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00:17<@DorpsGek>TheJosh: Error: That operation cannot be done in a channel.
00:17<TheJosh>opps, i wanted #openttdcoop
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04:45<Zuu>hmmm, which .h file did I now touched by mistake? vim should have a blinking warning screen if you try to save a h-file to save you minutes of compiling time... :)
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04:47<Smoovious>I think it was that one >points< over there...
04:52<Prof_Frink>nonono, it was *that* one, over *there*
04:52<Zuu>Hmm.. maby I need to reconfigure with --enable-debug to make gdb work... another few minutes of compileing :)
04:54[~]Zuu rest for a while...
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04:58[~]Zuu miss his fast PC which only take about a minute to compile everytihng.
05:02<Zuu>opposed to 8:51 minutes on my 5 year old laptop... yay :)
05:03<Prof_Frink>Nothing wrong with 5-year-old laptops
05:03<Prof_Frink>Well, except the hinge is broken
05:04<Prof_Frink>And I have to turn of the backlight manually
05:04<Zuu>except verry long time to compile openttd...
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05:17<Tefad>5 minutes is very long?
05:17<Tefad>my laptop is p4 1.6GHz
05:18<Tefad>real men compile ottd on 68k ; )
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05:20<Zuu>Mine is celeron (aka p3) 1.33GHz with 256MB ram (the other 512 broke in March)
05:20<Tefad>ouch, luckily my laptop has 256+256 sticks in it
05:21<Tefad>most of my electronics are handmedowns
05:21<Tefad>or thirft purchases (rummage sales, thrift stores.. craigslist)
05:21<Tefad>also, i can't spell.
05:21<Tefad>my 2nd head was free.. 19" Trinitron
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05:32[~]Zuu enjoys C strings and segfaults...
05:33<Zuu>... not
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06:57<TimGroe2>For those who are interested, I am now offering one free domain for a random project that is added in the next 7 days on
06:58<TimGroe2>Thought I would enlighten you all with a freebie :)
07:01<Wolf01>lifetime free?
07:01<TimGroe2>No, just the $8 gift certificate :P
07:01<TimGroe2>I wish it was lifetime free, but hey, I am an open source developer.
07:02<Wolf01>me too
07:02<KUDr_mac>so you are rich
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07:02<TimGroe2>opposite :P
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07:03<KUDr_mac>poor people don't have money and time to make open source
07:03<Smoovious>depends on why they're poor
07:04<Smoovious>like... are they the working poor, or the waiting-for-my-{disability|welfare}-check poor...
07:05<TimGroe2>well, just keep my offer in mind :)
07:06<ln->when a train is moving on the rails, how often is its speed and location synchronized with the server?
07:06<Smoovious>wow... they just showed some video about the flooding over in the UK... unreal...
07:06<KUDr>so by other words we will get $8 for a new domain if we create project called "random project" on your web. Correct?
07:06<TimGroe2>read the rules @ :P
07:07<TimGroe2>So what I am going to do is offer anyone who commits legitimate code into a new ShareSource code from Sunday, 22 July till Sunday, 29 July.
07:08<KUDr>so the name should be "random project" or "your project" ?
07:08<TimGroe2>"your project"
07:08<TimGroe2>it must be a real project :D
07:09<Smoovious>what if we wanna name it "our project" instead of "your project",.. we wouldn't be eligible?
07:09<TimGroe2>yes, "we" would.
07:10<KUDr>too strict rules i guess
07:10<Smoovious>how could it be 'we'... aren't you ineligible? shouldn't i t be "y'all"?
07:10<KUDr>you do a typo and you lost $8
07:10<hylje>y'all is americanish
07:10[~]Smoovious is americanish
07:10[~]TimGroe2 kicks and screams
07:10<Smoovious>actually, y'all is southern
07:11<hylje>TimGroe2: out of curiosity, what does that service build upon?
07:11<Smoovious>I'm in the great lakes... its youz up here
07:11<TimGroe2>hylje: It is my own project :)
07:11<izhirahider>TimGroe2, just a suggestion, if you want to succeed, you should offer some new features like mercurial or git, since it's not offered anywhere else and they're started to become popular among developers :)
07:11<hylje>TimGroe2: i mean technologies
07:11<TimGroe2>izhirahider: Funny you might say that, hg is comming in 7 days :)
07:11<hylje>TimGroe2: i dont think you did it ground up off assembly :p
07:11<TimGroe2>finishing off my custom viewer :D
07:12<TimGroe2>hylje: Apache2, PHP, Perl, C++ and MySQL
07:12<TimGroe2>and Subversion, Hg for VCS'
07:12<TimGroe2>Mailman for mailing list
07:12<hylje>i see
07:12<hylje>is it how monolithic?
