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00:03<auraka>pharaun: 2nd place is first loser
00:05<pharaun>better than being third
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00:08<Tyrx>Command line newbie here, I'm having a huge problem trying to figure out how to configure nginx to work correctly with Xenforo friendly urls. I've included more info in a pastebin doc -
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00:17<kyhwana>tyrx: as the error says, you have location / defined twice
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00:41<Tyrx>Alright, I removed the the first location / bit completely and nginx didn't report any errors when I reloaded it. However, my site is still unreachable. :/
00:41<Tyrx>The "bit" I removed was; location / { index index.html index.htm index.php; }
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01:08<Tyrx>Created another pastebin doc with updated info on the "new" nginx problem, any help is appreciated.
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01:17<bdube>Tyrx: what do you get in the logs?
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01:26<Tyrx>which logs should I be looking at?
01:28<bdube>your nginx logs
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01:39<kyhwana>tyrx: as it says, youre missing a }
01:39<bdube>well, it looks like you still have some configuration work ahead of you
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02:00<auraka> fedora looks pretty slick
02:05<@heckman>Spereical Cow?
02:05<@heckman>Using it, or just looking at screenshots?
02:08<auraka>loaded in a vm
02:08<auraka>using it
02:17<@heckman>I guess I should keep tabs on its release cycle.
02:18<@heckman>Kind of important for me
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02:22<pharaun>you should
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02:29<@heckman>I guess I might add that to my to-do list on Monday morning
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02:55<chesty>heckman: you've been quiet lately, how's the better half?
02:56<@heckman>The new one? Good
02:56<chesty>how many new ones habe there been ;)
02:56<pharaun>oh man
02:57<pharaun>heckman: you hooked up? stunned her with your viking beard? ;)
02:59<linbot>Heck, man, what do I look like, a psëudøviking?
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03:00<@heckman>chesty: one. and good. :P
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04:21<@heckman>!to ehg away
04:21<@heckman>ehg: please disable your automatic nickname changer
04:25<ehg>heckman: fine, that URL is rather tactless though :)
04:26<dwfreed>it makes a good point
04:27<@heckman>A bit, which is why I said please. :)
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04:32<ehg>heheh, well it's just default config from my work channel config - when it *is* useful
04:32<ehg>but sure
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04:34<minerva>Whoosh! Had a it of nightmare this morning with a live forum [not in linode]
04:34<minerva>But sorted now, definitely I deserve a strong coffee :-]
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05:41<chesty>does dnssec stop your isp from seeing your lookups?
05:43<chesty>some tor doco I skimmed mentioned dnssec
05:46<chesty>i said some tor doc I skimmed mentioned dnssec
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06:05<chesty>maybe it's to stop someone from modifying queries
06:05<Kyh_>dnssec lets you verify that the record you get back (if everything supports DNSSEC) is the correct one
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07:10<minerva>had some hard time while creating a subdomain
07:10<Kyh_>whats hard about it?
07:11<minerva>a typical n00b mistake was making a new public/ directory in /etc/sites_available
07:11<minerva>which broke the main domain too
07:11<Kyh_>uh, what
07:12<Kyh_>that's not where that goes
07:12<minerva>after going through the ssh tunnel I realised that
07:12<minerva>simply deleted that directory from there then the site is up again :-]
07:13<minerva>actually I followed someone's instruction on the web
07:14<minerva>the worst is few other guys copied that post on there blog too
07:14<minerva>after searching on forums I see so many folks are making the same mistake! :D
07:14<minerva>ha ha
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07:16<minerva>at one point I thought I have to rebuild everything
07:19<minerva>now refreshing the site over and over again to see if it is working properly :]
07:24<HoopyCat>what i want to do today: build a gnuradio flow graph that can monitor two nearby frequencies at once, so i can hear both repeaters used for marathon ops today. what i need to do: homework
07:25<HoopyCat>what i am doing instead: ...
07:25<MaZ->screw homework, HoopyCat
07:25<MaZ->get to flowgraphing
07:28<HoopyCat>MaZ-: one's primary, one's backup, and i can see 'em both in the spectrogram, so no biggie
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07:55<minerva>does anyone know how to install exim on a subdomain? so when I send emails using exim that would look like from I already have exim+google apps on the main domain
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07:55<HoopyCat>you'd tell your application (the thing sending mail) to send mail from
07:56<HoopyCat>exim doesn't give a dang, generally speaking
07:56<chesty>it might add a header saying you modified your address
07:57<@akerl>I thought that by default exim used your system's FQDN?
08:00<HoopyCat>if you're injecting the message via SMTP, it doesn't give a dang
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08:29<minerva>But I setup exim to use
08:29<minerva>also not using FQDM name as the subdomain
08:30<minerva>the subdomain will be running a separate operation than the rest of the site
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08:32<minerva>I would like to use the subdomain as a sender for the newslatters, not that we have a huge list of subscriber atm, but I am thinking about long term too, what if we get lot of subscriber on our subdomain operation?
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08:38<stetner>Interesting, trying to sign up and I pick Linode 512 $19.95 20GB
08:38<stetner>but the next page says the charge is 25.58 <- not much, but that is $60 a year...
08:38<@akerl>stetner: It's prorated; all our services renew on the 1st of the month
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08:39<@akerl>So you're paying for the rest of September + October at $19.95 a month, which will renew next on November 1st
08:39<stetner>ahh so that is 1 month plus 7 days or whatever...
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08:40<stetner>Ahh, might be worth reading that page ;)
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09:04<HoopyCat>"Not to sound insensitive, but why bother? The dodo was downright useless at everything it did." "It wasn't useless at everything; it was skilled at dying." --
09:08*Spitfire thinks everyone should have a dodo pad
09:12*XReaper hands out the dodo pads kindly donated by Spitfire
09:12*Spitfire watches as his bank account slowly drains.
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09:14<StevedoreJones> Afternoon, I have a quick question…
09:14<StevedoreJones>is it possible to give linode services as a gift?
09:14<HoopyCat>Spitfire: ah! haven't tried slowly draining the account. i did try to do a buffer overflow on the amex yesterday, but that was in one swell foop.
09:15<Nightmare>[09:12:57] * Spitfire watches as his bank account slowly drains.
