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03:05<@DorpsGek>bark bark bark woef woef grrrrr
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06:32<SDK1985>I read somewhere about autoreplacement features for old vehicles
06:32<SDK1985>where can I enable this?
06:32<SDK1985>I have some players that have left and have 20 year old busses..
06:33<Thomas[NL]>configure patches :: vehicles :: Autorenew vehicle when it gets old
06:34<Thomas[NL]>you can also set the amount of months after/before max age to autoreplace
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06:36<Thomas[NL]>no problem :)
06:38<SDK1985>what is review vehicle problems?
06:46<SDK1985>nvr mind
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06:46<SDK1985>I want to start transporting ore, however they only produce betwen 53 and 153 tons
06:47<SDK1985>what should I do? Build 1 train with 14 wagons or 2 with 7?
06:47<SDK1985>I ask this because I have seen people get ore production up to 800:s
06:49<hylje>usually you should have at least two trains
06:49<hylje>and ive seen several industries gone around 2.4k
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07:27<SDK1985>wow how to do that:S
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07:57<CIA-2>OpenTTD: belugas * r9569 /trunk/src/industry_cmd.cpp: -Fix(r9567): testing mode leftover...
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11:22<Ailure[apt]>Do the min_players variable actually do anything?
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11:22<hylje>it should pause the game when number of players is less than that
11:23[~]Wolf01 wonders how much non-used variables are in the sources
11:23<hylje>not many i suppose
11:23<hylje>gcc whines about those
11:25<Ailure>funny though
11:25<Ailure>I set it at 1
11:25<Ailure>or wait
11:25<Ailure>didn't pause
11:25<Ailure>or do the server consdier itself a player or not?
11:26<Ailure>not even when I set it to 5
11:26<Ailure>join and leave a game
11:26<Ailure>Win32 client here
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11:42<davis__>Brianetta , what happened?
11:44<Brianetta>What values can land_generator take?
11:45<@Rubidium>0 and 1 I think
11:46<@Rubidium>the 'original' generator being 0
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12:24<Digitalfox[Home]>Anyone here has had a world recession in openttd?
12:24<Morphy>no, does it hurt?
12:25<antichaos>yes - reduces all industry output by 50% or something
12:25<Morphy>what causes it?
12:29<antichaos>just random
12:29<antichaos>I think
12:30<CIA-2>OpenTTD: miham * r9570 /trunk/src/lang/ (20 files in 2 dirs): (log message trimmed)
12:30<CIA-2>OpenTTD: -Update: WebTranslator2 update to 2007-04-06 19:21:04
12:30<CIA-2>OpenTTD: brazilian_portuguese - 14 fixed by fukumori (14)
12:30<CIA-2>OpenTTD: bulgarian - 13 fixed by thetitan (10), groupsky (3)
12:30<CIA-2>OpenTTD: catalan - 13 fixed by arnaullv (13)
12:30<CIA-2>OpenTTD: czech - 9 fixed by Hadez (9)
12:30<CIA-2>OpenTTD: dutch - 13 fixed by habell (13)
12:37<antichaos>Is there any possibility that the GoodsEntry waiting_acceptance could be recoded in a way that is understandable by mere mortals?
12:38<Morphy>no, but I can make you into a vampire... hold on ;-)
12:39<antichaos>code like 'ge->waiting_acceptance & 0x8000' or count = GB(ge->waiting_acceptance, 0, 12); is pretty opaque to me
12:40<antichaos>especially since there aren't any comments to explain how the bits are used
12:51<@Rubidium>well 0..11 are apparantly used for counting the amount of waiting cargo and 12..15 for the amount of accepted cargo. Houses do only accept 'parts' of cargo; for example one house accepts 1/8 passenger, so you need 8 of those houses till it the station starts accepting passengers. Therefore 4 bits and when the highest bit is set there is (at least) 8 * 1/8 passenger acceptance, so the station accepts passengers.
12:51<@Rubidium>it's not that hard to decipher
12:53<@Rubidium>and just splitting it doesn't make it any more understandable for 'mere mortals'
12:57<antichaos>thanks. that helps a bit
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13:48<antichaos>I've found a bug in AddText Effect
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13:49<antichaos>te->params_1 = GetDParam(0);
13:49<antichaos> te->params_2 = GetDParam(4);
13:50<antichaos>the second parameter should be GetDParam(1)
13:50<valhallasw>yapf is A*, right?
