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00:00<atula>hi. I have 1 interface eth0 with alias eth0:0. for a private ip I want to restrict MySQL access to only the private IP from another private IP. I can't seem to find a doc that deals with this. can someone help?
00:00<atula>thank you
00:00<@akerl>bind to the private ip, set up iptables to only allow traffic to it from the desired ip
00:00<atula>akerl: I'm using shorewall
00:00<atula>sorry I didn't make that clear
00:00<Kyhwana>so set shorewall up to only allow traffic to it from the desire IP
00:00<@akerl>oh. Then bind to the private ip, and set up shorewall to only allow traffic to it from the desired ip
00:00<@akerl>That said, shorewall is using iptables, and you'll do well in the long run if you go ahead and switch to manipulating iptables directly (imo)
00:00<atula>it's a shorewall question really. I understand what you guys are saying... that's what I am trying to do with shorewall
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00:01<bob2>also, you can just use the bind-address option to listen only on the one /address
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00:01<chesty>that doesn't stop other linodes from connecting on the private address
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00:42<praetorian>i say to thee
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01:43<dcraig>hi igufi
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01:56<igufi>I think I found the perfect combo for background music while tweaking my linode: +
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02:05<XReaper>Re-installed windows... now i don't have my ssh keys... yay
02:07<Kyhwana>restore from backup
02:07<danske>heyo. I am getting 'image create failed' for an OS I try to put on my new linode.
02:07<danske>this is sad for me. Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?
02:08<@akerl>danske: Been redeploying a lot recently?
02:08<chesty>XReaper: you're not allowed to connect to linode from windows, so I wouldn't go blabbing about it in public
02:08<XReaper>chesty, :O
02:08<danske>akerl: I've been rebuilding many times, trying various distros
02:08<@akerl>danske: That'd do it :P
02:08<Kyhwana>akerl: ?
02:09<XReaper>akerl, did he break something? :P
02:09<@akerl>Essentially, you can take a break for a bit, or you can put in a ticket and we can attempt to expedite things
02:09<bd_>akerl: outran the GC?
02:09<@akerl>We securely scrub old disk images, which is slower than creating fresh ones. So if you rapidly create big disks and delete them, you can outrun the scrubbing process
02:10<XReaper>Ooooh... I was actually wondering about that before :P
02:10<marius>It's also brillinat if you fuck up when redeploying, if there's a scrub queue you cna get lucky adn get yoru image back
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02:10<@akerl>The solution there if you want to deploy repeatedly is to use smaller images
02:10<danske>i see. Well I'll put in a ticket for good measure, and go take a nap while things catch up to my warp speed
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02:10<marius>It's not an advised process of course, but if all fails, you can ask nicely and might get lucky
02:11<marius>silly danes :P
02:11<bd_>marius: I've heard someone (mikegrb?) say they intentionally make sure images aren't scrubbed instantly for exactly that reason :)
02:11<XReaper>its a two step process to say 'bye bye disk image'
02:12<marius>I did a redeploy and imported my backups, and once the backup was done, I realized friggin mysqldump had only managed ot back up half my databases
02:12<marius>That was a sad sad day =(
02:13<marius>I now swear by phpMyAdmin for all my manual backing ups
02:13<marius>it hasnt's failed me yet
02:13<bd_>protip: add some extra disk space next time instead of erasing :)
02:13<@akerl>protip: redeploy using a second linode
02:13<marius>I'd sooner buy a bigger node then more diskspace
02:13<marius>I'm running low on linodes, I used ot ahve such a beautiful collection =(
02:13<XReaper>protip: make it a 20G linode :P
02:14<marius>I've had a 12G one
02:14<marius>Is it 12? I hink it's 12.
02:14<marius>Had ot be huge for minecraft xD
02:14<XReaper>Yes :D
02:14<StevenK>XReaper: You can have one, if you want one.
02:14<@akerl>In general, I never delete disk images unless the new Linode is already up and running replacing it
02:14<marius>I now run it on a 4G one, seems to be doing quite well, although the world is nowhere near as huge as the last one
02:14<XReaper>I tried mc on a linode once...
02:15<XReaper>its probs more stable now
02:15<marius>yeah, they solved a lot of the memory issues
02:15<marius>It used to take up 6-8G just to run without people on it =/
02:15<marius>now it sits at ~300-600M most of the time
02:15<marius>does a fair few cpu cycles when generating new chunks, but nothing excessive
02:15<XReaper>i have one sitting in a vmware esxi vm with 2G ram and 8GB swap (just in case :/) and yeah
02:16<XReaper>sits nice n low
02:16<marius>Good ol' jeb and the bukkit devs, fixing things right up
02:17<XReaper>i wonder if it will work on a 512... :P
02:17<marius>It will
02:17<marius>I wouldn't advise playing with friends though ;)
02:17<XReaper>i have a 512 doing nothing much atm :/
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02:21<marius>I think I just crashed Outlook...
02:22<XReaper>You use outlook?
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02:22<Zagreb>I use outlook.
02:22<@akerl>that would seem to be a prerequisite for crashing it, wouldn't it?
02:25<linbot>New news from forums: How to add Another website ? in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
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02:33<Zagreb_>what just happened.
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02:33<Zagreb_>I dropped?
02:33<dcraig>you dropped.
02:33<jed>the drop?
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02:39<marius>jed, I don't get it
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02:40<jed>you don't get the drop
02:40<jed>it just drops
02:47<@array>jed: i know mud, but what is moo?
02:47<jed>mud but what is moo?
02:47*jed grumbles
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03:07<wrf>what is ssh
03:07<chesty>seemingly steaming hell
03:08<wrf>hm, that explains a lot
03:08<jed>okay, total disclosure for linode employees
03:08<jed>I totally just typed "" to check on my ticket, and chrome autocompleted to the admin URL
03:08<jed>I promise I'm not bruteforcing
03:08<jed>half-asleep me didn't realize you don't get auth dialogs for tickets
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03:10<chesty>jed: who's the mayor of your building?
03:11<jed>home, my wife, the office ... I think Erin
03:11<marius>There's an Erin at the office?
03:11<marius>She hot?
03:11*jed stares at marius
03:11<marius>Hey, these are important questions!
03:11<wrf>finally a decent Siri commercial, starring none other than Sam Jackson, of course.
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03:12<chesty>the big bang theory got siri spot on
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03:14<@array>jed: reported. the hounds have been released.
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03:15<marius>chesty, I loved that episode, one of the best ones this season
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03:19<XReaper><3 this channel
03:19<marius>You do ?
03:19<XReaper>#linode < Linode
03:21<wrf>this is the official mac support channel, right?
03:22<marius>Who uses macs?
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03:23<chesty>mac users
03:24<@akerl>chesty: nop. Macs use mac users. Mac users use magic
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03:27<XReaper>Linodes use.... Linode userrs?
03:27<wrf>in soviet russia?
03:30<XReaper>Linode users use magic...
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03:50<gdr>big or small?
03:50<SnakeO>gdr: what terminal is taht
03:51<gdr>with putty tray
03:52<gdr>& tmux
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03:56<XReaper>gdr: wgaaaaaa
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03:56<gdr>wga? :p
03:56<XReaper>whaaaa LO
03:56<gdr>big or small mousepad
03:56<gdr>bit dark of a picture ;p
03:58<XReaper>my mousepad is pretty huge
03:58<wrf>what's a mousepad?
03:58<gdr>mine is 17x14
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03:59<gdr>hm, mouse - pad, i think you can figure it out wrf
04:00<XReaper>its not a womens personal care product
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04:00<XReaper>Standard 355mm x 254mm x 3mm Design
04:00<XReaper>i think thats mine...
04:01<gdr>about 14x10 in inches
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04:01<gdr>that's a big pad, brah
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04:07<linbot>New news from forums: Your IP Addresses Allocation Stinks! in General Discussion <>
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04:12<EugeneKay>I wonder what today's gripe is.
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04:21<gdr>perhaps green eggs and ham
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04:37<smftre>morning european linoders
04:43<dr_jkl>argh, i wish ram wasn't so damn sexpensive
04:44<Kyh>moar ram?
04:44<dr_jkl>LOL at that forum post
04:44<dr_jkl>You don't need seperate IP addresses for SSL. :D Learn to apache2.0, kthx
04:45<dr_jkl>Kyh: yeah, I need a place where I can run a RAM-hungry minecraft server.
04:48<Kegley1>< Not Euro :P
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04:52<Kyh>dr_jkl: hmm, some cheapo openvz thing? :P
04:53<marius>dr_jkl, doing it wrong then.
04:57<XReaper>Not euro :P
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05:00<dr_jkl>the server i'm running uses 8-10GB of ram.
05:00<dr_jkl>woo tekkit
05:01<dcraig>sounds like a linode 10240 is perfect for you !
05:01<dr_jkl>i _would_ host it with linode but i don't shit money
05:02<Kegley1>And by that level, you're getting closer into dedicated levels anyway
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05:03<dr_jkl>it might just be time to colo a box
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05:03<XReaper>dr_jkl: these days, servers don't need shit loads of ram
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05:03<XReaper>with the new 1.2, air doesn't get loaded :P
05:03<smftre>It would be really nice if you did shit money.. just imagine
05:03<XReaper>THAT reduced ram by a lot
05:03<Kegley1>Arby's horsey sauce all day
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05:04<XReaper>smftre: ywah, everyone would host mc servers on linode :P
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05:05<smftre>I would buy earth and kick everyone off it :)
05:05*smftre thinks the title of smftre god of earth is quite fitting
05:05<smftre>..perhaps I'm just not a people's person :D
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05:06<linbot>New news from forums: IPv6 support for linode DNS acting as slave to do a AXFR. in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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05:17<XReaper>worksforme. NEXT!
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06:32<emk>Hi all, I am about to change data centers.. will I need to shutdown my machine?
06:32<emk>*shut down my linode?
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06:35<HoopyCat>i think the migration button will shut it down for you, but indeed, it will be shut down
06:37<@akerl>I'm 95% sure it requires that you shut down the Linode yourself before the migrate button is clickable
06:37<Kyh>pretty hard to migrate it while it's running
06:37<Kyh>tho apparently VMWare enterprise has some high end shit to do it
06:41<HoopyCat>it's not impossible within a local environment with shared storage, but between storage arrays or across a WAN... eh
06:42<HoopyCat> can do it tho
06:45<HoopyCat>also, dear $utility: informing us at 4pm that you're going to be swapping out the gas meter the next morning == not 100% cool
06:45<rnowak>nothing's imbossible at zombocom
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07:04<emk>@rnowak haha @Kyh ok... guess I'll have to have a few minutes (hopefully) of website downtime
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07:04<Kyh>emk: well, depends how much stuff you have to migrate
07:04<emk>Kyh: just a single linode... its got a webserver running on it and not much else (as far as I know)
07:04<Kyh>well, space
07:05-!-A-KO [as@2001:470:1f07:115d:91d2:198b:2a91:9384] has joined #linode
07:07<emk>Kyh: oh... damn storage will affect the migration _of course_ I didn't really think about that... hmm a quick df -h shows used space = 12GB!!
07:10<rnowak>it actually transfers the image as-is, so if you've got 20GB allocated in the manager, it will transfer that
07:10<@akerl>rnowak: beat me to it
07:10<rnowak>if you're moving across the pond, sizing it down might be worth it
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07:19<HoopyCat>tell you what, after those hard-boiled eggs at the JROC salad bar, the gas company oughta be paying -- err, disregard.
07:22<HoopyCat>rnowak: across one or more ponds
07:23<HoopyCat>rnowak: assuming a western-hemisphere-dominant view of the globe, at least
07:24<@akerl>HoopyCat: What other hemisphere would be dominant?
07:28<emk>rnowak: yeah I wanted to go from Fremont to London
07:28<HoopyCat>that's interpondally significant
07:28<emk>rnowak: though now that I thinkabout it, the main thing is to go _FROM_ Fremont... so I might just go t Newark
07:29<emk>*goto Newark
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07:36<XReaper>lul map
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07:40-!-kipferl [] has joined #linode
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07:48<chesty>eth1 has dropped out
07:50-!-Dedalo [~Dedalo@] has joined #linode
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08:19<EugeneKay>G-WAN. Thoughts?
08:21<rnowak>author is full of himself
08:21<rnowak>that's all I managed to pick up
08:22<EugeneKay>The fact that the Wikipedia article on it has been deleted several times is interesting.
