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04:38<CommanderZ>What time do you people have? I have 10:37 (GMT +1) :)
04:38<@peter1138>Your clock is wrong, then.
04:38<Celestar>1037, and it's GMT+2, CommanderZ
04:38<@peter1138>It is 09:37 in GMT+1.
04:41<Celestar>peter1138: there's apparently only one big bug remaining in cargodest ;D
04:41<CommanderZ>nope 9:40 is in GMT +0 look here
04:41<Celestar>England is NOT GMT
04:41<Celestar>CommanderZ: you read the wrong line.
04:42<Celestar>That's about the most crappy map I've even seen
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04:42<@Rubidium>that map disregards DST
04:43<Celestar>Rubidium: not it doesn't. the yellow labels indicates DST
04:43<Celestar>it's crappy nonetheless :P
04:43<@Rubidium>well, it doesn't make it very clear that 09:42 isn't GMT
04:43*Rubidium prefers to take the time in Iceland as GMT
04:44<Celestar>bah. our 8192CPU monster is down again
04:44<Celestar>crappy crappy crappy SGI system
04:44<Celestar>I've _never_ seen a system with that much downtime
04:45<@Rubidium>something with "the sum total is more than the sum of it's parts"?
04:45<Celestar>but close to 10% downtime is really insane
04:47*Rubidium calls that an achievement
04:47<Celestar>me too
04:47<@Rubidium>though SF is good in it too
04:47<Celestar>er guys, I'm just reading the coding guidelines ...
04:48<Eddi|zuHause>i can't tell what's going through my mind right now :ü
04:48<Celestar> <= there's the example with the loop
04:48<Celestar>what's the POINT of it?
04:49<Eddi|zuHause><Celestar> the routing system doesn't know the concept of "lines" <- i think it needs to
04:49<Eddi|zuHause>i have two lines
04:49<Eddi|zuHause>people going from A to F should stay in the vehicle, not switch at C and E
04:50<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: you can/will be able to change that.
04:50<@peter1138>That loop? None.
04:50<Celestar>peter1138: so why is the example there? :P
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04:50<@peter1138>It's just indicating where to put the iterator declaration.
04:50<extspotter>hey, where can I find the suburban housing V0.11?
04:50<Celestar>* Better: * The used value of foo is calculated outside the loop.
04:51<Celestar>I mean this part.
04:51<extspotter>I want sure whether the suburban renewal on grf was the same thing
04:51<Celestar>it not only has a detriminal effect on readability, it's also factually wrong
04:51<@peter1138>Depends how much you trust your compiler to optimise.
04:51<Celestar>"Better" is not faster than "Unoptimized Code"
04:52<Celestar>peter1138: any decent compiler moves loop invariants. It's the most basic optimization technique there is
04:52<Celestar>gcc (and others) can even move loop-invariant switches out.
04:53<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: try something for me please.
04:53<@peter1138>What about when not optimizing (full debug build)
04:53<@peter1138>Okay, so it doesn't really matter, but it's harder to debug if everything's slower...
04:53<Ammler>heh, our credits page is #1 :-)
04:54<extspotter>so it was the urban renewal set
04:54<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: go to routing.cpp:252 and change the "25" to "0".
04:54<@peter1138>Also, we have ancient gcc for MorphOS, and something crazy for OS2 ;)
04:54<extspotter>I wasnt sure whether it was a separate one
04:54<Celestar>Ammler: so can we declare the cargodest test as a success?
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04:54<Celestar>peter1138: gcc 2.95.3 does move loop invariants
04:54<Ammler>Celestar: from view of MP stability, of course
04:55<@peter1138>if (value_to_check == (foo(baz) * 4) % 5 + 6) DoSomething();
04:55<Celestar>Ammler: I'd say apart from the removed-station-problem
04:55<Eddi|zuHause>hm... i need to update first... you said there were savegame compatibility issues?
04:55<@peter1138>What about that?
04:56<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: with trunk only afaik. And you don't need to update (=
04:57<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: you don't have stopover_penalty yet?
04:57<Eddi|zuHause>well, my line 252 does not have a 25 ;)
04:57<Ammler>Celestar: I miss something to "push" player to use different drops, but that might be v2 :-)
04:57<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: search for "stopover_penalty"
04:57<Celestar>Ammler: ?
04:57<Eddi|zuHause>apparently not
04:57<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: hm .. then you're stuck :P
04:58<@peter1138>where do i read about how to figgure out if a client socket is still connected? 09:55 | petererer (+ei) | 5:##c (+Rcnt) |
04:58<@peter1138>Ages ago ;)
04:58<Ammler>at least, for cargo, we would not need to change our gameplay
04:58<Ammler>you could still unload the whole map on same place...
04:58<@peter1138>Ammler... just TURN OFF destinations...
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04:59<Ammler>peter1138: that's the point, you do not need to turn it off :-)
04:59<Eddi|zuHause>added 55 changesets with 206 changes to 108 files
04:59<Ammler>if you have only one drop for a cargo type, everything will go there...
04:59<@peter1138>It's called a destination.
05:00<Eddi|zuHause>merging src/timetable_cmd.cpp -- warning: conflicts during merge.
05:01<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: you don't have a clean checkout, have you? :P
05:01<Eddi|zuHause>hardly ever ;)
05:02<Celestar>Ammler: you can still unload the whole map on a single place yes.
05:02<Celestar>Ammler: changing that is not for version1
05:02<Celestar>because changing that involves mangling the cargo generation system
05:02<Celestar>and that's something completely different
05:03<Celestar>it will happen at some point, but not now. the cargodest "patch" is already huge enough
05:03<Celestar>much larger than I would like it to be
05:04<Celestar>Rubidium: all private members should be preceded with m_ right?
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05:07<Ammler>yeah, it is cool anyway, and you can safe clicking for transfer orders :-)
05:08<Ammler>so I would use the patch also with only one "destination" :-)
05:08<@peter1138>Remind me what happens if two routes happen to cost nearly the same...
05:08<Celestar>peter1138: everything goes via the cheaper route
05:08<Celestar>route-load-balancing is version two
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05:11<Celestar> <= peter1138, Ammler, Eddi|zuHause
05:13<Celestar>anything else?
05:13<Eddi|zuHause>i'm sure of that ;)
05:17<Ammler>he, my FF crashes if I try to visit leaseweb ("powered by" link)
05:19<Ammler>the homepage works if I viist without affiliate var
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05:19<@Rubidium>Celestar: no, they should be refered to by this->
05:19<Celestar>Rubidium: k
05:20<Celestar>Rubidium: just because the coding guidelines say so (=
05:21<@Rubidium>then someone updated it incorrectly
05:21<@Rubidium>and by the looks of it someone anonymous
05:22<Celestar>so, what do I need to do to issue the "stopall" command?
05:22<@Rubidium>open the console and type it?
05:22<Celestar>command not found
05:23<Celestar>hm .. no, it needs debug
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05:26<Eddi|zuHause>impressive, the savegame actually loaded :p
05:27<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: there won't be any change
05:28<Kloopy>Treeview was a clever idea :)
05:29<Celestar>Kloopy: yes (=
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05:35<Eddi|zuHause>so, what is that stopover_penalty supposed to do? there's a distinct lack of comment what "stopover" means ;)
05:36<planetmaker>Eddi|zuHause: afaik it has a clear meaning "Zwischenhalt" in German
05:37<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: the higher the value, the more cargo tends to use expresses
05:37<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: you could, of course, set it to -10 and see what happens (=
05:38<Celestar>no you can't, it's an uint. change it to an int (=
05:38<Eddi|zuHause>hm, yeah. but the intermediate routes tend to add up to a longer (air-) distance anyway
05:39<Eddi|zuHause>yapf used a penalty of 100 for a base tile, maybe the route "pathfinding" should do the same?
05:41<Celestar>I'm using 1
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05:43<Eddi|zuHause>the problem with my network is, people from A to F should use the "longer" C-D-E route, because they can stay in the vehicle. people from B should of course use the "short" C-E route
05:43<Eddi|zuHause>so basically, once people are in a vehicle, they should get an additional penalty for leaving the vehicle
05:43<@Rubidium>negative penalties in a pathfinder? doesn't that cause loops?
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05:45<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: yes.
05:48<Brianetta>I got my meme wrong )-:
05:53<Celestar>Ammler: I apparently have a fix for the "anywhere" cargo
05:54<Ammler>sounds nice, do you like us to test it?
05:54<Ammler>(I mean, do I need to update the server...) :-)
05:55<Eddi|zuHause>hm... i need a map overlay that shows which houses are not covered by a station yet...
05:55<Celestar>Ammler: not yet, I'm testing it, and I want the "deleted station" problemm fixed as well
05:57<Celestar>hm .. I want a gdb interface for bim (=
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06:04<Celestar>there's summin wrong in the loadmap
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06:19<@peter1138>Good for performance :)
06:20<Celestar>peter1138: only called in ~Station() but anyway
06:20<Celestar>it sucks nonetheless
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06:29<TrueBrain>Hi all :) The wiki goes bye-bye for a few minute up to an hour (Depending on your DNS cache)
06:29<@peter1138>God! Not again! ;p
06:30<Yorick>it's still up
06:30<TrueBrain>I thought, you guys are so used to it :p
06:30<TrueBrain>Yorick: you are applying for most annoying person of the day, you do realise that, right? :)
06:31<Yorick>I just said it was still up...
06:31<Forked>I welcome any downtime that enables a better future
06:32<TrueBrain>Fun fact is: everyone who just looked
06:32<TrueBrain>won't be able to for the next hour :p
06:33*Forked didn't
06:33*Forked wins !
