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00:57<CIA-4>OpenTTD: smatz * r17688 /trunk/src/ (roadveh.h train.h): -Fix (r17684): incorrect comments
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03:01<Pikka>hmm, apparently TTD is still fun with the original vehicles :o
03:01*Pikka has just been playing on some random server
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03:39<Terkhen>good morning
03:42<yorick>good morning
03:48<Pikka>we talked the whole night through
03:48<Pikka>good morning, good morning, to you!
03:49<yorick>hey Pikka
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04:14*yorick ctrl-c s out of the loop
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06:00<thepalm>I am getting something weird happening with trains and pbs signals. When the train has the choice of two paths and only one is available, occasionally the train stops briefly before continuing on the free path
06:00<thepalm>I have a savegame
06:03<Xaroth>multiple PBS on the route?
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06:04<thepalm>only pbs signals
06:04<Xaroth>on the entire track or just at the junctions?
06:05<thepalm>entire track
06:05<Xaroth>ah, that might cause it
06:05<Xaroth>generally works better if you use PBS only on the junctions
06:06<Xaroth>since that's really the only place where it needs to do signal states based on the path it's taking
06:06<Xaroth>if it's just a straight line pbs are inefficient
06:06<@Rubidium>very likely the other track was (temporary) more expensive for some reason
06:07<thepalm>still, it seems an odd behaviour
06:07<thepalm>the trains basically start as again as soon as they stop
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06:15<thepalm>rubidium: I think it was a penalty issue, putting a road on one track seems to have fixed the problem
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06:17<@Rubidium>said so
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07:29<TrueBrain>Rubidium: <- would this be okay? (src/depend/depend.cpp)
07:30<TrueBrain>(needed for OpenDUNE :p)
07:33<_ln>TrueBrain: s's scope could be more limited, i.e. if(char *s = strrchr(path, '/')) *s = '\0';
07:34<SmatZ>are you sure?
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07:35<TrueBrain>the scope is now 1 line more ... lets not make code unneeded unreadable just to gain 1 line of lesser scope :s
07:35<_ln>SmatZ: i am.
07:36<_ln>TrueBrain: well true, i just personally happen to prefer the syntax i mentioned.
07:37<SmatZ>_ln: lrn2C
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07:38<Wolf01>hello boys
07:38*SmatZ buys _ln one copy of "K&R"
07:38<SmatZ>hello Wolf01
07:39<_ln>SmatZ: since when is K&R syntax relevant in a C++ file?
07:39<_ln>SmatZ: but thanks, i'll gladly accept your gift.
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07:42<SmatZ>now this is weird
07:42<SmatZ>anyway... "if (ptr != NULL)" should be used in OTTD instead of "if (ptr)"
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08:06<TrueBrain>morning glx :) <- would this be okay?
08:07<TrueBrain>(causing nasty segfaults with OpenDUNE otherwise :p)
08:08<+glx>hmm yes looks safer :)
08:09<TrueBrain>would you mind committing it? I don't have an active OpenTTD checkout :$
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08:17<CIA-4>OpenTTD: glx * r17689 /trunk/src/depend/depend.cpp: -Fix (r16307): depend could segfault in some case (TrueBrain)
08:17<TrueBrain>thank you!! :)
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08:21*Xaroth humps glx
08:21<Xaroth>wait, that came out wrong
08:21<Xaroth>no more segfault woo
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09:00<Luukland>Muxy, Goulpadmin are u here?
09:01<Luukland>-- no response --
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09:40<Muxy>have defined a string with a parameter : blablabla {STRING}. This string is used in a window title. how can i change the {String} parameter ?
09:42<Alberth>there should be a SetDParam(0, <something>) just above this->DrawWidgets() in OnPaint()
09:42<Alberth>in the old setting
09:42<Muxy>yeap i've seen that
09:43<Alberth>in the new nested widgets, set the param in 'virtual void SetStringParameters(int widget) const' method
09:43<Muxy>and i replaced this by a SetDParamStr( 0, mystring )
09:43<Muxy>aha ok
09:44<Alberth>eg town_gui.cpp, line 176
09:45<Muxy>ok, thx
09:45<Alberth>(probably for {town} but you get the idea :)
09:46<Muxy>SetStringParameters in town_gui.cpp ? trunk ?
09:47<Alberth>where else?
09:48<Muxy>and new nested widget is used in 0.7.3 ?
09:49<Muxy>i'm currently working on 0.7.2
09:49<Alberth>no nested widgets in 0.7.x
09:49<Muxy>so i should use SetDParam
09:50<Alberth>or SetDParamStr(), I don't know.
09:50<Alberth>but in OnPaint()
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09:51<Muxy>yeap just before the DrawWidgets()
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10:45<Terkhen>is there any ide/tool/script that allows to find unneeded includes?
10:46<SmatZ> I am using this, but it's just a bash script
10:48<@Rubidium>hmm, brute force?
