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00:42<Trenskow>is there a way to alter the language files, without recompiling everything ?
00:43<Trenskow>i mean, if i know which files they the changes are specefic to ?
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01:27<Trenskow>allright, i've already givin' up
01:28<Trenskow>a cpl of years back I made a network filter, but unfortunately when it was accepted into the trunk, the patch was outdated
01:29<Trenskow>but now the codebase has changed dramaticly, so I won't even begin to start over
01:29<Trenskow>I can see a lot have changed since 0.4.1 :)
01:30<Trenskow>c++ for a starter
01:30<planetmaker>Trenskow: I use xcode ...
01:30<planetmaker>and there's nothing wrong with it, is it?
01:30<Trenskow>planetmaker: wrong ?
01:30<planetmaker>yes, there are no project files, though, but it didn't hurt me so far.
01:31<Trenskow>planetmaker: cool
01:32<Trenskow>i'm no good at c++ really, so i better not get started
02:04<dihedral>if everybody would think that way, openttd would not be where it is today
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02:32<planetmaker>Trenskow: indeed... if "don't know now" is an indicator to not even give a try, humanity would still live on trees.
02:33<planetmaker>Half a year after I started to look at OpenTTD code I hacked together wwottdgd/2.
02:33<planetmaker>Yes, it showed. But so what?
02:33<planetmaker>As long as you enjoy it and don't expect your patches to hit trunk straigth away...
02:33<Trenskow>planetmaker: ok...
02:34<Trenskow>planetmaker: it's 8:30 am here, and I haven't been to bed, so that was kind of the motivation in not get started
02:34<planetmaker>yes, it's 8:30am here, tooo :)
02:34<Trenskow>planetmaker: been to bed ?
02:34<planetmaker>sufficiently long, yes
02:35<Trenskow>planetmaker: where do you live, since we're in the same timezone ?
02:35<planetmaker>In the heart of Europe
02:35<Trenskow>germany ?
02:36<Trenskow>denmark ?
02:36<planetmaker>your first guess was right
02:36<Trenskow>thought you ment ^ as in up...
02:36<Trenskow>denmark here
02:36<planetmaker>:) yes. The line up :P
02:37<planetmaker>Danmark has a history of OpenTTD mac developers :P
02:37<Trenskow>i know
02:37<Trenskow>i collaberated with bjarni last time i did work
02:37<planetmaker>ah :)
02:37<Trenskow>is he still here
02:38<planetmaker>but unfortunately he doesn't work a lot on OpenTTD anymore
02:38<Trenskow>then who does os x maintenance now a days ?
02:39<planetmaker>_that_ is a sad topic... :S
02:39<Trenskow>none ?
02:40<Trenskow>had trouble compiling the source just now
02:40<Trenskow>i'm running snow leopard, and it ships with gcc4.2 as default
02:41<Trenskow>and the quickdraw driver just went %"€%"#
02:41<planetmaker> and especially :(
02:41<planetmaker>you're running _snow_leopard?
02:41<Trenskow>now authorized though
02:41<Trenskow>so i have no access to developer documentation
02:42<planetmaker>maybe post your error on Maybe I have an idea
02:42<Trenskow>planetmaker: no quickdraw did compile
02:43<Trenskow>but it was just with a gazillion warnings about it being deprecated
02:43<planetmaker>I feared that will happen
02:43<Trenskow>one could imagine the headers to be totally gone in the final release
02:43<planetmaker>I'm interested nevertheless
02:43<Trenskow>2 sek
02:43<planetmaker>Trenskow: what I read not completely - hopefully.
02:43<Trenskow>need to recompile
02:44<Trenskow>well i thought it was gone by snow leopard
02:44<Trenskow>it have been deprecated since 10.4 ?
02:44<planetmaker>That's what I run here, still
02:44<Trenskow>was in front of 10.4 the other day
02:44<Trenskow>i kind of miss the spotlight search dialog
02:44<planetmaker>depends what. There's, of course API changes going on, but...
02:45<planetmaker>not in snow leopard anymore?
02:45<Trenskow>not even leopard
02:45<planetmaker>oh :(
02:45<Trenskow>just a standard messy finder window
02:45<Trenskow>in tiger it was nicely organized in music, documents, contacts etc.
02:46<planetmaker>right. That it is.
02:46<Trenskow>it's still organized in the menu though
02:46<Trenskow>but not when you click "Show All"
02:47<Trenskow>and sadly it's the same in snow leopard
02:48<planetmaker>well. Unlikely that they then change it back...
02:48<planetmaker>I guess in autumn I get myself a new HD for this macbook and give snow leopard a try :)
02:49<Trenskow>planetmaker: you're on intel though :)
02:49<planetmaker>sure :)
02:49<planetmaker>you say you run it on non-intel?
02:49<planetmaker>I thought it's not supported at all?
02:50<Trenskow>it's intel only
02:51<Trenskow>it'll be some before those warnings are done
02:51<Trenskow>just removed some dependencies i need to rebuild
02:51<Trenskow>but thankfully macports makes it a bliss :)
02:52<Trenskow>macports is not 100% compatible with snow leopard
02:53<planetmaker>in what way?
02:53<Trenskow>so once in a while when i can't do it to do anything, it gets a sudo rm -r /opt :)
02:53<Trenskow>lot of packages errors on build
02:53<Trenskow>mainly due to gcc4.2 i guess
02:53<planetmaker>that's bad
02:54<planetmaker>though I recently got here on 10.4 the error that the available gtk package is too new and thus cannot be build
02:54<planetmaker>so it will probably become better wrt building on snow leopard once it's officially out
02:54<planetmaker>and thus the dream of building xchat died here...
02:54<Trenskow>i read somewhere that they won't do official ports until snow leopards in final
02:55<Trenskow>they say apple has a habbit of changing api's right up till the last minute
02:55<Trenskow>so they don't wanna do any double work
02:55<planetmaker>Trenskow: quite understandably
02:55<Trenskow>planetmaker: he
02:55<Trenskow>i've just tried this linkinus
02:55<Trenskow>kind of nice irc client
02:56<Trenskow>but it's 19.99, so i don't know when the trials is over
02:56<TinoDidriksen>GCC 4.2 should not be the problem. GCC 4.4 is out, and GCC 4.5 is in alpha stages, so people have had plenty of time to test against more recent versions of GCC.
02:56<planetmaker>gcc 4.5 works here
02:56<Trenskow>openttd trunk choked on 4.2
02:57<Trenskow>at least on snow leopard
02:57<Trenskow>yea... had to revert to 4.0 to get it compiling
02:57<planetmaker>hard to imagine...
02:58<planetmaker>is it just some cflags which need commenting out?
02:58<planetmaker>that's what I need to do with 4.5
02:59<planetmaker>it should tell you ;)
02:59<Trenskow>can recall the error
02:59<planetmaker>so, yes, I have a slightly modified config.lib for that.
02:59<Trenskow>some 64-bit type
02:59<Trenskow>can't recall even
02:59<planetmaker>hm... that will be difficult to re-play here :)
02:59<Trenskow>planetmaker: :)
03:01<planetmaker>I have to leave soon. But if you paste me the make logs, I'm happy to look at it later.
