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00:02<mikk36>sry, i don't understand finnish
00:05<ln->those men say they were arrested for more than 8 hours beaten by the police for no reason, just for entertainment.
00:06<Phazorx>must be really boring there... no TV in finland?
00:07<mikk36>8 hours is 1/6 of the limit of 48
00:07<mikk36>beaten ? for fun ? no way
00:09<mikk36>that "no reason" might have been resistance
00:09<ln->that's what they say, and they are germans besides, so they probably don't share russians' opinions about the case.
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00:11<ln->also they say a lot of other non-related people were arrested and beaten for fun. but who knows for sure.
00:12<mikk36>i can't comment on this because i wasn't arrested
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00:50<mikk36>itink that that should be enough
00:50<mikk36>i think*
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00:58<mikk36>no comments from ln- :P
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01:54<elmex>hm, i've read that with the junctions trains can get lost because they have to turn left to turn right. i've build such a cloverleaf and somehow didn't get any lost trains
01:56<hylje>you can very well have the route to right go from left
01:56<elmex>'Trains must turn left to go right. This could lead to trains getting lost. (Can be fixed by using waypoints).'
01:57<elmex>it just confuses me :)
01:57<elmex>i've build a lot crazy junctions and never got such a problem
01:58<hylje>its old
01:59<elmex>ah, so openttd handles train pathfinding better?
01:59<elmex>thats goood to hear ;-) with all my crazy junctions
01:59<hylje>trains are unlikely to get lost ever
01:59<hylje>unless the network is flawed
02:00<elmex>ah, ok
02:00<elmex>thats explains why barely any train gets lost inmy networks
02:01<elmex> <- this is such a crazy network :-)
02:02<hylje>aww, the curves :>
02:04<elmex>yes :-) there are some verey ugly 90deg. curves
02:05<mikk36>(09:59:06) (elmex) ah, so openttd handles train pathfinding better? <-- that was the case in the original pathfinder
02:05<elmex> <- this seemsto have been invented exactly for the bad train-path-finding that was once there
02:05<elmex>mikk36: ah, ok
02:05<mikk36>original that came along from ttd
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02:05<mikk36>problem was solved after npf and now yapf
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02:06<elmex>ah, great :)
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02:12<mikk36>3x3 :)
02:13<Phazorx>3E+2L each way
02:14<Phazorx>outer two are empty trains inner 6 are full ones
02:14<Phazorx>well outter two pairs of two
02:15<Phazorx>and the point is ... these 6 in a middle never stop
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04:30<CIA-2>OpenTTD: rubidium * r9764 /trunk/src/ (7 files): -Codechange: replace some lookup tables by functions.
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04:39<CIA-2>OpenTTD: rubidium * r9765 /trunk/src/ (aircraft.h roadveh.h ship.h train.h vehicle.h): -Codechange: constify some class functions.
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04:40<TheJosh>g'day all
04:40<TrueBrain>hi TheJosh
04:41<TheJosh>How are ya?
04:42<TrueBrain>getting annoying by the sun
04:43<TheJosh>what is annoying you about the sun?
04:44<TrueBrain>lack of clouds between me and the sun
04:45<TheJosh>we are just entering winter...i miss the sun
04:45<TheJosh>where are you located?
04:46<TheJosh>anyway, nice to chat but i must go
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05:08<elmex>it's interesting, i've never really known the original ttd and i'm reading all kind of weird things as 'trains only make choices at two-way signals' ins the wiki which refers to to the old pathfinder - and now with the new ones everything is just natural
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05:20<elmex>iwonder why servers often limit what you can build, eg. no ships and no air
05:21<Rubidium>because ships, if not used properly, use massive amounts of processing power
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05:21<elmex>ah ;-)
05:21<elmex>i've never been successful with ships
05:21<Rubidium>because aircraft, if used properly generate soo much money that it isn't funny to play online anymore
05:21<elmex>ships are slow as hell and you have to set waypoints
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05:34<SpComb>it's the illegal number
05:36<SpComb>or actaully, part of it
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06:05<eJoJ>Rubidium : does ships use massive cpu power even with yapf turned off?
