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02:54<elmex>i wish one could jump to the place where the player last placed something - would be cool for spectating multiplayer games
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03:33<Ailure>elmex: When you join a game, you start where the server is 'looking'
03:33<Ailure>so if the server is a player ;)
03:37<neli>but, will you follow it ?
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06:11<eJoJ>peter1138 what's up with your newgrf? :P
06:12<eJoJ>is it your server up runing r9734? i got newgrf mismatch, lots of Unknown :P
06:13<Rubidium>eJoJ: some packets got lost with the names of the GRFs
06:15<peter1138>here's a tip:
06:15<eJoJ>ahha btw is there a change in the netcode in r9734 i'm struggeling with massive desyncs
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06:16<eJoJ>or maybe it's just my connection causing the desyncs :/
06:16<peter1138>that would cause a desync :p
06:16<hylje>the desyncs are likely because we screwed up the savegame somewhat
06:16<Rubidium>eJoJ: what is the exact message when you get disconnected?
06:16<peter1138>hylje: you did?
06:16<eJoJ>that makes sence, now fix it hylje :P
06:17<hylje>the current save is fubar
06:17<hylje>next one should work fine
06:17<hylje>( = next game)
06:17<hylje>we changed grfs mid-game iirc
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06:50<RobertGrammig>which game currently has a more challenging? ttdpatch or openttd? or none of them ;)?
06:50<RobertGrammig>more challenging AI I mean ;)
06:52<hylje>our ai sucks
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06:55<Cipri>openttd has better online game. Online competition is better then AI's.
06:55<Cipri>And only cooperative is better then online competition!
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07:34<Ailure>well, openTTD would have a potentially better with the AI branch :p
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07:41<TheJosh>Hey all
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08:07<TheJosh>Hey does anyone here have an opinion of my 'Found a Town' patch?
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08:12<peter1138>does it work yet? :D
08:13<Cipri>I'd love a patch like that.
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08:15<TheJosh>Yes it works, almost complete (im adding a patch option to enable/disable right now)
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08:15<peter1138>afternoon, Maedhros
08:15<Maedhros>hi peter1138
08:15[~]peter1138 mumbles at tab-complete failing for "afternoon" ...
08:16<TheJosh>Hey Maedhros
08:16<Maedhros>hi TheJosh
08:16<TheJosh>Maedhros: have you seen my latest patch (another town one...)
08:16<Maedhros>no yet, no
08:16<neli>where did you find it, on the attic ? :P
08:16<TheJosh>'Found a town'
08:19<TheJosh>Maedhros: thats only version 3, im about to release version 4
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08:19<Maedhros>i'll wait for that, then :)
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08:21<Eddi|zuHause2>i actually did find a town in the attic once :)
08:21<TheJosh>just testing the configure patches over network (gotta love loopback, although its boring playing against yourself)
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08:29<TheJosh>is it possible to have a patch option thats in openttd.cfg and network, but not save game???
08:32<TheJosh>nvm worked it out
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08:32<Maedhros>not if you want it to do anything during the game, no
08:34<TheJosh>what do you mean?
08:36<Maedhros>well, to prevent desyncs all clients must have the same value for the patch option
08:36<Maedhros>but if you don't save it in the savegame it won't be synced when the game starts
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08:41<TheJosh>wont the clients just ask the server what its patch option is?
08:44<Maedhros>no. it's only synced at the start of the game (within the savegame) and when it changes
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08:44<Frostregen>TheJosh: use the SLF_SAVE_NO flag
08:45<Frostregen>former NS flag, but this got removed
08:45<TheJosh>I have put in that flag, did not get desyncs
08:45<Maedhros>Frostregen: it was removed because it breaks things
08:46<Maedhros>TheJosh: try starting a game where the server uses a different value than the client
08:46<Frostregen>hmm, it worked fine for me
08:47<Frostregen>as a server-side only option
08:48<TheJosh>the server and the client had different settings even when the game was run
08:48<TheJosh>i guess I will change that then
08:49<Frostregen>hrm, bad
08:49<Frostregen>will somethin similar be reintroduced? (which works ;)
08:50<Frostregen>how was this done before patch-settings were saved into the savegame?
