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00:09<user6484>how long does it take to make a snapshot on a linode 512?
00:10<user6484>3% memory used
00:10<Peng>A snapshot?
00:10<user6484>backup they call it snapshot on linode control panel
00:11<Peng>Eh, 5-10 minutes?
00:11<user6484>k thx
00:11<Peng>Well, that's how long my automatic backups take.
00:11<Peng>It totally depends on how much disk space -- both the total size and number of inodes -- you're using.
00:11<user6484>How often do you backup?
00:11<Peng>Haha, me, back up?
00:13*purrdeta should backup stuff >.>
00:13<purrdeta>I mean really
00:13<user6484>if you use outlook 2011 you better backup
00:13<user6484>has the worst piece of crap recovery utility ever
00:14<user6484>it has happened to me twice in the past my os crashes or app crashes and repair utility can't recover my 3gb mail database
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00:18<user6484>Hey i'm trying to use tha automate pdm scipt, first it says You must create MX records for each domain you wish to host email for.
00:18<user6484>so in my domain editor i have @ pointing to my linode ip then i have CNAME --> mail pointing to then i have MX --> @ pointing to domain
00:18<user6484>am i missing something?
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00:19<bob2>yeah, that's completely wrong
00:19<user6484>: (
00:19<bob2>for google apps email to work: you need an MX record for @ pointing at google's mail servers~
00:19<bob2>oh wait
00:19<bob2>what is 'automate pdm'?
00:20<user6484>its pparadis script to install postfix, dovecot etcetc
00:20<bob2>so, no CNAMEs
00:20<bob2>have an MX record on @ pointing at your linode's hostname
00:20<bob2>for sanity your linode's hostname should be, not
00:22<user6484>i have A(HOST) --> Host: @ Points: linode ip CNAME(Alias) --> ftp: @ mail: www:@ MX--> Priority:10 Host: @ Points:domain
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00:22<bob2>I don't know what that means
00:22<bob2>what you want is:
00:23<bob2> A (linode hostname points at your linode IP)
00:23<bob2> MX 0
00:23<bob2> A (you can use a CNAME, but why bother)
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00:26<bob2>useless without knowing wtf is
00:27<bob2>is it really the domain you're configuring?
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00:27<bob2>if so, CNAME is obviously not going to work ;)
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00:38<user6484>gtg thanks for help will try again tomorrow
00:48<purrdeta>NOOO don't use CNAMEs with mail :P
00:49<amitz>this reminds me to a problem I had yesterday. I would have quickly found my bug if I only I told people the exact command I run from the beginning.
00:50<amitz>ymmv :-p
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01:01<mbreslin>like i said
01:01<mbreslin>it's topsekret
01:01<mbreslin>lay off
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01:03*amitz summons wikileaks
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01:04<amitz>in a related note, to maximize my experience with BSG, which one should I watch first? The mineseries from 2003? The normal tvseries? razor? etc?
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01:05<mbreslin>without a doubt
01:05<amitz>ah, okay. Althought now I forget why it's a "related note"... hmmm oh well.
01:05<mbreslin>the miniseries is the start (well not counting the really old one but who cares)
01:05<amitz>I unfortunately have watched caprica first -_-
01:06<mbreslin>don't be sad caprica was good
01:06<mbreslin>despite what the haters say
01:06<mbreslin>haters always gonna hate
01:06<amitz>nah, I'm just concerned that I should have watched BSG first before caprica for maximum enjoyment.
01:07<mbreslin>you haven't seen anything besides caprica right?
01:07<hobot>I watched the first two seasons of bsg and then stopped watching it because it made me bored
01:07<amitz>yep mbreslin
01:07<mbreslin>amitz: lol well don't worry then, (and ignore hobot) bsg is buck wild insane
01:07<mbreslin>from the beginning
01:07<mbreslin>completely different tone than caprica
01:07<amitz>/ignore hobot :-p
01:07<hobot>do it
01:07<hobot>it will only be good for everyone
01:08<Peng>I'm somewhere in season 3 of BSG.
01:08<Peng>Just kind of lost interest.
01:08<mbreslin>like everything it gets slow from time to time
01:08<amitz>Peng: caprica is indeed good imo
01:09<mbreslin>if it has a problem i'd say the problem is it starts soooooo fast paced
01:09<mbreslin>pretty hard to live up to that for the duration of the series
01:10<hobot>I thought the high paced part of the first season was the worst part, jumping every so and so minutes just seemed really contrived
01:10<hobot>im sorry for hating mbreslin its just what I feel
01:10<mbreslin>it's cool
01:10<mbreslin>just leave
01:10<hobot>nope :)
01:10<amitz>mbreslin: well, I thought the earlier parts of caprica have the right pace, but later parts becoming way too fast.
01:11<mbreslin>hobot: you don't like sg1 do you
01:11<amitz>or we're talking about BSG series?
01:11<Peng>What I don't get about the jumping-every-so-often is, why doesn't Galactica have multiple watches? You don't just shut down spaceships at night.
01:11<hobot>sg1 seems like it takes itself a little less serious so its alright by me
01:11<mbreslin>Peng: because when shit goes nuts you want your a-team
01:11<mbreslin>sleep or no sleep
01:12<mbreslin>i think sg1 is mostly poo, though it has a few gems
01:13<mbreslin>Peng: i worked 24 on 24 off in korea for a solid year, when something crazy happened (when i was there there was some submarine/gunboat shooting incident) there was no off
01:13<Peng>24 on? As in having to be awake for 24 hours, or just being on-cal?
01:14<Peng>Isn't a sleep-deprived a-team worse than the b-team, though?
01:14<mbreslin>the b team is there too
01:14<mbreslin>that's my point
01:14<mbreslin>nobody sleeps
01:14<mbreslin>in literally 3 or 4 days
01:14<mbreslin>you start rotating people out for naps
01:15<mbreslin>and that's with some conflict where losing doesn't == the end of the human race
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01:15<Peng>Yeah, who needs South Korea? :P
01:16<Peng>mbreslin: I assume there was lots of coffee involved in this?
01:16<amitz>to escalate the standard of gaming world.
01:16<Peng>I guess it's reasonable that Galactica requires everybody for jumps. It just wound up biting them in the ass a bit.
01:16<mbreslin>my brother was friends with some adopted korean kid, and he would ask me if n.korea really had so and so ability and i'm like yes they have scuds aimed at seoul and a few other large cities right this minute
01:17<mbreslin>and he's like yeah but can they really hit hawaii if not who cares
01:17<mbreslin>i'm like um asshole koreans are nice ;p
01:17<mbreslin>(and they're your people, idiot)
01:18<mbreslin>Peng: the truth of it is we'd lose when it gets really crazy
01:18<mbreslin>in korea the threat is anthrax so all of our drills are done in full anti-chemical attach gear
01:19<Peng>Anthrax? God.
01:19<mbreslin>after like 18 hours in that shit everyone is soooooooooo demoralized that if you had to stay in it for 3-4-5 days or something
01:19<mbreslin>we'd lose hard
01:20<Peng>If that actually happened, wouldn't North Korea be nuked to the subterranean plates before you even had your CBRN gear on?
01:20<mbreslin>try to imagine taking a 2-3 hour nap a day and when you finally can take the nap you're in a gas mask and full gear
01:20<mbreslin>you can't just nuke them obviously
01:20<mbreslin>we're too close
01:21<Peng>...Good point.
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01:21<mbreslin>the hope would be that the airforce could bomb their scud launchers in quickly
01:21<mbreslin>but they do have an airforce unlike most countries
01:21<mbreslin>and a few types of ground based air defense
01:22<mbreslin>in the mean time they can launch something like 12 anthrax carrying scuds every minute
01:22<mbreslin>for quite awhile
01:22<amitz>what goes around comes around.
01:22<mbreslin>and our only answer to scud is patriot
01:23<mbreslin>that was my job in the army and i can tell you they're garbage
01:23<mbreslin>the "new patriot" is slightly better but only because we launch 4 at a time now
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01:32<jtsage>wow, git is the best thing ever. i've never dealt with a failed merge before (i usually work solo,
01:32<jtsage>it was really simple
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01:48<@pparadis>mbreslin: there's some fun stuff out there that you may not have seen.
01:48<jtsage>only other one i ever used was cvs. that was a beast. set up svn once, never even put a project in it
01:49*pparadis giggles a little and mumbles something nearly about subsurface platforms.
01:49<@pparadis>but not quite, of course.
01:49<d-b>so like you can knock svn, but it has somethings bzr cannot do
01:49<d-b> / doesn't do
01:51<megatron27>other than the blackberry, what's a good email phone
01:51<jtsage>megatron27- o
01:52<jtsage>dammit. i've been on the epic for a few months, it's pretty solid (sprint, android)
01:52<@pparadis>megatron27: whatever phone you like best. no shit, i love my iphone, and i only use it for "business" purposes. with a portable keyboard, even better.
01:52<megatron27>do you get server alerts on your iphone
01:52*jtsage agrees with the portable keyboard part. did the onscreen only keyboard for a phone, never really got to like it.
01:53<@pparadis>megatron27: i believe the majority of admins, and probably most employees in this company, are carrying iphones.
01:54<@pparadis>it really makes me laugh at people who claim they're no good for business. gosh, we must all be doing it wrong...
01:54<amitz>megatron27: android
01:55<amitz>inferior to bb though
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01:55<@pparadis>hm, makes phone calls. check. does sms. check. does ssh. check. has a real browser. check. does vpn. check. does linode manager app. check. does tethering to another device. check. and the beat goes on.
01:56<megatron27>tactile keyboard. check
01:57<megatron27>experimenting with some online store system
01:57<@pparadis>for quick stuff, the built in keyboard is fine. for personal preference, a plug in keyboard is better. for any real work, you should just tether any damn phone to a laptop anyhow. done.
01:57<megatron27>I'm using bitbutcket
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02:07<Marius>Had my first runin with an ISP poisoned DNS xD
02:07<Marius>36 hours after the DNS had expired, they still had the old dead dns records stored \o/
02:08<dcraig>is that really poison?
02:08<@pparadis>wait, that's just TTL-honoring fail...
02:08<Peng>Marius: Just curious, which ISP?
02:09<@pparadis>Marius: and this is also why you should never use your ISPs DNS resolvers.
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02:09<@pparadis>ISP's, even
02:09*pparadis pats dnsmasq on his LAN with known reliable upstreams.
02:09<Marius>pparadis, was a client
02:09<@pparadis>so fix them.
02:09<Marius>luckily it was some smallscale ISP that I've never had to deal with before
02:10<Marius>and yes, they now use our dns servers ;)
02:10<@pparadis>but really, that's not cache poisoning. cache poisoning would be something like "ohai, site X is really over at server Y that i control and intercept your shit then forward it along and hope you don't notice"
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02:15<mbreslin>pparadis: fun stuff out there?
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02:17<Peng>I dunno, it's sort of cache poisoning. It's not returning the correct data. It just happens to be returning data that *used* to be correct.
02:17<@pparadis>mbreslin: yepper. and that's all she wrote.
02:17<Marius>What would you class it as then?
02:17<mbreslin>did you not mean to type my name?
02:18<@pparadis>mbreslin: oh no, that was intentional.
02:18<Peng>I mean, it's confusing to refer to it as "cache poisoning", since that implies malicious data, but it technically qualifies, sort of.
02:18<mbreslin>so what was it regarding? scud defense?
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02:19<Marius> Iguess you are right
02:19<Marius>sort of... but I can't think of a better term
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02:25<amitz>urmom defense
02:25<amitz>or the lack of it
02:25<amitz>o_| <- clap my hand
02:26<Marius>"clap my hand". .. is that what yo ukids call it nowadays?
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02:27<amitz>o/\o <-- hmm indeed better form :-p
02:27<amitz>Marius: the coorect word eludes me.
02:28*Knight is alive
02:29<amitz>flatulating Knight/
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02:33<megatron27>surprisingly fast - added 2 changesets with 1332 changes to 1332 files
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02:35<amitz>megatron27: it's a pity. if only you have 5 more changes.
02:38<akerl>Can anybody confirm if duplicity follows or can be made to follow symlinks? I'm looking to be able to have one directory of things i want to backup, that way i can just symlink things into it, rather than backing up each individually
02:38<megatron27>good question
02:38<akerl>i've read both that it "has support for", does follow, and doesn't follow
02:38<bob2>it backs up the symlink iirc
02:38<bob2>which is the most sensible thing to do
02:40<akerl>so is there any way to force it to follow the link? so that I can do my backups that way? or is there a better way to backup separate parts of my server without a ton of individual backups?
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02:49<megatron27>any good books on setting up an online store
02:50<bob2>akerl: bind mounts would work I guess
02:53<akerl>hm... I think I might make my backup script read from a file. That way I could just have a list of folders to backup. I'd rather not muck up the filesystem too much if i can avoid it.
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02:54<bob2>fair enough
02:54<bob2>I wrote part of a thing to automate that, because I had the same problem
02:54<bob2>should finish it at some point
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03:12*czr yawns
03:12<czr>I need something quick.
03:14<amitz>czr: water.
03:14<czr>don't know if it's enough.
03:15<czr>I think it's more to do with the fact that it's friday
03:15<amitz>akerl: fwiw, I abandon duplicity. Met a bug, corrupted restore data.
03:15<amitz>debian squeeze.
03:15<amitz>rsnapshot ftw! for now...
03:16<amitz>czr: no, middle age crisis, definitely!
03:16<czr>that came and went actually already some years back :-)
03:16<czr>although this might be the sequel, /me shrugs
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03:18<mbreslin>i've been in that stuff for 4 days :>
03:18<mbreslin>by the end you'd rather just be killed and get it over with
03:19<megatron27>I'm very used to the idea of including all of your project's dependencies in your version control system
03:19<amitz>look at the bright side.... there must be a bright side!
03:19<megatron27>because back when I was using Java, you would create a lib directory that contained all the jar files that you're using
03:19<user6456>Hi there
03:19<mbreslin>the bright side is i don't have to do it anymore :>
03:19<amitz>megatron27: love that too, who knows if the version of dependency you're depending on is disappear :-p
03:20<amitz>s/is dissapear/disappears/
03:20<megatron27>I'm trying to achieve the same thing with virtualenv.
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03:21<amitz>user6456: hi
03:21<ericwan>cloning question guys?
03:21-!-krish [~krish@] has joined #linode
03:21<ericwan>i just made a clone from another machine that i have on linode
03:21<user6456>I've signed up for a service but can't login with my user
03:22<user6456>there's a pending aactivation
03:22<ericwan>and after it's done, i cannot ssh in, and when i log in with the web console, ifconfig says the IP is of the old machine that i clone from
03:22<user6456>how long it takes to be ready?
03:22<Internat>user6456: the admins will be checking some stuff on your account and you'll get an email
03:22<Internat>bugga was hoping there was a factoid for that
03:22<user6456>ok thanks :)
03:23<amitz>megatron27: well, you will need to deploy the libs anyway on client side? putting it in virtualenv means you have to pull it from virtual env, prepare it for deployment, then deploy. Putting all those dependencies on version control is the best imho. of course unless you're planning to do deploy your solution as a virtualenv...
03:23<megatron27>amitz, what's the name of the biggest forest reserve in Indonesia
03:23<megatron27>amitz, hmmmm
03:23<amitz>megatron27: I'm not sure Indonesia has such thing, seriously. But I don't know :-p
03:24<user6456>it's Bung Hatta
03:25<amitz>user6456: oh... interesting.
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03:26<megatron27>amitz, your knowledge of your country seems to be confined to the female celebrities
03:26<megatron27>amitz, mine too :D
03:26<akerl>ericwan: what's your /etc/network/interfaces on the new machine?
03:27<ericwan>akerl: hold on..
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03:28<akerl>relevant factor being: is your eth0 setup for static networking or dhcp, and if static, is the address/gateway setup to the old or new ip
03:28<amitz>megatron27: that is indeed very true :-p
03:28<ericwan>how do i tell if it's static or dhcp?
03:29<akerl>does it say static or dhcp?
03:29<akerl>in the /etc/network/interfaces file
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03:31<ericwan>i don't think i have that file
03:31<ericwan>i have /etc/networks
03:32<akerl>what distro are you running?
03:32<ericwan>fedora 11 lol
03:32<akerl>... off topic, is there a reason you're that far out of date?
03:34-!-user6456 [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06)]
03:34<ericwan>oh i think it's /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0
03:34<ericwan>it's just what we've been using on our other machines (which has been around for like 2 years)
03:34<akerl>ok, does that file have info that sets up your static ip in it?
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03:35<amitz>megatron27: and dudeee, you retweet waaaay too often -_-
03:36<megatron27>amitz, the "Unfollow" button is over there
03:36-!-akerl_ [] has joined #linode
03:36<megatron27>you can move me to a list too
03:37<ericwan>it doesn't say very clearly whether it's static or dhcp
03:37<amitz>oh, i can exclude from main twitter stream? interesting.
03:37<megatron27>yeah, put me a in a list
03:37<megatron27>then remove me from your main list
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03:38<ericwan>we were using some private networking
03:38<ericwan>so we're forced to use static ip
03:38<ericwan>that's what linode said
03:38<ericwan>i think
03:39<akerl_>you're gonna need to find where your ips are configured, and change them over to the new ip for the new linode
03:39<amitz>aah, will do
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03:45<sirpengi>darn you supervisord
03:46<ericwan>yeah that's wat we did
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04:01<amitz>i know what you did last net split.
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04:05-!-akerl [] has joined #linode
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04:40<@heckman>service conversation start
04:41<Peng>service urmom reload
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04:45<encode>bash: service: command not found
04:46<sirpengi>fail, add /sbin/ to your PATH
04:46<encode>that won't help
04:47<sirpengi>if that's so then you're beyond help
04:47<encode>i don't have the service command on my linode
04:47<encode>challenge: determine my distro
04:53<purrdeta>Arch Linux? :
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04:55<akerl>ok, so I'm trying to get perl scripts running for my apache server on ubuntu 10.10. I've looked at mod_perl, mod_fastcgi, and mod_fcgid. can anybody point me towards a simple guide for running perl cgi scripts?
04:55<akerl>encode: ubuntu?
04:58<Boohemian>good morning! :)
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05:09<ashr>is any one there?
05:10<ashr>i need some help regarding my new account
05:13<Yaakov>ashr: It's a little early for Linode employees just now. Do you have an account or are you trying to opne one?
05:13<Yaakov>open, too.
05:13<ashr>I already brought it ..
05:14<ashr>I m sorry to disturb u at this time ... But i m eagerly waiting to see the linode performance
05:14<Yaakov>ashr: Then you might want to open a ticket which will be handled as soon as someone is available.
05:14<Peng>ashr: What's wrong?
05:14<ashr>I want to setup the account
05:14<Yaakov>ashr: It's not a problem, it's just that most staff are asleep.
05:14<Peng>ashr: Have you signed up? Why do you need to contact support?
05:14<ashr>I brought n Linode 512
05:15<ashr>Now i don't know how to setup the account
05:16<ashr>I have selected Uk as my datacenter ... now it is asking to select the Deploy a Linux Distribution
05:16-!-snubby [] has joined #linode
05:16<ashr>Here i don't know what exactly i need to do
05:19<ashr> i hope it would be like 8 in the morning there?
05:21-!-Hoggs [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:22<bob2>pick a distro
05:23-!-Luizg [] has joined #linode
05:25<ashr>it still shows powered off even after booting
05:25-!-blognewb [~blognewb@] has quit [Quit: Client Quit]
05:26<ashr>Now it is up ..Checking next things
05:26<Peng>ashr: Deploying distros is automated, so it doesn't matter what time it is. Computers don't sleep.
05:27<ashr>Peng maybe it might be weirdto ask noob questions but i m totally new to this .. I never managed any thing like this so i m seeking for help
05:28<Peng>It's not weird...
05:29<ashr>i m confused to do this ...
05:30-!-Luizg_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:31<Boohemian>hey, i'm trying to pick a laptop to purchase (i'm getting rid of my two MBPs to save a bunch of money)... i was about to buy the thinkpad T410 but after reading the terrible review of their screen, i'm more cautious... does dell, hp or asus have better screens?
05:35<Marius>hp is awesome
05:35<Marius>I'm somewhat biased though, as I have a hp envy :P
05:38<bob2>hp business stuff
05:38<bob2>hp consumer is rubbish
05:42-!-kassah [] has joined #linode
05:43<ashr>hey kassah .. u there
05:44<ashr>Your zone contains errors! zone has 0 SOA records zone has no NS records
05:48<Yaakov>Boohemian: You are going to be sad that you don't have your Mac.
05:49<Boohemian>Yaakov: why?
05:49<@heckman>ashr: because you just added your zone. It was not scraped by the nameservers. You should be fine as it's now past :45
05:49<Boohemian>Marius: which one? are there any negatives?
05:49<Marius>well, it gets a bit hot
05:49<Marius>might be because of my massive amounts of ram I pushed into it though
05:49<Peng>!dns6 ns
05:49<Yaakov>Because whatever you buy won't quite be as good. If you have two, why not get rid of one.
05:49<ashr>Now i changed the name servers
05:50<Yaakov>Boohemian: Dell has some very nice machines, but they are all high end.
05:50<ashr>Your zone looks good! zone loaded serial 2011011423 OK
05:50<linbot>Yaakov: The read operation timed out
05:50<ashr>Wow i passed chapter one...
05:50<@heckman>That's because the Linode Nameservers have the settings saved.
05:50<@heckman>It can take 24 hours for nameservers to update
05:50<Peng>Yaakov: SERVFAIL.
05:51<linbot>Peng: 2001:470:1f07:b95::6,
05:51<Peng>!dns6 ns
05:51<Boohemian>yeah, the dell xps seems to have a very good screen, but i think (according to what i've read), hp envy has the best laptop screens?
05:51<Yaakov>Peng: Yes, it's OK, actually.
05:52<Peng>Yaakov: No ns5?
05:52<Yaakov>But... does 2001:470:1f07:b95::6 reverse for you?
05:52<Peng>!dns6 2001:470:1f07:b95::6
05:52<Peng>Yaakov: I don't know why, but it was SERVFAILing badly. It got better, though.
05:52<linbot>Peng: The read operation timed out
05:52<linbot>Yaakov: [dig] status: NOERROR | ;; ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN A | ;; AUTHORITY SECTION 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS
05:52<Peng>Wow, that's a lot of SERVFAILs.
05:52<Peng>(on the rDNS)
05:53<Yaakov>Odd... NSD is running...
05:53<Peng>It looks like linbot gives up long before !dns6 does.
05:53<Yaakov>The zones are good.
05:53<Peng>;; reply from unexpected source: 2001:470:1f07:b95::4044#53, expected 2001:470:1f07:b95::6#53
05:53<ashr>where will i find file manager and how to create sql database
05:53<Peng>Yaakov: ^
05:53<Yaakov>Foolish NSD
05:54<Peng>How did you convince NSD to do that?
05:54<Yaakov>I didn't, it took the initiative.
05:54*Peng is impressed
05:54<Peng>What do you have it listening on? Wildcard?
05:55<Boohemian>what is the big deal about ipv6? why are people switching their networks from ipv4 to ipv6? i get that we will run out of ipv4 connections, but why do people who already have an established IP need to worry about that?
05:55<Marius>Boohemian, because they'll probably phase out IPv4, don't you think?
05:55<Marius>Better to be up and ready for it, then laggign behidn and panicing
05:55<Peng>Boohemian: Because they'll want to be able to connect to people who don't already have IPv4 IPs.
05:56<@heckman>SpaceHobo: you mean IPv4?
05:56<Peng>Boohemian: Plus, when IPv4 connections start being rammed through 20 godawful NATs, IPv6 will actually be faster.
05:56<Marius>heckman, I don't think you've met SpaceHobo ;P
05:56<@heckman>I have
05:56<@heckman>I just wasn't sure if I was walking in on a rare moment of truth.
05:56<Peng>Boohemian: A better question is why people want to keep using IPv4.
05:56<@heckman>Peng: $
05:56<Peng>heckman: You mean laziness/
05:57<Yaakov>Peng: It is listening everywhere, which is the default...
05:57<Yaakov>I don't know what it is answering on 4404.
05:57<Peng>Yaakov: Is it listening on or each IP explicitly?
05:58<bob2>+1 for trolling esperantophiles
05:58<Yaakov>tcp 0 0 *:domain *:* LISTEN
05:58<Peng>Yaakov: But does it also have a socket for each IP?
05:59<Yaakov>nestat shows the wildcards.
05:59<Peng>And only the wildcards?
05:59<Peng>Yaakov: I know NTP automatically opens a socket for every IP on the system specifically to make sure replies go out from the right IP.
05:59<Boohemian>well, can anyone get an IPv6 connection? can i get it on my cable internet at home? what about on my linode?
05:59<Yaakov>Yes, only. But I can invoke it on specific addresses.
06:00<@heckman>Boohemian: Maybe ; When it's ready
06:00<Peng>Yaakov: You could change nsd.conf to listen on specific IPs. I've always had it running that way, since I run DNSMasq on localhost.
06:00<Peng>Boohemian: If your ISP offers it, sure. Linode does not.
06:00<@heckman>For now...
06:00<@heckman>We are waiting for native IPv6 at all of our datacenters.
06:00<Peng>I didn't say Linode never will.
06:00<Peng>heckman: Whyy? :(
06:00<Yaakov>Peng: It's a CLI optin.
06:01-!-message144 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:01<Peng>Boohemian: You can always run a tunnel if you want to, but that's arguably silly, when it will be offered eventually.
06:01<@heckman>And Peng it's a combination of both.
06:01<@heckman>Laziness, and the fact most infrastructures are going to have to be rebuilt for IPv6.
06:01<Peng>heckman: Both what?
06:01<Peng>Oh oh.
06:02<@heckman>Also, I don't believe most consuer routers are currently ready for IPv6.
06:02<Peng>That's correct. The CPE IPv6 situation is not good.
06:02<Peng>heckman: Why should I have to wait for IPv6 because TelecityGroup and AtlantaNAP are sitting on their butts? :P
06:02<@heckman>Once we have it ready to launch. It will be launched! =]
06:03<Boohemian>Peng: how do i find out if my ISP offers it?
06:03<Boohemian>heckman: when will it be ready?
06:03<@heckman>Boohemian: most have phones that you can call.
06:03<Peng>Boohemian: Look on their website? Google "$your_isp IPv6"? Ask them?
06:03<@heckman>And we don't have an ETA, unfortunately.
06:03<Boohemian>can you get IPv6 through a different provider? e.g. you can set up a different nameserver if you don't want linodes -- is IPv6 similiar ?
06:04<Boohemian>Marius: ping
06:04<Yaakov>Peng: How's that?
06:04<Peng>Who's what?
06:04<Yaakov>How, not who!
06:04<@heckman>Boohemian: Why do you need IPv6
06:04<Peng>!dns6 2001:470:1f07:b95::6
06:04<Peng>Yaakov: :)
06:05-!-Bhavicp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:05<Boohemian>i missed out on comcast's signup for volunteers for ipv6 trial ... oh well
06:05<Yaakov>Peng: /etc/default/nsd stick in a couple of addressses, BLAMN.
06:05<Boohemian>heckman: i don't know. that was what i am asking... the answer is "it will be faster" and "ipv4 will run out" (i knew the latter, but i don't see the urgency)
06:05<Yaakov>Boohemian: The invited me, I read the T&C and declined.
06:05<Peng>Yaakov: Ah. I don't have /etc/default/nsd. I used /etc/nsd3/nsd.conf or whatever.
06:05<Boohemian>someone was talking about how they just set up ipv6 in here the other day (and i don't see what the big deal is)
06:05<Yaakov>They, too.
06:05<Boohemian>Yaakov: what was it?
06:05<Boohemian>it being the problem
06:06<Boohemian>comcast sucks, but i have no alternative
06:06<Yaakov>Peng: The address is specified on the command line at invocation.
06:06<Boohemian>haha, oops, i have rcn. i wanted comcast but when they came they couldn't install a new cable, so i had to go back to rcn
06:06<Yaakov>Boohemian: "Access to your premises at reasonable hours".
06:06<Peng>Boohemian: It's not really a big deal yet. It's good for 1.) E-penis, 2.) Fun, 3.) Being able to do it at a leisurely pace before you need to.
06:06<Boohemian>sorry for that -- i just had surgery and am on high doses of dilaudid and am not always thinking clearly
06:06<Boohemian>Peng: i figured it was (1)... like gmail invites when gmail first came out ;-)
06:07<Boohemian>basically the change for most users will be a longer ip address?
06:07<Peng>Yaakov: Ah, we're on different versions of NSD.
06:07<Peng>Boohemian: Ideally.
06:07<Yaakov>I need to know about IPv6 because we are deploting it on our campus.
06:07<Yaakov>Peng: 2.3.7
06:07<Boohemian>maybe US congress will introduce some privacy legislation before IPV6 comes out... just like the EU did and as a result, the EU now sees an IP address as personally identifiable data. heh
06:07<Peng>Yaakov: Right.
06:07<Peng>Yaakov: I'm on nsd3.
06:08<Yaakov>Peng: RICER
06:08<Boohemian>Yaakov: you work for them?
06:08<Yaakov>Boohemian: Them?
06:08<Peng>Yaakov: The university.
06:08<Boohemian>i just googled "harvard ipv6" and got this: it doesn't seem to be for students, but rather a PR announcement (technical though)
06:08<Peng>Yaakov: Or whatever organization has a campus.
06:08<Boohemian>Yaakov: "our campus" i assume you're referring to a university
06:09<Yaakov>Yes, I am the architect of our doom. I am the one who is deciding to do IPv6.
06:09<Yaakov>We have a need to be ahead of the technological curve.
06:10<Yaakov>So we are going to start with a layer 2 only, private, 10Gb IPv6-only jumbo frame network with RADVD.
06:10<Yaakov>It's going to be hyper.
06:10<Yaakov>It will be our research backbone.
