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00:08<chesty>i signed up to aws and didn't really use it, I got billed 1c, I wonder how much that cost them to recover the 1c?
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00:24<Peng>Pfft, it's Amazon. They probably have such high-volume contracts that the credit card companies pay *them* for transactions.
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00:27<linbot>New news from forums: linode and cloudflare in Performance and Tuning <>
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00:34<MTecknology>Peng: probably not, they probably work about the same as a bank in that reqard
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00:35<MTecknology>the 1 cent bill probably cost them about a cent of computer thinking time and no transaction cost
00:39<chesty>with openssl, how do you specify cakey.pem -> Error opening CA private key ../../CA/private/cakey.pem
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00:49<chesty>forget it
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00:53<bob2>happy mailman day.
00:53<chesty>that was 16 hours ago
00:54<MTecknology>mailman pisses me off
00:54<bob2>mail software is terrible, film at 11
00:54<chesty>how does it go? happy reminder day that mailman stores its passwords in text
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00:55<Peng>Happy Linode Billing Day, you mean
00:56<EugeneKay>CRAM-MD5: Because fuck you
00:57<rnowak>hash all the things
00:57<EugeneKay>Except for the password in the database
00:57<EugeneKay>ejabberd is just as bad
00:57<bob2>tunneling everything over ssl wasn't easy long ago
00:58<Peng>Worse, Mailman sends passwords in cleartext over email!
00:58<Peng>....I'm getting deja vu.
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00:58<EugeneKay>And it isn't 1996 anymore. I think we can move to proper algorithms.
00:58<rnowak>negotiating connection, please hold. Time remaining: 8m 49s.
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01:05<EugeneKay>I should work out how to auth my loonix boxen against ldap one of these days
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01:10<Peng>I think Mozilla's written about their current LDAP setup.
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01:24<philip-->i got a ticket answered in 4 minutes flat, that's pretty sweet
01:25<Peng>I know. It gets weird dealing with normal companies where tickets are 6-24 hours. :X
01:25<bd_>it wasn't always this fast! :)
01:26<bd_>remember when it was just caker, tasaro, and mikegrb? If they were all asleep/busy it could take some time to respond, IIRC
01:26<bd_>but then they hired over 9000 support people and all was well
01:27<philip-->i wasn't expecting it
01:27<philip-->usually companies yank my chain for a day or two
01:28<rnowak>that can be arranged too, just annoy Praefectus enough
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01:32<Peng>Hmmm. I've had 2 tickets in 2008, 5 in 2009, 2 in 2010, and 22 so far in 2011. O_O
01:33<philip-->1 ever since starting
01:33<StevenK>What happened in 2011?
01:33<philip-->and i'm in fremont, too
01:33<EugeneKay>Actually, I think I'll be using pam_krb5
01:33<bd_>first ticket: #34009, 2007-12-27: "Xen Public Beta"
01:34<Xuefer>how do i add kernel parameter?
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01:37<EugeneKay>Hm, I wonder if it's possible to store SSH pubkeys in AD somewhere and have openssh check against them in addition to authorized_keys...
01:39<EugeneKay>A-ha, there's an AuthorizedKeysCommand config sshd_config. Wrapper scripts, to the rescue!
01:40<rnowak>if(password=='hunter2') return 1;
01:41<EugeneKay>SECURE ENOUGH
01:42<Peng>That sounds like a job for PAM or LDAP or something.
01:43<rnowak>just found the best logo and name ever, just gotta share:
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01:43<StevenK>I thought AD can queried by LDAP ...
01:43<StevenK>I could be wrong
01:43<EugeneKay>AD is LDAP
01:44<Peng>I was gonna say using AuthorizedKeysCommand sounds like a crazy hack, but it actually sounds pretty elegant...
01:44<Xuefer>bd_: all i want is just init=something. pv-grub require me complile kernel :(
01:45<Peng>Xuefer: Indeed.
01:45<bd_>Xuefer: well, you can't directly set init=something
01:45<bd_>but you can replace /sbin/init
01:45<EugeneKay>Yeah, just a lil bash script to query against ldap(with a cache) and spit back out the pubkeys.
01:45<bd_>linode also allows setting to init=/bin/bash for recovery
01:45<vodka>I thought you could in the linoe manager
01:45<EugeneKay>If it falsl over, ssh auths against the regular AuthorizedKeysFile
01:45<bd_>vodka: normal or init=/bin/bash or single user mode
01:45<bd_>you can't input init=/something/else
01:46<EugeneKay>If THAT doesn't work, it would auth against pam_krb5. If THAT doesn't work, /etc/shadow.
01:46<EugeneKay>And if that doesn't work, gtfo ;-)
01:46<Peng>EugeneKay: PAM should be able to do it too,'s PAM. :D
01:46<bd_>Xuefer: what distro are you on?
01:46<EugeneKay>I don't feel like writing a PAM wrapper script for pubkeys
01:46<vodka>ah you're right (logged in to check ;p)
01:46<@Praefectus>rnowak: shush
01:46<EugeneKay>I can manage a bashish tho
01:47<bd_>Xuefer: if on ubuntu or debian, you can do dpkg-divert --local --rename --add /sbin/init, then create a shell script in /sbin/init to do whatever. Make sure to make it executable.
01:47<bd_>Keep in mind your system will be unbootable once you run dpkg-divert until you create a replacement init
01:47<bd_>also, your shell script must end with an exec into the new shell
01:47<bd_>it _must_ be an exec
01:47<bd_>er, new init
01:48<pharaun>exec all the things
01:49<rnowak>exec pharaun
01:49<bd_>also the divert will rename your old init to /sbin/init.distrib
01:49*pharaun segmentation fault
01:49<rnowak>rm pharaun
01:50<rnowak>useless >:(
01:50<vodka>try -f
01:50*pharaun goes poof and leaves a gift of rm -rf /
01:50<pharaun>i had a hidden daemon that would rm -rf / if i went poof
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01:52<Xuefer>bd_: gentoo linux
01:52<bd_>Xuefer: you're on your own :)
01:52<pharaun>gentoo... lol
01:52<EugeneKay>Oh, hey, ssh-ldap-helper \o/
01:53<philip-->there arem ore funs things to do, like dd if=/dev/urandom of=/path/to/his/terminal
01:53<Xuefer>still wonder why linode don't open argument for free configuration. for their security?
01:53<bd_>99.99% of people don't need it, and the remaining 0.01% can just run pv-grub
01:53<bd_>hell, you're running gentoo, why _aren't_ you running your own kernel?
01:54<pharaun>hell, why are you running on linode
01:54<pharaun>you should be putting together your own hardware
01:54<EugeneKay>Xen is too mainstream for Gentoo users
01:54<EugeneKay>Hell, so is x86
01:54<bd_>pharaun: out of discrete transistors
01:54<pharaun>bd_: that's a crying shame
01:54*vodka has a pile of bricks and some roof sheets for when you start building your datacenter
01:55<vodka>or do you have to emerge them from source too?
01:55<rnowak>I will be there to provide debian when the mental breakdown starts
01:56<rnowak>or ends
01:56<pharaun>I will also provide glue
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01:56<bd_>pharaun: you mean, you'll provide horse DNA
01:56<pharaun>bd_: ah right, good catch my good sir
01:57<pharaun>they'll need to grow a horse then shoot it and make glue
01:57<rnowak>boiled horse DNA, no longer much DNA
01:57<philip-->one must create punch cards by hand for gentoo for the analytical machine, and prepping columns for gentoo for the difference engine, only then are you a true gentooer
01:58<rnowak>you're not a true gentooer unless machines running other flavors of linux turn themselves off when you enter the room
01:59<pharaun>you must have created the universe
01:59<pharaun>is that emerge universe ?
01:59<rnowak> just got that linked to me, I don't even.
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02:00<philip--> i have this
02:01<rnowak>I'm running
02:01<philip-->went to a friend's house, he had a "regular" optical mouse that came free with some other computer part he bought from newegg. yeah i could barely use it, thing felt so kludgy. he really got sick of my complaints
02:01<rnowak>I would too; none of your business
02:02<Peng>I replaced my old IntelliMouse Explorer with a Razer. Lovely. Feet came off, though. Now I use a laptop trackpad...
02:03<philip-->their product images of my mouse look shopped though, can tell by the pixels and having seen a few mice in my day
02:03<rnowak>I have, unfortunately, been looking at the apple magic pad. Mice just suck for most usage, and trackballs... I don't know, still don't like em
02:03<rnowak>magic trackpad, apparently
02:04<pharaun><- trackballs
02:04<philip-->looks neat, the "magic" in the name is flamebait calling my name though
02:05<chesty>SpaceHobo: don't you like being tickled?
02:05<philip-->why they have to treat people as if they're stupid, insinuating that their product works by magic
02:05<philip-->normal company: make an optical mouse
02:05<philip-->apple: "magic" touch pad
02:06<rnowak>I buy any product that has magic in the name
02:06<rnowak>like pharaun's magic glue
02:06*philip-- giggles
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02:07<pharaun>Magical Magic!
02:08<chesty>pharaun: i snuck into your workplace and configured your workstation to make a fart sound every time you double click
02:09<pharaun>chesty: its muted 24/7
02:09<chesty>it appears to be muted, yes
02:09<pharaun>with what speaker?
02:09<pharaun>and lol i run osx at work lol
02:10<pharaun>i have no need for double click or right click or anything lols
02:10<rnowak>you jelly, because you do not have a right click
02:10<chesty>that's why i chose double click, so it happens rarely
02:11<pharaun>chesty: but how
02:11<pharaun>i cannot right click on osx?
02:11<pharaun>this is forbidden
02:11<pharaun>same with double click
02:12<EugeneKay>MIDDLE CLICK!
02:12<pharaun>you shall click once, not twice, not zero time, only once
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02:13<pharaun>*gasp* linode can travel backward in time
02:13<pharaun>its still the 30th here, i just got a invoice from linode on dec 1st
02:14<k00pa>I am from the future!
02:14<k00pa>1th here
02:14<pharaun>there is only one true time, and this time is NOW
02:15<@Praefectus>pharaun: did you forget to take your medication again?
02:17<pharaun>Praefectus: what medication?
02:17<@Praefectus>the anti-timetravel pills
02:17<pharaun>orly, oh... yeah i did
02:17<pharaun>i see the bottle over there
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02:19<EugeneKay>Alcohol is a great time travel drug
02:19<EugeneKay>I've not been able to figure out how to make it work backwards yet
02:19<EugeneKay>Maybe a higher dosage
02:20<pharaun>>_> 0_o o_0
02:20<pharaun>the laptop configuration page said 4gb of ram
02:20<pharaun>i'm pretty certain i ordered it with 8
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02:21<EugeneKay>Dat 32bit
02:23<pharaun>rnowak: exactly
02:23<pharaun>i have a pdf with my actual order it states 8gb
02:23<pharaun>but this "status of your order" states 4gb
02:23<EugeneKay>Dat ripoff
02:25<pharaun>plus the price does not match either
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02:31<gadams>Where'd you order it from?
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04:31<sirnet>Hi. I don't suppose anyone has experience with a multi domain email system setup? I have been reading the "ISP style email" guide for Debian (, but I'm not too sure about the database architecture for my situation. Is it possible to run Postfix and Dovecot with a MySQL database and manage all of the configuration (mail relays, usernames, passwords, aliases, account quotas, etc)? Any advice on getting started would be appreci
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04:34<Peng>sirnet: You got cut off at "getting started would be appreci"
04:34<sirnet>That was the end anyway! "appreciated"
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04:53<fugazzi>hi, just new to linode and xen, have I to install the xen-server-tools on my virtual machine ?
04:54<Peng>No? Why?
04:54<fugazzi>thanks, no just I didn't understand what they are for
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04:55<fugazzi>I was thinking they were similar to virtualbox guest additions
04:55<@Praefectus>virtualbox != xen
04:56<fugazzi>so that they were useful to "attune" more the machine to the virtual hardware
04:56<fugazzi>yeah, paravirtualization, I have to giva a shoot at the documentations, anyway thank you for help, I will not install them
04:57<AlexC_>fugazzi: Your Linode is already good to go, nothing additional needs to be installed or tweaked like that
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04:59<fugazzi>ok, so I will only use my own kernel, discover that for the 3.1 you need to disable barriers otherwise you will get errors on ext 3 and fs mounted ro
05:00<Peng>...Where'd you learn that? It's correct, but I'm surprised you found it out so quickly.
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05:01<fugazzi>Yesterday they open my account, I installed arch and put in pvp mode, then the message on the out of band console was talking about barries, I googled and I have my suspect confirmed, also it was the only change in ext3 in the 3.1
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05:03<Bowwwweee> <-- visit this site! <-- and the forum
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05:03<kyhwana>ohoh invoice time
05:03<AlexC_>Not for me!
05:04*Praefectus generates an invoice for AlexC_
05:04<AlexC_>Noooo =(
05:04<@Praefectus>TWO INVOICES FOR YOU!
