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01:29<@Terkhen>good morning
01:37<@Yexo>good morning
01:38<__ln__>you're both up too early
01:39<@Yexo>I've been awake for 2,5 hours, so yes, definitely too early
01:41<@Terkhen>we are having the biggest thunderstorm I remember, I couldn't sleep :/
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02:35<@planetmaker>he, I usually sleep especially well during thunderstorm :-)
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02:40<@Terkhen>me too, but this time all windows were vibrating very noisily with each thunder
02:46<@planetmaker>hm, ok, then it will be hard :-)
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03:41*Lakie ponders requesting an extension to renum
03:42<@Terkhen>hi andythenorth and Lakie
03:42<Lakie>Hi Terkhen.
03:43*andythenorth ponders requesting an extension to Lakie
03:43<andythenorth>and maybe also Terkhen
03:44<Lakie>I was thinking of maybe asking for the rpn to be extended to the escapes
03:44<Lakie>So I could use things like \w(0x8000 VEH_ID +)
03:45<Lakie>Probably won't happen though. :/
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03:58<@planetmaker>Lakie: most importantly, grfcodec has to be able to digest renum's output.
03:59<@planetmaker>renum is just for you to check. Grfcodec writes the grf.
03:59<Lakie>But it seems the let statements in renum are broken anyway
03:59<@planetmaker>[09:44] Lakie So I could use things like \w(0x8000 VEH_ID +) <-- you mean to operate symbolically?
04:00<Lakie>Na, renum would workout the calculation and store either \w<val> or the raw hex value
04:00<Lakie>That was the idea
04:00<Lakie>Which in a preprocessing environment is quite useful in my opinion
04:00<@Alberth>grfcodec supports postfix expressions? wow
04:00<@planetmaker>nforenum was never an essential processing step, was it?
04:01<@planetmaker>but adding that to grfcodec certainly wasn't a bad idea
04:01<Lakie>Well, it at one point supported @@LET which put values to names, which one used later in the nfo
04:01<Lakie>renum used to just calc then store the result where it hit the namee
04:02<Lakie>But it seems the @@LET command no longer works at all
04:04<Lakie>On the bright side, raw rpn on the sprite lines work correctly with renum.
04:05<Lakie>Never mind, let does work, just not how I figured
04:07<Lakie>Might be possible, probably take a while to link up the rpn system to the escapes though
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04:09<Lakie>And also allowing hexidecimal numbers in rpn statements, heh, seems like it could be a fair amount of work
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04:19<@Alberth>I would implement (\wx8000 VEH_ID +) instead (or more likely allow infix operators :) )
04:19<@Alberth>\w0x8000 *
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06:20<CIA-1>OpenTTD: terkhen * r22434 /trunk/src/newgrf_industries.cpp: -Feature [FS#4591]: [NewGRF] Allow to filter by town of the current industry when using industry variable 0x68 (Yexo)
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06:22<andythenorth>means I can fix various things in FIRS ;)
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06:27<andythenorth>what happens to savegames if I change a the ID of cargo?
06:28<andythenorth>science could tell me, but I'm away from ottd right now
06:29<@Terkhen>I don't know but they probably get messed up badly
06:29<@Terkhen>I wouldn't mind it much, such things are to be expected with nightly versions
06:29<andythenorth>FIRS 0.7.0 will break 0.6.4 savegames anyway
06:30<andythenorth>I want to incur maximum breakage now, and hopefully no more until 1.0
06:30<@Terkhen>savegame incompatibility between major versions should also be expected IMO
06:30<frosch123>andythenorth: esp. all vehicle will keep on carrying the same cargo ID
06:31<frosch123>al constructed industries will continue to accept and produce the same IDs as well though
06:31<andythenorth>I have a conflict with NARS 2 regearing, and need to shift one cargo to deal with it
06:32<andythenorth>that cargo isn't in 0.6.4 might be ok
06:32<andythenorth>it is in my beautiful YACD game :(
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06:42<andythenorth>refit at stations?