09:15<Nightmare>Spitfire: You're welcome
09:16<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: hmmm... i don't believe there's an explicit way to do so. you might be able to arrange a promo code if it's some sort of event (door prize or whatnot)...
09:16<Spitfire>Nightmare, <3
09:17<Spitfire>StevedoreJones, I've never looked into it, but if you set up an account and add a server to it, and then login to the control panel and go Account -> Users and Permissions it seems that there's some way of giving people access there.
09:17<Spitfire>I'm not sure if you can give them full access to the server management interface etc, while denying them access to billing.
09:17<StevedoreJones>Well, I'm being bugged by my family put things on my wish list but there is a wrinkle; I'm quadriplegic. Which means that things in the physical world are largely useless to me, so I was thinking of things that I might like…
09:18<StevedoreJones>is the not so shot
09:18<StevedoreJones>somewhat of an edge case I think!
09:20<dwfreed>StevedoreJones: your family could sign up for say, 1 year of a Linode 512, and then give you the login information for the Linode Manager
09:20*Spitfire nods.
09:20<Spitfire>As long as they trust you not to start adding extras to it and charging the card. =p
09:20<StevedoreJones>That's a good idea
09:20<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: it's early in the morning so there aren't any staff folks on IRC, but i think some sort of gift certificate thing would be a really nifty feature
09:20*Spitfire would be behind this ^
09:21<StevedoreJones>I'm sure I could be trusted not to go to crazy!
09:21<StevedoreJones>Just need to find where I've put my self-control
09:21*Nightmare agrees with ^^^^
09:21<HoopyCat>if you play the linode hold music backwards, it says 'buy moar linodes'
09:23<HoopyCat>(that's a joke... it really says "I od os dna selur eht wonk uoY; evol ot sregnarts on er'eW")
09:24<StevedoreJones>that's me ever phoning inode then :-)
09:25<StevedoreJones>wow, I dictation software really is having a dyslexic Sunday
09:27<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: it is doing a very good job of producing IRC content of above-average accuracy ;-)
09:28<StevedoreJones>I swear that it has moods, some days I'm allowed to sound articulate and somewhat grown-up; and another is owned up sounding like a four-year-old who's had too much sugar
09:30<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: if you're a radio nerd at all, GNU Radio is a lot of fun... been playing with it this week. software-defined radio equipment is probably going to end up on my wishlist.
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09:31<StevedoreJones>I've never heard of GNU radio before, is it all operated on a strictly software basis?
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09:32<StevedoreJones>No knob twiddling
09:32<StevedoreJones>as it were!
09:32<StevedoreJones>I shall Google
09:33<XReaper>my linode is in need of some love :/
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09:35<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: there's a hardware device which does the RF end of things, and a software part that does "everything else". receives the local classic rock station, in stereo.
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09:36<XReaper>HoopyCat: heh, dropbox shortlinking. nice
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09:37<HoopyCat>XReaper: not just dropbox; i can host stuff locally too.
09:38<StevedoreJones>hoopy cat; that looks fascinating
09:38<staticsafe>HoopyCat: dat window theme
09:38<XReaper>HoopyCat: cool
09:38<staticsafe>classic GNOME style <3
09:38<XReaper>HoopyCat: hahahaha...
09:39<Nivex>staticsafe: glad I'm not the only one who noticed that
09:39<staticsafe>it was one of the first things I saw when I started using Linux
09:40<staticsafe>I can't remember what its called though hmm
09:40<Nivex>I switched over to Xubuntu because I got tired of the ever increasing amount of customization I had to do to a standard Ubuntu install to get my workflow back
09:40<staticsafe>aye using Xubuntu here as well
09:40<staticsafe>XFCE <3
09:41<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: it's kinda neat... i'm still playing around with it. i want to start playing around with digital modulations soon.
09:41<XReaper>HoopyCat: transmitter & reciever?
09:41<HoopyCat>staticsafe: still running ubuntu 10.04 on this machine :-)
09:42<Nivex>HoopyCat: get your GMSK on and get some DV with codec2 going across VHF :)
09:42<HoopyCat>Nivex: my wife gave up on unity with ubuntu 12.04 and went xubuntu on her new computer
09:43<HoopyCat>XReaper: this is just a receiver. a full-fledged transceiver shall be on my wishlist
09:43<staticsafe>Ubuntu 10.04 <3
09:43<Nivex>HoopyCat: that's what I'm planning to do for my Mom's desktop. I just have to get it and me in the same room to do the wipe and reinstall, since a sidegrade woudl be kinda painful.
09:43<XReaper>HoopyCat: cool
09:44<HoopyCat>Nivex: any P25 ham repeaters out there? :-)
09:44<Nivex>HoopyCat: don't know of any in my area
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09:44<HoopyCat>Nivex: i have the feeling it's one of those $$$$$$ waveforms
09:44<staticsafe>Sep 23 09:42:54 bender postfix/smtp[10946]: certificate verification failed for[2607:f8b0:4002:c05::1a]:25: untrusted issuer /C=US/O=Equifax/OU=Equifax Secure Certificate Authority - bleh
09:44<Nivex>I was thinking it would be fun to get FDMDV going and just put some really low bitrate stuff through the audio passband of a local repeater
09:45<Nivex>preferably when one of the local repeater trolls is on :)
09:45<HoopyCat>great moments in directed net history: "This is net control, standby, we're having a discussion about pizza over here... .... actually, go ahead."
09:46<StevedoreJones>Hoopy CAT: so am I understanding correctly: once I bought the hardware and connected it to my computer, I shouldn't have to touch the hardware again?
09:46<ddvv>Hi, has anyone setup Xorg in Debian 6? Whenever I try to run X, or even Xorg -configure, X says "Primary device is not PCI. open /dev/fb0: No such file or directory. No devices detected."
09:46<Nivex>HoopyCat: one of the worst moments was when my Dad finally gave up on Skywarn in his area. Condition red, active funnel cloud track, someone nowhere near the track area calls in a trash can blowing down his street.
09:46<StevedoreJones>I have to book “hands time" you see
09:46<ddvv>I assume I must setup the framebuffer. But I am not sure how. Anyone have any pointers?
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09:48<ddvv>Or has anyone ever setup Xorg on debian, or on any Linode distribution?
