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06:24<Marlinc>Hey is is possible to take over a company completely?
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06:29<Brumi>what do you mean?
06:29<Brumi>buying them out?
06:29<Brumi>in that case no
06:29<Brumi>only if they go bankrupt
06:30<Geheim49>Can't there not be an option for the company that is going to be takeover if he will accept it?
06:32<Brumi>they cannot do anything if they're bankrupt anyway
06:32<Brumi>and I belive takeovers only happen when a company without an active player goes bankrupt
06:32<Brumi>but I may be wrong
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06:52<TinoDidriksen>Railroad Tycoon had a hostile takeover option. You could buy up shares of other companies, and once you passed 50% you just gained ownership of all their stuff.
06:54<Brumi>well, OpenTTD doesn't have this
06:54<TinoDidriksen>Indeed not.
06:54<Brumi>but I recall there was some pathced server online which had the option of a hostile takeover
06:54<Brumi>and by the way
06:55<Brumi>I just tested
06:55<Brumi>the company being taken over can still have active players in it
06:55<Brumi>and they're not asked anything when taken over
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07:17<@planetmaker>Actually OpenTTD *does* have this. But it does not have this in multiplayer
07:18<@planetmaker>IRIC in single player you have the possibility to buy competitors after they existed for a certain time period
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07:22<Brumi>umm yeah
07:23<Brumi>I don't even know why I interpreted the first question as multiplayer
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07:32<@planetmaker>well. both is correct. In multiplayer... one cannot :-)
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07:33<@planetmaker>it would simply be annoying to join a server and after 90 minutes you're bought out by the player who started first
07:36<Geheim49>But what if you can toggle it on and off. And if it is toggled on that you first need to click on accept?
07:44<Marlinc>Why not let user decide if he can be taken over completely? Because sometimes I just want to start playing together and then I need to go bankrupt in in order for him to take me over
08:01<@planetmaker>that allows cheating. Basically giving a company unlimited amount of loan
08:03<Geheim49>And what if you can set it on or off in the server settings?
08:04<Geheim49>Or after 10 years?
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10:52<Eddi|zuHause>and now for some music:
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11:37<Samu>"this website requires adobe flash"
11:38<ToBeFree>youtube-dl solves that problem
11:38<Samu>html5 doesn't work when there's ads on the video
11:38<Samu>does that video have ads?
11:39<ToBeFree>torify youtube-dl --prefer-free-formats --title http://youtube-link-here-solves-all-my-problems-even-with-gema
11:39<Samu>nevermind, it's working, i see some yoda dude
11:40<Samu>ah... lord of the rings
11:40<Samu>sounds german :(
11:41<ToBeFree>it is.
11:41<ToBeFree>"you're stupid"
11:42<Samu>no ads
11:42<Samu>that's why it worked
11:43<Samu>must run openttd and see if sound is still working
11:46<Samu>i have a feeling adobe flash was the thing that was killing sound on my system
11:46<Samu>give me another video link plz
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12:03<Samu>I'm running 5 games at the same time + wmp + ie10 playing html5 video
12:03<Samu>first game to crash... SC2 - i'm not surprised
12:04<Samu>sound playing in everything
12:05<Samu>openttd midi is louder than everything else
12:05<Samu>but its playing :) I'm happy
12:08<Samu>playing OpenGL title with SC2 at the same time = crash in SC2 - I remember reporting this a year ago, seems like Blizzard 'cared'
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12:12<Eddi|zuHause>oh... the "other" sc2 again :p
12:13<V453000>either ban him or ignore him so he gets bored with talking shit :P
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12:20<Samu>ban who?
12:21<V453000>you dont know him
12:23<Samu>Out of DirectX resources... hmmm what is that?
12:24<Samu>2nd game crash... NFSW
12:24<Samu>with a out of DirectX resources eh.... meh
12:25<Samu>EA fixing bugs - they fix one bug by adding 100
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12:35<Eddi|zuHause>get a job? :=)
12:39<Samu>openttd still playing music
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13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r25398 /trunk/src/lang (5 files in 2 dirs) (2013-06-13 17:45:28 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>dutch - 7 changes by habell
13:45<@DorpsGek>hungarian - 61 changes by Brumi
13:45<@DorpsGek>persian - 18 changes by rkarimabadi
13:45<@DorpsGek>russian - 12 changes by Lone_Wolf
13:45<@DorpsGek>ukrainian - 1 changes by Strategy
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13:47<@Alberth>hi hi
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14:01<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r25399 trunk/src/lang/dutch.txt (2013-06-13 18:01:03 UTC)
14:01<@DorpsGek>-Fix: invalid UTF8 character
14:05<Samu>careful! That guy is a woman!
14:16<@peter1138>careful, that woman is a woman
14:18<Eddi|zuHause>proof => they all look the same...
14:22<@Alberth>so biology is all wrong?
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14:33<frosch123>Alberth: some ottd languages distinguish 7 genders
14:34<frosch123>so who do you trust? ottd or biology?
14:34<@Alberth>ottd is weird :p
14:34<Samu>i remember
14:35<Samu>am i still a translator?
14:35<@Alberth>you'd hope that languages would agree on how many gender there are in the human world :p
14:35<Samu>i suggested 5 for portuguese
14:35<@Alberth>Samu: you don't remember?
