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00:00<arby>You get a /48, click 'delegate' ... done.
00:00<Peng>you can host on their DNS service too if you want
00:00<Peng>but yes
00:00<kenyon>otoh if you're needing that many rdns entries for your linode's v6 space, I wonder what you're doing
00:01<kenyon>maybe there is a better solution
00:01<arby>Peng Yeah. Like I said, I have a solution that works. Bit of additional mess, but works a charm.
00:01<arby>*ideallY* 100% Linode would be *nice*
00:01<dwfreed>kenyon: fwiw, the API doesn't currently allow you to set rDNS on IPv6
00:02<arby>dwfreed: From yesterday, there's this:, which doesn't specifically say IPv4-only, but I haven't monkeyed wiht it yet
00:03<dwfreed>arby: I know it's IPv4 only, because I have familiarity with the backend system :)
00:03<dwfreed>only IPv4 addresses have IPAddressIDs
00:03<arby>dwfreed: Saved me the monkeying. Thx.
00:03<dwfreed>linode.ip.list is IPv4 only for the same reason
00:05<dwfreed>there's actually no possible way to get a Linode's IPv6 address from the API, unless you know the formula that converts the Linode ID to the MAC address
00:06<arby>dwfreed: Shaking the monitor until it "gives" doesn't work? Whoda thunk?
00:06<arby>Worked with a staff member just last week ...
00:07<arby>For Linode@Fremont, since it's the same datacenter as HE's IPv6 Fremont gateway, it's actually all nice-n-peppy.
00:09<dwfreed>just make sure you're using FMT2 and not FMT1
00:09<dwfreed>saves you about 3 milliseconds
00:10<dwfreed>though because of BGP, at times it may be more than that
00:11<staticsafe>mm BGP
00:11<arby>I'm not picky. THat is all works makes me more warm-n-fuzzy than grumpy. So it's win-win 4 me.
00:12<arby>Not *completely* grumpless ... but it Also solves my AT&T/UVerse-are-a-bunch-of-meatheads-re-IPv6 problem too
00:12<arby>So me happy.
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00:14<arby>If HE & Linode would just merge ... solve many problems.
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00:19<arby>dwfreed: Given your 'familiarity' with the backend ... and rumblings about IPv6 support coming in/for the API?
00:22<xar>nobody will care about ipv6 until google says "we'll rank your pages higher if you use it"; then you'll have overnight adoption >:)
00:24<arby>xar I'd really *like* to dismiss that as complete poppycock ...
00:28<dwfreed>arby: I wouldn't know, because I haven't worked at Linode in a while
00:28<arby>dwfreed: ah. broke it and ran. i see ;-)
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02:23<dcraig>feels like an arby's night
02:24<dcraig>is there even an arbys around here I dunno
02:25<dcraig>wow, 1.3 miles away
02:25<dcraig>who woulda known
03:09<SNy>xar: Wasn't some apple iThingy artificially delaying requests over IPv4 to "encourage" IPv6 usage? Or am I imagining reading this?
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03:29<haifeng>Hi everyone. Does anybody know why the "tab" key doesn't work in my bash in linode vps?
03:30<haifeng>The tab doesn't auto completion the filename in bash
03:31<Peng>lish or normal ssh?
03:31<Peng>are you missing the bash completion package?
03:32<Peng>is it enabled in your .bashrc or .bash_profile?
03:33<haifeng>Sorry, ignore my question. seems the completion doesn't work for some command, such as tar…
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03:35<Peng>are you missing the bash completion package?
03:36<Peng>is it enabled in your .bashrc or .bash_profile?
03:37<haifeng>seems not, all lines in .bashrc were comments out.
03:40<haifeng>Thanks, Peng.
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09:51<sp_>hey guys
09:52<sp_>how is your morning (?) going
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13:29<sp_>everyone is super quiet today
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13:38*jfred releases the crickets
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13:54<RLa>when a linode has been removed due to payment overdue then it's completely gone?
13:56<Eugene>Probably. Ask a support ticket.
13:56<@ccravens>RLa: If you've caught up your bill, drop support a ticket and see what they can do for you.
13:58<RLa>hm, they sent mail 17 days ago about deleting
13:58<RLa>so i guess this is unlikely
14:05<Tea>Not that I'm terribly impatient
14:05<Eugene>It used to be that 5 minutes was extraordinarily long
14:05<Eugene>Now it seems like a 15minute minimum
14:05<Tea>15 minutes?