08:23<rnowak>his reasons for not wanting to release the source code are laughable as well
08:23<rnowak>should've just said "because I don't want to"
08:23<EugeneKay>Hm. Missed the fact that it's not FOSS.
08:23<EugeneKay>Nevermind, then.
08:26-!-niemeyer [] has joined #linode
08:28*EugeneKay goes back to poking at nginx
08:32<linbot>nginx is an ancient Russian word meaning can't be bothered to tune Apache
08:32-!-nmudgal [~tracker@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:35<EugeneKay>SpaceHobo - I'm well aware of the merits(or dismerits) of Apache. nginx's, not so much. Hence, "poking at" ;-)
08:36<squircle>SpaceHobo <3
08:36<squircle>we should ALL spell like Canadians
08:36*squircle runs
08:36<EugeneKay>By "bus factor" do you mean the consistent way in which hipster admins seem to be jumping aboard?
08:37<EugeneKay>Oh, that. Yeah, that's a big art of the reason I don't use it in production.
08:37<rnowak>an art of reason, he said
08:39<XReaper>is nginx really that bad? :/
08:39<rnowak>what's your metric for bad?
08:41<EugeneKay>Lack of maturity(in age and in attidue) is a big one for me.
08:41-!-Hoggs [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:41<rnowak>did I dream it, or can you add a private key in gapps for dkim? I can't for the life of me find it
08:41<chesty>nginx is a young open source project. there's no bus factor, unless all open source developers get hit by a bus
08:42<XReaper>then its got bus-factor
08:42<rnowak>that's pretty racist
08:42<chesty>SpaceHobo: racist
08:42<EugeneKay>I am not a sexist or a racist. I <3 big-butted black chicks.
08:42<rnowak>on the way to "sensitivty training 101" you go EugeneKay
08:42<XReaper>EugeneKay: ...
08:43<emk>EugeneKay: you're an anti-white homophobe then
08:43<rnowak>racists, all of you
08:43<XReaper>evry1 is
08:43<XReaper>eating toast
08:44<emk>rnowak: what about someone who equally dislikes all races (and hmm... when did the linode IRC support channel degrade into reddit)
08:44<Zr40>emk: degrade all the things!
08:44<XReaper>mmm toast
08:44<rnowak>emk: when XReaper joined it, oh and Zr40
08:44<EugeneKay>SpaceHobo - actually it's fetishist.
08:44<chesty>SpaceHobo: what? that you're racist? just a simple troll
08:45<EugeneKay>But back to http daemons
08:45<rnowak>emk: and we call those people misantrophs
08:45<emk>SpaceHobo: really is there _any_ real issue with nginx.. I've set it up afew times... never gave me problems..
08:45<XReaper>should make an -offtopic
08:46<rnowak>functionally, not very many, in my experience, emk -- but his points are valid, and you need to consider to see if that's a "real" issue to you
08:47<XReaper>If you want something to keep the skiddies out... well...
08:48<Katana>lovely morning we're having, especially this lack of civility.
08:49<EugeneKay>I thought it was a good frank discussion of the merits of various packages
08:49<Katana>EugeneKay: i just see ad hominem back and forth and am already disgusted -.-
08:49*Katana wanders back out
08:50*rnowak blink
08:51<squircle>is there a particular reason why /etc/hosts doesn't define localhost as ::1 (which is actually ip6-localhost)? will adding ::1 as localhost break anything?
08:51<emk>SpaceHobo: yeah I agree, though if the core devs or Igor really ignore the community or act like assholes ten it'll fork right? like all good OS projects
08:52<EugeneKay>squircle - because a lot of legacy stuff(ex MySQL) isn't ipv6-capable yet and will break when attempting to bind / connect to ::1 in place of
08:53<squircle>EugeneKay: I see (although apparently MySQL 5.5 supports IPv6, but it's undocumented).
08:53<rnowak>SpaceHobo: probably!
08:53<EugeneKay> squircle - it's much the same reason that the 'ping' binary(and others) doesn't support/default to v6
08:53<rnowak>using "ad hominem" is so 2011
08:54<rnowak>another ad hominem
08:54<rnowak>well shit
08:54<squircle>EugeneKay: that would make sense
08:54<EugeneKay>eminem ads?
08:54<EugeneKay>squircle - people like stability. Ask Linus. ;-)
08:55<rnowak>asking dictators for their opionins, yerp
08:55<amitz>people like scalability, ask amitz ;-)
08:55<rnowak>back to your sweatshop cubicle amitz
08:55<squircle>unix sockets for everyone!
08:56<XReaper>sockets are awesome
08:56<chesty>rnowak: racist
08:56<rnowak>chesty: you know it
08:56<EugeneKay>Socks are better.
08:57<XReaper>SpaceHobo: doesn't facebook run nginx?
08:57<rnowak>I'm not even denying it, I can't stand people from whatever planet amitz is from
08:57<rnowak>they talk java and shit
08:57-!-stafamus [] has joined #linode
08:57<amitz>rnowak: i earn less than minimum wage in US!
08:57<rnowak>amitz: :(
08:58<rnowak>amitz is from enterprisia, a planet full of javurists
08:58<chesty>amitz: but you are in a good position for an indian
08:58<amitz>SpaceHobo: thank you.
08:58<rnowak>that's like sa... oh let's not say that
08:59<chesty>amitz: how many indians own their own home
08:59<rnowak>we're not aggressive enough in here... more ad hominem attacks, stat, SpaceHobo your go
08:59<amitz>chesty: but they deny me indian citizenship!
08:59<rnowak>amitz: you're in india now?
08:59<chesty>rnowak: some people say he is
09:00<rnowak>I see, this is all very... interesting
09:00<rnowak>I bet he is in the US working under the radar
09:01<rnowak>if you're one of those "john" (rashid) call center people amitz, I will hunt you down
09:03<chesty>rnowak: amitz is an ENTERPRISE programmer
09:04-!-linville [] has joined #linode
09:06-!-vraa [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:07<amitz>rnowak: i live in the land where the brand bajaj is famous.
09:08<rnowak>k, we now know he works for bajaj auto, we're getting there folks
09:08-!-nmudgal [~tracker@] has joined #linode
09:09-!-nmudgal [~tracker@] has quit []
09:10-!-undrt [] has joined #linode
09:11<amitz>my main job may be a customer liason officer. but i moonlight as an ENTERPRISE java programmer.
09:13<XReaper>not the ENTERPRISE again
09:14<linbot>New news from forums: can not recieve email, "Relay access denied" error in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
09:16<linbot>Paranoid ENTERPRISE programmer!
09:17<rnowak>that's like asking a heroin addict why they are just that
09:17<amitz>why do you ask? what's your intention?
09:19-!-Austin__ [~austin@] has joined #linode
09:22<XReaper>!alias add rnowak echo hi
09:22<linbot>XReaper: The operation succeeded.
09:22<XReaper>! rnowak
09:23<rnowak>You know, it is not often I use my client's capabilities to keep the stupid away from me, but it is getting too tempting in this case
09:24<smftre>I think I need medication..
09:24-!-dubenstein [~dubenstei@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:25<@akerl>!alias remove rnowak
09:25<linbot>akerl: The operation succeeded.
09:25<squircle>thank you akerl
09:29-!-MTecknol1gy is now known as MTecknology
09:34-!-joshdotsmith_ [] has joined #linode
09:34-!-joshdotsmith [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:34-!-joshdotsmith_ is now known as joshdotsmith
09:40-!-emk [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
09:40-!-thall_ [] has joined #linode
09:44-!-ia [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:46-!-tyler [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:49-!-vynsynt [~Adium@] has joined #linode
09:54-!-Kunda [] has joined #linode
10:08-!-Bartzy [~bar@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:10<linbot>New news from blog: CentOS 6.2, Fedora 16, openSUSE 12.1, and Gentoo <>
10:11-!-karstensrage [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:13<praetorian>good work heckman
10:13<praetorian>i assume dwfreed did the gentoo stuff tho
10:14<praetorian>sif put yourself thru that pain
10:14-!-Kunda [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:14<@heckman>Gentoo was the easiest, actually. Just time cosuming because of compiling.
10:14<@heckman>K.I.S.S. goes a long way.
10:15<XReaper>might see if a bukkit server will kill my 512 linode :D
10:15<praetorian>true that
10:15<praetorian>XReaper: as long as no one connects, im sure you will be fine
10:15-!-WuxiIxuw [~admin1@] has joined #linode
10:16<XReaper>i had it working on a 1GB linode before... back when it was unoptimised
10:18-!-mpkossen [~mpkossen@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
10:21<staticsafe>yuck minecraft
10:21<XReaper>linode is never a good place to host
10:21<XReaper>minecraft that is
10:25-!-A-KO^^ [] has joined #linode
10:26-!-A-KO [as@2001:470:1f07:115d:91d2:198b:2a91:9384] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
10:26-!-A-KO^^ is now known as A-KO
10:29<amitz>ENTERPRISE minecraft miner.
10:29<XReaper>amitz: ENTERPRISE everything?
10:31<amitz>XReaper: you don't have the synergetic platform of comprehensive integrative leverage to understand.
10:32-!-jspiros [~jspiros@2001:470:1f07:f30::1] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:32-!-HarryS [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:34-!-Vadtec [~Vadtec@2001:470:1f06:13e0::1337] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:34-!-darkbeholder [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:37-!-devsforev [] has joined #linode
10:37-!-randallman [~randall@2001:470:1f07:7e0::1] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:37<smftre>does linode offer any partnerships with companies?
10:39<@heckman>define: partnership
10:39-!-Vadtec [~Vadtec@2001:470:1f06:13e0::1337] has joined #linode
10:39-!-alester [] has joined #linode
10:42<XReaper>no, not for sale :P
10:42<XReaper>wow, a new tweet from @linode
10:43<squircle>openSUSE 12.1 \o/
10:43<@heckman>Such a confused distribution
10:43<squircle>thanks to whoever listened to my ticket (ericoc)
10:43<squircle>heckman: :(
10:44<squircle>this is why I sent you a car package, heckman :P
10:44<@heckman>squircle: them using LSB and SystemD together threw me for a loop.
10:44<squircle>*shrug* it works for me!
10:44<squircle>I do agree, it has many quirks
10:44<@heckman>Also, their locales are redonkulous.
10:45-!-randallman [] has joined #linode
10:45<XReaper>heckman: so... u got tasked to the unejoyable thing of creating that image...
10:46<XReaper>squircle: care or car
10:46<squircle>ugh, care
10:46<XReaper>heckman deserves better
10:46<squircle>i'm a student; i have no money!
10:46<XReaper>maybe a linode themed car
10:47<@heckman>XReaper: it was interesting, which made it enjoyable.
10:47<auraka>today I am thankful for Linode because they don't hire morons like other cloud providers
10:47<XReaper>LSB + Systemd? ??
10:47<squircle>ketchup chips are still disgusting no matter what heckman says
10:47<@heckman>best thing ever
10:47<XReaper>I see how that could be interesting!
10:47*auraka gives Rackspace and Zunicore the finger
10:48<squircle>heckman: please take all of Canada's ketchup chips; we have no need for them.
10:48<XReaper>I'd rather pay more to have a linode then pay less for something i don't know if the company will exist next week
10:50<CornishPasty>ketchup chips, squircle?
10:50<CornishPasty>Are we talking chips or crisps?
10:50<CornishPasty>Oh :(
10:50<squircle>ketchup fries (chips) are awesome
10:50<XReaper>i like tomato crisps :D
10:50<squircle>ketchup chips (crisps) are awful
10:50<CornishPasty>There was a product a while back called ketchips, which was fries filled with ketchup :P
10:51<CornishPasty>I don't really like crisps
10:51-!-Kunda [] has joined #linode
10:53<CornishPasty>I still don't get why North Americans call crisps chips, and chips fries
10:53<Solver>Aussies call crisps chips and fries chips
10:53<squircle>neither do I. crisps are crisp; one uses a "chipper" potatoes to make fries (
10:54<Solver>it's all about context
10:54<squircle>just call one deep fried potatoes, and the other... wait...
10:54<CornishPasty>Well we make crisps in this country by baking nowadays
10:54<dzho>does anyone call crisps fries?
10:54*Solver goes for some potato gems
10:54<dzho>because symmetry demands it
10:54<auraka>woohooo 6 days to get a support ticket answered!
10:55<CornishPasty>auraka: NEW WORLD RECORD!
10:55<squircle>CornishPasty: a lot of brands do here too; i like the taste better
10:55-!-descender [] has joined #linode
10:57<staticsafe>auraka: heh which provider?
