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00:00<Will123456>Kyhwana: it's 2, and unlikely to increase so i'll definitely look into it. :)
00:01<HoopyCat>Will123456: most attacks these days aren't personal; nobody cares that you're small, because it's all about the opportunity
00:01<HoopyCat>crazy fun are the hijinx you can have at a coffee shop or an airport
00:01<Kyhwana>Well, far be it from me to NOT suggest linode for hosting stuff... but google apps for a domain (you still need to control the domain/setup MX records) is so much easier :P
00:01*heckman finishes his scotch
00:02<Will123456>if i had known about this before then I might not have bothered setting up postfix and everything (i'd been stuck on this sending thing for a while!), but i need space for hosting the odd web design site anyway :)
00:02<Kyhwana>ahh right :) still, might save pain in the future ;)
00:04<Will123456>yeah, i've got it bookmarked. if push comes to shove i could always just use my postfix setup for myself, as i want to migrate away from the embarrassing hotmail address i invented when i was 14
00:05*HoopyCat waits for it
00:06<Will123456>Kyhwana: people almost never hire you when you've got the word "monkey" in your email address. :P thanks for everything guys, i desperately need to sleep now. night!
00:06*heckman heads to sleep
00:06<Will123456>heckman: if only it was that respectable
00:07<@heckman>Will123456: haha
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00:09<HoopyCat>err, oops
00:09<Kyhwana>HoopyCat: play KPA?
00:09<HoopyCat>expn kpa?
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00:11*HoopyCat falls asleep
00:13<Kyhwana>I meant KSP
00:17<Kyhwana>(don't do that while at work, it's strangely addicting.. and jebadiah always seems happen if even he's crashing into the ground at 200m/s/s
00:17<@jed>oh, windows
00:17*jed closes tab
00:18<Kyhwana>jed: you have to build a rocket to try to either get the Kerbals into space or orbit around the planet and back again
00:18<Kyhwana>oh right, yeah, windows :P
00:19<Kyhwana>Well, at least no productivity drop at the linode office then ;)
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00:20<yano>anyone notice a lag on their linode (in NJ)? my seemed to have lost internet connectivity for a few seconds. and wasn't remotely available for a few seconds as well.
00:21<Kyhwana>yano: what does your smokeping graph say?
00:22<yano>Kyhwana: hm?
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00:23<ajmitch>smokeping is a wonderful tool
00:30<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark, dallas or london.
00:30<Daevien>yano: read previous line
00:30<Kyhwana>there needs to be a MTR version of smokeping
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00:31<Kyhwana>That can graph routes/route changes/ping times
00:31<yano>Daevien: cool, thanks, i'll look into that
00:32<Daevien>run it on linux or mac like: mtr -rw
00:32<Daevien>and it will output some info that can help narrow down where the problem is
00:32<Daevien>most likely cause is something out of your control & out of linodes control along the path
00:33<yano>yea, my internet at my place just went out and immediately afterwards it was inaccessible. though several other things were, like i could ssh into other machines and visit other websites (ie:
00:35<Kyhwana>yano: probably your ISP harfing some routes
00:35*Daevien harfs on Kyhwana's shoes
00:37<yano>possibly, my internet has been randomly disconnecting every few days between midnight and 5AM local time
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01:45<linbot>Daevien: Yo mommas so charitable she donates her facial hair to charity! (831:8/1) [mmuro]
01:45<linbot>SnoFox: Yo mommas so fat they built her a special toilet! (745:1/10) [mmoru]
01:45<SnoFox>Shut up.
01:45<SnoFox>We had to. :P
01:54*KingTarquin waves at SnoFox
01:54<SnoFox>Ohai there.
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03:39<penny>Any ideas why when I setup exim according to the Linode Libraries recommendations, I can send mail to external email addresses, however when I do something like, "w | mail <user>@localhost" - they never receive the message? I've tried reconfiguring many, many times. Thanks in advanced.
03:48<hawk>penny: What _does_ happen? Any relevant log excerpts available?
03:50<penny>do you mind if I paste you a pastebin link? The logs have identifiable email information.
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03:56<hawk>I'm not really used to exim, so I don't know if I'm the right person to look at that. Hopefully it will be obvious what's going on, though
03:56<hawk>(I would guess that possibly it does not consider localhost one of the domain names that it handles)
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04:07<@ericoc>penny: you might need to pass a subject to the mail command
04:08<@ericoc>echo "hi" | mail -s "test" worked for me
04:21<penny>Thanks for the suggestion. I attempted "echo "hi" | mail -s "test" penny@base"
04:21<penny>and got no new mail
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04:22<AlexC_>penny: where are you looking for this email?
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04:22<AlexC_>have you configured exim for mbox or maildir?
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04:24<penny>sorry for the ignorance guys... I'm really trying.. I appreciate the support.
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04:26<AlexC_>penny: so doing a `mutt -f ~/Maildir` shows no email? Pastebin logs as mentioned
04:27<penny>Now.. I see all the e-mails I attempted through that.. at first I tried to view the mail by using "mail".
04:27<penny>It looks as if you've solved a LOT
04:29<AlexC_>penny: ah, I've never used `mail` to read local mail so I'm not sure how to resolve that, but at least mutt works
04:29<penny>Thanks so much. Is there a better than than creating a bash alias to issue such arguments, or is it possible to just issue 'mutt' and pull mail from my mail dir?
04:29<AlexC_>does `mail` even support mbox? Man page only seems to mention mbox
04:30<AlexC_>er support Maildir I mean
04:30<AlexC_>penny: you could create an alias if you wanted. What happens when you just do `mutt` anyway?
04:31<penny>/var/mail/penny: No such file or directory (errno = 2)
04:32<Kenny>Ah, so it tries the default path for mailboxes
04:32<AlexC_>penny: looks like it reads MAILDIR env var, so you could set that
04:33<AlexC_>actually, MAIL first, then MAILDIR
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04:37<penny>alias mutt='mutt -f ~/Maildir' ---> works
04:37<penny>but do I need to manually do that for every user?
04:39<AlexC_>penny: depends where you put that. For example, in /etc/bash.bashrc will be for everyone, or at least, should be
04:39<AlexC_>or you could put it in /etc/skel/.bashrc so when new users are created, it's in their .bashrc file
04:39<penny>Thanks so much for you guys assistance :)
04:40<Kenny>alternatively, set the environment variable. it looks cleaner than an alias to mutt with an argument.
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04:42<Kenny>(I think that would fix mail as well, just sayin')
04:42<xt3mp0r>I have an friend and he wants to host a single site on my VPS. how can i stop him from seeing all my other data/etc?
04:43<Kenny>File permissions is the easiest. Just avoid having "sensitive" data world readable
04:43<Kenny>oooor jail him.
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04:44<dcraig>xt3mp0r's got a lot of top secret data
04:44<dcraig>missile launch codes, etc.
04:44<dcraig>in his /home dir
04:44<Kenny>(Well, a sftp jail will only stop him from messing around through SFTP. a smartass with a big of CGI can still mess around with world readable data)
04:45<@Praefectus>what is a "big of cgi
04:45<dcraig>best not let your users run cgi scripts...
04:45<Kenny>Ah, ok. I only have nude pics of ur mum in my home dir. It serves as deterrent.
04:45<Kenny>Praefectus: You know, a big of CGI.
04:45<Kenny>I meant BIT. >.>
04:46<dcraig>what's that stand for?
04:46<Kenny>Baffling Internet Technique.
04:47<dcraig>u ppl make no sens
04:47<Kenny>we already have sense, we don't need to make any more of it.
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04:59<amitz>does shorewall play well with existing iptables/routes setup, whatever that means?
05:00<AlexC_>amitz: I don't believe so
05:00-!-dl [] has joined #linode
05:01<AlexC_>amitz: I mean, sure you can add what ever you want afterwards however when you restart Shorewall ...
05:01<AlexC_>give it a try
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05:02<AlexC_>amitz: can you not add your configuration to Shorewall?
05:03-!-oponder [] has joined #linode
05:03<amitz>not really, I want to achieve multi uplinks setup. Casual googling suggest either shorewall, muggles, or plain iproute tinkering.
05:03<amitz>english needs trieither, or something like that.
05:04<amitz>not sure if shorewall worth it. muggles doesn't exist in main debian repository.
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05:06<Kenny>amitz: Trieither is part of ENTERPRISE English.
05:07<Neok>Hi All - I've got a client who's requested Zend (to use to connect GData API to Google Calendar) which I've not got installed. Can anyone tell me what's actually required to run GData? Is it the full Zend Server (community edition?) - which appears to want to replace my disto's (centos) PHP stack, which I want to avoid. Is there anyway of providing this functionality without overwriting my entire PHP stack?
05:08<amitz>The budget to market trieither for mass adoption has not been approved yet.
05:08<AlexC_>Neok: now, when you say your client has requested Zend ... you surely don't mean the company, so what does he/she *really* mean?
05:08<Kenny>remove a vowel or two, I'm sure that will help.
05:09<dl>is there anyone from linode staff here?
05:09<Neok>@AlexC_ I think the Zend framework, which seems to be now bundled with the application server (?)
05:09<amitz>!op dl
05:09<Kenny>dl: Ops are linode staff.
05:09<Neok>@AlexC_ Ideally, I'd run the minimum required to use this GData API
05:09<AlexC_>Neok: ok, Zend Framework is just a load of PHP files, which you can download off their website. It's just a framework for building PHP apps
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05:10<AlexC_>but ... you really do not need Zend Framework to use GData, Neok. ZF *does* offer libraries that make it easier for you to do so, but it is in no way a requirement
05:11<Neok>@AlexC_ Ah ok - so this is for use within Drupal7 (in a block executing PHP) so I'm not quite sure hwo to offer it
05:11<AlexC_>Neok: oh god you really do not want to be using ZF in that case then
05:12<Neok>@AlexC_ :) yeah..... Not quite sure how to do this one
05:13<AlexC_>Neok: read the API docs, it's somewhat straight forward depending on what you want to do
05:14<linbot>New news from forums: (Linux Newb) Being Overly Ambitious? in Sales Questions and Answers <>
05:14<Neok>@AlexC_ this is what he's trying to do:
05:14<dl>when i go to i cannot get into the console of my linode
05:14<dl>there's no link to get there
05:15<AlexC_>Neok: yes which is using the ZF libraries. You could run ZF ... but IMO that is overkill
05:15<dcraig>dl, click on your linode, then click the remote access tab
05:16<Kenny>then you'll find console under "LISH"
05:16<Neok>@AlexC_ Cheers - I'll see if I can persuade him to do the API calls without ZF
05:20<dl>there is no remote access tab
05:21<AlexC_>dl: select your Linode first
05:21<dl>its taking me straight to
05:21<AlexC_>paid your invoices? ;)
05:22<@Praefectus>dl: because your user is restricted
05:22<dl>ah right
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05:56<praetorian>Praefectus: with ducttape?
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06:25<mitcheljh>I'm on the dallas server, and since it was shut down for maint, I can't get my linode to boot
06:25<AlexC_>mitcheljh: have you connected to Lish to see what is going on?
06:26<mitcheljh>I"m not familiar with lish
06:26<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
06:27<AlexC_>this will for example, let you see what is going on during the boot process so you can see what is failing
06:28<mitcheljh>Ahh... Thanks.... Have you heard if anyone else is having issues?
06:28<AlexC_>no mitcheljh I have not
06:29<mitcheljh>Thanks for the info on Lish :)
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06:39<mitcheljh>I'm trying to use putty for lish, and don't think I'm entering the right command line.
06:40<mitcheljh>I'm trying <, but I don't think that's correct.
06:40<@ericoc>it would be
06:41<mitcheljh>Thanks. Would host123 be for everyone?
06:42<@ericoc>it's going to be the actual host where your linode is
06:42<@ericoc>newark201 for example
06:42<mitcheljh>do you know where I can find that?
06:42<@ericoc>remote access tab of the manager
06:42<mitcheljh>ahh.. thanks!
06:43<mitcheljh>can that be an ip address?
06:44<mitcheljh>sorry... I see now
06:44<@ericoc>the IP on the remote access tab would be your Linode's IP address; if you're trying to use your linode's console, it's going to be
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06:48<mitcheljh>Hmmm... I'm trying to login with lish, but it's not accepting my pw
06:49<@ericoc>you can change your lish password from the remote access tab
06:49<hawk>mitcheljh: Are you using the proper username and password for lish for that account?
06:49<hawk>mitcheljh: Uhm, not account.. for that linode
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06:49<mitcheljh>I see... I never used it before, so I'm not sure what the username would be
06:51<@ericoc>it's on the remote access tab. right under "console access", you can either use the ajax terminal or lish via SSH. something like with the lish password. once you're logged in to lish, you would most likely see a console prompt for your linode itself where you would log in as root, for example
06:53<mitcheljh>Ahh... I see. Thanks, I'm in now.
06:53<linbot>New news from forums: need help with Joomla in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
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07:23<Kenny>buffer +1
07:23<Kenny>I shouldn't be using IRC with cold fingers.
07:24*Kenny is glad *someone* isn't here to bully my habbit of not striking / hard enough.
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07:24<pkiller>dont worry noone reads half of what is written here :)
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07:31<AlexC_>Kenny: n00b
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07:52<sdeseille>I had a question about billing but I just found the answer by reading the online help: . sorry ;o)
07:53<praetorian>np. glad we could help
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08:07<gadams>God is it early. :(
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08:16<praetorian>someone call me?
08:17<gadams>I could?
08:18<praetorian>you did!
08:18<praetorian>you said god
08:22<gadams>very funny.
08:22<linbot>New news from forums: Lish: how to get out? in /dev/random <>
08:22<gadams>You know that's a great question
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08:28<linbot>New news from forums: Lish: how to get out? in General Discussion <>
08:32-!-mark [] has joined #linode
08:34<mark>Can you help me to configure nginx as a frontend - apache as a backend? I've already installed nginx and changed ports in apache config files, but unluckily my *.php pages uses to retrieve static files...
08:34-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
08:34<linbot> <-- paste here, not in the channel
08:35-!-Rezt [] has joined #linode
08:35<mark>this is my nginx/sites-available/default file:
08:37<mark>while this is my apache/sites-available/default file:
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09:01<HoopyCat>28 -> 5 -> 5 -> 11, 10:24pm to 6:38am
09:01<HoopyCat>ha ha, that's hilarious
09:02*HoopyCat plans bus routing
09:02<@psandin>don't worry about it he's just signaling the other spies
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09:18<jforman>i've gotten the linode "disk io rate" alerts for the past 2 hours, but i have no idea what the hell my linode is doing eating up disk, nor have i ever gotten this email before. how would i start investigating such a thing?
09:18-!-rurufufuss [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:18<@Praefectus>use iotop on your linode
09:18<jforman>thanks Praefectus. /me investigates
09:19<HoopyCat>pastebin the following: free -m; ps auxwww; vmstat 1 30
09:20-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
09:20<jforman> << and iostat shows nothing pegged at the top
09:20<HoopyCat>looks pretty quiet right now
09:21<HoopyCat>jforman: are you using mpm-prefork with apache? (the answer is probably "yes" if you're using mod_php)
09:22<jforman>HoopyCat: yes, prefork it is. only php site i have on there is a personal blog where the viewers are basically me and my dog
09:23-!-devcomp [] has joined #linode
09:23-!-akerl [] has joined #linode
09:23<HoopyCat>jforman: what's your MaxClients set to?
09:24<jforman>150, believe i have never touched that, should still be default
09:24<jforman>bounced apache, maybe its just gotten itself into some loop, pissing off the VM gods
09:24<@irgeek>jforman: Make sure your dog doesn't submit any links to HN...
09:25<HoopyCat>jforman: apache will, when traffic conditions warrant, expand to have 150 fully-laden processes. you probably want to set that to, i dunno, 10 or something
09:25<jforman>irgeek: i hope not, or she's going to have to start pitching in paying for my node
09:25<jforman>HoopyCat: nod. i will take a look at that. cant imagine i'd get even near 150 hitting my site at once, it surely isnt on HN/reddit/slashdot/etc
09:27<HoopyCat>jforman: all it takes is one more than it can handle and it'll go into forkbomb mode. a couple people with modern web browsers'll do it
09:27<jforman>faantastic. never had that happen to my node before. good to know
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09:28<HoopyCat>MaxClients would probably be better named MaxConnections, but given that the setting has shown no signs of changing...
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09:29<@caker>PenisSize: 150
09:29-!-nmudgal [~tracker@] has joined #linode
09:30<@heckman>Is that millimeters or...?
09:30<jforman>someone from linode give caker a bonus, his contribution to #linode professionally should be recognized
09:30<HoopyCat>frankly, the entire thing is a pile of fail all the way down; apache's a perfectly good web server, until you start using mod_php...
09:31<HoopyCat>linbot: botsnack caker
09:31<linbot>thanks, HoopyCat!
09:31-!-sivy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:31<@Perihelion>What did I just walk in on?
09:32<marius>we all knew heckman had a fondness for that.
09:32<HoopyCat>i dunno, but there is no higgs boson
09:33-!-sivy [] has joined #linode
09:34-!-AviMarcus [] has joined #linode
09:36<swaj>with all the apache trolling I've done in the past, I really think I'll probably switch to it so I can have HTTP/1.1 to proxied services.
09:37<swaj>mpm_event seems more than adequate.
09:41-!-datagutt [] has joined #linode
09:42-!-sidney [] has joined #linode
09:43-!-niemeyer [] has joined #linode
09:49<praetorian>heckman: nanometers
09:49<linbot>New news from forums: My Linode has been up for more than a year! in Customer Testimonials <>
09:49<linbot>New news from wiki: Multiple IPs <> || User:Jasonblack <>
09:50<straterra>All of you nginx crazed users have convinced me to try it for an upcoming project :x
09:52-!-stafamus [] has joined #linode
09:52-!-mark [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
09:53-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep]
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09:53-!-sidney [] has quit [Quit: sidney]
09:54-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
09:54-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
09:54<linbot>New news from wiki: Multiple IPs <> || Multiple IPs <>
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09:56-!-walterheck [] has quit []
09:57-!-tktiddle [] has joined #linode
09:57-!-kaul [] has joined #linode
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10:03-!-vynsynt [] has joined #linode
10:05-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
10:06<linbot>New news from forums: Setting MX records on my Linode? in General Discussion <>
10:08-!-devcomp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:13-!-Guspaz [] has joined #linode
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10:17-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
10:18-!-sivy [] has joined #linode
10:19-!-martinduys [] has joined #linode
10:20<swaj>I need to start going to Ruby or JS conferences.... Apparently .NET conferences just use you as a SPAM target.
10:20-!-Satellite [] has joined #linode
10:21<rnowak>Ruby conferences will just tell you that you're not functional enough and dispose of you
10:22-!-MarkQtty [] has joined #linode
10:22<MarkQtty>Hi gusy!ù
10:22<MarkQtty>Hi guys
10:23<MarkQtty>today i have cloned a linode the target host when i start the vps...i receive: "hostname: Host name lookup failure" from lish
10:23<MarkQtty>several several time...
10:23-!-JSharp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:23<MarkQtty>that i canno't work inside there...
10:23-!-Satellite [] has quit []
10:24<MarkQtty>someone can help in order to stop this message?
10:24<AlexC_>MarkQtty: is the cloned image using a static networking configuration, or DHCP?
10:25-!-thingles [~thingles@] has joined #linode
10:26<hawk>MarkQtty: I'm not quite sure how it ends up repeating like you describe, but make sure the hostname is set properly
10:27<MarkQtty>ok solved.....
10:27<MarkQtty>was the fucking qmail...
10:27<MarkQtty>now that i had stopped this one...i will reconfigure the ip correctly
10:27<MarkQtty>:-) thank you however...