06:33*Celestar didn't look, he edited :P
06:34<TrueBrain>hehe @ Celestar :p
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06:35<dih>TrueBrain: "of the day" that is very gracious ;-)
06:35<TrueBrain>in general I am
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06:40*Celestar wonders whether to commit the graphviz interface to the route network
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06:46<Celestar>hm .. a 200 vehicle game with debug 3 is close to impossible
06:48<Celestar> <= what the hell?
06:48<Celestar>17 different signal states on that one signal?
06:49<Celestar>plus 2 additional ones
06:50<fjb>Yeah, the Eastern German government didn't like religions. So the people needed alternative christmas trees.
06:50*Celestar imagines approaching such a signal at 160km/h and then getting out a 35-page manual what to do with the displayed thingy
06:51<Eddi|zuHause>that's why you can only drive such lines when you have knowledge of them
06:51<Eddi|zuHause>the signals don't change over night :p
06:52<eQualizer>Wiki doesn't work. :(
06:52<Celestar> <= better
06:52<Celestar>Red, Yellow, Green + Speed Limit
06:52<eQualizer>OpenTTD wiki I mean.
06:52<@peter1138>eQualizer. Duh.
06:52<eQualizer>Never mind.
06:53<Celestar>eQualizer: DNS updates ..
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06:54<Eddi|zuHause>Celestar: yeah, but they are basically only replacing the signals when they completely renew the station
06:55<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: not only the station
06:55<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: mostly the whole line
06:55<Celestar>especially when they upgrade to LZB/ETCS
06:55<Celestar>Nuremburg-Erfurt won't get any signals at all apparently
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06:56<Eddi|zuHause>well, they rebuilt the station entrance in Halle from Erfurt (old line)
06:57<Eddi|zuHause>there they placed the new signals
06:57<Eddi|zuHause>but not on the rest of the line, only until the place where they split off the SFS
06:59<planetmaker> <-- there you'll find the true variety of (German) rail signals... :S
06:59<Eddi|zuHause>i've seen lines where they still use H/V (Light-) Signals
07:02<Celestar>peter1138: Rubidium: I require your expertise (=
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07:03<Eddi|zuHause>all the speed limit stuff probably won't matter in OpenTTD context
07:04<planetmaker>Eddi|zuHause: at least as long as there is not track decay :)
07:05<Eddi|zuHause>well, mostly you would need a way to define the branching side of a switch
07:05<Eddi|zuHause>those are usually the ones causing speed limits
07:05<Celestar>that too
07:05<Celestar>something between 40km/h and 220km/h
07:06<Eddi|zuHause>the latter is very rare :p
07:06<Eddi|zuHause>and extremely expensive
07:08<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause:–Halle#Technische_Ausr.C3.BCstung <= there
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07:11<Eddi|zuHause>yeah, they have fast switches in Bitterfeld
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07:13<Eddi|zuHause>that sounds like openttdcoop :p
07:13<Celestar>EIGHT motors for a single switch :o
07:14<Noldo>how important is to to show lot's of cargo icons?
07:14<Eddi|zuHause>maybe the cargo icons should have a logarithmic scale
07:15<ln>that reminds me... has anyone fixed the orders of magnitude in e.g. how much water a water truck or wagon can carry?
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07:16<Eddi|zuHause>ln: what needs "fixing" there?
07:17<ln>Eddi|zuHause: wasn't the capacity of a water wagon something like 2500 litres? which isn't really realistic, is it?
07:18<Eddi|zuHause>no, it was always x*1000 litres
07:19<ln>what's max(x)?
07:19<Eddi|zuHause>at least i think so... i have never played tropic extensively, but why would they use a different factor for water than for oil?
07:19<@peter1138>ln, 65535
07:20<ln>peter1138: so a water wagon can carry 65,535,000 litres of water? cool.
07:20<@peter1138>Eddi|zuHause, it was *100 in TTD.
07:21<@peter1138>But it's been *1000 in OpenTTD since before I started.
07:21<Eddi|zuHause>hm, i don't remember that...
07:21<Eddi|zuHause>has it been different in TTO?
07:22<@peter1138>It's listed under generalfixes for TTDPatch.
07:23<@peter1138>Celestar, maybe we should put the old 4095 limitation back in... ;)
07:23<Celestar>peter1138: possibly
07:23<Celestar>peter1138: I still need your expertise (=
07:23<@peter1138>With what?
07:23<Celestar>peter1138: you got a few minutes?
07:24<Celestar>about this:
07:24<@peter1138>Hmm, yes... LoadUnloadStation :o
07:25<Celestar>peter1138: it's called every tick for every station
07:26<Celestar>the problem is... we're rebuilding the cargo_left map every tick for every station. It's kinda stupid
07:26<Celestar>maybe we should cache this either in the station struct or in the Routing system.
07:27<@peter1138>So store it in the station.
07:27<@peter1138>Assuming it's not big :)
07:28<@peter1138>Or do it another way
07:28<Celestar>it needn't be saved
07:28<@peter1138>It might do if you're caching it, I don't know.
07:29<Eddi|zuHause>so just add it to the station struct without saving?
07:29<Celestar>hm the nexthop can be stored until the routing system is modified.
07:30<Celestar>I just won't manage to do it today
07:31<@peter1138>No rush...
07:37<Celestar>all in all, it's working well :P
07:45<Eddi|zuHause>btw... for different railtypes (with speed limit etc.), there should be a flag to forbid level crossings (for high speed rails)
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07:48<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: yes.
07:48<Celestar>Eddi|zuHause: and for maglevs for example (=
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07:51<TrueBrain>whoho! I can produce MSVC binaries, linux binaries, and source/doc bundles :) How cool is that! :p
07:51<Brianetta>Col enough.
07:51<ln>97.2% cool.
07:51<Brianetta>Cool enough.
07:52<Forked>are you asking a fellow geek or a cheerleader? :p
07:52<Yorick>and mac?
07:52<TrueBrain>fuck mac
07:54<ln>is it a male or female
07:55<Ammler>Yorick: new winbin for cargo dest needed ;-)
07:55<Yorick>Ammler: truebrain can compile, I see
07:55*rortom want a binary :)
07:55<TrueBrain>in fact, I can do a lot of things
07:55<TrueBrain>I can also dance around
07:55<Ammler>nah, that need applying patch and such, dunno, if he can
07:56<Ammler>but I know, you can ;-)
07:56<Yorick>but my linker fails...
07:57<Ammler>TrueBrain: compile farm for hg repos?
07:57<TrueBrain>Ammler: compile farm not for public (yet) :p
07:57<TrueBrain>it is fulltime busy doing test-runs :)
07:57<Ammler>yeah, I knew it :-)
07:57<TrueBrain>but I will add hg support :)
07:59<Ammler>if someone likes to make a winbin:
07:59<TrueBrain>Ammler: you have a hg url for me?
07:59<TrueBrain>then I hav esomething to testrun
07:59<Ammler>TrueBrain: cargo dest from celestart
08:00<TrueBrain>url? :)
08:00<TrueBrain>(yes, I am one lazy person)
08:00<Yorick>it is your own repo...
08:00<Ammler>TrueBrain: which rev will it show?
08:00<TrueBrain>Ammler: what ever I defined it to :p
08:01<Ammler>r14127M would be nice then :-)
08:01<Ammler>or do you add something "-branch"?
08:03<TrueBrain>checkout take sforever .... omg ..
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08:03<Ammler>yeah, downside of HG
08:03-!-Dred_furst [] has joined #openttd
08:04<Ammler>does your farm checkout newly everytime?
08:04<TrueBrain>while, there is no such thing as 'every time' or how ever you want to define it :)
08:04<TrueBrain>let me explain ;)
08:04<TrueBrain>the new compile-farm is 'job' based
08:04<TrueBrain>you create a job, in this case, the url above
08:05<TrueBrain>then you can create procs inside a job, which define the targets you want
08:05<Ammler>well, I thought about a requlary thing like noAI
08:05<TrueBrain>so upon job creation, what ever you defined as source, is used
08:05*orudge gives the compile farm the job of working out this week's lottery numbers
08:05<TrueBrain>will create a new job every night Ammler
08:05<TrueBrain>and therefor always the latest :p
08:07<planetmaker>TrueBrain: so you can supply us with cargodest nightlies? Or am I completely off the track?
08:07<TrueBrain>planetmaker: in theory, the system can handle that
08:07<planetmaker>ok, are you willing to do in reality? :)
08:07<TrueBrain>I only create services
08:08-!-Mortal [] has joined #openttd
08:08<Celestar>ok ok
08:08*Celestar goes fixing the last performance issue in cargodest :P
08:09<TrueBrain>added 19676 changesets with 43746 changes to 1572 files <- LOL!
08:09<@peter1138>TrueBrain, how do we get stuff onto developers/
08:09<TrueBrain>that explains why cargodest is so slow :p
08:09<TrueBrain>peter1138: via ssh
08:09<TrueBrain>peter1138: and then you have to be a bit more specific on what you want :)
08:09<@peter1138>But I see the directories are empty, it's all in .hg.
08:09<TrueBrain>as your question is a bit too general ;)
08:10<Celestar>TrueBrain: it's not slow
08:10<TrueBrain>Celestar: the hg checkout, is
08:11<Celestar>TrueBrain: oh that ... yes (=
08:11<TrueBrain>peter1138: what directories? Sorry, I try to understand you ...
08:11<@peter1138>TrueBrain, my hg repos have everything alongside the .hg directory, not hidden underneath it, so I'm wondering what's different.
08:11-!-lobster [~michielbi@] has joined #openttd
08:12<TrueBrain>sorry, I really fail ... I feel stupid :(
08:12<TrueBrain>what hg repos, alongside how, hidden underneath what?
08:12<TrueBrain>different with who?
