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04:52<CIA-2>OpenTTD: truelight * r9618 /branches/noai/src/ (squirrel.cpp squirrel.hpp squirrel_class.hpp): [NoAI] -Add: allow an extra param for PreRegister to register classes as extends of others
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05:35<Maedhros>does anyone know why you can't change the ending year from the patch gui?
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06:03<HMage>you should be able once you've started the game
06:03<HMage>dunno why is that way
06:10<Ailure>I wish you could share tracks D:
06:11<Ailure>would be a intresting way of earning money too
06:11<Ailure>having majority of income coming from letting other companies using your railways
06:21<rane>i don't see that happening in ottd
06:21<Maedhros>why not? all it takes is someone with sufficient time, interest and patience to write it...
06:21<rane>having majority of income coming from sharing your tracks that is
06:23<peter1138>it's already written
06:25<Maedhros>in the subsidiaries patch, or somewhere else?
06:32<peter1138>all it takes is someone with sufficient time, interest and patience to update and clean it up
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06:53[~]HMage would like to see just the 'sharing tracks' part of that patch
07:01<peter1138>you know what to do :)
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08:22<Maedhros>hey Belugas
08:23<@Belugas>Mister High Priest :) Hello
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09:25<ln->analog or analogue?
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10:59<peter1138>ANAL ogue
11:02<ln->that was quite unavoidable
11:03<ln->but which one would you use?
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12:15<CIA-2>OpenTTD: belugas * r9619 /trunk/src/table/ (industry_land.h town_land.h): -Documentation: Comments on drawing arrays of houses and industries
12:30<Frostregen>NS patch setting flag was removed?
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12:32<Frostregen>one question, if a new patch setting is saved into a savegame, is it still loadable with an older version?
12:35<Frostregen>then i'll use SLF_SAVE_NO instead of NS...
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12:40<Frostregen>hi wolf
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13:04<hylje>i love how parallel python's favicon is two pythons in parallel
13:07<peter1138>i bet that took a lot of thought
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13:24<Wolf01>i love when the pc boots and talk in korean without video image
13:25<Wolf01>or it's chinese
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13:25<Wolf01>but always nothing i could understand
13:25<lolman>Ello Wolf01
13:26<Sacro>oh neos
13:26<lolman>neos? I'm the one now? :P
13:26<Sacro>hope not
13:26<lolman>As do I
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14:17<valhallasw>hurray for c-evilness
14:18<valhallasw>me :P
14:18<valhallasw>I converted my c-ish program to a more OOP-like style
14:19<valhallasw>eg a class with an array instead of throwing a pointer to the function
14:20<valhallasw>recursor(int *array, int *array2, int height, int width, int x, int y, int depth, bool closed)
14:20<valhallasw>knightrider::recursor(int x, int y, int depth, bool closed)
14:20<valhallasw>and I probably should fix that bool closed to my class
14:22<hylje>redundant properties killed? :p
14:22<hylje>context is a fun thing to have
14:22<valhallasw>moved to the class actually
14:24<valhallasw>(this is from my program to solve the problem of knights on a chessboard)
14:24<valhallasw>eg. you plase a knight and try to get to all cells of the board without coming to one twice
14:25<hylje>exactly, you got some context
14:32<CIA-2>OpenTTD: peter1138 * r9620 /trunk/src/ (5 files): -Codechange: apply cargo translation table to newstation variables 0x60..0x65
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14:41<peter1138>i no nufing bout dem
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14:47<lolman>oh noes
14:47<@Belugas>that was only newstation stuff...
14:47<@Rubidium>and who cares about them?
14:48<peter1138>nobody cared once it was implemented...
14:51<Sacro>peter1138! newindustries!
14:51<peter1138>someone else is working on that, anyway
14:51<hylje>we care
14:51<hylje>we can't imagine how dull games without newstations would be
14:53<Ailure>it's funn y
14:53<Ailure>I hardly use the old station now
14:53<Ailure>it looks out of place
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14:56<@Belugas>and what about newhouses??
