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02:26<@Terkhen>good morning
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03:25<Jomann>some interesting game somewhere?
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03:44<Wolf01>morning o/
03:49<__ln__>well observed
03:54<LordAro>/o wolf, ln and Alberth :)
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06:23<Arkabzol>funny when "modern office building" emerges in the 80's
06:24<@Alberth>you're playing in the wrong century :p
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08:10<LordAro>Paging Rubidium & other devs...
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08:37<Bad_Brett>It's aliiiiive!!!
08:43<LordAro>quick, kill it with fire!
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08:50<Bad_Brett>never! :D
08:50<Bad_Brett>extra turning angles are here to stay!
08:50<Bad_Brett>but now, it's time for some floorball
08:51<LordAro>oh god, what have you done, eddi? D:
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10:17<DanMacK>@seen andy
10:17<@DorpsGek>DanMacK: I have not seen andy.
10:17<DanMacK>@seen andythenorth
10:17<@DorpsGek>DanMacK: andythenorth was last seen in #openttd 5 hours, 31 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: <andythenorth> o/
10:20<LordAro>he was online until about 80 mins ago
10:20<DanMacK>Hey all
10:21<DanMacK>meh, I'll catch him at some point, lol
10:27<frosch123>lay out a trail of legos
10:28<frosch123>and snap him at the end
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11:25<NGC3982>I love working with insurances.
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11:30<DanMacK>Hey Brett
11:30<Bad_Brett>hey DanMack :)
11:32<LordAro>hey brett also :)
11:32<LordAro>how was ...floorball?
11:32<LordAro>(whatever that is)
11:33<Bad_Brett>it was great, i'm tired as hell though
11:34<Bad_Brett>floorball is a sport for those of us who wish we were ice-hockey players but can't skate :)
11:35<Bad_Brett>now, it's time to add this baby to the game:
11:35<LordAro>it seems to get longer when vertical ('|')
11:36<Bad_Brett>that's because it is
11:37<Bad_Brett>or, it's shorter when / and \
11:37<LordAro>oh, is that the weird ottd thing?
11:37<Bad_Brett>but you see it more clearly when it's rotating in the same spot
11:38<LordAro>and you designed the 3d model that does that?
11:39<LordAro>*made the 3d model get longer/shorter for those angles?
11:40<Bad_Brett>it compresses to 90%
11:40<LordAro>clever :)
11:40<Bad_Brett>hehe thanks
11:40<LordAro>i wonder if zeph did that...
11:40<Bad_Brett>i think he did
11:40<Bad_Brett>not sure though
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12:09<LordAro>/o Zuu
12:09<Zuu>Hello LordAro
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12:22<NGC3982>"Its" without the ', indicates possession, right?
12:22<NGC3982>"Its own fault"
12:22<frosch123>yes, "it's" would be "it is"
12:22<frosch123>typical structure in programming
12:22<NGC3982>And: "It's a good day".
12:22<NGC3982>Right, thank you.
12:23<frosch123>if one term would make sense, but is already used by something else, pick the opposite
12:23<frosch123>it's the fundamental theme of e.g. DOS
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12:24<frosch123>oh, we used "/" for command line parameters! easy, just use "\" instead
12:24<frosch123>oh we used a printable character in first position to denote a deleted file
12:24<frosch123>let's use a non-printable character to represent that one printable character
12:25<frosch123>oh, no software works with dpmi 1.0, let's stick with 0.9
12:26<NGC3982>Hehe, i see.
12:26<NGC3982>That's a fascinating comparison.