13:53<antichaos>unless for some reason you are only expecting to use the second parameter when it has been set as the 5th in a set, which seems odd
13:56<antichaos>and as far as I can tell, AddTextEffect is normally only called with one param set
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14:07<Noldo>valhallasw: right
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14:41<antichaos>ok, this is weird...why is my texteffect showing different text when I'm zoomed out?
14:43<Ailure>is it just me
14:44<Ailure>or is the game ignoring avaible funds when you clone a vehicle?
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14:46<antichaos>ahh - tiny versions of the string needed.
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14:51<antichaos>Ailure - if you mean "can you go massively into the red by cloning vehicles?" then yes, I confirm that.
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14:59<Thomas[NL]>hmm my nightly does not close nice when not in the main-menu, does not ask for confirmation etc.
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15:06<Ailure>antichaos: Ok, heh.
15:06<Ailure>Then it wasn't just me :
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15:54<Digitalfox[Home]>What exactly does "Improved loading algorithm" do?
16:00<Eddi|zuHause2>something like "load only one train"
16:04<antichaos>yeah, it means that vehicles will wait to load if there is already a vehicle at the station loading the same cargo
16:06<Digitalfox[Home]>and what do you think is best when you have a lot of trains in a station? What is more "optimize" ?
16:07<Ailure>From what I seen, improved loading algorithm is good when you have a few trains
16:07<Ailure>but it's better to have it off when there's really alot as it can cause a lag sometimes on rally busy stations
16:08<Eddi|zuHause2>yeah, it's not designed to work with gradual loading
16:09<Eddi|zuHause2>so it's only good if you have not enough cargo to fill 2 trains
16:09<Digitalfox[Home]>So i can activate gradual loading ( if i know right it loads a wagon at a time for all trains ) and have ILA off?
16:10<Eddi|zuHause2>yeah, they are not depending on each other
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16:10<UndernotBuilder>I have an idea for newgrf: newdisasters
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16:39<antichaos>Industry budgets and workforce patch updated on the forums
17:08<Wolf01>[23:10:45] <UndernotBuilder> I have an idea for newgrf: newdisasters
17:08<Wolf01>just put new- prefix before a word.... newidea!
17:09<valhallasw>newTunes :)
17:09<UndernotBuilder>antichaos: can you split the Industry budgets patch into industry budgets and workforce?
17:10<UndernotBuilder>for those don't want industry budgets or workforce
17:10<antichaos>It's written so that you can enable one, or the other, or both
17:11<Wolf01>like me, workforce is a very good idea to make the game more realistic, but budgets remind me sim city, and i'm not good at sim city :D
17:12<antichaos>you can play with workforce but without budgets.
17:13<antichaos>though I haven't tested that combination much, so there may be weirdness.
17:13<Wolf01>(i never managed how to play sim city, i can play for about 10 years and then i lose, if only there is somebody who knows well how to play it...)
17:16<Sacro|Laptop>i can do SC4
17:16<Sacro|Laptop>never managed SC2000 though
17:16<Sacro|Laptop>on SC4 my biggest city is around 86k
17:16<valhallasw>erm, has NTP got issues with high CPU load for ships?
17:16<valhallasw>that was only with NPF/YAPF iirc?
17:17<Sacro|Laptop>hmm, dunno, i thought NTP was trains only
17:17<antichaos>ok, so I want to store a list of the industries that are near each station. Is is better to store an array or pointers to Industries, or an array of IndustryIDs?
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17:35<UndernotBuilder>also will be good for workforce that the passengers return from work, not only goes
17:36<antichaos>yeah, I wondered about that. I just think that might make things too easy
17:37<antichaos>I just imagine that all the workers die in industrial accidents
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17:38<UndernotBuilder>are you able to code that anti?
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17:39<antichaos>yes, its pretty simple
17:41<antichaos>Maybe I'll make a separate patch option for it.
17:45<antichaos>not tonight though. Have a good weekend all.
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17:57<HMage>aircraft cost just became negative
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18:10<Wolf01>negative cost
18:10<Wolf01>and unhappy font
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18:14<UndernotBuilder>so if you buy one you win money?
