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07:57<V453000>oh god
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11:21<DanMacK>Hey all
11:22<andythenorth>hey DanMacK
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11:59<Qsuicide>is there a way to see the numerical value of a particular towns authority rating?
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12:04<Eddi|zuHause>only in a debugger
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12:44<andythenorth>DanMacK: nice
12:44<andythenorth>particularly the \ view
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13:54<Bad_Brett>hmm... should i use the standard visual effects for steam engines or add smoke to the sprites?
13:54<Pinkbeast>The former
13:56<@Alberth>people may want to play without smoke?
13:57<@planetmaker>steam is generated by the game, depending on power and speed
13:57<Bad_Brett>hello Terkhen
13:57<Bad_Brett>yes, yes, those are indeed valid points
13:58<@planetmaker>and there's a smoke density setting indeed
13:59<Bad_Brett>there is? nothing you can control in nml i suppose?
14:02<Pinkbeast>If the game's smoke generation is bad, it can be fixed; if individual sprites all try to fix it up, disaster.
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14:03<Bad_Brett>good point
14:06<Bad_Brett>the main issue is that you can't control the z-offset, so if a locomotive has a very long smokestack it will look weird
14:08<Bad_Brett>i guess i'll change the offsets on the smoke sprites a bit for now
14:09<Pinkbeast>Except for very early locomotives, surely the top of the chimney is pretty well constrained by the loading gauge?
14:09<@Alberth>and tunnels, would I guess
14:10<Pinkbeast>Alberth: Well, those are sort of the same thing
14:10<Pinkbeast>The NRM's replica _Rocket_ has two chimneys, AIR, one of which is unprototypical but actually fits under thingd
14:11<Pinkbeast> seems to propose variable positions for smoke
14:11<@Alberth>ships are also bothered by current limitations in smoke positioning
14:12<Pinkbeast>ISTR it looks a bit daft on Garretts
14:12<Bad_Brett>i guess i'll leave it for now
14:13<Pinkbeast>Bad_Brett: Well, it might be more work, but asking Frosch what happened with that might be more productive in the long run
14:13<@Alberth>nothing, so far, afaik
14:14<Bad_Brett>yeah, i'm going to ask Frosch about that proposal
14:16<Bad_Brett>but i'm going to try the "old way" to begin with and see if it looks acceptable
14:23<Bad_Brett>btw, you can see the potential problem here:
14:25<frosch123>32bpp and perspective :p will it ever get to a result? :p
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14:29<Pinkbeast>Bad_Brett: Is that really to scale?
14:32<Bad_Brett>Pinkbeast: Not really. :)
14:33<Bad_Brett>i'm changing the scale ...a bit
14:35<Bad_Brett>i'm pretty sure zBase vehicles are bigger as well
14:35<Pinkbeast>Bad_Brett: also something odd has happened in that the 8bpp vehicle behind has badly derailed
14:36<Bad_Brett>yeah, that's because my sprite alignment is currently messed up. :)
14:48<Bad_Brett>so frosch, what happened with the new smoke thing?
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14:50<frosch123>Bad_Brett: it was specced, reviewed, considered good, two TODOs are open in the spec, then someone has to implement and use it
14:51<Bad_Brett>hmm, that doesn't sound too bad i guess
14:53<Bad_Brett>on the other hand, i'd suspect that these kinds of features have a rather low priority at the moment. i might be completely wrong though, since i know very little about openttd development :)
14:59<frosch123>priorities are the most volatile thing there is
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15:01<Pinkbeast>... since basically if someone who can program them gives a monkeys it's a priority and if not, not.
15:02<Bad_Brett>makes sense
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