06:11<Yaakov>THEN, we will figure out how to PROPERLY do dual stack, layer 3 on the public side.
06:12-!-Luizg_ [] has joined #linode
06:13<Boohemian>cool :)
06:14<Boohemian>i'm trying to learn basic networking (i am sure you can tell)... any suggestions on a good book? the oreilly book on networking seems out of date...
06:14<Peng>Heh, books.
06:15<Yaakov>Boohemian: Books are having a hard time keeping up. Lab + man pages + Google is the way.
06:15<Yaakov>I am happy that I discovered that reverse problem!
06:15<Yaakov>And fixed it.
06:15<Yaakov>Yay, etc.
06:16<Peng>Lovely, some IP is making a few SSH connections a second.
06:17-!-Absolute0 [] has joined #linode
06:17<Peng>It stopped.
06:17<Peng>Yaakov: I don't run a firewall.
06:17<Yaakov>OK, time to get ready for the office.
06:17<Yaakov>Peng: You radical!
06:18<Peng>I was gonna /etc/hosts it if it kept going much longer.
06:18<Peng>That's the disadvantage of not running a firewall: Sometimes I really do want to quickly shoot something with iptables.
06:19-!-Luizg [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:20-!-niemeyer_ [] has joined #linode
06:21-!-yPhone [] has joined #linode
06:23-!-eyecool [] has joined #linode
06:24-!-ambo [~graham@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:27-!-eyecool [] has quit []
06:33<Boohemian>Yaakov: can you recommend any specific, good resources?
06:35-!-ashr [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
06:35-!-A-KO [] has joined #linode
06:37-!-ambo [~graham@] has joined #linode
06:39-!-krish_ [~krish@] has joined #linode
06:41-!-mathew [] has joined #linode
06:41-!-krish [~krish@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:44<AviMarcus>Peng, what's so hard with running iptables?
06:44-!-yPhone [] has quit [Quit: Colloquy for iPhone -]
06:47-!-fms [] has joined #linode
06:49<Peng>AviMarcus: It's not that hard, I just haven't done it yet.
06:49-!-Giacomohhh [~giacomo@] has joined #linode
06:50<Peng>Plus I'll need to learn about configuring connection tracking properly (it's silly to configure it for some publicly-accessible service).
06:50<AviMarcus>if you install it as a package on ubuntu, I think it has a basic ssh protection built in
06:50-!-yPhone [] has joined #linode
06:51-!-georgekat [] has joined #linode
06:51-!-Giacomohhh [~giacomo@] has quit []
06:51-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has quit [Quit: "Chiara, fare all'amore con te è stato come lanciare un salame in un corridoio."]
06:52<@heckman>how I loathe thee.
06:52<Peng>AviMarcus: What, ufw?
06:52<@heckman>One of the guys set up port knocking on his Linode with FwKnOp. It's pretty sweet.
06:52<@heckman>Perihelion and I use CSF
06:52-!-fms [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
06:52<@ericoc>cereberal spinal fluid?
06:52<@heckman>nice acro tho
06:52-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has joined #linode
06:53<AviMarcus>Peng, iptables from the package manager
06:54-!-Absolute0 [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
06:54-!-MetaCosm [] has joined #linode
06:54<amitz>real linode won't firewall itself.
06:56<Peng>amitz: Why not?
06:56-!-georgekat5 [] has joined #linode
06:56<georgekat5>Hi all,
06:56-!-xijiao [~xijiao@] has joined #linode
06:56-!-georgekat [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
06:57<georgekat5>i could use some help regarding my linode
06:57<linbot>If you have a question, please just ask it. Don't look for topic experts. Don't ask to ask. Don't PM! Don't ask if people are awake, or in the mood to help. Just ask the question straight out.
06:58<georgekat5>i have registered a domain name
06:58*heckman sips his mint tea
06:59<georgekat5>now i want to have this domain on my linode and make some subdomains underneath it. But i am stucked
06:59<Peng>!dns6 ns
06:59<linbot>Peng: The response did not contain an answer to the question.
06:59<georgekat5>i installed webmin and virtualmin but this complicated things
06:59<Peng>That'd be a problem... :)
07:00<georgekat5>i put a hostname myhostname and
07:01-!-yPhone [] has quit [Quit: Colloquy for iPhone -]
07:01<georgekat5>tried with webmin and virtualmin but no success
07:01<@heckman>georgekat5: Are you trying to run your own DNS server?
07:01<@heckman>btw, what's your real domain?
07:01-!-ambo [~graham@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:01<georgekat5>no i put the nameservers from linode
07:01<@heckman>What's your domain, I want to make sure the nameservers are set right, first off.
07:02<georgekat5> and i tried to put from webmin
07:02-!-Absolute0 [] has joined #linode
07:02<@heckman>You don't do it in webmin.
07:02<georgekat5>ok i will go and delete them from there
07:02<georgekat5>then what?
07:03<@heckman>Peng: beat me to it.
07:03<@heckman>Also georgekat5:
07:03<@heckman>That article is your friend.
07:03<@heckman>It explains everything you need to know about how to use the Linode DNS Manager.
07:03<georgekat5>so you say i mustnt use webmin and virtualmin at all?
07:04<@heckman>For setting your DNS, no.
07:04<@heckman>I use Webmin because I am too lazy to memory MySQL syntax.
07:04<@heckman>brb tea
07:04<Marius>lazy ass
07:04<georgekat5>ok i'll go and reconfigure and tell you the results
07:04<georgekat5>thank you all so much
07:05<@heckman>Also, the nameservers only scrape the settings every quater hour
07:05<@heckman>:00 :15 :30 :45
07:05<georgekat5>ok so i have about ten minutes
07:05<@heckman>Set it up now, so it's ready to be scraped.
07:05<georgekat5>oki doki
07:09<@heckman>Well...apparently someone put a can of soda in the freezer
07:09<@heckman>Just scared the piss out of me
07:11<Boohemian>anyone here use arch linux here on their all purpose computer?
07:11<Boohemian>i'm considering it as i don't want to use ubuntu... arch seems to have an awesome community
07:11<Boohemian>i'll stick to debian lenny for servers,t hough
07:13-!-georgekat5 [] has quit [Quit: georgekat5]
07:13<Boohemian>amitz: aic?
07:15<AviMarcus>Boohemian, why don't you like ubuntu?
07:15<@heckman>arch takes a lot more work
07:15<@heckman>Have fun
07:16<AviMarcus>btw, any news about linode going ipv6?
07:16<AviMarcus>I just read about a host running out of ip4 numbers
07:16<@heckman>No ETA. We're waiting for native support from all of our datacenters
07:16<Peng>AviMarcus: Ooh? Which host?
07:17<AviMarcus>hostrail said they ran out for their netherlands datacenter
07:17<AviMarcus>they hoped to get more, but still
07:17<@heckman>Sounds like poor planning
07:17<Peng>Linode is hoarding addresses, right? :D
07:18<@heckman>And small children
07:18<amitz>Boohemian: i meant archaic ;-)
07:18<@heckman>We're going green. So we're throwing kids on large gerbil wheels.
07:18<Peng>The children of people who own /8s?
07:20<Boohemian>AviMarcus: just not a fan of the community/culture of ubuntu tbh
07:21<AviMarcus>dunno, just switched my desktop to ubuntu from windows ~6 month ago
07:22<AviMarcus>and my experience on a server with freebsd was not fun, heh
07:22-!-ambo [~graham@] has joined #linode
07:23<amitz>large community is largishly problematics
07:23<AviMarcus>I'm not commenting on the community I suppose, just on the usage and online tutorials, etc
07:24<AviMarcus>desktop and server have been pretty manageable to run
07:25<Boohemian>i loved freeBSD
07:25<amitz>When I was walking down the beach one bright and sunny day.
07:25<Boohemian>but i switched to OS X about 5 years ago because of poor wifi support
07:25<Boohemian>now that wifi is better, i want to sell both MBPs and install linux again and have some fun!
07:25<AviMarcus>meh, anyway, I got stuff to do
07:28<duff>SpaceHobo: are there many of these (trolls)?
07:28<duff>I think you are the troll :p
07:30<tkoskine>I run OpenBSD on my desktop/laptop and Linux on my servers(linodes), although people usually do it other way around. :)
07:31<amitz>tkoskine: well... why? openbsd has good hardware support?
07:31<linbot>New news from forums: Where is th RDNS manager? in Linux Networking <>
07:32<amitz>SpaceHobo: ah, didn't saw the (linode) written.
07:32<amitz>see. *sigh*
07:32<tkoskine>Yeah. OpenBSD is somewhat hard to run under virtualization and its hardware support is good enough for my home machines.
07:35-!-Absolute0 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
07:41<Boohemian>SpaceHobo: can you recommend any good 900-1300 USD laptops? i want something with a decent screen (thinkpads fail)... hp envy and dell xps seem good?
07:42<Boohemian>how come?
07:42<Boohemian>well, what about asus? i've heard they have good screens
07:43<Boohemian>doesn't hp also have a bad rap for support?
07:43<Boohemian>this is where i read about the horrible screen the thinkpad t410 has:
07:44<Boohemian>SpaceHobo: well, i thought the T line was the top of the line thinkpad?
07:44<Boohemian>i want a "desktop replacement"
07:53<@heckman>I'd go with an ASUS
07:53<@heckman>Stay away from HP
07:54<@heckman>Samsung are nice too
07:54*amitz has a little tiny grudge against samsung, samsung galaxy s *mumble*mumble*
07:54<amitz>bad support from samsung, very late from the promise of android 2.2.
07:54-!-BarkerJr [] has joined #linode
07:55-!-ashr [] has joined #linode
07:55<@heckman>Well yeah
07:55<@heckman>Cell phone division sucks...except when trying to please Google.
07:55<ashr>any one there ... i am getting following error Not Found The requested URL / was not found on this server.
07:55<@heckman>The Nexus S is nice from what I've heard.
07:55<ashr>How to over come that prob
07:55<mwalling>the droid 1 was nice too
07:56<@heckman>ashr: Figure out what file the webserver is trying to serve
07:56<amitz>ashr: you probably misconfigured your webserver. Which guid do you follow? have you seen linoe library?
07:56<ashr>yea i followed that one only
07:56<amitz>mwalling: I have the droid 1. nice indeed.
07:56<ashr>As i m really new to this ... i dont the mistake i did
07:57<amitz>ashr: which linode library article? Or if you want to start debugging? Is your web server running?
07:58<ashr>Started from that and i have installed apache, mysql, php
07:59<ashr>aftter i added the domain
07:59*amitz looks left and right a bit before diving...
08:01<amitz>ashr: okay, bear with me. My experience in the world of webserver is minimal. Any other working link on your website?
08:03<ashr>this is the first
08:04<amitz>do you have the index.html file?
08:05-!-xijiao [~xijiao@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:06-!-Absolute0 [] has joined #linode
08:06-!-eighty4 [] has joined #linode
08:07<amitz>ashr: it will be easier if you can tell in more detail, what virtual host you set up, what ip address you have, what web app have you installed, etc. Without these information, I'll be playing 20 questions ;-)
08:07<amitz>Yaakov: I'm honored, I love you too.
08:08-!-ashr [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
08:09*encode helps Yaakov's server... to die!
08:09<Yaakov>So terribly mean.
08:09<encode>kill -9 server.Yaakov
08:10<amitz>gah, I must delete a longer message I wrote for that person, dammit -_-
08:10-!-gmcharlt [] has joined #linode
08:11<Yaakov>amitz: You are too scary to help people.
08:11<amitz>Yaakov: but I don't write in capitals, unlike you.
08:11<Yaakov>Yes, my messages have a FRIENDLY TONE.
08:11*encode chooses to write in capitols, just to be different
08:11-!-krish_ [~krish@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:12<encode>currently, the capitol of NSW
08:12<encode>umm. I might be using that word wrongly
08:12<Yaakov>YOU MIGHT
08:13<encode>in my defence, it is late. I should be in bed.
08:15<encode>pretty sure that should have been in my defense
08:15<Yaakov>encode: British vs. American spelling.
08:15<Yaakov>Either is correct, given the right context.
08:15<encode>one is a noun, the other a verb
08:16<encode>so not really
08:16<amitz>I have always wondered whether americans do it differently just to spite on the brits.
08:16<encode>nouns and verbs aren't typically interchangeable
08:16<amitz>encode: I mean about their spelling difference in general.
08:17<Yaakov>amitz: Actually, that's reversed.
08:17-!-mca [] has joined #linode
08:18-!-Thorn [] has joined #linode
08:19<amitz>Yaakov: wikipedia doesn't mention it though, hmm
08:20<amitz>hah! I thought arse is a slank for ass. Turns out the brits do spell it arse!
08:20<Yaakov>amitz: The British diverged from what Americans do after the American Revolutionary War. Not to annoy the Americans but for domestic reasons. The landed gentry were losing power on account of the Industrial Revolution producing wealthy merchants and so the use of the language became a tool for "weeding out" the nouveau riche from the "old families".
08:21<Yaakov>"Slang", though "slank" has some charm.
08:21-!-krish_ [~krish@] has joined #linode
08:21<amitz>ah, slang
08:22-!-niemeyer__ [~niemeyer@] has joined #linode
08:22<Yaakov>So really, the northeastern American accent is closer to what the British spoke like in 1770
08:22<Yaakov>than the British accent of today.
08:23<BP{k}>what is a british accent? :o
08:23<amitz>hmm interesting. about separating old riche and new riche, heh
08:25<Yaakov>BP{k}: What is a British accent?
08:25<BP{k}>Yaakov: you tell me.
08:25<BP{k}>as far as I am concerned there is no such thing.
08:25<Yaakov>There are literally DOZENS.
08:25<Yaakov>Just in London there are many, many distinct ones.
08:25<BP{k}>Yaakov: my point exactly.
08:26-!-Absolute0 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:26<Yaakov>Not much of a point, vis-à-vis anything I was talking about. You confused me. Sorry.
08:27-!-niemeyer_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:29-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
08:30-!-Nick` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:30-!-bran [~bran@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:32<Yaakov>o/` ...NO ONE AT SEA, IS SMARTER THAN HE... o/`
08:33<@heckman>is that a sickle?
08:33<@heckman>Or a scythe?
08:33<straterra>its a sailboat
08:33<Yaakov>No, it's a 1/8 note.
08:34<@heckman>failboat maybe
08:34<Yaakov>I decided not to use UTF-8.
08:34<Yaakov>o/~ is also common.
08:34<Yaakov>But the ` is at the top of the / and the ~ is not.
08:37-!-jxpx777 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:41-!-icepup [] has joined #linode
08:45-!-AviMarcus [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
08:45-!-mca [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
08:45<@heckman>Worst sailboat ever
08:45-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has quit [Quit: "Chiara, fare all'amore con te è stato come lanciare un salame in un corridoio."]
08:49-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has joined #linode
08:51<straterra>i like sailboats
08:52<bob2>your sailboat's breath smells like catfood
08:55-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has joined #linode
08:58-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:59-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has joined #linode
09:04-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has joined #linode
09:04-!-linville [] has joined #linode
09:05<linbot>New news from forums: [Resolved] Where is th RDNS manager? in Linux Networking <>
09:08-!-eric [] has quit [Quit: eric]
09:09-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:12-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has joined #linode
09:12-!-keyborard [] has joined #linode
09:14-!-DownloadDeck [] has joined #linode
09:14<DownloadDeck>any linode support
09:15<Peng>DownloadDeck: Maybe. Why?
09:15<linbot>If you have a question, please just ask it. Don't look for topic experts. Don't ask to ask. Don't PM! Don't ask if people are awake, or in the mood to help. Just ask the question straight out.
09:16<DownloadDeck>I wanna know if i can host warez site on linode
09:16-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:16<mwalling>!f what can i do with my linode
09:16<linbot>mwalling: What can I do with my Linode? It's probably easier to tell you what you cannot do: Nothing illegal and nothing that interferes with other customers and services. Our Terms of Service document is located here:
09:16<Peng>D'oh, I was digging up the actual link. I forgot about skynet.
09:17<bob2>a good rule for life is "don't be a dick", and deliberately setting linode up for legitimate DMCA takedowns is pretty dickish
09:18-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
09:19<swaj>DownloadDeck: the answer that question is definitely "no." Linode is an American company subject to American laws, and that kind of stuff is illegal here.
09:20-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has joined #linode
09:20-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:20<mwalling>but of course, we dont actually speak for linode
09:20<swaj>of course... though I'm pretty sure caker agrees :P
09:20<mwalling>i wearz clothes, is that illegal now? :)
09:21-!-DownloadDeck [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
09:21<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
09:21<mwalling>SpaceHobo: he pinged out...
09:21<swaj>aww he left :P
09:22<opello>pinging out, down the street ./~
09:25-!-icepup [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:25<Peng>At least he asked first?
09:26-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has joined #linode
09:26<swaj>I really have to wonder if any host would go "oh yeah, you want to run an illegal software sharing sight on my network? go ahead!"
09:26-!-eric [~eric@] has joined #linode
09:26<robinetd>Aw. My hard drive won't come until Monday. I hate weekends.
09:26-!-eric [~eric@] has quit []
09:27<DephNet[Paul]>swaj, some providers in Europe do, they tout it as one of their benefits
09:28<mwalling>swaj: or he's just a troll
09:31-!-jameswilson2 [~Adium@] has joined #linode
09:31-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:36-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has joined #linode
09:36<Craighton> returned (SERVFAIL)
09:36<Craighton>ummm so I can't access my site right now
09:37<Craighton>nvm, now it is fixed
09:37-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:41<Peng>Craighton: You only use
09:41<Craighton>Peng, no my browser kept resolving to ns1 so it wouldn't let me past the broken name server
09:41<Peng>Your browser is stupid then?
09:42<Peng>Since when do browsers even contact authoritative DNS servers themselves?
09:42*Craighton slaps Google Chrome in the virtual face
09:42-!-jameswilson2 [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:42<praetorian>it was /z 32
09:42<Peng>praetorian: ?
09:42<praetorian>i was typing in the wrong window
09:43-!-eyecool [] has joined #linode
09:43-!-eyecool [] has quit []
09:44<linbot>robinetd: Yo momma's so dumb, she runs Kubuntu64 on her 360! (733:20/2) [mormu]
09:44<robinetd>!urmom 733 vote down
09:44<linbot>robinetd: Yo momma's so stupid, she managed to MySQL inject an HTML form with no action property. (770:2/8) [mumro]
09:44<robinetd>... or not o_O
09:45<robinetd>!urmom vote down 733
09:45<linbot>robinetd: Voted down 733 [mumro]
09:46-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:46-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
09:46-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:53-!-jxpx777 [~jxpx777@] has joined #linode
09:56-!-Bass10 [] has joined #linode
10:05-!-cocoadaemon [] has joined #linode
10:05<cocoadaemon>Ola all
10:06<cocoadaemon>Got a question about the distros available on Linode : Are they really up to date ? I'm viewing a Debian 3.1 on screenshots for example
10:06<cocoadaemon>oi Peng
10:07<bob2>then those screenshots are a thousand years old
10:08<cocoadaemon>OK so for example Lenny is available by now ?
10:09<bob2>and ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 centos 5 etc etc
10:10<@jed> <- distro list here
10:10<cocoadaemon>ok fine.
10:11<cocoadaemon>Might be wise to update this one ;)
10:12<cocoadaemon>thanks a lot anyway
10:13<JshWright>heh... that's the old control panel as well
10:14-!-Absolute0 [] has joined #linode
10:15-!-serverquestion [] has joined #linode
10:15-!-RoosterJuice [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:15<serverquestion>Hello, what is LINODE?
10:16<robinetd>A vps host.
10:16<serverquestion>I have serveral attacks to my network from comprimsed servers at linode
10:17<mwalling>serverquestion: then you should do what most people do and whois the ip to determine the abuse address.
10:17<serverquestion>is linode a anonymizer service?
10:17<Peng>serverquestion: No. Linode is a VPS host.
10:17<Peng>serverquestion: It is technically possible, and not prohibited by the terms of service, to use a Linode as a proxy for various services, or run clients on them.
10:18<serverquestion> and
10:18<mwalling>you obviously browsed the the website to get into the CGI::IRC, so you know what it is. you should handle abuse by looking up the abuse contact in whois for the ip address
10:19<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
10:19-!-icepup [] has joined #linode
10:19<serverquestion>well, if this server is compromised what is the whois going to tell us
10:19<@jed>who owns the IPs?
10:19<mwalling>serverquestion: whois | grep -i abuse
10:19-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has joined #linode
10:20<serverquestion>I figured an employee in this channel would be happy to help
10:20<mwalling>serverquestion: i see a name, a phone number, and an email address
10:20<amitz>serverquestion: make it formal, send email to . It's a serious allegation after all.
10:20-!-megatron27 [~firdaus@] has joined #linode
10:20<@jed>serverquestion: I'll be happy to help after you e-mail logs of the incident to - abuse is not handled over IRC
10:21*robinetd abuses jed.
10:21<serverquestion>ok will do.
10:21<@jed>this applies to every single hosting provider, transit provider, and Internet service provider on the planet, not just us
10:21<mwalling>serverquestion: this is community support. the employees come and go as they have time during their regular duties keeping linode awesome
10:21<@jed>abuse@<company>, learn it, love it
10:22<Peng>Where did that phrase come from?
10:22-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has joined #linode
10:22<praetorian>can we atleast /abuse/ jed here?
10:23<amitz>praetorian: only the pleasureable one.
10:23<praetorian>there's a pleasurable jed?
10:24<amitz>pleasure is on the eyes of beholder? :-p
10:24<robinetd>I wonder what hard drives are used in apple machines.
10:25<praetorian>airbooks dont have harddrives.
10:25<robinetd>I was thinking more specifically macbook pros.
10:25<robinetd>Macbook airs are silly and laughable.
10:25<praetorian>im pretty sure its listed on the website
10:25-!-serverquestion [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
10:26<robinetd>Doesn't say the brand. Just checked.
10:27<mendel>itym "macbooks air"
10:27<robinetd>What's that without all those acronyms?
10:27<megatron27>amitz, you there
10:27<robinetd>bob2: I didn't mean that. I meant what mendel said.
10:27-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:28<amitz>megatron27: I'm here. Are you there? :-p
10:28<robinetd>"itym"? "hth"? What are these monstrosities?
10:28<mendel>i think you mean, hope this helps
10:28<linbot>New news from forums: Apache 2.2 and Server Name Indication in Web Servers and Web App Development <> || Scheduling a reboot in General Discussion <>
10:28-!-anish [] has joined #linode
10:28<megatron27>would it make sense to have a Chrome OS VPS
10:29<praetorian>robinetd: you need wtf
10:29*robinetd headbutts praetorian.
10:29-!-ktabic [] has quit [Quit: I'm a professionally trainined computer scientist. That is to say, I am poorly educated]
10:30<praetorian>[praetorian@eee ~]$ wtf hth
10:30<praetorian>HTH: hope this helps
10:30<praetorian>usually part of 'bsd games' package
10:31<robinetd>praetorian: I don't need that. People need to construct complete sentences instead of dtbif.
10:31<robinetd>Makes me sad :(
10:31<npmr>good luck with that
10:32<bob2>sarcastic acronym use is a cornerstone of irc
10:32<amitz> megatron27: are you asking me about chrome os vps?
10:32<amitz>megatron27: btw, there will be a pycon on singapore this year.
10:32<megatron27>yeah, I know
10:33<megatron27>Malaysia will be hosting it in 2012
10:33-!-kapeels [~kapeels@] has joined #linode
10:33<praetorian>coem to pycon au
10:33-!-SleePy [] has joined #linode
10:33<amitz>megatron27: which city?
10:33-!-anish [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
10:33<amitz>praetorian: oh, when?
10:33<megatron27>KL of course
10:34-!-jp [~jxpx777@] has joined #linode
10:34<kapeels>i bought linode 512 10 days ago .. i want to resize to 1024 now .. how much will I be billed?
10:34<praetorian>probably in june some time.
10:34-!-a|newkirk[assoc] [] has joined #linode
10:34<praetorian>was for last year.
10:34-!-jxpx777 [~jxpx777@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:35<Peng>kapeels: It's all pro-rated.
10:35<amitz>I believe the only conference I've been in my life was anime conference.
10:35<amitz>or is convention :-p
10:35<Peng>kapeels: So, about 2 weeks worth of the difference between a 512 and a 1024.
10:35<Peng>amitz: Convention.
10:35<megatron27>have you guys ever read the documentation for Apache POI?
10:37<amitz>Peng: ah, yes
10:38<amitz>praetorian: well, I don't really belong to australia's community so ... :-p
10:38<praetorian>oh well
10:38<praetorian>according to the apac pycon site ... they have .au pugs go
10:38<linbot>New news from forums: New Customer - Need help badly in Performance and Tuning <>
10:41<amitz>praetorian: I think that basically means someone in australia knows and tells people in australia to attend. I mean, that's basically the limit of indonesia's involvement :-p
10:41<megatron27>Excel workbooks (SS=HSSF+XSSF) - I mean with the acronym
10:42-!-mib_xb9p3l [] has joined #linode
10:42-!-Sputnik7 [] has quit [Quit: -=SysReset 2.55=-]
10:42<mib_xb9p3l>hey guys, i'm resizing a full 16GB disk, any ideas on how long it will take?
10:43-!-nenolod [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
10:44<amitz>praetorian: but NZ seems to be of a higher sponsorship.
10:44-!-derekyang [~derekyang@] has joined #linode
10:44-!-nenolod [] has joined #linode
10:44<pharaun>amitz: heh what's you two chattering about
10:45<amitz>pharaun: python conference in Singapore. I think I will come this year.
10:46<pharaun>amitz: aha nice
10:46<amitz>/whisper perfect excuse to do some other stuff there:-D
10:47<pharaun>never been to a conference, ever, almost got to go to the OSGI conference in seattle/portland a few year (some open source conference)
10:47<pharaun>heh indeed
10:47<pharaun>amn it, i think comcast or my work net is being shit again *consults mtr*
10:47<amitz>pharaun: I plan to have some gadgets delivered to singapore to be picked up by me :-D
10:48<pharaun>amitz: hah
10:48<megatron27>amitz, okay, we'll go
10:48<linbot>New news from forums: Setting a new server up, should I switch to nginx? in Performance and Tuning <>
10:49<amitz>megatron27: we as in you and me sightseeing together while holding hands?
10:50-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: Cromulent]
10:50<megatron27>amitz, no sightseeing, just holding hands
10:50-!-mib_xb9p3l [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
10:50<amitz>megatron27: awww, count me in!
10:50<megatron27>sightseeing is gay
10:50<robinetd>In soviet russia, gay is you!
10:51-!-mawolf [~mw@] has joined #linode
10:52<megatron27>I was planning on going last year but I was broke. \
10:52<pharaun>currently got dual priority -_- saving up for maybe moving expense, and a 2 week trip to japan :D
10:53<amitz>well, my wife will support me in coming, she found singapore to be quite pleasant last time we came.
10:53-!-tjfontaine [] has joined #linode
10:53<megatron27>you just reverse things right, that's how it works right
10:53<amitz>read: she will tag along -_-
10:53<megatron27>make sure you get conference tickets for her too
10:54<pharaun>on the topic, anyone got any recommendation for good backpack/hiking backpack of sort for traveling?
10:54<megatron27>most geek conferences are sausage fests
10:54<pharaun>megatron27: hah
10:54<pharaun>amitz: at a risk of everyone hitting on her ;-p
10:54<amitz>megatron27: nah, she will just sightseeing by her own, I'm sure.
10:54-!-vraa_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:54-!-vraa_ [] has joined #linode
10:54<amitz>pharaun: I fear that too! :-p
10:55<pharaun>amitz: haha
10:55<megatron27>actually there was a thread on HN recently about a woman who got harassed at a geek conference
10:55<pharaun>amitz: teach her martial arts then she can take the geeks down ;-p not that it would need much effort really
10:56<amitz>pharaun: hah
10:56<pharaun>amitz: may have problems with the fat ones! they have massive rolls of fat to protect their internal organs, they might be slow and can smell from miles away but they're hard to take down!
10:56<pharaun>all attacks are soaked up
10:57<amitz>pharaun: she just needs to make them fall down once. They won't be able to get up by their own!
10:57-!-megatron27 [~firdaus@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:58-!-megatron27 [~firdaus@] has joined #linode
10:58<pharaun>amitz: true, they typically have weak legs/knee from long hours of sitting! target it!
10:58<amitz>okay... on the other hand I may be a bit insensitive by saying that :-p
10:58<pharaun>amitz: hah, i'm on the heavy side, :-p don'
10:58<pharaun>don't mind it
10:59<Ovron>heavy side represent o/
10:59<amitz>pharaun: you're tallishly heavy ;-)
10:59<auraka>on heckman's bill
10:59<pharaun>amitz: that i am, 6'3" ~300lb
10:59<megatron27>I always forget that there is no ++ operator Python
10:59<amitz>Ovron: I always suspect. The O in Ovron impress a certain bias on me :-p
10:59<@jed>+= 1
11:00<auraka>They need a SSSSssss operator
11:01<megatron27>jpype is very pleasant API
11:01<megatron27>well as pleasan as you can make accessing Java libraries from Python
11:02<pharaun>i'm currently being annoyed by the PIL api
11:02-!-D1Nk [] has quit [Quit: Changing server]
11:02<pharaun>I was trying to figure out how to get a image out of the PIL api into a gtkimage or qtimage and they only really support qtimage, but for gtk you were encouraged to write it out to disk *then* read it back in, just asinine imho
11:02<megatron27>I only use it for thumbnailing
11:02<pharaun>I already loaded the image in memory, i don't want to have to write it back out, and this and that
11:03-!-vraa_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:03<megatron27>and these days i don't even use it for that because there are some good applications that do just that for you
11:03<pharaun>i was hoping to use PIL to enable me to do some image processing
11:03<Ovron>you can load the image from memory into the Image object
11:03<mwalling>what kind of image processing
11:03<pharaun>trying to write a little app that will let me classify/match up images to help remove duplicates, i got several algo in mind to approach this
11:03<megatron27>yeah, APIs should just support a file like API callback
11:04<pharaun>i just want to process each image to get various info out of it then enroll that info into a db and match them up then display the ones that matches
11:06<pharaun>so for like preview/testing of the image processing i was hoping that i could load it up into PIL, process it, then transfer it via array or some other in memory format into gtkimage/qtimage and display that
11:06<pharaun>instead of having to dump to a temp file on disk and reload it into the gtk/qt api
11:06<mwalling>cant one of the enthought products do that?
