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10:00<andythenorth>he's quit!
10:00<andythenorth>I never expected it!
10:00*andythenorth back to work :P
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10:01<LordAro>just andy being andy :p
10:01<Flygon>Hey, guys
10:01<Flygon>You're all intelligent and of above average IQ
10:01<LordAro>well noticed :p
10:01<Flygon>Anyone know an app that'll let me press a keyboard button when clicking with a mouse key?
10:02<Flygon>If not. You're below average IQ, like I am.
10:02<LordAro>Flygon: possibly autohotkey?
10:03<Flygon>Long story short: PC port of Battle Squadron is giving me grief with firing
10:07<Pinkbeast>autohotkey lets you remap keys and mouse buttons under Windoze in a fairly scriptable fashion.
10:08<V453000>im below average and I do not fear to admit it =D
10:08<Flygon>Let's party, V453000!
10:08<Flygon>Pinkbeast: Looking up this stuff...
10:08<V453000>bring the alcohol, our brain cells can only get stronger
10:08<Flygon>What are you, Finnish? :D
10:09<Flygon>No, really, are you? /whois is useless D:
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10:11<V453000>czech beerpublic
10:12<Flygon>Oh! Right
10:12<Flygon>Do you guys get Fosters or VB?
10:12<Flygon>Or are you guys smart enough to think it's terrible? :D
10:13<V453000>fuck, I drank fosters once
10:13<Flygon>I like you :)
10:13<V453000>no clue wtf is VB except my initials :D
10:14<Flygon>Victoria Bitter
10:14<V453000>still, we drink czech beer
10:14<Flygon>It's considered my state's worst natural export, alongside Fosters
10:14<V453000>sell damn, anything alongside fosters is probably "interesting"
10:15<Flygon>That's an "interesting" word for cats piss :P
10:15<V453000>very interesting indeed
10:15<Flygon>And yet Victorians are still dumb enough to buy it, because it's cheap
10:16<Flygon>Then again, there's people dumb enough to use Dodo as an ISP...
10:16<Flygon>It's like telling your Frog to take care of a Lizard
10:16<Flygon>Hint: It doesn't end well
10:16<V453000>well, I know people who drink beer in HIGH amounts, when I see it I understand that they totally dont care about the taste, only about the price
10:17<Flygon>Bogans have no taste!
10:17<V453000>who iz boganz
10:18<Flygon>Does Czechland have a word for "Lower class low IQ idiot that rides dirtbikes on public roads"?
10:19<V453000>:D:D:D:D:D probably not a specific one, but various suitable words perhaps could be find :P
10:19<Flygon>Best not tell them if they're not for public use x3
10:20<V453000>yes because I am a totally nice not-swearing good-sort-of-thing person
10:20<Flygon>A Finn suggests "Opilec"...
10:20<Flygon>Finns are like Elves
10:21<Flygon>They live somewhere completly isolated, achieve things the rest of the world somehow ignores, and then become a blast at democonferences while completely stoned...
10:21<V453000>Opilec means drunkard
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10:31<Flygon>Got it to half-work
10:31<Flygon>Now to make it type both m AND mouseclick
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10:32<Flygon>That crashed the script
10:33<Flygon>LordAro: Ideas?
10:33<LordAro>no idea, never used it before
10:48<Flygon><Flygon> Passing the button through WILL RUIN THE ORIGINAL POINT ANYWAY
10:48<Flygon><Flygon> Half this IRC room doesn't want to be on the planet anymore
10:48<Flygon><Flygon> I'll navigate the ingame menus with keyboard
10:48<Flygon><Flygon> So sorry about this mess
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11:48<Aristide>Flygon: o/
11:48<Aristide> Gnihihi
11:48*Flygon cl- right, right, not an RP styled room
11:48<Flygon>I hang around with too many curries :|
11:48<Flygon> the heck did I typo that?
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11:49<Aristide>Well and You ? (:
11:49<Flygon>I be well
11:49<Flygon>Shhh, stop making me want to complete my OTTD Europe game
11:49<Flygon>I'm already planning 32 carriage Maglevs in Russia/Northern Scandinavia :|
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11:50<Aristide>Ok :(
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11:51<Flygon>srs tho
11:51<Flygon>Keep talking!