06:42<andythenorth>go to A, refit to best combination of cargos?
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06:49<@Alberth>more likely in the depot, as we don't have station refit currently
06:49<@Alberth>hi Amis
06:49<andythenorth>that means depot would need to query next station to see what cargo is waiting?
06:49<andythenorth>and the cargo could have cleared by the time the vehicle arrives...
06:50<andythenorth>unless it's then reserved for this vehicle
06:50<@planetmaker>andythenorth: a general concept of TTD is that you know what to transport beforehand
06:50<@planetmaker>and not only the cargo class
06:51<Amis>What can make an primary industry drop production by 50% twice in 5 minutes on steady economy?
06:51<andythenorth>one idea was packing cargo inside other units
06:51<Rubidium>Amis: randomness
06:51<Amis>Screw you, randomness :/
06:52<andythenorth>for e.g. box cars, it doesn't add much to have specify they are for goods, food etc
06:52<andythenorth>more so with intermodal vehicles
06:52<Rubidium>Amis: think of industry production as rolling a dice. Every X minutes a dice is thrown. If it's 1 then production lowers, if it's 2 or 3 the production increases and if it's 4, 5 or 6 nothing happens
06:53<Rubidium>Amis: so on average you're more likely to roll 2 or 3 than 1, but it will happen that you roll 1 twice successively
06:53<Amis>Well that dice screwed up my economy by decreasing a coal mine from 1080 tonnes to 270 in no time
06:54<andythenorth>production decreases are boring
06:54<andythenorth>try an industry newgrf ;)
06:54<andythenorth>manual industries prevents decreases?
06:54<Amis>On the other, it is really life-like... industries can screw up everything in real life by going boom
06:55<Rubidium>but then there's the government that cheats some companies into not going boom
06:55<@planetmaker>good that it is a game :-)
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07:23<Wolf01><Rubidium> but then there's the government that cheats some companies into not going boom <- looks like Italy
07:25<@planetmaker>Wolf01: not only there. Every government. Or we'd have way less banks right now
07:25*andythenorth might bbl
07:25<andythenorth>or in a week
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08:16<ZirconiumX>hello all
08:16<ZirconiumX>there's a guy pretending to be OBL
08:16<ZirconiumX>I'm not fooled
08:16<ZirconiumX>in mibbit #chat
08:16<Eddi|zuHause>who cares?
08:17<frosch123>good question
08:17<@planetmaker>and who or what is OBL? Not that I really care...
08:17<@planetmaker>one big looser?
08:17<frosch123>planetmaker: a victim of assasination
08:18<@planetmaker>well, then "one big looser" is also correct
08:18<Eddi|zuHause>like JFK, only 50 years later
08:18<|Jeroen|>how does a assasinated person chat ?
08:18<frosch123>religious people can do that :p
08:19<@planetmaker>sub space messages from the lower spheres from hell. Or similar
08:19<@planetmaker>works also with inverted sign
08:19*ZirconiumX agrees with PM
08:19<ZirconiumX>the guy's from ozzie
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08:56<+michi_cc>YACD 1.2 is out!
08:57*ZirconiumX would celebrate - but openttd still doesn't compile
09:01<Rubidium>and and... can I?
09:01<Rubidium>or ain't it ready yet?
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09:09*ZirconiumX has installed X.Org using MacPorts - and doesn't have a pig's ear how to use it
09:12<Eddi|zuHause>get a useful OS.
09:12<ZirconiumX>Funny really how stupid I am
09:13<ZirconiumX>Mac OS X already *has* XFree86
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09:23<Zuu>michi_cc: Congratulations! I don't think I have time to sit at the computer for long at the moment, but tonight I will probably find time to compile + post a win binary if noone beats me to it.
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09:24<Rubidium>Zuu: then I could easily beat you ;)
09:24<Rubidium>just need permission to do so ;)
09:28<Eddi|zuHause>actually... why? gpl gives you all the permissions you need?