10:31-!-user9180 [] has joined #linode
10:32-!-lakin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:32<linbot>New news from forums: NAT with OpenVpn instead of using Squid, Client Setup? in Linux Networking <>
10:33-!-PeteMall [] has joined #linode
10:33-!-sivy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:34<MarkQtty>NAT protocol...what a kind of old story...we are soooo excited to start using ipv6...wowow :-P
10:35-!-Teckie [~Teckie@] has quit [Quit: Teckie]
10:36-!-oponder [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:37<Nivex>much <3 for IPv6
10:37-!-sivy [] has joined #linode
10:37<Guspaz>Much meh for IPv6 because nobody is implementing multicast despite it being a core feature without the address space limitations that IPv4 multicast had.
10:37<linbot>New news from forums: Linode 4096 in General Discussion <>
10:38<Nivex>Guspaz: champion your cause!
10:41<hawk>MarkQtty: ;)
10:44-!-ktabic [] has quit [Quit: I'm a professionally trainined computer scientist. That is to say, I am poorly educated]
10:44<Nivex>when my service doesn't work with your busted POS NAT, it'll be your problem, not mine.
10:44<Guspaz>And what does your service do that doesn't work with NAT?
10:44<Nivex>I dunno, but dammit!
10:46-!-nmudgal [~tracker@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:47<Nivex>"I know some people think ULA is a bad idea, but I think using NAT is a lot worse." <-- This.
10:48-!-Teckie [~Teckie@] has joined #linode
10:49-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
10:50-!-beardedbeast [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
10:50-!-beardedbeast [] has joined #linode
10:51-!-rurufufuss [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:52-!-beardedbeast [] has quit []
10:52<MarkQtty>NAT it's like windows one can drop it!!!!! arghhh
10:53<linbot>New news from forums: I finally got everything to work except phpMyAdmin in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
10:53<Guspaz>NAT's not as big a deal as people make it out to be. Is it ideal or optimal? No. Is it a good thing? Probably not. Is it a big deal? Doesn't seem to be...
10:58<DephNet[Paul]>Guspaz, "Is it ideal or optimal?" <-- depends on what you are trying to do, for example an office network, where none of the computers need to be accessable FROM the internet, but they need/desire access TO the internet, then NAT is perfect for that
10:59<Guspaz>A firewall can accomplish that, although NAT may be simpler. I have no particular problem with NAT.
10:59<Guspaz>Many of the problems that people have with NAT still exist in a properly firewalled environment.
11:01-!-stan_theman is now known as stan_theguy
11:04-!-saikat [] has quit [Quit: saikat]
11:04-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
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11:05-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
11:06-!-burningdog [~roger@] has joined #linode
11:11-!-MarkQtty [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
11:12-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
11:13-!-andrew [~andrew@] has joined #linode
11:14-!-saikat [] has quit [Quit: saikat]
11:21-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
11:21-!-Eriks [~Eriks@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:23-!-viewsrc [~viewsrc@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:26-!-Eriks [~Eriks@] has joined #linode
11:27-!-JSharp [] has joined #linode
11:28-!-stan_theguy is now known as stan_theman
11:28<amitz>without NAT, people here won't get internet connection. More people than available NAT.
11:28<amitz>available public IPv4
11:29-!-mdcollins_ [] has joined #linode
11:30-!-alexgordon [] has joined #linode
11:30-!-SomeoneE1se [] has joined #linode
11:31<Guspaz>Yes, but the point is that address scarcity isn't a problem with IPv6
11:31-!-vynsynt [] has joined #linode
11:32<SomeoneE1se>I'm looking for some help in diagnosing random high disk IO
11:32<AlexC_>using NAT for security is doing it wrong
11:33<akerl>AlexC_: Why?
11:33<akerl>SomeoneE1se: iotop
11:33<SomeoneE1se>never had to do so before so any suggestions would be great
11:33-!-sivy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:33<AlexC_>akerl: because you should be doing it another way, NAT isn't for security
11:33<Guspaz>iotop, as akerl suggested, will let you see what process is causing the IO.
11:33-!-sivy [] has joined #linode
11:33<SomeoneE1se>even from the past?
11:34<akerl>AlexC_: That's not a why. The major feature of NAT is that outbound becomes easy, inbound becomes difficult.
11:34<Guspaz>AlexC_: "Because it's wrong" isn't a reason.
11:34<akerl>SomeoneE1se: No. The solution is to make it happen again, or get better logging so you can see what caused a past event
11:34<AlexC_>akerl: sure, but that doesn't mean you should rest your security on NAT
11:34<akerl>Nobody said that.
11:34<akerl>Please avoid strawmanning
11:35-!-mdcollins [] has quit [Quit: Gone]
11:35-!-mdcollins_ is now known as mdcollins
11:36<AlexC_>akerl: somebody did, but nevermind we never seem to see eye-to-eye :P
11:36-!-vynsynt [] has left #linode []
11:36<Guspaz>AlexC_: Please provide a concrete reason why NAT's effect of not passing inbound traffic to specific internal machines without port forwarding cannot be counted on to prevent inbound traffic from reaching internal machines.
11:36<SomeoneE1se>Guspaz: yeah it is, just because you can grill a steak in a toaster dosent mean you should. also I use nat incorrectly as well so...
11:37-!-sivy_ [] has joined #linode
11:37<akerl>AlexC_: Or paste me the above line where someone said that.
11:37<AlexC_>Guspaz: because you should be doing it *else where*. This is why many people go "urgghghg IPv6 how am I going to secure my office network without NAT"
11:37<AlexC_>akerl: you have the same chatlog as me, read up
11:38<akerl>AlexC_: I did, and don't see it.
11:38<Guspaz>SomeoneE1se: No, it isn't a reason, it's just an opinion. Now, if you said "You shouldn't grill a steak in a toaster because the device can't be cleaned internally and will cause a mess", that'd be a reason.
11:38-!-sivy [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:38<AlexC_>hint: I did not quote verbatim
11:38<akerl>Hint: No kidding.
11:38<akerl>Which is why I want you to paste the line that you picked to strawman
11:39<AlexC_>akerl: look, I have 100% nothing personal against you, but when ever we have discussions there is always heat and anger beteween us. For that reason, I really CBA to discuss it with you
11:39<SomeoneE1se>okay you shouldnt use nat because it cant be cleaned internally
11:39<Guspaz>AlexC_: Sure, and a firewall blocking inbound traffic would do that just fine. But if you're running NAT for your office (because you have to, or because it's convenient, or for whatever reason), then firewalling inbound traffic beyond that is redundant.
11:39<AlexC_>Guspaz: that still doesn't justify resting your security on NAT
11:40*akerl hands Guspaz a bottle of facedesk glue
11:40<SomeoneE1se>Guspaz: there's no such thing as reundent security
11:40<akerl>SomeoneE1se: Yes there most certainly is
11:41-!-devsforev [] has joined #linode
11:41<akerl>Obviously redundant example: Two in-line firewalls with exactly identical rulesets.
11:41<SomeoneE1se>(with a negitive conntation)
11:42<SomeoneE1se>okay not whay I ment bad choice or words
11:42<SomeoneE1se>fsck this keyboard
11:42<d-b>SomeoneE1se: the more security you have the more you have!
11:42<d-b>soon you will have 100%
11:42<Guspaz>Oh, right, blame it on the keyboard ;)
11:43<SomeoneE1se>it's not the keyboard it's the new keyboard + dvorak
11:43<Guspaz>Let me open myself to thrown tomatoes and claim that Microsoft makes good keyboards, and that even their cheapest budget keyboard (the Comfort Curve 2000, often found new for $10) is a fantastic keyboard.
11:43<akerl>d-b: 100% security? I heard Windows is working on that.
11:43-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:43<AlexC_>Guspaz: no tomatoes here, MS keyboards are pretty good
11:44<SomeoneE1se>d-b yeah cut the power cord, done
11:44<Guspaz>The only security system that can claim to be 100% secure involves thermite. In the setup process.
11:44<d-b>akerl: oh? is it called bars?
11:44<SomeoneE1se>I'm on a MS keyboard now
11:45<akerl>Guspaz: But thermite doesn't burn hot enough to melt hackers.
11:45<Guspaz>akerl: If the hackers care to attempt to compromise the system after it is set up (and the thermite has reduced it to slag), they can have at it ;)
11:45<SomeoneE1se>would you rather M$
11:46<d-b>chuck norris doesn't type on a keyboad
11:46<@heckman>I'm sure he uses a keyboard.
11:46<rnowak>heckman: he just gives the computer a stare, and it does whatever needs doing
11:47<d-b>hay when will linode support dnssec?
11:48<SomeoneE1se>spacehobo takes life way to serously
11:48<Guspaz>Sure, but don't let him hear you say that.
11:48<d-b>SomeoneE1se: they use djbdns?
11:49<d-b>53/tcp open domain syn-ack ISC BIND DNS
11:49<d-b>nmap reportz bind, it must be true!
11:50<SomeoneE1se>I'm sorry?*
11:50<d-b>yes you are
11:50<Guspaz>netcraft reports *bsd is dying, it must be true!
11:50<SomeoneE1se>must be
11:51<Guspaz>*Solaris, however, most definitely is dying ;)
11:51-!-seanh-ansca [] has joined #linode
11:51<Guspaz>Which kind of sucks since I run it.
11:51<d-b>Guspaz: don't be silly smartos is not
11:51<d-b>and neigher is solaris
11:52<Guspaz>Oracle is a Linux shop, why would they keep pushing Solaris?
11:52<d-b>Guspaz: ENTERPRISE
11:52<Guspaz>They've already successfully killed OpenSolaris.
11:52<d-b>Guspaz: no opensolaris sort of did that :p
11:53<d-b>they are like Y U NO RESPOND ??? NO PLANZ FOR US OK WE PACK UP AND GO HOME
11:53<Guspaz>Well, the fact that Solaris revoked access to the code kind of made it hard to continue.
11:53<Guspaz>errm, that Oracle revoked
11:53<d-b>snorical :p
11:55<Guspaz>I take it SmartOS is a Solaris fork?
11:55<d-b>those crazy guys ported kvm
11:55<Guspaz>I don't need KVM, only good ZFS support. And at the moment, only OpenSolaris has it.
11:55<d-b>and solaris express :p
11:56<Guspaz>Well, that, but that's not really a viable upgrade path.
11:56<Guspaz>I hope to move to FreeBSD, but their latest stable release only supports an ancient version of ZFS, and FreeBSD 9 (which supports the latest ZFS) isn't out yet.
11:57-!-Shorrockin [] has joined #linode
11:57<@irgeek>d-b: What DNSSEC support are you referring to?
11:58<Guspaz>Ooh, FreeBSD has released the first beta of 9, if they're not still compiling with debugging enabled, I might migrate...
11:58-!-ktabic [~ktabic@] has joined #linode
11:59-!-SomeoneE1se [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
12:00-!-karstensrage [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:00-!-Bartzy [~Bar@] has joined #linode
12:00<Bartzy>How the lish SSH login works ?
12:00<Bartzy>System users ? Or can sshd login with "virtual" users ?
12:01<@irgeek>Lish gives you access to the console of your Linode.
12:01<akerl>Lish is pretend physical console access. So real users only
12:02<@irgeek>Once you're connected, you log in as a real user on your Linode.
12:02<@irgeek>To connect, you need to log in as the username we provide you.
12:03<Shorrockin>anyone else having issues with their instances? we have a box in newark and a box in dallas, both of which are not responding to ssh or http traffic (however - both are reported as running in the web console). has been an issue for at least an hour now?
12:03<akerl>Shorrockin: IPs?
12:04<Shorrockin>one moment.
12:04<Guspaz>Shorrockin: Not seeing anything on my end or You should log in via lish to check it out.
12:04<Shorrockin> and...
12:04<Guspaz>Those IPs respond to HTTP for me
12:04<akerl>mtr to both shows fine
12:04<rnowak>same as Guspaz, from Sweden o/
12:04<akerl>Both give me the "it works" page
12:05<Shorrockin>ok. thanks guys. must be something on our end.. dns maybe
12:05<Guspaz>DNS wouldn't be preventing you from accessing them via the IP.
12:05<rnowak>try running mtr
12:05<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark, dallas or london.
12:05<@irgeek>Shorrockin: I can see traffic on your network interface - both directions.
12:05<Shorrockin>ya. my mistake. i had never tried direct ip before you askd for the addresses
12:05<Guspaz>irgeek is in ur computer, reading ur traffic
12:06<Shorrockin>sorry again.
12:06-!-pygi [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:06-!-pygi [] has joined #linode
12:07-!-SomeoneE1se [] has joined #linode
12:07<d-b>irgeek: the dnssec of lulz?
12:09<d-b>so that can work :)
12:09<d-b>(type257 apparnetly)
12:10-!-tsmart [] has joined #linode
12:10<tsmart>hi guys
12:11<@irgeek>d-b: You can - have us slave the zone.
12:11-!-Bass10 [] has joined #linode
12:11<tsmart>I am using pv-grub to load up Scientific Linux onto my linode and the /dev/xvda reads fine, I can select the kernel but then when I go to put root=/dev/xvdb1 it fails
12:11<d-b>irgeek: that means running my own dns server - id rather pay more for you guys to run it :p
12:11<tsmart>xvdb1 is ext4
12:11<tsmart>seems like it can't read it
12:11<tsmart>I am sooo lcode
12:12<tsmart>I already did the install over vnc
12:13<@irgeek>tsmart: Does the kernel you're using have ext4 compiled in? If it's a module, it needs to be loaded first.
12:13<tsmart>irgeek, hmm good questions
12:13<tsmart>it is the default SL kernel 6.1
12:13<tsmart>and it allowed me to build the system wuith an ext4 drive
12:13<tsmart>so I assume so
12:13<@jed>d-b: you're running a small DNS server just to load a zone and AXFR it to us
12:14<@jed>so, I mean, that's not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things
12:14<d-b>jed: well, if i was to do that i may as well use myown dns servers :p
12:14<tsmart>I Can't autocomplete the root= part
12:15<d-b>JshWright: calm down, if you want i can ask the zimbra guys to credit you in their next patch?
12:15<@jed>there's a difference between running a tiny BIND to feed us data which can go down as often as you like, and operating mission-critical authoritatives that cannot go down
12:15<@jed>but, ok
12:15<d-b>wow, coding is hard?
12:16<d-b>i thought bind just crashed and dosed itself :p
12:16<tsmart>irgeek, it tells me to put in a proper root=
12:16<tsmart>that is the kernel message
12:16<tsmart>before the kernel panics
12:16<tsmart>but xvdb1 is an ext4 partition
12:16<Guspaz>Why do you have partitions?
12:17<tsmart>I installed the bootloader onto that partition, would that be the cause of trhe problem?
12:17<Guspaz>I think you're doing it wrong.
12:17<tsmart>Guspaz, the /boot /xvda is not partitioned
12:17<tsmart>but the installer made the xvdb drive an ext4 drive
12:17<tsmart>and the xvdc the swap
12:17<tsmart>it formatted them
12:17-!-millisami [] has joined #linode
12:18<tsmart>Guspaz, should the main install drive not be partitioned/
12:18-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep]
12:18<Guspaz>Not as far as I know.
12:18<boba>xvdb, or xvdb1?
12:19<Guspaz>Partitioning things probably breaks most of Linode's management stuff when it comes to backups or cloning or migrations or whatnot.
12:19<tsmart>boba, xvdb1
12:19<Guspaz>But a linode employee like jed or irgeek would be the authority...
12:19<tsmart>Guspaz, the anaconda installer made the install drive have 1 ext4 partition
12:20<tsmart>should I try to install without partitions?
12:20<Guspaz>I've never deployed on a linode with anything but the linode deployment system, but the linode library has a document telling you how to do custom distros.
12:21<millisami>Is the linode nodebalancer not running?
12:21<@jed>running fine here
12:21<@jed>more information required to troubleshoot issue
12:21<tsmart>Guspaz, I have not tried that way, I just followed the pv-grub directions
12:21<JshWright>millisami: is your home computer running?
12:23<Guspaz>I believe the library's approach is to install to a single partition for / and then copy the contents of the partition to the linode rather than the drive itself, since linode disk images normally don't have partition tables. The disk images are the partitions, as it were.
12:24<tsmart>Guspaz, so with liunode there are no partitions, just raw drives that you run mkfs on?
12:24<JshWright>s/drives/disk images/
12:24<tsmart>jed, so by partitioning my disk space, linode can no longer read it/ my Scientific Linux kernel cannot read it
12:25<@jed>if you partition your images, you're on your own
12:25-!-martinduys_ [] has joined #linode
12:25<tsmart>even though that is the "normal way" SL linux installs
12:25<tsmart>jed ahh
12:25*Guspaz partitions jed
12:25<tsmart>hmm I wonder if the installer can NOT partittion the drive and just lay down the file system
12:26<millisami>Yes, it is and I've sent one email to api@linode and posted a ticket for rubygem at too
12:26<millisami>I can access all the apis like linode, stackscript, utility, dns but not the nodebalancer
12:27-!-martinduys [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:27<JshWright>oh... your initial question said nothing about the API
12:27<tsmart>jed, so need to take all the files on that filesystem , back them up, and then do a mkfs.ext4 on the xvdb
12:27<tsmart>recopy the files back over
12:27<tsmart>and then it should boot
12:27<akerl>ext4? Meh
12:28<tsmart>akerl, ext3 whatever
12:28-!-zar [] has joined #linode
12:28<d-b>btrfs, where is my data?
12:28<tsmart>but that process
12:28<millisami>wat about the email? and the the second issue post of the github repo?
12:28<tsmart>no partitions, just a filesystem
12:28-!-ktabic [~ktabic@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:28<zar>I have a node that I would like to rebuild, but its got data on a second disk. If I rebuild, will the second disk get touched, or will I just be able to reattache it when the rebuilt node comes up?
12:29<akerl>millisami: Are you sure the issue is with linode's API, and not with that person's code to use the API?
12:29<akerl>zar: Deploy will not touch the other disk. Rebuild will
12:30<@irgeek>tsmart: How did you transfer the disks you installed SL on to your Linode?
12:30<tsmart>irgeek, I made a little ext2 drive
12:30<tsmart>I put the kernel and install.img on it
12:31-!-smed [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:31<tsmart>I booted into pv-grub
12:31<tsmart>I started the installer
12:31<tsmart>did a vnc installer
12:31<zar>akerl: Ahh, becuase you select the disk to deploy too, it seems. I see
12:31-!-smed [] has joined #linode
12:31<tsmart>in which I told SL linux to use xvdb as the main install drive
12:31<tsmart>so the installer made an ext4 part for that drive
12:31<tsmart>finished the install
12:32<tsmart>into finnix
12:32<linbot>IRC supports complete sentences. Less <CR> more content, please.
12:32-!-kenichi [] has joined #linode
12:32<tsmart>copied the NEW SL linux kernel over to the xvda ext2 part
12:32<tsmart>rebooted into pv-grub
12:32<tsmart>ran root (hd0)
12:32<Bartzy>Why udev is taking 10MB in df -m ?
12:33<tsmart>kernel=/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/xvdb1
12:33<tsmart>got a kernel panic on the root=
12:33-!-martinduys_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:33-!-SomeoneE1se [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
12:33-!-MJCS [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:33<JshWright>millisami: I don't have any nodebalancers to test with, but any API call that I would expect to return an empty list (i.e. nodebalancer.list) returns an error instead
12:34-!-MJCS [] has joined #linode
12:35<amitz>tsmart: we're patient, you can type a longer sentence then press enter. This makes troublehooting easier since we can see every aspect at once.
12:35<tsmart>amitz, sorry :)
12:35<millisami>Yup, I'm pretty sure coz I've tested with a custom script as well.
