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07:17<andythenorth>quiet eh?
07:18<andythenorth>I had an idea this weekend might be noisier :P
07:19<andythenorth>or are you all eating cake?
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07:20*andythenorth bbl
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07:38<Aristide>EAP Sim its cool
07:38<Aristide>But I can't use EAP SIM on computer
07:38<Aristide>I must use my Phone in USB Modem
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10:05<__ln__>cake time!
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10:17<LordAro>how goes the party?
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10:20<Aristide>Hi o/
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10:40<+michi_cc>Just who we want to see :)
10:40<@Rubidium>andythenorth: !!!!
10:43<murr4y>there's a party?
10:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r25629 /trunk/bin/baseset (8 files) (2013-07-27 14:45:09 UTC)
10:45<@DorpsGek>-Update: baseset translations
10:46<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r25630 trunk/src/town_gui.cpp (2013-07-27 14:46:33 UTC)
10:46<@DorpsGek>-Fix [FS#5666]: city list sort of population and rating are reversed compared to the icon
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10:47<andythenorth>michi_cc: ...
10:55<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r25631 /branches/1.3 (6 files in 4 dirs) (2013-07-27 14:55:00 UTC)
10:55<@DorpsGek>[1.3] -Update: some documentation
11:01<Aristide> Huhu
11:02<Aristide>A bus pass here :')
11:02<Markk>Hoi, I can't find the News Settings in 1.3.1, where is the button for it?
11:03<Markk>Before you could just press and hold the News Button up to the far right, but now it's gone.
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11:05<Aristide>Quassel <3
11:06<LordAro>Markk: it's in advanced settings now
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11:08<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r25632 /tags/1.3.2 (10 files in 4 dirs) (2013-07-27 15:08:32 UTC)
11:08<@DorpsGek>-Release: 1.3.2
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11:21<Aristide>Allow to drive buses or take public transport in openttd can be cool ^^
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11:37<Markk>LordAro: Thanks mate.
11:41<Aristide>36°C ><
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12:50<Aristide> <3 Hi !
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16:21<andythenorth>cargodist with FIRS enhanced station ratings
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17:49<LordAro>how odd
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18:01<@planetmaker>sjoep sjoep
18:02<dihedral>Hey ho pm
18:02<@planetmaker>dihedral: go to sleep
18:02<@planetmaker>go talk to zour wife
18:02<@planetmaker>go ... well ... whatßever ÖP
18:02<@planetmaker>I dont care about this freaking kezboard
18:02<@planetmaker>its insane
18:02<@planetmaker>it doesnt make sense
18:03<@planetmaker>Germans .....
18:03<dihedral>Is that the rubi or some goldfishbrain?
18:03<@planetmaker>fishbrain, the new movie, soon near zou
18:04<@planetmaker>ich spreche keine Deutch
18:04*dihedral hands over a 'y'
18:04<@planetmaker>where the z should be, there is a y here
18:04<dihedral>Change the layout :-P
18:05<@planetmaker>this is much more fun
18:05<@planetmaker>I refuse to adept
18:05<@planetmaker>*like Borg, but differentlz*
18:05<dihedral>Must be like being drunk
18:05<@planetmaker>zeah, I feel like that
18:06<dihedral>Lol... ln.. :-D
18:06<@planetmaker>nn dih
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18:08<Wolf01>'night all
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18:25<__ln__>it was the first intercontinental openttd event, i suppose
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18:38<Xaroth|Work>i see TrueBrain yoinked pm's pc :P
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18:45<wakou2>Any tips on how to make a town grow?
18:49<wakou2>krinn: TY!
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19:33<fjb_mobile>Moin, we got home well.
19:35<Aristide>Hi here !
19:36<Aristide>fjb_mobile: You use your mobile for internet you too ? x)
19:36<fjb_mobile>Yes ofcourse.
19:37<Aristide>Me too ... But I use my phone on Wifi (via EAP SIM) ... My phone is used as USB Modem <3
19:37<fjb_mobile>I'm using my tablet right now.
19:38<Aristide>fjb_mobile: With SIM ?
19:38<fjb_mobile>With wifi at the moment.
19:39<Aristide>Ah ok
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19:41<NeuhNeuh>fjb_mobile > I must take a true interne subscription x)
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19:41<NeuhNeuh>I'm Aristide
19:41<fjb_mobile>Is there an untrue internet connection?
19:42<NeuhNeuh>fjb_mobile: I don't have Internet Connection at home ... I use a Hostpot
19:43<fjb_mobile>Every spot is hot here at the moment.
19:43<NeuhNeuh>With my Phone subscription I can use all freewifi hotspot network
19:44<NeuhNeuh>Via Freewifi ... But some time, my phone lost signal x)
19:44<fjb_mobile>Bad phone. Sue it.
19:45<NeuhNeuh>I use a Galaxy S2 ... The signal is maybe not enought
19:45<fjb_mobile>Move closer to the hotspot then.
19:45<NeuhNeuh>fjb_mobile: I go tap at the neightboor door ? :D
19:46<fjb_mobile>If she is prettythat might be an option.
