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06:00<samu>good dy
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06:08<samu>i have installed the RC1, but with errors: could not download opengfx, could not download opensfx
06:08<samu>I used the transport tycoon meanwhile
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06:59<samu>where do i find OpenSFX-0.2.3
07:00<samu>the mirror
07:00<samu>same as yesterday
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07:24<frosch123>silly automatic updates
07:25<frosch123>made incompatible changes and does not notify me about it, but just stops working :p
07:37<samu>I'm on content download
07:38<samu>do you see me downloading OpenSFX-0.2.3?
07:39<frosch123>yeah, we are impressed. you are doing really good with downloading
07:40<samu>it is slow, where can I download like yesterday?
07:41<V453000>googling score is a bit lower though
07:42<samu>utwente download fails
07:49<V453000>looks alright to me
07:49<samu>and the one via online
07:49<V453000>no problem on either of them
07:49<V453000>what do you need sounds for anyway :d
07:50<samu>openttdcoop dls were interrupted
07:50<V453000>I just downloaded it and it works
07:50<V453000>so the problem certainly isnt at the server side
07:50<samu>utwente stalls, 12 hours remaining
07:51<samu>yes, it's me
07:51<samu>i needed to download from somewhere else
07:51<samu>like yesteday
07:51<V453000>why do you even tell us when you know it is your problem :d
07:51<V453000>just google another mirror
07:52<samu>i forgot where I downloaded from
07:54<V453000>how should we know that :)
07:56<@planetmaker>samu, if both, utwente and coop devzone downloads fail, the cause is at your end
07:57<@planetmaker>both have quite decent network connectivity... thus the speed issue is not there
07:57<@planetmaker>they might complain, if you try to download stuff at 1 bit per minute, though
07:58<samu>openttdcoop have 2 different 0.2.3's
07:58<samu>I know, but yesterday I downloaded RC1 from somewhere and worked
07:58<samu>tried to install it and failed with downloading opensfx
07:59<samu>and opengfx
07:59<samu>it is my isp
07:59<@planetmaker>I'm pretty sure that it has only one 0.2.3 of OpenSFX :-)
08:00<@planetmaker>hm, interesting :-)
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08:01<samu>one is 10.8 MB, other is 10.6 MB
08:01<samu>utwente is 10.8 MB, the one from online is 10.8 MiB
08:04<@planetmaker>on closer analysis the two OpenSFX are identical though
08:05<samu>I need a new brain...
08:06<samu>ty thought
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08:11<@planetmaker>as is the download obtained from university twente
08:11<@planetmaker>binary identical
08:15<samu>i can't view this page
08:15<samu>it's all white
08:15<@planetmaker>by design. yes
08:16<@planetmaker>you're not supposed to access mirrors directly. Thus they provide no index page
08:16<@planetmaker>openttd has a download balancer for a reason. bound to fail, if people mess with it manually
08:17<samu>I think it was there
08:18<samu>downloading from Check Online Content via OpenTTD just keeps restarting the download
08:19<samu>goes 1%, then restarts
08:19<samu>sometimes doesn't even go 1%, it restarts
08:20<@planetmaker>get a real internet connection, I suggest
08:20<samu>I pay 71 euros
08:20<samu>can't make it much cheaper than this
08:21<@planetmaker>wow... for that I would get 50MBit flatrate internet, telephone and mobile
08:21<@planetmaker>at least
08:21<samu>it is TV + NET + Phone + MobileNet
08:22<@planetmaker>but I didn't ask for "cheap" but for "decent". Often that's detrimental to eachother
08:22<samu>we could live without TV, but these ISPs are gay and always force either TV or Phone
08:22<samu>to have Internet
08:23<samu>If I want only MobileNet, they force me a triple service
08:24<samu>so. TV + NET + Phone
08:26<samu>currently where I am, I only have MobileNet
08:28<samu>the other 3 services are useless as long as I'm here