08:13<@peter1138>You have noai.hg/.hg
08:13-!-Roujin [] has joined #openttd
08:13<@peter1138>I have noai.hg/.hg along with noai.hg/Makefile, noai.hg/etcetc
08:14<TrueBrain>ah, yes
08:14<TrueBrain>on the server only the .hg is published
08:14<TrueBrain>(there is no checkout)
08:14<rortom>D: RoR webserver down D:
08:14<@peter1138>But how is that done?
08:14<TrueBrain>peter1138: hg push does that
08:14<TrueBrain>hi Roujin
08:14<TrueBrain>peter1138: when you push something, only the changesets are pushed
08:14<@peter1138>You can push to some random path?
08:14<TrueBrain>peter1138: in general, yes
08:15<@peter1138>Thought it had to be an existing checkout, heh...
08:15<TrueBrain>normally only you want a checkout to work in :p
08:15<TrueBrain>hg (as git) as decentral
08:15<TrueBrain>so your checkout is as good as a servers one
08:15<guru3>i don't like git :<
08:15<TrueBrain>(just you have a working-checkout)
08:15<@peter1138>Yeah... I just didn't know how to acheive a repo without the checkout...
08:16<@peter1138>guru3, tough, we're forcing you to use it now.
08:16<TrueBrain>peter1138: 'hg push' ;)
08:16<guru3>openttd is moving to git?
08:16<FauxFaux>Oh, please no.
08:16<Yorick>I think it is moving to hg
08:16<TrueBrain>we already did, you didn't get the memo?
08:17<guru3>no :<
08:17<rortom>oh noes
08:17<rortom>not git D:
08:17<guru3>i can barely handle bzr
08:17<guru3>i don't need to learn a 4th revision system
08:17<TrueBrain>Ammler: let me try to get the binary from the compile-farm .. (it is in a private VLAN :p)
08:18<TrueBrain>hmm .. it never produced a binary ..
08:18<TrueBrain>now that is odd :p
08:18<Yorick>is it done yet?
08:18<Celestar>peter1138: any bright ideas on how to handle conditional orders?
08:18<TrueBrain>BSCMAKE: error BK1506 : cannot open file '..\objs\Win32\Release\routing.sbr': No such file or directory
08:19*TrueBrain slaps Ammler
08:19<TrueBrain>never give me again a hg which doesn't compile
08:19<Amixbook>how about that train?
08:19<TrueBrain>c:\openttd\compile\src\routing_classes.h(32) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/graph/adjacency_list.hpp': No such file or directory
08:19<Amixbook>only prototype
08:19<Yorick>TrueBrain: you need boost
08:19<Amixbook>but a working one
08:20<@peter1138>Amixbook... what about it?
08:21<Amixbook>peter1138: it looks cool
08:22-!-Kommer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:23<TrueBrain>why is boost used? (for what subobject)?
08:23<Eddi|zuHause>for the route network graph
08:24<Yorick>TrueBrain: they seem to input the orders into a graph and then pathfind over it
08:24<TrueBrain>well, I ment the other sense of 'why' ;)
08:24<Yorick>because they're lazy
08:25<Ammler>it is worth of it :-)
08:25<@peter1138>Heh, POWERED BY LEASEWEB on everything now :p
08:26<@peter1138>At least the DNS changed quickly :)
08:26<Yorick>heh, it is adblocked everywhere now :-)
08:26<Roujin>well, peter is right here to answer your question TrueBrain :P
08:26<TrueBrain>Ammler: well, I hope there are intentions to remove it later on, as I doubt gcc 2.95 (or more specific: morphos) like it currently :p
08:26<Celestar>peter1138: this will be a bit more difficult then I expected it to be
08:26<Yorick>hmm, so that's what self_sent is used for... for private and team chats, it does not contain the sender, but the reciever
08:27<TrueBrain>peter1138: is under 1 hour TTL currently ;) So it should be quick :p
08:27<Celestar>TrueBrain: if you come up with the better solution than boost, I'm all ears
08:27<TrueBrain>Celestar: write your own? :)
08:27<Celestar>TrueBrain: why?
08:27<Celestar>TrueBrain: what do I gain?
08:27<TrueBrain>Celestar: it depends on what you use of it exactly
08:27<TrueBrain>Celestar: that we can maintain the OSes we currently support? ;)
08:27<Celestar>I could also write my own std::vector, std::list, std::map ...
08:27<Celestar>but I don't consider it prudent to do so
08:27<TrueBrain>okay, this is a conversation I am not having
08:28<TrueBrain>when people start to say stuff like that ..
08:28<@peter1138>NIH :o
08:28<Amixbook>so... when is the underground system beeing released?
08:28<Ammler>Yorick: don't visit pages, which has ads you don't like. They have their reasons to show adds...
08:28<Amixbook>or is it with the nightly builds already?
08:28<Ammler>that isn't fair.
08:28<Yorick>Ammler: I have the right to view whatever elements of a web page I want...
08:28<Celestar>TrueBrain: it's a header-only library
08:29<Amixbook>must be a button changing from upper and underground view then i suppose
08:29<TrueBrain>Celestar: comparing STL to Boost is silly in so many ways
08:29<Yorick>all ad-users seem to react like that
08:29<Celestar>is it?
08:29<Ammler>didn't say you aren't allowed, just it IS NOT FAIR.
08:29-!-glx [] has joined #openttd
08:29-!-mode/#openttd [+v glx] by ChanServ
08:29<TrueBrain>STL comes with the compiler
08:29<TrueBrain>boost doesn't
08:32<Celestar>well, then write an own graph library/system (=
08:32<@peter1138>First find out if it is actually a problem :p
08:32<TrueBrain>I am just telling you we won't be able to maintain the current targets if it would be applied to trunk
08:32<TrueBrain>peter1138: last year boost failed completely on morphos, I know first-hand :p
08:32-!-eQualizer [~lauri@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:33<@peter1138>Anyway, who cares about MorphOS? :p
08:33<TrueBrain>but yeah, who knows, maybe they fixed it ;)
08:33<Roujin>Amixbook: there is no ongoing development on that, it would require too much changes.
08:33<Celestar>heya Roujin
08:33<TrueBrain>hehe :) peter1138: I am glad you think that way .. means I don't have to do OSX binaries ;)
08:33<Roujin>where'd you get that idea anyway?
08:33<TrueBrain>(I mean, who cares about OSX :p Hehehe :))
08:33<Roujin>hey Celestar :)
08:33<Celestar>it works nicely on OSX
08:34<TrueBrain>I was not talking about cargodest
08:34<planetmaker>holds true for OpenTTD in general
08:35<Amixbook>Roujin: me?
08:35<Amixbook>i saw it on tt forums
08:35<Celestar>hm .. st->cargo_left[x] would need to be modified each time st->goods[x].cargo is modified :S
08:35-!-Celestar [~Jadzia_Da@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
08:35-!-Celestar_ [] has joined #openttd
08:36-!-Celestar_ is now known as Celestar
08:37<Celestar>you know that gcc 4 is available for Morphos, right?
08:38<Roujin>Amixbook: In the OpenTTD section? well maybe as a suggestion, or in an old thread..
08:38<TrueBrain>Celestar: it is not, so we are told
08:38<Celestar> <= what'S this then?
08:38<Roujin>Amixbook: there are other interesting things in development atm though ;)
08:38<TrueBrain>Celestar: talk to tokai|ni
08:39<@peter1138>Don't talk to tokai, because he's still angsty that we switched to C++...
08:39<Amixbook>Roujin: hehe.. yea.. but i saw it. someone here mentioned it
08:39<TrueBrain>peter1138: hehe :) I am too, doesn't mean we don't help out :)
08:39<Amixbook>i just clicked on it
08:39<Amixbook>and forgot
08:39<Yorick>I have not ever seen him talking
08:39<Celestar>Roujin: what interesting things are in development?? :P
08:40<Roujin>well Celestar, there is this interesting thing named "CargoDest".. ;)
08:40<Celestar>heh :P
08:40<Celestar> Roujin it still has this fuqqing performance problem
08:41<Celestar>at least for openttdcoop-style stations :P
08:41<Ammler>btw, who doesn't think OpenTTD should not support war ingame?
08:41<Roujin>is it that bad? i didn't encounter it yet..
08:41<Celestar>Ammler: double negation
08:41<Ammler>guys killed around 1M at last coop game
08:41<@peter1138>Celestar, did you notice that the cargo_left is populated all the time.
08:42<Amixbook>Ammler: openttd is transport focused
08:42<@peter1138>Even when there are no trains waiting to load.
08:42<@peter1138>Fixing that may help significantly.
08:42<Celestar>peter1138: there is a "return" in the first line,
08:42<Amixbook>you want war?
08:42<TrueBrain>Ammler: I can't help you at this current moment, I fail to see how to install boost for MSVC, and I don't have the time to figure out :p
08:42<Amixbook>play Age Of Empires
08:42<Celestar>peter1138: I've tried this already :(
08:42<TrueBrain>(stupid page boost has ... 'download' is found under 'introduction' :s)
08:42<Ammler>TrueBrain: thank you anyway.. :-)
08:42<Brianetta>Stupid town
08:42<@peter1138>Oh... well I was looking at trunk ;p
08:42<Yorick>TrueBrain: just extract the graphs into chechout/src/boost
08:42<Celestar>peter1138: heh (=
08:42<Brianetta>I demolish a row of houses for a new platform, and it *immediately* throws down a war memorial
08:42<Amixbook>the most annoying thing in openttd or ttd
08:43<Amixbook>is the towns
08:43<TrueBrain>Yorick: that almost made sense .. just I hav eno idea what you are talking about
08:43<Amixbook>they should thank you if you build roads for them
08:43<Amixbook>not just by planting lots of trees
08:44<Yorick>TrueBrain: boost graph is a header-only library, you can just extract into checkoutdir/src/boost/
08:44<Amixbook>it messes the area pretty much up i think
08:44<TrueBrain>Yorick: and that is exactly what is not possible with the compile-farm .. manual intervention :) (the root of all evil)
08:44<Yorick>it is exactly what is needed until boost is going into 3rdparty
08:45<TrueBrain>then I can't help at all :)
08:45<Roujin>Celestar, peter1138: station window needs setting dirty on view change through CTRL-click.