06:06<Rubidium>when YAPF and NPF are turned of it doesn't use as much CPU power (I believe), but it forces you to add lots of waypoints (what you basically need to do to when you play with YAPF on)
06:06<TrueBrain>of = off ;)
06:08<Rubidium>ooh, massive typo ;)
06:09<eJoJ>hehe ;) I use waypoints from old habbit anyway ;)
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06:46<CIA-2>OpenTTD: truelight * r9766 /branches/noai/src/squirrel_helper.hpp: [NoAI] -Fix: remove a param from the stack after using, to avoid stack-coruption
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07:47<CIA-2>OpenTTD: truelight * r9767 /branches/noai/ (29 files in 4 dirs):
07:47<CIA-2>OpenTTD: [NoAI] -Add: add support for params in the constructor (via C++ templates)
07:47<CIA-2>OpenTTD: [NoAI] -Update: updated squirrel_export to create template-tag for constructors
07:47<CIA-2>OpenTTD: [NoAI] -Add: added AITileListCargoAcceptance, to get acceptance of a tile
07:47<CIA-2>OpenTTD: [NoAI] -Update: updated regression to test AITileListCargoAcceptance
07:56<CIA-2>OpenTTD: truelight * r9768 /branches/noai/src/ (23 files in 2 dirs): [NoAI] -Fix: check if the amount of params for constructor are correct
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09:05<organizm>hello all!
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10:21<CIA-2>OpenTTD: belugas * r9769 /trunk/src/newgrf_text.cpp: [newGRF] -Feature: Add translation support for Esperanto, Bulgarian, Japanese and Korean
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10:23<Zuu>Esperanto <3, Lojban next? :D
10:24<Patrick>mmm, lojban
10:33<@Belugas>if anyone can come up with a lojban complete translation, why not...
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10:53<waroffice>im having touble compiling i get a winmm.lib missing error
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11:03<elmex>is it possible to close a company in a multiplayer game?
11:04<Rubidium>from the console it is
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11:06<elmex>that doesn't work
11:06<Rubidium>help reset_company?
11:08<elmex>well, that function is only available to a network server :)
11:08<elmex>i mean as client
11:08<Rubidium>something with rcon
11:08<elmex>i don't ahve the serer password :)
11:09<Rubidium>then you can't
11:09<elmex>i want to stop my own company on a server in the internet, the only way is to wait for bankrupt?
11:09<Rubidium>or ask the owner of the server
11:09<Patrick>demolish lots of water if you want to go bankrupt fast
11:10<elmex>well, i'm already bankrupt... someone logged into my company as i forgot to set the password and let my only train crash ;-/
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11:39<peter1138>elmex: only train?
11:39<peter1138>how can your only train crash? heh
11:40<elmex>peter1138: well, it wasn't my only one... the one who logged in build another train to crash it ;-/
11:40<peter1138>ah, heh
11:56<Biff>hmm, news expire?
12:04<Biff>however, is there any reason for storing unwanted news?
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12:35<TrueBrain>hi Immow
12:35<Immow>is it posible to remove a industrie? :)
12:35<TrueBrain>not without enabling cheats
12:35<Zuu>Immow: Ctrl+Alt+C
12:35<+glx>magic buldozer (cheat menu)
12:36<Immow>so this is only posible in single player?
12:36<+glx>be careful, AI can use it too when it's enabled
12:36<Zuu>Including town AI.
12:37<Immow>so me and my friend play online
12:37<Immow>can he load game offline
12:37<Immow>magic buldoze
12:37<Immow>then make it online game?
12:37<Immow>cool :)
12:37<Immow>he kept the game running for ages
12:37<Immow>so city are all freaking huge ;)
12:38<Immow>and the junction we want to build is 85 by 85 tile :P
12:38<+glx>with an industry in the middle?
