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06:20<steili>Hi guys - can anyone tell me the difference between STRING1, STRING2 etc. in english.txt? I'm trying to set a custom setting value, and the wiki tells me to use STRING1, but I had to use STRING2 in order to display the value in the settings windows.
06:33<Eddi|zuHause>wikis tend to be ouztdated
06:34<Eddi|zuHause>the number is the number of additional parameters consumed by the string
06:34<Eddi|zuHause>settings were changed from STRING1 to STRING2 quite a while ago, not sure why
06:36<Eddi|zuHause>you should probably change the wiki page anyway
06:42<steili>Ok, thanks. I'll update the wiki as well
06:45<steili>To bad it's outdated, I'm just getting to know the source, it would've been easier with more documentation..
06:58<@planetmaker>steili, usually our source code is quite well documented. Additionally there are the doxygen-generated docs
06:59<@planetmaker>and when you want documentation on the string system, probably is the most up-to-date info available
06:59<@planetmaker>except sources
07:05<steili>planetmaker: Thanks, nice to know. I've been reading through the source the last couple of days, and I agree that it's pretty well documented.
07:06<@planetmaker> <- doxygen
07:07<@planetmaker>if you believe it lacks documentation in places and it should be amended: patches welcome
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07:07<steili>I'll keep that in mind
07:13<Jinassi1>a while ago, i saw someone made a ship pathfinder for long routes. I am trying to find it again, but just wanna make sure if someone here knows the name of it or has a link to it.
07:17<Jinassi1>found it: I'd like to test this one out, but i lack compiling enviroment. Would anyone be so kind to patch this one in please? I'd like to test the shit out of it onn a 4kx4k map.
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07:37<@planetmaker>you're cute, Jinassi1. wanting to test single patches but not building openttd yourself? :)
07:37<@planetmaker>Sure, I'll provide you an OSX 10.4 PPC build
07:38<@planetmaker>or rather solaris?
07:38<Jinassi1>should have kept my mouth shut
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07:41<@planetmaker>if you didn't see by now why both, your request is funny from a certain perspective and missing a lot of detail on the other hand to be fullfilled when ignoring the funny part and being helpful in the way of providing fish rather than teaching to fish, I'm afraid, then I should have kept my mouth shut
07:41<@planetmaker>also, you cannot run sensibly a dedicated server, if you cannot compile OpenTTD yourself
07:42<Xaroth|Work>meow O_O
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08:19<Aristide>Xaroth|Work: o/
08:19<Aristide>planetmaker: \o
08:19<steili>I've edited the Add Patch wiki page. Feel free to correct any obvious mistakes!
08:21<Aristide>steili: Can you add a patch for prevent too large trains ? :D
08:21*Aristide run away
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08:23<Xaroth|Work>sup Aristide
08:23<@planetmaker>uh... it shouldn't even be called 'patch'. It should be called 'setting' :)
08:23<Aristide>Xaroth|Work: i'm trolling about SNCF and you ? ^^
08:23<Xaroth|Work>and explaining somebody how to program 'properly' :|
08:23<Eddi|zuHause>we do have a setting for train length
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08:24<Eddi|zuHause>not for train width though :p
08:25<@planetmaker>steili, 'patch' is a way too ambiguous term for a setting and leads to multiple types of confusion(s) :)
08:26<@planetmaker>there is also no "configure patches window" anywhere :)
08:26<steili>Yes, I know. I only focused on the technicalities. The language was so bad that I didn't fix everything
08:27<@planetmaker>it's one of the most major confusions.
08:27<steili>But the page should probably have a proper name.. hehe
08:27<@planetmaker>I'm tempted to delete all wiki pages which mention patch where it should read setting
08:29<@planetmaker>as all those pages usually are both, outdated and confusing
08:29<__ln___>the infamous "TTDPatch-style non-stop handling" or whatever its name was... pretty uninformative for anyone not familiar with TTDPatch
08:29<Eddi|zuHause>we removed that years ago?
08:30<__ln___>i think so
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08:31<@planetmaker>steili, basically the whole OpenTTDDevBlackbook is in rather more than less advanced states of negligience. Only exception might be coding style ;)
08:32<steili>planetmaker: Aight - I see
08:33<steili>I'll fix a bit more on the article anyway, someone else might find it useful
08:33<@planetmaker>yet indeed, it might be a good idea to tidy that up. But then tidy it up thoroughly.