05:04*AlexC_ offers cake as a payment
05:05<@mikegrb>mmm cake
05:05<@Praefectus>mmmm cake
05:05<@Praefectus>NO INVOICES FOR YOU!
05:06<kyhwana>Where's perhelion (sp)
05:07<@Praefectus>shes suspended over a bed of cacti in the closet
05:08<AlexC_>Does she know, yet?
05:08<Yaakov>I have another pending referral.
05:08<Yaakov>They mysteriously appear...
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05:08<AlexC_>Yaakov: It sure is good when that happens
05:09<Yaakov>I am not complaining, though... the math is odd...
05:10<Yaakov>Wow, I have 2!
05:10<Yaakov>You have 11 total referrals: 8 completed ($160.00) and 2 pending
05:10<Yaakov>But I also have a phantom one...
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05:25<fugazzi>just wondering, is it possible to use other filesystems for root, like xfs for example ?
05:27<hawk>In terms of what the Linode provided kernels support?
05:28<hawk>(The FS related options in the manager only do ext2/ext3, I believe. Like resize, backup, ...)
05:28<fugazzi>well, linode or custom kernel, in therm of deplying disks
05:29<fugazzi>yes, I know, I was wondering if you boot with rescue and format manually, may be with more partitions, if it will work
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05:34<AlexC_>fugazzi: Yes you can just create a raw disk and do what you want with it
05:35<amitz>say, I'm not sure about the mechanism of git. can I set my git repository both remotely and locally, where the remote mirror my local? seamlessly?
05:36<AlexC_>amitz: Your local git repository is the entire Git repository; it's common to then have a remote location where you push your changes to
05:37<AlexC_>amitz: Say then someone else clones this remote repostiory and pushes to it, you can get their changes by either `git pull origin` or something like `git fetch origin && git rebase origin/master`
05:38<amitz>AlexC_: hmm, basically I have access to a subversion repository I have limited authority at (can't branch, etc). I want to do branching using git instead. But I want to keep a copy remotely, in case I crash my computer.
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05:39<amitz>So we're talking 3 repository, a subversion I have limited access to, a local git/orwhateverbestsolution , and a remote git/orwhateverbestsolution. last 2, I have full access at.
05:40<amitz>AlexC_: in anyway, yeah, I can just push to remote periodically, hmmm. But will I be able to replicate the concept of branching well, given my case?
05:41<amitz>or I should just rsync the whole damn thing instead, periodoically.
05:41<hipsters_>can somebody not colourblind help me out here - is there a noticeable difference in colour between clicked on links and not clicked on links?
05:41<amitz>I suspect your motive.
05:42<hipsters_>there is no motive man, i have nothing to do with pinboard
05:42-!-hipsters_ is now known as spkitty
05:42<AlexC_>amitz: You can still use branches yes, it's your git repository (even the remote) ... but if you can't branch in SVN you wont be able to do this in SVN got example using git-svn
05:44<amitz>AlexC_: it's okay that I can't branch in my SVN. I just need to branch for my personal need. I assume that git-svn will still be able to pull svn and convert it to git, and let me push git to the svn (and convert it_ , right?
05:45-!-philip-- is now known as philip--away
05:48<AlexC_>amitz: Yes, I use git-svn here to checkout our SVN repositories - which means I am kept sane becasue I can work with Git CLI instead of SVN CLI, and then I simply 'git svn dcommit' my changes which commits them to the SVN repo
05:49<AlexC_>If I want to get changes from the SVN repo, `git svn rebase`
05:49<AlexC_>You can create as many branches as you want in your local Git repo, and merge them into the branch you're curently working with in SVN (I say "branch" loosely here as SVN has 100% no concept of branches)
05:50<AlexC_>Thank you for delivering that message, SpaceHobo :P
05:54<amitz>AlexC_: noted, thanks!
05:55<AlexC_>amitz: You're welcome
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05:55<amitz>AlexC_: oh, althought I will probably use eclipse's git feature instead. So at the least I must guarantee that i can pick a single branch of git and commit it (all or some of it).
05:56<amitz>commit it to svn, which is supposed to be doable using git-svn
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06:06<kyhwana>Yay im 30
06:06-!-tparker [] has joined #linode
06:07<AlexC_>amitz: *shrugs* I only know Git via CLI and wouldn't recommend anything else so I can't answer that
06:07<AlexC_>But yes you can of course commit back to svn, `git svn dcommit`
06:07<AlexC_>What *I* would do, is merge the branch into the branch that is tracking the SVN branch, then commit that
06:08<AlexC_>kyhwana: Or, three decades old
06:09<amitz>AlexC_: of course, makes sense.
06:09<amitz>being 30 is overrated.
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06:51-!-jordify [] has joined #linode
06:54-!-andy566 [] has joined #linode
06:55<andy566>hi can anyone tell me how to preview a website on my linode ubuntu server with apache - before pointing the www record in my dns
06:56<AlexC_>andy566: Edit your hosts files locally, e.g. /etc/hosts and point the domain name to your Linodes IP
07:00-!-goose [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:01<andy566>what i am trying to accomplish is that if i goto http://MYIPADDRESS/ then it will show me exactly the same as if i had gone to
07:01-!-AgenT [] has joined #linode
07:02<andy566>can you giev me an example of how to update my hosts file to accomplsih this
07:02-!-AgenT is now known as Guest18926
07:03<andy566>ah - i found fiorum post
07:04<Guest18926>has anyone have problems with receiving the unverified ip email? billing email ok, but not getting unverified ip email :(
07:05<@Praefectus>Guest18926: do you have a gmail address on file?
07:06-!-Error404NotFound [~Error404N@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:06<Guest18926>Praefectus: yes, it's gmail
07:07<@Praefectus>thats probly why, i tested with a bunch of different providers and gmail is always lagging on delivery
07:08<Guest18926>Praefectus: ok, thanks... i'll wait a few hours and check back... wierd cause I receive emails form my linode hosted app within about 2-5 seconds of sending
07:09<Guest18926>Praefectus: just got the email (after 15min)! :D
07:09<@Praefectus>if you want, you can send a ticket to with your username, last 6 digits of your card and your IP and we can add it for you
07:09<@Praefectus>ah ok
07:13-!-goose [] has joined #linode
07:15<Guest18926>Praefectus: thanks for all your help!
07:16-!-Error404NotFound [~Error404N@] has joined #linode
07:18-!-stafamus [] has joined #linode
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07:59-!-zz_neilio is now known as neilio
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08:03-!-anaio is now known as alnewkirk
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08:14-!-datagutt [] has joined #linode
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08:23<andy566>newbie - i am having trouble ftp-ing to my new ubuntu server
08:23<AlexC_>andy566: Your problem is that you're using FTP ;)
08:24-!-bbtech [] has joined #linode
08:24<linbot>Please use SSH/SCP/SFTP/rsync-over-ssh instead of FTP:
08:25-!-joshdotsmith [] has quit [Quit: joshdotsmith]
08:33<andy566>alexC can you explain please
08:34<@akerl>andy566: FTP is insecure, both because it uses plaintext and because there are often vulnerabilities in the software that you use for it
08:34<@akerl>SFTP is secure, it's there by default on your Linode, and is generally moar better
08:37-!-mariusz [~mks@] has joined #linode
08:38<andy566>linode sets up sftp - i thought
08:39-!-mariusz [~mks@] has left #linode []
08:39-!-tiny [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:39<@heckman>andy566: yes it does: Secure File Transfer Program (Also sometimes called SSH File Transfer Program).
08:39<@heckman>Not to be confused with FTPS
08:40-!-ngranek [~bigjocker@] has joined #linode
08:42-!-vraa [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:43<MTecknology>akerl: at work, we have software that requires ftp be available on ~200 servers :(
08:45<Daevien>MTecknology: i didn't realize mcdonald's told their fry cooks about their computer systems
08:47<MTecknology>Daevien: and that's why you don't have to work on them; those of us that are competente enough to get real jobs usually end up working on computers; in my case that's managing ~400 servers
08:47-!-burningdog [~roger@] has quit [Quit: burningdog]
08:48<Daevien>considering the level of questions you ask and bad advice you give, i see now why they run ftp :)
08:48<@Praefectus>you have an extra E in there
08:49<MTecknology>Praefectus: I do indeed have an exra e. You want it? :)
08:49<@irgeek>You know, spelling "competent" incorrectly doesn't make you sound competent. :p
08:50-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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09:00-!-maushu [] has joined #linode
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09:16-!-vraa [] has joined #linode
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09:29-!-alexgordon [] has joined #linode
09:30-!-corycollier [~corycolli@] has joined #linode
09:30-!-bbtech_ [] has joined #linode
09:30<amitz>for a few seconds, I thought competent is spelled as compotent, and I was preparing for a joke about it... :-p
09:31<MTecknology>amitz: alas, 'tis not
09:32<MTecknology>amitz: share anyway, you shall?
09:32-!-burningdog [] has joined #linode
09:33<amitz>complementing impotent, or something like that. ain't funny.
09:34-!-linville [] has joined #linode
09:34-!-stafamus [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:35-!-bbtech [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:35-!-bbtech_ is now known as bbtech
09:35-!-fisted [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:38<MTecknology>amitz: actually... i don't get it... but I'm sure it was hilarious if impotent was indeed spelt that way :)
09:41-!-stafamus [] has joined #linode
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09:47-!-ribasushi [] has joined #linode
09:49-!-amoe [] has joined #linode
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09:58<tolle>Well this feels fairly silly. GNOME 3 uses the super key for showing the activities view. But super_r doesn
09:58<tolle>t work for that.
09:59-!-rurufufuss [] has joined #linode
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10:31<linbot>New news from forums: Switched Wordpress Site To Linode, RSS Errors in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
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10:33-!-joshowens [] has joined #linode
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10:56-!-devcomp [] has joined #linode
11:03<Karrde> /dev/sdb3 has gone 1931 days without being checked, check forced.
11:05<dwfreed>Karrde: heh, not rebooted in a while, eh?
11:05-!-johnathanb [~johnathan@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:07-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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11:09-!-sirona [] has joined #linode
11:10<sirona>hi folks
11:10<sirona>is someone willing to have a conversation with me about installing wordpress on a linode server?
11:11-!-jrbaldwin [] has joined #linode
11:11<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient!
11:11<dwfreed>There might also be a doc in the Library
11:12-!-jrbaldwin [] has quit []
11:12-!-joshdotsmith_ [] has joined #linode
11:12<@irgeek>!library wordpress
11:13<linbot>irgeek: 1. Manage Web Content with WordPress - | 2. Standalone MySQL Server - | 3. Rewrite URLs with mod_rewrite and Apache -
11:14-!-jrbaldwin [] has joined #linode
11:14-!-jrbaldwin [] has quit []
11:16-!-jrbaldwin [] has joined #linode
11:18-!-joshdotsmith [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:18-!-joshdotsmith_ is now known as joshdotsmith
11:19<sirona>is it best to access linode through ftp software?
11:19<sirona>and if i'm not the admin, can i use my login to make site changes, or do i need to use the admin login?
11:20<@irgeek>FTP is frowned upon these days. The SSH server that's already has an SFTP server built-in you can use.
11:20<@irgeek>What are you not "the admin" of?
11:21-!-sirnet [] has left #linode []
11:22<sirona>of the linode server
11:23<sirona>sorry if these seem like dumb questions, i haven't seriously done web design in 5+ years
11:23<@irgeek>That's going to depend on how the Linode is configured. It is possible to configure Wordpress to allow users to make changes.
11:23<@irgeek>It's not the default though, AFAIK.
11:24<sirona>do i use some kind of software to access the ssh server?
11:24<sirona>or is it web-based?
11:24<@irgeek>There are a plethora of SFTP clients out there.
11:24<@irgeek>And SSH clients.
11:25<@irgeek>What OS are you using?
11:25<sirona>osx 10.5.8
11:25-!-hfb [] has joined #linode
11:26<@irgeek>In that case you can use ssh, sftp, scp, rsync, etc from Terminal.
11:26<@irgeek>There are also some GUI front-ends that may be easier to navigate.
11:26<@irgeek>!library cyberduck
11:26<linbot>irgeek: 1. Transfer Files with Cyberduck on Mac OS X - | 2. Linode Beginner's Guide - | 3. Linux System Administration Basics -
11:27<sirona>ah, ok, thank you. i do have cyberduck
11:27-!-burningdog [~roger@] has joined #linode
11:28<@irgeek>Also, many people don't like the Terminal that shipped with 10.5 - iTerm or iTerm2 make a good replacement.
11:29-!-cro [] has joined #linode
11:29<sirona>should i ssh into or into the site that we've got set up on linode?
