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03:31<Ammler>Belugas: I got wrong credits :-)
03:32<Ammler>the patch was made from roujin
03:32<Ammler>good morning btw.
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04:20<LA>Hello.. Can anyone tell me when was r1893.. How many years ago.. Or better how can I look that up and where..
04:27<LA>I don't have svn client atm :P.. Should reboot though and go to linux and get compiling tools.
04:27<LA>but I dn't have thoe too, that's why I asked ::)
04:32<Touqen>download tortisesvn (it's for windows)
04:32<Touqen>or however it's spelled
04:33<@peter1138>20th Feb 2005? heh
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05:36<Ammler>I am trying to configure svn for ignoring some files from openttd, but didn't reach success.
05:36<Ammler>i.e. the dos grf or some language files, how should I do that?
05:38<yorick>why do you people always commit changes to the code I'm working on?
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05:41<dih>Ammler: svn:ignore is not for checkouts ;-)
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05:42<dih>Ammler: why not checkout everything and simply remove the lang files you dont want
05:42<dih>even a shell script can do that
05:42<dih>but, saving 10 seconds is not really alot
05:42<dih>esp. not if you think of the full compile time of OpenTTD
05:43<Ammler>dih: well that wouldn't bring advantage
05:43<yorick>maybe some OS-specific stuff
05:44<dih>Ammler: thought you were trying to save compile time!
05:44<Ammler>I do not want it to have less disk, I like to do it for less traffic.
05:44<dih>as if the lang files were _that_ big
05:44<Ammler>they are
05:44<dih>+ once you have them
05:44<dih>the diff is not big at all
05:45<Ammler>everything what would save time
05:45<Ammler>to make autostart faster :-)
05:46<Ammler>but back to topic
05:46<dih>but saving 10 seconds is not a lot
05:46<Ammler>is there a ignore feature?
05:46<dih>Ammler: svn:ignore works the other way round
05:46<dih>_not_ for checkout
05:48<Ammler>hmm, then the only solution would be to checkout the folder non recursive, could that help?
05:49<Mchl>considering that there are also commits to some subdirectoris, probably not
05:50<Ammler>Mchl: you would make then multiple cos, but I doubt, it will be faster...
05:51<Mchl>and probably would generate more traffic instead of less
05:52<Mchl>check in svn docs, if you can load a list of dirs to update from a file
05:52<dih>svnlook would be helpful
05:53<dih>but then you _are_ doing more than just simply svn co
05:53<dih>and Ammler: the only big amount of time is when it does a clean co
05:53<dih>svn up is realy not a lot of traffic
05:53<Ammler>dih: how many times do you update your client?
05:54<dih>more often than getting a clean checkout!
05:54<dih>esp. those checkouts i actually code in get updated a lot
05:56<dih>i am off
05:56<dih>laters ladies
05:57<Mchl>later sailor
05:58<Ammler>does svn only download the diffs of the files?
05:58<Ammler>not the whole changed file?
05:59<Mchl>i guess so, but i'm not sure
05:59<Ammler>you guess what?
05:59<Mchl>diffs :P
05:59<Mchl>it doesn't store files as such
05:59<Mchl>only revision cjanges
06:01<Ammler>hmm, then the slow thing might be the "verbose"
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06:02<Ammler>but the problem is, if you remove all language files except english, it will restore the others on next up
06:02<Ammler>and that would make it slower, then faster :-)
06:03<Mchl>just hack into scn server and delete them from repository :P
06:04<Ammler>hmm, maybe better would be, if you were able to define which language needs to compile
06:04<Ammler>is that possible already?
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06:06<Mchl>but don;t ask me details
06:06<Mchl>I tried it once and failed
06:10<blathijs>Ammler: Svn downloads diffs by default, but if you delete files it automaticallly downloads the entire file
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06:12<Mchl>which is basically a diff between empty file and revision to which it is updated
06:12<Ammler>blathijs: thx, I thought so, that's why removing lang files isn't option
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06:18<Ammler>just realized the already built in bundle creator :-)
06:26<planetmaker>good day
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07:10<Ammler>but UNIX as OS?