09:49<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: that is generally correct... for the thing i have (ezcap USB 2.0 dongle), it plugs into the USB port, and then an antenna with a magnetic base plugs into it. you might eventually want better/more antennas, but hands-off antenna switching is not impossible with the proper setup
09:49<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: (insert standard "ham radio is fun! become a licensed amateur radio operator today!" sales pitch here)
09:50<HoopyCat>ddvv: hmmmm... it has been awhile, but i think you'll probably want something where you can use VNC to connect to it?
09:50<StevedoreJones>hoopyCAT: duly noted, it does sound fascinating definitely something I could do independently
09:51<ddvv>HoopyCat: You're right. But at the moment I'm just trying to get Xorg not crashing on startup.
09:52<HoopyCat>ddvv: it will crash because it's trying to control video hardware that doesn't exist :-)
09:52<HoopyCat>!library X11
09:52<linbot>HoopyCat: 1. Using PuTTY - | 2. View and Follow the End of Text Files with tail - | 3. Introduction to Linux Concepts -
09:52<HoopyCat>!library VNC
09:52<linbot>HoopyCat: No results. :(
09:53<ddvv>HoopyCat, I have installed NoMachine's NX software. I was planning on using that.
09:54<ddvv>I had assumed you needed to get Xorg starting without errors first.
09:55<HoopyCat>ddvv: i am out of my field of expertise here, alas. :-) xvfb sounds familiar, but might not be what you need. i'm hoping someone will pipe in...
09:55<ddvv>Since there's no video hardware, is it impossible to run Xorg on Linode?
09:55<ddvv>I only need it to run Selenium tests on the server, which accordingly needs to open up Firefox to run the tests.
09:55<linbot>New news from forum: How to hide root folders on when using FTP? in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
09:59<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: nod... hardest part is probably taking the exam, from an accessibility standpoint. but, the tests are administered by volunteer examiners (of which i am one), and i know my local VE team can and will do the needful.
10:00<HoopyCat>ddvv: is probably useful... the adjective for your situation is 'headless'
10:00<dzho>ddvv: the X Windows System is client-server. You cannot run a traditional X server on a linode, but you can run X clients if you must.
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10:01<HoopyCat>Nivex: this is towards the tail end of a fairly relaxed net. also, while we have skywarn nets around here, i've never actually heard one active... we all get cards with the number of the red phone in buffalo
10:01<StevedoreJones>HoopyCat: I'm assuming you're in the US, I would have to find someone on this side of the pond
10:01<StevedoreJones>I'm sure that wouldn't be too difficult
10:01<HoopyCat>Nivex: then again, we have boring weather
10:02<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: haha, yes. every country is different. which country? (UK?)
10:02<StevedoreJones>yes, the UK
10:06<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: would be the Radio Society of Great Britain
10:07<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: and yep, i am in the US. (you can determine if someone online is in the US because they'll assume you're also in the US)
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10:08<HoopyCat>dzho: that does work out well when "you" are starting an X application, but selenium is an automagic thang
10:08<StevedoreJones> that's generally how I pick out Americans :-)
10:09<ddvv>dzho: Thanks. I think the x clients are actually running. Just need to get them forwarding to my machine i think.
10:12<HoopyCat>ddvv: as a quick and dirty hack, stick the -X option on ssh's command line when you ssh in, then echo $DISPLAY ... that'll tunnel any X clients you start back to your local X server. (this is slow by default, but is the sort of thing that NX speeds up, from what i gather; i mostly just use the VNC approach)
10:13<ddvv>Hmm. I'm on OS X. But I think I can run X11 here.
10:16<dzho>ddvv: point being, X has two parts.
10:16<dzho>you can run both on OS X.
10:16<HoopyCat>StevedoreJones: i apologize on behalf of americans, in general, for the sorts of things we do. :-) and as i'm married to a canadian, i will also apologize on behalf of all canadians for apologizing all the time...
10:16<dzho>HoopyCat: well played
10:16<HoopyCat>also, why am i swap-thrashing?
10:17<StevedoreJones>hoopyCAT: then let me please apologise for David Tennant playing Doctor Who on behalf of all English people
10:17<StevedoreJones>I'm so very very sorry
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10:19<HoopyCat>obligatory animated GIF:
10:20<HoopyCat>11662 total, 7995 used, 3667 free, 2 buffers, 121 cached, swap 1859 and growing
10:22<XReaper>ssh is shit on tethered internet
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10:24*HoopyCat jettisons VMs in effort to save the mothership
10:25<XReaper>HoopyCat: sounds evil
10:25<XReaper>last i checked vmware <3 swap
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10:27*rnowak slaps XReaper around with a huge chunk of swap
10:27*XReaper takes a bite
10:28<rnowak>it was poisoned, good bye
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10:28<HoopyCat>XReaper: this is virtualbox, and VMs do not seem to be comprising a significant amount of swap
10:29<HoopyCat>maybe i should just move swap to an SSD and cover up the problem
10:29<ddvv>dzho: Thanks. I'm dimly aware of the server / client part of X11. I've got it working simply by following that. *mild facepalm*
10:29<dzho>ddvv: congratulations!
10:29<XReaper>HoopyCat: ha, yeah, as long as the ssd is sacrificial :)
10:30<HoopyCat>XReaper: point taken!
10:30<XReaper>make good scratch disks
10:30<XReaper>HoopyCat: it would take a few years i bet tho unless you really hammer em
10:31<HoopyCat>XReaper: i do seem to be hammering more than i'd like to atm
10:34<rnowak>STOP! HAMMERTIME!
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10:37<HoopyCat>rtucker@witte:~$ ssh framboise
10:37<HoopyCat>You don't exist, go away!
10:37-!-StevedoreJones [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:37<HoopyCat>boy, this sure escalated quickly
10:38*HoopyCat fires off a reboot and goes away
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11:03<squircle>!to ehg-away away
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11:03-!-ehg-away was kicked from #linode by caker [ehg-away]
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12:04<linbot>New news from forum: How to hide root folders on when using FTP? in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
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13:00-!-triplei [] has joined #linode
13:04-!-slide [] has joined #linode
13:04<slide>Does linode have any association with ? for some reason for about 5 minutes, my domain resolved to the ip of
13:04<slide>no idea how that can happen
13:05<squircle>but doesn't have an A record...