09:28<Zuu>Rubidium: If you beet me by doing it with the compile farm and add it to (or the openttdcoop finger), I would happily add it to OpenTTDAU.
09:30<+michi_cc>Most big bugs seem to be found, so doing binaries is okay. It's only that I definitely will break savegame compatibility on the next release.
09:31<@Terkhen>Zuu: don't forget to keep the pdb file :)
09:32<+michi_cc>How about I make a 2.0 right now that changes the enable setting but nothing more, so that can serve as a baseline till trunk bumps (or something bug necessitates it)?
09:32<+michi_cc>That one could get proper binaries.
09:32<@Yexo>is the setting currently bool? you can change that to uint8 without savegame bump
09:32<@Yexo>with 0=off, 1=current form, 2=distribution
09:33<+michi_cc>No, I need to split that to several settings. Currently it is off, only pax, only industry, all.
09:33<Eddi|zuHause>the old setting is off/pax/other/all
09:33<Rubidium>Eddi|zuHause: because I was asked not to do it yet
09:34<+michi_cc>Which cargo groups should get their own settings? Right now the two groups are everything with town effect of pax and mail (e.g. also tourists), and everything else.
09:35<Eddi|zuHause>there's also TE_GOODS
09:35<Eddi|zuHause>and the default cargo valuables kinda would benefit from destinations as well
09:36<+michi_cc>and TE_FOOD and TE_WATER. But does it really need a switch for every single kind of cargo?
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09:37<@Terkhen>michi_cc: IMO it should be a newgrf property of cargos... passengers and mail would have the same value, there could be another for goods and so on
09:38<@Yexo>I disagree, it's something that users should be able to change and not only by newgrfs
09:38<@Terkhen>what I mean is that the setting should not check specific types of cargos, just cargos with a given property
09:39<@Terkhen>the setting stays, but which cargos belong to each category can be set by newgrf
09:39<@Yexo>but that is exactly what michi_cc appears to be currently doing, checking the town effect
09:39<@Yexo>I agree with that :)
09:39<Eddi|zuHause>town effect is a good first approximation, but it wouldn't cover valuables, and tourists might want a different algorithm than passengers
09:40<@Terkhen>I'm not sure if town effect is exactly the same, there might be cases where it would be desirable to set a given cargo to another category
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09:40<@Terkhen>^but I agree with that, what I'm talking about can wait until yacd is more consolidated
09:40<@Yexo>alternative would be by cargo class
09:41<@Yexo>Eddi|zuHause: passengers and tourists are almost exactly the same from the code, is there really a need to differentiate between them?
09:41<@Terkhen>goods and FIRS supplies have similar cargo classes, but there are reasons for managing them differently
09:42<+michi_cc>The only difference between pax and tourists is that tourists are CC_EXPRESS. Makeing that an explicit settings seems very non-generic.
09:42<Eddi|zuHause>Yexo: some people expressed the desire to have passengers on "full map" distribution, and tourists on "connected" distribution
09:42<@Yexo>imo that is way too specific, you'd end up with a setting per cargo type
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09:44<@Terkhen>if it is made a different property, passengers and tourists could easily have different values of it
09:44<+michi_cc>One way could be to have a setting each for TE_PASSENGERS/TE_MAIL, TE_GOODS/TE_FOOD (as cargos commonly accepted by houses), and everything else.
09:45<+michi_cc>TE_WATER is also a town growth cargo, but normal game has water towers for that, so as an industry-industry cargo I don't think it needs a separate switch.
09:46<@Yexo>"items disallowed in hand luggage: blunt and sharp objects" <- really, isn't everything either blunt or sharp by definition?
09:46<@Yexo>I'd maybe throw in TE_WATER with TE_GOODS/TE_FOOD, as it's essentially the same
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09:48<+michi_cc>Any sensible idea how to split the other cargoes, (i.e. only using town effect or cargo class)? I can't really think of one.
