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00:02<Flygon__>Clearly my net hates me
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02:59<@Terkhen>good morning
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03:09<Flygon>I have just realized how stupid I am
03:10<Flygon>I can just timetable smaller freight trains to pick up primary industries and put the freight at secondary industries, or transfer stations @_@
03:10<Flygon>I learn something new every time I realize I've the intelligence of a doorknob
03:10<Flygon>Huomenta Terkhen!
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07:14<Eddi|zuHause>so... what does one do when RRT tells "station limit reached"?
07:14<Eddi|zuHause>stupid old games... :p
07:17<__ln__>disassemble it and make an open source clone of it
07:20<Eddi|zuHause>locomotion has nothing to do with RRT
07:22<Eddi|zuHause>but seriously... what does one do when one can't expand to new cities anymore?
07:23<Eddi|zuHause>except give up/unify some old local routes, there's not much i can see
07:24<Eddi|zuHause>that frees up maybe two or three stations
07:24<@peter1138>been a long time since i played rrt
07:25<@peter1138>are you talking about the original one that looked a lot like civ at the time?
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07:35<Eddi|zuHause>although it only looked like civ if you played civ in 16 colour mode, not 256 colour mode :)
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07:40<@peter1138>best civ imho
07:43<Eddi|zuHause>it had plenty of bugs. and the patch that i got later was for the english version, which made things even worse
07:44<Eddi|zuHause>i probably played civ2 the most, followed by civ4
07:47<frosch123>yeah, in rrt and colonization you just give up if you hit the limits
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07:49<BadBrett>"Although the majority of all original houses occupy a single tile, it is possible to define a larger house of up to 2x2 tiles. For this, you should set the fourth 'size' parameter in the item-block."
07:49<BadBrett>What exactly does this mean? Should I set it in the header?
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07:50<frosch123>you put it as fourth parameter in the "item" thingie
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07:53<frosch123>item(FEAT_H..., item_my_name, random number, HOUSE_SIZE_xxx)
07:53<DanMacK>Hey all
07:56<BadBrett>that's what i thought... should i set random number to -1 then?
07:56<DanMacK>Hey brett. How goes progress?
07:56<frosch123>ah, yes, -1
08:00<BadBrett>DanMack: I'm still writing the code, so no new graphics
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08:06<BadBrett>a bit boring though, I enjoy doing the graphics more ;)
08:06<DanMacK>Lol I know
08:08<Stimrol>Is it possible to have dedicated server restart at f.ex 2050 and start from the same save or same scenario?
08:10<Ammler>isn't that what restart does, instead newgame?
08:11<frosch123>restart only works for random generated maps, not for scenarios
08:11<Stimrol>Doesn't the game automaticly go newgame after restart_year or is it perhaps restartgame?
08:12<Stimrol>frosch123, so the same goes for save?
08:13<frosch123>restart_game_year generates a new map
08:13<frosch123>same settings, but different map
08:15<Stimrol>that is what I thought, I was hopeing that I could restart server automaticly with always same save or scenario
08:16<frosch123>i don't think you can do that with on-board stuff
08:16<frosch123>you need some external script or similar
08:16<frosch123>something external which sends "restart" to the console
08:17<frosch123>i.e. via admin port, or via plain console
08:19<Stimrol>So if I knew pearl f.exe I could query the server with some script to see what year it was and send restart in 2050?
08:19<frosch123>no idea what you currently use to run your server
08:20<frosch123>but, if you know java and want something custom, you can use the admin port to control ottd remotely
08:21<Stimrol>I am using autopilot, but out off luck with knowing programming
08:21<Stimrol>thanks very much for the help
08:22<frosch123>i don't know autopilot well enough, to help you there
08:22<frosch123>it might also have various features
08:23<Stimrol>I will see what I find out, the digging in to this problem is just starting :)
08:32<Ammler>with autopilot, you could query the year and load the save
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08:40<Stimrol>thanks Ammler, what do I need to know to do that, some pearl or..'