10:57-!-pickels [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:58<auraka>staticsafe: the one we do not speak of....rack*****
10:58<staticsafe>oh :P
10:58<XReaper>i had one provider... they were quick to cancel my account when i asked them
10:58<squircle>oh, rackplace. i've heard of them.
10:58<smftre>" "
10:58<CornishPasty>lol squircle
10:58<smftre>" " ?
10:58<auraka>I'm in their beta....and had a stuck instance...took them six days to close the ticket out...multiple days after me repeatedly trying to delete the instance
10:59<auraka>I'm sure they still charged me for a broken instance
10:59<praetorian>they charge you for ... beta?
10:59<auraka>oh....and the kicker...their "new" cloud......half the IOPs....sweet!
10:59<auraka>praetorian: eys
10:59<dzho>I've got a credit for an extended brokeness on my now-closed slicehost instance. Trying to figure out if its worth trying to use it up, or not.
10:59<auraka>dzho: no
11:00<auraka>just no
11:00<dzho>auraka: haha
11:00<dzho>not like I didn't use them for . . . quite a while.
11:00-!-hfb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:00<dzho>well, at least in their earlier non rackblah incarnation
11:06<praetorian>0103:19 [linode:@MisterHatt:2] I like the concept of Linode but after having to update a system and rediscovering how gimped Linode OS installs are, tempted to move away
11:06<praetorian>wonder what he means
11:06<@heckman>I'd like to know as well.
11:06<rnowak>it doesn't include an ftp server man
11:06<praetorian>tweet him then yo
11:07-!-[7hunderbird] [] has joined #linode
11:07*rnowak blinks
11:07<praetorian>hi mowak
11:08<staticsafe>!/staticsafe/status/192268162601979904 :P
11:08<rnowak>ohi2u praetorian
11:09*Perihelion follows staticsafe
11:09<rnowak>staticsafe: tell him his hat... thing is gimped
11:09<staticsafe>ohai Perihelion
11:09<praetorian>hi there
11:09*XReaper follows staticsafe
11:10*heckman did have to whack Fedora with a sledgehammer to make it cooperate
11:10<praetorian>that's SOE
11:10-!-vynsynt [~Adium@] has left #linode []
11:11<praetorian>10.11am in bogota
11:12<XReaper>heckman: did you enjoy that
11:13<XReaper>So what, to make an image... you do a bare-bones install... configure some shit if needed, then make a xen template?
11:13<XReaper>probs not in that order...
11:13<@heckman>Magic. That's the entire process.
11:14<XReaper>Might retask my current desktop pc to be a headless xen box when i retire it
11:14<praetorian>staticsafe: with his reply im still ... confused
11:14<XReaper>vmware is too... easy
11:14<EugeneKay>heckman - how about some love for Scientific Linux?
11:14<XReaper>heckman: do you have twitter? :P
11:14<@heckman>Of course
11:15<smftre>right, was asking a question and then the phone rang! linode, company partnerships? ce va?
11:15<XReaper>found you
11:15<XReaper>used ur linode username
11:15<@heckman>I use theckman for a lot of things.
11:15<XReaper>saving my bandwidth thanks
11:15<XReaper>i need to ditch this name...
11:15<rnowak>fits you
11:15<XReaper>In which way?
11:15<praetorian>rnowak: now now
11:16<XReaper>needa save up for a nexus...
11:16<praetorian>XReaper: which one? :p
11:17<XReaper>the one heckman was getting?
11:17<XReaper>galaxy nexus
11:17<Kuukunen>staticsafe: <@MisterHatt> this arch install(fresh) is so fucked up it cant even udpate packages
11:17<mwalling>haha android
11:17<Kuukunen>staticsafe: >@MisterHatt> WHY DO I HAVE AN MTAB
11:17<praetorian>its almost out of date.
11:17<Kuukunen>staticsafe: <@MisterHatt> WHY IS THIS NOT IN FSTAB
11:17<XReaper>Better then a windows phone!
11:17<mwalling>XReaper: not really.
11:17<praetorian>mwalling: hows symbian going?
11:17<mwalling>WP7 is pretty nice.
11:17<mwalling>praetorian: ios, kthx.
11:17<rnowak>win8 mobile to take over the world #1
11:18<praetorian>Kuukunen: oh dear.
11:18<XReaper>My friend sold his soul to microsoft (UCRew marketing) he got a free nokia lumia and some acer mac air ripoff
11:18<praetorian>Kuukunen: the lat arch install i did was fine.
11:18<XReaper>i should steal his phone... he already has an S2
11:18<praetorian>wp7 is very elegant
11:18<XReaper>It is
11:19<praetorian>but it lacks the usability
11:19*Kuukunen just got a galaxy nexus, wee
11:19<XReaper>Going for nexus cos of rediculously large screen compared to an S2
11:19<XReaper>Kuukunen: good phone?
11:19<praetorian>i had to use a wp7 for about two weeks (between phones). it was okay. but was glad to get rid of it
11:19<Kuukunen>well, so far I've used it for half an hour
11:19<praetorian>it was a htc .. something
11:19<Kuukunen>but cool so far :P
11:19<staticsafe>i still don't understand how his issues is supposed to be Linode's fault :/
11:20<staticsafe>blame the Arch package managers if anything
11:20<praetorian>i bet hes having problems with package signing.
11:20<XReaper>staticsafe: everything is linodes fault, customer is always an idiot.
11:20<Kuukunen>staticsafe: well, is the arch image something straight from arch people?
11:20<Kuukunen>or something made my linode
11:20<staticsafe>Kuukunen: idk actually
11:20<staticsafe>heckman: ^
11:20<XReaper>I hope the dick ran pacman -Syu
11:20<praetorian>heckman: actually the arch image should probably be updated to have pacman 4.
11:20<@heckman>We build the images from the ISOs available.
11:21<XReaper>If they don't know how to use -Syuf... (initial install needed a forced install) they need to
11:21<@heckman>praetorian: we'll update when they release a new ISO
11:21<Kuukunen>heckman: without any modifications?
11:21<praetorian>heckman: so gentoo is the exception? :P
11:21*praetorian runs
11:21<XReaper>No mods, its a clean BASE install
11:21<@heckman>Kuukunen: there are some things we need to do to make sure Lish is happy, but nothing to the package managers.
11:21<XReaper>heckman: make sure the console device is set up properly?
11:22<@heckman>Pretty much, yeah.
11:22<XReaper>So how does lish say 'shut down'
11:22<praetorian>xen level stuff.
11:22<XReaper>Aaah, magic
11:22<@heckman>Do you mean the shutdown command at the Lish's shell, or your OS's shell?
11:22<XReaper>When booted into the arch recovery shell the only thing that works is, DESTROY :P
11:23<XReaper>the linode manager/lish
11:23<praetorian>i think the latest arch filesystem package has a hvc0 getty by default
11:23-!-ia [] has joined #linode
11:23<@heckman>XReaper: send the shutdown signal to your OS, and wait for it to response.
11:23<@heckman>If the instance hasn't powered itself off after ~2.5 minutes, it gets forcibly powered down. (i.e., destroy)
11:24<staticsafe>i don't even
11:25<XReaper>you gave them my advice :D
11:25<XReaper>also... say no to upgrade pacman first
11:25<XReaper>it breaks gcc
11:25*heckman found that out the hard way
11:25<staticsafe>or don't use Arch in the first place >.>
11:25*staticsafe hides
11:25<praetorian>heckman: easy fixed.
11:25<XReaper>heckman: so you have used arch before...
11:25*Perihelion stalks praetorian
11:26*XReaper joins Perihelion in their stalking
11:26<@heckman>I have an Arch Linode, and was part of the image build process. Yes.
11:26<praetorian>heckman is the 1%
11:26<praetorian>Perihelion: >_>
11:26<praetorian>Perihelion: ~45 minutes and i can sleep... damn clients!
11:26<XReaper>Right, build the image in xen... that makes more sense :P (hence the magic)
11:26<@Perihelion>XReaper: I'm a chick fwiw
11:27<XReaper>Perihelion: 'their' is gender neutral
11:27<@heckman>s/chick/FBI agent/
11:27<XReaper>but meh
11:27*XReaper stalks Perihelion instead
11:28<@Perihelion>I know, but I was letting you know so you can be all properlike
11:28*Perihelion stalks XReaper >:3
11:28<praetorian>Ma 'lady.
11:28<XReaper>Hows linode? :P
11:28<praetorian>Jam and Cream with your Scones?
11:28<@Perihelion>My section of Linodia is excellent.
11:29<@Perihelion>I can't speak for everyone else.
11:29<praetorian>or according to pippa middleton .. being proper is aiming guns at people
11:29-!-Zr40 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:29-!-pascal [] has joined #linode
11:29-!-pascal [] has quit []
11:29<XReaper>Someone mentioned a secure erase queue... is that per-host or per-linode
11:29<auraka>Perihelion: why does Linode waste time updating Gentoo?
11:30<XReaper>if per-host... someone just needs to script image re-deployments... and... ooops can't make new images
11:30<staticsafe>cause heckman is masochistic :P
11:30*staticsafe hies
11:30<staticsafe>hides even
11:30<praetorian>how does one hies?
11:30<@Perihelion>Now people only need to compile 30 packages instead of 80 when they update
11:32<XReaper>I don't like hosts that run on openvz.. 'whoa! i get 1GB base ram and 1GB boost!'
11:32<XReaper>still lame...
11:33<XReaper>ie, not secure?
11:33<EugeneKay>The issue with OpenVZ is you don't get your own kernel.
11:33<EugeneKay>It's a chroot on steroids.
11:33<XReaper>NOW i get why its bad
11:34<XReaper>So much i could get the specs of a linode ram-wise on an openvz... doesn't mean it will work as well
11:34<XReaper>that made no sense
11:34-!-jarr0dsz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:35-!-HarryS [] has joined #linode
11:35<EugeneKay>No. No it did not.
11:35<XReaper>HarryS has ipv6 and the isp bothered to set the rdns
11:36-!-flashingpumpkin [] has joined #linode
11:37*staticsafe is playing with trial Chunkhost box
11:37<EugeneKay>s/ipv6/a HE tunnel/
11:37-!-Zr40 [] has joined #linode
11:38<XReaper>heh i just noticed that
11:38<XReaper>thanks for correcting me...
11:38<XReaper>a lot of isp's here have shit transit into tokyo... lots go through bloody california. mine, has awesome transit
11:40-!-hfb [] has joined #linode
11:42-!-diimdeep [~diimdeep@] has joined #linode
11:43<dominikh>XReaper: how many hops to for you?
11:45-!-descender|2 [] has joined #linode
11:45-!-descender [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:46<XReaper>including router + DSLAM
11:47<dominikh>meh, 15 here as well
11:47<dominikh>4 are nodes of my ISP..
11:48<XReaper>i have to bounce off sydney...
11:48<squircle>hah, only 13 for me and I'm a lot farther than you are
11:48<io_>hi is duplicity already compressing the whole backup right?
11:48<dominikh>I get routed through my ISP, and then straight into japan
11:48<XReaper>squircle: where u live?
11:48<squircle>XReaper: Toronto
11:49<XReaper>more direct route
11:49<io_>i mean I don t have to first compress the backup directory in a tar file and then sendig it to backup with duplicity
11:49-!-Bartzy [] has joined #linode
11:49<squircle>io_: correct
11:49<XReaper>5 of my hops are isp
11:49<squircle>4 of mine are
11:49<XReaper>bouncing around their sydnet DC
11:49<XReaper>includes the DSLAM in the exchange down the road... :P
11:50<XReaper>30ms to sydney ...
11:50-!-Bass10 [] has joined #linode
11:51<Kuukunen>staticsafe: <@MisterHatt> this time it was arch <@MisterHatt> the 15 othe rtimes it was linode
11:52<@Perihelion>We'd love to hear what issues he's talking about specifically
11:52<@Perihelion>I'd be happy to talk to him and stuff
11:53<dominikh>using a wrench and stuff
11:53<staticsafe>Kuukunen: heh
11:53<staticsafe>tell him to come in here
11:56<XReaper>Perihelion: Well... abuse ur op powers on the person? :P
11:56<@Perihelion>Nah, I'm genuinely interested
11:57<Kuukunen>I think the problem was
11:58<io_>ok so, i am at the point of dumping the database, how do i deal with deleteing the old one? I don t want to go about collecting old backups, right? if the name is kept as the old one, just overwriting then how do duplicity knows that this is a new one?
12:00<XReaper>pacman -Syuf fixes that...