11:06<mwalling>numpy scipy or something
11:07<pharaun>I've heard of numpy, not terrible familiar with it yet
11:07<pharaun>let me dig up some info on it and see
11:07<mwalling>or maybe thats part of epd
11:07<Ovron>matplotlib can do that, and it can be integrated with PIL
11:07<pharaun>Ovron: as in display? or as in transfer the data from pil into gtk/qt image ?
11:08<Ovron>the latter
11:08<mwalling>oh you know what? i think it was in ETS
11:08<mwalling>the guy was talking really fast, and i started daydreaming about applications and stopped paying attention
11:09<Ovron> pharaun
11:09<Ovron>trying to find the example I saw yesterday, which included PIL
11:09-!-vraa [] has joined #linode
11:10-!-Dale [] has joined #linode
11:10<pharaun>mwalling: heh k, alright i'll take a look
11:11<pharaun>Ovron: sweet, that would be helpful
11:11<Ovron> pharaun
11:11<Ovron>loading images into numpy arrays, for analysis and manipulation; probably what you'd want to do
11:11<pharaun>yeah that was one other approach that I was thinking
11:11<pharaun>i was thinking of doing it in pil but numpy is probably better
11:12<pharaun>isn't numpy well known for being really fast
11:12<Dale>How secure is the lamp stackscript by default?
11:12<Ovron>I'd think so too; and it is what it is designed for, so yeah.
11:12<Ovron>numpy+scipy try to be matlab-ish :)
11:13<pharaun>Ovron: heh, sadly never did work with matlab, never had a chance, all of my work was with SAS, mathmatica, and a few others
11:13<amitz>megatron27: haha
11:13<pharaun>did a bit of work with R too, i liked R much better than SAS, it was just terrible
11:13<Ovron>ah, I use matlab daily, and sometimes mathematica. So that's really my approach to learning python properly now, by doing what I do in matlab, in this
11:14<pharaun>Ovron: heh fair enough, i'm more from the statistics camp myself so I'm more familiar with R types of tool
11:14<Ovron>numpy+scipy+matplotlib make it quite complete, looks cool :)
11:14<pharaun>Indeed, i usually did that stuff in R but with images... eh not really
11:14<pharaun>so yeah, it does indeed look like a nice solution, need to probe the api to see
11:16-!-kapeels [~kapeels@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:16<pharaun>Ovron: daymn the api for the graph stuff looks nice
11:17<Ovron>yeap! dabbled in it last night, and was positively surprised
11:18<pharaun>Ovron: haha i now see why python has such a following in some areas
11:18<pharaun>ruby is tad weak in some of this
11:18<Ovron>well, pymol was what made me actually bother; quite impressive
11:19<pharaun>Ovron: heh what i used to do was do the processing in C or ruby/perl then dump to csv and deal with the graphing/statistics in R/gnuplot
11:19<Ovron>you're not just getting a programming language, you're getting platforms and frameworks for a lot of different means with python
11:19<pharaun>Ovron: hah i saw that last night it looks sweet, makes me want to use it even tho i don't know anything about that domain! :-p
11:20-!-JDLSpeedy [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:20<Ovron>pharaun: pretty covers <3
11:20<pharaun>One thing , last night I was playing around with gtk vs qt4 for python, and is it just me or is qt kind of really awkward to use their designer to create a gui, i found glade to be *really* easy
11:21<pharaun>Ovron: hahah i saw
11:25-!-eighty4 [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
11:25-!-Dale [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
11:26<mwalling>linbot: [01-14] 11:25:36 [*] channels : #i-hate-jed #jed_loves_you_with_a_big_huge_love
11:27<Ovron>that bot is in a few weirdly named channels :p
11:27-!-Absolute0 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:27<robinetd>I'm going to create a beverage holder made of duct tape!
11:27-!-JDLSpeedy [] has joined #linode
11:28-!-JDLSpeedy [] has quit []
11:28-!-jxpx777 [~jxpx777@] has joined #linode
11:28-!-jp [~jxpx777@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:30-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
11:37-!-JDLSpeedy [] has joined #linode
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11:39<@heckman>Today at Linode, we wire manage...with shipping tape.
11:39-!-keyborard [] has quit [Quit: keyborard]
11:39<robinetd>heckman: They don't provide you with quality cable management goodies?
11:39<@heckman>We have plenty, just nothing to attach the wires to
11:39<@heckman>So they are taping them to the undersides of their desks
11:40<pharaun>haha my biggest issue with duct tape, i love it, but problem is
11:40<pharaun>if it gets warm, yeah the glue comes off and everything becomes sticky euch
11:40<@heckman>They are using clear packaging tape
11:43<robinetd>I wish UPS delivered on saturday. ;(
11:43<pharaun>it does here :>
11:43<robinetd>I think they do if you pay extra.
11:44<@Perihelion>They do here too...not extra
11:44<robinetd>:( They aren't going to deliver my hard drive until monday. Also never delivered to me on a saturday, just left my stoof sitting in their depot all weekend.
11:45<@heckman>They are making this wire management job a scientific expedition.
11:45<@heckman>Ideally they will be done before 5pm
11:48-!-atourino [~oftc@] has joined #linode
11:48<path>screw plastic rain gutter on the back of the desks
11:48<path>lay cables in that
11:49<path>ikea will charge you double for rain gutter in different colors and a funny name
11:49<DephNet[Paul]>i need to sort my cables sticking out the back of my desktop and TV out
11:50<mwalling>i did the TV when i got my receiver
11:50<@Perihelion>I have a networking corner that I should sort out
11:50<mwalling>it looks really nice now
11:50<@Perihelion>Once I put the bookshelf up it can sit on top of that out of my way
11:51<DephNet[Paul]>at the moment, my cables are like a can of spaghetti
11:51<mwalling>(the receiver also helped because now it is just a coax, hdmi, and component set going up, and a single rca coming down)
11:52<DephNet[Paul]>i have the TV, PS2 and Xbox in the corner, and desktop, hub, monitor, speakers and 2 external hard drives next to it
11:53<amitz>my cables also act like a cheaper version kensington lock!
11:53<@Perihelion>My tv ones are mostly okay
11:53<@Perihelion>I just need to get more speaker wire
11:53<megatron27>maybe it's easier to list what you don't have
11:53<pharaun>i don't need to worry about speaker stuff woot \o/
11:54<pharaun>cable management win!
11:54<DephNet[Paul]>megatron27, a Wii, PS3 and BluRay player
11:56<DephNet[Paul]>i would love to set up the desktop as a media center, so I can play videos through the Xbox, but you *need* XP Media Center edition
11:57<megatron27>I've only HPs with Media Center Edition
11:57<SNy>Not for the Xbox 360, you don't.
11:58<SNy>You can use a variety of UPnP software that will be able to stream to it.
11:58-!-alnewkirk|com [] has joined #linode
11:58<SNy>I sometimes run something called fuppes.
11:59-!-kenichi [] has joined #linode
12:01-!-a|newkirk[assoc] [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:01-!-alnewkirk|com is now known as a|newkirk[assoc]
12:04<DephNet[Paul]>SNy, apparently it doesn't work, or atleast you cant use Linux as the server and stream to your 360
12:08-!-bran [~bran@] has joined #linode
12:10-!-DiNk_ [] has joined #linode
12:13-!-Sputnik7 [] has joined #linode
12:13-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has joined #linode
12:14-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
12:19-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has joined #linode
12:19-!-iondrip [~nibbler@] has joined #linode
12:22-!-megatron27 [~firdaus@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
12:26-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:27-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: Cromulent]
12:27<@jed>synergy users - how do you handle locking both systems?
12:27<@jed>I've been Ctrl+Alt+L on the linux box and then hot cornering OS X
12:27<@jed>better way?
12:28<@jed>KDE won't start a screen saver in response to synergy, even though synergy is sending it (I turned on sync)
12:28<mwalling>jed: i use psexec to lock the windows machine, and have short screensaver timeouts ont he mac and gnome
12:28-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
12:29<@jed>I'm debating wiring F19 on my keyboard to programmatically lock both
12:29<mwalling>rundll is fun to use for hazing interns
12:29-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:34<Ovron>are you being nasty to poor interns mwalling?
12:36-!-derekyang [~derekyang@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:36-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: Cromulent]
12:37-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has joined #linode
12:38-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has joined #linode
12:42-!-eyecool [] has joined #linode
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12:49-!-nenolod [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
12:50-!-jxpx777 [~jxpx777@] has quit [Quit: Be back later]
12:50-!-materdaddy [] has joined #linode
12:51-!-nenolod [] has joined #linode
12:55<SNy>DephNet[Paul]: Well, why does it work for me just like you say it doesn't? It runs on Linux and I stream to the 360.
12:56<SNy>What it DOESN'T do is pop up in the media list.
12:56<SNy>Instead, you need to navigate to the server and browse from there.
12:57<SNy>That made me originally think it wasn't working, but you can watch everything allright.
12:59-!-RoosterJuice [] has joined #linode
13:02<pharaun>SNy: how does fuppes work? IE can it do transcoding at runtime? IE can i give it a directory of media and it'll take care of transcoding/etc for streaming to xbox
13:02<pharaun>Also i wonder about how it deals with soft-subs
13:02<pharaun>cos i know xbox can't do soft-subs bleh
13:04<snubby>leenodah eh
13:04<Daevien>pharaun: mediatomb is another package that shoudl work. i use it to stream to ps3 but it will stream to a bucnh of diff stuff and has different options as well as in depth config for custom stuff
13:04-!-jxpx777 [~jxpx777@] has joined #linode
13:04<Daevien>but fuppes does as i remember, do transcoding too
13:04<pharaun>Daevien: soft subs?
13:05<Daevien>subtitles? i'm not sure.. i usually turn them off ;)
13:05<Daevien>i see mentions of mediatomb with subtitles
13:06<Daevien>that page is for ps3, but has general info
13:07-!-ktabic [] has joined #linode
13:07<pharaun>can burn in the subs at tranasction time
13:08-!-redgore_ [~redgore@] has joined #linode
13:08<pharaun>i mean transcoding, hm that might need some looking at, thanks
13:09<pharaun>i just remember the last time i checked these, most didn't have subtitle supports but if i can burn in the subtitles during transcoding it should remove the issue
13:10<pharaun>Daevien: nice on the hardcoded/transcoding thing, yeah the burning in trick will work
13:10<Daevien>yeah, that should do what you want cause it won't be the xbox doing that, it will be the linux box. i just haven't tried it and usually want to rip out subtitles lol
13:10<pharaun>tho probably should figure out some scripts to detect/pull out the right subtitle/etc but eh this should work
13:11<pharaun>Daevien: heh, yeah i haven't seen *any* media device that can deal with soft subs, and i like soft subs cos i can then tweak/adjust them to my viewing distance/etc (people like em too small seriously) and etc
13:11<Daevien>mediatomb has a ton of options for custom encoding so i'm pretty sure you could tell it to encode whatever kind by using or whatever and have the do all your work for subtitles and transcode
13:11<pharaun>its just a much malgined part of media cos most people are hearing and don't give a damn about subtitles sadly
13:12<robinetd>Wall of pharaun! :D
13:12<pharaun>Daevien: yeah i was reading on that actually looks like it might work really good actually :-D
13:13<pharaun>Daevien: its less of a issue considering my tv/computer is in the same room right now, but if i ever move i'll probably not have a computer in living room anymore hence would need to start streaming stuff to my xbox
13:13<linbot>New news from forums: Running a site with free hosting / email in Sales Questions and Answers <>
13:13<Daevien>i knwo it works for streaming from my linux fileserver to my ps3 fine, i haven't worked out all the video formats for transcoding yet but thats mostly cause i haven't bothered to
13:14<Daevien>most of the time, thats all my ps3 does is stream stuff from that linux box, i rarely play games on it. it's also my only blueray player at this point :p
13:15<pharaun>Daevien: yeah, heh that's what i was hoping to do someday, if i ever get a tv/living room was to be able to do all of my streaming to my xbox :D
13:16<pharaun>but subtitle support was the *SORE* point for me
13:16<pharaun>but looks like with scripts/etc on media tomb you can take care of that anyway and burn the subtitle in anyway, problem solved
13:16<pharaun>so yeah, nice find, thanks :) didn't know that mediatomb could do custom/scripted transcoding
13:17<Daevien>yep, it's pretty flexible
13:17<Daevien>ubuntu has it in the repos as well i'm pretty sure, that or i found a ppa with new versions, can't remember which
13:18-!-MrGlass [] has quit [Quit: Be excellent to each other]
13:18<pharaun><--- gentoo :3 so outta to not be a issue
13:19<@heckman>I run a Gentoo Linode for network testing tools...haha arping, etc.
13:19<straterra>I run a Gentoo Linode as a server and router
13:19<pharaun>my linode == debian so problem solved
13:20<pharaun>i have a 24core machine at home anyway so gentoo is a non-issue
13:20<straterra>People act like you are compiling 24/7 with Gentoo..and thats a lie
13:20<Daevien>straterra: yeah it's only 23/7
13:20<robinetd>A lie? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
13:20<straterra>I only compile when updating (once every couple months max) or when I install new software
13:20<pharaun>Daevien: nah more like 3 hour
13:20<@heckman>SpaceHobo: Would you rage if I migrated to your host and emerge --deep --jobs=5 --world
13:20<Peng>...Once every couple months?
13:20-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has quit [Quit: "Chiara, fare all'amore con te è stato come lanciare un salame in un corridoio."]
13:20<pharaun>I can rebuild over 1,500+ package in less than 3 hour on my desktop
13:20-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has joined #linode
13:20<straterra>Most of the time...its just like any other server. It sits there.
13:21<robinetd>heckman: emerge accepts MAKEOPTS settings through arguments? :O
13:21<robinetd>I always just put my -j# in MAKEOPTS in /etc/make.conf
13:21<pharaun>robinetd: keep -j in makeopts
13:21<pharaun>--jobs is portage thing
13:21<pharaun>its how many ebuild/etc is ran/built at the same time
13:21-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has quit [Quit: Gika]
13:21<robinetd>pharaun: That sounds dangerous.
13:21-!-tjfontaine [] has left #linode [CHICKCAR]
13:21<pharaun>robinetd: some make files filter out the -j so that they only build one thing at a time *cough*openoffice*cough*
13:22<pharaun>so emerge can run multiple ebuilds via --jobs, each is sandboxed anyway
13:22-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has joined #linode
13:22<robinetd>pharaun: Right, but it'd be built against a possibly older library that got replaced in a parallel job just minutes after.
13:22-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has joined #linode
13:22<pharaun>robinetd: naw
13:23<robinetd>That's an astounding refutal.
13:23<pharaun>portage is smarter than that, it checks dependencies and do dependencies *first*
13:23<straterra>I'm sure it builds deps in order
13:23<pharaun>so sometime i can only have 2-3 jobs running, sometime up to 24, cos of the dependency tree
13:23<pharaun>so portage feeds the dependency first, and if there is no relation between em, it will parallel build
13:24*robinetd shrugs and goes back to backing up his datas
13:24-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has left #linode []
13:24<robinetd>Not like I need to rush though. My drive will be sitting in UPS's depot not 30 minutes away for the weekend. FML. :o
13:26-!-techhelper1 [~techhelpe@] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
13:26<pharaun>robinetd: why
13:26<nDuff>pharaun, portage does check library version dependencies, but it doesn't do an adequate job of handling link-
13:26<robinetd>pharaun: UPS doesn't deliver on saturdays to me.
13:26<nDuff>erm, link-time dependencies
13:26<pharaun>nDuff: yeah i know, hence revdep-rebuild, and if i do a gcc/binlib i do double world rebuild
13:26<pharaun>to catch that
13:27<nDuff>pharaun, ...try using portage in binary-package mode if you _really_ want to run up against its limitations
13:27<pharaun>nDuff: i know, i don't :)
13:27<robinetd>So to summarize, you build everything twice to save time with parallel jobs?
13:27<robinetd>o_O. kay. Anyway, kekeke UPS broke newegg's tracking interface.
13:27<pharaun>robinetd: for fucks sake its 24 core it rebuild the entire world in 3 hours
13:27<pharaun>so i just do && and go to bed
13:28<pharaun>and come back, there all done
13:29<pharaun>nDuff: yeah hah i don't do portage in binary mode, i have had some problems with it with 32bit compat, its... not all that wonderful but meh, i do things from source on my gentoo machine because of all of the useflag, which is the #1 reason why i use portage, plus its easy for me to update to new version/customize things by putting in ebuilds and boom its taken care by portage without having to deal with packing up my own deb/r
13:29<robinetd>Apparently the original ETA was the 18th, but it was rescheduled for the 17th, and newegg shows the 18th as ETA. :D
13:29<pharaun>robinetd: hehe
13:29-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has joined #linode
13:29<nDuff>pharaun, that's fine for you personally -- thing is it just doesn't scale up.
13:29<mbreslin>waiting for stuff to come in the mail == torture
13:30<robinetd>mbreslin: F5 F5 F5 F5 *BOOOOOOOOM*
13:30<robinetd>My isp is going to kill me, between my steam downloads and UPS page refreshes.
13:30<nDuff>pharaun, if I'm running a 4000-node datacenter, the CPU time to rebuild on every machine is a major expense, and binary packages are thus absolutely necessary.
13:30<nDuff>(yes, there's ccache and distcc; yes, they help, no, they don't solve it)
13:30<pharaun>nDuff: yeah i know, hence i use debian on my vps and fedora on my laptop, and i am considering switching to debian for my openvz server because its much easier to deal with stuff there
13:30<pharaun>nDuff: ccache is terrible
13:31<pharaun>nDuff: no no, i'm not saying that gentoo is the superior solution, i just prefer *ITS* approach/etc for my personal machine, but if anyone else asks what i recommend, i tell them fedora or debian or ubuntu
13:31<robinetd>I've downloaded 3.1GB/10.7GB of a game I bought yesterday. ;o
13:31<pharaun>for most people binary distro is the superior choice
13:31<pharaun>robinetd: hehe what game?
13:32<robinetd>pharaun: Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.
13:32<nDuff>pharaun, re: ccache -- a decade ago when I worked at a Linux distributor, we found it pretty much essential.
13:32<robinetd>I only bought it because it only cost $5, and it has vin diesel voice overs.
13:32-!-jameswilson2 [~Adium@] has joined #linode
13:32<pharaun>nDuff: ah, heh it did not really benefit me because often when i did total world-rebuild was BECAUSE of gcc/binlib which basically invalidates a large part of the cache so i removed it
13:33<pharaun>nDuff: but yeah i wouldn't really want to deal with gentoo with massive datacenter/multiple servers to be honest, debian/etc are much better there truth be told
13:33<Daevien>pharaun: you mentioned openvz stuff.. have you tried proxmox?
13:34<straterra>I wish I could get away with FBSD at work
13:34<pharaun>Daevien: its a headless server, i haven't tried proxmox yet, its an intel atom, no VT
13:34<pharaun>robinetd: ah nice, i <3 the movies
13:34<Daevien>ah k. i keep meanign to try proxmox but havent' as of yet. i've got fileserver with virtualbox runnign but no currently active vm and a citrix xenserver. need to get another machien to drop proxmox on it :p
13:35<robinetd>pharaun: Anyone who doesn't is guilty of treason and blasphemy.
13:35<pharaun>robinetd: amen
13:35*atourino is feeling the pull of beer o'clock and it's not even 2pm yet...
13:35-!-vraa [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:35<Daevien>atourino: it's 2:35 pm here, go drink
13:35-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:35<pharaun>Daevien: aha, heh i want to build a file-server and put up xen or kvm on it and use it as a server, but to reproduce my desktop would be something like $4,000 just for a file server, too rich for my blood so... and xen/kvm does not support video passthrough does it?
13:36<straterra>You can do video passthrough with Xen
13:36<pharaun>Daevien: so yeah i'm just using openvz on my atoms atm and vmware for a few windows vm and calling it a day and the file-server that i build probably won't be all of that much powerful, just something cheap that i can stuff full of harddrives
13:36<pharaun>straterra: as in 3d acceleration/etc ?
13:36<pharaun>the last time i checked was a few years and it wasn't there
13:36<Daevien>not sure on video stuff.. liek i said before, i use ps3 as player and just stream from the main linux box with it's 7tb or so of stuff
13:36<straterra>Nvidia drivers support it
13:37<pharaun>straterra: ah? nice because I would like to setup like a stable xen base then spawn domU and let em crash/etc test bleeding edge stuff
13:37<pharaun>straterra: thanks i'll have to look at that
13:37<mwalling>Ovron: very
13:37<straterra>My laptop at home is 100% Xen with accelerated Nvidia passthrough
13:37<Ovron>mwalling: \o/
13:37<pharaun>Daevien: yeah my desktop has 6tb of stuff, and i want to offload that TO a file server but its too expensive to reproduce my desktop spec onto the server hence it won't make a good vm
13:37<straterra>Mostly because the Xen kernel works better than the normal Linux kernel
13:37<pharaun>straterra: yeah that's what i was thinking
13:37-!-jameswilson1 [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:37<Boohemian>anyone here bought electronics (viz. computers) off craigslist before? how do i make sure i don't end up buying stolen merchandise?
13:37-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has joined #linode
13:38<pharaun>straterra: i wanted to be able to have a stable base xen/etc setup then bleeding edge shit on top without worrying about taking down a 6tb array and dealing with fsck/etc
13:38<Daevien>i should actually fire up the mac machien i got like 3 months ago. i haven't even plugged it in yet :p
13:38<pharaun>straterra: thanks i'll look at that now
13:39<Boohemian>Daevien: i am selling my two MBPs
13:40<mwalling>Ovron: annoyatron and randomly locking screens
13:40<linbot>New news from forums: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long when visiting port 80? help! in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
13:40<Ovron>mwalling: that's evil! I like it ;)
13:40-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has joined #linode
13:40<swaj>well... I'm a tard... accidentally hosed my whole blog database and I hadn't tested my backups properly.... so I got to scrape google cache to get all my posts back.. but I've lost all comments obviously. Le sigh.
13:40<swaj>at least the content is there...
13:40<pharaun>swaj: *always* test backup :-p
13:40<mwalling>swaj: hi jeff atwood
13:41<pharaun>SpaceHobo: i'm not bothering with comments on my blog
13:41<swaj>I had some decent comments... probably 50 or so accross all my posts
13:41<swaj>some had good stuff in them
13:41<swaj>oh well
13:41<swaj>at least I saved the posts.. thank you google cache
13:42<dominikh>aren't the comments in the cache as well?
13:43<pharaun>that's what i would think
13:43<pharaun>and backups/etc is *why* i'm doing my blog in git, i make a blog post, push it, and its then templated/rendered on the server :-p
13:44<pharaun>so that the server can go to hell and i wouldn't care cos my data is already in git :-p
13:44<eyecool>apache is such a pig.. I don't care how well it's tuned, it's a P H Pig
13:44*eyecool end rant
13:44<Ovron>what blog system are you using pharaun?
13:44-!-jameswilson2 [~Adium@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:44<pharaun>Ovron: right now i'm debating among a few, and working on my own
13:44<pharaun>Ovron: probably will end up taking one of the pre-existing git blogs and hacking it into something i like
13:45<pharaun>Ovron: right now working on a resume.yaml -> 2billionfuckingfileformat translator
13:45<eyecool>pharaun: django or wordpress!
13:45<pharaun>eyecool: no
13:45<eyecool>pharaun: ruby?
13:45<eyecool>what language do u want it in?
13:45<straterra>x86 ASM
13:45<Ovron>pharaun: heh - :)
13:45<pharaun>eyecool: offline/initial blog post rendering into a static html page, yes that's what i'm doing
13:46<Ovron>asm-CGI - what the cool kids use
13:46<eyecool>pharaun: what language?
13:46<HoopyCat>pharaun: make and awk
13:46<pharaun>eyecool: that's how my entire site is built, it uses scripts/etc to all build everything into a nice static page
13:46<pharaun>ruby right now
13:46<eyecool>I wish I had the time to get back in to Perl
13:46<pharaun>HoopyCat: i actually use rake just was easier to hook into the ruby code than make
13:47<nDuff>eyecool, ...why would you want to hurt your brain that way?
13:47<eyecool>and all the goodness that is CPAN
13:47<pharaun>eyecool: i just don't want to deal with fcgi-<insert language> on a 512 vps, and beside i like static pages, i'm not bothering with comments/etc so i don't need a heavy 2 ton weight solution like wordpress
13:47*nDuff thinks about Perl what Dijkstra thinks about BASIC
13:48<pharaun>then i can just dump my blog/resume/project/etc in static into the server and just not worry about any sort of load
13:48<pharaun>its not going to go down :-p
13:48<mbreslin>pharaun: you can probably run 100 of your silly blogs on a 512
13:48<pharaun>mbreslin: static html blogs?
13:48<eyecool>this article inspired me: link is at the top, comments and war are on the page:
13:48<nDuff>("It is practically impossible to teach good programming to students that have had a prior exposure to BASIC: as potential programmers they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration")
13:48<mbreslin>fcgi-insert language isn't resource intensive if every process is 2mb because it's just lame blog crap
13:49<mwalling>i need something easy enough to use that my mother can do it. therefore, i'm stuck with wordpress
13:49<mwalling>(also, the wordpress android app is kinda cool)
13:49<eyecool>Perl is HUGE in Germany... and it's come a long way since I left it..7 or 8 years ago
13:49<pharaun>mbreslin: oh i know i just consider it a personal challenge, beside the best way for me to *learn* is to do things from the base up, so this is an project to help me learn about various aspects of web-design
13:49<pharaun>mbreslin: i'll probably latter start adding in fcgi-<language> support latter on
13:50<Ovron>render to memcache om nom
13:50*atourino renders to urmom
13:51<pharaun>oh nice
13:51<dominikh>I am late, but: my blog is created with a static page generator and thus completly in git as well. comments are handled by a 3rd party (disqus in my case [yes, JS only, I dislike that, too])
13:51<pharaun>xen PV does not need VT so i might be able to put it on my atom machine
13:51*atourino uses tumblr
13:51<dominikh>pharaun: won't that be terribly slow?
13:51<atourino>Im a simple kind of guy
13:51<dominikh>no VT and atom
13:51<pharaun>dominikh: paravirt
13:52<dominikh>okay, not terribly slow but unpleasantly slow
13:52<pharaun>dominikh: right now using openvz and one of my issue is its stuck on kernel .18 couldn't get the .27 upgrade to work at all
13:52-!-jxpx777 [~jxpx777@] has quit [Quit: Mac is sleeping…]
13:52<pharaun>and some userland stuff is starting to *demand* newer kernel interface
13:52<pharaun>so i'm starting to have to do more workarounds
13:52<atourino>mwalling: Tumblr's Android App is nice as well
13:52<mwalling>atourino: i like self hosted
13:53<sirpengi>you silly people. just have your blog dynamically generated but stick it behind varnish
13:53-!-Kuboing1 [] has joined #linode
13:53<mwalling>i dont do, i've got a wp-mu instance i share with my family
13:53<pharaun>sirpengi: my static blog is more of a learning exercise really :-p
13:53<eyecool>I've heard varnish has issues
13:53*eyecool amazing song ♫ Bob Dylan + Willie Nelson (live) - Pancho + Lefty - Bob Dylan
13:53<pharaun>and i didn't want to have deal with tweaking/etc all of that on the web-server
13:54<eyecool>if anyone ever needs wp multisite/network help or has questions let me know
13:54<eyecool>I've got you covered 10 ways to the sun
13:54<sirpengi>there isn't much tweaking besides setting the rules for the caching behavior
13:55<eyecool>yeah there's a whole lot more
13:55<sirpengi>besides, messing with a static content generator is quite a bit of "tweaking" in my book
13:55<pharaun>sirpengi: its fun, its a learning project :-p
13:55-!-Kuboing [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:55<robinetd>This rice is undercooked, and these tomatos are not stewed. :(
13:55<eyecool>it's a wide, wide platform. it never ceases to amaze me
13:55<dominikh>sirpengi: I coded a tag cloud/tag archive pages for the generator I am using ;)
13:56<mbreslin>but are your silly blogs rsscloud/pubsubhubbub enabled
13:56<pharaun>mbreslin: it is git enabled
13:56<eyecool>I want to build a node.js project.. waiting for the idea to hit
13:56<mbreslin>that doesn't help readers ;p
13:57<mbreslin>join the realtime web, it's fun!
13:57<pharaun>and isn't rss just like a *.xml on the server so would it not be easy to render to the *.xml file for rss anyway
13:57<dominikh>my blog has an RSS feed
13:57<dominikh>pharaun: exactly
13:57<mbreslin>plain rss is gimp sauce
13:57<mbreslin>polling sucks
13:57<pharaun>mbreslin: i like plain rss
13:57<eyecool>oh, and by wordpress help, I mean with nginx/php-fpm/apc/memcached/batcache/object caching/domain mapping/network + type stuff
13:58<Ovron>I can offer help with urmom, just give a shot if you need. Loads of experience.
