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03:03<@Terkhen>good morning
03:06<NGC3982>Where can i find the recommended hardware specs for dedicated servers? Does that exist? :)
03:07<NGC3982>Im thinking about hosting on a Rasperry Pi, if possible.
03:09<@Terkhen>I don't think that they exist, and if they do they probably dont take into account "exotic" platforms
03:10<@Terkhen>that said, I tried a 64x64 game on my rpi and it was slowvto the point of unplayability
03:11<@Terkhen>although that might be because IIRC the X server graphics are not being accelerated by hardware
03:12<NGC3982>Terkhen: I see.
03:12<NGC3982>Well, yes. Graphics is out of the picture with the RPI. Although, a dedicated server shouldnt be any problems as far as the specs go (compared to a normal PC computer with similar hardware).
03:13<NGC3982>I guess compability can give some challenge.
03:13<@Terkhen>the other bottleneck is probably the RAM
03:13<@Terkhen>256 will not let you run big maps
03:13<blathijs>There's Debian packages built for ARM which should pretty much offer out-of-the box functionality
03:14<blathijs>(though they're slightly out of date right now due to a pending release team decision)
03:14<NGC3982>It's 256MB. A dedicated server on a Windows PC barely exceeds 20MB usage, afaik?
03:14<NGC3982>The maps, yes.
03:15<@Terkhen>yes, plain debian works, and there is also a debian based distro with packages especially compiled for the rpi
03:19<@Terkhen>mine is just going to be a media center
03:20<NGC3982>That's enough for me to buy one, at least.
03:22<dihedral>good morning
03:24<NGC3982>Well hello.
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03:33<@Terkhen>hi planetmaker and dihedral
03:57<@Terkhen>hi Phazorx
04:00<dihedral>... a Phazorx :-P
04:09<NGC3982>There is something i miss here
04:09<NGC3982>the VIA VAB-800 has substancially better hardware, but seems to costs half as much as the RPI.
04:10<NGC3982>oh wait
04:10<NGC3982>No it doesn't.
04:11<Phazorx>dih, what are you busy with these days?
04:11<dihedral>sys admin
04:11<Phazorx>aside of counting random phazorxes obviously
04:12<Phazorx>doesnt sound like you are exited with that :)
04:12<dihedral>i (try) to coordinate an IT office
04:12<dihedral>i could be :-P
04:12<Phazorx>big company?
04:12<dihedral>... but :-D
04:12<dihedral>quote small
04:13<dihedral>i would not mind if someone could give my boss a divine size 9 up the rear
04:14<Phazorx>is your boss it related professional?
04:15<dihedral>yeah - he just got way too relaxed
04:16<dihedral>and if he does do a job, he only does the parts he thinks are fun
04:16<dihedral>which does not offer very good quality to our customers
04:16<Phazorx>heh, that doesnt sounds very german to me actually
04:16<dihedral>in all honesty, i'd not pay this company a fuck to do shit!
04:17<Phazorx>why dont you work for someone else then if you dont like it there?
04:17<dihedral>Phazorx, he's more american :-P at least from a BMI perspective :-P
04:17<dihedral>well, i will at some point :-P
04:19<dihedral>oh - and for fucks sake i should keep track of every 2 mins
04:19<dihedral>no matter what it is - if it's support, reading emails, etc....
04:20<Phazorx>is he really american>
04:20<Phazorx>cuz that sounds like their management style
04:21<Phazorx>as in bussiness administration coursestaught in us propagate that idea as "efficient time management"
04:22<dihedral>BMI = Body Mass Index ;-)
04:22<NGC3982>BMI is an abomination of measurement.
04:22*NGC3982 took that completely out of context.
04:23<dihedral>he's 2 meters - no matter how you place him on the ground :-P
04:23<Phazorx>looks like you have ideal spherical boss dih
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04:25<Eddi|zuHause>is this one of those "i need a new job" rants?
04:25<dihedral>i like placing him at an angle of 23.4° and spinning him around his own axle, only to see how the cordless phone from his desk starts to orbit :-D
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04:27<dihedral>I hope Eddi|zuHause is not fat and didn't take that personally :-P
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04:29<dihedral>what was that eddi? :-P
04:30<Eddi|zuHause>a... reboot *scary drums*
04:31<Eddi|zuHause>something called ksoftirqd/0 occupied one entire core and wouldn't stop
04:40<Phazorx>Eddi|zuHause: didi that correlate with some hardware event? like external drive being plugged in?
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04:41<Eddi|zuHause>no, but it correlated roughly with my HDD getting full during recording, which was like 6 hours earlier
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04:41<Eddi|zuHause>but emptying that HDD did not solve anything
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11:15<Fremen>woot a lot of people in this channel
11:17<Fremen>all idlers :p
11:20<dihedral>i nearly misread your nick and asked if your firstname was gordon :-P
11:23<@planetmaker>we just don't talk all the time...
