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05:01<andythenorth>docs with images
05:01<andythenorth>how rare
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05:11<dihedral>good morning
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10:26<V453000>@seen Pikka
10:26<@DorpsGek>V453000: Pikka was last seen in #openttd 1 week, 0 days, 5 hours, 43 minutes, and 50 seconds ago: <Pikka> I do not want to watch a half-hour video for the one little piece of information I need and which probably isn't in there anyway
10:26<V453000>@seen Pokka
10:26<@DorpsGek>V453000: Pokka was last seen in #openttd 2 weeks, 1 day, 0 hours, 21 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <Pokka> that's torn it
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11:54<alandarev>what trainset NewGRF I need for ECS vectors?
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12:11<alandarev>can someone help me install CityBuilder GS? I can't get on how
12:11<alandarev>I have put it into newgrf folder, but can't see in-game
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12:14<V453000>I think NUTS should work for ECS perfectly but I never play with ECS myself
12:15<V453000>regarding a game script, it is not a newGRF but a game script so it is under AI/Game Scripts menu
12:17<alandarev>V453000: yah, but I can't find it there... I have put the tar file into Docs/OpenTTD/newgrx/ folder
12:17<alandarev>should I put somewhere else? I also can't see it in Check Online Content feature, maybe it's not for 1.2.3?
12:17<V453000>isnt there any script like that on the content download?
12:18<V453000>idk where exactly they are but that locations sounds about right, I would expect data/GS or something like that though
12:19<alandarev>should i ungzip it or .tar.gz is fine?
12:20<V453000>unzip it I guess
12:20<alandarev>I went into sourcecode: function GetAPIVersion(){ return "1.3"; } I guess it means OpenTTD has to be 1.3?
12:25<alandarev>which industry vector would you suggest using? FIRS, ECS, PBI?
12:26<V453000>honestly, none
12:26<V453000>or opengfx+ industries if you want the more variety
12:26<V453000>point is, the original growth mechanism is by far superior and most fun
12:26<V453000>FIRS isnt bad either though
12:26<alandarev>i like variety
12:27<V453000>PBI is nice in the aspect that it tries to add at least something extra, but has many stupid features which completely break it
12:28<V453000>ECS is outright wtf, not commenting on that :d
12:29<alandarev>yah ECS is oldy, not in dev. and I got shocked when entered a game with ECS and saw a factory producing Goods without requiring any resource...
12:30<V453000>it has many weird things, for me the worse ones are things like winter/summer production for farms, and to make it nicer, the summer can mean like 7000 units of cargo per month in summer months
12:30<V453000>0 in winter ofc
12:31<V453000>but, ECS is in development from time to time george releases some new version... it has been a while since I played it last so it is possible that he fixed some of the things, but since they seem to be conceptually intentional I doubt it
12:34<alandarev>OpenGRX+ looks like best solution :)
12:36<alandarev>V453000: ok, I know what GS I want to run and what newgrx, how do I now port those settings to my dedicated linux server?
12:37<V453000>I think the best option is through savegame
12:37<V453000>just start the game in singleplayer, save, upload that save to the server
12:37<V453000>then load it on the server
12:37<alandarev>V453000: will server download missing files?
12:37<V453000>you need to put them there first
12:38<V453000>otherwise the loading of map just fails
12:38<alandarev>but if I push the saved game to server, what hapeens to the 'first' company which was me on my localm achine?
12:39<V453000>the game will load with that one company
12:39<V453000>and if you load a game from server with X companies in SP, you automatically play as 1st company, and can access any other company through cheat menu
12:40<alandarev>what is 'variety of distribution' setting in world generation menu?
12:41<V453000>well, the idea was that it should distribute things equally over the map
12:41<V453000>real result is that it makes the map stupidly flat
12:41<V453000>I never use variety distribution ever
12:41<alandarev>good to know
12:42<V453000>read this if you want to really know something about map generation
12:42<V453000>it isnt short, I know :)
12:43<alandarev>V453000: nawh, what I wnat to know now is hosting a game :D as 2 friends are waiting to play a game, and I need to host it :D
12:43<alandarev>I am trying to make us simple city-challenge map
12:43<V453000>I didnt say you need to read it now :P
12:43<V453000>honestly, just have fun without game scripts :P
12:44<alandarev>OpenGRX+ Industries adds kind of 1-2 things? Can't see a large difference if any
12:45<V453000>gfx not grx
12:45<V453000>you need to set parameter settings
12:45<alandarev>ok I afraid I bugged my game, I got only OpenGFX+ things enabled, and in 1900 I can not build any train or bus, wtf?