12:02-!-HorizonXP [] has joined #linode
12:03<XReaper>i wonder if i can create template zones for my ipv6 tunnel...
12:05<io_>ok now i see i have also the option to clean up after a certain amount of time
12:05-!-wao [] has left #linode []
12:09-!-dubenstein [~dubenstei@] has joined #linode
12:09-!-ericoc_ is now known as ericoc
12:11<Kuukunen>does Xen have clock drift? >_>
12:11<XReaper>use ntp
12:11<XReaper>the host doesn't maintain an RTC in the xen instance
12:11<XReaper>or does it..
12:12<io_>failed to fetch Debian packages....
12:12<io_>is Debian 5 gettin gtoo old or what?
12:12<Kuukunen>XReaper: afaik, by default configs, it's synced to host clock
12:13<XReaper>io_: debian 5...
12:13<retro|blah>io_: Debian 5 is end of life, dude
12:13<XReaper>lenny is gooooooooooooooooone
12:13<chesty>not with the latest kernels Kuukunen
12:13<hawk>I don't think it's synced... I think you're expected to run an ntpd in the guest
12:13<io_>ok so.. upgrade?
12:13<XReaper>lenny no longer on mirrors; EOL 2012-02-06
12:13<XReaper>/join #debian
12:13<XReaper>ask in there :P
12:14<io_>would you suggest to upgrade or redo the whole install ?
12:14<XReaper>yeah, you can upgrade
12:14<io_>is usually an upgrade pain free ?
12:14<XReaper>Read the topic in #debian
12:16<XReaper>no need to worry bout kernel stuff... unless you pv-grub
12:17<Kuukunen>hawk: this is what I found
12:17<@heckman>Also, back up your MySQL db before upgrading
12:17<Kuukunen>(have to disable the sync if you want to run ntpd)
12:17<@heckman>!library debian 6.0 upgrade
12:17<linbot>heckman: 1. How to Upgrade to Debian 6 (Squeeze) - | 2. Use MySQL Relational Databases on Debian 6 (Squeeze) - | 3. Make a Website Highly Available with IP Failover, Heartbeat and Pacemaker on Debian 5 (Lenny) - (1 more message)
12:17<hawk>Kuukunen: I don't think that's relevant anymore
12:17<XReaper>that too
12:17<Kuukunen>I've no idea :P
12:18<io_>heckman: i was there already
12:18<io_>seem something funny to do tonight
12:18<@Perihelion>I seriously don't remember writing that doc
12:18<XReaper>I disabled !hwclock in arch with !hwclock ... ... ..
12:19<io_>so plan is 1-backup and send manually to S3 (so i can test it before setting up a cron backup) 2- wait for the night and do an upgrade 3- setup the automated backup
12:19<@heckman>other than using setup as a verb, yes.
12:20<io_>me no spik veri gud inglisch
12:20<dominikh>heckman: nah, it was a movie title: "Setup – The automated backup"
12:20<XReaper>shit... no wonder my dns isn't working
12:20<XReaper>forgot to create a slave zone
12:21<io_>has anybody tried mosh ?
12:21<XReaper>it works
12:22<XReaper>doesn't support ipv6
12:22<XReaper>so it sucks
12:23-!-Zr40 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:25-!-Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
12:27-!-Kunda [] has quit [Quit: Kunda]
12:28-!-Kunda [] has joined #linode
12:30<io_>why is my s3 folder packed with text files?
12:30<io_>is this normal?
12:31-!-pickels [] has joined #linode
12:31<io_>one each hour
12:32<io_>ok looks like logging is enable.. is this any useful ?
12:35-!-jspiros [] has joined #linode
12:37-!-WuxiIxuw [~admin1@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:37<XReaper>could be
12:37<XReaper>if you need it
12:37<XReaper>note: it costs :P
12:40-!-kipferl [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:44<io_>ok mifirst file was sent wit s3cmd
12:44-!-seanh-ansca [] has joined #linode
12:45<XReaper>Mmm... gotta remember to chown :named new zone files...
12:45<XReaper>couldn't i just setguid the folder?
12:45<io_>can t I use more common command?
12:45<XReaper>io_: what you doing?
12:45<io_>just testing
12:46<XReaper>some things have s3 backends
12:46<io_>can t i use scp for example?
12:46<XReaper>just use curl :P
12:46<XReaper>no, its http based
12:46<XReaper>POST and GET
12:46<XReaper>bout it
12:46<io_>let s say i want to send something from my linode..
12:46<io_>now i did it form home
12:47<io_>ejej can t install anything in my poor D5
12:48<smftre>anyone that uses google apps also getting a 500 on it?
12:48-!-flashingpumpkin [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:49-!-WuxiIxuw [~admin1@] has joined #linode
12:49<XReaper>smftre: on what?
12:50<smftre>google mail for businesses, Temporary Error (500)
12:50<XReaper>i'm on freeeeee
12:50<XReaper>and working
12:50<smftre>pretty unrelated to linode, but hey whatever!
12:50<XReaper>i host my email on apps
12:51<XReaper>if my linode dies and the records in the linode dns go with it...
12:51<XReaper>screwed :D
12:51<avenj>smftre: reported failures on other IRC channels
12:51<avenj>don't use it myself but there you are
12:51<smftre>not reporting an issue, just wondering if anyone else "while I'm in here" just saw that shit happen :)
12:51<XReaper>too bad gogole aps for org is us-only
12:52<JasonF_>I'm having that same problem
12:52<avenj>smftre: me either, I'm just playing IRC relay bot :)
12:52<smftre>when's the web going ipv6 only?
12:52<XReaper>whats 500ing?
12:52<JasonF_>500 error + numberic code: 93 on the detailed info
12:52<XReaper>emails? or...
12:52<JasonF_>XReaper: nothing linode related. Some google accounts.
12:53<smftre>"Three of my Gmail addresses work, one does not. It is currently showing the above error. Please fix IMMEDIATELY" <- haha, oh, how demanding people are when they have FREE* stuff.. lol
12:53<smftre>^ that's from the link, not me ;)
12:54<XReaper>Login to server failed.
12:54<smftre>"Three of my Gmail addresses work, one does not. It is currently showing the above error. Please fix IMMEDIATELY" ROFL
12:54<smftre>I mean, "To clarify, this is occurring in current versions of Firefox and IE on laptop, iPad and iPhone."
12:54<smftre>people are so retarded..
12:55<XReaper>the mailserver died :D
12:55<smftre>if it's a server issue, i'm sure it's occuring in a lot more browsers than just those
12:55<XReaper>thunderblunder can't log in
12:55<XReaper>it worked like...
12:55<XReaper>5min ago
12:55<smftre>told ya so :D
12:56<XReaper>all my google accounts are down..
12:56*smftre looks around, wasn't me
12:56<XReaper>ALL of them
12:57<XReaper>ofc is down
12:57<XReaper>(the web interface :P)
12:58<BlandSauce>One of my accounts is accessible
12:58<XReaper>my microsoft ones are up :D
12:58<@Perihelion>Mine are fine
12:58<BlandSauce>lso, I like how the "Detailed Technical Info" is "Numeric Code: 93"
12:59<BlandSauce>That is neither detailed notr useful in any way
12:59<@Perihelion>The other one errors
13:00<io_>sweet s3cmd configured in linode and backup uploading
13:00<io_>only 3MB/s ...
13:00<XReaper>io_: o/
13:00<XReaper>3MB/s is the cap
13:00<XReaper>Don't complain
13:00<XReaper>400MB/s or something internally
13:01<XReaper>might cap single connections?
13:03<io_>oh i am just fine with 3MB/s
13:03<XReaper>i have no idea how linode does it internally with their routers
13:04<io_>they sparkle it with magic powder ..
13:04<io_>and swing a voodoo chiken around
13:05<io_>drupal 7 is gone, now drupal is on its way
13:05<io_>then it is the time for a global mysql trip
13:06-!-darkbeholder [] has joined #linode
13:06<XReaper>linode manager isn't letting me create AAAA PTR's :(
13:06<io_>finally i d send some /etc files right?
13:06<XReaper>send them in a single archive
13:06<XReaper>minimises cost
13:06<io_>maybe the whole /etc directory?
13:07<XReaper>tar it up
13:07<io_>sure I am tarring them
13:07<XReaper>and send it
13:07<XReaper>i use duplicity for mine
13:07<XReaper>has s3 support
13:07<io_>this is a test backup just before upgrading to debian 6
13:07<smftre>you mail back up?
13:07<smftre>mine isnt!
13:07<io_>i ll use duplicity later on
13:08<smftre>istn this why we dont host it ourselves? :P
13:08<io_>it also nice and wise to toggle around with the new tool
13:11-!-vraa [] has joined #linode
13:13-!-stephenplatz [] has joined #linode
13:16<io_>XReaper: there is not too much doco about the pacman command
13:16<XReaper>the -syuf?
13:16<XReaper>man pacman
13:16<XReaper>also, forums/irc mailing list
13:16-!-eth0 [~eth0@] has joined #linode
13:16<io_>command not found ...
13:16<XReaper>only in arch :P
13:16<io_>we ll talk about that later on d6
13:17<io_>so i could either use pacman to do a diff or just cleanup after mself after a given number of days right?
13:17<io_>so duplicity in the latter case is able to go into s3 and delete the relevant files
13:18<XReaper>pacman is the Arch Linux package manager...
13:18<XReaper>have i confused you?
13:18<io_>you did
13:18<XReaper>you confused me
13:19<io_>what a mess
13:19<XReaper>ur system? :P
13:19<io_>now i see that i ll have to move all those logs file somewhere else
13:19<io_>under www as they are now are a pita
13:19<io_>maybe /srv/www/logs/
13:20<io_>not even
13:20<XReaper>Can't add my new PTR's since the nameservers the manager uses is caching NEGATIVES
13:20<io_>better in srv/logs/
13:20<XReaper>io_: logs for?
13:20<linbot>New news from forums: ftping to test site on Linode in General Discussion <>
13:21-!-rurufufuss [] has joined #linode
13:21<io_>apache2 logs
13:22<XReaper>i do mine per-site
13:22<XReaper>shit google mail still down
13:22<io_>XReaper: me too but they are all sitting in /srv/www/mysite/logs
13:22<io_>so if I plan tobackup the whole /srv/www they are sitting in the wrong place
13:23<io_>better to keep em in an isolate folder
13:23-!-jarr0dsz [] has joined #linode
13:23-!-devsforev [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:23<XReaper>i see
13:23<io_>ok good idea
13:24<XReaper>make sure you have logrotate set up... you know the drill :P
13:25-!-D[a]rkbeholder [] has joined #linode
13:26<io_>i have
13:27<io_>god bless the linode library
13:27<io_>and tennessee too
13:31-!-darkbeholder [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:32-!-smftre [] has quit []
13:33-!-Zr40 [] has joined #linode
13:34-!-Boohemian_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:37<XReaper>yay gmail is back
13:37<dzho>where did it go?
13:37<XReaper> died in the ass
13:37<XReaper>spewed '500' error
13:37<XReaper>for about an hour
13:38<XReaper>to me thats major downtime
13:38-!-Tigeda [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:39-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
13:39-!-Zr40 [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
13:40<io_>maybe they reached their cap limit in NZ
13:40<XReaper>global downage
13:40<XReaper>dunno how it affected all the dc's
13:41-!-skax [~sentabi@] has joined #linode
13:47<linbot>New news from forums: Reducing Disk IO rate in Performance and Tuning <>
13:47-!-devsforev [] has joined #linode
13:49-!-Boohemian [] has joined #linode
13:53<io_>everything is ready
13:53<io_>just need to wait for the night to come..
13:54<XReaper>got stuff you need running?
13:59<linbot>New news from forums: Remote GUI Access to a Linode in Linux Networking <>
13:59-!-skax [~sentabi@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:02-!-SnakeO [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:03-!-stafamus [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:05-!-vraa [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:05<linbot>New news from forums: Best way to mount file system remotely on OS X in Linux Networking <>
14:09<io_>XReaper: well, all my sites are local so by night there is less traffic
14:10<io_>especially the people in the office won t be too happy to have the mail server down
14:12<io_>can i expect any improvement from D6 except for the people in IRC not deriding me anymore?
14:15-!-flashingpumpkin [] has joined #linode
14:21-!-arturaz [~arturas@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:23-!-tusk [] has joined #linode
14:23-!-demetris [] has joined #linode
14:24<tusk>Is it possible through the Linode Manager to move my Linode from London to US ?