12:38<Immow>well blocking it somewhere
12:38<Immow>its not for industrie
12:39<Immow>this does not fit now ;)
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12:44<Immow>I think a new feature would be cool that you can buy a company and remove it
12:44<Immow>if someone els als inside that area of that company
12:44<Immow>he can ask money for it
12:45<Immow>so if 2 people dont agree it can not be sold
12:45<Immow>this is handy if something is in your way
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13:28<dihedral>hello guys
13:29<dihedral>have a little q for you
13:29<dihedral>playing tropical
13:29<Rubidium>oh noes...
13:29<dihedral>staring 1935
13:29<dihedral>one player was able to build rail tracks
13:29<dihedral>and then was not after that
13:29<dihedral>first train available in 1946
13:30<dihedral>any ideas?
13:30<Rubidium>but he could build in 1935?
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13:31<dihedral>station date is 20 feb 1036
13:31<dihedral>and 22 may 1936
13:31<Rubidium>normal non-electrified station?
13:32<dihedral>but now the rail construction window will not open at all
13:34<Rubidium>it can only open when some player flags are set; I don't know any places where those flags are unset in-game so it sounds pretty fishy
13:35<Rubidium>unless elrail is toggled on/off
13:36<dihedral>no - was not
13:36<Rubidium>but then *only* elrail is turned off
13:36<dihedral>no rails are avail
13:36<dihedral>if you feel like checking it out yourself
13:36<dihedral>the company is still available
13:37<dihedral>you are more than welcome to hope into the game and check it if you like
13:39<Rubidium>let me guess, he has selected another climate in the main window?
13:39<dihedral>it is hosted on a dedicated server
13:39<dihedral>how would selecting a climate change the multiplayer game
13:42<Rubidium>oh, never mind... I was thinking of a case where _opt.landscape might not be set properly
13:42<Rubidium>but in that case he would've seen a completely different climate and desync pretty soon
13:42<dihedral>there were 2 desyncs
13:42<dihedral>him and then me
13:43<dihedral>and i had just joined
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13:43<Rubidium>what version?
13:43<Rubidium>any grfs?
13:43<dihedral>no grfs 0.5.1
13:43<dihedral>i try to run on latest stable and no grfs at all times
13:44<peter1138>you try to run no grfs at all times? how tedious :)
13:44<Rubidium>dihedral: can you reproduce the desyncs?
13:44<dihedral>i would not know how
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13:44<dihedral>i only have savegames one a yearly basis
13:45<dihedral>and it was 3 months in
13:45<Rubidium>load an autosave from a few month before the desync happened
13:45<dihedral>but to be honest in this version there have been more desyncs than ever
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13:45<Rubidium>0.5.0 had much less desyncs?
13:46<Rubidium>any chance of knowing in which RC the desyncs came?
13:46<dihedral>at least i only very seldom witnessed them
13:46<peter1138>mmm, scientific studies
13:46<dihedral>before getting you enthusiastic about the desyncs
13:46<dihedral>i run a patched server
13:47<dihedral>but only in the sence that it runns more scripts
13:47<dihedral>i.e. i have on_yearly.scr
13:47<dihedral>and on_monthly.scr
13:47<Rubidium>can you show me the diff?
13:47<dihedral>they are in the tt-forums
13:48<dihedral>i use all 3
13:48<dihedral>they dont interfer with the game in any way
13:48<Rubidium>doesn't look desyncable
13:49<dihedral>they are only for admin purposes
13:49<dihedral>nothing that changes the map or anything networkable
13:49<peter1138>he doth protest too much
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13:52<Rubidium>anyway, dihedral which RC started to show the first signs of more desyncs?