13:58<mbreslin>you'll have to get her to leave my house first
13:58<eyecool>I wouldn't touch apache/wp with even mbreslin's leg or Ovarian's aviary brain
13:58<linbot>robinetd: Yo momma's so random, she was bigger after she got gzip'd! (840:5/0) [umrmo]
13:58<linbot>atourino: Point (0.84427742, 0.76979054) falls outside of the unit circle. Hits: 17578 of 22359 (π ≈ 3.144684467104969 - 0.003091813515176)
13:59*eyecool 1.618
13:59<mbreslin>pubsubhubbub is just rss but sort of a ping to tell subscribers you've updated
13:59<mbreslin>rather then wait for lame polling
13:59<eyecool>linbot needs an upgrade
13:59<linbot>eyecool needs a life
14:00<pharaun>mbreslin: oh? wouldn't it be easy enough to just embed a little fcgi-whatever to *ping* everyone, problem solved
14:00*eyecool smacks linbot with a blackboot
14:00<mbreslin>you ping a hub, subscribers listen to the hub
14:00<mbreslin>so they get your posts instantly
14:00<eyecool>linbot, will you add !goldenratio? 1.618.3399
14:01<linbot>eyecool: is there a formula that can be used for a monte carlo simulation?
14:01<pharaun>mbreslin: ah
14:01<mwalling>mbreslin: superfeedr is on linode
14:01<mbreslin>interesting didn't know that
14:02<eyecool>linbot: I didn't know you had a mullet? It goes well with the monte carlo simulation.
14:02<mwalling>now if only typepad's pubsubhubbub worked.
14:02<mbreslin>do they do rsscloud?
14:03<pharaun>anyway seriously what the hell is pubsubhubu that's just 0_o
14:04<pharaun>terrible name
14:04<mbreslin>silly name google nerds made up
14:04<eyecool>linbot: that was a joke? a pun on trans am, monte carlo, el camino? wakka wakka
14:04<pharaun>yeah i found the source, i'm poking at it now
14:04<mbreslin>some people have shortened it to PuSH
14:04<eyecool>nee fluid dynamics
14:04<mbreslin>which is obviously exponentially better
14:04<pharaun>mbreslin: at first i thought you were punning me :-p
14:05<mwalling>eyecool: !pi is the monte carlo solution for solving for pi
14:05<mbreslin>it's made from publish/subscribe
14:05<linbot>straterra: Point (0.18083992, 0.25279173) lies within the unit circle. Hits: 17579 of 22360 (π ≈ 3.144722719141324 - 0.003130065551531)
14:05<linbot>eyecool: Point (0.05312400, 0.10654277) lies within the unit circle. Hits: 17580 of 22361 (π ≈ 3.144760967756361 - 0.003168314166568)
14:05<mbreslin>the hubbub is just google sillyness
14:05<linbot>mwalling: Point (0.24618410, 0.71115947) lies within the unit circle. Hits: 17581 of 22362 (π ≈ 3.144799212950541 - 0.003206559360748)
14:06<pharaun>mbreslin: yes i know after the fact but at first i thought you made up that name and was pulling my leg seriously, terrible name
14:06-!-][EvIl-BoY][ [] has joined #linode
14:06<mbreslin>i have 140k rss feeds i want to sort into PuSH/rsscloud enabled vs not
14:06<mbreslin>i don't know how to do it without blowing up my network
14:06<mbreslin>or going slow and taking a week
14:08<robinetd>140k rss feeds? Holy crap.
14:08<mbreslin>yeah :/
14:08<Peng>That's a lot of cat pictures.
14:08<robinetd>Ugh. My comb positioned itself sideways in my pocket.
14:08-!-juanefren [~juanefren@] has joined #linode
14:08<robinetd>Makes it look strange and feel annoying.
14:08<mbreslin>my pet project is a news headline ticker page that that only flows real time headlines
14:09<pharaun>mbreslin: lmao loves the movie they had up
14:09<Ovron>is that a comb in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
14:09<straterra>My pet project is urmom
14:09-!-amarc [] has joined #linode
14:09<robinetd>Ovron: Definitely my comb.
14:09<Karrde>And MY axe!
14:09<robinetd>And my sword!
14:09<straterra>and my penis
14:09<robinetd>No thanks. All we need is a bow.
14:09<mbreslin>straterra: if you keep that up we're going to have to institute some kind of "urmom remarks have to actually be funny/witty" policy
14:09<robinetd> <- proof it was a comb.
14:10<HoopyCat>mbreslin: write a map-reduce function in erlang?
14:10<mbreslin>for my rss thing?
14:10<juanefren>I am having constant alerts about Disk I/O Rate by averaging 3035.89 for the last 2 hours, what should I understand about this ?
14:11<robinetd>wtf, these ramen noodles are also undercooked. Today just isn't my day. :(
14:11<HoopyCat>mbreslin: yeah. :-)
14:11<mbreslin>i'd have to look for the urllib equiv in erlang
14:11<mbreslin>i probably will just do python threads + go slow
14:11<HoopyCat>juanefren: usually means swap thrashing... try pastebinning the output from these commands: free -m, ps auxwww, vmstat 1 30 (the vmstat will run for 30 seconds)
14:12<pharaun>btw anyone got a recommendation for a good parallel task/worker pool implementation in python, i was thinking of just using the python process stuff and etc
14:12<mbreslin>have it take 24 hours or something
14:12<linbot> <-- paste here, not in the channel
14:12<HoopyCat>mbreslin: blah blah blah cloud
14:12<mbreslin>i only use the cloud for brute forcing urmom
14:13-!-JSharp [] has joined #linode
14:13-!-a|newkirk[assoc] [] has quit [Quit: I love my HydraIRC -> <-]
14:13<HoopyCat>mbreslin: but yeah, it sounds like a very cloudy sort of thing. queue of things -> atomic tasks performed with small amounts of code -> list of results
14:14<mbreslin>HoopyCat: it's as if you're a technologist and philosopher in one!
14:14<HoopyCat>mbreslin: <3
14:14*robinetd very much dislikes the word "cloud".
14:14<mbreslin>i've never used ec2 or anything i wouldn't know where to start
14:15<robinetd>Unless you're referring to the puffy things in the sky of varying shapes and sizes.
14:15<dominikh>bloody clouds in the sky, it's raining cats here
14:15<dominikh>dammit, too slow
14:15<mbreslin>my toobox = python+java ;/
14:15<dominikh>and it's not even raining :<
14:15<HoopyCat>robinetd: i use "cloud" to mean "some sort of shit where you can do this kind of thing for, like, $0.50"
14:15<robinetd>dominikh: bwahaha, your attempts to humiliate me are futile, puny hyooman.
14:15-!-cocoadaemon [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
14:15<robinetd>HoopyCat: Are there red light district clouds?
14:16<dominikh>robinetd: I am sure that more opportunities will arise
14:16<sirpengi>mbreslin: I'd probably use something like eventlet or greenlets instead of the basic python threading stuff
14:16<HoopyCat>robinetd: yes, but i'll stick to my policy of not saying bad things about competing companies in #linode :-)
14:16<juanefren>HoopyCat: thanks for the response, these are my outputs
14:17<robinetd>holy crap. My download speed jumped to 600kBps for a minute.
14:17<robinetd>I normally get less than 50. :O
14:17<mbreslin>sirpengi: thanks for the tip i'll look into it
14:18<HoopyCat>juanefren: hmm, doesn't look too bad right now
14:18-!-hfb [] has joined #linode
14:18<dominikh>robinetd: holy crap, my usual download speed is 4MB/s :P
14:18<HoopyCat>juanefren: at least, as far as swap thrashing or other emergencies go
14:18<mbreslin>HoopyCat: ah i see you were telling me to go fuck myself
14:18<robinetd>dominikh: I hate you. Also, I'm moving in with you.
14:19<mbreslin>HoopyCat: so mean
14:19-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
14:19<dominikh>robinetd: I'd rather move in with some swede. I heard they have 100 MBit :<
14:19*robinetd can't tell if this is beef or chicken soup.
14:19<HoopyCat>juanefren: you are writing a lot of stuff, though
14:19<mbreslin>if my download speed was even 600kB i'd be on the phone complaining
14:19<mbreslin>slow internet is for africa or wherever
14:19<juanefren>HoopyCat: thanks
14:20<pharaun>if i ever had a 250gig cap i would switch..... oh wait there's no one to switch to :<
14:20<robinetd>mbreslin: Mine is on average 50kBps. Yay for being in michigan? o_o
14:20<pharaun>damn comcast
14:20<Ovron>om nom nom fast connections
14:20<mbreslin>how the fuck is there no decent internet in a mostly modern state
14:20<dominikh>robinetd: even my mobile internet connection has more than that, on the train...
14:20<robinetd>I live in the ButtFuck, Egypt of Michigan.
14:20*snubby toeflicks
14:20<HoopyCat>juanefren: (on the vmstat, "si" and "so" are swap in and swap out; those should be near zero. bi and bo are blocks in and blocks out to the hard drive. closely related to that is "wa", or % IO Wait (how much time it is spending waiting for disk access))
14:21<mbreslin>if you lived in wyoming or some crap i could understand
14:21<Yaakov>mbreslin: So vulgar.
14:21<mbreslin>but michigan i'd write my congressman
14:21<dominikh>robinetd: (7Mbit in theory and perfect conditions, about 1.6 Mbit in reality)
14:21<Yaakov>mbreslin: Do you talk to your mother with that keyboard?
14:21<Ovron>dominikh: move to sweden, 4G <3
14:21*robinetd grabs an IBM model M and smacks Yaakov.
14:21<robinetd>Problem solved.
14:21<dominikh>robinetd: so there's your humiliation
14:21<robinetd>dominikh: You're next.
14:21<dominikh>Ovron: yeah, but your language is horrible :P
14:21<mbreslin>Yaakov: i can /lastlog "fuck" if you want, i'd bet the biggest offenders have @ by their nick
14:22<mbreslin>Yaakov: love though.
14:22<HoopyCat>juanefren: sooo... if you know why you're writing out that much, and it should be doing so, cool. if not, well, you might want to figure out what's happening because it'll eventually fill your disk :-) check /var/log for rapidly-swelling files, and/or install "iotop"
14:22<Ovron>dominikh: a german friend just moved to sweden less than two weeks ago, he is surviving so far, there's hope!
14:22<mbreslin>Yaakov: all love.
14:22<dominikh>Ovron: why yes, I am german, too!
14:22<Yaakov>mbreslin: If someone with an @ jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge would you do it?
14:22<Ovron>dominikh: I know!
14:22<dominikh>Ovron: damn stalker
14:22<HoopyCat>mbreslin: you never said anything about a key-value store, did you?
14:22<straterra>Yaakov: I would for a free linode!
14:22<mbreslin>Yaakov: i'm saying start the whining at the top
14:22<Yaakov>robinetd: As if I'd let you hit me.
14:22<mbreslin>work your way down to me
14:22*HoopyCat would kill a man
14:22<Yaakov>mbreslin: I whine when and at what level I please, thank you very much.
14:22<straterra> I'd drink a bottle of Tobasco
14:22<robinetd>mbreslin: I don't really think that writing a congressman would do anything about it. Best we could do is start our own ISP. Buy a fat pipe from someone and distribute it throughout the neighborhood for a modest fee.
14:23<straterra>But then again...I live on tobasco
14:23<robinetd>That'd cost a lot though. Especially for installation.
14:23<mbreslin>Yaakov: i'll mirror your sentiment except i'll point it towards swear words
14:23<mbreslin>Yaakov: thank you very much
14:23<Nivex>robinetd: then the incumbent ISP sues you for unfair competition
14:23<Yaakov>mbreslin: Doesn't change anything.
14:23<mbreslin>Yaakov: fuck fuck fuckety fuck.
14:23<robinetd>Nivex: I'd sue for anti-competitive-ness.
14:24<robinetd>Fuck, fuck, fuck. Mother mother fuck, mother fuck fuck.
14:24<Yaakov>mbreslin: Surely you are capable of communicating in a more spophisticated fashion.
14:24<HoopyCat>mbreslin: i think he mostly took offense to "w*****g"
14:24<Nivex>robinetd: oh, you're a millionaire that can afford such a lawyer?
14:24<mbreslin>robinetd: smokin weeds smokin blunts
14:24<robinetd>mbreslin: Drinkin' beers, beers beers.
14:24*Nivex goes to a meeting
14:24<robinetd>Rollin' fatties, smokin' blunts. Who smokes the blunts?
14:24<HoopyCat>Nivex: lawyers are cheap compared to rights of way
14:24<Yaakov>mbreslin: I wouldn't complain if I though you were an imbecile with a limited vocabulary.
14:24<Yaakov>mbreslin: That would be inhumane.
14:25<straterra>robinetd: WE smoke the blunts
14:25<devsforev>15 dollars little man, put that shi+ in my hand, if that money doesn't show than you owe me owe me owe
14:25<robinetd>Nivex: Also, I could represent myself.
14:25<mbreslin>i though you were insulting me
14:25<mbreslin>i though wrong
14:25<robinetd>straterra: Good movie. Now I want to watch it again.
14:25<Yaakov>mbreslin: I don't bother people who can't do better.
14:25<robinetd>Unfortunately I only own it on a VHS tape that looks like it was thrown at high velocity into a magnet.
14:26-!-maushu [] has joined #linode
14:28<mbreslin>i probably curse too much in text but it's likely just venting from having to speak to my 4yo and 5month old
14:28<mbreslin>that and if anything warrants the f-word it's slow internet
14:28<robinetd>I only curse because it makes people like Yaakov squirm.
14:29<robinetd>"omg, you used a word in the dictionary that certain insanos put a taboo on!?"
14:29<Yaakov>robinetd: I am not squirming even a little.
14:29<pharaun>robinetd: no the point is that it often sounds less intelligent to cuss using the fuck word
14:29<pharaun>and yes i do cuss too much sometime but often you can express things better without resorting to cuss
14:29<robinetd>pharaun: Does it sound more intelligent to say "sexual intercourse"?
14:29<robinetd>Sexual intercourse you.
14:30<mbreslin>sexual intercourse your slow buttox internet
14:30<pharaun>robinetd: nah, not word sub, no but just how you say it, phase it, etc...
14:30<robinetd>mbreslin: True!
14:30<Yaakov>Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig.
14:31<mbreslin>a wise man told me don't argue with fools
14:31<robinetd>They're putting a cap on me too. 200GB/month. I wonder if I could even saturate that with my shitty connection.
14:31<mbreslin>because people from a distance can't tell who is who
14:31<pharaun>robinetd: hah, i have a 250 gig cap it annoys me
14:32<mbreslin>robinetd: i think i did the match last time we had this discussion and at 50kB you come up 80gb short
14:32<robinetd>pharaun: What do they do if you go over it?
14:32<HoopyCat>i generally avoid cursing because this is a channel of >400 people, many of whom are professionals in my profession, and some of whom may not be as accepting of the vocabulary i use in my home :-)
14:32<pharaun>robinetd: i dunno, i have a meter on my computer that i just monitor and skim right up to 250gig then stop just before i hit the cap
14:32<mbreslin>HoopyCat: generally speaking my text to swear word ration is quite low
14:32<robinetd>mbreslin: Probably, but I'm getting 300kBps through steam. Through HTTP I only get like 50kBps. It's like they limit bandwidth on certain ports.
14:32<Yaakov>mbreslin: "Never answer a fool according to his folly" -- Mishlei (Proverbs) 26:4
14:33<Yaakov>mbreslin: Attributed to Shlomo haMelech (Kind Solomon)
14:33<pharaun>HoopyCat: heh, fair enough, I do normally cuss like a sailor but sometime i need to try to reel it in a bit sometime :)
14:33<robinetd>Bittorrent also goes similarly fast.
14:33<Yaakov>mbreslin: The protoypical wise man.
14:33<robinetd>pharaun: I make sailors blush.
14:33<Yaakov>mbreslin: I have no problem with you in any global way.
14:33<pharaun>robinetd: haha
14:34<Yaakov>Hrm... "KinG Solomon".
14:34<mbreslin>Yaakov: "What you going to do with all that junk" -- Black Eyed Peas
14:34<Yaakov>He wasn't know to be specially kind.
14:34<robinetd>mbreslin: Put it in your trunk, obviously.
14:34<mbreslin>atourino: that's classic yeah
14:35<HoopyCat>for the record, i'm married to a construction worker, so don't stop swearing on my account. just... well, /who #linode once in awhile :-)
14:35<mbreslin>nonsensical statement involving plankton
14:35<mbreslin>best line
14:35<Yaakov>I so rarely used vulgarity that when I do it causes people to faint.
14:35<atourino>I was pointing out that this conversation was turning into that...
14:35<mbreslin>Yaakov: when people faint it just adds to your reputation as being christ-like
14:35<pharaun>HoopyCat: construction worker?
14:35<Yaakov>atourino: You are reading a different conversation, I think.
14:36<Yaakov>mbreslin: Heaven forefend, I am an orthodox Jew.
14:36<mbreslin>no worries jesus is friend to the jews
14:36<Yaakov>Well, I won't get into doctrinal intricacies...
14:37<atourino>well... maybe I was missing the tone... sarcasm/playfulness is a bit hard to distinguish in real time text... for me at least
14:37<atourino>anyway... back to my corner
14:37<straterra>I wish work would buy me a mac :x
14:38<mbreslin>atourino: he's essentially right, i curse too much, any retorts from me are really just masking my wrongness
14:38<pharaun>atourino: fancy corner :-p
14:38*HoopyCat waves to the idling linoders, including His Holiness the Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the State of Vatican City, Servant of the Servants of God, and to President Barack Obama, as well as to Her Majesty the Queen
14:38<pharaun>straterra: i would worry more about getting out of that corner :-p
14:39<straterra>pharaun: Good point
14:39<Ovron>who was it that worked in a cramped corner?
14:39<robinetd>So which one of you bastards ate my snail mail? :(
14:39<Ovron>Yeah, thought so. Let's not talk about large open desks etc, we don't want to upset straterra
14:39<robinetd>I got my ATM card like a month ago, but they never sent me my pin number.
14:39<HoopyCat>pharaun: electrician
14:39<straterra>I won't get upset..
14:39<mbreslin>what is this snail mail you speak of
14:39<straterra>I'll just rage and make myself some more room
14:39<pharaun>HoopyCat: oh right.
14:39<dominikh>robinetd: you know you're supposed to phone your bank? :P
14:40<Ovron>straterra: I bet that wall is not really needed for the integrity of the building :p
14:40<HoopyCat>pharaun: (the people who cause loud "boom" sounds and then utter words most obscene as the lights go out)
14:40<robinetd>dominikh: My bank told me they'd generate a random pin for me and send it in the mail a few days after my ATM card.
14:40<straterra>Ovron: of course not
14:40<pharaun>HoopyCat: indeed :)
14:40<dominikh>robinetd: yus, and if that letter gets lost(or stolen) you should call your bank
14:40<mbreslin>you're telling me someone carries words on a piece of paper across the country instead of just pressing send?
14:40<robinetd>dominikh: I'll just go up there and ask. I hate phones.
14:41<dominikh>robinetd: works, too
14:41<straterra>I kinda wanna pull a Germany and start annexing nearby desks
14:41<mbreslin>straterra: go all office space on them
14:41<robinetd>Never put me on phone duty, you will get a lot of complaints.
14:41-!-juanefren [~juanefren@] has left #linode []
14:41<straterra>I think the next desk to mine will be pretty French..
14:41<straterra>And the one down from that should be pretty amsterdamish
14:42<mbreslin>straterra: whenever someone spoke to me i'd stand up
14:42<mbreslin>and say
14:42<atourino>straterra: go go go
14:42<jtsage>straterra- i'd go more conquistador if i were you - make yourself a flag, start planting it on other desks, and then start obviously coughing on anyone already there - see if they pick up the reference
14:42<dominikh>straterra: just stay away from the desk covered in snow.
14:42<pharaun>straterra: setup your own desk empire!
14:43<mbreslin>5 bux says the person at straterra's work who divies up workspaces has a bigger workspace than straterra
14:43<robinetd>setup isn't a verb, this I know, for someone here had told me so.
14:43<straterra>His office is the size of this conference room
14:43<linbot>setup is not a verb. Please see
14:43<mbreslin>you can't be setuping
14:43<mbreslin>or whatever
14:43<mbreslin>caker caker caker
14:43<robinetd>Can I be setuped?
14:43<dominikh>setup is not a verb, and a blowjob isn't sex, according to some. I will still make use of both
14:44<robinetd>dominikh: Oh, who's the lucky guy?
14:44<dominikh>robinetd: urmom
14:44*robinetd has no decent comeback. Cowers.
14:44-!-eyecool [] has quit [Quit: eyecool]
14:45<mbreslin>this has devolved to the point i'm actually considering ctrl-a-d and getting actual work done
14:45<robinetd>But we love you! :(
14:46<mbreslin>straterra: i told my boss this morning that i thought he hated me but i saw a picture yesterday of someone who's boss actually does hate him
14:46-!-ricky [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:46<jtsage>hmmm. anybody using the combo of screen and vim and manage to figure out how to get vim to set the screen window title? I can make it set the xterm window title, but that's less than helpful
14:47<straterra>mbreslin: what did he say?
14:47<mbreslin>he laughed but i didn't have the link to show him so he didn't understand the full extend of your rathole
14:47-!-ricky [] has joined #linode
14:48<mbreslin>i tried to tell him 'no if this guy inhales he bumps against a cabinet'
14:48<mbreslin>i don't think he quite got the gravity
14:48<dominikh>straterra: looks like a poor home office :P
14:48-!-HarryS [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:48<Ovron>can't you put the computer on the floor? ;p
14:49<straterra>theres no hole in the counter top
14:49<Ovron>is it stuck to the wall?
14:49<mbreslin>i know the economy is crap and you're supposed to be lucky you have a job and all that but sheeeeeeesh
14:49<straterra>Its adhered to both walls
14:50<Ovron>what's on the left side? ;o
14:50-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
14:50<dominikh>Ovron: Hell.
14:50<straterra>What left?
14:50<Ovron>left of the monitor, where you have the red cookie jar
14:51<mbreslin>also for the record if my cubicle was anywhere near as messy as that i'd have to go to some kind of neatness seminar
14:51<straterra>Ok, I see it
14:51<straterra>What specifically? The box or the orange bag... ?
14:51<mbreslin>he means left of the picture
14:51<straterra>mbreslin: It's messy because I have no room
14:51<Ovron>well... both - you could tidy it up :D
14:51<straterra>I could tidy it up..but..where do I put the shit?
14:51<Ovron>and yes, I did mean left of the picture ;)
14:51<Ovron>get a box and put it beneath the desk? :D
14:51<straterra>Left of the picture is another 'desk'
14:52<Ovron>push it out and reclaim the space
14:52<straterra>If you look at the pic, I have stuff under the desk..but I also have little legroom
14:52<Ovron>if anyone is working there, terminate them
14:52<pharaun>claim the other 'desk'
14:52<straterra>I can't reclaim..someone works there
14:52<pharaun>terminate them
14:52<mbreslin>challenge whoever has the other 'desk' to some kind of duel at something you're good at
14:52<mbreslin>and kick him the f out
14:52<Ovron>perhaps a duel in how untidy you can make your desk
14:52<mbreslin>and take the whole counter
14:52<straterra>Do you like how creative my fan stand is?
14:52<straterra>Oh..theres someone on the other side of him too :P
14:53<mbreslin>Ovron = Ovron + 2;
14:53<mbreslin>of course there is
14:53<Ovron>do you really need that many different CD spindle cases things?
14:53<straterra>My fan stand is badass
14:53<mbreslin>why wouldn't there be
14:53<straterra>Ovron: Yes..I do
14:53<mbreslin>there's clearly 7 inches free why wouldn't you stick an entire workspace there
14:53<straterra>One is DVD, one is CD..and one is some burned disks of various kinds
14:53<mbreslin>makes perfect sense
14:53<Yaakov>jtsage: Are you using X?
14:53<Ovron>so what are the cheeze doodles doing there?
14:54<straterra>Hot fries
14:54<straterra>They help my sanity
14:54<straterra>I suppose I could clean up
14:54<straterra>Hmm..its 3
14:54<straterra>Sounds like a good way to burn 2 hours
14:54<mbreslin>because it's so hard to get into the space he doesn't want to go through the trouble of getting back out
14:54<mbreslin>he just brings 5 days worth of snacks
14:54<jtsage>Yaakov- locally, yes. I managed to get it to work using a simple bash wrapper - really I just need to be able to control the escape sequence that set title titlestring= is using.
14:55<Yaakov>jtsage: Yes, xvkbd might help.
14:55<jtsage>oh, there is a thought. hmm.
14:56<straterra>fine fine..I'll clean my desks
14:56<straterra>neat freaks
14:56<straterra>desk, rather
14:56<mbreslin>it's just more comfortable
14:56<Yaakov>I am in a recliner just now. No desk in sight.
14:56<straterra>Not really
14:56<straterra>Cause in a week, it'll be back to this
14:56<mbreslin>in an already crampped space you need all the space you can get
14:56<straterra>People bring shit in..and it builds
14:57<Yaakov>In fact, I am going to recline...
14:57<Ovron>oh, your desks... if your management comes asking after the guy that used to work for them, we've not seen anything
14:57<Yaakov>I reclined.
14:58-!-mawolf [~mw@] has quit [Quit: mawolf]
14:59<Yaakov>It's a La-Z-Boy®.
14:59<Yaakov>The real deal.
14:59<mbreslin>i already don't do anything, if i reclined i'd just be rubbing it in
14:59<Yaakov>I do a lot. I am just not doing anything right now.
14:59<pharaun><- reclined
14:59<Ovron>I am in a recliner at the moment as well <3
14:59<Yaakov>Except reclining.
15:00<Yaakov>We could have a club.
15:00<Ovron>We should
15:00<mbreslin>i emailed a customer already so i figure i'm good until after lunch
15:00<pharaun><3 my lazyboy recliner at home
15:00<Yaakov>And we could discuss our empathy concerning the poor suckers who aren't reclining.
15:00<pharaun>massive and very comfortable
15:00<Ovron>Yes, I see great things that could come out of this club.
15:00<Yaakov>pharaun: La-Z-Boy®.
15:00<pharaun>Yaakov: my goodness, I stand corrected
15:01<Yaakov>pharaun: RECLINE
15:01<mbreslin>poor straterra is cleaning and mumbling curse words under his breath i bet
15:01<Yaakov>La-Z-boy is pretty silly. They even sort of hide it with their logotype.
15:02<Yaakov>mbreslin: And NOT reclining.
15:02<HoopyCat>i laid ze boy last night
15:02<mbreslin>HoopyCat: tmi.
15:02<Yaakov>At work, I have an Aeron
15:02-!-SleePy [] has left #linode [> /dev/full]
15:02<Ovron>I want an aeron, mmmhhhmmmmm
15:03<mbreslin>most of management has aerons, they don't sit in them very much
15:03<mbreslin>clearly smart thinking went into those purchases
15:03<mbreslin>the rest of us have random office chairs
15:04<Ovron>sounds like a horrible company
15:04<mbreslin>we actually have someone who is "ergo trained"
15:04<mbreslin>whatever that means
15:04<fulg0re_>that's actually pretty win
15:04<fulg0re_>i need someone to tell me how to setup my work space properly
15:04<mbreslin>funny she never mentions to the bosses the chair situation
15:05*fulg0re_ has terrible posture and whatnot
15:05<Ovron>oh you've not setupted your space properly?
15:05<mbreslin>it's basically forarms parellel to the floor and so on
15:05-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: Cromulent]
15:05<mbreslin>it's not hard though she knows all the tricks in getting the chair just right
15:05<fulg0re_>but monitor height/chair height/desk height are all wrong
15:06<fulg0re_>and i'm a tall goat
15:06<Yaakov>mbreslin: Well, I am management. :)
15:06<mbreslin>i didn't like it at first because i had bad posture but after a week or 2 it becomes insanely comfortable to sit ergonomically correct
15:06<Yaakov>mbreslin: But we get Aerons for most people.
15:07<mbreslin>Yaakov: i work for a company that makes tomato paste, they don't particularly have chairs on the brain
15:07<mbreslin>i think my managers probably just misused the budget
15:07<mbreslin>to get theirs
15:08<Ovron>mmm tomato paste
15:08<Yaakov>mbreslin: I love the big mylar bags!
15:08<mwalling>i need our egro police to come visit me
15:09<mwalling>i've got an enormous window that looks out over an equally enormous white steel building
15:09<mbreslin>Yaakov: it's a relatively small java shop, the majority of the company's employees are in warehouses standing for 8 hours a day ;x
15:09<mwalling>sun reflects off that, makes me miserable
15:09<Yaakov>mbreslin: But those big mylar bags are cool.
15:10<mbreslin>mwalling: complain, get a screen put up.
15:10<Yaakov>mwalling: Gouge your eyes out.
15:10<Yaakov>mwalling: Wait, that might not be the best idea.
15:10<mbreslin>life is too short if something is screwed up i'm the first in line to be like uh hey the coffee's cold tell your receptionist to pick her game up
15:11<mwalling>mbreslin: HAHAHAHAHA
15:11<Yaakov>mwalling: MYLAR
15:11<HoopyCat>i wish i'd had better posture back in the day
15:11*HoopyCat shakes his cane at people
15:11<mwalling>mbreslin: i sit on the north side of the building, so i dont need window blinds
15:12<HoopyCat>also, my workstation has a coffee pot
15:12<mbreslin>mwalling: i've been here 7 years, in my first 6 months i did the majority of my work and i'm the reason our inventory system (the main app i work on) talks to payroll, i have people buffalo'd into thinking i'm the only one that can keep it going
15:12<Ovron>I have a fullautomatic espresso maker I brought into my office, since the normal coffee there is horrible
15:12<Ovron>this isn't perfect, but at least much better
15:12<mbreslin>so the result is i haven't done any real work in 5 years or more
15:12<HoopyCat>which is on the same circuit as the server room
15:12<mwalling>our overhead lights have sensors for ambient lighting, and they dim the lights down to almost off during the morning. but its the north side of the building. there is no sun
15:13*nDuff hugs his office's $450 superautomatic from Costco
15:13-!-mawolf [~mw@] has joined #linode
15:13<Yaakov>mwalling: GET A NEW JOB MAN
15:13<nDuff>(okay, it's not on par with the $3K Italian handmade manual espresso machine we had two jobs ago, but it sure is better than nothing)
15:14<Ovron>nDuff: most people don't know how to use those, and it takes a lot of practice to get it right; pretty pointless
15:15<nDuff>Ovron, ...pointless? I count learning new skills as self-improvement :)
15:15<mbreslin>our receptionist can't keep a simple pot warm i doubt she'd be able to handle a fancy espresso machine
15:15<Ovron>nDuff: I meant, in the office, where most people aren't able to use it well :)
15:15<nDuff>(but yes, the superautomatic here *does* get a much higher usage ratio as percent of staff)
15:15<Ovron>I use a manual at home, but at the office I just put in a 900eur or so siemens that does pretty ok espresso for being what it is
15:16<dominikh>I don't drink coffee and never had espresso.
