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04:13<krinn>hi guys
04:14<krinn>is there a "ready-up" application that can query an openttd server, in console by preference as i need less setup
04:14<krinn>to test query & return value
04:15<krinn>@seen zuu
04:15<@DorpsGek>krinn: zuu was last seen in #openttd 8 hours, 45 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <Zuu> Good night
04:28<@Rubidium>probably also depends on what you want to query and what you expect back
04:29<krinn>well, anything to test
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04:30<krinn>just i want avoid building & setup apache to do some testing
04:30<@Rubidium>what about openttdlib and php on the command line (php doesn't require a web server)
04:31<@planetmaker>krinn, so you want as result a web page? Then openttdlib indeed might be a good call
04:31<krinn>@devzone ?
04:32<@Rubidium>planetmaker: don't think so, given the 'avoid'
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04:33<krinn>is it limit to current gameconfig?
04:33<@planetmaker>not exactly ready-setup is a solution which uses the admin port. But it might offer long-term more
04:33<krinn>found that -> java -jar joan.jar local.cfg from Java ottd admin lib
04:34<krinn>looks what i need, easy setup
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04:35<@planetmaker>either that (joan/grapes/berries). Or you could look at soap and libottdadmin
04:35<@planetmaker>joan is java, soap is python
04:35<@Rubidium>krinn: joan only works for servers you maintain (or know the admin port and password for)
04:35<@planetmaker>alolo ;)
04:35<krinn>hi Alberth
04:35<krinn>Rubidium, well, it's easy to setup localhost openttd server
04:35<@planetmaker>true, that's a limitation for all those admin port things
04:36<krinn>i want tests not take over openttd server world :)
04:37<@planetmaker>right... what do you want to test exactly, krinn ?
04:38<krinn>GS <> server JSON query
04:39<krinn>just then a simple way to send server a query and look if GS is able to handle it
04:39<@planetmaker>Yeah, either joan or soap are your friends there
04:39<@planetmaker>Not exactly sure which is easier to setup
04:40<krinn>is there a ready made java jar file for joan ?
04:40<krinn>i'm at source, no makefile...
04:41<krinn>found it in wiki part
04:42<@Alberth>java -> jar is one javac command, isn't it?
04:43<@planetmaker> @ krinn
04:43<@Alberth>and assuming you do have to write some java glue, you'll need javac anyway
04:44<krinn>javac pretty standard on gentoo, so got it already
04:47<krinn>server pass i suppose to lock anyone from playing with it, but admin & rcon pass diff ?
04:47<@planetmaker> might be interesting, too, krinn
04:48<@planetmaker>yes, those are different passwords
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04:49<krinn>thanks planetmaker, saving that link for now
04:49<krinn>will look later at it.
04:52<krinn>ah cool, i have the console of the server already
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05:04<krinn>perfect, i can even put my command in the console and my client received the message !
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05:12<krinn>how can i trigger the GS event, any command not understood by server trigger it?
05:12<krinn>ok, at least not that : command not found
05:18*andythenorth has earnt several thousand xp this morning
05:18<andythenorth>lucky me
05:22<krinn>clientlist gave me 1 server 4 spectator and companies gave me 1-15
05:22<krinn>how can i aim at speaking with comp 0 ?
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06:06<@Alberth>andythenorth: I summarized the layout things I think could be useful to look at, for eints. Also, trying to clean up the issue list a bit.
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06:08<@Alberth>if you have time, could you please look at it?
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06:12<@Alberth>moin Wolf01
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06:15<Wolf01>Alberth, it was you the guy I've seen on a tv programme, which was playing with a caterpillar and raising new terrain for Amsterdam?
06:17<@Alberth>Amsterdam? not Rotterdam, at the "2e maasvlakte"? ?
06:18<@Alberth>in both cases unlikely, although in my youth I did like playing with sand and water, much the despair of my mother :)
06:18<Wolf01>No, it was Amsterdam, precisely IJburg, and he claimed his name was Alberth
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06:20<frosch123>oh, i see
06:21<frosch123>i knew that there was something fundamentally wrong with people suggesting that you should be able to travel with your trains in ottd in first person view
06:21<frosch123>but ottd is about track construction, not running trains...
06:21<Wolf01>you see a flat world?
06:21<frosch123>so you shuold be able to drive the caterpillar in first person view, to construct the tracks
06:21<Japa>frosch123, make a 3d version of OTTD.
