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00:56<Supercheese>Is there any particular reason why the Advanced Settings help text never have ending punctuation?
00:57<Supercheese>Several multi-sentence strings have their intermediate sentences punctuated, but never the ending one
00:58<Supercheese>To be fair, most folks' IRC messages lack ending punctuation (such as this one)
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02:13<andythenorth>“Something must be done"
02:15<Supercheese>Let them eat cake
02:16<andythenorth>where is our Bastille?
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02:34<Supercheese>ECS Towns probably
02:34<Supercheese>or perhaps ECS Basic
02:36<Supercheese>whichever has the castle-y stuffs
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02:57<schultza>is there a way to share railroad or other infrastructure at this time?
03:02<schultza>...or whatever command shows the last said statement from someone else.. .
03:08<schultza>ill keep this open. pm any response just in case this channel gets active before i get back to my messages.
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03:18<@planetmaker>and happy easter
03:19<@planetmaker>schultza, infrastructure sharing (for railroads) does not exist currently
03:20<schultza>ah... is there going to be one?
03:20<@planetmaker>roads and canals can be shared
03:20<@planetmaker>who knows :)
03:20<@planetmaker>there once was a patch, but it's thoroughly outdated
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03:21<@Alberth>hi hi all
03:23<Supercheese>Infrastructure sharing patch:
03:23<Supercheese>Several patchpacks have included it
03:23<Supercheese>Such as this:
03:24<Supercheese>and this:
03:28<schultza>do any of these work with the current version of the game?
03:30<@Alberth>patchpacks are their own version of the game
03:30<@Alberth>usually not compatible with anything else
03:31<schultza>do they plan on making a come back with it?
03:31<schultza>own version, ah.
03:31<@Alberth>no idea, you have to ask the maintainers of the patch pack
03:32<@Alberth>a patchpack is basically a version of openttd, heavily modified by adding all kinds of patches to it
03:32<@Alberth>usually the first post in the thread lists the stuff they added
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03:33<@Alberth>obviously, with all that extra functionality it's difficult to keep up with changes in the plain openttd version
03:34<@planetmaker>schultza, when I wrote infra sharing years ago, I basically stopped due to problems resolving certain griefing issues
03:34<@planetmaker>Meanwhile I have an opinion on how to solve that ("don't play with idiots"), but... would mean to rewrite everything anyway
03:35<@Alberth>infra structure payments get interesting :)
03:36<@planetmaker>yeah. don't play with idiots ;)
03:37<@planetmaker>then it will all be fair. And it will be easy to abuse. No matter how implemented.
03:37<@planetmaker>But you can always choose to not share your infrastructure or use shared infrastructure
03:42*Alberth fully agrees
03:42<andythenorth>I would probably grief people :P
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03:42<andythenorth>just for the lulz
03:42<andythenorth>especially pikka
03:43<@planetmaker>so the funny suggestions thread had one bonus for me: I know how to solve the multi-player griefer problems for infra sharing :P
03:44<@planetmaker>showing that you can do that with current infra structure means we can do that also with other infra structure
03:46<@Alberth>just add more interesting ways :p
03:46<@planetmaker>I might... if I have too much time.
03:46<andythenorth>there should be griefing possibilities
03:46<@planetmaker>That decision was basically what stopped infra sharing from trunk really
03:46<andythenorth>just add a honeypot
03:47<@planetmaker>easy :)
03:47<@planetmaker>just build bridges
03:47<@planetmaker>then trap the "enemy" cars by sending them on a circular route, buying all land around it.
03:48<@planetmaker>you might not need a bridge actually
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04:07<peter1139>Aeropress makes a nice coffee, but you don't half get through it :S
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04:16<andythenorth>a depot with metro railtype is building non-metro trains
04:16<peter1139>i think that their "metro" just means "3rd rail"
04:17<andythenorth>turns out it’s a parameter on the railtype grf
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04:32<@Alberth>when in doubt what to do, add a parameter :)
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04:39<@Alberth>moin Rb
04:39<@planetmaker>hola :)
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05:10<andythenorth>does ‘refit any available’ work at transfer stations?
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05:28<andythenorth>these ships will unload metal, then auto-refit ‘any available’, and sometimes reload the metal :(
05:29<andythenorth>instead of loading the iron ore or coal
05:30<@planetmaker>well, 'any' means the thing which is stacked most. May be metal sometimes
05:31<@planetmaker>from my experience, with transfers it can work under some conditions, but usually it's then better to state an explicit refit
05:31<@planetmaker>the 'some conditions' are where the transferred stuff is never the most abundant
05:31<@planetmaker>a condition which is hard to enforce :)
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05:46<Qlimax>hey guys. someone here who´s in editing newgrf? got a trainset and want to reduce the prices of the trains. dunno where to change that in the nfo ^^
05:47<@planetmaker>Qlimax, generally I'd rather recommend to use a base cost newgrf than change a particular de-compiled newgrf
05:47<@planetmaker> would explain it otherwise
05:48<Qlimax>k... ty... would take a look
05:48<@planetmaker>look for train action0, property 0x17 and global action0, property 0x08
05:48<@planetmaker>if you want to dig
05:48<@planetmaker>bug de-compiled code is a big big PITA. So you really only want to go for source changes, if you have the real source
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05:50<@planetmaker>Qlimax, mind also that you usually need the *exact* version of a newgrf. So keep your modified versions around or you might run in a situation where you can't load the savegame(s) any longer
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05:55<Qlimax>thank you for the info. downloaded a base cost mod and quartered the purchase cost. a train for 1 million is quite too much ;)
05:55<Qlimax>works perfect
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05:56<Qlimax>ty again and bye :)
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05:57<andythenorth>planetmaker: ‘refit available, from limited range’ ?
