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09:42<andythenorth>lo Terkhen
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11:01<Rubidium>good morning Belugas!
11:01<Rubidium>some great weather for me the next two weeks (compared to the weather I had)
11:02<Rubidium>i.e. the minimum temperature the next weeks will be roughly the max temperature of the last few weeks
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11:07<Rubidium>moin, what's with andy? ;)
11:08<andythenorth>holidays are with andy
11:09<@Terkhen>holidays! time to be productive!!
11:09<Rubidium>yay, where's andy and family going?
11:09<andythenorth>10 days, no laptop, no work, no ottd
11:10<andythenorth>first laptop break I've had since 2008
11:10<andythenorth>I used to have 1-2 per year :P
11:10<andythenorth>going to italy
11:11<andythenorth>how many euros shall I buy?
11:11<Rubidium>as many as you need
11:12*Rubidium might be passing London today (well, today for my biological clock)
11:12<@Terkhen>italy is nice :)
11:12<Rubidium>depending on the direction of the wind
11:12<andythenorth>italy is nice
11:12<andythenorth>Rubidium: are you in space? On the ISS?
11:13<Rubidium>the area around Naples didn't look so right
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11:14<Rubidium>andythenorth: no, just flying by plane near London International Airport
11:14<FLHerne>London International Airport???
11:15<Rubidium>FLHerne: yes
11:15<FLHerne>Oh, Canada?
11:15*FLHerne just looked it up
11:16<andythenorth>you'll fly over DanMacK
11:16<Rubidium>hooray ;)
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11:20*Rubidium is off for some breakfast and flying
11:20<Rubidium>maybe I'll see you at YVR later today
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11:22<@Belugas>true that, sir Rubidium !
11:22<@Belugas>i do hope it goes better by the day :)
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12:08<andythenorth>this truck looks like it would try and drive out from under the 5th wheel (see the side shot)
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12:12<MNIM>that's a pretty cool truck
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12:46<Eddi|zuHause>andythenorth: i have no idea what that means
12:52<andythenorth>Eddi|zuHause: if the fifth wheel pivot is above or behind the rear axle....when the truck accelerates there is a tendency for the front to lift. The trailer weight then acts behind the rear axle, lifting the front further
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12:55<andythenorth>mentioned here under 'the cookie cutter'
13:02*andythenorth searches for the truck rodeo videos
13:05<Rubidium>you never guess where I'm now ;)
13:06<andythenorth>chipping sodbury?
13:09<Rubidium>see... I was right! ;)\
13:10<andythenorth>^ trucks
13:10<andythenorth>[what else] :P
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13:14<andythenorth>this for HEQS?
13:18<@Terkhen>andythenorth: now that I have released a new version of ogfx-rv, I need HEQS with support for refit in stations :)
13:19<andythenorth>how's your nfo?
13:19<Rubidium>oh cool... my flight's on the departure boards ;)
13:19<@Terkhen>andythenorth: a mixture of lack of understanding and nightmares, why?
13:20<andythenorth>not planning to work on HEQS for a while ;)
13:21<Rubidium>andythenorth: and I thought you were going to research Italian big trucks for about two weeks ;(
13:22<andythenorth>italy has small trucks
13:22<andythenorth>except this:
13:27<andythenorth>Terkhen: iirc, it's just an action 0 prop you need to add to the trucks
13:27<andythenorth>then recompile
13:27<andythenorth>compiling is *very* quick
13:28<andythenorth>and grfcodec should be available for you
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13:33<@Terkhen>sorry, I'm too spoiled by nml :)
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13:41<Rubidium>good morning Wolf01
13:42<Wolf01>oh no, it happened again.. I forgot to reset the time machine clock and now I must go back to work
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13:45<Wolf01>hello Alberth
13:45<@Alberth>hi hi
13:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: translators * r24344 /trunk/src/lang/ (korean.txt polish.txt):
13:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: korean - 4 changes by telk5093
13:45<CIA-2>OpenTTD: polish - 1 changes by wojteks86
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13:59*andythenorth realises what we're missing
14:00<andythenorth>wooden train grf
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14:00<Rubidium>though seem easy to draw in Blender
14:01<Nat_aS>Oh, I tought of a Thomas the Tank engine grf
14:01<Nat_aS>is it possible to make it so only one of a specific engine can be built at a time?
14:01<@Alberth>nah, chugginton trains
14:01<@Alberth>Nat_aS: make it *very* expensive
14:02<Nat_aS>that will prevent them from building any though
14:02<Nat_aS>I want to force the player to use one of each engine.
14:03<andythenorth>chuggington will get your ass comprehensively sued
14:04<andythenorth>wooden train, we need new tunnels
14:05<Nat_aS>and new tracks
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14:05<Nat_aS>wooden tracks would be cool
14:05<Nat_aS>maybe make the ones with the riddges electric
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14:19<andythenorth>let's invent things!
