurricane electric strikes again
11:33<nenolod_>leaving their fremont-2 colo facility was the smart thing i've ever done
11:33-!-nenolod_ is now known as nenolod
11:33<tjfontaine>didn't matter which facility, fe-1 was affected as well
11:34<d-b>tjfontaine: oh really?
11:35<d-b>did you guys find out what it was?
11:35<linbot>New news from forums: Linode API 2.4 in General Discussion <>
11:35<tjfontaine>2.4? wtf we have versions?
11:35<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: i probably wouldn't trust WHT to know what year it is
11:35<d-b>HoopyCat: ha!
11:36<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: I trust someone to know where their equipment is generally located ;)
11:36<d-b>what is this a 2 bit opperation?
11:37<tjfontaine>holy crap, Current Version: 2.4 (2010-11-18)
11:37<tjfontaine>there are versions
11:37<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: i... don't :-)
11:37<tjfontaine>I bet the change was to
11:38<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: i know something was whack with avail.linodeplans but i can't recall what it was
11:38<amitz>tjfontaine: enough talk about equipment! I'm still raging due to linode going down on me.
11:39<HoopyCat>don't let your node go down on me
11:39<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: list(planid) still returned everything
11:39<tjfontaine>amitz: was she good?
11:39<Talman>I thoguht webhosting talk was the end all b all of the internet.
11:39<HoopyCat>tjfontaine: ah, so the docs didn't change but the API did :-)
11:39<nenolod>tjfontaine: the way that HE's topology is, if any of their routers fail, the entire network falls over
11:39*Yaakov constructs a toliet-paper containment vessel for amitz's rage.
11:39<tjfontaine>HoopyCat: at least in that case :)
11:39<disinpho>I am going to be in so much trouble if i dont get postfix working
11:39<tjfontaine>nenolod: quaint
11:39<Yaakov>That'll hold it.
11:40-!-Schroeder [] has joined #linode
11:40<d-b>nenolod: i would hope not!
11:40<nenolod>d-b: it's true
11:40<d-b>prove it!
11:40<nenolod>d-b: i colo'd at HE for 5 years
11:41<amitz>Yaakov: I'm raging hard, it can't be contained.
11:41*HoopyCat installs Jimmy Wales extension
11:41<d-b>nenolod: is the setup that bad?
11:41<nenolod>d-b: i finally left when they had an electrical fire at FMT-2 and it became known that they've never had the wiring inspected by city inspectors
11:41<d-b>nenolod: ohoh
11:41<nenolod>d-b: between the electrical fire and me leaving, they had 2 more electrical related outages
11:42<d-b>sounds :/
11:42<nenolod>obviously you can't just leave a DC
11:42<nenolod>you have to have a new DC lined up to put the stuff in :p
11:42<freeki>I wonder how The Planet + SoftLayer are going to work out in Dallas.
11:42<nenolod>HE does 'shark contracts'
11:42*freeki waits and sees
11:42<nenolod>they autorenew for 1 year commitment
11:43<nenolod>the only way to get out is to submit your cancellation notice exactly 60 days before the renewal period
11:43<freeki>I'm trying to find a decent place to lease a quarter rack
11:43<dKingston>yes, yes hello
11:43<freeki>being in Austin, SoftLayer might be the best.
11:43<nenolod>SoftLayer does not do colocation
11:44<freeki>nenolod: ThePlanet does.
11:44<freeki>And SoftLayer just absorbed ThePlanet
11:44<d-b>freeki: really?
11:44<nenolod>ah, right
11:44<nenolod>i've been to an SL facility before
11:44<nenolod>it's all automated
11:44<nenolod>there are just racks and racks of servers and one guy running the place
11:44<freeki>Sounds like my old job.
11:46<freeki>i need to do something about my net package
11:47<freeki>I'm paying too much for 7mb/
11:47<nenolod>i have 25/25 from AT&T
11:47<freeki>Is that uverse?
11:47<nenolod>the fiberoptics version
11:47<HoopyCat>automation ftw
11:47<nenolod>my understanding is that the vdsl version only goes up to 24/1
11:48-!-nessenj [] has joined #linode
11:48<freeki>7mbs just isn't worth crap.
