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01:09<@Rubidium>moin Alberth
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02:31<LordAro>*yawn* morning
02:32<@Alberth>a very happy good morning LordAro!
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03:07<dihedral>good morning
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03:40<LordAro>hai all (sorry, started watch top gear)
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07:52<@Alberth>that was already posted here :)
07:54<Aristide>Hi !
07:54<Aristide>I create a beautiful bus network on other game than openTTD \o/
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07:56<@Alberth>impossible! :)
07:57<Aristide>Alberth: WHAT ?
07:57<Aristide>Don't insult my bus network
07:57*Aristide push Alberth under LLD1 busline
07:58<@Alberth>accidents delay passenger transport, you know :)
07:58<Aristide>Alberth: Is not openTTD
07:59<@Alberth>so you may be in the wrong channel? :)
07:59<Aristide> The map of my bus network ... I must add 2 Long Way busline and Express busline
07:59<Aristide>Alberth: Is not generic channel discussion ?
08:00<@Alberth>the general topic is openttd, afaik
08:00<@Alberth>which you exclude explicitly :)
08:01<Aristide>Yes sorry
08:01<@Alberth>np :)
08:01*Aristide jump under buis of LLD3 busline
08:02<@Alberth>we are often off-topic here too :) If you really are looking for a channel, #tycoon may be more on-topic
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08:25*roboboy pops his head n
08:26*Xaroth|Work chops said head off
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08:31*Xaroth|Work hands head to LordAro
08:32*LordAro throws it back at Xaroth|Work
08:32*roboboy catches it mid throw and sews it back on
08:34<roboboy>is the standard makefile capable of producing a DOS executable if a DOS cross compiler is installed on linux?
08:35<roboboy>as I am considering building the environment to do so
08:35<@Alberth>make only cares about what commands to execute to build the target. What those commands actually do (besides creating files), is not the problem of make
08:36<@Alberth>so, yes, it is possible
08:37<LordAro>suppose i have the partial word "--hie-e-e---" how would i go about finding the possible missing letters?
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08:37<LordAro>something to do with hunspell? but i can't find a 'wildcard character...
08:38<roboboy>Does it have the commands in it to use a DOS cross compiler (I would assume that I would need different compilers for compiling on linux and DOS or does GCC do DOS cross compiling)
08:38<@Alberth>no it doesn't
08:39<roboboy>to GGC cross compiling or the first half of the question?
08:39<@Alberth>the 1st half
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08:40<@Alberth>but that's ok
08:41<@Alberth>in a rule like "dest: srcmake basically checks whether
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08:41<@Alberth>arhg, will use a pastebin, one moment :)
08:43<Eddi|zuHause>roboboy: how much of the wiki about cross compiling have you read?
08:43<@Alberth>ie you specify what 'command' is to build 'dest' from 'src'
08:44<Eddi|zuHause>roboboy: what you want to mess with is configure to point to the compiler/libraries, not the makefile itself
08:45<Eddi|zuHause>that article doesn't sound very useful
08:46<Eddi|zuHause>what's worst is wiki articles that say "on my computer" without specifying who "me" is, or what kind of computer it is...
08:47<roboboy>it was the only article for cross compiling :(
08:48<roboboy>I may put it down my list of things to do again
08:48<Eddi|zuHause>roboboy: so, you probably need some generic cross compiling guide and then figure out how to apply it to openttd
08:49<roboboy>I figure so
08:49<Eddi|zuHause>or you just run a DOS compiler in dosbox, like everyone else :)
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12:28<LordAro>so, how's everybody doing?
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12:30<rhilo>not bad. and yourself?
12:32<LordAro>not bad, a little bored :L
12:32<LordAro>wait, you said, "not bad" damn :P
12:33<peter1139>bah, running out of usb bandwidth :(
12:34<peter1139>pretty sure i don't need to run both webcams mind you
12:37<peter1139>hmm, must be some form of compression going on anyway
12:37<peter1139>640x480 @ 60fps is quite a bit of bandwidth
12:39<LordAro>quite a lot indeed
12:39<megakacktus>So OpenMSX cannot play music on my gnu/linux machine...
12:39<megakacktus>I'm not quite sure why :-/
12:40<peter1139>you mean openmsx or openttd?