10:49<CIA-4>OpenTTD: smatz * r17690 /trunk/src/driver.cpp: -Fix: minor coding style issue
10:51<@Rubidium>when did thy last run it?
10:51<SmatZ>~month ago
10:51<SmatZ>it doesn't remove many includes, so I left it as it is :)
10:52<Terkhen>I'm not familiar with bash scripts... what are the parameters to run it?
10:54<@Rubidium>there don't seem to be any parameters
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10:55<Terkhen>I was trying the second one, the first seems to be running with no parameters
10:55<Terkhen>thanks :)
10:55<@Rubidium>it seems to be removing quite a bit
10:56<SmatZ>some includes it removes shouldn't be removed
10:56<SmatZ>like, those OS-specific onec
10:57<@Rubidium>- if (verbose) fprintf(stderr, "%s #include ", filename);
10:57<@Rubidium>or that one :)
10:57<@Rubidium>but yes, it definitely needs a review :)
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11:00<Terkhen>okay, I'll see what I can catch :)
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11:29<@Rubidium>100k of diff for removing includes :(
11:29<@Rubidium>(unreviewed though)
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11:29<SmatZ>something like svn revert -R src/3rdparty is a good thing to do :)
11:32<@Rubidium>still 95k left
11:32<Eddi|zuHause>frosch123: yes, after i read the reply i wanted to make a bug reportt, but didn't get round to it yet
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11:38<CIA-4>OpenTTD: rubidium * r17691 /trunk/src/statusbar_gui.cpp: -Codechange: make the status bar nested
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11:40<@Rubidium>SmatZ: lovely... now I'm getting linking errors ;)
11:40<@Rubidium>after manually sifting through the diff
11:41<@Rubidium>seems like some changes shouldn't be done after all
11:41<@Rubidium>still 85k of diff remaining
11:42<@Rubidium> <- that works for me
11:44<SmatZ>-#include "settings_type.h"
11:44<SmatZ>Alberth objected against these last time
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11:52<@Rubidium>okay, one minor change and it works for MSVC too
11:53<Alberth>not sure what you are refering to, I am making diner atm
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12:26<Ammler>this inlcude stuff looks like a missing feature of c
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12:32<Alberth>it is a general problem. Compilers are good in finding things that are missing, but not in finding stuff that is not needed or obsolete.
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12:34<Lakie>Actually quite a few compilers for higher languages will give a warning for unused variables.
12:34<Lakie>Not so much for classes, but thats down to programmers.
12:35<Alberth>exactly my point, local vars can be found, but not an unused global declaration, or an unused class
12:35<Lakie>Thats true.
12:35<+glx>unused global vars are found
12:35<Alberth>or an unused function
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12:35<+glx>(when they are static)
12:37<Lakie>I think thats because some people keep unused functions and classes for COM support sometimes.
12:38<Alberth>then they are not unused imho
12:38<Lakie>They ARE for that compile
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13:11<CIA-4>OpenTTD: smatz * r17692 /trunk/src/ (12 files in 4 dirs): -Codechange: minor coding style fixes
13:12<SmatZ>linker should remove unused symbols :)
13:12<SmatZ>it doesn't solve compile-time issue though
13:16<CIA-4>OpenTTD: rubidium * r17693 /trunk/src/ (185 files in 15 dirs): -Cleanup: remove some unneeded includes
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13:26<CIA-4>OpenTTD: smatz * r17694 /trunk/src/ai/api/squirrel_export.awk: -Codechange: don't break $ to two lines in squirrel_export.awk
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13:45<CIA-4>OpenTTD: translators * r17695 /trunk/src/lang/ (5 files in 2 dirs):
13:45<CIA-4>OpenTTD: -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<CIA-4>OpenTTD: frisian - 37 changes by Minifan
13:45<CIA-4>OpenTTD: hebrew - 133 changes by dnd_man
13:45<CIA-4>OpenTTD: hungarian - 2 changes by alyr
13:45<CIA-4>OpenTTD: thai - 66 changes by ityellow
13:45<CIA-4>OpenTTD: vietnamese - 12 changes by nglekhoi
13:46<PeterT>how do I view what alyr changed in Hungarian?
13:48<_ln>by viewing diff between 17694:17695
13:48<PeterT>I got it:
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14:10<PeterT>How do I make it so that people can see my server without me having to give them my IP address and port to connect?
14:14<CIA-4>OpenTTD: rubidium * r17696 /trunk/src/fontcache.h: -Fix (r17693): compile failure when compiling without freetype
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14:16<CIA-4>OpenTTD: rubidium * r17697 /trunk/src/ai/api/ (53 files): -Codechange: coding style in the automatically generated squirrel wrapper code
14:21<StM>Is there a way in NoAI (or squirrel in fact) to build a singleton?
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14:46<@Rubidium>StM: probably not, well not in the 'classical' way. Would be possible with a global variable, although maybe you can make a global class variable in the same way
14:47<@Rubidium>StM: MyClass.MySingletonVar <- "something" ?
