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01:53<V453000>planetmaker: after rethinking, I think is correct, the iron ore cubes are heatening and melting by the superior volume from the reproductors, hence edges are hotter than inside
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02:39<@planetmaker>V453000, even when you heat(ed) it, the temperature inversion with hotter edges will only last very briefly. Metal is an excellent heat conductor
02:40<@planetmaker>and heat is lost at surface - edges have more surface per volume than the middle of the cube faces
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02:43<V453000>but it is still being heated?
02:45<@planetmaker>where is it being heated?
02:45<@planetmaker>in front of the 'powa' boxes?
02:46<@planetmaker>Then the hottest piece should be the one in front of the left one. And the one near the entrance with the metal cylinder on top should already be slightly cooler again
02:46<@planetmaker>but it looks hottest
02:46<@planetmaker>that's why I thought they come out heated from that building
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03:33<V453000>oh :)
03:33<V453000>well yeah, cooler again is a thing, but I only got 2 materials to blend atm :P
03:34<V453000>possibly can make 3rd though
03:34<V453000>the "heat" is not exactly heat, the iron ore melts from the music played from the powa boxes.
03:34<V453000>so yeah, I will make a 3rd material for it to cool down before the "entrance with metal cylinder" (is water)
03:35<V453000>is water but so far super primtive an unobvious :P
03:53<V453000>... when it travels in the animation it gets quite a bit more obvious, too
03:54<@planetmaker>yes, I very much assume so :)
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04:03<V453000>many things will look different, but for now ...
04:11<@planetmaker>the timing when the spheres come out of the building does not fit the speed of the cubes entering it imho
04:14<V453000>yeah, that part will completely change :)
04:15<V453000>the displacement on the molten material apparently does not quite fit the animation either (end != start)
04:15<@planetmaker>and somethingh as to be done about the pile-up of the spheres :)
04:16<@planetmaker>s/h as/ has/
04:16<@planetmaker>when done, they have a sudden massive existence failure
04:17<V453000>they wont even be there, or with some fence :)
04:17<V453000>or elsewhere
04:17<V453000>the one that comes out will go in a slide-like ride-thing path to some destination where it disappears
04:18<V453000>so far I have mainly been fiddling with making the material transition
04:18<V453000>which was the hardest part
04:21<@planetmaker>yeah, I easily believe so :)
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09:24<retro>I'm trying to compile 1.4.1 stable on linux, but my distribution provides only xz 4.x
09:25<retro>So I compiled xz 5.0.5
09:25<retro>But I don't know what specify to --with-liblzma
09:25<@planetmaker>you need xz-devel
09:25<retro>I compiled xz from source code by self.
09:25<@planetmaker>or lzma-devel. However it's called on your distro
09:25<retro>As I said, my distro has xz 4.x only
09:25<retro>4.7 I think
09:25<@planetmaker>yes, but that doesn't mean you have the headers installed i nthe right place, retro
09:26<retro>that's why I'm specifying --with-liblzma to configure
09:26<@planetmaker>the xz package is not the xz-devel package
09:26<@planetmaker>even when you compiled xz from source
09:26<@planetmaker>anyway, what distro is that?
09:27<retro>it is old Fedora
09:27<retro>I downloaded whole xz sources.
09:27<retro>And I compiled custom liblzma from them.
09:29<retro>So I'm wondering what path --with-liblzma I need.
09:29<retro>Point it to
09:29<retro>or to headers?
09:32<retro>planetmaker, I downloaded xz from
09:35<retro>I understand --with-liblzma isn't path finder
09:35<retro>So is there any way how to specify custom path to liblzma to configure?
09:36<retro>But path to wath?
09:36<retro>what file should be in that path?
09:36<retro> or headers?
09:41<retro>I tried both
09:43<retro>Wondering whats 'checking liblzma... not found' looking for.
09:45<@planetmaker>openttd checks by means of pkg-config --modversion liblzma for the version of the installed lib
09:49<retro>Yes, I found that in config.lib.
09:49<retro>right now
09:49<retro>so I need to instal liblzma to system?
09:51<@planetmaker>probably yes
09:58<retro>OK, I solve it.
09:58<retro>solved it
09:59<retro>I installed xz systemwide, since my version was 4.999beta and I went thru xz change log and nothing big happened breaking public API.