14:24<purrdeta>tusk: you can submit a ticket
14:24<purrdeta>they will help you quite quickly :)
14:24<tusk>I guess I can't keep my ip if moved ?
14:25<purrdeta>no your IP would change
14:25-!-flashingpumpkin [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:25-!-flashingpumpkin [] has joined #linode
14:26<tusk>ok. Then I will lower my DNS TTL tomorrow and submit the ticket tomorrow.
14:26<tusk>then the DNS switchover will be faster.
14:27-!-demetris1 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
14:27-!-Kyh_ [] has joined #linode
14:29-!-DreamPhysix [] has joined #linode
14:29<hawk>tusk: Lower the TTL at least $oldttl in advance
14:29<DreamPhysix>Something wrong with Linode manager?
14:29-!-John[a] [] has joined #linode
14:29<forg0tten>DreamPhysix: seems fine to me...
14:29<DreamPhysix>I can't log in without a whoop something happened. the development team has been notified
14:30<Whoop>I cant help you login sorry :)
14:30<hawk>works for me as well
14:30<DreamPhysix>well crap.
14:31<Whoop>feel free to highlight me again if you have something I can actually help with though ;)
14:31*Whoop goes away again
14:32<DreamPhysix>I guess I'll have to email :(
14:32<DreamPhysix>hawk: do you have whitelisting enabled?
14:32<DreamPhysix>for account logins
14:32<Whoop>oh actually I cant login either
14:32-!-Kyh [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:32<Whoop>nice of them to name of their errors after me \o/
14:33<DreamPhysix>So you have the same issue?
14:33<forg0tten>my graphs aren't showing up in my manager, if that makes u feel any better
14:34<Whoop>yes DreamPhysix
14:34<forg0tten>i think that might be my untangle box tho, prolly non-related
14:34<Whoop>I'm not going to make any effort to resolve however, as I require the console once in a blue moon and I've no doubts it'll be fixed by the time I wish to actually ise it
14:35-!-flashingpumpkin [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:35<hawk>DreamPhysix: The IP whitelist thing? yes
14:37-!-winterdj [] has joined #linode
14:37<DreamPhysix>Okay so that's not the issue. Mine's enabled too
14:37<DreamPhysix>"Thanks for contacting us. We are currently aware of an issue with the Linode Manager that some users are experiencing; we are in the process of investigating the issue."
14:37<winterdj>seems to be back for me now
14:38<DreamPhysix>Same here
14:39-!-DreamPhysix [] has quit [Quit: DreamPhysix]
14:40-!-John[a] [] has quit [Quit: John[a]]
14:43-!-winterdj [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:44-!-advion [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:51-!-arsenius [] has joined #linode
14:55<arsenius>did anyone else have their vps restarted
14:55<mwalling>did you check your tickets?
14:55<arsenius>can i check that on the dash
14:56<retro|blah>Yes. Under support
15:02-!-Kunda [] has quit [Quit: Kunda]
15:07-!-Steve^ [] has joined #linode
15:08<Steve^>Hi, I managed to catch my 100% CPU problem in action, the culprit was kswapd0
15:09<Steve^>Looks like there are similar open bugs across the Linux domain, but I wondered if Linode's configuration may be more susceptible to it?
15:09<@akerl>Steve^: Sounds like you're swapping
15:09<Steve^>Ubuntu 11.04
15:09<Steve^>akerl: I had 80 meg free, site wasn't doing much
15:10<@akerl>What's your Linode's IP?
15:11<@akerl>Have you checked out your IO graphs lately?
15:11<linbot>New news from forums: Three things Linode should improve upon? in General Discussion <>
15:11<Steve^>mmmhm, maybe not :)
15:12<Steve^>but why would it go crazy like that?
15:12<@akerl>:) Without being able to see it mid-issue, no idea
15:12<@akerl>I'd recommend checking out htop/iotop during the event
15:12-!-arsenius [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:12<Steve^>that would highlight naugthy processes?
15:13<@akerl>That would show all processes, and you'd be able to see the ones with usage spikes
15:14<Steve^>"Average CPU usage over 2 hours exceeding this value triggers this alert.", don't suppose I can reduce that to 1h or something?
15:15<squircle>Steve^: half the threshold?
15:16<Steve^>the site is normall 0%, then 100% when this occurs
15:17-!-diimdeep [~diimdeep@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:17-!-SnakeO [] has joined #linode
15:21-!-jgornick [] has joined #linode
15:23-!-Kegley [] has joined #linode
15:26-!-A629e6b1b [] has joined #linode
15:28-!-TimTim [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:33-!-Gika [] has joined #linode
15:35-!-Boohemian [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:35-!-rurufufuss [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:38-!-stafamus [] has joined #linode
15:44<Gika>what is a sane approach to running multiple django apps on the same linode? with one site i'm using virtualenv+gunicorn, but would i have to run a separate daemon for each app?
15:48<Steve^>I guess you need something to share out port 80?
15:49<Steve^>I run mine off apache2 like everything else, so can't help much more than that
15:57<KyleXY>w 30
15:57<KyleXY>irgeek: it talks
16:00-!-Zr40 [] has joined #linode
16:11-!-Boohemian [~Boohemian@] has joined #linode
16:15-!-SnakeO [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:15-!-eth0 [~eth0@] has quit []
16:20-!-bbeausej [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:20<gdr>xboC live bicboi Katana
16:21-!-devsforev [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:26<demetris>Anyone else getting 404s on Debian updates over IPv6?
16:27-!-cooper [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:27<retro|blah>What server
16:28<staticsafe>that is a round-robin iirc
16:29-!-Kegley [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:30<demetris>Here it is: 404 Not Found [IP: 2610:148:1f10:3::89 80]
16:31<io_>is root mandatory to run screen?
16:31-!-cooper [] has joined #linode
16:31<retro|blah>io_: No?
16:31<retro|blah>demetris: Do you know which repo it's 404ing for?
16:31<retro|blah>Maybe pastebin your sources.list
16:31<retro|blah>and output of apt-get update
16:31<io_>retro|blah: could not find a pty
16:32<io_>when run as normal user
16:32<retro|blah>Weird. Stock linode kernel or custom?
16:32<@heckman>I think that error happens if you su/sudo
16:32<demetris>retro|blah: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 2610:148:1f10:3::89 80]
16:32<@akerl>Why are you running sid?
16:33<demetris>akerl: :-)
16:33<linbot>New news from forums: You can laugh at this question if you like... in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
16:33-!-cooper [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:34<retro|blah>(Because I like to see shit blow up)
16:34<retro|blah>demetris: Not sure why that would pose a problem but okay. Hmmmmm
16:35<@akerl>That page definitely 404s. Paste your sources.list?
16:35<@akerl>(in a pastebin, not here)
16:35<demetris>Sid makes me uncomfortable, I must admit. :-) It is a new Linode, I was playing around, upgrade to sid, and then left it with Sid.
16:35-!-message144 [] has joined #linode
16:36<hawk>demetris: Well, it might get more exciting that way
16:37-!-cooper [] has joined #linode
16:38<demetris>Here is my sources.list. A very basic Sid sources.list:
16:38<io_>retro|blah: i can confirm
16:38<io_>that s why i am upgrading right now
16:39<@akerl>And paste the full output of 'apt-get update'?
16:39<retro|blah>io_: Confirm?
16:43<demetris>akerl: It seems it could be a problem with aptitude. apt-get works. Here is the output from aptitude update:
16:44<io_>retro|blah: yes i also had 404 on upgrade with sid
16:44-!-vraa [] has joined #linode
16:44<@akerl>But apt-get works?
16:44<demetris>akerl: Yes.
16:45<@akerl>Crank up the verbosity and see what's differnet
16:45<@akerl>also different
16:45-!-stephenplatz [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
16:45<demetris>akerl. Had not thought of doing that. Thanks.
16:45-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
16:48-!-AviMarcus [~avi@] has joined #linode
16:49<seanh-ansca>how long should a disk resize take?
16:49<seanh-ansca>i swear i've had them go through in like 5 minutes, but i've got one giong on right now thats past 20 minutes now
16:49<DephNet[Paul]>seanh-ansca, up or down?
16:50<DephNet[Paul]>are you going up in size, or down
16:50<DephNet[Paul]>i thought that was something like a couple minutes, but you needed to expand the filesystem afterwards
16:51<@heckman>It checks the filesystem first, and then goes.
16:51-!-joshdotsmith [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:51-!-joshdotsmith [] has joined #linode
16:52<seanh-ansca>oh, there it goes
16:55-!-SnakeO [] has joined #linode
16:57-!-AviMarcus [~avi@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:58-!-BarkerJr [BarkerJr@2002:1802:e05a:1:4ca6:6e70:d66d:a7f0] has joined #linode
16:59<swaj>wow, shellinabox is freaking awesome
16:59<swaj>why doesn't Linode use it? :)
16:59<@heckman>We prefer shellinacloud
17:00-!-Paul_ [] has joined #linode
17:00<scorche|sh>you know - shellinacloud is really just shellinamainframe with fancier graphics
17:02<swaj>shellinabox is pretty awesome, honestly :P
17:02<swaj>ajaxterm makes me want to stab a kitten at times...
17:04<@akerl>lish via ssh dawg
17:05-!-Gika [] has quit [Quit: Gika]
17:05<swaj>sadly, work blocks SSH traffic in such a way that I can't get around it
17:05<swaj>even by running on 443
17:06<swaj>I've not found a way to beat it... so I now run shellinabox :)
17:06<swaj>with SSL and HttpBasic auth in front of it... and then PAM protecting the actual login.
17:06<swaj>and the daemon is running behind an nginx proxy
17:07<swaj>it's about as secure as I can make it, since other stuff runs on 443, and I can't firewall it... and I can't run it on anything other than 443 because the work proxy would trash it.
17:07<Kyhwana>swaj: hmm, what about SSH inside a SSL tunnel on port 443?
17:08<swaj>sounds like some crazy inception stuff
17:08<EugeneKay>swaj - does OpenVPN work?
17:08<Kyhwana>stunnel listening on port 443, then ssh over that
17:09<swaj>stunnel running on 443 on my linode, then using SSH with stunnel acting as a proxy?
17:09-!-cooper [] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
17:09<swaj>EugeneKay: I haven't tried it, but I'm willing to say "probably not" -- not to mention the IT police would probably crucify me for installing open vpn on my laptop :P
17:14-!-SnakeO [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:14-!-orville [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:15-!-orville [] has joined #linode
17:17-!-orville_ [] has joined #linode
17:17-!-orville [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:18<Kyhwana>Had a friend who did that at the hospital he worked at XD
17:19<EugeneKay>swaj - OpenVPN over TCP looks a lot like HTTPS, so it's worth a shot.
17:21-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:25-!-orville_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:26<io_>gdr: cool one
17:31<io_>hi i am upgrading to debian 6
17:31<io_>now i am at configuratio file /etc/securetty
17:31<gdr>delete everything
17:31<io_>should i keep the current version or accept th enew
17:31<io_>i kept my old my.cnf for example
17:32<@akerl>io_: You want hvc0 to be listed
17:32<io_>so i give it ayes
17:32<io_>install th epackage mantainer version
17:32<io_>was it safe to keep my configured my.cnf ?
17:34-!-dskang [~dskang@dynamic-oit-pu-dormnet-bb-a-270.Princeton.EDU] has joined #linode
17:38-!-joshdotsmith_ [] has joined #linode
17:38-!-joshdotsmith [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:38-!-joshdotsmith_ is now known as joshdotsmith
17:39<dskang>I've started seeing a delay between when I type a key and when it shows up when I'm SSHed into my Linode machine. Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this issue? I've rebooted my machine but the problem persists.
17:39-!-Guest400 is now known as jsmith
17:39-!-jsmith is now known as mcinerney
17:39<squircle>!to dskang mtr
17:39<linbot>dskang: mtr combines the functionality of traceroute and ping into one easy to use tool, and the output can be useful for determining where the source of a problem is. It can be downloaded from or for Windows. MTR summaries can be retrieved in-channel using the command !mtr-CITY where CITY is fremont, atlanta, newark, dallas or london.
17:39<squircle>dskang: pastebin an MTR ^
17:40<dskang>squircle: Should I use MTR to connect to my Linode machine from my local machine?
17:40<squircle>run the report from your local machine
17:40<Kyhwana>dskang: both
17:40<staticsafe>newark ^
17:40<squircle>or both
17:41<dskang>Alright, I'll give that a go.