06:22<@Alberth>First person shooter style :p
06:22<Wolf01>you mea this?
06:22<@Alberth>solves a lot of scaling issues :)
06:23<Wolf01>gah, I think the batteries of my keyboard are running low
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06:58<@planetmaker>you should really work with supercheese on the latin translation :)
06:59<__ln__>i should, but i'm not qualified enough yet :)
07:00<@planetmaker>doing so, could help you become qualified ;)
07:04<Tulitomaatti>reno eats rudolphus?
07:09<@planetmaker>__ln__, <-- with actual music ;)
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07:13<MNIM>planetmaker: nice.
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07:19<__ln__>their idea of the melody is not very recognizable
07:20<MNIM>yeah, melody could've been better, but I assume they just wanted to go for that gregorian feel.
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13:06<krinn>string too long for destination buffer : ottd complain against a string or ottd console complain again a string in console output ?
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13:08<Aphid>I'm having a somewhat non-critical issue popup when trying to get a server to advertise to the master. It's a fairly standard setup, and I'm observing the very exact same warning raised also raised in FS#2822. It's 'fixed'... but are there any relevant details left out completely that I need to know, or can I be assured it's 100% a NAT thing, and not related to ipV6 not being available on the
13:08<Aphid>ISP/datacenter (yet)? Because I actually can physically connect to the server, AND the server can connect to the content services and the like.
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13:11<@Alberth>krinn: a patched/modified openttd program?
13:12<@Rubidium>Aphid: sounds like your server has an IPv6 address but no routing information to an IPv6 gateway
13:13<@Rubidium>at least, if the error is exactly the error of FS#2822
13:14<Aphid>dbg: [net] [udp] we are not receiving the acknowledgement from the server
13:14<Aphid>ERROR: command not found
13:14<Aphid>dbg: [net] [udp] this usually means that the master server cannot reach us
13:14<Aphid>ERROR: command not found
13:14<Aphid>dbg: [net] [udp] please allow udp and tcp packets to port 3979 to be delivered
13:14<Aphid>ERROR: command not found
13:14<Aphid>dbg: [net] [udp] please allow udp and tcp packets from port 3979 to be delivered
13:14<Aphid>dbg: [net] [udp] sendto([]:3978 (IPv6)) failed with: 101
13:14<Aphid>--> looks like about an exact match for me
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13:15<@Alberth>please use a pastebin
13:15<Aphid>ignore the ERROR lines, I need to remember not to copy directly here...
13:17<@Rubidium>then it's likely what I said ;)
13:19<Aphid>O-kay... so basically issue #2822 is not ' fixed' automatically, need to do it myself by telling openTTD to use IPv4 to broadcast somehow? And if so, can I do that without having to modify server internals?
13:20<@Rubidium>OpenTTD uses IPv4 and IPv6 whenever they are available (or at least the OS says so)
13:20<@Rubidium>so, if it is in the server list, then it will just use IPv4 and more or less ignore IPv6 (with a lot of shouting)
13:21<@Rubidium>what you can do is bind to only to tell that you don't want to use IPv6
13:21<+glx>(and [::0] to force IPv6)
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13:24<Aphid>hmm.. what exactly is the notation for that?
13:24<Aphid> is a stub, by the way.
13:25<krinn>alberth : no (just saw it on irc log) : stock openttd
13:26<krinn>the problem is that GSAdmin.Send allow me to send a JSON to server thru a table, but i have no idea how i can fill that table
13:27<krinn>and i have also no idea how i can make the server send event to the GS
13:27<krinn>so basically, i'm unable to speak :)
13:27<+glx>it's done via admin port IIRC
13:28<@Alberth>error comes from "strecpy" it seems
13:28<@Alberth>ie you're copying a string in a buffer, where the destination is smaller than your source text
13:28<Aphid>maybe have a read on
13:29<krinn>i did aphid, doesn't help
13:30<krinn>->Via the Admin Port it is possible to send JSON data to the Game Script.For information on exactly how to do this see the Admin Port documentation.
13:30<krinn>but i really fail to find that Admin Port documentation that refer to using GS
13:30<krinn>is there some other doc ?
13:31<Aphid>well you could try to make a simple GS that just 'hello world's to the admin port, start the server with logging, and see what you get...
13:31<krinn>that's what i did
13:31<krinn>but look at
13:32<krinn>what that table is suppose to hold ?
13:32<+glx>whatever you want I think
13:33<+glx>For example: { param = "param" }.
