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00:13<goldshadow>no-one can answer me?
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01:32<mattfury>can i work on your OTTD?
01:32<mattfury>i will
01:38<mattfury>ugh could you possibly realise openttd-1.1.2 with opengfx opensfx openmsx so idonthavetodownloadit?
01:40<@planetmaker>mattfury: on windows: use the installer. On linux: use your packet manager. On OSX: you need to use your brains ;-)
01:41<@planetmaker>and we don't bundle it as during update you usually don't need the basesets anew.
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02:05<@planetmaker>moin andythenorth
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02:13<andythenorth>planetmaker: do you want to commit your template patch from yesterday?
02:26<andythenorth>planetmaker: in the aluminium plant you've explicitly named the sprite layouts
02:26<andythenorth>that is *significantly* easier to work with :P
02:26<@planetmaker>I find that better readable
02:26<@planetmaker>go ahead and do that everywhere ;-)
02:27<@planetmaker>the backdraw is it really needs looking at each gfx file to decide
02:27<@planetmaker>or at least take a layout and compare to ingame. Thus eats time without significant advantage
02:27<@planetmaker>I'd only do that when I rework layouts anyway
02:27<andythenorth>the fore-draw(?) is that you'd have to do that anyway to work with the code
02:28<@planetmaker>like for aluminium plant where I incorporated the concrete tile in the layout
02:28<andythenorth>so how do I use this template? SPRITELAYOUT_GROUND_NORMAL_SNOW
02:28<@planetmaker>but just as a pure codechange it's pure slave work
02:28<andythenorth>define a sprite layout with it?
02:28<andythenorth>assigning only the ground tile?
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02:29<@planetmaker>like the other sprite layout templates. Just no building and building z-extend parameters
02:36*andythenorth wonders
02:36<andythenorth>could nml compile faster?
02:40<@planetmaker>probably not
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02:42<@planetmaker>it's not like it's terribly slow either.
02:42<mattfury>sux 2 use mingw32 >_<
02:42<mattfury>nothing opengl will run for me
02:42<@planetmaker>yup. Use a better OS ;-)
02:42<mattfury>and trust you just yet?
02:42<@planetmaker>of course
02:43<mattfury>you say heres the fix, heres the pills, go for your life
02:43<mattfury>just like a monarch
02:43<@planetmaker>sounds like windows-way
02:43<andythenorth>planetmaker: maybe I should buy a faster laptop to compile nml :P
02:43<mattfury>then by the time i get there, im dead.
02:44<mattfury>sorry for my narcissism
02:44<andythenorth>can I teach it to use more threads? I guess not, python doesn't like that
02:45<@planetmaker>hm... 8 seconds vs. 30 seconds. Indeed quite a bit slower
02:45<mattfury>in ms dude ms :p
02:45<@planetmaker>I didn't realise it's that much andythenorth :-)
02:45<mattfury>none of this seconds bs.
02:45<@planetmaker>mattfury: no. seconds
02:45<@planetmaker>you miss what we talk about
02:46<@planetmaker>I'm not talking about your mingw stuff ;-)
02:46<@planetmaker>it would require me to install windows in the first place... ;-)
02:47<@planetmaker>andythenorth: I fear that's the price we pay for our comfort
02:48<@planetmaker>assembler compilers are also faster (are they?)
02:51<@planetmaker>andythenorth: try 'make -j3' or similar, maybe -j5 or -j7
02:51<@planetmaker>though... might not do much...
02:51<@planetmaker>it seems. drat
02:51<@planetmaker>multi-threading NML is - as opposed to openttd - easier, I guess.
02:51<@planetmaker>But still a pain ;-)
02:52<mattfury>multi-core support?
02:52<mattfury>hmmm interesting
02:52<mattfury>sounds so primitive
02:52<@planetmaker>but... not feasible w/o rewriting parts of the game's core
02:52<mattfury>what about ESXi support?
02:53<mattfury>no i havent even looked at it yet
02:53<mattfury>people keep compiling tasks for me to do
02:53<@planetmaker>good :-P
02:53<mattfury>task 1-9999999 per day lol.