14:05<akerl>Tea: Pinging them again will move you to the back of the line
14:05<akerl>So I'd recommend not :P
14:05<Tea>Yeah that's how it usually works I guess
14:05<Eugene>Just in my support ticket dealings
14:06<Tea>I only sent it yesterday but eeh
14:06<Tea>Whatever - the linode dashboard isn't the worst thing to be locked out of :D
14:06<akerl>Oh, is this an email?
14:06<Eugene>For lockouts you should maybe jsut call in
14:06<Tea>Hm those international tolls tho
14:07<Tea>Don't have any credit and there's a minimum spend isn't there?
14:07<Eugene>Or they take SIP, I do believe?
14:08<RLa>holy crap, dns is gone too
14:09<Eugene>Not paying your bill kinda gets that disabled, yeah
14:09<RLa>not disabled, deleted
14:12<akerl>RLa: That sounds unlikely
14:12<akerl>You sure you're logged into the right account / with the right user?
14:12<RLa>i gotta research it
14:13<RLa>maybe dns was congigured at registrars
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14:37<RLa>yay, dns was configured at aws, route 53, only have to change main ip
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15:03<Ikaros>Ok wow, I just walk into my apartment and it's 63 degrees *inside*. Hits me right as I open the door. Oops, guess I forgot to turn the A/C off. >.>
15:08<Cromulent>I read and thought the house must be burning down and then realised fahrenheit :|
15:09<Celti>I read and thought he was here and his AC had died.
15:09<Ikaros>I shall never convert!
15:09<Celti>Current temperature outside is 44°C and rising... and it's only noon.
15:09<Ikaros>This probably explains why it's so chilly in here
15:10<Ikaros>!wx kdfw
15:10<+linbot>Ikaros: [metar] OBS at KDFW: 71.6F/22C, visibility 10 miles, wind 6.90 mph, chill 73.24F (altimeter: 30.02) [KDFW 201853Z 07006KT 10SM BKN016 BKN024 OVC250 22/18 A3002 RMK AO2 SLP157 TWR VIS SE-SW 5 T02220183]
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16:05<atulagrwl>Will I retain my IP when I update to kvm?
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16:06<atulagrwl>I need to perform following 1. Update to kvm, 2. Update ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 3. Update machine type
16:06<atulagrwl>What should be steps or any steps if fine?
16:07<atulagrwl>I meant sequence
16:07<@rarlan>What do you mean by update machine type? go from 32 to 64-bit?
16:07<atulagrwl>I meant, Update from 1GB to 4GB machine
16:08<@rarlan>Any real order then. I'd probably update Ubuntu first, then do the other two in any sequence I feel like
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16:09<@rarlan>No problem
16:11<atulagrwl>Is it safe to update over ssh, I got a message while trying to update ubuntu that 'This session appears to be running under ssh. It is not recommended to perform a upgrade over ssh currently because in case of failure it is harder to recover'
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16:12<tkriger>hey peeps
16:12<akerl>atulagrwl: I'd suggest reading the message
16:12<tkriger>trying to ssh into my box, but it times out
16:12<tkriger>any ideas?
16:12<akerl>What's your IP?
16:14<tkriger>i haven't set up any services yet, so if need be I can redeploy
16:14<akerl>Is it booted?
16:15<tkriger>dashboard says it is running
16:15<akerl>What did you do to it before now?
16:16<tkriger>was trying to setup apache
16:16<akerl>Anything with the networking config or firewall?
16:16<tkriger>i think i might have tried to remove root access via ssh as well
16:16<akerl>Anything with SSL for apache?
16:16<tkriger>i used alienbobs generator
16:18<akerl>Also this script output is hilariously convoluted
16:18<akerl>echo "Load rules for mangle table ..."
16:18<akerl>Did you use the default options for that form?
16:19<tkriger>i have a static ip and enabled IRC
16:19<akerl>So you're dropping all incoming ICMP and SSH traffic, which would probably explain why SH isn't working
16:20<tkriger>so inbound services include ssh, makes sense
16:20<tkriger>still new to nix
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16:20<akerl>Not sure I'd recommend slackware for that use case, also not sure I'd recommend any "generators" for that use case. Or such a complicated iptables at all, really
16:21<MajObviousman>for the use case, it's fine. But for someone new to *nix, Slackware can be a challenge
16:21<Celti>Hey, Slackware's not bad for learning Linux.