12:46<alandarev>ok, will read some readme's
12:46<V453000>most sets do not have vehicles in 1900s
12:46<V453000>1920 at least, but usually more... opengfx+ is basically only original vehicles, so same dates as those
12:47<V453000>meaning first train in 1926 in temperate, and 1945 in arctic/tropc
12:47<V453000>I actually dont remember toyland
12:47<alandarev>oh really? I though game was back into ~1800
12:48<V453000>alright also 1946
12:48<V453000>1800? :d
12:48<alandarev>I remember I had horses in my old tycoon games
12:48<V453000>there might be newGRFs which do include that but I dont really know what would you do all that timee
12:48<alandarev>:D kk
12:48<V453000>most train sets start in 1920 and end in 2000s
12:49<V453000>I start our server in 1920 99% of the time
12:49<V453000>exception when there is some early newGRF like UKRS2 or NARS2, then I move it to 1900
12:49<alandarev>V453000: I tried 1930 in Desert, no trains were
12:49<V453000>yes as I said, 1945
12:49<alandarev>rehosted in 1960
12:50<alandarev>where can I find information in parameters for OpenGFX+ Industries?
12:50<V453000>you mean parameter settings?
12:51<V453000>the newGRF window has buttons like readme, website, changelog, and parameter settings
12:51<alandarev>ohhh it's changed
12:51<alandarev>I remember years ago, it was a hardcore putting 0's and 1's
12:51<alandarev>and god knows what they meant
12:52<V453000>good times
12:52<V453000>but yeah the UI is a bit more user friendly
12:52<V453000>esp for newGRFs with more complicated settings which did not fit in newGRF description and had to be in the readmes
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13:02<alandarev>(settings) what is subsidy multiplyer?
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13:03<V453000>subsidies are offers for better profit
13:03<V453000>if you connect X to Y you get better payment for the first year
13:03<V453000>retarded thing
13:05<V453000>if you imagined that all players on the server followed it, it would be ridiculous
13:06<V453000>subsidy offered, everyone "OMG LETS BUILD THERE" and 15 companies trying to connect it asap
13:06<V453000>obviously 2 is already enough for a nice rage conflict
13:06<V453000>even 1 is a problem because he will likely run into someone else on the way
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13:07<alandarev>yah, yesterday I was on multiplayer server... there was a factory with lots of goods, 3 people using it, so I though i could plug myself in
13:07<alandarev>when I started building a station, one guy built rails eveyrwhere around
13:07<alandarev>dunno who was right in that situation
13:08<Gl0we>hey does anyone know if you can change zbase's company colors to something less neon
13:08<V453000>definitely not without changing openttd code or zbase itself Gl0we
13:09<alandarev>V453000: ok, how do I load game on my server? files are there... ./openttd -D ..?
13:09<V453000>sure just load it
13:09<V453000>oh how
13:09<V453000>rcon ls
13:09<V453000>rcon cd
13:09<V453000>rcon load
13:09<V453000>3 commands you need
13:09<V453000>in the game console
13:09<alandarev>I got access to console
13:10<alandarev>and how do I set the host name, password, amount of players, etc
13:10<V453000>I have no idea what could be your even if default rcon password though
13:10<V453000>also through the console I think
13:10<V453000>it all has its commands
13:10<alandarev>heh ok, sorry for bothering you much
13:10<V453000>rcon <password> set -name of setting-
13:11<V453000>it isnt that you are bothering me, it is that I dont know too much about these things myself, we have set up IRC bridge so I set all commands from the IRC comfortably
13:14<alandarev>how do I change hostname?
13:15<V453000>some setting :>
13:16<alandarev>Unnamed Server :D
13:16<alandarev>found & connected
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13:32<LordAro>evening all
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14:11<alandarev>can I speedup multiplayer server?
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14:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r25126 /trunk/src/lang (galician.txt welsh.txt) (2013-03-28 18:45:12 UTC)
14:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
14:45<@DorpsGek>galician - 274 changes by Michi
14:45<@DorpsGek>welsh - 30 changes by kazzie
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15:04<alandarev>can I speedup multiplayer server?
15:08<@Belugas>[14:11] <alandarev> can I speedup multiplayer server?
15:08<@Belugas>[14:11] <+glx> no
15:09<@Belugas>no matter how often you ask, the answer will not change ;)
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15:14<LordAro>unless you only ask once a year, but even then, it is still unlikely to change
15:15<@Belugas>quite unlikely :)
15:15<LordAro>actually, how difficult would it be to add a 'x2' gamespeed mode?
15:15<@Belugas>alandarev, does this answer your question?
15:20<alandarev>Belugas: sorry, my internet crashed that time I asked
15:20<alandarev>so I had to reask
15:21<LordAro>wow, a(n apparently) legit excuse :P
15:21<alandarev>LordAro: yay :)
15:22<alandarev>I got another question, wht is a condition of bankrupt? negative money at 1st of Jan?