15:16<dominikh>now *that's* cheap
15:16<Ovron>you're missing out dominikh :(
15:16<nDuff>Ovron, *shrug*; we had enough people opting in that managing the bean-and-milk purchases for the office let me launder quite a lot of spending money out of my household grocery budget into my pocket change account :P
15:16<Yaakov>I make all my espresso in the manifold of a 1962 Nash Rambler.
15:16<Ovron>nDuff: :D
15:16<dominikh>Ovron: I'm definitely not missing out on coffee (it sucks and doesn't work), and if espresso is anything like it...
15:17<nDuff>dominikh, espresso runs ~$.10/shot if you're careful 'bout your budget and don't add coffee
15:17<nDuff>dominikh, ...that's far, far cheaper than soda
15:17<waltman>dominikh: espresso is like it, only more so
15:17<nDuff>s/add coffee/add milk/
15:17<mbreslin>nDuff: but is the pocket change account monitored by wife
15:17<mbreslin>hiding money from wife++
15:17<Ovron>depends on which beans you use, and if you roast them yourself or not etc
15:17<Ovron>but it can be quite cheap for a decent shot
15:17<dominikh>I am one of the unhappy people who don't get anything out of caffeine
15:17<nDuff>Ovron, right -- our local Costco has an in-house roaster; this $.10/shot average was from them
15:18<Yaakov>I give all my money to my wife.
15:18<mbreslin>sound strategy
15:18<Ovron>ah, localy roasted like that; a luxory I don't get here. I either have to use pre-roasted, or do it myself, which is a bit of a pita.
15:18<mbreslin>what could possibly go wrong
15:18<waltman>yes, quite wise.
15:19<mbreslin>my wife is a junior executive at coca-cola and makes more money than me
15:19*robinetd hides his money from himself.
15:19<Ovron>dominikh: find a good coffee shop that has a barista worth the title, and have an espresso - you'll be hooked <3
15:19<mbreslin>i don't really get to make any financial decisions
15:20<mbreslin>i'm a tad bitter ;p
15:20<mbreslin>/clear again
15:22<linbot>New news from forums: Postfix - Ubuntu 10.04 - SQL - Forwarding question in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
15:23<nDuff>mbreslin, ...being on the other side of that (and having a much higher income than the spouse) isn't always fun either.
15:24<mbreslin>yeah it's no wories
15:24<mbreslin>we've been together 10 years and married 6
15:24<mbreslin>i've never made more than her
15:24<straterra>You assholes have me sweating
15:24<mbreslin>01/14:12:01 < mbreslin> poor straterra is cleaning and mumbling curse words under his breath i bet
15:24<straterra>I hope you're proud of yourself
15:24<sirpengi>it'd be nice if my wife made more than me
15:24<dominikh>always am
15:25<straterra>I'm ditching my speakers for
15:25<mbreslin>she was originally pre-law and a paralegal while in college, even as a paralegal she made more than me when i met her ;/
15:26<jtsage>Yaakov- fwiw, hidden deep in the bowels of vim, there is a way to set the starting and ending escape sequence when using set title.
15:27<Yaakov>It stuff them in the keyboard buffer?
15:27<straterra>Found my spare set of car keys
15:28<straterra>Dont ask
15:28<jtsage>nah, just not documented near as i can tell. out of all the google results, only one has a refernce to them, without any detail as to what they are.
15:28<Ovron>straterra: photo after the tidy-up!
15:28<mbreslin>straterra: i think the words you're looking for are: thanks guys, this was a great idea!
15:28<Yaakov>straterra: The ones with the pink rabbit's foot keychain?
15:28-!-dKingston [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:31-!-dKingston [] has joined #linode
15:34-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
15:38-!-eyecool [] has joined #linode
15:39-!-Bhavicp [] has joined #linode
15:40<straterra>Ok, I suppose I should upload some pics, eh?
15:41-!-][EvIl-BoY][ [] has quit []
15:43-!-eighty4 [] has joined #linode
15:44-!-maushu [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:44<dominikh>"desk 2"? Started your war yet? :P
15:45<straterra>Just to show before/after
15:45<waltman>desk vs desk
15:45<robinetd>straterra: What's that big thing on top of your computer?
15:45<straterra>What big thing?
15:46<waltman>looks like a ups
15:46<robinetd>The thing that the thermaltake thing is sitting on.
15:46<dominikh>waltman: nerd! ;)
15:46<straterra>There isn't a better place for it
15:46<robinetd>straterra: You should remove that cabinet.
15:46<dominikh>straterra: wait, that's your workplace, right? why do you guys have your own UPS?
15:46<dominikh>or is that at home?
15:46<straterra>dominikh: Incase the power dies
15:46<straterra>Thats at work
15:47<dominikh>shouldn't they have something central for that then?
15:47<straterra>The server room is on its own UPS + generator
15:47<BarkerJr>why are your speakers inder the desk?
15:47<straterra>BarkerJr: Disconnected them for room
15:47<straterra>robinetd: I can't
15:48<robinetd>straterra: Unfortunate. :( You could put the computer on the floor.
15:48<straterra>No I can't
15:48<robinetd>Why not?
15:48<straterra>there's no hole in the countertop
15:48<straterra>I'd have no where to run the cables
15:48<robinetd>Get a drill :o
15:48<dominikh>get a new job...
15:48<robinetd>^ best advice evar.
15:48<BarkerJr>putting a computers on the floor just increases the dust they get in them, anyway
15:48<BarkerJr>it's a bad idea
15:49<robinetd>BarkerJr: Because dust doesn't accumulate on top of your desk?
15:49<straterra>mbreslin: No comment?
15:49<straterra>Ovron: You too
15:49<straterra>Since you bastards put me up to it
15:49<BarkerJr>robinetd: it doesn't get kicked up onto the desk
15:49<dominikh>robinetd: because dust is a mob that spawns at the floor!
15:49<Ovron>straterra: wasn't reading, moment ;o
15:49<straterra>Yeah yeah
15:49<robinetd>I don't make a habit of kicking my desktop..
15:49-!-joshdotsmith [] has joined #linode
15:50<straterra>I need a moar better desktop
15:50-!-JamesChevalier1 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:50<robinetd>I couldn't stand having my computer on my desk. Too noisy. I'd end up throwing it out the window.
15:50<robinetd>Defenestration for the win!?
15:50<Ovron>straterra: that looks tidy! well done!
15:50<straterra>Lowsy Core 2 Quad...
15:50<straterra>robinetd: Mine is damn near silent..but my deskfans are louder :O
15:50*robinetd only has an AMD 5800 X2.
15:51*dominikh will soon have an i7 2600K. but my penis is rather small.
15:51<BarkerJr>computer components do have noise ratings
15:51<straterra>All of the Java devs get an i7 w/ 8GB r am minimum
15:51<BarkerJr>you can select quiet ones
15:51<robinetd>straterra: Meh. I think the problem I have is that I bought cheap fans from a no-name business, so they're really loud. =(
15:51<straterra>Most likely
15:51<robinetd>I'll probably get scythe fans and replace them all.
15:51<dominikh>scythe is good?
15:51<dominikh>because I still have to get fans
15:52<robinetd>dominikh: I've heard good things about them. Apparently they've got certain models that are really loud but move a lot of air, and models that move "some" air and are really quiet.
15:52<dominikh>okay, I need them to move a lot of air :<
15:52<dominikh>getting a big big tower
15:52<robinetd>Well, I hope you don't keep it in your bedroom.
15:52<mbreslin>straterra: look at you!
15:53<dominikh>robinetd: I do
15:53<mbreslin>straterra: it almost looks like a grown up works there!
15:53<straterra>mbreslin: I still don't have a lot of room :x
15:53<robinetd>I started turning my computer off at nights because it was like "YTEEEEEEEEEEEEEERGH"
15:53-!-jameswilson [~Adium@] has joined #linode
15:53<straterra>Almost? :/
15:53<dominikh>robinetd: I wouldn't wake up even if the British were bombing Germany again...
15:53<mbreslin>well a really small grown up
15:53<robinetd>I'll keep my desktop on tonight though, so that I may finish downloading this blasted steam game.
15:53<straterra>So..I'm a midget
15:53<straterra>A 280, 5'10" midget
15:53<robinetd>dominikh: Germany would so totally win.
15:53<dominikh>robinetd: which game?
15:54<robinetd>dominikh: Chronicles of Riddick: something something Athena.
15:54-!-message144 [] has joined #linode
15:54<robinetd>straterra: O_O pics or it doesn't exist.
15:54<dominikh>robinetd: you know, with 4MB/s the download would be done real quick
15:54<straterra>robinetd: eh?
15:54<mbreslin>straterra: it looks fine, your space is small but i guess it could be worse, at least you get to irc and clean your workspace instead of doing actual work
15:54<robinetd>straterra: Of a 280lb midgit.
15:55<robinetd>midget too.
15:55<straterra>mbreslin: very true
15:55<straterra>robinetd: That's me
15:55<robinetd>straterra: Right, so pics or you don't exist. :O
15:55<atourino>oh right
15:55<atourino>thought we were in that kind of channel
15:55*robinetd has never seen such a rotund midget before.
15:55*stitch points atourino to
15:56<dominikh>midget midget midget midget midget midget mushroom
15:56<robinetd>the word rotund makes me want rotel tomatoes, which I don't have. :(
15:56<mbreslin>atourino: words of praise for fishfood
15:56-!-goose [~goose@] has joined #linode
15:57<robinetd>Well, got all my non-important data backed up. Now I just have to transfer about 40GB over a LAN :(
15:58<hawk>Should be pretty quick?
15:58<straterra>Do any of you have a preferred vendor for wallwarts?
15:58<dominikh>robinetd: 5 minutes, no biggie :P
15:58<robinetd>dominikh: More like 8 hours. My router has no free ethernet ports, so I'm going to have to transfer over wireless.
15:58<dominikh>robinetd: lolol!
15:59<dominikh>robinetd: your network speeds suck in every aspect.
15:59<mbreslin>OR you could grow a brain
15:59*robinetd grabs the IBM model M and walks slowly towards dominikh.
15:59<mbreslin>and use some kind of portable storage
15:59<robinetd>mbreslin: I don't have portable storage of the 40GB variety.
15:59<hawk>robinetd: If I were you I'd free up a switch port instead of going insane
15:59<mbreslin>is it a 40gb iso?
15:59<mbreslin>can't you break it up?
15:59<robinetd>My flash drive is 1GB, and my DVDs don't hold 40GB.
16:00<robinetd>mbreslin: 10GB of music, 30GB of WoW crap that I'll likely never touch again anyway.
16:00<dominikh>30GB you can delete.
16:00*robinetd wants to keep it as a precaution.
16:01<dominikh>precaution for what
16:01<dominikh>it's WoW, it's worthless
16:01<robinetd>Incase I get sucked back in.
16:01<hawk>robinetd: Reinstall if you get sucked back in?
16:01<robinetd>hawk: You must've missed the part where my internet connection sucks.
16:01<hawk>I did miss that part
16:02<robinetd>30GB at 50kBps. GOGOGOO. :(
16:02<mbreslin>robinetd: i was going to say just redownload wow but i forgot you don't want to lose all that data since your internet is horrrrrrrrible
16:02<hawk>Apparently your lan is little better...
16:02<dominikh>not by much, not by much
16:02<robinetd>Well, my LAN is fine. :(
16:02<robinetd>Gigabit ethernet.
16:02<danieldg>is there a reason you can't transfer by plugging in hard drives?
16:02<mbreslin>what wifi?
16:02<mbreslin>wireless g?
16:03<robinetd>mbreslin: N.
16:03<dominikh>robinetd: just free a port in your router/switch :/
16:03<robinetd>danieldg: It's going to an eeepc and I have no external enclosures.
16:03*robinetd unplugs dominikh's cable.
16:03<robinetd>That should do it. \o/
16:03<dominikh>robinetd: I'm on WLAN right now.
16:03<robinetd>This can be arranged.
16:03<mbreslin>your fridge that tweets when it's out of milk can be unplugged for a short time
16:04<dominikh>robinetd: and fyi, I still habe 3G available that's faster than your DSL...
16:04<mbreslin>dominikh: HAHA
16:04<robinetd>mbreslin: There are three desktops, two eeepcs and a laptop here. :( only 5 ports.
16:04<Ovron>GPRS is faster than his connection
16:04<robinetd>dominikh: I don't have DSL :O
16:04<mbreslin>and if THAT fails there is still tin cans and a string that will get the job done
16:04<dominikh>robinetd: but? dial up? :P
16:05<robinetd>dominikh: wireless.
16:05<mbreslin>my advice honestly is to start the thing going over wifi, then do the 1gb at a time on the flash drive also
16:05<dominikh>robinetd: wireless to the world? oO
16:05<mbreslin>and see who wins
16:05<mbreslin>it's a race
16:05<robinetd>dominikh: Si.
16:05<dominikh>robinetd: like what
16:05<hawk>robinetd: And you're using all of those machines while copying that stuff?
16:05<mbreslin>hawk: hell yeah man, torrents are serious business
16:05<robinetd>hawk: Not all owned by me. My brother would dropkick me, and I'm not unplugging my mother.
16:06<Ovron>downloading linux distros over torrent?
16:06<pharaun>straterra: haha nice, the new picture shows the cabinet quite clearly at first it looked like just a door
16:06<mbreslin>your mother is over here i doubt she'd notice
16:06<mbreslin>in fact
16:06<robinetd>dominikh: Dunno, it just says wireless.
16:06<mbreslin>can you come get her
16:06<mbreslin>she won't leave
16:06<linbot>robinetd: Yo momma's so blind, she dated mikegrb and thought it was Ben Affleck! (736:17/1) [mrmou]
16:06<straterra>pharaun: yeah
16:06<pharaun>straterra: looks clean :)
16:07<robinetd>straterra: Say, where do you work? Also, when won't you be there? I want to know when I should come steal your vornado.
16:08<mbreslin>you can't steal it it fits so perfectly on the cd case
16:08<robinetd>Anyways, it doesn't matter. I've got until monday to copy it.
16:08<hawk>robinetd: Haul one of the machines over to the other and connect them directly?
16:08<mbreslin>until monday that's fine just set it tonight before bed
16:08<mbreslin>no biggie
16:09<straterra>robinetd: You can't have em
16:09<robinetd>It'd make more sense to just leave the drive in the computer and transfer it to the new drive. But that means opening the case twice. Also getting on the floor twice.
16:09<straterra>mbreslin: it does fit well, doesn't it?
16:09<robinetd>But I'm lazy and I'd rather saturate my LAN.
16:09<pharaun>anyone has any experience with multiprocessing in python?
16:09<mbreslin>straterra: yeah perfect
16:11<mbreslin>you did a good job
16:11<robinetd>I'll have 580GB worth of drives laying around collecting dust. :|
16:11<mbreslin>if i can win the fight with the wife over if i get to buy a new macbook pro this weekend you can have the little 320gb that comes out of it
16:11<mbreslin>going to put one of my ssds in it
16:12-!-MrGlass [] has joined #linode
16:12<robinetd>mbreslin: You won't win the fight. Even if you win the fight, you've lost the war.
16:12<robinetd>'Cause she's gonna use your macbook!
16:12<MrGlass>whats the best way to globally disable directory indexing? apache2, ubuntu
16:12<mbreslin>no she thinks macs are for snobs
16:13<robinetd>mbreslin: Sounds like she's pretty smart.
16:13*robinetd ducks.
16:13<mbreslin>she is, (although she's a bit of a hypocrit since she owns an iphone4)
16:13<mbreslin>i've never owned a mac i just want a macbook and i think the pro is sexy
16:13-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: Cromulent]
16:13<mbreslin>with the backlit kb and everything
16:13<mbreslin>i just want a laptop*
16:14<robinetd>I'd like one too, to be honest. The 17" looks especially voluptious.
16:14<pharaun>just go get the lenovo x201
16:14<pharaun>2.5 lb of pure awesome
16:14<pharaun>tho Ovron would disagree and recommend an sony
16:15<dominikh>uh, smart guys: what the hell is DualBIOS™
16:15<mbreslin>MrGlass: you put Options -Indexes
16:15<robinetd>dominikh: Two bios chips, incase you fuck one up.
16:15<pharaun>robinetd: hey sony got some good ones
16:15<Ovron>I do recommend the sony z series if you got money to spend. But lenovo's are nice too.
16:15<dominikh>robinetd: that's it? a protection for idiots?
16:15<robinetd>dominikh: Yup.
16:15<MrGlass>mbreslin: where. do i just stick that in apache2.conf?
16:15<dominikh>robinetd: wow... I'd choose EFI over that then...
16:15<robinetd>pharaun: I've got two ps2's sitting around here dead because the optical drive died in both.
16:16<robinetd>One's a fat, one's a slim. Neither were abused.
16:16<pharaun>Ovron: exactly :-p I do drool for the sony z its just damn expensive
16:16<robinetd>dominikh: Asus even has some motherboards with three chips, I think.
16:16<pharaun>robinetd: heh :-p
16:16<mbreslin>MrGlass: yes, for your / directory
16:16<robinetd>Incase you're an idiot thrice. ;)
16:16<sirpengi>no way, samsung 9 series
16:16<pharaun>just got a xbox slim
16:17<mbreslin>Ovron: how much are the z's?
16:17<robinetd>pharaun: How do you like it?
16:17<Ovron>depends on which you get, mbreslin. Mine was slightly under 4k euros.
16:17<mbreslin>i doubt anything pc wise you're recommending is going to be cheaper than the macbook
16:17<MrGlass>gr8, thanks
16:17<robinetd>I was going to get one, but then I realized console gaming wasn't for me.
16:17<mbreslin>Ovron: is there one with a backlit keyboard ;p
16:17<robinetd>mbreslin: eeepc.
16:18<Ovron>mbreslin: sure is!
16:18<robinetd>(You never said one that was as good as)
16:18<mbreslin>Ovron: ok i'l check it out
16:18<Ovron>mbreslin: 13.1" 1920x1200 is quite awesome too - the display is honestly one of the better dispalys I have ever seen. It is comparable to the expensive desktop apple ones.
16:19<mbreslin>even more expensive than the macbook pro surprisingly
16:19<mbreslin>that will never fly
16:19<Ovron>it is, since it is better ;p
16:19<Ovron>the special SSD in it costs a large portion though
16:19<robinetd>17" MBP looks nice.
16:20<mbreslin>naw 13"
16:20<Ovron>I like my laptops small, I'd even hesitate getting a 15", and 13.1" is lovely :)
16:20<pharaun>robinetd: its not bad so far, been saving it for the weekend so i can play bioshock, also the xbox kinect is awesome cos it supports video chat over microsoft live, and i don't have webcam or etc so i can now videochat with friends on msn who don't have a video phone so its not bad
16:20*robinetd doesn't think he could justify spending $2500 on a laptop though.
16:20<mbreslin>Ovron: same.
16:20<mbreslin>i would never buy even a 15
16:20<StevenK>I just bought a 12" X201
16:20<StevenK>It's pure love ...
16:20<pharaun>Ovron: same, my current one is 14.1 and it was the smallest T series at the time, the X was nerfed badly, the current x201 looks like pure awesome, wants it so badly
16:20<robinetd>Ovron: Lovely? Cute is the word you're looking for. :)
16:20<mbreslin>i should probably wait for sandybridge laptops but i want want want something now
16:21<Ovron>pharaun: :)
16:21<Ovron>pharaun: get the sony z
16:21*Ovron hides
16:21<straterra>HAH -
16:21<straterra>The only review on EXACTLY what I'm going to do
16:21<robinetd>mbreslin: If you do get a sony, start a countdown. I'll bet the optical drive busts in a few months.
16:21<pharaun>Ovron: heh it looks awesome but another 1k on top, i don't know, i only get discounts for lenovo, and my friend can get me a 40% discount on lenovo, i will have to ask him about the sony
16:21<Ovron>robinetd: hardeehar
16:22<Ovron>pharaun: ah
16:22<pharaun>Ovron: so that's the real reason for the bias toward lenovo, but if there's a nice discount on the sony, it might be worth checking out :)
16:23<robinetd>40% discount? :( me so jealous.
16:23<Ovron>I considered lenovo before I found the sony z. I'd probably not get any of the other sony series, but this one is just... amazing. It is state of the art, and probably the best laptop available in this form factor.
16:23<pharaun>Ovron: metal case/keys/etc ?
16:24<Ovron>the case is some carboncompositemetalthing, very sturdy - keys are fine as well; surface does not bend on preasure, like it often does with smaller laptops
16:24<robinetd>Ovron: I can bend it.
16:24<Ovron>the carbon material thing comes as a premium, a bit more expensive, but well worth it
16:25<pharaun>Ovron: heh indeed
16:25<Ovron>robinetd: 4chan is that way ->
16:25<mbreslin>Ovron: i'll stick with mbp that z is tooooo much
16:25<robinetd>Ovron: No, that way is candyland!
16:25<Ovron>mbreslin: enjoy, they are nice as well ^^
16:26*robinetd goes back to jamming and watching a slow transfer rate.
16:26<pharaun>Ovron: i kind of want to get a MBP and install windows on it just to piss off the mac zealots
16:26<Ovron>pharaun: :D
16:26<robinetd>I'd install Linux on it. \o/
16:26<Ovron>"oh yeah I liked the design, but windows is so much better"
16:27<pharaun>talk about caption fail!
16:27<robinetd>Woah, I better not go out today.
16:27*robinetd puts a cup on.
16:28*mbreslin moves there
16:28<mbreslin>pharaun: that was just to see if the deafies were paying attention
16:29<pharaun>mbreslin: hah, people do that sometime actually :-p
16:29<Ovron>apparently they sit ready with their cameras to take snapshots of funny things
16:29<pharaun>Ovron: they pretty much do :)
16:29<pharaun>Ovron: most people i know have a phone almost 100% grafted into their hand -_- i hate it
16:29<pharaun>seriously, like everytime i chat with people its like a few word *interruption looks at the phone* repeat
16:29<mbreslin>pharaun: WE WATCH TV ME YOU HUH QQ
16:30<pharaun>mbreslin: i no have tv GA
16:30<pharaun><phone hung up> Another call? GA
16:31<mbreslin>why you did come to my house u know me at work huh qq ga
16:31-!-JDLSpeedy [] has joined #linode
16:32-!-JDLSpeedy [] has quit []
16:33<mbreslin>3 and a half more hours :<
16:33<pharaun>heh i'm just debating trying to figure out how to do a meta junit test of junit test :-p
16:33<pharaun>workday about done... soon!
16:35<mbreslin>those z's would be better if i could get one without the big ugly vaio branding on the outside
16:35-!-JDLSpeedy [] has joined #linode
16:36<pharaun>oh yeah i see the logo on the back, how is that different from apple
16:36<pharaun>they have a giant apple on the back
16:36<mbreslin>i don't think the apple is horrible
16:36<mbreslin>i think the vaio font/logo/whatever is horribly ugly
16:36<pharaun>the vaio isn't too bad, looks like a clean logo to me
16:36-!-jxpx777 [] has joined #linode
16:37<mbreslin>and for the mbp i'd prefer no logo also, the apple just doesn't bother me as much
16:37<pharaun>really in the end I personally prefer the thinkpad, it got less logo on it, would be ideal if there was none on the cover imho
16:37-!-amarc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:37<pharaun>but they got to advert the brand somehow *rolls eyes*
16:37<Ovron>the vaio is a good typographic logotype
16:37-!-aces1up [] has joined #linode
16:37<Ovron>and we now that typography is serious business
16:37*robinetd wins.
16:37<aces1up>hey does the backups cost extra and if so how much?
16:38<pharaun>you were waiting for that weren't you robinetd
16:38<Ovron>that's a typo, blame it on my cheap membrane logitech keyboard
16:38<mbreslin>for a 512
16:38<pharaun>aces1up: yes they cost extra and its a linear scale as VPS scales up
16:38<robinetd>pharaun: I was watching youtube videos. :D
16:38<aces1up>pharaun is there a pricing sheet somewhere i'm missing?
16:38-!-krish_ [~krish@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:38<robinetd>No problem. Just glad that I got the right command xD.
16:39<robinetd>!urmom | mbreslin
16:39<linbot>robinetd: Yo momma's so fat even Bill Gates couldn't pay for her liposuction! (809:3/2) [umorm]
16:39<robinetd>aw :)
16:39<dominikh>I think Linode should refund us for every month we didn't actually need the backups!
16:40<pharaun>dominikh: then charge in full when you need the backup ;)
16:40<mbreslin>i think they should refund me for every month i sit on irc and don't actually move my app over
16:40<aces1up>so.. if i restore a backup, is it like an image and will just boot normal?
16:40<pharaun>mbreslin: GO go go go!
16:40<mbreslin>this weekend is the weekend!
16:40<dominikh>pharaun: hehe
16:40<mbreslin>aces1up: yes.
16:41<aces1up>just curious, cause it says to do database dumps before window.. i don't understand why if its an image backup.
16:41<pharaun>aces1up: my recommendation is to use the linode backup service, *and* also make sure to have your own offsite backup too fyi
16:41<mbreslin>aces1up: because they're saying don't just rely on this backup
16:41<aces1up>i see..
16:41<sirpengi>dominikh: when you move over to that payment plan, don't be surprised if your node - and your node only - suffers data loss every other day
16:42<@caker>no, that's not why... we're saying that your database is being actively written to, so it can't be backed up reliably
16:42-!-Dave [] has joined #linode
16:42<@caker>dump to a file that's not change, and you're good -- no worries
16:42<mbreslin>ah dump to flat file before backup
16:42<aces1up>caker then i just reload that file when the new image boot comes up, that what you saying?
16:42<mbreslin>sorry that makes sense
16:42-!-Dave is now known as Guest273
16:42<pharaun>this is a standard issue with databases, you need to either make them stop/be quiet then backup, or do a database dump to a file then backup
16:43<dominikh>or, like my other hoster, force the user to shut down the node before a backup can be taken
16:43<Guest273>Hi, I am thinking about getting a Linode VPS. I did read a lot of reviews and other articles and Linode seems to be one of the best VPS providers. I have some small quick questions before I order a VPS. Am I allowed to ask here?
16:43<pharaun>aces1up: yeah, if the database is not running, you can just start it back up when you restore, but most likely it *IS* going to be running when you do a backup so hence the dump file is there in case there is a problem with the restore
16:43<aces1up>ok, just to be clear as i don't know too much about dbase backups.. if i restore a image from linode, will it have at least most of the data in it ? i understand its going to lose due to real time issues..
16:44<@caker>Guest273: welcome! Fire away
16:44<aces1up>pharaun gotcha, thanks for the assist.
16:44<pharaun>aces1up: its not *always* going to have a issue, but yes since the db could be writing to a file, the file/db would be in an inconsistant state which leads to data corruption
16:44<pharaun>aces1up: hence the database dump is there in case
16:44<aces1up>also.. whats typically the downtime for a restore?
16:44<@caker>aces1up: none?
16:44-!-wazoo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:45<@caker>you can restore to another Linode :)
16:45<aces1up>hrmm, do i have to like purchase another plan for that?
16:45<pharaun>another linode? yes
16:45<@caker>But, if you're asking how fast restores are -- they are pretty darn quick. Faster than backing up, but it really depends on how many files
16:45<aces1up>ok so say i just restore on existing linode, how long is the downtime.
16:45<@caker>aces1up: you can restore into your existing Linode, too -- if you have enough unallocated space
16:45<aces1up>to reload / reboot?
16:45<pharaun>but you are prorated, ie if you purchase a linode and only use it for 1 day, you are credited for the unused time
16:45<Guest273>Ok thnx. Current situation: shared hosting, about 100 addon domains, mostly wordpress sites. Cpanel. But its to slow and I got suspended because of using too much resources. Possible new situation: Linode VPS! But I was wondering this: can I use this also for all my addon domains? Email hosting of these domains. Wordpress hosting? I guess: ofcourse! But there is no cpanel, how does this work on a VPS?
16:45<@caker>aces1up: There is NO downtime during a restore
16:46<Guest273>I am fairly new to vps hosting. SO i need to setup apache , email servers, php , mysql databases and some panel..
16:46<@caker>Guest273: you'd do the stuff CPANEL does for you -- set up webserver, manage dns, email server, etc...
16:46<aces1up>so basically if my disk are all taken by existing plan, i need to have another plan to do a restore?
16:46<straterra>Guest273: You set it up just like a physical server
16:47<pharaun>aces1up: yes, or shut down the current vps and restore to that
16:47<aces1up>pharaun cool thanks.
16:47<pharaun>aces1up: but if you don't want a downtime then yeah you would need another vps
16:47<pharaun>aces1up: or make sure you have enough room on your primary vps like caker said
16:47<@caker>aces1up: You either need to: Resize images on your existing Linode to free up space; Add disk space extras; Resize the entire Linode to a larger plan; or restore to a different Linode
16:47<Guest273>okay. I have setup those stuff only once, but only Apache and PHP without my sql databases and mailserver. Do you think someone with not that much experience (but a swift learner!) will be able to install this properly?
16:47<aces1up>pharaun so is there like an auto mechanism somewhere, like if the server goes down it auto restores to other node?
