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02:08<V453000> (:
02:12<supermop>i hope that will be animated
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02:15<V453000>ofc :)
02:18<V453000>animated and fully functional
02:19<Supercheese> ?
02:19<V453000>old-er version but yeah :)
02:20<V453000>will have a new one in 2 hours :)
02:21<V453000>managed to get a new rendering thingy, reducing render time from 8 to 2 hours and making it a lot nicer =D
02:46<@planetmaker> <-- V453000 can you check whether that gives you a working NML?
02:47<V453000>not here :| am at work, will check at home in the evening
02:47<@planetmaker>thanks. That's early enough. Can't do anything before that anyway. For the same reasons
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03:44<V453000>yep, our most valuable export thing isnt beer
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03:47<andythenorth>there’s some kind of GS idea in that map
03:47<V453000>how long have you been staring into it?
03:47<V453000>you could start to see kind of anything after enough time staring at -thing-
03:47<V453000>tis science, no drugz
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05:00<V453000> =D
05:01<V453000>has some bugs and isnt finished, but progress :)
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05:29<@planetmaker>pretty cool
05:30<@planetmaker>The wheel attachment still looks a bit funky, especially the shadows
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05:34<V453000>which one? the pipes which connect the wheels to the "ground" ?
05:34<V453000>or the belt kind of thing?
05:49<V453000>aha this
05:50<V453000>it is underground :)
05:59<peter1139>V453000, the vehicle's bonnet just... appears.
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06:42<V453000>peter1139: yes, still 2 robots missing there :)
06:43<V453000>bumpers, lights, endine, and hood is to be done
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07:09<V453000>might not have time for bumpers :)
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07:49<@planetmaker>ah, V453000, what I thought was a funky shadow is actually the steering wheel placer. Maybe that could do with a bit more specular reflection in some places? It looks very grayish and shadow-like
07:53<V453000>yeah perhaps some colour to it would be nice too
07:53<V453000>like not having it black
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08:11<V453000>made it bluuu :)
08:11<V453000>could make it a bit more fat
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08:23<V453000>or red
08:23<V453000>and yes
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08:31<V453000>much better visible now :)
08:32<@planetmaker>yup :)
08:33<@planetmaker> <-- I wonder whether their factories really look like that :P
08:34<V453000>no, their factory is a boring white cube :)
08:35<@planetmaker>where they hide this awesomeness beneath?
08:35<V453000>they dont :P
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08:35<Xaroth|Work>V453000: what's that stuff under the cogs?
08:35<V453000>just ground
08:36<V453000>lit by the furnace probably if you mean the orange dots
08:36<Xaroth|Work>looks funneh
08:36<@planetmaker>looks like metal shards or so
08:36<V453000>yeah :D
08:36<Xaroth|Work>2x2 size-wise or bigger?
08:37<V453000>== 1024 width
08:37<V453000>2x2 industries would be kind of lame :D
08:37<@planetmaker>is the image then 1:1 or does it need scaling?
08:37<V453000>this one is 1:1
08:38<@planetmaker>great :)I
08:39<peter1139>That'll be 250MB for a single industry :D
08:39<V453000>openttd can make an animation run in 25 frames per second, right?
08:40<peter1139>Yeah about that... good luck :p
08:40<V453000>my current renders have 980 kb
08:40<V453000>*128 should be k
08:41<V453000>and not all industries will have this long animation I figure
08:41<V453000>this one is quite complex
08:41<V453000>prooobably no need for 256 either :)
08:41<V453000>guess slower could be nicer
08:41<V453000>but .. :)
08:42<V453000>size certainly is a problem
08:42<@planetmaker>not a problem. A challenge ;)
08:43<@planetmaker>peter1139, how did you get 250MB? Frames * size?
08:43<V453000>not really :D it is simply not great to download 1GB through openttd
08:43<V453000>well yeah, frames*size
08:43<V453000>I assume
08:43<V453000>which would fit for 1MB * 256
08:43<V453000>having 16 industries like that would be insane
08:43<V453000>8gb newgrf? yay
08:44<V453000>ok I cant count 4 gb
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08:44<V453000>still though
08:44<@planetmaker>how many frames is the animation?