02:54<andythenorth>planetmaker: do your timings include 'make clean'
02:54<@planetmaker>andythenorth: no
02:54<andythenorth>I have a script that runs make clean && make install always
02:54<andythenorth>it reduces....problems
02:54<@planetmaker>just use make install
02:55<andythenorth>there was a time when deps weren't reliably seen as changed. Is that fixed afaik?
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02:55<mattfury>mmm soothing medication.
02:55<mattfury>the latest ones too
02:56<@planetmaker>works for me, andythenorth
02:56<@planetmaker>you might use it differently
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02:56<@planetmaker>anyhow: make clean takes 1.7s here. that is small compared to 30s compile time
02:57<andythenorth>make install for me is 16.7s
02:58<andythenorth>so not that long
02:58<andythenorth>maybe I'm just impatient
02:58<@planetmaker>make clean && make install thus should be 19s or so
02:59<@planetmaker>well, grfcodec was faster, no doubt. But not much one can do about this difference, I guess
02:59<@planetmaker>NML grew and that eats quite a bit
02:59<@planetmaker>grfcodec needs to do no code generation
03:00<@planetmaker>it just crunches the hex numbers
03:00<@planetmaker>and inlines the images
03:00<@planetmaker>which probably eats most time there
03:01<@planetmaker>andythenorth: the only time make fails for me is when I remove dependencies
03:01<@planetmaker>which is the expected behaviour
03:01<@planetmaker>then I need to run make remake
03:01<@planetmaker>&& make install
03:02<@planetmaker>hm... newgrf scan window
03:02<@planetmaker>a sight I still have to get used to :-)
03:02<andythenorth>I need to remove some of my 400 grfs :P
03:03<@planetmaker>only 400?
03:03<@planetmaker>that's about half of mine and 1/3 of rb ;-)
03:03<andythenorth>so using -j3 or -j5 switches gets me a 0.2s improvement
03:03<@planetmaker>yeah, I noticed. Quite pointless
03:04<@planetmaker>hm... <3 rivers :-)
03:04<andythenorth>and wrt multi-threading, afaik python apps need to be explicitly designed to support multi-threading
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03:04<andythenorth>and it's limited in scope
03:04<@planetmaker>as every app
03:04<@planetmaker>but some parts of NML from a global perspective should be feasible to thread
03:05<Wolf01>bad morning :|
03:05<andythenorth>it's not that slow to build FIRS tbh
03:05<@planetmaker>I wish you a good one nevertheless, Wolf01 :-)
03:05<andythenorth>for a long time - due to some makefile issues -the nfo build was >20s
03:07<@planetmaker>hm... I wonder what we do wrong and where with industries: the custom ground tiles only appear after some time
03:08<@Terkhen>good morning
03:08<@planetmaker>andythenorth: but you didn't add the snows tracks as overlay, but you included the whole snow with aluminum plant, did you?
03:08<@planetmaker>Or do I have an old version? Hm...
03:08<@planetmaker>moin Terkhen
03:08<andythenorth>planetmaker: 'only appear after some time' ??
03:09<@planetmaker>yes. Fund an industry and watch it
03:09<andythenorth>you mean after some game days
03:09<@planetmaker>in FF
03:09<andythenorth>construction stages
03:09<@planetmaker>so... ground is constructed after buildings?
03:09<andythenorth>never used construction stages
03:09*andythenorth tries
03:10<andythenorth>I see the same issue
03:10<andythenorth>with aluminium plant
03:11<andythenorth>and lime kiln
03:11<@planetmaker>yes, that's what I talk about. But probably others.
03:11<andythenorth>so one possible cause - I think it's wrong though - it's snow returning to cover bulldozed ground?
03:11<andythenorth>I think that's not the case
03:11<andythenorth>I think it's a construction stage issue in the template
03:12<andythenorth>but I didn't read code....
03:12<@planetmaker>builder's yard doesn't suffer from it
03:13<Wolf01> aahahahah lol, the guy with red eyes looks alike a real life mob
03:13<@Terkhen>we have construction stage templates?