13:05<slide>thatd be vm1
13:06<slide>1 not l ;)
13:06<squircle>that doesn't have an A record either
13:06<squircle>!dig A
13:06<linbot>squircle: [dig] status: NOERROR | ;; ANSWER SECTION: | ;; AUTHORITY SECTION 86364 IN SOA 2008000007 14400 600 604800 86400
13:06<imMute>squircle: maybe he means the PTR
13:06<squircle>imMute: "my domain resolved to the ip of" doesn't sound like a PTR to me
13:07<squircle>domain -> IP I think is what's in question here
13:07<@akerl>slide: What domain?
13:07<imMute>squircle: resolved to a.b.c.d which resolved to which resolves to nothing (as of now)
13:07<slide>it was resolving to ip
13:08<squircle>ah, I see.
13:08<slide>which i then did a lookup on and resolves to that
13:08<squircle>slide: you're using Linode's DNS servers? what is your domain?
13:09<@akerl>I'm seeing "" for that now, and it's using our nameservers
13:09<squircle>seems proper to me... was your registrar doing anything sly?
13:10<squircle>oh god godaddy
13:10<slide>dont think so, i checked its registration and all is fine
13:10<slide>yea im waiting until to renews to move it
13:11<imMute>akerl: because GoDaddy is EVIL, man!
13:11<squircle>you don't lose any registration time by moving it
13:12<EugeneKay>It's not a good idea to wait until renewal time to move because most registrars don't let you transfer out in the last week or two before renewal, to "keep your domain from lapsing" during the move-out process.
13:12-!-scorche [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:13-!-slide23 [] has joined #linode
13:13<slide23>ugh random short internet disconnects too
13:16<squircle>slide23: if you lost part of the conversation, the TL;DR is "move your domain now"
13:18-!-slide [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:23-!-Cromulent [] has quit []
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14:17-!-mode/#linode [-b *!*ehg@*] by heckman
14:17-!-ehg [] has joined #linode
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14:25-!-zinga [] has joined #linode
14:25-!-jackp [] has joined #linode
14:26<zinga>hey my console session via lish is stuck
14:26<zinga>'kill' just does the same thing as 'exit'
14:26<@akerl>What is it "stuck" on?
14:28<zinga>i opened vim in a subshell by accident, and it's just echoing all my input and ^C or ^Z doesn't do anything
14:28<jackp>Hi. mysql throwing errors. tracked it down to a diskspace issue. df -h shows an extention in /dev is at 100%. I have no idea what it is or why it's full. can i just delete it? (probably not)
14:28<@akerl>zinga: So you're in vim?
14:29<imMute>jackp: what in /dev is taking up the space?
14:29<zinga>i assume that's what the process in the foreground is
14:29<@akerl><Escape>":q!"<Enter> ?
14:29<zinga>but i just get a blank screen that echoes all my input
14:29<zinga>that doesn't work
14:30<jackp>@imMute: it's /dev/xvda
14:30<@akerl>jackp: That's your root disk image
14:30<zinga>it said like "vim: warning, output is not a terminal" before entering this state
14:30<@akerl>zinga: Ctrl-Z?
14:30<zinga>akerl: negative, does nothing
14:31<TheMike>What's with this special linode kernel I see in uname -a
14:31<@akerl>jackp: I'd suggest heading to / and using `du -sh *` to see where the disk space is being used
14:31<imMute>jackp: /dev/xvda is the first disk image attached to your node. usually your root image. so you'll have to locate the file in / that's taking all the space
14:31<@akerl>you can follow it in by cding wherever is using the most and running that du command again
14:31-!-Pupeno [] has quit [Quit: Pupeno]
14:32<@akerl>TheMike: All Linodes run our kernel by default, as shown in your config profile in the Linode Manager
14:32<zinga>i think i did like "dirname $(vi /blah/blah)"
14:32<TheMike>OK, but what did linode do to the kernel to make it so special :)
14:32<zinga>where i had wanted to just echo the vi command, not run it
14:33<@akerl>TheMike: It's a vanilla kernel from + the options you can find in /proc/config.gz
14:33<@akerl>But we know it has xen support and such, where we can't guarantee that each distro's standard kernel does
14:34<@akerl>zinga: Can you get in with SSH?
14:35<jackp>akerl: Now that I know that, I'm shutting down the linode and resizing the disk image to add more space (by reallocating). That should solve it?
14:35<zinga>akerl: no, sshd isn't running
14:35<@akerl>zinga: :<
14:35<zinga>i thought i could kill the console session from lish...
14:36<@akerl>jackp: I'd still recommend figuring out what was eating all the space
14:36<imMute>akerl: since he said he's running mysql, my guess is that.
14:36<jackp>imMute: du -sh reports a few errors all of the format "cannot access proc/... No such file or directory", then hangs. Symptom of a major problem?
14:37<@akerl>That's normal
14:37<imMute>jackp: symptom of running du as not-root
14:37<zinga>what does "kill" in lish do then?
14:37<@akerl>imMute: False
14:37<@akerl>zinga: Not sure. Does it help?
14:37<@akerl>Looks like no
14:38<zinga>akerl: no, it just boots me off lish
14:38<imMute>zinga: IIRC, kill from the lish console just kills the screen session that's connected to the virtual "serial port" of your node.
14:38<@akerl>zinga: What command did you run, again?
14:39<zinga>like "dirname $(vi /blah/blah)"
14:39<zinga>imMute: it seems to only kill my ssh session to lish
14:40<imMute>zinga: since your ssh session is running the screen process, kill the screen process and the ssh session closes too
14:40<imMute>zinga: it's killing the host side of a "serial cable" between the host and the linode VM, disconnecting any of that won't affect any processes running on the node
14:41<imMute>if your console session is bjorked and you don't have ssh turned on, then I think you'll have to reboot the node
14:42<@akerl>zinga: My testing seems to agree
14:42<@akerl>I'm unable to exit that command
14:43<jackp>akerl: imMute: resized disk image. df -h still shows the same amount used, but obviously now a lower percentage. du-sh results in a single line that says '56K .' Not sure what to make of that.