11:29<@akerl>sirona: If you can ssh into, let me know :)
11:30<sirona>ok, so clearly not that ;)
11:30<@akerl>sirona: The info you want can be found in the "Remote Access" tab of the Linode Manager
11:31<@irgeek>It's right at the top - SSH Access
11:32-!-jrbaldwin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:36-!-sirona [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
11:37-!-sirona [] has joined #linode
11:38<sirona>i wonder if i can't see that tab because i'm not the admin
11:38<@irgeek>What tabs do you see?
11:38<sirona>Linodes NodeBalancers DNS Manager Account Support Documentation Community
11:39<@irgeek>Click on a Linode.
11:40<@irgeek>Remote Access is a sub-tab when you're viewing a Linode.
11:42<swaj>anyone use NSD and Monit? I'm trying to get it to connect to localhost:53, type udp, protocol dns, and it's failing even though the server is up and responding.
11:42<swaj>(doing PID check and connectivity check)
11:43<sirona>does it make sense that i wouldn't be able to login to ssh through the username and password i use to login to linode manager?
11:43<@irgeek>You can't really "connect" to a UDP port - it's a connectionless protocol.
11:43<boba>Yes, sirona
11:43<@irgeek>You would need to send a query to it and check for a response.
11:44<hawk>swaj: Has it bound to whatever localhost resolves to?
11:44<swaj>actually I'm sending it to my public IP, which it has bound to, via netstat
11:44<sirona>irgeek: i'm not sure what you mean by that
11:44<sirona>what would i be sending a query to and how?
11:44<@irgeek>sirona: That was to swaj
11:45-!-kenichi [] has joined #linode
11:45<swaj>that's my config for it
11:45<swaj>and netstat shows it listening on 53 on that IP
11:46<swaj>and I can dig @ it
11:47<hawk>swaj: The config doesn't specify what query to send. Could the issue be that it sends some strange query that fails?
11:47<@irgeek>swaj: I'd figure out what monit is sending to the port.
11:48<swaj>I'm not sure how to specify the query... my guess is that monit is sending a query for a domain that nsd doesn't respond for (since it's authoritative only)
11:48<@irgeek>It may be using some bind-only query that nsd doesn't support.
11:48<@irgeek>You could try tcpdumping the port to see what it's sending.
11:48-!-vodka [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:48<swaj>would it show in tcpdump even for UDP?
11:48<hawk>tcpdump has a weird name
11:49<dwfreed>tcpdump is awesome like that
11:53-!-countrygeek [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
11:53-!-countryg` [] has joined #linode
11:53<swaj>I'm just seeing generic UDP stuff -- not really familiar with TCP dump, can it show the raw packets?
11:55<@irgeek>tcpdump -ni eth0 -s0 -vvv udp and port 53
11:55<linbot>New news from forums: Nginx config for wp supercache in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
11:55<@irgeek>That should show you what's going in.
11:56<@irgeek>Finding the specific query that monit is sending could be a challenge.
12:00-!-diimdeep [~diimdeep@] has joined #linode
12:00<sirona>it looks like i need root login to access through ssh?
12:01<@irgeek>Either root or another user that's been created by someone with root access.
12:01<linbot>New news from forums: [Apache] Combining Static & Dynamic VirtualHosts. in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
12:01-!-vinic [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
12:02-!-vinic [] has joined #linode
12:03<sirona>but is this separate from a user that is created for linode manager?
12:04<sirona>in other words, my linode manager login, created by the admin, isn't necessarily going to work for me to login via ssh?
12:04<@akerl>sirona: Your Linode Manager creds are completely different from your Linode's SSH creds
12:04<sirona>ok, thanks
12:04<@akerl>If you just deployed, you want root, and the password you set when you deployed
12:05<sirona>is the root pwd going to be the same as the admin's pwd?
12:05<@akerl>The Linode Manager password?
12:05<sirona>thanks for your help, akerl and irgeek
12:05<sirona>how doe the root pwd get created?
12:05<@akerl>You set it when you deploy your disk images
12:06<sirona>ah, so how and where do i do that?
12:06<@akerl>The "Deploy" button in the Linode Manager
12:06-!-srj55 [] has joined #linode
12:07<sirona>where in linode manager is "deploy"? apologies for being completely ignorant, i have many questions.
12:08<sirona>deploy a linux distribution?
12:10<sirona>it looks like a disk was already created from distribution and that a root password was set. would that password have been sent to the admin's primary email?
12:11<@irgeek>If someone else already set this Linode up, they set the root password when they deployed.
12:11<swaj>all I'm seeing is traffic back and forth between my node and linode's resolvers
12:12<swaj>I don't think monit is even trying to connect
12:12<swaj>(yes I turned the monitor back on)
12:12<@irgeek>Is there a plugin or something like that you need to enable before it will support DNS?
12:12-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has joined #linode
12:13<swaj>I just installed the distro package for debian
12:14-!-Error404NotFound [~Error404N@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:14<swaj>linode was even able to do the zone xfer's from my NSD
12:14<sirona>ok, so is there any way to find that root pwd if it's unknown?
12:15<swaj>sirona: nope. You'll just have to reset it
12:15<@irgeek>sirona: No, but it can be reset.
12:15<sirona>thank you!
12:16<swaj>guess I'll just monitor the process
12:16-!-seanh-ansca [] has joined #linode
12:16<swaj>it's only a hidden master anyway
12:16<swaj>not using it to serve to the public
12:16-!-auraka-wrk [] has joined #linode
12:17<@irgeek>If it goes away, the slaves will continue to serve the zone until it expires.
12:17<@irgeek>You can set the expire time really high if you want extra safety.
12:17<swaj>in all liklihood, if the daemon is running, NSD is doing it's job. I just like to connect to things for extra insurance
12:18<@irgeek>Did you try monitoring it on TCP port 53?
12:18<@irgeek>If that's working, UDP should be too
12:18-!-spkitty_ [] has quit []
12:20-!-sirona [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
12:20<swaj>I tried TCP first
12:20<swaj>it failed too
12:20<swaj>I think monit's DNS protocol might be bugged in this version, or something
12:21<@irgeek>No iptables rules firewalling off port 53?
12:22-!-aziwoqpd [] has joined #linode
12:22<dwfreed>swaj: or nsd only accepting stuff from linode on the public address?
12:23-!-jrbaldwin [~jrbaldwin@] has joined #linode
12:23-!-Error404NotFound [~Error404N@] has joined #linode
12:23<dwfreed>nevermind, I can dig it from here
12:24<linbot>cay you dig it!?
12:25*linbot goes to sulk in the corner due to bad typing
12:25<swaj>iptables is disabled
12:25<swaj>I can change it to just a simple TCP connect to port 53
12:25<swaj>that'd probably work
12:27<swaj>looks like it's issuing an NS root request?
12:27<swaj>which if it's refused, counts as a failure pre 5.2 (I'm running 5.1.1 since that's what debian provides)
12:27<swaj>5.2+ a refusal counts as a success, because the DNS server had to be alive to respond with a refusal :)
12:27<@irgeek>An authoritative-only server should refuse that.
12:28<dwfreed>swaj: switching it to a simple tcp connect will work
12:28<swaj>yeah I did
12:28<swaj>that works fine
12:28<@irgeek>Well that explains that then.
12:28<swaj>bind is happy to answer an NS root, but NSD refuses it
12:29<@irgeek>Authoritative-only bind refuses it too.
12:29<dwfreed>bind will only answer if it's doing caching
12:29<@irgeek>dig NS .
12:29<swaj>so I could manually compile the latest monit
12:29<swaj>and it would work
12:30<swaj>or I can just live with a simple TCP connect test :P
12:30<dwfreed>I'd say live with the TCP connect test :P
12:30<@heckman>I'd say compile all of the things!
12:31<swaj>yeah I'd rather just use deb's package, if the process is living and responding on port 53, it's almost suredly alive and fine :P
12:33<swaj>now I get to figure out DNSSEC :P
12:34<swaj>i.e.: the whole reason for this NSD hidden master setup :P
12:34-!-ChemicalKicks [] has joined #linode
12:35<ChemicalKicks>So..... vhost files and nginx
12:35<ChemicalKicks>Do I have to create a vhost for every domain/subdomain I want to use
12:35<@akerl>You need to tell nginx how to handle what you want it to handle.
12:35<ChemicalKicks>I must be messing something up still.
12:35<@akerl>You can do that with one server block or 100, however you'd like
12:36<dwfreed>swaj: with BIND, DNSSEC is easy :P
12:36<@irgeek>Sign your stuff. Publish your DS records upstream. Done!
12:36<ChemicalKicks>Still haven't got "" to work
12:36<@irgeek>Or something like that. ;)
12:36-!-Rotwang [] has joined #linode
12:37-!-ChemicalKicks [] has quit []
12:37-!-ChemicalKicks [] has joined #linode
12:37<dwfreed>irgeek: even better: auto-dnssec: maintain; on the zone, and point it to the dir where the key is, and BIND will do all the work for you :)
12:39<ChemicalKicks>I created a dns record for "" pointing to the server IP and in my vhost this is what I've got. but it just refuses to work for
12:39<ChemicalKicks>www. works fine
12:39<ChemicalKicks>Nearly home
12:41<@akerl>ChemicalKicks: Check out the nginx docs for server_name?
12:41<@akerl>hint: you don't need two of them
12:42-!-marty [~mbuchaus@] has quit [Quit: Linkinus -]
12:44-!-Rezt [] has joined #linode
12:45<pkiller>i had a virtual host running on and its everything configured in apache... and it worked a month ago... now i trie to access it and its not found, maybe i changed something in the Linode DNS manager ... just i cannot find what... any ideas?
12:46<ChemicalKicks>aker this I've removed the reference to or should I have localhost in for servername instead?
12:46-!-Snuffop [~mbuchaus@] has joined #linode
12:47-!-vodka [] has joined #linode
12:48-!-juliakm [] has joined #linode
12:49<juliakm>okay, this is somewhat dumb. I've been handed access to a linode account and I can't seem to access it via shell or Lish. Have reset Lish password multiple times but always get access denied.
12:50<dwfreed>juliakm: the root password for the linode is probably different than the password they gave you for the manager
12:50<Daevien>lish password = getting into lish. password to get into the actual machine can be and really should be (for security) different. you can shutdown the node and change your root password
12:50-!-rurufufuss [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:51<juliakm>Daevien: aha! so the only way to change the root password is when the node is shutdown?
12:51<dwfreed>juliakm: yep
12:51*juliakm hits self on head
12:52-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
12:53-!-ss [] has joined #linode
12:55-!-bbeausej1 [] has joined #linode
12:55-!-bbeausej [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:55-!-ChemicalKicks [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
13:01-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
13:01-!-bbeausej1 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:02-!-lanthan [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
13:03-!-vodka_ [] has joined #linode
13:03-!-ss [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
13:05-!-spkitty [] has joined #linode
13:06-!-vvc [~vvc@] has joined #linode
13:06-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
13:07<vvc>Hi. Is it possible to use the same user ID to access two different accounts?
13:07<virhilo>vvc: why not few linodes on one account?:P
13:07-!-vodka [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:07-!-vodka_ is now known as vodka
13:07<vvc>Different companies
13:07<vvc>same admin
13:09<rnowak>virhilo: it is not
13:09<virhilo>rnowak: ?
13:09-!-Error404NotFound [~Error404N@] has quit [Quit: User guilty of hitting the Big Red X...]
13:09<virhilo>rnowak: it wasn't to vvc ?:)
13:09<rnowak>virhilo: it was
13:09<rnowak>vvc: it is not ;p
13:10<vvc>hmm, well, too bad, I don't think it's such a rare case
13:13-!-cro [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
13:13<seanh-ansca>vvc: i have the same problem
13:14<seanh-ansca>there's a big thread in the feature request forum about the issue
13:14<seanh-ansca>i think i have 3 logins now..
13:17<vvc>I am switchng from slicehost - don't like rackspace, I will end up with more then that
13:17<vvc>slicehost had this feature
13:17-!-Rezt [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
13:19<dwfreed>vvc: however, you can give one account access to the other account's linodes
13:20-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
13:21-!-cro [] has joined #linode
13:23<Daevien>if you plan on having a numebr of linodes, just look into the api & lish. those two things should do most everything you'd need
13:24-!-Narasimha [] has joined #linode
13:25<Daevien>hi Narasimha
13:25<Narasimha>I am trying to signup
13:25<Narasimha>looks like Linode is not accepting debit cards
13:26<Narasimha>is there any alternative?
13:26<Narasimha>otherthan credit cards
13:27<Narasimha>Hi Daevien
13:28<dwfreed>Narasimha: most debit cards are also credit cards; does it have a visa, mastercard, discover, or american express logo on it?
13:28<Narasimha>mine is a debit card VISA type
13:29<Narasimha>it is giving error
13:29<dwfreed>Narasimha: does your debit card number 16 digits?