03:14<@planetmaker>btw... while you're at it, andythenorth... could you use the snow tracks as from builder's yard? They look better on snow than the full snow tracks
03:14<@planetmaker>I thought you changed that on aluminum plant... but... seems not
03:14<andythenorth>I only changed a small bit of snow there
03:14<@planetmaker>the snow still sticks out quite a bit. Or is that me when looking on the tile large-scale?
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03:15<andythenorth>I have no problem with changing - needs a ticket though
03:15<@planetmaker>I suggest to always use the tracks as in builder's yard
03:15<andythenorth>it's not a savegame break?
03:15<@planetmaker>just gfx
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04:39<mattfury>is there anyway to turn off the buzzing chainsaw noise?
04:39<@planetmaker>disable sound
04:39<mattfury>i dont want to disable sound, just the chainsaw noise
04:39<@Alberth>write a newgrf that overrides the sound
04:39<@planetmaker>hm... alberth's answer is correcter than mine ;-)
04:40<mattfury>pissing me off
04:40<@Alberth>don't open a viewport near a sawmill :p
04:41<Wolf01>once I was working on a sound options patch to disable level crossing's sounds but not others, I don't remember why I didn't keep that patch
04:41<confound>you decided you liked level crossings after all
04:41*andythenorth proposes adding a mute every industry
04:41<CIA-2>OpenTTD: frosch * r22847 /trunk/src/vehicle.cpp: -Fix (r22816): Wagons shall not be processed by autorenew.
04:41<@Alberth>make a better sound, and replace it in opensfx
04:41<andythenorth>so they can be muted one by one
04:42<@planetmaker>Wolf01: there is such newgrf. so no need for a patch iirc
04:42<CIA-2>OpenTTD: frosch * r22848 /trunk/src/ (4 files): -Add: The missing bits in station variable 43.
04:42<Wolf01>but I wanted to make it extensible like I did for display options
04:43<@Alberth>too many sounds?
04:44<Wolf01>no, I think at some point were introduced the grfs sounds
04:46<Wolf01>but if you want to disable a newgrf industry sound, you need to do it from the newgrf side, so a parameter or an addin to that grf
04:46<mattfury>my data dir has no grfs
04:47<mattfury>is opensfx stored in the .~/openttd/?
04:47<Wolf01>maybe you downloaded all the content from bananas?
04:47<@planetmaker>that dir doesn't exist
04:47<@planetmaker>maybe ~/.openttd exists
04:48<mattfury>found it
04:48<mattfury>how do i open
04:48<mattfury>rar doesnt
04:48<@planetmaker>hahaha :-)
04:48<mattfury>or will i need a new md5 hash for the cat file?
04:49<mattfury>making it insecure etc.,
04:49<@planetmaker>you might need catcodec
04:50<@planetmaker>you could also simply get a checkout of the opensfx repository, change the source to not use that sound, compile it and be happy
04:50<@planetmaker>would be easier than to first decompile it
04:50<mattfury>blargh command line util
04:50<mattfury>oh well
04:51*planetmaker wonders why people always consider de-compilation, for newgrfs and any other content the way to go than rather looking for the source...
04:51<@Alberth> <-- sources
04:51<@planetmaker>especially in an open-source environment...
04:51<@planetmaker>people obviously have been taught wrongly for years...
04:52<mattfury>An error occured: Could not open src/wav/ for writing
04:52<mattfury>and i have openttd closed
04:52<mattfury>= permission error?
04:52<mattfury>or encrypted files?
04:53<@Alberth>mattfury: OPEN source, what use would encryption be?
04:53<mattfury>not even using keys?
04:53*Alberth guesses you are missing a directory in that path
04:53<mattfury>the https connection = insecure btw
04:54<__ln__>insecure how?
04:55<@Alberth>mattfury: keys? you mean the md5sum? that's just for integrity checking, you can download md5sum programs
04:56<mattfury>chrome for me identifies it was an insecure connection
04:56<mattfury>oh wait misread
04:56<mattfury>connectoin is not compressed
04:57<__ln__>you still misread
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05:08<mattfury>i found you bastard noise
05:08<Ammler>there is google adsense on that page, which might confuse your obvious stupid secure check
05:08<mattfury>osfx_40.wav >_>
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05:15*Alberth quickly copies oxsf_40.wav
05:15<mattfury>gah if i ever here that noise in ottd..