17:41<io_>same with php.ini, is it safe to keep my modified version?
17:43<retro|blah>staticsafe, dskang: What hosts are your affected Linodes on? I'd mtr the host as well. (
17:43<dskang>retro|blah: newark
17:44<retro|blah>I know you're in that DC. What host?
17:44<dskang>oops, my bad. newark414
17:45<retro|blah>Increased latency to both those hosts... Yeah, ticket time
17:45<staticsafe>yea opened one
17:45<dskang>oh, so i'm not the only one experiencing this issue?
17:46<retro|blah>I guess not
17:46<retro|blah>If you're seeing increased latency at the host, then that tends to point to a host issue. Better alert them so they can take a look :x
17:50-!-seanh-ansca1 [] has joined #linode
17:50-!-seanh-ansca [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:52-!-orville [] has joined #linode
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17:52-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
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17:53-!-DephNet[Paul] [] has joined #linode
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17:54-!-db3l [] has joined #linode
17:54-!-tusk [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:55-!-hipsterslapfight [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
17:55<dskang>squircle: weird. i'm getting 100% packet loss when i mtr from my machine to my linode
17:57<EugeneKay>Prooobably some clown is getting DoSed on your host, or is eating all teh cpuz
17:57-!-jamescollins [] has joined #linode
17:57<linbot>New news from forums: NX help in General Discussion <>
17:57-!-hipsterslapfight [] has joined #linode
17:57<io_>after upgrade to debian 6 mysql is not starting
18:00<Kyhwana>io_: what do the mysql logs say?
18:01<io_>absolutely nothig?
18:02<io_>there is nothing in mysql.log and mysql.err
18:02-!-TheDudeAbides [] has joined #linode
18:06<TheDudeAbides>Hello. Anybody setup a wordpress multisite with domain mapping on nginx before?
18:06-!-Bartzy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:10-!-db3l [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 11.0/20120312181643]]
18:10<Kyhwana>domain mapping?
18:11<TheDudeAbides>its where you assign additional sites on the WP network to their own domain
18:13<Kyhwana>you mean virtualhosts?
18:13<io_>ok i am at a lost point dunno what to do
18:14<Kyhwana>io_: turn on debug logging and try again?
18:14<io_>Kyhwana: i think it is similar to drupal it is just a mappong of domain names in folder and databases in wp configuration
18:15<io_>Kyhwana: how do i turn on debug logging?
18:15<io_>sql is not writing any log
18:16<Kyhwana>nfi, check the manual?
18:19<linbot>New news from forums: How long it takes to get Ubuntu 12.04 after release ? in General Discussion <>
18:20-!-jgornick [] has quit [Quit: jgornick]
18:22-!-TheDudeAbides [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:24-!-TheDudeAbides [] has joined #linode
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18:26-!-TheDudeAbides [] has joined #linode
18:27-!-A629e6b1b [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:29<staticsafe>latency seems to be back to normal
18:30<io_>log enabled but there is no log still, this is what it says when i do "mysqld"
18:30<Kyhwana>io_: see those "ERROR"s? fix those
18:30<io_>service mysql restart just .. Starting MySQL database server: mysqld . . . . . . . . . . . . . . failed!
18:31<staticsafe>120417 22:28:57 [ERROR] mysqld: unknown option '--skip-bdb' that
18:31<staticsafe>check your conf file
18:34-!-advion [] has joined #linode
18:34<internat>oh i had that problem after i upgraded
18:35<internat>bdb doesnt exist anymore, so if its in your config file to skip it, it'll fail
18:35<internat>since it doesnt know what its trying to skip
18:35<staticsafe>io_: ^
18:35<io_>everything back in control
18:36<io_>so using my old my.cnf was rather stupid
18:36<internat>not at all
18:36<internat>just need to read the release notes or whatever it is that state that somet hings have changed :)
18:36<io_>better is probably using th enew and retrieve the configuration from the old
18:36<internat>its ok, it took me a while to work out wtf i did when i did that
18:38-!-harrumph [] has joined #linode
18:38<io_>nice my linode just went nuts
18:38<harrumph>anybody running nx?
18:38<io_>i did nano my.cnf to toggle loggin off
18:38<io_>then did a service mysqld restart and got a flowing of error 2002
18:41<io_>back under control again..
18:41-!-harrumph [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:42-!-pickels [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:42-!-harrumph [] has joined #linode
18:45-!-message144 [] has quit [Quit: gone]
18:51-!-harrumph [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:55-!-gdr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:55-!-pickels [] has joined #linode
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19:00-!-Florsk [] has joined #linode
19:00-!-Florsk is now known as Zagreb
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19:02-!-Boohemian_ [~Boohemian@] has joined #linode
19:04-!-pmp6nl [] has joined #linode
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19:06-!-Florsk [] has joined #linode
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19:06-!-Florsk is now known as Zagreb
19:10-!-vkn [] has joined #linode
19:17-!-shashwat [] has joined #linode
19:21-!-jamescollins [] has joined #linode
19:23<shashwat>I want to serve /static via nginx and rest via sinatra. I followed this tutorial - Everything works but /static gives me 404. What can be the possible reason and remedy for this ?
19:23-!-pickels [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:25<Kyhwana>you havn't pointed your virtualhost at /static properly?
19:25<bob2>you forgot to your config
19:26-!-joshdotsmith_ [] has joined #linode
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19:26-!-joshdotsmith_ is now known as joshdotsmith
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19:35-!-joshdotsmith_ is now known as joshdotsmith
19:35<shashwat>Kyhwana bob2 Here is my nginx.conf and here is my sites-enabled/default
19:36<bob2>protip, don't touch the default vhost file
19:36<bob2>65s keepalive timeout is a bit optimistic
19:37<shashwat>bob2 Instead of default shall we keep everything in nginx.conf ?
19:37<bob2>don't touch nginx.conf, don't touch default, add new vhost file
19:37<bob2>ls -ld /srv/demo/public/static
19:39-!-HeavyMetal [] has joined #linode
19:39<shashwat>bob2 There is no static directory per se, simply public directory with images, js, css as sub-directory.
19:42<bob2>then that's your problem
19:42<bob2>setting the root a location block does NOT subtract the location's path
19:43-!-danblack [~danblack@] has joined #linode
19:44<shashwat>bob2: Thanks. Solved. :)
19:44<TheDudeAbides>should I be making vhost conf and available > enabled symlinks for each site?
19:46<TheDudeAbides>for some reason when I add a new site the main site redirects to the added one, but if I add the new site to the main site vhost rules instead it works fine.
20:00<TheDudeAbides>basically Im just trying to setup a domain to point to another, but resolves under its own domain
20:01<Kyhwana>which sounds like what you've done?
20:01-!-dskang [~dskang@dynamic-oit-pu-dormnet-bb-a-270.Princeton.EDU] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:02<TheDudeAbides>its currently redirecting instead of pointing
20:03*auraka blinks
20:03-!-dskang [~dskang@dynamic-oit-vapornet-a-2608.Princeton.EDU] has joined #linode
20:03<auraka>have you checked your pointer fluid?
20:04<TheDudeAbides>lol im not even sure if thats the correct terminology. parked/point/etc
20:04<Kyhwana>.. so just have the virtualhost for that domain use the same base directory as the other domain?
20:04<auraka>or and have a hard redirect in that vhost
20:05<Kyhwana>he doesn't want a redirect?
20:09<bob2>I'm gonna guess you didn't put them in sites-enabled, so they never got loaded
20:09-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:09-!-azaghal [~azaghal@] has joined #linode
20:09<auraka>TheDudeAbides: did you get it?
20:09<KyleXY>you should be symlinking it anyway
20:10<TheDudeAbides>not yet. heres my main site conf: and second site: both have symlinks setup
20:10<TheDudeAbides>right now my main site is redirecting to the second
20:11<auraka>TheDudeAbides: I have a pretty simple one
20:12<bob2>wtf does 'redirecting' mean
20:12<bob2>oh man
20:12<Kyhwana>bob2: as in a http redirect?
20:12<Kyhwana>er html, rather
20:15<auraka>TheDudeAbides: hope that helps....that'll make that host listen for two domains and redirect to the first domain
20:15<TheDudeAbides>so that should go in the second site conf right?
20:16<auraka>you only need one site conf for that ...
20:17<auraka>if you have and and you want to just point/redirect to
20:17<auraka>if you don't want to redirect...just comment out the rewrite rule
20:18<TheDudeAbides>okay so I dont need to setup symlinks and additional per site confs if Im just pointing a domain to another?
20:20<auraka>I'm lazy so I just try to do things the easy way
20:20-!-Zagreb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:21<TheDudeAbides>i guess the rules on the last conf here: confused me for adding non-wp sites
20:34-!-advion [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:35<@mikegrb>! people still use slackware?!?!
20:36<danblack>i'm constantly amazed by that too
20:39<Katana>why do people fear regex
20:39<Katana>it's so simple in comparison to sql
20:39<Katana>which has so many derivatives and is so utterly fragmented in comparison
20:39<staticsafe>Katana: /\/\/[]\/ thats what it looks like to people
20:40<staticsafe>so it scares them :P
20:40<auraka>Katana: why do you hate America?
20:40<Katana>auraka: go select a random row in every major DBMS
20:40<auraka>that and regex can be hard to figure out
20:40-!-hipsterslapfight [] has quit []
20:40<Katana>regex is straightforward though, with its various implementations
20:40<Katana>the syntax is shared
20:40-!-bonhoeffer [] has joined #linode
20:40<auraka>lots of trial and error
20:41<Katana>MSSQL versus Firebird versus Oracle versus MySQL, good luck with that compatibility gig
20:44-!-Zagreb [~Florsk@] has joined #linode
20:46-!-nisstyre [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
20:46<TheDudeAbides>omg finally got WP multsite + domain mapping working. Thanks auraka! I'm sure what exactly was wrong though lol but its good now
20:46<bob2>zomg wp multisite
20:46<bob2>80% sadness by volume
20:47-!-undrt [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:47<TheDudeAbides>dont like it? I find it pretty handy
20:48<TheDudeAbides>otherwise id have to manage every site individually
20:49<bob2>not saying it's worse than that
20:51-!-ia [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:51-!-hfb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:52<Katana><3 using git to manage websites
20:52<Katana>stupid easy updates
20:53<Katana>git pull origin; git checkout deploy
20:53<Katana><3 <3 <3
20:53-!-NdFeB [] has joined #linode
20:54<HoopyCat>it could be worse:
20:55<bob2>you want "git reset --hard origin/master", not checkout
20:55<TheDudeAbides>I like multisite mainly for mass configuration. Otherwise yeah id just update everything from the server
20:55<staticsafe>Katana: git is indeed awesome <3
20:55<TheDudeAbides>lol HoopyCat I'm reminded of those california cow commercials
20:55<bob2>also, make sure the root of the git repo isn't in your webroot
20:56<bob2>or you expose all your history
20:57-!-nisstyre [] has joined #linode
20:58<Katana>1) best to run any site so that the site root isn't the web root
20:58<Katana>2) who the hell runs a master branch for any site :(
20:59<Katana>3) Bacon.
20:59<bob2>whatever the branch is then
20:59<bob2>checkout can make conflicts, and pull can make merges
20:59<Katana>i should add myself a push hook so that it auto updates when I push to my private repo, but meh lazy
20:59<TheDudeAbides>by web root do you mean the apache/xnginx root?
20:59<bob2>git fetch && git reset --hard origin/bonghits
21:00-!-goose [] has quit [Quit: Staying alive can kill you, it's taken years off of my life.]
21:01-!-stafamus [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:01-!-Zagreb [~Florsk@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:01-!-Zr40 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:01<Katana>best structure: {/srv/www/site.tld/} - web root under {~/web/}, includes and other goodies under {~/app/}
21:01-!-Zr40 [] has joined #linode
21:01<Katana>keeping things all separated
21:02<Katana>also nice how you can isolate uploads that way so they're never public facing, if you do that kinda thing
21:02<Katana>s/if you do/if you are crazy enough to do/
21:02<EugeneKay>I use /data/html/foouser/, where foouser is a chrooted SFTP
21:03<EugeneKay>I don't trust $DISTRO to keep its grubby hands off of /srv/ or /var/ when doing package upgrades
21:03<HoopyCat>The options include letting the repositories decompose and closing off the area, setting off explosives to break up the commits and speed up the rebasing process, or setting the webroot on fire.
21:03<Katana>HoopyCat: i like this idea involving fire can we do this
21:04<bob2>don't forget nuking it from orbit.