08:45<Ammler>well, you should also be able to use the new interface together with autopilot
08:46<Ammler>so you can also use your favorite language
08:46<Ammler> <-- some example scripts
08:47<Stimrol>In the old days I knew some Pascal :) that doesn't count today, so the only way for me is hopeing I can maybe find something by trial and errors. But this is a interesting problem.
08:55<Ammler>Stimrol: something like this:
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08:57<Stimrol>wow, thanks alot Ammler
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09:02<NGC3982>Can this be thought of as "realistic"?
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09:02<frosch123>no, there is no snow
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09:13<@peter1138>Want realistic? Go outside.
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09:22<BadBrett>2x2 houses works great now. me so happy.
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09:28<V453000>frosch123: seen my tickets? :)
09:29<@peter1138>For Justin Beiber?
09:32<Stimrol>Ammler, I am trying this for test with irc command !test and I always get invalid ELF header
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09:34<Elukka>space looks unrealistic
09:34<Elukka>(a photo from cassini)
09:35<Elukka>did the r-word cause belugas to appear? :P
09:36<Eddi|zuHause>you do realize that all colours in "space" photos are "wrong"?
09:36<Elukka>no, not really
09:36<Elukka>nebulae are often in false color, though not always
09:36<@Belugas>naaa... just my daily routine which is resuming back to normal (finally) :)
09:36<Eddi|zuHause>not even curiosity can do proper colours
09:36<Elukka>images of planets and moons and such are usually true color, or at least colorized to look as real as possible with the instrumentation they have
09:37<Elukka>sure it can
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09:37<Elukka>there's no special trick to getting true color images in space
09:37<Elukka>you just mount a more or less normal camera on it
09:38<Elukka>false color images are false color because they provide more useful information that way
09:40<Elukka>"A giant of a moon appears before a giant of a planet undergoing seasonal changes in this natural color view of Titan and Saturn from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. "
09:40<Ammler>Stimrol: might simply need a newline at the end
09:41<Elukka>i like how titan is so blurry it looks like a cheap 3D model
09:41<Ammler>I didn't test the command :-)
09:45<@peter1138>"colorized to look as real as possible" == false colour, to me ;)
09:47<Stimrol>Ammler, I will test this, thank you.
09:49*peter1138 mumbles about non-plain text email
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09:53<frosch123>V453000: thanks for the bieber tickets
09:53<frosch123>i added one to my todo list
09:53<frosch123>have to find someone else for the second one
09:54<Flygon>Elukka, that's not a cheap 3D model
09:54<Flygon>It's clearly a moon from The Next Generation, or Voyager!
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09:58<BadBrett> Can only be built on flat terrain. Note that 2x2 buildings will always only be built on flat land, even if this bit isn't set."
09:58<BadBrett>this doesn't seem to be the case
10:01<frosch123>might be a subtile ottd/ttdp difference
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10:16<Stimrol>Ammler, I could do it as this "::ap::game::console "load mysave.sav\r"
10:16<Stimrol>next step figure out how to run this periodicaly
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10:48<drac_boy>any of you have an amd pc? just wondering anyway
10:48<Eddi|zuHause>why wouldn't one have an amd pc?
10:49<drac_boy>I'm just asking :P
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10:59<zear>how come the helicopters become obsolete before the end of the game?
10:59<zear>is this by design, or a bug?
11:00<drac_boy>eddi...basically was just wondering about trying build another amd system anyway .. but we'll see I guess
11:00<frosch123>zear: by design
11:00<zear>frosch123, in openttd, or the original game?
11:00<frosch123>in ottd you can load a newgrf
11:01<frosch123>hmm, not sure about original, actually
11:01<zear>isn't that just a graphics replacement?