08:45<Celestar>yeah possibly
08:45<Yorick>or you should be able to install it, into the include dir
08:46<Roujin>or, rather to say, needs enabling/disabling of the sort buttons _before_ dirty
08:47<Celestar>peter1138'll fix that. I'm off for the rest of the day :P
08:48<TrueBrain>Celestar: I will give the boost-graph part a spin on morphos today
08:48<TrueBrain>see if that part does work
08:48<TrueBrain>I hope so for you guys :)
08:48<Celestar>use gcc 4
08:49<TrueBrain>Celestar: it would be rather argogant as the person who knows most about MorphOS tells we shouldn't ;)
08:49<Celestar>it'S worth a try (=
08:51-!-Tekky [] has joined #openttd
08:51<TrueBrain>well, see PM for more blabla about MorphOS
08:51<planetmaker>I'm not readable ;P
08:51-!-Kommer [] has joined #openttd
08:52<Celestar>yeah reading it
08:52*dih reads planetmaker
08:52<Celestar>but i'm currently busy @ work
08:52<TrueBrain>I understand Celestar :)
08:53<Celestar>it happens once in a while
08:54<Tekky>May I post notifications about new bug reports in #openttd.notice since FlySpray no longer posts them there automatically? Or would I get kicked immediately for talking inside the channel?
08:55<TrueBrain>try talking in that channel :p
08:55<Tekky>you just want me to get kicked :)
08:55<TrueBrain>channel should be moderated
08:56<Roujin>you just aren't able to write anything
08:56<Tekky>ah, it does not even permit me to write anything?
08:56<Tekky>ok, I'll try....
08:56<Tekky>yep, doesn't work....
08:57<Progman>Celestar: what about the forum post? *g*
08:59<+glx>TrueBrain: maybe you could use a "fake" user always notified by mail about changes in FS
08:59<TrueBrain>glx: how do you mean?
08:59<Amixbook>Kommer: why that nick?
09:00<Amixbook>its coming in norwegian
09:02<+glx>TrueBrain: users can be added to notification list for FS tasks, and they get a mail when the task changes
09:02-!-eQualizer [] has joined #openttd
09:02<Celestar>Progman: i'l do it once the caching system is in place and tested (=
09:03<+glx>so DorpsGek could be added to the lists and get a mail, and then report in .notice
09:03<TrueBrain>glx: it doesn't have a mail gateway (yet)
09:03<dih>emphasis on (yet)
09:04<TrueBrain>anyway, glx, the problem is not really the communication, more the parse from multiline to a single line
09:04<TrueBrain>(the emails are a bit .. well .. weird? :P0
09:05<planetmaker>Amixbook: it's an actual name, you know...
09:05<+glx>indeed they are often not very clear (mainly the PM requests, you never know what is requested until you check the task)
09:05-!-KillaloT [] has joined #openttd
09:06<TrueBrain>glx: so on the old server, we made a (big) script which made it .. more readable
09:06<TrueBrain>but of course it fails in newer version
09:07<TrueBrain>to avoid that, we kind of need a more elegant solution I guess
09:07<TrueBrain>but it just isn't high on the prio list :)
09:07<TrueBrain>glx: that we did last time
09:07<+glx>but they removed it
09:07<TrueBrain>well, it was never really there
09:07<TrueBrain>but now it really isn't :p
09:09<TrueBrain>glx: what does MSVC need for mercurial and git version detection?
09:09<+glx>it's already in the .vbs
09:10<Yorick>determineversion.vbs should be able to do that
09:10<TrueBrain>doesn't it need an executable?
09:10<Yorick>it needs hg or git.exe yes
09:11<Yorick>just installed somewhere in %PATH%
09:12<TrueBrain>it takes 30 seconds for morphos to compile newgrf.cpp :o :o
09:13<Celestar>TrueBrain: heh
09:13<Celestar>you have a Morphos installation?
09:13<@peter1138>Yeah, rip it out
09:13<@peter1138>That NewGRF stuff is rubbish...
09:13<TrueBrain>Celestar: of course, how else you think we produce the binaries every night? :p
09:13<Celestar>TrueBrain: cross-compiling?
09:14<TrueBrain>Celestar: yes
09:14<TrueBrain>going to make a native system later this week I hope :)
09:14<@orudge>Is it not a lot more efficient just to crosscompile where it is possible though?
09:15<@orudge>ie, where the crosscompiler isn't broken or whatever
09:15<TrueBrain>orudge: crosscompiling has its downsides
09:15<TrueBrain>most of all: updates are impossible without contacting someone who has a native install
09:17-!-eQualizer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:17-!-rortom [] has quit []
09:18<@peter1138>So can you virtualise OS X?
09:18<TrueBrain>peter1138: currently all attempts failed
09:18<TrueBrain>not that suprising
09:18<@peter1138>Not surprising :)
09:18<@peter1138>Good ol' Apple.
09:18<TrueBrain>and both Apple and Microsoft don't reply to our emails :(
09:19<ln>what have we asked them?
09:19<TrueBrain>you nothing I hope
09:19<@orudge>and I trust the Windows install we have is all genuine and legal? ;)
09:20-!-Tekky [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:20<TrueBrain>for non-commercial goals, yes
09:20<@orudge>or similar
09:21<TrueBrain>so we requested Microsoft for more information about their license, and if we are allowed to use it for OpenTTD .. but of course one big silence is what follows
09:22-!-gord [] has joined #openttd
09:22*peter1138 wonders if the compiler and linker part of it work under wine... ;p
09:22<TrueBrain>hehe :)
09:22<TrueBrain>I believe it requires .NET 2.0
09:22<TrueBrain>(MSVC 9.0 that is)
09:22<@peter1138>Mono ;)
09:23<TrueBrain>I believe it failed :)
09:23<TrueBrain>check winehq :)
09:23<TrueBrain>dih suggest we have a fundraiser to get 3500 euro for a OSX Server :p
09:24<@peter1138>Just get bjarni to compile them..
09:24<Yorick>hmm, my openttd chatwindow has some glitches
09:24<dih>then install vmware and you can install windows in there :-P
09:24<TrueBrain>peter1138: and you hope to get a binary, what, ever month? :)
09:24<Yorick>every 2 years
09:24<dih>TrueBrain: hehe
09:24<TrueBrain>well, just checking :)
09:25<Ammler>#openttdcoop has 3 active members with OSX, maybe someone of them likes to help.... :-)
09:25<TrueBrain>it will be fine :)
09:25<@peter1138>We'll just drop OS X support. Much easier.
09:25<TrueBrain>I vote yes
09:26<ln>I was about to suggest the same.
09:26<@peter1138>And SunOS!
09:26<TrueBrain>SunOS is nice
09:26<dih>you do not need to build os x bins to have support for it :-P
09:27<dih>unfor i only have a ppc 12" G4
09:27<TrueBrain>we can colocate that too! :p
09:27<dih>but if there was some intel something you could get from ebay?
09:27<dih>TrueBrain: you cannot build universal builds with that
09:27<ln>dih: what's wrong with G4?
09:27<TrueBrain>that we like G7 more
09:27-!-gord [] has quit [Quit: Bye for now!]
09:27<TrueBrain>stupid typo
09:28<dih>i was wondering :-P
09:28<ln>dih: huh? you can build universal builds on PPC.
09:28<dih>you can?
09:28<dih>uh - happy days
09:28<TrueBrain>works on all PPCs!
09:28<dih>you need 10.5 or is 10.4 enough for that?
09:29<ln>10.4 is enough, with recent-enough dev tools.
09:29<TrueBrain>free update for every 10.4 owner
09:29-!-eQualizer [] has joined #openttd
09:29<dih>YOU AINT HAVING MINE....
09:29<dih>but you could get ya hands on any other machine ;-)
09:29<TrueBrain>I have my hands on one now
09:29<ln>dih: in our reality, there's no such thing as 10.4u
09:29<TrueBrain>then what?
09:30<TrueBrain>ln: check the name of your SDK, you will see that it is called 10.4u
09:30<ln>TrueBrain: i know. were we talking about the SDK name then?
09:30<TrueBrain>why do I bother ..
09:31<TrueBrain>[15:30] [Ignore] Added ln!* to your ignore list.
09:31<TrueBrain>much better
09:31<Yorick>wasn't he banned?
09:31<TrueBrain>Yorick: somehow I thought it would be nice to unban him .. but I think that was a bad mistake .. oh well
09:31<ln>Yorick: i was wondering the same.
09:32<ln>i can leave.
09:32-!-ln [] has left #openttd []
09:33<TrueBrain>Yorick: what made you use a captical Y? I liked the lowercase more :p
09:34-!-Yorick is now known as questionmark
09:34-!-questionmark is now known as yorick
09:35-!-ln [] has joined #openttd
09:35<dih>much better
09:35<yorick>dih: I can't be on openttd.notice and change my name to something random without using nickserv ;)
09:35<ln>yorick: have i insulted you?
09:35<ln>TrueBrain: have i insulted you?
09:36<dih>15:35 < ln> TrueBrain: have i insulted you?
09:36<yorick>ln: you only irritated truebrain
09:36<TrueBrain>yorick: +m channels tend to do that
09:36<ln>yorick: on purpose?