21:04<Katana>that results in lingering radiation. use an ion cannon instead.
21:05<EugeneKay>Also, I just posted this in #git. May be of interest.
21:06<HoopyCat> has grown on me, myself
21:06<EugeneKay>I use /data/html/foouser/repos/sitename.git/ as a bare repo. Push to that and it deploys into
21:06<EugeneKay>Keeps the git repo outside of the docroot
21:06<Katana>EugeneKay: "have rsync, and the git-core suite" -- no comma there
21:06<EugeneKay>Katana - pull requests welcome
21:07-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
21:07<Katana>pshaw. fien, since github makes online file edits easy
21:07<HoopyCat>last few revisions checked out into /blah/releases, /blah/current is a symlink to /blah/releases/whatever_the_latest_one_is
21:08<HoopyCat>bss: given that the cattle were discovered by air force cadets, would this situation even fall under chu's authority?
21:08<Katana>HoopyCat: do you mark the last "stable" commit at all?
21:09<Katana>EugeneKay: your first pull request for that repo. hooray!
21:10-!-bbeausej [] has quit []
21:10<HoopyCat>Katana: we're using SVN rather than git, so things are a little bit different, but yes... to promote a rev, we copy it to branches/blahblah-staging or -production
21:10<bss>perhaps there is some sort of showsmanship between the air force and the DoE
21:10*Katana PR slightly, adds image response
21:10<EugeneKay>HoopyCat - see TODO #4 :-p
21:10<Katana>HoopyCat: svn ;_;
21:10*Katana pats
21:11-!-speerfissure [ivorybisho@] has joined #linode
21:11<Katana>You have my sympathies HoopyCat
21:11-!-speerfissure [ivorybisho@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:11<HoopyCat>EugeneKay: allow me a moment to figure out how to make this monospaced, italicized, light grey wall of text readable on a white background
21:11-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
21:12<Katana>monospace and italics
21:12<EugeneKay>HoopyCat - I also have a web/ subdir in that same repo with some Stylish css improvements to github. Feel free to add to that, too :-p
21:12<HoopyCat>Katana: shrug, it works. we're a pretty stable codebase (only a few commits/day, maybe 3-5 pushes to production per week), tho
21:13<Katana>HoopyCat: I hate dealing with it because of the speeds it gets. Feels so much slower than git does. :\
21:13<Katana>I've checked out git repos in much less time than SVN repos, and there's more data to grab for git tbh
21:13<HoopyCat>EugeneKay: i am an engineer. english is a type of pub.
21:13<Katana>I can't say for certain, but it just /feels/ slower to work
21:14<HoopyCat>Katana: nod, svn is rather slow.
21:14<EugeneKay>Katana -
21:14<EugeneKay>tl;dr: git is local, svn is network.
21:15<EugeneKay>git cloneing is faster than a svn hceckout because git gives you a big fat blob to download, whereas svn:// is a very chatty protocol
21:15<Katana>EugeneKay: I know, but even with clones, it seems faster
21:15<HoopyCat>Updated to revision 1963.
21:15<HoopyCat>real 0m44.455s
21:16<HoopyCat>mind you, that's with 12 externals (so really, 13 updates)
21:16<EugeneKay>Ayurp. There's a back-and-forth between your git-fetch and the remote's git-send-pack to determine what blobs need to be sent, then send-pack zips them up and sends them over the wire in one lump.
21:16<EugeneKay>They're then dumped in your local repo to be unpacked and abused
21:17<Katana>EugeneKay: i'll have to use that link later :3
21:17<Katana>well, I knew that git did delta patching
21:18<EugeneKay>It does delta packing when compressing a repo. If you just make a bunch of commits they'll all be stored as each individual file at each commit, which gets big fast.
21:18<EugeneKay>There's also some porcelain "patch" or "diff" magic when doing ops like rebase or stash
21:18<Katana>then the infamous git gc
21:18<Katana>god that's annoying in the windows builds
21:19<bob2>not just gc
21:19<Katana>it nags you if you have a buildup on launching git gui (which I do to view my commit diffs at a glance)
21:19<bob2>gc = clearing out old unreferenced things, pack = gather files into giant delta-and-gzip-compressed files
21:19<Katana>yar, gc's for the dead branches and orphan commits
21:20<EugeneKay>I use SmartGit on windows. Much better than git-gui
21:20<Katana>what's this about purchase :\
21:21<EugeneKay>$0 for "non-commercial use"
21:21<Katana>non-commercial for free...okay that's fine with me
21:21<EugeneKay>Click the relavent button during hte install process and enjoy
21:21<Katana>why does this look like it's java-based
21:21<EugeneKay>Because it is.
21:22*Katana seppuku
21:22<EugeneKay>It's good. Trust me.
21:22-!-linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:22<EugeneKay>One of these days I'll send them a check for $200
21:22<Katana>if it runs like eclipse or libreoffice, it gets the boot quick >_>
21:22*Katana downloads
21:23<EugeneKay>It takes a few seconds to start the JVM, but it's extremely snappy once loaded.
21:24<Katana>bleh. today's exercise in pain had me messing with sql again. :(
21:24*staticsafe sends Katana some beer
21:24<Katana>ended up asking on stackoverflow for help to figure out how the hell to get around my problem out of desperation.
21:25<Katana>hour later, response with working query
21:25<EugeneKay>Also, #git on freenode.
21:26<Katana> thank god
21:26<Katana>Joins make my head spin
21:27<EugeneKay>It's just basic relational set theory :-p
21:27<Katana>I hate databases for that very reason. I don't get that stuff for some reason, doesn't click.
21:27<Katana>I can OOP all day long and get all those concepts, but DB stuff pains me
21:27*EugeneKay shrugs
21:28<EugeneKay>Some people get it, some don't.
21:28<Katana>I get the basics, but eh, beyond that, leave it to the DB people :<
21:28<EugeneKay>I understand how threading is supposed to work but I've never been able to make it work right.
21:28<Katana>well, you take a string and a needle...
21:30<Katana>EugeneKay: played with redbean at all yet?
21:31<EugeneKay>I'm actually writing my own retarded ORM/CMS >_>
21:31<HoopyCat>Fate has ordained that the commits who went to the repository to merge in peace will stay in the repository to rest in peace. These brave commits, 8bc812a9 and f271c92d, know that there is no hope for their rebasing. But they also know that there is hope for the project in their sacrifice.
21:32<HoopyCat>oops, wrong envelope
21:32*Katana tips hat in somber acknowledgement
21:33<Katana>EugeneKay: well, for your daily dose of eyebleed:
21:33<Katana>i hate tag searching. let it be done and over and augh. :[
21:34<Katana>I can't use the redbean tagging API for lookups because it isn't powerful enough
21:34<Katana>so raw sql WHEEE
21:34<EugeneKay>I'm building mine with the intent of it generating .html statics
21:34<Katana>I was working on something similar for awhile, but back-burnered it after I bumped into design flaws with how I was thinking of handling a few things
21:34<EugeneKay>Cascading things is something I've not figured out how to handle yet
21:35<EugeneKay>eg, building a page based upon other pages
21:35-!-karstensrage [] has joined #linode
21:35<Katana>use twig
21:35<Katana>let it handle that, just get it to render the templates and then store the results
21:35<EugeneKay>I'm explicitly not using any template crap
21:35<EugeneKay>PHP is a hell of a drug
21:36<bob2>s/a // s/ of.*//
21:36<Katana>at least you're not suffering symfony
21:36<bob2>or ZEND
21:37<Katana>why doesn't smartgit use the actual api grrrrr
21:37<Katana>*github api
21:37<EugeneKay>Because fuck you, that's why.
21:38-!-seanh-ansca1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:38<Katana>This saddens me
21:39<Katana>apparently doesn't like submodules either
21:39<EugeneKay>That's okay, submodules are crap.
21:39<Katana>hey now i like submodules, they make library reliance easy
21:40<HoopyCat>ah yes, PHP.
21:41<Katana>oooh, just noticed the changes to the github profile edit stuff
21:41-!-dskang [~dskang@dynamic-oit-vapornet-a-2608.Princeton.EDU] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:42<Katana>security history thing is cool
21:43<hedgeit>small, possibly off-topic question: what's a CDN? how's it different from... well, let's say a VPS?
21:43<hedgeit>I keep hearing, "All of internet is served by Akami, a CDN", and that never makes sense to me
21:43<hedgeit>s/All/a lot/ :)
21:44<EugeneKay>hedgeit - somebody else hosts your statics off their servers
21:44<Katana>pretty much
21:44<Katana>with some geographical distribution also - so that it's coming from a phyically nearby server
21:44<EugeneKay>Usually off a different domain with some sort of GeoIP magic
21:44<bob2>it's utterly different to a vps
21:44<hedgeit>EugeneKay: caching? like Django's memcached?
21:45<bob2>cdn = you give Akamai some files, they store them around the world and route HTTP requests from customers to a node near them
21:45<bob2>vps = you have a server
21:45<EugeneKay>Depends upon the CDN's specifics.
21:45<Katana>No, not caching.
21:45<Katana>More like image files, css, js
21:45<Katana>assets, not data
21:45<@mikegrb>mmm cake
21:45<Katana>also, cake.
21:46<Katana>tooth hurts
21:46<Katana>wrong window
21:46<hedgeit>bob2> cdn = you give Akamai some files, <- does that add in an extra vulnerability point, by the way? Is working with Akami a difficult process? (much in the way of, for example, the design of the site has to coded up in a special way just for that )?
21:46-!-Dedalo [~Dedalo@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:46-!-nisstyre [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:46<bob2>and yes, they're terrible to deal with if you're small, so use a reseller like racksapce cloud files
21:47<hedgeit>linode doesn't provide a similar service to that? (cloud files of rackspace)
21:48<bob2>also, the above is an oversimplification - they can also do things like video, and if you're hardcore, dynamic apps
21:48<HoopyCat>there are a whole bunch of other CDN services as well; amazon cloudfront is widely used as well
21:48<HoopyCat>as well
21:48<bob2>there's a bunch of alternatives, but akamai appears to have the best .au coverage which is what i selfishly care about ;)
21:48-!-TheDudeAbides [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
21:48<hedgeit>do you have first-hand experience with akami?
21:49<hedgeit>i.e., you're a dev that gets set this stuff up? :)
21:49-!-Dedalo [~Dedalo@] has joined #linode
21:50<bob2>yes i have used RSC and cloudfround
21:50<bob2>er cloudfront
21:51-!-dskang [~dskang@dynamic-oit-vapornet-a-2608.Princeton.EDU] has joined #linode
22:12-!-userme [] has joined #linode
22:14-!-wkl [~wkl@] has joined #linode
22:16-!-bbeausej [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
22:19<Katana>holy crap
22:19<Katana>okay so apparently NX pipes all sound through the local audio devices, it does NOT send them to the client system
22:20<Katana>I just logged into my desktop beside me, had my headphones out, and suddenly login noise beside me
22:20<dwfreed>Katana: define NX please, as it's a terribly overloaded acronym
22:20<KyleXY>dwfreed: I was thinking "mail..? what?"
22:21<Katana>Betting that if I played music over NX, it'd play locally.
22:21<Katana>Oh god this could lead to an awesome prank
22:21-!-nisstyre [] has joined #linode
22:22-!-Dedalo [~Dedalo@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:22<Katana>IT DOES
22:22-!-atula [] has joined #linode
22:22-!-userme [] has quit [Quit: userme]
22:22<bob2>it's the "ssh computersupstairs mplayer bonghits.mp3" for the 21st century
22:23-!-userme [] has joined #linode
22:25<dwfreed>Katana: oh dear
22:26<dwfreed>bob2: better than "ssh labserverthathasbeepinstalled beep <song>"?
22:26-!-Boss [] has joined #linode
22:27<KyleXY>dwfreed: ... what labserver had that? heh
22:27<atula>to allow user log reading permission on debian they need to be in adm group?
22:28-!-Commodore [~linode@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:28<dwfreed>KyleXY: I've heard stories about shell servers at my college that had beep installed, until somebody discovered it was installed...
22:28<linbot>New news from forums: CentOS 5 or 6 and the Open Source Control panel question. in General Discussion <>
22:29<Katana>bob2: context - this machine is hooked up to a vpn. :3
22:29<Kyhwana>mmm, control panels
22:30<dwfreed>Katana: so much potential for fun; choose your song wisely, my friend
22:30-!-HeavyMetal [] has quit [Quit: SIGTERM RECEIVED DISCONNECTING]
22:31<Katana>seriously how many large sites/organizations use control panels
22:32<Katana>oh hahahahah wow
22:32<linbot>Kyhwana loves teh cPanel, so should you.