16:47<MrGlass>how do I configure apach2 to execute a .py file instead of just serving it?
16:47<pharaun>aces1up: no
16:48<@caker>Guest273: In my opinion, yes - but it's going to take work
16:48<@caker>Guest273: <--
16:48<pharaun>aces1up: HA and all of that is up to you, they provide the VPS space, all of the services/etc high availability, etc is all up to you
16:48<aces1up>just wondering why you say there is no downtime, i mean there is going to be some time spent reloading / rebooting.
16:48<pharaun>aces1up: there is downtime if you shut down your current linode and restore to that, yes
16:48<mbreslin>Guest273: one of the best parts of linode is that for almost any common/general thing you'd want to do there is a well written/tested linode guide.
16:48<@caker>aces1up: a restore just restores somewhere -- nothing needs to be down during the restore
16:48<pharaun>aces1up: but if you restore to empty disk space, or restore to ANOTHER linode there is no downtime
16:48<@caker>hence "no downtime for restores"
16:48<aces1up>caker ahh i see.
16:48-!-wazoo [] has joined #linode
16:49<aces1up>thanks for the clarification.
16:49<aces1up>when i enable backups, is it billed immediate or on next months bill?
16:49-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
16:49<pharaun>Guest273: there's also stackscripts that can help automate the setup of stuff also, check them out and see if there's one that does what you want also
16:49<Guest273>okay thank you guys. That library seems to be nice. I think I am gonna try it!
16:50<mbreslin>aces1up: prorated until the end of the month
16:51<mbreslin>(everything else is prorated so i'd assume backups are too)
16:51-!-prettyrobots [~alan@] has joined #linode
16:51<Peng>prettyrobots: So. What can't you log into?
16:52<prettyrobots>Oh, got it.
16:53<prettyrobots>How does one get a "Promotion Code".
16:53<prettyrobots>Those sound like fun.
16:53-!-materdaddy [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:53<Peng>Linode doesn't frequently have promo codes.
16:53*HedgeMage pokes linbot
16:54<HedgeMage>linbot: referral code?
16:54<linbot>Looking for a referral code? Use this one for free activation: dbe98bfe8cad58e02d9ea22fc98f446240edc909 (Referral docs: )
16:54<HedgeMage>prettyrobots: there you go, a random referral code courtesy of the channel bot ^^^
16:55-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
16:55<prettyrobots>HedgeMage: It says that it is expired or invalid.
16:55<prettyrobots>But, whatever.
16:55<HedgeMage>prettyrobots: hold on, I'll look up mine for you
16:56<@caker>dbe98bfe8cad58e02d9ea22fc98f446240edc909 is a referral code, not a promo code. And it works.
16:56<prettyrobots>Was just getting a new Linode and wondered if they were...
16:56<prettyrobots>Referal code, yes. I'm looking at promo code.
16:56<@caker>There aren't any.
16:58<JasonF>prettyrobots: the promo code is that linode is already pretty damn cheap, lol
16:59<prettyrobots>Just wondering. They have this box there. Guess its for decoration.
16:59<Peng>There are occasionally promo codes.
16:59<Peng>caker: You could disable the box when there aren't any promotions.
17:02-!-blognewb [~blognewb@] has joined #linode
17:04<Boohemian>hey, anyone here have a thinkpad t410?
17:05<mwalling>prettyrobots: they use it occasionally, but the codes are very short lived or for a specific thing
17:05<Peng>(If course, then the clever among us would be able to find out when there is a promotion by seeing the box.)
17:06<Boohemian>i may purchase one from someone on CL for $900 (includes 128GB SSD). he's had it only 3 months. seems like too good of a price though
17:06<prettyrobots>I'm sure. Just curious.
17:07<pharaun>mwalling: java question, familiar with junit ?
17:07<pharaun>mwalling: i'm wondering is there a good way that I can like set up my junit tests to use X config, and do multiple unit tests pass over each batch of configuration ?
17:08<mwalling>over my head
17:08<pharaun>I'm just wondering because it would ease testing because the behavor of the code changes depending on the config
17:08<Guest273>Thank you all guys for the answers. I am gonna try a Linode VPS. With some time and tutorials I guess I will be able to install everything.
17:08<mwalling>pharaun: you can generate the tests
17:09<pharaun>mwalling: what you mean generate? as in having a template test that uses X config then generate a batch from the template for each possible configuration ?
17:10<mwalling>pharaun: yeah. i ahve some strange reflection stuff where i end up generating a bunch of classes based on parsing the code with regexes
17:11<pharaun>mwalling: i do have a common setup code that loads the config, so i could probably use reflection to change that and generate the tests
17:11<pharaun>mwalling: sweet, thanks :)
17:15-!-aviad- [] has joined #linode
17:16-!-cereal [] has joined #linode
17:18-!-kenichi [] has quit [Quit: kenichi]
17:18-!-mawolf [~mw@] has quit [Quit: Alea iactus est.]
17:19-!-joshdotsmith [] has quit [Quit: joshdotsmith]
17:19-!-saikat [] has quit [Quit: saikat]
17:20-!-vcardoso [~vcardoso@] has joined #linode
17:20-!-noirlord [~dev@adsl-87-102-118-19.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #linode
17:21-!-goose [~goose@] has quit [Quit: God doesn't send firemen to hell; if he did, he knows we'd just put it out!]
17:24-!-eyecool [] has quit [Quit: eyecool]
17:24-!-hpj [] has left #linode []
17:25<noirlord>bugger, just gone on the site to see if the tickets are available for iron maiden and Tim Minchin is playing the same venue the month before...
17:25*noirlord realises that was the wrong channel, sorry
17:26<tierra>so, for someone wanting to just get up and running and playing around with asterisk, who has some some good recommendations for simple and cheap SIP trunk providers?
17:26<Guest273>Can I also order a VPS without creditcard? But with paypal or normal transfer instead?
17:26<rlankfo>tierra: thats who we use
17:27<Peng>!f paypal
17:27<rlankfo>they have cheap rates
17:27<linbot>Peng: What forms of payment do you accept? We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We have month-to-month, 12-month, and 24-month terms available. Paypal transfers are not supported but Paypal debit/credit cards should work.
17:27<Peng>Guest273: ^
17:27<noirlord>Guest273, you could also use (I think) one of those one-shot credit card things
17:28<noirlord>though I would think you would have to pay for 12 months otherwise you would need a new "card" every month
17:28-!-cereal [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:28<Peng>Well, using a new card every month is totally technically possible, it's just a huge PITA.
17:29<tierra>thanks rlankfo
17:30<Guest273>Ok thank you noirlord, gonna take a look at those one shot things
17:30-!-jimcooncat [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:30-!-redgore_ [~redgore@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:31<noirlord>out of curiosity anyone here ever played with ejabberd?
17:31-!-cereal [] has joined #linode
17:31-!-drowe [~drowe@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:32<Peng>noirlord: Yes, but not me.
17:32<noirlord>was cursing yesterday took delivery of a 48 port cisco switch and then had to configure it using a com port connection, I had to search the building looking for a machine that still had a serial port heh
17:32<mwalling>i run ejabberd
17:33<noirlord>mwalling, how resource intensive is it?
17:33<Peng>It's about 6 minecrafts.
17:34<mwalling>noirlord: that intensive
17:34<Peng>Sorry, kidding.
17:34<noirlord>then I finally find that the receptionists desktop has a com port (thank you dell optiplex piece of shit) and discover MS castrated Windows 7 (no hyperterminal)
17:34<Peng>It's Erlang? :O
17:34<@heckman>How goes it?
17:34<Peng>heckman: What, does Erlang summon you?
17:34<noirlord>sorry that was a horribly vague question, in your experience how does its resource usage scale up against number of users
17:35<noirlord>Peng, if you say it in front of a mirror three times yes ;)
17:35<Peng>noirlord: What if I just have a shiny window?
17:35-!-drowe [~drowe@] has joined #linode
17:35<mwalling>noirlord: number of users... hmm... me, and a couple bots
17:36<noirlord>Then you get a ruby user who talks endlessly about how cool Macs are
17:36<noirlord>and it serves you right
17:36<@heckman>I use RubyOS too
17:36<@heckman>I also dual-boot Viking Linux.
17:36<@heckman>I don't use passwords to log in, it simply takes a picture and compares it against a previous image of my beard.
17:37<noirlord>mwalling, ah ok, the stuff I've read seems pretty interesting and it looks like it would be suitable as the backend for the chat system on a project I'm currently doing
17:37-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: Cromulent]
17:37<noirlord>certainly better than most of the php/ajax "hacks" I've seen for the same functionality
17:37<Ovron>>:( ajax chats
17:38*encode shaves heckman's beard while he's asleep
17:38<Peng>You know what's a chat system? IRC
17:38<encode>Peng: IRC? What's that?
17:38<Ovron>IRC is a way of life, not a chat system
17:39<noirlord>Peng, yes but since the site we (and by we I mean me and the designer (should he live that long...)) is aimed at small business people (mostly) so IRC is kinda out
17:39<robinetd>It's shake and bake, and I did it myself because nobody halped :(
17:39<robinetd>Lying commercials.
17:40<noirlord>mostly I just want something reliable that scales reasonably well and is not gonna hammer the shit out of the server, don't much care if I need to purchase another linode to run just ejabberd (already planning on at least another one)
17:40<robinetd>encode: Even more evil would be to just remove a patch of beard hair so that it rejects authorization and nobody knows why.
17:41<encode>or change the previous image
17:41<noirlord>fuck it, Ill set aside a couple of days and play with it, the BBC and facebook both use it and they will handle alot more users than we will
17:41<encode>to which the beard is compared
17:41<robinetd>This way he goes insane, gets frustrated, smashes his machine, and loses his hair from stress.
17:41-!-axod [] has joined #linode
17:42<Peng>noirlord: I imagine they have a somewhat larger ops budget than you, though. :P
17:42<Peng>axod: Hi :D
17:42<axod>hey Peng
17:43<noirlord>Peng, slightly
17:43<noirlord>hmm, the Debian RC1 artwork is hideous...
17:43<noirlord>Debian - Brilliant OS, Artwork by Minions
17:44<encode>who cares about the artwork
17:44<encode>when all i use is the command line?
17:44-!-ryanc [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
17:44<encode>figlet is all the artwork I need
17:45<@heckman>noirlord: link?
17:45<noirlord>heckman, running the installer, I saw the artwork contest on their site let me see if I have it in my history
17:46<noirlord>looks like that
17:46<@heckman>I just saw it
17:46<@heckman>That's some Windows 95 stuff right there
17:46<noirlord>I'm not a graphic design not even close but could have done better than that
17:47-!-blognewb [~blognewb@] has quit [Quit: Client Quit]
17:47<@heckman>I get it tho
17:47<robinetd>It actually doesn't look too bad to me.
17:47<@heckman>Univers(e)al Operating System
17:47<HoopyCat>yeah, i've seen worse
17:47*robinetd might even buy one of those fancy shirt things.
17:48<noirlord>it's not good
17:48<noirlord>not that it matters I have my own wallpapers for linux anyway
17:48<@heckman>I do like the widget stuff they are running, tho
17:48<HoopyCat>it's kinda fun
17:49-!-Torenn [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:49<robinetd>noirlord: Sounds like you're jealous that you didn't do it first ;D
17:50<@heckman>Actually, I may attempt to throw Debian on my netbook.
17:50<noirlord>that must be it
17:50<@heckman>bee are bee
17:50<Ovron>yes they are.
17:50<noirlord>I use it on everything but my linodes now
17:51-!-Torenn [] has joined #linode
17:51<noirlord>prefer it to ubuntu (it's stable on my main desktop where ubuntu hasnt been since 9.04)
17:51<pharaun>ubuntu was never stable *runs*
17:52<Ovron>what is this spacefun madness
17:52<noirlord>pharaun, sadly you are all too often right
17:52<noirlord>releasing with intel graphics broken was the final straw for me, I stared looking for something else right then
17:53<bob2>file teh bugs
17:53<dominikh>leave teh sinking ship
17:53<robinetd>I wonder what those applet thingies are.
17:53<mbreslin>got off the phone with the wife, shot down the mbp again :<
17:53<noirlord>they knew about the bug ahead of release and released anyway to stay on schedule, the bug broke an entire generation of onboard intel graphics
17:53<pharaun>mbreslin: you'll never win the battle nor the war
17:53<noirlord>not just quirky behavoiur, total crash, installer freeze...
17:54<robinetd>mbreslin: So tell her to get out. :D
17:54<noirlord>I think alot of the reason that debian is more stable is because they don't release until it builds cleanly on every platform they support, gives things a much bigger shake
17:54<mbreslin>the problem is i really have no argument
17:55<noirlord>I can live with the slower releases (since I just run testing on my development machines)
17:55<robinetd>mbreslin: I just gave you one. "My way or the highway."
17:55<mbreslin>her argument is: you go to work and back and that's it wtf you need with a laptop
17:55<StevenK>Because building cleanly is such an a good test for stability.
17:55<noirlord>mbreslin, "If you let me have a MBP I will never ask for a blowjob again"
17:55<bob2>mbreslin: irc in front of tv, duh
17:55<Ovron>or in the toilet
17:55<mbreslin>bob2: that's my only retort, the couch
17:55<robinetd>Ovron: I like my eeepc for that.
17:55<mbreslin>noirlord: no point in just lying to her
17:55-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has quit [Quit: Gika]
17:55<pharaun>mbreslin: if you want a irc machine just get an eeepc
17:55<robinetd>I tell people what I'm doing :D
17:56<mbreslin>noirlord: especially obvious lies
17:56-!-SleePy [] has joined #linode
17:56<bob2>stupid qnap, stream faster
17:56<mbreslin>pharaun: stop goddamn saying eeepc
17:56<noirlord>my gf forces me to spend money on myself, the trick is not to marry them ;)
17:56-!-Bhavicp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:56<pharaun>mbreslin: i just said it once :)
17:56<mbreslin>noirlord: 6 years too late for that
17:56<mbreslin>01/14:13:17 < robinetd> mbreslin: eeepc.
17:57<noirlord>me "not sure I should get the 2nd 23" HD monitor" gf "you worked really hard on that job, its your money treat yourself" me "not sure though" gf "you buy one Ill buy you the other for christmas"
17:57*robinetd has one.
17:57<mbreslin>guess it wasn't you
17:57<pharaun>mbreslin: see ^_^
17:57<robinetd>I should go flip my chicken before it burns. But I don't want to get up.
17:57<pharaun>robinetd: develop a remote chicken flipper
17:57<mbreslin>if i get a used older mbp off ebay will it be totally shitty?
17:58<robinetd>mbreslin: Probably.
17:58<noirlord>mbreslin, considering it was shitty the day it rolled off the production line I doubt it has improved since
17:58<mbreslin>the latest is quite good ;/
17:58*robinetd high-fives noirlord.
17:58<robinetd>HoopyCat: How unfortunate.
17:59<mbreslin>poor api design
18:00-!-joshdotsmith [] has joined #linode
18:00<mbreslin>bob2: tell me how to fetch+parse 140k rss feeds in python without blowing up my computer/network
18:00<mwalling>oh oh oh
18:00<HoopyCat>mbreslin: like a snake eating a squirrel
18:00<bob2>mbreslin: u r doomed
18:00<bob2>mbreslin: what on earth are they?
18:01<Peng>mbreslin: I advise not doing them all at once.
18:01<mbreslin>well pet project will be a news ticker with only real time headlines
18:01<Ovron>importing cloud?!
18:01<noirlord>140k rss feeds, shit I could parse that by hand
18:01<Peng>mbreslin: What's wrong with just looping over them?
18:01*noirlord is a turing machine
18:01<Peng>mbreslin: Aside from hitting the abuse limits on some hosts? :P
18:01<mbreslin>so i need to check them all for the relevant tags, to sort between real time enabled vs not
18:02<bob2>Peng: one per second = full run every two days
18:02<Peng>mwalling: Coool.
18:02*HoopyCat samples everything in the medicine cabinet
18:02<Peng>bob2: I was under the impression it only had to be done once.
18:02<mbreslin>Peng: at the very least i will be doing it pseudo-randomly so i don't get banned
18:02<robinetd>mwalling: That picloud thing looks really cool.
18:02<bob2>Peng: ah
18:02<mbreslin>it does only need to be done once
18:02*noirlord would not use a MBP if it was given to him...would sell it and by a real computer (Thinkpad...oh yeah)
18:03<robinetd>I'd use it.
18:03<robinetd>Probably as a baseball bat, but still.
18:03<sirpengi>mbreslin: stick all the feeds in a queue (beanstalkd, some redis list), and start X consumer python scripts that pull them out one at a time and check them
18:03<sirpengi>mbreslin: you don't even need to mess with threading
18:03<noirlord>mbreslin, what about something like GAE or EC2?
18:03<noirlord>massive capacity for one day, sort it, cache it and then incrementally update on a more sane platform
18:03<mwalling>noirlord: picloud is a python abstraction on ec2
18:04<noirlord> that then
18:04<mwalling>robinetd: i cannot confirm or deny that we may or may not be using that product on an internal system
18:04-!-Bhavicp [] has joined #linode
18:04<sirpengi>mbreslin: you can stop/resume it at any time, and you can scale up/down by starting/stopping individual scripts
18:05<pharaun>actually i'm going to have to setup something like that on my machine for image processing
18:05<noirlord>had to sort out the network at work the other day, nearly took a baseball bat to the new switch, not a network technician but then the guy who installed it apparently was not either
18:05<noirlord>should have taken a photo..
18:05<mbreslin>mwalling: this is likely the best way
18:05<mwalling>mbreslin: your welcome :)
18:05<pharaun>mwalling: this cloud thing does look neat :>
18:06<mwalling>jed about creamed himself when i showed it to him
18:06<HoopyCat>mwalling: i'm going to write a letter to the governor calling on him to support legislation i'm currently drafting to recognize polyamorous marriages between a man and an infrastructure service
18:06<mbreslin>can i parse 140k feeds in my free hours is the question
18:06<mbreslin>mwalling: it's awesome for python people, i didn't think anything like it existed
18:06<noirlord>mbreslin, just do it over a week
18:06<Ovron>you're making 140k sound more than it is ;p
18:06<mwalling>mbreslin: i dont think you can use your free quota on picloud
18:07<pharaun>Ovron: amen
18:07<@jed>oh yeah
18:07<@jed>we need that on linode, stat
18:07<linbot> ...
18:07<noirlord>140k feeds is not that much to a modern machine
18:08<Ovron>I hit a forum crawling over 200k posts (with permission obviously), using my home computer and connection. Was done in one evening.
18:08<noirlord>as long as you have a fat pipe (hint: use a linode) you could do it pretty quickly
18:08<pharaun>i think for him he wants to do it <certain time limits ?
18:08*HoopyCat relabels his caps lock key as "GREAT HUGE LOVE"
18:08<mbreslin>it's quite a bit of stuff to fetch at least, the parsing isn't the hard part
18:08<noirlord>Ovron, done similar things
18:08<pharaun>same here
18:08<pharaun>1.1 million myself
18:09<mwalling>yeah, parsing is a solved problem
18:09<mwalling>import feedparser
18:09<mbreslin>if each feed is 100k it's 14 gigs worth
18:09<noirlord>wrote a fast crawler in delphi many years ago sadly the internet connection I had at the time made all the optimisation pointless...but that was not really the point
18:10<mwalling>mbreslin: 14 * $.15
18:10-!-Bhavicp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:10<pharaun>noirlord: haha, i spent more time writing and tweaking and optimizing the crawler than actually running the damn thing :-p
18:10<noirlord>on my shitty adsl connection 14gb is ~ 7 hours to download
18:10<pharaun>7 hour isn't that bad
18:10<Ovron>pharaun: same here - I suspect that's the usual case :p
18:10<pharaun>i've had downloads that taken weeks to finish
18:10<noirlord>pharaun, same, I wrote an implemetation of KMP in assembly because the default delphi string routines were not fast enough
18:10<pharaun>noirlord: XD
18:11<HoopyCat>Please insert disk 43 OF 87
18:11<pharaun>HoopyCat: oh god don't bring back that horror
18:11<Ovron>I ate disk 87, sorry
18:11<noirlord>pharaun, I was a hell of programmer before I had a life, job, gf and bills
18:11<mwalling>haha jed++
18:11<axod>jed: gets 90% laoded, fails. Adjust volume control, retry
18:11<HoopyCat>who has punchcard 8961? what the hell, where is punch card 8961?!!
18:11-!-stefanie [] has joined #linode
18:12<noirlord>I once gave my friend a game on floppy (going back a long time) and deliberately number the disks, 1,2,3 and 5 :_
18:12*noirlord subtle trolls are the best
18:13<noirlord>he spent hours blaming his brother for moving disk 4
18:13<mwalling>axod: i didnt have that problem, mine was a commadore deck
18:13<mwalling>it connected through some funny cable
18:13*HoopyCat acquires three pigs, a can of paint, and a bucket of swine lube
18:13<pharaun>noirlord: that is a win :>
18:13<noirlord>HoopyCat, that was where I got the idea, that is an old prank :)
18:13<HoopyCat>afk, at the mall
18:14<mbreslin>i had press play on tape :/
18:14<mbreslin>commodore vic 20
18:14<mbreslin>LOAD "COPS AND ROBERS"
18:14<noirlord>always had Spectrums
18:14<axod>mwalling: ah spectrum here :/
18:15<pharaun>I'm having a brain fart, but what's a good way to mass replace a string in multiple files scattered in a directory structure ?
18:15<axod>zx81 for £10 cycled 4 miles to pick it up
18:15<robinetd>pharaun: Probably sed.
18:15<axod>pharaun: find -> sed ?
18:15<noirlord>got a PC in the late 80's, hated the games and sold it and bought another Spectrum +3
18:15<noirlord>used 3" disks
18:15<mwalling>i love jvm hot swapping
18:15<pharaun>robinetd: yeah i figured sed something
18:16<pharaun>axod: i guess that'll work
18:16<axod>xenon II was great on PC. Used to play that loads. But it ran way too fast on 386 :/
18:16<pharaun>like i said, stupid brainfart :)
18:16<mwalling>pharaun: you do use something like hudson(soon to be called jenkins) to run your tests, right?
18:16-!-NiftyLettuce [] has joined #linode
18:16<noirlord>axod, damn I remember that game, it was the first thing I installed when I got a 286 with VGA graphics (went from CGA to VGA..missed EGA)
18:16<noirlord>still remember just been in awe of the number of colours on screen...
18:16<pharaun>mwalling: i'm not sure actually what we use, but its probably some IBM product
18:17<noirlord>well that and BBS porn looked alot better in 256 colors than 4 ;)
18:17<NiftyLettuce>8bit porn?
18:17<noirlord>first PC was an Olivetti XT
18:17<pharaun>mwalling: but i was told that i would need to code all of my tests in junit format so i guess its something compat, other than that, don't know much tbh
18:17<axod>noirlord: prince of persia was my other fave
18:17<NiftyLettuce>best linux OS for lightweight, rapid development in ruby/php?
18:17<axod>the music on prince of persia was pretty impressive... vibrato
18:17-!-Bhavicp [] has joined #linode
18:17<noirlord>NiftyLettuce, 256 color indexed gifs where pretty much the defacto for porn...
18:18<noirlord>painful to download on a 14400 modem though heh
18:21-!-eyecool [] has joined #linode
18:23<noirlord> (back to our earlier discussion about debian artwork that is one I did for my dual monitor setup at home and work)
18:24<waltman>For some reason that picture makes me think of Samurai Jack :)
18:25<Ovron>it made me think of kung fu panda
18:25<@pparadis>reminds me of -->
18:25<Ovron>or mini ninjas
18:25<noirlord>lmao@debian installer telling me to remove installation media (CD-ROM, floppies)
18:25<noirlord>I got the original image off of gnome-look as an svg, modified it for widescreen, flipped it so both samurai faced inwards and then just added the logos and tweaked it..
18:26<noirlord>not a designer but on a decent monitor the colours look really nice
18:26<noirlord> that was one I did for my brother
18:29-!-Guest273 [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
18:31<NiftyLettuce>noirlord: whered you get the tron paper att?
18:31<NiftyLettuce>noirlord: i'd love to try it out: )
18:32<noirlord>I don't have it on this machine but I can point you to the original image I used?
18:33<noirlord>all I did was edit out the disney logo, crop to the right shape and then use colourise in GIMP (it was a 2 minute hack) because my brother adored Tron in the 80's
18:34<noirlord>If'd had more time I would have done the recolourisation selectively to not fuck up the none yellow reflections
18:34<mbreslin><3 ninjai
18:35<mbreslin>except that it hasn't progressed for 10 years
18:35<noirlord>I generally make new wallpapers when I'm waiting for updates to install or a backup to run, it's a bit like a stressball
18:35-!-Bhavicp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:36<mwalling>yeah, thats why i have a gagillion computers and monitors
18:36<@jed> <- hah
18:36<@jed>gg, ICQ
18:37<noirlord>I simplified I'm down to four desktops and two laptops at home and two machines at work heh
18:37<noirlord>it got really out of hand the gf laid down the law
18:37<noirlord>ICQ is still around?
18:37<@pparadis>in soviet russia
18:37*noirlord thinks the 90's called and want their IM client back
18:38<@jed>I'm proud of the author for using Python in the exploit
18:38<@jed>well done, Daniel Seither
18:38<dominikh>going to be a fun day in university on monday!
18:39<noirlord>"ICQ 7 does not check the identity of the update server or the
18:39<noirlord>authenticity of the updates that it downloads through its automatic
18:39<noirlord>update mechanism. " holy crap
18:39<@pparadis>yeah, about that.
18:40<@pparadis>filed under "epic"
18:40<robinetd>People don't use ICQ. FBI agents do.
18:40<robinetd>They'll claim they're 12 year olds though nd tlk lk dis.
18:40-!-niemeyer__ [~niemeyer@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:40<fo0bar>holy crap! that's serious! you're trying to tell me ICQ is still around?
18:40<atourino>beer o'clock in full swing in the touriño household
18:40<mwalling>Stop using ICQ
18:40<atourino>oh yeah!
18:40<@pparadis>mwalling: but they <3 it
18:40<dominikh>fo0bar: I study CS and at least one of my fellow students uses the official ICQ client
18:41<axod>they have a fair size irc net dont they
18:41<Ovron>dominikh: point and laugh
18:41<mbreslin>mwalling: it looks like about 10 bux total using picloud
18:41<noirlord>Rob, "The Internet - Where men are women and children are FBI agents" (paraphrased)
18:41<atourino>dominikh: for historical purposes?
18:41<bran>how do I go about installing urchin on my 10.04LTS?
18:41<dominikh>atourino: for the purpose of chatting with friends
18:42<bran>or is there another better log parsing analytic package?
18:42<dominikh>Ovron: I asked him to exmatriculate himself
18:42<mwalling>mbreslin: sounds worth it
18:42<atourino>dominikh: ah well... it could be worse, they could use IRC :S
18:42<mwalling>mbreslin: i think i paid that much for lunch
18:42<robinetd>I was going to get a picloud account. Then I realized that I didn't know python. O_o
18:42<mwalling>robinetd: ...
18:42*robinetd wonders where pacman is.
18:42<dominikh>and then there's that girl, also studying CS, who uses MSN (also the official client) and complained that something didn't work in her IE
18:42<dominikh>CS – not worth a dime
18:43<robinetd>dominikh: Give her my linodes IP address. Tell her it's for good times.
18:43<atourino>dominikh: I use messenger.. :P
18:43-!-Bhavicp [] has joined #linode
18:43<axod>those that can, do. Those who can't, take CS
18:43<mbreslin>robinetd: python has 31 keywords, you can mostly learn it in an afternoon if you know another language pretty well
18:43<noirlord>her IE, she wrote IE? no wonder she had to go back to uni
18:44<mwalling>dominikh: we have a computer engineering major as an intern... he... uh... doenst understand oop
18:44<robinetd>mbreslin: I'm very lazy.
18:44<dominikh>axod: problem in Germany: bosses think that only those with a degree can.
18:44<noirlord>though doing a CS degree is on the mild end of the scale of punishment for writing IE
18:44<dominikh>mwalling: wow.
18:44<mwalling>dominikh: blame HR
18:44<axod>dominikh: sure. Probably a certain amount of that everywhere. But since when did anyone need a boss?
18:44<noirlord>mwalling, when I first started I fully understood "oops" and "oh shit..remember the backup server we had?"
18:45<dominikh>axod: freelancing doesn't makes you rich, and I am still waiting for that one awesome idea that makes me a millionaire
18:45<robinetd>"It's gone now! The data monster came and eated it!"
18:45<mwalling>dominikh: they matched resume keywords
18:45<dominikh>mwalling: no interview? no tests?
18:45<mbreslin>mwalling: i stick by my person class recommendation ;p
18:45<mwalling>dominikh: not from our group
18:45-!-flowbee [] has joined #linode
18:45<mwalling>mbreslin: the asker sits with him
18:45<axod>dominikh: I'm reading Alan Sugars autobiography atm, very interesting. He told his dad he was going to work for himself and his dads reply was "But who will pay you on a friday? :/"
18:45<Ovron>sounds very corporate mwalling ;)
18:45<mwalling>dominikh: we found out a week before he showed up.
18:45<atourino>really a degree just helps you get in the door... your chops are what really keeps you there
18:46<mbreslin>mwalling: oh i see..
18:46<mwalling>dominikh: and we only found out because his computer was delivered and no one knew why
18:46<mbreslin>mwalling: is there something to make you believe he won't simply pick up inheritance quickly as he goes along?
18:46-!-Bhavicp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:46<noirlord>dominikh, I put a note on one of the servers at work "This machine contains the security system, if moved or switched off the doors will default to their locked state" the cleaner hasnt moved it or unplugged since
18:46<mwalling>mbreslin: no, aside from we're busy as fuck and dont have time?
18:46<atourino>mwalling: is coordination a big headache in $corp_you_work_at?
