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03:49<dihedral>good morning
03:49<dihedral>thank you Rubidium
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04:37<roboboy>is there a publicly available script that is used for generating changelogs from the raw SVN log for OpenTTD?
04:44<@planetmaker>there's no such script as it always needs hand-editing. You could adopt my make_changelog script to work with svn, though:
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04:45<@planetmaker>it requires commit messages written in a certain form, so... you might either want to weed out all those assumptions or simply use like
04:45<@planetmaker>snv log -rX:Y
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04:52<roboboy>is the DevZone commit style the same as
04:52<@planetmaker>not exactly
04:52<@planetmaker>OpenTTD enforces a leading "-"
04:53<@planetmaker>while DevZone does that explicitly not. Also issues might be referred to differently
04:53<@planetmaker>s/might be/are/
04:53<@planetmaker>Fix #4394: Devzone commit style
04:54<@planetmaker>-Fix [FS#4394]: OpenTTD commit style
04:54<roboboy>Thank you. Will have a look at it anyway to see if it is not too much work to adapt.
04:55<@planetmaker>the question is, roboboy if you don't want simply use svn log -rX:Y > file
04:55<@planetmaker>And then hand-edit the result to look nice
04:55<@planetmaker>all my script does is sort that output nicely by Fix/Add/Feature/Change commits
04:56<@planetmaker>and move references to issues into parantheses at the end of the line
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04:56<roboboy>Then I think I will need to write my own
04:57<roboboy>I need to group by committer
04:57<@planetmaker>yes, as every style is different (or does TTDP use OpenTTD's style?), you need to make your own anyway
04:57<@planetmaker>by committer? Interesting
04:58<roboboy>patchman used to manualy build his and list them by committer
04:59<roboboy>at the moment, TTDP has not commit style but any new commits by lakie or myself will adhear to OpenTTD's style for future ease
05:00<roboboy>I can't see anyone else adding to TTDP in the near future
05:02<@planetmaker>any commit style is fine if you want to ease changelog generation... as long as it's uniform :-)
05:04<roboboy>I figure instead of invent a new one, use one that is already in existance and in use by a successful project
05:04<Xaroth|Work>related xkcd.
05:04<@planetmaker>:-) yeah
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05:45<Zuu>The OpenTTDAutoUpdate commit log viewer has a feature that allows filtering by commiter, by FS# and by [tag].
05:46<@peter1138>Has this ship moved or is it just the tide?
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06:40<juzza1>does this happen to anyone else with swedish rails?
06:40<juzza1>blinking yellow light, and there is nothing there in the sprites
06:44<@peter1138>Someone's used animation colours by mistake.
06:44<@planetmaker>which base set and which SER version, juzza1 ?
06:45<juzza1>opengfx r949, SER 0.8.0
06:46<juzza1>i'll try with the newest opengfx
06:48<juzza1>they are still there with opengfx r1016
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06:53<@planetmaker>juzza1, it's in OpenGFX, yes. Thanks for noticing
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06:55<@planetmaker>the sprites being used when a railtype requests the terrain underlaying their tunnels have one or two wrong pixels there
06:55<@planetmaker>thus it usually doesn't show - unless you use a NewGRF which uses the rather new tunnel overlay feature for railtypes
06:56<juzza1>ok :)
06:57<@planetmaker>will be fixed in the next version
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09:41<Djohaal>is it possible to save a GUI layout (like, keeping tabs X Y and Z open whenever I load my game?)
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09:45<MNIM>Sadly, no
09:45<@peter1138>I think there was a patch for that.
09:45<V453000>just learn the few hotkeys you need? :d
09:46<V453000>much more useful in general
09:48<Djohaal>I have to keep toggling transparencies
09:48<Djohaal>not really helpful
09:48<Djohaal>but yeah pity
09:49<V453000>press X?
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09:58<Djohaal>also anyone with experience on fine tuning cargodist?
09:58<Djohaal>I'm getting more hangups than I'd appreciate to have
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10:02<V453000>turning it off seems quite reliable
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10:06<Djohaal>cargodist is good
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10:07<V453000>didnt know that
10:07<Pinkbeast>Djohaal: Remember that V453000 cannot imagine that anyone who doesn't wish to play the game exactly as they do is anything but objectively wrong.
10:07<Pinkbeast>Therefore any feature which they don't use is pointless and broken.
10:08<Djohaal>oh V453000 is /that/ kind of people
10:08<Djohaal>his loss, pity
10:08<V453000>omg the retard who uses every feature that makes any sense :)
10:08<V453000>everybody run
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10:11<DanMacK>hey all
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11:29<LordAro>err, what?
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12:02<Djohaal>LordAro: whut..
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12:38<retro|cz>LordAro, I hope my brand new patch merged yesterday will be main topic of first release in that magazine!
