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02:41<@Terkhen>good morning
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05:23<@Terkhen>quiet, quiet morning :)
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05:24*andythenorth -> work
05:24<andythenorth>maybe everyone is playing YACD
05:24*andythenorth -> -> work
05:24<ChoHag_>Maybe everybody is busy making diagonal bridge or tunnel patches.
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05:27<@Terkhen>everyone but me is playing YACD? :(
05:27<ChoHag_>I'm afraid to say that I am.
05:27<ChoHag_>It makes for an interesting game with FIRS.
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11:47<__ln__>end of discussion. the channel has become obsolete and will be closed.
11:47*andythenorth waves bye to the channel
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11:49<@Terkhen>or we could start random kicks to liven up the channel
11:50<@planetmaker>nothing to see and talk about anyway. OpenTTD is 'done' I heart.
11:50<Thorn_>I VOLTUNTEER
11:50<@planetmaker>Maybe it's missing and undo 'knob' though ;-)
11:50<Thorn_>yeah i volunteer a kick just for that spelling actually
11:50<@planetmaker>@kick Thorn_ (indeed, can be fun)
11:50-!-Thorn_ was kicked from #openttd by DorpsGek [(indeed, can be fun)]
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11:51<@planetmaker>he volunteered, right? :-)
11:51<[NGE]Sachiel>u must use kickban, many peoples use autorejoin
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11:52<@planetmaker>@kban [NGE]Sachiel 15 like this?
11:52<@DorpsGek>planetmaker: Error: [NGE] is not in #openttd.
11:52<Thorn_>(temptatation to point and laugh)
11:52<styr>Hey. can somebody help me? :) where can i downloade openttd for mac?
11:52<andythenorth>if someone kbans me, I might be able to spend more time doing other stuff
11:52<andythenorth>like paid work, parenting...trivial stuff
11:52<@planetmaker>styr, help yourself and look in the obvious places
11:53<Rubidium>trivial paid parenting work? You're a babysitter?
11:53<styr>i dont know where to look
11:53<@planetmaker> maybe?
11:53<@planetmaker>look in the top left
11:54<Thorn_>i wonder how one can find the irc channel yet not the download appropriate for the platform
11:54<@planetmaker>maybe our download links are not obvious enough
11:55<andythenorth>use a bigger icon
11:56<andythenorth>like 256x256
11:56<andythenorth>could detect the os and use conditional wording
11:57<andythenorth>"Download OpenTTD for Mac
11:57<@planetmaker>that is already done...
11:57<andythenorth>"Download OpenTTD for windows"
11:57<andythenorth>not in the front page
11:57<@planetmaker>well. It'll be confusing, if you search for another OS
11:57<andythenorth>in gui design, every decision is wrong
11:57<@planetmaker>The download page offers you all OS.
11:57<@planetmaker>hehe :-) yes
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11:58<andythenorth>it's trivial to imagine cases the gui doesn't meet
11:58<andythenorth>and worry about thoese
11:58<andythenorth>those /s
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11:58<andythenorth>could use the sidebar to list currently supported platforms (binaries)
11:59<@planetmaker>hm. There are actually even TWO download links on the main page
11:59<@planetmaker>Just noticed ;-)
12:00<andythenorth>or put a strip of supported platforms in below main proposition block
12:00<andythenorth>I was just drawing an example in photostrop, but it crashed :P
12:00*andythenorth -> work
12:00<@planetmaker>that's why it's called Photostop :-P
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12:24<@planetmaker>styr, and if you haven't openttd running by now: <-- picture story of how to get there ;-)
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17:23<@Terkhen>good night andythenorth
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18:04<@Terkhen>good night
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18:09<Eddi|zuHause>"speed record: 26 terabit in one second"
18:11<Prof_Frink>Or, as El Reg put it, "The profs' single laser, employed as a smut hose, would thus be able to simultaneously satisfy the demands of no less than 34,852 filth-hungry onanists - it is a 34.8 kilowrist pipe."
18:11<Eddi|zuHause>that sounds like it's from some discworld story...
18:15<Eddi|zuHause>planetmaker: <-- why is there a red fence drawn _over_ the tower building in the upper airport?
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18:16<__ln__>my external hard drive is 2 gigabytes big during one second.