15:22<LordAro>the wiki will tell you, but i believe it's if you're in the negative for 3 3-months
15:23<LordAro>if that makes sense :P
15:23<LordAro>e.g. negative at January, April & July you will go bust
15:23<LordAro>i think
15:25<alandarev>LordAro: so tht is a bit rough. If i go negative at 31st of Decembe,r next day i instant bankrupt?
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15:27<LordAro>if you are negative at 1st January, 1st April and 1st July, _consecutively_, you will go bankrupt
15:27<LordAro>unless, of course, you are in single player, in which case you will never go bankrupt
15:27<LordAro>(i just remembered)
15:27<alandarev>oh, thanks
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15:44<MinchinWeb>I thought they added a condition that you had to have your loan maxed out before you'd go bankrupt too
15:45<@Alberth>afaik in the sense that you cannot go beyond max loan negative, afaik
15:46<@Alberth>but I never tried it
15:49<LordAro>MinchinWeb: that does sound familiar... :L
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15:58<@Alberth>MinchinWeb: (svn r24617) -Change: Only bankrupt, if you have negative money considering you took max loan
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16:09<MinchinWeb>Alberth: cool
16:09<@Alberth>is it? ok :)
16:10<@Alberth>thank ZxBioHazard, he wrote it
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17:39<alandarev>is it me or aircrafts are equivalent to cheats at their strength?
17:40<@Alberth>aircrafts are overpowered indeed
17:41<@Alberth>whether that is 'cheating' is a very different problem :)
17:41<@Alberth>ie if you play by yourself, you make the rules
17:42<alandarev>that's why i don't build them, it's just too easy
17:42<@Alberth>or if everybody does it in a MP game, there is no advantage either
17:43<@Alberth>building trains is just more fun imho :)
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17:43<@Alberth>you can change the costs with a basecost newgrf if you want
17:44<alandarev>ah, i increased the airport station maintenance in opengrf+ aircrats
17:44<@Alberth>and the limited range of some sets makes that you cannot fly across the map any more
17:44<alandarev>but it doesn't make much of a difference
17:47<__ln__>alandarev: but the plural of aircraft is...
17:48<alandarev>__ln__: OH MY GOD! :)
17:50<alandarev>I am very looking forward to set up nicely-working citybuilder server, but I fail at finding working scripts. For instance the "CityBuilder" available here: I cant find it in-game searching in content manager. Moreover I even fail installing it manually (I seem to be putting to right directory) but in gamescripts list, it doesn't appear. Can someone advice me on what am I doing wrong?
17:51<alandarev>the one I tried today: I made a post of it not working :(
17:55<alandarev>can I have 1.3 and 1.2.3 installed in same time?
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17:59<alandarev>"current base graphics is missing sprites" launched 1.3, but I got latest open graphics...?
18:01<alandarev>(solved the graphics issue)
18:02<@Alberth>just install different openttd versions in different directories
18:03<@Alberth>the readme explains how the program looks for graphics and other data files, so you can set it up to share such stuff
18:03<+glx>don't "install" just unzip :)
18:03<@Alberth>good point glx :)
18:03<alandarev>the issue comes into different versions now using same configs/etc (documents/OpenTTD)
18:04<+glx>you can have a config per version
18:04<@Alberth>copy the config next to the binary
18:04<+glx>as explained in the readme
18:05<alandarev>I am currently downloading latest zBase, it's in zip. do I need to unzip it and tar before using?
18:05<@Alberth>unzip yes, tar is optional
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18:40<alandarev>is it me or I can't find difficulty button in 1.3 main menu
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19:00<LordAro>alandarev: indeed. the difficulty settings have been merged into advanced settings
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19:16<alandarev>LordAro: going through citybuilder readme: "set script settings to default in game difficulty"
19:20<alandarev>This message has been submitted successfully, but it will need to be approved by a moderator before it is publicly viewable. You will be notified when your post has been approved.
19:20<alandarev>That is mean :(
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19:57<Randy>Hello, new player here. I am enjoying the game but I have a question about goods trucks and the sawmill if someone can help I'd appreciate it
19:58<Randy>When I have my goods trucks pick up at the sawmill and deliver to a nearby town I see the truck unload but I don't see where I made any $$ should I?
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21:05<Bonez305>where is the setting for mapsize on the config?
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21:09<Bonez305>Found it map_x map_y :D
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22:18<Bonez305>What year do transport vehicles start pumping out?
22:19<Bonez305>I started a server at 1800 and there was nothing. Lol
22:25<+glx>1920 for vanilla
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