12:40<megakacktus>openmsx, the music pack
12:41<peter1139>that doesn't play music
12:41<peter1139>it is music
12:42<megakacktus>*the music from openmsx can't be played from within openttd on my GNU/Linux machine
12:43<peter1139>yup, midi's a bit awkward on linux
12:44<peter1139>hmm, i don't remember what the default extmidi program is
12:45<LordAro>libtimidity, iirc but that's rather dated and usually not available
12:45<rhilo>does anyone know why i cant press tab for faster speed ingame on my mac?
12:46<LordAro>interestingly enough, i'm unable to play music either :( sound effects seem to be working fine, but no music...
12:46<rhilo>same with the "fast forward" button next to the pause button does not work
12:46<megakacktus>LordAro: I have the sound fx working too, but no music :(
12:46<LordAro>how odd :L
12:46<LordAro>rhilo: probably jus tthe mac keyboard being screwy - try fn+tab or something similar
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12:48<rhilo>LordAro: does not work... i dont think it|s the keyboard, because the fastforward button does not work either
12:48<peter1139>it means the game is already running as fast as it can
12:49<@Alberth>rhilo: try it with an almost empty game
12:49<LordAro>is the button being depressed? if yes, then see above, otherwise...
12:49<rhilo>hmm.. well.. i thought it would speed up as i press tab, and slow down again when i release the key.. atleast that what it did in the previous version i played
12:50<rhilo>Alberth - does not work at all :/
12:51<peter1139>so are you in a network game?
12:51<rhilo>nope, local
12:52<TWerkhoven>does the appearance of the ff button change when you press it? (same way the pause button does when pressing it)
12:53<rhilo>TWerkhoven, yes infact it does, but no sign of change of speed
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12:55<rhilo>it might be noteworthy that it is infact macosx it is on, because i have never had that problem on linux
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13:00<TWerkhoven>and yet, when you start a new game and run a single steamer, it doesnt go any faster upon pressing the button?
13:00<TWerkhoven>what mac are you running btw
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13:01<rhilo>nope, no change in speed TWerkhoven. it's an macbook air
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13:12<LordAro>ok, seriously, i can't get the music to work (arch) i've installed everything (timidity++, timidity soundfiles, libtimidity) but still nothing, any ideas?
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13:14<@Alberth>openttd build with midi support?
13:14<rhilo>LordAro - does other musicprograms with support for midi work?
13:15<LordAro>Alberth: yup, built it specially: "checking libtimidity... found"
13:16<LordAro>hmm, no. running "timidity" from terminal yields nothing :(
13:17<rhilo>what os ? i'm sorry if you've been thru those questions allready
13:17<rhilo>what distro*
13:17<LordAro>mentions something about "this instrument will not be heard"
13:17<LordAro>Arch Linux
13:19<rhilo>and you have soundfonts for it ? like fluid?
13:19<rhilo>or freepats
13:20<LordAro>i have freepats
13:21<rhilo>are you using timidity as a daemon ?
13:22<LordAro>umm, no? i'm not sure, but "timidity" is still yielding nothing..
13:23<rhilo>if you type " aconnect -o "
13:23<rhilo>what result does that give you? a list of timidity ports?
13:23<LordAro>1 kernel type, 4 user type
13:24<Aristide>Hi !
13:24<rhilo>and you have been thru the timidity config, and made sure that the soundfonts are setup in there ?
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13:25<LordAro>not entirely, i copied a config file from somewhere to somewhere else
13:26<LordAro>wait, now i've got no sound at all :(
13:26<rhilo>|i see... i think that you should reconfigure it manually,
13:27<rhilo>well, first, fix your sound, then we'll talk about timidity :P
13:27<LordAro>hmm, i think i broke pulse, i'll try a reboot
13:27<rhilo>ait ait
13:28<rhilo>try: timidity -ia
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13:28<rhilo>try: timidity -iA
13:28<rhilo>not everyone is using bouncers, ofc :P
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13:30<LordAro>well, crap
13:30<LordAro>still no sound :(
13:30<rhilo>well, then you should try solve the pulseaudio issue. or use ALSA or similar
13:30<rhilo>obviously :P
13:30<LordAro>shush you
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13:31<LordAro>oh, wait, you are shushed :P
13:32<rhilo>hope you'll find out.
13:32<@Alberth>hi Wolf01
13:32<rhilo>i have to go no anyway, be back in a couple of hours.
13:41<LordAro>why isn't it working?!??