11:01<frosch123>it's a gameplay plugin
11:01<Yexo>newgrfs contain much more than just graphics
11:01<zear>then i'm probably already using it
11:01<zear>as i installed only the free modules
11:01<zear>ie. no original game data files
11:02<Yexo>opengfx is just a graphics replacement for the original graphics
11:02<frosch123>zear: then you are likely using none :p
11:02<Yexo>newgrfs are set in the newgrf config window, you can also download new ones via the online content system
11:02<zear>frosch123, the game is still playable
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11:03<frosch123> <- check that
11:03<frosch123>there are 500 available, you cannot have them all activated
11:03<frosch123>you have to choose, if you didn't you have defaults
11:03<frosch123>which match the original very closely
11:04<zear>frosch123, you are right, i don't have any of them enabled
11:04<frosch123>(except for newer features)
11:05<zear>just quickly filtered, but no "heli*" addons that compensate for the helicopters becoming obsolete
11:05<frosch123>check aviators aircraft set
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11:06<frosch123>i do not remember any set providing only helicopters
11:06<frosch123>mind that you can only activate these plugins for new games
11:06<frosch123>you cannot add/remove stuff mid-game
11:07<zear>i realize that
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11:08<zear>i wonder what was the choice in original game for making the helicopters obsolete
11:09<V453000>I bet the bigger problem is expiring vehicles = on?
11:09<zear>isn't it a trend in sci-fi to feature flying cars
11:09<zear>that would easily replace the old helicopter design
11:09<zear>well, the expiring vehicles is not a biggie, since you can always replace them with newer models
11:10<V453000>what if there arent newer models :)
11:10<zear>but here the helicopters as a whole become obsolete and you can't replace newer ones
11:10<V453000>after all your helicopters are doing exactly that apparently
11:10<zear>V453000, so far this was only a problem with helicopters for me
11:10<zear>and trains, but naturally there is maglev, etc.
11:10<frosch123>V453000: good point, we should tell zear about that feature
11:10<zear>so there is replacement
11:10<V453000>so, having vehicles_never_expire on would make this problem gone
11:11<zear>that could work, but i actually do like how the old models expire
11:11<V453000>just as well as any similar or related problems
11:11<V453000>cant help you then
11:11<zear>i'd just like new futuristic designs for the helicopters instead of dumping them as a whole
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11:11<V453000>if you want something new, better get drawing :)
11:12<frosch123>zear: we have the policy to only add "new stuff" via add-ons
11:12<zear>which makes sense
11:12<frosch123>the default stuff is somewhat playable, but generally noone bothers
11:12<frosch123>because everyone wants his own deal anyway :p
11:12<zear>except new players, i guess
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11:13<V453000>original works well, but later you definitely want more
11:13<frosch123>well, better start easy before letting them drown in add-ons :p
11:13<zear>so, any tutorials for creating new graphic sets?
11:14<frosch123>but maybe you want to first check whether there is already suitable content for you :p
11:14<zear>already checked
11:14<zear>doesn't seem to be any
11:14<zear>unless i missed something
11:14<frosch123>i guess it is hard to stuff yourself without ever having used any existing stuff
11:14<V453000>cant say I know about any futuristic helicopters either
11:14<frosch123>zear: aviators is the standard aircraft set
11:15<frosch123>but yeah, i think it has only future-zeppelin instead of helicopters :p
11:15<V453000>codename for kirov.
11:15<zear>as long as it can land on heliports it will be fine
11:16<V453000>see av8 and see for yourself already ...)