08:28<samu>but still have to pay 71 euros a month :(
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08:35<frosch123>planetmaker: no matter how hard i try, i cannot find anything more expensive than 60€, which includes flatrate for internet, phone, mobile and movies
08:37<frosch123>yeah, but germany is always considered bad compared to other countries
08:38<@planetmaker>frosch123, :-)
08:38<@planetmaker>I didn't look. But was just guesswork
08:38<frosch123>comparing to sweden and finland usually :)
08:46<samu>TV - €28,21
08:47<samu>Internet - €26,80
08:47<samu>Phone - €3,07
08:47<samu>Mobile - €13,11
08:47<samu>total - €71,19
08:50<@planetmaker>flatrate internet @ 6MBit + landline phone + mobile phone without flat rates = 19,90€ ;-)
08:51<samu>Internet is 24 Mbps
08:51<samu>Mobile Internet is 1 Mbps
08:51<samu>TV is 100+ channels, i don't even watch one
08:53<samu>Phone unlimited as long as I don't make calls to numbers belonging to other providers
08:53<samu>then i pay some rate per second
08:54<samu>mobilenet 1 Mbps, limited to 1 GB bandwidth, then down to 128 kbps
08:55<samu>Internet 24 Mbps dl, 1.5 Mbps ul, they say unlimited
08:56<samu>I know there's a max bandwidth limit
08:56<samu>other users complain about it, but I never reached to that point
08:56<samu>I'm barely using it anyway...
08:59<samu>Could not decompress the downloaded file... :(
09:02<samu>Trying to load sound set 'OpenSFX' but it is incomplete
09:04<samu>bla bla, the following files are corrupted or missing: opensfx-0.2.3\ is corrupt (Please redownload from BaNaNas.)
09:06<samu>omg, can't select opensfx from download content
09:07<samu>You already have this :8
09:07<samu>bah, I hate my internet
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13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r25306 /trunk/src/lang (czech.txt romanian.txt) (2013-05-30 17:45:17 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>czech - 38 changes by LucikMucik
13:45<@DorpsGek>romanian - 22 changes by mariush
13:47<@planetmaker>wow, he was fast
13:53<@Rubidium>the new translator?
13:54<frosch123>ah, and he breaks wt3 on the first day? :p
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14:07<samu>problem: - does not work, oftc banned mibbit
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14:11<frosch123>what is more annoying? the webchat guys, or the guys asking why it is banned?
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14:13<@Rubidium>frosch123: not that it matters since mibbit is really banned by oftc
14:13<frosch123>is it? i thought it was our mib* ban
14:14<samu>I use this:
14:14<samu>but i need to type my name and channel :(
14:15<@Rubidium>frosch123: I read that not long ago; can't find it anymore though
14:15<@Rubidium>except some other fora mentioning that mibbit is banned on oftc
14:16<frosch123>wiki says mibbit is banend from freenode since 2009
14:16<frosch123>though wiki was not edited since 2011
14:17<samu><iframe src="" width="647" height="400"></iframe>
14:17<samu>aha :) got it
14:17<frosch123>Rubidium: ok, there is apparently a chatlog about it
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14:19<@planetmaker>yes, mibbit is banned
14:19<@planetmaker>oftc doesn't want to hand out control over their network
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14:19<@planetmaker>and mibbit doesn't use their API properly (as how it was forseen)
14:19<@Rubidium>oh lol... oftc web chat is just a javascript IRC client running locally
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14:19<@planetmaker>whatever... dunno :-)
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14:20<Zuu>samu: Why not just run an IRC client as a stand alone application?
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14:20<samu>because I'm weird
14:21<samu>lol I don't want to download much stuff
14:21<@Rubidium>so you download an IRC client and all its libraries written javascript each and every time you want to IRC?