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03:02<planetmaker>he :)
03:03<planetmaker>quarz getting more and more deprecated, I guess
03:04<Trenskow>yea, looks strange
03:04<Trenskow>maybe when snow leopard is out we can get some clarification
03:04<planetmaker>well, but it's "only" warnings. So it's still alright
03:05<Trenskow>planetmaker: yea it compiles and runs fine
03:05<Trenskow>but it's not pretty
03:05<planetmaker>yes, it isn't.
03:05<planetmaker>Anyway. I have to leave now. So I guess, have a good nap :)
03:05<Trenskow>planetmaker: thks
03:05<Trenskow>planetmaker: take care
03:05<planetmaker>see you around :)
03:08<dihedral>snow leopard will not 'clarify' anything for openttd :-P
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03:25<dihedral>will only make it more complicated :-P
03:25<planetmaker>as any new version does for everyone.
03:25<planetmaker>in any case :)
03:25<planetmaker>as long as you support multiple versions
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03:26<dihedral>and i guess the api will change ^^
03:27<planetmaker>of course.
03:27<planetmaker>it's not like they don't say that the api changes
03:28<planetmaker>it's hard to not change it actually with major releases, I guess.
03:28<planetmaker>Or how else do you want to improve an OS, if you don't change anything?
03:30<dihedral>no that is not what i mean ^^
03:30<dihedral>what i mean is that the 10.5 sdk injects stuff into 10.3 ^^
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03:31<planetmaker>ah, ok
03:33<dihedral>native aqua would rock though :-P
03:35<planetmaker> <-- hm... why is this attached file not there anymore?
03:36<planetmaker>dihedral: oh yes!!
03:36<dihedral>hehe - perhaps that IS the attached file :-P
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04:09<@Rubidium>planetmaker: uhm... because the URL is incorrect?
04:09<@Rubidium>planetmaker: try for example
04:11<@Rubidium>and for what it's worth, OpenTTD's compile farm using Apple's GCC 4.2 with SDK 3.1.2 10.4u for all non-64 bits and 10.5 for 64 bits, although no 64 bits is compiled
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04:23<dihedral>oh that image - i remember that thing ^^
04:25<@Rubidium>but I guess that Trenskow is using some unofficial SDK and such, so 'we' mere mortals don't have access to it
04:26<TinoDidriksen>Likely a torrent of the 10.6 dev release.
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05:31<Hirundo>I'm having my doubts w.r.t. the recent OT_GOTO_WAYPOINT stuff for ships...
05:34<Hirundo>I think it breaks some other code, e.g. RemoveOrderFromAllVehicles, vehiclelist.cpp, the AIWaypointList
05:36<planetmaker>frosch123: concerning FS #119 / #3029: I don't understand your comment; in the attached screenshots non of the two tiles involved is on a slope...
05:36<frosch123>the road junction is
05:37<planetmaker>hm... I guess you're right :) Thanks
05:37<planetmaker>Missed that
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09:08<Alberth>Just the person I wanted to speak to :D
09:08<TrueBrain>yes HerzogDeXtEr, about time you got here
09:08<Alberth>What happened to the 0.7.1 screenshot at the front-page?
09:08<Alberth>TrueBrain: ^
09:08<TrueBrain>owh, me? :)
09:09<TrueBrain>what about it?
09:09<Alberth>I cannot see it in 'real' size. Clicking on it leads to some old 0.6 stuff :(
09:10<TrueBrain>Rubidium: I found a person who wants to do the screenshots. Alberth!
09:10<TrueBrain>do you give him the instructions? :)
09:10<TrueBrain>(the fun thing is .. the shot is there for N months now, and only the last 2 weeks people notice it is a big fake ... suprising :))
09:11<TrueBrain>a few thumb screenshots of 0.6 need to be AA'd :p
09:11<Alberth>relabeling it as 0.7.1 is dangerous :)
09:11<TrueBrain>Alberth: there is nothing in that shot that suggests something else :p
09:12<TrueBrain>it is just an attention grabber
09:12<Alberth>the label at the bottom of the pic at the front-page does
09:12<TrueBrain>Alberth: no, nothing on that image suggests it is not from 0.7.1
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09:12<TrueBrain>Alberth: either way, we need someone to collect and produce nice screenshots
09:13<TrueBrain>Darkvater always did that; most images are fake btw
09:13<Alberth>the web-page after it has no 0.7.1 section
09:13<TrueBrain>so if you like, you can collect screenshots and put them online
09:14<Alberth>ok, I'll have a look
09:14<TrueBrain>the main part that is forgotten in 0.6 is AA the thumb images
09:14<TrueBrain>you can see the one in the bottom left being very clear
09:14<TrueBrain>and most of the others being very pixel-like
09:14*Sacro misses DarkVater :(
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09:15<Alberth>AA ?
09:17<TrueBrain>Alberth: via your normal SSH login, you should be able to alter the directory '/var/www/'
09:17<TrueBrain>see the README! there for more info
09:17<TrueBrain>Sacro: I miss him too
09:18<TrueBrain>found this 'artifect':
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09:22<Chruker>I havent played with trams, but do the also get destroyed by trains and ufo's like the other road vehicles?
09:24<frosch123>0.3.4 fixed many problems with 64 bit systems :o
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09:25<frosch123>Chruker: both yes
09:26<TrueBrain>Alberth: if you ever have permission problems, let me know :)
09:26<Alberth>any requirements on the shots?
09:27<TrueBrain>Alberth: make the game look good, I say ;)
09:27<TrueBrain>that a first look gives a nice impression of what hte game has to offer
09:28<Alberth>I am probably not the right person to ask :p
09:28<TrueBrain>remember the 5 minute cache screenshot section has, this might be annoying :)
09:28<TrueBrain>Alberth: that is what all developers say ...
09:28<TrueBrain>might be why 0.6 is the last 'version' in that section
09:31<TrueBrain>Alberth: and if you need screenshots, our 'info' account has plenty of them .. if you like, Rubidium can give you the login details ;)
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09:31<Alberth>I was thinking of asking that in the Screenshots forum
09:31<TrueBrain>we get plenty of emails about those :p
09:32<TrueBrain>Darkvater always said it took him an hour to make 1 screenshot pretty
09:32<TrueBrain>but as I said before, he was known to ... 'mix' up a few screenshots to make them pretty ;)
09:32<Alberth>that takes lots of time yeah
09:32<TrueBrain>but I guess at this stage any update is welcome ;)
09:33<TrueBrain>just see what you can do with it :)
09:34<mizipzor>whats the dev channel for openttd?
09:34<Alberth>"ls: cannot open directory /home/info/mail: Permission denied" not much at this time :)
09:34<TrueBrain>mizipzor: welcome to it, I say
09:34<Alberth>mizipzor: you are on it
09:34<TrueBrain>Alberth: as I said: Rubidium can give you the login
09:34<TrueBrain>I never said you could access it directly ;)
09:34<mizipzor>oh i thought this was more of a general channel :p
09:34<Alberth>everything on and off topic gets discussed here
09:36<@Rubidium>new screenshots? woah :)
09:37<Alberth>widget offsets get a bit tiresome :)
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09:43<mizipzor>im looking to do some coding on openttd, but having limited experince with the codebase (just got one bugfix in the trunk so far) im trying to find a sort of isolated problem that doesnt require much refactoring/redesigning... anyone got any tips?
