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07:00<blackhair>Hi there
07:01<blackhair>I want to float a proposal
07:01<V453000>ships should be trains, your proposal is accepted
07:01<alluke>why not vice versa?
07:01<blackhair>Awesome :P that was the fastest ever #mindreaders
07:02<blackhair>On a serious note: There is a big community of users online on ttd website/forums. Similarly, there is a large community on the irc. How about connecting the users on both platforms? Look at the current method of connecting to webirc ( Like really? We expect users to go through a process to join the community chat. 
07:02<V453000>I was just making a stupid nuts wetrail joek, but unfortunately mr. andythenorth aint around to agree
07:03<V453000>im not sure if the forum community is useful in any way
07:03<alluke>i think most people here lurk tt-forums too
07:04<V453000>plus that
07:04<MNIM>blackhair: IRC people are considerably different from forum people.
07:05<blackhair>yup ... but so many people come to the website- New and old and they might love the idea of getting on the IRC - without searching for it may be ?
07:05<MNIM>Every single community I know has a considerable split between irc and forum
07:05<alluke>is is possible to overlap tunnel heads with newobject?
07:05<V453000>in majority forums are just a bunch of people who say a lot but dont do much, irc people generally communicate to achieve something they work on
07:06<blackhair>I agree .. but lets give them a chance .. Has worked well for our Mozilla India community ..
07:06<V453000>if nothing else, simply because you get instant solution/answer/discussion on irc
07:06<MNIM>most forumers view the irc as enemy terrain, while most ircers view the forums as the sheep pastures.
07:07<blackhair>users come to the website and generally are not aware of the active community at all?
07:07<MNIM>(EG - full of dumb masses who bleat a lot and poop more)
07:07<V453000>ofc because you cant talk shit on irc
07:07<MNIM>*note: not my personal views
07:07<V453000>nice one though MNIM :D
07:07<MNIM>alluke: theoretically, yes, with some code changes
07:08<MNIM>practically, however, that case could be solved by overlapping station tiles.
07:08<alluke>i mean same way as the isr/dwe objects
07:08<MNIM>in fact, if Im not mistaken, there's already a stationset which does that. not sure which, though
07:09<blackhair>Lets bridge the gap for once and see .. if not we can demolish the bridge any day ... #cheap
07:09<MNIM>#unnecessary #hashtags
07:10<blackhair>heh .. spoiled by twitter :P
07:10<alluke>i still havent got whats so fancy about it
07:10<alluke>just attentionwhoring
07:11<blackhair>alluke: What twitter ?
07:11<MNIM>hah. I suddenly remembered.
07:12<MNIM>four years ago, a lecturer of mine saying twitter is a journalist's wet dream.
07:12<MNIM>but I guess that's exactly what journalism is all about, isn't it? attention whoring on national TV. :P
07:13<blackhair>attention whoring is close. but it surprises me how a medium which takes all the inspiration from IRC became so popular so soon
07:13<alluke>reporters or newsreaders on tv inform you about things
07:14<alluke>they dont say 'look at me'
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07:15<MNIM>of course. they don't need to, when something else accomplishes the same goal more efficiently and subtly.
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07:15<krinn>hi everyone
07:15<alluke> isr/dwe object goes close
07:16<alluke>if only another tunnel was covered and the texture was ogfx concrete
07:16<blackhair>twitter is like setting up a personal radio station. which might or might not have an audience depending upon how famous you are and what you broadcast is music or noise
07:16<alluke>that too
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07:18<blackhair>on a serious note, who might i pitch this idea to give it a direction?
07:18<alluke>which idea
07:19<blackhair>hah! the proposal, you remember?
07:20<V453000>generally the way things work here is: you do it, nor likely nobody will
07:20<V453000>*nor/or :D
07:21<blackhair>got it ! thanks V453000
07:23<V453000>you are welcome
07:23<@planetmaker>blackhair, and how would 'connecting the communities' look like?
07:24<V453000>everybody from IRC gets a mandatory friend from forums
07:24<Eddi|zuHause><alluke> is is possible to overlap tunnel heads with newobject? <-- i think there's a grf for that
07:25<@planetmaker>blackhair, I do believe that most people here posess a forum account as well and read our forums more or less regularily
07:28<@planetmaker>blackhair, there also does exist an official twitter account. But ... noone really feels like maintaining that (and no point to emit pointless babble)
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07:29<@planetmaker>I'm actually amazed that s/o tweeted our releases :D
07:29<alluke>you mean the traintunnel with eyecandy road?