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08:54<TheJosh>ok i have fixed that, the patch can be downloaded from
08:54<valhallasw>hurray for killing the stack \o/
08:54<valhallasw>(@ myself)
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08:59<peter1138>Frostregen: they were sent separately
09:00<Maedhros>TheJosh: you don't need to use CheckPlayerHasMoney() - the DoCommand checks that already
09:01<Maedhros>also, it might be nice for all the houses to start off in the initial construction state, not most of them fully built
09:01<peter1138>there's a stray tab in the language file changes
09:02<peter1138>and stray non-tabs elsewhere, heh
09:03<TheJosh>Maedhros: How would I implement that? currently I the code uses a slightly modified version of the scenario builder function
09:04<Maedhros>you'd could pass something to DoCreateTown, which would pass it to DoBuildTownHouse (?)
09:04<TheJosh>peter1138: Sorry
09:04<Maedhros>there might be quite a few steps in between though ;)
09:04<peter1138>just commenting
09:05<Maedhros>has anyone noticed that "Trees of random type" in the tropic landscape isn't actually random at all?
09:05<TheJosh>peter1138: ill see if i can fix those things
09:08<TheJosh>Maedhros, peter1138: do you guys like the idea of the patch?
09:09<Maedhros>the idea's good, yeah
09:18<Rubidium>TheJosh: I think town funding should be disabled by default
09:20<Rubidium>the patch itself is also littered with all kinds of other changes that are not part of creating towns (like adding newlines in comments and in other random places)
09:22<Maedhros>huh. apparently there is only one type of tree in the subtropical part
09:22<TheJosh>Rubidium: Part of the patch is the commenting of some things in town_cmd.cpp
09:23<TheJosh>Dont worry, i can clean that kind of stuff up
09:23<Rubidium>yes, but that shouldn't be in this patch, it should be in another patch
09:24<TheJosh>it is, Belugas has it, he merged some of them in already
09:26<TheJosh>Ok i have found a few issues,
09:27<Rubidium>like: a hacked client can make towns for free?
09:28<Rubidium>(he can just 'call' CmdBuildTown)
09:30<TheJosh>what do you mean?
09:31<Rubidium>that CmdBuildTown isn't an offline command anymore (with your patch)
09:32<TheJosh>that is cruft, from when the code used CmdBuildTown, will fix
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09:39<TheJosh>i am cleaning all that up, will release v5 soon
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09:49<Sjoerd->hi, how comes I get cannot contruct diamond error in red box while playing temperate?
09:50<TheJosh>updated patch removed some cruft, etc
09:50<TheJosh>anyway, off to bed now, tis 12:23am...
09:51<Sjoerd->gnight josh
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09:53<@Belugas>Sjoerd- : this is really a vague problem description...
09:53<@Belugas>care to expand?
09:53<Sjoerd->ok well, i'm playing game on a 0.5.1 server
09:54<Sjoerd->then suddenly a red error box pops up stating: cannot construct diamond mine
09:54<Sjoerd->it's a temperate map
09:54<Sjoerd->maybe my teammate is causing it, I asked but no answer
09:55<Sjoerd->It's the second time it happens.
09:56<Sjoerd->if it happens again I will make a screenshot
09:56<@Belugas>maybe a savegame too?
09:57<@Belugas>althoug i doubt it would be usefulll...
09:57<Sjoerd->I can make one now, and send it to you.
09:57<Sjoerd->Well it's not big deal anyway, just thought it was a little strange.
09:59[~]Belugas resumes work@work
10:00<+glx>HMage: funny
10:02<Eddi|zuHause2>16:50] <TheJosh> anyway, off to bed now, tis 12:23am... <- weird time he has...
10:04<Touqen>Eddi|zuHause2: not if he's in a timezone that's x.5 off of utc
10:04<Eddi|zuHause2>that is still a weird time... :)
10:04<Eddi|zuHause2>aside from being 3 minutes off
10:05<Eddi|zuHause2>i know such timezones exist
10:05<Touqen>Well okay then!
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10:09<Eddi|zuHause2>the funny thing with that map is the small spot in the south that has 23:51, which is like a x:45 timezone between the x:00 and the x+1:30 timezone :)
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10:11<Touqen>Yea. Now _that_ is weird.
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11:51<Wolf01>or make an alias!
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12:23<Chrissicom>good evening :)
12:24<maddy_>Brianetta, if you there can you reset the game?
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12:35<yeti_>how do i checkout the trunk if i just want to have the files needed to compile (like nightly sources)? i tried svn co svn://, but that one's really large
12:36<Rubidium> /trunk?