14:21<Zuu>So instead you download the client every time (HTML+javascript)
14:21<samu>I don't know
14:22<samu>I put in the address and I'm here
14:22<samu>if that's how it works, fine
14:23<@planetmaker>:-) yeah. And complain about traffic quota. Increasing it... for no good reason really
14:24<samu>the quota is 1GB, I'm over 15GB atm
14:25<samu>but what I complain is my downloads don't work
14:25<samu>yet I can see a 52 youtube video
14:25<samu>52 minutes
14:27<samu>1 Mbps internet during 1 GB quota, then 128 kbps after 1 GB quota
14:27<samu>that's what they advertise, but I can't download anything past 15 GB
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14:39<Zuu>samu: So if you download an IRC client once, you will use only that bandwith required for chat in future and not having to download the full IRC client each and every time.
14:45<samu>it's not something I use as often, else I'd install one
14:46<samu>problem is I'm dealing with an ISP who doesn't know what they're doing
14:47<samu>they advertise something, I get another, I get more than 1 Mbps
14:47<samu>for about 15 GB
14:48<samu>after that traffic, I get 128 kbps for some stuff, but 0 for downloads or whatever they see fit as a download
14:48<samu>some downloads still work, but it's rare
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14:49<samu>between complaining or leaving it be, I just prefer that they don't screw it
14:49<samu>so, i do nothing
14:50<samu>if I happen to need windows updates, I'm just stuck
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14:51<Zuu>When I was a high school student without internet, I brought my laptop to a friend to get updates and install new Linux software. :-)
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14:59<samu>it angries me soo much when i'm unable to download half-month away
14:59<samu>but oh well
15:01<samu>checking my antivirus definitions tells me how long I've been unable to download
15:01<samu>4 days :o
15:01<samu>outdated for 4 days
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15:28<zooks>My openttd just crashed (r25306) while playing with newobjects: Error: Assertion failed at line 704 of /bamboo/src/widget_type.h: this->count <= this->cap ? (position == 0) : (position + this->cap <= this->count)
15:29<zooks>Can it be that my nml code causes the crash?
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15:29<@planetmaker>please open an issue in our bug tracker with all crash files and info which you can give
15:30<@planetmaker>of course it can be your newgrf which triggers it. But it is always an OpenTTD bug, if it crashes
15:31<@planetmaker>but what you quote sounds not like a newgrf thing
15:31<zooks>Well I made some changes to dutchroadfurniture
15:32<zooks>and opening and closing the object window causes the crash
15:32<zooks>Ill upload to the bugtracker
15:32<@planetmaker>make sure to then also attach your newgrf or the diff of your changes to dutchroadfurniture
15:33<@planetmaker>maybe your newgrf does something it shouldn't. But OpenTTD must not crash then either
15:33<@planetmaker>and the changes you made will tell us where it's triggered then
15:34<@planetmaker>and give reasonable feedback instead
15:34<samu>when my money is negative, a cargo ship that is ordered to refit stops inside a depot. Could this behaviour be altered?
15:35<@planetmaker>yes, of course
15:35<@planetmaker>it could also stop outside. With the message "crew left due to unpaid wages"
15:37<samu>can't refit anyway, making my money even more negative?
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16:01<samu>i have a ship with a conditional order
16:01<samu>jump to order 3 when load percentage is equal to 0
16:01<samu>the ship had 1 bag of mail
16:02<samu>not totally empty, but jumpted to order 3 anyway :(
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16:10<Eddi|zuHause>if the conditional order is order 2, then it'll jump to order 3 in either case
16:11<samu>it's the order 1
16:11<Eddi|zuHause>also, i think the evaluation is in %, so you might have seen a rounding effect
16:12<samu>it is a ship doing gold and mail
16:12<samu>with refit orders
16:13<samu>it refits to mail and picks mail if there's any, then unloads mail where it loads gold
16:14<samu>if there's no mail, it skips unloading mail and refit instead
16:14<samu>skips order 2
16:17<samu>join my game, it is a 1.3.1RC1 game, you can see
16:17<samu>any red ship
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21:48<Eddi|zuHause>"the first update to windows 8 will bring back the traditional start button"
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