09:49<@Yexo>armored/non-armored, but that is only for valuables in temperate
09:51<+michi_cc>Yes, that would either be a switch for valuables/gold/diamonds or would be climate dependent, which is not nice (e.g. alpine climate).
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09:59<+michi_cc>Hmm, how to describe TE_GOODS/TE_WATER/TE_FOOD? It's not town-accepted (due to TE_WATER) and not town growth effect either (due to TE_GOODS).
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10:00<@Yexo>TE_GOODS is not necessarily town accepted either
10:00<@Yexo>although for the default cargo it is
10:01<@Yexo>still "town as destination" describes it good enough, since watertowers are only allowed within towns
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10:05<@Yexo>hello AndiK
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10:47<+michi_cc>And YACD 2.0 is released.
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10:49<+michi_cc>Rubidium: You can do binaries if you want now :) They could go onto my server, but openttdcoop would be okay as well if Ammler/pm agree.
10:50<frosch123>hmm, looks like DrawLine needs an additional parameter for drawing "borders" around lines
10:51<@Terkhen>that was fast :P
10:52<+michi_cc>The interdiff between 1.2 and 2.0 isn't that big. I made proper helper functions :)
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11:01<Rubidium>michi_cc: 1) why is there a ^0 in the output of, 2) it (yacd_2.0^0) does fail to compile
11:02<+michi_cc>Because was never properly test with tags, I'm preparing a patch for that right now. And is gcc being picky again?
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11:05<Rubidium>michi_cc: yeah, it's pretty picky
11:05<Rubidium>/home/rubidium/openttd/special/yacd/src/ai/api/../../cargopacket.h:324:167: error: ‘INVALID_CARGO’ was not declared in this scope
11:05<Rubidium>In file included from /home/rubidium/openttd/special/yacd/src/ai/api/../../station_base.h:17:0, from /home/rubidium/openttd/special/yacd/src/ai/api/ai_airport.cpp:15:
11:05<Rubidium>or do I have the wrong thing?
11:07<Rubidium>git fetch && git reset --hard origin && make <- that's what I typed
11:07<+michi_cc>Does it work if you add #include "cargotype.h" to cargopacket.h?
11:07<+michi_cc>That git command is okay, YACD is in the default branch.
11:07<Rubidium>yep, then it compiles
11:08<@Terkhen>I'm getting the same error with the patch available at the thread
11:08<Rubidium>the rest is loads of the same compile warning it seems
11:08-!-SystemParadox [] has joined #openttd
11:09<Rubidium> <- the warning
11:11<+michi_cc>Okay, that is valid in principle, it's just that we never instantiate a CargoList directly. Nevertheless, I'll fix that as well.
11:12<+michi_cc>Fix for that ^0 thingy:
11:12-!-AndiK|tire_change is now known as Andik
11:12-!-Andik is now known as AndiK
11:12<Rubidium>seems to work for me (Linux)
11:14<CIA-1>OpenTTD: michi_cc * r22435 /trunk/ ( projects/determineversion.vbs): -Fix: Git revision detection would return too much when tags are involved.
11:14<Rubidium>michi_cc: <- that compile failure might need some looking into as well
11:15<Rubidium>seems to be something version detectioning as well
11:15<+michi_cc>Yeah, what's the contents of rev.cpp?
11:16-!-mode/#openttd [+v orudge] by ChanServ
11:16<Rubidium>no idea, that file's gone by now
11:16-!-mode/#openttd [+v SmatZ] by ChanServ
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11:16*AndiK is trying to integrate his separation GUI into the timetable window.
11:16<AndiK>I've got a little issue with that.
11:17<AndiK>Is there any way to make a WWT_TEXT enlarge the window automatically when its string is too long?
11:17<AndiK>Right now it makes a cut in the middle, which I don't quite like.