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13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r25650 /trunk/src/lang (estonian.txt vietnamese.txt) (2013-08-05 17:45:14 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>estonian - 6 changes by KSiimson
13:45<@DorpsGek>vietnamese - 21 changes by myquartz
13:49<LordAro>ok, weird...
13:49<LordAro>i ran a speaker test, and suddenly everything starts working...
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13:53<@Alberth>kernel loaded a module? :)
13:56<LordAro>don't ask me... :L
13:57<LordAro>also, clementine is annoying me as a music player - it steals my keyboard shortcuts
13:57<@Alberth>nothing that cannot be fix by removing it with apt-get :)
13:57<LordAro>even when 'very minimised' to the taskbar
13:58<LordAro>apt-get? what is this madness? pacman all the way :p
13:58<TWerkhoven>or pacman, as its arch
13:58<TWerkhoven>or pacaur, or some other one
13:58<@Alberth>music is obviously the most important thing you use a computer for :p
13:58<LordAro>reasonably significant :P
13:58<@Rubidium>general purpose computers are bad at music
13:59<frosch123>Alberth: second, after openttd
13:59<LordAro>stops me from talking to myself when doing the codez
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15:06<V453000>frosch123: have you seen that shit? hasuobs vs grubby
15:07<V453000>almost 3 hour bo3 ...
15:08<frosch123>i thought first game was over after the mship snipe
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15:23<andythenorth>what to do
15:27<@Alberth>write a bananas ..... profit!
15:29<@Alberth>the latter may be disappointing, I am afraid
15:34<andythenorth>maybe I should do some newgrf thing
15:34<andythenorth>or play ottd
15:37<frosch123>working on ttdp got somewhat popular again
15:37<frosch123>or at least posting on the forums
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16:00<frosch123>V453000: quite rough weather today
16:01<V453000>I hate mvp :)
16:06<@Alberth>good night
16:06<@Rubidium>night Alberth
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16:21<andythenorth>Euro Truck Simulator time
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16:36<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25651 /trunk/src (6 files) (2013-08-05 20:35:23 UTC)
16:36<@DorpsGek>-Fix: Textbuf caret rendering for complex scripts (e.g. Tamil).
16:37<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25652 /trunk (10 files in 3 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:35:27 UTC)
16:37<frosch123>DorpsGek is living in different times
16:37<@DorpsGek>-Fix: Improve text caret movement for complex scripts.
16:37<frosch123>or it is completely overloaded :p
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25653 /trunk/src (5 files) (2013-08-05 20:35:31 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Add: Caret movement by words for CJK languages.
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25654 /trunk/src (textbuf.cpp textbuf_type.h) (2013-08-05 20:35:35 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Fix: Improve character and word deletion for CJK languages and complex scripts.
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25655 /trunk/src/video/cocoa (cocoa_v.h (2013-08-05 20:35:38 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Fix: [OSX] Mouse cursor wasn't displayed properly after switching to fullscreen on 10.7+. (Based on patch by Maedhros)
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25656 trunk/src/video/cocoa/ (2013-08-05 20:35:42 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Cleanup: Coding style.
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25657 trunk/src/video/cocoa/ (2013-08-05 20:35:46 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Fix [FS#4744]: [OSX] The new 10.7 fullscreen code can now also be compiled with older SDK versions.
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25658 trunk/src/video/cocoa/ (2013-08-05 20:35:49 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Fix [FS#4392]: [OSX] The mouse cursor would sometimes jump near the window borders. (Matthieu)
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25659 trunk/src/video/cocoa/ (2013-08-05 20:35:53 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Fix [FS#4420]: [OSX] System mouse cursor could become visible during dragging. (Matthieu)
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25660 trunk/src/video/cocoa/ (2013-08-05 20:35:56 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Fix: [OSX] The name's OpenTTD, not OTTD.
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25661 trunk/src/fontdetection.cpp (2013-08-05 20:35:59 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Fix [FS#4847]: [OSX] Rework font detection to work even if no default font sprites are present.
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25662 trunk/src/fontdetection.cpp (2013-08-05 20:36:03 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Fix: [OSX] Better rejection of unsuitable fonts during fallback auto-detection.
16:38<@Rubidium>someone did a kind of core dump it seems ;)
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25663 /trunk/src (3 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:36:06 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Fix [FS#4857]: [OSX] Monospace font detection.