13:30-!-atourino [~atourino@] has joined #linode
13:32<dwfreed>Narasimha: double check that you're entering the correct zip code and CVV; the zip code you need to enter is the zip code you gave to your bank or credit union when you signed up for your account there; the CVV is three digits on the back of the card which are preceded by the last four digits of the card number
13:32<Narasimha>Looks like I need to check with my bank
13:32<Narasimha>yeah..I entered all correct info
13:33<Narasimha>Thanks a lot dwfreed
13:36-!-EriksLV [~EriksLV@] has joined #linode
13:38-!-Narasimha [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
13:42-!-vraa [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:47-!-cantelope [] has joined #linode
13:49-!-fugazzi [] has joined #linode
13:49<Daevien>dwfreed: sidenote btw, not all debit are credit cards. it's that way in teh US but in canada onlysome are and it's a recent hting (ie: last year or so)
13:49<Daevien>and i think europe is a mix of yes & no
13:50<dwfreed>Daevien: which is why I asked if it had a logo on it
13:52-!-saikat [~saikat@] has joined #linode
13:57-!-vraa [] has joined #linode
13:57-!-Narasimha [] has joined #linode
13:58<Narasimha>Dear Team,
13:58<Narasimha>Just now I signedup and took 512 package and got node IP
13:58<Narasimha>I am trying to login to host from Putty
13:58<vraa>sweet i'm part of a team now
13:59<Narasimha>Getting error
13:59<boba>What error?
13:59<Narasimha>getting connecting timeout
13:59<boba>Did you boot the Linode?
14:00<Narasimha>I think it did that automatically
14:00<boba>Nope, it doesn't
14:00<boba>You're supposed to deploy a distro and then boot, IIRC
14:00<Narasimha>Success Create Filesystem - 256MB Swap Image Entered: 23 minutes 56 seconds ago - Took: 2 seconds Success Disk Create From Distribution - Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Entered: 23 minutes 56 seconds ago - Took: 16 seconds Setting password for root... done Success System Shutdown Entered: 23 minutes 56 seconds ago - Took: 1 second Success Linode Migration Cleanup Entered: 24 minutes 13 seconds ago - Took: 1 second
14:00<Narasimha>this is the status
14:01<Narasimha>all are success
14:01<@akerl>Looks like not booted.
14:01<Narasimha>can I share the IP address here?
14:01<boba>Narasimha: So hit Boot.
14:01-!-vvc [~vvc@] has quit [Quit: vvc]
14:01<@akerl>IPs aren't private, really
14:01<Narasimha>booting now
14:01<Narasimha>I am sorry for confusion
14:03<EriksLV>grep -F "17/Oct/2011" oldbigapachelogfile.log > Oct17.log
14:03<Narasimha>able to access now
14:04<EriksLV>am I doing right?
14:04<Narasimha>Thanks a lot for great service
14:04<EriksLV>to find all rows from October 17
14:04-!-countryg` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:04-!-linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:05<boba>Narasimha: Enjoy :)
14:05-!-hypnoseal [] has joined #linode
14:06-!-marcopkb [~marcopkb@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:08-!-Narasimha [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
14:08<hypnoseal>Hey everyone. I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with one of the StackScripts I used. I deployed a LAMP & Firewall stackscript, configured the apache sites-available according to the linode lamp guide. After all of that I still cannot connect to it via http. Any ideas of what I should check to make sure everything is configured properly?
14:17-!-escoz [] has joined #linode
14:18<hypnoseal>Nevermind, I set everything up correctly. I did a system reboot and all seems to work fine now
14:18<escoz>hey guys! I have a question.. what location do you guys suggest is the best to run sites from for Brazil??
14:18-!-joar [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:18<escoz>I've been using dallas, but I'm just creating a new linode ,and don't know if other locations would be any faster
14:18<Yaakov>EriksLV: I prefer to use |tee <file name> instead of the > redirect so I can see what is happening.
14:19<Yaakov>escoz: You can test but Dallas seems most logical...
14:19-!-fisted_ [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:20<retro|blah>Atlanta might be OK
14:22<escoz>thanks Yaakov, i'll try
14:23-!-joar [] has joined #linode
14:24-!-joar [] has quit []
14:24-!-joar [] has joined #linode
14:24-!-fugazzi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:27-!-burningdog [~roger@] has quit [Quit: burningdog]
14:27<EriksLV>thanks Yaakov
14:31-!-nviror [~Navi@] has joined #linode
14:31-!-Rezt [] has joined #linode
14:36-!-kswan [] has joined #linode
14:37-!-kswan [] has left #linode []
14:37-!-vraa [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:38-!-ChemicalKicks [] has joined #linode
14:39<ChemicalKicks>Right I'm back again, I just FAIL
14:39<nviror>After upgrading mysql, I'm not able to start it again. screenshot-
14:40<ChemicalKicks>Try to reconfigure mysql sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql
14:41-!-saikat [~saikat@] has quit [Quit: saikat]
14:42<ChemicalKicks>Can someone please help me, I'm still stuck with getting my domain "" to work
14:43<ChemicalKicks>Basically the problem is, it doesn't work when you type it into the browser
14:43-!-majpac [] has joined #linode
14:45<EriksLV>ChemicalKicks: there is no A dns record for
14:45-!-joar [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:45<EriksLV>ChemicalKicks: only for
14:45-!-joar [] has joined #linode
14:45-!-pelt [] has joined #linode
14:46<ChemicalKicks>EriksLV - huh?
14:46<ChemicalKicks>I can get to work
14:46<ChemicalKicks>I just cant get to work
14:47<ChemicalKicks>Also once I know is working I would like to redirect it to www.
14:47<Daevien>right, he's saying there is no record for, so it can't conenct to anything
14:47<ChemicalKicks>EriksLV - I've got a A record for
14:47<nviror>/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: mysql-server is broken or not fully installed
14:48<Daevien>ChemicalKicks: if you jsut recently put that in, it takes 15 mins or so for the ns to reload and get the info then however time your TTL (time to live) is set to before things will delete their old info and get new info frm teh ns for your domain
14:48-!-message144 [] has joined #linode
14:49<EriksLV>ChemicalKicks: ns is set for, not for as it should be
14:49<Daevien>i don't get any record for from but do for
14:49<Daevien>so either you just made the change.. o ryou dont have the record you think you do
14:50<ChemicalKicks>Okay so maybe this is where I've been doing things wrong then.
14:51<@irgeek>ChemicalKicks: I just PMed you.
14:52<Daevien>if you tell heckman to go to your house (why i don't know, i'd want him far away from my house) but don't tell him where you live, it's hard for him to visit you
14:52<nviror>Please help me brong up my mysql server, /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: mysql-server is broken or not fully installed
14:53-!-user5673 [] has joined #linode
14:53<Daevien>nviror: did you try doing what chemical told you?
14:53<nviror>Daevien, yup here's the output /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: mysql-server is broken or not fully installed
14:53-!-user5673 [] has left #linode []
14:54<@irgeek>ChemicalKicks: Are you connected with the CGI::IRC client or the Java one?
14:54<ChemicalKicks>sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql
14:54<nviror>ChemicalKicks, /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: mysql is not installed
14:54<ChemicalKicks>irgeek - CGI
14:54<Daevien>nviror: you are using repos prob, right? go look on their page... there were some issues with upgrading to 5.5
14:54-!-Anon2231 [] has joined #linode
14:55<nviror>Daevien, yes.
14:55<@irgeek>ChemicalKicks: Look for my nick at the top of the window and click it.
14:55-!-pelt [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
14:55-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
14:55<Daevien>nviror: you need to read stuff on their site, some changes to the config file an dsomethign else i think from memory, but the info was there
14:56<nviror>Daevien, thanks, let me check that page.
14:56<ChemicalKicks>irgeek - Found your PM
14:56<ChemicalKicks>Can we chat there please?
14:56<@irgeek>I'm there.
14:56-!-Anon2231 [] has quit []
14:58-!-message144 [] has quit [Quit: gone]
14:59-!-pelt [] has joined #linode
15:00-!-escoz [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
15:00<maushu>Anyone knows if I'm supposed to send "Access-Control-Allow-*" http headers on every request or just on the first one (pre-flight)?
15:01-!-zeade [] has joined #linode
15:02-!-saikat [~saikat@] has joined #linode
15:02-!-EriksLV [~EriksLV@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:04-!-majpac [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:08<hypnoseal>Ok, so I am having issues with apache that I can't seem to figure out. Immediately after rebooting the linode I am able to access the html files located on it. However, after around 10-15 minutes it becomes unresponsive for me and
15:08<hypnoseal>Any ideas?
15:08<hypnoseal>ssh still works, so that is why I am guessing it is with apache
15:13-!-TimTim [] has joined #linode
15:14<nviror>shortcut to reach end of page in nano?
15:16-!-datagutt [] has quit [Quit: kthxbai]
15:17<nviror>Ctrl + w + v
15:18-!-kswan [] has joined #linode
15:18-!-kswan [] has left #linode []
15:19-!-Webhostbudd [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
15:20<seanh-ansca>^X; vim $_ +
15:21<rnowak>We're sorry, Thunderbird had a problem and crashed.
15:21*rnowak all the things
15:30-!-Netsplit <-> quits: vodka, Dreamer3, pelt, HalJordan, Peng, nviror, laser`, encode, Torenn, MissionCritical, (+227 more, use /NETSPLIT to show all of them)
15:30-!-spkitty is now known as hipsterslapfight
15:33-!-hipsterslapfight [] has quit [Killed ( (Nick collision (new)))]
15:33-!-majpac [] has joined #linode
15:33-!-vraa [] has joined #linode
15:33-!-Netsplit over, joins: vodka, tty234, cdlu, tparker, path, internat, Rezt, amoe, boba, piney0 (+85 more)
15:33-!-hipsterslapfight [] has joined #linode
15:33-!-Netsplit over, joins: SNy, Solver, jico, @Praefectus, @akerl, rmyers, BP{k}, JshWright, rnowak, pharaun (+129 more)
15:34-!-hipsters_ [] has joined #linode
15:34-!-materdaddy [] has joined #linode
15:36-!-loxs [~loxs@] has joined #linode
15:36<nviror>skip-innodb in my.cnf is not allowing mysql 5.5 to start
15:36-!-pbryan [] has joined #linode
15:36-!-pbryan [] has left #linode []
15:37-!-pbryan [] has joined #linode
15:37<@mikegrb>mmm cake
15:37<pbryan>Mmm, cake.
15:38<pbryan>Hey, Linux Mint is now on my radar. Is it on anyone else's (esp. at Linode as a deployable distro)?
15:39<rnowak>you have debian and ubuntu, what would you need mint for on a server?
15:39<nviror>got the solution
15:40-!-SelfishMan [~SelfishMa@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:41-!-SelfishMan [~SelfishMa@] has joined #linode
15:41<pbryan>Thinking Mint's regular release cycles on top of Debian is slightly more attractive than Debian's rolling testing/unstable...
15:41<dzho>pbryan: Mint is less a distro than a distro add-on
15:41<dzho>a shim, as it were
15:42-!-pelt [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
15:45<seanh-ansca>pbryan: isn't that what ubuntu LTS is for?
15:45-!-marcopkb [] has joined #linode
15:48*akerl advocates removing all distros other than Arch
15:48<dzho>pbryan: I do not use Mint, but have heard a bit about it from fans and such, and as I'm given to understand, it pulls directly from the underlying Debian/Ubuntu repositories, so their release cycles, such as they are, by necessity determine Mints
15:56-!-nviror [~Navi@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:57*dwfreed shoots akerl in the head and installs Gentoo or Debian on all his linodes (depending on its purpose, of course)
15:58<ChemicalKicks>right so apparently I've just been told my server is wide open and could be hacked
15:59<dwfreed>ChemicalKicks: most linodes technically are; however, most people can't get into any computer without knowing the passowrd
16:00<EugeneKay>Bypass the firewalls 2048bit encryption using a genetic veebee algorithm running on my phone!
16:01<seanh-ansca>ChemicalKicks: most things could be hacked unless they're unplugged
16:01-!-Gabtendo [] has joined #linode
16:01<seanh-ansca>i recommend you just turn the node off
16:02<seanh-ansca>it's the only way to be sure
16:02<kyhwana>ChemicalKicks: hmm, whats the IP?
16:03-!-eka [~eka@] has joined #linode
16:03-!-saikat [~saikat@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:03<eka>hi all... is there any cap for private net traffic btwn 2 or more linodes?
16:03<EugeneKay>No. Private net & IPv6 traffic in-datacenter is unmetered.
16:04<@heckman>There's a cap of 50mbps...
16:04<seanh-ansca>there is a bandwidth rate cap on the interface though
16:04<@heckman>Doesn't count towards your transfer tho
16:04<@irgeek>And the cap is only outbound.
16:04<EugeneKay>IIRC you can file a ticket and get it raised to the port-speed
16:05-!-srj55 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:05<eka>cause it's happening that my linode doesn't respond to net anymore and in the net traffic I see adro to 0 ... CPU seems normal
16:05<eka>happened more than once
16:05<@heckman>And it can be lifted on request. (Forgot to mention that)
16:06<@irgeek>There's nothing on our end that would make your Linode completely unresponsive.