11:17<AndiK>( )
11:19<@Yexo>add some code for it to UpdateWidgetSize
11:19<@Yexo>however you might need to reinitialize the window when the size of the text changes
11:19<@Yexo>at least if you want to resize the window when the text changes
11:20<Rubidium>Terkhen/Yexo/glx: can you get the contents of rev.cpp for michi's yacd git?
11:20<@Yexo>I don't have windows currently
11:22*Rubidium wonders what michi uses if it isn't gcc and isn't msvc
11:22-!-Adambean [] has joined #openttd
11:23<AndiK>Yexo: I'll try that out. Thx!
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11:23<+michi_cc>MSVC with cygwin git. Maybe it's a problem with Mysgit.
11:25-!-HerzogDeXtEr1 [] has joined #openttd
11:25<Rubidium>anyhow, I'll be gone for the rest of the evening
11:26<AndiK>When is UpdateWidgetSize() called?
11:26<AndiK>MSVC doesn't find any calls to it.
11:26<AndiK>-C +S
11:26<+michi_cc>Rubidium: I've updated the repo with the compilation fix and rebased onto the last trunk commit
11:27<@Yexo>AndiK: during window initialization, by SetupSmallestSize
11:27<@Yexo>widget.cpp:640 for docs
11:28<@Yexo>widget.cpp:2198 for actual call
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11:37<AndiK>Is there anything like "GetDataTip()"?
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11:44<AndiK>Hm. I don't think that's what I want. I'd like to resize my TEXT widgets in UpdateWidgetSize without saving their current string indices.
11:44<AndiK>Something like: size->width = GetStringBoundingBox(GetData(widget));
11:44<@Yexo>AndiK: without string indices, how do you know how big the widget should be?
11:45<AndiK>The widget already knows its string index.
11:45<AndiK>I'd like to read it from outside.
11:45<AndiK>So I don't need to create an extra variable for it.
11:45<@Yexo>how does the widget know it's string index?
11:46<AndiK>From SetDataTip?
11:48<@Yexo>but WWT_TEXT already does that
11:48<@Yexo>you don't have to code that yourself
11:48<AndiK>Does what?
11:48<@Yexo>size = maxdim(size, GetStringBoundingBox(this->widget_data));
11:49<@Yexo>if it's a string with arguments, you have to set those arguments in SetStringParameters
11:49<AndiK>And how does the cutoff in my screenshot happen, then?
11:49<@Yexo>I don't know
11:49<@Yexo>is your patch available online?
11:50<@Terkhen>AndiK: did you use SetResize correctly for all widgets?
11:50<marius>When placing two train stations next to each other, it says "station too spread out" .. wouldn't it be the opposite, too close proximity?
11:50<@Yexo>Terkhen: that doesn't seem to matter, at least not from reading the code
11:51<@Terkhen>ok :)
11:51<AndiK>Not the current version... I'll upload it, mom
11:51<@Terkhen>marius: if you place a new station next to an existing one you are making the existing one bigger, not creating a new one
11:51<@Terkhen>if you want to create a separate station press Ctrl while clicking and select the appropiate option
11:52<marius>aha, awesome!
11:52<Eddi|zuHause>marius: when you place a station next to an existing one, they get joined. if that exceeds the maximum, then it is "too spread out"
11:53<Eddi|zuHause>you can set the maximum station spread in the advanced settings
11:54<marius>Now that sounds fun, what's the max it can handle? hehe
11:54<marius>Now that sounds beastly, I'm gonna go try that haha
11:56<marius>Dare I ask what the setting name is for the max spread value?
11:57<@Terkhen>it is in construction somewhere IIRC
11:57<marius>all right
11:57<@Yexo>advanced settings->stations->max station spread
11:58<@Terkhen>I did not remember correctly ;)
11:58<marius>I'd have to set that in the console of my server, wouldn't I ?
11:58<@Yexo>set station_spread 16
11:58<@Yexo>or whatever value you want it to be
11:59<marius>Hmm, that gave me an error saying the command waso nly available ot a network server?
