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07:15<@planetmaker>roboboy, <-- sure that that reply is meant for that thread?
07:34<peter1138>var o = new MyClass(string identifier); vs var o = MyClass.Get(string identifier); ...
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07:36<Xaroth|Work>peter1138: latter if MyClass' other data is loaded with the use of identifier
07:36<Xaroth|Work>i.e. database lookups etc
07:40<peter1138>Xaroth|Work, yes, exactly that.
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07:41<Xaroth|Work>then the latter
07:41<Xaroth|Work>former would be wheny ou create an item, or add it to the db
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07:41<Xaroth|Work>(Model.objects.get(<query>) vs Model(<data>).save()
07:41<Xaroth|Work>for the django-versed
07:45<roboboy>planetmaker, there was a post above me asking where openttd.cfg was
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08:08<@planetmaker>roboboy, but as-is, the posting makes little sense and qualifies as grave-dig ;-)
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08:11<roboboy>it's now in the bin
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08:14<LordAro>roboboy: you should give yourself a warning ;P
08:15<LordAro>wait, i think i've misunderstood. never mind :L
08:15<roboboy>well as I said, when I clicked send it was valid
08:16<roboboy>does anyone know a good place for free sound effects (preferably scifi computer sfx)
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08:19<V453000>I heard if you record sounds at the toilet it generally has good results
08:19<juzza1>is ok-ish
08:21<roboboy>I already looked at
08:30<roboboy>and I just found one there
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08:52<@planetmaker>roboboy, you might want to look through OpenSFX credits
08:52<roboboy>I found something that is acceptable for what I want
08:52<roboboy>but thank you for the advice
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10:18<@Rubidium>bonjour Belugas et al.
10:18<@Belugas>bonjour mon bijou :)
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10:21<@Rubidium>really? A jewel? Luckily I'm not named in such a manner, like Jewel Staite ;)
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10:24<@Rubidium>having said that, the people called Jewel I can think of right now (Staite & Kilcher) are pretty pretty
10:24<Xaroth|Work>maybe he was referring to Bijou Phillips ?
10:24<@planetmaker>bon jour :-)
10:25<Xaroth|Work>or the drink
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10:38<signal_failure>anyone around?
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10:39<signal_failure>:) I just started a new game and have two towns with the same name but one has population zero... bug?
10:39<LordAro>sounds a bit od
10:40<Xaroth|Work>population 0 isn't per se a bug
10:40<LordAro>any newgrfs/gamescripts?
10:40<Xaroth|Work>just means it didn't get to place any roads
10:40<LordAro>a screenshot/savegame would probably be helpful
10:40<signal_failure>just the uk rail thingy
10:40<Xaroth|Work>so find it, allow for roads to be placed (or place a piece of road), then fund some buildings.
10:40<signal_failure>I have shots :) and the cleanly generated save game
10:40<peter1138>hmm, now, shall I change this code or just leave it...
10:40<Xaroth|Work>refactor it!
10:41<signal_failure>where to upload them, to the forum?
10:42<signal_failure>I dont have an account there.... what about the savegame?
10:43<peter1138>You don't need an account there.
10:43<Xaroth|Work>try the screenshots first
10:43<Xaroth|Work>and what peter1138 said, you don't need an account there
10:43<signal_failure>oh, no account=good., I've been collecting account since about 1990 lol
10:44*peter1138 ponders this commit message: "Refactor new T() to T.Get() (Xaroth|Work said so)"
10:44<Xaroth|Work>I dare you.
10:45<Xaroth|Work>signal_failure: try a bigger screenshot
10:45<LordAro>somewhat harsh cropping ;)
10:45<Xaroth|Work>and the small town isn't a bug
10:45<Xaroth|Work>it just didn't have any space to build houses
10:45<LordAro>but, i think you just got unlucky with the town
10:45<Xaroth|Work>due to.. fountains...
10:45<peter1138>Xaroth|Work, pretty much only one person ever looks at this log ;(
10:45<LordAro>the duplicate town name is interesting though
10:46<LordAro>signal_failure: what size map is it?
10:46<signal_failure>LordAro: which is why I figured serious croppage was in order :)
10:46<Xaroth|Work>peter1138: that's why I introduced gitlab for our new project.. so people are more aware of what others do
10:46<Xaroth|Work>(and for CI \o/ )
10:46<signal_failure>128x128 I think , 1 sec
10:46<peter1138>Xaroth|Work, oh it's all available for people to look at. They just don't care.
10:46<Xaroth|Work>then they suck
10:47<signal_failure>yes 128 square
10:47<Xaroth|Work>I explicitely told the project teams 'managers' that if they don't at least check activity on a regular basis, I will revoke their vpn access.