12:36<millisami>Hang on, I'll gist that to you.
12:37<amitz>tsmart: it's okay :-)
12:38-!-ktabic [~ktabic@] has joined #linode
12:39<@heckman>tsmart: I would recommend following the procedure in the Library. Also, out of curiosity, why does CentOS 6 not fit your needs?
12:39*akerl makes obligatory centos 6 comment
12:39<tsmart>heckman, the library method has me uploading a lot of data over a slow connection
12:39<tsmart>heckman, sl linux is more maintained then centos
12:40<tsmart>and the default CentOS installation on Linode does nto support SELinux
12:41*nDuff shrugs. SL has faster turnaround times, but CentOS packaging tends to be of higher quality when it finally does come out. Six of one, half dozen the other...
12:41<@heckman>Ah, good deal. I've not tried to roll my own distro so I am not sure.
12:42<tsmart>SeLinux is the real reason for doing this
12:43<nDuff>*nod*, that's a compelling one. I'm curious -- have you looked into just how broken the Linode CentOS 6 install is re: seLinux?
12:43<tsmart>nDuff, I don't think the kernel supports itr
12:44<@heckman>So why not just use the distro supplied kernel with PV_GRUB?
12:44-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
12:44<nDuff>tsmart, ...well -- that's the linode-provided kernel. If you boot the distro-provided Xen kernel instead...
12:44<millisami>JshWright : Here is the custom script
12:45<tsmart>nDuff, ???
12:46<tsmart>I only see linode kernels in the boot list
12:46<tsmart>+ finnix +_ pv-grub
12:46<nDuff>tsmart, yes, but you can use pvgrub to boot other kernels
12:46<tsmart>that's why I 'm trying to boot a custom one
12:46<tsmart>yes that';s what I'm trying to do
12:46<nDuff>ahh. sorry -- I just came in here. Should have read more scrollback.
12:46<tsmart>nDuff, I get a kernel panic
12:46<tsmart>when I type boot
12:46<tsmart>b/c root (hd0)
12:47<tsmart>then my kernel /boot/vmlinux root=/dev/xvdb
12:47<tsmart>then my kernel /boot/vmlinux root=/dev/xvdb1
12:47<tsmart>the problem is
12:47<JshWright>millisami: I just hit the api with curl (I don't do ruby)
12:47<tsmart>the kernel can't mount /dev/xvdb1
12:47<tsmart>and it kernel panics
12:47<@heckman>tsmart: you can deploy "CentOS 6" from our distribution templace. You can then configure your Linode to boot CentOS 6 with PV_GRUB using the CentOS 6 kernel
12:47<JshWright>I got the same error you did though ("The requested class does not exist")
12:48<tsmart>heckman, that might work
12:48-!-Pupeno_ [] has quit [Quit: Pupeno_]
12:48<@heckman>Unfortunately there is no CentOS 6 section *yet*, but it should get you going in the right direction:
12:48-!-synapt [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:49<Guspaz>It's a heck of a lot simpler to use a custom kernel (one tiny piece) than a custom distro (the whole damned thing)
12:49-!-synapt [] has joined #linode
12:51<millisami>JshWright: Can you paste that CURL command?
12:51<tsmart>Guspaz, but if I want to upload my own stuff I now know that I cannot create a partitionm
12:51<Guspaz>Well, you can. You can create one disk image per partition and copy up the partitions.
12:52-!-Eriks [~Eriks@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:52<JshWright>millisami: uh, sure... it's just an http request to the API though
12:53<JshWright>curl '<INSERT KEY HERE>&api_action=nodebalancer.list'
12:53-!-Shorrockin [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
12:56-!-khan [] has joined #linode
12:57<khan>quick question... out of my fremont linode, what's my upstream bandwidth?
12:58<hawk>Outbound traffic is limited to 50 Mbps by default
12:58-!-khan [] has quit []
12:59-!-nearn [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:59-!-tim_ [] has joined #linode
13:00-!-tktiddle [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:07<millisami>JshWright: hey, wats so wrong? I hit that same command with the api_key replaced with mine, still the same error.
13:07<millisami>○ curl '<api_key>&api_action=nodebalancer.list' {"ERRORARRAY":[{"ERRORCODE":3,"ERRORMESSAGE":"The requested class does not exist"}],"DATA":{},"ACTION":"nodebalancer.list"}
13:08<millisami>Is is just with my key or what?
13:08<millisami>But if I replace that nodebalancer.list with any other like linode.list, I get the output.
13:10<JshWright>millisami: I said I got the same error, so clearly it's not just you
13:10-!-BBHoss [~bbhoss@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:10-!-BBHoss [~bbhoss@] has joined #linode
13:10<JshWright>I'd suggest opening a support ticker
13:10<millisami>Earlier, you said that it was returning the list ?
13:10<JshWright>pretty sure I didn't...
13:11<millisami>ok, where to open or you gonna do it?
13:11<JshWright>12:33 < JshWright> millisami: I don't have any nodebalancers to test with, but any API call that I would expect to return an empty list (i.e. nodebalancer.list) returns an error instead
13:11<JshWright>millisami: just open a normal support ticket via your linode control panel
13:11-!-stan_theman is now known as stan_theneutron
13:11<millisami>Ok. all right.
13:12-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
13:15-!-Pupeno_ [] has joined #linode
13:16-!-lakin [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:16-!-vraa [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:16-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:17-!-millisami [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
13:17-!-jed is now known as ActionableSignup
13:18-!-Perihelion is now known as jedsmith
13:18-!-psandin is now known as Perihelion
13:18-!-ActionableSignup is now known as stan_theman
13:18<@heckman>^ this is much funnier in context
13:18-!-Perihelion is now known as psandin
13:19-!-millisami [] has joined #linode
13:19-!-jedsmith is now known as jed
13:20-!-millisami [] has quit []
13:22-!-jed is now known as Guest7868
13:22-!-stan_theman is now known as jed
13:22-!-stan_theneutron is now known as stan_theman
13:22-!-lsabota is now known as ericohc
13:24-!-Guest7868 is now known as Clefairy
13:24-!-ericohc is now known as wiggalytuff
13:24*wiggalytuff !
13:24-!-blindwaves [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:26*jed posts "Linode staff have all lost their minds at the same time." to
13:26-!-Pupeno_ [] has quit [Quit: Pupeno_]
13:26*jed closes tickets
13:27<rlankfo>does linode use RT?
13:27-!-wiggalytuff is now known as lsabota
13:27<rlankfo>oh :P
13:27<rlankfo>something custom?
13:27-!-Clefairy is now known as Perihelion
13:28-!-stafamus [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:28<@psandin>jed: we didn't lose them, we just misplaced them for a while
13:28-!-martinduys [] has joined #linode
13:31-!-TIBS01 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:34-!-eronel_ is now known as eronel
13:35-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
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13:37-!-BBHoss [~bbhoss@] has joined #linode
13:38-!-Boohemian [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
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13:41-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep]
13:42-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
13:45-!-jay [] has joined #linode
13:46-!-marshall [] has joined #linode
13:46<marshall>any reason i can't get into my server?
13:46<marshall>is something down
13:46<linbot>mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark, dallas or london.
13:46<boba>^- Do an mtr trace and pastebin it
13:47<nDuff>marshall, (it also doesn't necessarily hurt to ssh into the lish console and see what's up from there)
13:48<linbot>SnoFox: (mtrdallas <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$1".
13:48<jay>Hi, folks. i just setup key pairs and am no longer logging in as root. until i get git rolling, i am using filezilla to upload changes. now i need to change ownership and / or permissions so i can upload changes because the all /srv/www/public_html files are owned by root:root with 644 permissions. What is the minimum change that i can get away with?
13:49-!-Amxfd [] has left #linode [Wychodzi]
13:49<marshall>jush lished
13:49<SnoFox>jay: Add a new group and change the files to be grouped with the FTP user.
13:49<marshall>iptables denied: IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=fe:fd:ad:e6:97:b4:c8:4c:75:f5:d6:3f:08:00 SRC= DST=64.6
13:49<marshall>2.231.27 LEN=48 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=115 ID=38602 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=4826 DPT=445 WINDOW=65535 RES=0
13:50<marshall>x00 SYN URGP=0
13:50<SnoFox>That you, marshall ? :p
13:50<marshall>it's denying every request it looks like
13:50<marshall>i can't even lish in
13:51<jay>tks marshall
13:52<marshall>at 8am CPU spiked
13:52<marshall>then bits/sec has held steady
13:53<marshall>very low
13:53<marshall>and cpu too
13:53<marshall>it began denying all requests
13:53<marshall>what do i do if the shutdown command isn't even working
13:53<marshall>from dashboard
13:54<marshall>oh nvmd just went through
13:54<JshWright>you can't firewall LISH out
13:54<randallman>I suppose if he killed getty? :P
13:55-!-maushu [] has joined #linode
13:55<marshall>when i LISHed in
13:55<marshall>no login prompt
13:55<marshall>just repeated iptables denied
13:56-!-martinduys [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 6.0/20110811165603]]
13:57<hawk>marshall: Ok, and if you hit enter it didn't show the prompt again (possibly briefly if there was a high flow of iptables stuff on the console)?
13:57-!-kaul [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:57<amitz>say the following instruction ( ), how do I check if the commands are received completely without error? iptables --list doesn't show anything. thanks
13:58<amitz>iptables instructions.
13:58<marshall>i tried that
13:59<hawk>amitz: You don't actually have the lines commented out (#) when you "run" them, do you?
13:59-!-jay [] has quit [Quit: jay]
13:59<marshall>i'm in rescue mode
14:00<amitz>hawk: nope, but you made me recheck :-p
14:00-!-maushu [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:00-!-maushu [] has joined #linode
14:01<amitz>iptables is a command I can run on bash, right?
14:01<@irgeek>amitz: Did you do "iptables -L" or "iptables -t mangle -L"
14:02<@irgeek>"iptables -L" shows the filter table
14:02<amitz>irgeek: thanks, the last one shows things
14:03<amitz>ah... <- not yet equipped to fully appreciate the difference.
14:03-!-nmudgal [~tracker@] has joined #linode
14:03-!-pygi [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:03-!-pygi [] has joined #linode
14:03<@irgeek>Perhaps you should read the man page.
14:03<Hawson>manuals are for suckers?
14:04<amitz>perhaps... *sigh*, the inevitable.
14:06-!-logichole [] has joined #linode
14:06<@irgeek>Also, what the heck are you trying to accomplish there?
14:07-!-TIBS01 [] has joined #linode
14:07-!-kaul [] has joined #linode
14:08<Guspaz>The same thing he does every night, irgeek.
14:08<Guspaz>Trying to take over the world.
14:08-!-vraa [] has joined #linode
14:09-!-tim__ [] has joined #linode
14:09<marshall>any idea where iptables stores the saved rulesets
14:09<amitz>oh, it's oot. I'm trying to use 2 ISPs at once. So I basically mark the packets, 50% of chance marked 1, 50% marked 2. If it's marked 1, use 1st ISP. Marked 2, use 2nd ISP. I didn't write some ip rules.
14:09<@irgeek>In the kernel.
14:09<marshall>no file?
14:10-!-tim_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:10<Guspaz>Clarification: there is no such thing as a saved ruleset.
14:10<Guspaz>Rulesets are not saved.
14:10<@irgeek>You can use iptables-save to dump the current state and save that to a file.
14:10<amitz>ip rule add fwmark 1 table isp1 , ip rule add fwmark2 table isp2
14:11-!-Berto [] has joined #linode
14:11<Guspaz>Although iptables-save produces more of a script than a rule, IIRC.
14:11<linbot>New news from forums: From Shared To Linode? in Sales Questions and Answers <>
14:11-!-vraa_ [] has joined #linode
14:12<@irgeek>Guspaz: Neither. It's a state.
14:12-!-guy_ [] has joined #linode
14:12<@irgeek>amitz: Doing that is going to cause you headaches in the long run.
14:12<Guspaz>Ah yes, that's the one you read in with iptables-restore
14:13<marshall>too bad i booted into rescue mode
14:14<amitz>irgeek: oh, why?
14:14<@irgeek>Lots of sites tie login information to the source IP. Randomly flinging connections around like that will break sessions on those sites.
14:14-!-bbeausej [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
14:15<@irgeek>You end up with strange behaviors - like only half the images loading on a gallery page.
14:15<amitz>ah...fair point!
14:15<Guspaz>The mental image produced by "flinging connections around" is rather inappropriate.
14:15<@jed>or session errors in the linode manager
14:16<HoopyCat>amitz: if you're bored, is how i handle source-based routing on my linode; the "normal" routing table sends IPv6 traffic to linode, except for stuff coming in from tun0 or tun1, which goes to hurricane electric. but yes, persistence is mega important
14:16<HoopyCat>i, at any rate, am convinced that good routers do not throw dice
14:17<@irgeek>Most connection load balancing is based on something like a hash of the source and destination IPs.
14:17<amitz>ipv6, i may never need it in my lifetime :-p
14:18-!-vraa [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:18<@irgeek>Unless you're about 90, I wouldn't count on that.
14:19*Nivex seconds irgeek
14:19<amitz>hmm, a reedeem attempt. what's the general idea to tie a specific instance of an app to an uplink?
14:20<amitz>doable using iptables?
14:20<@jed>bind() in software can select a source address, which is going to be your most efficient way to use both
14:20<@jed>i.e., instructing a torrent program to use one uplink while you do normal browsing on the other
14:21<HoopyCat>amitz: ironically, your situation would probably be easier to solve with IPv6... so you don't NEED IPv6, but it does make life big heapum easier
14:22<marshall>so, can iptables just freak out and start denying all requests?
14:23<marshall>or ufw, w/e
14:23<amitz>hmm, noted.
14:23-!-Berto [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:23<amitz>oh, thanks :-)
14:23<HoopyCat>marshall: it's remarkably easy to configure it to do so
14:24<marshall>HoopyCat: i know that
14:24<marshall>but this randomly happened 2 hours ago
14:25<marshall>so is it a hacker or freak of nature :)
14:25<HoopyCat>marshall: what did it start doing? are you sure it is iptables' doing and not something else? (also, if you haven't yet, pastebin the output of iptables -L -n -v)
14:27<Guspaz>For a firewall whose name itself claims it's uncomplicated, it seems rather difficult to ask ufw what the current default behaviour is (being allow/deny/reject incoming/outgoing)
14:27<Guspaz>Or, for that matter, to get a list of rules when not running.
14:28<@irgeek>marshall: Given that you weren't getting a prompt on the console, I'd guess either an IO issue or a kernel panic.
14:28<@irgeek>Both are annoyingly difficult to diagnose.
14:28<@irgeek>If it was a one-off occurrence, reboot and move on.
14:29<@irgeek>If it happens frequently, then you need to start trying to figure out what's causing it.
14:30<HoopyCat>if it's a web server using apache and mpm-prefork (which it is, if mod_php is involved) and you haven't done so yet, divide MaxClients by 100
14:31*rnowak sets MaxClients to 1.5
14:31*heckman sets MaxClients to 100
14:31<HoopyCat>or by 10
14:32<HoopyCat>somehow i got from "change it from the default of 150 processes" to "remove a trailing zero" to "divide by 100"
14:37-!-sidney [] has joined #linode
14:41<vraa_>time to spin up a new linode for voip!
14:41<vraa_>even though they say it's not suggested in virtualized environments :(
14:42<Guspaz>They worry about jitter induced from a virtualized environment where you don't know how many other people are contending for CPU time, but in practice it apparently works decently, as there are a number of Linode customers doing VoIP stuff with their linodes.
14:45<HoopyCat>vraa_: depends on the software, i suppose; from experience, i know asterisk works pretty well under xen, and even under openvz. well, relative to how well it works on real hardware, at least
14:45<vraa_>i've been testing it in virtualbox for a few weeks now
14:46<vraa_>its too bad i can't split up a 512mb linode into two 256m linodes lol
14:46*nDuff is stubborn and isn't happy unless his phone systems have an actual PRI, and Sangoma hardware handling connectivity/clocking
14:46*nDuff cares about reliable faxing. Faxing is very, _very_ jitter-sensitive.
14:46<HoopyCat>i couldn't get budget approval for a PRI here
14:47-!-DrJ [~Bacon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:47<Guspaz>I guess it depends on the tick rate of the host machine? In the worst case, the default tick rate on a 2.4 kernel would indicate that any given linode (assuming the 512 standard of 40-per-box), given one single-core processor, could have to wait up to 400ms to execute anything, which would suck for VoIP. But given the 2.6 default of 100hz and the 8-core boxes
14:47<vraa_>i have a actual pri right now at the office, but not sangoma, we have panasonic and a multitech faxfinder for fax
14:47<Guspaz>that drops to 5ms IIRC?
14:47<vraa_>i'm hoping to dump the pri, dump the panasonic equipment, and switch to voip after getting a t1
14:47<Guspaz>So a linode 512 could expect a CPU-induced jitter of up to 5ms, am I figuring that right?
14:47<nDuff>Blugh. I've had nothing but pain with multitech
14:47<Guspaz>2.6 default of 1000hz
14:47<nDuff>switched to mainpine for our 1- and 2-line locations, and things were much, much better.
14:48<HoopyCat>but yes... if you have to use faxing, and you have to do it often enough that you can't just use one of your backup POTS lines, do not ditch the PRI
14:49<nDuff>(EMR sending prescriptions and receiving lab results in doctors' offices -> high-volume, reliable faxing as an actual Important Thing)
14:49<vraa_>eh most doctors i know are always slow
14:49<vraa_>if they used that pidgeon rfc i wouldn't be surprised if it made them work faster
14:50<HoopyCat>vraa_: doctors pipeline
14:50<Guspaz>Yes, but a sufficiently jittery VoIP connection, faxes would not work at all, rather than slowly.
14:50<vraa_>oh i didn't mean their physical work, i meant the paperwork, especially when insurance gets involved
14:50<vraa_>yeah so i've heard, jitter is supposed to be the big evil
14:50<HoopyCat>vraa_: lots of work, big queues
14:51<vraa_>i cant wait until docs are replaced by robots
14:52<Guspaz>VoIP works far better on a connection with 500 ms latency and 0 ms jitter than it will work on a connection with 10 ms latency and 100 ms jitter.
14:52<zar>Jus to confirm, deploy will not mess with the extra disks I have attached to a system, correct?
14:53-!-bradoaks [] has joined #linode
14:55-!-TIBS01 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:55-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
14:57-!-user9180 [] has joined #linode
14:59-!-tsmart is now known as tsmart-afk
14:59-!-tsmart-afk is now known as tsmart
14:59-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
14:59-!-tsmart is now known as tsmart-afk
14:59-!-sam350 [] has joined #linode
15:00-!-andrew [~andrew@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:02<zar>As in, when the new system comes up, all the data will still be on the extra disk
15:04-!-cps_ [] has joined #linode
15:05-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:06-!-cps [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:06-!-message144 [] has joined #linode
15:08-!-BaldwinKoo [] has joined #linode
15:09<alexhanh>when I lish into the instance, it says and I can't do anything.. ideas?
15:11<dwfreed>alexhanh: your instance froze during boot, it seems
15:12<alexhanh>ah.. what are the options?
15:12<@jed>it made it into userland
15:12-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
15:12<@jed>startup script issue, looks like -- if fsck ran, init kicked off
15:12<HoopyCat>zar: if it limits you to how much unallocated disk you have, you're in the right place. if it says it's going to destroy everything, you've accidentally hit "rebuild" instead :-)
15:13-!-kraz [] has joined #linode
15:13<alexhanh>the disk space was full before the boot.. could that be affecting the booting?