14:19*andythenorth invents extreme cargo aging: take too long to deliver, cargo explodes
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14:19<andythenorth>taking out your vehicle and any neighbouring infrastructure
14:20*Alberth orders some more apache helicopters for andy
14:21<andythenorth>newgrf can do it
14:21<Rubidium>doesn't (old) dynamite do that; it goes with a bang when handled with lots of shocks
14:21<andythenorth>'if cargo is too old, call disaster on this square'
14:21*andythenorth invents hovercraft
14:21<andythenorth>frosch123 had a patch for that once
14:21<andythenorth>didn't work brilliantly :)
14:22<frosch123>it made crashes more realistic
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14:26<andythenorth>let's invent industry tiles that can produce things in their own right
14:35<FLHerne>Now that we have autorefit, there should be a conditional order jump for 'If train is carrying [cargotype]...'
14:37<FLHerne>It's annoying having to send trains to multiple destinations, even if not all of them are carrying cargo going that way :-(
14:37*andythenorth never used conditional orders
14:38<andythenorth>they seem insanely fragile and complicated
14:38*FLHerne hasn't used them a lot, but wants them for this particular use-case ;)
14:41<FLHerne>All I can do at the moment is 'goto [unloading place 1]', [if train is now empty go and reload], [else goto unloading place 2], etc
14:41<FLHerne>Or just fund all the industries in the same place so I can send all cargo to the same station... :P
14:46<@Belugas>pom te pom
14:47*Belugas enjoy Closer (further away), remix of NIN-Closer
14:47<@Belugas>my favorite remix
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14:54<Rubidium>good morning!
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15:01<andythenorth>Belugas: guess you heard the Jonny Cash version of Hurt?
15:02<@Belugas>Jeff Martin did it better, i think
15:02<@Belugas>but just becasue i'm a die hard fan of Jeff...
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15:33<Nat_aS>a lot of conditions are nonsensical
15:34<Nat_aS>like ones that are specific to the engine itself, and are thus unlikely to change
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16:03<@Belugas>mmh... is it a normal behaviour that, when applying a patch in tortoise git, the system commits the patch automatically?
16:03<@Belugas>i hate that
16:04<@Belugas>not safe at all, in my book.
16:04<@Belugas>well.. honestly,. it's because tortoise SVN works differently... it patches, than it allows you to commit afterward
16:05<@Belugas>and i'm a guy who does not changes his habits easily ;)
16:12<@Alberth>sounds unwanted to me too :)
16:12<@Alberth>but git history is much more flexible than svn :)
16:14<@Alberth>good night
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16:20<@Belugas>true, i can see that now
16:20<@Belugas>ho... gone...
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16:53<+michi_cc>Belugas: A git commit is purely local and can easily be amended or nuked with reset, so I can't see anything not safe with it ;)
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16:54<ZxBiohazardZx>meh sup
16:55<@Belugas>true, but let say, i wanted to verify before commiting how the patch application went
16:55<@Belugas>like, a bt paranoiac, let say
16:56<@Belugas>by the way, found out that the Tortoisemerge tool (not within contextual menu) works exactly as I wanted it to be
16:57<@Belugas>haaa.. reset...
16:57<@Belugas>ok :)
16:58<ZxBiohazardZx>andythenorth around?
16:58<ZxBiohazardZx>usually you are so :P
16:58<@Terkhen>good night
16:58<ZxBiohazardZx>just read some stuff on simuscape
16:59<@Belugas>night Terkhen :)
16:59<ZxBiohazardZx>your having concerns on your work being stolen / copied by any of the artists in the non-public section?
17:03<ZxBiohazardZx>or was the lines i read just an example/sarcasm?
17:05<__ln___>@seen CIA-2
17:05<@DorpsGek>__ln___: CIA-2 was last seen in #openttd 3 hours, 19 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <CIA-2> OpenTTD: polish - 1 changes by wojteks86
17:05<ZxBiohazardZx>referring to
17:06<ZxBiohazardZx>haha freaking CIA's bailing out once more....
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17:07*Belugas gone
17:08*ZxBiohazardZx pokes andythenorth with the paste2 link: you need me to check something or?
17:09<andythenorth>ZxBiohazardZx: it was example, but not sarcasm
17:09<ZxBiohazardZx>hmmz alright
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17:10<ZxBiohazardZx>if you have any reasonable doubts then just contact either me or SAC, investigations are always possible by us, and i can assure you that from all work i have seen i didnt see similar works on most of the tt forums or other repos's i know of
17:11<ZxBiohazardZx>but yeah copyright infrigement is impossible to rule out, monitoring i think is the best solution, reporting any concerns to the forum/owners usually works ( i think if you contatct orudge or the mods in tt-forums a similar act works)
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17:15<ZxBiohazardZx>so whats everyone up to lately :P
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17:26<andythenorth>writing job ads, in my case
17:26<ZxBiohazardZx>hmmz screw this, i have to go again, stupid real life is bitchy lately
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17:41<andythenorth>yeah so...bedtime
17:41*andythenorth away for a while
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