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01:03<MiHaMiX>HMage: did you report that?
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01:29<l_Blue_l>how do i read the log of this chat?
01:29<Noldo>the server doesn't store it for you
01:31<l_Blue_l>isnt there a webpage i can go to to view the log of the chat
01:44<mikegrb>forget where else to add the channel to be ok
01:45<mikegrb>all set
01:46<l_Blue_l>mikegrb: Thanks
01:47<mikegrb>only goes back to the first of this month
01:47<mikegrb>that's when I learned about openttd ;)
01:50<l_Blue_l>thats ok
01:52<l_Blue_l>I was just wondering if anyone knew why is down atm. i have been trying to get on there for over 6 hours now :(
02:00<mikegrb>seems to work from here but slowly
02:00<mikegrb>hmm was just dns resolution that was slow
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05:20<kitro>:O my aircraft income isnt showing on my financial report
05:20<kitro>if i think its a bug, how do i report it?
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05:58<@DorpsGek>bark bark bark woef woef grrrrr
05:58[~]TrueBrain pets DorpsGek, good doggy
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07:24<HMage>MiHaMiX: I didn't report that yet.
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07:25<axii>anyone playing martin's NL server?
07:28<HMage>hmm, the bug had fixed itself it seems
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07:39<HMage>no, it didn't. The truncated value was positive.
07:42<TheMask96>axii: I was playing on it untill 30 minutes ago...
07:43<axii>yeah, i remember your name from the game :)
07:45<axii>if anyone wants to jump back on that server, my company has no password
07:46<axii>is it true to say that there are more EU players than US players for OpenTTD?
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07:47<TrueBrain>axii: I wouldn't know, is there a real way to ever check such claim? :)
07:47<axii>well it seems the servers are busier (more players) in EU peak time
07:48<axii>rather than US peak time
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07:53<TrueBrain>hmm, the stats doesn't do RDNS lookup, so I can't tell from which country people visit *
07:53<TheMask96>one thing people could say, is that there are a lot of Dutch people playing ottd, compared to other games ;)
07:53<axii>yes, it seems that way :)
07:53<TrueBrain>TheMask96: that is just because 4 developers are Dutch :p We just LOVE trains :)
07:53<axii>but i notice that Dutch people are more interested in tycoon/transport games
07:55<axii>openttd is by far the best open source game ever
07:55<TheMask96>TrueBrain: I think it is because of our country legacy, which has always been based on trading :)
07:55<axii>and probably the best tycoon game at the moment
07:55<TrueBrain>hehe, VOC :)
07:55<TrueBrain>from 12:00 till 21:00 UTC there is an equal amount of visitors on
07:55<TheMask96>that is why I think people from the USA, don't play a lot, they probably prefer shooting games ;)
07:56<axii>you'd need to make a MAFIA addon to OpenTTD
07:56<TrueBrain>125,000 page hits a month alone gets; 7,000 'unique' visitors
07:56<axii>so you can hire security guards
07:56<axii>blow up the other persons HQ
07:56<TrueBrain>a month = a day
07:56<TheMask96>axii: to increase the number of italian people? ;)
07:56<axii>i was thinking US :)
07:57<axii>but you're right too
07:57<TrueBrain>(so a good 4M hits a month; I don't wnat to know the load on the other subdomains :p)
07:57<axii>it would make the game fun, that is for sure
07:57<axii>(optional of course)
07:57<axii>but it'd be easier just to sabotage someones network by building junk in the way
07:58<TheMask96>axii: true, but it will be solved in the future when companies will need to buy land first...
07:58<Sacro>TrueBrain: your a mod i belive :)
07:58<TrueBrain>Sacro: ?
07:59<axii>themask: but you could still buy land in the way of someone else?
07:59<Sacro> cross posting
07:59<TheMask96>axii: yes, but it is then just a matter of who buys the land first...
08:00<axii>guess so... but we'd have to see a move towards larger maps
08:00<axii>and more space between towns/industry
08:00<axii>so there is more room to breathe :)
08:00<TrueBrain>Sacro: fixed
08:00<Sacro>TrueBrain: thanks :)
08:01<TheMask96>axii: it just depends of the rate of towns someone has selected...
08:03<axii>we'd need to see more 4096x4096 maps with low industries/towns
08:03<axii>so that it is more realistic to real life
08:03<TrueBrain>how about maps that look like real countries?
08:03<TheMask96>yes maybe... but it will take a lot more cpu probably to play... and it will take a lot of time to create a track :)
08:05<TrueBrain>as we are talking about being freaks as Dutch people:
08:06<TrueBrain>(a loadable 1kx1k heightmap of The Netherlands!!! :))
08:06<MiHaMiX>HMage: thx
08:06<axii>themask: the land contour would have to be more flat as well
08:07<axii>to make building tracks easier
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08:12<Wolf01>there is a way to store cities in heightmap scenarios? maybe with steganography?