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25664 /trunk/src (bootstrap_gui.cpp video/cocoa/ (2013-08-05 20:36:10 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Add [FS#4847]: [OSX] Bootstrap downloading of a baseset. (Matthieu)
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25665 trunk/src/video/cocoa/ (2013-08-05 20:36:13 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Fix [FS#4689]: [OSX] Crash when unhiding the main window.
16:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25666 /trunk/src (os/macosx/osx_stdafx.h video/cocoa/ (2013-08-05 20:36:17 UTC)
16:38<@DorpsGek>-Feature [FS#4760]: [OSX] Pinch gesture support for zooming. (Based on patch by leecbaker)
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25667 /trunk/src (3 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:36:20 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Fix: [Win32] Only forward key presses to the IME system if an edit box has the input focus.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25668 /trunk/src (12 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:36:24 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Pass proper Unicode UCS-4 characters instead of just UCS-2 to the window key press handlers.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25669 /trunk/src (hotkeys.cpp hotkeys.h) (2013-08-05 20:36:28 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Pass UCS-4 instead of UCS-2 characters to the hotkey handlers.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25670 /trunk/src (4 files) (2013-08-05 20:36:32 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Pass UCS-4 characters to the edit box key handler.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25671 /trunk/src (6 files in 3 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:36:36 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Pass character and key code separately to the keyboard handler.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25672 trunk/src/video/win32_v.cpp (2013-08-05 20:36:40 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Fix: [Win32] Handle Unicode characters from outside the BMP correctly.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25673 /trunk/src (3 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:36:43 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Fix: [Win32] Use the right code page for converting ANSI strings into UTF-8 for non-Unicode builds. And don't crap out on DBCS code pages either.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25674 /trunk/src (4 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:36:47 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Fix: [Win32] The console code page for non-Unicode builds is not the normal ANSI code page and definitely not UTF-8 either.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25675 trunk/src/video/win32_v.cpp (2013-08-05 20:36:51 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Fix: [Win32] Handle DBCS characters correctly in the non-Unicode build.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25676 /trunk/src (4 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:36:55 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Fix: [Win32] The ANSI code page is not UTF-8 for non-Unicode builds.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25677 /trunk/src (os/windows/crashlog_win.cpp stdafx.h) (2013-08-05 20:36:58 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: [Win32] There are no 64-bit Windows versions below XP and we can safely assume it as the target platform.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25678 /trunk/src (5 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:37:02 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: Notify the video driver when an edit box lost (global) focus so it can abort any current input composition.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25679 /trunk (14 files in 4 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:37:06 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: [Win32] Get the result string of an IME input directly without a trip through the window messaging system.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25680 /trunk/src/video (win32_v.cpp win32_v.h) (2013-08-05 20:37:11 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: [Win32] Cancel the current IME composition when the input focus changes.
16:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25681 /trunk/src (7 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:37:14 UTC)
16:39<@DorpsGek>-Change: [Win32] Position the IME composition window at the caret position.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25682 trunk/src/video/win32_v.cpp (2013-08-05 20:37:18 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Change: [Win32] Position the IME candidate window at the caret position.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25683 /trunk/src (4 files) (2013-08-05 20:37:22 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Add: Support for a marked/selected range to the textbuf.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25684 /trunk/src (7 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:37:25 UTC)
16:40<@Rubidium>so, who' going to read this?
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Change: [Win32] Draw the composition string ourselves if possible.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25685 trunk/src/core/bitmath_func.hpp (2013-08-05 20:37:29 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: [OSX] Use non-deprecated functions for byte swapping.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25686 /trunk/src/video/cocoa (cocoa_v.h (2013-08-05 20:37:33 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: [OSX] Abandon IME input if the edit box lost the focus.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25687 /trunk/src/video/cocoa ( (2013-08-05 20:37:37 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: [OSX] Pass text input directly down to the text handling.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25688 /trunk/src/video/cocoa (cocoa_v.h (2013-08-05 20:37:40 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Codechange: [OSX] Make our view aware of text input by IMEs.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25689 /trunk/src (5 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:37:44 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Add: [OSX] Display the IME composition string ourself.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25690 /trunk/src (6 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:37:48 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Change: [OSX] Position the candidate window at the caret position.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25691 /trunk/src (10 files in 2 dirs) (2013-08-05 20:37:53 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Add: [OSX] Support for mouse selection in the IME composition string.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25692 /trunk/src (6 files) (2013-08-05 20:37:57 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Add: Replacement of a part of the edit box text with a new string.