09:37<yorick>ln: that doesn't matter
09:37<yorick>TrueBrain: I know :)
09:37<yorick>doesn't mean it isn't posible
09:37-!-ben_goodger [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:40-!-eQualizer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:40<ln>so, well, i'd better leave the channel at least until TrueBrain is gone then, because i seem to irritate and insult him just by being here.
09:40<ln>-> #openttd.noTB
09:40-!-ln [] has left #openttd []
09:41-!-rortom [] has joined #openttd
09:42<@peter1138>-- 138642 Kbytes in 15326 Requests.
09:43<@peter1138>That's a bit much :o
09:43<TrueBrain>depends on for what ;)
09:46<TrueBrain>You got to love compilers: /opt/gg/lib/gcc-lib/ppc-morphos/2.95.3/../../../../ppc-morphos/include/boost/iterator/iterator_facade.hpp:535: confused by earlier errors, bailing out
09:47<TrueBrain>/opt/gg/lib/gcc-lib/ppc-morphos/2.95.3/../../../../ppc-morphos/include/boost/iterator/iterator_adaptor.hpp:218: template instanti
09:47<TrueBrain>ation depth exceeds maximum of 17
09:48<TrueBrain>I tihnk it is safe to say gcc 2.95.3 can't handle Boost :)
09:48<TrueBrain>(17 deep?! REALLY?! :p)
09:48-!-eQualizer [] has joined #openttd
09:49<TrueBrain>on the other hand ...
09:50<TrueBrain>haha :) Insane .. but it is avoidable :p
09:51<TrueBrain>Celestar: it compiled :o :o :o
09:51<yorick>on morphos?
09:52<TrueBrain>Celestar: config.lib:1094
09:52<TrueBrain>- CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -Wno-strict-prototypes"
09:52<TrueBrain>+ CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -Wno-strict-prototypes -ftemplate-depth-99"
09:52<Celestar>it did ?!
09:52<Amixbook>TrueBrain: youve got a morphos machine?
09:52*Celestar rocks (=
09:53<TrueBrain>Celestar: I am truly and completely suprised, but it managed ... :)
09:54<Celestar>does it RUN?
09:54<TrueBrain>that I can't test
09:54<TrueBrain>cross-compile ;)
09:55<TrueBrain>but 'file' shows everything okay
09:55<TrueBrain>just that one patch is required
09:55<TrueBrain>(Well, 99 might be a bit too much, but 17+ it needs ...)
09:58<TrueBrain>[14:44] <Yorick> TrueBrain: boost graph is a header-only library, you can just extract into checkoutdir/src/boost/ <- odesn't work, as it uses include <> (always looks in system include dir, never local)
09:58<TrueBrain>and we do not add -L. :p
09:58<yorick>add -L
09:58<TrueBrain>I refuse!
10:01<Celestar>TrueBrain: we plan to change that and may svn:externalize it
10:01<yorick>doesn't <> just change the search path order?
10:01<TrueBrain>Celestar: that would be a very good idea :)
10:02<Celestar>TrueBrain: I've just not yet found *the* revision
10:03<TrueBrain>are they so different, or?
10:03<Celestar>and I dunno how to use svn:externals in a hg repo :P
10:03<TrueBrain>you can't :(
10:04-!-Dred_furst [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:06<Celestar>TrueBrain: yes. hence I'm waiting with that for a commit (=
10:06<TrueBrain>ah ;)
10:07<TrueBrain>I unpacked boost in a dir I hope is shared under MSVC .. testing now ...
10:10-!-|Jeroen| [] has joined #openttd
10:11<Celestar>you should playtest it (=
10:11<TrueBrain>haven't played OpenTTD in ages
10:11<TrueBrain>MSVC seems to compile
10:14-!-Amixbook [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
10:15<TrueBrain>[BUNDLE] Creating
10:18-!-rortom [] has quit []
10:19-!-Zahl_ [] has joined #openttd
10:20<TrueBrain>mind testing?
10:22-!-yorick [] has quit [Quit: Oeh, ik schrok...Poef!]
10:23<Eddi|zuHause>gnah, i'm getting stale YAPP reservations...
10:24<Roujin>Eddi|zuHause: with adjacent stations?
10:24<Eddi|zuHause>does that have an influence?
10:25<Roujin>well I got stale reservations using adjacent stations
10:26<Eddi|zuHause>well, yes, all stale reservations i noticed were in adjacent stations
10:26<TrueBrain>Celestar: win9x on the other hand does fail: c:/OpenTTD/compile/src/routing.cpp:855: error: template argument 2 is invalid
10:26-!-Zahl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:26-!-Zahl_ is now known as Zahl
10:26<Roujin>must be a bug in how YAPP handles stations..
10:27<Roujin>you should report it..
10:27<Roujin>I forgot to..
10:27<Roujin>you only just now reminded me of it
10:28<Roujin>but i've no save of it with a clean build.. so you go report it :P
10:29<Eddi|zuHause>i can't reproduce it properly
10:29-!-mikl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:29-!-Sacro [Ben@adsl-87-102-119-5.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
10:31<Celestar>we support win9x?
10:32<TrueBrain>Celestar: yes
10:32<TrueBrain>win9x, win32, win64
10:32<Celestar>gimme the line ..
10:32<TrueBrain>I just did :p
10:32<TrueBrain>855, routing.cpp
10:33<Celestar>I mean PASTE the line
10:33<TrueBrain>I don't have the source here! Lol :)
10:36<TrueBrain> std::vector<VertexDescriptor> p(num_vertices(RouteNetwork));
10:36<TrueBrain>you made me download it! :p
10:37<TrueBrain>easier :p
10:37<Celestar>template argument _TWO_ ?
10:37<TrueBrain>I am not making it up here
10:37<TrueBrain>it is what mingw returned! :)
10:42<Celestar>stupid compiler
10:42<Celestar>next line is:
10:42<Celestar>er ..
10:42<Celestar>a Vertex descriptor is an short unsigned int :S
10:44<Celestar>void Routing_t::ComputeRoutes(StationID from, std::vector<VertexDescriptor>& p, std::vector<int>& d) const
10:44<Celestar>this works?!
10:45-!-thvdburgt [] has joined #openttd
10:45<TrueBrain>I can't help you testing. Maybe glx can, if he can reproduce the problem :)
10:46<+glx>I'm busy on determineversion.vbs right now ;)
10:47<+glx> <-- release build log (some uninitialised warnings are know to be false alarm)
10:48-!-grumbel [] has joined #openttd
10:48<Celestar>glx: on win or on dos?
10:49<Celestar>Win9x == dos
10:50<+glx>win9x = win32 without unicode
10:50<TrueBrain>Celestar: not relaly, but .. :p
10:50<Celestar>glx: it IS
10:50<Celestar>it's a DE for DOS
10:51<TrueBrain>Celestar: DOS doesn't have multithreading ;) (well, TSR, but that doens't count :p)
10:51<Celestar>TrueBrain: neither has Win9x (= at least not really
10:52<TrueBrain>it simulates it :)
10:52<TrueBrain>close enough anyway ;)
10:54<+glx> <-- same as win32.log (ie compiled)
10:54<TrueBrain>glx: under mingw?
10:54<TrueBrain>then why does it fail in the VM here? :p
10:54<+glx>gcc 3.4.5
10:54<TrueBrain>Rubidium: what GCC does the VM have?
10:55-!-Reemo [] has joined #openttd
10:57-!-Roujin [] has quit [Quit: I love my HydraIRC -> <-]
10:57<TrueBrain>make[1]: stat:texteff.o: Bad file number <- glx?
10:57<+glx>nothing important
10:57<+glx>windows ;)
10:57<@Rubidium>mingw has 3.4.5
10:58<+glx>sometimes I get sh crashes in configure too
10:58<TrueBrain>then how come glx can compile something that fails when the VM does it ...
10:58<+glx>release or debug?
10:58<+glx>sme for me so
10:58<TrueBrain>maybe piping the error-log goes wrong, and the includes aren't find or soemthing
10:59<+glx>> file 2>&1
10:59<TrueBrain>we pipe them to two files, which makes it a tiny bit hard to read sometimes
10:59<TrueBrain>or I am just being stupid
10:59<TrueBrain>sorry Celestar, sorry glx
10:59<TrueBrain>I used 'tail' ... but there were more than 10 lines :p
11:00*Celestar giggles
11:00<TrueBrain>that really is a newbie mistake :p
11:00<TrueBrain>it indeed can't find the boost libraries :p
11:01<eQualizer>Is there some nice all-in-one newgrf pack where would be a lot more every kind of vehicles for every climate?
11:02<Celestar>ok I'm outta here
11:02<TrueBrain>bye Celestar
11:02<Celestar>cu tomorrow
11:02-!-Celestar [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:04-!-Kommer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:04-!-nfc_ [] has quit [Quit: boot]
11:15<CIA-5>OpenTTD: glx * r14128 /trunk/projects/determineversion.vbs: -Fix: first run of determineversion.vbs in a fresh clean hg checkout always detected the sources as modified
11:20<Progman>eQualizer: the #openttdcoop newgrf pack
11:23<@peter1138>10.9M pdb :o
11:25-!-Yorick [] has joined #openttd
11:25<@peter1138>Stupid server
11:26<@peter1138>It's now down to 4000 but they don't want to budge :o
11:26-!-Yorick is now known as questionmark
11:26-!-questionmark is now known as yorick
11:27<TrueBrain>peter1138: pdb are always VERY big :p
11:27-!-Kommer [] has joined #openttd
11:27<+glx>depends on what is in them
11:28<TrueBrain>dah .. :p
11:29<TrueBrain>echo "" > test.pdb
11:29-!-lobster_MB [~michielbr@] has joined #openttd
11:29<TrueBrain>echo -e "" > test.pdb
11:29<TrueBrain>even smaller :p
11:30<+glx>openttd pdb are around 8MB
11:31<Eddi|zuHause>i tried 'echo "blah">file' in windows yesterday, and instead of a file with 'blah' i ended up with a file with '"blah"'
11:32<+glx>not surprising ;)
11:34<fjb>Indeed not...