08:13<TrueBrain>Wolf01: it is very easy to make that possible, there was only the question when it stops :) As I also like to be able to make town-owned roads then
08:13<Wolf01>so every time you load the heightmap you will get different cities but in the same position
08:13<TrueBrain>and industries
08:13<TrueBrain>and ... :p
08:13<TrueBrain>so there might be need for a more compatible format
08:13<TrueBrain>like an .xml file or something
08:15<Wolf01>with the coordinates and what should be in that place
08:18<Wolf01>i think i will start to work on static maps
08:19<TrueBrain>static maps?!
08:20<Wolf01>maps where player actions are limited, cities don't grow etc
08:20<Wolf01>like playing on a diorama
08:20<TrueBrain>sounds boring :p :p (growing cities rules!! :)
08:20<TrueBrain>have fun
08:21<Wolf01>is not boring, is hard to recreate a real map when cities start to grow
08:22<TheMask96>Wolf01: just write an xml how each city should grow ;)
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09:40<MeusH>!seen bjarni
09:40<_42_>MeusH, Bjarni ( was last seen quitting #openttd.wt2 2 days 15 hours 9 minutes ago (05.04. 23:31) stating "Quit: Leaving" after spending 4 hours 52 minutes there.
09:41<Wolf01>hi MeusH
09:42<MeusH>can someone define what is "Trolly AI", please?
09:43<Wolf01>old ai?
09:43<+glx>it's the bus only old 'new' ai
09:44<MeusH>are you going to remove trolly AI, and possibly original AI when NoAI branch is finished?
09:44<+glx>they are already removed in noai branch
09:45<MeusH>thanks. does NoAI have IRC channel?
09:46<Wolf01>are you going to code the original ai for NoAI? i'll miss the spaghetti railways :D
09:46<MeusH>okay, don't look for it. I haven't found, and I don't need it now
09:46<MeusH>haha Wolf01 :)
09:46<MeusH>to be honest...
09:47<CIA-2>OpenTTD: glx * r9575 /branches/noai/ (176 files in 9 dirs): [NoAI] -Sync with trunk r9504:9574
09:49<Wolf01>i think that the original ai will be coded for NoAI when it will be in trunk (if it will be), maybe by some nostagic player, maybe by me, maybe by you :D
09:55<MeusH>Wolf01, here it is!
09:55<MeusH>/dev/urandom > bin/ai/main.nut
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10:02<MeusH>glx, will it be possible to combine various modules into one AI, or various AIs into one player?
10:03<MeusH>so that one writes a RV part, other one writes airplane part, then someone writes railway part, and all of this is played by one AI player?
10:04<Digitalfox[Home]>glx: Before r9573 i couldn't have a directory like c:\openttd r9540 or newgrf would give erros on finding it itself, does r9573 means i can have now c:\openttd r9500 and newgrf path finding works?
10:05<+glx>Digitalfox[Home]: yes
10:06<Digitalfox[Home]>glx: ok, thanks and nice work ;)
10:41<MeusH>glx, how about combining multiple AI "modules" into one AI... player?
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10:54<TrueBrain>[16:49] <Wolf01> i think that the original ai will be coded for NoAI when it will be in trunk (if it will be), maybe by some nostagic player, maybe by me, maybe by you :D <- won't ever happen, as nobody will be able to figure out how the old AI worked :p
10:56<TrueBrain>I finally found how to get LiveTV via MCE to my 5.1, I dunno if my neighbours like it though :)
10:57<TrueBrain>MeusH: will be possible via network logins, but most likely it will result in a total disaster, or the AIs need to do their own thing :p Of course you can always make your own AI that combines multiple AIs... but I doubt it is really useful in any form
10:58<MeusH>please define network logins
10:58<MeusH>multiple players per company?
10:58<MeusH>okay, thanks
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10:59<MeusH>will it be possible to run AI as client, not the server?