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13:52<dihedral>i believe the desyncs were 3 months after
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13:53<dihedral>0.5.0 had a few desyncs
13:53<dihedral>seeing as i only had the servers since rc4 that does not give a lot of room
13:54<dihedral>0.5.1 for sure thou has more of them
13:54<dihedral>and i did skip 0.5.1RC1
13:54<dihedral>so that rules out a few versions
13:54<dihedral>no wait - i sarted with rc3
13:55<dihedral>hmmm... let me check as of when i have the source code from /tags :-) that might actually help :)
13:56<dihedral>ok - i have tags/0.5.0-RC1
13:56<dihedral>so there is no reason for me to have that checked out if i was not running the server
13:57<dihedral>sorry for the confusion
13:57<dihedral>my servers were started beginning of feb
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14:30<dihedral>anyway guys - i shall head out for today
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15:35<Digitalfox[Home]>peter1138 and belugas: Could you look at this please lat post
15:35<Digitalfox[Home]>*last post
15:36<peter1138>what about it?
15:37<Sacro>it smells like cheesy feet
15:37<Digitalfox[Home]>peter1138: He says "action 5 OD, Coast Tile Graphics" isn't working
15:37<peter1138>i can read
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15:39<Eddi|zuHause2>i thought newwater was not supported?
15:39<Digitalfox[Home]>I know you can read, i was just explaining why i put the info here
15:39<Digitalfox[Home]>No need to get angry ;)
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15:42<peter1138>coast tiles are supposed, corner coast tiles are not
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16:00<@Belugas>bye, going home
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16:15<elmex>it's interesting to see that not many people build up networks
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16:16<elmex>i can't understand that... building up a network an amazing and fun thing to do
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18:10<UndernotBuilder>the revenge of jasper?
18:10<UndernotBuilder>or maybe we should call it the reborn?
18:15<Sacro>oh god no
18:15[~]Sacro takes cover
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18:25<Sionide>passenger destinations looks awesome..
18:26<Sionide>anyone know if there are any linux binaries for it available?
18:26<Sionide>i'm reading through the topic now looking for one
18:26<Patrick>building it from source is much easier than finding a binary
18:27<Touqen>That mod has had a bit of a turbulent past though.
18:27<Sionide>seems to be picking up some pace at the moment though
18:27<Sionide>i can compile stuff, but i'm not so good with using .diff files, any HOWTOs anywhere?
18:28<Touqen>Sionide: There are instructions on the wiki
18:28<Sionide>should have looked before asking
18:28<Sacro>Sionide: its easy
18:28<Touqen>it's basically cd to the svn directory and patch < mypatch.diff
18:28<Sacro>cd into your dir
18:28<Touqen>It's super simple.
18:28<Sacro>patch -p0 -i /path/to/diff
18:28<Sacro>and your done
18:28<Sionide>so should i compile the latest nightly?
18:28[~]Touqen was close.
18:28<Sacro>Touqen: your way works too i belive
18:29<Touqen>I would imagine the nightly should be sufficient.
18:29<Touqen>or you can just get it directly from trunk
18:30<Sionide>i need to learn svn properly actually
18:30<Sionide>so i can use it in projects at uni
18:30<Sionide>would have been very useful for the last one i just did
18:31[~]Touqen recommends bookmarking the svn redbook
18:31<Touqen>There's quite a bit of nifty stuff in there.
18:31<Touqen>holy crap
18:32<Touqen>I just started visual studio with my new 2GB of ram
18:32<Touqen>I've never seen it load so fast.
18:34|-|Vikthor [~Vikthor@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
18:36<Sionide>Fetched 48.4MB in 6m49s (118kB/s)
18:36<Sionide>eww, visual studio :(
18:37<Touqen>I <3 visual studio for windows development.
18:37<Patrick>looks like an apt output
18:37<Patrick>yeah, if I had to dev on windows and I didn't only know python I'd use VS
18:37<Touqen>For python I used Eclipse + PyDev :D
18:38<Patrick>eclipse can go hang
18:38<Patrick>I just use kate atm, or idle on windows
18:38<Touqen>Hrm.. Exclipse doesn't seem to load noticeably faster though.