15:13<@jed>very possibly
15:13<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
15:13<@jed>yeah, we need a !rescue. try rescue mode on the aptly-named rescue tab, combined with lish
15:13<@jed>see if you can clear some space and give it another whirl
15:14<hawk>so essentially finnix+lish
15:17<marshall>HoopyCat and irgeek thanks for the feedback. i got a call right then so i couldn't respond
15:17<HoopyCat>marshall: you've got an outage! this is no time for the phone to be ringing! :-)
15:21-!-datagutt [] has quit [Quit: kthxbai]
15:23-!-saikat [] has quit [Quit: saikat]
15:25-!-AphisOne [] has joined #linode
15:25-!-AphisOne [] has left #linode []
15:25<fo0bar>hawk: the finnix library item should probably just include a rudimentary lish lesson anyway
15:26-!-ngranek [~bigjocker@] has quit [Quit: ngranek]
15:27-!-TIBS01 [] has joined #linode
15:28-!-Malice [~malice@] has joined #linode
15:29-!-ngranek [~bigjocker@] has joined #linode
15:32-!-oscargz [] has joined #linode
15:33<oscargz>I currently have 2 Linodes and it works out really great for me. However I'm about to register a third server and page speed is going to be critical. It will serve Sweden exclusively. Is the London server fast enough or should I register a server in Sweden?
15:36<HoopyCat>it's about 1500 km by shortest path from the center of sweden to london, so it is going to be physically impossible to get an RTT lower than 14 ms between the two locations. that said, RTT is probably going to be much greater than 14 ms. still, it's probably going to be relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.
15:36<oscargz>OK thanks
15:37<oscargz>Which plan would you recommend for 1500-2000 visitors per day?
15:38<HoopyCat>oscargz: it depends entirely on your software and how it is set up
15:38-!-guy_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:38<@irgeek>Start small. Upgrading is easy.
15:38<vraa_>start with the biggest plan they offer
15:39<vraa_>that way you can be smug about having the most expensive linode
15:39<HoopyCat>i handle about 5x that on a 512 with room to spare, but i'm also not using PHP
15:39<oscargz>It will run Django and it isn't really doing any heavy stuff
15:40-!-guy_ [] has joined #linode
15:40<oscargz>OK thanks. I'll start small then and upgrade if I need to
15:40<oscargz>thanks for your help
15:42<HoopyCat>oscargz: nginx and django are nice and svelte :-)
15:42-!-hfb [] has joined #linode
15:44<marshall>HoopyCat: lol
15:48-!-TIBS01 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:48-!-internat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:52<alexhanh>jed: hawk: thanks, was able to do some administration and finally boot up thanks to rescue!
15:52-!-penny [] has joined #linode
15:53<sivy_>hey folks, i'm doing some research on ssl certs, and I think I'm going to want an EV cert. any recommendations on providers to look at, avoid?
15:53-!-sivy_ is now known as sivy
15:53-!-smed [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:53<oscargz>Marshall: Lol what?
15:53<marshall>oscargz: "this is no time for the phone to be ringing!"
15:53-!-Malice [~malice@] has quit [Quit: Nettalk6 -]
15:54-!-smed [] has joined #linode
15:54<HoopyCat>sivy: i'd probably avoid DigiNotar, but aside from that, most everyone is trusted by most every browser. i'd avoid anyone that charges a lot more than everyone else.
15:55<sivy>i'm considering digicert; I'm annoyed that i can't just buy one cert, and they're not the cheapest, but they seem to have a good rep
15:55<AlexC_>sivy: I get my certs through, any on there will do fine. You have to remember than essentially a TLS cert is a TLS cert, you pay for the CA "brand name"
15:55-!-TIBS01 [] has joined #linode
15:56<AlexC_>but tbh, the vast majority of your normal Internet users will not care less who the CA is, so long as they "see the little padlock or green bar/tick"
15:56<sivy>yeah, I know from a technical perspective that a cert is a cert; unfortunately I think that having that green bar is going to be important
15:56<sivy>(which i think only the EV certs will give you)
15:57<oscargz>HoopyCat: Is there a big difference in performance between nginx and Apache with mod_wsgi?
15:57<AlexC_>sivy: yes you'd need EV
15:57<HoopyCat>sivy: "pretty much everyone" sells EV certs these days, as well, so that's commodotized nicely too
15:58<hawk>Well, of course they do, they make more money on those
15:58<nDuff>oscargz, the bigger issue with mod_wsgi in my experience is the level of tuning required when you start running against memory limitations
15:58<rnowak>Can you get a wildcard EV/green bar?
15:59<AlexC_>oh good god, £343.50 to sign a god dam PDF?
15:59<nDuff>oscargz, whereas nginx+uwsgi gives you all of uwsgi's auto-tuning / self-healing goodness (and nginx+fastcgi at least brings the app server out-of-process from the web server)
15:59<AlexC_>I could probably print off the PDF, ship my self to their physical address and show them the pieces of paper for less than that!
16:00<oscargz>I'll explore nginx then
16:01<HoopyCat>oscargz: i haven't used mod_wsgi enough to answer that from a production performance standpoint. i currently use nginx+gunicorn and am presently content
16:01-!-Boohemian [] has joined #linode
16:03-!-BBHoss [~bbhoss@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:05-!-Demonicpagan [] has joined #linode
16:06<Demonicpagan>i have something that keeps causing this and have no clue what it is: kernel BUG at mm/swapfile.c:2527!
16:08-!-Boohemian [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
16:08<@Perihelion>Demonicpagan: Can you put in a ticket?
16:08<Demonicpagan>i can
16:09<@Perihelion>Will you? :P
16:10-!-internat [~nf@] has joined #linode
16:12<Demonicpagan>just did
16:13-!-hfb_ [] has joined #linode
16:13-!-hfb_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:13-!-nmudgal [~tracker@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:14<Demonicpagan>box didn't last a day this time before crashing
16:15<Demonicpagan>sometimes it can last for a week or two
16:16-!-oscargz [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
16:18<hawk>Out of curiosity, which kernel version are you using?
16:19<Demonicpagan>Latest 2.6 (
16:19<Demonicpagan>i should swap to the latest 3.0, shouldn't i?
16:20-!-TIBS01 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:20<Peng>Demonicpagan: Yeah, probably.
16:21<Musfuut>I think the 3.0 is still beta as far as linode is concerned
16:21-!-Boohemian [] has joined #linode
16:21<Boohemian>i hate the first week of classes
16:22<@heckman>Musfuut: On the contrary, it's the default kernel for new deployments.
16:22<Demonicpagan>with my box crashing on the 2.6 kernal, guess it really won't hurt as to tryin the 3.0
16:22<Musfuut>Oh, my bad, thank you heckman!
16:22-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
16:23<Peng>AIUI "Latest 2.6" and "Latest 3.0" are separate because some distro scripts and such didn't expect the kernel version number to be anything but "2.6".
16:24<Musfuut>heckman: Linode uses 3.0.0 Linus says that the first stable will be 3.0.1?
16:25<Guspaz>Linus said nothing of the sort.
16:25<Guspaz>3.0 is a a stable release, there's nothing special about it.
16:26<Guspaz>3.0.1 will be the first stable released *based on* 3.0
16:26-!-TIBS01 [] has joined #linode
16:28<hawk>Guspaz: "will be"?
16:28<Guspaz>That doesn't mean that 3.0 isn't stable, because 3.0 could otherwise be called 2.6.40
16:28<Guspaz>hawk: Read the link Musfuut posted.
16:28<HoopyCat>3.0 ain't nothin' but 2.6.40
16:29-!-Malice [~malice@] has joined #linode
16:29<hawk>Guspaz: I just objected to the "will" bit... They're on 3.0.4 or something like that now, aren't they?
16:29<Guspaz>3.1.x is the unstable branch (like 2.5 was in the day, I think) and 3.0.x is the stable branch (like 2.4 was in the day). 3.0.3 is the current stable release.
16:29<Guspaz>hawk: Again, read the link he posted. The mail is over a month old.
16:30<Guspaz>I was quoting it.
16:30-!-saikat [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
16:31<Musfuut>Why specify a -future- version will be "stable" if the current version is also stable?
16:31<hawk>3.1 is not an unstable branch, 3.1 is the next normal version bump
16:32<hawk>Musfuut: "stable" has a special meaning
16:32<Guspaz>And it's an unstable branch until it becomes the stable branch.
16:32<hawk>Musfuut: The point releases of a version are the "stable" series (minor bug fixes/updates) for it
16:33<Musfuut>That is what I mean. 3.0.0 appears to be the unstable branch, 3.0.1 being the stable branch.
16:33-!-Malice [~malice@] has quit []
16:33<hawk>Musfuut: no
16:33*HoopyCat looks at
16:34<HoopyCat>looks ilke 3.0.4 is the highest-numbered stable
16:34-!-linville [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:34<hawk>Musfuut: Replace "stable" with "minor update" if you get all worried about the particular series of characters s t a b l e
16:34<Guspaz>Ah, yes, 3.0.4 came out yesterday.
16:34<Guspaz>They sure are spamming these minor releases.
16:34<HoopyCat>coulda swore it said 3.0.3 last time i looked, but that was days ago
16:35-!-paulv [] has joined #linode
16:35<hawk>Musfuut: 3.0 is the released version, 3.0.x are minor updates for it ("stable" series)
16:35<Guspaz>Well, look at the release date for 3.0.4; 2011-08-29
16:35<hawk>Guspaz: About the same as they did for 2.6.x.y
16:35<paulv>Hi, can I just confirm that Linode IPs are static? That is, that even if I reboot my VM I'll never get a different IP?
16:36<Guspaz>I suppose, I didn't tend to pay much attention to the minor releases. I suppose it's just the fact that the numbering started from 0 again that makes it more obvious.
16:36<Musfuut>paulv: This is correct.
16:36<Guspaz>paulv: So long as you don't move it to a different datacenter, yes.
16:36-!-Steve^ [] has joined #linode
16:36<hawk>Guspaz: The versioning works the same, just they essentially replaced both the first two numbers (2.6) with 3
16:36<paulv>Awesome, thanks Musfuut and Guspaz. Just want to make sure I can safely use a DNS A record
16:37<Guspaz>hawk: Sure, but psychologically, starting from x.0.0 again makes the last digit more noticeable while I previously largely ignored it
16:37<HoopyCat>my linode IP address is somewhat more stable than my telephone number
16:38<JoeK>HoopyCat: bad analogy is bad
16:38<rnowak>I've had my mobile phone number for 14 years now, closing in on 14
16:38-!-Deegie [~Deegie@] has quit [Quit: Linkinus -]
16:38<rnowak>eh, 15
16:38<Guspaz>HoopyCat: Do you not have number portability in the US? I've carried my number through three or four companies, and could carry it between different service types if I wanted to.
16:38<Peng>14 years? You got a mobile pretty early.
16:38<JoeK>Guspaz: my number has been transferred numerous times
16:39<HoopyCat>had a company-owned cellphone for awhile, and did not keep the TN when i quit
16:39<rnowak>Peng: was 10 when I got my first
16:39<Guspaz>I transferred it from Telus, to Rogers, to Virgin Mobile, to Fido. And there's no reason I couldn't transfer it to some VoIP company or something if I wanted to do that.
16:39<paulv>Analogies aside, A records are fine then?
16:39<Guspaz>paulv: Yes.
16:39<Musfuut>Well I'll just say if for nothing else other than paranoia I will personally avoid .0.0 releases and let the rest of you live on the edge ;p
16:39<HoopyCat>paulv: not sure what else you'd use :-)
16:39<paulv>Well, I had been using a CNAME to the name
16:39<Guspaz>CNAME pointing to an A? :P
16:39<Guspaz>Ugh, that's bad.
16:40*rnowak dies
16:40<paulv>changing it up now
16:40<paulv>Thanks for the help!
16:40<Peng>rnowak: Back then, 10-year-olds could lift mobile phones? :P
16:40<rnowak>Peng: ! especially considering they were bricks, eh
16:41<rnowak> this... I think
16:43-!-linville [] has joined #linode
16:43<rnowak>uh, that thing weighed less than my current dum^H^H^Hsmartphone
16:43<Peng>Guspaz: Where else would a CNAME point?
16:44<nDuff>Peng, ....heh. The "mobile" phone I remember from the 80s was built into my father's company truck. As in, not removable. And they paid a _lot_ of money for him to have it.
16:44<Peng>paulv: the name is specific to that IP, so if your IP changed so would your name anyway.
16:44<Guspaz>Peng: It's permissible for a CNAME to point to another CNAME, although it's frowned upon.
16:44<Peng>Guspaz: Yes, I know.
16:44<nDuff>...ahh, y'all are talking about 15 years ago, so mid-90s. Was better by then. :)
16:45<hawk>Peng: Well, a CNAME is just an alias, regardless of record type. There needn't be any A record involved....
16:45<Peng>rnowak: Hmm, that looks about like what my Dad had... It got stolen after a few years.
16:45<Guspaz>Peng: Right, but I'm answering your question, you asked where else a CNAME would point. The answer is another CNAME.
16:45<hawk>Guspaz: Or anything else, pretty much
16:46<Peng>hawk: Not NS :P
16:46<Peng>(Nobody made a comment about AAAA?)
16:47<Guspaz>I think that's implied by A
16:47<HoopyCat>they're really handy when you run out of dead flat tire battery fuel
16:48<hawk>Peng: Depends on how you look at it, in terms of the CNAME working, I think it's fine with NS. In terms of actually having sane working delegation, probably not so much
16:50<amitz>so...uh.. can 2 instances of rsync work together to rsync a large file? :-p
16:50<Guspaz>Sure, if you split the file :P
16:51<hawk>Peng: Point being, if you make an NS lookup for something where there is a CNAME, the CNAME will be followed
16:52<amitz>Guspaz: good temporary workaround!
16:52<JoeK>why do people put websites on www.*?
16:52<JoeK>all the public school domains wont work if you dont put www.
16:53<JoeK>they dont even redirect you, just a dns failure
16:53<Peng>amitz: Why do you need 2 instances? 1 can't saturate the connection?
16:53<@jed>because cnaming @ is impossible
16:53<@jed>which complicates things.
16:53<Guspaz>Not impossible, just incorrect.
16:53<Peng>jed: Not if you buy the TLD! :D
16:53<amitz>hmm.. I can imagine that workaround doing the job neatly but in a not elegant way :-p
16:53<vraa_>amitz, why is 1 rsync connection not saturating your connection? are you using arguments -avz ?
16:53<JoeK>get a static server people
16:53-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
16:53<amitz>Peng: oh, I have 2 separate connections to ISP.
16:53<vraa_>OH :)
16:53<Guspaz>amitz: Bond those suckers.
16:54<Kyhwana>because his ISP(s) are arse?
16:54<Guspaz>Don't need ISP support.
16:54<hawk>Peng: Then it's not at the apex anymore
16:54<@jed>I don't know the feasibility of this, but it's an idea for bonding I've had:
16:54<@jed>each half of your connection is in some kind of tunneled VPN to your Linode
16:54<@jed>where the halves are reassembled from a single endpoint
16:55<Guspaz>I'm bonding two 25/7 VDSL2 lines, and may add a 60/3 cable line to the MLPPP bundle soon. And you can do the same with a linode and some PPTP tunnels if you like. Or anything else that transports PPP.
16:56<Guspaz>MLPPP (and the Linux kernel) doesn't particularly require symmetrical connections, although a bit of kernel work was required to make it work well (Linux's MLPPP support is buggy)
16:56<amitz>jed: that sounds about what I thought in addition to the work around, an ugly hack using rsync, basically, the linode side and my pc side have a wrapper to rsync, the wrapper will split and combine large files to make both connections used.
16:57<amitz>that is, a lazy ass but plausible solution.
16:57-!-sidney [] has quit [Quit: sidney]
16:57<amitz>to make both connections used up and end the usage at the same time, instead of one connection finishes first.
16:58-!-sidney [] has joined #linode
16:59-!-alohatone [] has joined #linode
16:59<Guspaz>It's not exactly theoretical since my home internet connection works in exactly that fashion ;)
17:00<Guspaz>(jed's suggestion)
17:00<amitz>ow, nice
17:01<amarc>is IPv6 available in London ?
17:01-!-sidney [] has quit []
17:01<@heckman>amarc: not yet.
17:01<Guspaz>I have two DSL connections (25/7 VDSL2) that are bonded with MLPPP over PPPoE; swap out PPPoE for PPTP or something else and the setup is near identical.
17:01-!-sidney [] has joined #linode
17:01<@heckman>amarc: -- It's expected to be ready sometime within Q4 2011.
17:02<JoeK>'expected' from a staff member, pfft
17:02*JoeK presses the panic button
17:02<amarc>heckman tnx
17:02<Musfuut>Btw why is the Atlanta DC weird with all the blocked ports?
17:02<@heckman>Musfuut: Good question.
17:03<@caker> <-- refresh
17:03<Guspaz>Rampant paranoia and conspiracy theory on the part of the DC.
17:03<@heckman>So apparently IPv6 is in internal testing. ;x
17:03<Guspaz>urmom is in internal testing.
17:03<amarc>caker good news..
17:04<@heckman>Guspaz: she may be.
17:04<JoeK>heckman: cancel the atlanta colo contract and go colo in germany or something
17:04<amitz>Guspaz: I assume a guide exist somewhere in internet? I believe I saw one, about combining your multiple cconnections assuming your ISP supports it.
17:04<Peng>caker: :O
17:04<amitz>s/exist/plausibly exist given the state of things atm/
17:04<Guspaz>amitz: To do it with PPTP, probably not, although a lot of the work on PPPoE can apply. But I can point you at many MLPPP over PPPoE guides; I even wrote some of them.
17:04<Peng>JoeK: Germany is kind of, um, far from Atlanta. And I don't think Linode customers would appreciate being moved.
17:05<Guspaz>We've just never been interested in doing it over PPTP since all the ISPs around here are using PPPoE
17:05<JoeK>Peng: give them free irc port access
17:05<amitz>Guspaz: oh, I'd love to. To be bookmarked when my knowledge can finally digest it :-p
17:05*Musfuut learns today that caker is always watching, always waiting, to strike without warning, with cold hard facts... *hides behind Peng*
17:06<HoopyCat>i internally tested urmom last night
17:07<Guspaz>Most of it is client-side stuff, though, so in hindsight it's not going to be that helpful if you want to set up your own service for it... Hmm...
17:07<HoopyCat>also, does Datacenter 5 support IPv6? :-)
17:08<amitz>Guspaz: you mean the fact that I control my PC and my linode is not enough?
17:08<Guspaz>No, I mean because we've been doing this with ISP support, we've never bothered looking at the server-side of the equation.
17:08<amitz>becauseI need certain setup on ISP...ah...
17:09<Guspaz>My ISP (TekSavvy) does it with Juniper hardware, Caneris does it with linux boxes, others do it with Cisco hardware...
17:09<Peng>HoopyCat: 5?
17:09<Guspaz>Not entirely (need ISP support), that's just the way we're working.
17:09<Guspaz>Here, Bell Canada uses PPPoE to direct traffic from customers to wholesale ISPs. Those wholesale ISPs use MLPPP over PPPoE to bond multiple connections.
17:09<Guspaz>But there's no requirement that you use PPPoE.
17:10<Guspaz>Anything that carries PPP sessions should be able to carry the MLPPP traffic and bond the connections.
17:10-!-jmtame [] has joined #linode
17:10<Peng>HoopyCat: Oh-ho.
17:11<Peng>HoopyCat: I bet #5 is IPv6-only. :D
17:11<jmtame>hello, my CPU usage has been 400% for the past 6 hours. i think i'm getting DDOS attacked, is there any way to know for sure?
17:11*ajmitch doubts there'll be many ipv6-only places for awhile yet :)
17:11<Peng>jmtame: That's one possibility, though not the most likely. Can you log into your node?