16:06<linbot>New news from forums: Please debug and optimize the 'unverified ip address' email in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
16:07<swaj>good lord the "ldns-keygen" for generating keys to use for DNSSEC is insanely slow
16:07-!-pbryan [] has left #linode []
16:07<rnowak>not enough random bitz eh swaj?
16:07<swaj>clearly not
16:08<swaj>takes like 3-4 minutes to generate a ZSK and KSK
16:08-!-quicksketch [] has joined #linode
16:08<@caker>ln -sf /dev/urandom /dev/random
16:08*caker dispenses tinfoil hats
16:08*rnowak puts on a leaded tinfoil hat
16:08<swaj>FreeBSD does that
16:08<kyhwana>eka: what does LISH say?
16:08<@akerl>du will fix that
16:08<@irgeek>eka: If you open a ticket we can take a closer look.
16:08<seanh-ansca>your entropy tank is running low
16:09<eka>irgeek: yes doing that thanks
16:09<rnowak>we have a cute little geiger counter device at work hooked up to the server that can provide random numbers on request <3
16:09<rnowak>it is dead slow to fill the bucket though ;<
16:09<eka>kyhwana: lish?
16:09<swaj>holy shite caker, that turned a 5 minute script into like 3 seconds, rofl.
16:10<linbot>LISH allows you to perform certain actions without having to log in to the Linode Manager. LISH's primary function is to allow you to access your Linode's console, even if networking is disabled.
16:10<eka>ouch... yes seems to be stack trace
16:10<seanh-ansca>rnowak: i think does something like that to generate random data. IIRC he's listening to atmospheric radio noise to generate stuff
16:10<rnowak>seanh-ansca: yep
16:11-!-TimTim [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:11-!-hypnoseal [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:11<rnowak>there was another service like that provided by some serbian university
16:11<eka>kyhwana: irgeek:
16:12<@irgeek>That would explain it.
16:12-!-Coronel [] has joined #linode
16:12<eka>irgeek: care to explain?
16:13<rnowak>dwfreed: yes?
16:13<@irgeek>eka: That's the kernel going pear-shaped. The only fix is a reboot.
16:13<dwfreed>rnowak: faster than a geiger counter
16:14<Coronel>Hi I am Coronel Erasmo Sanchez with the Secretariat of Public Security for the Municipality of Tarímbaro, Michoacan, and I come to investigate threats made by David Easton, Tim Heckman, and Richard Roby against a religious community here.
16:14<eka>irgeek: pear shaped? it's happening every day :(
16:14<Coronel>Is anybody aware of any threats made against anybody in this channel by your users?
16:14-!-juliakm [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
16:16<Coronel>To me doesn't make sense the link in relation to investigation?
16:16<Coronel>Pertains it to affair?
16:17<BP{k}>municapility ... sounds like the dear Coronel is in charge of the poo basins at the local camping site :)
16:18<Coronel>KRiTiKiLL is the name of the quill pen of one of our suspects
16:18-!-cro [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:19<Yaakov>caker: SSPM is also part of "chimpout". We have trouble with him on EFNet.
16:19<Coronel>no make remarks intolerant such people?
16:19<seanh-ansca>sounds like a ridiculous witch hunt if you ask me
16:19<Yaakov>"Coronel"'s address is a domain.
16:20<Yaakov>He is abusing an HE tunnel.
16:20<Yaakov>I have already reported the abuse, and will followup.
16:20<Yaakov>caker: My suggestion is a ban, though the entire tunnel should be glined from OFTC.
16:22<Coronel>our tunnel is in utilization for the municipality of tarímbaro, michoacan
16:22<Coronel>under direction of the department of informatica
16:22<Yaakov>Coronel: Shut the hell up you imbecile.
16:22<@irgeek>eka: I don't have a way to know if that's a bug in the kernel or a bug in postgres.
16:23<seanh-ansca>Coronel: assuming you were telling the truth, which i don't think you are, the 'investigation' you're doing sounds like a bunch of crap and i doubt anyone in here would help you anyway
16:24-!-ChemicalKicks [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
16:24<Yaakov>Coronel: I'm sorry, that was rude. Here, in your native language: Callarte imbécil.
16:24<Coronel>seanh-ansca Here in Tarímbaro to us it affect gravely the narcoviolence and such. The Secretariat of Public Security Municipal takes any threat seriously even irc chatter.
16:25<swaj>you guys must not have much to do.
16:25<Yaakov>seanh-ansca: It's codswallop. Don't take it even a *little* seriously.
16:25<swaj>if that's true.
16:25*seanh-ansca pats Coronel on the head
16:25<Yaakov>seanh-ansca: Do a little research on the domain name. It is a PUBLIC domain. I could come from that address if I wanted to.
16:25<swaj>meanwhile: yay, dnssec is up for my domains. <3 NSD
16:26<seanh-ansca>Coronel: that's nice, i'll make sure to give your mom a gleeming report about your progress the next time i see her
16:26<Coronel>swaj the ayuntamiento to me assigned all cibercrimes
16:26<seanh-ansca>Yaakov: but i like feeding the trolls!
16:26<Coronel>and this is my task to preliminarily investigate
16:26<BP{k}>his mom is probably busy doing Valtazar Gaona
16:26<Coronel>any threats or crime chatter
16:26<Obsidian|server>Coronel: you know it's illegal to falsely claim a position of government authority under UN law, yes?
16:26<seanh-ansca>BP{k}: :D
16:26<Yaakov>seanh-ansca: And, I have an admission from this nitwit that the HE tunnel is for "trolling only".
16:27<Yaakov>Obsidian|server: He actually *is* in Mexico, so we could contact the Federales.
16:27<dwfreed>Yaakov: did you poke HE about this?
16:27<Yaakov>He probably doesn't imagine we'd do that.
16:27<swaj>he's using an tunnel :P
16:27<Obsidian|server>Yaakov: oh goodie!
16:27-!-Perihelion [] has joined #linode
16:27-!-mode/#linode [+o Perihelion] by ChanServ
16:27*dwfreed waves to Perihelion
16:27<Yaakov>I did, and they followed up, once, but they didn't tell me about the disposition. I have a ticket open, though.
16:27<rnowak>OH NO
16:27<swaj>Perihelion: you're just in time. The federales are here! :P
16:27<Obsidian|server>Coronel: also, you have zero jurisdiction, so you wouldn't be able to do a damn thing :)
16:28<@Perihelion>swaj: ono
16:28-!-hypnoseal [] has joined #linode
16:28<Yaakov>In any case, this fool is in Tijuana. And he comes from a cable moden.
16:28<Yaakov>So, it would be very easy for Mexican authorities to find him.
16:28<dwfreed>Yaakov: poke them a little harder, and point them toímbaro
16:28<Coronel>Obsidian|server actually any information gathered would be used to generate an international warrant with cooperation of Plan Mérida
16:29<Yaakov>Coronel: You are estupido.
16:29<Obsidian|server>Coronel: and said international warrant would not be recognized by any country
16:29<Yaakov>dwfreed: If you want to invest some time, I can give you the ticket number...
16:29<Coronel>Obsidian|server as it relates to terrorism yes it would
16:30<swaj>Coronel: and good luck with getting extradition based on a lame IRC threat :)
16:30<Obsidian|server>however, identity theft / impersonating an officer of the government / fraud could be something that'd get you nice jailtime
16:30<Coronel>as soon as I have all pertinent details it will be passed on to AFI
16:30<Coronel>and the PGR
16:30<dwfreed>Yaakov: nah, I've got too much other stuff to do, I just wanted to see what google would bring up
16:30<swaj>what about the WTF?
16:30<swaj>or the LOL?
16:30<Obsidian|server>Coronel: "terrorism" being defined as "he said the word 'pie'"
16:31<rnowak>the bastards!
16:31<seanh-ansca>Obsidian|server: how about faking from drug info in coronels name and getting the drug guys to take care of him
16:31<seanh-ansca>probably faster than telling the popo ;)
16:31-!-hypnoseal [] has quit []
16:31<Coronel>swaj two words Gringo Patriot Act
16:31<Obsidian|server>The cartels would take care of him first
16:32<Yaakov>dwfreed: Well, I have invested more time than this nitwit deserves. But I wish that OFTC would gline him.
16:32<Obsidian|server>Perihelion: racist statement, violates network/channel policy :)
16:32<swaj>Coronel: ROFL! Do you think the USA would extrodite *anyone* to Mexico? Especially someone who made a thread over IRC?
16:32<Yaakov>Coronel: "Gringo" is a racial slur. I am going to report you to the authorities.
16:32<Coronel>not illegal here
16:33<Obsidian|server>Actually it is illegal here.
16:33<dwfreed>deploy counter-trolling!
16:33<swaj>where's tj when we need him :P
16:33<Obsidian|server>OFTC has its own laws.
16:33<rnowak>swaj has insulted my intergalactic confederation, and I demand him to be extradited
16:33<Yaakov>Coronel: It is very unprofessional, and I percieve it as a racial threat. You are responsible for an International incident. Your superiors will hear of this.
16:33<Coronel>swaj yes they would and have under the new antinarco initiatives
16:33<Coronel>Yaakov they will just laugh it off
16:33<Obsidian|server>Yaakov: I know a few guys in DoD.
16:33<Yaakov>Coronel: And by superiors, I mean the people living in shacks outside Mexico City.
16:34-!-Rezt [] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
16:34<Coronel>the chilangos nacos have nothing to do with this investigation
16:34<swaj>be careful Yaakov, the federales might hack your Linode from those boxes.
16:34<linbot>the gibson
16:35-!-seanh-ansca is now known as Coronels-brother
16:35<Yaakov>swaj: I live in fear of a fake minor Mexican official. It's tragic.
16:35<Coronels-brother>I wish to contact you for mutual business transaction, which will be of great benefit to both of us. I have a total amount of US$23.7million, which my LATE father saved for me for my future investment before his death.
16:35<Coronels-brother>I need your assistance to transfer this money into one of your account for investment purposes, Please do not hesitate to contact me on my direct mobile number with country code 27-83-517-4002, or send me e-mail.
16:35<Coronels-brother>On your favorable quick response, I will furnish you with detailed information. Terms regarding your benefit for your assistance will be reached in agreement.
16:35<Yaakov>Coronels-brother: Too believable in comparison.
16:36<Obsidian|server>Coronels-brother: would you happen to be related to Coronel by any chance?
16:36-!-Coronels-brother is now known as seanh
16:36<Obsidian|server>you should give him the money
16:36<Coronel>Coronel is a range for military and police
16:36<Coronel>not a name
16:36<Obsidian|server>he's clearly trying to extort it from legitimate companies
16:37<dwfreed>heckman must be laughing too hard to type /mode +b ...
16:37<Obsidian|server>Coronel: police don't have a "colonel" rank.
16:37<Yaakov>Coronel: No?! Really?! Wow.
16:37-!-srj55 [] has joined #linode
16:37<swaj>yeah didn't he spew some crap in here about heckman? :P
16:37<Obsidian|server>that's exclusive to military forces
16:37<Coronel>obsidian|server our municipales do
16:37<Obsidian|server>no they don't.
16:37<seanh>Obsidian|server: most police officers do have colons though
16:37<seanh>that must be the connection
16:37-!-jordify [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
16:37<Coronel>yes we have commanders subcommanders colonels
16:37<Obsidian|server>i'm looking at the rank right here for the various mexico provinces
16:38<Obsidian|server>not listed
16:38<Yaakov>My 'node has a kernel.
16:38<Obsidian|server>So, uh, why are you lying about your rank?
16:38<Yaakov>I am pretty sure it outranks this person.
16:38<Obsidian|server>Are you new?
16:38<Coronel>it is also used in US police departments
16:38<Coronel>check your sources obsidian|server
16:39<Coronel>On Monday June 2, 2003, Colonel Joseph R. Fuentes was selected by Governor James McGreevey to become the 14th Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.
16:39-!-RoosterJuice [] has joined #linode
16:39<Yaakov>State police departments do have colonels because they are paramilitary.
16:39<Yaakov>Localities generally do not.
16:39<Obsidian|server>also that person's part of the new jersey militia as well - that's his rank
16:39<Yaakov>But it doesn't matter because dear Coronel isn't an officer of anything at all.
16:40<Obsidian|server>He's the Superintendent, not Colonel of the police
16:40<Yaakov>Yes, that's not his police rank.
16:41<EugeneKay>Usage of higher ranks such as Captain and Colonel in civvy police depends upon the size of the department more than anything else.
16:41<Yaakov>Obsidian|server: Notice that Colonel Fuentes has an HISPANIC last name!
16:41<EugeneKay>You usually find it in major metro departments or state ones where they have so many suborganizations that it becomes necessary.
16:42<Obsidian|server>Yaakov: holy crap you're on to something
16:42<Yaakov>Obsidian|server: I think this is a conspiracy of some kind...