11:51<Flygon>Also, Helsinki became so big that Tampere became a suburb
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12:10<Aristide>Flygon: Its possible to transform mony from Game to Life ? :D
12:11<Flygon>I'm not sure I understand o.o
12:11<Aristide>Take money from Game to Real Life :')
12:11<Aristide>Its can be a good idea <3
12:11<Flygon>I wish I had that money
12:11<Flygon>It'd mean I have a job
12:12<Aristide>Flygon: I have only 90 000 000¢ :3
12:12<Flygon>I only get $520/mo
12:12<Flygon>In a country where the minwage is $17/hr
12:12<Flygon>Welcome to the Australian Pension.
12:12<Flygon>They won't put me on the dole because I'm too young
12:12<Aristide>90 000 000 in game x)
12:12<Aristide>In life I have ... 200 EUR :')
12:13<Flygon>No f***ing wonder there's so many homeless yout- oh
12:13<Flygon>SOrry for the rant x:
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12:14<Aristide>If I found a job, I can get « SMIC » :(
12:14<Aristide>Its the minimum salary
12:15<Aristide>9,43 € / hour
12:15<Flygon>Ow x:
12:15<Flygon>That's a terrible wage
12:15<Aristide>Oh 9€53 since January 2014 :o
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12:16<Flygon>$17 was a rounding down, here
12:16<tommerry11>hey, does the reddit server run a outdated version of nieghbours or what?
12:17<Flygon>Because neeeiighbours~
12:17<Flygon>Are beeeest friiiieeends~
12:17<Flygon>srsly tho, I hate that TV show
12:17<tommerry11>what gs does reddit's server 2 run
12:18<Flygon>I wish I knew
12:19<tommerry11>what are people upto?
12:19<Flygon>Watching a 4AM airing of Star Trek: The Next Generation
12:19<Flygon>That one where all the crew members are disappearing off the ship
12:20<@planetmaker>tommerry11, you best ask that the guys who run the server ;)
12:20<Flygon>Or: One of the best ones
12:20<@planetmaker>thus in their forums / at reddit
12:20<tommerry11>yeah i asked no one replied...
12:20<@planetmaker>we also have no backdoor to their server to find out
12:21<Flygon>They might not reveal for security reasons
12:21<tommerry11>fair enough
12:21<tommerry11>was just wondering
12:21<@planetmaker>Flygon, security reasons?
12:21<Flygon>As having been site staff for an unrelated website myself, I can understand their staff's reluctance
12:21<tommerry11>i i i i... i just wanted to practice the gs in single player...
12:22<Flygon>planetmaker: Outdated software is always a security risk if the risks previously known are fixed in later revisions
12:23<@planetmaker>Flygon, for an openttd game script?
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12:23<Aristide>linux is better than Windows in Update, because Package Manager update ALL softwares, and Windows Update only Microsoft Softwares :x
12:23<Flygon>I swear I'm not stupid!
12:23<Flygon>I thought he meant some sort of reddit produced or reddit website-side software
12:24<Flygon>I feel so humiliated
12:24<Flygon>I didn't know what it was
12:24<Flygon>So I extrapolated. I am so extremely sorry. >_<
12:24<tommerry11>i guess it could be possible that a GS could have a bug that cause a DDOS
12:24<tommerry11>chillax fly
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12:25<Flygon>tommerry11, if I ever relaxed
12:25<Flygon>I'd... uuuuh
12:25<tommerry11>do stuff?
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12:25<@planetmaker>do stuff sounds good
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12:25<tommerry11>;) do stuff
12:25<Flygon> When I am relaxed @_@
12:26<Flygon>I did stuff
12:26<Flygon>I made a 19in CRT do 2048*1536 :U
12:27<tommerry11>that doesnt show the resolution?
12:27<Flygon>It showd it
12:28<Flygon>The dot pitch isn't exactly up to the task
12:28<Flygon>According to the .jpg
12:29<tommerry11>im seeing it cut off just before the resolution
12:29<Flygon>'s doing 2048*1536
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12:31-!-kais58|AFK is now known as kais58
12:33<tommerry11>lol ok
12:34<tommerry11>but like i dont see the point of showing that picture if you dont show the resolution...