14:48<StM>Rubidium I tried that but i get a unknown index error :)
14:48<StM>It looks he tries to lookup in the global table
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14:49<PeterT>was squirrel specifically designed for OpenTTD?
14:49<@Rubidium>then I got no clue; try asking it on the forum though. As that's the place where most AI developers hang out
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14:52<CIA-4>OpenTTD: frosch * r17698 /trunk/src/sound.cpp: -Fix (r17140) [FS#3205]: Convert endian after loading sounds from file.
14:52<avdg>I have a problem that openttd doesnt close in linux (ubuntu 9.04)
14:53<avdg>its frozen :/
14:53<@Rubidium>avdg: does it happen each time?
14:54-!-yorick [] has joined #openttd
14:54<avdg>i had it a few times today
14:54<avdg>but it closed well sometimes
14:54<avdg>its the latest from the trunk
14:54<avdg>should I test it in the console?
14:54<@Rubidium>please start OpenTTD with -d 9 as parameter and tell the last few lines before it freezes
14:55<@Rubidium>yes, from the console
14:55<avdg>wow... it doesnt close with system monitor
14:55<Terkhen>avdg: I'm having a similar problem... sometimes it gets frozen when I click "Yes" at the return to Unix window... and once that it happens every instance of OpenTTD I open wil get the same problem
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14:56<Terkhen>I have to kill it with kill -9
14:56<avdg>hum... its confirmed
14:56<avdg>is it already reported?
14:56<@Rubidium>no, but it isn't confirmed to be OpenTTD's fault
14:57<avdg>finally closed :p
14:57<Terkhen>when I get the problem again I will run it with -d 9
14:57<avdg>dammit, my desktop is empty too...
14:59<avdg>heuge list :/
14:59<avdg>test 1: open and close: succes
15:00<avdg>test 2: open, load game and close: succes :/
15:01<avdg>any idea what i should try now?
15:01<frosch123>[21:02] <Terkhen> I have to kill it with kill -9 <- use at least -6, so a crash.log is generated
15:01<avdg>hmm, ok lets see
15:01<avdg>in the same directory as the binary right?
15:02<Terkhen>frosch123: okay, I will do that
15:03<avdg>I couldn't find the file :/
15:03<Alberth>Terkhen: when clicking exit, my display also freezes for a few seconds, it syncs stuff to disk then (openttd.cfg I think).
15:04<frosch123>is it on the network? :o
15:04<avdg>lets try
15:05<Alberth>no afaik :p
15:05<@Rubidium>frosch123: probably not, but more an file system misfeature; fsyncing the data of a file requiring to flush the whole transaction log to the disk first etc.
15:05<avdg>hmm... no fail here
15:06<avdg>maybe play for some minutes...
15:07<@Rubidium>it's probably something external from OpenTTD that locks something in the audio subsystem or so
15:08<Terkhen>I think it's related to audio too, because when it happens all sound applications I open can't play anything at all until restart
15:08<frosch123>ah, in that case i would never notice :)
15:09<avdg>ok, fail that try too :/
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15:10<avdg>hmm... wich actions should i take to hear all music
15:10-!-lordaro [] has left #openttd []
15:11<@Rubidium>Terkhen: so it's more likely that it's something in SDL or the library SDL uses than in OpenTTD itself
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15:13<avdg>i'll stop testing, I have work todo tomorrow
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15:31<+michi_cc>dihedral: Did you have a Mac as well or am I misremembering that?
15:34<+michi_cc>planetmaker: can you test ?
15:34<+michi_cc>(anybody else with a Mac can of course test it as well :)
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15:47<Yexo>good evening
15:51<welshdragon>michi_cc: i'm testing that now
15:53<+michi_cc>welshdragon: could you make sure that you don't have a music_driver configured in openttd.cfg?
15:53<+michi_cc>as that build features a new midi player using CoreAudio only.
15:55<+michi_cc>and a second test: does pasting something into for example the multiplayer name work?
15:55<+michi_cc>the edit box I mean :)
15:55<welshdragon>michi_cc: you mean extmidi?
15:56<+michi_cc>the new driver is called cocoa
15:57<welshdragon>pasting works michi_cc
15:58<+michi_cc>ah, no, I meant the setting musicdriver in the misc section. If you don't have it, everythings perfect alredy
16:01<CIA-4>OpenTTD: rubidium * r17699 /trunk/src/network/ (13 files in 2 dirs): -Codechange: move #ifdef ENABLE_NETWORK till after the 'generic' includes so compilation without network support doesn't get broken as easily by changes in header files
16:02<welshdragon>michi_cc: goodo
16:05-!-yorick [] has quit [Quit: Poef!]
16:07<+michi_cc>welshdragon: does even setting the music volume work?
