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06:36<NGC3982>I need a little fantasy boost
06:37<NGC3982>On what train set to use
06:37<NGC3982>Something classic
06:37<NGC3982>Like UKRS, but not UKRS.
06:50<Taede>dbset? nars?
07:01<NGC3982>I took all of them
07:01<NGC3982>It's always fun to use the DBSET whilst knowing how much Arriva was fined for being ass faces in Sweden.
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07:11<__ln___>@seen Terkhen
07:11<@DorpsGek>__ln___: Terkhen was last seen in #openttd 4 days, 14 hours, 33 minutes, and 1 second ago: <Terkhen> in fact, I think that the improved acceleration for RV patch implemented those at some point
07:14<@planetmaker>NGC3982, use Japanese for a change
07:15<NGC3982>That sounds nice. I only notice one set in the downloadable content, i guess that is it? :-)
07:16<@planetmaker>that's one version of them, yes
07:16<@planetmaker>combine it with the other japanese stuff for a nice theme
07:16<NGC3982>Will do
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08:04<lugo>ehm, wasn't there a setting for sepcifying the year an ai is supposed to be founded?
08:05<lugo>not the specific year, but a number of years after game start
08:07<NGC3982>A bell rings, yes.
08:08<NGC3982>Scroll down to "Configuring AIs".
08:10<lugo>well, 'after the start of the last ai'... what about the first ai then?
08:10<NGC3982>No, "The AIs will start automatically after a given amount of days, with some minor random variation."
08:11<NGC3982>That does not seem to take the first AI into consideration.
08:11<lugo>ah ok, thank you
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08:12<NGC3982>Don't count on it, i have never used it. Please try it before applying it to something serious.
08:15<NGC3982>lugo: I noticed something. If you want to start a game with a preferable starting year given per specific AI, there is a column in the config file.
08:15<NGC3982>The "[ai_players]" seems to have pre-written parameters on start_date.
08:16<NGC3982>Although, i do not think that is applicable in-game.
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08:16<lugo>le pikka
08:16<lugo>just trying out civil ai
08:17<lugo>is it supposed to be used with sepcific grfs?
08:17<@planetmaker>lugo, for the first AI that indicates time after game start
08:17<lugo>like generic cars or something
08:17<@planetmaker>afaik that is
08:17<Pikka>it should be able to handle any newgrfs
08:17<Pikka>even if it doesn't have cars, it will build busses
08:18<lugo>planetmaker: ok, maybe that could be better described in the text?
08:29<lugo>mh, i have some water-cycle pixels in my opengfx+trees
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08:58<lugo>tried to circle the flashing pixels
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09:04<Eddi|zuHause><NGC3982> It's always fun to use the DBSET whilst knowing how much Arriva was fined for being ass faces in Sweden. <-- wasn't there something about a cleaning woman accidently getting a train going?
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09:09<Pinkbeast>Eddi|zuHause: There was a nice piece in _Steam Railway_ about a group of spotters just before the world ended in 1968 who bagged six of the then-surviving A4s on one shed.
09:10<Pinkbeast>They couldn't get decent photos of them - all under cover - but there was a bit of pressure left in Kingfisher, so one of them hopped up and reversed it out into the sunlight :-)
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09:20<Eddi|zuHause>the point of the story is?
09:27<Pinkbeast>Cleaning woman, nothing. Random people aren't really meant to be able to pop into sheds and start moving locomotives around.
09:28<__ln___>That's a severe limitation on random people's freedom.
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10:06<Eddi|zuHause>Pinkbeast: the point was, when this happened the train company was immediately like "this terrorist woman stole the train", and after a few days it was more like "well it was our fault for not securing the train correctly" (like, applying brakes)
10:10<Eddi|zuHause>Pinkbeast: well i forgot to mention that the train ended up in a house near the end of the track
10:11<Pinkbeast>Oh, that's a bit more dramatic. I don't imagine anything happened with mine besides the shed crew coming back and going "what the hell?"
10:16<Pinkbeast>Some designs of reverser made locomotives a bit prone to going off on little trips by themselves, but the A4s didn't have that problem.
10:21<Eddi|zuHause>never heard of that before
10:21<NGC3982>The Audi A4?