11:16<frosch123> <- the qrque 4 looks also futureish
11:16<frosch123> <- 2025
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11:17*drac_boy also uses the russiaplane grf a lot myself
11:17<zear>frosch123, that set has tons of helicopters in 2045
11:18<zear>unless they only expire after some time when you started a new game
11:18<frosch123>if you have them when starting in year 3000, you will also have them when playing till 3000
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11:18<zear>ah, great
11:19<V453000>if stuff breaks use no expiring vehicles :)
11:19<V453000>I actually have no clue how does nuts work with expiring vehicles, might be utterly broken
11:20<drac_boy>heh .. V453000 you're NUTS! :p
11:21<V453000>ok as I didnt configure it it looks like they just Dont expire :D
11:21<V453000>nice enough
11:22<V453000>also, I am completely sane, which is proved by this
11:22<V453000>hi andy :)
11:22<V453000>see game 31 :)
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11:26<frosch123>@base 8 10 31
11:26<@DorpsGek>frosch123: 25
11:26<frosch123>@base 7 10 31
11:26<@DorpsGek>frosch123: 22
11:26<frosch123>V453000: even when using base 7 you are off
11:27<V453000>k 21
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11:33<Ammler>[16:16] <Stimrol> next step figure out how to run this periodicaly <-- add it as callback
11:35<Ammler>or execute it via crontab signal
11:43-!-drac_boy [] has left #openttd [I'm done being in this room!]
11:43<andythenorth>bananas needs a download stats API
11:43<andythenorth>for my amusement
11:44<Markk>Bananas has gone monkey
11:44<frosch123>as rss feed? or as desktop applet?
11:45<supermop>mobile app
11:46<supermop>i want to check firs downloads on the go
11:46<andythenorth>frosch123: name / value pairs?
11:53<@peter1138>Who's Jason?
11:53<andythenorth>friend of Kylie
11:53<andythenorth>also Argonauts
11:53<andythenorth>multiplayer NoCarGoal game later?
11:53<frosch123>no reasons against it
11:54<andythenorth>need to get gold :P
11:54<andythenorth>planetmaker Hirundo Yexo Zuu Terkhen V453000 et al? ^^
11:55<andythenorth>also others
11:55<V453000>dont expect me tonight :(
11:55<Yexo>maybe later, not sure yet if I have time
11:56<andythenorth>needs 3, or an easier goal :)
11:56<V453000>depends on the setup andy, if you make like 5 farms on teh whole map and give yourself a 30k goal of food for just 7 years ...
11:56-!-FLHerne [] has joined #openttd
11:56<V453000>dont think that is possible :p
11:57<andythenorth>did I include Fish in FIRS basic? :P
11:57<andythenorth>maybe I should make an economy where all primaries are at sea
11:57-!-DanMacK [~AndChat61@] has joined #openttd
11:58<DanMacK>Hey all
11:58<FLHerne>andythenorth: That sounds a bit inconvenient :P
11:58-!-sla_ro|master [slaco@] has joined #openttd
11:58<andythenorth>FLHerne: have you heard of these things that float on water?
11:58<andythenorth>I think they're
11:59<FLHerne>Question: Does your economy thing allow more than 32 cargoes overall, if each economy has <32?
11:59<V453000>those dont exist
11:59<frosch123>V453000: you can see them in the last game e played
11:59<@planetmaker>I'm afraid I've to decline tonight, andythenorth :-(
11:59<FLHerne>andythenorth: I have. I use quite a few. They're a bit slow though :-/
11:59<frosch123>i had a ship route over half of the map
11:59<frosch123>even including canals
11:59<@planetmaker>good evening though :-)
11:59<V453000>frosch123: difference between you can see them and they exist
11:59<V453000>hi pm :)
12:09<andythenorth>FLHerne: yes, more than 32 cargos
12:09*andythenorth ponders
12:10<V453000>not sure if I want to hear the outcome :D
12:10<andythenorth>thinking about NoCarGoal
12:10<andythenorth>is the slow speed of ships a factor against them for a 7 year challenge?
12:11<V453000>in a matter of a few ships undelivered, yes
12:11<V453000>other than that not much
12:12<V453000>assuming you use the broken station ratings
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12:13<andythenorth>they're slow
12:13<andythenorth>I tried one GS where they were just to slow
12:14<andythenorth>otoh, you don't have too build infrastructure. Building train routes takes time
12:14<andythenorth>and they don't jam
12:14<andythenorth>one train jam can ruin a chance of a medal
12:16<V453000>not getting jam for 7 years is easy :P
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12:19<frosch123>andythenorth: they worked fine the last time
12:20<frosch123>only trains is boring
12:20<andythenorth>you set all base costs low in last game, right?
