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14:16<mikegrb>Alystair: thanks for bringing my attention to this awesomeness
14:16<mikegrb>once again weasel has failed me
14:17<peter1138>who what where why when how?
14:19<Alystair>mikegrb: eh?
14:19<Alystair>Wrong channel?
14:19<mikegrb>you mentioned it in the irc channel of my employer ;)
14:20<Alystair>yeah, I used to play Transport Tycoon when I was younger, and I love this thing to bits :)
14:20<weasel>mikegrb: it's nothing personal, it's just that I can't stand you
14:20<mikegrb>weasel: oh come on, I only tried to fix you as weasel stew for dinner 3 or 4 hundred times
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14:21<Alystair>mikegrb: now that I know you're here ... does linode offer managed vpses? You can answer in the actual channel so we are not OT
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15:15<Wolf01>yeah, nice the new style of ttf :)
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16:11<Ailure>I love when I played too many games
16:11<Ailure>and got too little sleep
16:11<Ailure>while walking outside earlier today, I kept trying checking people's health with my mind
16:11<Ailure>yes I had a really long RTS session. :)
16:12<Ailure>Now watch me build base defences around my train stations or something.
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16:28<Wolf01>Ailure, this happen to me too
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16:30<Wolf01>specially when i need to drive my car after a session of ned for speed
16:31<Wolf01>luckily i notice soon that is not a game :P
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16:31<Sacro|Laptop>i hate it when i forget that this country is drive on left
16:31<Sacro|Laptop>cos very few racing games are
16:32<Wolf01>should be cool if all games have an option to sed the drive side like ottd :D
16:33<Wolf01>groan.. i should play need for sleep
16:35<Sacro|Laptop>sed should work
16:38<Wolf01>yeah... 197MB at 9kbps :|
16:38<Sacro|Laptop>tis like being back in 1999
16:39<Wolf01>september 2006 for me, when i got 9600bps ADSL
16:40<Ailure>Oh god
16:41<Ailure>I'm glad I don't drive a car
16:41<Ailure>I would just have some twitch
16:41<Ailure>and look for resources suddenly
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20:01<mikegrb>hmm, I'm new to this awesomeness, are the GRF files from the commercial version absolutely required or can just NewGRF sets be used by themselves?
20:07<Digitalfox[Home]>Original GRF are still required, maybe in the future they are not :)
20:08<Digitalfox[Home]>There is not yet full newgrf replacements for everything, at least is what i see ;)
20:10<mikegrb>that is what I was seeing
20:11<mikegrb>seems like most replacements concentrate on the vehicles and buildings
20:11<mikegrb>ont so much the trees and such
20:26<Digitalfox[Home]>but look at this picture of my current game :)
20:26<Digitalfox[Home]>theres a lot of thing that newgrf set's currently change
20:28<Digitalfox[Home]>Damn photobucket resized it.. But oh well you get the picture ;)
20:32<mikegrb>yes indeed
20:33<mikegrb>but no windows computer to install my old copy of TTD onto to get the grfs ;)
20:33<+glx>you can get it from the cd
20:34<mikegrb>will have to take a look
20:34<Sacro>Digitalfox[Home]: please use png
20:34<Sacro>and just press CTRL+S
20:34[~]Sacro suggest to remove jpeg/gif creation as it sucks
20:34<mikegrb>have a new mac book coming in the mail tommorow so could always install it in there, means I have to dig an old windows cd out of the back of the closet too ;)
20:35<mikegrb>thanks for the information, headed to bed
20:35<Digitalfox[Home]>Sacro: I know png has better quality, but isn't it much bigger in kb?
20:35<Sacro>mikegrb: the grfs are availbable... online ;)
20:35<Sacro>Digitalfox[Home]: nope
20:36<+glx>maybe in 32bpp, but not for 8bpp indexed
20:36<Digitalfox[Home]>ok, will give it a shot next time
20:37<Digitalfox[Home]>bed time..
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