18:42<Sionide>sionide@sphinx:~/games/openttd/svn$ svn up -r 9739
18:42<Sionide>Skipped '.'
18:42<Sionide>does that mean it worked, or didn't work?
18:43<Touqen>I think it freaks out if you try to backdate a revision
18:43<Touqen>err backdate an update
18:43<Touqen>try doing co -r 9739
18:44<Sionide>i'm now getting a "File to patch" prompt...?
18:44<Sionide>svn: Not enough arguments provided; try 'svn help' for more info
18:45<Touqen>Sionide: Are you in the right directory?
18:45<Sacro>svn co -r 9739 svn://
18:45<Sacro>or svn -r 6434 up
18:45<Sionide>do i need to be *in* the dir where the code is, or the one below?
18:46<Sacro>then svn root
18:46<Touqen>Sionide: Have you downloaded the sources at all?
18:46<Sionide>ohh i see
18:46<Sionide>yeah the source is there
18:46<Touqen>Sionide: from subversion?
18:46<Touqen>because it won't work if you use something you downloaded from elsewhere
18:46<Sionide>from svn yeah
18:46<Sionide>Updated to revision 9739.
18:47<Sionide>make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
18:48<Sionide>do i need to ./configure first?
18:48<Sionide>sorry for being such a noob :/
18:48<Sionide>it doesn't say that in the wiki page thought
18:48<Sionide>now compiling, wheehoo
18:50|-|elmex [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:00<Sionide>Your 'openttd.grf' file is corrupted or missing!
19:00<Sionide>openttd: /home/sionide/games/openttd/svn/src/gfxinit.cpp:92: void LoadGrfIndexed(const char*, const SpriteID*, int): Assertion `b' failed.
19:00<Sionide>Aborted (core dumped)
19:00<Sionide>it's in the /data/ dir
19:03<Sionide>..wahooo i'm there!
19:05<Sionide>yeah yeah
19:05<Sionide>figured it out
19:05<Sionide>was missing stuff like elrails
19:07<Sionide>sweet! it's working :D
19:07<+glx>it's very easy with linux ;)
19:07<Sionide>the music has just totally screwed up
19:08<+glx>with bin/gm ?
19:08<Sionide>err maybe not music
19:08<Sionide>i'm hearing very weird things
19:09<+glx>sound and linux : always funny :)
19:09<Sionide>yeah, don't i know it..
19:09<+glx>I remember having hard time to configure sound on my old dell
19:10<Sionide>i'm stupid
19:10<Sionide>it was rhythmbox
19:14|-|UndernotBuilder [~chatzilla@] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]]
19:21<Sionide>this is cooool
19:21[~]Sionide makes a massive map full of just towns
19:24<Patrick>passenger destinations?
19:24<Patrick>ooh, ooh, is "very low" density there
19:24<Patrick>some of that was my idea :D
19:24<Patrick>and that's my claim to fame
19:26<Sionide>it's disappeared
19:26<Sionide>is it only for buses?
19:26<Sionide>i'm confused...
19:27<Patrick>sorry, I was being completely irrelevant
19:27<Patrick>ignore what I said
19:27<Sionide>does it not work for trains yet??
19:28<Sionide>oh shit
19:28<Sionide>probably not enabled it
19:32<Sionide>urgh i've forgotton all my network building skillzzzzz
19:32<Sionide>it's been ages since i've played properly
19:47<rane>i encountered signal related bug in r9769, anyone know if it has been reported?
19:49<Patrick>I found some bugs in the autosignals patch but ... meh
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22:36<DaleStan>rane: I'm afraid my crystal ball can't even figure out what bug you've discovered, much less whether or not it's already been reported.
22:36<DaleStan>rane: If it's on, it's been reported. If not, it hasn't.
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