12:21<frosch123>except terrafomring
12:21<andythenorth>money definitely wasn't a problem
12:21<andythenorth>a few games I had to sell all the ships because we could only get money fast enough with trains
12:22<frosch123>well, you have to use ships for ship-routes
12:22<frosch123>not just for the ships :p
12:23<andythenorth>shall we test if NoCarGoal latest version is bug free then? :)
12:23<andythenorth>also try FISH 2
12:23<frosch123>ideally we get a third person for the third cargo
12:23<andythenorth>Rubidium !
12:27<frosch123>we can also cheat and ensure the third cargo is pax :p
12:34<andythenorth>or all in the same chain :P
12:34<andythenorth>coal, iron ore, metal :P
12:34-!-Supercheese [~Password4@] has joined #openttd
12:38<supermop>wish i could play with you guys
12:39-!-Stimrol [~Stimrol@] has joined #openttd
12:42<andythenorth>what blocks you?
12:42<frosch123>likely work :p
12:43<frosch123>it's at most 15:00 for him when it is 21:00 for me
12:43<frosch123>or 20:00 for you
12:48<Stimrol>Ammler, I had thought of it but I can't find out how to talk to autopilot. I found out how to send command to the admin port but the .tcl script dont work there
12:52<Ammler>if you don't know how to handle signals or if it doesn't support it, do it like we do the restart on ps (tcl8.4)
12:53-!-RavingManiac [~RavingMan@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:55<Ammler>touch a file and check via crontab for that file and execute a restart
12:56<Ammler>tcl is capable to run extern scripts, just in case btw.
12:56<Ammler>exec ls
12:57-!-valhallasw [] has joined #openttd
12:57<Ammler>Stimrol: ^
12:59-!-Psyk [] has joined #openttd
12:59-!-pugi [] has joined #openttd
13:00<Stimrol>Ammler, thanks I will see what I can do.
13:03-!-andythenorth [] has quit [Quit: andythenorth]
13:04-!-Sacro [~ben@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:06-!-Biolunar [] has joined #openttd
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13:14-!-Psyk [] has joined #openttd
13:16-!-Progman [] has joined #openttd
13:17<frosch123>Zuu: the obiwan is fixed in the goal gui, but not in the goal news at start of game
13:18-!-RavingManiac [~RavingMan@] has joined #openttd
13:20-!-TrueBrain [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:21<@planetmaker>turns out installing windows is not exactly fast... "Installing update 47/136". And it runs already for >45 minutes now on that...
13:21-!-A85 [] has quit [Quit: さようなら]
13:22<frosch123>what version?
13:22<@planetmaker>windows 7
13:22-!-Psyk [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:22<frosch123>ah, i thought you were brave and tried 8 :p
13:22<@planetmaker>oh no. I re-install a laboratory computer
13:23<@planetmaker>it needs to be able to use at least some obscure hardware
13:23<frosch123>ah, i thought you were tired of osx bugs and now wanted to compare with win8 bugs :p
13:24<@planetmaker>I'm certainly biased, but I find installing OpenTTD and even everything needed to compile it easy...
13:24<@planetmaker>... espeically on linux :-)
13:25<@planetmaker>anyway... sports. I hope the computer is finished updating when I return tomorrow ;-)
13:25<@planetmaker>see you later
13:30-!-sla_ro|master [slaco@] has quit [Quit: DANGER is OFFLINE DANGER]
13:33-!-Rait [] has joined #openttd
13:34-!-andythenorth [] has joined #openttd
13:34-!-Sacro [~ben@] has joined #openttd
13:34-!-mrdaft [~mrdaft@] has joined #openttd
13:35-!-sla_ro|master [slaco@] has joined #openttd
13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r24719 /trunk/src/lang (luxembourgish.txt unfinished/tamil.txt) (2012-11-13 18:45:11 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>luxembourgish - 122 changes by Phreeze
13:45<@DorpsGek>tamil - 12 changes by aswn
13:47*andythenorth has the idea to do a town set :(
13:47-!-Psyk [] has joined #openttd
13:47-!-MNIM [] has quit [Quit: *Throws a nuclear warhead in the room and flees*]
13:56-!-mrdaft [~mrdaft@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:05<NGC3982>andythenorth: Why the :(?