12:38<yeti_>ouch, silly me :) thank you
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12:43<yeti_>is it recommended to run make clean/make mrproper before svn update?
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12:46<DaleStan>yeti_: Usually not. clean and mrproper are only used when you need to recompile everything. An update will rarely, if ever, cause this.
12:48<yeti_>thank you
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13:55<Wolf01>hello MeusH!!
13:56<MeusH>hey Wolf01, how's your coding?
13:56<MeusH>have you coded something recently?
13:57<Wolf01>yes, i'm always at work
13:58<Wolf01>now i'm coding a "ctrl+click on widget toggles between transparent and invisible" for trees and maybe houses
13:59<MeusH>that'd be nice :)
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14:54|-|mikegrb_ Your nick is now mikegrb
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15:05<CIA-2>OpenTTD: rubidium * r9757 /trunk/src/intro_gui.cpp: -Fix [FS#1244842]: when you have closed the "Load game"/"New game" windows accessible from the "New Server" window, any creation of new game/loading from the intro menu should not start a server.
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15:43<Ammler>!translate en_de abstain
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15:47<Wolf01>'night all
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15:48<Eddi|zuHause2>Ammler: "[Stimme] enthalten"
15:48<Ammler>thx Eddi|zuHause2
15:49<Ammler>_42_ has done that before
15:49<Eddi|zuHause2>not that i remember...
15:50<Ammler>in the channel #openttdcoop, he does
15:50<Ammler>I liked to show TrueBrain, that somehing has changed
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15:52<TrueBrain>Ammler: on request, those commands have been disabled for #openttd
15:53<Ammler>[22:43] <_42_> Ammler: anslation" rows="10" cols="3" style="float:left; clear:none; background-color:#FFFFFF; color:#000000; border-color:#FFFFFF;">enthalten Sie sich "
15:53<TrueBrain>yeah, so I see
15:53<TrueBrain>how cool is that!
15:54<Ammler>I wasn't here while you changed the name, is that a secret?
15:54<TrueBrain>I really would like for those sites to add XMLRPC
15:54<TrueBrain>then I don't have to parse the $@#%#$@# HTML
15:54<TrueBrain>Ammler: what are you talking about?
15:54<Ammler>Truelight, to much highlights?
15:55<Ammler>was away for half a year
15:55<valhallasw>Truelight has donated it's light to a signal that lost one
15:55<TrueBrain>I never have been away :p
15:55<Ammler>no, me
15:56<TrueBrain>Haha, I totally lost you :p
15:57<TrueBrain>Ammler: I will correct !translate tomorrow or something
15:57<Ammler>don't hurry
15:59<TrueBrain>I just hope they have an alternative :)
15:59<TrueBrain>I might suggest it to them, who knows it helps
15:59<TrueBrain>a nice XMLRPC would be lovely
15:59<TrueBrain>or just a non-HTML page in fact would be lovely
16:01<TrueBrain>okay, me is gone, have fun all :)
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16:17<Sacro>valhallasw: does that mean next he donates his brain?
16:18<Sacro>whoever gets that is getting a crap deal...
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18:07<Digitalfox[Home]>Please developers make an option to not have airplane crashes, when disasters set to none.. With 530 A380 planes i have 3 crashes every month if i don't save 3 or 4 times a month.. :(
18:10<Phazorx>how's saving helping
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18:16<Eddi|zuHause2>a cheat "no plane crahes", i would agree
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18:31<Digitalfox[Home]>Phazorx: It seems if i save before the crash like 2 days, it doesn't cause the random crash.. Don' know why.. The year is 2010, and i have breakdowns also disabled, and they get service from every 400days..
18:32<Phazorx>crashes are random but only affect aircrafts with certain reliability
18:32<Phazorx>400 days is way too long i guess
18:32<Phazorx>150 is default
18:35<Digitalfox[Home]>yeah, since i have disasters and breackdowns set to none, it should happen.. :(
18:35<Digitalfox[Home]>*it shouldn't
18:39<Phazorx>well devs things a 15 months in the air is too much :)
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18:43<izhirahider>they should run out of fuel :)
18:49<Phazorx>in that case - all passengers sepnt enroute mroe than a month should die from starvation :)
18:52<izhirahider>well, they could eat each other to minimize the damage
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19:14<Ailure>Why do I always go with such stupid names
19:23<Phazorx>one of last coopgames i played had Teddyweed farm and player with name Teddy :)
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20:02<MindUs>Free phone calls all around the world -
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