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18:16<Eddi|zuHause>2 Gigabyte hard drive? is that from 15 years ago? :p
18:17<+glx>FAT16 max size
18:17<__ln__>it's 2 TB in 1000 seconds.
18:17<Eddi|zuHause>and can you transfer that over 50km in that time?
18:18<__ln__>dunno, it's not very aerodynamic in shape
18:18<Prof_Frink>Hmm, 26TB/s... You wouldn't need local storage, just bounce it around your network.
18:19<Prof_Frink>That too.
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19:19<gar>anyone willing to help me
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19:34<DabuYu>gar - i suggest to shout out your problem and see if someone knows about it
19:35<gar>ooo oky
19:35<gar>welll how do i use valuables
19:35<gar>i sent them to the other bank but my truck just fills up and does nothing
19:35<DabuYu>they transfer from bank to bank, so they can be tranfered both ways
19:35<gar>and ur soppose to gain a profit right ?
19:35<gar>i gain nothing not even lose....
19:36<DabuYu>ah. does that place actually accepts valuables as well?
19:37<DabuYu>so you have 2 stations, both accepting valuables, right? then the truck should fill up at A, move to B, unload and get money at B, load up at B, move to A, unload and get money at A, and so forth
19:37<gar>eerrmmmm more like
19:37<gar>truck goes to train which goes to truck
19:38<gar>but no money gain anywhere for some reason
19:38<DabuYu>remember that the two stations need to be two different banks of course
19:38<gar>yeah 2 different banks....
19:38<DabuYu>when truck goes to train, you have to set the truck to 'transfer'
19:39<DabuYu>you have a savegame?
19:39<gar>i am playing it now
19:40<gar>D": don;t get mad cuz i sux tho....
19:40<DabuYu>oh okay
19:40<DabuYu>don't worry
19:40<DabuYu>everybody learns
19:40<gar>oky u want me to send it to u
19:40<DabuYu>sure sounds good
19:40<DabuYu>you run which version?
19:41<Eddi|zuHause>transfer doesn't work in two directions
19:41<gar>it doesn;t?
19:41<DabuYu>oh really Eddi|zuHause. that's sad
19:41<Eddi|zuHause>you must do "transfer and leave empty"
19:41<DabuYu>well then we probably know the problem :)
19:41<Eddi|zuHause>so you can only do one direction
19:42<gar>yeah that wha i do....
19:42<gar>load my truck from station go to bank and transfer but no money gain
19:42<Eddi|zuHause>the last truck must then do "unload and leave empty"
19:42<gar>:o let me try
19:44<gar>nop same problem no money
19:44<Eddi|zuHause>it may take a few round trips to earn money
19:44<gar>i unload and leave empty on the bank
19:45<gar>omg ty
19:45<gar>i got a profit 2 k xD
19:46<gar>one more thing plz ....
19:46<DabuYu>alright very good
19:46<DabuYu>then we know that now too :) i didn't know either that transfer doesn't work both ways :)
19:46<gar>when i try to move goods how come i lose money when transporting them in a city
19:46<gar>xD sry
19:47<DabuYu>when it arrives you get negative income?
19:47<Eddi|zuHause>gar: the transfer may overestimate the final income
19:47<Eddi|zuHause>that difference is then displayed as "cost"
19:48<Eddi|zuHause>you still earn money, though
19:48<DabuYu>eddi knows everything hehe
19:48<Eddi|zuHause>just less than expected
19:49<gar>eerrmmm its just that my good that i am moving i lose 6 k every time i delever
19:49<gar>and i want to deliever my goods to other towns....
19:50<+glx>it's not your goods :)
19:50<+glx>you are just a transporter
19:51<gar>yeah but i am losing money when i transport them to other places XD
19:51<+glx>route longer than needed maybe
19:51<gar>so more lenght =\
19:52<gar>anther 200 maybe?
19:54<gar>ty i quess
19:54<gar>any tips for poor old me ?
19:55<@Yexo>are you still using transfer orders?
19:56<@Yexo>losing money when you deliver smells like wrong orders, or not understanding transfer order correctly
19:57<gar>i tryed it all still losing money.... but oky
19:57<@Yexo>in that case it'd be best if you uploaded your savegame somewhere so we can take a look at it
19:57<@Yexo>problems section of the forum is fine, or any filedump site
19:58<gar>its oky i will make due ty
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20:33*JVassie grabs Yexo
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