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02:10<maddy_>morning guys
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03:26*dihedral is in nl :-)
03:30<dihedral>Booked ibis budget at the airport, arrived at the hotel and was told due to a powercut they have to but me in the standard ibis hotel.
03:30<dihedral>Paied budget price though :-)
03:31<maddy_>I guess that worked out fine then
03:32<dihedral>"We appologize for the inconveniance" she said :-P
03:34<dihedral>On the road to the 3rd funpark out of 5 for this week :-D
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04:29<Xaroth|Work>dihedral: get outta mah country!
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08:07<dihedral>Xaroth: racist :-P
08:09<Xaroth|Work>dihedral: nothing racial about it
08:09<Xaroth|Work>just, gtfo of my country :P
08:10<dihedral>And i don't even think you are moderately funny
08:10<@planetmaker>I'm afraid, the fun eludes me, too
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08:41<@planetmaker>hm... is there somewhere a download location for musa?
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08:41<@planetmaker> doesn't exist... hard to advertize without any good download link other than our source (even though it's "only" python)
08:43<dihedral>What is that?
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08:44<@planetmaker>bananas upload "script". which allows to easily define dependencies. More versatile than web interface
08:44<dihedral>Nice :)
08:45<@planetmaker>hm... *ponder*. Integrate into DevZone? :D
08:45<@planetmaker>tag release and upload automatically created build to bananas?
08:45<dihedral>Na move the dev zone to openttd
08:46<@planetmaker>nah, TB can't be bothered with the additional work ;-)
08:46<dihedral>Does he have to?
08:46<@planetmaker>this way as-is not
08:47<@planetmaker>also, integration into OpenTTD would probably just use the same interfaces. So no real difference
08:47<dihedral>Difference in the domainname
08:47<@planetmaker>yes... But that could simply be done by setting an alias
08:48<@planetmaker>or re-direct
08:48<@planetmaker>but then... that's not that important really
08:49<dihedral>Alias rather, makes a difference about an official platform :-)
08:50<@planetmaker>Well... it could work like
08:50<@planetmaker>I guess no-one would have an issue with that
08:51<@planetmaker>feel free to bother TB with it :D
08:51<dihedral>TB is not a fan of being bugged by me :-P
08:52<@planetmaker>is he a fan of being bugged (at all)? :D
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08:53<@planetmaker>just have a good reason ;-) then you won't be eaten in the lion's den
08:53<dihedral>I bet he's only a true fan of himself :-P
08:54<dihedral>Anyway... I shall have a look at amsterdam now. Bye :-)
08:56<@peter1138>Don't get too stoned.
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09:30<@Belugas>[08:08] <Xaroth|Work> just, gtfo of my country :P <-- did not said that to me! Only complained we could not meet hahaha!!
09:31<@Belugas>would not have missed much, anyway ;)
09:36<Xaroth|Work>Belugas: that's because you only go there once in.. 20 blue moons?
09:37<@Belugas>waht can I say ? too many places to see in too little life time!
09:38<@Belugas>ho. and you did nto come to the party :P
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09:38<Xaroth|Work>I value my job more than I value spending a weekend with a bunch of geeks :P
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09:39<@Belugas>ha well... i had an opportunity i could not missed ;) so even if my boss was not pleased, fuck it, i go!
09:40<@Belugas>went, actually...
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09:43<fjb>Moin Belugas
09:43<@Belugas>hey sir :)
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10:08<Bad_Brett>is it only me, or has the nml compiler actually gotten _slower_?
10:09<Bad_Brett>time for a tic-toc
10:10<Bad_Brett>nah the timer function in matlab :)
10:10<@peter1138>Compiler performance is generally judged by its output ;)
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10:12<Bad_Brett>my nml compiler was a year old so i replaced it yesterday, and since then things seems to take even longer
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10:18<V453000>idk, with some of the caching it got faster like half a year ago I thinks
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10:24<Bad_Brett>yeah, i thought so too
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11:07<mike-rg>hols !!! alguien habla español???? :)
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11:09<Xaroth|Work>no, we don't speak spanish
11:10<Xaroth|Work>@topic 3
11:10<@DorpsGek>Xaroth|Work: topic [<channel>]
11:10<Xaroth|Work>hrnf, i could have sworn there was an easy way to do that :P
11:10<mike-rg>ok, thanks !!!!