16:40<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25693 /trunk/src/video/cocoa (cocoa_v.h (2013-08-05 20:38:02 UTC)
16:40<@DorpsGek>-Add: [OSX] Support the new IME functions introduced with 10.5.
16:41<frosch123>Rubidium: it's more interesting than #tycoon
16:41<@Rubidium>than what?
16:41<andythenorth>beautfiul sunrise as I drive into Amsterdam
16:41<frosch123>lucky you :)
16:42<andythenorth>oops, this isn't #andythenorthplayseurotrucksimulator ?
16:42<andythenorth>I should go in that channel tbh
16:42<frosch123>andythenorth: are there "let's play" videos on yt for eurotrucksimulator?
16:42<@Rubidium>andythenorth: mind the Romanians
16:43<@Rubidium>they might steal your phone or wallet
16:44<@Rubidium>whereas the Polish try to increase our "drownings in open water rate" (#drowned Polish in the NL last week is about the yearly average over the last two decades)
16:50*andythenorth plays openttd now
16:50<andythenorth>enough trucking
16:50*andythenorth still baffled by cdist
16:51<@DorpsGek>Commit by michi_cc :: r25694 trunk/src/gfx_layout.cpp (2013-08-05 20:50:55 UTC)
16:51<@DorpsGek>-Fix (r25651): Picky GCC.
16:51*Xaroth|Work whacks michi_cc for spamming
16:52<andythenorth>someone should fix CHIPS
16:52<andythenorth>tiles should have more variety wrt showing cargo
16:52<+michi_cc>Don't worry, in all likelihood I've simultaneously broken win, linux and OS X :p
16:52<V453000>cargo sprits could be ready andythenorth :P
16:52<andythenorth>I mean the amounts
16:52<andythenorth>should use some tile random bits or something to decide whether to show lots or little
16:53<andythenorth>I dunno
16:53<frosch123>michi_cc: maybe roboboy succeeded with dos compilation
16:53<andythenorth>stations are a mystery to me, I just draw
16:54<V453000>ah, yeah that would be nice too
16:54<andythenorth>fricking station spread
16:54<andythenorth>20 is not enough :P
16:54<frosch123>yeah, stupid ottd limitations
16:55<frosch123>ttdp supports stations as big as the map
16:56<andythenorth>ho ho
16:56<andythenorth>if only there was an OS X port :)
16:57<frosch123>dosbox might be your best bet
16:57<andythenorth>a new ferry
16:58<andythenorth>time to scrap these paddle thingies
16:59<Xaroth|Work>but what will you do with the paddles!?
17:01<andythenorth>NARS 2 is very short on emus
17:02*andythenorth needs consist replace :(
17:04<@Rubidium>frosch123: we support map size station spread as well, but just like TTDP for only one map size
17:05<frosch123>oh, true
17:14-!-Nat_aS [] has joined #openttd
17:14-!-Dr_Tan [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:15-!-sla_ro|master [slamaster@] has quit []
17:18<LordAro>so, umm, what (in summary) did all that do? i can see lots of stuff about editboxes, OSX and something called IME, but also lots of other stuff i don't understand...
17:19<@Rubidium>join the club ;)
17:20<frosch123>LordAro: learn chinese, japanese or korean
17:20<LordAro>i saw some of that too :)
17:20<LordAro>is michi_cc the new OSX developer? :P
17:21<Xaroth|Work>he's the new spammer that's for sure
17:22-!-Aristide [~quassel@] has joined #openttd
17:23<LordAro>pfft, Rubidium and frosch have done similar before :)
17:23<frosch123>i have never committed 42 things in a row
17:23<frosch123>15 at most
17:24<frosch123>or so
17:25<Aristide>=) Hi frosch123 and LordAro :)
17:25<frosch123>moin :)
17:25*Rubidium can't remember doing it at this pace
17:25<LordAro>hey Aristide
17:25<@Rubidium>or this many
17:25-!-Elukka [] has quit []
17:25<Aristide>Hi Rubidium :)
17:26<LordAro>some sort of fancy svn log/grep work should be able to figure it out :L
17:27<LordAro>something like "if next commit is within 5mins of the last (and is by same person) add to a 'list'"
17:27*LordAro ponders doing that
17:27<frosch123>just do commits per day
17:28<frosch123>that's more fair, you cannot autocommit everything
17:28<frosch123>sometimes you need to enter revision numbers and such :p
17:28<frosch123>or you guess in advance that compilation will fail for sure somehow, and only commit half :p
17:38-!-andythenorth [] has quit [Quit: andythenorth]
17:44-!-oskari892 [] has quit []
17:45<LordAro>Results are in gentlemen! (Yes, i'm sure there's probably a more efficient way of doing it, and sorting the numbers correctly)
17:45<LordAro>michi_cc has indeed set a new all time record!