07:13<TimGroe2>refraise that :P
07:13<hylje>how much does it depend on itself and its pieces
07:14<TimGroe2>It is all built of modules
07:14<TimGroe2>for example, you can disable Mailman, or disable Subversion, or disable web hosting etc :)
07:15<TimGroe2>Very nice code inside :P
07:16<izhirahider>TimGroe2, good luck on the project, I might be interested in looking into it in the future
07:16<TimGroe2>thanks izhirahider :)
07:16<TimGroe2>Make sure it's in the next 7 days :P
07:20<KUDr>heh hurry up for a small chnce $8
07:21<hylje>TimGroe2: impressive
07:21<TimGroe2>KUDr: you laugh now :P
07:21<KUDr>i don't
07:21<KUDr>looks good
07:22<KUDr>as project
07:22<KUDr>but that $8 :)
07:22<KUDr>i think that reliability and feares are more important
07:24<Zuu>Ah.. yay, I feel my pointer aritmetics is comming back.. after months of only Delphi programming. (which allows you to do memory management, but is not neccessary to the same extent)
07:24<KUDr>nice: It took roughly 0.0015909671783447 seconds to generate this page
07:24<KUDr>very rough number
07:25<TimGroe2>well, it is + ~0.0001 :)
07:25<TimGroe2>so it's not exact :D
07:26<KUDr>TimGroe2: will you offer also virtual hosts like "" ?
07:26<TimGroe2>already do (Y)
07:27<KUDr>so, really, good luck with it
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07:50<skidd13>How are the dev opinions to my performance meter patch?
07:54<@peter1138>13:03 < ln-> when a train is moving on the rails, how often is its speed and location synchronized with the server?
07:55<@peter1138>^ never
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07:55<hylje>can a train move anywhere else than on *the* rails
07:56<@peter1138>only inside a tunnel
07:58<hylje>yeah, on a void
07:58<hylje>what about bridges?
07:59<@peter1138>technically, yeah
07:59<@peter1138>though you can see them ;)
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08:17<CIA-1>OpenTTD: peter1138 * r10649 /trunk/src/window.cpp: -Fix (r9962): autoscroll (pointer near screen edge) didn't work
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08:57<Tlustoch>I was just playing online without pass and some loser joined me and destroyed all my airports
08:57<Tlustoch>Why do such people exist?
08:57<Smoovious>to remind you to set your password
08:57<Smoovious>tough love, baby
08:57<Tlustoch>If I set password no one can join me.
08:58<Smoovious>that's the point
08:58<Gekko[PDA]>the logic
08:58<Gekko[PDA]>this guy, supreme logic.
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09:15<Zuu>Now my code can translate key-codes to names and back again... Time to give some more keys to choos from than meta-keys and space and space and space.. :) xD
09:16<Rippsy>why is the top row of the keyboard just not dedicated to the building panel ;P
09:17<Rippsy>or as in railroad tycoon the numpad was directional track
09:18<Zuu>When time comes, you will be able to do that... but that is when it is done, not before.. ;)
09:18<Rippsy>fair enough
09:18<Zuu>Or buy a kinesis and hardware remap your keyboard layout. :)
09:19<Zuu>I wont sponsor you though :p
09:19<Rippsy>i just map the keys to my Gkeys on my logitec g15 :)
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09:26<Tlustoch>now network game failed because of some assertion
09:26<Tlustoch>when new player joined
09:30<Zuu>I guess keys like WKC_LEFT should have a localized string accosiated to it. But does a-z,A-Z,0-9 need that?? I guess in most languages it would just be a "a" or a "Z" or a "3" etc..
09:31<Zuu>Hmm.. though, it would not hurt much to have it, just some extra bytes here and there... :)
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09:36<@peter1138>are you using TrueBrain's code for that?
09:36<Zuu>peter1138: Have TrueBrain written code far that?
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09:37<Zuu>btw, what do you exactly mean with "that"?
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09:41<@peter1138>changing keys
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09:42<@peter1138>"laptop battery 12 hours, 12 minutes remaining"
09:42<@peter1138>i think that's a lie :p
09:43<Rippsy>can i have your fusion powered battery :P
09:45<Zuu>peter1138: So he have begun work with that too?
09:45<Zuu>The answer on your question is: no
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09:54<Zuu2>Silly PC hang...
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09:58<Zuu2>Looks like all TrueBrain have done is that he have written a .hpp file. But I can be wrong though.. but that was the only thing I found when I searched that git thing.
10:01<Zuu2>well two hpp-files it seams..
10:03<Zuu2>Gota talk to him when he appears :)
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10:06<Zuu>now i gota make some food :)
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10:19<@peter1138>has has has
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10:23[~]Smoovious takes it.