11:59<@Yexo>you have to execute that at the server, or use rcon
11:59<marius>oh, so the console won't do?
11:59<@Yexo>rcon <passwd> "set station_spread 16"
11:59<@Yexo>^^ that is valid in your clients console
12:00<@Yexo>replace <passwd> by the rcon password of your server as set in openttd.cfg
12:00-!-aber [] has joined #openttd
12:00<marius>Yeah, got it going :)
12:01-!-aber1 [] has joined #openttd
12:01-!-aber [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:01<marius>Another random question, is loading/unloading time proportional to station length/wagons ?
12:01<@Yexo>it depends on the wagon
12:02<@Yexo>but if your train is longer than the station you'll get a huge penalty in (un)loading times
12:02<marius>That's what I was aiming for
12:02<marius>Guess that'll teach me to try 1 block stations with 13 wagons haha
12:02<ndh>depends on the wagon or the capacity/load?
12:02<@Yexo>every wagon has a property how fast it can be (un)loaded
12:03<@Yexo>that property is independent of the capacity of the wagon
12:03<ndh>ok thanks
12:03<marius>There wouldn't happen to be a modders api or similar for this?
12:04<Eddi|zuHause>michi_cc: how do i get 1.2? after git fetch i only have tags 1.1 and 2.0?
12:04<@Yexo>marius: for what? you can set the (un)loading speed and other properties of wagons via a newgrf
12:04<@Yexo>I guess the newgrf spec qualifies as "modders api or similar"
12:05<marius>Yexo, I ment in general if one felt like adding to it etc but without the extensive coding knowledge required to mess with the actual source
12:05<+michi_cc>do a "git fetch --tags", I've renamed the tags because of the revision detection. You should get a tag yacd_1.2 then.
12:05<@Yexo>marius: to change the penalty of long trains with shorter stations you'll have to modify the openttd code
12:05<marius>oh I didn't mean for the train times specifically, just in general really
12:06<@Yexo>marius: graphics forum
12:06<@Yexo>newgrf spec:
12:06<@Yexo>nml (alternative source language to write newgrfs in):
12:07-!-andythenorth [] has joined #openttd
12:07<@Yexo>hello andythenorth
12:07*andythenorth is now on holiday
12:08<@Terkhen>yacd 2.0 holyday? :P
12:10<@Yexo>AndiK: you'll need to add a few AddResize(1, 0) items to the widgets
12:10<marius>This looks awesome, I'm gonna set to it
12:11<andythenorth>less sunny though
12:11<@planetmaker>would make nice additions to FISH :-P
12:12-!-SystemParadox [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:13<@Terkhen>nice place :)
12:14<AndiK>Yexo: Thanks a lot, so far. Now, at least all of the string show up when I resize the window manually.
12:18<+michi_cc>Eddi|zuHause: I've updated 1.2 with the same fix as 2.0 for that gcc error. Should you get that as well, re-fetch the tags to get the updated one.
12:18<Eddi|zuHause>i've manually added the include like suggested above
12:19<+michi_cc>That's a solution as well of course :)
12:20-!-DayDreamer [~DayDreame@] has left #openttd []
12:21-!-tokai|mdlx [] has joined #openttd
12:26-!-Alberth [] has joined #openttd
12:26-!-mode/#openttd [+o Alberth] by ChanServ
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12:27-!-tokai|noir [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:28-!-dfox [] has joined #openttd
12:34<Eddi|zuHause>michi_cc: but i still have something weird: in my game, there are two builtin industry docks: Vilskirch Fischgrund and Bliesdorf Baggersee. the latter is near a fishing harbour, and it says it accepts fish, but when i send a ship there, it doesn't produce a link
12:39<andythenorth>YACD 2.0 :)
12:39<andythenorth>my game was getting boring anyway...