18:46<dominikh>mwalling: sounds like awesome management
18:47<mwalling>dominikh: not our management, HR. they're a different branch
18:47-!-flowbee [] has quit []
18:47<noirlord>has one layer of management :)
18:47<mbreslin>does he know stacks and queues? binary tree? graphing? i believe these concepts to be much more important/harder to grasp than inheritance which you likely can pick up fast.
18:47<noirlord>me -> boss
18:47<mwalling>i'm 6 layers down from CEO
18:47<dominikh>mbreslin: what worth is theoretical knowledge if you cannot apply it
18:47<axod>was anyone else surprised to find (recent google blog post) that there's a "url minification TEAM"? :/
18:48<noirlord>a change require is like "we need to do this" "do it then" "cool"
18:48<noirlord>when I needed a new desktop "I need a new desktop" "here is my card, if its going to be more than a 1000 quid ring me"
18:48<sirpengi>axod: if they've got a service <X>, they've got an <X> team
18:48*noirlord is heaven, it's as near a perfect job as I've ever had
18:48<mwalling>i have my manager (who has all 10 of us in software), he reports to his manager (our department gm), and he's 4 down
18:49<atourino>theoretical knowledge gives you an idea about what might work vs not knowing which of the spectrum of solutions will have a better chance of succeeding
18:49<sirpengi>axod: so the answer is no, I wasn't surprised
18:49<mbreslin>dominikh: because if he knows harder constructs (and those aren't theoretical, we use them every day in java, at least my team does) he'll likely come quickly to something more basic like inheritance
18:49<noirlord>mwalling, do you have to fill out TPS reports?
18:49<atourino>a filter that saves time... theoretically :D
18:49<mwalling>noirlord: no, we only have 1 stupid form a year. we're very isolated from the rest of the shit
18:50-!-techhelper1 [~techhelpe@] has joined #linode
18:50<noirlord>atourino, my wallpaper at work used to have "Knowledge is learning from other peoples mistakes"
18:50<atourino>mwalling: then you have a good manager
18:50<robinetd>TP reports sound more fun. "We're almost out of TP. Please buy more. The end."
18:50*Ovron hugs his academic career and blocks out all this real-world talk
18:50<dominikh>mbreslin: a) I didn't say they're theoretical constructs, but that the knowledge itself is theoretical b) no, queues, stacks and graphs aren't hard constructs c) if you think that practical experience and programming can be lerned in 14 days... oh boy, I cannot even think of a witty remark
18:50<mwalling>atourino: as long as HR keeps their grubby hands off of us, yes, we're very well off
18:50<axod>the best way to learn anything, is to do it
18:50<atourino>axod: yes indeed
18:50<noirlord>robinetd, TPS reports is a reference to Office Space
18:50<noirlord>if you have not seen really should
18:51<axod>apart from brain surgery. Best to learn some theory first there
18:51<robinetd>axod: So to learn not to shoot someone, I should shoot someone?
18:51<mwalling>noirlord: we must be getting old
18:51<mbreslin>dominikh: you need to be able to get the gist of something and learn the rest quickly on the go, the problem of experience isn't related to any technology, that can not be solved in training
18:51<mwalling>noirlord: these youngin's dont know what y2k is
18:51<dominikh>I know a ton of people who spent 3 years learning all about different data types, constructs, and whatever else but couldn't write a small script without code smell.
18:51<axod>robinetd: in our job, worst that can happen is you blow up a computer
18:51<robinetd>y2k was the end of the world. :O
18:51<robinetd>axod: How do you blow up a computer?
18:51<axod>robinetd: quite a few ways...
18:51<dominikh>mbreslin: you hire someone who needs a couple of months of training (and another years to get good), I will concentrate on those with experience.
18:51<mwalling>robinetd: thermite
18:51<robinetd>Like, without C4. And what are you using C4 for?
18:51<mwalling>well, that burns it
18:52<noirlord>mwalling, it burns it unless you fill the computer with ice first then it will explode
18:52<atourino>TNT definitely blows it up quite nicely
18:52<mbreslin>dominikh: they hired me out of college, everyone needs to start somewhere
18:52*robinetd puts a can of thermite powder on top of mwalling's car's hood.
18:52<robinetd>Now where'd I put that magnesium strip? :|
18:52<noirlord>IT/Programming is the only profession where you start to feel past it at 30
18:52<axod>I blew up a monitor once by trying to make it go at higher rates that it was rated for
18:53<mbreslin>you mean besides tennis
18:53<noirlord>well apart from prostitution perhaps (a field that has many parralels)
18:53<mbreslin>where you're past it at 25
18:53<dominikh>mbreslin: how does college imply "no experience"? I had more experience before starting college than a lot of my fellow students will have after they got their degree...
18:53<axod>also you can make floppy drives usually seek past their end and get the head stuck
18:53<noirlord>axod, X11?
18:53<axod>noirlord: this was in the days of dos - assembly programming, out 0x378, al etc
18:53<atourino>friday night talk @ #linode
18:53<noirlord>I went to college to get the piece of paper when I had already been programming for more than 15 years (started when I was 8) I actually had more experience than the lecturer
18:53<atourino>come on guys... grab a beer
18:54<noirlord>not that I pointed that out, never piss the person who will be grading you off
18:54<robinetd>atourino: I'll have a jack and coke.
18:54<dominikh>atourino: I only have whiskey...
18:54<axod>noirlord: has the bit of paper been of use?
18:54<noirlord>fuck no
18:54<mbreslin>dominikh: obviously if i had experience i would have said i did, the meaning of that sentence was they hired me without experience, i had none except some python open source patch submissions
18:54<@jed>there is cognac on my countertop at home
18:54-!-Farkle [] has quit [Quit: Bye]
18:54<@jed>I have a date with it
18:54-!-Bhavicp [] has joined #linode
18:54<atourino>jed: make sweet love to it
18:54-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has joined #linode
18:54<noirlord>got my current job purely on recommendation from a previous side job, new boss never even asked about qualifications, told me what the role required and said "can you do it"
18:54<robinetd>Is it sad that I don't know what cognac is?
18:54<noirlord>I could do most of it and the rest I can learn
18:54<dominikh>mbreslin: and how does that help your point? I would've not hired you, and someone hiring you without experience doesn't prove anything
18:54<@jed>robinetd: yes
18:54<Ovron>noirlord: does it involve taking over the world?
18:55<axod>robinetd: I think it's a drink for old people with smoking jackets, wing back chairs, and cigars...
18:55<atourino>robinetd: considering you have wikipedia at your disposal" yes
18:55<@jed>also, hello from the command center:
18:55<noirlord>Ovron, not till I spring Pinky
18:55<Ovron>noirlord: ah kk
18:55<robinetd>axod: Looking like it :O
18:55<robinetd>atourino: I don't sit and read random wikipedia articles all day.
18:55<mbreslin>jed: holy dns batman
18:55<noirlord>cognac is just brandy
18:55<noirlord>and brandy is just nasty
18:55<Ovron>oh jed, is that a T240 samsung I see?
18:55<synapt>Cognac is not old people drink
18:56<atourino>robinetd: on demand reading....
18:56<dominikh>jed: those black boxes, are they just to fool us or did you really bother with blacking it even though nobody could read it?
18:56<@jed>dominikh: in the original they were legible, I scaled it though
18:56<atourino>"don't know what cognac is: let me look it up"
18:56<noirlord>indeed, cognac is not an old person drink, people are insane enough to drink it at any age
18:56<synapt>Hpnotiq has cognac in it, and it's definitely not an old person drink, lol
18:56<dominikh>jed: because I really want to have an unscaled version without the boxes now. they drive me insane :)
18:56*synapt likes his hpnotiq
18:56<atourino>robinetd: but yeah... I get your point
18:57<robinetd>jed: Ohai, I see your visa card.
18:57<robinetd>Now just to reverse that blacking out...
18:57<mbreslin>dominikh: you got hired at some point with no experience, if everyone hired based on experience only the dinasaurs would have jobs
18:57<noirlord>zoom...zoom enhance...I see your mom...nice lingeria
18:57<@jed>robinetd: yeah, just did my taxes
18:57<atourino>I need to get a desk
18:57<axod>robinetd: I'm pretty sure the credit card is reflected in his glasses, which are then reflected in the display....
18:57<atourino>this one is not cutting it anymore
18:57<axod>trace the rays!
18:57<robinetd>axod: Good idea!
18:58<robinetd>enhance.. enhance.. enhance.. print.. scan.. import to pdf.. send it an email.. print again. AHA!
18:58<robinetd>jed: Now I've got you!
18:58<axod>reconstruct the scene and show it in a 3d hologram like they do on tv
18:58<Ovron>use a VB GUI
18:58-!-auraka [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:58-!-vcardoso [~vcardoso@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
18:59-!-auraka [] has joined #linode
18:59<@jed>bonus points if you can identify the documentation on monitor left
18:59<@jed>mwalling might get it
18:59<mbreslin>jed: the papers are that heavy they couldn't have been moved before the picture versus redactions? :p
18:59<noirlord>I need a bigger desk
18:59<@jed>mbreslin: didn't feel like retaking, lazy
18:59<dominikh>thank god this is IRC, the way to communicate if we don't want to be overheard
19:00<robinetd>noirlord: Is that you in the picture ontop of your speaker?
19:00<noirlord>robinetd, younger brother
19:00<@heckman>Debian: As plain as every \o/
19:00<noirlord>why would I have a picture of myself?
19:00<Ovron>noirlord: yes, yes you do
19:00<mbreslin>in order to read anything in that picture you'd need at least 3 gibsons
19:00<robinetd>noirlord: Dunno. Looks like chris hansen.
19:00-!-Bhavicp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:00-!-NiftyLettuce [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:01<@jed>axod: gj!
19:01<noirlord>lol, I'll have to tell him that
19:01<axod>google is my friend :)
19:01<mbreslin>axod: show off
19:01<@jed>twenty points for gryffindor!
19:01<mbreslin>axod: go fix mibbit
19:01-!-NiftyLettuce [] has joined #linode
19:01<axod>mbreslin: it's DOA
19:01<axod>too many bugs. My bug counter overflowed
19:01<Ovron>back on zero, excellent
19:01<noirlord>I think I'm going to buy another one of those monitors in the pictures building a new main pc for home shortly and I'm liking the idea of a triple head
19:01<mbreslin>i was just teasing if it's actually down that's funny coincidence
19:01<noirlord>be after we move though and I have a bigger office
19:02<axod>mbreslin: heh nah it's been pretty stable last few months now
19:02<Ovron>noirlord: once you go tripple, you don't go back... untill you go penta, and wish it would last forever.
19:02<robinetd>noirlord: Head by three people at once?
19:02<@jed>noirlord: well, it's really dual head + single head
19:02<mwalling>jed: ha, i've yet to do sqlachameyeyeyeye
19:03<mbreslin>jed: so the real question is is synergy good?
19:03<mbreslin>good news
19:03<noirlord>to be fair though there is not much case for 3 monitors, 1 -> 2 is a clear performance win (should have done it years ago) 2 -> 3 not so much
19:04<@jed>speak for yourself!
19:04<@jed>as you can see on monitor right, I've stashed IRC and nagios there, and that's relatively static
19:04<atourino>noirlord: depends what you do probably
19:04<robinetd>jed: Is there any input lag due to synergy?
19:04<mbreslin>deadicated 3rd monitor for porn = full of win
19:04<noirlord>jed, indeed but then I don't need IRC at work since I don't IRC at work
19:04<noirlord>or do email
19:04<@jed>robinetd: I SSH tunneled it because, well, people can read packets ... and I don't notice at all
19:04<mbreslin>what's email
19:04<robinetd>mbreslin: I'd just get like 5 monitors and position them in a circle around me and spin around.
19:05<robinetd>jed: Do you happen to play any games?
19:05<robinetd>(FPS preferably)
19:05<@jed>not on that machine, it's KDE
19:05<noirlord>robinetd, the pentagon of awesomeness ;)
19:05<@jed>I minecraft on the iMac when I'm waiting for my python to compile
19:05-!-prettyrobots [~alan@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:05-!-eyecool [] has quit [Quit: eyecool]
19:05*atourino compiles, setups and stndbys
19:05<mbreslin>my python is precompiled
19:05<atourino>one of those three is not like the other
19:05<mbreslin>and the binary is huge if you get my drift
19:06<robinetd>Mine is an ankle spanker.
19:06<@jed>so the iMac is the server, which works out well ... anything intensive has the local advantage. the trick of the synergy setup is getting both PCs to lock at the same time. synergy comes with a "sync screensavers" knob, but apparently KDE doesn't respect it
19:06<noirlord>I do like dual widescreen monitors though, with the compiz grid extension, left monitor two windows side by side of code right monitor debugging session/documentation
19:06<noirlord>I have two computers on the desk at work already so I'm looking at Synergy
19:06<mbreslin>noirlord: staring at the middle of 2 bezels?
19:06-!-orudie [] has joined #linode
19:06<@jed>so to implement it, I wrote lockall, which launches the screen saver on the Mac and, via SSH, locks the KDE box using dbus
19:06<atourino>KDE is a rebel..
19:06<mwalling>jed: that idea sounds familier
19:06<@jed>made it an automator service, bound F19 to it in system preferences, and rock and roll
19:07<robinetd>You have 19 function keys?
19:07<atourino>mac keyboard
19:07<noirlord>mbreslin, nah, I have them orientated so left monitor is square on to me and right is off to the side, primary and secondary
19:07<@jed>mac keyboards rule, mang
19:07<Nivex>bind it to Furmom
19:07*robinetd checks.
19:07<@jed>F13/F14/F15/F16 are all debug keys in Xcode
19:07<@jed>step, over, etc
19:07<noirlord>it works well for me, more is usually better but I don't think even my boss will let me spring another monitor so soon
19:07<atourino>ask urmom about F69 she seems to like it
19:07<mbreslin>noirlord: i need symmetry!
19:07<noirlord>two is symmetry :p
19:07<mbreslin>not if one is off to the side
19:08<robinetd>There seems to be 12 function keys on this mac keyboard. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong one.
19:08<@jed>there's a small and a large
19:08<@jed>see how mine has a 10key?
19:08<atourino>maybe it's one of those small bluetooth ones?
19:08-!-Bhavicp [] has joined #linode
19:08<noirlord>mbreslin, on my desk at work I have two 22" monitors, a 19" monitor, a 17" monitor, two PC's and usually my laptop
19:08<@jed>also, if you want to make KDE obey, this is your pal:
19:09-!-mathew [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:09<mbreslin>noirlord: sheesh.
19:09<noirlord>and yesterday a 48 port network switch and the receptionists PC (it was the only PC in the place with a serial port..)
19:09<@jed>obviously, you want to do that from your Mac
19:09<Nivex>noirlord: that's what USB to serial adapters are for. $12
19:09<mbreslin>noirlord: i have 2 17's here at work and a 30inch at home
19:09<noirlord>Nivex, we didnt have a switch, we had a new client moving into the building and it was rather urgent
19:10<noirlord>receptionist went for lunch, I ninja'd her PC, she came back and freaked...
19:10<mbreslin>i don't even need 2 at work i just use one for putty/eclipse debug perspective and i switch putty to background whenever anyone comes
19:10<atourino>so... should I be rpoductive or keep drinking beer?
19:10<@jed>MOAR BEER
19:11<noirlord>reproductive and beer do not mix well
19:11<Ovron>swtich beer out for whiskey or cognac, and you're set!
19:11<noirlord>well for men anyway
19:11<mbreslin>i've been productive a couple times it wasn't all it's cracked up to be
19:11<atourino>or is that a false dychotomy?
19:11<HoopyCat>24/7/365 Beer-Quaffing Support: Have any questions? We're here when you need us. [DRINK NOW]
19:11<mbreslin>being productive is still better than going outside though
19:11<mbreslin>don't do that one
19:12<axod>mbreslin: I heard there's no TV outside
19:12<noirlord>I then spent 45 minutes playing hunt the port...original installer did not map the ports sensibly, got some odd looks wandering the corridors shouting "I'm looking for 69"
19:12<noirlord>never occurred to me till afterwards..
19:12-!-veggera [] has joined #linode
19:12<NiftyLettuce>oh wait...
19:12<mbreslin>axod: i tried it right, you wouldn't believe how hot it was out there, the sun is so bright
19:12-!-Bhavicp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:12<mbreslin>axod: so i waited 6 months and tried again and it was RAINING who wants to be out in the rain
19:12<atourino>I shipped in a case of sead guy ale to gauge interest for small brewery beer here in panama. turns out it would be a bit expensive... anyone have any other recommendations for beer?
19:13<veggera>Hello dear friends
19:13<Nivex>noirlord: that story is made of win, sir
19:13<noirlord>Nivex, turns out it was the bosses netbook connected in the board room, I have an upto date list of what is where now
19:13<noirlord>and an urge to hunt the installer down
19:14<robinetd>atourino: miller high life.
19:14<robinetd>End all, be all. Nothing better. <enter more fanboyish praise>.
19:15<mbreslin>it's slightly less piss than the other mainstream beers
19:15<noirlord>still need to explain to the boss why I need to spend a day next week reconfiguring the network, having a wireless network with a password that is the building name that can see *every machine on the network including clients who have rented offices in the building is bad*
19:15*robinetd pours budweiser over mbreslin's head.
19:15<nDuff>noirlord, that reminds me of the time some friends and I were on a binge of sampling energy drinks; one of our number got some hangups when she was calling up Bay Area convenience stores asking if they carry Bawls
19:15<noirlord>not even my job but the guy who installed it was an idiot
19:15<veggera>I need some help ! I bye today Linode system and i want to transfer my wordpress blog to linode 1. I use for first time VPS servers.Some 1 please to tell me how to Start? Thank you very much
19:16<atourino>robinetd: thanks. looking for info on it
19:16<NiftyLettuce>veggera: backup mysql db, what is your distro on your linode?
19:16<NiftyLettuce>veggera: backup theme
19:16<nDuff>noirlord, ...and then the clerk at the one that _did_ have it asked us to get back in touch next time we wanted a case of blue Bawls.
19:17<robinetd>nDuff: yay blueballs.
19:17<robinetd>I wonder if the book "Learning Perl" is any good.
19:17<veggera>@ NiftyLettuce from Cpanel Backup?
19:17<noirlord>Nivex, I got that bored looking for the port I was about ready to pull it and then see who complained..
19:17<robinetd>I need an excuse to go to barnes and noble.
19:17<NiftyLettuce>veggera: who is your current webhost?
19:17-!-axod [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:17<noirlord>the "who is screaming" approach to network mapping
19:18<veggera>NiftyLettuce westhost
19:18<NiftyLettuce>veggera: do you have a custom theme/style on your current wordpress?
19:18<Nivex>noirlord: next time use an etherkiller and see who pulls the fire alarm ;)
19:18<veggera>NiftyLettuce yes
19:19<noirlord>Nivex, I had to use a wifi app on my android phone to find the wifi access point when we moved some offices around no one knew where it was..
19:20<veggera>NiftyLettuce You Mean to take backup from Cpanel?
19:20-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:20-!-Bhavicp [] has joined #linode
19:21<Ovron>losing servers/equipment that still is connected is fun
19:21<Nivex>I guess access points should have a tone locator on them.
19:21<noirlord>shrugs it's not a huge network eventually it'll be ~100 machines but it was installed by an idiot and has just been left since..
19:23<NiftyLettuce>veggera: sorry back
19:23<robinetd>noirlord: It takes you a day to change a password? :o
19:23<NiftyLettuce>veggera: login to your FTP, go to the folder where the theme for WordPress is installed, copy the folder to your computer somewhere
19:24<Ovron>loginning \o/
19:24<NiftyLettuce>veggera: actually, better idea.
19:24<noirlord>robinetd, no but it will take me a day to document the current network setup properly, speak to the clients in the building, organised when I can take it offline (alot of the offices have people in past 9pm most days) etc
19:25<NiftyLettuce>veggera: install this plugin
19:25<noirlord>at least if I'm going to do it properly also it's not what I do, I know my way around enough to handle a network this size reasonably well but I'm far from a CCNA
19:25<NiftyLettuce>veggera: use it then, and then follow this tutorial to set it up on Linode,
19:25-!-veggera [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
19:26-!-atourino [~oftc@] has quit [Quit: Bye!]
19:26<NiftyLettuce>meh lol
19:26<noirlord>oh and an added wrinkle is the phone and cctv system is all IP based
19:26<noirlord>NiftyLettuce, RC1?
19:27<NiftyLettuce>i386 dvd for my win serv 2k3 vm
19:27<NiftyLettuce>using torrent, but downloading over wifi :/ fial.
19:27<noirlord>NiftyLettuce, I find that the mirrors are faster and just use wget -c
19:27<pharaun>same here
19:27<pharaun>wget -c
19:27-!-Torenn [] has quit [Quit: well not..]
19:28<noirlord>can consistently get 650k/s (maxed out) that way vs ~300-400 with bt
19:28<NiftyLettuce>i want to write a universal --urmom option for all linux command line commands
19:28<NiftyLettuce>but yet again, that would be a fail
19:28-!-ktabic [] has quit [Quit: I'm a professionally trainined computer scientist. That is to say, I am poorly educated]
19:28<pharaun>sounds accurate, i've *gotten* up to 1-2Mb/sec with bittorrent but those are only for the heavy swarm ones, but usually servers are just faster most of the time
19:28<NiftyLettuce>im at 341 kb/s
19:29<NiftyLettuce>4.4 gb takin 4 hrs
19:29<Ovron>I got 2 hops to <3
19:29<noirlord>pharaun, yep, theoretically bt should saturate my link easily but it never seems to, if I was downloading porn it probably would
19:29-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
19:29<noirlord>guess debian RC's just don't get the attention that nekkid ladies in videos do
19:29<pharaun>noirlord: heh indeed
19:29<NiftyLettuce>Ovron: you wouldn't happen to own the server now? lol...
19:30<Ovron>NiftyLettuce: No, I am just located about 100 meters away from it
19:31<@mikegrb>mmm bacon
19:31<robinetd>bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with colby beef. O_O Ultimate epicness.
19:31<noirlord>is one hop away from (forget to change the hostname when I installed about 10 minutes ago)
19:33<robinetd>I'm 16 hops from
19:36<noirlord>stop pinging ma box
19:36*noirlord is watching Starship Troopers...good satire terrible effects
19:36<robinetd>You run
19:36*robinetd laughs and realizes why it's so mediocre.
19:36<noirlord>I run *a*
19:37-!-JDLSpeedy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:37<Ovron>his local machine is probably called that ;p
19:37<noirlord>nah, I was installing the rc and forgot to change the hostname it defaults to debian and I put org in..
19:37<noirlord>so technically I run *a* (at least on the local network)
19:37<Ovron> is in canada it seems :<
19:37<nDuff>noirlord, the thing that enrages me so much about Starship Troopers the movie is that it makes the exact OPPOSITE point to the one that Heinlein was making in the book.
19:37<robinetd>Ovron: I dislike canada. :(
19:38<SleePy> has two ips ;)
19:38<SleePy>One belongs to MIT
19:38-!-JDLSpeedy [] has joined #linode
19:38<Ovron>I am indifferent to it, it is just such a long journey to canada over the intertubes!
19:38<noirlord>the thing that enrages me is that they took one of Heinleins greatest works and took a piss all over it following it up by dropping their kecks and taking a dump..
19:38<nDuff>that too.
19:39<noirlord>The following directors are allowed to make sci-fi films based on books I liked - Ridley Scott...the end
19:39<robinetd>Someone needs to start Stargate SG-1 back up.
19:39<robinetd>It was really cool. Then they killed it. Because they're nuts.
19:40<noirlord>SG-1 was superb and I liked Atlantis pretty good
19:41<noirlord>to be fair though they did what 10 seasons with no appreciable drop in quality, unheard of for most series and particularly for a sci-fi series better to go out on a high note I think
19:42*nDuff mourns Firefly
19:42*noirlord ponders why with dozens of toys and two climbing frames the cat finds the lid off a deodorant tin to be her favourite toy
19:42<noirlord>never liked Firefly
19:43<noirlord>off the top of my head I can only think off two good book -> film sci conversions, 2001 and Blade Runner
19:45-!-Torenn [] has joined #linode
19:47-!-noirlord [~dev@adsl-87-102-118-19.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:48-!-iondrip [~nibbler@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
19:48-!-eighty4 [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
19:51*waltman belately notes there was also no appreciable *increase* in quality for stargate
19:52<linbot>New news from forums: Debian date time in General Discussion <>
19:57-!-nenolod [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:57-!-nenolod [] has joined #linode
19:59-!-tyler [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:02-!-alg [] has joined #linode
20:02-!-message144 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:03-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: Cromulent]
20:06-!-nenolod [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:06-!-flowbee [] has joined #linode
20:07<alg>hey folks
20:07-!-mib_sdz39y [] has joined #linode
20:08<alg>whats the best way to check that installed linux distro does not have any malware
20:08<alg>I hired someone to install custom distro
20:08<alg>use firewall?
20:08<mib_sdz39y>Hi there. Anyway of using Curl, or other software in SSH to connect to Mibbit?
20:08<alg>to analyse traffic
20:09-!-tyler [] has joined #linode
20:10-!-nenolod [] has joined #linode
20:12-!-alg [] has quit [Quit: alg]
20:12<jpg>alg: if someone installed it for you from the start (that is, they had full root rights), there's no good way to say 100% sure it has no malware
20:12<jpg>mib_sdz39y: wut
20:12<NiftyLettuce>jpg: he disconnected
20:12<jpg>ah damn
20:13<jpg>too many joins/quits to not filter them, but I unfortunately don't see when people I'm talking to quit, either :/
20:13<NiftyLettuce>mib_sdz39y: he wants you to be more specific about your question?
20:13<mib_sdz39y>I would like to use my Linode; to use Mibbit, as a experiment... I have no clue on how to achieve this though.
20:14<jpg>How do you mean "to use Mibbit" from your Linode, though? You mean connect to mibbit through your node?
20:14<jpg>you could do an SSH SOCKS proxy
20:14<mib_sdz39y>through shell possibly?
20:14<jpg>assuming you're on windows;
20:14<Peng>mib_sdz39y: Mibbit is an IRC client. Why not just use irssi or WeeChat or whatever like a normal person?
20:14<jtsage>mib_sdz39y- when you say 'mibbit', do you mean mibbit, or do you mean IRC in general?
20:15<NiftyLettuce>hence the mib_ prefix... Lawl
20:15<mib_sdz39y>justa try it.
20:15<Peng>mib_sdz39y: But...why?
20:15<jpg>well you most likely want to proxy through your linode, and the easiest way to do that's just to set up a local SOCKS proxy over SSH and point your browser at it; that link gives you a step by step guide on windows with Putty
20:15<Peng>Mibbit is an IRC client designed to operate in a certain environment.
20:16<mib_sdz39y>=] I wanted to know if it was possible.
20:16-!-maushu [] has joined #linode
20:16<jpg>but I agree with Peng and the others, it's an extremely odd thing to do
20:16<mib_sdz39y>Okay thank you jpg.
20:16<zivester>anyone know how to chat on freenode #httpd?
20:16<NiftyLettuce>mib_sdz39y: anything is possible. just takes time and googlin'
20:16<Peng>zivester: What's to know? /join #httpd?
20:16<mib_sdz39y>I've tried curl, but.. it didn't work.
20:16<zivester>i cannot send to channel
20:16<mib_sdz39y>just shows me the code, because it's ajax based.
20:16<jpg>zivester: is the channel muted?
20:17<jpg>mib_sdz39y: curl is generally used to download pages or to send data; not both
20:17<NiftyLettuce>mib_sdz39y: what you might want is a custom written java script
20:17<jpg>it isn't really a browser, and even if it were (lynx or w3m, for example) CLI-based browsers generally do _not_ handle JavaScript well
20:17<mib_sdz39y>Any advances on which program I can use to achieve this?
20:17<zivester>uh maybe for me? people are talking.. and i can talk on #git
20:17<jtsage>zivester- a lot of freenode channels require you to register your nickname first
20:17<NiftyLettuce>mib_sdz39y: think of a simpler solution before you try anything
20:17<jpg>mib_sdz39y: this kind of ties back into "why"
20:18<jpg>it's going to be hard to give you any recommendation without knowing what it is you're trying to achieve
20:18<mib_sdz39y>A connection, through my node, to mibbit. :)
20:18<Boohemian>besides ebay and craigslist, are there any other websites i can buy used computers?
20:18<Peng>mib_sdz39y: So use an SSH proxy.
20:18<linbot>New news from forums: So long again, Linode in General Discussion <>
20:19<jpg>mib_sdz39y: yeah, just using Mibbit in your browser through your Linode only requires the SSH/SOCKS proxy I explained/linked earlier
20:19<mib_sdz39y>thank you.
20:19<jpg>if you're somehow hoping to use mibbit from a terminal shell on your node, that's not particularly possible
20:19-!-mib_sdz39y [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
20:20<Tiven>hello hello hello hello hello hello
20:20-!-NiftyLettuce [] has left #linode []
20:20<jpg>alternately, you could install X and a graphical browser on your linode and forward it to your desktop with X forwarding over SSH or something like VNC, I guess
20:20<jpg>but that's just crazy talk
20:21<jpg>Security is hard
20:27-!-jxpx777 [] has quit [Quit: Mac is sleeping…]
20:28<devsforev>is it a bad idea to give the "www-data" user a password and shell on Debian? or should I just create a special web admin account?
20:28<jpg>not a particularly good idea
20:29<devsforev>alright i'll avoid it then. thanks :-)
20:29<jpg>if you have a web application with a vulnerability, letting www-data log in and get a proper shell isn't a very good idea; it's got enough permissions as it is
20:40*heckman attempts to make an Ubuntu USB stick on OS X.
20:40*heckman thinks this is failing.
20:40<jpg>I thought Macs got rid of USB support three versions ago
20:41-!-snobby [] has joined #linode
20:41-!-blognewb [~blognewb@] has joined #linode
20:41<devsforev>heckman: i've had trouble with that in the past... I think i ended up using dd and somehow it worked
20:41<@heckman>I am trying dd
20:41<@heckman>Takes forever tho, apparently.