10:59<TrueBrain>yes, that I ment with network logins :p
10:59<MeusH>so that I can go to shop and AI will leave, chatting with people and fixing things :)
10:59<TrueBrain>if that AI is your little brother, yes
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11:01<TrueBrain>btw, it suprises me that still nobody made a modified client that does the house-keeping for a company, like replacing trains after 2 years, ... :p
11:01<TrueBrain>on the other hand maybe it is too complex, and the benifits are too little
11:02<TrueBrain>or we are all just such an addicts that we want to do it ourself :)
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11:02<MeusH>we're waiting for new AIs :)
11:03<TrueBrain>:) ;)
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12:24<CIA-2>OpenTTD: miham * r9576 /trunk/src/lang/ (american.txt polish.txt):
12:24<CIA-2>OpenTTD: -Update: WebTranslator2 update to 2007-04-08 19:22:55
12:24<CIA-2>OpenTTD: american - 15 fixed by WhiteRabbit (15)
12:24<CIA-2>OpenTTD: polish - 1 changed by meush (1)
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13:36<dihedral>hello there
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14:14<Digitalfox[Home]>Glx i have my openttd directory on a USB flash drive, so that i can play in some pc's, and it works great, but with this newgrf patch change, will there be problems when the drive letter change?
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14:14<+glx>probably yes
14:15<Digitalfox[Home]>The drive letter assigned to the usb flash changes from pc to pc..
14:19<Digitalfox[Home]>Isn't there a way in config file to make it like before or make the drive letter and root directories work like before?
14:19<valhallasw>what has changed exactly?
14:20<valhallasw>I would think relative paths should work
14:20<valhallasw>but IANAOC
14:20<valhallasw>(I am not an openttd coder ;))
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14:33<Frostregen>i don't like the absolute newgrf paths too
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14:47<Peakki>any tips on converting hundreds of electric trains to monorail easily?
14:48<TrueBrain>use the converting tool :)
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14:48<Frostregen>send all to depot. replace all track. select each source station -> vehicle list. then rebuild the required amount of trains
14:48<Peakki>it doesn't work on trains, does it? :S
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14:49<Peakki>source station?
14:49<Frostregen>where your cargo is loaded
14:49<Frostregen>mmm, i have my depots there
14:50<Peakki>so do i! thihi!
14:50<Peakki>but i have to build the trains manually?
14:50<Frostregen>but it is quite managable
14:50<Peakki>there's no function similar to replacing engines that would work over different rails?
14:51<Frostregen>just create one train, then duplicate the required amount
14:51<+glx>and you can copy orders of old trains
14:52<Peakki>yeah i learned that. but it's still a lot of work :/
14:52<Peakki>i think once i get this done i won't bother with maglev at all :)
14:52<Frostregen>therefore i usually skip monorail ;)
14:53<Peakki>:) i was thinking whether to build it. those engines are quite expensive. but some of my trains were getting old and i had some slower train models still running
14:53<Peakki>and hop from 250kmph to 300kmph is a big increase in efficiency i think
14:54<Frostregen>hmm, money should not be a problem
14:54<Peakki>last time when i did the conversion it took like.. 20M euros
14:54<Frostregen>peanuts =)
14:55<Peakki>that would be enough to live the rest of my life on the bahamas quite comfortably :)
14:55<Frostregen>if your network is this large, that you worry about conversion work, then you should have way enough money
14:56<Peakki>oh i have plenty. but i'm cheap!
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14:57<Peakki>well. thanks anyway. i think i'll wait for tomorrow before getting to work :)
14:57<Frostregen>then good luck :)
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15:01<Peakki>thanks :P
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16:26<Wolf01>is possible to set the newgrf folder in the cfg to tell the ingame gui where are the grf?
16:29<ln->sounds like some boring on-topic talk
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16:31<Wolf01>ok, what are you doing folks? i just finished C&C3
16:33<Wolf01>eh, i noticed that the grf listed for multiplayer servers are all <unknown>
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16:39<MeusH>Wolf01, you can make folders inside "data/"
16:39<MeusH>but i'm not sure about arbirary directories
16:40<MeusH>a typo
16:42<Wolf01>oh, yes, with a folder inside data is like what i wanted
16:42<Wolf01>thank you
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17:36<MeusH>yeah no prbolbmle
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20:08<CIA-2>OpenTTD: belugas * r9577 /trunk/src/ (industry.h table/build_industry.h):
20:08<CIA-2>OpenTTD: -Codechange: Add notion and data for industry map colour, used in the smallmap_gui. Not used yet.
20:08<CIA-2>OpenTTD: -Move the check proc array, in order to make it more useful latter.
20:08<CIA-2>OpenTTD: -Add basic newGRF stuff on the industry spec. Not used yet.
20:14<CIA-2>OpenTTD: belugas * r9578 /trunk/src/smallmap_gui.cpp: -Codechange: Cleanup of industry_cmd (Step-10). Use industry's spec map_colour for smallmap industry color code drawing
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20:43<CIA-2>OpenTTD: belugas * r9579 /trunk/src/ (industry_cmd.cpp table/build_industry.h): -Codechange: Cleanup of industry_cmd (Step-11). Use industry's spec appear_creation during random map creation.
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