11:35<Eddi|zuHause>yeah, probably for someone who uses the windows console extensively, but it totally caught me off guard :p
11:39-!-shodan [] has quit [Quit: Client Exiting]
11:47-!-frosch123 [] has joined #openttd
11:49-!-Rexxars [~rexxars@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:53-!-Brianetta [] has quit [Quit: Tschüß]
12:00-!-nfc [] has joined #openttd
12:03-!-fjb [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:06-!-fmauNeko is now known as fmauNekAway
12:06-!-Rexxars [~rexxars@] has joined #openttd
12:15-!-Dred_furst [] has joined #openttd
12:15-!-Dred_furst [] has quit []
12:15-!-Dred_furst [] has joined #openttd
12:17-!-Mortal [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:39-!-Mortal [] has joined #openttd
12:51-!-Brianetta [] has joined #openttd
12:51-!-LilDood [] has joined #openttd
12:53-!-Kommer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:08-!-Wolf01 [] has joined #openttd
13:10-!-Kommer [] has joined #openttd
13:13<@peter1138>remote: abort: There is no Mercurial repository here (.hg not found)!
13:18<@peter1138>What... an extra slash is needed... How... non-standard. Stupid hg.
13:31-!-Harteex [] has joined #openttd
13:32<Harteex>hello, does anyone know what to do if you stop getting new things (airports, trains etc)?
13:32<Harteex>I've gotten to the year 2000 without getting monorail or the biggest airport...
13:32<Harteex>using 0.6.2
13:32<yorick>wait some 50 years
13:33<Harteex>50 years? that'd take a while....
13:34<Harteex>oh and if I save and load, I can build monorail, but I don't have any monorail train to build
13:34<yorick>use fast forward or the date cheat
13:34<yorick>monorail could simply just not be available in 2000 yet
13:34<Harteex>it says you'll get it 1999 in the wiki
13:35<@peter1138>The date is randomized.
13:35<Harteex>ah ok
13:35-!-Brainstorm is now known as Guest3049
13:35-!-Brainstorm|afk [] has joined #openttd
13:35-!-Brainstorm|afk is now known as Brainstorm
13:36<Harteex>but the airport, is this random too or is it a known bug?
13:37<@Rubidium>the biggest airport comes in 2002
13:38<Harteex>I was sure it was 2000, ohwell
13:38<Harteex>thanks! :)
13:39-!-Guest3049 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:39-!-|Jeroen| [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:53-!-mmagg [] has joined #openttd
13:54-!-Tekky [] has joined #openttd
13:55<Tekky>What should I do when I find a translation error in OpenTTD? Are they to be reported to Flyspray just like any other bug? I see no category for translation errors.
13:56<TinoDidriksen>You could register as a translator and fix it? I believe there's an interface for that somewhere...
13:57<Tekky>It's just a minor bug I found: In the U.S. english version of OpenTTD, coal is measured in "tonnes", although it should be "tons".
13:59-!-stillunk1own [] has joined #openttd
13:59-!-stillunknown [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:59<TinoDidriksen>Depends...if the load is a metric ton, then tonne is correct.
13:59<@peter1138>Heh, r5035
13:59<@peter1138>TinoDidriksen, not in American.
14:00<@peter1138>american - 44 fixed, 167 changed by WhiteRabbit (211)
14:00<Tekky>TinoDidirksen: In the United States, it is written as "tons".
14:01<TinoDidriksen> American, a metric ton of 1000kg is a "tonne", while a US ton of 900kg or 1008kg is a "ton".
14:01<Harteex>I have found a few errors in the swedish translation, it seems like you're supposed to ask for a translator account. Can anyone here fix an account for me?
14:03<Prof_Frink>TinoDidriksen: In which case, it should really be done in units (metric/imperial/SI) rather than language.
14:04<Tekky>As far as I can tell from wikipedia, in the US, there is a "metric ton", a "short ton" and a "long ton".
14:05<@Rubidium>"the metric ton, or tonne, ..." []
14:05*Prof_Frink edits
14:06<@Rubidium>Prof_Frink: no need to edit
14:07<Prof_Frink>"the metric tonne, or qweoiru, ..."
14:08<mmagg>Hi guys. I seem to be having trouble using a resolution higher than 2048 pixels wide. Is this a known problem? I can't see it in Flyspray.
14:08<@Belugas>define trouble
14:09<mmagg>1. Higher resolutions than 1920x1200 are not presented in the GUI
14:09<@Belugas>my resolution is 2560*1024, no trouble here
14:09<@Belugas>ho... stretch it :)
14:09<mmagg>2. When I type in something bigger, the graphics to the right of the 2048 boundary is flaky
14:09<@Belugas>as simp,e as that
14:09<mmagg>(Type in in the .cfg)
14:10<@Belugas>"flaky" ???
14:10<mmagg>For example
14:10<@Belugas>define "flakky"
14:10<mmagg>When I zoom, the graphics to the right is not updated
14:10<Tekky>ah, in the US, when you say "ton", you normally refer to a "short ton", which is 900kg. But in the US, the correct spelling is "metric ton" and not "metric tonne".
14:10<Prof_Frink>Belugas: Like antiaircraft fire.
14:10<@Rubidium>mmagg: > 2048 isn't supported in 0.6.something and lower
14:10<mmagg>Prof_Frink: Exaclty ;)
14:11<@Belugas>Prof_Frink: WAR PIG!
14:11<mmagg>I'm running 0.6.0
14:11<TinoDidriksen>Metric ton is correct spelling, but can also write "tonne" to mean "metric ton". "Metric tonne" is just saying it twice.
14:11<@Belugas>can you try nightlies>?
14:11<mmagg>Do they come in debs? (checking...)
14:12<mmagg>Hmm... doesn't appear to have content: "Latest nightly was built from revision rXXXX, created at -."
14:13<mmagg>Does the trunk generally work?
14:13<mmagg>I can just grab the source
14:14<Tekky>TinoDidriksen: Does you last sentence specifically refer to U.S. english or also apply to British english?
14:14-!-Swallow [] has joined #openttd
14:14<@Rubidium>what more does the page tell you? Especially the part about the revision rXXXX.
14:14<TinoDidriksen>British converted to metric long time ago. Only US (and 2 other tiny places) still have issues.
14:15<Prof_Frink>TinoDidriksen: Pint?
14:15<TinoDidriksen>...ok, Officially converted to metric long time ago.
14:15<TinoDidriksen>De jure. De facto is still to come.
14:15<Tekky>This wikipedia article:
14:15<Prof_Frink>Ah hell, I've been speeding then.
14:15<Prof_Frink>I've been driving at 30mph, not km/h
14:16<Tekky>This wikipedia article:
14:16<Tekky>states the following:
14:16<Tekky>In the United States the correct term is metric ton.
14:17<mmagg>Rubidium: Do you want me to send a screenshot or the html or something? The page is basically all waffle, no content
14:17<TinoDidriksen>Is there room in the dialogs for "metric ton" though?
14:17<Sacro>TinoDidriksen: we half converted
14:17*Sacro still drives at mph
14:17<Tekky>This implies that "metric tonne" is incorrect in American english.
14:17<Sacro>and drinks pints
14:17<@Rubidium>mmagg: make a screenshot
14:17<Sacro>and buys 2x4 planks of wood
14:17<Prof_Frink>Sacro: No, you don't.
14:17<TinoDidriksen>"metric tonne" is never correct. It's either "metric ton" or "tonne".
14:20<Tekky>Tino: Does your last statement refer to American English, British English or both?
14:20<TinoDidriksen>American English.
14:20<TinoDidriksen>In British, they're all a metric ton.
14:20<TinoDidriksen>Only US have different tons.
14:21<TinoDidriksen>Legally, anyways.
14:22-!-stillunk1own [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:22-!-stillunknown [] has joined #openttd
14:23<Tekky>To me, "tonne" looks very British and I find it hard to believe that it is ever used in the US.
14:25<TinoDidriksen>Well, it isn't, except for international trade. All internal stuff happens in pounds and tons (2000 pounds ~ 900kg).
14:25<@Rubidium>wasn't that the reason for a couple of derailments?
14:25<TinoDidriksen>But it depends whether OTTD means trains carry a metric ton, or 2000 pounds.
14:26-!-fmauNekAway is now known as fmauNeko
14:26<Prof_Frink>Of course, if whatever it's carrying costs £2/kg, both :)
14:28<mmagg>The higher resolution works nicely in the latest nightly. Sweet! (It does not work in the latest stable, 0.6.2)
14:28<Tekky>in the US, when you say "ton", you normally refer to a "short ton" of 900kg. Therefore, I think the best translation would be "ton", even if the correct term is "metric ton" (=1000kg). The translation "tonne" seems completely wrong, as this is a British English spelling and does not exist in American English (afaik).
14:30<TinoDidriksen>Well, at least it's now a political problem of what OTTD means. The language part is taken care of, methinks, which was all I cared about.
14:31<Tekky>A deviation of 10% in the quantity seems more tolerable than using British English spelling in the American English translation.
14:31<@peter1138>Just add a 'US imperial' setting...
14:33<@peter1138>litres -> gallons, tonnes -> tons, and whatever tractive effort is in ;)
14:33<Tekky>After all, that was the whole point of having an American English translation, to get rid of that ugly British English spelling. :-)
14:34*Tekky dodges the attacks from people living in the UK.