09:46<Yexo>it really depends on what part of the code you want to learn more about
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09:47<Yexo>do you want to learn more about the gui code, about newgrf code, etc.?
09:48<@Rubidium>fs#1495, fs#1944?
09:52<Yexo> <- fixing one of these should be relatively easy
09:53<mizipzor>yea, the last one i fixed was an endless loop in the newgrf
09:55<mizipzor>Rubidium: 1494 seems simple enough and 1495 seems very interesting since it seems to have to do with some pathing, which I would like to get more into
09:55<mizipzor>Yexo: why isnt that txt file on flyspray? are those special-treatment bugs? :p
09:56<Yexo>no, I still need to put them on fs
09:56<Yexo>I found those while doing other work, and noted them down there
09:56<Yexo>I should do some more work investigating the exact problems of them
09:57<Yexo><mizipzor> Rubidium: 1494 seems simple enough <- assuming you mean 1944, let me warn you it's not easy
09:58<mizipzor>Yexo: yes, i just realised i got the numbers wrong :p although easy may not be the right word... i have confidence in my coding skills but im not that familiar with the openttd code... the ideal problem would be something of a challenge but that still eased me into the codebase
09:59<Yexo>in that case just go for it
09:59<mizipzor>or maybe i can help you investigate those bugs you linked to in a txt and post them on flyspray (assuming i find the cause)?
10:00<Yexo>feel free, I'm busy with other things currently
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10:07<Ammler>is down since longer, or just temporary?
10:07<dihedral>not 'since longer' but 'for longer' :-P
10:08<Ammler>won't you continue that website?
10:08<dihedral>for one thing it was dead for a long time, for another thing - who cares?
10:09<dihedral>might start it again if a feel like it - or have another idea :-P
10:09<Ammler>it was the home of wwottdgd ;-)
10:09<@petern>dihedral, not 'for longer' but 'for long' :-P
10:09<dihedral>wwottdgd website was on your server Ammler
10:09<Ammler>yeah, also a part is there, indeed :-D
10:10<dihedral>petern, it will be down "for longer"
10:10<@petern>"is it down for longer"
10:10<@petern>longer... than what?
10:10<@petern>"is it down for long"
10:10<dihedral>Ammler, then you should have copied the theme correctly ^^
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10:11<Ammler>ah, np, that is.
10:11<dihedral>tell me what it is you need, i'll send the files to you
10:11<Ammler>just some links like blog and server stats went to your domain.
10:12<dihedral>not my responsibility ^^
10:12<Ammler>yeah, I was just wondering, if we should remove those links, so it might be better to remove them.
10:12<mizipzor>Yexo: i read about action 3 ( but where is the "number of sprite layouts" defined? can i just modify some of the graphics file used in the game to trigger this bug or must i build a custom one?
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10:15<Yexo>I think it was n-id, but I'm not sure anymore
10:15<Yexo>hence the need for more investigation
10:17<Yexo>the crash is around station_cmd.cpp:2216
10:18<Yexo>hmm, no, it was rail_cmd.cpp:1957
10:18<Yexo>I think the code should be changed to look like station_cmd.cpp:2216
10:19<Yexo>but even then it'll crash when statspec->tiles == 0
10:19-!-Noldo [] has joined #openttd
10:20<Yexo>and I think creating a small newgrf is easier then modifying an existing one
10:21<Ammler>if you need graphics, use opengfx :-)
10:22-!-Trenskow [] has joined #openttd
10:26<mizipzor>frosch123: thats the sprite layout :) thx
10:27<frosch123>if using undefined layouts results in an acceptable non-crashing behaviour, just reduce the number of spritelayouts to the next equal-or-smaller even number
10:28<mizipzor>if it reduces to even numbers, are uneven numbers meant to be supported? seems that it was that the ticket was about... or is it that it crashes when trying to reduce it?
10:29<frosch123>stationlayouts always appear in pairs for the two possible orientations
10:30<frosch123>if one layout is only available for one orientation, just remove it completely, or even disable the whole grf :p
10:31<Yexo><frosch123> stationlayouts always appear in pairs for the two possible orientations <- but there is no check for that. mizipzor <- that's the problem
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10:32<yorick>I have coded 2 planes
10:32<yorick>both with prop 0B set to 42
10:32<yorick>one costs 5 times as much as the other one :(
10:32<yorick>how come?
10:32<mizipzor>Yexo: i see
10:35<frosch123>yorick: my cristal ball presents you with a great future
10:35<Alberth>yorick: more pixels must be moved at the screen
10:36<yorick>it might be callback 36?
10:37<frosch123>you should know which callbacks you are using :)
10:37<yorick>could it be that it disregards the failed callback value and uses it as a different cost factor?
10:38<frosch123>callback failed means to use the property
10:38<yorick>and callback failed would be FF FF?
10:39<yorick>aha, so that's why :)
10:39<@petern>you don't "return" callback failed
10:40<@petern>FF FF gives you a return value of 255
10:41<yorick>wouldn't that be FF 80?
10:41<Yexo>For compatibility with earlier patch versions, FF in the high byte is taken to mean the same thing as 80, so 04 FF also has a callback result of 4. Note that if your grf file needs to be compatible with versions before 2.0.1 alpha 40, you must set the high byte to FF, and so can use only 8 bit results. <- from the ttdpatch wiki page
10:42<yorick>ok :)
10:42*yorick hides
10:46<Eddi|zuHause>so it's a 15-epsilon bit callback?
10:47<frosch123>there is a way to return the full 15 bits :)
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10:48<mizipzor>frosch123: in what file is the actions we talked about earlier specified?
10:49<matowy>hi, i am trying to singup on and i have Unhandled Exception message
10:50<dihedral>is it possible to make a grf which would only be usable in a network game on a modified server?
10:50<frosch123>TrueBrain: ^^
10:50<frosch123>dihedral: like: without modified client?
10:50<mizipzor>frosch123: yea but i meant that bug Yexo was talking about, arent those values read from a file? this is the system that lets user create their own buildings/stations/trains and stuff, right?
10:51<frosch123>mizipzor: we are talking about stationlayouts?
10:51<TrueBrain>matowy: your account is created nevertheless
10:51<Yexo>mizipzor: newgrf.cpp is the OpenTTD code that supports reading from newgrf files
10:53<CIA-1>OpenTTD: truebrain * r16792 /extra/website/templates/signupDone.html: [Website] -Fix: missing load caused error on signup-done page (bug by matowy)
10:54<mizipzor>Yexo: yes and its when you put an uneven number that had to do with station orientation in one of those files that the game crashed?