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11:48<CIA-1>OpenTTD: orudge * r10650 /branches/0.5/os2.c: [0.5] -Fix: Fix chdir problem with open/save dialog on OS/2 (Paul Smedley)
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12:06<Wolf01>ufff... i thought it was easy to draw roads :(
12:07<Wolf01>or maybe is only pebkac :/
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12:21<CIA-1>OpenTTD: orudge * r10651 /trunk/src/os2.cpp: -Fix: Fix chdir problem with open/save dialog on OS/2 (Paul Smedley)
12:22<Progman>os/2? it still exists?
12:23<Noldo>when someone puts it into internet it will exist for ever
12:23<@orudge>Progman: yep
12:23<@orudge>take a look at, say,
12:23<@orudge>hmmm, $3000 worth of bountiesr
12:25<@orudge>aww, they upgraded their forums
12:25<@orudge>they were using UB2K for years
12:25<@orudge>it was the first forum package I used on my site
12:25<@orudge>before I moved to phpBB
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12:27<Wolf01>[19:23:15] <Noldo> when someone puts it into internet it will exist for ever
12:27<Wolf01>are you sure? i can destroy one thing i know and it won't exist anymore :D
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13:13<Liquid>Hello, What was the name of the contest that thwart used to put on for encryption called?
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13:24<Ailure>would be funny if openTTD was like simcity 2000
13:24<Ailure>and airports
13:25<Lost-Hope|Thardas>well.. that would be ..openSimCity2000 Then *lol*
13:25<Ailure>heh I wasn't totally serious about it
13:25<Lost-Hope|Thardas>noticed that :D
13:25<Ailure>even if it would encourage players to not put the airport in the middle of a city
13:26<Lost-Hope|Thardas>well i'm putting airports on the border of the citys tho..
13:26<Lost-Hope|Thardas>and just transfer passengers by bus *lol*
13:27<Lost-Hope|Thardas>sec.. gotta take a look on my servers ^^
13:27<Ailure>would be intresting if there was civil transporting <<
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13:27<Ailure>I mean personal, so stations wouldn't have to be in walking range :P
13:28<Lost-Hope|Thardas>guess no one likes a 2050-2150 scenario.. anyone knows why? >_>
13:29<Lost-Hope|Thardas>i like them better than 1950 to 2050 since there is maglev *lol*
13:31<Wolf01>[20:28:50] <Lost-Hope|Thardas> guess no one likes a 2050-2150 scenario.. anyone knows why? >_>
13:31<Wolf01>maybe because is impossible to start a game because of inflation?
13:31<Lost-Hope|Thardas>uhm no i put that off..
13:32<Lost-Hope|Thardas>i guess.. *lol*
13:32<Lost-Hope|Thardas>well i'm thinking of making the games more short anyways.
13:32<Lost-Hope|Thardas>like 50 years...
13:36<@peter1138>maglev sucks
13:36<@peter1138>no challenge
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13:39<Lost-Hope|Thardas>hmm well should be better now to have 1 long game from 1950 to 2050 and one from 1975 to 2025
13:39<Lost-Hope|Thardas>but i gotta figure out how to prevent a company from getting a password to set up a coop server..
13:41<@peter1138>no way
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13:42<Lost-Hope|Thardas>humm so i gotta hope that no one is goin to set a pwd?
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13:46<Eddi|zuHause2>how is that supposed to work anyway? "i leave my car wide open with keys inside and a sign 'use this if you need it'"
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13:46<Eddi|zuHause2>that's gonna work exactly once...
13:47<Ailure>is the 3D cinema in TTRS
13:47<Ailure>supposed to have a hole in it's roof? ;)
13:49<Lost-Hope|Thardas>well eddi.. so basically you gotta stand next to your car and give out the key after you put a gps in your car to make sure it cant be stolen..
13:49<Lost-Hope|Thardas>meaning you gotta administrate your server at least at the beginning of the game
13:50<Lost-Hope|Thardas>but i still dunno how the original servers of openttdcoop do that..
13:50<Lost-Hope|Thardas>if they do.. there must be a way i'm goin to find out :)
13:51<Eddi|zuHause2>i believe they put a password theirselves...
13:52<Eddi|zuHause2>and they are a pretty close community
13:52<Lost-Hope|Thardas>well you can even follow the text messages they send ingame by joining the coop channel
13:52<Lost-Hope|Thardas>guess everyone watches for another there..
13:53<Eddi|zuHause2>that's the work of autopilot
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15:01|-|NetHack #openttd [+ov DorpsGek DorpsGek] by []
15:03<rav>what is it?
15:03<Wolf01>just a little netsplit
15:03<+glx>little ??? ;)
15:03<Eddi|zuHause2>hmmm cheese
15:04<Eddi|zuHause2>actually, i don't like cheese
15:06<Eddi|zuHause2>and i have these weird system lockups for a few seconds
15:10<Eddi|zuHause2>it seems to be loosely related to harddisk/s-ata controller
15:17|-|BobingAbout [~BobingAbo@adsl-83-100-225-102.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
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15:30|-|glx changed nick to Guest16
15:30|-|glx|away changed nick to glx
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16:08|-|UnderBuilder [~chatzilla@] has joined #openttd
16:10<UnderBuilder>a question: can be removed the landscape type selector from the main 'openttd' window since it is included on the landscape window?