14:43-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:43<@akerl>jackp: "cd /" then "du -sh *"
14:43<linbot>New news from forum: Advice on basic setup in General Discussion <> || How to hide root folders on when using FTP? in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
14:43<@akerl>And put it in a pastebin
14:44-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has joined #linode
14:44-!-nisstyre [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:45<zinga>imMute: so the disconnect doesn't result in a HUP signal?
14:45<imMute>zinga: no, because it's disconnecting the end of a serial cable - the other end doesn't even notice
14:45<imMute>(it's a virtual serial cable, but basically teh same thing)
14:45<zinga>yea i recall physical serial behaving the same way
14:48<jackp>akerl: had left out the asterisk. still a few "du: cannot access" messages, but no matter. the issue is the directory where the actual sites are; they're hoggin way more space than they should. Many thanks. I'm now tracking down oversized directories to investigate
14:48<@akerl>:P Yea, the * tells it "one line per thing here". Without it, the summary is less useful
14:48<linbot>New news from forum: Subdomain check list! in General Discussion <> || Rails deploy via Capistrano+Nginx conflicts with Apache? in Web Servers and Web App Development <>
14:50-!-ryanc_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:51-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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15:12-!-lakridserne [] has joined #linode
15:14-!-brennannovak [] has joined #linode
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15:25-!-bonjurkes [] has joined #linode
15:34<@heckman>sweet, I found a reliable way to make tmux leak
15:35<bonjurkes>so what should I install to switch from nginx + php- fpm to reverse proxy apache?
15:35<@heckman>I'd personally use fpm with Apache2
15:35<@heckman>Well, if I *had* to
15:35<bonjurkes>what you mean "had" to?
15:35<@akerl>Well, for starters, you'd need to install Apache
15:36<@heckman>If I had to use Apache2.
15:36<bonjurkes>akerl i know that
15:36<@heckman>I wouldn't use mod_php
15:36<@akerl>bonjurkes: I'm still curious to hear the use case for stacking web servers rather than just running one web server
15:37<bonjurkes>maybe i should just remove nginx and switch to apache
15:41<linbot>New news from forum: respawning script in General Discussion <>
15:42-!-brennannovak [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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15:44-!-wheatie [] has joined #linode
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15:51-!-brennannovak [] has joined #linode
15:52-!-alasda [] has joined #linode
15:53<alasda>Hello - hoping someone can help with a nodebalancer/apache issue
15:53<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient!
15:55<alasda>I have a nodebalancer set up pointing to 2 instances running http. I've set up the internal IPs and they work fine. Apache is serving from the external IPs no problem, but get 503 using wget from the other instances, and the nodebalancer reports both of the web instances as down.
15:55<alasda>I can telnet to port 80 on the web instances and send HELO and get the index page back
15:55<alasda>any ideas as to what the issue might be?
15:55<@akerl>alasda: Are you sure apache is serving over the private IP?
15:56<alasda>httpd.conf has Listen 80 so should server
15:56<@akerl>alasda: What datacenter, and what private IPs?
15:57-!-alasda [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:57-!-alasda [] has joined #linode
15:57<alasda> aqnd .118
15:57<alasda>that is
15:57<@akerl>both return 503s
15:58<@akerl>You'll want to check your logs to see why they're doing that
15:59<alasda>nothing in http err log
15:59<alasda>nothing in messages
15:59<@akerl>Can you put your virtualhost's config in a pastebin?
16:00<alasda>nothing fancy
16:01-!-aarcane [] has joined #linode
16:01<@akerl>That isn't doing that
16:01<@akerl>You have something else going on
16:03-!-fisted_ [] has joined #linode
16:03*alasda is stymied
16:04<@akerl>What do PHP's logs say?
16:04<alasda>let me turn logging on
16:04<alasda>but I suspect the problem is before that
16:07<alasda>nothing there
16:07<@akerl>The page being returned is a Drupal-specific 503 page
16:07<alasda>access log shows this after wget request: - - [23/Sep/2012:20:06:34 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 503 2622 "-" "Wget/1.12 (linux-gnu)"
16:08<@akerl>Something between apache handing the request to PHP/Drupal and PHP/Drupal returning the result is generating the 503; you need to figure out what
16:09*alasda digs in
16:10-!-fisted [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:13<alasda>OK confirmed - plopped an index.html file in and can wget that just fine
16:14-!-supo47 [] has joined #linode
16:14-!-scorche [] has joined #linode
16:16-!-Drone4four [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:17<alasda>cool. pointed the nodebalancer at a static html file and shows them alive now
16:17<alasda>thanks for your help!
16:19-!-alasda [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:31-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:33-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has joined #linode
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17:20-!-lakin [] has joined #linode
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17:47-!-dubenstein [~dubenstei@] has joined #linode
17:52<Gnewt>I've moved most things over from my ChunkHost install to my Linode
17:52<Gnewt>but Asterisk is the one remaining thing
17:52<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient!
17:52<Gnewt>I need to get a dahdi_dummy module for Debian Etch on Linode
17:53<Gnewt>But the docs seem a bit unclear about that, as they only provide an Ubuntu tutorial
17:53<Gnewt>Basically I'm just curious what the Debian alternative to the linux-image-ec2 package is?
17:53<HoopyCat>it Should Just Work with the usual kernel, i believe... see also the pv_grub instructions in the library
17:54<Gnewt>Ah, thanks. That wasn't my experience last time but perhaps it has changed.
17:54<HoopyCat>also, do you really need dahdi_dummy? odds are good you don't.
17:54<Gnewt>Yes, to provide timing for MeetMe
17:54<HoopyCat>cool, just making sure
17:55<Gnewt>No worries. To clarify, are you saying I should be able to compile the module just fine, or is there a version available in the repos? AFAICT only the source for the kernel module is available, and make complains about not having linode kernel sources.
17:56<Gnewt>Latest Linode kernel sources aren't available, at least from the link in the wiki
17:56<KyleXY>Man, the wiki is oooooldddddd probably
17:56<KyleXY>I never see that get modified .-.