09:59<retro>And I copied liblzma.pc to /usr/lib64/pkgconfig to let pkg-config now about my new version.
09:59<retro>planetmaker, thanks for your help
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10:18<MTsPony>Q guys. Does the amount of opcodes make a different for Game wcripts like City builder etc?
10:52<__ln__>V453000: do czech places accept credit cards? (shops, fast food restaurants, etc?)
10:53<V453000>depends, the tiny ones might not, but larger ones always do
10:53<retro>__ln__, in Prague yes
10:54<__ln__>what about Pilsen?
10:54<@planetmaker>just drink enough, then you don't care :P
10:54<retro>__ln__, They have good beer. That's all I know about Pilsen. But I've been there twice and I paid with credit card.
10:55<__ln__>ok, good. then i won't need to exchange a huge amount of cash.
10:58<@planetmaker>oh... they still have a strange currency, indeed :P
10:59<__ln__>yeah :/
11:00<@planetmaker>I'm abroad fairly regularily. But I keep forgetting that there's sometimes other currencies :)
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11:04<__ln__>my friends usually stare at me for a while when i say i exchanged some danish crowns for the upcoming trip; then they realize they should too, because it's denmark.
11:04<@planetmaker>yeah :)
11:07<@planetmaker>good actually that you remind me :P
11:08<@planetmaker>__ln__, though usually that's not needed. You just find the next ATM and get your cash there
11:08<@planetmaker>if you go there by plane or train, that should be easy to accomplish
11:10<__ln__>that's true, but i feel a bit awkward if i don't have a single penny of local currency with me when arriving.
11:11<__ln__>and some ATMs may have a minimum withdrawal of 50€ or so for foreigners, which may be impractical for very short visits.
11:12<@planetmaker>easy to spend that on a night out, eating and drinking ;)
11:12<@planetmaker>maybe not in Pilsen. Beer is cheap :P
11:12<__ln__>sure, but i mean short stays like just driving through a country in one day, stopping once for eating and once for coffee/tea.
11:13<@planetmaker>oh. Well, then I don't bother with local currency indeed
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11:38<LordAro>clearly nml should be rewritten in C(++)
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11:50<retro>__ln__, you can also use ATM to get some cash from creditcard
11:50<retro>but it is now for free
11:50<retro>depends on your banks
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14:36<Wolf01>hi o/
14:37<@Alberth>hi hi
14:44<Eddi|zuHause>they should totally make an ERB between steve urkel and sheldon cooper
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18:16<Eddi|zuHause>uhm, (newgrf) gui sprites, should there be an extra_callback_info1 value for "this sprite is drawn as a cursor"?
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18:23<Eddi|zuHause>i think i only know that "u" is "undo" in vi because it's so close to "i" and i mis-press it all the time
18:26<steili>Hi guys! Which variable does {VEHICLE} expect? I've tried to supply v->unitnumber, but the strings that are produces varies from wrong train numbers (rare), "Train 0" or "<invalid something>" (my widget overflow so I can't read it).
18:28<Eddi|zuHause>steili: searched other strings that use vehicles and looked where their parameters are pushed?
18:29<Eddi|zuHause>but most likely it will have something "id" in its name
18:30<steili>Eddi: I've tried, and found some strings that indeed uses {VEHICLE}, but I'm quite new to all this, and I couldn't figure out where the values were supplied - I couldn't find any SetDParam()'s at least
18:33<steili>Well, I might have found it - it seems to be v->index :)
18:33<Eddi|zuHause>that sounds more plausible than "unitnumber" at least :)
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18:34<steili>Yes, it makes perfectly sense :) Unitnumbers aren't unique between different vehicles after all
18:34<steili>*vehicle types
18:36<perk11>the only useful vi command is :q
18:36<perk11>or killall vi
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19:18<mist>Hey guys, am new to openttd. I was wondering why my food processing plants/ farms disappear sometimes?
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19:51<@Rubidium>mist: that's "economy"; sometimes industries just go bankrupt
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19:52<@Rubidium>if you service them well, the chance of them going bankrupt is a lot smaller though
19:54<@Rubidium>but you can't ensure an industry doesn't go bankrupt, and if you fund one you don't own it (so it can still bankrupt)
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20:33<mist>it just felt as if every time i pulled out some traintracks to a place the industry just disappeared
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21:02<MTsPony>Is it possible to save multiplayer game, and reduce opcodes setting then reload?
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