17:12<@caker>jmtame: sounds like OOM to me
17:12<@caker>jmtame: check your console - "Remote Access" subtab, then either Lish via Ajaxterm or Lish via SSH
17:13<jmtame>oh its "out of memory"
17:13<Guspaz>amitz: Best suggestion for PPTP I could provide would be that if you enable multilink in the pppd config files on both ends, and connect the two PPTP sessions over different pipes to the same endpoint, pppd should add both connections to the same bundle.
17:13<jmtame>so is there an easy fix for this?
17:13<amitz>Guspaz: digesting.
17:13<jmtame>i think i need to add more memory from the disk images view
17:13<HoopyCat>jmtame: a reboot will fix it for now. are you running apache with PHP-related stuff?
17:13<jmtame>rebooting now
17:14-!-kumar [] has joined #linode
17:14<jmtame>HoopyCat yeah there is some php stuff in there
17:14<jmtame>HoopyCat: apache as well
17:14-!-Musfuut [~Musfuut@2002:6168:84f7:1234:20c:6eff:fef3:4dd3] has quit [Quit: KVIrc Insomnia 4.0.2, revision: , sources date: 20100627, built on: 2010-08-07 14:47:12 UTC]
17:14-!-sam350 [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
17:15<kumar>I have problem with thunderbird, any suggestions
17:15<amitz>Guspaz: is it doable without programming given current state of linux?
17:15<@heckman>kumar: state the problem so insight an be offered.
17:15-!-Musfuut [~Musfuut@2002:6168:84f7:1234:20c:6eff:fef3:4dd3] has joined #linode
17:16<HoopyCat>jmtame: odds are good your MaxClients setting in apache's config is at the default, which assumes you have a near-infinite supply of RAM... try setting it lower, perhaps 1/10th of what it is now, if it's set to the default (150)
17:16<Guspaz>amitz: Hmm, without our kernel patches (and Caneris has continued our work in that direction), it may not be stable...
17:17<amitz>Guspaz: hmm, I see. probably later then, a more urgent need for me is the ability to download large files. but the solution to that is well within my technical skill :-p
17:17<Guspaz>I know that ZeroShell can do VPN bonding (I believe it uses OpenVPN), but last I heard from somebody trying to use it (years ago, admittedly) was they weren't happy with it.
17:17<jmtame>HoopyCat: checking that out now
17:17<Guspaz>This may have been resolved since.
17:18<amitz>hmmm noted
17:19-!-Boohemian [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
17:20<kumar>I I installed the email service and its working fine internally, But i got this error when i tried to access from thunderbird... Aug 30 17:12:27 mail dovecot: pop3-login: Aborted login (no auth attempts): rip=, lip=, TLS
17:21<amitz>maybe you haven't set your thunderbird to use (the correct) login?
17:22<kumar>I checked twice, its fine
17:22-!-nb [] has quit [Quit: nb]
17:23<amitz>fine as in you have entered username and password somewhere within the app? The kind of login TLS/SSL/etc is correct?
17:24<Guspaz>amitz: I've been working a bit with an ISP (Caneris) who has been building on our MLPPP work to build a more generic solution that can work between multiple ISPs and different speed/type of connections, but I think their preliminary implementation is going to require the DSL lines at least be from them, even if the cable lines aren't.
17:25<Guspaz>I believe they're pulling some sort of insane trickery where they run PPTP over the cable lines and use the "native" PPPoE connection over the DSL lines to avoid adding another layer there, and bond it all together on their end.
17:25<Guspaz>Fun stuff.
17:25<amitz>is CDMA (EVDO) modem a PPPoe thingie or PPTP?
17:25<kumar>arnitz: given autodetect
17:25-!-vraa_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:25<Guspaz>No idea, I've never used a CDMA modem.
17:26<amitz>Guspaz: yeah, I should have gaga more but I may lack the ability to truly appreciate the fun :-p.
17:27<Guspaz>Well, the implementation will hopefully be hidden from the customer. Hopefully in the end they'll install the software on their home router, plug their DSL and cable modems into the router, enter their username/password, and it will all work like magic.
17:27-!-nb [] has joined #linode
17:27<Guspaz>The end result being that the user is combining multiple DSL and cable internet connections into one logical bundle for MO SPEED.
17:28<amitz>kumar: without you laying out things you have done, I have no choice but to probe. What kind of internal testing you did? also, better pastebin the log, maybe there is something you miss?
17:29<amitz>Guspaz: I'm actually quite surprise an ISP is willing to sponsor/develop this. This may be contrary to what they want? People can pool bandwidth in a smart and cheap way? less capacity wasted by heavy downloader? etc etc?
17:32<AviMarcus>I think my laptop HD has issues. SMART reported 17 bad sectors. But the whole PC just kind of hangs every once in a while - top shows 5-6 load (only 2 cpu, and nothing using them) but iotop shows nothing. Where else should I look?
17:33<AviMarcus>Ah. 21 bad sectors now. geez, it seems I got a bad new hard drive.
17:33<SleePy>I would look for a new drive :P
17:33<AviMarcus>fudge. I think I had it sitting around too long and the warranty is up. There goes $80..
17:33*AviMarcus needs a new computer.
17:34*SleePy too
17:34*amitz too, sleep.
17:35-!-AviMarcus [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:36-!-mib_1ymach [] has joined #linode
17:37-!-andrew [~andrew@] has joined #linode
17:41<Guspaz>amitz: Some ISPs realize that selling your customer MORE stuff is better than selling your customer LESS stuff.
17:41<Guspaz>If an ISP can sell you two connections, or even just charge the fee to bond other ISPs' connections, they make more money.
17:41<HoopyCat>amitz: mine is just plain ol' PPP over serial, like a modem
17:42-!-user9180 [] has quit [Quit: user9180]
17:42<Guspaz>HoopyCat: You can bond 56K modems if you're really desperate :P
17:42-!-jay [] has joined #linode
17:42<Guspaz>MLPPP certainly predates DSL.
17:42-!-kumar [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
17:43<jay>anybody that used fossil care to share how well it worked for you?
17:44<Guspaz>It's uncommon, though. When my indy ISP started offering bonded DSL using MLPPP and ran into trouble with Juniper's buggy hardware, Juniper informed them that nobody else had anywhere near as big an MLPPP deployment, so nobody had run into the Juniper hardware's limitations before.
17:44-!-cps [] has joined #linode
17:44-!-DrJ [~Bacon@] has joined #linode
17:44<HoopyCat>the de-facto DOS serial communications driver standard or the SCM?
17:45*HoopyCat . o O ( this is #linode; it could be either )
17:45<Guspaz>I assume you're asking about Jay's question?
17:46<Guspaz>I'm sure the fact that we're still using PPP to run 100 meg symetrical VDSL2 connections probably makes some people cry.
17:46<jay>ah... fossil is a version control system
17:46<jmtame>HoopyCat: my max clients is at 150 btw. i was the one having that "out of memory" issue
17:46<Guspaz>jmtame: Remove the zero and you should be good to go.
17:46<HoopyCat>jmtame: yup, crank 'er down.
17:47<Daevien>and restart apache after of course
17:48<jmtame>HoopyCat: ok thank you
17:48-!-cps_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:48<Daevien>jay: HoopyCat was joking (and proving he is old)
17:48<Guspaz>He can't be that old, isn't he still a student?
17:49<Daevien>if you are smart you never stop being a student of life? :p
17:49<HoopyCat>jay: i have not personally used it, but my wife is considering it for the bug tracking/wiki stuff. the everything-in-one-bag and offline-friendly features are quite handy
17:50<JoeK>any audiphiles in here? /b can i put my subwoofer on my desk and still sound okay?
17:50<jay>hm... wonder how old the ole cat is?
17:50<jay>thanks hoopy... basketball player?
17:50<dzho>HoopyCat: oh, still just considering it? last time I saw you reference it, I thought she was already using it. Maybe you are, for soemthing else?
17:50<Guspaz>audiphiles? Gotta be real rich to be an audiphile :P
17:50<HoopyCat>jay: no, airline pilot
17:51<JoeK>Guspaz: you can be what you want!
17:51<jay>you code on the side
17:51<Guspaz>I'm not an audiOphile :P But no, you don't want it on your desk, that will absorb the vibration.
17:52<Guspaz>Subwoofers are largely non-directional, so putting it under the desk should be fine.
17:52<Daevien>meh. i'm older than hoopy by two years. he's not all that old
17:52<HoopyCat>dzho: the project got back-burnered for awhile and who knows what'll happen when it gets picked up again; in any case, quaker timescales are long :-)
17:52<Guspaz>The floor is the proper place for a subwoofer :)
17:54<HoopyCat>jay: (that was actually an Airplane! reference; in reality, i'm neither an airline pilot nor a basketball player. i have a few different jobs, including full-time student and directing engineering and operations for the technology chunk of a media company)
17:54<jay>young buck
17:55<Daevien>jay: he left out the part where quite annoyingly, he knows at least a little of basically everything mentioned in this channel :p
17:55<jay>seems like a permanent fixture here
17:55<jay>like linbot
17:56-!-sivy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:56<Daevien>pretty much, some of us spend a lot of time here
17:56<Guspaz>On the most bizarre topics, too. For example, if you wanted information on making a talking humidifier, he's your man.
17:56-!-sivy [] has joined #linode
17:56<Daevien>er, tweeting dehumidifer you mean?
17:56<Guspaz>errm, yes.
17:57<Daevien>if he had any more humidity, he'd be living in the basement
17:57<Guspaz>I'm sure he could be convinced to do both, though.
17:57*Daevien pokes linbot
17:57<linbot>Daevien: The read operation timed out
17:57<Guspaz>Hmm, is the dehumidifier offline?
17:57<Daevien>uh oh, dehumidifer blew up?
17:57<Guspaz>The mold will have a field day...
17:58<Daevien>i like checking it and having hoopy go crapm i need to empty that and run down 3 flights of stairs :p
17:58<Guspaz>!/hoopydehumid <-- It seems to still be alive, at least as of an hour ago
17:59-!-smed [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:59<linbot>HoopyCat: Now 67% full (mere moments remaining). Last emptied today at 03:25 UTC, last full Sunday at 11:00 UTC after running for 14.0 hours.
17:59-!-smed [] has joined #linode
17:59-!-stafamus [] has joined #linode
17:59-!-sidney [] has quit [Quit: sidney]
17:59-!-eilns [] has joined #linode
17:59<Guspaz>Mere moments!
18:00<HoopyCat>not sure why it failed the first time. i did move some equipment this afternoon which could affect the data acquisition side, but shouldn't affect API access
18:00-!-sidney [] has joined #linode
18:00-!-MrPPS [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:01<Guspaz>Does it not report the estimated time remaining until full?
18:01-!-vraa [] has joined #linode
18:01<Guspaz>Or is that what "mere moments remaining" is reporting?
18:01<jay>hey Hoop thanks for the dope on fossil
18:01<HoopyCat>maybe it's time to actually fix that I/O thrashing problem that keeps generating all those annoying e-mails :-)
18:01<Daevien>it usually reports approx how logn til full. since he moved stuff, that prob confused it
18:01<jay>gotta run
18:01-!-jay [] has quit [Quit: jay]
18:02-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep]
18:02-!-eilns [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
18:03-!-paulv [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
18:04-!-sivy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:07-!-TIBS02 [] has joined #linode
18:08-!-TIBS02 [] has quit []
18:08-!-TIBS02 [] has joined #linode
18:10-!-TIBS01 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:13-!-guy_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:15-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
18:23-!-burningdog [~roger@] has quit [Quit: burningdog]
18:30-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:30-!-thingles [~thingles@] has quit [Quit: Bye!]
18:31-!-walterheck [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep]
18:32-!-Eriks [~Eriks@] has joined #linode
18:34-!-sivy [] has joined #linode
18:35-!-ktabic [~ktabic@] has quit [Quit: I'm a professionally trainined computer scientist. That is to say, I am poorly educated]
18:36<RoosterJuice>I've got a slicehost box
18:36<RoosterJuice>and I just signed up for linode
18:36<RoosterJuice>how much of a gongshow is it going to be to migrate it?
18:37<Daevien>there are ways to move the exact vps. however, if it's been running for a while, you prob have a 64bit slice, and stuff will be crusty anyway... so you may want to consider rebuilding the vps to get rid of rust & the extra overhead of 64bit since you can go to 32bit and get more memory
18:37<Guspaz>There's a script to do the migration, IIRC
18:37<Guspaz>for slicehost
18:37<Kyhwana>depends on what's installed on it, etc
18:37<Guspaz>But rebuilding is probably better.
18:37<Daevien>there's a link with info on a straight copy basically
18:38<RoosterJuice>Daevien, Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS (hardy)
18:38<Guspaz>Sorry, the script was for slicehost DNS migration:
18:39<Daevien>eh. yeah and prob 64bit then. you could setup a 10.04 lts 32bit, get newer stuff & use less memory overall. depends on your linux knowledge, what you have installed and your timeframe
18:39<Peng>RoosterJuice: Wow, oold. You should take the opportunity to upgrade to 10.04 anyway.
18:39<Guspaz>Apart from that the article that Daevien linked to. But consider redeploying for that fresh lemon scent.
18:39<RoosterJuice>Peng, umm... not that old... you should be ashamed of yourself if you can't run a server for 2 years :D
18:40<Peng>RoosterJuice: Hey, I'm still running 8.04 too.
18:40<RoosterJuice>I think i have 10.04 on linode
18:40<RoosterJuice>oh god
18:40<RoosterJuice>i'm running django + wsgi
18:40<RoosterJuice>so much shit
18:40<RoosterJuice>so many dependencies
18:40<RoosterJuice>going to take weeks
18:40<RoosterJuice>to rebuild
18:40<RoosterJuice>because I forget half the shit I even need
18:41<Daevien>like i said, you can do a copy with that link, you just bring along 64bit, older linux & any extra junk flaoting around. if you rebuild, can possibly get better runnign system with less memory used
18:42<Guspaz>Set up a linode with the 64-bit kernel, copy the disks over, call it a day; that'll work, in the end.
18:42<Guspaz>Although obviously the IPs will change.
18:42<Guspaz>And maybe some other bits and bobs to look at.
18:42<Daevien>yeah, turn down your TTL first if you need to stay up at close to 24/7 as you can
18:42<RoosterJuice>Guspaz, is that forum link a script that will import the slicemanager dns?
18:43<Guspaz>That's my understanding, but I've never used slicehost, so I can't really give you any details
18:43<Daevien>the dns is the much easier step to be honest compared to migrating everything or rebuilding
18:43<Guspaz>That script is also linked from
18:45<Guspaz>To be honest I'm surprised anybody is still on slicehost what with the insane price hike that came from the rackspace migration.
18:45-!-hfb [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:46<RoosterJuice>Guspaz, I don't think the price is unreasonable. I just hate big companies buying my ISP and shoving their brand down my throat
18:46<RoosterJuice>plus, everything I've read says linode out performs
18:46<Guspaz>It's not necessarily unreasonable, just enormously higher than what the same service cost at slicehost before the migration
18:47<@caker>than what the same service costs at Linode before slicehost and before rackspace
18:47<RoosterJuice>Guspaz, depends on your bandwidth I guess. My server is going to be more or less the same price per month
18:47<RoosterJuice>still I linode has superior offerings at the same or lower price
18:48<@caker>a RS 512 is $21/mo without any transfer. a Slicehost 512 was what, 38 bucks? a Linode 512 is $20
18:48<RoosterJuice>I have a 384
18:48<Guspaz>caker: Yeah, but when you add the transfer to the rackspace 512, isn't it a lot more than the slicehost 512 was?
18:49<@caker>yes, but we've already established both are more expensive than a Linode 512
18:50<Guspaz>Slice 512 came with 300 GB of bandwidth for $38. RS 512 with 300GB of bandwidth costs $75.90
18:50<Daevien>and linode rules. :0
18:50<Musfuut>Hey caker, friendly reminder to keep considering an api for bandwidth? <3
18:50-!-atula [] has joined #linode
18:50<Guspaz>Linode 768 with 300GB of bandwidth is $30. More RAM :)
18:50<@caker>Musfuut: I refuse to do it because I know people would wire it into rrd, etc.
18:50*Guspaz wires urmom into rrd
18:51-!-bbeausej1 [] has joined #linode
18:51-!-bbeausej [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:51<Daevien>Musfuut: just run munin or something and track traffic that way?
18:52<Guspaz>It looks like the breakeven point between an RS 512 and a Slicehost 512 would be at the ~90GB mark. More bandwidth than that and the RS is costing you more. Of course, a Linode is cheaper in all cases ^_^
18:52-!-oeuftete [~oeuftete@] has joined #linode
18:52<Daevien>caker: is it Peri in charge of library articles now?
18:52<Musfuut>Daevien: Aye, problem is rebooting resets the bandwidth on the interface so a baseline of the previous bandwidth needs to be kept. It makes my head funny, but then I'm sick and not thinking straight about anything. I wrote a script which takes a baseline entered in a config and adds the interface values to it.
18:53<Daevien>hmm, i thought munin would keep the pre-reboot amounts. try google search, imagine someone has a fix for that
18:54<Guspaz>Musfuut: Are you sure reporting tools don't take that into account, by noticing when the interface count is lower than the last time they checked? It'd be no different than when they roll around at 4GB and reset to 0.
18:54<Peng>I've heard Rackspace is going to or stop/has stopped charging for incoming transfer, which changes the calculations a bit.
18:54<Guspaz>Peng: Incoming transfer is normally (but not always) inconsequential on servers.
18:55<Peng>caker: Slicehost was actually cheaper than Linode for a while back in 2006 or 2007. :D
18:55<@caker>Peng: slicehost didn't exist from 2003-2006
18:55<Musfuut>Guspaz: There are too many Gu names in this channel, lol... I haven't even tried setting up munin for this yet. :)
18:55<RoosterJuice>caker trollin like a boss
18:56<Peng>caker: Indeed.
18:56<Musfuut>Is it ok to hate on Slicehost now that I am a Linodian or is it bad manners? :3
18:57<Guspaz>Munin isn't really good for this, it doesn't seem to report total usage, and it might suffer from spikes every 4GB (not sure). I believe MRTG handled it right?
18:57<Guspaz>Musfuut: It was OK to hate on Slicehost when you were a Slicehoster.
18:57<RoosterJuice>Musfuut, seeing as how slicehost no longer exists... sure
18:57<Nivex>less hate, more love
18:57<Nivex><3 Linodia!
18:58<Peng>Today I heard of someone migrating from Linode to Slicehost for I/O performance. :D
18:58*Guspaz spittakes
18:58<Daevien>Peng: was this person "special" in other ways too?
18:59<Peng>Daevien: Not as far as I observed.
18:59<RoosterJuice>lol.. my linode manager says i've used 1GB traffic in the last month when I haven't even TOUCHED the slice once
18:59<Musfuut>I wish I would have listened to myself though, I think within a week of joining Slicehost, and that was many years ago, I thought, I wonder if I should have picked Linode, they seem better... but... already have server running...
18:59<RoosterJuice>didn't even login with terminal
18:59<Guspaz>Wait, wait, maybe we've got it all wrong. Maybe they needed slower disk performance for testing purposes, and so they migrated to Slicehost specifically to downgrade disk performance for testing?
18:59<Daevien>RoosterJuice: if it was on the internet though, peopel could connect to it. some things will (liek apticron) downlaod updates, etc
19:00<Daevien>Guspaz: nope, i've got it. since no one uses slicehost anymore, their io might be ok
19:00<@caker>that particular calculation rounds up to nearest GB. More fine-grained displays are deeper
19:01<RoosterJuice>I can manage my ssh through the linode manager?
