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02:02<Flygon_>I'm going to take a gander that the Dutch eyecandy doesn't work with the US roadset :P
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03:00<Flygon_>Oh crap
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03:00<Flygon>I just sent every road vehcle to the depot
03:04<Pikka>you should probably stop doing that
03:06<V453000>playing with trains instead is helpful too (:
03:06<Flygon>V543000: I do
03:07<Flygon>But I use a crapload of Trams
03:07<Flygon>As a feeder
03:07<Flygon>Also, trucks for some areas where volumes are too low for trains
03:07<Flygon>Or where there's simply not enough space
03:09<V453000>that is why I meant trains everywhere Instead of RVs :)
03:09<Flygon>I can't stuff a trainline in the middle of the city and expect houses to build around them :P
03:10<V453000>you cant?
03:10<V453000>surely you can
03:10<Flygon>Nope, gotta have a road
03:10<V453000>in fact it is the best way to take care of a town
03:10<Flygon>May's well put Trams on that road
03:10<V453000>yes, you build that road around the train station
03:10<Flygon>Yes, I do build roads around train stations
03:10<Flygon>But I also use Trams to build up town ratings and growth
03:11<Flygon>Partially because Trams can easily be far more frequent
03:11<V453000>trams are just a lazy "solution"
03:12<V453000>you could as well distant join the stations to the train station and consider it just as much of a solution
03:12<Flygon>And that is why I'm not the transport minister :P
03:12<V453000>not exactly :)
03:12<Flygon>I'd say distant joining is lazy
03:12<V453000>RVs are the same
03:12<Flygon>I've also used it for some very very massive stations
03:13<Flygon>I'd send a .sav, but I'm afraid you'd laugh at my terribleness :P
03:14<Flygon>Part of the irony is...
03:14<V453000>I dont laugh at anybody :)
03:14<Flygon>Is that I actually replaced some rail freight with road freight, because the rail was too congested and I wanted more passenger throughout
03:14<Flygon>In the process, I boned my trams
03:15<Flygon>Due to road vehicle pathfinding being derp, and cramping up the freight station
03:20<Flygon>You'd EXPECT it'd go to a spare platform
03:20<Flygon>INSTEAD, it goes to turn into a platform, and finds it already full
03:20<Flygon>And it's the first platform
03:20<Flygon>And everything cramps up behind
03:20<V453000>there is a solution to that in fact
03:20<V453000>but road vehicles are just dumb
03:20<V453000>use trains (:
03:20<Flygon>I should consider not using "Full Load' instructions
03:21<V453000>for example is a town without any RVs used
03:21<V453000>without any problems
03:22<Flygon>That's a LOT of stations in a small place around the Octopus club O_O
03:24<V453000>ha those are actually a couple of bus stations for better growth :)
03:24<Flygon>Oh x3
03:24<V453000>rest is trains only
03:24<Flygon>I end up ignoring the small towns
03:24<Flygon>Then getting larger towns, then $$$
03:24<Flygon>Then I take the smaller towns along the rail line routes
03:24<Flygon>And build roads and fund buildings
03:25<V453000>I even fund my own towns sometimes
03:25<Flygon>Whelp... on one hand
03:25<Flygon>Turning off Full Load requirements help
03:25<Flygon>On the other hand, exit congestion :B
03:26<V453000>that doesnt help at all
03:26<Flygon>Yeah, but it looks prettier
03:27<V453000>everything you need to know about RVs
03:27<V453000>unfortunately there isnt anything else, which makes trains that much more interesting to play with
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03:27<Flygon>Yeah, none of mine are split as cleanly
03:28<V453000>because describing possibilities with trains isnt just one article
03:28<Flygon>Most of my tram stations are sequential instead of paralell
03:28<Flygon>Space and city ratings reasons x:
03:28<Flygon>And now I've got 2 tile long Tram stations hopelessly congested
03:28<V453000>excuses are cute but you need those things I showed if you want RVs to work well :)
03:28<Flygon>x3 I know, I know
03:29<V453000>the savegame might have some various stations, but the principle is the same
03:29<V453000>1 station trains just pass through, second - the real station
03:30<Flygon> For anyone that wants to have a laugh
03:31<Flygon>Needs 1.4.0 beta 5
03:31<V453000>I have trunk
03:32<Flygon>...oh bugger me
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03:32<Flygon>I've gridlocked my oil trains
03:33<Flygon>Now I know why rage comics got invented
03:33<V453000>I ahve no idea why dont you simply have 2 tracks, one each directi
03:33<V453000>without those "exchange points" or what is it meant to be
03:33<Flygon>Because it got congested
03:34<Flygon>And the line used to have a lot of freight
03:34<V453000>if you had simple L_R in the first place it would never get deadlocked like this
03:34<V453000>if it has a lot, use 2 tracks in each direction? :)
03:34<Flygon>Yes, I'm fixing it up now
03:34<Flygon>I know what I did :p
03:34<Flygon>I can't believe I didn't realize this would happen
03:36<Flygon>Now to redo the whole damned layout
03:36<V453000>what I would advise is to use it as simple as possible
03:37<V453000>one track, another track. Connect to one, bridge to other, and you got the 3rd station connected
03:37<V453000>no shifting places etc
03:37<Flygon>You're referring to Vopnaforour right?