16:21<akerl>MajObviousman: "New to *nix" was sortof what I meant by "use case" :)
16:21<MajObviousman>mmm ok
16:21<Celti>My introduction to Linux was wiping Win98 and installing Slackware 8.
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16:21<akerl>Celti: If you enjoy the bald-eagle method of learning :)
16:21<MajObviousman>Celti: so was mine
16:22<MajObviousman>quite literally the same
16:22<tkriger>i figured why not dive into the deep end
16:22<akerl>tkriger: ask a lifeguard some time
16:22<MajObviousman>thankfully you haven't got very far with your server build, so you can start over
16:22<tkriger>just need to redeploy
16:22<Celti>MajObviousman: Huzzah for diving into the deep end!
16:23*Celti uses Arch now.
16:23<akerl>tkriger: If you're rebuilding to fix the firewall... might want to just log in with Lish
16:23<akerl>A bit faster, and more learning
16:24<MajObviousman>there is tht
16:24<MajObviousman>if you're here to learn, try to fix it. If you just need something quick ... try something other than Slackware
16:25<tkriger>akerl, damn I missed that, just redployed :/
16:29<tkriger>a bit of both MajObviousman
16:30<tkriger>want a lamp stack for my website asap
16:30<tkriger>but also willing to wait and learn
16:31<Celti>Note to self, be more careful when merging in config files for new Apache versions
16:40<atulagrwl>Is it possible to move server from one datacentre to another datacentre without changing the IP?
16:41<@caker>atulagrwl: negative
16:45<atulagrwl>Thanks. Is is possible to move server at all?
16:46<@caker>Yes. You can create a new Linode, and then use the Clone tool to migrate your disk images over into the new one, then remove the old Linode
16:46<@caker>Or you can open a ticket.
16:48<atulagrwl>Awesome. Thanks caker
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17:34<arooni>you folks like screen or tmux?
17:35<akerl>emacs, personally
17:36<Celti>Just started using tmux and weechat today
17:36<Celti>I like tmux better than screen, I think
17:36<Celti>Easier to configure, at least
17:38*jfred agrees
17:38<Celti>I was put off by weechat initially but after digging into the config I think it's my new favourite IRC client.
17:39<Celti>Although it lacks a good ZNC-buffextras script, that I can find
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18:52<ctpdump>ah, the nostalgia this brings
18:53<ctpdump>in this day and age where most people are afraid of "rooting" their android device being afraid they will burn in hell for that
18:54<ctpdump>[quote]Create a boot diskette and root diskette and watch it LILO. And the rest was history.[/quote]
18:54<ctpdump>that's right, you had to have two floppies, I almost forgot that!
18:56<kcaj>So, there is a now a "cancel backups" button at the bottom of the backups page.
18:57<kcaj>If a user deletes their backups, are they retained for any period afterwords?
19:00<Tea>might have to face the tolls and call. need to get into the dns manager >.<
19:10<HoopyCat>please have exact change
19:11<Nivex>Tea: where you calling out of?
19:13<HoopyCat>i'm 90% certain that everybody who knows WTF they're doing is on vacation in august, so i'd advise waiting until september
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19:14<macsoft>hey guys
19:14<+linbot>macsoft: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.
19:14<macsoft>i've decided to buy linode vps
19:15<macsoft>but one question
19:15<HoopyCat>once again, linbot is technically correct
19:15<macsoft>should i setup my website then do the security installations
19:15<akerl>what do you think?
19:15<Nivex>security is not a switch to flip but a philosophy of design
19:15<macsoft>or buy server setup security then setup cpanel then website
19:15<HoopyCat>macsoft: security is an ongoing process throughout design and implementation and operation
19:16<macsoft>so it is buy server -> setup security -> then the rest
19:16<akerl>I'd recommend skipping cpanel, but that's just me
19:16<macsoft>why? will cause security issues?
19:16<HoopyCat>security is like breathing
19:17<akerl>macsoft: Yes, but not for the reason you're thinking of
19:17<macsoft>Can u Guys guide me then?
19:17<macsoft>i have an ecommerce website opencart!
19:17<macsoft>on shared server
19:17<akerl>If you're using cpanel rather than understanding the underlying system config, then you won't be familiar with the underlying config, which will be important for understanding your security
19:17<macsoft>okay let's say bye to cpanel
19:18<macsoft>where do i go to learn
19:18<macsoft>what security / firewall do u guys recommand?