07:10<Ammler>isn't that too unspecific?
07:11<Ammler>seems like the compile farm doesn't use that feature.
07:14<Wolf01> bah, we had this for years.. the timber truck wich changed the graphic when loaded or unloaded
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07:58<ecke>Ammler: hi
08:18<ecke>Ammler: which version is TiPP... in your post or in tiberius post
08:19<Ammler>ecke: read the title :)
08:20<Ammler>difference between mine and Tiberius is just that mine also works in europe :-)
08:20<ecke>ok and which version is running on german server?
08:21<ecke>i ll use it
08:22<Ammler>TiberiusTeng: should remove his win build.
08:24<ecke>and if i disable (if is it possible) some parts of patch... will it be more stable?
08:25<ecke>because a really need only sharing of tracks
08:26<Eddi|zuHause3>except IS and YAPP, the other patches look quite minor
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08:57<Ammler>ecke: then use only IS
08:58<Ammler>but I was looking for disabling YAPP too :-)
08:58<ecke>i dont use pbs
08:58<Ammler>ecke: I menat use IS only, instead of the Tib Pack
08:59<ecke>is there any pack?
08:59<stillunknown>one != pack
09:00<Ammler>ecke: believe me, TibPP is stable
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09:00<ecke>ok ok :)
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09:57<ln>hello, cylons
09:57<ben_goodger>hello, ln
09:58<Eddi|zuHause3>there! proof!
09:58<ben_goodger>quiet, eddi
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10:42<yorick>is that the pasky?
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10:46<ahmed>I have a problem
10:46<ahmed>seems to be a bug
10:47<@SmatZ>no, a bug!
10:47<planetmaker>hehe. bugs hide in dark corners
10:47<ahmed>I am on ubuntu linux
10:47<ahmed>the game runs fine .. but once I click on find servers in multiplayer internet
10:47<ahmed>the game quits
10:48<@SmatZ>ahmed: use 0.6.1
10:48<ahmed>so this bug was fixed?
10:48<ahmed>great ;)
10:48<ahmed>will give it a try
10:48<planetmaker>hehe :)
10:49<Alberth>another happy customer ;-)
10:49<Gekz>full of piss and brine!
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11:06<ln>dagens Bjarni
11:12<@Bjarni>no explanation...
11:12<@Bjarni>it's not like I don't know the words.... they are just oddly chosen :/
11:12<@Bjarni>ln: are you drunk?
11:17<ln>not today.
11:18<@Bjarni>but you were yesterday
11:18<@Bjarni>so your current state is known as a hangover
11:20<ln>hangover is for people who don't know when to stop.
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11:40<Eddi|zuHause3>speaking of hangover...
11:40<Eddi|zuHause3>anyone know the etymology of the german word "Kater" [for hangover, not for a male cat]
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11:43<@SmatZ>we use "opice", that is "monkey" in English
11:44<@SmatZ>I wonder why animals are used for translations of hangover...
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12:16<yorick>Eddi|zuHause, we have it in dutch aswell
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12:18<Ammler>we use Aff as well here :-)
12:18<yorick>we don't
12:18<Eddi|zuHause3>Ammler: you are weird ;)
12:21<Ammler>yorick: indeed
12:21<Ammler>we don't either
12:23<Ammler>SmatZ: do you really use "monkey" for hangover, not for the drunky itself?
12:23<CIA-3>OpenTTD: skidd13 * r13516 /trunk/ (7 files in 5 dirs):
12:23<CIA-3>OpenTTD: -Codechange: Move MemCpyT to a fitting core header
12:23<CIA-3>OpenTTD: -Codechange: Split the sorting code from the sortlist to an appropriate header
12:23<@SmatZ>Ammler: yes
12:24<Ammler>as a monkey is a nervous animal as you can be drunky and the kater is lazy animal, as you are with a hangover.