16:07<dihedral>michi_cc, yep i have a mac
16:07<dihedral>a g4 running 10.4
16:07<+michi_cc>so, can you test just what welshdragon tested as well?
16:08<welshdragon>michi_cc: yes, all works fine
16:08<+michi_cc>very good :)
16:08<dihedral>what do i need to look out for?
16:09<+michi_cc>does the music work (without a custom musicdriver setting in the openttd.cfg)
16:09<+michi_cc>and can you paste something into for example the multiplayer name edit box
16:10<dihedral>i do not use music in ttd
16:10<dihedral>or openttd ;-)
16:10<dihedral>sound is fine though
16:10<+michi_cc>sound I didn't change :)
16:11<dihedral>paste works
16:11<+michi_cc>summary of all changes is at;a=shortlog
16:11<dihedral>looks good, from inside the game
16:11<dihedral>am i seeing this right?? you feel like stepping up for os x port?
16:12<+michi_cc>as far as it is possible with VMware only
16:12<dihedral>with vmware.....
16:13<+michi_cc>10.5.8 is actually running quite good
16:15<dihedral>well, you surly will make 2% of openttd players happy :-)
16:20-!-Chruker [] has quit []
16:31-!-Alberth [] has left #openttd []
16:33<CIA-4>OpenTTD: frosch * r17700 /trunk/src/ (6 files in 2 dirs): -Codechange: Integrate ShipVehicleInfo::refittable into EngineInfo::refit_mask during initialisation.
16:33<PeterT>17700 :)
16:35<TrueBrain>michi_cc: you have 10.5.8 running in vmware? Impressive ;)
16:37<+michi_cc>Well, I wouldn't have without all the pre-made hackintosh packages. I mean, there's even a hacked together VMware Tools now
16:38<TrueBrain>I wish I had VT-X .....
16:38<TrueBrain>impressive work to do from a VM :p
16:40<+michi_cc>The most complicated thing was probably the new music driver, and that I couldn't have done without the matching sample code from apple
16:41<TrueBrain>For what it is worth, you have my respect :) Even with having OSX running on my machine, I couldn't get a decent developer env to work on ...
16:42<TrueBrain>(1024x768 on a 22" WD is bad for your eyes :p)
16:42-!-Chrill [~chrischri@] has joined #openttd
16:46-!-frosch123 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:52<CIA-4>OpenTTD: smatz * r17701 /trunk/src/ (12 files in 5 dirs): -Codechange: don't start line with a space if it's not inside comment
16:53<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17702 /trunk/ (5 files in 3 dirs):
16:53<CIA-4>OpenTTD: -Change: [OSX] Assure that the minimal OSX version is defined in all cases.
16:53<CIA-4>OpenTTD: -Codechange: [OSX] Improve conditional defines for OS version dependant code.
16:53<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17703 /trunk/config.lib:
16:53<CIA-4>OpenTTD: -Change: [OSX] Rework the configure OSX SDK detection to actually try different SDK versions and use the best SDK for each universal target.
16:53<CIA-4>OpenTTD: -Change: [OSX] Improve the configure checks for QuickDraw and QuickTime.
16:53<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17704 /trunk/src/os/macosx/ (macos.h -Codechange: [OSX] Improve detection of OS X version. (planetmaker)
16:53<PeterT>michi_cc: lots of changes, wow
16:54<PeterT>is it possible to cross compile, mac OSX to win32?
16:54<+michi_cc>that was always possible, you just need a properly build compiler
16:56<PeterT>poor mac osx users
16:56<PeterT>tbh, I can't keep track of the versions
16:58<welshdragon>can I get trains that are not ending their run to not use the terminus platforms?
16:58<Yexo>welshdragon: you could split your trains by waypoints
16:58<welshdragon>Yexo: without waypionts
16:58<welshdragon>i'm talking in the config
16:58<Yexo>I can't think of another way
17:01<welshdragon>i'll just have to add another depot
17:08<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17705 /trunk/src/os/ (macosx/macos.h unix/unix.cpp): -Fix: [OSX] Re-enable signal handling on OSX 10.3.9. Trying to link with an undefined symbols that lives in the system library seems to confuse the loader on 10.3.9. Use a different function to circumvent it.
17:08<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17706 /trunk/ (10 files in 5 dirs): -Codechange: [OSX] Rework the crash handling to use the common CrashLog infrastructure.
17:08<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17707 /trunk/src/video/cocoa/ -Fix: [OSX] Show the OS mouse cursor when displaying a dialog box if it was hidden.
17:08<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17708 /trunk/src/ (6 files in 5 dirs): -Feature [FS#2053]: [OSX] Implement clipboard support for OS X.
17:09<PeterT>lots of work today :)
17:10-!-zachanima [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:11-!-Grelouk [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
17:13<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17709 /trunk/src/os/macosx/crashlog_osx.cpp: -Fix (r17706): Missing svn-props. Sigh.