12:43-!-JVassie [~James@] has joined #openttd
12:44-!-SystemParadox [] has joined #openttd
12:49-!-SystemParadox [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:50-!-SystemParadox [] has joined #openttd
12:53-!-pugi [] has quit [Quit: I reject your reality and substitute my own]
12:54<+michi_cc>Eddi|zuHause: My very quick test shows a link in the minimap on your 1964 save. I've not test if it actually carries fish though.
12:54<Eddi|zuHause>i wasn't in 64 yet, did you mean 54?
12:55<+michi_cc>1962 actually, I think that save was from you
12:55<AndiK>Should there be any problem with WWT_TEXT and multiline strings?
12:56<Eddi|zuHause>yes, 1962
12:56<Eddi|zuHause>that's the one i just started up
12:56<Eddi|zuHause>and it didn't have a link...
12:57-!-Mazur [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:57<@Yexo>AndiK: no, it'll take the length of the longest line
12:57<AndiK>WWT_TEXT does but TruncateString() doesn't.
12:57<Eddi|zuHause>i built a dock next to the second fishing harbour, and rerouted the ship 23 (not ship 2 to the first harbour)
12:58<Eddi|zuHause>and then it started producing, and the station rating went from ~30% to 67%
12:58<AndiK>Instead, it writes a DEBUG-message telling me that "DrawString" was used instead of "DrawStringMultiline".
12:59<@Yexo>ah, WWT_TEXT does indeed not support multiline strings
12:59<+michi_cc>Either the link expired or there was some bug. When I remove and readd the order for the dredging site to ship 23 the link appears.
12:59<AndiK>That's wonderpretty.
12:59<+michi_cc>Links in 1.2 are not supposed to expire anymore as long as a vehicle is waiting.
12:59<Eddi|zuHause>aha... weird...
13:00<+michi_cc>Anyway, looks like 1.2 is fine.
13:01<AndiK>Okay then. At least now I know where my mistake was.
13:08-!-andythenorth [] has left #openttd []
13:09-!-Biolunar [] has quit [Quit: All your IRC are belong to us!]
13:10-!-Mazur [] has joined #openttd
13:12-!-Juo [] has quit [Quit: goodbye]
13:12-!-Juo [] has joined #openttd
13:13-!-Razmir [] has joined #openttd
13:13-!-Juo [] has quit []
13:13<AndiK>Is there any reason why WWT_TEXT does not support multiline strings or should I consider this a bug?
13:14-!-Razmir [] has left #openttd []
13:16<@Alberth>never needed it so far
13:17<AndiK>Quite an excuse ^^
13:17<@Alberth>multi-line text is usually rendered directly at a background widget
13:18<@Alberth>normally a WWT_PANEL
13:19<frosch123>the tricky part is, how to resize a multiline text
13:19<frosch123>it can have any shape when wrapping lines
13:19<frosch123>WWT_TEXT otoh can easily determine the maximum width and height since there is no linewrapping
13:20<@Alberth>look eg at a station or airport placement how the accepted cargos are handled
13:20<frosch123>so, i would say, the limitation is very much intentional
13:20<frosch123>esp. since there is that particular debug output which was only added because of WWT_TEXT
13:22<AndiK>And if multiline texts with WWT_TEXT only supported manual linebreaks?
13:23<AndiK>I don't need automatic line wrapping. Only a correctly sized bounding box around my widget.
13:24-!-douknoukem [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:28<@Yexo>AndiK: I think the clean thing to do would be to introduce a new widget type WWT_MULTILINE_TEXT
13:29<@Yexo>or as suggested earlier just draw the text on a WWT_PANEL
13:29<AndiK>I guess you're right.
13:29<AndiK>For now I'll take a look at the WWT_PANEL solution.
13:30-!-|Jeroen| [] has quit [Quit: oO]
13:30-!-ecke [] has joined #openttd
13:30-!-ecke [] has quit [autokilled: This host may be infected. Mail with questions. BOPM (2011-05-07 17:30:21)]
13:31<@Alberth>WWT_PANEL can also be used as widget
13:31-!-douknoukem [] has joined #openttd
13:32-!-Cybertinus [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:39-!-DOUK [] has joined #openttd
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14:00<AndiK>I've got to go now.