19:02<Guspaz>No, but you can use SSH to access your linode's virtual serial console
19:02<Daevien>you can mange LISH, which is like being at a real console of your linode
19:02<Daevien>ie: you break your networking, use lish to login and fix it
19:02<Guspaz>It works even when you accidentally take down your network interfaces or firewall off all traffic.
19:03-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
19:04<Kyhwana>You can either SSH to LISH or use the ajax term if you're desperate
19:07-!-joar [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:08-!-lakin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:08*Cromulent is deciding whether to switch his Linode over to Arch or not
19:09<Daevien>resist the urge to join the dark side!
19:09<Cromulent>it'll certainly be more fun than Debian
19:09-!-beardedbeast [] has joined #linode
19:09<Peng>Some people find different things fun than others
19:10-!-amarc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:10<Cromulent>Peng: ha true
19:11<Cromulent>boba: have enough of windows server spinning up EC2 instances to check websites with IE
19:12-!-Eriks [~Eriks@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:12<Daevien>Peng: some people like to be tied up & tortured too. which sounds about like running an arch production server to me
19:12<mdcollins>Honestly, arch and debian have each given me the same amount of problems..
19:12<akerl>Why the hate for arch?
19:13<Cromulent>Daevien: to be fair I don't have anything amazingly important on my VPS for now
19:13-!-HedgeMag1 [] has joined #linode
19:13<Daevien>rolling release on a server just sounds wrong on so many levels :p
19:13<mdcollins>Unless you are doing something bad like updating individual packages and not the whole system, it just works.
19:13<Cromulent>plus cloudflare has saved my arse on a couple of occasions
19:14<akerl>Daevien: 2 words: testing environment
19:14<Daevien>i suppose. but why woudl you run your testing environment on a different distro? you wouldn't. so it still come sback to rolling release on production
19:15-!-HedgeMage [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:15<akerl>I meant: Run a testing environment for your own production
19:15-!-advion [] has joined #linode
19:15<Daevien>if you want ot play around with arhc, thats fine. i just wouldn't run anything production with any userbase on a rolling release
19:15<Cromulent>in my limited experience running arch on my netbook it seems pretty solid
19:15-!-Dave [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:15<akerl>Daevien: Properly configured, and with updates properly tested on your dev server, arch is rock solid
19:16<Daevien>yeah, for a hobby system or somethign at home that you have backup of data on, etc it's fine. i run one laptop with debian sid, kernel 3, etc. i wouldn't run the same on a server though
19:18-!-beardedbeast [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
19:18<Guspaz>With a rolling release, you never know when an innocent package update is going to swap out some core software with a new major revision and break everything. Yeah, you can test that in advance, but it also means you may be forced to upgrade to newer major revisions of things before you're ready or else be unable to upgrade anything else.
19:19<Daevien>i agree with guspaz for once :p
19:19<Guspaz>Impossible. You're an impostor, obviously.
19:20<Cromulent>that's the fun I mentioned earlier :)
19:20<Daevien>Cromulent: you don't want that sort of fun on a production server though :p
19:20*Cromulent would be a pretty poor sys admin
19:20-!-BaldwinKoo [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:21-!-advion [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:24-!-Dave [] has joined #linode
19:24-!-sam350 [] has joined #linode
19:24-!-Dave is now known as Guest7906
19:29-!-Steve^ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:32<Musfuut>hrm I wonder what that was, a fairly large chunk of network outgoing a little while ago...
19:33<Musfuut>ah nvm, noob
19:33<Musfuut>I had a couple mtr open for an hour monitoring something lol...
19:33<Musfuut>I should not be admining anything in my considion
19:34*Musfuut falls over
19:36*Daevien sweeps Musfuut into the trashbin
19:37<Bartzy>IP failover in the linode manager just means that the linode I'm in can use the IP I choose and vice versa ?
19:38<Guspaz>*CLANG* Bring out your dead! *CLANG*
19:39<mdcollins>I'm not dead..
19:39<Guspaz>Yes you are.
19:40<mdcollins>Maybe sick, but not dead yet..
19:40<ajmitch>you're getting better?
19:40<Guspaz>Well, you will be soon. You're very ill.
19:41<Guspaz>ajmitch: No he's not. He'll be stone dead in a moment.
19:44<HoopyCat>Bartzy: yup
19:45<HoopyCat>Bartzy: it is up to the linodes themselves to decide who gets the IP(s) :-) (also, note that IPv6 pool addresses are inherently bring-uppable on all linodes on the same account in the same datacenter)
19:46<Bartzy>HoopyCat: They'll behave just like 2 linox boxes fighting for the same IP if it's configured on both, right ?
19:46<HoopyCat>Bartzy: one, both, or neither of them will get some, all, or most traffic, possibly.
19:49<@jed>IPv6? You can't bring it up on more than one
19:49<@jed>linux will refuse
19:49-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
19:50<HoopyCat>yep, DAD will smack you down
19:52-!-kaul [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:52-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:53-!-Guspaz [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:55<Bartzy>the broadcast address of / is ?
19:56<HoopyCat>let's see... /17... third octet is going to be 01111111, or 127
19:57<Bartzy>hmmm yeah, thanks :)
19:57-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:57<SnoFox>Does anyone happen to know how I can use the output of one command as the input of another command, but the latter command isn't designed for that?
19:57<SnoFox>For example, feeding a list of IPs to `host`
19:58<Daevien>bash scripting to the rescue
19:58<SnoFox>That's what I'm working on learning for. :p
19:58<HoopyCat>SnoFox: xargs
19:58<SnoFox>Ah, xargs
19:58*SnoFox reads the man page again
19:58-!-TIBS02 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:59-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
19:59<HoopyCat>grep ^127 /tmp/list_of_ips | xargs -n 1 ./ddos
20:00-!-jhulten [] has joined #linode
20:00<HoopyCat>-n 1 says "./ddos can only handle one thing at a time"; it'll execute ./ddos, ./ddos, ./ddos, etc
20:00-!-Amphibulus [] has joined #linode
20:01<Amphibulus>Hi there
20:01<Amphibulus>it looks like every slicehost customer is now here :)
20:01-!-kenichi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:02<SnoFox>HoopyCat: M'kay
20:02*SnoFox was just about to come back and complain because he did it wrong :D
20:02-!-bbeausej1 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
20:03<HoopyCat>Amphibulus: so far, best howto for migrating out of STL-A is in the linode library, so might not be surprising ;-)
20:03<SnoFox>[josh@void /etc]$ cat /etc/hosts.deny|grep sshd|awk '{print $2}'|xargs -n 1 host [1][123][ 5:01PM]
20:03<Amphibulus>I have a question, I'm interested into the dns manager
20:03<Amphibulus>do the dns server of linode are reliable?
20:04-!-andrew [~andrew@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:04<SnoFox>What are we saying yes to?
20:04<SnoFox>Oh, yes, they're very reliable.
20:04<Amphibulus>and can we change the for ?
20:04-!-andrew [~andrew@] has joined #linode
20:04<SnoFox>Amphibulus: Nameserver branding?
20:04<SnoFox>Er, branded nameservers, is the term I think.
20:04<Nivex>in theory you could use the same IPs, but you're up a creek if linode ever changes them and doesn't tell you
20:04<SnoFox>I don't know. I'll have to let someoen else answer that.
20:05<SnoFox>Nivex: That doesn't make sense. :p
20:05<Kyhwana>Amphibulus: er, you're hosting your own nameserver?
20:05<Daevien>SnoFox: ips can change over time
20:05<rlankfo>Nivex: makes sense :P
20:05<Daevien>Kyhwana: no, he wants to show as in the whois
20:05<Kyhwana>I hope you're not hosting your nameserver on your linode that is
20:05<Amphibulus>kyhwana no why?
20:06<SnoFox>Daevien: I mean, how can you set to point to without going to's name server in the first place?
20:06<Kyhwana>Amphibulus: that would be bad
20:06<rlankfo>i think linode should offer branded nameservers for an additional $ fee every month
20:06<rlankfo>something like does
20:06<Daevien>SnoFox: dns magic. how do you think someone resolves without going ot
20:06<Amphibulus>Snofox: by registering your dns entry at your registrar
20:06<HoopyCat>Amphibulus: nothing stops you from doing it; but, hypothetically speaking, if linode had to change the IP of a nameserver in a hurry, you'd have to update yours too
20:06<SnoFox>Daevien: I have no idea, actually.
20:07<SnoFox>Linode should also offer domain registration, dedicated servers, shared shells, Minecraft servers, and uh ... Free WiFi.
20:07<HoopyCat>hasn't had to happen, ever, but if a datacenter got attacked by rabid voles or something...
20:07*SnoFox is quite confused now.
20:07<Amphibulus>well, we can use them as secondary, how do we setup the master server then?
20:07<Daevien>SnoFox: you can run minecraft on linodes so there's one :p
20:08<SnoFox>How on earth do NS records get resolved?
20:08<HoopyCat>SnoFox: glue records
20:08<Daevien>Amphibulus: you run a master dns and use linode as slaves. it's really not worth the trouble for most people to be honest
20:08<SnoFox>Daevien: Lol, but barely. My Linode 768 started calling oom_kill() when I ran a Minecraft server.
20:08<Daevien>HoopyCat: you take the fun out of it. i wanted to see how long he'd guess :p
20:08<SnoFox>Took out my Irssi screen. :\
20:09<HoopyCat>SnoFox: dig
20:09<Daevien>SnoFox: you need a 1024 dedicated to it
20:09<SnoFox>Daevien: I figured.
20:09<Daevien>SnoFox: there is even a stackscript jed did
20:09<SnoFox>I uh, have no more money.
20:09-!-lakin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:09<SnoFox>I don't even know if I'll be paying for my Linode after September.
20:09*Daevien shakes SnoFox. liar, money fell out. give it to caker :p
20:09<SnoFox>That's my lunch money. :(
20:10<SnoFox>You big bully.
20:10<HoopyCat>ah, that reminds me, ns1, ns2, and ns4 HAVE changed recently (addition of AAAA records)
20:10<Daevien>honestly, with what most people spend, eat 3 meals at home and you'll save enough for a 512mb linode :p
20:13<SnoFox>Daevien: I'd love to, but I'm at school from 7:30am to 5:40pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
20:13<SnoFox>I have no time to pack a lunch.
20:13<SnoFox>So $5 for pizza and soda it is. :\
20:13<SnoFox>On Monday/Wednesday/Friday, I eat at home.
20:13<SnoFox>ARG I'm hungry again.
20:13<SnoFox>The bus comes in another half an hour, though.
20:13<SnoFox>So I'm good.
20:13<Daevien>make extra mon night & wed night, grab from fridge in morning? :)
20:14<rnowak>food is for weak mortals
20:14<SnoFox>Daevien: You have to understand that around my house ... Well, you can't understand.
20:14<SnoFox>EVERYTHING is saved. And if it's in the fridge, it's no longer yours.
20:14<SnoFox>I cleaned out the fridge one time. Wanna know what I found?
20:15<SnoFox>Three-year-old fruitcake mix. Never found my sandwich, however.
20:15*SnoFox can't wait to move out. :\
20:15<akerl>SnoFox: Days one and two, make trick sandwiches. Label them "Mine, don't eay", fill with laxatives.
20:15-!-alnewkirk [] has joined #linode
20:15<akerl>See if they take you food after that.
20:15<SnoFox>akerl: Great idea. :D
20:16<SnoFox>One time I made a little paper pouch with printer paper and staples, stapled it shut with my candy in there.
20:16<SnoFox>I wrote "Josh's - Don't eat" on it.
20:16<SnoFox>I was missing a Twix in the morning. :(
20:16<HoopyCat>i can send you some For Rectal Use Only stickers if you'd like
20:16*akerl wonders why hoopy has those.
20:17*SnoFox wonders why he doesn't have those
20:18-!-yoyoyo [] has joined #linode
20:31-!-mib_1ymach [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
20:32-!-JDLSpeedy [] has joined #linode
20:34<Amphibulus>by the way, what it the most reliable linode location? Rackspace was pretty reliable..
20:34<alohatone>HoopyCat too much reddit... LOL
20:34<Kyhwana>Amphibulus: !fremont
20:34<Amphibulus>lol, they had I don't know how many electricity outage, looks like they don't pay their bills :P
20:35-!-dassouki [~ahmed@] has joined #linode
20:35<bob2>fremont's fine if you remember to sign up for the cylinder-of-D-cells add-on
20:35-!-seanh-ansca [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
20:35-!-Nicolas [] has joined #linode
20:35<bob2>oh and if everyone else on your host does too
20:36<zar>I am attempting to resize a node, but it tells me that "...allocated more disk than new plan allows"
20:37<bob2>are you sizing down?
20:38-!-MacsFromGS [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:39-!-beardedbeast [] has joined #linode
20:40<Amphibulus>Can we export our DNS setting in the linode dns manager?
20:40<Peng>Amphibulus: There's an API, a button to view the zone file, and you can turn on (global) zone transfers.
20:40<Kyhwana>zar: ... have you got enough free disk space to resize that node into?
20:40<Daevien>zar: smaller linode = smaller disk space. you will need ot make sure you have enough free space, resize your disk image down to the max (or lower) than the smaller linode packageallows
20:40<Nicolas>which data center works best for Canada?
20:41<dcraig>east canada or west canada?
20:41<Daevien>Nicolas: depends on wher eyou are.. mtr & do speedtests
20:41<Daevien>toronto isn't west :p
20:41<Daevien>you'd prob have best for NJ but check it out anyway
20:41-!-Nookterra [] has joined #linode
20:41<zar>Daevien: I have removed the old disk, so now its down the 30G
20:41<zar>Daevien: and I am trying to resize the memory
20:42<zar>Daevien: to 2G
20:42<Daevien>er, removed the whole disk? you had a backup of anythign you needed, right?
20:42<Kyhwana>er, resize the memory?
20:42<Daevien>zar: for memory it doesn't matter to the package size, jsut what you have runnign if it runs out of memory when you start it again. it's all about disk space. if you are going form one package to a lower one, you get less disk space as well as memory & transfer
20:43<Amphibulus>and last one, do it support round robin CNAMEs?
20:43<Peng>Amphibulus: What's a round-robin CNAME?
20:43<HoopyCat>Amphibulus: DNS doesn't support round robin CNAMEs, as CNAMEs cannot coexist with other records (including CNAME)
20:44<Daevien>round robin A record maybe is what you are meaning
20:44<zar>Daevien: earlier today, I deployed a new configuration, leaving the old one intact. I have since built up the box on a diferent distibution. Now I no longer need the old disk that was the root of the old one
20:44<HoopyCat>Amphibulus: (you can have multiple A records, or multiple most-anything-else)
20:44<Amphibulus>about A records I know
20:44<Amphibulus>I'm asking about Cname
20:44<zar>zar: so once I got the message, I assumed that it was teh first primary disk
20:45<zar>Daevien: ^^
20:45<zar>Daevien: so I removed it
20:45<Peng>Amphibulus: And you got answered. :P
20:45<Amphibulus> Cname & Cname
20:45<Daevien>zar: ok so you had two disks. if you want your new one to use the full size, you need to delete the old one, yes
20:45<Peng>Amphibulus: Yes, DNS doesn't allow that.
20:45-!-Lucent [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:46<Nicolas>it says your linode is powered off, how do you power it on? boot?
20:46<zar>Daevien: have deleted it. Now I have the root down to 30G, and an aux disk that has been attached to the old system of 100G
20:46<Daevien>Nicolas: yep
20:46<zar>Daevien: and would like to resize the vm from 4G to 2G in memory.
20:46<HoopyCat>Amphibulus: it's not possible within the DNS specification, and while ancient versions of BIND allowed it, most other DNS servers (and modern versions of BIND) won't
20:46-!-Lucent [] has joined #linode
20:46<zar>Daevien: whilst leaving the aux disk intact
20:46<Nicolas>this is not gonna charge me per usage right? flat monthly rates?
20:46<Kyhwana>Daevien: er, if you've only got 30GB of space on your plan, you'll have to delete that aux disk too
20:47<HoopyCat>zar: so your disk images (according to the dashboard, not df) total less than 80 GB right now, right?
20:47<bob2>Nicolas: assuming you don't go over your bandwidth allowance, yes
20:47<Daevien>zar: ok, as long as all of your disks total under 80gb & your linode is off, you can resize your packacge
20:47<Daevien>Nicolas: yes unless you go over the transfer amounts
20:47<HoopyCat>Nicolas: if the linode exists, you're paying for it. powered off vs. running doesn't affect billing
20:49<Nicolas>love this chat support
20:49<Nookterra>Daevien: resize your package :x
20:49<Daevien>Nookterra: send me $50 and i'll give you the secrets on having a larger package
20:49<HoopyCat>Nicolas: IRC is kinda fun like that :-)
20:50<zar>HoopyCat: no, I have the root disk of 30 G, but then we also paid to have 100G of extra disk attached to the system, which I woul dlike to keep
20:50<JoeK>linode has 24 hours to surrender their newark DC to me
20:50<JoeK>or my linode gets it!
20:50<bob2>IRC IS NOT CHAT
20:50<HoopyCat>zar: ahhhhh... hmmmm.
20:50<Nivex>* bob2 is now known as LOUDBOT
20:50<JoeK>ill order so much linodes that i bog down your servers
20:50<Daevien>zar: um, why not stick with the 4g linode then? it'll be cheaper than a 2g and 100gb of storage?
20:50<HoopyCat>zar: i think this might be worth opening a ticket
20:51<zar>Daevien: in what way? I am paying the same amount fo the 100G of disk, and the memory would be cheaper, no?
20:51<Daevien>with different packages you get different amount of ram, transfer & disk space
20:51<Daevien>4g package = 160gb of space total
20:51<Daevien>2g = 80gb total
20:52<Daevien>if you need 30 + the 100 total thats less than 160 so the 4gb package woudl give you the space you need plus some extra memory and transfer
20:52<linbot>Available extras: Disk: $ 1 per 1GB/month. RAM: $ 5 per 90MB/month. Transfer: $ 10 per 100GB/month. IPv4 addresses: $ 1 per address/month. To add extras, visit the Extras tab on a Linode.
20:52-!-Nicolas [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
20:52-!-Nicolas_Leonidas2 [] has joined #linode
20:52<Daevien>i'm wondering though, ar eyou confusing the 100gb of transfer for 100gb of disk space?
20:52<Peng>$1? Did that go down?
20:53*HoopyCat counts numbers on the air with fingers
20:53<akerl>How is (something) + 100 = 80?
20:53<HoopyCat>Peng: yeah, that is most-adjustment pricing
20:53<akerl>Where (something) is positive?
20:53<zar>Daevien: good point
20:53<Peng>HoopyCat: It was still, uh, $1.60 even after a disk space upgrade made that uneven, though.
20:54<Daevien>zar: how much total memory, space & transfer do you use in a month?
20:54*Peng shrugs
20:54<HoopyCat>Peng: i think it was eventually updated
20:54<Peng>HoopyCat: Apparently it was.
20:54<HoopyCat>used to be pinned to the pork belly futures market at the chicago board of trade
20:55<zar>Daevien: the box is chaning roles, hence the downgrade of memory required, so teh data we have will not be accurate
20:56<Daevien>ok. well basically, the thing to do is find out which out of memory, storage or transfer is over the various packages.
20:56<akerl>I think you'll find that a bigger plan is cheaper than more disk
20:57<Daevien>ie: if you need more than 80gb of storage / 800gb transfer / 2048mb of ram, go with linode 4096
20:57<HoopyCat>(or the same price)
20:57<zar>yeah, I am aware. I think I was thinking that we paid for an additional 100G of disk, when we were just using the internal disk that came with the plan
20:57<Daevien>as akerl said, it will be cheaper than piling on a lot of extra to a smaller package
20:57<Daevien>ok, so how much disk space total will you need, the 30gb main and 100gb extra disk?