14:07<FLHerne>andythenorth: More houses would be nice. FISH & FIRS releases would be even nicer in the short term, though :P
14:11<andythenorth>frosch123: so game or no game? :)
14:15<Rubidium>still running the ancient version?
14:15<frosch123>andythenorth: pax, goods, petrol?
14:16<andythenorth>works for me
14:16-!-Psyk [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:16<andythenorth>frosch123: we need a Rubidium
14:16-!-KenjiE20 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:16<Rubidium>oh come on... I'm virtually everywhere
14:16-!-KenjiE20 [] has joined #openttd
14:18*andythenorth favours extending the map array to do it :P
14:18<andythenorth>but nvm
14:18<andythenorth>frosch123: new FISH? o_O
14:19<frosch123>fish fish r941m
14:19<Rubidium>andythenorth: volt is just a subtype of vehicle
14:19<frosch123>or fish-2-alpha4
14:19<frosch123>i don't like pax, newgame
14:20<andythenorth>frosch123: fish-2-alpha-4 iirc
14:20<frosch123>grain gold clay?
14:20<andythenorth>gold is broken
14:20<andythenorth>gold should not be present :P
14:20<andythenorth>I think I need to disable a default cargo :P
14:20<frosch123>gold or newgame?
14:20<andythenorth>no industries for gold
14:20<andythenorth>it's a bug :P
14:21<frosch123>oil wood engsup ?
14:23<andythenorth>sounds fine
14:23<andythenorth>good luck with 30k of engsup :)
14:23<andythenorth>but oil and wood make engsup
14:23<andythenorth>via intermediaries :)
14:23<andythenorth>and engsup makes more oil and wood
14:27<frosch123>r24719 #openttdcoop.nightly
14:30<frosch123>game is online
14:30<Rubidium>no such firs replacement set version 0
14:30<andythenorth>1 min
14:32<Rubidium>GOLD?!? ;)
14:32<Rubidium>oh... medals
14:38-!-DanMacK [~AndChat61@] has joined #openttd
14:39-!-RavingManiac [~RavingMan@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:39<DanMacK>Hey all
14:48-!-KritiK [] has joined #openttd
14:50-!-DanMacK [~AndChat61@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:56-!-lobster is now known as zon
14:56-!-zon is now known as lobster
14:57-!-DataJuggler [] has joined #openttd
14:57<DataJuggler>can i kick a fake team player?
14:58<DataJuggler>theres a player, Jackob (nl) who joined my company an then sold everything... and wastet all money.... so, is it possible for me to kick him out of my company?
14:59-!-glx [glx@2a01:e35:2f59:c7c0:2c7b:d3e1:506e:95a0] has joined #openttd
14:59-!-mode/#openttd [+v glx] by ChanServ
15:00<V453000>that would mean he can do just the same DataJuggler
15:00<Ammler>DataJuggler: you set a pw
15:00<DataJuggler>now I added a password to my company....
15:00<DataJuggler>but he's already in...
15:01<Ammler>ask an admin to ban him
15:01<DataJuggler>how can i see who's admin on that server?
