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03:40<NGC3982>man, this day goes so slow, i might even play some ttd while working.
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03:51<Nat_aS>and how is that a bad thing?
03:54<Eddi|zuHause>which poor person works today...
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04:03<Nat_aS>I just got back from work
04:03<Nat_aS>Done for the week
04:03<Nat_aS>Thursday is my friday
04:03<Nat_aS>although it's friday when I get done
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04:17<NGC3982>i just noticed something fantastic
04:17<NGC3982>the energy output in CERN is about 6TeV
04:18<NGC3982>that is the kinetic energy of two or three mosquitos
04:18<NGC3982>that energy provides the Atlas detector with 40*10^15 petabytes of information - per second.
04:19<NGC3982>it certanly gives a new picture on how information density works in the universe
04:24<Nat_aS>two mosquitos?
04:24<Nat_aS>as in how much energy they burn to stay alive. or how much energy you would get if you collided them with anti-mosquitos?
04:26<NGC3982>the latter
04:26<NGC3982>hm, i guess it's more like five or six
04:27<Nat_aS>well that's a way to make a lot of energy sound like not a lot of energy
04:28<Nat_aS>if we had easy access to anti-mosquitos, we could solve all our energy problems
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04:29<Nat_aS>as well as ending malaria and other mosquito born desieases, and making being outside in the summer more enjoyable.
04:31<NGC3982>uhm, well. yes.
04:31<NGC3982>the same energy output is created when colliding a non-anti mosquiot aswell
04:31<NGC3982>that is.
04:31<NGC3982>and yes, the speed makes the exponential kick
04:31<NGC3982>about three meters per second from the speed of light
04:31<NGC3982>per proton bunch
04:32<Hazzard>How fast are the 2 mosquitos going?
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04:44<Nat_aS>too bad you need to use whole hamsters (estimation) worth of energy to keep the thing running
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08:38<@Alberth>Haha, crazy people, the first FreeRCT video, spending almost 7 minutes talking about the project, just showing the front-page, the empty download section, and the blog :D
08:39<NGC3982>in CSS, can i set the frequency of text-decoration:blink?
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08:39<@Alberth>a grequency of 0Hz is definitely possible :p
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08:43<@Alberth>css 2.1 cannot according to my book
08:50<NGC3982>i dumped the idea
08:50<NGC3982>it was mostly annoying.
08:51<@Alberth>I would have to agree with that :)
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10:37*Alberth waves hi
10:41*telanus1 waves back
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10:48<@Terkhen>hi Alberth, telanus1 and Belugas :)
10:48<@Terkhen>and happy friday too :P
10:49<@Belugas>hi hi :)
10:49<@Belugas>sweet friday indeed
10:49<@Belugas>3 days weekend coming in
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10:50<@Alberth>I am already near the end of the 2nd day of my 4 day weekend :p
10:54<@Terkhen>nice :P
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13:20<__ln__>so... if i have e.g. 1 second (8000 samples) of audio, and that's fast-fourier-transformed, the result is 8000 items of the spectrum?
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13:24<__ln__>and in any case, if the result is the spectrum, how does the inverse transform know how to put it back together in chronological order?
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13:25<@planetmaker>__ln__: the FFT cannot ever give you 8000 samples, but a power of 2. If asked to do otherwise, it's both slower and will taper with 0 the missing entries
13:25<blathijs>__ln__: A spectrum analysis just tries to approximate the original signal from a number of sine waves
13:26<blathijs>__ln__: So the reverse is just summing 8000 sine waves, with amplitudes equal to the spectrum values
13:26<opa>sine + cosine
13:27<blathijs>opa: Cosine is just phase-shifted sine
13:27<@planetmaker>y(t) = A1*sin(omega1*t) + A2*omega2*t + A3*sin(omega3*t) + ...
13:27<blathijs>and the result of a FFT are complex values, where the imaginary part is the phase shift IIRC
13:28<opa>fft gives you complex values. usually just the amplitude is plotted
13:28<__ln__>planetmaker: well true, i know the length needs to be 2^n
13:28<@planetmaker>the FFT will give you the A1 ... AN while the original the y1
13:28<blathijs>I also think the number of spectrum values does not equal the number of samples, but it is limited by it
13:29<blathijs>Hmm, or not exactly
13:29<@planetmaker>yep. No point to have higher freq. than the Nyquist theorem indicates implausible
13:29<blathijs>the max frequency is limited by the sample frequency, not sure about the number of spectrum values though
13:30<blathijs>if you stay below the Nyquist limit (.5 * sample freq, right?), you could have an arbitrary number of spectrum values I think
13:30<opa>8000 samples gives 4000 complex values
13:30<opa>i thinl
13:30<opa>nyquist halvrs the number
13:30<blathijs>At least in general Fourier Transform, FFT might have more specific constraints
13:30<opa>using more than 0.5 causes aliasing
13:31<@planetmaker>blathijs: max freq. is N/2. And then you can get at most sensibly 2*N or so as lowest freq
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13:33<opa>to the original question: the phase information contains what can be thought as the chronology within the window
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13:33<__ln__>opa: hmmm.... i see.
13:34<logic1485>can i ask something :p
13:35<blathijs>opa: Ah, indeed
13:35<__ln__>so if the audio clip contains e.g. the word "Hello" spoken out, the same clip reversed ("olleh") doesn't have the same spectrum at all?