20:58<zar>I just wanted to be able to choose the size of disk and memory independent of each oterh
20:58<Peng>zar: You can't really.
20:58<zar>well, if I leave the 4G plan alone, then I can make the 100G of disk 130G of disk, and use the 30 for the root
20:58<Peng>zar: I mean, you *can*, but it's usually cheaper to just upgrade to the next plan.
20:58<Daevien>zar: nah, too much work for linode and too much hassle that way. this way they can count on each package, do the numbers & figure out prices accordingly. everyone and their dog will want custom stuff and caker will go insane. er, more insane
20:58<zar>then I use all the storage and I am good to go
20:58-!-gadams [] has joined #linode
20:59<Daevien>yeah, figure out which of the 3 dictates the package size and jsut go with extra of the other in case you ever need it
20:59<zar>thanks for the advice
20:59<Nicolas_Leonidas2>hey I wanna install LAMP, do I just go ahead and use apt-get or is there a special way of doing stuff?
20:59<Daevien>do you have more than one linode?
20:59-!-Nookterra [] has quit [Quit: Bye]
20:59<bob2>Nicolas_Leonidas2: do it however you normally would
20:59<zar>me, yes.
21:00<Daevien>if you do and that one is the storage one, you could do something like a memcache server or something on it if it's mostly idle for memory & cpu usage
21:00<akerl>zar: For example, getting a 512 node and 140gb of extra disk gives you 160gb of total disk for $160, whereas a 4096 node gives you 160gb of disk for $160. Same disk, extra resources for free.
21:00<bob2>but 'install lamp' is a very fancy way of saying 'sudo aptitude install libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server libapache2-mpm-itk'
21:00<Daevien>that the other(s) linode could use some of the extra resources from
21:00<Daevien>Nicolas_Leonidas2: suggest you check out as well, guides there
21:01<Peng>Daevien: Memory is important for storage for caching.
21:01<Kyhwana>I love lamp
21:01<Nicolas_Leonidas2>I'm confused, when I browse my ip address I see an apache 503 error, does that not mean apache is installed already?
21:01<akerl>Kyhwana: It lights my house at night.
21:02<Daevien>Peng: depending on what he does. and i did qualify that with if he had extra memory/cpu :p
21:02<Peng>(Unless he's running ZFS. Then he needs all the CPU and RAM for that.)
21:02<akerl>Nicolas_Leonidas2: That means something is installed. Is this a fresh node, deployed from the manager?
21:02<Daevien>Nicolas_Leonidas2: if it is, you installed it then. default deployments have very little installed
21:02<akerl>Nicolas_Leonidas2: Also, what's the ip?
21:02<Nicolas_Leonidas2>akerl: yes
21:02<Nicolas_Leonidas2>akerl: the same IP I ssh into
21:03<Nicolas_Leonidas2>Daevien: I haven't installed anything yet
21:03<akerl>Nicolas_Leonidas2: If it's showing 503, you have installed something. Did you use a stackscript?
21:03<Daevien>Nicolas_Leonidas2: then did you use a stackscript? you either installed somethign or used one.. or someone else has access to your linode and did
21:03<akerl>And I meant "Can we see the IP, so we can check it for you"
21:03<Nicolas_Leonidas2>akerl: I just bought this, and booted it, didn't do anything else
21:04<Peng>Nicolas_Leonidas2: There is nothing running on port 80 on that IP.
21:04<akerl>I do not get 504
21:04<HoopyCat>curl: (7) couldn't connect to host
21:04<akerl>There is nothing running on port 80 on that ip
21:04<Nicolas_Leonidas2>it says "Apache/2.2.17 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.3.4 mod_python/3.3.1 Python/2.6.1"
21:04<Nicolas_Leonidas2>maybe it's my proxy server
21:04<HoopyCat>Nicolas_Leonidas2: i bet it's your proxy server
21:04<Peng>Hey jed, is annual billing available for backups?
21:04<Nicolas_Leonidas2>yeah that makes sense, I'm glad nothing is installed
21:05<@jed>Peng: maybe
21:05<Peng>jed: ...
21:05<HoopyCat>Peng: Thou shalt openeth a ticket requestingth thy Billing occur once per Annum
21:05<Daevien>by default, there's enough installed to boot and let you ssh in. thats pretty much it. you need to secure the system & install whatever you want it to run
21:05<Peng>HoopyCat: Yeah, I've typed out the ticket, but wanted to verify I wasn't being crazy first.
21:06<HoopyCat>Peng: ...
21:06<Daevien>Peng: you are
21:06<Peng>HoopyCat: Support tickets are more embarrassing than IRC.
21:06<HoopyCat>Peng: i think you are being crazy
21:06<@jed>Peng: 'maybe' means 'I have no idea'
21:06<@jed>I bet there is
21:06<akerl>I feel like it's been said before that annual billing for backups is possible, through ticket. But IANAStaffer
21:06<Peng>jed: Hehe. I'll find out!
21:06<Daevien>caker: i think you need to hire HoopyCat already. he gives better answers than jed
21:06<HoopyCat>Peng: you realize that all the ticket-flingers are in this very IRC channel, along with OVER FOUR HUNDRED people who otherwise wouldn't have access to see your ticket? :-)
21:07<boba>whats with the flinging today
21:07<Peng>HoopyCat: Yeah, but tickets are more permanent.
21:07*Daevien flings boba
21:07-!-graq [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:07<Peng>HoopyCat: I mean, sure, everybody has IRC logs, but I don't _see_ them in the manager.
21:07*rnowak flings a cactus at Daevien
21:07*boba bounces off a wall
21:07<HoopyCat>Peng: also, old tickets tend to fade away
21:07<Peng>HoopyCat: There's a button to see 'em
21:07<Daevien>rnowak: betetr watch it or Perihelion will take offense at yoru cactus flinging and beat you good
21:08<rnowak>noooo, don't say its name or it will awaken
21:08<Peng>HoopyCat: Also, not *all* the ticket-flingers are here
21:08<Peng>Oh, wait, I just spotted one. He's just not opped.
21:09<akerl>Sometimes they hide :p
21:09<rnowak>hiding in the masses, pre-laughing at your ticket
21:09<Daevien>Peng: better ticket-fligners than poo-flingers?
21:09<Peng>Daevien: Eh, I'm not within poo-flinging distance of New Jersey.
21:10<Daevien>Peng: caker flies. he can stuff jed in the back and do a fly by poo-flinging
21:10*jed look of disapproval
21:11<JoeK>caker has a green jeep
21:11<JoeK>he can drive over mountains to get you
21:12<Peng>Daevien: I'm on the bottom floor, and not with a particularly good angle to the window.
21:12-!-MJCS [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:12<rnowak>nothing some engineering can't solve
21:13<JoeK>Peng: an ssh to linode is a portal to a world of pain
21:14-!-MJCS [] has joined #linode
21:14<gadams>Anyone use SSH tunnels?
21:14<bob2>everyone uses ssh tunnels
21:14<linbot>If you have a question, please just ask it. Don't look for topic experts. Don't ask to ask. Don't PM! Don't ask if people are awake, or in the mood to help. Just ask the question straight out.
21:15<gadams>Anyone use SSH tunnels to route web/irc/etc traffic through them?
21:15<bob2>are you doing a survey or did you want help doing such things
21:16<gadams>I need help
21:16<bob2>then explain your problem
21:16<gadams>when I SSH tunnel it to my node it routes traffic to :-\
21:16<bob2>what does that mean
21:17<bob2>do you mean "I want to configure my browser to proxy all my traffic via my Linode"?
21:17<Kyhwana>gadams: and how exactly are you setting your tunnel up?
21:17<gadams>When I configure my browser to proxy all traffic via my linode, it ends up just going to on the linode
21:17-!-techhelper1 [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
21:18<bob2>too vague
21:18<bob2>I think it means you used portforwarding instead of SOCKS proxying
21:18<bob2>what did you do on the client side
21:19-!-Amphibulus [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
21:19<Kyhwana>gadams: and how exactly are you setting your tunnel up?
21:19<gadams>ssh -fN gadams@ 8080/localhost/80 ?
21:19<HoopyCat>^--- totally gonna be my new profile pic
21:19<Kyhwana>gadams: that means you directed port 8080 on your client to port 80 on your ssh server
21:19<bob2>ssh -D1027 gadams@yourlinode, configure browser to use localhost:1027 as a SOCKS proxy
21:20<Peng>-fND would be better. Go to the background and don't open a shell.
21:20<Peng>But otherwise, yeah.
21:21<HoopyCat>also, is my official excuse for !pi
21:22<bob2>checkmate, transcendality
21:22<linbot>HoopyCat: Point (0.22047665, 0.61141776) lies within the unit circle. Hits: 99180 of 125943 (π ≈ 3.149996426955051 - 0.008403773365258). http://π
21:22*HoopyCat breathes a sigh of relief
21:22<HoopyCat>... wait, wasn't it 3.15000... yesterday?
21:22<HoopyCat>afk, panic
21:22<bob2>how quickly would it be expected to converge?
21:23<bob2>it seems even slower than I imagined it would be
21:23<HoopyCat>bob2: at the rate we're going, with the majority of the iterations being from me troubleshooting web server problems? i dunno, probably a couple centuries
21:23-!-akerl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:23<HoopyCat>i just switched to nginx, so maybe even longer
21:24*HoopyCat spins it for a bit
21:24<boba>might need on the order of a million hits to get anywhere close
21:24-!-akerl [] has joined #linode
21:25<bob2>ab it
21:25*HoopyCat tries ab -c 50 -n 100000
21:25<HoopyCat>kinda funny to watch the access log... some hits are 309 bytes, others 319 bytes
21:26-!-alexgordon [] has quit [Quit: Linkinus -]
21:26<linbot>mdcollins: Point (0.26768082, 0.00532770) lies within the unit circle. Hits: 102939 of 130661 (π ≈ 3.151330542395971 - 0.009737888806178). http://π
21:27<mdcollins>Chrome doesn't like your link btw..
21:27<HoopyCat>mdcollins: huh, works fine here
21:27<akerl>It's still v6 only, isn't it?
21:27<mdcollins>If I copy and paste it into chrome it gives
21:28<HoopyCat>mdcollins: yup, that's normal
21:28<synapt>that's the IDN 'decoding' basically
21:28<mdcollins>But it may be an windows xchat issue.. If I paste it into notepad++ it gives
21:28-!-Musfuut [~Musfuut@2002:6168:84f7:1234:20c:6eff:fef3:4dd3] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:28<HoopyCat>mdcollins: chrome is handling it correctly. notepad++ is not :-)
21:29<mdcollins>I get "Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server's DNS address." in chrome.
21:29-!-devcomp [] has joined #linode
21:29<boba>mdcollins: got ipv6?
21:29<HoopyCat>mdcollins: weird. it resolves fine here
21:29<HoopyCat> 86272 IN AAAA 2600:3c03::13:3142
21:29<akerl><akerl> It's still v6 only, isn't it?
21:29<mdcollins>Oy, no ipv6 here..
21:29<boba>heh heh heh heh
21:30-!-JDLSpeedy [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
21:30<HoopyCat>ah bummer
21:30<rnowak>damn ipv6 utf8 elitists
21:30<HoopyCat>UTF-8? take that back
21:31<rnowak> !
21:31<gadams>bob2, Kyhwana Peng thanks :)
21:31<mdcollins>Maybe i'll use my linode to hit it.
21:32<@jed>hit it and quit it
21:32<HoopyCat>i'd hit it
21:32-!-gpd [~gpd@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:32<Peng>Whoops, I forgot to check my ticket for 20 minutes...
21:33-!-akerl__ [] has joined #linode
21:33-!-akerl__ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:33<rnowak>heckman's not on duty, so it should be answered already
21:33-!-akerl__ [] has joined #linode
21:34<rnowak>ehl oh ehl
21:34<Peng>Yes, it was answered after 4 minutes.
21:37-!-akerl is now known as Guest7922
21:37-!-akerl__ is now known as akerl
21:37-!-Guest7922 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:41<akerl>Random question time! What is the function of having udevd running persistently on my node? Is it needed? Is it ok to kill it off?
21:43<Peng>So anyway, yeah, annual billing for backups is possible.
21:43<Peng>I mean to say that before.
21:43<Peng>I even got a pro-rated credit of $0.48 for the rest of this month's payment cycle. :D
21:43<HoopyCat>akerl: i suppose you could kill it, but i'm not sure i'd bother. it does need to run at some point.
21:44<akerl>Yea, I figured it was necessary at boot. I was just curious if, in a server environment, it served some long-term purpose.
21:45<HoopyCat>akerl: if it dies, it indicates that something is wrong? :-)
21:45<Peng>It probably doesn't do anything, but something would probably get angry if you killed it.
21:45-!-kaul [] has joined #linode
21:45<akerl>udevd as my canary in the coal mine. I like it
21:45<@Perihelion>You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
21:46<rnowak>you are always angry
21:46<KyleXY>Perihelion: I can imagine the fire.
21:46<rnowak>oh wwait
21:46<@Perihelion>I'm not usually angry
21:46<akerl>rnowak: I see what you did there :p
21:46<bob2>rnowak: hating you != angry
21:47<@jed>amanda is angry all the time
21:47<HoopyCat>loving you == easy because you're beautiful
21:47<@Perihelion>jed: only when you show up tbh
21:47-!-wkl [~wkl@] has joined #linode
21:48<mikegrb_>mmm bacon
21:48<rnowak>cake bacon
21:49<mikegrb_>mmm bacon
21:49<Peng>Is that bacon shaped into a cake, or cake flavored with bacon?
21:49<mikegrb_>mmm bacon
21:49<rnowak>that's cake flavored bacon
21:49<akerl>Somebody feed mike :p
21:50<rnowak>guess he just had enough bacon
21:51<Daevien>he has drool protection
21:55-!-blwest [] has joined #linode
21:55-!-karstensrage [] has joined #linode
21:55<linbot>If you have a question, please just ask it. Don't look for topic experts. Don't ask to ask. Don't PM! Don't ask if people are awake, or in the mood to help. Just ask the question straight out.
21:56<blwest>I'm looking for costs for "extras", specifically disk space. Does anyone know the rate?
21:56<linbot>Available extras: Disk: $ 1 per 1GB/month. RAM: $ 5 per 90MB/month. Transfer: $ 10 per 100GB/month. IPv4 addresses: $ 1 per address/month. To add extras, visit the Extras tab on a Linode.
21:56<Peng>The extras page lists the prices, too.
21:56<Daevien>if you are looking for any great amount of disk space, you are better off upgrading your package to the next level
21:57<blwest>I haven't signed up yet, my current provider sold out to rackspace
21:57<akerl>blwest: We get a lot of those folk here :p
21:57<Daevien>ah, yet another slicehost convert, we've seen a lot in here ;)
21:57-!-redrs [] has quit [Quit: brb]
21:57<blwest>the SH people are good folks, the owners just sold out
21:57<Kyhwana>blwest: whats your current VPS specs?
21:57<Daevien>blwest: basically, look at ram/transfer/storage on the account and figure out which package meets the most demanding one you have
21:58<blwest>it's just a little 256/20
21:58<Bartzy>After I specify IP failover I need to reset the hosts ?
21:58<blwest>I use it as a development box, since the old lady won't let me have multiple computers at home.
21:59<akerl>blwest: A 512 node is pretty much perfect for that. Though if you start hitting extras heavily, you're probably gonna want to look at upgrading the whole node, as Daevien said
21:59<Daevien>ah, then the linode 512 is what you are looking for most likely. 512mb of ram, 20gb of space, 200gb transfer for $19.95
21:59<blwest>it's really handy having a webserver, sql box, and the gcc toolchain at your finger tips on a real internetconnection
21:59<blwest>I saw that, 10 more gigs, puts you at $10 and might as well get the larger box
22:00<Daevien>exactly, thats why they are laid out that way
22:00<Daevien>if you need the space. or the ram.. o rthe transfer, you upgrade and get the other two as a bonus
22:00<blwest>very nice
22:00<Daevien>or, i fyou get two 512s you can balance your load (db on one, http on other for example) and your transfer will pool together
22:01<blwest>that's slick
22:01<blwest>private ip address space as well for the sql --> http?
22:01<akerl>As long as it's the same datacenter
22:01<akerl>And free ipv6, with a /116 pool if you want one.
22:02<Daevien>and ipv6 between nodes in same DC is the same as private ipv4, no cost on internal traffic
22:02-!-gpd [~gpd@] has joined #linode
22:02<blwest>I was just about to ask that
22:02<blwest>is there an out of band console, like web based?
22:02<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
22:03<Daevien>heh figured. some of us are regulars in here, not staff but we can answer a lot of the questions :)
22:03<akerl>Basically, there's the web term, and you can also ssh to LISH
22:03<Daevien>lish will let you get to teh console, either through web (ajax) based or through ssh
22:03<blwest>sounds like I have a new home then!
22:04<blwest>rackspace issetup for businesses
22:04<akerl>Daevien: We ought to get credit on our accounts for the sales department work here :p
22:04<blwest>they like to nickel anddime you
22:04<Daevien>it's sort of like the hotel california, except you don't want to leave even :p
22:04<Daevien>akerl: what about support? other day i was talkign to 3 people at once and then with one dude in spanish :p
22:04-!-tim__ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:05<blwest>sprechen sie Deutsch?
22:05<Daevien>blwest: yeah, we've seen a ton of people here from slicehost that didn't want to deal with rackspace
22:05<Daevien>we have some people that speak various languages but generally it's english in here as a common language
22:05<blwest>I had a linux box, but then the old lady decided it would be a good idea to unplug it to use a night light instead
22:06<blwest>that's when I went to slice
22:06<akerl>Solution: LED fans :p
22:06*akerl uses his computer as a night light
22:06<Daevien>usb night light? :)
22:06<blwest>and the text based unix box didn't make any sense to her
22:06<akerl>Or put a flashlight in the cup holder?
22:06<rnowak>how do you react to the sight of a jar, blwest?
22:07<blwest>depends, java jar or kimchi?
22:07<blwest>oh like in the kitchen
22:07<blwest>I open it and peek inside!
22:07*rnowak giggles evilelely
22:08<blwest>depending on what's in there, I eather eat it or close it quickly
22:08<Daevien>i make a lot of typing mistakes but i usually get all the letters there, wtf was that rnowak? :p
22:09-!-andrew [~andrew@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:10<Daevien>rnowak = mad scientist
22:10<rnowak>that's a coverup of not knowing how to spell it, so I made a really bad joke out of it instead
22:10<bob2>reprap or it didn't happen
22:10<linbot>rnowak: The operation succeeded.
22:10-!-walterheck [] has joined #linode
22:11<linbot>Daevien: Yo mommas so slow, she got beat by both the Hare and the Tortoise (803:0/8) [urmmo]
22:11-!-smed [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:11-!-yoyoyo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:11<Daevien>blwest: as a note, we're a strange bunch in here. generally friendly with a few exceptions :p
22:11<blwest>it's ok
22:12<blwest>I'm enjoying it
22:12<mikegrb_>mmm bacon
22:12<rnowak>we drink bacon, so we sometimes bite
22:12<mikegrb_>mmm bacon
22:12<boba>bacon shakes
22:12-!-smed [] has joined #linode
22:12<blwest>I took parasitology, I dn't eat pork anymore
22:13<rnowak>burn him, evildoer
22:13<@jed>all food will kill you
22:13-!-yoyoyo [] has joined #linode
22:13<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
22:13<rnowak>air is what kills you the most, better stop breathing
22:13<Daevien>if it's enjoyable, it will kill you. if it's not, it will definitely kill you
22:15<blwest>and very true
22:15<blwest>uname -a
22:15-!-redrs [] has joined #linode
22:16<blwest>back in college I used to sleep walk and talk in my sleep
22:16-!-penny [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:17<blwest>apparently, asking a girl if I could compile her kernel isn't good pillow talk
22:17<mikegrb_>mmm bacon
22:17<rnowak>did you eat some bacon in your sleep?