12:29<frosch123>oh, fat16 is reaching its limitations on harddisks after 10 years, let's do fat32 to last 4 years
12:33<LordAro>not bitter, are we? :p
12:33<frosch123>i just learned in young years that the average programmer is a douchebag
12:34<frosch123>when i entered university i also got an idea about why that's the case :p
12:35<V453000>I KNEW IT
12:35<frosch123>but it prepared me well for work :p
12:36*LordAro rates frosch as an 'above average' programmer :)
12:36<frosch123>easy, i can resolve merge conflicts
12:36<frosch123>*simple merge conflicts
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12:54<Bad_Brett>what should i use in a newgrf? I always used \ for the file paths and have had no problems with it, but / seems to be used more often
12:54<Bad_Brett>*bad brett means nml
12:55<scshunt>Bad_Brett: //
12:55<scshunt>Bad_Brett: \ is not a path separator on Unix systems, so / is preferred for cross-platform stuff
12:55<Bad_Brett>ah! that makes sense
12:55<Bad_Brett>should take too long to make these modifications
12:56<frosch123>Bad_Brett: / is the traditional path separator used since 60's
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12:56<frosch123>then someone came along and said: dos is for simple machines we do not need directories
12:56<Bad_Brett>*bad brett grew up with MS-DOS
12:56<frosch123>then someone needed a character to indicate comand line parameters, and used / which is a handy key on us keyboards
12:57<frosch123>then someone noticed that directories would be a nice feature for the next dos version
12:57<frosch123>basically all issues with windows are based on early design decisions in dos to make stuff simple
12:58<frosch123>i would think dos is a curse word among ms employees :p
12:58<frosch123>people always want them to stay compatible with that old crap :)
12:58<Bad_Brett>guess i'll use / from now on then :)
13:00<Bad_Brett>so they basically added directories when / was already used for command line parameters?
13:00<Bad_Brett>and since / was already taken, they decided to go with \?
13:00<frosch123>yeah, kind of :)
13:00<Bad_Brett>haha that sounds so stupid
13:01<frosch123>just that directories with / existed way before dos
13:01<frosch123>Bad_Brett: it's not the only case. that kind of stuff is all over the place in dos
13:01<frosch123>use something ad hoc which seems handy, later regret it
13:02<Bad_Brett>strangely, that strategy seems to working... just look at adobe :)
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13:06<Bad_Brett>you know that Paintshop Pro 7 from 2000 is better at optimizing .psd-file than Photoshop?
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13:06<DanMacK>Doesn't surprise me
13:07<Bad_Brett>When I worked with really large image files, I would sometimes re-save the .psd-files in PSP7 to get the file size down
13:08<Bad_Brett>actually, i edit all my graphics for OpenTTD in PSP7 instead of photoshop or gimp
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13:10<DanMacK>Just the guy I was looking for :P
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13:11<LordAro>he doesn't notice unless you say his name :P
13:12<andythenorth>Lo danmack
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13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r25742 trunk/src/lang/polish.txt (2013-08-24 17:45:11 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>polish - 17 changes by voythas
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14:00<NGC3982>I must say, the Openttd app for android is quite alright.
14:05<NGC3982>A bit more unefficient, though.
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14:47<Bad_Brett>hmm cool
14:48<Bad_Brett>this is gonna get interesting
14:48<Bad_Brett>when TT for android is released
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14:50<Supercheese>especially since you can decompile .apk into source code
14:51<Supercheese>I've hacked my share of .apks by de/recompiling
14:53<frosch123>if that's what you meant with getting interesting :p
14:54<Supercheese>I think he meant Chris Sawyer's TT 2013
14:55<frosch123>yeah, put into context with earlier mentioning of the ottd port
14:57<frosch123>tl;dr: there was a andoid port of ottd; cs filed dcma; maintainer objected, nothing happened, google reinstalled port after timeout
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15:09<andythenorth>blah blah blah
15:09<Supercheese>Tidal Wave!
15:09*Supercheese wonders if anyone will get that reference
15:14*scshunt does not
15:15<LordAro>frosch123: was it ever shown that it actually was cs? i thought it was just some random person
15:15<LordAro>(was cs or had something to do with him)
15:16<frosch123>LordAro: the quoted dcma request says the lawer is acting representing cs' company
15:17<frosch123>"31X Ltd"
15:19<V453000>LOL I was searching for a bug for like 20 minutes to find out I forgot to save the png image ....
15:21<LordAro>frosch123: ah, i don't think i would've recognised that company name when i read it originally
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