22:32<Katana>Someone's twitter client was crashing while it was connected to the vpn we've got hooked up
22:32<Kyhwana>I see that ones still there
22:32<Katana>turns out, it seems that it is blindly groping for the first available network interface.
22:33<Katana>and just blindly requesting stuff through it instead of obeying routing rules...
22:36-!-HeavyMetal [] has joined #linode
22:37-!-Commodore [~linode@] has joined #linode
22:39<SirSquidness>Surely doing it that way would be quite a bit more complex than just oepnign a network socket and trusting the OS to put you out the right adapter?
22:40-!-vraa [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
22:43<JoeK>thats silly
22:43<JoeK>the OS never puts out
22:43<JoeK>i think im going to hide in shame
22:43<atula>if I have two nodes in the same datacenter, the private IP is 192.198.XXX.YYY the XXX.YYY are different on both nodes. Is that normal? Is that still consider private to private? I'm trying to allow only private IP connection to my db node.
22:44<@akerl>atula: all linodes in the datacenter are on the private network, and yes, it's expected that the numbers will differ
22:45<atula>akerl: so these guys are on eth0:0 (the private IPs). i'm trying to configure shorewall to deal with the filtering... but having a hard time grasping the concept
22:45-!-Linear [] has joined #linode
22:45<atula>I was able to just deal with it when there's only 1 public facing IP... now I'm a bit stuck on the private IP
22:46<bob2>then ignoring eth0:0 entirely
22:46<bob2>filter on source address and destination address
22:46<atula>bob2: I want my db server to ONLY accept incoming from private IP or does it matter ?
22:46<bob2>yes, so you only accept connections to 3306/tcp from the right IP
22:46<atula>bob2: you've used shorewall, correct? it's just a iptable wrapper I assume
22:47<bob2>yes of course
22:47<@akerl>bind your database to the private IP and set your firewall to limit connections to 3306 on the private ip to your other linode
22:47<bob2>all linux firewall things are wrappers around iptables
22:47<JoeK>iptables is the source of all evil in linux
22:47<@akerl>I feel like I've said this before?
22:47<@akerl>JoeK: False.
22:47<bob2>iptables is fine
22:47<bob2>and hardly ever used in kernel exploits
22:48<atula>so in interfaces, net is eth0 or eth0:0 ?
22:48<JoeK>he only has 4 legs to stand on, well see how long that lasts
22:49<bob2>dunno why you're caring about the interface at all tbh
22:50-!-Majbour [] has joined #linode
22:50<atula>bob2: I honestly don't understand it completely. that's why
22:50<atula>I guess... why did I bother with private IP at all?
22:50<atula>I thought there was a purpose to this
22:50<Majbour>hey guys , i know this isent the place but i have a wordpress issue thats makeing me rip my hair out, is there any chance someone here could spare 5 min please
22:50<bob2>the point is a) it's unmetered, b) it's not on the internet
22:50<atula>node to node connecting through public IP is the same as node to node connecting over private IP?
22:51<@akerl>I'll offer the additional suggestion that you lern the iptables rather than using shorewall
22:51<bob2>Majbour, as always, in every channel, on every network, on every topic, just ask your question
22:51<Nivex>who needs IPv4 anymore? Oh, right, MySQL.
22:51<bob2>atula, no
22:51<bob2>"MySQL in piece-of-shit shocker, film at 11"
22:52<JoeK>country car query?
22:52<Majbour> <- this doesnt want to align the same way it does on
22:52-!-niemeyer [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:52-!-Linear_ [] has joined #linode
22:52<bob2>you're asking for /web design/ help
22:53<bob2>after you ripped off a design from another site?
22:53-!-bonhoeffer [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
22:54<Majbour>no their both my site
22:54<Majbour>im just trying to do a fresh install
22:54<bob2>then copy the theme across
22:54-!-Linear [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
22:54-!-Linear_ is now known as Linear
22:55<Majbour>heres the thing , we never got theme from the previous developer
22:55<bob2>of course you did
22:55<Majbour>so ive been trying to reverse engineer it
22:55<bob2>or else you couldn't have hosted it
22:55<Majbour>thats already been brought across
22:55<JoeK>bob2, bad cop
22:56<Majbour>its the advanced custom fields plugin that just doesnt want to align properly
22:56<Majbour>although ive looked at both versions and everything looks identical
22:56-!-Linear_ [] has joined #linode
22:56<@akerl>Majbour: diff?
22:57<Majbour>sorry ?
22:57<atula>bob2: in my shorewall rules, when I do: MySQL(ACCEPT) net:192.168.XXX.YYY $FW this should allow ONLY my private IP (of another node) to connect to the $FW which is the db node, right ?
22:57<@akerl>Majbour: You could use diff
22:57<Kyhwana>atula: are you denying everything else?
22:58<@akerl>That way you'd see what's different
22:58<Majbour>whats diff ?
22:58<atula>Kyhwana: yes
22:59<@akerl>Majbour: Are you logged into your Linode now?
22:59<@akerl>(via ssh)
22:59<atula>Kyhwana: my policy:
22:59<Majbour>i am
22:59<Majbour>but they are on different servers
23:00<Majbour>but ive found an online one now and comparing the code
23:00<@akerl>Majbour: On the Linode, run `man diff`
23:00-!-userme [] has quit [Quit: userme]
23:00<Majbour>it just seems like its just not pushing the main page
23:00<@akerl>You will then become enlightened
23:02<Majbour>thats a good idea
23:03-!-Linear [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:03-!-Linear_ is now known as Linear
23:05<atula>bob2: so I made rule to only allow from source IP (private IP) and it's not doing it. do I just forgo the private IP route and just do it via public IP?
23:07<Kyhwana>atula: did you do it on both machines? If you're dropping on the private IP's of both, you need ot remember to allow it on each of them
23:07<@akerl>atula: Part of me wants to suggest your put `iptables -L -nv` in a pastebin so we can see what's up, but the other part of me knows I would just become sad
23:08<atula>akerl: you're right I should learn iptables, but I feel that shorewall might be help abstract some of that... the firewall is the only thing that's keeping me from getting my app up and running and I'd rather just get the firewall working...
23:09-!-HorizonXP [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
23:09<chesty>atula: how is the firewall not working?
23:09-!-HorizonXP [] has joined #linode
23:09<atula>chesty: the rules aren't working like I wanted it to.
23:09<chesty>in what way?
23:09<atula>"I have two nodes and I'm trying to set up shorewall to communicate with each other. I have two nodes: web and db. I want db to only accept MySQL connection from web via private IP. I've set up the rule to accept source ip from private ip, but it's not working... but a public IP works. Could someone advise? Thank you."
23:10<atula>chesty: ^
23:10<chesty>still doesn't explain what not working means
23:10<atula>it's almost as if the private IP (eth0:0) is being ignored
23:10<Kyhwana>atula: you have private IP's on both machines right?
23:10<atula>Kyhwana: yep
23:10<atula>chesty: it's not allowing me to get through the port.
23:11<atula>chesty: telnet ipaddress 3306 not working
23:11<chesty>atula: if you shutdown shorewall, does it work?
23:11<atula>chesty: yes
23:12<atula>without firewall, I would imagine it's all opened
23:12<chesty>it is, so you actually tested that it works without shorewall?
23:12<chesty>ok, pastebin iptables -nvL
23:14<Majbour>hmm no luck
23:15<Majbour>still cant find out what is squishing them together
23:16<atula>GASH DANG IT!!!!! I MISSED a 1 in front of the 192!!!!
23:16<atula>chesty, Kyhwana, bob2: I'm sorry
23:16<atula>I'm a fking idiot.
23:16<atula>kicking my balls right now
23:16<atula>I read the darn rules over and over again and didn't see it until now.
23:16<atula>sorry for the troubles, gangs
23:17<atula>the rules work as it should now
23:17<atula>Kyhwana: I'm SOOORRRY!!!
23:17<atula>question: if I connect from one node to another via private IP, that's considered non-internet transfer, right?
23:18<Kyhwana>This is why we don't redact configs when we paste them. (Or we get the hose)
23:18<@akerl>atula: It doesn't leave the datacenter, if that's what you mean
23:18<Kyhwana>atula: akerl already answered that one
23:19<atula>it's not that I was redacting the config... I was going to paste the config and as I was redacting I realized it was missing a 1 :)
23:19<atula>akerl: I believe I don't get charged for in-datacenter transfer according to linode policy, right ?
23:20<atula>so to shorewall it doesn't matter the IP is private or public as long as it's coming to the machine running shorewall it will check the source IP and match it with rules?
23:21<atula>and interface eth0, eth0:0 don't matter, they're just eth0 in the interfaces config?
23:21<atula>I get so nervous when I deal with the firewall stuff. it seems so dangerous
23:24<@akerl>atula: If you were using iptables, you'd have like 4 lines total.
23:24<@akerl>You're making things way too complicated
23:24<atula>akerl: okay. could you point me to a good guide?
23:24<atula>akerl: I understand the gist of it... I'm just too paranoid for my own good
23:24<atula>for iptables
23:25<@akerl>man iptables
23:25<atula>I could google.. but information can be saturated with stuff
23:25<@heckman>!library iptables
23:25<linbot>heckman: 1. Control Network Traffic with iptables - | 2. Configure a Firewall with Arno Iptables in Debian 5 (Lenny) - | 3. Secure Communications with OpenVPN on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick) -
23:25<@akerl>iptables -L -nv will show you what's there now
23:25<chesty>that's a reference, not a guide akerl
23:25<SirFunk>Hey all, was there any known outage about 5 hours ago?
23:25<Kyhwana>SirFunk: in which datacenter?
23:26<Kyhwana>nothing on the linode RSS feeds
23:26<Kyhwana>though someone was complaining about a host in newark getting packet loss earlier
23:26<SirFunk>Client left some angry voice messages while I was on the road because they couldn't hit their site for like 10 minutes around 5:30 EDT. I log into the console and there's a blank in my cpu/mem/network/disk logs at that time
23:26-!-Majbour [] has quit []
23:27<SirFunk>what would cause a gap in the usage graphs?
23:27<@heckman>SirFunk: which DC is it in.
23:27<Kyhwana>heckman: ^
23:28<@heckman>Ah, small IRC screen.
23:28<@heckman>graphs are generated in a different facility, if internet between that DC and your host machine goes wonky gaps will appear in graphs
23:28<SirFunk>ok... but host machine.. not the vm?
23:29<SirFunk>that wouldn't be caused by a problem with the vm itself?
23:29<@heckman>We don't poll your Linode to build Linode Manager graphs.
23:29<SirFunk>didn't think so...
23:29*heckman wasn't on at that time, so I'm not sure how many routes were affected.
23:30<SirFunk>ok.. well basically. I know it's not my fault.. it was something at Linode and it (probably) won't happen again?
23:30<@heckman>I never said it was something at Linode.
23:30<@heckman>Transient routing issues occcur. If the internet was a perfect system, network engineers would be out of jobs. :p
23:31<SirFunk>ok... something outside my VM though :-P
23:31<SirFunk>I just want to delegate blame :)
23:31<auraka>heckman: or they create problems to keep in jobs
23:31<@heckman>Just let your client know the Internet is a complex series of systems, and things happen.
23:31<@heckman>auraka: I thought those were software developers?
23:32<retro|blah>SirFunk: It seemed like a couple hosts were experiencing increased latency
23:32<auraka>heckman: they don't purposefully create problems...that is just incompetence
23:32<numk>the ompa lumpas make the internet
23:32<@heckman>Or they build software that ensures them a job.
23:33<@heckman>numk: I failed at making a BGP joke in the original Willy Wonka oompa loompa fashion.
23:35-!-Bdragon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:35-!-[7hunderbird] [] has quit [Quit: Bye!]
23:35-!-SelfishMan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:36<auraka>oompa lumpa doopity do...we created a routing loop for you....oompa loompa doopity it is time to drop the BGP
23:37<auraka>i tried
23:40-!-SelfishMan [] has joined #linode
23:40-!-Bdragon [] has joined #linode
23:42-!-descender|2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:44<auraka>heckman: I'm guessig you have a lot of network engineers to route all the NETBUI
23:46-!-Boss [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:53<staticsafe>yea there was a period of high latency in newark
23:53<staticsafe>2012-04-17 05:44:51 PM - that was when I open the ticket, EDT time
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