12:25<Ammler>(was that understandable?) :-)
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12:41<CIA-3>OpenTTD: skidd13 * r13517 /trunk/src/core/mem_func.hpp: -Add: remaining used typesafe versions of the mem* functions from <string.h>
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13:35<SpComb>can OpenTTD pull the .grf/.cat data files from a shared location like ~/.openttd/data?
13:44<Mchl>it can
13:44<SpComb>is that the correct path?
13:44<Sacro>SpComb: no
13:45<Sacro>~ should not be shared
13:45<Sacro>use /usr/share(/games)/openttd/data
13:45<Mchl>if you mean shared for all users, then no
13:45<Mchl>if you mean shared for all your build, then yes
13:55<SpComb>what build option determines that path?
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14:14<Mchl>sudo make install
14:14<Mchl>worked for me
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14:38<ln>do we need a new newspaper headline, "30 sheep die in a collision!"?
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14:48<@Bjarni>ln: I would imagine a real life headline like "Ship sunk. 200 sheep drowned"
14:49<@Bjarni>or some other number
14:50<hylje>because we all know sheep can't swim
14:51<@Bjarni>they can't swim away when they are in a cage on a sinking ship
14:51<@Bjarni>Hundini might be the only one who could do such a thing
14:53<hylje>houdini sheep
14:54<ln>a good swimmer would stop the ship from sinking just by swimming inside the cage.
14:55<@Bjarni>you expect sheep to be that good swimmers?
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14:56<ln>not really
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15:02<@Bjarni>now what kind of DNS is that???
15:03<puzi>got abit of a problem
15:03<Sacro>demon is a good ISP
15:03<puzi>no it isn't
15:04<puzi>they're supposed to give us 8mbps but its always like 1mbps
15:04<@Bjarni>Sacro likes it because they only charge your soul. Sacro donated his ages ago
15:04<@Bjarni>which means he can use it for free
15:04<Sacro>puzi: do you mean MB or Mb
15:04<Sacro>cos mb is awfully slow
15:04<puzi>Mega Bytes
15:05<@Bjarni>speed isn't everything
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15:05<@Bjarni>there is also ping times
15:05<Eddi|zuHause3>do you _REALLY_ mean megabyte? because speeds are typically given in megabit
15:06<@Bjarni>I was wondering the same thing
15:06<puzi>i have a problem with my OTTD server, someone keeps on disconnecting with this message:
15:06<puzi>on the console thingy
15:06<hylje>yeh, my 10mbit gievs a bit above 1mbyte of downstream
15:06<@Bjarni>and a 8 mbit connection will give you download speeds of up to 1 mbyte/sec
15:07<@Bjarni>puzi: what message? :)
15:07<puzi>dbg:[net]recv failed with error 10053
15:07<puzi>and i cant find anything on that on the forums or the Wiki
15:08<@Bjarni> <-- google showed me this
15:08<puzi>it has also done it with error 10054
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15:09<@Bjarni>doesn't contain a good solution
15:10<@Bjarni>but the max_join_time is worth a try
15:11<@Bjarni>but it's kind of tricky figure this one out. The error is generated by the OS, not the game
15:11<puzi>is it going to be my OS
15:11<puzi>or my freinds OS
15:12<puzi>because she is the only person on my server experiencing the issue
15:13<CIA-3>OpenTTD: frosch * r13518 /trunk/src/town_cmd.cpp: -Fix [FS#2083]: Properly count number of non-north housetiles.
15:14<Eddi|zuHause3>"Streichholzschächtelchen - This is the ultimate impossible German word to say." :p
15:16<puzi>max_join_time seems to have worked
15:17<SpComb>hmm, is there any point unloading passangers?
15:17<SpComb>i.e. a tram shuttle service that takes passangers from the center of helsinki to a train station on the outer edge
15:17<SpComb>iirc, that didn't work for some reason or another in TTD
15:17<+glx>puzi: is he using wifi?