05:19<@planetmaker>Alberth: I have copies. Free for everyone :-) And with vigilant guards which take care of sound murderers ;-)
05:20<@Alberth>phew :D
05:20<@Alberth>__ln__: s/here/hear/ I think
05:22<__ln__>would match with 'noise'
05:23<mattfury>so how many mirrors of this one sound file do you have?
05:25<@Terkhen>too many
05:25<@Terkhen>your best bet is finding or creating a better sound that is compatible with the license of opensfx
05:26<@Terkhen>and then ask to replace it
05:26<mattfury>open-sfx assuming gpl?
05:26<@planetmaker>a simple look at its license information would tell you the answer
05:26<@planetmaker>Which is 'no'
05:27<mattfury>i dont want to read it
05:27<@planetmaker>I don't want to hear moaning of too lazy people complaining about stuff they could know in 5 seconds
05:27<@Alberth>we don't want to look up the answer
05:28*planetmaker hugs Alberth
05:28*Alberth hugs planetmaker
05:28<__ln__>hmm... i wonder how much would it cost to order a complete sound set from Michael Winslow
05:29<@planetmaker>ask him
05:29<__ln__>or his agent
05:29<@Alberth>don't forget to mention that you aim to distribute it for free over the entire world :p
05:29<mattfury>ask me how long it would take to edit in audacity?
05:29<mattfury>and then my efforts for one sound file.
05:29<@planetmaker>quite honestly, it wouldn't hurt, __ln__ :-)
05:30<mattfury>that has haunted me for the beginning of time
05:30<@planetmaker>and at best ask him to allow to use GPL
05:30*planetmaker still wants a GPL soundset
05:30<@Alberth>mattfury: nah, wav files don't exist yet for >= 2000 years
05:31<@Alberth>nor do we have chainsaws that long :p
05:40<mattfury>tell me
05:40<mattfury>how do this sound to the original?
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05:40<mattfury>i think its -20db noisier
05:42<@Alberth>it does not want to give me the file
05:50<mattfury>ok try this link
05:54<@Alberth>it wants me to have cookies
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06:18<mattfury>eh sorry im busy atm
06:18<mattfury>may set up a ftpd later k
06:20<@Alberth>I am not the guy you need to convince, you could perhaps add an issue to the project
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06:33<CIA-2>OpenTTD: frosch * r22849 /trunk/src/ (engine_type.h ship_cmd.cpp): -Codechange: Add ShipVehicleInfo::ApplyWaterClassSpeedFrac() to apply ocean/canal speed fractions to velocities.
06:34<CIA-2>OpenTTD: frosch * r22850 /trunk/src/ (build_vehicle_gui.cpp lang/english.txt): -Feature: Display separate ocean and canal speeds in the ship purchase list, if they differ.
06:35<Wolf01>nice feature
06:43<andythenorth>| hmm
06:43<andythenorth>maybe today is a FISH day? :o
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07:45<Christian>hi, is there an option, to hide outdated vehicles? i.e. steam trains when diesel are available?
07:46<@Alberth>technically they are not outdated, as you can still buy them
07:46<Christian>yes, that's true. But I never do buy them, so it would be nice to be able to hide them
07:47<@Alberth>yeah, but computers are very bad at reading the mind of their users, so it does not know what you consider outdated.
07:48<Christian>So that is not possible?
07:48<@Alberth>I would not know how
07:48<@Alberth>you could sort them in a more useful order perhaps
07:50<@Alberth>I do that with bridges and town directory lists :)
07:52<@planetmaker>Christian: make sure you have the setting "vehicles_never_expire" set to "no"
07:53<@planetmaker>it won't help you with already existing vehicles, though
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07:53<@planetmaker>ah. well
07:53<@Alberth>it does not really help with your average vehicle newgrf
07:54<@planetmaker>well... it *should* as the old, obsolete vehicles won't be available for purchase anymore
07:54<@planetmaker>i.e. you won't have steam engines in the AsiaStar era
07:54<@Alberth>it does of course, but not enough (they have tooooo many engines imho)
07:55<@Alberth>but I guess that's the point of those grfs :)
07:55<@planetmaker>yeah, it's somewhat difficult to find a good balance. Esp. as every player has other needs. Or maybe even every map
07:56<@planetmaker>maybe one could add a checkbox in the vehicle list :-)
07:56<@planetmaker>but it'd need probably doing by one of those people who constantly have too many vehicles ;-)
07:57<@Alberth>and save the boxes to disk :)
07:59<@planetmaker>hm... good question about the 'where'
08:00<@Alberth>I am currently learning aircraft to fly from A to B: :)
08:01<@planetmaker>I heart that flying is easy ;-)
08:01<@planetmaker>just the transition ground -> air and esp. air -> ground needs skill :-P
08:02<@planetmaker>and... why do you do plane paths in python?