11:48<HoopyCat>we occasionally get these "$BIGCORP receives $BIGMILLIONS in tax incentives to locate a high-tech internet cloud datacenter in $DUBIOUSREGION with 250 full-time employees" things
11:49<HoopyCat>250 jobs?!! wtf are they doing in a datacenter?!
11:51-!-sporadical [] has joined #linode
11:52-!-trustee [] has quit []
11:55<freeki>I hate CPanel so much.
11:55*freeki sighs
11:55<Talman>Why do you have cPanel.
11:55<dKingston>everyone does my friend
11:56<Talman>I don't.
11:56<Talman>Its a wonderful tool for giving clueless end users the ability to have a website.
11:56<freeki>Talman: I work for a webhosting company that uses it?
11:56<freeki>You don't need CPanel to do that.
11:56<freeki>In my experience CPanel tends to confuse more than it helps.
11:56<HoopyCat>it is a wonderful tool for giving clueless end users the ability to sell web hosting to other clueless end users
11:56<freeki>CPanel also encourages bad practices.
11:57<freeki>HoopyCat: THERE YA GO.
11:57<Talman>I solve the problem by not letting clients touch the server their webs are on.
11:57<freeki>CPanel is for idiots, by idiots, to re-sell to other idiots!
11:57<nick125>Now you're getting the picture..
11:57<Talman>Anyway, I'm going to get lunch. Have fun.
11:58<freeki>In a couple hours I plan to head to Whataburger.
11:58<freeki>it's calling my name
11:58<HoopyCat>i wouldn't say cpanel was written by idiots
11:58-!-sporadical [] has quit [Quit: sporadical]
11:59<freeki>HoopyCat: Like I said, CPanel encourages what I consider bad practices.
11:59<HoopyCat>it takes a smart business plan to be able to afford to replace the blendtec blenders whenever they get dull from pureeing gold ingots into smoothies
11:59<freeki>If you're running a system larger than say.. 10 servers.
11:59<freeki>Each server should only be running an httpd and mysql server.
12:00<freeki>And have designated clustered DNS and Mail.
12:00<HoopyCat>freeki: and sendmail, and postgresql, and mailman, and clamav and amavis and
12:00<freeki>Well yeah, an MTA is required.
12:00<freeki>I disagree with Postgres as being a given though.
12:00<HoopyCat>freeki: (i also didn't say "MTA", i said "sendmail")
12:01-!-prettyrobots [] has joined #linode
12:01<freeki>Yeah, good luck with that.
12:01<freeki>I'll use exim.
12:01<HoopyCat>freeki: postfix throws errors when everything is chmod 777, so you gotta run sendmail
12:01<freeki>Why the fuck would you chmod 777?
12:02<HoopyCat>freeki: because how else will the users' web applications work? duh
12:02<freeki>Well, in my envrionment they wouldn't work with 777.
12:02<freeki>suphp renders an Internal Server Error when running a 777 script.
12:03-!-trustee [] has joined #linode
12:04-!-zacharyp [] has joined #linode
12:04<freeki>oh shit
12:05<freeki>i just realized i signed up for my internet bill with my old debit card
12:05<HoopyCat>nenolod: retweeting self, five yard penalty
12:06*nenolod punts HoopyCat 6 yeards, over the goal line
12:06<linbot>New news from forums: What Forum do you use? in General Discussion <>
12:06-!-Steve^ [] has joined #linode
12:06<nenolod>HoopyCat: i'm not kidding btw, they really do send out these postcards:
12:07<freeki>nenolod: your hair is long
12:07<HoopyCat>nenolod: that's actually somewhat applicable to my business. i just get $20 off my $150 order of break room supplies
12:08<HoopyCat>nenolod: also, i should probably scan in some of the used car ads i get...