16:11<CIA-1>OpenTTD: richk * r10652 /branches/NewGRF_ports/src/station_cmd.cpp: [NewGRF_ports] -Fix: Initialise variable to eliminate warning.
16:21<Eddi|zuHause2>UnderBuilder: I think the decision was to keep them to preserve the look of the opening screen
16:21<Eddi|zuHause2>it's characteristic for ttd
16:22<UnderBuilder>landscape window -> it should be new map window
16:23<Eddi|zuHause2>yes, i figured that :p
16:25<CIA-1>OpenTTD: richk * r10653 /branches/NewGRF_ports/ (64 files in 7 dirs): [NewGRF_ports] -Sync: with trunk r10602-10651
16:27|-|Rippsy [~Moose@] has quit [Quit: <Maddy|2ndPC> sorry.. just checking my penis]
16:28<Wolf01>Eddi|zuHause2, you can always disable them and keep them as eyecandy... as they are totally useless there
16:30<Eddi|zuHause2>"I" have no problem with them :p
16:30[~]Prof_Frink still thinks the three settings windows should be combined
16:31<Eddi|zuHause2>Prof_Frink: you're free to post your patch to
16:31<Prof_Frink>Eddi|zuHause2: post-patch depends: know-how-to-code
16:32<Prof_Frink>I normally just torture peter1138 until stuff happens
16:33<Wolf01>i usually avoid to torture peter1138, 'cause i have bad memories :(
16:33<Wolf01>i prod Belugas instead ;)
16:33<Prof_Frink>Wolf01: You're doing him wrong.
16:34<Wolf01>eh everybody have his preferred dev :)
16:35<Eddi|zuHause2>i don't remember having picked a "favourite"
16:36<ln->i'll pick tron and his phrases "NOT FUNNY" and "END OF DISCUSSION"
16:38|-|th_gergo [] has joined #openttd
16:43<Prof_Frink>Sacro: Don't swear
16:43<Sacro>Prof_Frink: HAMTOUCHER
16:43|-|thgergo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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17:10<UnderBuilder>then if you don't want to remove it from the main window then remove it from the new map one
17:18<Eddi|zuHause2>no, because that's where they belong...
17:21<rav>well, Im off to bed, ttyl
17:27|-|UnderBuilder [~chatzilla@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:29<CIA-1>OpenTTD: richk * r10654 /branches/NewGRF_ports/src/ (saveload.cpp station_cmd.cpp): [NewGRF_ports] -Change: Can now load and save newgrf airports. Graphics correctly reloaded after save.
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18:42<Digitalfox>Hi people :)
18:43<Digitalfox>Is there any newgrf coder present?
18:44<Ammlller>Digitalfox, maybe you have more luck at #tycoon @ quakenet
18:44<Digitalfox>i know :) But it's a simple question
18:44<Ammlller>pls, don't ask me....
18:44<Digitalfox>no problem ;)
18:45<Eddi|zuHause2>and especially don't ask metaquestions
18:45<Eddi|zuHause2>they will get you exactly nowhere
18:45|-|Digitalfox_Desktop [] has joined #openttd
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18:46<Eddi|zuHause2>attack of the clones?
18:46|-|Digitalfox [] has quit [Quit: Leaving this computer]
18:46<Digitalfox_Desktop>No just using virtual OS, for using multiple networks
18:47<Digitalfox_Desktop>You know VMWare with multi irc clients..
18:48<Eddi|zuHause2>yes, i always buy a new car when i want to go to a place i never was before
18:49|-|Osai [] has quit [Quit: Osai]
18:49<Digitalfox_Desktop>Not that.. But i have Chat Zilla configures in different virtual OS, and so i was using one with just openttd configured, and now i'm using an virtual Os with Openttd channel and tycoon..
18:50<Eddi|zuHause2>it still sounds incredibly stupid...
18:50|-|Tobin [] has joined #openttd
18:51<Eddi|zuHause2>"i built a new house because i wanted different coloured wallpaper"
18:51|-|NW|Aerandir [] has joined #openttd
18:53<Digitalfox_Desktop>No.. I have my main Windows XP just for games, clena with no extra stuff witch could slow down my experience in games.. And 2 virtual OS witch i use on VMWare, one for programs and another for testing porpuses.. I was using the OS games, witch just has my irc client configured for openttd channel.. And i now i'm on the programs OS witch has openttd and tycoon configured..
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19:50<De_Ghost>that made no sense
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