17:56<HoopyCat>the latest kernel sources are plain ol' sources. best to use pv_grub, which means the module will get rebuilt by the "normal" means when kernels are upgraded
17:57<KyleXY>For their configs:
17:58<HoopyCat>or see /proc/config.gz
17:58<Gnewt>So setting up pv_grub seems to be the way to go huh
17:59<HoopyCat>that's how i'd probably do it
18:03<@caker>I thought there was a no-fuss solution for Asterisk timing source these days?
18:05<HoopyCat>reassuringly, apport works as well in 12.10 beta1 as it does in 12.04
18:06-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
18:07-!-dubenstein [~dubenstei@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:08-!-dubenstein [~dubenstei@] has joined #linode
18:09-!-Gnewt [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:10<HoopyCat>my problem cannot be reported, because i have some obsolete package versions installed! so what exactly was that checkbox i ticked during the install
18:10-!-Sputnik7 [] has joined #linode
18:11<HoopyCat>i am proud to report that Mint 13 has won the parallel install bullshit-off
18:17-!-dubenstein [~dubenstei@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:18-!-dubenstein [~dubenstei@] has joined #linode
18:18-!-A-KO [as@2601:a:f00:1f:3527:14a9:a2c2:ff17] has joined #linode
18:18-!-ramitos [] has joined #linode
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18:34-!-Quark [~quark@] has joined #linode
18:36<Quark>Using a "Let's reconnect" trial, what Linode is given? It seems the one I have up now is 512, but out of the credit it was consumed $25.58. Isn't the Linode (512) around $20?
18:37<kyhwana>Quark: what "lets reconnect" trial?
18:37<@caker>Quark: hello ... that's from now until the end of the month, and then also the next month
18:37<kyhwana>and yes, the 512 is $20 a month, if it gets pro-rated, so you've used it for a month and a 1/4?
18:37<Quark>caker: Ah, I see. Thanks!
18:38<Quark>kyhwana: No, just started now.
18:38-!-AviMarcus [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:39<kyhwana>oh, yeah, it's the 24th, as caker said
18:39<dwfreed>kyhwana: no, it's the 23rd :)
18:40<kyhwana>Mon Sep 24 10:40:04 NZST 2012
18:40-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has joined #linode
18:40<dwfreed>Sun Sep 23 18:40:25 EDT 2012
18:40<kyhwana>so ner
18:41<synapt>guys should just start going by stardates
18:41<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:41<staticsafe>caker's log, stardate unknown - CAKE
18:41<dwfreed>even those aren't standardized
18:42-!-dubenstein [~dubenstei@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:42<HoopyCat>Sun Sep 23 22:42:59 UTC 2012
18:43<HoopyCat>i win
18:43-!-dubenstein [~dubenstei@] has joined #linode
18:45-!-dubenstein is now known as epiloque
18:46-!-epiloque is now known as dubenstein
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18:47-!-Whoop [~Whoop@2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:fe96:2f45] has joined #linode
18:53-!-dubenstein is now known as epiloque
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19:35<alasda>I'm having trouble with an nfs mount
19:35<alasda>Client is CentOS, server is Ubuntu
19:35-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:35<alasda>keep getting this on the client side:
19:35<alasda>[root@web1 ~]# mount -a mount.nfs: rpc.statd is not running but is required for remote locking. mount.nfs: Either use '-o nolock' to keep locks local, or start statd. mount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified
19:36<alasda>any suggestions?
19:36<@akerl>Start statd?
19:37<@akerl>Or use -o nolock?
19:38<alasda>statd appears to be running
19:38<alasda>rpcuser 2139 1 0 23:14 ? 00:00:00 rpc.statd
19:38<alasda>running with nolock appears to time out
19:44-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has joined #linode
19:45-!-Ehtyar [] has joined #linode
19:46-!-brennannovak [] has joined #linode
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20:02-!-fisted is "(unknown)" on (unknown)
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20:21<auraka>woohoo debian running the 2.6
20:23-!-ojh [] has joined #linode
20:27-!-fisted [] has joined #linode
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20:31-!-katsh [] has joined #linode
20:34-!-meme [] has joined #linode
20:34-!-endzyme [] has joined #linode
20:37<linbot>New news from forum: respawning script in General Discussion <>
20:40<meme>hi, I'm using apache with php fpm. i was using mod_php before, but i've told that fpm was better etc. i was reading many tuts and is very confusing, as there's more info regarding the settings with nginx. i've got to the point i installed apache, php-fpm and all, this is a bin with all commands i've done so far. atm, i could make only 1 v host to work. but i know there's more staff i need to, such as setting pools, that i don't know what do to. co
20:40<meme>uld you help me out to troubleshoot this?
20:43<meme>the only really i've done, aprt install everything, was to place this in a vhost
20:43<meme>only thing*
20:44<meme>so basically i have php-fpm with default settings
20:44<meme>what i cannot get into my heade is: do i really need pools to server multiple vhosts?
20:45<meme>if you could point me to a decent tutoria for apache+php-fpm in a multiple vhost server, would be great
20:45<meme>linode have only with nginx
20:50-!-endzyme [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:55-!-Edgeman2 [] has joined #linode
20:59<@heckman>meme: you don't need to have multiple pools, but it allows you to control the PHP-enabled sites better
21:00-!-Edgeman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:00<@heckman>You can have those sites owned by a specific user (as a pool can execute PHP scripts as a specific user), and you have different configurations relating to the number of workers running when doing multiple pools.
21:00<@heckman>Unfortunately, I don't personally know of any FPM + Apache2 articles
21:01<meme>hello heckman
21:01<meme>yes, i see that with apache is not so common
21:01<meme>i found this now
21:01-!-alasda [] has quit [Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~]
21:03<meme>it says that i should have a /etc/php-fpm.conf , but i don't.
21:05<meme>heckman, progress so far, i found the conf file here /etc/php5/fpm
21:05<meme>ahh, it is all there! conf.d php-fpm.conf php.ini pool.d
21:07<meme>heckman, i have this in 1 domain, and php-fpm works there . if i set a new vhost and paste the same code, i have apache errors.
21:08<meme>maybe this must be different for each vhost?
21:09<@heckman>I've never tried setting up fpm on Apache. What errors do you get? Did you enable the fastcgi module?
21:11<meme>yup, fast cgi is running.