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12:34<tommerry11>you know you've played too much open tdd when you rightclick drag pictures
12:35<Taede>been there, done that
12:35<Taede>is there a browser plugin for that?
12:35<Flygon>I've done that too!
12:36<tommerry11>uhh ill find out
12:37<tommerry11>this supposedly works
12:38<tommerry11>yup works, but not as in openttd
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13:00<tommerry11>oh boi
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13:21<Flygon>The worst part is trying to adjust the camera in Battle Squadron
13:21<Flygon>Which's a SHMUP. That has mouse support.
13:22<Flygon>So I end up using one of those rare ultravaluable bombs
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14:31<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r26229 /trunk/os/debian (control rules) (2014-01-07 19:31:46 UTC)
14:31<@DorpsGek>-Revert-ish: do not use libxdg in the Debian/Ubuntu packages just yet; it seems unmaintained, and might not even be kicked out in the next release of Debian
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14:39<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r26230 /trunk (5 files in 3 dirs) (2014-01-07 19:39:28 UTC)
14:39<@DorpsGek>-Prepare: 1.4.0-beta2
14:43<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r26231 tags/1.4.0-beta2/ (2014-01-07 19:43:14 UTC)
14:43<@DorpsGek>-Release: 1.4.0-beta2
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17:12<@planetmaker>now, that's large repositories:
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17:16<Xaroth|Work>yay, master server querying works
17:16*Xaroth|Work happeh :o
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17:25<@Rubidium>how many times should the exact same complaint go to a help/service desk before being passed to someone who can actually fix it? Instead of the help/service desk employee doing the same futile thing every time again and again
17:26<@planetmaker>3 times
17:26<Xaroth|Work>around that, yeh
17:26<Xaroth|Work>third time I'd inform them that I would like this issue to be escalated
17:26<@planetmaker>one try. Second time being told it didn't work. Third time with please really check that it works ;)
17:28<@Rubidium>oh, then I have many times to go... I'm only at 8
17:28<Xaroth|Work>that 'please' part won't be in my mails the third time around :P
17:28<@planetmaker>never hurts to be friendly (but stern)
17:29<Xaroth|Work>you don't have to say please to be friendly (but stern) :)
17:29<@Rubidium>well, I already told them what is wrong... but for some reason they're unable to comprehend it
17:29<Taede>just because you say please doesn't mean you are asking nicely
17:29<Xaroth|Work>that too :P
17:30<@planetmaker>Could you now please fix this stuff and not just the symptoms? :D
17:31<Xaroth|Work>"Would you kindly escalate this issue so that this can be fixed a.s.a.p. ?"
17:32<@planetmaker>nice enough :)
17:32<@Rubidium>anyhow... the company I have problems with can't seem to get my bank account number right. In all their wisdom they seem to have a nightly "convert all bank numbers into IBAN" script running, which seems to do the conversion every night or so. In any case, that script links my BBAN to the wrong bank, so the IBAN is wrong and they can't get money from my account
17:32-!-Djohaal [~Djohaal@] has joined #openttd
17:32<@planetmaker>sounds like their problem
17:32<@Rubidium>Xaroth|Work: did that; I even mentioned a person that is/was a lead in their conversion to IBAN project
17:33<Xaroth|Work>and it's not like IBAN is rocket science either :/
17:34<@Rubidium>yeah, just change the script to detect valid IBAN, and don't touch it. Then all will be fine once the IBAN is entered correctly once, but heh... that's too difficult
17:34<+glx>oh the reconvert converted IBAN ?
17:36<+glx>seems a smart guy coded it :)
17:38<Eddi|zuHause> <Rubidium> well, I already told them what is wrong... but for some reason they're unable to comprehend it <-- your mistake was to be too specific. as soon as you come across as "know more about the problem than myself", some people completely block out anything constructive
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18:48<Xaroth|Work>o_O strange revision names in the server listing
18:49-!-Devroush [] has quit []
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18:51<Xaroth|Work>good to see most servers are running 1.3.3
18:52<Xaroth|Work>even a few running beta2 already :o
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