08:44<V453000>this one is 128 and it is quite long already I think
08:44<@planetmaker>wow... 128 * 2MB
08:44<@planetmaker>2MB :)
08:44<V453000>wat :D
08:44<@planetmaker>1024 width * 512 height
08:45<V453000>I use 1024x1024
08:45<V453000>height of buildings above the tile :)
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08:45<@planetmaker>then it's 4MB :). One byte per colour channel
08:45<V453000>possible maximum, but the rendered images have 1MB
08:45<@planetmaker>128 * 4 = 512MB for that :D
08:46<@planetmaker>as jpeg or png, yes
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08:46<V453000>so theoretically if I have 128*16*1MB, I get like 1.5 GB
08:46<peter1139>planetmaker, 250MB was a random joke-guess :p
08:46<V453000>well it wasnt that random :D
08:46<@planetmaker>that's a lot :D
08:47<V453000>ofc it is
08:47<V453000>better upgrade bananaz :P
08:49<@planetmaker>it can handle that. theoretically
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08:51<V453000>well, 0.0.1 should have like 200MB max I think
08:51<V453000>will be mostly static
08:51<V453000>just active/inactive industry sprites
08:51<@planetmaker>except vehicle factory? :D
08:51<V453000>except vehicle factory :)
08:52<V453000>idk, I think like 50 frames are maximum for most of the primaries
08:53<V453000>possibly even less
08:53<@planetmaker>for just a turning wheel, way less suffice
08:53<@planetmaker>in TTD they do that with just 3 :)
08:53<@planetmaker>like for coal / copper mine
08:54<@planetmaker>and also only that one (or two) tiles are animated, not all
08:54<@planetmaker>which of course is not possible for your vehicle factory. but maybe elsewhere
08:54<V453000>I will have animated YETIs doing the slave labour
08:55<V453000>which should be short tasks like chopping wood, mining with pickaxe, ...
08:55<@planetmaker>yeah. the question is whether that covers all tiles of the respective industries or just a few :)
08:56<@planetmaker>and 5 frames for sawing a log of wood is more than plenty
08:56<@planetmaker>5 might suffice... but maybe not in 4x zoom
08:57<V453000>will see
08:58<V453000>I probably wont limit myself by t he size anyway :P
08:58<@planetmaker>I'll be surprised if you do :P
08:58<V453000>. :)
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08:59<V453000>providing alternative link than bananas could work for people with BAD connection, too
09:00<@planetmaker>enable devzone build service ;)
09:00<@planetmaker>if you have the code there, that basically comes for free without extra effort
09:00<V453000>true that uploading the x GB versions would take me a whole :D
09:01<@planetmaker>why would you care?
09:01<@planetmaker>it's not like you need to push each bit individually ;)
09:01<V453000>I meant like uploading the 1 GB .grf somewhere to Files for people to download easily
09:02<V453000>in case the ingame download was being problematic to people
09:02<V453000>but yeah build service does that better
09:02<@planetmaker>I know you meant that
09:02<@planetmaker>was just suggesting easy way :)
09:02<V453000>realized no
09:03<@planetmaker> <-- this basically just does it similar to you:
09:03<@planetmaker>all code in a single file, no frills, nothing special.
09:04<@planetmaker>But the file is called .pnml instead of .nml and the Makefile system works out-of-box
09:04<@planetmaker>and doesn't matter for you to compile locally either.
09:04<@planetmaker>(could also work that way for nuts :P )
09:07<V453000>not needed there :)
09:07<@planetmaker>would be nice tho ;)
09:08<V453000>idk, for what use there?
09:08<V453000>I usually dont push until I have a new version done anyway
09:08<V453000>and when I do, I just take my compiled thingy, zip it, upload it, nothing long
09:09<@planetmaker>it's an additional test for your code to work. And you also have the possibility of the DevZone doing the work for you to build it ;)
09:12<V453000>well yeah but I only need to compile and upload to bananas, both of which I do already
09:12<@planetmaker>it's somewhat a test that the committed code actually builds that grf. Without some local modifications changing things
09:13<@planetmaker>tbh, I always have DevZone build the grfs which I upload to bananas. I simply upload the zip or tar it provides
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09:13<@planetmaker>makes sure for me that it's the same thing
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09:14<@planetmaker>and that what I claim is 1.1.1 really is 1.1.1 and not 1.1.1-modified :)
09:14<V453000>well as I usually have 1:1 amount of versions and pushes, and make a version at the same moment as when I finish&compile some feature, I am quite confident I got that working :)
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10:35<Eddi|zuHause>i have no idea why i like this song
10:36<Eddi|zuHause>it's quite far outside my usual genres
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13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r26601 trunk/src/lang/vietnamese.txt (2014-05-19 17:45:09 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>vietnamese - 62 changes by maddot
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13:58<DanMacK>Hey all
13:58<DanMacK>@seen andythenorth
13:58<@DorpsGek>DanMacK: andythenorth was last seen in #openttd 10 hours, 11 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <andythenorth> somewhere
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14:15<@Alberth>hi hi
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14:57<DanMacK> Hey andy
14:57<andythenorth>lo DanMacK
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