08:03<@Alberth>easier experimenting, it's an interactive program, point A is connected to the mouse
08:06<@Alberth>but roughly 70% of the area is not covered yet (8 starting directions is a lot)
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08:28<SpComb>ah nice, you're looking at a city, wondering how to fit in a station, 'cause there's a factory in the way.. then said factory announce inmittent closure :)
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08:31<@Alberth>sometimes you are lucky :)
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08:51<andythenorth>2 FIRS tickets left for 0.7 :P
08:52<andythenorth>71 closed
08:53<andythenorth>the last 2 tickets I don't really fancy :(
08:55<SpComb>just close them as "cannot reproduce"
08:57<@Alberth>or "wont implement" or target them for 2.0 :p
08:57<andythenorth>they need to get changed :P
08:57<andythenorth>one of them is this :P
08:58<andythenorth>where is the canonical list of newgrf cargo labels now?
08:58<andythenorth>has MB accepted the existence of the newgrf wiki?
08:59<andythenorth>or is the ttdp wiki still canonical for cargo labels?
08:59<@Alberth>that would be silly imho
09:00<andythenorth> links to newgrf wiki
09:00<andythenorth>so that's ok
09:01<andythenorth>so for sugar beet and sugar cane: BEET and CANE?
09:01<andythenorth>or SGBT and SGCN
09:03*andythenorth decides BEET / CANE
09:03<@Alberth>latter seem more specific and thus better imho
09:04<andythenorth>I'm easy
09:04<@Alberth>or should cargoes be as general as possible?
09:04<andythenorth>it doesn't matter
09:04<andythenorth>it's just a label
09:04<andythenorth>the only one that matters is BEER
09:04<@Alberth>ie suppose I have another * BEET cargo, should I map to yours?
09:05<andythenorth>probably not
09:05<andythenorth>when will HQ accept BEER?
09:05<@Alberth>some devs already do
09:06<@Alberth>you changed many strings!
09:08<andythenorth>think we changed a lot of strings with nml conversion :P
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09:18<SmatZ>duke nukem!
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09:20<andythenorth>the sugar cargo is a PITA
09:21<@Alberth>convert to BEER
09:22<@planetmaker>andythenorth: the canonical wiki now is
09:25<@planetmaker>and river shores are a pita
09:28<@Alberth>nothing a river of BEER cannot fix :p
09:28<andythenorth>planetmaker: got time to discuss the sugar cargo?
09:29<@planetmaker>probably, yes, Alberth
09:29<@planetmaker>andythenorth: what's the issue with it?
09:29<@planetmaker>iirc you wanted to split it... so the decision is just which label to use, right?
09:30<andythenorth>it fragments lots of code
09:30<andythenorth>we need climate checks all over the place
09:30<@planetmaker>hm, where / why?
09:30<andythenorth>nml appears to use actual cargo label in tiles, industry action 0
09:31<@planetmaker>hm, yes
09:31<@planetmaker>all industries...
09:31<@planetmaker>and tiles
09:32*andythenorth wonders if that could be templated :P
09:32<andythenorth>or done with cb
09:32<andythenorth>on construction
09:32<@planetmaker>hm... *that* might be the interesting approach
09:33<@planetmaker>sounds easiest to me
09:34<andythenorth>or we declare that it's fine to use one label
09:34<andythenorth>but that seems a bit limited for vehicle support
09:34<@planetmaker>I've no strong opinion either way
09:34<@planetmaker>but you nearly got me convinced that two labels is the better approach
09:35<@planetmaker>I suggest to try the CB approach
09:35<@planetmaker>we might have use for that anyway when implementing economies
09:35<andythenorth>well we could make the vehicle set authors check climate if they want 'accurate' graphics
09:36<@planetmaker>that's bad
09:36<andythenorth>is a change of label / string a savegame break?