10:22<Pinkbeast>NGC3982: :-P
10:23<Pinkbeast>Eddi|zuHause: There was a nasty death on the NYMR a couple of years ago where... I think Southern 825, but anyway, if you don't engage the catch the reverser can spontaneously switch from forward to reverse, and someone was crushed as a result.
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10:41<lugo>Pikka, it's doing well. Thank you very much for that AI. I used to connect most towns with roads by hand. So this is very helpful and appreciated!
10:43<Pikka>great :)
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14:28<@Alberth>hi :)
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15:14<Phreeze>puh, it's done...last EMU of the set
15:15<Phreeze>but research for my steamers is very slow and i can't find enough information on all the engines....most of them don't have any pics
15:15<Phreeze>no stats like power
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15:15<Phreeze>only find information about those steamers that were renamed during WW2 and adopted by the Reichsbahn
15:16<andythenorth>tram is just a misc. flag
15:16<andythenorth>don't see why that needs it's own class
15:17<andythenorth>oh trailing units need the flag too
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15:17<andythenorth>also hello bears
15:18<Pikka>hallo beers
15:18<andythenorth>oh look a pikka bear
15:18<andythenorth>hello Pikka
15:18<andythenorth>did you make it yet?
15:19<Pikka>just madgelevs to go
15:19<Pikka>silly madgelevs
15:19<Pikka>or did you mean gamescript
15:19<Pikka>didn't make that yet
15:20<Pikka>but mostly
15:37<andythenorth>this might get silly
15:37<andythenorth>if we play long enough
15:37<Pikka>goodnight wallyweb
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15:37<andythenorth>bye pikka chops
15:46<andythenorth>I dunno
15:46<andythenorth>I have 8 buses to add to that list
15:46<andythenorth>for a 75 year game, that's quite enough trucks
15:46<andythenorth>for a 150 year game, it might be not enough
15:47<@Alberth>don't play 150 years? :)
15:48<@Alberth>or repeat from the start after 100 years :)
15:48<andythenorth>lol :)
15:49<@Alberth>make the stats decreasing could be a nice twist too :p
15:49<andythenorth>'due to legal constraints'
15:49<andythenorth>diminishing vehicles
15:50<andythenorth>eventually everything is 1t
15:50<andythenorth>but travels at 150mph
15:50<andythenorth>one piece flow
15:50<andythenorth>maybe I should add quadcopters
15:55<V453000>LOL Alberth
15:55<V453000>it is sad that many vehicle sets obey your suggestion to the point :D
15:55<V453000>for the most part
15:55<V453000>decreasing stats
16:00<andythenorth>that's when good neighbours
16:01<peter1139>become good friends
16:01<Phreeze>nice trams andy
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16:05<@planetmaker>looks pretty monotonuous list, andythenorth ;)
16:05<andythenorth>saves on drawing sprites
16:06<@planetmaker>invert colour scheme on every 2nd? :)
16:27<Phreeze>read description
16:27<Phreeze>i wonder if that guy is dumb or dumb
16:27<NGC3982>Haha :D
16:29<frosch123>Phreeze: sounds like the ottd scenarios with CC-BY-ND license
16:35<Phreeze>hm, don't know those scenarios
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16:44<bcmpinc>Hi, seems to be down, as it is giving 502 - bad gateway errors.
16:44<andythenorth>split the trams
16:47<V453000>they look nice andythenorth
16:50<andythenorth>I could put some actual graphics in
16:50<V453000>what no
16:50<V453000>that would completely destroy the idea of the set wouldnt it
16:51<andythenorth>I could add a parameter
16:51<andythenorth>'all graphics same'
16:51<V453000>btw nuts will get its first parameter after 2 years :D
16:51<andythenorth>V453000: I might do no cargo support
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17:24<V453000>can I make articulated vehicles look different without creating a new item?
17:24<V453000>like an engine articulating itself, but the articulated parts having different sprites
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17:26<V453000>-like a tender-
17:26<andythenorth>you don't already? o_O
17:26<V453000>no I always do it through another item atm
17:26<andythenorth>yes you can do it
17:26<andythenorth>frosch added some stuff recently that makes it easier
17:27<V453000>some switch with is_vehicle_articulated?