14:56<@Rubidium>I've not seen anybody using them in 0.5.0 ;)
14:58<hylje>newhouses are kind of fun
14:58<Ailure>I like the variety that TTRS3 adds
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14:59<Ailure>Can't wait until newIndustries is implented :)
15:00<Ailure>[21:03] <jolie-> Hello..foryou.. AN INVITATION TO THE TRUTH click please (choose language please)
15:01<Ailure>third time I'm getting this
15:01[~]Rubidium assigns Ailure to fix the documentation on the wiki till newindustries is implemented
15:01<Ailure>Is it something with my name?
15:01<Ailure>I should add a quick mIRCscript that automatically responds with something really really riude
15:01<Ailure>Rubidum: D:
15:02<+glx>Ailure: don't worry I got it 3 times too, it's just spam
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15:03<Ailure>well still
15:04<Ailure>that site that it links to makes pisses me off as well
15:04<hylje>so you actually clicked on it?
15:04<hylje>enjoy your aids.
15:04<Ailure>I have noscript ;)
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15:08<Ailure>removes any scripts and such that appears on a page
15:08<Ailure>most browser exploits are related to javascript or plugins of any kind
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15:09<Phil_>I'm just going to leap straight intom asking questions, since that's why I came here... In OpenTTD, as it stands at the moment is there any way to: (a) get the old Steam trains (such as the Jinty) that were present in the original TT - I see work is allocated to remodel them but what about the old models? or is this nor possible
15:09<Phil_>and (b) are double decker busses available at all (like they were in ttdpatch)
15:09<Phil_>can't seem to find the answers on the wiki so I thought I'd ask here.
15:10<peter1138>a) find a newgrf with them (i guess) b) if the vehicles are in ttd then they're in ottd
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15:14<Phil_>is there a repository of vehicle packs anywhere, and how easy are they to integrate with ottd ?
15:14<peter1138> is a good place to start looking
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15:14<Sionide>quite easy to integrate
15:14<Sionide>last time i tried anyway
15:14<Phil_>I never really used ottd before but a few years ago was very into ttdpatch
15:15<Phil_>it's similar but all a bit different now
15:15<Sionide>ahh true... it's essentially two different ways of tackling the same problem
15:15<Sionide>i could never get ttdpatch to run and ottd was fine, so here i am.
15:16<peter1138>heh, ttd + dosbox ;p
15:16<peter1138>bit slow on my pc though
15:20<Phil_>hmm, there doesn't seem to be a set for the old classic steam engines
15:20<Phil_>do you know the ones I mean ?
15:20<Phil_>the 4-5 additional steam trains you get pre-1935
15:21<Phil_>that featured in origintal TT (not TTD)
15:22<Phil_>Jinty, Stanier 'Crab', Gresley D49, Gresley A3, Bullied Q1
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16:00<peter1138>might be what you want
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16:06<Wolf01> peter1138! you have a competitor!
16:07<peter1138>my number's better
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16:18<Phil_>that is nice
16:18<Phil_>though it adds things that I do want, I fear it would remove things I want to keep
16:18<CIA-2>OpenTTD: peter1138 * r9621 /trunk/src/newgrf.cpp: -Codechange: implement newgrf house property 1E (cargo types)
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16:20<Wolf01>me too
16:21<peter1138>Wolf01: just because you have 01...
16:21<Wolf01> yeah, that's cool
16:21<peter1138>whatever happened to the lego set?
16:21<peter1138>i mean "brickland"
16:22<Phil_>Does anyone know if that TTO conversion set peter1138 just linked will remove any existing vehicles ? or just add new ones ? It's exactly what I want but I don't want to lose things
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18:26<Sacro>oh noes
18:27<Sacro>G25 for £157
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19:22<Sacro>lolman: PING
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20:41<madkeyzb>How come that there's not a suggestion page on the wikis?
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20:49<Eddi|zuHause3>because nobody would check it
20:52<madkeyzb>why would no one check it?
20:59<Eddi|zuHause3>because the developers cannot look everywhere...
21:00<Eddi|zuHause3>if you have a feature request, you're probably better off at, or anything else might be more suited to the forums
21:00<Eddi|zuHause3>wiki is for documentation, not for discussion
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