10:54<mizipzor>i take such files are not in the trunk but must be downloaded elsewhere
10:54<Yexo>I think you'll have to craete one yourself
10:54<frosch123>or just code it without testing :p
10:55<mizipzor>frosch123: valid point but bad practice ;)
10:57<frosch123>well, then take an existing stationgrf and delete one layout
10:57<frosch123>but that may take you longer than fixing the actual bug :)
10:57<mizipzor>i was referring to coding without testing, not creating one myself :)
10:58<mizipzor>currently looking through some of the documentation on the wiki... first step is to figure out how to make them
10:58<frosch123>take a small station grf of your choice, and look at it via grf2html :)
10:59<Yexo>I think I still have a very simple newgrf that caused the crash
11:00<mizipzor>bad link on the link at the bottom to tt-forums
11:01<Yexo>mizipzor: then fix it, it's a wiki :)
11:02<yorick>AMS_TTDP_FLIGHT_FINAL isn't ever used? :(
11:02<mizipzor>yes, but is a simple remove considered a fix? or should i decide on something better to link to?
11:02<frosch123>just link to the internal article about opengfx :p
11:02-!-Trenskow [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:03<Yexo>mizipzor: the newgrf contains a bug, so it's not openttd's fault
11:03<Yexo>the only thing that should be done is making sure openttd does not crash
11:04<Yexo> <- small newgrf that reproduces the crash, s/grf/nfo/ for the source
11:04-!-Trenskow [] has joined #openttd
11:04<mizipzor>Yexo: i agree... good that you said that, so i know im not that far off :p
11:07<Yexo>frosch123: looks like it
11:07<Yexo>sorry, that was ment for yorick :p
11:07<frosch123>weird keyboard you have :)
11:08<dihedral>frosch123, y[tab] = frosch123
11:08-!-Trenskow [] has quit []
11:09-!-matowy [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5/20090624025744]]
11:13<mizipzor>Yexo: i was able to build an airport with that grf file... but on the other hand it seems to have an even number (4) of layouts
11:16<Yexo>mizipzor: you should try to build a train station tile (not the default one)
11:16<Yexo>opening the second station class (blank name) in the build rail station window will cause a crash
11:19<mizipzor>Yexo: there it is! the little crasher
11:19<mizipzor>but this error should be handled during loading, not drawing of the sprite, correct?
11:20<Yexo>both is possible, but during loading is easier
11:21<mizipzor>and if its rejected during load, the drawing wont be a problem
11:21<Yexo>but I'm not sure on all possibilities, it might be that there are valid reasons for having an odd number > 8
11:21<frosch123>"during loading" is even better :)
11:26-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:31-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has joined #openttd
11:32<Alberth>TrueBrain: no new pics :( maybe a ownership problem?
11:33<TrueBrain>no _caption.nfo
11:33<TrueBrain>sorry, the readme suggests it is optional
11:33<TrueBrain>it is not :)
11:33<Alberth>ok :)
11:34<TrueBrain>fixed the readme ;)
11:34<Alberth>I added a AA remark too
11:34-!-DaleStan is now known as Guest820
11:34-!-DaleStan [] has joined #openttd
11:34<TrueBrain>good :)
11:36<Eddi|zuHause>something is awfully wrong... each time i reboot, it sets my clock -1h
11:36<TrueBrain>Eddi|zuHause: I need to run ntp-client at boot, because after boot my time is random
11:37<Eddi|zuHause>not random... exactly -1h
11:37<TrueBrain>I meant to say: don't complain, just run ntp-client at boot :p
11:37<Yexo>TrueBrain / Alberth: there is a spelling error the latest screenshot section: "On of our first..." s/On/One/
11:37<Eddi|zuHause>i do use ntp, but it takes some time
11:37<frosch123>incremental? or just always one hour before the time you indent?
11:38<Eddi|zuHause>frosch123: not incremental, as far as i can tell
11:38<TrueBrain>Eddi|zuHause: not ntpd, ntp-client
11:38<frosch123>so you fix the time and it is not stored in the hw clock?
11:38<Eddi|zuHause>but i once set up to use local time as system time
11:38<TrueBrain>Yexo: fixed, takes a while before it is visible
11:39<Eddi|zuHause>how do i check the hw clock?
11:39<Eddi|zuHause>except in the bios?
11:39-!-Guest820 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:39<Eddi|zuHause>it says something like "storing hw clock" on shutdown
11:40<frosch123>only available to root for me
11:40<Eddi|zuHause># hwclock
11:40<Eddi|zuHause>Sat Jul 11 16:39:55 2009 -0.210236 seconds
11:40<Eddi|zuHause>yeah, that appears to be 1h off
11:44<Eddi|zuHause>i ran "hwclock --systohc" now... now wait (average) two weeks for my next reboot ;)
11:47<@petern>Sat 11 Jul 2009 16:46:45 BST -0.665271 seconds
11:47<@petern>different format, eh?
11:51<Eddi|zuHause>i don't know where it takes the format from
11:51<Eddi|zuHause>root is not set to german, afaik
11:51<TrueBrain>Alberth: thumbs(besides one) looks odd)
11:52<TrueBrain>the rest I say: nice job ;)
11:52<Alberth>it was done with 'Cubic' interpolation in gimp.
11:52<TrueBrain>middle bottom looks perfect
11:52<TrueBrain>the others ... not so much
11:52<TrueBrain>middle top looks ugly
11:53<Alberth>They use a different scale, maybe that is the problem.
11:53<yorick>the water looks nice on the first one
11:53<Eddi|zuHause>> date
11:53<Eddi|zuHause>Sa 11. Jul 17:53:04 CEST 2009
11:56<Alberth>not bad for a first attempt
12:03<Eddi|zuHause>i think i need to supply a screenshot once again...
12:03<Eddi|zuHause>to make up for the uglyness of the other people's networks...
12:05<Eddi|zuHause>the question is... which one...
12:18<Alberth>we should have a competition :p
12:19<Eddi|zuHause>,%2023rd%20Mar%201942.png <- that one close enough to a 0.7 screenshot? showing path signals and go-via orders
12:26<Alberth>All the station-signs make it a bit ugly imho, maybe by making theie background transparent? (need to make dinner first, will be back in an 1-1.5 hour or so)
12:27<Eddi|zuHause>transparent background makes them basically unreadable
12:29<Eddi|zuHause>,%2023rd%20Mar%201942-2.png <- compare
12:32<Eddi|zuHause>and without station signs you don't see what the go-via orders are about, as everything looks like a big station
13:00<Yexo>Eddi|zuHause: some more vehicles would be nice
13:01<Eddi|zuHause>let's see what i can do about that...
13:08-!-|Jeroen| [] has quit [Quit: oO]
13:21<Eddi|zuHause>,%206th%20Apr%201942.png <- like this?
13:30<Alberth>what if you switch to a company colour that gives more contrast?
13:35-!-Splex [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:36<Eddi|zuHause>,%206th%20Apr%201942-2.png <- that's the best i could get
13:36-!-Singaporekid [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:39<Eddi|zuHause>but... non-blue just doesn't have the right feeling...
13:40<Eddi|zuHause>and why is "light blue" darker than "blue"?
13:40<Eddi|zuHause>i remember that much brighter in TTO
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: translators * r16793 /trunk/src/lang/ (portuguese.txt russian.txt spanish.txt):
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: portuguese - 102 changes by SupSuper
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: russian - 3 changes by Lone_Wolf
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: spanish - 11 changes by Terkhen
13:48<Ammler>Orange is best color :-)
13:50<Eddi|zuHause>no, it's not ;)
13:51-!-Exl [~myself@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:51<@Rubidium>the best colour is the best colour
13:51-!-Exl [] has joined #openttd
14:02-!-fonsinchen [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:06<Alberth>TrueBrain: better so?