15:01<Ammler>some servers use !admin to page
15:01<andythenorth>lol @ griefer
15:02<andythenorth>it's so futile :P
15:02<Ammler>else no clue :-)
15:02<DataJuggler>hmmm !admin dosn't work :(
15:03<Yexo>DataJuggler: ask in the chat of the server
15:03<Yexo>if that doesn't help: pick another server
15:03<DataJuggler>thanks for your answers... hope to figure it out somehow... :S
15:04-!-kero [] has joined #openttd
15:08-!-MNIM [] has joined #openttd
15:18-!-namad7 [] has joined #openttd
15:35-!-JakeGrey [] has joined #openttd
15:39-!-drac_boy [] has joined #openttd
15:45-!-TheMask96 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:49-!-TheMask96 [] has joined #openttd
15:53-!-mahmoud [] has joined #openttd
16:09-!-M1zera [] has joined #openttd
16:16-!-TrueBrain [] has joined #openttd
16:20-!-perk11 [] has joined #openttd
16:23-!-andythenorth [] has left #openttd []
16:27-!-M1zera [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:35-!-Ttech2 [] has quit [Quit: Yo no se perro caliente!]
16:37-!-Hyronymus [] has quit [Quit: Hyronymus]
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24720 trunk/src/station_cmd.cpp (2012-11-13 21:40:50 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Fix (r24715): Comparison of different height units.
16:42<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24721 trunk/src/station_cmd.cpp (2012-11-13 21:41:54 UTC)
16:42<@DorpsGek>-Fix (r24715): Reallow building road stations.
16:46<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24722 trunk/src/console_cmds.cpp (2012-11-13 21:46:09 UTC)
16:46<@DorpsGek>-Add: Display unique ID and md5sum in console content info.
16:46<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24723 trunk/src/ai/ai_gui.cpp (2012-11-13 21:46:14 UTC)
16:46<@DorpsGek>-Fix: AI debug GUI crashed when using disabled buttons via hotkeys.
16:46<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24724 /trunk/src (13 files in 3 dirs) (2012-11-13 21:46:19 UTC)
16:46<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Move drawing of editboxes to the widget drawing code.
16:46<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24725 trunk/src/network/network_gui.cpp (2012-11-13 21:46:22 UTC)
16:46<@DorpsGek>-Cleanup: Remove old editbox focus code which is already handled more generally.
16:47<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24726 /trunk/src (13 files in 3 dirs) (2012-11-13 21:46:33 UTC)
16:47<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Move editbox mouseloop handling to Window class.
16:47<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24727 /trunk/src (3 files in 3 dirs) (2012-11-13 21:46:37 UTC)
16:47<@DorpsGek>-Fix: In various windows the OSK looked shiny but using it had no effect whatsoever.
16:47<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24728 /trunk/src (3 files in 2 dirs) (2012-11-13 21:46:40 UTC)
16:47<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Unify usage of OnOSKInput.
16:47<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24729 /trunk/src (9 files in 3 dirs) (2012-11-13 21:46:46 UTC)
16:47<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Unify the handling of HEBR_EDITING.
16:47<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24730 /trunk/src (misc_gui.cpp osk_gui.cpp) (2012-11-13 21:46:50 UTC)
16:47<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Allow OSK to simulate widget buttons with index 0.
16:47<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24731 /trunk/src (7 files in 2 dirs) (2012-11-13 21:46:54 UTC)
16:47<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Remove OnOpenOSKWindow and instead specify OK and CANCEL buttons via QueryString members.
16:47<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24732 /trunk/src (10 files in 6 dirs) (2012-11-13 21:46:58 UTC)
16:47<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Unify handling of OK and CANCEL actions for editboxes.
16:47<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24733 /trunk/src (13 files in 3 dirs) (2012-11-13 21:47:02 UTC)
16:47<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Move handling of editbox keys to window class.
16:47<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24734 /trunk/src (12 files in 3 dirs) (2012-11-13 21:47:07 UTC)
16:47<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Move QueryStringBaseWindow::OnOSKInput to Window::OnEditboxChanged.
16:47<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r24735 /trunk/src (4 files) (2012-11-13 21:47:13 UTC)
16:47<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Move HandleEditBoxKey to Window class.
16:58<frosch123>hgsvn is nice, isn't it?
16:59<SpComb>hg push becomes svn commit?