09:37<@planetmaker>changing a stringID?
09:37<@planetmaker>changing a cargolabel? Yes
09:39<andythenorth>if we don't split them, as far as I can see the climate-specific strings for Beet / Cane are MIA
09:39<andythenorth>so we have to do work either way
09:42-!-Adambean [] has joined #openttd
09:49-!-TWerkhoven [] has joined #openttd
10:02-!-glx [glx@2a01:e35:2f59:c7c0:3db2:ef47:3367:324c] has joined #openttd
10:02-!-mode/#openttd [+v glx] by ChanServ
10:03-!-sllide [] has joined #openttd
10:03<SpComb>uwe's v6 is broken again :(
10:07-!-Vikthor [] has joined #openttd
10:09-!-roboboy [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:12-!-andythenorth [] has quit [Quit: andythenorth]
10:25-!-frosch123 [] has joined #openttd
10:27-!-opa_ [] has left #openttd []
10:38-!-sllide [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:39<SpComb>yacd plays funny games.. a big and medium-size city next to eachother.. one moment, they have zero traffic between them, the next, plenty :)
10:43-!-mattfury [mattfury@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:50<Ammler>and the next?
10:59-!-Cybertinus [] has joined #openttd
11:01<SpComb>seems to be stable now
11:17-!-Progman [] has joined #openttd
11:26-!-andythenorth [] has joined #openttd
11:39<SpComb>loan paid off o/
11:43-!-fjb|mobile [] has joined #openttd
12:27<Wolf01>hello fjb|mobile
12:28<fjb|mobile>Moin Wolf01
12:31-!-andythenorth [] has quit [Quit: andythenorth]
12:37-!-Jen` [] has joined #openttd
12:44-!-Jen` is now known as Jen
12:46<SpComb>oh shit, a blimp!
12:53<@Alberth>perhaps in his game :)
12:54<Jen>Perhaps, but does that really necessitate exclamations here? ;)
12:54<SpComb>first time I've seen a random blimp for years
12:55-!-Pulec|XNB [] has joined #openttd
12:58-!-Pulec [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:58-!-JVassie [~James@] has joined #openttd
13:07-!-sjaak [] has joined #openttd
13:10-!-sjaak [] has left #openttd []
13:10<Jen>Well, that as brief
13:10<@Alberth>it happens often for some reason
13:11<@Alberth>moin fjb|mobile
13:11<fjb|mobile>Moin Alberth
13:13-!-JVassie_ [~James@] has joined #openttd
13:17-!-HerzogDeXtEr [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
13:17-!-JVassie [~James@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:18-!-HerzogDeXtEr [] has joined #openttd
13:21-!-Brianetta [] has quit [Quit: Tschüß]
13:23-!-JVassie [~James@] has joined #openttd
13:26<@Alberth>a 'hello-like' greeting
13:26-!-pjpe [ae5f3a02@] has joined #openttd
13:27<pjpe>ah the best parts of summer
13:27<pjpe>and the little league world series
13:27<Jen>The Amy Pond Show is on at 7pm <3
13:30-!-JVassie_ [~James@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:31-!-JVassie_ [~James@] has joined #openttd
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13:44-!-Jen [] has left #openttd [Leaving]
13:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: translators * r22851 /trunk/src/lang/ (5 files):
13:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: catalan - 1 changes by arnau
13:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: german - 2 changes by planetmaker
13:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: serbian - 2 changes by etran
13:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: spanish - 2 changes by Terkhen
13:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: vietnamese - 12 changes by nglekhoi
13:51-!-JVassie_ [~James@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:58-!-JVassie [~James@] has joined #openttd
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14:03-!-andythenorth [] has joined #openttd
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14:20-!-JVassie [~James@] has joined #openttd
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14:57-!-pjpe [] has joined #openttd
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15:04-!-glx is now known as Guest7469
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15:57<andythenorth>should I play a game?