10:47<Xaroth|Work>that way I don't have to check activity :D
10:48<LordAro>signal_failure: odd. town names should be sufficiently random in that you will only very rarely get a clash
10:48<LordAro>perhaps you just got unlucky :)
10:48<LordAro>i wouldn't worry about it too much ;)
10:49<signal_failure>Hehe, I'm not worried but if it was me, I'd want to fix it
10:51<signal_failure>Oh, it would just annoy me. I guess duplicates are ok after all there are enough duplicated town names in the real world
10:51<LordAro>precisely. realism :D
10:52<LordAro>Belugas: ^
10:52<@planetmaker>signal_failure, screenshots taken from ingame by means of ctrl+s, unedited are MUCH more helpful
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10:53<@planetmaker>and you can have duplicate town names: One automatically named, one manually
10:53<signal_failure>planetmaker: ok, it was only to prove the two names are the same
10:53<signal_failure>ok ok stop beating me :)
10:54<@planetmaker>so, you named one of them manually (or another player or the map creator)?
10:55<signal_failure>they were automatically generated that way. I didnt know you could even rename towns
10:56<@planetmaker>any townname newgrfs in use?
10:57<@planetmaker>if they're buggy, they might easily provide you with 2000 totally identically town names ;-)
10:57<signal_failure>nope, as I said just the uk rail doodah
10:57<signal_failure>let me check that, 1 sec
10:57<@planetmaker>got an un-edited screenshot for me?
10:57<@planetmaker>taken from ingame by means of its screenshot facility?
10:57<signal_failure>I can take one now if you like I've done nothing to the map
10:58<signal_failure>started it, paused it for a look around
10:58<@planetmaker>just needs be unspoiled to contain the meta-data I actually want to look at ;-)
10:58<signal_failure>save it and grabbed the little screenies in case it warranted a bug report
10:58<signal_failure>to imgur again?
10:58<@planetmaker>whatever. I use dropbox or similar
10:59<signal_failure>painful on this tiny old laptop, bear with me
10:59<@planetmaker>let's hope the imgur doesn't "optimize" images ;-)
10:59<LordAro>hmm, it might, actually
11:00<@planetmaker>I fear so, too
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11:04<signal_failure>hmmm 640x480 = no detail on imgur.... let me up the res
11:04<@planetmaker>screenshot size actually doesn't matter much :-)
11:05<signal_failure>try this
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11:07<@planetmaker>right... you use openttd 1.1.4 which is about two years old :-)
11:07<signal_failure>lol just realise both those towns are off that image. doh..
11:07<signal_failure>I just got it from mint 13 repo
11:07<TinoDidriksen>Mint 13 is also old. Mint is at version 15.
11:07<@planetmaker> gives you 1.3.2
11:08<signal_failure>lts version is 13 til 2017
11:08<signal_failure>thats LTS not lts lol
11:08<signal_failure>plus its on old hardware so 13 is better
11:08<TinoDidriksen>People actually use LTS for the full support range? Sigh...
11:09<@planetmaker>TinoDidriksen, that's what LTS is mean for...
11:09<TinoDidriksen>I've installed Mint 15 on 3 very old laptops this week - works great.
11:09<signal_failure>define old
11:09<LordAro>unless your hardware is more than 10 years old, you don't generally need to worry about OS requirements
11:09<TinoDidriksen>signal_failure, Core2Duo with 3GB RAM.
11:09<LordAro>well, 7 years :L
11:10<signal_failure>lol, thats not old... thats a beast in my book!
11:10<TinoDidriksen>planetmaker, I know LTS is meant for that, but I didn't think anyone outside Enterprise actually cared about it.
11:10<signal_failure>I'm on a c 2004 thinkpad
11:10<@planetmaker>TinoDidriksen, well, I actually do :-)
11:10<peter1138>My laptop is from 2002...
11:11<peter1138>I run Wheezy on it, cos it runs fine.