17:13-!-zachanima [] has joined #openttd
17:19<PeterT>any note on why this happens?:
17:20<SmatZ>PeterT: use monospaced font
17:20<SmatZ>like courier
17:21<PeterT>I have to change the font in my script?
17:22<SmatZ>in your openttd.cfg
17:22<SmatZ>or use the same font & size in your editor and OTTD ;)
17:23<PeterT>what font is my game using?
17:23<PeterT>I would switch to that
17:23<SmatZ>I don't know
17:23<@Rubidium>SmatZ: but... that doesn't propagate to the clients so it doesn't work!
17:24<PeterT>what is the default?
17:24<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17710 /trunk/ (5 files in 2 dirs): -Feature [FS#3223]: [OSX] Add a MIDI driver using Cocoa/CoreAudio.
17:24<SmatZ>Rubidium: true :-x
17:25<+glx>PeterT: default is sprite font
17:26<PeterT>so if I change my Notepad font to that, then it will work?
17:26<+glx>you can't :)
17:26<+glx>default font is in base grfs
17:26<PeterT>so, what the hell happened?
17:27<@Rubidium>and for what it's worth... the font in OpenGFX is different
17:28<PeterT>ok thanks
17:28<+glx>PeterT: different character width
17:29-!-Fuco [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
17:29<+glx>especially the space
17:29<PeterT>I don't understand, what do I do to fix it?
17:29-!-Fuco [] has joined #openttd
17:29<+glx>use a monospace font in openttd
17:29<@Rubidium>glx: but... that doesn't propagate to the clients so it doesn't work!
17:30<+glx>then just remove the trailing spaces and stars :)
17:31<PeterT>so there is no way possible to make my script look like it does in the text editor?
17:33<Terkhen>good night
17:33-!-Terkhen [] has quit [Quit: ...]
17:33<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17711 /trunk/src/ (4 files in 2 dirs): -Codechange: [OSX] Don't use deprecated methods to construct a Cocoa string.
17:33<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17712 /trunk/src/video/cocoa/ -Codechange [FS#1411]: [OSX] Replace undocumented process manager API calls with a documented alternative. (pyth)
17:36<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17713 /trunk/src/ (os/macosx/ video/cocoa/ -Cleanup: [OSX] Move variable definitions to first use and apply more coding style.
17:36<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17714 /trunk/src/video/cocoa/ ( -Cleanup: [OSX] Apply more coding style.
17:36<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17715 /trunk/src/video/cocoa/ ( -Cleanup: [OSX] And a final round of coding style and some cleaning.
17:36<Xaroth>michi_cc is on a rampage
17:37*PeterT wonders what the most amount of revisions ever in a day is
17:38<PeterT>is that true?
17:39<Chrill>42 is always true
17:39<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17716 /trunk/src/video/cocoa/ -Codechange: [OSX] Invoke a (semi-)private Objective-C method in a way that does not rely on the SDK version.
17:39<CIA-4>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r17717 /trunk/src/video/cocoa/ -Codechange: [OSX] Replace deprecated variable type.
17:39<PeterT>hello chrill
17:39<@Rubidium>any number != 0 is always true
17:39<Chrill>hello PeterT
17:39<SmatZ>what about lisp?
17:40<PeterT>I like your screenshot thread on tt-forums :)
17:40<Chrill>Why thank you!
17:40<PeterT>Sorry if that's a bit offtopic
17:41<@Rubidium>SmatZ: people who can't speak 'properly' are exempt from being true? :)
17:43<PeterT>Rubidium: would you mind deleting my topic for me?
17:43<PeterT>I can't do it unless I delete my post, then you delete yours, then I delete mine again
17:44<PeterT>And it would be easier if you did it
17:46<+michi_cc>(master) $ git log --date=short --pretty=format:%cd | uniq -c | sort | tail -n 2
17:46<+michi_cc> 38 2007-01-21
17:46<+michi_cc> 49 2008-08-02
17:47<+michi_cc>so, 49 commits on 2008-08-02 (times UTC). Includes trunk only though, some day with many branch commits might still have more
17:49-!-thepalm [~chatzilla@] has joined #openttd
17:49<PeterT>keep going michi_cc, you can do it :)
17:51-!-Fast2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:51-!-[com]buster [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:52-!-zachanima [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:53<@Rubidium>yup, some branches have seen a lot of commits in a single day
17:54<@Rubidium>that 2008-08-02 screwed the translator tool a bit
17:55<@Rubidium>couldn't cope with the rapid succession of commits with string changes
17:55<+michi_cc>current trunk commit stats: I feel underrepresent though, Rb did the YAPP commits for me :)
17:55-!-zachanima [] has joined #openttd
17:56<PeterT>who is tron???
17:56<PeterT>what does he speciallize in?