17:48<frosch123>add a "-n" to the sort :)
17:49<LordAro>Rubidium with a close second (42) apparently implementing YAPP (...or PBS, i'm not sure :P ) ..... which was also work done by michi_cc :D
17:49<frosch123>second place is the yapp merge
17:51<LordAro>and third, i believe (without checking) is Mr. Truebrain implementing GameScripts, on 41
17:51-!-Wolf01 [] has quit [Quit: Once again the world is quick to bury me.]
17:52-!-kais58___ [] has joined #openttd
17:53<LordAro>yup, GSs confirmed for TB :)
17:54-!-kais58__1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:55<LordAro>your highest, mr frosch, is 26 btw, a bit more than 15 :P
17:56<LordAro>highest ex-dev (not inc TB) is tron, also with 26
17:57<LordAro>and Rubidium holds 4 of the highest 10 :)
18:00<LordAro>michi_cc's previous highest was 25, which was his last 'general bugfix and minor feature' splurge :)
18:00<LordAro>ok, i'll stop now
18:00*LordAro can't think of anymore statistics :)
18:02<frosch123>do you want a challenge? :p maybe you could compute the average number of commits per day once a dev commits something on that day at all
18:02-!-kais58___ is now known as kais58|AFK
18:03<frosch123>i.e. "variety distribution" :p
18:03<frosch123>maybe histogram is a better term
18:04<frosch123>or learn Gnu R and do even more weird diagrams :p
18:04<LordAro>nah, i stopped doing statistics a few months ago - i don't want to start again :P
18:05<frosch123>gnu r has the best 2d plotting capabilities i have ever seen in a software
18:06<frosch123>V453000: happy? :p
18:06<V453000>HELL YEAH
18:06<V453000>by the way, the time has come
18:06<LordAro>frosch123: just go here for other stuff :P
18:07<frosch123>LordAro: boring compared to gnu r
18:07<frosch123>V453000: that's two months old?
18:07<LordAro>i have heard funky graph things about R :)
18:08<LordAro>(good funky things)
18:08<V453000>it apparently says it when you started writing the article, not publishing it frosch123
18:08<V453000>why dont ask :D
18:08<frosch123>yeah, i was wondering whether the date was wrong
18:08<frosch123>because it was not that long ago that you bothered me about that stuff :p
18:09<V453000>yeah :) posted it a few minutes ago
18:10<frosch123>isn't there a project 5000 on the forums?
18:12<V453000>idk I dont read the forums anymore
18:14-!-Devroush367 [~dennis@] has quit []
18:14<LordAro>mother of god.
18:14<LordAro>how do you do that?!
18:15<frosch123>what? avoiding the forums? :p
18:15<LordAro>well, that too :P
18:15-!-frosch123 [] has quit [Quit: be yourself, except: if you have the opportunity to be a unicorn, then be a unicorn]
18:18<V453000>I just do :)
18:22<LordAro>you crazy person :P
18:23-!-Ristovski_ [] has joined #openttd
18:24<LordAro>i think you need the train limit increased :P
18:24<V453000>not really :)
18:24<V453000>for normal games 3000 is already quite hard to reach, for logic games 5000 is a lot too
18:25<V453000>plus there always are smaller maps ;)
18:27-!-Alice3 [] has quit []
18:27<Eddi|zuHause>we should make it more like the original and set train limit at 80
18:28-!-Ristovski [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:28-!-rafael__ [] has joined #openttd
18:32<Eddi|zuHause>and train length to 5 tiles :p
18:32-!-pugi [] has quit []
18:32<Eddi|zuHause>and then make a coop game with these settings :p
18:36-!-Ristovski_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02-!-gynterk [] has joined #openttd
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20:19-!-fjb is now known as Guest2445
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