19:19<HoopyCat> has some general (and specific) stuff of various usefulness depending on what you're trying to do
19:19<macsoft>i love u guys
19:20<macsoft>thx for pointing me to the rite ddirections
19:21<macsoft>for ecommcerce website based shall i go for centos
19:21<HoopyCat>my general rules of thumb are: separate program files and data from each other, don't let programs overwrite themselves or others, be extremely precise and concise about your external-facing stuff, treat user-supplied data like lava, and never touch credit card numbers
19:21<ctpdump>akerl: you assume that the current generation of sysadmins actually care about the underlying operating system and security. I think they don't care.
19:22<psandin>well if they don't the results are going to be pretty funny, want to go in to the pop corn maker and lawn chair rental business with me?
19:22<macsoft>i didn't understand lol
19:22<ctpdump>and these modern "one click deploy linux vps" only made things worse
19:22<HoopyCat>distro doesn't matter that much... choose whichever distro has the software you need within its main repositories, and will support it for as long as you need
19:22<macsoft>ii'm not so pro with english samplified answers would help me understand better
19:23<akerl>ctpdump: That doesn't really change my point
19:24<macsoft>Hoopycat was that answer to me about spereating program files and data?
19:24<Nivex>Tea: (and other non-USians) If you're close to one of these access #'s you can bounce onto VoIP and call US toll-free numbers from there.
19:24<psandin>HoopyCat: Thank you for the tip, that would make a good alternate venue if internet scecurity ever stops being a good sport
19:25<macsoft>guys shall i go for ubuntu or centos if setting up an ecommerce website?
19:26<HoopyCat>macsoft: yes. your web server (and anything else user-facing) should never be able to overwrite your web application. (also, your application should be deployed from a decent version control system, such as git, so that you can be assured it hasn't been tampered with)
19:28<macsoft>um but how can i get that done lol
19:28<macsoft>i'm a new to all them things im a shared hostings user... so now entering the world of linux
19:29<HoopyCat>i'm not qualified to advise on distributions for web stuff, but pick whichever one has what you need. if you find yourself needing to add external repositories or compile stuff manually, you've chosen the wrong distro
19:31<macsoft>i'm just using my website built on opencart i just want to know which would serv better for it centos or ubuntu?
19:31<macsoft>i just have no idea which is better for this...
19:31<HoopyCat>ask the opencart people? i've never heard of opencart, myself, so your guess is probably better than mine
19:32<Nivex>You're not going to win the World Cup your first time out on the field. You gotta learn basic ball handling first.
19:32<Nivex>Install a distro, play around, get a feel for things.
19:32<Nivex>Then maybe a small webapp.
19:32<HoopyCat>i'm actually quite good at ball-handling, but alas, not those kinds of balls
19:32<macsoft>Distro as in operating system?
19:33<Nivex>If you need e-commerce right the heck now then hire it out.
19:33<HoopyCat>macsoft: distro == distribution == operating system, e.g. ubuntu or centos or gentoo etc
19:33<macsoft>oh distro as in distribution
19:33<macsoft>got it
19:33<HoopyCat>yeah, distribution is a big word :-)
19:34<macsoft>Okay friends
19:34<macsoft>i'll see what i can do...
19:34<HoopyCat>i'm just happy we, as a profession, didn't settle on "dist" or something terrible like that
19:34<macsoft>will see yall again soon lol
19:34<macsoft>:) thumbs up
19:34<HoopyCat>macsoft: enjoy, and have fun!
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19:35<HoopyCat>i should just suck it up and use yocto
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19:49<HoopyCat>current status:
20:21<Eugene>I want burgers now
20:21<Eugene>Which is a bad thing, because there's a Five Guys Burgers downstairs. Stupid apartments.
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21:07*HoopyCat hands Karrde a ^L
21:16<+linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • How to do bare metal restore? <>
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21:26<jazzyboy>So I'm looking at (website) performance and wondering if anything can be improved. Running WebPageTest from Dulles:Chrome, cable connection says TTFB is 250ms. This is for a static website (Fremont DC). Is it good/bad/ugly?
21:26<jazzyboy>250ms is average (also median is pretty much the same) over weeks of it's not a one-off number.
21:27<+linbot>SelfishMan: Yo mommas got so much feature creep, she supports regexps, themes, and Twitter. (772:11/0) [momru]
21:27<SelfishMan>nope, not twitter. not since "the incident"
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