12:39<LordAro>quak, also
12:42<Zuu>Oh yes, being able to make the jukebox sticky is a very important new feature. :-)
12:42<dihedral>Zuu, of course :-D
12:43<Zuu>Why did I spent so much effort into making useless things and not think about this feature. :-)
12:44<Zuu>Seriously, it is a good first patch to get started contributing patches :-)
12:44<Zuu>My first contribution was a one-line patch
12:45<retro|cz>Zuu, I'm kind of DJ, so I prefer good jukeboxes.
12:45<Zuu>which make OpenTTD flush output to console after each message so that I could use ruby to write an autopilot clone.
12:46<retro|cz>Zuu, my next patch will be add second turntable and crossfader mix.
12:48<retro|cz>Zuu, I started yesterday writing ruby "autopilot" clone. I'm not sure what you mean by autopilot. Basically libopenttd2 clone, but much better.
12:49<frosch123>moin kids
12:49<TWerkhoven> <-- autopilot
12:49<retro|cz>yup, that't my goal
12:49<TWerkhoven>oldstyle, in that it doesnt use the adminport (which wasnt available when autopilot first got on the scene)
12:50<retro|cz>yup, I'm using adminport
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12:56<TWerkhoven>irc bot in ruby using adminport?
12:57<retro|cz>TWerkhoven, why irc bot?
12:57<dihedral>mine is in java
12:58<dihedral>if you do not want irc, just remove the jar file from the plugins dir :-P
12:58<retro|cz>I'm doing for fun now. I just want to make it event based. So anyone can get it and write whatever he will want, just by catching events.
12:59<@Alberth>Twisted framework!
12:59<LordAro>/o Alberth
12:59<retro|cz>I don't use any framework now, maybe I'll try event machine later.
12:59<@Alberth>o/ LordAro
13:01<TWerkhoven>fair enough
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13:05<retro|cz>dihedral, yup I saw it. I'm doing it just for fun. To learn some OpenTTD internals and protocol. And I want to learn some ruby network stack also.
13:07<retro|cz>Is there any way how to get really detailed company financial statistics? For example last year train incomes.
13:07<dihedral>economy updates
13:12<retro|cz>dihedral, ...?
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13:17<dihedral>retro|cz, what?
13:17<retro|cz>:( I don't know what you mean with economy updates.
13:18<dihedral>you want to use the admin port - there you can get economy updates
13:18<Zuu>retro|cz: I didn't got very far. I was running short 60 min games on a 64x128 map with some information in the chat about restarts/rules. Then I realized that if I would put it in production, I would need to invest time to maintain it (eg. act as a good admin), so I never put it out as an announced server.
13:18<retro|cz>dihedral, ahh, thanks
13:19<Zuu>Nowdays, I've switched from ruby to python for scripting.
13:19<retro|cz>damn, so you're traitor
13:19<dihedral>retro|cz, <- read that
13:21<retro|cz>I'm just ended part two of implementation.
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13:21<Zuu>I'd give Ruby some points for its interesting and sometimes useful syntax, but since python has become a defacto standard for scripting commersial progarms etc. I found it more useful to stick to python.
13:22<Zuu>Also several tools in the OpenTTD ecosystem uses Python.
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13:26<Zuu>Assuming it is your server, and want to get details not available directly via the admin port, it is wort to note that you can communicate with a Game Script from the admin port. Eg. write a GS that rely listens for the admin port event and respond with data from the Game Script API. Or even use API methods to set goals, display a query window to all companies etc.
13:28<Zuu>At leasst one of my GSes (don't remember which) will send monthly updates to admin clients about the GS goals. Other GSes may also include similar features.
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13:33<retro|cz>I want to run some OpenTTD train goals server in future.
13:33<retro|cz>Will see what limitations I'll hit.
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13:39<Bad_Brett>oh hai wolf
13:40<Bad_Brett>i'm so happy i have you as my openttd friend and i love my girlfriend so much
13:41<Bad_Brett>still haven't seen "the room"? :-)
13:41<Wolf01>ehm, no
13:42<Bad_Brett>best movie ever
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13:44<juzza1>class A acting
13:44<Bad_Brett>i'm warning you, your life will never be the same after watching this
13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r25778 /trunk/src/lang (4 files) (2013-09-16 17:45:26 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>croatian - 2 changes by VoyagerOne
13:45<@DorpsGek>czech - 3 changes by retro
13:45<@DorpsGek>indonesian - 2 changes by UseYourIllusion
13:45<@DorpsGek>norwegian_bokmal - 2 changes by cuthbert
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15:03<DanMacK>Hey all
15:03<@Alberth>hi hi
15:03<__ln__>does 'all' include yourself?