11:11<dihedral>@topic get 3
11:11<@DorpsGek>dihedral: Don't ask to ask, just ask
11:12<Xaroth|Work>@topic get 5
11:12<@DorpsGek>Xaroth|Work: English only
11:12<Xaroth|Work>thar :)
11:12<dihedral>You are welcome :-P
11:13<mike-rg>no problem, just asking, im speak English too !!!!
11:13<Xaroth|Work>now, back to configuring varnish for me
11:15<dihedral>Varnish is awesome - at least that is what i think after seeing performance increace on a magento shop :-P
11:15<Xaroth|Work>yeh, customer wants it
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11:15<Xaroth|Work>but it requires a fair bit of configuring
11:15<Xaroth|Work>to get good performance out of it
11:16<Xaroth|Work>so that means a lot of reading up on configuring for me
11:18<dihedral>Yes, and you ideally want it also using the template commands and probably want the backend to actively delete caches
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11:30<mike-rg>sorry, but i also understand "nginx" is a good choice too, both are written in C !
11:37<Xaroth|Work>You are missing the point of varnish ;)
11:39<Xaroth|Work>while nginx can cache, it's far better in being a HTTPD than being a page cache
11:39<Xaroth|Work>varnish, is the opposite
11:39<Xaroth|Work>it sucks at being a HTTPD, but it's excellent in being a page cache
11:39<Xaroth|Work>our customer wants varnish to be in front of his nginx processes
11:40<Xaroth|Work>so varnish can do what it does best, while the cluster of nginx processes do what they do best
11:41<mike-rg>:) good point !!!!
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12:19<TWerkhoven>I've stuck some event triggers in trackingclient for rcon-end and cmdlogging
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12:30<^Spike^>Xaroth|Work sounds like a logical setup... we implemented it at several customers at work.. 4 backend servers on vmware.. without the 2 varnish servers infront of it... they would die within seconds...
12:30<^Spike^>just cause varnish takes away so much load of those servers
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13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r25747 trunk/src/lang/serbian.txt (2013-08-28 17:45:09 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>serbian - 27 changes by ivan_mile
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13:53<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r25748 trunk/src/lang/serbian.txt (2013-08-28 17:53:13 UTC)
13:53<@DorpsGek>-Fix: omitted string validations
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14:22<Xaroth|Work>^Spike^: atm there's 7 of them, and they are doing semi-fine
14:22<^Spike^>varnish servers or backends? :)
14:22<^Spike^>ah.. :)
14:23<Xaroth|Work>will be replaced by a HA varnish setup
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14:23<^Spike^>leaving just as a i break devzone
14:23<^Spike^>i would do the same...
14:23<^Spike^>only i need to fix it :)
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14:46<oskari89>Whoa, someone did update DevZone "look"
14:46<^Spike^>nah we've been too lazy to put the old skin back on yetr
14:46<^Spike^>we're working on getting it running first :)
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14:51<Wolf01>I purchased lego 42009 today, just to let you know :)
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14:51<frosch123>andy left earlier
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15:04<Bad_Brett>the crane?
15:05<Bad_Brett>i want that one so badly
15:05<Wolf01>so I can lift the Orthanc tower I've there
15:06<@planetmaker>cool thing, Wolf01 :-)
15:06<@planetmaker>lol :-)
15:08<Bad_Brett>the first set with fully motorized stabilizers...
15:09<Bad_Brett>hopefully my gf will get it for me :-)
15:10<Wolf01>eheh, you must be lucky
15:11<Bad_Brett>i've gotten a lot of flagships from her, like the motorized bulldozer, excavator, crane truck, unimog 400 etc.
15:11<Wolf01>when I was a kid, my grandma purchased various sets for me, now I feel I'm the grandpa of myself
15:14<Bad_Brett>i look at it this way... when i buy lego to myself, i usually have these feelings of guilt
15:14<Bad_Brett>it's like buying to much booze or something like that
15:15<@planetmaker>so buy it for your kid. And play with it yourself ;-)
15:15<Bad_Brett>but, when i get it from my gf, it's my darn responsibility to play with it
15:15<Bad_Brett>yeah, but i don't have any kids yet, so that's not an option :D
15:15<Wolf01>instead I need to purchase something to feel better, and more it cost/bigger it is, the best I feel :D
15:16<juzza1>Let the Lego be your little secret
15:16<juzza1>no one shall know
15:16<@planetmaker>Bad_Brett, I heard it can be quite fun to get some ;-) (to have some can be... expressed by many emotions ;-) )
15:17<Wolf01>I think it's a problem to keep them hidden... I have half of my room filled with Lego, so it's not a so "little" secret
15:17<@planetmaker>hidden in plain sight ;-)
15:18<juzza1>hehe, thats a major problem with lego... and keeping them clean of dust
15:18<Bad_Brett>so, where do you plan to store that crane?