14:00<AndiK>Thanks again for your
14:00<AndiK>See you!
14:01-!-AndiK [] has quit []
14:09-!-Juo [] has joined #openttd
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14:21<@Terkhen>hi dihedral
14:21-!-Juo [] has quit []
14:34-!-Absurd-Mind [] has joined #openttd
14:51<Eddi|zuHause>michi_cc: another weird thing, in,%209.%20Okt%201966.sav i just built train 69, from Wiedhof Ost to Havelwald Süd, which created a link for coal, but no link for clay
14:51<Eddi|zuHause>from memory i built the coal wagons, gave the order, then added/refitted clay wagons
14:55-!-andythenorth [] has joined #openttd
14:57-!-Hyronymus [] has joined #openttd
15:05<+michi_cc>Eddi|zuHause: Fix for you:
15:05<+michi_cc>Adding vehicles was indeed missing a route pre-fill.
15:06<Eddi|zuHause>and refitting?
15:07-!-aber [] has joined #openttd
15:09<+michi_cc>I thought that was alright, but it is actually not totally. Please reload.
15:12<+michi_cc>That difference seems to only matter for autoreplace though, so your problem was likely the missing pre-fill on add.
15:29-!-Chris_Booth_ [] has joined #openttd
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15:34-!-Chris_Booth_ is now known as Chris_Booth
15:35-!-Mazur [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:35*andythenorth wonders what ratio of horizontal / diagonal lengths should be for vehicles
15:36<andythenorth>default sprites seem to vary
15:39*andythenorth wonders whether to fix the wrong lighting on FISH
15:39<andythenorth>it pains me :(
15:44-!-Chris_Booth_ [] has joined #openttd
15:48-!-sla_ro|master [~slaco@] has quit [Quit: Mutant Co-Op - C&C Renegade]
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16:46<@Terkhen>good night
16:47-!-eQualizer|dada [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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17:20-!-Chris_Booth_ is now known as Chris_Booth
17:25<@peter1138>downloaded zuu's yacd build but it won't open the base graphics
17:25<@peter1138>is there something odd with paths on windows? :S
17:27<@peter1138>hmm, i see, the 1.1.0 installer puts everything under program files
17:27<@peter1138>this build looks in users\public
17:31<@Yexo>general problem: if the installer would put it in users\public, it would only work for the user who run the installer
17:31<@peter1138>how come?
17:32<@Yexo>wait, users\public? not users\<username>\OpenTTD or so?
17:32<Chris_Booth>the grapichs are store in users/<username>/Openttd/
17:33<Chris_Booth>and you may need to add the listing to regedit for openttd
17:33<Chris_Booth>otherwise you will have a path issue with the openttd.exe
17:38<@peter1138>well yes, with openttd
17:38<@peter1138>users\public\openttd is a search path, yes
17:39<@peter1138>installer puts them in c:\program files\openttd
17:39<@peter1138>so they only work with the installed openttd
17:47-!-Kurimus [] has quit []
17:55-!-Amis [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:55-!-asilv [] has quit [Quit: asilv]
18:00<Eddi|zuHause>bäh... need tram station on bridge heads and under bridges
18:04-!-Eitsew [~westie@] has quit [Quit: ZNC -]
18:04-!-Westie [] has joined #openttd
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18:25<Zuu>and yet are the bridges already quite a lot more flexible than in TTD. :-)
18:27-!-Fuco [] has joined #openttd
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19:45<Eddi|zuHause>hm... when (ctrl+)cloning, it doesn't copy cargo subtype
19:48-!-amkoroew1 [] has joined #openttd
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21:21<Eddi|zuHause>,%2030.%20Nov%201979.sav <-- have serius bottleneck near Wiedhof... any tips?
21:21-!-roboboy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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