19:47<NeuhNeuh>"I, my Wifi signal is too bad at home, can I live at your home for a long time
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19:47<NeuhNeuh>And do you want to share your bed with me ... No ? Okay ... :(
19:48<fjb_mobile>I'm not your neighbour.
19:49<NeuhNeuh>But I must not complain about network ... I paid 2euros per month x)
19:49<fjb_mobile>And my girlfriend would mind.
19:49<NeuhNeuh>My brain is too messy for girlfriend in mind :(
19:50<fjb_mobile>Clean it up.
19:50<NeuhNeuh>Already try
19:51<NeuhNeuh>A friend in my brain is dead while cleaning
19:51<fjb_mobile>Good luck.
19:51<NeuhNeuh>Thank you :)
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19:51<NeuhNeuh>That my brain fjb_mobile
19:52<NeuhNeuh>After cleanup
19:53<NeuhNeuh>its important to underline this.
19:53<NeuhNeuh>Hi wakou2 ^^
19:53<fjb_mobile>If its only your brain...
19:54<NeuhNeuh>... Okay
19:54<wakou2>krinn: I have funded new buildings, planted trees, added food and mail deliveries, advertising campaign, ......... Still refuses to grow, still rates me appaling :(
19:54<wakou2>I might blow the place up.
19:54<NeuhNeuh>wakou2: Kill mayor
19:54<NeuhNeuh>Problem solved
19:54<NeuhNeuh>So, I must report this feature in openTTD
19:54<NeuhNeuh>kill mayor
19:55<NeuhNeuh>run over with a bus
19:55<NeuhNeuh>Or with a train
19:55<NeuhNeuh>With this <3
19:56<krinn>wakou2, rating and town aren't the same thing
19:56<krinn>*town growth
19:57<wakou2>Hmm I know, but to help it grow, I could build stations, but it won't allow....
19:57<krinn>because you're just not loved :)
19:58<krinn>read the wiki about rating if you need, but if you cannot gave town money, plant trees
19:58<wakou2>The LA window toggles between need food and food delivered. But I have three trains deliveribg approx 1,000 tonnes of food a month?
19:59<krinn>you're playing desert or with some script?
20:00<wakou2>No, temperate
20:00<NeuhNeuh> <3
20:01<krinn>temperate town need nothing
20:01<wakou2>this one needs food!
20:01<krinn>so you're playing with a GS
20:03<wakou2>No, no script
20:04<krinn>i don't know then, but wiki say temperate = no needs
20:04<NeuhNeuh>KDE <3
20:04<NeuhNeuh>wakou2: You use widget for upload pictures ?
20:07<krinn>Unlike the sub-climates, there are no requirements of food or water for any towns to grow
20:07<krinn>so you're playing with a script or not temperate, one or the other no?
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20:10<wakou2>krinn: been a while since I started the game... (year 2050) but no script...
20:10<krinn>well, i think the sub towns ask food & water, but don't tell growth rate even if you provide them
20:10<wakou2>& temperate climate (I think, just some snow on hill tops)
20:10<krinn>so it must be a GS, i think it's one by zuu
20:11<wakou2>If I look in newgrf settings?
20:11<krinn>no but if you look at script
20:11<wakou2>.. no no script loaded
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20:13<wakou2>Shall I post a .sav somewhere?
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20:14<Aristide>Bad connection x)
20:14*Aristide slap phone
20:14<krinn>no, even with a GS your screenshot says growing every 76days
20:14<krinn>so it grow, every 76 days :)
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20:15<Aristide>Now the USB Cable ...
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20:18<wakou2>krinn: Where did you get the 76 days? It says town is NOT growing
20:18<krinn>it says food deliverd, grow every 76 days
20:19<krinn>and lol yes, town don't like you
20:19<wakou2>but, then it dies not grow..and says food needed..
20:22<krinn>read the subartic part of town growth
20:22<krinn>even accepting food it may not grow
20:23<wakou2>Hmm not sub arctic, not above snow line, and 1,000 tonnes per month delivered.
20:24<krinn>not temperate, as temperate have 0 needs
20:25<wakou2>That is february. NOT sub arctic.
20:26<krinn>The most striking feature of Sub-Arctic is the snow above a certain line
20:26<krinn>so got snow ?
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20:29<wakou2>hmm yes, but only dust on tops. The town in question is not above the snow line.
20:30<wakou2>I am going to put as much food as possible in there and see if that helps...
20:30<krinn>well, it won't do anything bad anyway
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20:41<wakou2>Doubled the food, planted max trees on every avaiable square
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20:46<wakou2>krinn: yes, done that, built roads in a grid, but can't build more stations becaus of rating
20:47<krinn>then fix your rating
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20:49<wakou2>can't I have done everything, funded building, advertising, funded roads, planted trees etc etc
20:51<krinn>corrupt the town, it's the fastest way
20:52<krinn>and if you can't, you must wait, town rating grow slowly : go read more about handling rating
20:53<wakou2>I'm going to bed now, thans foe your help.
20:53<wakou2>Tomorrow I bribe the Mayor!
20:54<krinn>or do another town, it's sometime easier
20:54<krinn>going bed too
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