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11:30<dihedral>planetmaker, but when we do, ... :-P
11:30<@planetmaker>... then, of course, all hell breaks loose
11:32<dihedral>hell only breaks loose if __ln__ is around :-P
11:32<@Terkhen>Fremen: our "look at the channel interval" is longer than 1 min
11:33<Fremen>well I am amazed to see people here, let alone so many, which is awesome
11:33<dihedral>and, what i find awsome, you did not start with 'i have a question' :-P
11:34<Fremen>I just discovered openttd, and I feel like I missed a decade
11:34<Fremen>or two
11:35<@planetmaker>one and a half ;-)
11:35<Fremen>I feel 14 years old again
11:36<@planetmaker>though.. hm. 14 March 2004 is the release date of 0.1.1
11:36<Fremen>but then add an HD monitor :)
11:36<@planetmaker>only one? :D
11:37<Fremen>well the second is a 4:3 monitor :p
11:37<dihedral>i prefer using my hd beamer :-P
11:38<Fremen>learning a game again that you played almost 20 years ago feels so much better than all those hi-tech games
11:39<@planetmaker>I soon can play it in 3840x1200 :D
11:40<@planetmaker>Fremen, it plays quite different to TTD... at least TTD became unplayable to me, being used to OpenTTD's UI
11:40<Fremen>now I just need to find all the great modules
11:40<@planetmaker>start with vanilla to get accustomed. Just my 2ct
11:40<Fremen>well yeah but I'm referring to the graphic styly mostly
11:40<Fremen>yeah probably for the best :)
11:41<@planetmaker>well... add-ons (NewGRFs) is not only graphics. It's add-ons really. Which have often a large part of programming
11:41<@planetmaker>The better ones have like several 10k lines of code
11:41<@Terkhen>try a few vanilla games first, then check a few of the thousand forum threads about "the best set of newgrfs"
11:41<@planetmaker>NewGRFs can and most often do change game play in one or more aspects
11:42<@planetmaker>Only few are really only graphics replacement. very few
11:42<Fremen>well I'm just into the 'big experience' in games, like starting in 1830 or something
11:43<@planetmaker>generally the experience when starting in 1830 or something is... not good. You need to find a good solution. And there's not many, if at all. Depending on what you want
11:43<Fremen>well the inflation/population should pretty much not be screwed by 1950
11:44<Fremen>I can imagine this is a problem
11:44<@planetmaker>depends... I play usually without inflation ;-)
11:44<Fremen>well yeah, you coudl activate it in 1950
11:45<@planetmaker>doesn't matter when you activate it. It will run for 170 years from then at most
11:45<@planetmaker>the inflation. not the game.
11:45<@planetmaker>the game can be reasonably played till year 4999999
11:45<Fremen>well it has to end some day :p
11:46<Fremen>actuallyI'd like to run a server to play on with a friend who hooked me up
11:46<Fremen>so like slow gamespeed an run it for a week or so would be awesome
11:46<@planetmaker>game speed is fixed. But you can set the server to only run when someone is connected
11:46<Fremen>ah that's cool
11:48<@planetmaker>Given the amount of servers it's probably be easier though to join one of them for the first steps
11:50<Fremen>yeah I'll have to learn a lot about trains again
11:50<Fremen>tried it yesterday without success :p
11:50<@planetmaker>learn about trains, signals, refits
11:50<@planetmaker>use the wiki. Look at other people savegames
11:51<@planetmaker>join servers and look how others solve it. Ask them. Experiment yourself
11:52<Fremen>argh the breakdowns
11:52<Fremen>I'll be softcore and put those off
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12:19*Terkhen always have breakdowns off
12:19<Markk>Same here.
12:25<Fremen>good :d
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12:38<NGC3982>Breakdowns, are they for eating?
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12:47<frosch123>ah, thanks for the reminder
12:54<NGC3982>Fremen: If you wish, you have my server at your service.
12:55<Fremen>sounds great !
12:55<NGC3982>I do think it is online right now
12:55<NGC3982>But i have no idea what's on there.
12:55<Fremen>I'll have a look later this evening :)
12:56<NGC3982>Great. Are you new to the game?
12:57<Fremen>well yeah if you don't count the playtime when I was a kid :)
12:57<NGC3982>Ah, i see.
12:57<Fremen>I played it a lot back then, but yeah hell do I know if I played it right :d
12:58<NGC3982>OpenTTD is the bastard love-Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter-child of TTD deluxe.
12:58<NGC3982>You have a lot to find out, as i see PM told you. :-P
12:58<NGC3982>s/find out/explore
12:58<Fremen>that's great, games where nothing is to find out are not worth playing :)
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13:37<FLHerne>andythenorth: Hoyo :-)
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13:51<@Alberth>hello Wolf
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14:10<@Alberth>nah, that's just the first 10 years :)
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16:04<bolli>Hi all
16:05<frosch123>hi bolli
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16:06<bolli>anybody know a program that will convert to a 256 pallette image?
16:06<bolli>other than PSP and Photoshop
16:06<bolli>I've been trying for hours in gimp... So how?
16:07<frosch123>what exactly do you want to do?
16:07<frosch123>convert 32bpp to 8bpp palette?
16:07<bolli>I have a sprite that isn't being accepted into mnlc
16:07<bolli>And then what?
16:07<frosch123>then import the ttd palette, and disable "remove unused colours"
16:08<bolli>Wheres the ttd palette?
16:09<frosch123>take ttd-newgrf-dos.gpl
16:12<bolli>ah thanks :)
16:12<bolli>Gotten it working now :)
16:18<bolli>I've not gotten my first train ingame...
16:18<bolli>seems good :). Just a shame its about 8ft underground...
16:18<bolli>Some tinkering needed still...
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17:18<andythenorth>Zuu: I thought of one change
17:18<andythenorth>for competitive MP, could you give each company different cargos?
17:18<andythenorth>(as option)
17:20*andythenorth -> bed
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18:06<@Terkhen>good night
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