16:02<@Alberth>the game of 'lying horizontally in a bed with your eyes closed'?
16:04-!-Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:05-!-Brianetta [] has joined #openttd
16:05-!-AlexWorX [] has joined #openttd
16:08<andythenorth>what happens if I play a non-yacd game?
16:08<andythenorth>do I get bored?
16:08<andythenorth>I don't get rivers for starters
16:13<andythenorth>rivers are way to easy to destroy :P
16:13<AlexWorX>bc their free rivers on every way
16:17-!-AlexWorX [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
16:18*andythenorth uses the power of newgrf developer tools :P
16:19<andythenorth>to adjust running costs in game
16:29<andythenorth>shame I can't use newgrf developer tools to make locks that are 1 or 2 tiles :\
16:36-!-supermop_ [] has joined #openttd
16:42-!-Progman [] has joined #openttd
16:43<andythenorth>rivers are of little gameplay value
16:43<supermop_>look neat?
16:43-!-JVassie_ [~James@] has joined #openttd
16:43<supermop_>free canals?
16:43<andythenorth>now I am trying to use them instead of just looking at them :P
16:43<andythenorth>they're not free canals
16:44-!-Alberth [] has left #openttd []
16:44<supermop_>if a much of towns are placed near rivers they are usable
16:44<andythenorth>your canals comment is not far from the truth
16:45<andythenorth>rivers are useful, as long as you rebuild them mostly as canals :P
16:45<supermop_>well many navigable waterways have hadd a lot of work done on them
16:46<andythenorth>doesn't help gameplay much though :P
16:47-!-Kurimus [] has quit []
16:48-!-JVassie_ is now known as JVassie
16:51-!-Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:51<andythenorth>~£100,000 to canalise a river for about 30 tiles
16:52<andythenorth>a railroad same distance is about £22k
16:54<pjpe>making a canal is far more expensive than building a railroad i'd think
16:55<andythenorth>it's a train game anyway
16:56<andythenorth>I keep forgetting that :o
16:57<pjpe>not our fault trains are cool
16:57<andythenorth>it ought to be someone's fault
16:58<andythenorth>who do I blame?
16:58<pjpe>let's see
16:58<pjpe>blame hitler
16:58<pjpe>what's he gonna do
16:58<pjpe>he's dead
16:59<jonty-comp>he's not dead, he's in a cupboard
17:06-!-Lakie [~Lakie@] has quit [Quit: Sleep.]
17:09-!-andythenorth [] has quit [Quit: andythenorth]
17:14-!-andythenorth [] has joined #openttd
17:15<andythenorth>so really, £5,060 to build 1 tile of canal?
17:15<andythenorth>I thought that was fixed?
17:16<andythenorth>£140 to build rail on the same tile
17:20-!-welterde [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:21<Ammler>sounds like the price for rivers
17:22<andythenorth>it's dumb and probably a mistake :)
17:22-!-APTX [] has joined #openttd
17:22<andythenorth>Terkhen reset costs on canals a year or more ago
17:27<supermop_>yeah i thik thy are still expensive
17:27-!-APTX_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:35<pjpe>switzerland seems like a nice place to live
17:35<pjpe>full of trains
17:35<pjpe>and trams
17:42<SpComb>and snow
17:42<SpComb>that the trains drive through
17:42-!-Hyronymus [] has joined #openttd
17:43-!-welterde [] has joined #openttd
17:44<pjpe>all i need is a job
17:44<pjpe>that will pay me
17:44<pjpe>to be there
17:44<pjpe>that's the hard part
17:55-!-andythenorth [] has quit [Quit: andythenorth]
17:57-!-Wolf01 [] has quit [Quit: Once again the world is quick to bury me.]
18:07-!-welterde [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:08<Sacro>do I use -j8, or -j16
18:08<Sacro>or -j4
18:12<supermop_>waiting for hurricanes is boring
18:14<Eddi|zuHause>i'm all for developing roadtypes and stuff... but i have my serious doubts that Leanden has the proper technical knowledge/abilities to pull that off...