17:27<andythenorth>you probably want to count the position in the articulated consist?
17:27<V453000>pretty much
17:27<andythenorth>and position_in_articulated_veh_from_end
17:27<frosch123>you can make stuff depend on the first articulated part
17:28<andythenorth>thank frosch123 ;)
17:28<frosch123>i think there is some example code somewhere
17:28<frosch123>probably in iron horse
17:29<andythenorth>unfortunately not
17:30<andythenorth>I am ashamed to say I never used the new var :)
17:30<andythenorth>why do something simple, when you can do this? o_O
17:30<andythenorth> expression_template = Template("[STORE_TEMP(${offset}, 0x10F), var[0x61, 0, 0xFFFFFFFF, 0x25]]")
17:31<andythenorth>followed by another switch
17:31<andythenorth> expression_template = Template("[STORE_TEMP(${offset}, 0x10F), var[0x61, 0, 0x0000FFFF, 0xC6]]")
17:31<andythenorth>have fun with figuring out what I did :P
17:33<andythenorth>IH is very expensive on vehicle IDs :P
17:33<andythenorth>is all I'm saying
17:34<frosch123>well, V wants [ STORE_TEMP(- position_in_articulated_veh, 0x10F), var[0x61, 0, 0xFFFF, 0xC6] ]
17:34<V453000>oh god not this again :D
17:34<V453000>it is in rainbow slugs somewhere
17:34<V453000>isnt it
17:35<andythenorth>V453000: you can probably do it simple :)
17:35<V453000>any idea how? :)
17:36<V453000>ah yeah
17:36<andythenorth>just a switch checking that var
17:36<andythenorth>with different spritesets for results...
17:38<V453000>unrecognized identifier
17:38<V453000>I needs new NML?
17:38<@planetmaker>V453000, position_in_articulated_veh
17:38<@planetmaker>as variable
17:38<@planetmaker> position_in_articulated_veh_from_end
17:38<@planetmaker>dunno which NML you use. Always use 'latest' :P
17:39<V453000>I have like oldest atm :D :P
17:39<V453000>will update
17:39<@planetmaker>that's very new. And need OpenTTD 1.4.0.r26157
17:39<@planetmaker>and some new-ish NML
17:39<frosch123>nml from 2013-12-13 20:45
17:40<Eddi|zuHause>man this fibonacci 2048 is genuinely driving me crazy :p
17:40<andythenorth>oh you really raised the game :(
17:40*andythenorth worries for Eddi|zuHause
17:40<@planetmaker>good night
17:40<andythenorth>bye planetmaker :)
17:40<Eddi|zuHause>well, i did win it :p
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17:41<Eddi|zuHause>but it's so difficult seeing which ones will merge. suddenly they all merge into one and you didn't even realize it would work :p
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17:48<fjb>Quak frosch123
17:48<V453000>new NML requires switch to have return?
17:49<V453000>not just 0: 1:
17:49<V453000>I guess?
17:49<frosch123>we got the other end of the V cow
17:49<V453000>it does
17:49<V453000>jesus christ
17:49<V453000>I need to fix ALL of my switches
17:49<frosch123>i am not aware of any nml change in that area
17:49<frosch123>unless it is 3 years ago :p
17:49<andythenorth>no templating? :(
17:49<V453000>NML screams unexpected token }
17:50<V453000>:D andy, no.
17:50<frosch123>andythenorth: V does the anti-templating :)
17:50<andythenorth>be faster to 'fix' nml if it is an issue
17:50<V453000>fuck I I just fix switches
17:51<andythenorth>how many?
17:51<V453000>idk, 50k lines of code
17:52<V453000>this is utter shit :|
17:52<andythenorth>maybe someone can write a sed rule or such
17:53<andythenorth>I'd probably try it in python, but I'm a dumbass :P
17:53<V453000>that would probably take time, I will have it quicker if I just add return everywhere
17:53<V453000>but this is exactly the thing why I absolutely hate to update nml
17:54<andythenorth>python has some triple split thing, split on switch, then on } then add 'return blah' and rejoin :P
17:54<andythenorth>I dunno, probably it wouldn't work
17:54<andythenorth>I write stuff like that quite often to fix my broken code
17:55<andythenorth>see if Eddi|zuHause will do it, he's much smarter than me ;)
17:55<V453000>return isnt exactly necessary
17:55<V453000>it just needs the default value
17:55<V453000>typing result isnt a must
17:55<Xaroth|Work>tripple split?
