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02:06<CIA-1>OpenTTD: peter1138 * r9828 /trunk/src/ (4 files): -Codechange: [NewGRF] Add support for changing cargo capacity with callback 36. This is set on construction for ships and roadvehicles, and whenever carriages are attached for trains.
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02:13<mikk36>VirtualPC või VMWare ?
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02:22<mikk36>oh cmon, i aint gonna run DOS apps on it
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02:22<mikk36>i'm going to create a testbed for exploring the world of domains :)
02:22<mikk36>based on 2003
02:23<Rubidium>why would qemu be slow?
02:23<mikk36>it runs win ?
02:24<mikk36>uhm, does it run in win ?
02:24<Rubidium>When used as a virtualizer, QEMU achieves near native performances by executing the guest code directly on the host CPU. <- i.e. it's basically the same as VMWare/VirtualPC
02:24<Rubidium>and they talk about CPUs, not OSes
02:25<Rubidium>I don't see a reason why it wouldn't work
02:25<Rubidium>and there is a wiki page with how to install windows under qemu, so I think it works
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02:27<mikk36>Windows port includes the proprietary FMOD sound layer so it does not qualify as free open source software
02:31<mikk36>this page tells that it's speed is 10-20% of host
02:31<mikk36>OR Near native
02:31<mikk36>what's the deal ?
02:33<Rubidium>10-20% when not running the virtualization stuff (i.e. you can emulate a x86 on a PPC), near native with virtualization stuff, so you can only run x86 stuff on a x86
02:33<Rubidium>the near native version is equivalent to VMWare/VirtualPC
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03:28<hylje>Rubidium: qemu depends on hardware virtualization to get that speed
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04:09<CIA-1>OpenTTD: rubidium * r9829 /trunk/src/economy.cpp: -Codechange: more refactoring of the unloading algorithm.
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04:48<kaan>hello all
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05:15<Wolf01>i need maedhros :(
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05:30<Wolf01>peter1138, are you here?
05:31<Wolf01>i managed to rebuild a station tile(s) also if is in the adjoined area
05:33<Wolf01>you can't yet extend a station to adjoin with another without rebuild it, but i think is not so difficult
05:34<Wolf01> that is the new code
05:37<Wolf01>i tried for 2 hours to achieve this result, i hope it isn't a useless work :P
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06:03<elmex>hm, there were some transfer problems i heard, do these problems in 0.5.1 stil exist?
06:03<elmex>and what problems were that actually?
06:05<Wolf01>the cargo lose it "from" information, which is overwritten if there are 2 source stations
06:06<Wolf01>this mean that a fully A<->B<->C doesn't work
06:06<hylje>unless passenger destinations are active
06:06<hylje>in that case passengers are transferred automatically
06:06<hylje>and destinations are retained
06:06<elmex>which revision was the 0.5.1 release made from?
06:07<elmex>can't find the information anywhere :(
06:09<elmex>damned svn
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06:22<Rubidium>elmex: what's wrong with svn?
06:25<Eddi|zuHause2>it's damned, obviously :=
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06:28<TheJosh>Hey everyone!
06:29<TheJosh>how has everyone been?
06:29<elmex>i guess it's just that i'm used to cvs
06:29<TheJosh>Everyone: how have you been?
06:30<TheJosh>/Nick Everyone
06:30<TheJosh>im going to shut up now
06:33<TheJosh>nope i dont think i can. its a horrible habit but meh. i just like talking. its weird
06:34<TheJosh>whats the time around the place? whenever i go on it always feels like ive come at the wrong time
06:34<kaan>TheJosh its ok, well listen :P
06:34<TheJosh>i have noticed that i say about 1/2 of all the conversations....
06:35<TheJosh>early afternoon? tis 9:05pm 'ere
06:35<kaan>yup, when you go to bed we start the party :P
06:35<TheJosh>let me guess, you guys are european?
06:36<kaan>you are so right
06:36<TheJosh>there you go, me doing 1/2 the talking again. all i can see is a heap of my name in blue
06:36<kaan>well i better get some lunch
06:36<@peter1138>yeah... 12:35
06:36<@peter1138>i better get dressed
06:36<TheJosh>ha ha ha
06:37<kaan>get dressed? well now that you mention it
06:37<TheJosh>i didnt eat breakfast until 11 this morning. and had lunch at 3
06:37<TheJosh>tis been a good saturday. i worked on the go-cart
06:37<TheJosh>we are converting it to chain drive. whee!
06:37<kaan>what did it have before?
06:37<TheJosh>belt drive
06:38<kaan>that should improve things a lot then :)
06:38<TheJosh>but we were going to fast that the belts were snapping from overheat. thats what you get by going 60 km/h
06:38<TheJosh>im hoping for 80 km/h or 100 km/h. w00t!
06:38<kaan>a chain should work wonders then :)
06:39<TheJosh>there is somehting great about bumming around on a saturday. went to a friends place, (played a bit of open ttd), mozie around
06:39<kaan>now, must have food ....
06:40<TheJosh>and finnish off listening to worhip music with the strobe lights on
06:40<TheJosh>kaan: enjoy lunch
06:41<TheJosh>peter1138: how have you been? gotten dressed yet?
06:45<TheJosh>i think i am going to go now, i feel like i have said too much (once again...)
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07:34<MeusH>does anyone know what's up with MiHaMiX? He seems to be away for a very long time
07:34<Rubidium>real life...