16:42-!-ktabic [~ktabic@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:42<Yaakov>Conspiracy to act threatening on the Internet, I think.
16:42<Obsidian|server>Yaakov: also I did a backtrace of this guy's system, cracked it and managed to reverse-lookup his personal information
16:42<EugeneKay>It's customary for former military service members to retain their rank as a name prefix, if they were high-rank.
16:42<Obsidian|server>got it posted here:
16:43<Yaakov>Poor heckman, how can he survive this?
16:43<Obsidian|server>also I put in a IP filter, he can't see what's on there :)
16:44-!-Tigeda [] has joined #linode
16:44<seanh>i think i'm going to put 'supreme allied commander of IT' on my next biz card
16:44<Yaakov>seanh: Coronel is not good enough for you?
16:44<Obsidian|server>seanh: i like that idea
16:44<dwfreed>I imagine our favorite pseudoviking has fallen out of his chair from laughter and can't get up
16:45<Obsidian|server>we need to get him one of those life alert things
16:45<seanh>Yaakov: nah, too many people associate it with the mexican police force.. no idea why
16:46<Yaakov>seanh: That's so odd since there are none in the Mexican police...
16:46<Yaakov>Hard to say why...
16:46<seanh>Yaakov: i know right?
16:46<Obsidian|server>Strange indeed
16:47<EugeneKay>Can I get some quick input on this design for my company site?
16:47<EugeneKay>I don't know diddly about design aesthetics.
16:47<Coronel>Yaakov that depends on municipality
16:47-!-TimTim [] has joined #linode
16:47<Obsidian|server>...No it doesn't, you're a liar.
16:47<Coronel>yes it does
16:48<Obsidian|server>not at all
16:48-!-eka [~eka@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:48<EugeneKay>(The single-link on the left would be blue normally, with a red hover/focus highlight)
16:48<Obsidian|server>you're a liar, and a liar, and judging by how defensive you are and how you're avoiding specific subjects
16:48<seanh>EugeneKay: the grey boarder is weird if it's not consistent imho
16:48<Obsidian|server>you're apparently poor in bed, according to a criminal profiler friend
16:49<EugeneKay>Would you suggest a red?
16:49<seanh>EugeneKay: it's not the color, it's the fact that it exists in some places but not others. makes it feel uneven
16:49<Obsidian|server>EugeneKay: save yourself time, look at twitter bootstrap. Apache v2 license, very adaptable
16:49<seanh>Obsidian|server: he's still going to have to customize things
16:49<EugeneKay>Obsidian|server - this is a Drupal site, I'm using the Zen theme as a starting point.
16:50<EugeneKay>Just looking for a minimal get-it-looking-professional-enough ;-)
16:50<Obsidian|server>but that eases stuff like differences between browsers
16:50<Obsidian|server>alignment is a lot easier imo
16:50<DephNet[Paul]>stupid question, is "00 08 * * * cd /directory ; git pull" a valid crontab entry?
16:50<EugeneKay>Eh. It looks pixel-perfect in Chorme and Firefox. Good 'nuff for me.
16:50<EugeneKay>DephNet[Paul] - use a .sh script, really.
16:51<Obsidian|server>DephNet[Paul]: honestly you might want to toss that into a .sh script and run that, for maintenance's sake
16:51<DephNet[Paul]>hmm, true
16:51<Obsidian|server>that way you can tweak it easier in the future - when you need to change something and don't know what's going on, crontab is not obvious where things are
16:52<Obsidian|server>EugeneKay: bring down the segment with the logo so it has a matching top area like the right side, tbh
16:52-!-atourino [~atourino@] has quit [Quit: Textual IRC Client:]
16:52<DephNet[Paul]>but if, for some mad reason, I didn't want to use an sh script, would that work?
16:52<EugeneKay>So it's even?
16:52<seanh>Obsidian|server: unless all your machines config changes are in puppet/etckeeper
16:52<seanh>EugeneKay: yes, that's what i was saying earlier
16:52<EugeneKay>Gotcha. I'll give it a go.
16:53<Obsidian|server>yes, having it attached to the top there makes it feel heavy left
16:53<EugeneKay>At the moment, the right sidebar does the same thing as the left, but I'm not planning to have any right columns
16:53<EugeneKay>I'll have to take y'alls word for it. I don't do design.... the logo art cost me $50 on Reddit :-p
16:53<Obsidian|server>also breadcrumbs as a tabby thing may backfire in some instances - think forward compatibility, when some genius wants to have a sentence long page title
16:54-!-zerotri [] has quit [Quit: Linkinus -]
16:54<seanh>depending on how you want the body of the right to look you might want to extent the left column to the page bottom
16:54<Obsidian|server>...oh what zerotri was in here?
16:54<EugeneKay>Well, "some idiot" would be me.
16:54<EugeneKay>And I know better.
16:54<EugeneKay>You can't see it, but the view / edit buttons show up as a tabby thing on the right side of that same box
16:54<seanh>EugeneKay: the favicon looks cyrillic btw
16:54<seanh>not that it's a bad thing, but it caught my eye
16:55-!-Coronel [] has left #linode []
16:55-!-Coronel [] has joined #linode
16:55<EugeneKay>Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.
16:55<Obsidian|server>EugeneKay: use the page title in the tab then - keep breadcrumbs separate tbh - maybe find a way to hide them
16:55<EugeneKay>I can turn 'em off.
16:56<Obsidian|server>or have them in there at the top of the main chunk of the right, and just small font, and light color text, to make it less visually cluttering
16:56<seanh>EugeneKay: i found blueprint to be a better starting point than zen btw, but ymmv
16:56<EugeneKay>I think what i'll do is customize them to be just the page title in most instances
16:56<EugeneKay>ANd turn off the <h1>$title</h1> bit
16:56<Obsidian|server>keep the h1 title
16:56<Obsidian|server>just display:none it in a style attr
16:57<EugeneKay>AH, for SEO?
16:57<Obsidian|server>Some bots want that in there, so having it hidden will be best
16:57<EugeneKay>See, this is the sort of thing I know diddly about.
16:58<Obsidian|server>also, what're you going for - XHTML, or HTML5?
16:58-!-Coronel [] has left #linode []
16:58<goose>so.. IPv6 London? :)
16:59<EugeneKay>It's listed as being XHTML
16:59<EugeneKay>I'll run it through a standards check eventually, but like I said, Drupal :-p
16:59<EugeneKay>I'm gonan end up Varnishing the site to HTML and single-filing the CSS.
17:00<Obsidian|server>html5 is nice, don't have as much markup to write
17:03<Obsidian|server>also might want to play with css attr's border-radius if you get the time, can make things look amazing if you get it just right
17:03<EugeneKay>Does that work in IE nowadays?
17:03<Obsidian|server>It does, iirc.
17:04<synapt>IE9+ has native support for it I believe, there's a CSS hack for most CSS3 things IE6-8 though
17:04<Obsidian|server>some of the more fun stuff like text-shadows do not however
17:04<synapt>or well .htc hack to be more specific
17:04<Obsidian|server>i had some fun with box shadows and border radii here, love how it had turned out:
17:04<EugeneKay>I also remember that for Firefox you needed to use a -moz property for some stupid reason
17:04<Obsidian|server>the header was what I was working on
17:04<Obsidian|server>That's no longer necessary as of...FF4?
17:05<EugeneKay>Sounds believable.
17:05<synapt>Obsidian|server: At least
17:05<synapt>if not 3.6
17:05<Obsidian|server>Mighta been 3.6, yeah.
17:05<Obsidian|server>Worth noting, though - outside border radius is hard to do :\
17:06<Obsidian|server>that's why that one hard corner is in there. Couldn't figure it out.
17:06<EugeneKay>I remember seeing some amazing CSS drawing tricks with borders. ABle to draw a 5-point star, among other things.
17:06<EugeneKay>Ah, here it is.
17:07<Obsidian|server>Indeed. I was messing with this css stuff for practical applications, anyways.
17:07<synapt>Obsidian|server: Just remember there are two different effects to border-radius, use of px and % result in different 'effects' :P
17:07<Obsidian|server>synapt: Indeed.
17:07<Obsidian|server>I've stuck to px myself.
17:07<synapt>I love the % effect, it makes for creating nifty border designs
17:07*Obsidian|server checks to see how the header appears in opera and IE
17:07<EugeneKay>I prefer px to em or %
17:07<synapt>especially if you use a 'dotted' border style
17:07<Obsidian|server>I need a laugh. Let's see how bad IE screws it up
17:08<Obsidian|server>...Yep, IE9, no placeholders.
17:08<rnowak>IE does ok with html doctype these days, but still a bit funky :/
17:08-!-undert [] has joined #linode
17:08<EugeneKay>The only shape that failed for me on IE was the yin-yang
17:08<Obsidian|server>...AHAHAH. It's failing to login, even! XD
17:09<Obsidian|server>IE can't login to my site's prototype as it's not passing the form key properly.
17:09<Obsidian|server>I HAVE AN IE-PROOF SITE
17:09<Obsidian|server>BEST DAY EVER
17:09<rnowak>what is it doing differently, Obsidian|server?
17:09<EugeneKay>I like to maintain compatibility with lynx & curl
17:09<EugeneKay>(doesn't everybody browse the web with curl once in a while?)
17:10<rnowak>EugeneKay: are you rms?
17:10-!-zack_ [~zack@] has joined #linode
17:10-!-undert__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:10<EugeneKay>Only halfway.
17:11<EugeneKay>Hrm, I think I still have that set as my Gravatar.
17:11-!-pyruvate [] has joined #linode
17:12<EugeneKay>There, fixed. No more horrorshow.
17:13-!-ChemicalKicks [] has joined #linode
17:13-!-undrt [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:16-!-undrt [] has joined #linode
17:18-!-TimTim [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:19<linbot>New news from forums: Black nginx magic in General Discussion <>
17:20-!-joshdotsmith [] has quit [Quit: joshdotsmith]
17:21-!-hfb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:23-!-ChemicalKicks [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
17:23-!-zack__ [~zack@] has joined #linode
17:24-!-zack_ [~zack@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:28-!-corycollier [~corycolli@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:34*Obsidian|server goes to tip off the netops on a smaller irc network to the "coronel"
17:35<kyhwana>ajmitch: oh hai, you're on geekzone now? ;)
17:36<ajmitch>kyhwana: have been for months, why?
17:36<kyhwana>oh, just saw your SNAP v6 post
17:36<ajmitch>it's not like I post on there often, as you can see :)
17:38<Daevien>about as often as heckman's mom showers?
17:41-!-cantelope [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
17:55-!-bbeausej [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
17:56-!-Snuffop [~mbuchaus@] has quit [Quit: Linkinus -]
17:56-!-pyruvate [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:57-!-storrgie [] has joined #linode
17:59-!-joshdotsmith [] has joined #linode
18:01-!-Rezt [] has joined #linode
18:01-!-LeoSh [] has joined #linode
18:02<LeoSh>I just want to double check, If I prepay for a linode for 12 or 24 months and then need to upgrade it to a larger slice, does the prepay apply as credit?
18:03<kyhwana>hmm, good question
18:03<@akerl>LeoSh: The billing system does it's magic. You would be invoiced for the difference between the new plan and the old plan
18:04<LeoSh>@akerl thanks! I just want to double check that I'm not locked into that size for the duration of the pre-pay
18:04*kyhwana setup!
18:05-!-devcomp [] has quit [Quit: devcomp]
18:05<@akerl>Yup. You're never locked in, resize away!
18:06<Daevien>akerl: speaking of locked in, did you push heckman back in his cage & make sure the door was locked?
18:06-!-ngranek [~bigjocker@] has quit [Quit: ngranek]
18:07-!-cro [~Adium@] has joined #linode
18:07-!-cro [~Adium@] has quit []
18:08<@akerl>Daevien: Yea. He guessed the combo on the lock we were using. Turns out 4321 wasn't as secure as previously hoped
18:08<Daevien>it kept him guessing for quite a while though
18:11<avenj>my previous employer's security codes for the doors are all the same as the last four digits of the phone number :|
18:11<avenj>at least, I really expect they haven't gotten any smarter recently.
18:22-!-srj55 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:29-!-userme [] has joined #linode
18:30<LeoSh>Slicehost has internal IP's for traffic between slices, is there anything similar on linode? The linode I just generated only seems to have a public facing IP...
18:30<@akerl>LeoSh: Each Linode has a private IPv4 address
18:30-!-kenichi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:31<@akerl>You can enable it under the "Remote Access" tab in the Manager
18:31<@akerl>It takes a reboot to use it, and you'll need to configure static IPs, as explained in the link on that page of the manager
18:31<Daevien>you can also use ipv6 within the same DC without bandwidth charges
18:32<@akerl>To note, the private IP is "private" to the datacenter, not to your specific Linodes, so you still want to make sure you're secure via iptables or other
18:32-!-loxs [~loxs@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:33<LeoSh>akerl: thanks! so I still need to manually add it to after I restart /etc/network/interfaces ?