20:41<sirpengi>try iDD
20:42<@heckman>failtroll is fail
20:42<devsforev>yeah i hear that
20:43<@heckman>But like...with DD you have to hope it's actually doing something
20:43*devsforev wanted to see what mikegrb would do about lulz instead of lol
20:43<devsforev>yeah i think there are some verbose switches... let me check quick
20:43<sirpengi>heckman: kill -USR1 <ddpid>
20:44<@mikegrb>mmm cake
20:44<@heckman>'hm good call sirpengi
20:44<sirpengi>what? no. I was still trollin there
20:45<devsforev>yup I was wrong no verbosity, but sirpengi has the right idea according to google :-P
20:46<@heckman>Apparently it fails as OS X = different version
20:47-!-snubby [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:48*heckman sips his tea while he waits
20:55<Ovron>oh wow! sparkbrowser2! :D
20:56<sirpengi>yay, dnsmasq to the rescue
20:56<Ovron> even better than the original. So bad. So. Bad.
20:56-!-bran- [~bran@] has joined #linode
20:57-!-Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
20:58<sirpengi>dual webkit engines?
20:58<Ovron> look at the bottom-ish
20:59<Peng>What about DNSMasq
20:59<sirpengi>Peng: /etc/hosts doesn't support wildcards
21:00<Peng>Ow, I don't want to think about that.
21:00<@heckman>My superdrive sounds kinda scary >/
21:01-!-bran_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:02-!-JSharp [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:04-!-bran- [~bran@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:10-!-blognewb [~blognewb@] has quit [Quit: Client Quit]
21:11-!-snobby [] has quit [Quit: autokilled: This host violated network policy.]
21:23<mbreslin>"I'm already regretting my move to EC2 micro instance."
21:23<mbreslin>just when i thought i was out
21:23<mbreslin>they pull me back in
21:23<mbreslin>that guy will be back soon
21:23<mbreslin>the so long linode guy
21:30<BarkerJr>the only easy solution I can think of here is a ded server
21:30<BarkerJr>I mean it sounds like just what he needs
21:31<Peng>What about oversold shared web hosting? 10 TB!
21:33<BarkerJr>shared web hosting is not a good solution for anyone with dynamic websites
21:33-!-v0lksman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:33<Peng>What would make you say a silly thing like that?
21:34<BarkerJr>it was designed for static content, and never really adapted well to server-side applications like PHP, CGI, etc
21:34*heckman cheated and booted the iMac into Ubuntu to create the USB stick. =X
21:34<Peng>Static content? Are you implying shared hosts let you use large amounts of disk space or bandwidth? :D
21:34<Ovron>unlimited Peng!
21:35<@heckman>ulimited Peng's mom/
21:35<BarkerJr>no, I'm saying that they shouldn't have databases and such
21:35-!-v0lksman [] has joined #linode
21:36<pharaun>BarkerJr: just buy a cray and use that as the db server :-p
21:36<@heckman>Sir, you've just purchased the most powerful supercomputer in the world...what would you like to do.
21:37<@heckman>'I dunno, prolly a WordPress site with a MySQL db..."
21:37<Ovron>should be enough for 10 concurrent users
21:37<pharaun>sounds accurate
21:37-!-DrJ [] has joined #linode
21:37<pharaun>would need a beowulf cluster of crays
21:37<@heckman>USB stick is done.
21:38<@heckman>Back home I go to reimage my netbook.
21:39-!-tyler [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:41<devsforev>yes! it finally finished haha
21:43-!-tyler [] has joined #linode
21:43-!-v0lksman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:43<devsforev>i recently put Arch on my new netbook and i'm loving it
21:44<pharaun>I hate it when i start on a new language and does not know shit about its std lib :<
21:44<pharaun>but on the other hand, i'm already loving the python tuples
21:45-!-v0lksman [] has joined #linode
21:45<bob2>just don't try to learn python from the stdlib
21:45<pharaun>mmh why not?
21:46<bob2>some of it is very old and ugly
21:46<pharaun>ah, fair enough
21:47<BarkerJr>I mean I'm not critisising linode or amazon... I'm critisising the software he's running that doesn't like VPSes
21:47<BarkerJr>but I also know enough not to suggest he change gallery software
21:48<BarkerJr>so he will have to pay the price of using bad software and buy a big dedicated server
21:48<BarkerJr>maybe in a year's time he can get it converted to something that works better
21:49<pharaun>gallery software ?
21:49<pharaun>I personally use smugmug, offload that stuff, i don't want to have to deal with gallery/etc
21:50<pharaun>BarkerJr: anyway who's
21:50<pharaun>goddamn <cr> anyway who's this guy
21:52<BarkerJr>the guy who posted "So long again, Linode" two weeks ago and moved to amazon because they offered more disk space
21:52<amitz>I sometime like to condemn <cr> for being next to " or \ but I can't live without <cr> because without it this message will never arrive to you pharaun, oh lord please <cr> this ridiculously long message for me.
21:53<Ovron><Cry me a River>
21:53-!-v0lksman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:54<BarkerJr>I should say cheaper disk space, cause linode's bigger plans have huge ammounts of storage
21:54<amitz><Chilling me Roughly>
21:54-!-v0lksman [] has joined #linode
21:55<pharaun>amitz: <3
21:55-!-alg [] has joined #linode
21:55<alg>I just opened a first linode
21:55<alg>looks funnnnnnnnn
21:56<devsforev>I haven't had much experience with amazon's services, but if I were in his position needing more disk space I'd probably just offload all of the static images and stuff to S3 or CloudFront, then use the linode to continue running the gallery proggy...
21:56<pharaun>well to be fair amazon has s3, linode does not really offer equivalent service, plus one problem is that it seems like some people don't understand that linode disks are enterprise omfgfuckingfast disks not masscheap storage like s3 is
21:56<amitz><3 pharaun
21:56<pharaun>devsforev: that's what i would do, and sort of did via smugmug, they use s3 for the image storage and provide a gallery/printing/etc frontend
21:56<alg>yes cloud access can be slow
21:56<pharaun>but if i was going to do it on a linode i would do the same
21:57<pharaun>using the linode for the rest of the site anyway :)
21:57<amitz>but then I like limited charges, I
21:57<amitz>'m somewhat risk averse.
21:57<Ovron>I thought linode's main block devices in the hosts were floppy drives, and the FNG at the company had to swap them quickly and if iowait went over some number, they sacrificed them to building new kernel versions.
21:57<Ovron>I could have dreamt that, mind you.
21:57<amitz>see how ' is next to <CR> -_-
21:57<pharaun>amitz: haha exactly!
21:57<alg>when I enter mx line to dns I am thinking write it like @ MX 10
21:57<alg>is that right?
21:57<robinetd>I wonder exactly what disks linode uses.
21:57<alg>we can ask them
21:57<pharaun>robinetd: enterprise SAS disks, 15k i believe
21:57<alg>over phone
21:57<amitz>robinetd: ZIP disk
21:58<pharaun>raid10 array and all of that
21:58<Ovron>I have a 250MB USB zip drive :<
21:58<Ovron>blue one!
21:58<amitz>raid10 zipped disk
21:58<devsforev>hahaha ohhh zip disks...
21:58<pharaun>oh that was a joke question, my bad :< linode uses zipdisks!
21:58<robinetd>It actually wasn't a question.
21:58-!-tyler [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:58<pharaun>btw, already loving python, already found some nice stuff in the std library
21:58<Ovron>pharaun: oh?
21:58<pharaun>its indeed battery included
21:59<devsforev>pharaun: i seem to recall a python chat the other night... were you inspired by it?
21:59<amitz>pity, Iomega used to almost dominate the external storage market.
21:59<Ovron>python has libraries for everything it seems
21:59<pharaun>Ovron: oh i was talking about "imghdr" it lets me discard any non-image out of my processing scripts, i had to do that manually in ruby and it was a painintheass
21:59<robinetd>import soul;
21:59<amitz>Ovron: even kitchen sink.
21:59<pharaun>Ovron: yeah oh i did a bit of python before, work uses jython, and i used python for some email spam filter scripts and i liked what i saw
22:00<Ovron>import urmom fails, any help, something about out of memory error?
22:00-!-hfb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:00<pharaun>Ovron: import moreramthantheuniverse
22:00<devsforev>Ovron: your mom's too fat to store in memory
22:00<Ovron>no, that'd be urmom my mymum
22:00<pharaun>devsforev: s/Ovron mom/urmom/
22:01<linbot>robinetd: Yo momma's so slow, she still hasn't finished FreedroidRPG! (747:1/1) [murom]
22:01-!-maushu [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:01<Ovron>who writes these?
22:01<robinetd>!urmom vote down 747
22:01<linbot>robinetd: Voted down 747 [muomr]
22:01<Ovron>some of them are horribly bad
22:02<pharaun>Ovron: but anyway on the python thing, the PIL, matlib/etc and uh the multiple-process library
22:02<pharaun>Ovron: downvote
22:02<pharaun>!urmom vote down 747
22:02<linbot>pharaun: Voted down 747 [umrmo]
22:02<Ovron>too lazy!
22:02<pharaun>Ovron: MACRO IT!
22:02<robinetd>copy and paste, luser. :D
22:02<Ovron>I'll macro urmom
22:02<pharaun>gasp, she's unmacroable!
22:02<linbot>New news from forums: Scheduling a reboot in General Discussion <>
22:02<Ovron>micro doesn't do it
22:02<pharaun>you need to gigamacro her
22:02<Ovron>pharaun: but yes, those libraries do seem awesome. Did I mention pymol yet?
22:03<robinetd>pharaun: More like yottamacro
22:03<pharaun>Ovron: yes yes you did :-p many time >:-p i thought it was fairly awesome, made me want to play with it even tho i don't know much about that domain
22:03<Ovron>déjà vu; you wrote a sentence just like that earlier today
22:04<pharaun>Ovron: grep urlog
22:04-!-v0lksman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:04-!-Gika [~giacomo@] has quit [Quit: Gika]
22:04<Ovron>#linode.01-14.log:16:19 pharaun: Ovron: hah i saw that last night it looks sweet, makes me want to use it even tho i don't know anything about that domain! :-p
22:05<Ovron>done, do I get a cookie?
22:05<alg>come here to collect it
22:05-!-v0lksman [] has joined #linode
22:06-!-tyler [] has joined #linode
22:08<pharaun>Ovron: yes you do, you'll need to secure it from urmom tho, she's greedy
22:08<alg>anyone here knows alot about dkim?
22:08-!-tyler [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:08<Ovron>damn, not urmom! I won't ever get it
22:09-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
22:09<pharaun>wait, i thought it was urmom not mymom!
22:09<Ovron>Yes, like I said, urmom
22:10*devsforev loves dropbox
22:10<pharaun>btw python os.stat is kind of confusing
22:10<pharaun>I'm just trying to identify if i can read a directory or not
22:11-!-Knight [] has joined #linode
22:11<nDuff>I'm pretty sure there's a helper for that
22:12<pharaun>yeah that's what i am trying to figure, there is this but it is not exactly.... nice
22:12<nDuff>pharaun, ahh, os.access()
22:12<sirpengi>usually you just try to read the directory and then catch the exception if you can't
22:12<nDuff>pharaun, os.access(filename, os.R_OK)
22:12<sirpengi>but yeah, os.access() will do the trick too
22:12<bob2>or JFDI and catch the exception
22:13<bob2>since os.access adds a pointless race in most situations
22:13*nDuff nods
22:13<Ovron>or try rm'ing it, you'll know if it succeeds
22:13<bob2>alg: just ask
22:13<pharaun>ah, fair enough, i was just trying to check if i could read into it, but i guess i'll just go ahead and read and yeah
22:14<bob2>python protip: be lazier
22:14<sirpengi>pharaun: just be sure you're catching the specific exception, and not the catchall Exception
22:14<amitz>pharaun: fwiw, there are quite number of file related linux tools written in python, so many related things are possible.
22:14<alg>ok to generate dkim whats are the steps?
22:15<alg>get generated key and enter in validator?
22:15<amitz>python and laziness ftw.
22:15<pharaun>meh, i'll toss em out :-p
22:15<pharaun>i just like to do a little bit of validation of cmdline args
22:16<Ovron>relying on try-catch is dirty :<
22:16<sirpengi>you must not be a python programmer
22:17-!-tyler [] has joined #linode
22:17<dominikh>why, is being a python programmer forbidden now? :<
22:17<BarkerJr>is it ironic that you can post to the forum without a password prompt, but it prompts you to view a user's profile?
22:17<bob2>may be annoying, though
22:17<alg>bob2 thanks
22:18<mwalling>BarkerJr: because the same php script that handles registration also handles profile viewing
22:18-!-tyler [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:19<pharaun>oh nice, you can do for a, b, c in listoftuples to get stuff
22:19<Ovron>what are you reading pharaun?
22:20<sirpengi>(hint, it's a DO)
22:20<bob2>pharaun: sequence upacking
22:20<pharaun>Ovron: what you mean? i'm just rewriting another piece of code that I wrote in ruby to compare the two language and figure out the basics in python
22:20<bob2>pharaun: x, y, z = somethingwiththreethingsinit # this works too
22:20<pharaun>aha nice to have a name for that
22:20<bob2> <- 'code like a pythonista' is excellent, too
22:20<Ovron>sirpengi: dirty! :(
22:21<pharaun>bob2: oh nice
22:21<sirpengi>if by 'dirty' you mean 'prevents race conditions' then yeah
22:21<pharaun>btw why does python name "hash" dictionary ?
22:21<bob2>I don't think hash is any more sensible a name
22:22<Ovron>key-value, dictionary kind of makes sense :p
22:22<pharaun>bob2: its the.... norm i guess, ruby, perl, java, etc.... call it a "hash"
22:22<bob2>java calls it a map
22:22<bob2>so does the STL afaik
22:22<bob2>actually, java calls it many things iirc
22:22<pharaun>bob2: eh, it has "HashMap" HashTable, and many others
22:22<bob2>in lisp it's an associative array
22:22<pharaun>oh? never did really do any lisp
22:23<pharaun>yeah map/hash, meh i'm just used to "hash" :)
22:23<bob2>oh and don't be tricked, python lists are self-expanding arrays ala c++ vectors
22:24<bob2>not linked lists
22:24<Ovron>sirpengi: thanks for that link
22:24<waltman>The ones in STL aren't actually hash tables. They're stored as trees, so lookup time O(log n) instead of O(1).
22:25<sirpengi>Ovron: you're welcome
22:25<pharaun>waltman: stl does not have a plain hash table?
22:26-!-tyler [] has joined #linode
22:26<waltman>There's one listed in SGI's specs, but they might not be implemented everywhere.
22:27<waltman>The difference is that in a map, you can get at the keys in order.
22:27<bob2> at least exists
22:27-!-tyler__ [] has joined #linode
22:28-!-tyler [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:28<linbot>New news from forums: Problem with /admin path on Apache in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
22:29-!-BarkerJr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:30<waltman>Very often with an associative array you want to sort the keys and print them out, and you get that for free with a map.
22:31<alg>linux is mad yet servers love it
22:32<HoopyCat>map map a doo wap a whomp bang boom
22:32<pharaun>aha finally figured out dictionary, that was a tad odd
22:32<alg>I wonder when windows going to make easy to use server soft?
22:33<amitz>alg: my friend said windows has many easy to use server apps. You just have to pay for them ;-)
22:33<alg>well I understand some unix
22:33<alg>its just different
22:34<sirpengi>I don't think I can name a popular server that doesn't run on windows
22:35*amitz hides
22:35<pharaun>amitz: i think they did some work to try to get it to run on windows 0_o
22:36<HoopyCat>and they require a mouse
22:36<amitz>pharaun: ...
22:36<sirpengi>yeah, apache, lighttpd, nginx all can be had on windows
22:36<sirpengi>I know tornado won't, but I think they're working on it
22:36<pharaun>There's some progress, so a Wine version that's usable on Windows might be available at some time in the future. <---
22:37<pharaun>by the way, is there a way to run a "map" cross a dictionary in python like "delete_if" equivalent in ruby, or do i need to iterate through ?
22:38<amitz>HoopyCat: I use to think for a long time that there are some apps you can't navigate without mouse due to inability to Tab out of grid. Turns out that there is ctrl+tab
22:40-!-alg [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:41<amitz>pharaun: ah, about wine. there is map(function, generator to apply the function on)
22:41<pharaun>amitz: wine? you mean python right;)
22:42-!-tofufish [~tofufish@] has left #linode []
22:42<Ovron>I don't know, I tried wrapping this map around this wine bottle, and it does do something, although I am not sure of the expected result
22:42<amitz>pharaun: oh, each sentence supposes to answer each of your sentence :-)
22:42<amitz>hmm -s
22:43<pharaun>Ovron: +1
22:44<amitz>pharaun: unlike java, in python you can pass a function! pretty neat imho.
22:46-!-user6484 [] has joined #linode
22:47-!-MJCS [] has quit [Quit: CYA]
22:53-!-eyecool [] has joined #linode
22:54-!-arti [] has joined #linode
22:54<arti>hey folks
22:55<arti>how do I change reverse dns
22:55-!-amitz is now known as sabrina
22:55<arti>in linode cpanel
22:55<arti>sabrina witch
22:55<eyecool>arti: take the original dns
22:55<sabrina>hi ar ..... oh wait.... :-p
22:55-!-sabrina is now known as amitz
22:55<eyecool>arti: and just reverse it
22:55*eyecool burps
22:56<arti>sabrina hehe
22:56<eyecool>srsly, the best guides are in
22:56<mwalling>thats not right any more
22:56<@caker>arti: Remote Access tab --> Reverse DNS
22:56<eyecool>step by step
22:57<arti>caker thanks its not there anymore
22:57<arti>ok I found it
22:57<eyecool>there u go artimiss
22:58<arti>I been clubbing :D
22:58<arti>linux and clubbing hmm
22:58<mwalling>caker: how do you get those cool short links
22:58<eyecool>gdamn.. get off that synthetic sheet :)
22:58<mwalling>i thought the contents at the top had the shortlinks
22:58<@caker>mwalling: the subheadings within the page are links
22:58<eyecool>thats a horrible way to smile.. the clubbing makes sense
22:59<eyecool>caker maker three time baker
22:59<Talman>!library opendns
22:59<linbot>New news from forums: Average Disk IO rate in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
22:59<eyecool>shaker laker five time maker
22:59<linbot>How do I set the reverse DNS for an IP address?
23:00<Talman>... er.
23:00<arti>hehehe its done
23:00<Talman>!library openvpn
23:00<linbot>Talman: 1. Secure Communications with OpenVPN on CentOS 5 ( - 2. Secure Communications with OpenVPN on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) ( - 3. Secure Communications with OpenVPN on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) (
23:00<Talman>OpenDNS I know. :( Thank you, thingy.
23:00*eyecool kicks linbot
23:01<Talman>I replaced my iphone with a cheap android phone. openvpn supports android vpn as a client, right?
23:01<Talman>Its just another linux client.
23:08<path>i wouldn't consider openvpn just another vpn.. there is probably a special app for it
23:08<pharaun>why not? its "just a vpn"
23:08<pharaun>like ipsec is
23:10-!-message144 [] has joined #linode
23:10<path>"While most mobile phone OSes (Windows Mobile, iOS, Palm OS, etc) do not support OpenVPN, it is available for Android devices which have had the Cyanogenmod aftermarket firmware flashed"
23:11<hobot>I do have that and I didnt even mean to have openvpn support
23:11<path>because it's not ipsec or pptp
23:11<pharaun>ipsec is a horrid protocol
23:11<pharaun>well not protocol but just euch
23:11<path>there is something for jailbroken iphones i believe
23:12-!-goose [~goose@] has joined #linode
23:14<goose>eh? >.>
23:14*goose *jedi hand wave*
23:14<goose>this is not the goose you're looking for
23:15<jeremyb>are you stateside?
23:15<goose>which one of them?
23:15<jeremyb>iirc you are often away from computers for extended periods
23:15-!-Hoggs [] has joined #linode
23:15<goose>how might I know you?
23:16<jeremyb>you don't, i've just see other people here get excited when you show up
23:16<jeremyb>e.g. Perihelion ?
23:16<goose>yes, Perihelion is my e-fiancee :>
23:16*jeremyb wonders what an e-fiancee is
23:17<goose>she's my fiancee. on the world of the internets.
23:17<amitz>jeremyb: it probably really meant to be e :-p
23:17<Peng>They get to cyber on the e-night of their e-marriage.
23:17<goose>but yes, I am the great and mighty goose
23:17<goose>Peng you shut your dirty whore mouth :p
23:17*goose gives Peng a cookie
23:18<Hoggs>When is it e-night on the internet, anyway?
23:18<Peng>Hoggs: UTC or local time, I guess.
23:18-!-zivester [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:18<amitz>it is forever e-night, with all the parties going on and on.
23:19*goose pokes jed in the baby
23:19-!-zackiv31 [] has joined #linode
23:22-!-stitch [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
23:23-!-user6484 [] has quit [Quit: user6484]
23:26-!-Hoggs [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:27-!-scorche [] has quit [Quit: rawr...that is all...rawr]
23:27-!-Hoggs [] has joined #linode
23:28<arti>guys how do u check that sys admin havent installed any crap?
23:28<arti>on the server :D
23:29<arti>I mean if you hire someone to do install
23:29<arti>and config
23:29<Peng>You ask?
23:29<Peng>You ask your sysadmin, I mean.
23:29<Peng>Why are you hiring crazy sysadmins?
23:29<mbreslin>You don't hire criminals?
23:29<arti>lol I want to double check
23:29<mbreslin>you can't double check
23:30<mbreslin>the fact you had to hire someone means you likely couldn't tell one way or the other
23:30<arti>I can hire one more person to check
23:30<arti>or best maybe see firewall logs
23:31<arti>to see what connections are there to where and from which proccesses
23:31<Peng>Your sysadmin could be altering the firewall logs.
23:31<mbreslin>seems like you already know what to do
23:31<arti>a bit
23:31<Hoggs>Hire an Auditor or something? I don't see what's the big deal. A sysadmin will install what he needs to get the job done, which may or may not be the same as another sysadmin
23:31<Hoggs>so it's hard to tell
23:32<arti>I am thinking companies who run large shops, etc surely they got some cross checks in place
23:32<arti>to ensure no one on its own can make some unathorised changes
23:32<Hoggs>They have large tech departments with change requirt processes
23:32<SleePy>I agree with Hoggs. I can say this to be true having to work with 2 other sysadmins :P
23:32<Hoggs>changes have to be signed off by managers
23:33<Hoggs>change request processes*
23:33<SleePy>For some reason some of our servers didn't have nano installed and I hate nano.. I installed nano without permission because I can't stand vim :D
23:34<arti>no permision installl :D
23:34<Hoggs>Yeah, it happens :P
23:34<SleePy>* I hate vim not nano
23:34<arti>I feel maybe just save all key strokes
23:34<arti>and save everything
23:34<arti>cctv whole lot
23:34<SleePy>What is worse, is all three of us have different views of how to administer the servers :D
23:34<arti>only then who comes to work lol
23:35<Hoggs>I suppose you could follow his bash history if he didn't delete it :P
23:35<arti>and delete of bash indicate then he was messing
23:35<SleePy>Or read the secure.log file
23:35<mbreslin>none of that means anything
23:35<mbreslin>if you've given root to someone they can do anything they like
23:35<arti>i go perfect idea
23:35<mbreslin>and cover their tracks in a million different ways
23:36<mbreslin>the bottom line is simple
23:36<mbreslin>don't hire people you don't trust
23:36<mbreslin>or learn to admin yourself
23:36-!-zackiv31 [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
23:36<Hoggs>TL;DR if you give a rouge sysadmin root access, you're pretty much fucked
23:36<SleePy>Setup a audit server that will collect logs from the other servers. If something comes up, you got logs
23:37<Ovron>a comestic-using sysadmin is dangerous?
23:37-!-zivester [] has joined #linode
23:37<arti>all install goes via TV with recording
23:37<arti>other remote people analyse every step
23:37<arti>anything wrong they notify
23:37<arti>well since they dont know each other
23:38<arti>it helps
23:38<Ovron>OR DO THEY... dun dun duuuuuun
23:38<SleePy>Watchers watch the watchers > infinite loop ftw!
23:38<Ovron>urmom sees all, she is everywhere
23:38<arti>they cant know each other
23:38<mbreslin>i'm going to hire 50 random people to admin my silly linux boxes
23:38<SleePy>Want to hire me :P
23:38<SleePy>I know how to do rm -rf /
23:39<mbreslin>i'll hire you to hire the people that watch you
23:39<arti>and I can help by hiring even more people
23:39<mbreslin>what could possibly go wrong
23:39<SleePy>I swear it was a mistake. I meant to type rm -rf ./
23:39<mbreslin>arti: congratulations you're like an accidental troll
23:40<Hoggs>Hire me, I like money!
23:40<arti>ok better idea then is monitor output
23:40<Ovron>and rouge, apparently
23:40<arti>so many assumptions nice
23:40<pharaun>HIRE US ALL! then we can all sit around and chat in irc like we already do oh snap!
23:40<Hoggs>I'm not rouge, I'm a sysadmin for a large gambling company! That's trustworthy rite? :o
23:41<Ovron>I'd be horrified if a rouge was talking on IRC.
23:41<mbreslin>arti: hire someone with a reputation or someone you know/trust, if you have some large orginization where you need multiple levels of trust you would know the answer and not need the question answered in some irc channel
23:41<Ovron>(the word you're looking for is rogue; not rouge, the cosmetica)
23:41<arti>have u read how sainsbyry IT guy make himself nectar points?
23:41<SleePy>I'm not rouge, i'm just insane
23:42<arti>well allways good to get extra ideas
23:42<arti>what mad admin can do most likely run some service that can be detected via services port usage
23:42<Hoggs>Are you worried your sysadmin is using your linode's spare CPU cycles to up his Folding@home score? I'd so do that. >_>
23:43<Peng>Folding@Linode is not cool.
23:43<mbreslin>he's worried he wouldn't have something to talk about
23:43<mbreslin>so he made something up
23:43<arti>make a list of all services how much CPU cycles they take
23:43<arti>hey that the idea
23:43<Ovron>Folding@Linode really isn't cool indeed.
23:43<arti>count cycles
23:43<arti>any extra stuff installed takes extra resources
23:44<arti>hmm I could work in some large corporation with such ideas
23:44<Ovron>and then you wake up
23:44<pharaun>Ovron: but folding@ec2 would be cool?
23:44<mbreslin>turn off the machine and unplug it you'll get 0 breakins
23:44<mbreslin>or 'rogues'
23:44<SleePy>Your idea doesn't take into account extra load or a slow script (ie a big image upload)
23:44<mbreslin>or 'rouges' either for that matter
23:45<Ovron>pharaun: you'd probably be better of running it on a pentiumII considering the burst-throttle cycles
23:45<pharaun>Ovron: heh, never really used ec2 myself, anyway burst-throttle?
23:45<mbreslin>large corporations run background checks and ultimately trust someone in management
23:46<Hoggs>Actually, you could just post `ps aux` `crontab -l` and some other stuff someplace we can review it.. provided there's nothing sensitive there
23:46<arti>I worked in finance dept of some large corps, they do spy
23:46<arti>and have cross checks
23:46<Ovron>or don't those suffer from that? Some of amazon's CLOUUUUUUUUUUUD service has serious throttling after heavy CPU usage for a rather short period
23:46<arti>many also have sec deprs
23:47<mbreslin>there are no "large corps" in estonia
23:47<mbreslin>only shoe factories
23:47<arti>ahaha who said they were based in estonia?
23:47<Hoggs>computers make shoes
23:47<Peng>Russia hacked their shoe factories?
23:51<SleePy>Ahh.. The way you said that I can't try to crack a "Russia ... you"
23:52<Peng>In Soviet Russia you don't get shoes anyway.
23:52<@ericoc>shoes wear you?
23:53<SleePy>Eeh, that doesn't tie in with hacking shoe factories :D
23:53<arti>SleePy so what you use in your work place to monitor admins work?
23:54<SleePy>we read secure.log :P
23:54<SleePy>But we know each other very well. So there isn't a problem of trust really.
23:55<SleePy>Only 3 of us
23:55<arti>I mean guy I hire he got like 50 plus references
23:55<arti>best to check
23:55<arti>or better make it impossible for him to make any misuse
23:55<SleePy>Its hard to trust them when they are new. But when you have known them for a while and know what they do, its a lot better feeling
23:55<mbreslin>you don't want anyone stealing your shoe diagrams
23:56<SleePy>But thats why you force them to sign agreements and other things. They do anything "wrong", you boot them to the curve.
23:56<arti>SleePy yes and I also designed some hidden things that will show abuse
23:56<arti>if any
23:57-!-orudie [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:57<SleePy>As I said, setup a audit server, that server is almost constantly connecting and reading the log files off the server. If it looses connection it sets off alerts
23:58<SleePy>That way you have a single machine that only you can access and its monitoring all servers.
23:58<arti>yes its fine idea and after all he might be just a normal chap
23:58<SleePy>Thats what I would do if I had too many people to watch over
23:58<mbreslin>he might also be a rouge
23:58<arti>could be
23:58<arti>he generated dkim himself
23:58<mbreslin>possibly a lip gloss also
23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:59<linbot>SelfishMan: Point (0.05705061, 0.97954078) lies within the unit circle. Hits: 17582 of 22363 (π ≈ 3.144837454724322 - 0.003244801134529)
23:59<SleePy>If the company got too big, I would limit what my sysadmins have to actually do on the "important" servers. Try to make it so that content is pushed to one server and then replicated out to others
23:59<arti>so he got private dkim key which means I got to do it myself with his instuctions from here
23:59<arti>to generate new keys
---Logclosed Sat Jan 15 00:00:03 2011