03:37<V453000>I already closed it but I think I was
03:37<V453000> /am
03:38<Flygon>One with the 24 tile long trains?
03:38<V453000>the place of the deadlock
03:38<Flygon>Yeah. Dunno how I boned that.
03:39<Flygon>But, fuuuu-
03:39<Flygon>It was going so well
03:39<Flygon>Whelp... time to 100% rework all these potential terminuses
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03:40<Flygon>Got it redesigned as a dead-end terminus with two-track passing by atm
03:40<Flygon>The town's so small I'll prolly just use an airport
03:41<Flygon>But, yeah
03:41<Flygon>I'm incredibly humiliated
03:44<Flygon>I forgot how badly having trains longer than two-way signal blocks can be
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03:51<V453000>two way signals is a problem in the first place
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09:17<Flygon>I forgot, is there a Big Boy replacement in the 2CC set that's Diesel powered?
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09:19<Eddi|zuHause>how would we know?
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09:21<Flygon>It's a popular set and you're all OpenTTD fans :P
09:22<Eddi|zuHause>nobody here actually plays the game
09:23<Flygon>This's like those boat enthusiast clubs where everyone's part of a Gay Estonian Mafia?
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09:25<__ln__>that's not quite in our area of expertise
09:25<__ln__>but we trust your word
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09:38<Flygon>Hyvaa yota!
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10:00<V453000>well there areny many worse train sets than 2cc
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12:59<Muxy>Yo There, does not respond : gateway time out. trac daemon is stopped ?
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13:01<Muxy>planetmaker: and you will restart it :) ? or not :( ?
13:02<@planetmaker>who knows
13:02<Muxy>not me, but you should, dont you ?
13:03<@planetmaker>use instead
13:03<@planetmaker>I can't restart it. So I don't know
13:04<+glx>and it will be dead again in less than a week
13:04<@planetmaker>^ that I do know :)
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13:31<rubidium>yay... tracd
13:31<rubidium>wasting memory like a mad man, but failing to respond once it runs out of memory...
13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r26390 trunk/src/lang/polish.txt (2014-03-04 18:45:10 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>polish - 39 changes by Kilian
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14:25<rubenwardy>Same you can not make newgrfs in Befunge or Brainfuck
14:26<@Alberth>write grfcodec in whitespace?
14:30<Eddi|zuHause>i'll probably regret to ask, but what is befunge?
14:30<Eddi|zuHause>and you can easily write a brainfuck program that outputs an NFO file
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14:34<Wolf01>hi hi
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15:06<@Alberth>hi hi
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18:25<Gallomimia>wow. thanks for that link __ln__
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18:39<LordAro>Gallomimia: links is what __ln__ does best :)
18:41<Eddi|zuHause>the funniest part is the diff:
18:43<__ln__>and the saddest part is that a lot of people will conclude that using goto was the fundamental cause for both vulnerabilities.
18:43<Eddi|zuHause>this totally wouldn't have happened if they used "throw"
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18:59<+glx>coding style is not error prone either
19:11<LordAro> <-- the reddit thread, with people who apparently know what they're talking about
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19:42<Gallomimia>from what i remember of coding class try catch and throw are a big source of mistakes. not that its any reason to avoid using them
19:43<Gallomimia>but yeah. always remember to rethrow it if you can't figure out what the error was :/
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19:44<__ln__>Eddi|zuHause: totally, considering that the code is C, not C++
19:44<Eddi|zuHause>porting to a different language never has harmed a project.
19:47<Eddi|zuHause>Gallomimia: yes, being unspecific in what you catch is a problem
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