18:15<@Yexo>I'm quite sure he doesn't have that
18:16<@Yexo>which is exactly why I'm not evern trying to contribute anything to that topic
18:18<@Yexo>from what I've seen so far he has just copied the railtype spec wiki page and changed "rail" to "road" everywhere
18:19<Eddi|zuHause>that's what you get when you have a person of the category diligent/stupid
18:21<Eddi|zuHause>(on the Moltke scale)
18:23-!-TWerkhoven [] has quit [Quit: He who can look into the future, has a brighter future to look into]
18:31-!-ar3kaw [] has joined #openttd
18:33<pjpe>does anyone know what the hell this is
18:33<pjpe>did someone just make a mockup of some
18:33<pjpe>new way of displaying graphics
18:34-!-Reitak [] has joined #openttd
18:34<@Yexo>looks like random mockup
18:34<@Yexo>or gui from openttd pasted over graphics from some other game
18:35-!-Reitak [] has quit []
18:35<pjpe>how strange
18:36<@planetmaker>iirc it's an old mock-up
18:36<Eddi|zuHause>wow, i haven't seen that picture in ages.
18:36<Eddi|zuHause>yes, it's a part of a series of mock-ups
18:36<Eddi|zuHause>there was another one with fog and stuff
18:37-!-Progman [] has joined #openttd
18:39-!-ar3k [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:45-!-JVassie [~James@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:52-!-Cybertinus [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:59<frosch123>pjpe: that's a famour mockup by richk from 2006 or so
18:59<frosch123>there is a whole topic on the forums with such mockups
19:00<pjpe>weird that some random person was using it to advertise their server on a random blog that like 5 people must read
19:01<frosch123>well, this one was actually the best one in that topic :)
19:02<peter1139>32bpp will allow that right?
19:04<pjpe>not at that angle
19:04<pjpe>or perspective
19:05<Eddi|zuHause>i'm quite sure he was sarcastic :p
19:06-!-jpx_ [] has quit [Quit: jpx_]
19:06-!-jpx_ [] has joined #openttd
19:11-!-Vikthor [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
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19:31-!-pjpe [ae5f3a02@] has joined #openttd
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19:33-!-Neon [] has quit [Quit: Python is way too complicated... I prefer doing it quickly in C.]
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19:35-!-APTX [] has joined #openttd
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20:40-!-welterde [] has joined #openttd
20:46-!-pugi [] has quit [Quit: I reject your reality and substitute my own]
21:13<supermop_>any dutch people around?
21:14<supermop_>does that mean yes?
21:15<supermop_>I dont know much dutch
21:15<Markk>No, I'm swedish. :D
21:15<Markk>Just fooling around.
21:15<Markk>I learned some dutch words from a guy I shared a flat with before.
21:16<pjpe>just say join a lot
21:16<pjpe>moin a lot
21:16<Markk>I say Goedemoergen alot (on the morning that is).
21:16<Markk>Especially because it's pretty close to the swedish words for it: God morgon.
21:17<supermop_>they just started selling aged bols in the us
21:32<supermop_>... i guess that is sort of a dutch thing
21:49-!-Chrill [] has joined #openttd
21:49-!-Brianetta [] has quit [Quit: Tschüß]
21:51-!-Pulec|XNB [] has quit []
22:22-!-Chrill [] has quit []
22:27-!-rhaeder1 [] has joined #openttd
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22:55-!-supermop_ [] has joined #openttd
23:17-!-DOUK [] has joined #openttd
23:17-!-NOUK [] has joined #openttd
23:18-!-NOUK [] has quit []
23:18-!-DOUK [] has quit []
23:39-!-glx [glx@2a01:e35:2f59:c7c0:3db2:ef47:3367:324c] has quit [Quit: bye]
23:48-!-goldspirit [] has joined #openttd
23:48<goldspirit>hi anyone
23:48<goldspirit>i need some information
23:49<goldspirit>so if you can chat me it will be very apreciate
23:52<goldspirit>i want to know how to make a multiplayer game for me and my uncle
23:52<goldspirit>when i try to make the server it's say server offline
23:52<goldspirit>we can't?
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