14:36<Samu>don't know how it is now
14:37<@Alberth>number of genders is not something you can suggest imho, it's defined by the language in question
14:38<frosch123>languages change :)
14:38<Samu>"it's easy to do a translation" before I jumped into translating
14:38<Samu>then I find it's way too complicated
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14:39<Samu>english language really have it easy
14:40<@Alberth>Samu: everything is easy until you have to do it your self :)
14:42<Samu>it is the portuguese language itself, it is too complicated to see how the phrase will turn out with the {string} being a lot of possible words
14:45<@Alberth>that's what cases were invented for, afaik
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14:46<Samu>there was no genders before
14:47<Samu>the translation to portuguese was done the 'lazy' way.
14:48<Samu>I guess I complicated it, though
14:50<Samu>i was adding genders to words, plurals and such, but there's still those exceptions, some words, strings or something don't fit well in a phrase, or the whole phrase still looks ad hoc translated
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14:52<Samu>vehicles when named, are just going to look silly in a phrase
14:52<Samu>aircraft 3 - if i name it to MARIA JOANA
14:53<Samu>"MARIA JOANA está a ficar velho"
14:53<Samu>MARIA JOANA is getting old
14:53<Samu>looks fine in english
14:53<Samu>looks silly in portuguese
14:53<Samu>"velho" should be "velha"
14:54<Samu>"avião 3 está a ficar velho" - that's fine in portuguese
14:54<Samu>"aeronave 3 está a ficar velho" - that's wrong in portuguese, should be "velha"
14:55<Samu>"helicóptero 3 está a ficar velho" - that's correct again
14:56<Zuu>You could translate the wiki, then you have the whole scope available ;-)
14:59<Samu>there's also that problem about what we're looking at in the info, and what we're reading
15:00<Samu>so, the image shows me an helicopter
15:00<Samu>that is male in portuguese
15:00<Samu>helicóptero, but with a default name, it is aeronave
15:01<Samu>aeronave is female
15:01<Samu>Aeronave 1 está a ficar velha - this looks correct - that was the best word that fits all kind of aircraft I could find
15:02<Samu>Avião - that only fits airplanes, not helicopters
15:02<Samu>seeing an helicopter and having the game saying to me Avião 1 - that's silly!
15:04<Samu>Avião 1 está a ficar velho - looks correct, if I wasn't staring at an helicopter
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15:05<VidTheKid>i kind of miss when it used to say "lorry", even though it was set on american english (original tt with scenario editor)
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15:11<Samu>I gave up translating
15:12<Samu>there's still the Aeronave versus Avião versus Helicóptero issues in portuguese, which apparently were messed up by me
15:14<Samu>is it possible to set a gender to them?
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15:41<Samu>midi is still playing, :)
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16:05<Eddi|zuHause>since when is dave blue?
16:08<@Alberth>since we have new moderators
16:13<Samu> - confusing
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16:18<Samu>i was going to point someone to the wiki about small and large aircraft, guess I rather not
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16:23<@Alberth>the idea of the wiki is that it's a wiki
16:25<Samu>how do i log in?
16:25<Samu>i could edit but i bet someone else is going revert
16:29<Samu>last time i edited a wiki, i saw all of it being reverted, it was on wikipedia
16:30<Samu>waste of time
16:30<V453000>maybe you did it badly?
16:31<Zuu>Samu: Use your same login as for web translator.
16:31<V453000>I like how you declare everyone being bad, everything waste of time, and you spend your whole day with writing a useless wall of text into an IRC channel for no reasons
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16:32<Samu>it's true - it happened
16:34<Zuu>Samu: Write a patch - it can be commited :-)
16:34<@Alberth>I can see that ;)
16:34<Zuu>(if it is written in a good quality and solves a problem)
16:35<@Terkhen>good night
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16:37<Samu>i always forget these passwords.. brb
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16:44<Samu>aircraft profit best from Mail, not Passengers
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16:52<Samu>i swear i didn't have to learn coding when editing a wiki before
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17:10<Samu>Below are links to a Comparison table and the plane database, with planes ordered by design date. - table does not reflect that entirely
17:10<Samu>so... what to do now?
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17:28<Midnightmyth>is there anyway to upgrade electric trains to monorail?
17:29<Zuu>There are NewGRF solutions for new games.
17:29<Supercheese>only via a newgrf
17:29<Zuu>You can also build a separate monorail system for some cargoes.
17:29<Zuu>Or wait for manglev.
17:30<Zuu>If you play with cargodist it will be easier to just add some monorail parts to your network and let the cargo transfer.
17:30<Supercheese>I'm still not sure I understand cargodist
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17:31<Samu> - how does it look now? better? worse?
17:31<Supercheese>Every time I try it I end up with thousands of cargo units at stations, an appropriate vehicle comes along to load it but leaves empty...
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17:31<Supercheese>the cargo doesn't want to go where I want it to go :S
17:33<Zuu>Samu: You could put the astresk for small planes on the table head instead of on each aircraft.
17:33<Zuu>In my last cargodist game, I don't use full load orders. Instead I work with timetables.
17:35<Zuu>It was long time since I made point to point connections. But in this game I tried to create a hub station with coordinated arrivals to this hub so that fast transfers can be made. (it is not really a point in the game, as cargo don't age in stations, but it was fun to try to create)
17:38<Samu>done :) that asterik seems to mislead ppl into thinking small planes are gonna crash on large airports
17:39<Zuu>You could revert it so that there is an asterisk on large airplanes that tells that large airplanes needs a large aircraft to not increase the risk of crashing.
17:41<Samu>better not edit anything else, Accidents tell the rest
17:42<Samu>but... there's a mislead bah, i suck at this
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17:52<Samu>i need someone completely unbiased to read this article - not easy to explain when I already know how it works
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