21:11-!-Kane` [] has joined #linode
21:11<meme>the problem is with a second vhost, wich is another domain
21:12<meme>the error is when i paste that code i've sent you, in the second vhost i have
21:13<@heckman>What error?
21:14<meme>1 sec
21:17-!-Quark [~quark@] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
21:20<meme>it is when i restart apache, after pasting this in the second vhost
21:20-!-niemeyer [] has joined #linode
21:20<@heckman>What file is that in?
21:20<meme>vhost file
21:21<meme>i paste the file, 1 sec
21:21<@heckman>This might be helpful:
21:21<@heckman>Not sure what that error means
21:21<@heckman>Sounds like a weird perms issue, not sure
21:23-!-BlendedByChris [~Adium@] has joined #linode
21:23-!-niemeyer [] has quit []
21:23<@heckman>That doesn't look to contain the filename.
21:23<meme>ah, the file name
21:24<meme>it is a vhost file called /etc/apache2/sites-available/
21:25<@heckman>Looks like it's something going on with FastCGI specifically a write permissions issue?
21:25<@heckman>I'm not 100% sure, maybe someone familiar with this config can chime in
21:25<meme>heckman, do you recommend me to go with nginx? i think it might be easier...
21:26<@heckman>I don't know what your requirements are, so not sure if nginx is the best option.
21:26<@heckman>I'm sure you could work through this and get it working
21:26<@heckman>I'd look at the link I provided
21:26<meme>i just need to run a lot of php scripts, such as drupal and wp
21:27<meme>ok, i will read that
21:27<XReaper>meme: good luck with apache :)
21:27<@heckman>Never tried Drupal on Nginx. I know it used to have apache-only rewrite rules needed.
21:29<XReaper>Generally have to roll your own rewrite rules on nginx
21:29<meme>yes, but there's samples for the mainstream cmses
21:30<XReaper>Yeah, to at least get them working :)
21:30<XReaper>I dunno, apache is good... just mod_php can drag it down
21:31<@heckman>We're talking about fpm, so how is that relevant?
21:31<meme>yes, that is what i need. to be honest, i just started with this fpm quest, because of permission issues. i wanted my server to work as suphp, but faster
21:31<XReaper>fpm is awesome :)
21:32<meme>mm, i hope
21:32<bdube>meme: paste the contents of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/fastcgi.conf please, as well as the output from 'ls -la /var/lib/apache2'
21:33-!-jarr0dsz [] has quit [Quit: Linkinus -]
21:34<meme>bdube, here
21:35<bdube>meme: thanks. and uid/gid 1000, is that your regular user?
21:36<meme>not sure, how can i see that?
21:37<bdube>run 'id' as your user
21:37<meme>yep, 1000
21:38<meme>is the only user in the system other than root
21:39<bdube>it looks like having that IfModule block in each vhost isn't going to help. try updating /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/fastcgi.conf to the settings you need and take it out of the vhosts.
21:40<meme>i see, so should i move the entire IfModule block to /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/fastcgi.conf ?
21:41<meme>kk, i got it
21:41<meme>had to read again ^^
21:41<bdube>if you also need the .fcgi support that's in there, you'll need to merge the settings. if not, you can replace the contents.
21:42-!-HedgeMage [] has quit [Quit: brb]
21:42-!-HedgeMage [] has joined #linode
21:42-!-workbean [~washere@] has joined #linode
21:42<bdube>the other curiosity is why the handler tried to write as your user when you used sudo
21:43<meme>ok, i will merge. no idea about the permission issue
21:44<meme>if i use sudo, it should write as root, right?
21:47<bdube>I would expect so. that part of the problem may become more clear when the redefinitions are fixed.
21:48-!-Waylon [] has joined #linode
21:49-!-brennannovak [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:52-!-Gnintendo [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:53-!-Waylon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:54<meme>bdube, it is not working
21:54-!-supo47 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:55<meme>i have restarted apache and php-fpm, but i got a 500 error
21:55<meme>maybe i should paste my conf file?
21:56<bdube>what do the logs say caused the error?
21:57<meme>first i had an error like this The FastCgiIpcDir command must preceed static FastCGI server definitions
21:57<meme>than i moved FastCgiIpcDir to the top, in the hope of solving the issue
21:57<bdube>you need to split the AddHandler line
21:59<meme>ahh, like write AddHandler twice?
22:00<bdube>yes, you're declaring two separate handlers
22:00<bdube>two separate lines
22:03<meme>yeahh! it works
22:03<meme>thanks a lot bdube
22:03<meme>also the other vhost works, i tested already
22:04<meme>you have credit with me, when you need a help, i will be around
22:05<meme>happy, happy,
22:05<meme>well, now i go back to work. i will be installing a lot of php canned scripts there
22:06*squircle grabs his can opener
22:07<bdube>check that scripts are running with the permissions you expect
22:07-!-aaverill [~alex@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:07<meme>bdube, that is what i want. i want that fpm works similar to suphp, to avoid permission issues. tell me, i need to set the pool right for this?
22:08<meme>per-pool user and group options, which allow you to run that specific fpm pool under the given uid and gid; goodbye suphp!
22:08<meme>i took it from here
22:10<meme>so i could set the default pool at pool.d to be owned by the user and avoid to set certain folders with www-data onership i guess?
22:12<meme>nvm, i will be reading more about anyways
22:12<meme>it is good that it works now
22:12-!-A-KO [as@2601:a:f00:1f:3527:14a9:a2c2:ff17] has quit []
22:14-!-fullstop [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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22:16-!-Vadtec [~Vadtec@2001:470:1f06:13e0::1337] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:18-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has joined #linode
22:19-!-endzyme [] has joined #linode
22:19-!-Kane_ [] has joined #linode
22:20<linbot>New news from forum: respawning script in General Discussion <>
22:21-!-Vadtec [~Vadtec@2001:470:1f06:13e0::1337] has joined #linode
22:22-!-Kane` [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:28-!-lguevara [~lguevara@] has joined #linode
22:29<lguevara>can someone answer me a quick question about linode payment ?
22:30<@Praefectus>not unless you ask it
22:30-!-synapt [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:32-!-triplei [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:33-!-brennannovak [] has joined #linode
22:35*heckman makes tmux memory leak
22:35<lguevara>perfect, thank you
22:36-!-SirSquidness [] has joined #linode
22:36<kyhwana>well that was easy. Please come again!