18:34<@akerl>What do you mean by "Manually add it"?
18:34<LeoSh>sorry, can't type. if I enable it on the remote access page and reboot, do I need to do anything else for it to work?
18:35<@akerl>Yes, you'll need to configure your /etc/network/interfaces to use both your public and private IPs
18:35<Daevien>yes. the steps the directions on the manager page tell you to do
18:35<@akerl>The link on the remote access page for "static IPs" explains it
18:35<@akerl>Basically, you can get the public IPv4 address via DHCP, but if you want multiple IPs, you need to staticly configure them
18:36<LeoSh>got it, thanks. Slicehost does the interfaces config automatically.
18:37<Daevien>slicehost also doesn't really exist anymore either, i'd take manual 1 time config over that :p
18:37<@akerl>LeoSh: I'm not sure I'd want my provider mucking with my configs...
18:38<LeoSh>Daevien: that's the reason why I'm here - not complaining - just noting that 'feature' :-)
18:38*Daevien mucks with akerl's configs and migrates him to centos
18:39<ajmitch>Daevien: careful, he may enjoy it
18:39<@akerl>If I saw my Linodes running centos, first step would be nuke everything
18:41-!-zack__ [~zack@] has quit [Quit: zack__]
18:41<Daevien>no lie, i dealt with a dude last friday that just deployed a new server for a company a friend works for.. while asking him what all it ran and stuff to see what he knew, i asked him what version of centos it was running (noticed that much but didn't catch version on the scroll). he said it was 5.7 instead of 6 because he likes to stay a year behind centos latest release so it's not too bleeding edge
18:42<Daevien>i muted the speakerphone and nearly fell over laughing
18:42<Daevien>and then told my friend to make sure he closed the port forward to that server as soon as he could
18:46-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
18:47<Solver>nyan cat in ansi!
18:48<Solver>telnet miku.acm.uiuc.ed
18:48-!-zack_ [~zack@] has joined #linode
18:49<Daevien>welcome to yesterday? :p
18:50<Solver>actually it is tomorrow here :)
18:50<Solver>I'm enjoying Friday already
18:51-!-Rotwang [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:59-!-sivy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:00-!-RoosterJuice [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:08-!-goose [] has quit [Quit: Staying alive can kill you, it's taken years off of my life.]
19:09-!-zeade [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
19:12-!-zack_ [~zack@] has quit [Quit: zack_]
19:17-!-eja [~user@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:17-!-hipsters_ [] has quit []
19:18-!-jordify [] has joined #linode
19:18-!-zack_ [~zack@] has joined #linode
19:19-!-laser` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:21-!-ngranek [~bigjocker@] has joined #linode
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19:24-!-LeoSh [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
19:25*kyhwana enjoys a beer in the sun.. took his 30th off work
19:27<swaj>damn ISC dlv site is telling me the DNSKEY isn't in the validity period for one of my domains, but it definitely is....
19:27<Yaakov>YOU ARE INVALID
19:28<dr_jkl>trying to do something
19:28<dr_jkl>but i'm not sure how best to accomplish it or even if it's possible
19:29<swaj>dig +dnssec soa
19:29-!-Rezt [] has quit [Quit: Textual IRC Client:]
19:29<swaj>tell me how 20111230XXXXXX is not in the future....
19:29<bd_>swaj: chinese calendar?
19:31-!-eja [~user@] has joined #linode
19:31<tonyyarusso>I have a mail server that consists of Postfix, Dovecot, and Roundcube on Ubuntu accessed via IMAP. I recently got an iPhone, and it has this concept of "PUSH notifications", which as I understand it is supposed to use less data transfer and battery power. Is there a way to add that to my mail capability server?
19:33<@akerl>tonyyarusso: My understanding of iPhone Push Notifications suggests that the answer is "Yes, but not really"
19:33<Daevien>if only roundcube had the concept of security, it would be a nice webmail
19:33<kyhwana>dr_jkl: what is it?
19:34<tonyyarusso>akerl: care to expand on that thought?
19:34<tonyyarusso>Daevien: What issues do you know of with it?
19:34<@akerl>iirc, even gmail doesn't do push through the iphone's mail app. They had to have their own app.
19:34<tonyyarusso>I believe you are correct.
19:34<Daevien>tonyyarusso: it's probably easier to say how often it DOESN'T have an issue :p
19:35<@akerl>Basically, it's not a matter of "Teach the server to do push magic, profit". You'd need to have a matching app and do the dance with apple to get push magic for the app, and then have the app/server communicate
19:35<Daevien> first result on google for iphone push email dovecot
19:35<tonyyarusso>Daevien: what kinds of issues?
19:35-!-ngranek [~bigjocker@] has joined #linode
19:35<seanh>tonyyarusso: apples notion of push involves hitting apis on servers they control to notify the application that it needs to do something (like "check your mail")
19:35<tonyyarusso>akerl: Oh, well that is stupid.
19:35<tonyyarusso>I was hoping it was just a feature I could add with some kind of plugin.
19:36*akerl defers to Daevien's google-fu
19:37<tonyyarusso>Daevien: I found that link, but got scared off when I got to "set up your e-mail account as a Microsoft Exchange account".
19:37-!-kswan [] has joined #linode
19:37<swaj>basically, you have to set up your email account as exchange
19:37<swaj>and dovecot appears to be able to work that way
19:37<Daevien>heh. i haven't used it, but it's what i found on google... i'm apple free (well except for an old g4 that i infact have never booted but technically do own i suppose)
19:38<bob2>tonyyarusso, no you can't have
19:38<bob2>iphone doesn't do IMAP IDLE
19:38<Daevien>and roundcube has a bad track record for security. most people that care / know abotu security run away from it
19:38<bob2>so you can poll, or use a hilarious piece of shit php MAPI thing
19:38-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:38<linbot>New news from forums: How to achieve "parked domains/alias domains" with in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
19:38<tonyyarusso>Daevien: If you're going to say it has bad security, I'd really like to know specifics you've encountered.
19:39<tonyyarusso>'k, polling it is
19:39<Daevien>roundcube security problems search on google: 1,850,000 results
19:40<Daevien>282,00 for bob's search of cve roundcube :p
19:40<Daevien>er 282,000
19:40<swaj>you know how you get push email to your iphone for your domain?
19:40<swaj>stop hosting your own email and use gapps
19:40<bob2>that is indeed an option
19:41<@akerl>swaj: Except that google's gmail app is meh, and they don't do push for the default mail app
19:41<bob2>akerl, yeah they do
19:41<tonyyarusso>number of google hits or number of CVEs doesn't mean much without data on severity and patching speed...
19:41<swaj>akerl: except, yes they do. google Sync
19:41<bob2>(and have for a very long time)
19:41<swaj>akerl: set up your account as an exchange account. It's worked since like... iphone 3g
19:41<bob2>well, what do you want, the iphone doesn't do imap idle
19:41<swaj>ew? because it has MS'es name on it? ActiveSync works.
19:41<bob2>and idle's kinda shit too
19:41<Daevien>your choice tony. if you don't care enough to do your own research, feel free to keep running it. just remember we warned you ;)
19:42<rnowak>ignorance is bliss
19:42<tonyyarusso>bob2: The obvious answer to "what do you want" would be "for it to do IMAP IDLE" :P
19:42-!-zeade [] has joined #linode
19:42<bob2>that woudn't be super great either
19:43<tonyyarusso>Daevien: Well, your warning could have been more useful.
19:43<bob2>afaik you can idle-poll one mailbox at a time per connection
19:43<swaj>it actually sort of *does* support IMAP IDLE, because that's what Yahoo mail uses, and yahoo's push mail works on iOS
19:43<swaj>but it isn't enabled for anything else
19:44<rnowak>who uses email anyway right? facebook im is everything anyone would need today!
19:44<swaj>Yahoo doesn't use activesync/exchange
19:44<swaj>it's IMAP
19:44<swaj>and push works for it
19:45<bob2> disagrees
19:45<KyleXY>It's fucking iOS, heh
19:46<bob2>heh sms magic
19:46<bob2>which I think is what blackberry does also
19:47<bob2>but afaik blackberry requires carrier support and yahoo does not
19:47<tonyyarusso>Daevien: Looking at , it looks like Secunia doesn't think there's much going on. bob2's link doesn't show many either.
19:47<bob2>compared to what?
19:47-!-saikat [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
19:48<Daevien>bob2: shush with your logical questions!
19:49<bob2>I'm not saying any other php webmail thing is any good either
19:49*Daevien sticks "i <3 php" bumpersticker on bob2's car
19:49<tonyyarusso>wait, hold that thought - cvedetails seems to be listed *unpatched* ones.
19:50<tonyyarusso>I don't think I believe that list as such...
19:50<tonyyarusso>or not, I can't really tell.
19:50-!-saikat [] has joined #linode
19:51<tonyyarusso>bob2:, for instance
19:51<bob2>I have no idea what secunia is
19:52<tonyyarusso>They're a security firm.
19:54-!-seanyu [~seanyu@] has joined #linode
19:54<tanto>from how do i roll my own distro and upload it?
19:55<linbot>rnowak: "custom" could be
19:55<tanto>i want scientific linux 6.1
19:55<rnowak>!library custom
19:55<linbot>rnowak: 1. Running a Custom Linux Distro on a Linode VPS - | 2. Run Custom Kernels and Distribution Templates on Linode Instances - | 3. Run a Custom Compiled Kernel with PV-GRUB -
19:55<bob2>consider how much you care, though
19:55<tanto>consider how much i care?
19:56<tanto>ahh using dd
19:58-!-marcopkb [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:58<tanto>so when is linode going to roll out scientific linux? centos is clearly a failboat right now and scientific linux is the closest thing we have to RHEL
19:59-!-arabori [] has joined #linode
20:00-!-vraa [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:01<@akerl>tanto: For SL, you're probably better rolling centos and then switching the repos over
20:01<kyhwana>failbaot linux
20:02<@akerl>tanto: You can hop right over
20:03<tanto>what and make another bump on that thread to have you guys make an actual scientific linux distro? :)
20:04<@akerl>I was referring to distro hopping, but we have that "Feature Request" forum for a reason, and you're certainly welcome to use it :)
20:04-!-srj55 [] has joined #linode
20:05<tanto>yeah burning with centos then changing it to SL is not ideal especially with api and bootstrapping
20:05<tonyyarusso>akerl: So how many of the responses to the "What three things do you want to see" thread do you think will be done in the next 5 years?
20:06<bob2>yeah akerl can definitely preannounce products now
20:07-!-AviMarcus [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
20:07<Daevien>bob2: he can read minds too
20:07<rnowak>what, you mean you can't?
20:07<bob2>I just want ipv6 in TOKYO
20:08<Daevien>rnowak: there are very few thoughts in this channel that anyone woudl want to read
20:08<tonyyarusso>bob2: I didn't ask which ones :)
20:09<@akerl>tonyyarusso: 42
20:09<@akerl>Give or take around 9001
20:09<joshdotsmith>how do you connect to a remote database over tcp?
20:10<joshdotsmith>I'm trying tcp://
20:10<MTecknology>akerl: α = 0.95 ?
20:10<@akerl>joshdotsmith: Is the database listening?
20:10<tanto>joshdotsmith: by default postgres doesn't listen on a public interface, so you need to set postgres to listen on your public IP, and then open the firewall for postgres's port (5432 is default)
20:10<joshdotsmith>ahh probably not then
20:10<tanto>ideally you'd open your firewall for only your remote client IP(s), and not to everyone
20:11<joshdotsmith>how should I go about doing this? like where should I learn?
20:11<@akerl>joshdotsmith: Out of curiousity, what are you attempting to accomplish?
20:12<joshdotsmith>googling but some of this stuff isn't great
20:12<@akerl>Like "end goal of this conversation", not "connect via tcp"
20:12<joshdotsmith>I've got an app in the same datacenter as a db server
20:12<JoeK>i make ll my connections over UDP
20:12<JoeK>like a boss
20:12<rnowak>connections over UDP?
20:13<@akerl>joshdotsmith: Step one: Use the private network.
20:13<rnowak>that's hardcore
20:13<Daevien>rnowak: sadly, maskes more sense than his usual ideas
20:13<joshdotsmith>akerl: it's not with Linode
20:13<JoeK>i setupped my usb card to use udp
20:13<tonyyarusso>Databases are totally okay with unreliable connections!
20:13<rnowak>they are not connections ok
20:14<joshdotsmith>akerl: I'm a Linode customer, but I'm using Rackspace's DFW datacenter for this Node.js app
20:14<@akerl>joshdotsmith: tanto's link has what you're looking for :)
20:15<joshdotsmith>what's the /24 after the IP?