12:09<nenolod>freeki: i cut it short in august
12:09<freeki>nenolod: failboat
12:10<freeki>long hair proves to the world how little you give a feck
12:10-!-Lardle [] has joined #linode
12:10<nenolod>freeki: we had a couple of weeks where it was 120 degree highs
12:11<freeki>nenolod: that's when you pull it back and tie it off like a woman
12:11-!-Pryon [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
12:11<HoopyCat>if i have to shampoo twice (summer), or if my hair has to thaw after i morningly commute somewhere (winter), my hair is too long
12:11<freeki>nenolod: I just moved to Austin so I'll deal with it next year :/
12:12<Lardle>for $5 more/month, I can get from twice the RAM, nearly 4x the storage, and 15x the bandwidth I'm getting from linode
12:12<Lardle>why shouldn't I switch?
12:13<freeki>We're not sales.
12:13<heckman[fng]>Lardle, do they have an awesome tool like the Linode manager?
12:13<HoopyCat>Lardle: We are currently out of stock on this item so orders for it have been suspended until more stock is available. For furthur information, please contact us.
12:13<heckman[fng]>Do they have community support as strong as this channel?
12:13<nenolod>Lardle: i'm going to be honest here
12:14<nenolod>Lardle: frantech is run by a meth addict
12:14<heckman[fng]>^ winnar
12:14<nenolod>Lardle: i have personal experience in this matter, involving his business partner buying transit from me in order to get his customers out of frantech's control
12:15<lmatos>heckman[fng]: You become a Linodian citizen tomorrow right?
12:15<heckman[fng]>Supposed to be next Monday
12:15<heckman[fng]>But my current job just let me go
12:15<heckman[fng]>I gave em two weeks notice and they let me go early
12:15<nenolod>actually, it is not so bad
12:15<heckman[fng]>So I may end up going down
12:15<heckman[fng]>I need to get in contact with em.
12:19<HoopyCat>Lardle: windows and linux being the same price seems a little suspicious to me, and they're a little low on technical details. but if those specs are what your situation needs, give it a spin
12:20<nenolod>HoopyCat: frantech uses pirated windows licenses
12:20<freeki>I'm paying $30/mo for 7mbs
12:20<freeki>fuck my life
12:20<HoopyCat>nenolod: that's one way to keep the cost down
12:20<nenolod>HoopyCat: i have great stories about them, involving all of the customer data being removed from steadfast at the time that they owed karl $20000
12:20<freeki>i paid $20/mo for 11mbs in Atlanta
12:20<nenolod>HoopyCat: and being relocated to michigan so that fran's business partner at the time could recover his customers' VPSes
12:21<nenolod>HoopyCat: and hold them hostage until francisco coughed up his side of the bill
12:21<Lardle>so they're shady characters, then?
12:22<HoopyCat>nenolod: i used to be in the local/regional dialup business
12:22<nenolod>at one point, francisco or kib or somebody offered 1 year free to move from other vps providers
12:22<nenolod>i wonder how that worked out
12:23<nenolod>Lardle: i wouldn't buy from them if i depended on the vps being up
12:23<nenolod>i did buy a vps from them once so i could evaluate vsphere (nulled license btw)
12:24<game-proz>nenolod excuse me because I haven't seen the whole story, but it looks like you're trying to prevent people from using a provider
12:24<nenolod>not at all
12:24<nenolod>Lardle asked for opinions on frantech, so i provided him with my knowledge
12:24-!-linode22 [] has joined #linode
12:24<game-proz>ah ok, I've got a few companies I would rather see the end of as well
12:25-!-Pryon [] has joined #linode
12:25<nenolod>i don't wish to see the end of any companies
12:25<nenolod>except the ones run by children instead of adults
12:25<HoopyCat>Lardle: this is the first i've heard of them, but they appear to be out of stock of everything
12:25-!-tibbetts [] has joined #linode
12:25<game-proz>well my story involves a girl and a drug addict who cost the girl a lot of pain and money
12:25<seanthegeek>Does anyone know how I can configure wirtualmin to manage my DNS?