14:07<TrueBrain>can you do the 0.6 too? :)
14:07<TrueBrain> <- too bad that mouse cursor is there :(
14:08<Alberth>sure, now I know what the trick is :)
14:08<TrueBrain>looks very nice :)
14:08-!-Trenskow [] has joined #openttd
14:17<Alberth> for all those new screen shots :)
14:25<Eddi|zuHause>and i just sent mine per e-mail...
14:25<TrueBrain>poor Eddi|zuHause
14:25<TrueBrain>you now want a cookie?
14:25<TrueBrain>go fetch one
14:25<@Rubidium>those taste bad!
14:26<Eddi|zuHause>reminds me of this matrix parody...
14:26<Eddi|zuHause>The Oracle: I hope you have cookies enabled.
14:27<@Rubidium>if TB would've been the Oracle he would've known you don't like the cookies he gives you and wouldn't have asked it
14:28<Eddi|zuHause>Mr Paperclip: It looks like you're trying to bend a spoon with your mind. Can i help you with that?
14:28<@Rubidium>NOOOO I AM NOOOT
14:28-!-Trenskow [] has quit [Quit: Trenskow]
14:28<@Rubidium>*strangle* *slap* *strangle*
14:28<Eddi|zuHause>something like that ;)
14:29<Eddi|zuHause> <- that's the one i believe
14:30-!-Exl [] has quit [Quit: Bitches.]
14:40<Ammler>Alberth: what does make those screens special for version 0.7?
14:40<Eddi|zuHause>i don't like zoomed-out screenshots
14:41<Alberth>They are made with that version? (if you are a new user, and you find screen shots of 3 versions before, does that impress you?)
14:42<Alberth>TrueBrain: sleep 300
14:42<Ammler>there are much nicer screen in the tt-forums thread.
14:42<TrueBrain>do I need to go idle for 5 minutes? :(
14:43<Eddi|zuHause>Alberth: well, it's better to show screenshots that actually show new features
14:43<Eddi|zuHause>things that were not possible to do before
14:43<TrueBrain>Eddi|zuHause: no, up-to-date screenshots are more important :) Showing new features or not .. new users wouldn't know it anyway :p
14:43<Eddi|zuHause>none of the old screenshots were made with versions that they say they were made with :p
14:44<@Rubidium>Eddi|zuHause: talking about ?
14:44<Alberth>TrueBrain: you can wake up again, and admire the new thumb-nails
14:44<Eddi|zuHause>for example ;)
14:44<TrueBrain>btw, jus tnoticed I put the cache on 1 hour :p
14:45<TrueBrain>0.6 thumbs look much better
14:45<TrueBrain>nice work Alberth
14:45<Eddi|zuHause>Rubidium: i rather doubt that one used station-walking to place the station bits where they are ;)
14:45<Alberth>it really makes a difference
14:45<@Rubidium>Eddi|zuHause: huh?
14:46<Eddi|zuHause>Rubidium: in the city, there are station bits
14:46<@Rubidium>oh, didn't even see those
14:46<@Rubidium>but that likely was station walking
14:46<Eddi|zuHause>well, yes, it could be
14:47<@Rubidium>the screenshot showed the old PBS
14:47<Eddi|zuHause>yeah, i remember the story
14:47<@Rubidium>but DV has some fun replacing the signals
14:48<@Rubidium>and now I'm bored again
14:48*TrueBrain feeds Rubidium a bit of work
14:48<@Rubidium>any sci-fi-ish stuff I should watch?
14:48<TrueBrain>Fast and Furious
14:49<TrueBrain>Lesbian Vampire Slayer?
14:49<@Rubidium>seen & seen
14:49<TrueBrain>but that is just Fiction
14:49<@Rubidium>that doesn't quite sound sci-fi-ish
14:49<TrueBrain>just fiction :p
14:49-!-maristo [] has joined #openttd
14:49<TrueBrain>terrible movie, for that matter
14:50<Eddi|zuHause>what movie?
14:51<Eddi|zuHause>a propos... i didn't get the latest buffy comic yet...
14:52<@Rubidium>and Torchwood is so last day
14:54<Eddi|zuHause>wait... you didn't hear about the secret "day six" episode? :p
14:54<@Rubidium>no, Eve hasn't mentioned that to me
14:55-!-maristo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:57-!-maristo [] has joined #openttd
15:01<Ammler>Rubidium: Buck Rogers
15:05<@Rubidium>hmm, how to get a 1939 movie?
15:05<TrueBrain>via internet
15:05<@Rubidium>it isn't on waybackmachine
15:05<TrueBrain>First Love! :p
15:05-!-Choco-Banana-Man [] has joined #openttd
15:05<TrueBrain>The Wizard of Oz?
15:05<TrueBrain>Frontier Marshal?
15:05<TrueBrain>oh, I know: The Little Princess
15:05<Ammler>just don't use your TCP/IP ;-)
15:06<TrueBrain>(to name just a few movies from 1939
15:06<TrueBrain>Gullivers Travels 1939 720p BluRay x264 CiNEFiLE <- LOL!
15:06<TrueBrain>(animation movie)
15:10-!-Coco-Banana-Man [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:10-!-Choco-Banana-Man is now known as Coco-Banana-Man
15:10<@Rubidium>so I better just sleep 27.5 hours and watch a new Top Gear
15:10<TrueBrain>good luck with that
15:11<@Rubidium>hmm, no that's boring too
15:11<@Rubidium>can't even watch to some people riding a bike in France :(
15:11<TrueBrain>now that is boring!
15:11<Eddi|zuHause>they still ride bikes in france?
15:12<Eddi|zuHause>i thought they banned all people for doping...
15:13<@Rubidium>Eddi|zuHause: no, they only banned German TV or was it the other way around?
15:13<Eddi|zuHause>i think it was the other way round
15:14<Eddi|zuHause>at least they stopped broadcasting half way through the last time
15:14-!-Biolunar [] has quit [Quit: saufen \o/]
15:31-!-yorick [] has quit [Quit: Poef!]
15:39-!-Choco-Banana-Man [] has joined #openttd
15:43-!-Coco-Banana-Man [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:43-!-Choco-Banana-Man is now known as Coco-Banana-Man
15:45-!-PeteT [] has joined #openttd
15:46-!-PeteT is now known as PeterT
16:07-!-[com]buster [] has joined #openttd
16:10-!-Alberth [] has left #openttd []
16:14-!-maristo [] has quit [Quit: Adiaŭ.]