15:18<Wolf01>and I really think the next one will be the 42008, which could be another little problem to sort out as I'm running out of space
15:19<Bad_Brett>42008 is really nice as well... i like the ones with compressors instead of LA's
15:20<Bad_Brett>though i'd suspect that the 42008 box isn't that big?
15:20<@planetmaker>are they actually remote controlled?
15:20<Bad_Brett>not these ones
15:21<Wolf01>42008 is 90€, and 42009 is 190€, so I bet the box size could be really different
15:21<Bad_Brett>this one is:
15:21<Bad_Brett>that's probably my favourite
15:22<Bad_Brett>even though it's lacking compressor :)
15:22<juzza1>that is really a clever model, easily one of the best
15:23<Bad_Brett>many, many gears
15:23<Bad_Brett>just as we like it :-)
15:23<Wolf01>yeah :D
15:24<Wolf01>I saw it on a fair with a lot of other remoted controlled excavators and trucks
15:25<Bad_Brett>i hope for your sake that you have bought it
15:27<Xaroth|Work>probably shouldn't post it here, but hawt damn those are some sick ideas :P
15:27<Wolf01>unfortunately not, and now on amazon it costs a lot :(
15:28<frosch123>what are all those roundish bricks doing at that excavator?
15:28<Bad_Brett>oh well... you could probably build with parts from the crane and the bulldozer (if you have that one)
15:29<Qsuicide>VERY cool crane
15:29<Qsuicide>im a lego guy myself (probably most are if they play TTD lol).
15:29<Bad_Brett>they are the new plates... i didn't care much for them when they came, but do serve a purpose
15:31<frosch123>i am used to the looks of like 8862
15:32<juzza1>i was, but then i bought 8258
15:34<Bad_Brett>hehe that ones awesome as well
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15:35<Bad_Brett>the only thing i didn't like about that one is that only some parts of the crane arm are motorized, so it feels a bit weird to actually play with it
15:36<Bad_Brett>however, this one will always have a special place in my heart:
15:37<Wolf01>in my too, I wanted it so badly :(
15:37<TWerkhoven>i have one
15:37<frosch123>i think i know that one
15:37<TWerkhoven>had to leave it back in the nl though
15:38<Qsuicide>anyone see they added 'Twerk' to the oxford dictionary today ;)
15:38-!-TWerkhoven is now known as Taede
15:39<Bad_Brett>i still have it, it's on my bookshelf :)
15:39<frosch123>and 8865
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15:40<__ln__>photos of sweden:
15:40<Bad_Brett>got it from my parents... i was told it was to expensive, but when the realized how much i loved it, they did an exception that year... i was so happy
15:42<Bad_Brett><__ln__>: what's strange about these pictures? I live in sweden and see those machines every day ;-)
15:42<__ln__>my point exactly
15:44<Wolf01>cool pictures
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16:07<@Terkhen>good night
16:33<Xaroth|Work>sometimes I hate openvpn
16:33<Xaroth|Work>connecting to 2 networks
16:33<Xaroth|Work>from sheer dumb luck both networks give me the same IP
16:34<Xaroth|Work>openvpn takes a while longer to connect, then informs me i"m connected
16:34<Xaroth|Work>yet one connection does not work
16:35<^Spike^>... use same ranges on both sides?
16:35<Xaroth|Work>well the ranges being vpn'ed aren't the same
16:36<Xaroth|Work>but the pools for vpn clients are
16:36<Xaroth|Work>which means you can get the same IP twice
16:36<Xaroth|Work>especially if you're the only sysop connecting at this time of night :P
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16:48<Bad_Brett>interesting... my old nml compiler (from january) is definately faster than the new one
16:48<Bad_Brett>hey andy
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17:25<Xaroth|Work>Bad_Brett: debug it! :P
17:28<@planetmaker>test nml 2068 vs. 2074
17:28<Bad_Brett>oh no, i'm not gonna enter those uncharted waters, at least not tonight :)
17:33<Bad_Brett>for now, i'll use the old version for testing purposes
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