13:38<krinn>{ sayclient = "sayclient 1 hello" }
13:38<krinn>nothing happen, but GS return it was sent
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13:40<+glx>let's dig in the source :)
13:42<Aphid>1450 bytes is not a lot. JSON tends to make information bigger too.
13:42<krinn>"sayclient 1 hello" should fit :)
13:43<krinn>and there's a GS check for overflow, return false if > limit, and true if command was sent : i have no problem sending the command, it output true
13:43<+glx> if (as->update_frequency[ADMIN_UPDATE_GAMESCRIPT] & ADMIN_FREQUENCY_AUTOMATIC) {
13:44<+glx>so it seems you have to register ADMIN_UPDATE_GAMESCRIPT at ADMIN_FREQUENCY_AUTOMATIC
13:44<+glx>(similar to 5.1 in admin_network.txt)
13:45<+glx>looks like the txt is actually outdated :)
13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r26160 /trunk/src/lang (danish.txt gaelic.txt) (2013-12-14 18:45:18 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>danish - 1 changes by Hellwing
13:45<@DorpsGek>gaelic - 7 changes by GunChleoc
13:45<krinn>i should register to received chat, not sending one no ?
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13:46<+glx>for chat it's ADMIN_UPDATE_CHAT
13:47<krinn>is there ping/pong command i could use ?
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13:49<+glx>and json seems to be script->server only
13:52<krinn>really really lost there, seems i could speak with server, but server doesn't get what i'm asking
13:55<+glx><krinn> ->Via the Admin Port it is possible to send JSON data to the Game Script.For information on exactly how to do this see the Admin Port documentation. <-- looking at the source I can see json from game script through admin port
13:55<+glx>but not the other way
13:55<krinn>well, i fail at both way
13:56<krinn>and the idea is admin use admin AP to ask GS something GS answer
13:56<+glx>it's an ADMIN_PACKET_SERVER_GAMESCRIPT packet
13:56<krinn>how i can send that from rcon ?
13:58<+glx>oh there's Receive_ADMIN_GAMESCRIPT() function
13:59<+glx>so json should work both ways
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13:59*krinn jumping on Zuu !
14:00<krinn>hi Zuu
14:00<Zuu>krinn: to receive JSON from server you need to set the update frequency to ADMIN_FREQUENCY_AUTOMATIC. See
14:00<+glx>krinn: to send to game script it's ADMIN_PACKET_ADMIN_GAMESCRIPT
14:01<+glx>and you sen a string containing json data
14:01<Zuu>Hello krinn
14:01<+glx>the data is passed to GS via an event
14:02<krinn>something as GSAdmin.Send({ that="ADMIN_PACKET_ADMIN_GAMESCRIPT sayclient 1 hello"}); ?
14:03<+glx>no sending for GS is handled by openttd
14:03<Zuu>krinn: Java code for talking with ServerGS:
14:03<+glx>the thing connected to admin port should receive an ADMIN_PACKET_SERVER_GAMESCRIPT
14:03<+glx>if it registered for it
14:04<krinn>so no way to send the even thru rcon ?
14:04<Zuu>The thing need to set update frequency to automatic by sending apprate packet to the admin port otherwise it will not receive any response.
14:05<Zuu>but maybe I should read the full backlog to see that I'm not missing part of your issue.
14:06<krinn>Well, just using GSAdmin.Send is somehow a challenge
14:07<Zuu>Have you tried ServerGS? Does it work for you with the admin port client that you are using?
14:08<krinn>no i didn't, just add event handling and a GSAdmin.Send every x tick as test
14:08<krinn>and i'm using java console as rcon client
14:09<Zuu>OpenTTD will encode the table that you pass to GSAdmin.Send into JSON. I think can use string, table, array and integer types nested as you see fit.
14:10<krinn>well i could just pass any integer directly as string no ? it would end in a JSON anway
14:10<Zuu>Not sure at what state my test client is. But there is some version of it here: (it is built on the same library as SimpleConsole)
14:11<Zuu>Afaik JSON do transport an integer differently from a string containing a number
14:11<Zuu>{name=5} vs {name="5"}
14:12<krinn>how could i send the hello world test : sayclient 0 hello ?
14:12<Zuu>What is the hello world test?
14:13<krinn>just pass "sayclient 0 hell" to rcon
14:13<krinn>so server ouput "hello" as hint it has work
14:15<Zuu>Hmm, so you send a rcon command to the GS and expect the rcon to react on it?