17:57<@Rubidium>now look at the # of lines changed
17:58<@Rubidium>then I'm underrepresented too
18:00-!-asilv [] has quit []
18:01-!-Chrill [~chrischri@] has quit []
18:05-!-MizardX- [] has joined #openttd
18:05-!-MizardX [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:06-!-MizardX- is now known as MizardX
18:09-!-Polygon [] has quit [Quit: Flieht, ihr Narren!]
18:09-!-Nite_Owl [] has joined #openttd
18:09<Nite_Owl>Hello all
18:12<planetmaker>wow, what a changelog when I just came here to look for what's new :-)
18:12<planetmaker>kudos, michi_cc :-)
18:12<planetmaker>and with that a good night from here already again
18:20-!-Cybertinus [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:33-!-Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:37-!-Nite_Owl [] has quit [Quit: Read You Soon]
18:39<+michi_cc>Rubidium: not really I'd say: Don't trust those numbers too much though, my perl-foo is a bit rusty :)
18:40<+michi_cc>sum of added and removed lines in trunk, a changed line is counted as remove and add
18:41<SmatZ>michi_cc: when a 1000 lines long file is renamed, 1000 is added to both fields, right?
18:42<+michi_cc>no, probably not, at least git notes a rename in the actual diff
18:43<SmatZ>good :)
18:43<+michi_cc>but let me find a sample commit to check that
18:44<SmatZ> ohloh fails in this...
18:44<SmatZ>(it fetches data from svn)
18:46<Xaroth>heh, Rubidium almost removed more than he added :P
18:47-!-Chris_Booth [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.3/20090824101458]]
18:47<+michi_cc>ah, sorry, I need to recalculate that, moves are accounted for, but only if I tell git ti actually do so :-s
18:48<+michi_cc>whoever did the c++ rename will suddenly have a lot less lines :)
18:51<+michi_cc>seems to have been Rubidium I guess:
18:52<SmatZ>I think it was KUDr
18:52-!-Phoenix_the_II [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:52-!-Phoenix_the_II [] has joined #openttd
18:52<SmatZ>Rubidium did other massive changes
18:52<SmatZ>but I may be wrong ;)
18:52<+michi_cc>maybe in some branch, but Rb just lost almost half his lines, that's why I guessed that
18:54<@Rubidium>well, KUDr lost even more
18:54<@Rubidium>relatively speaking ofcourse
18:54<StM>4 guys who do the most work :)
18:54<PeterT>What do I need to change in the source to change the version number
18:54<@Rubidium>though I did some even more massive moves during makefile rewrite
18:55<@Rubidium>miham/translator are the translators
18:56<StM>2 guys then :p
18:56<@Rubidium>truebrain did the initial commit
18:56<@Rubidium>guess those stringid changes really made a dent in those statistics
18:59<Eddi|zuHause>PeterT: ./configure --help
19:01<R0b0t1>"Checking if build environment is sane... Build environment is holding a spatula and smiling. Guess not."
19:03<StM>The only place where google finds my error is the openttd svn :p
19:03<StM>in the source
19:03<StM>couldn't detect real instance of class for non static call
19:03<StM>local nearbyTowns = NearbyTownList(townID, 100);
19:03<StM> nearbyTowns.Valuate(NearbyTownList.getDistance);
19:04<PeterT>Eddi|zuHause, like this? "./configure --revision=17777M"
19:04<Eddi|zuHause>if that's what it said...
19:05-!-Brianetta [] has quit [Quit: Tschüß]
19:05<PeterT>ok, thanks :)
19:05<PeterT>I do appreciate it.
19:06<@Rubidium>try nearbyTowns as second parameter
19:06<StM>same :)
19:07<StM>NearbyTownList is a extend of AITownList
19:07<@Rubidium>for some reason it thinks getDistance isn't a static function; don't know how to work around it, maybe Yexo knows
19:08<StM>k... :)
19:10<Yexo>StM: can you copy a bit more related code to Like the NearbyTownList class?
19:11<Yexo>that looks ok
19:12<StM>The RoadManager :) wich calls it
19:13<Yexo>I'd expect that code to throw some "can't multiply instance with integer"-like error
19:14<StM>Yea the function is a dummy from the wiki :)
19:14<StM>And the squirrel docu isnt really nice readable :)
19:15<Yexo>compiling trunk now to run some tests, will take a few minutes
19:15<StM>ok :)
19:18<+glx><StM> And the squirrel docu isnt really nice readable :) <-- better than their source :)
19:18-!-Lakie [~Lakie@] has quit [Quit: Sleep.]
19:21<PeterT>Eddi|zuHause, thanks for the help, It worked :)
19:23-!-Zahl [] has quit [Quit: *schiel*]
19:23-!-Faux| [] has joined #openttd
19:23<Yexo>StM: NearbyTownList::constructor should call the constructor of AITownList
19:23<StM>pfff ok logical :) Maybe add a check for it? :>
19:23-!-Spoons [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:24<Yexo>not sure if that's easily possible
19:24<StM>SInce the error really gives no clue :>
19:25<StM>_8_ _8_ _8_
19:25<StM>Yexo tnx :)
19:26<Yexo>Current message is: "couldn't detect real instance of class for non-static call", would changing it to "Couldn't detect real instance of class for non-static call. If you extend an API class call the constructor of the base class in your constructor" help?