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07:40<blackhair>planetmaker: V453000: missed the last few messages - here is what I was proposing - a perpetual chat room connected with the irc channel - see bottom right
07:41<V453000>why do you tell that to me I dont really care sorry :d
07:41<V453000>and I cant help you with the issue either
07:41<alluke>a shoutbox u say?
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07:42<blackhair>easy like a shout box for users to get on to the IRC
07:42<alluke>i know what you mean
07:43<alluke>irc box integrated somewhere in the forums
07:43<alluke>i dont think its really good idea
07:43<alluke>might kill the forum posting
07:44<alluke>one thing to another, trains accelerate too fast
07:44<alluke>my metros go 0-90kmh in 1 second
07:46<blackhair>actually there already is a chat link on the forum - which connects to some crappy tool that won't load 7of 10 times -
07:47<alluke>that thing should be replaced with a irc box
07:47<alluke>where you just type your nick and press enter
07:47<alluke>make a topic about it
07:47<blackhair>yup : time for upgrade
07:48<@planetmaker>blackhair, too complicated. A simple link to an IRC web interface like does the trick just well.
07:48<alluke>that too
07:48<@planetmaker>yeah, that link is broken. This network banned that web interface due to non-complience with network rules
07:49<@planetmaker>yet any other (or nearly any other) web IRC client than mibbit will do
07:51<blackhair>ok .. then lets get it on the website- the link - or any other IRC client .. I suggested Scrollback based on my experience. Seems they are one of the few open source clients under active development
07:53<@planetmaker>is not on our web site?
07:53<@planetmaker>it has a one-click link to join this channel next to IRC
07:54<@planetmaker>And we put these community links specifically on the wiki page so that the page is easy to maintain. E.g. if you found an Indian OpenTTD website you're free to add it there in the appropriate place
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07:58<@planetmaker>blackhair, but the main stumbling stone there will be if it should be added to the main website: it needs *someone* who implements that in django / python2 in a way it fits the theme and complies with oftc network rules
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07:59<blackhair>@planetmaker: is the website open source?
08:04<Xaroth|Work>it is
08:05<blackhair>thanks Xaroth, I will look into it
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08:22<@planetmaker>most parts are, yes
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09:40<alluke>why doesnt VAST objects 0.3.0 work?
09:40<alluke>turns red without warning
09:41<Eddi|zuHause>ask the author
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10:37<@planetmaker>or read the error message, alluke
10:38<@planetmaker>I'm sure the author implemented some sort of statement why he de-activates his grf
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10:39<V453000>did you just require anybody to READ?
10:41<V453000>utterly evil
10:44<@planetmaker>well, people don't see that necessarily, if they need to click the disabled newgrf in the newgrf list - and then need to look at the top of the description and know that it's the message being told to them
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10:48<alluke>it doesnt give any message
10:50<V453000>im pretty sure the red text translates in to "fuck you" in english
10:50<Xaroth|Work>alluke: now try that with the english language selected :|
10:51<@Rubidium>V453000: yeah, but isn't that the name of the Icelandic "fuck Europe's air transport industry" vulcano?
10:51<Eddi|zuHause>close enough :p
10:52<@planetmaker>alluke, I'd assume you use a too old version of OpenTTD. Which do you use?
10:52<@planetmaker>close enough indeed :P
10:53<alluke>and the red text means 'not in use'
10:55<@planetmaker>yeah, I get the same in 1.3.3
10:55<@planetmaker>you should report it to the author
10:56<Eddi|zuHause>isn't that exactly what i said in the beginning? :p
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10:58<@planetmaker>yup ;)
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11:53<krinn>isn't that newGRF just trying to tell user it need 32bits graphics ?
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11:55<@planetmaker>that may be an idea
11:56<krinn>that's how i read 32bpp "not in use"
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13:06<@planetmaker>krinn, but then... the blitter should not be detected by NewGRF... at least that would be a big problem in multiplayer
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13:18<krinn>planetmaker, message state Windows, 32bpp maybe it only doesn't works with dos palette
13:19<krinn>lol but i'm surprise by your own surprise :) Nothing surprise me anymore from newGRF
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13:38<@DorpsGek>Commit by frosch :: r26153 trunk/src/script/api/script_story_page.hpp (2013-12-09 18:38:07 UTC)
13:38<@DorpsGek>-Doc [FS#5826]: Fix copy-pasty. (krinn)
13:40<LordAro>mmm, pasties...
13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r26154 trunk/src/lang/luxembourgish.txt (2013-12-09 18:45:08 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>luxembourgish - 34 changes by Phreeze
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14:22<krinn>hi Wolf01
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18:38<Eddi|zuHause><krinn> isn't that newGRF just trying to tell user it need 32bits graphics ? <-- the newgrf can reqwuest 32bpp, but it will not get an answer whether that succeeded
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