16:59<SpComb>when are you guys going to migrate mainline off of svn ^^
17:00<frosch123>that only causes hg vs git discussions
17:01<frosch123>with svn everyone has someone to whine about
17:01<+glx>at least with svn revision numbers are constant ;)
17:01<@planetmaker>you did use hgsvn? :-)
17:01<__ln__>is git (or hg) even available for all supported platforms?
17:02-!-sla_ro|master [slaco@] has quit [Quit: DANGER is OFFLINE DANGER]
17:02<frosch123>planetmaker: actually i am not sure, there are two things, i am not sure whether mine is hgsvn or the other one
17:02<frosch123>anyway, i typed hgpushsvn
17:03<SpComb>I wonder if you could already do two-way sync between a git repo and a hg repo
17:03<SpComb>just choose both :D
17:04<frosch123>planetmaker: we successfully prevented andy from building too many road vehicles \o/
17:04<@planetmaker>I still have a separate svn repo for commits (but that's the complete svn with all tags etc)
17:04<frosch123>i use hgsvn only when i have many stuff to commit
17:05-!-M1zera [] has joined #openttd
17:05<frosch123>pulling from both svn and hg does not quite work, so instead i run a script which sets up a new hgsvn checkout with only HEAD
17:05<@planetmaker>:-) I would fear to accidentially push one of my experimental heads from my main hg repo
17:05<frosch123>then i do import and push
17:05<+michi_cc>__ln__: No idea about hg (well, python really), but git is even available for stuff like IRIX, HP NonStop or Minix, so I'd say yes.
17:05<frosch123>michi_cc: the question is usually about osx and windows :p
17:05<frosch123>everyone knows that rare stuff works
17:05<+michi_cc>Check and check :)
17:06<frosch123>SpComb: anyway, ottd does not support svn 1.7, happy?
17:06<__ln__>michi_cc: what about OS/2, ReactOS?
17:07<+glx>frosch123: because we rely on .svn ?
17:07<frosch123>yes, .svn in src for version detection
17:07<frosch123>noone fixed the script afaik :p
17:08<@planetmaker>he... also wheezy still has svn 1.6.17
17:08<frosch123>i am still on squeeze
17:08<@planetmaker>I use wheezy here... I needed a newer digiKam ;-)
17:09<@planetmaker>I know. But wheezy is also already frozen...
17:09<SpComb>true dat
17:09<@planetmaker>And main issue is that squeez backports didn't make network, graphics and sound card working ;-)
17:09<@planetmaker>but wheezy did
17:10<SpComb><complaints about distribution release models>
17:10-!-Ttech [] has joined #openttd
17:11<@planetmaker>would make sense from my POV to add support for new hardware to old distributions... but well. It would add up quickly
17:11<@planetmaker>old = stable
17:11<+michi_cc>__ln__: I doubt current trunk even compiles for OS/2 anymore, but google indicates there is an unofficial OS/2 git port. And ReactOS claims to be binary compatible to Windows, so git for windows should do it.
17:14-!-Ttech [] has quit [Quit: Yo no se perro caliente!]
17:15-!-ttech2 [] has joined #openttd
17:15-!-ttech2 is now known as Ttech
17:15-!-Ttech is now known as Ttech2
17:15-!-Ttech2 is now known as Ttech
17:18-!-kero [] has quit [Quit: kero]
17:18-!-Mizera [] has joined #openttd
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17:23-!-JakeGrey_ is now known as JakeGrey
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17:35<SpComb>Canonical is pushing kernel updates for LTS releases
17:35<SpComb>for hardware support
17:44-!-KouDy [~KouDy@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
17:47-!-Flygon_ [] has joined #openttd
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18:03*drac_boy pokes flygon?
18:06-!-Elukka [] has quit []
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18:25<@Terkhen>good night
18:28-!-FLHerne [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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18:36*drac_boy pokes flygon_ one last time?
18:39-!-Devroush [] has quit []
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