14:34<@Belugas>i prefer by far the British english than the amwerican one
14:34<@Belugas>and i'm canadian :P
14:35<Tekky>Oh... Well, that's because you were a British Colony far longer than the US :)
14:35<Tekky>Canada is still part of the British Commonwealth, isn't it?
14:37<TinoDidriksen>They're part of the Commonwealth of Nations, I believe.
14:38<@Belugas>and the US were not a british colony in any way, i suppose?
14:38<@Belugas>hoo... in deed... far longer...
14:38*peter1138 ponders a beer
14:41<Tekky>New York, for example, was under British rule for only 100 years.....
14:42-!-Marduuhin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:44-!-FR^2 [] has joined #openttd
14:45-!-Tekky [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.1/2008070208]]
14:45-!-thvdburgt [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:48-!-Tekky [] has joined #openttd
14:56-!-yorick [] has quit [Quit: Poef!]
15:03<Eddi|zuHause>hm... something is wrong with my route network
15:03<Eddi|zuHause>it did not recognise that i changed a route
15:03<Jupix>is there a problem with the image processing thingy at the wiki? it's not generating thumbnails :/
15:03<Eddi|zuHause>and now the cargo wants to go through the non-existing route
15:06-!-Brianetta [] has quit [Quit: Tschüß]
15:10<Tekky>Eddi: Are you talking about the PaxDest patch?
15:13-!-stillunknown [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:14-!-stillunknown [] has joined #openttd
15:19<Eddi|zuHause>no, i'm talking about cargodest
15:20-!-Harteex [] has left #openttd []
15:21<@peter1138>I just built a new high speed direct line for a new train...
15:21<@peter1138>And the new train continues on the old congested line with many stations, but some slow freight uses the new line :o
15:22<@peter1138>I don't like using waypoints :o
15:23-!-Swallow [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:24-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:24-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has joined #openttd
15:27<Wolf01>I had the same problem, I cut the old line so all trains were forced to use the new 4 lanes mainline
15:28<@peter1138>Well the old line is needed for the local trains.
15:28-!-Wezz6400 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:28-!-Swallow [] has joined #openttd
15:31-!-mmagg [] has left #openttd []
15:32-!-TinoDidriksen [] has quit [Quit:]
15:33-!-Chrill [] has joined #openttd
15:37-!-Wezz6400 [] has joined #openttd
15:38<Eddi|zuHause>increase the station penalty
15:39<planetmaker>or install some additional penalties like roads or stations on the old line :)
15:42<Eddi|zuHause>timetabeling is a bitch...
15:42*Belugas whistles innocently toward restrictions on a certain new window...
15:46<Swallow>thinks about routing restrictions with a configurable penalty
15:46<Swallow>dreams on...
15:47<@Belugas>dont dream! DO IT!!
15:48<Swallow>can you keep a secret? :)
15:48<@Belugas>gaaaa.... writing "Waypoints" instead of "Payments" :S
15:49<@Belugas>me? no...
15:49<Swallow>k it wont be secret then
15:49<Swallow>I'm currently working on a breakdowns patch
15:49<Swallow>that allows having different types of breakdowns
15:49<Swallow>power reduction etc
15:50<@Belugas>ho... nice :)
15:50<@Belugas>good luck
15:50<@Belugas>of good brain
15:52-!-stillunk1own [] has joined #openttd
15:52<Swallow>I got a test version running for trains only
15:52-!-stillunknown [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:54*peter1138 ponders resurrecting his restrictions patch...
15:55<planetmaker>peter1138: what restrictions were possible?
15:55-!-Dred_furst [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:55<@peter1138>speed, weight, group, etc...
15:55<planetmaker>nice :)
16:01<@Belugas>age of driver?
16:01<Swallow>skill of driver?
16:02-!-TinoDidriksen [] has joined #openttd
16:03<Swallow><cargodest] I'm having some p
16:04<Swallow>damn enter button
16:04<Swallow>I'm having some problems with cargodest...
16:04<Swallow>town names don't show up for some reason... :S
16:05<Swallow>and the 'routing' button on the minimap is greyed out
16:05-!-Sacro [Ben@adsl-87-102-119-5.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:07*Belugas reads a patch from, from r4294
16:10-!-Hobo_Bob [] has joined #openttd
16:12<Wolf01>ok, I played hexic enough, back to develop patches
16:19<@Belugas>time to go home
16:19-!-Nev [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:19<@Belugas>see you
16:19<Wolf01>bye :)
16:20-!-ecke [~ecke@] has joined #openttd
16:20-!-ecke [~ecke@] has quit []
16:20-!-bleepy [] has joined #openttd
16:26-!-Sacro [Ben@adsl-87-102-119-5.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
16:28-!-Wezz6400 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:34-!-FR^2 [] has quit [Quit: Connection reset by caffein depletion...]
16:35-!-bleepy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:35-!-Digitalfox [] has joined #openttd
16:37-!-bleepy [] has joined #openttd
16:38-!-Nev [] has joined #openttd
16:38<Digitalfox>Shit my server just got infected with some fuc*ing bad virus.. Explorer is just crashing each 30s, the CPU data executation protection is blocking all kind of fuc*ing weird processes, firefox is opening hundreds of spyware pages, and I just had the remove the Lan cable, and guess what Nod32 fully updated antivirus bussines edition, doesn't detect nothing.. How FU*K IS THAT?
16:39<SpComb>server running, what, windows xp?
16:39<Digitalfox>2003 SP2
16:39<Wolf01>try spybot S&D
16:40<Digitalfox>Wolf yeah, if i can install anything :(
16:40<Prof_Frink>Digitalfox: Run Stinger first
16:40<SpComb>Digitalfox: reinstall from scratch?
16:41<Digitalfox>I mean the sthit is that is a fully 2003 updated, with a great antiviru ( until now it seems )
16:41<Wolf01>install it on another pc, then use a pen drive (better if with write protection) and use it from there
16:41<Digitalfox>SpComb well shit, I guess so, unfortunately..
16:41<SpComb>I've luckily never had the misfortune to personally encouter a compromised linux server
16:41<SpComb>although I have run into some unknown user doing some weird things with the superuser account, and then covering up their tracks
16:43<Digitalfox>It's unbelievable, Nod after a full scan ( with all options turn on, even the damn unwanted applications turned on ) doesn't detect that..
16:43<Digitalfox>I mean how the hell can this happen?
16:44<SpComb>once your system is compromised, it's basically compromised
16:44<SpComb>you can't trust anything that you see or what your virus scanner sees
16:44<Digitalfox>SpComb yes, but come on, NOD was already running fully updated..
16:45-!-bleepy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:45<SpComb>you'll never be perfectly immune from everything
16:45-!-bleepy [] has joined #openttd
16:45<Prof_Frink>Well, you can be
16:45<SpComb>(unless running OpenBSD in like securelevel 2)
16:45<Prof_Frink>But not if you have an internet connection
16:46-!-Nev [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:49-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:50-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has joined #openttd
16:51<Wolf01>I'm trying to do a strange thing: when placing roadstations with drag&drop, I want to limit the size to 2 tiles along the diagdirection, and then the 2 lines of stations should have the entrances in opposite direction
16:52<DaleStan>"The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards -- and even then I have my doubts." -- Gene Spafford
16:55-!-mortal` [] has joined #openttd
16:56<Wolf01>I mean this
16:56-!-bleepy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:57<Eddi|zuHause>drag&drop stations that only allow 2 width won't prevent you from dragging 3 tiles either, it will then just fail to build anything
16:57-!-rortom [] has joined #openttd
16:58<Eddi|zuHause>aw damn... again with the reservations
16:58<Eddi|zuHause>i'm suspecting it has to do with trains turning around in stations
17:00-!-Amixbook [] has joined #openttd
17:01-!-elmex [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:02-!-Mortal [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:04<+michi_cc>Eddi|zuHause: FS#2250 ?
17:09<Eddi|zuHause>if that's what Roujin posted, then i think it's something different
17:12<+michi_cc>it is. that bug's about adjacent stations, so if you don't have them it is probably indeed something different
17:14<Eddi|zuHause>well, i technically have adjacent stations, but next to each other... but it could theoretically show also because of my middle_stop patch (so trains are not at the end of the platform when they turn around)
17:15<Eddi|zuHause>i only noticed this problem after my last update
17:15<Eddi|zuHause>it didn't show before
17:21-!-Wezz6400 [] has joined #openttd
17:30-!-DJNekkid [] has joined #openttd
17:31<DJNekkid>hi devs ... i got a question: would it be possible to add livery overrides to the openttdw for the opengfx project?
17:31<DJNekkid>not as-is now, but in some kind of release in the future?
17:32<Eddi|zuHause>err... what's that supposed to help with?
17:33-!-Swallow [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.1/2008070208]]
17:37<Eddi|zuHause>and why can't it do that as a newgrf?
17:39-!-TinoM [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
17:40<@Rubidium>because distributing newgrfs is cumbersome
17:41<Amixbook>i wish i could code. then i would help you out with morphos version of openttd. but bah.. life is choices ;(
17:58-!-KillaloT [] has quit [Quit: HydraIRC -> <- The future of IRC]
18:01-!-mortal` [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:12-!-Sacro is now known as Jolteon
18:17-!-Jolteon is now known as ohrudge
18:17-!-ohrudge is now known as Sacro
18:19-!-McChicken [] has joined #openttd
18:19<CIA-5>OpenTTD: frosch * r14129 /trunk/src/rail_cmd.cpp: -Fix (r13935) [FS#2247]: Signal state for PBS signals was not updated when cycling the signal side. Patch by michi_cc with a small addition from me.
18:23<frosch123>maybe next time
18:26<@Rubidium>Jupix: the upload problem is solved now
18:26<McChicken>@Sacro what's up?