08:36<@planetmaker>if you want to approach that, that would be very welcome
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08:39<steili>I'll see what I can do. My knowledge on the area is limited though.. :)
08:40<@planetmaker>btw, there is a "move page" function. Hidden under the drop-down arrow between "view history" and the search box
08:41<@planetmaker>I renamed that page in question :)
08:41<steili>good :)
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12:25<steili>planetmaker: I rewrote all of it:
12:28<@Alberth>wouldn't an amount of doxygen text be more useful?
12:32<steili>Well - I've the first time I looked at the source code was a couple of days ago, and I missed a short tutorial to get me started, so I decided to write one myself
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12:45<@Alberth>good idea
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13:22<Wolf01>hello o/
13:24<@planetmaker>steili, nice. Now keep it flowing :)
13:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r26618 /trunk/src/lang (6 files) (2014-05-26 17:45:33 UTC)
13:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
13:45<@DorpsGek>catalan - 8 changes by juanjo
13:45<@DorpsGek>croatian - 12 changes by VoyagerOne
13:45<@DorpsGek>french - 2 changes by glx
13:45<@DorpsGek>german - 2 changes by planetmaker
13:45<@DorpsGek>italian - 12 changes by lorenzodv
13:45<@DorpsGek>russian - 2 changes by Lone_Wolf
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15:17<Wolf01>hi andy o/
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16:15<LordAro>i think it's amusing how the last changes to the OpenTTDDevBlackBook/Settings/AddSetting wiki page were made by Alberth. 3 years ago :)
16:16<LordAro>prior to the rewrite, of course
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18:49<mateusfmcota>anyone here?
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18:52<phmadore>wow, many more than expected :)
18:54<mateusfmcota>there will be a openttd version for windows phone?
18:58<phmadore>why not? android has it. my tablet's not good enough for it, though :(
19:00<ST2>android have this: (works good on my phone... taking the screen size thing - and ofc being used to keyboards ^^)
19:00<Supercheese>the android port is unofficial
19:00<Supercheese>any port to a windows phone would also be unofficial
19:00<ST2>I know
19:00<ST2>but ofc, we can hire mateusfmcota to do it :P
19:02<phmadore>what does that matter, official/unofficial? OpenTTD is an unofficial port of TTD
19:03<Supercheese>what matters is the OTTD devs don't have android or windows phones
19:03<Supercheese>and so they can't help develop
19:03<peter1139>I bet we do.
19:03<phmadore>they need some?
19:03*phmadore looks at pile of devices...
19:03<peter1139>I bet we also all know that the game is useless on a small touchscreen device
19:03<Supercheese>they would gladly accept donated devices, I'm sure
19:03<phmadore>peter1139 that's my problem with the mobile ports, not that they're unofficial
19:04<ST2>peter1139 got my point ^^
19:04<phmadore>but my thinking is that they're a good chance to get someone interested, and if we get 10 new players out of it, hey, where's the harm?
19:05<phmadore>well, i have an idea that i'm going to do, and it will be incredibly unoffial. lol. i'm going to do a server that lets players wager on games in cryptocoins. probably going to take me quite a lenght of time. but i think it will be fun.
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19:06<phmadore>and, obvs, it would make great sense to have a 25% return to the dev community so they can pay for hosting costs and such (things that cryptocoins are very useful for)
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19:09<mateusfmcota>The problem it's I didn't know how to program yet, but i saw that someone port the sdl, library to visual studio and works with windows phone
19:14<mateusfmcota>and must be easy to made a portable version to small screen devices, just increase the maps and reorganize the icons
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19:39<Eddi|zuHause>i don't know anything about windows phone, but the regular windows version does not actually use sdl
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20:01<@Rubidium>come on, if it's a Windows phone... it should just run the Windows version of OpenTTD
20:10<steili>Just wait for MSVC for Windows Phone.. :p
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20:25<Superuser>no, it will not
20:25<Superuser>windows phones are ARM
20:25<Superuser>so they have to be compiled for that architecture specifically
20:56<steili>I meant MSVC that _runs_ on W8 (and it was a joke.. :)
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