05:57<@planetmaker>not possible currently
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06:03<andythenorth>should rivers be like unmovable objects?
06:04<andythenorth>seems like a possible answer
06:04<andythenorth>players who don’t like it can use existing magic bulldozer cheat, or turn rivers off in map gen
06:11<@Alberth>add flooding disaster for those tiles :p
06:12<@planetmaker>maybe it's a good idea, yes
06:12<@planetmaker>or yet another setting :P
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06:23<andythenorth>not a setting :)
06:23<andythenorth>just a thing :)
06:25<andythenorth>rivers seem a bit lame because so easily destroyed
06:25<andythenorth>respawning them is complicated
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06:26<andythenorth>but…if unmovable, how would we build locks over the rapids?
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06:32<@planetmaker>that could probably be handled
06:33<@planetmaker>locks don't exactly destroy river
06:33<@planetmaker>they are concious of the water class beneath it and restore it upon destruction
06:33<@planetmaker>iirc that is
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06:55<Eddi|zuHause>i'd love an option "you cannot destroy (naturally occuring) water"
06:56<Eddi|zuHause>there might need to be exceptions so you can terraform the land part of halftile shores
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07:02<andythenorth>Eddi|zuHause: can I still canalize a sea, then bulldoze the inner land?
07:02<andythenorth>that’s my favourite station building trick in coastal cities :P
07:02<andythenorth>also bye
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07:14<Phreeze>he didnt read that
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09:39<NGC3982>Hihi, when using a colorizing script for irssi, everyone but Eddi has nice marine colors. Eddi is pink. :P
09:58<frosch123>shouldn't it assign different colours to everyone?
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10:17<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r26472 trunk/src/string.cpp (2014-04-20 14:17:13 UTC)
10:17<@DorpsGek>-Cleanup: pointless instance variable
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10:34<NGC3982>frosch123: Yes indeed, and it does. Although, by chanse all the other colors (for the users here) was nice, mellow, bluish tints.
10:34<NGC3982>Except for the Priscilla queen of the desert one.
10:34*NGC3982 giggles.
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10:55<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r26473 trunk/src/blitter/32bpp_sse2.cpp (2014-04-20 14:55:28 UTC)
10:55<@DorpsGek>-Fix: make sure there is no uninitialised sprite data; the other blitters cleared the memory too
11:10<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r26474 trunk/src/newgrf_station.cpp (2014-04-20 15:10:26 UTC)
11:10<@DorpsGek>-Cleanup: remove unneeded check for NULL
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11:47<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r26475 /trunk/src (newgrf.cpp newgrf_spritegroup.cpp) (2014-04-20 15:47:50 UTC)
11:47<@DorpsGek>-Fix: potentially undefined shifts in NewGRF code
11:49<Superuser>Why are you acting like a bot, DorpsGek?
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12:43<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r26476 trunk/src/ini_load.cpp (2014-04-20 16:43:22 UTC)
12:43<@DorpsGek>-Fix: prevent comparing to NULL when strndup could not allocate memory
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13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r26477 /trunk/src/lang (4 files) (2014-04-20 17:45:24 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>catalan - 30 changes by juanjo
13:45<@DorpsGek>russian - 1 changes by Lone_Wolf
13:45<@DorpsGek>serbian - 18 changes by ivan_mile
13:45<@DorpsGek>turkish - 7 changes by wakeup
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15:07<George>How to test tjhat a plane/helicopter is loading to provide special graphics?
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15:26<frosch123>same as for all vehicles?
15:26<frosch123>moving/loading spritesets
15:27<George>0A W The currently active order. Bits 0..4 determine the type of the order:
15:27<George>03 Loading/unloading;
15:27<George>May be I've described idea wrong
15:28<George>I mean is there a way to show opening nose graphics when starts loading and closing graphics when loading ends?
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15:30<frosch123>yes, same as you show open/close doors on box vans
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15:32<frosch123> <- loading/loaded
15:35<George>The van has only two possibilities - doors closed ("loaded: " graphics) and oped ("loading: ").
15:35<George>I'm asking about how to code several strites in between
15:36<George>in case a van how to make a door slowly open/close
15:36<frosch123>you can make it depend on how much is loaded
15:36<frosch123>and you can make it depend on loading/unloading
15:36<frosch123>so you could open it on unloading with gradually less cargo
15:37<frosch123>and close it upon loading with gradually more cargo
15:37<frosch123>but there is no animation frame or something if you mean that
15:37<George>that means it would stay with closed nose unless first cargo is loaded
15:38<George>Yes, I meant some animation
15:38<George>I know there is none as default, but I was looking for a way with checking vars
15:39<George>can var 8A help?
15:39<frosch123>there isn't even anything within the game
15:40<frosch123>once the vehicle is loaded it starts moving
15:40<frosch123>there is nothing inbetween
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15:46<George>well, and is it possible at least to have different graphics for loading/unloading?
15:46<frosch123>there is a var for that since 3 week ago or so
15:47<frosch123>"vehicle_is_unloading" in nml, requires ottd 1.5 and very recent nml
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15:50<George>Thank you
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22:27<Supercheese>Good Lord, this Andrex character
22:27<Supercheese>I've heard less complaining from children throwing tantrums over not getting their candy
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