19:26<StM>yes :)
19:27<StM>Then i would have fixed in 1 minute. see the error, look in the docu how to call the parent and fixed it
19:29<Yexo>hmm, the error message can only be a single line
19:30<StM>Maybe add something like (Faq #11) wich is then a FAQ answer? :)
19:30<Yexo>the faq is in the wiki, so please add it :p
19:31-!-Faux| [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:32<StM>There is no NoAI faq :) New chapter under development?
19:32-!-CraKinShOt [] has quit []
19:32<StM>Or a own page
19:32<Yexo>first sticky in noai forum lists a wiki page
19:32-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has quit []
19:33<StM>Ok then i have to sign up first :>, moment
19:33-!-Eddi|zuHause [] has joined #openttd
19:33<Yexo>hmm, no?
19:33<Yexo>you can read the forums / edit the wiki without an account
19:33<Yexo> that page
19:33<StM>aaah :)
19:33<StM>Didnt saw that one
19:33<Yexo>it should be split in user questions and development questiosn, but for now just add it there
19:34<Yexo>unless you feel like splitting it of course :)
19:34<StM>Hehe not now :p
19:34-!-Spoons [] has joined #openttd
19:35-!-zachanima [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:36<StM>Answer 1.13 :)
19:37<Yexo>thanks :)
19:37-!-Muddy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:40<StM>_8_ my class works great now :)
19:40-!-valhallasw [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:41<StM>nn, its already 01:40 :p
19:42-!-StM [] has quit []
19:46<PeterT>in svn, what command do I use to checkout to a certain revision?
19:46<Yexo>svn up -r <revision>
19:46<PeterT>that will checkout also?
19:47<Yexo>no, that is for if you already have a working checkout
19:47<PeterT>so first
19:47<PeterT>svn co svn:// && svn up -r 17680
19:47<PeterT>is that correct?
19:48<Yexo>or just use "svn co svn:// -r 17680"
19:48<PeterT>oh, thanks :)
19:48<PeterT>will that make a new folder?
19:48<Yexo> <- please read that website
19:50<PeterT>thank you yexo
19:51-!-PhoenixII [] has joined #openttd
19:51-!-Phoenix_the_II [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:53<PeterT>yexo: is it possible to decompile openttd.exe?
19:53<Yexo>take a guess
19:54<Eddi|zuHause>why the hell would you do that?
19:54<Yexo>of course it's possible
19:54<PeterT>Eddi|zuHause, why not?
19:54<KenjiE20>because you can read all the source without?
19:55<Eddi|zuHause>PeterT: is it possible to extract the sugar out of a bowl of cereals?
19:55<PeterT>and if the source isn't availible to you?
19:55-!-llugo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:55<PeterT>what about people cracking software?
19:55<PeterT>do you think the developers just 'give' them the source?
19:55<KenjiE20>what does that have to do with decompiling openttd.exe ?
19:56<PeterT>that compiling openttd isn't useless
19:56<PeterT>sorry, DEcompiling
19:56<Yexo>KenjiE20: you can stop trying to argue, you'll fail
19:56<KenjiE20>Yexo: I knoe
19:56<Yexo>(but are of course correct)
19:57-!-ecke [~ecke@] has quit [Quit: ecke]
20:16-!-Muddy [] has joined #openttd
20:23-!-KenjiE20|LT [] has joined #openttd
20:24-!-KenjiE20 [~KenjiE20@] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.0]
20:30-!-Pikka [PikkaBird@] has joined #openttd
20:33-!-welshdragon [~markjones@] has quit [Quit: 5 ]
20:33-!-Pikka [PikkaBird@] has quit []
20:35-!-Rubix [~wat@] has joined #openttd
20:35-!-Rubix is now known as Rubix`
20:36<Rubix`>Hello, How do i start up my own transportation company, I have the HQ placed, but it will not allow me to do anything further or build depots etc.
20:36<SirSquidness>Rubix`: what year is it in game?
20:36<Rubix`>Do i need to change that?
20:36<SirSquidness>no, that's fine
20:36<Eddi|zuHause>the default start year is 1950
20:37<Eddi|zuHause>with the default vehicles, there is nothing available in 1920
20:37<Rubix`>so that was my problem.
20:37<Rubix`>but i could add my own vehicles theoratically correct?
20:37<SirSquidness>I'm pretty sure there is
20:37<SirSquidness>I've started back in 1850 befor eand had horse and carts.