13:35<FLHerne>logic1485: "Don't ask to ask, just ask" according to the subject line of this channel :P
13:35<blathijs>logic1485: The topic says "Don't ask to ask, just ask", so I guess the answer is yes
13:36<opa>fft has this odd behaviour that incresing the window increases only the frequency resolution. the noise stays at the same level
13:38<opa>__ln__ if you are talking about fft output, then yes. if you mean the frequency power spectrum then no
13:39<opa>usually spectrum refers to the second one
13:39<__ln__>btw, i don't know of any other channels where one gets quick and detailed answers for such a wide range of topics, such as linear algebra, history, poetry, fourier transforms. :)
13:39<opa>it is obtained by squaring the fft output and phase info is lost them
13:39<logic1485>bleh...i was bored
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13:42<opa>don't you laugh! dsp is a serious issue
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13:44<@Alberth>oh, *that*'s why you ask in a game-related channel about dsps :)
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: translators * r24262 /trunk/src/lang/ (catalan.txt dutch.txt latvian.txt russian.txt spanish.txt): (log message trimmed)
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: catalan - 29 changes by arnau, mtormo
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: dutch - 9 changes by habell
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: latvian - 25 changes by Parastais
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: russian - 23 changes by Lone_Wolf
13:45<CIA-1>OpenTTD: slovenian - 2 changes by
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14:58<Zuu>So, I've translated 20 strings or so, but there is still so many to go.
14:58<Zuu>I think I'll leve the rest for some other day or perhapse even someone else. :-)
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15:20<@Terkhen>Zuu: I have been doing 30 or so everyday for days :P
15:20<@Terkhen>not today though, I'm on my break
15:26<Zuu>hehe, actually I'm a bit alergic to having odd number of unused/used batteries in a hearing aid battery case :-)
15:26<Zuu>Its so imperfect :-)
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15:41<@Yexo>good evening
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15:48<@planetmaker>hello Yexo :-)
15:48<Zuu>hello Yexo
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16:44<nicfer>hi everyone
16:45<nicfer>I've installed chillcore patchpack, tried to copy newgrf from my main installation but none show up
16:45<nicfer>(I've copied also openttd.cfg)
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16:47<@planetmaker>Many NewGRFs are too new meanwhile to work with chillpp
16:47<@planetmaker>newgrf-wise chillpp is 6 ... 9 months old. And loads of things changed
16:47<@planetmaker>rather 9
16:48<@planetmaker>tbh, I can't be arsed anymore to release newgrfs for pre-1.2 OpenTTD versions.
16:48<@planetmaker>many things got much easier to write for 1.2 from the newgrf author's pov
16:50<FLHerne>chillpack is also before the folders got rearranged, isn't it?
16:51<Wolf01> lolwut?
16:51<Wolf01>"opTHOMAS Prime."
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17:43<FLHerne>Did the cargo classes change in FIRS? I used to be able to put scrap metal onto UKRS2 flat wagons - now I can't :-(
17:45<V453000>long time ago I think
17:45<V453000>but yes that label changed
17:50<FLHerne>Presumably 0.7.0? Do you know why?
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17:52<@planetmaker>the cargo classes were changed
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17:59<FLHerne>I know, but why?
18:00<FLHerne>Or do you mean the entire system?
18:04<@planetmaker>FLHerne: the previously chosen classes for that cargo were sub-optimal. Thus for the sake of future a better set of classes were chosen for that cargo (or rather the replacement cargo)
18:06<FLHerne>Are you sure? IMO, the vehicles that could transport it before seemed more suitable...
18:09<V453000>I guess it wasnt just about the vehicles, vehicles can be adjusted just as well now, the problem was that the general structure got extra messy from what I understood from the discussions
18:09<V453000>so it needed some resystematization
18:10<FLHerne>Probably true. Maybe I should try and get Pikkabird to change UKRS2 to match then :P
18:10<FLHerne>Also, this autorefitting makes dealing with supplies and farms so much easier :D
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19:33<nicfer>I've spotted a glitch, I've got a station with PBS entrance, but when a train wants to enter, it gets stuck and doesn't find a path into it
19:34<V453000>could be various problems
19:34<nicfer>the station has trains coming from both sides and a line that stops at it
19:35<V453000>either the free platforms have too high penalty so PBS rather prefers to wait for the other platforms
19:35<nicfer>the last ones have the trains that get stuck
19:35<V453000>image worth 1000 words? hint hint
19:35<V453000>ah yes
19:35<V453000>that is probably penalty issue
19:35<V453000>use presignals :p
19:35<V453000>you could also penalize the first few platforms for example with backwards 2way PBS too
19:36<nicfer>I've fixed it by using a PBS signal at theback entrance
19:36<V453000>PBS is still dumb :p
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19:41<nicfer>ouch JPG
19:41<nicfer>I've edited it with win7 paint and forgot to change the output format
19:42<nicfer> is the correct link
19:47<TinoDidriksen>Unreadable text...fussy red on green really does not work as JPEG.
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19:48<nicfer>yup, my fault
19:49<nicfer>forgot that ms paint saves to jpg by default
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21:45<nicfer>I suppose everyone is aware about the glitch that prevents to save using the 'Enter' key after selecting a savegame to overwrite
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22:12<Eddi|zuHause>never suppose anyone is aware about anything. always make a report.
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