22:36<lguevara>well, im from venezuela, we are behind a currency exchange control
22:36<lguevara>so, I cant buy dollars.
22:36-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
22:37-!-DanishRolls [] has quit [Quit: Choosy programmers choose]
22:37-!-storrgie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:37<kyhwana>lguevara: you pay via CC, your bank/CC will auto convert from dollars to whatever you guys use
22:38-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:39-!-Duke [] has joined #linode
22:39<lguevara>kyhwana: what if I wanna upgrade my plan ?
22:39<kyhwana>lguevara: then your CC gets billed more?
22:40<lguevara>kyhwana: that is the problem friend.. I cant bill to one credit card
22:40<XReaper>lguevara: you can always add credit to your account
22:41<lguevara>ok, so i can pay with many CC ?
22:41<@Praefectus>do you own those credit cards?
22:42<lguevara>No, here in Venezuela, we cant buy dollars
22:42<@Praefectus>that doesnt really answer the question
22:42<kyhwana>lguevara: as I just said, your CC company will convert your currency to dollars
22:42<XReaper>lguevara: your CC should auto-convert your currency to USD
22:43<lguevara>Yes, the convertion is done
22:43<XReaper>Does it for me
22:43<lguevara>but I only have 200$ per year
22:43<kyhwana>So, when you upgrade, your CC just gets charged more and so therefore you pay more. It's like magic, really
22:44<lguevara>please, try to understand that I cant have more than 200$ from any credit card I have
22:44<XReaper>why. that doesn't make sense
22:44<lguevara>is the maximum legally in this country
22:45<kyhwana>lguevara: so, you pay it off and wow look, you can put more stuff on credit!
22:45<lguevara>We are behind a Currency Control
22:45<kyhwana>What does that mean, exactly
22:45<chesty>what he said it means, they can only spend $200 usd/year/cc
22:46<lguevara>Chesty it's rigth
22:46<XReaper>Oh ok
22:46<XReaper>That sucks :(
22:46<lguevara>the maximum it's 400$ for true.. but I need to buy some medines for my family
22:47<lguevara>so mi limit it's 200$
22:47<kyhwana>Oh, that is fucked up
22:47<kyhwana>lguevara: well, you're screwed, basically, if you can't spend more than $200USD/year. You won't be able to upgrade your linode
22:48<lguevara>what can I do? according to kyhwana, I can put credit in my Linode account ?
22:48<@heckman>You can manually submit a payment on a Linode account, which will seed it with credit.
22:48<lguevara>kyhwana: Yes, but I can find dollars from others
22:48<lguevara>Many people dont use their quota.. so them sell
22:48<kyhwana>oh, if you can get dollars from someone else, you can use their CC's (with their permission, obviously) to put credit in USD into your account
22:49<lguevara>But, if Linode charge to One credit card, I get in troubles..
22:49<@heckman>I'm really confused.
22:50<lguevara>Can I pay without associate one credit card to linode account ?
22:50<@heckman>You can only have one credit card on a Linode account at a time.
22:51<XReaper>But you can use any CC to add credit
22:51<lguevara>credit to my linode account ?
22:51<lguevara>that nice..
22:51<lguevara>that's nice..
22:51<XReaper>credit gets used first
22:52<baihu>ahh the joys of finding dollars in venezuela
22:52<lguevara>XReaper: but do i need ever associate a One credit card to be a client of linode ?
22:52<lguevara>. . .
22:52-!-bbeausej [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
22:52<baihu><--has venezuelan father that used to do good us<->vz business before chavez
22:53<squircle>lguevara: you can have a card associated without it being charged
22:53-!-BlendedByChris [~Adium@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
22:53<XReaper>baihu: so it's THAT hard to do conversions?
22:53<squircle>as long as you have credit
22:53-!-bbeausej [] has joined #linode
22:53<baihu>you can find dollars, but youre paying a hefty premium on the black market
22:53<baihu>and even then, thats cahs
22:54<lguevara>you can not imagine the nightmare..
22:54<lguevara>buying a book ? never..
22:54<XReaper>baihu: damn...
22:54<XReaper>lguevara: good luck :(
22:54<lguevara>Thank you XReaper...
22:55<baihu>theres is hope in the next generation.
22:55<baihu>my half brother, for one. little sucker is smart. he's over in Monagas
22:55<baihu>just got over a bout of non-hemmohagic gengue infact. tenacious lil sucker
22:55<lguevara>i will associate my credit card, and then I will put some credit on the linode account...
22:55<XReaper>lguevara: yup
22:56<baihu>not that that was ambigious
22:56<XReaper>i guess the reason is to keep the $$ in the country
22:58<lguevara>Thank you all
22:59<chesty>lguevara: after you add, change your cc to 4111 1111 1111 1111 then you won't get billed without your knowledge
23:00<lguevara>chesty : I hope so..
23:02-!-lakridserne [] has joined #linode
23:03<@heckman>Interesting. I can get tmux to leak...until I attach an strace to it and it stops leaking
23:04<XReaper>heckman: keep stracing it
23:04<@heckman>Nah, I like my disk space
23:05<@heckman>I was hoping I could attach a helpful strace on as part of the bug report, but meh
23:06-!-storrgie [] has joined #linode
23:08-!-hipsterslapfight [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:10-!-Wiz126 is now known as `Wiz126
23:12-!-`Wiz126 is now known as Wiz126
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23:22-!-ryanc [] has joined #linode
23:22-!-lakridserne [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:23-!-meme [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:23-!-ryanc is now known as Guest8021
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23:34-!-adityamenon [~adityamen@] has joined #linode
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23:36<@Praefectus>heckman: add extra space, just charge it XReaper
23:36<@Praefectus>charge it to*
23:37<XReaper>heckman: strace to /dev/null!
23:37<@Praefectus>i like my idea better
23:38<XReaper>You always like your ideas better :)
23:38-!-katsh [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8]
23:38<@Praefectus>its how i have an extra 1 TB space and 10 GB ram
23:43-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Quit: eyepulp]
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23:56-!-unforgiven512 [~unforgive@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe93:9fa9] has joined #linode
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