14:16<krinn>kinda, even now i know there's no rcon to send to GS, still GSAdmin.Send is suppose to send something
14:16<Zuu>GSAdmin.Send will send data to the Admin Port client
14:17<Zuu>not to rcon
14:17<Zuu>Unless the admin port client has a client side feature to echo a command from the GS to the rcon and rely back that to the GS.
14:17<krinn>ah, ok, so only the java console receive it so
14:18<krinn>and that client may just drop incoming packet from GS instead of displaying it
14:19<Zuu>The GS API is ment to allow us GS authors to add an interface which Admin Port clients can use to get data or interact with the GS.
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14:19<Zuu>s/GS API/GS<->Admin Port API/
14:20<krinn>i was thinking the java console could do that (at least the GS->AP interface)
14:20<Zuu>The client must first tell OpenTTD that it want to receive the packet in first place. If the client does not do this, OpenTTD will not send it to the client at all.
14:21<Zuu>An Admin Port client can implement GS<->rcon if it wish. I don't know exactly what that Java client includes that you are using.
14:21<krinn>but i suppose it only tell openttd to received rcon
14:22<Zuu>Currently there exist at least 2 libraries for the admin port (one java and one python) on top of that there can be many different clients built wheer SimpleConsole is one of them.
14:23<Zuu>I'm not sure if it does or not. The last commit to it seems to indicate that it does receive GS updates but I don't remember in detail if you need to do something yourself or not.
14:24<krinn>i see you add gamescript to it
14:26<Zuu>Yes upon making ServerGS I had to make a client to test it which is the above linked client on /~zuu/. I did then discover some bugs related to GS<->Admin port in Joan and OpenTTD that got fixed. I am however not hosting any servers or really into admin port usage.
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14:27<krinn>ah, i think servergs could be made a lib easy
14:28<krinn>and instead of reading api from src with the python helper script, directly read api inside SQ
14:29<krinn>i mean symbols.nut could be fill by squirrel function
14:31<Zuu>AFAIK you cannot get the parameter count + types in squirrel(?)
14:31<krinn>of course instead of outputing them, could just fill the g_symbols item with them
14:33<krinn>add it in a file on some GS and AdminPort.ExposeAPI(); call you'll see
14:33<krinn>with that, on new openttd version, no update need
14:34<krinn>and it will also expose the current class/functions from the gamescript itself too
14:35<Zuu>I did know how to check if a member exist in a class, but not how to get the available API classes. I may consider it. Though I know that when I wrote the python helper I decided to not just get the class list but a full function list which then contain # of parameters and their types which allow some more elaborate errors to be displayed on invalid calls.
14:39<krinn>tbh i'm not sure if i would implement such thing now, seeing how scp is not use where it should provide something more attractive
14:39<Zuu>That said, your solution is elegant and losing this error information may be a price worth to pay to get a solution that needs no updates and is easy to build into other GSes as a lib that will "never" need to update.
14:40<krinn>that's the idea: severGSlib v1 and never ever update
14:42<krinn>only need to intercept event for adminport, that could be made like scp do it
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14:55<Zuu>The intrepreter of input from the event could stay the same, only the code that map the input to a method to call needs to change.
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14:59<krinn>ok later, going to see if there's something on tv (well there's never something on tv, but i'll get braindead, that's the idea)
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15:52<krinn>it recognise my profile but doesn't grant access to edit file
15:55<frosch123>you are not registered as translator for any language
15:55<frosch123>you want french, right?
15:56<frosch123>try again :)
15:56<krinn>can do klingon and elfic too :)
15:56<frosch123>you can go to the "profile" (suitcase in top right) to see what access rights you have
15:56<krinn>thanks frosch123, working
15:58<krinn>never use it i'm suppose to only put translate text or copy the {}* = ?
15:58<frosch123>disadvantage of being a translator is that your user page gets spammed :p
15:58<@Alberth>user manual not clear on that?
15:59<krinn>could have told me that BEFORE!
16:00<@Alberth>my user page mostly just lists closed issues
16:01<krinn>ok, i hit copy and it output the {}*= i suppose it's need then
16:01<@Alberth>yes it is, the computer needs to know where to insert the text of the parameters
16:03<krinn>ok, altering copy so
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16:22<krinn>it's amazing to see devzone hosting so much projects and then seeing how many subproject depend on openttd
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