15:03<andythenorth>DanMacK :)
15:03<andythenorth>no bird :P
15:07<Bad_Brett>oh hai everyone
15:08<DanMacK>Hey andy
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15:09<Bad_Brett>i successfully managed to upload my first file to the repo (on the second attempt i got a bad gateway error)
15:10<Bad_Brett>i rock
15:11<@planetmaker>hehe, Bad_Brett :-) you should also add the file which you include in the main file ;-)
15:11<@planetmaker>common mistake to forget to add new files :D
15:12<Bad_Brett>i only added that line to see if it worked
15:13<Bad_Brett>i tried to upload the entire project after that, but got a bad gateway error... i think i might have messed up the settings on my computer while moving some folders around
15:14<@planetmaker>tried again?
15:14<@planetmaker>or did you add everything in one go?
15:14<Bad_Brett>i tried to add everything in one go
15:14<@planetmaker>then I'd expect the push to possibly fail with "request size too large" or similar
15:14<@planetmaker>there's a way around...
15:14<@planetmaker>... ssh
15:15<Bad_Brett>so much to learn :-)
15:15<@planetmaker>let's see whether that's the case. You need to create an ssh key for that
15:15<@planetmaker>did you try to push again, though?
15:15<@planetmaker>bad gateway might be something transient
15:16<Bad_Brett>i'm about to try that now
15:19<Bad_Brett>it's only 43 Mb right now, so that shouldn't be a problem...
15:19<Bad_Brett>or do you mean the number of files?
15:20<@planetmaker>I mean the size
15:20<@planetmaker>pushing 43MB via http is ... not small
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15:22<juzza1>in my experience, pushing over 10 MB at once tends to get problematic
15:23<Bad_Brett>HTTP Error: 500 (abandoned transaction found - run hg recover)
15:23<@planetmaker>k, too big
15:25<@planetmaker>you could try again, though
15:25<oskari89>The BaNaNaS http-uploading limit (timeout of 60 seconds) is a bad thing too :(
15:25<@planetmaker>Bad_Brett, and start reading up on ;-)
15:26<Bad_Brett>to quote george costanza: "why must there always be a problem?"
15:26<TWerkhoven>because without problems, noone would create solutions
15:26<TWerkhoven>and the world would be a boring plac
15:28<Bad_Brett>the biggest problem is that my project is stored in a .mat-file that will always be around 30 Mb... so I guess ssh is the only option
15:29<@planetmaker>what is in that matlab file that it is 30MB?
15:30<TinoDidriksen>All the cmd history and graphs.
15:31<Bad_Brett>i really have no idea
15:31<Bad_Brett>i don't store the figures
15:32<Bad_Brett>i guess it's the giant matrices i use
15:38<@planetmaker>you'll need to provide me with the public part of your ssh key.
15:39<@planetmaker>I need that key in the OpenSSH format
15:46<Bad_Brett>hold on... i can't seem to locate my putty key generator :-P
15:46<dihedral>planetmaker, ocr
15:47<@planetmaker>you might simply need to download it, Bad_Brett :-)
15:47<@planetmaker>it's part of putty
15:47<@planetmaker>I'm not sure whether it always ships with thg or not
15:50<Bad_Brett>i have an old puttygen.exe, perhaps it's the same thing
15:51<Xaroth|Work>puttygen can do openssh format
15:51<Bad_Brett>yeah that's the one i have
15:57<@planetmaker>so all you need to do is use that to generate a key. And paste me the thing as shown in the upper most text box with the text "Public key for pasteing int OpenSSH authorized_keys file:" above it
15:58<Bad_Brett>yeah... i have the key. can i post it here or should i PM it?
15:59<@planetmaker>either is fine. I guess not to spam, post it in private
15:59<@planetmaker>but that's the part you can share without 2nd thought :-)
15:59<andythenorth>is there some windows hg client that DanMacK could use?
16:01<@planetmaker>tortoiseHG, andythenorth
16:01*DanMacK has Tortoise hg
16:02<@planetmaker>k, Bad_Brett I added your key
16:03<@planetmaker>change the destination you push your changesets to ssh://
16:03<@planetmaker>then try again :-)
16:05<@planetmaker>Bad_Brett, if pull ever fails, you also might want to change your pull (default) destination to that same address
16:05<@planetmaker>but I avoid that usually as it requires authentication (at least my key has a password :D )
16:05<@planetmaker>dunno, if yours has
16:06<DanMacK>And now I jsut need to set up Tortoise
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16:08<DanMacK>giving me a 406 when I try to clone it on my HD
16:09<@planetmaker>yes... you clone from
16:10<@planetmaker>and you push to
16:13<DanMacK>OK, where do I add that?
16:13<@planetmaker>.hg/hgrc in your repository
16:13<@planetmaker>though tortoise might have an UI for that
16:14<@planetmaker>I'm sure here are some tortoise users who know
16:14<@planetmaker>V453000, ?