12:25<nenolod>HoopyCat: they mainly sell to roleplaying communities
12:25-!-nuclear [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:26<nenolod>and anime people
12:26-!-tibbetts [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:26-!-tibbetts [] has joined #linode
12:27-!-Yahovah [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:27<linbot>New news from forums: Moving from MT & site craps out using Load Impact in Performance and Tuning <>
12:27<nenolod>HoopyCat: according to kib (fran's business partner during HDD-gate), they were about to be sued by microsoft due to selling pirated windows
12:27-!-tibbetts [] has quit []
12:28<HoopyCat>seanthegeek: hrm... well, for running your own DNS architecture, you're going to need at least two servers (preferably geographically separated). if it has a mechanism to use others' DNS systems via API, that would work nicely too
12:28-!-Continuum [~Continuum@] has joined #linode
12:28-!-Steve^ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:28-!-Demonicpagan [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:29-!-iondrip [~nibbler@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
12:29-!-jtc [~chatzilla@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.12/20101026210630]]
12:30<HoopyCat>seanthegeek: or you could have it run as a shadow master server, then set up, say, linode's DNS manager as a slave for your zones
12:30-!-linode22 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:30-!-mccreavy [] has quit [Quit: mccreavy]
12:30-!-_atula_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:30<nenolod>just do what i do and set up powerdns + postgresql + poweradmin :P
12:30<HoopyCat>nenolod: you still need two or more servers ;-)
12:30-!-zxcd [] has joined #linode
12:30<nenolod>fair point
12:31<nenolod>but you can use kiddie hosts for them
12:31<nenolod>just pick up 5 kiddie vpses for the same price of a linode
12:31<nenolod>5x redundancy
12:31<nenolod>then you store your master db on an actually reputable vps
12:31<nenolod>like a linode
12:31<freeki>Minecraft ftw
12:31<marius>like the ones nenolod hosts for silly bnc providers ;P
12:31<dstufft>if your doing that just get dns made easy or something
12:31<HoopyCat>nenolod: also, alliteration-augmented architectures are awesome
12:32<nenolod>marius: no, i'm 24
12:32<nenolod>marius: i'm talking the morons who buy servers at softlayer and load virtuozzo on them
12:32<nenolod>and go "LOL 512MB VPS $1/mo"
12:32<marius>but you still host for silly bnc providers ;P
12:32<nenolod>marius: i think xbnc is the only one left
12:32<marius>I'm pretty sure there's like 2 others
12:32<marius>but I could be wrong
12:33<nenolod>marius: nobody has whined to me about any of them
12:33<marius>I'm not in the "cool" crowd over there no more
12:33*marius sniggers
12:33<marius>ahh, the glorius days of bnc providers dos'ing each other
12:33<marius>that was fun, don't you agree? xD
12:33<nenolod>they were ddosing eahc other from their vpses
12:33<nenolod>i was laughing my ass off
12:33<marius>I know
12:33<marius>and their vps'es within the same service!
12:33<nenolod>their vpses on the same host in fact
12:33<marius>kids these days, no imagination at all
12:34<nenolod>i put all the kiddie vps hosts on the same dom0
12:34<nenolod>er, s/vps/bnc/
12:34-!-asd [asd@] has joined #linode
12:34-!-atula [] has joined #linode
12:34<asd>Hey guys, can anyone assist with the following question? (on serverfault as it's too long for IRC)
12:35<nenolod>marius: i got an email from global crossing saying that one of the kiddie bnc hosts had a botnet on it on port 8080
12:35-!-Continuum [~Continuum@] has quit [Quit: Continuum]
12:35<nenolod>marius: i think that was runebnc
12:35<nenolod>marius: so i set an ACL in the router blocking port 8080 and i get a complaint from them asking why 8080 doesn't work for them
12:35<nenolod>marius: and i'm like "so what kinda botnet you runnin on port 8080"
12:35<marius>nenolod: heh...I still remember the good days of skids emailing my dedi provider saying I was performing malicous attacks tryign to find weaknesses, and whe nthe host checked it was -true- form my IRCd port scans
12:36<nenolod>marius: and he's like NO IT IS APACHE HTTPD
12:36-!-zxcd [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:36<HoopyCat>asd: what's "netstat -ntlp" look like, esp. for things listening on port 80?
12:36<marius>asd, is added to eth?
12:36<asd>HoopyCat: I have
12:37<asd>marius: No, how do I do that?
12:37<HoopyCat>asd: and is otherwise reachable (e.g. can you ping it)?