16:17<TrueBrain># What's my age again
16:19<TrueBrain>stupid songbird is fucking slow with the size of my audio library
16:20-!-Zahl_ [] has joined #openttd
16:21-!-frosch123 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:25-!-PeterT [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:26-!-ecke [~ecke@] has quit [Quit: ecke]
16:26-!-PeterT [] has joined #openttd
16:27-!-Zahl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:27-!-Zahl_ is now known as Zahl
16:28-!-Big-Mama [] has joined #openttd
16:28-!-Big-Mama [] has left #openttd []
16:29-!-Noldo [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
16:29<TrueBrain>Tefad / KenjiE20: continueing a discusion of a few days ago: why ripping to FLAC or what ever is a no-brainer, I wonder what to do with the volume difference between songs ... normalizing seems a good idea, but it is a tricky process :s
16:30<KenjiE20>indeed it is
16:30<KenjiE20>usually I leave it as is and use the player to normalise
16:30-!-Noldo [] has joined #openttd
16:30<KenjiE20>most of them have that ability these days
16:30<TrueBrain>my iPod can't do that ;)
16:31-!-Nite_Owl [] has joined #openttd
16:31<TrueBrain>but I wonder if you want to expose a whole music collection to such process, or indeed do it on output
16:31<TrueBrain>by the looks I need to convert to another format for my iPod anyway, as FLAC is battery expensive :p
16:31<Nite_Owl>Hello all
16:31*KenjiE20 uses Foobar, so let's ReplayGain do it then
16:32<Tefad>TrueBrain: use.. yeah
16:33<Tefad>if you have replaygain on your flacs
16:33<Tefad>you can transcode to other formats with normalization applied
16:33<Tefad>there's a checkbox in fb2k for that
16:34<TrueBrain>which leads to the question: how to get the replaygain value in the flac in the first place ;)
16:34<Tefad>select all, then you go to replaygain and tag by album based on tag
16:34<TrueBrain>select all .. what tool are you talking about? :p
16:35<TrueBrain>ah, not using that :p
16:35<Tefad>you on a mac?
16:35<Tefad>i use fb2k and i'm on linux : x
16:35<Tefad>wine ftw.
16:35<TrueBrain>not the point :)
16:35<KenjiE20>and replaygain can be applied to an entire album at once iirc
16:35<TrueBrain>I want to .. well .. automate this shit :p
16:36*KenjiE20 is also pretty sure some form of RelpayGain exists for linux somewhere
16:36<Tefad>does flac have it built in?
16:36<Tefad>look at --replay-gain
16:36<TrueBrain>haven't touched flac yet ;) Just reading (and asking ;))
16:37-!-[com]buster [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:37<Nite_Owl>Would it not be simpler to just play the CD
16:37<TrueBrain>Nite_Owl: do you enjoy changing CDs every 3 minutes?
16:38<KenjiE20>or breaking them
16:38<Tefad>or carrying around all of them with you
16:38<KenjiE20>I must've killed a dozen CDs by dragging them everywhere
16:38<Nite_Owl>I have a 5 disk CD changer
16:38<@Rubidium>Nite_Owl: please explain how to fit a CD in an iPod shuffle/nano
16:38<Tefad>5 isn't nearly enough
16:38<TrueBrain>I have 13000 listed songs ... dunno :p
16:38<Nite_Owl>I surrender
16:38<KenjiE20>granted most of those were due to the crappy goodmans cd player
16:39<KenjiE20>it had internal reinforcing ribs on the lid
16:39<KenjiE20>so evey big jolt made the disc jump against them
16:39<Nite_Owl>but I either listen to music at home or in my car and very rarely anywhere else
16:39<TrueBrain>okay, so flac should do the replay gain, and it should all turn out okay as long as I use rg aware players :p
16:40<TrueBrain>tnx :)
16:40<TrueBrain>now I just need a tool to name the files correctly, and I am set :)
16:44<Tefad>flac can do it
16:45<Tefad>eh hmm
16:45<TrueBrain>Tefad: are you okay? :p
16:50-!-PeteT [] has joined #openttd
16:50-!-PeteT [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:52<TrueBrain>flac has a poor compression :p
16:57<TrueBrain>lol, nice 'bug' in flac (at least I think): cdparanoia 1 - | flac - -o test.flac --best --replay-gain <- tells me I try to output to stdout, and that replay-gain is therefor not possible
16:57<TrueBrain>go figure ...
17:04-!-PeterT [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:04-!-ecke [~ecke@] has joined #openttd
17:04<TrueBrain>Tefad: btw, I meant to get the right names for the CD tracks .. cdda.track01.flac is a silly name ;)
17:15<Eddi|zuHause>dihedral: "i must have taken a wrong turn in albuqurque"
17:16-!-PeterT [] has joined #openttd
17:18<Eddi|zuHause>hm... 27 results with "at", and 22 results with "in", that's pretty close...
17:19<Tefad>you can do it with cdda craps
17:19<Tefad>ID databases
17:19<Tefad>you know..
17:19<TrueBrain>need to figure that out :)
17:19<Tefad>i helped write an automated system for this
17:19<TrueBrain>(and feed it to flac :p)
17:19<Tefad>go look up cdevour
17:20<Tefad>i think it's configured for vorbis
17:20<Tefad>but it can be easily extended for flac
17:20<Tefad>hack away!
17:21<TrueBrain>will do, tnx for the pointer
17:21<TrueBrain>why does debian want to install exim when I install mysql-server :(
17:22<@Rubidium>stupid maintainer for mysql
17:22<TrueBrain>found a hacky way around it .. lalala
17:27<TrueBrain>dihedral: that you are bored, okay .. but don't let us enjoy ;)
17:37-!-PeterT [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:44<dihedral>sorry TB, cannot resist :-D
17:44<TrueBrain>try harder
17:45<dihedral>it's funny!
17:45<@Rubidium>if only I could remotely 'execute' commands in TrueBrain's IRC client
17:45<TrueBrain>Rubidium: you can do it local too
17:46<@Rubidium>what I want to execute in you IRC client I've already executed in mine
17:46<TrueBrain>ah :)
17:46<TrueBrain>I got it ;)
17:47<TrueBrain>I can't get Amarok to work with ampache :(
17:47<dihedral><TrueBrain> try harder
17:51-!-Farden [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:55-!-Worldbeing [] has joined #openttd
17:57<TrueBrain>stupid ampache doens't work ... it fails to play any file :'(
18:00<TrueBrain>so bye Amarok .. you can't handle my music collection, so I don't like you
18:01<Worldbeing>Evening folks
18:02<TrueBrain>hello Worldbeing; what can we do for you on this beautiful evening?
18:02<Worldbeing>I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm looking for a certain scenario I can remember playing. Can't remember if it was in TTD or an earlier version of OTTD, or whether I downloaded it myself.
18:03<Worldbeing>All I can remember is that I think the name started with a P and it had several instances of the producing industries (forsts etc) grouped together in certain areas
18:04-!-dihedral [] has quit [Quit: knock knock - gone]
18:04<Worldbeing>I think it probably came with the game, but I can't seem to handle installing TTD from CD on this system, and I can't be bothered to persevere just to check while I have a perfectly good version of OTTD running
18:04<Yexo>you can load TTD scenario's in OpenTTD, no need to install TTD for that
18:05<Worldbeing>So basically, unless anyone has an excellent memory and an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the TTD/OTTD scenarios ever made...
18:05<Worldbeing>I know, but I can't find it on the CD, and was wondering if I needed to unpack something on the CD to access any .scns in installing
18:06<Yexo>I think it are .sv1 files, not .scn files
18:06<Yexo>but not sure on that
18:08<Worldbeing>Possibly...either way, I can't find any on the CD I have
18:10<Worldbeing>Yus, several of those...