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07:35<Eddi|zuHause2>yeah, it's really contageous :)
07:35<Wolf01>hello MeusH
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07:35<MeusH>hey Wolf01
07:35<MeusH>who manages the wiki now?
07:36<Wolf01>real life also for him...
07:36<@peter1138>well, mihamix...
07:36<Wolf01>oh, wait, was darkvater
07:37<Wolf01>where's maedhros gone?
07:38<glx>exams soon for him
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07:39<Wolf01>while he's away, i must beg somebody else
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07:46<Wolf01>hylje, do you have tried the adjoin patch?
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07:49<hylje>Wolf01: wait what?
07:50<Wolf01> <-
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07:51<hylje>ah no. i shall now
07:52<Wolf01>tell me if enough user friendly, i need people impressions to improve my work ;)
07:53<hylje>provide a test case?
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07:54<Wolf01>just try to build some adjacent newgrf stations to be sure if is possible to change all the pieces
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07:58<hylje>looks like working
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07:58<Sionide>looks like split to me
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08:00<Wolf01>i would like to be enough good to be able to code something to allow to extend an adjoined station without rebuild it
08:01<mikk36>what's an adjoined station ?
08:04<Wolf01> <- this
08:05<Wolf01>very usefull when there is too less space and to make larger "waypoints" directly adjacent to a station
08:06<Zr40>would that work for road stops too?
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08:06<Wolf01>no, only railway for the moment
08:06<Wolf01>hello Belugas
08:07<Wolf01>but since there are only little changes, it might work for roadstops and airports too
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09:31<kaan>slight disconnect :)
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12:04<Thomas[NL]>"(Yesterday) 16:50 <Eddi|zuHause3> there was something about virtual signals, but the plan was not very far developed last time i checked :)" a question you may not yet be able to answer but will this also make multiple trains per bridge/tunnel possible ?
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12:05<kbrooks>how do i make a town accept my building of a bus stn
12:07<Thomas[NL]>your company rating has to be high enough, you can raise it by having a good transport-service, planting trees around the city or bribing the authority (not without a risk)
12:08<Thomas[NL]>read this ->
12:10<kbrooks>good transport service?
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12:21<Eddi|zuHause>Thomas[NL]: yes, that should be possible
12:22<Thomas[NL]>yay :)
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12:23<Eddi|zuHause>but like i said, it is a long term plan, and it might not be ready for 0.6
12:23<kbrooks>why is it long term?
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12:25<Eddi|zuHause>because it is a really big change, and i have not seen any implementation attempts yet
12:26<kbrooks>i'm curious.. is there a way to transfer trains to different depots?
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12:27<Eddi|zuHause>you can send a train to a specific depot by giving it a "goto depot" order, i believe
12:29<kbrooks>Eddi|zuHause, no, different railroad.
12:29<glx>then you can't
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13:20<elmex>hm, is it possible to have a server with a dynamic ip that shows up on the metaserver?
13:20<elmex>err. serverlist
13:20<Ammler>elmex: why not?
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13:37<elmex>because there is this
13:37<elmex>connect_to_ip =
13:37<elmex>config variable
13:40<elmex>ah, nvm
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13:49<kaan>good evening all
13:51[~]Sacro fancies watching star trek
13:51<kaan>not a bad choice, may i reccomend "The Search for Spock"
13:52<Sacro>you can recommend that...
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14:07<Eddi|zuHause>i'd prefer first contact
14:09<Sacro>Eddi|zuHause: an awesome one
14:10<Sacro>though i do quite liek Generations
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14:18<Eddi|zuHause>just watch them all, you can't do much wrong :)
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14:45<kbrooks>how do i increase the value of a company?
14:45<Sionide>do stuff
14:45<elmex>earn more money and build stuff eg.
14:45<Sionide>deliver cargo
14:52<Thomas[NL]> can this also be fixed in trunk
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14:57<Eddi|zuHause>Thomas[NL]: you know where bug reports should go?
14:58<Thomas[NL]>yes, I said it here because it is just a one-line fix.. sorry
15:09<kbrooks>what can take oil?
15:10<lolman_>refineries? :P
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15:11<boekabart>the US govt?
15:12<boekabart>al quaida?
15:12<kbrooks>lolman_: ok
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15:24<Sionide>isn't there some shortcut way of seeing how high a tile is?
15:24<Sionide>ie. to know whether i'm gonna have to tunnel or bridge
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15:55<kbrooks>For a station with rails that go in and out and with them at the opposite sides, you need to create X's at both sides
15:57<Eddi|zuHause>that sentence does not parse
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16:08<kbrooks>Eddi|zuHause, it doesn't? wow.
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16:20<kbrooks>how to scroll up in console
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16:21<@peter1138>page up
16:21<@peter1138>or shift page up
16:21<@peter1138>or something
16:21<kbrooks>peter1138, shift pg up, thanks
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16:48<glx>missing target :)
16:48<Eddi|zuHause>broadcast package rejected
16:48<kbrooks>when would the station window say en-route stuff
16:49<Eddi|zuHause>when using transfer
16:49<Eddi|zuHause>or unloading at a station that does not accept the cargo
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19:11<CIA-1>OpenTTD: belugas * r9830 /trunk/src/town_cmd.cpp: -Fix(r9779) : Let the town expand and build new houses along the roads of the users, even in case of "No Road" layout (skiddl13)
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