20:37<Eddi|zuHause>either use a newgrf vehicle set, or start later
20:38<SirSquidness>but it only has road vehicles though
20:38<Eddi|zuHause>SirSquidness: no, that is the eGRVTS
20:38<Eddi|zuHause>those are not default vehicles
20:39<SirSquidness>I don't think I had any GRFs when I did it
20:39<PeterT>Check under the NewGRF list
20:39<Eddi|zuHause>yes, you did.
20:39<SirSquidness>I'll take your word for it :P
20:40<SirSquidness>(no openttd on this laptop)
20:41-!-Dred_furst` [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:43<Rubix`>So you can add your own vehicles and such?
20:44-!-Rubix` [~wat@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:46-!-Phazorx [~pavelkoll@] has joined #openttd
20:47<Phazorx>can any of you guys suggest a reason why modern PC can have major issue (display lag) on network play on specific server?
20:47<PeterT>which server?
20:48<Phazorx>ping is relatively high ~400 but visualy look like 4fps
20:48<Phazorx>PeterT: i run it on my laptop :)
20:48<Phazorx>which is behind nat
20:48<Phazorx>so you can join it only via hamachi
20:48<Phazorx>given that you have desire to try - i'll provide the info
20:49-!-nfc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:50<PeterT>it's too late for me to install more programs,sorry ;)
20:51<Phazorx>could it "theoretically" be grfs?
20:52<Yexo>yes, but it's much more likely that it's 1) a very big map or 2) there are many vehicles (or both)
20:52<Yexo>you should check the cpu usage of the server and client
20:53<Phazorx>Yexo: 6% cpu usage on client
20:53<Phazorx>server has like <0.5
20:54<Phazorx>early game stages nothing really there, 50 trains
20:54<Yexo>then I have no idea
20:54<Phazorx>would network lag manifest it this way?
20:54<Yexo>possible, I don't know
20:54<Phazorx>400 is relatively high i'd say
20:54<Phazorx>server does not complain about resyncs tho
20:55<Phazorx>can i change debug level on a fly?
20:55<Phazorx>via console
20:55<Yexo>yes, via the debug_level console command
20:56<Phazorx>debug_level net 3?
20:57<Yexo>try "help debug_level"
20:59<Phazorx>well even 5 says nothing
21:00-!-Rubix`` [~wrqwer@] has joined #openttd
21:01<Phazorx>any other ways we can try to figure out what is wrong with the situation?
21:02<Phazorx>it only affects one player
21:05-!-Xaroth_ [~Xaroth@] has joined #openttd
21:11-!-Xaroth__ [~Xaroth@] has joined #openttd
21:12<Rubix``>So i can theoratically start in 1850 with horses and wagons?
21:12<Rubix``>What set of vehicles do I need to download to do that?
21:12-!-Xaroth [~Xaroth@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:14<Rubix``>What GRF set do I need to be able to play the game from 1850 onwards?
21:15-!-Phazorx [~pavelkoll@] has left #openttd []
21:18<Rubix``>Thank you.
21:18-!-Xaroth_ [~Xaroth@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:22<PeterT>do you need a link or anything?
21:23<Rubix``>got it in the gam
21:23<PeterT>ok :)
21:26<Rubix``>It's 1850 yet there are sky scrapers...
21:30-!-Fuco [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:44<PeterT>anybody know what (+ntcl 150) mode is?
21:45<Spoons>Some flood limit control.
21:46<Rubix``>Is there a way to find the nearest (for this example) coal mine on the map?
21:51<Eddi|zuHause>PeterT: /help cmode
21:52<PeterT>Eddi|zuHause, "No such commmand."
21:53-!-Faux| [] has joined #openttd
21:54<PeterT>Rubix``: no
21:55-!-Spoons [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:55<Eddi|zuHause>Rubix``: you can filter on the map by industry type, or you can go through the industry list
22:04<Rubix``>Lol, i found a bug/glitch I think.
22:05<Rubix``>When you get a message in the bottom, and it shows buildable tiles, you can build on them, but they don't show up on the actual game screen
22:08<Rubix``>Also, what is the point of building a HQ?
22:12<Eddi|zuHause>it produces and accepts passengers
22:12-!-PeterT [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:25<Rubix``>How the hell do you make a profit
22:33<Rubix``>Are subsidies worth it?
22:33<thepalm>I don;t think so
22:33-!-KenjiE20|LT [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:45-!-glx [glx@2a01:e35:2f59:c7c0:c0fd:7c9:d488:8a2d] has quit [Quit: bye]
22:48-!-Xaroth [~Xaroth@] has joined #openttd
22:52<thepalm>quick question for devs: why doesnt CompaniesMonthlyLoop() get run at game start?
22:54<DaleStan>(not a dev) Because that's the beginning of the month, not the end?
22:55-!-Xaroth__ [~Xaroth@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:07<Rubix``>HOLY SHIT
23:07<Rubix``>i just had a train go from one end of the map to other
23:07<Rubix``>like $900000 for it
23:41-!-Rubix`` [~wrqwer@] has quit [Quit: Ping timeout: 540 seconds]
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