12:37<marius>points for Marius \o
12:37-!-prettyrobots [] has quit [Quit: prettyrobots]
12:37<HoopyCat>!library static
12:37<linbot>HoopyCat: 1. Linux Static IP Configuration ( - 2. Using Apache for Proxy and Clustering Services on Fedora 12 ( - 3. Using Apache for Proxy and Clustering Services on CentOS 5 (
12:37<asd>first one?
12:37<HoopyCat>asd: link #1 there would have the interface config stuff
12:37<asd>great, thanks guys
12:38-!-Mohaa [] has joined #linode
12:38<marius>Our pleasure
12:38<HoopyCat>asd: apache should probably be fine, it looks like
12:38<asd>but other than that, are the ports.conf and virtual hosts set up correctly?
12:38<asd>ah great
12:39<nenolod>marius: i connect to it
12:39<nenolod>marius: and i get ":f.u.c.k.n.e.t NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname..."
12:40<nenolod>marius: and i am like "yeah that definitely looks like apache to me >_>"
12:40<marius>ahh yes
12:40<marius>How I do so love the skids of swift
12:40<nenolod>then i got a 600mbps udp flood
12:40<nenolod>and i was like "yawn"
12:40<marius>nowadays I'm in 1 channel, and that's it, and that's just to chat with the group I've been with for the past 6 or 7 years from various networks back
12:41<marius>But for reasons unknown to me, I'm STILL hosting SwiftBL :P
12:41<HoopyCat>some people take life way too seriously
12:43-!-Mohaa [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:45<marius>Heh, 18 year old kid without a license walked into a hospital, put on a reflective vest and jumped into an ambulance and drove off
12:45-!-sm_ is now known as sm
12:45<marius>he was shitfaced and he crashed the ambulance, totalling it
12:47<asd>Works, thanks again
12:47-!-asd [asd@] has quit []
12:50<HoopyCat>what does a windshield cracking at FL340 sound like? "tink!" is about the best i can come up with
12:51<marius>I can't think of anything better my self, hoopy
12:52<HoopyCat> <--- definitely not a problem you let linger
12:52-!-prettyrobots [] has joined #linode
12:52<linbot>New news from forums: fremont outage in Customer Testimonials <>
12:53<game-proz>HoopyCat what aircraft is that?
12:53-!-sm [] has quit [Quit: ]
12:54<HoopyCat>game-proz: i think a 757?
12:54<HoopyCat>game-proz: yeah, B752/Q
12:55<game-proz>I was doing 491 knots in a 747 when going down to new zealand, that was pretty nifty
12:55<game-proz>a mile a second
12:57<HoopyCat>it's the boston->chicago->tokyo->bangkok, and it looks like it turned into the boston->buffalo approx. over my house
12:57<seanthegeek>HoopyCat: Do you know of a tutorial for setting the shadow master server on virtualmin? I am very new to BIND/virtualmin.
12:57-!-jmulder [] has joined #linode
12:59<HoopyCat>seanthegeek: i do not, alas... i'm not too familiar with that end of virtualmin either
12:59-!-hfb [] has joined #linode
13:01<seanthegeek>HoppyCat: I found this tutorial :)
13:04-!-Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
13:05-!-davand [~mexicat@] has joined #linode
13:05<HoopyCat>seanthegeek: looks plausible :-)
13:06-!-User12482 [~blognewb@] has joined #linode
13:07-!-Gnewt [] has joined #linode
13:08-!-Dreamer3 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:08<HoopyCat>game-proz, marius:
13:09<Yaakov>I make intercontinental trips in my custom designed supersonic blimp.
13:09<HoopyCat>some visibility constraints
13:09<game-proz>HoopyCat pressure imbalance? it would've made a really loud thumping sound
13:09<davand> < umm, anyone knows the reason of the gap between 8 and 12? pingdom reports no downtime
13:09<marius>if I was the pilot
13:09<marius>and the window suddenly did that
13:10<heckman[fng]>Ah he beat me to it
13:10<marius>I would probably be crashing that shit into the ground trying to get down to a height that wouldn't pressuer it too much
13:10<davand>yeah but i'm not on the fremont node
13:10<Talman>So, if I use OpenVPN, I can basically proxy everything including "leaks?"