18:27<Sacro>McChicken: i'm hungry :(
18:27<McChicken>I need help with starting a server. there is the error "bind() failed"
18:27<McChicken>what should i do
18:28<Eddi|zuHause>you have multiple interfaces?
18:28<Eddi|zuHause>or a firewall?
18:28<Sacro>he has multiple interfaces?
18:28<CIA-5>OpenTTD: frosch * r14130 /trunk/src/train_cmd.cpp: -Fix (r13961) [FS#2248]: Clear the stuck state of a train that is reversing with the first vehicle inside a depot. (michi_cc)
18:29<McChicken>i've got a webserver. yesterday it worked fine, but today it won't start
18:30<Eddi|zuHause>an instance is already running and occupies the port?
18:33<rortom>interface IP changed?
18:34<McChicken>how can i check this??
18:35-!-Brainstorm [] has quit [Quit: HydraIRC -> <- Wibbly Wobbly IRC]
18:38<DJNekkid>Eddi|zuHause: sorry, i were afk ... but the point was, when opengfx is done, why not make "built in" livery overrides for the typical pax engines (IC125 and the TGVs basicly)
18:38<DJNekkid>plus perhaps the Millennium and the Chimaera
18:38<DJNekkid>it _can_ be done with newgrf, but it wont be "built in"
18:39<DJNekkid>and none-experienced users wont get the benefit of it :)
18:39<McChicken>problem solved
18:40-!-[com]buster [] has quit [Quit: Operator, give me an exit]
18:42<CIA-5>OpenTTD: frosch * r14131 /trunk/src/train_cmd.cpp: -Fix (r13952) [FS#2250]: The reservation of adjacent stations was sometimes not freed correctly. (michi_cc)
18:47-!-fjb [] has joined #openttd
18:48<CIA-5>OpenTTD: frosch * r14132 /trunk/src/vehicle.cpp: -Fix (r14039): Only reserve a path on leaving a station if the current block really is a PBS block. (michi_cc)
18:50<frosch123>it is a pleasure to commit michi_cc's patches :)
18:50<frosch123>moin fjb
18:51<fjb>YAPP is addictive.
18:53<Tekky>"addictive" is an understatement :)
18:54<Tekky>fjb: What NewGRF are you using for the town skyscrapers?
18:54<fjb>That is TTRS3.
18:54<CIA-5>OpenTTD: rubidium * r14133 /trunk/src/vehicle_gui.cpp: -Fix [FS#2249]: close the 'manage vehicles' dropdown once the number of vehicles in the list reaches 0.
18:55*Tekky googles "TTRS3"
18:55<fjb>Total Town replacement Set.
18:55*Tekky is impressed with TTRS3.
18:56<Tekky>Does TTRS3 offer only new graphics or also added functionality?
18:57<fjb>It offers hotels. they generate tourists if you have an industry set with tourists loaded.
18:58<Tekky>fjb: Were you playing with standard parameters or did you explicitly disable the old buildings?
18:58<fjb>I disabled them.
18:59<fjb>Only buildings from TTRS and the McDonalds GRF are in the game.
18:59<Eddi|zuHause>the opengfx rails are way too dark... they look like path reservations
19:00<Eddi|zuHause>what's the use of that 180° curve?
19:00<fjb>It feeds the iron ore train cache.
19:01-!-Pikka [~PikkaBird@] has joined #openttd
19:01<Eddi|zuHause>and why not split it off further down the line?
19:02<fjb>It is a bit hilly there. And it would disturb the signal blocks a bit. And it got added late in the game. And the trains are fast enough there anyway.
19:03<Amixbook>this is pretty cool
19:04<Amixbook>showing how much damage bus thinking did in 1983
19:04<fjb>The old trams are cute.
19:04<Amixbook>it suddendly destroyed lots of charming trams
19:05<Amixbook>the last picture is from 2003. place is restored for trams again
19:06<fjb>Big towns need pblic people movers like trams.
19:06<Amixbook>its from the same place 1981 to 2003
19:06<Amixbook>yes they do
19:06<Amixbook>trams and subways
19:06<Amixbook>most effective way of travelling
19:08<fjb>Better than lots of cars transporting one person each.
19:09<Eddi|zuHause>trams are good for medium sized cities, especially ones with no-road-traffic zones
19:09<Tekky>Why is the braking distance of a train significantly higher than that of a car, even if the speed is the same? Are the brakes of trains just worse? Or is it due to trains being a lot heavier?
19:10<+glx>and steel on steel has not a too high friction coef
19:11<fjb>Braking distance of ships is even higher at the same speed. :-)
19:11<+glx>inertia ;)
19:12-!-Amixbook [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:12<+glx>even direction changes must be planed in advance
19:12<fjb>Apropos ships, here is my latest bridge in the game:
19:12<Eddi|zuHause>Tekky: the acceleration of a train is even worse than the braking
19:13<Eddi|zuHause>the ships are too tiny :)
19:13<Tekky>well, the advantage with trains is that every single carriage of the train has its own brakes, whereas when accelerating, the engine has to do all the work by itself.
19:14<Eddi|zuHause>the arch bridge is really lovely
19:14<+glx>Tekky: not for all trains
19:14<fjb>Yes, the ships are tiny. I wanted to mimic the design of some real long bridges.
19:15<Tekky>glx: Are you saying that same trains have no brakes except in the engine?
19:15<Eddi|zuHause>we need 2 tile wide ocean ships
19:16<Tekky>same = some
19:16<fjb>At least not every car of the train must have brakes.
19:16<Eddi|zuHause>Tekky: especially old freight trains only had brakes in the engine and occasionally in the last wagon
19:16<fjb>Eddi|zuHause: We nedd ships that don't stack at the same tile...
19:16<+glx>and some trains have engines under each carriage
19:17<murray>ur mom need
19:17<Eddi|zuHause>fjb: a car with 50 hp can easily outrun a single engine with 5000 hp
19:19-!-Wolf01 [] has quit [Quit: Once again the world is quick to bury me.]
19:19<fjb>I was chasing a train with my 55hp car the other day. I won, but then came the next town... .-(
19:20<Tefad>55hp lol what is that a metro?
19:21<Tefad>i thought my truck sucked with 99hp
19:21<Eddi|zuHause>fjb: i was talking about starting from 0km/h, not already running ;)
19:21-!-LilDood [] has quit [Quit: When the chips are down, well, the buffalo is empty]
19:22<fjb>I can easily outrun a starting train with my bike.
19:22-!-NukeBuster [~NukeBuste@] has joined #openttd
19:22<fjb>Top speed is another question...
19:23<Eddi|zuHause>top speed is irrelevant... that is usually dictated by the line
19:25<fjb>Hm, maybe irrelevant for the train...
19:26-!-McChicken_ [] has joined #openttd
19:27-!-Farden [] has quit [Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 4.2 :: )]
19:29<McChicken_>does anybody know who you must use the command "-c"
19:32-!-McChicken [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:33<Progman>just "-c the_config_file.cfg"
19:33<FauxFaux>McChicken_: Surely it just accepts a path?
19:33<McChicken_>ok i'll try
19:33<McChicken_>but where do i have to put the config file
19:34<+glx>where you want if you use -c
19:34-!-Pikka [~PikkaBird@] has quit []
19:36<McChicken_>ok thanks it works
19:44-!-Chrill [] has quit []
19:46<rortom>mh is there a nightly built paxdest version?
19:46<rortom>or will paxdest be integrated soon?
19:52<rortom>yes to which question? ;)
19:52<Eddi|zuHause>there is a (non-nightly) build at
19:52<Eddi|zuHause>and it will be integrated, for certain definitions of "soon" :)
19:53<rortom>nice :)
19:53<rortom>i need a server linux version :(
19:53<Eddi|zuHause>./configure --dedicated && make?
19:53<rortom>which branch?
19:54<fmauNeko>--enable-dedicated, isn't it ?
19:54<Eddi|zuHause>whatever ;)
19:54<rortom>thx :|
19:54<rortom>hg :|
19:55<Eddi|zuHause>i know that TrueBrain made test builds for several architectures, but i don't know where he put them...
19:56<rortom>ok, thanks anyways :)
20:00<thingwath>mm, that cargodest thing scares me
20:01<thingwath>it works and everything, but I'm looking at the list of cargo at some station
20:01<thingwath>and just wonder what I'm supposed to do?
20:01<TrueBrain>Eddi|zuHause: I only made win32
20:02<TrueBrain>(of which I still need convermation
20:02-!-ArmEagle [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:02<Eddi|zuHause>i don't have any win32 to confirm ;)
20:02<TrueBrain>neither do I:)
20:04<+glx>I can check win32 and win9x
20:18-!-Dred_furst [] has joined #openttd
20:18<Eddi|zuHause>when Celestar comes along, can someone tell him that i think the cargo network is not updated properly when switching from "go via" to "go to"?
20:24-!-fmauNeko is now known as fmauNekAway
20:32<CIA-5>OpenTTD: frosch * r14134 /trunk/src/order_cmd.cpp: -Fix (r12667, r13579) [FS#2245]: Update 'current_order' when changing 'cur_order_index'.
20:32-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has quit []
20:33-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has joined #openttd
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20:38<McChicken_>so i have to go
20:38-!-McChicken_ [] has left #openttd []
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22:15<CIA-5>OpenTTD: belugas * r14135 /trunk/ (7 files in 2 dirs): -Codechange: Add owner to waypoints. Previously, it was guessed from rail underneath it.
22:24-!-Sir-Bob [] has joined #openttd
22:24<CIA-5>OpenTTD: belugas * r14136 /trunk/projects/openttd_vs80.vcproj: -Fix(r14135): MSVC project was not supposed to be on previous commit
22:27-!-Sacro_ [Ben@adsl-87-102-119-5.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
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