11:11<@planetmaker>little maintenance with the "guarantee" that it stays safe
11:11<signal_failure>Hehe, I just upgraded from Puppy lol
11:12<signal_failure>Stability is the issue, I have it on about half dozen machines that i have to look after. My newest machine is a Win 7 monster but I dislike the OS
11:13<signal_failure>Anyway, we digress.... I'll grab a newer version and see if it runs ok whilst consigning my proto-bug to history
11:15<@planetmaker>signal_failure, in 1.2.0-beta3: - Fix: Removal of towns with 0 population failed during map generation [FS#4951] (r23819)
11:15<@planetmaker>1.2.0-beta3 (2012-01-21)
11:15<signal_failure>Good :D
11:16<Xaroth|Work>TinoDidriksen: you're just describing my current gaming pc o_O
11:16<Xaroth|Work>then again, I have a bit more ram in it
11:17<Xaroth|Work>I should have asked for a new pc for my beerday :|
11:17<signal_failure>oh, I had trouble getting the original music to work, horrendous edit of the config file.. therefore worried about installing later version
11:17<@planetmaker>eh. even in 1.1.4 you didn't need to edit the cfg to achieve that
11:18<signal_failure>the file contents/order didnt match the track numbering in the download it was 'orrible to behold
11:19<signal_failure>I had to mess about with all the md5s
11:19<@planetmaker>you got a faulty download then ;-)
11:19<@planetmaker>there are good and bad ones
11:20<@planetmaker>download... tsk. illegal
11:20<signal_failure>it was only the midi files from Owen's site. I actually have the Win95 version complete here somewhere
11:20<@planetmaker>why did you then need a 'download'? ;-)
11:21<@planetmaker>sorry, I'm trolling you
11:21<signal_failure>because it was going on to a different linux machine and I'm not sure where my original actually is
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11:22<signal_failure>but it's probably in the loft with 20 years worth of boxed games and utils :)
11:23<signal_failure>and my beloved Borland Turbo softwares
11:24<@planetmaker>I'm sure my Turbo Pascal Disks meanwhile all died. I didn't check them in a decade
11:24<signal_failure>Hehe I got TP 7 and C++
11:25<signal_failure>These days I just use 'Processing' for fun
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12:43<Ristovski>Anyone wants to beat my connection?
12:43<Ristovski>"[ 5] 0.0-10.0 sec 17592186044415 MBytes 1759224058036 MBytes/sec"
12:44<Ristovski>17 exa bytes per second
12:44<Ristovski>damn iperf glitch
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13:35<Eddi|zuHause>i should rename CETS to CATS just to make it incompatible with canadian stuff :p
13:49<@Alberth>CATS sounds so much better :)
13:50<@Alberth>but it should have a cat-ish transport mode :)
13:50<V453000>which can be slightly challenged by NUTS :P
13:50<@Alberth>SLUGS versus CATS, which is faster? :p
13:51<V453000>slugs, dead obvious
13:58<@Alberth>lol, rectangular rolls of paper :D
13:59<V453000>which idiot could have drawn that
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14:18<Eddi|zuHause>the engines are mice and the wagons are cats, so the cats always chase the mice around :)
14:20<frosch123>nah, 10 mice chasing one cat
14:20<frosch123>why would 10 cats run after one mice?
14:21<Eddi|zuHause>use newgrf tricks to put the cat at the end?
14:21<Eddi|zuHause>might make assembling trains at the depot annoying
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14:26<alluke>would be great if ottd music player could control itunes
14:29<Eddi|zuHause>where's your patch?
14:41<frosch123>should we just remove that stupid music player from ottd?
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14:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r25935 trunk/src/lang/polish.txt (2013-11-01 18:45:09 UTC)
14:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
14:45<@DorpsGek>polish - 1 changes by wojteks86
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15:24<alluke>a friendly kiss includes no tongue
15:30<andythenorth>someone remind me how ignore works?
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16:13<andythenorth>@seen danmack
16:13<@DorpsGek>andythenorth: danmack was last seen in #openttd 6 days, 5 hours, 16 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <DanMacK> Hey all
16:17<@Alberth>o/ andy, /ignore andythenorth or so
16:17<andythenorth>everyone should set that by default :P
16:17<@Alberth>yeah, nice and quiet :)
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16:45<andythenorth>too quiet :P
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16:46<juanjo_> /msg NickServ register juanjo
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17:01<LordAro>lucky it wasn't an identify command ;)
17:02<juanjo_>and lucky I didn't used the password for other accounts
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17:10<andythenorth>it's bed time, right?
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17:12<NGC3982>Absolutely not.
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17:26<NGC3982>So.. Much.. German.
17:27<Supercheese>Well, I don't know German but I can tell there are comparisons being drawn between the National Security Administration and the National Socialists
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17:41<Eddi|zuHause>the headline reads "How long have german chancellors been eavesdropped on?" and the bubble text reads "NSA? National Socialists of America? Nice to talk to you. Sure, i can tell you that i am attacking France tomorrow. Call again, please"
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17:54<Zuu_>Ahh phew. IRC is not down, Only my cable ISP that sucks :-p
17:55<Eddi|zuHause>if you have withdrawal symptoms
17:58<__ln__>@logs Zuu_
17:58<__ln__>ok, so no argument accepted
17:59<Eddi|zuHause>yeah, i've been missing that feature a few times
17:59<Eddi|zuHause>like with @ports
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18:02<frosch123>@ports __ln__ to pc
18:02<@DorpsGek>frosch123: Invalid arguments for port.
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