18:14<UndernotBuilder>better than free :)
18:20<UndernotBuilder> <- I want it without the singleplayer button and multiplayer button along with new, load, build, etc.
18:29<Eddi|zuHause2>that is a very old mockup
18:29<Eddi|zuHause2>i'm not sure that is the way it's going
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18:36<@Belugas>HMage, would you be kind enough to indicate which grf are you using?
18:37<HMage>that aircraft -- aviators aircraft
18:37<HMage>but this bug manifests itself in other places
18:38<+glx>inflation overflow is a known problem
18:38<HMage>like, funding oil rig costs -2076951296
18:38<HMage>I couldn't find in that bug flyspray
18:39<Eddi|zuHause2>but 40M is kind of a small value for an overflow
18:49<Wolf01>'night all
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18:57<Sacro>sounds like pb_av8
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19:09<+glx>[01:38:58] <HMage> I couldn't find in that bug flyspray <-- you finally found it :) (FS#546)
19:11<HMage>searching for money didn't give many open issues
19:13<HMage>"Search for: money." "sorry, couldn't find money"
19:20<@Belugas>insane... a 3 BILLION aircraft
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19:48<Sacro>Belugas: costly
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20:08<Hypno>hi :)
20:08<Hypno>Someone with some experience with linux + openttd? :b
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20:12<Hypno>how to i make the map "very flat" through the .cfg? iam starting with -D :/
20:13<Sacro|Laptop>errr... not sure
20:13<+glx>it's one of the diff_custom values IIRC
20:14<Hypno><3 glx
20:14<Hypno>found it now :)
20:15<Hypno>btw glx, how the i set how "big" the map should be in # x #
20:16<Hypno>map_y and x dosent seem to work
20:16<+glx>map_x and map_y in [patches]
20:16<+glx>size is 2^map_x 2^map_y
20:16<Hypno>that explain what it did fuck up before
20:17<+glx>min 6, max 11
20:17<Hypno>does it exist any "pause" function when not ppl is playing on the server?
20:17<Hypno>what cmd is that then ? :b
20:18<+glx>min_players in [network]
20:19<+glx>"Automatically pause the game when the number of active players passes below the given amount"
20:20<Hypno>that command doesnt exist in the wiki >_<
20:20<+glx>many variables are missing :)
20:21<Hypno>last question glx, should i run the dedicated server with root ?
20:22<+glx>I'm not a linux specialist, but it's not recommended to run it as root (for security)
20:23<Hypno>But :/ the only .cfg i can found is at /root/.openttd/openttd.cfg
20:23<Hypno>does it exist some command when i start it like "./openttd -D /home/hypno/openttd.cfg?
20:24<+glx>openttd -D -c path/to/openttd.cfg
20:24<Hypno>ty m8
20:24<+glx>there's also -g path/to/savegame.sav
20:24<Hypno>ait :)
20:24<+glx>-g works for scenarii too
20:25<Sacro|Laptop>openttd -c /dev/urandom ...
20:25[~]glx slaps Sacro|Laptop
20:25<Sacro|Laptop>glx: could be interesting
20:26<+glx>Hypno: anyway openttd -h is useful to know the command line switches :)
20:29<Hypno>big thx for the help :]]]
20:31<Hypno>btw, what is "seed" ? :s
20:31<+glx>used to generate land
20:31<Hypno>oki ;O
20:31<Hypno>many question 8]]] /newbie
20:32<Brianetta>Sacro: You folded
20:32<Brianetta>Your little railcar died
20:36<Sacro|Laptop>Brianetta: i noticed
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20:39<Hypno>glx:does it exist any way to make more flat then diff ?
20:39<Hypno>its still kinda "mounty" still when i got the terrain type "very low"
20:40<+glx>diff_level = 3 ?
20:41<Hypno>diff level ?
20:42<+glx>0->easy, 1->medium, 2->hard, 3->custom (=use diff_custom)
20:43<Hypno>w8 ,should try it
20:47<Hypno>glx: still kinda rocky
20:48<Hypno>rocky = mountains*
20:57<Hypno>starting to get angry on this >;[gief flat evil ttd
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22:07<HMage>Belugas: oh wow. Must be a costly thing :)
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