20:15<tanto>ip block notation
20:15<tonyyarusso>joshdotsmith: CIDR notation for the network mask
20:15<tanto>so == 10.1.2.*
20:15<tanto>the entire 10.1.2 class C range
20:15<tanto>if it's just 1 IP do:
20:16<joshdotsmith>oh, cool
20:16-!-dommo [] has joined #linode
20:16-!-alexgordon [] has joined #linode
20:17<dommo>Hey just bought +10gb storage, resizing image... it's been cranking away for 15 minutes. Expected?
20:17<dommo>Last resize I did took like 3 mins
20:18<tonyyarusso>Sounds a little long to me - staff can poke at it to confirm what's going on. Occasionally jobs get stuck in the queue and don't run for a while it seems.
20:19-!-jasuess [] has joined #linode
20:19<dommo>yeah now my linode is permadown because the queue is blocked..
20:19-!-joshowens [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:20-!-MJCS [] has quit [Quit: CYA]
20:24<kyhwana>hmm, file a ticket?
20:25<dommo>Just did. Gr.
20:25<dommo>I love automation, except when I don't
20:26-!-marcopkb [] has joined #linode
20:26-!-saikat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:27<tonyyarusso>dommo: "permadown" might be a poor choice considering their usual response time.
20:28-!-blindwaves [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:31-!-saikat [~saikat@] has joined #linode
20:33-!-karstensrage [] has joined #linode
20:42-!-kswan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:42-!-joshowens [] has joined #linode
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20:48-!-vraa [] has joined #linode
20:51-!-Gabtendo [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 11.0a1/20111201031025]]
20:52<tanto>anyone happen to know of other secure android platforms like whispercore?
20:53<tanto> unfortunately not compatible with htc evo
20:54-!-descender [] has joined #linode
20:55-!-fisted [] has joined #linode
20:57<amitz>say, how to open a port in my linode temporarily so that I can telnet from my computer to linode to check if that port is filtered by my isp?
20:57<amitz>s/open/listen(or whatever the term)
20:58<kyhwana>oh, use netcat
20:58<kyhwana>make sure your iptables rules arent blocking it either
20:58<amitz>mkay, noted. let me rtfm netcat
21:00<encode>amitz: i'm pretty sure there's a java application available from $largeCorporation to do that
21:00<amitz>i'm not seeing that capability. I want to open a port instead of finding out which port is open
21:01<encode>but if you want a cheap and nasty solution, you can probably figure it out yourself
21:01<amitz>encode: yes, but the download will hog my bandwidth for hours.
21:01<Daevien>amitz: netcat will listen
21:01<encode>rather than playing around with netcat, i would just tell sshd to listen on that port, and try and connect
21:02<encode>but that's me
21:02<encode>and i don't know how to use netcat either
21:03<Daevien>nc -l -p 1234
21:03<MTecknology>I'm confused..... I miked hot peppers, liquid smoke, worstershire sauce, and some seasonings in a blender, put it in the fridge to keep good overnight, i open the blender, and yellow smoke comes out from it.... weird
21:03<MTecknology>encode: netcat is amazing :)
21:03<encode>Daevien: that's way too easy. I bet it won't scale to ENTERPRISE levels
21:03<Daevien>then telnet or whatever you like to that port (1234 in this case) and see if it connects
21:03<encode>MTecknology: apparently so
21:04<dwfreed>MTecknology: socat is better :P
21:04<Daevien>dwfreed: amitz = nyancat
21:04<encode>or just run tcpdump on your linode while you attempt to connect from home
21:05<Daevien>or, amitz, just use
21:05<Daevien>"All 65k TCP ports, from 1 to 65535, are open on this web server."
21:05<amitz>col, but i must leave for now, noted, will see that Daevien
21:05<amitz>or just use python, just remember.
21:06<kyhwana>or use nmap
21:06-!-arabori [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
21:07-!-Snuffop [] has joined #linode
21:09-!-dommo [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
21:09-!-squircle [~squircle@2001:470:1d:6ac:129a:ddff:fe50:5421] has joined #linode
21:14-!-corycollier [] has joined #linode
21:19-!-wkl_ [~wkl@] has joined #linode
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21:34-!-BaldwinKoo_ [] has joined #linode
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21:35-!-HarryS [] has joined #linode
21:37-!-fisted_ [] has joined #linode
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21:43-!-saikat [~saikat@] has joined #linode
21:44-!-SkillsToShow__ [] has joined #linode
21:45-!-LeoSh [] has joined #linode
21:46<LeoSh>Is it possible to buy additional disk space to add to a linode? without bumping the actual linode up to a higher level?
21:47<rnowak>!extras LeoSh
21:47<linbot>Available extras: Disk: $ 1 per 1GB/month. RAM: $ 5 per 90MB/month. Transfer: $ 10 per 100GB/month. IPv4 addresses: $ 1 per address/month. To add extras, visit the Extras tab on a Linode.
21:47<Daevien>LeoSh: yes. but it quickly become sbetter to upgrade your linode itself. bigger linode = less other linodes on teh same host & more of all resources
21:48<KyleXY>I love the word "teh"
21:48-!-MrKeuner [] has joined #linode
21:49*Daevien kicks KyleXY in "teh" kneecap
21:49<KyleXY>ouch, I mean, yay!
21:49-!-MJCS [] has joined #linode
21:49<LeoSh>Daevien: Thanks! I don't need the other resources at all - this would effectively be a backup holder. for reference $1/GB month is 10x what Amazon EBS charges :-/
21:50<Daevien>LeoSh: yeah and you get 10x the service & prformance with a linode over EBS (at least ;)
21:50-!-BaldwinKoo_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:50<Daevien>and if it's cheaper to go to a bigger package, even though you might not use the ram, it's still cheaper so go to that bigger package which gives you the resource you do need
21:52<Daevien>you could also do s3 connected to a linode or something for just pure storage at this point. some talk has been done about linode offering slower but larger space aka amazon offerings but nothing has been finalized (or at least announced as finalized anyway)
21:53<Daevien>linode storage is much faster than how most providers do storage. plus the cost of drives is crazy currently due to shortages
21:53<LeoSh>unfortunately s3 isn't an option since we need to compare against the snapshots
21:53<LeoSh>I've noticed that the linode drives are blazing fast
21:53<LeoSh>which is fantastic for a lot of stuff, but not for large storage dumps :-)
21:55<LeoSh>if the pricing for a lower performance storage block was in EBS's neighborhood, I'd set it up at Linode.
21:55-!-Krashed [] has joined #linode
22:00-!-seanh-ansca [] has joined #linode
22:02-!-|Krashed| [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:23-!-kswan [] has joined #linode
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22:31-!-philip--away is now known as philip
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22:31-!-philip is now known as Guest19002
22:31-!-Guest19002 is now known as philip19002
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22:46-!-zz_neilio is now known as neilio
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22:58<MrKeuner>is there a way to update an A record on linode DNS using bash console?
22:59<MrKeuner>trying to setup a seubdomain for my laptop
22:59<kyhwana>Does the API let you do that? I haven't played with the linode API before
22:59<MrKeuner>wasn't aware of an API
22:59<kyhwana>obviously it would have to be via the API
23:00<bob2>screw that
23:00<bob2>1) get account at for
23:00<kyhwana>why can't you use the linode web manager?
23:00<bob2>2) install client to update
23:00<bob2>3) CNAME to
23:00<bob2>4) drink
23:01<kyhwana>MrKeuner: so the answqer is yes, using the API
23:02<MrKeuner>kyhwana, thanks API looks good
23:02<rnowak>I just put stuff in the hosts file, and linode's dns servers somehow pick it up
23:02<MrKeuner>bob2, I'll use your suggestion meanwhile implementing API solution
23:03-!-majpac [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
23:03<MrKeuner>rnowak, that looks easy :)
23:03<rnowak>yes, very much so
23:03*rnowak runs
23:05-!-DrJ [~Bacon@] has joined #linode
23:07-!-atoussaint [] has joined #linode
23:07<MrKeuner>thanks for suggestions everyone
23:07-!-MrGlass [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:08-!-marcopkb [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:10-!-atoussaint [] has left #linode []
23:10-!-marcopkb [] has joined #linode
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23:14-!-kswan [] has joined #linode
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23:15-!-atoussaint [atoussaint@] has joined #linode
23:15-!-kswan [] has joined #linode
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23:17<Nivex>21/yes/your place
23:18-!-SamT [] has joined #linode
23:19<atoussaint>I have a linode server which I am trying to configure postfix so it allow relaying for authenticated user (over ssl)
23:20<atoussaint>the server work for the most part (receiving mail for its domain) but it refuse to relay mail
23:20-!-kswan [] has left #linode []
23:21-!-kswan [] has joined #linode
23:21<atoussaint>is there someone here having a working configuration similar to what I'm trying to achieve?
23:21-!-NdFeB [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
23:21-!-kswan [] has left #linode []
23:21-!-kswan [] has joined #linode
23:22-!-Gabtendo [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 11.0a1/20111201031025]]
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23:23-!-kswan [] has joined #linode
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23:23-!-kswan [] has joined #linode
23:23<tonyyarusso>So, you just need to enable authentication?
23:23-!-kswan [] has left #linode []
23:24<atoussaint>for that, I configured dovecot-sasl
23:24<bob2>does it work?
23:25<atoussaint>I can read mails from my user account
23:25-!-Hoggs [] has joined #linode
23:27<atoussaint>dovecot is setup to use pam and the passwd files for user & password
23:27<atoussaint>and the ssl certificate are the same as for postfix
23:28<tonyyarusso>Look at the smtp_sasl_ options for
23:28-!-atoussaint [atoussaint@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:29<tonyyarusso>Or not
23:29-!-atoussaint [atoussaint@] has joined #linode
23:30-!-LeoSh [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
23:30-!-atoussaint [atoussaint@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:31-!-zeade [] has joined #linode
23:31-!-atoussaint [atoussaint@] has joined #linode
23:32-!-sivy_ [] has joined #linode
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23:32-!-bbtech [] has quit [Quit: HydraIRC -> <- The alternative IRC client]
23:33-!-atoussaint [atoussaint@] has joined #linode
23:34<tonyyarusso>You going to stay this time?
23:34<atoussaint>I try
23:35<atoussaint>I keep getting booted
23:35<tonyyarusso>Look at the smtpd_sasl_ options for
23:36<tonyyarusso>You'll enable it and link it to dovecot's auth
23:36-!-atoussaint [atoussaint@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:37-!-maushu [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:37-!-atoussaint [atoussaint@] has joined #linode
23:37<atoussaint>here they are: smtpd_sasl_auth_enable = yes
23:38<atoussaint>smtpd_sasl_path = private/auth
23:38<atoussaint>the socket is there
23:38<atoussaint>smtpd_sasl_type = dovecot
23:38-!-sivy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:39<atoussaint>smtpd_sasl_local_domain = $myhostname
23:39<kyhwana>What do your logs say?
23:39<atoussaint>nothing, I'd like to increase the verbosity
23:41<tonyyarusso>private/auth, not private/dovecot-auth? Different from mine there.
23:43<atoussaint>I agree, but dovecot is configured with these config:
23:43<atoussaint>service auth {
23:43<atoussaint> unix_listener /var/spool/postfix/private/auth {
23:43<atoussaint> group = postfix
23:43<atoussaint> mode = 0660
23:43<atoussaint> user = postfix
23:44-!-seanyu [] has joined #linode
23:44<tonyyarusso>'k. Worry about the logs then until you get a useful message.
23:44<atoussaint>as for the log, postfix indeed logged an email which is sent from my regular mail account to the server
23:44<atoussaint>but it doesn't log any login attempt
23:45<tonyyarusso>What about the dovecot log?
23:46<StevenK>Postfix will not log login attempts
23:46<StevenK>Dovecot ought to
23:46<atoussaint>there's plenty of logs comming from dovecot with these lines:
23:46<atoussaint>Dec 1 23:33:13 li366-123 dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<alain>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, mpid=25444, TLS
23:46<atoussaint>Dec 1 23:33:13 li366-123 dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<alain>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, mpid=25446, TLS
23:46<atoussaint>Dec 1 23:33:58 li366-123 dovecot: imap(alain): Disconnected: Logged out bytes=94/732
23:46<atoussaint>Dec 1 23:33:58 li366-123 dovecot: imap(alain): Disconnected: Logged out bytes=63/430
23:47<kyhwana>Thats all imap, you said you had problems with smtp?
23:47<linbot> <-- paste here, not in the channel
23:47<atoussaint>kyhwana-- yup
23:49<atoussaint>kyhwana, dovecot also handle user authentication for postfix
23:49-!-dvgrhl [] has quit []
23:49-!-dvgrhl [] has joined #linode
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23:55-!-diimdeep [~diimdeep@] has joined #linode
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23:59-!-VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:59<linbot>Point (0.71755595, 0.91055997) falls outside of the unit circle. Hits: 108449 of 137672 (π ≈ 3.150938462432448 - 0.009345808842655). http://π
23:59-!-atoussaint [atoussaint@] has joined #linode
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