18:11<Worldbeing>About 40, in fact
18:12<Yexo>then you have some testing to do to see if it's an of those 40 scenarios :)
18:12<Eddi|zuHause>hm... i can't stop thinking about building a model railway through my room
18:13-!-FR^2 [] has quit [Quit: Der Worte sind genug gewechselt, lasst mich auch endlich Taten sehn!]
18:19<Worldbeing>Some of these scenarios are crazy
18:20<Eddi|zuHause>i never really played any of the scenarios
18:21-!-Rexxie [~rexxars@] has quit [Quit: edgepro: Why are you staring at my shoes? They're perfectly normal.]
18:22<Worldbeing>For some of them, playing them would be all but impossible
18:22<Worldbeing>Or at least, pointless
18:23-!-KritiK [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:23<Worldbeing>The map that looks like a teddybear, for example
18:28-!-Nite_Owl [] has quit [Quit: Read You Soon]
18:32<Eddi|zuHause>the only kind of scenario i would consider would be a real world based, like europe or germany or something
18:33<Eddi|zuHause>building a realistic map of the german railways before 1914, that could be cool
18:33-!-Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:35<Worldbeing>The advantage to real world scenarios is that industries tend to be vaguely realistically placed, rather than just thrown all over the place
18:35<Worldbeing>Which annoys me in random maps
18:40<Worldbeing>Nope, can't find it. Dammit
18:42<Eddi|zuHause>there used to be a scenario pack that was distributed with older releases
18:42<Eddi|zuHause>but i really did not know anything about these
18:44<Worldbeing>Hmmm, sounds like a possible candidate
18:44<Worldbeing>I remember it being one of about five or six scenarios
18:44<Worldbeing>Trouble is, it must be a couple of years ago at least
18:44<Worldbeing>Hence the uncertainty as to where it's from
18:52<Eddi|zuHause>bäh... the squirrel stuff takes ages to compile
18:52<TrueBrain>-j2 is such a lovely command
18:53<Eddi|zuHause>only when you have a dual core ;)
18:53<TrueBrain>even without
18:53<Yexo>even without
18:53*TrueBrain hugs Yexo :)
18:53<TrueBrain>Eddi|zuHause: it has to do with making sure the IO already loaded the next file and stuff
18:53<Eddi|zuHause>but really, half of the compile time is spent with ai stuff...
18:54<TrueBrain>I am pretty sure it is not 50% ;)
18:54<Yexo>and since I started using msvc I won't complain anymore about the speed of gcc
18:55<Yexo> <- according to that, it's +- 25%
18:55<TrueBrain>I was looking for that url ... :p
18:56<Eddi|zuHause>what's that?
18:56<Yexo>a benchmark of compile time
18:56-!-Ridayah [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:57<Yexo>SmatZ runs that every 10 revesions
18:57<Eddi|zuHause>oh... compile time by revisions...
18:57<Eddi|zuHause>really... why does nobody ever put a description at the scales
18:57<@Rubidium>because that wastes precious screen space
18:57<Eddi|zuHause>it's the most elementary thing you learn about making a diagram
18:58<TrueBrain>SmatZ: can you add description at the axis? :)
18:58<TrueBrain>I agree with Eddi|zuHause here, I was trying to figure out myself what was on the axis of different graphs :p
19:01-!-Ridayah [] has joined #openttd
19:02-!-dragonhorseboy [] has joined #openttd
19:02<dragonhorseboy>just had to wonder but how many of you play with steam locomotives (especially in multiplayer too) after the 1940's?
19:03<@Rubidium>multiplayer? what's that?
19:05*dragonhorseboy wonders if rubidium somehow has not both heard of ttdx and not even seen that ottd had a very clear "multiplayer" button at the main screen
19:06<Yexo>just had to wonder but how many of you play <- /me stops reading
19:10<KingJ>I hate Steam. Prefer e-rail
19:10<TrueBrain>Steam is such a nice gaming platform
19:11<dragonhorseboy>kingj... email isn't even a locomotive ;) (and for you too truebrain)
19:11<KingJ>I didn't say email
19:11<dragonhorseboy>hm.. *looks at windows trying to bellyup with font dots again*
19:12<dragonhorseboy>sorry..its been doing that often
19:13<dragonhorseboy>kingj either way, fair enough. did you like any in particular or just picking whatever worked for you?
19:13<KingJ>I've always prefered rail vehicles. Steam is too slow for my liking, mono/maglev too fast. I only use maglev on a few special routes
19:13<Eddi|zuHause>did 0.6.2 have a bug where the catchment area wraps around the map edges?
19:14<Tefad>i always liked toroidal maps
19:15-!-tokai [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:15<dragonhorseboy>kingj...hmm well some grfs actually bring highspeed steam locomotives (and no..not just only 140km/h .. quite faster ;) ) .. but fair enough. and yeah I almost never ever use actual maglevs on any of my own games at all (although I did perhaps use that one in dbsetxl once in a while)
19:15<Yexo>Eddi|zuHause: yes, but onl visually
19:16<Eddi|zuHause> <- here is a guy who has magically appearing oil at his refinery station, and he has an oil rig at the exact opposite of the map
19:17<Eddi|zuHause>i told him to update to 0.7.1
19:17<Yexo>that's no known bug in 0.6.3, at least not known to me
19:18-!-`Fuco`` [] has joined #openttd
19:19-!-tokai [] has joined #openttd
19:19-!-mode/#openttd [+v tokai] by ChanServ
19:24-!-Fuco [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:24<Eddi|zuHause>i am pretty sure if that ever was a bug it is already fixed, at least i can not reproduce it in my current build
19:25<dragonhorseboy>do any of you use or have used the japan station grf?
19:25<TrueBrain>is this the daily enquete, or?
19:25<TrueBrain>maybe better word :p
19:25<Tefad>yous a frenchy?
19:26<dragonhorseboy>truebrain well you know how the first platform in list is an automated one... I'm wondering if there's any action/callback to specify different tiles per different platform lengths or.. just how does it really even work nfo-wise?
19:26<dragonhorseboy>I kinda want to duplicate that but not sure which nfo part to look up in the wiki
19:26<TrueBrain>what do I know? :(
19:26<TrueBrain>I hate it when people think I know anything about newgrfs :(
19:27<Eddi|zuHause>varaction 2 for stations is a pretty safe bet :p
19:27<dragonhorseboy>thanks eddi..looking now :)
19:32<dragonhorseboy>hm great...where did I put the manual now :S
19:33-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has quit []
19:33-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has joined #openttd
19:33<TrueBrain>welcome back Eddi|zuHause :)
19:34<dragonhorseboy>ah found it thanks eddi.. varaction2stations variable 40 and 41 specifies tiles
19:34<Eddi|zuHause>have i ever told how useless it is to greet people who had a 24h disconnect?
19:34<TrueBrain>Eddi|zuHause: please do tell :)
19:34<dragonhorseboy>I wouldn't want to do that myself eddi :)
19:34<TrueBrain>I myself have a 24h disconnect too btw, but I rarely notice
19:34<TrueBrain>mostly it is back before IRC times out :)
19:35<Eddi|zuHause>that works only if i have a bouncer of some sort
19:35<TrueBrain>nope, raw connection here
19:35<TrueBrain>but I get the same IP, and the reconnect is only for the authorization
19:35<TrueBrain>so it is not completely fair I guess ;)
19:36<@Rubidium>Eddi|zuHause: can you in Germany call the emergency services via VOIP?