17:56<V453000>well I am at 7200 lines already, might not be that long :)
17:58<frosch123>pff, waranty expired long ago
17:58<V453000>wtf is this
17:58<V453000>what can I put to return?
17:58<V453000>certainly not hm this is :D
17:58<V453000>... anything I guess
17:59<frosch123>yup, anything :)
17:59<NGC3982>Aren't you guys suppose to idle?
17:59<V453000>my god
18:00<V453000>I just HOPE this wont break anything :D
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18:01<andythenorth>Xaroth|Work: string.partition()
18:01<Xaroth|Work>ah, yes
18:01<Xaroth|Work><pre split> <splitting entity> <post split> iirc
18:01<andythenorth>not actually needed for this case :P
18:01<andythenorth>I thought about it some more
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18:08<V453000>after fixing many switches
18:08<V453000>with latest nml
18:09<V453000>what the actual fuck
18:09<V453000>now it throws new errors on line 629
18:09<V453000>toolbar_caption: string(STR_RAIL); in railtypes?
18:10<frosch123>what does "nmlc --version" say?
18:10<+glx>(latest is not a version ;) )
18:10<V453000>guess that isnt latest
18:10<V453000>was r4k something?
18:10<V453000>hm :)
18:10<frosch123>0.2 is bollocks
18:11<frosch123>no surprise you had to change stuff
18:11<V453000>so what have I fucked up
18:11<frosch123>you changed it to an older syntax :p
18:11<frosch123>anyway, var is named "position_in_articulated_veh"
18:11<V453000>I overwrote my documents/user/NML
18:11<V453000>where else is nml?
18:11*andythenorth -> bed
18:11-!-andythenorth [] has quit [Quit: andythenorth]
18:12<frosch123>V453000: i guess blame planetmaker
18:12<frosch123>the compile farm does weird "latest" things
18:12<V453000>so I just download the highest rev manually
18:12<V453000>lets try
18:13<V453000>no :D
18:14<V453000>k 5100 works
18:14<V453000>5114 is borkd
18:14<frosch123> <- try that one
18:14<V453000>that I tried
18:14<frosch123>it says 0.3 ni the changelog
18:15<frosch123> <- or that one
18:16<V453000>aha I tried the v5114
18:16<V453000>not the one without v
18:17<frosch123>2129 shuold also work
18:17<V453000>r2129 old as hell? :d
18:17<V453000>5100 gives a ton of case mismatch to path things, but lets see if it works
18:17<frosch123>there is a difference in the naming schema :)
18:17<V453000>oh christ
18:18<frosch123>the 5x names are borked for nml since they do not deal with branches
18:18<V453000>so 2135 didnt, 2129 might?
18:18<peter1139>Eddi|zuHause, yup
18:18<frosch123>2129..2135 should work
18:18<V453000>35 didnt
18:18<frosch123>what did it do?
18:19<V453000>switch fixing and the toolbar caption thing at railtypes
18:19<V453000>29 does the same
18:19<frosch123>where do you get them from?
18:19<V453000>lets see if 5100 has the articulated thing
18:19<V453000>from nmlc
18:20<V453000>unknown property: toolbar_caption
18:20<frosch123> <- try that one
18:20<frosch123>not "nightly" but "push"
18:21<V453000>I will try to let it complete the compilation, sec should only take a few minutes
18:23<Eddi|zuHause><V453000> I just HOPE this wont break anything :D <-- there's always "revert" for that :p
18:25<V453000>well it looks like 5100 has the articulated property
18:25<V453000>so if nothing else, that works :D
18:27<V453000>lets try the push thing just out of curiosity
18:28<V453000>back to 5100, the things I need for now seem to work :) thanks
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18:33<peter1139>Hmm, got a 987.
18:34<Eddi|zuHause>i just lost with a 15xx and two 6xx
18:34<Eddi|zuHause>because i made a wrong move :/
18:43<NGC3982>I suddenly enjoy having all the trees visible when i play.
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