13:10<game-proz>i had it open already, i digress
13:10<Talman>As long as I use the VPN IP?
13:10<game-proz>davand then I have no idea :(
13:10<HoopyCat>game-proz: looks like the heat-o-pane failed, so they turned it off
13:10<Talman>i.e. learn me VPN and dealing with a hostile network.
13:11<davand>maybe the stats-generator-or-what-it-is was in fremont...
13:11<game-proz>HoopyCat lol, then i guess you're right, would've been a sight to see the pilots face though
13:11-!-nessenj_ [~nessenj@] has joined #linode
13:11-!-nessenj_ [~nessenj@] has quit []
13:11-!-Lardle [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:11<game-proz>davand doesn't pingdom report from multiple sources? either way, it could be more or less related to the outage, serves a lot of companies
13:11<HoopyCat>davand: my graphs were broken for a time too. not sure why, but if you weren't down then you probably weren't down
13:11<game-proz>or that
13:12<Yaakov>I am in Newark and my graphs crashed too.
13:12-!-aatharuv_ [] has quit [Quit: i <3 pork (]
13:12<Talman>Wait, HoopyCat, you have a box in Fremont?
13:12<game-proz>i heard there were some issues with host job queues as well, so it could be a manager fault
13:12<HoopyCat>Talman: no, newark
13:12-!-blognewb_ [~blognewb@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
13:12<Yaakov>The actually went down to zero over about 15 minutes.
13:12<game-proz>i have a box in fremont, unfortunately
13:12<Yaakov>They, too.
13:12<Talman>I had one, it went down from 0200 to 0400 GMT.
13:13<Talman>I didn't even notice, honestly.
13:13<Yaakov>But I've been up and fine.
13:13<game-proz>mine was down 11:30 PM to about 1:30-2 AM EST
13:13<Talman>Yeah, I figured the network was cut.
13:13<Talman>THat would be about mine, game-proz.
13:13<game-proz>i actually went to bed before then
13:13<Yaakov>The reappeared only about an hour ago.
13:13-!-Steve^ [] has joined #linode
13:14<Yaakov>They, dangit.
13:14<game-proz>but the graphs show uptime after... 5:45 AM
13:14<game-proz>given some slack considering graphs aren't always accurate
13:14<game-proz>it depends what host you were on, really
13:14<HoopyCat>ask your linode when it was up; don't rely on the graphs :-)
13:14<game-proz>some hosts were physically damaged, mine was one of them i believe
13:15<game-proz>the one hosting mine*
13:16<duff>anyone know in what way they were physically damaged? sounds a bit extreme, wasn’t this just a power outage?
13:16-!-stanix [] has joined #linode
13:16<davand>i've had 30 minutes of downtime (network timeouts) yesterday actually (london node), but i don't know if it's related to the fremont thing
13:16<stanix>my domain on freemont servers are screwed up. apache web server isn't running. i tried to reboot, but no luck. what do i do now?
13:17<duff>davand: I’m in London and haven’t noticed issues
13:17<HoopyCat>duff: all i know is what's on status.*, but i suspect overvoltage/undervoltage/rapidly-cycling-on-and-off-voltage
13:17<HoopyCat>duff: datacenters usually don't lose power cleanly
13:17<HoopyCat>stanix: what happens when you try starting apache?
13:17<stanix>HoopyCat, just a sec
13:18<davand>duff: i don't know, pingdom reports >30s timeouts, but it solved itself it seems
13:18<stanix>when I do /etc/init.d/apache2 restart, i get this:
13:18<stanix>(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:80
13:18<stanix>(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
13:18<game-proz>stanix do "ps -A"
13:18<HoopyCat>stanix: hmm. "netstat -ntlp" (as root) will show you what's bound to 80
13:18<stanix>no listening sockets available, shutting down
13:19<game-proz>and what HoopyCat said
13:19<game-proz>netstat for the win
13:19<Yaakov>My graphs have a huge hole but I've had no downtime.