15:18<puzi>is a she and is no
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15:18-!-M4rk is now known as Mark
15:19<Eddi|zuHause3>SpComb: that works, but only in one direction
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15:19<+glx>10053 is a winsock error with the description "Software caused connection abort."
15:19<puzi>would that be from my end
15:19<puzi>or hers
15:20<puzi>(the software going down the crapper
15:20<SpComb>Eddi|zuHause3: meaning the trams can't pick up passengers at the station?
15:20<SpComb>hmm... is the passenger destinations patch is a useable state?
15:20<Eddi|zuHause3>they would pick up the passengers they just dropped therre
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15:21<+glx>A socket error 10054 may be the result of the remote server or some other piece of network equipment forcibly closing or resetting the connection.
15:21<Eddi|zuHause3>it mostly has multiplayer issues afair
15:21<SpComb>works fine in singleplayer? What kind of multiplayer issues?
15:21<Eddi|zuHause3>the desync kind ;)
15:22<Eddi|zuHause3>i never actually tried it in multiplayer, it was fine in single player, only the patch options it comes with were... underdocumented...
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15:23<puzi>when i tried Passenger destinations
15:23<puzi>all the passengers wanted to go to a Power Station in the middle of nowhere
15:24-!-Osai`off is now known as Osai
15:25<Eddi|zuHause3>the problem i experienced was that passengers take a long time to adjust to a change in transport service (establishing new routes, forgetting removed connections)
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15:46<SpComb>meh, I guess I'm better off just not using paxdest
15:46<SpComb>I guess passenger destinations are a pretty compliated subject
15:46<SpComb>noticed in the wiki that it was planned for 0.6.0 at some point :P
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15:48<@Rubidium>SpComb: that *someone* planned it for 0.6.0, where someone isn't any of the developers (current or retired)
15:48<Eddi|zuHause3>well, basic work has been done, like cargo packets
15:50<SpComb>does cargo packets mean anything more than changeing how a vehicle's cargo is stored?
15:50<Eddi|zuHause3>it means making this extendable
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16:04-!-glx is now known as Guest660
16:04-!-glx|away is now known as glx
16:06<Eddi|zuHause3>imho paxdest can be broken down to these rather independent parts: 1) add storage space for destination of cargo, 2) implement "pathfinder" for cargo, 3) balancing the algorithm to choose cargo destination, 4) display of cargo destinations and routes
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16:09*puzi notes there is a company up for grabs on his OTTD server
16:09*UFO64 frowns at number #3's current implimentation
16:13<@Rubidium>#1 is flawed too
16:17<UFO64>How so?
16:23<planetmaker>A PBS signal marks always a position where you want a train allow to stop
16:23<@Rubidium>UFO64: because it desyncs because said information is not properly stored in the savegame
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16:33<Dr_Link>Since, obviously I cannot find an IRC channel or any other place that will provide me with information quickly about this, is there any way I can get the music from Chris Sawyer's Locomotion in MIDI or MP3 format?
16:34-!-UFO64 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:40<@Bjarni>I have no idea about what to even answer to that one
16:40<@Bjarni>start by looking though your locomotion installation
16:40<@Bjarni>and by just having that one you are in far better position to answer that question than I am :P
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16:46<Eddi|zuHause3>i assume by saying nothing he has got the answer he wanted :p
16:47<@Bjarni>or gave up on getting it
16:47<@Bjarni>either way it solved our problem :D
16:56<Eddi|zuHause3>in germany the rule is: not complaining means everything is alright
16:57<puzi>thats a bugger he's gone
16:57<puzi>i've got all the LoMo music in Mp3
16:58<Prof_Frink>Eddi|zuHause3: See, in England, not complaining means you're English.
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22:48<CIA-3>OpenTTD: belugas * r13519 /trunk/src/newgrf_house.cpp:
22:48<CIA-3>OpenTTD: -Feature[newGRF]: Implement var 63, variational action2 variable for Houses.
22:48<CIA-3>OpenTTD: Or, in more simple terms, the check for the animation frame of nearby house.
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