16:14<DanMacK>I have "Paths" and UI?
16:14<@planetmaker>default = http://...
16:14<@planetmaker>default-push = https://...
16:14<@planetmaker>like above
16:16<frosch123>[22:05] <planetmaker> but I avoid that usually as it requires authentication (at least my key has a password :D ) <- read up on ssh-agent
16:16<@planetmaker>yeah :-)
16:18<@planetmaker>so... try to push now, Bad_Brett :-)
16:19<Bad_Brett>yeah but... where do i change the destination? it still wants to use https
16:20<@planetmaker>well... in .hg/hgrc
16:20<@planetmaker>default-push = ssh://hg@hg.o.o/gold...
16:21<Bad_Brett>found it
16:21<@planetmaker>I don't know tortoise... k
16:21<Bad_Brett>me neither :-P
16:24<Bad_Brett>hang on, i need to setup some more things
16:24<Xaroth|Work>pageant is windows based ssh-agent, fyi
16:33<+glx><andythenorth> incidentally <-- that's a monster
16:38<DanMacK>the TEM or the excavator? lol
16:39<@Rubidium>no, the giant ant the guy next to the train it trying to kill...
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16:45<Bad_Brett>i keep getting "No supported authentication methods available"... i must have done something wrong
16:57<@planetmaker>Bad_Brett, can you try again?
16:58<Bad_Brett>i don't know where i should put the file with the ssh key
17:00<@planetmaker>I would have assumed that the keygen programme would have done that... the public key you gave me: place it somewhere in a separate file which you will remember and find it
17:01<Bad_Brett>yeah that's what i did
17:03<@planetmaker> basically should cover it
17:04<@planetmaker>of course step5 is not needed :-) (though 6 and 7, yes)
17:05<Bad_Brett>ahh i think i know what i did wrong now
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17:05<@planetmaker>ui, tortoiseHG works for you, DanMacK ? :-)
17:05<@planetmaker>seems it went smooth then
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17:07<Bad_Brett>it's pushing... pushing...
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17:35<DanMacK>yeah, works good
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17:43<@planetmaker>Bad_Brett, still pushing or something wrong?
17:44<Bad_Brett>"remote: abort: pretxnchangegroup.check hook failed"
17:46<@planetmaker>right. you try to push something which should not be in the repository. Like the grf file
17:46<@planetmaker>certain file types are by default excluded from being pushed, thus it fails
17:46<Bad_Brett>ok, that explains it
17:46<Bad_Brett>everything fails?
17:47<Bad_Brett>or just those files?
17:47<@planetmaker>if any of the commits contains a bad file, it fails to push everything
17:48<Bad_Brett>oh man... then i've got some work to do :-P
17:48<@planetmaker>~ .bak .pyc .pyo .orig .rej
17:48<@planetmaker>.diff .patch makefile.local makefile.dep .renum .directory .ds_store thumbs.db
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17:50<@planetmaker>ah... .grf .tar* .rar. zip
17:51<@planetmaker>all those are files which are generated, some automatically, some manually. But none of those are usually needed to generate anything
17:51<@planetmaker>and build *results* have no place in a *source* repository
17:52<@planetmaker>simply as they are generated from the source, thus it's duplication
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17:54<@planetmaker>there can be reasons to disable this sanity check on commits temporarlly
17:54<Bad_Brett>the problem now is that tortoise seems to think that the files have been uploaded
17:54<@planetmaker>temporally? whatever... for short time
17:54<@planetmaker>how would it know that?
17:54<@planetmaker>and what difference does it make?
17:55<Bad_Brett>only the ones with the red exclaimation points show up in the commit list
17:57<Bad_Brett>figured it out :-)
18:00<@planetmaker>you really have to change the commits which add the bad files
18:00<@planetmaker>adding a new commit which removes them won't make it pass the commit hook
18:01<Bad_Brett>however these thumbs.db files are all over the place
18:02-!-KritiK_ [] has joined #openttd
18:02<@planetmaker>where there are images, they are. If you use programmes which create them
18:02-!-KritiK [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:02-!-KritiK_ is now known as KritiK
18:02<Eddi|zuHause>you mean like windows explorer :)
18:02<@planetmaker>no clue what creates them. possibly :-)
18:05<@planetmaker>but good to know that the commit hook once again did its job like it should ;-)
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20:01<Bad_Brett>by the way, i've done some research about childsprites
20:04<Bad_Brett>both the parent sprite size and the childsprite size must be dividable with 32 on the 4x zoom level... (32x32, 64x96, 256x128 etc.)
20:04<Bad_Brett>the same goes for the offsets
20:05<Bad_Brett>the nml compiler crop option will also mess things up
20:07<Bad_Brett>this problem only occurs when you supply sprites for many zoom levels, which is probably the reason why no one seems to know about it
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