13:19<game-proz>Yaakov graphs have been acting wierd recently
13:20<duff>davand: could it be your node itself which is having issues? the logs I have on my node doesn’t show any signs of issues receiving connections (and it’s a fairly busy node)
13:20<@caker>yeah, graph updating got disabled for a few hours deliberately
13:20<HoopyCat>i opened a ticket re: the graph thing earlier this morning and got an indeed-they-are-borked-but-will-be-fixed-ASAP... i haven't followed up but oh caker deploys the scoop
13:20<Yaakov>It's no skin off my nose, Mr C.
13:21<stanix>HoopyCat, weird i get this when i do netstat -ntlp: tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2447/webcit
13:21<HoopyCat>stanix: what is "webcit"?
13:21<@caker>most were back on before sunrise, but the rest I just reenabled 30m ago
13:21<stanix>HoopyCat, that's my citadel server i guess
13:21<Steve^>google analytics is registering hits on the wrong day
13:21<stanix>HoopyCat, that's mail server - citadel
13:21<davand>duff: i don't know, seems like it was a network problem (the linode has been up & running for days and i didn't touch it), though it solved itself...
13:21<game-proz>caker do you know about the physical state of fremont194 after the outage
13:22<game-proz>i think mine was one of the bummed ones
13:22<HoopyCat>stanix: well, it's listening on port 80, so apache cannot do so
13:22<Talman>caker: Did getting stuff back online require an on-site, or was HE able to deal with everything?
13:23<HoopyCat>stanix: stopping citadel then starting apache should get apache up, but then citadel will need some love
13:23<stanix>HoopyCat, looks like it. thanx, i am not even sure why citadel is citting on port 80. it all worked fine before the power loss in freemont
13:23<game-proz>stanix could be prioritized listening
13:23<HoopyCat>stanix: when was the last time you rebooted?
13:23<stanix>HoopyCat, well, screw citadel for now, the web servers are the issue
13:24<stanix>HoopyCat, i just rebooted now
13:24<game-proz>I just use google apps
13:24<HoopyCat>stanix: no, i mean before last night
13:24<game-proz>never had an issue with them
13:24<stanix>HoopyCat, well, i rebooted about a couple of weeks ago
13:24<HoopyCat>Talman: at normal aircraft speed, time between absecon and fremont is 4h40m
13:25<game-proz>we all know linode uses private business jets
13:25<Yaakov>There are hot standby versions of key Linode staffers in a special locker in each Linode DC.
13:25<HoopyCat>stanix: did everything come up fine then? was anything changed between then and now? i'm suspecting something in the citadel config or boot process changed...
13:26<stanix>HoopyCat, oh, ok, it is better now. the apache is running after i shutdown citadel. that'c good
13:26<HoopyCat>Yaakov: plus, i have an inflatable mikegrb
13:26<Steve^>Has anyone tried tracking downloads with google analytics?
13:26<Yaakov>HoopyCat: That's redundant.
13:26<HoopyCat>stanix: whew, good :-)
13:26<stanix>does anybody know about what could be the story with citadel listening on port 80?
13:26<game-proz>Yaakov I prefere utilizing a RAID 10 array of sys admins in case up to half of them get distracted by attractive datacenter geek chicks
13:28<HoopyCat>stanix: i seem to recall it does so by default... suggests there's some install-time setting for it
13:28-!-darkrain42 [] has left #linode []
13:28<Talman>Um, is <big> an actual XHTML tag?
13:29<stanix>HoopyCat, thanx a bunch, appreciated
13:29<Talman>... It is.
13:29<HoopyCat>Talman: it is, but i can't recall when it came to be
13:30<Talman>Looks like its HTML 4.0 DTD. I'm looking over a guy's site. In IE it renders 10px wide.
13:30<Talman>(Its tables, I'm just gonna define a hard width)
13:31<HoopyCat>stanix: np :-) after you find that setting (... good luck), be sure to give her a reboot just to make sure everything comes up right
13:31<Talman>Someone remind me what Citadel is. I've heard it before.
13:31<HoopyCat>Talman: groupware suite
13:32<Talman>Exchange killer like Zimbra etc?
13:32<HoopyCat>Talman: i haven't personally used it, but i would classify it in that category most likely
13:32-!-User12482 [~blognewb@] has quit [Quit: Client Quit]