22:17<@heckman>I love how I get insulted even when *attempting* to sleep
22:18-!-advion [] has joined #linode
22:18<@heckman>Thanks mohawk
22:18<Daevien>sleep is for the weak
22:18-!-byronb [] has joined #linode
22:18-!-advion [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:18<Kyhwana>blwest: sudo make
22:18-!-atealtha [] has joined #linode
22:19<blwest>make sammich
22:19<akerl>sudo make babies?
22:19<blwest>sudo make sammich works better
22:20-!-advion [] has joined #linode
22:20-!-advion [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:20<@jed>make distclean
22:20<rlankfo>make vdclean
22:21<atealtha>hey guys, can I make a disc image purely for file storage with the alloted disk space my account has?
22:21<akerl>atealtha: Yea
22:21<atealtha>and of course, mount it on the running VPS
22:21<rlankfo>atealtha: sure why not
22:21-!-byronb [] has quit []
22:21-!-yoyoyo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:21<atealtha>I kind of got the idea that it all goes to one running instance
22:21-!-MrPPS [] has joined #linode
22:22-!-abaddon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:22<atealtha>so the transfer also works the same way then?
22:22<Kyhwana>atealtha: that instance only uses what you mount as /
22:22<blwest>I got the idea once that tequilla was my friend!
22:22<akerl>atealtha: Out of curiousity, what is you use case for having a separate partition?
22:22<akerl>Kyhwana: What?
22:22<rlankfo>blwest: yessir! you would be co-rect!
22:22-!-Ttech [ttech@] has quit [Quit: Yo no se perro caliente!]
22:22<atealtha>akerl: planning ahead, in case my service needs bigger disk storage, I rather mount a bigger file storage image instead of upping my running VPS
22:23<Kyhwana>akerl: er, the way he said it, he was saying all his disk space is automagically used by the one instance?
22:23<Kyhwana>At least that's how I read it
22:23<akerl>atealtha: You cannot mount a new disk image without a reboot
22:23<akerl>Kyhwana: No, he's talking about a separate, new disk image.
22:23<blwest>he couldn't rescan the scsi bus?
22:23<Kyhwana>oh right
22:23<atealtha>really? shucks
22:23<akerl>atealtha: So you'd still need to reboot to add disk space
22:23<blwest>disk space doesn't pool, if I understand it correctly...
22:23<akerl>blwest: Correct
22:24<atealtha>transfer pools though?
22:24<akerl>Primarily because the manager tries to put multiple nodes on different hosts
22:24<akerl>atealtha: Yes
22:24-!-techhelper1 [] has joined #linode
22:24<atealtha>is that limited to the same DC?
22:24-!-stafamus [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:24<akerl>Transfer pool? I don't think it is, though it should be, logically. Any staff wanna voice?
22:25<blwest>can you pick which site your nodes are on?
22:25<atealtha>the manager shows a pool transfer bar, so maybe it does
22:25<akerl>"Transfer is pooled among all of the Linodes under your account."
22:25<boba>blwest: you pick the site when you deploy
22:25<akerl>So it's for all datacenters, via the FAQ
22:25<Kyhwana>blwest: which datacentre you mean? Yes
22:25<rnowak>it has been mentioned before that the pool is across all nodes in all dcs
22:25<blwest>yeah, datacenter
22:25<akerl>blwest: Yes, you choose
22:25-!-SamT [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:25<atealtha>oh that's pretty neat
22:25<blwest>I choose you pokemon!
22:26<Kyhwana>Choose wisely! (Not fremont)
22:26<akerl>Kyhwana: Why be hatin?
22:26<rnowak>I choose amitz, his special attack is bad breath
22:26<akerl>rnowak: His second special attack involves batshit
22:26<Kyhwana>akerl: I have this irrational hate for fremont.
22:27<Kyhwana>After it blew up 3 times while I had my node on it and at least twice after I moved to dallas
22:27<Kyhwana>So maybe not so irrational after all ;)
22:27<rnowak>mont the free receives a lot of hate
22:27<akerl>Kyhwana: It has not blown up that often recently...
22:27<rlankfo>Kyhwana: whats wrong with fremont??
22:28<Kyhwana>rlankfo: it blows up all the time
22:28<blwest>somebody set us up the bomb!
22:28<rlankfo>Kyhwana: i've had linodes there for 2+ years with very minimal downtime
22:28<akerl>Kyhwana: Please don't exaggerate
22:28<akerl>rlankfo: He's exaggerating the recent issues with power supply there.
22:28-!-andrew [~andrew@] has joined #linode
22:28<rnowak>beep, beeep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
22:29<Daevien>Kyhwana: and befoer fremont, the most problematic dc for a while was dallas :p
22:29<Kyhwana>and the various other issues it's had in the past
22:29<rlankfo>oh whewwwww was just a UPS beepin'
22:29-!-Ttech [ttech@] has joined #linode
22:29<blwest>newtons law
22:29<Daevien>now problematic is all about viewpoint, dallas had some glitches. the others didn't. anythign can and will have glitches at some point
22:29<Kyhwana>well, maybe fremont will have no issues for ages now and one of the other DCs will ;)
22:29<akerl>Kyhwana: There have been the couple recent issues with power supply, otherwise, all the DCs are about even
22:29<rnowak>thou shalt haveth apples falleth on thy head?
22:29<blwest>can I get windows 95 on my node? *sniggers*
22:29*akerl hunts for graph of issues from forum
22:30*akerl beats blwest with a cactus
22:30<Kyhwana>blwest: yes, you can run it in qmemu in software mode
22:30<rnowak>sorry, win 3.11 isstate of the art here
22:30<Daevien>you can also stick your finger in a meat grinder. i wouldn't recommend it anymore than running virtual under virtual
22:31<blwest>I was teasing
22:31-!-SamT [] has joined #linode
22:31<rnowak>can you run vbox/vmware workstation on windows on qemu? :p
22:31<blwest>I think that concludes my questions!
22:32-!-Bage1s [~Bage1s@] has joined #linode
22:32<atealtha>thanks for all the info, everyone
22:32<blwest>pkill blwest
22:32-!-blwest [] has left #linode []
22:32<boba>nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont die
22:34-!-redrs [] has quit [Quit: moar reboots, ugh]
22:36-!-boba [] has quit [Quit: rebooting]
22:41-!-yoyoyo [~yoyoyo@] has joined #linode
22:41-!-AphisOne [] has joined #linode
22:42-!-fisted [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:43-!-ngranek [~bigjocker@] has quit [Quit: ngranek]
22:43<GLaDOSDan>I'm trying to sshfs mount a directory from one server onto the other, but it's returning "read: Connection reset by peer", sshing in works just fine, any ideas?
22:43<GLaDOSDan>(Yes, the remote server has sftp working)
22:44-!-Bage1s [~Bage1s@] has quit [Quit: Bage1s]
22:44<GLaDOSDan>ooo, that's why
22:44-!-boba [] has joined #linode
22:44<SleePy>Just use a portal gun between the servers!
22:45<GLaDOSDan>that would be faster
22:45<akerl>GLaDOSDan: Any hints from a google search?
22:45<akerl>Ah. What was it?
22:45<GLaDOSDan>I forgot to drop the pubkeys in
22:46<GLaDOSDan>enabling debug output gave the generic "Permission denied (pubkey)." error
22:46-!-AphisOne [] has left #linode []
22:46<GLaDOSDan>Quite so
22:46<akerl>Problem Exists Between Kyhwana And Channel?
22:47-!-fisted [] has joined #linode
22:47<Kyhwana>akerl: hmm, where is the "channel"?
22:47<linbot>the channel is here!
22:47<akerl>Above the Chunnel
22:49<linbot>Daevien: Yo mommas so fat, she must have been compiled with --fatroll-loops! (746:14/3) [mumor]
22:50-!-exerdigit [] has joined #linode
22:50-!-Deegie [~Deegie@] has joined #linode
22:51-!-vraa_ [] has joined #linode
22:56-!-rurufufuss [] has joined #linode
22:57-!-vraa [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:58-!-waltman [] has quit [Quit: rebooting]
23:01<Kyhwana>whoops, that was silly
23:01-!-alohatone [] has left #linode []
23:03-!-mathew [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:05-!-sivy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:06-!-sivy [] has joined #linode
23:06-!-waltman [] has joined #linode
23:07<JoeK>Daevien: that course is easy
23:07<JoeK>im CCNA
23:07<Daevien>that proves it's easy
23:07<JoeK>plugging in switches is srs bzs
23:07<@heckman>Kind of like urmom
23:07-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
23:08<@Perihelion>Switches n hoez
23:08<akerl>I got 99 problems but a switch ain't one
23:08<Daevien>i have no cisco cert. but i've tutored and helped students pass theirs :p
23:08*linbot golfclaps
23:09-!-wkl [~wkl@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:10<JoeK>shake dat switch
23:10-!-andrew [~andrew@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:10<@heckman>Move switch, get out the way.
23:11<@Perihelion>I'm a switch I'm a lover
23:11-!-sivy_ [] has joined #linode
23:12<JoeK>dont trust a switch, never trust a switch dont trust you
23:12<@Perihelion>youre a switch but i love you anyway
23:13-!-sivy [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:14<@Perihelion>youre crazy switch but you bridge so good im on top of it?
23:14-!-goose [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:15<@Perihelion>No one?
23:15<dwfreed>Perihelion: I get the reference
23:15*akerl waves his cactus warning at Peri :p
23:15-!-JSharp [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:15<Daevien>Perihelion: i declined to comment, i'm trying to cut down on my cactus intake
23:16<@heckman>Daevien: I know how to make your ankle hurt less.
23:16*heckman slaps Daevien around a bit with a large cactus
23:17<Daevien>my ankle doesn't hurt now usually :p
23:17<Daevien>and i'm more mobile, so i can try and catch you and beat you with a crutch :p
23:18<@Perihelion>dwfreed: But you didn't provide a counter-song
23:18*Perihelion slaps akerl around a bit with a large cactus
23:18<@Perihelion>akerl: When are you applying to work at Linode so we can have a "laker" too?
23:19<akerl>When I convince the woman that moving to Jersey is a good idea :p
23:19<Daevien>i'll change my last name to aker if you hire me? :P
23:19<@Perihelion>Tell her how you feel with your fists.
23:19<akerl>sudo movetojersey
23:20<d-b>sudo makemeasam..
23:20<@Perihelion>He's here...I wonder if his sudo powers have the ability to make people move to NJ as well.
23:21<Peng>sudo linodeoffice add $akerls_house
23:21*akerl wishes he had a portal gun
23:21<akerl>Would make this much easier.
23:22<akerl>"Life getting ya down? Shoot a portal on the moon!"
23:22<@Perihelion>Linode needs its own comic.
23:22<Daevien>Perihelion: yeah, jed isn't cutting it
23:22<akerl>Daevien: You beat me to the jed joke :p
23:22<@Perihelion>The only thing Jed cuts is cheese, sir.
23:23<Daevien>if i make too many mor ejed jokes, he's going to beat me
23:23<Kyhwana>the hell
23:23<Daevien>he muted me the other day :p
23:23<Kyhwana>Skyrim on steam is $90USD
23:23<@Perihelion>Oh, it's almost 11:30.
23:23<@Perihelion>Not sure where my night went.
23:24<@Perihelion>Oh well, o/
23:24<Daevien>Kyhwana: they need to make up lawyer bills for suing people that use the word scrolls
23:24<akerl>Midnight is prime working time.
23:24<Daevien>night peri
23:24<@Perihelion>akerl: If only the bosses agreed with you :<
23:24<Kyhwana>Daevien: hmm, true..
23:27*jed pours #linode a glass of wine
23:27<praetorian>are you trying to get me drunk
23:27*Daevien looks in his glass. decides it's safer not to drink
23:27-!-HedgeMag1 [] has quit [Quit: Real life calls.]
23:27*akerl pours #linode shots of whiskey
23:28*akerl is trying to get praetorian drunk
23:28<@heckman>Oh my!
23:28<praetorian>if we are doing shots.. i want Frisengeist
23:28<akerl>Just googled. Saw fire. Can haz want.
23:29<akerl>praetorian: My google search with the fire? grebs log of you in #linode. lulz
23:30<praetorian>its only 56% alcoholr or something
23:30<Daevien>bacardi 151
23:31<linbot>New news from forums: iptables won't restore on reboot ? in Linux Networking <>
23:31-!-Nicolas_Leonidas2 [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 6.0/20110811165603]]
23:32<Daevien>The product, as shipped by Bacardi, is equipped with a flame arrester in the neck of the bottle to prevent large volumes of the flammable liquid from igniting while the bottle is being applied to a source of ignition (e.g. a flaming pan or dish, a flambe)
23:34-!-Nicolas_Leonidas2 [] has joined #linode
23:34<Nicolas_Leonidas2>is it enough to point the A record of my domain to my server if I wanna run a web server on that domain?
23:34<@heckman>Caribou Lou<3
23:34<Daevien>praetorian: our usual joke about why people couldn't smoke in my apartment was that we'd all blow up from the bottles of 151 i had
23:35<Kyhwana>Nicolas_Leonidas2: sure.
23:35<Daevien>Nicolas_Leonidas2: well, on the dns side, yeah. you need to setup your web server to answer & serve the page the way you want too
23:35<Kyhwana>If you have more than one domain pointing there you need to setup virtuahlosts on your web server
23:35<Nicolas_Leonidas2>I used to know a website that would ping your domain from many cities in the world :(
23:35-!-devcomp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:35-!-yoyoyo [~yoyoyo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:35<Nicolas_Leonidas2>that was such a cute website
23:35-!-jmtame [] has quit [Quit: jmtame]
23:35<Daevien>heckman: heh, i shoudl make some of that sometime. i've been drinking 151 for like 12+ years though
23:36<Daevien>does stuff on domains
23:37<Daevien>heckman: i've never actually tried a caribou lou, but it shodul have some pretty good kick
23:37<@heckman>Daevien: It's an awesome drink. Kicks you in the pants more than expected.
23:37<praetorian>if its a kick in the pants you want..
23:38<praetorian>peri wear heels tomorrow and kick tim
23:38<Nicolas_Leonidas2>Daevien: thanks
23:38<Daevien>we used to do 151 shots and then chase it with a beer. nearly killed a friend when he tried to keep up with us doing that. he went out after 3 shots and we thought we'd have to drag him to the hospital. scrawny dudes should NOT try to drink like big dudes
23:38-!-Musfuut [~Musfuut@2002:6168:84f7:1234:20c:6eff:fef3:4dd3] has joined #linode
23:39<dwfreed>Musfuut: long ipv6 address is long
23:39<@heckman>We had a party about a year ago and my friend was passed out on the grass after two shots and a beer.
23:39<@heckman>But yeah, he's a scrawny guy.
23:39-!-wkl [~wkl@] has joined #linode
23:39<akerl>I read the strangest thing on wikipedia the other day: Is it really illegal to pump your own gas in NJ?
23:39<@heckman>Indeed it is.
23:39<Musfuut>dwfreed: hehe that is what ubuntu generates on my local machine
23:39-!-Bass10 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:40<SirSquidness>oh god, 151. That's a varnish remover.
23:40<Nicolas_Leonidas2>pump your own gas?!
23:40<Nicolas_Leonidas2>like fart?
23:40<dwfreed>Musfuut: yeah, SLAAC FTL
23:40<@heckman>Like file your car with petrol.
23:40<Kyhwana>I have a friend that gets drunk (literally) after a single shot of vodka
23:40<Kyhwana>akerl: same with oregon
23:40<Musfuut>I just had 2 hours without power thanks to a blown powerline fuse
23:40<Daevien>SirSquidness: 151 will remove the varnish, the remover & whatever it's on
23:40<akerl>So odd. I guess self serve has conditioned me, but I feel like it would be awkward to have someone else do it
23:40-!-logichole [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:40<Nicolas_Leonidas2>why did you guys move from freenode?
23:41<dwfreed>Nicolas_Leonidas2: because they sponser OFTC?
23:41<Nicolas_Leonidas2>oh I see
23:41<@heckman>akerl: it's the opposite for me. I come from a state where it's mostly self-service. I know how to top my tank off perfectly, and they do it wrong around here. :<
23:41<Daevien>and cause oftc is awesome? and freenode is mostly roaming bands of spammers?
23:42-!-aot2002 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:42<Musfuut>Daevien: What topic did I miss that you refer to oftc and freenode?
23:42<Daevien>Musfuut: look up a few lines
23:42-!-Tigeda_ [] has joined #linode
23:43<Musfuut>oh I see
23:43<Musfuut>I'm used to networks which mask ip addresses, that is the only thing I find odd about oftc
23:43-!-niemeyer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:43<Daevien>heckman: damn you, now i need to go find that song
23:44<@heckman>Hah, why?
23:44<Daevien>cause it's stuck in my head
23:44<Daevien>overriding RHCP that i'm trying to play :p
23:45<dwfreed>heckman: wait, "petrol," really?
23:45<@heckman>Was meant as a light joke.
23:45<@heckman>I call it gas.
23:45<linbot>iLL3L3w: Yo mommas so ignorant, She thinks the internet is internet explorer. (757:4/3) [mmruo]
23:45<dwfreed>heckman: good
23:45-!-vraa_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:45<@heckman>Mostly because it's less effort.
23:46<dwfreed>grr, my interwebs fail currently
23:46-!-Nicolas_Leonidas2 [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 6.0/20110811165603]]
23:46-!-Boohemian [] has joined #linode
23:47-!-p3rsist [] has joined #linode
23:47<Musfuut>urmom so fat she needs broadband just to get online.
23:47<Peng>Argh, Nicolas_Leonidas2 left. I was going to say that #linode was never on Freenode.
23:47<dwfreed>Heh, I should write a bot that connects to as many channels as it can on freenode just to see what the limit really is
23:47<Peng>Freenode #linode's topic is misleading.
23:48<Peng>dwfreed: Eh, who cares? Nowadays it's something reasonable.
23:48<dwfreed>Peng: how so?
23:48<dwfreed>(the topic)
23:48<Peng>dwfreed: It says "This channel is no longer in service.". That suggests that it once was in service.
23:49<dwfreed>Well, the channel was registered 4 years ago, and that topic was set 5 months ago, so it may have been
23:50<Peng>dwfreed: It wasn't.
23:50<Peng>dwfreed: For one thing, *this* channel is older.
23:51<Peng>OK, I wasn't actually thre 4 years ago, but pretty close.
23:51<Peng>Someone said "there is activity every day, but not even close to the OFTC channel".
23:52<dwfreed>Peng: define reasonable (referring to channel limit)
23:52<Peng>dwfreed: "Something greater than what I hit."
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23:53-!-troy [] has joined #linode
23:53<Peng>dwfreed: I don't recall what it actually is. Something 50-250, IIRC.
23:54-!-redrs [] has joined #linode
23:54<dwfreed>jed: really? or are you just throwing a number out there?
23:54<Peng>When connecting it says "CHANLIMIT=#:120". Is that what it refers to?
23:54<@jed>I don't know, what are we talking about?
23:54<Peng>jed: Freenode's channel join limit.
23:55<Peng>jed: That is, uh, how many channels one can join.
23:55-!-wkl [~wkl@] has quit [Quit: wkl]
23:55-!-andrew [~andrew@] has joined #linode
23:56<Peng>Coincidentally, the (old) limit was discussed within an hour of my joining Freenode's #linode...
23:56-!-wkl [~wkl@] has joined #linode
23:57<Peng>So, I was wrong. Freenode's #linode *was* arguably "in service". However, it never was the main channel, and people do misinterpret the topic as saying it was.
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