19:36<Eddi|zuHause>how should i know?
19:36<Eddi|zuHause>i hate phones...
19:37<Eddi|zuHause>i am pretty sure i can't call them by IRC :p
19:37<@Rubidium>well, it's possible in the US... and I doubt that a provider deliberatly killing connections when calling the emergency services might be 'a bad thing'
19:37<@Rubidium>hmm... my mind went faster than my fingers
19:38<Eddi|zuHause>the majority of all customers will never notice the 24h limit
19:38<@Rubidium>Eddi|zuHause: until someone dies because of it ;)
19:39<Eddi|zuHause>well, you can try suing the providers ;)
19:39<@Rubidium>but then, being kicked once every 24 hours isn't that bad compared with Ziggo in Amersfoort Vathorst
19:39<@Rubidium>where you may be lucky when the phone works
19:40<TrueBrain>IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '~/cdrip-tmp/track1.tag'
19:40<TrueBrain>python doesn't like ~? :(
19:40<@Rubidium>maybe it doesn't resolve it
19:41<dragonhorseboy>kingj you still around?
19:41<KingJ>For you, no
19:41<dragonhorseboy>very funny :p
19:42<Eddi|zuHause>TrueBrain: i'm pretty sure the ~ expansion is a shell-only thing :p
19:42-!-TheStarLion [] has joined #openttd
19:42<TrueBrain>works too :p
19:42<Eddi|zuHause>hm... i'll forget this until i need it...
19:43<dragonhorseboy>kingj but anyway so if you started a game and saw that some nice electric locomotives were affordable you would probably had gone 100% electrification from the start right? :-)
19:44<KingJ>I do
19:44<dragonhorseboy>thought so
19:45-!-TheStarLion [] has quit []
19:45<Eddi|zuHause>i never go all-electric
19:46<KingJ>Well, I play with the UK railset
19:46<KingJ>But only use 3 engines
19:47<KingJ>AL10's for all freight
19:47<KingJ>Pendolino for stopping passengers
19:47<KingJ>Eurostar for express passengers
19:48<dragonhorseboy>eddi..on one of jonty-comp's earlier map (not the last one before server went down for good recently) .. I managed to start with mix of steam and electric then when both were getting old enough, it was late diesel for only a short while but then as soon as the first one came out I literally went 100% hydrogen power and even ripped down a lot of wires except for a few emu trains :)
19:48<dragonhorseboy>if the map had started later I'm sure I would had gone almost all-hydrogen :P
19:48<dragonhorseboy>think it was NARS anyhow
19:48-!-Coco-Banana-Man [] has quit [Quit: Raubgut ist vom Umtausch ausgeschlossen!]
19:51<dragonhorseboy>with dbsetxl well...since the cost are reasonable high etc I've often found myself running a bit of wide mix of anything as long as they aren't showing old age (even the ones with only 15 year expecation are often sold off in less than 16 years too)
19:51<dragonhorseboy>because i can't just buy everything as soon as a new one comes out or I'll go bankrupt quickly
19:55<KingJ>Ah, I also play with breakdowns off
19:55<KingJ>Playing with it on would be... chaotic
19:55<Eddi|zuHause>breakdowns are silly
19:56-!-Zahl [] has quit [Quit: *schiel*]
19:57<dragonhorseboy>I always have it enabled on reduced .. its just not relastic to have a 30+ years old engine still running nonstop ;)
19:57<dragonhorseboy>some grfs have a wide variety of locomotives for that reason
20:03<TrueBrain>night all
20:06-!-mizipzor [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:14-!-`Fuco`` [] has quit [Quit: Quit]
20:14<CIA-1>OpenTTD: yexo * r16794 /trunk/src/airport_gui.cpp: -Fix (r16752): setting coverage area highlight in the airport selection window didn't take effect immediatly
20:17-!-Fuco [] has joined #openttd
20:31-!-tux_mark_5 [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc Insomnia 4.0.0, revision: , sources date: 20090115, built on: 2009/03/07 00:45:02 UTC]
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21:06-!-Gustav [] has joined #openttd
21:06-!-Gustav is now known as Djungelmunnas
21:06<Djungelmunnas>Hey guys
21:08<Djungelmunnas>I have something on my mind
21:09-!-Worldbeing_ [] has joined #openttd
21:10<Djungelmunnas>I need to figure out a away to merge a station, so that trains from 4 different directions can merge and return/go any way.
21:10<Djungelmunnas>This is what I've got so far
21:11<Tefad>is that a jpeg screen shot
21:11<Tefad>you just opened up a can of worms son.
21:12-!-Worldbeing [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:12<Tefad>next time use the built-in screenshot ability
21:12-!-Worldbeing_ is now known as Worldbeing
21:13-!-TheStarLion [] has joined #openttd
21:13<Djungelmunnas>Thanks for the tip but it was off topic
21:13<Tefad>it is quite on topic as this is openttd and you're WRONG on the internet.
21:13<Tefad>protip: it's ctrl+s
21:14<Djungelmunnas>Yeah I checked it up.
21:14<Djungelmunnas>Do I have to ask again or will you drop that?
21:14<Tefad>no, i will continue to beat the dead horse
21:14<Tefad>because i like beating things.
21:15<Djungelmunnas>Cool story bro, try beating my problem
21:15<Tefad>is dat sum 4chons
21:16<Tefad>why do you have one giant station
21:16<Djungelmunnas>Why not?
21:17<Djungelmunnas>1: Goods can be picked up from any direction?
21:17<Tefad>because you're going to need waypoints to direct to the different entrances
21:17<Tefad>you can have a separate station for goods pickup
21:17<Tefad>it's probably a bad idea to have pickup and dropoff on the same station
21:18<Djungelmunnas>Not really
21:18<Tefad>as you can fill all your slots with pickup and no room for dropping off
21:18<Djungelmunnas>Not gonna happen
21:18<Tefad>by way of magic?
21:18<Djungelmunnas>By way of not having 28 goods trains
21:19<Tefad>eh, at least you use foobar2000.
21:19<Djungelmunnas>Do you know what spotify is?
21:20<Djungelmunnas>"streaming music program that allows instant listening"
21:20<Tefad>it's proprietary so i will have a large hesitation to avoid using it
21:20<Tefad>to using it.
21:21<Tefad>i'll stick to my own music files stored locally
21:21<Djungelmunnas>Suite yourself.
21:21-!-TheStarLion [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
21:21<Tefad>i have bandwidth caps on my connection anyway
21:21<Tefad>comes out to roughly 768kbps half-duplex, anything streaming will dig into this
21:22<Tefad>i have a habit of leaving streams running unintentionally
21:22<Djungelmunnas>Splendid man.
21:23<Djungelmunnas>You wanna talk about something relevant?
21:27<Djungelmunnas>Think about it
21:27<Djungelmunnas>I'll be back in a year or less
21:27<Djungelmunnas>Don't worry about it
21:27-!-Djungelmunnas [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.0.11/2009060215]]
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