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02:06<andythenorth>how about something simple, like keeping a string_ids.lng file in lang?
02:06<andythenorth>and nml parses that if it exists
02:06<andythenorth>file extension .lng is probably dumb :P
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03:03<andythenorth>FIRS has some globally unique spritelayouts etc for construction states, used by most industries
03:03<andythenorth>this is a problem :|
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03:57<andythenorth>o/ Alberth
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04:05<@planetmaker>moin moin
04:07<andythenorth>I have enough figured out to explain how a (non-elegant) partial compile will work
04:08<andythenorth>except for ensuring that stringIDs are constant
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04:08<andythenorth>but now it’s Monday, so work to do :)
04:08<andythenorth>now that I know nmlc can compile nml fragments, the whole thing is much much easier :P
04:11<andythenorth>planetmaker: what’s the custom tags stuff for? read_extra_commands() etc
04:12<@planetmaker>you can use it to define custom tags :P
04:12<andythenorth>thanks :P
04:13<@planetmaker>like there is the standard tags for strings {CARGO}, {NUM} etc
04:13<@planetmaker>you use it e.g. to define {VERSION} or similar
04:13<@planetmaker>to be used in different strings
04:13<andythenorth>not adaptable to my purpose of maintaining constants :)
04:14<@planetmaker>only useful for stuff to appear in strings
04:14<andythenorth>I couldn’t find where string names resolve to numeric IDs
04:15<andythenorth>I assumed they are just assigned in the order they are parsed in lang file
04:15<andythenorth>or such
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04:17<@planetmaker>I'd expect it to be resolved in the order as used in code
04:17<andythenorth>I can’t see assignments anywhere at parse time, so it must be in some other stage
04:17*andythenorth should learn some compiler theory
04:17<andythenorth>then I could refer to things properly
04:18<andythenorth>instead of ‘thingy’ and ‘thingy'
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04:19<andythenorth>ok, maybe IDs are assigned in the code generation step
04:19*andythenorth read a compiler-basics tutorial
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04:36*Eddi|zuHause imagines andy having great fun with attributed grammars and tree algorithms
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09:04<UukGoblin>bleugh, I can't build stuff on my own land :-(
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09:13<UukGoblin>it's just like in real life :-/
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09:17<toobored>wow. didn't expect that many people :)
09:17<toobored>I've been trying to modify 2cc set in order to enable auto-refiting in goto orders
09:17<@Rubidium>there aren't that many people here
09:19<toobored>it depends. I think IRC usage is declining
09:19<toobored>is anyone around here relevant with the NFO codebase of 2CC?
09:19<toobored>I have the wagons with a refit cost of 0 in 1c prop as instructed in the wiki page
09:20<@Rubidium>that's a bit the point; there are 100+ people in this channel, of which maybe 20 occasionally say something and maybe 10 talk fairly often
09:20<@Rubidium>I'm not one that knows enough NFO to help with your problem though
09:20<toobored>surely you know more than me
09:21<toobored>this is the defined MISC prop: 27 THIS_WAG_MISC
09:22<TrueBrain>wait ... you want to say people idle in this channel?!
09:22<TrueBrain>I am sure some of these people never said a word :P
09:22<TrueBrain>never ever
09:22<TrueBrain>take this Xaroth .. always just lurking .. never contributing
09:22<TrueBrain>useless people
09:26<toobored>it wasn't that simple after all.
09:26<toobored>I changed THIS_WAG_MISC (the 27th prop to include the needed bit) to no avail.
09:27<toobored>REFIT_COST seems to be zero but still the auto-refit button doesn't get enabled
09:30<frosch123>there is even a bot here, with the only purpose to wish a new year
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10:25<gynter>web is broken?
10:26<gynter>502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.2.1 @ css files
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10:35<@Alberth>services of openttd are getting transfered to a different machine
10:40<frosch123>couldn't you have noticed it 10 minutes earlier? :)
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11:14<gynter>Is there a way to modify openttd that if it's loaded with a save game file (-g flag) then a full map screenshot is made and after that client is exited :) ?
11:15<gynter>Or are there any external tools to create a timelapse from saves?
11:15<@Rubidium>respectively yes and no
11:15<frosch123>there have been multiple patches
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11:28<Eddi|zuHause>i remember a timelapse thingie
11:29<Eddi|zuHause>but taking a screenshot is probably easiest if you use one of the "on_<whatever>.scr" scripts in the scripts directory
11:32<Eddi|zuHause>if you actually want a screenshot of the overview map, then you probably need some patching
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14:02<Wolf01>hi hi
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14:22<Wolf01>doh, installed openvpn, need to reboot to use the TAP... tomorrow
14:22<peter1139>Reboot? Why?
14:22<peter1139>Oh right.
14:23<Wolf01>now, back on rpgmaker :P
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14:27<Wolf01>125x74, how much ugly is this size?
14:27<Xaroth|Work>a lot
14:32<Wolf01>I have an image 2000x1189 to divide in tiles of 32x32 and keep a nice resolution
14:33<Wolf01>any artist could give me a hint?
14:40<@Rubidium>wouldn't 89 by 55 be something?
14:40<Wolf01>too little
14:40<@Rubidium>what size are you looking for roughly?
14:41<Wolf01>about 200x150
14:41<@Rubidium>223 by 144 ;)
14:41<@Rubidium>uhm 233 by 144
14:41<Wolf01>still a weird size :P
14:42<@Rubidium>but that's F13 by F12
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14:49<Wolf01>ok, it doesn't look much stretched
14:49<Wolf01>I'll take some years now to cover it with tiles
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15:09<Eddi|zuHause>if you're worried about aspect ratio, just cut off a bit on the sides?
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15:10<Wolf01>yes, that could help, and the size suggested by Rubidium is really good
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15:23<andythenorth>if nml would just write the string names back out into the nfo as constants, I could blat them out with cpp or python in a processing step
15:23<andythenorth>or I could try and teach nml to maintain string constants
15:24<andythenorth>or pass a constants file in
15:26<andythenorth>the first thing to do would be to read the nml src which handles IDs
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15:26<andythenorth>because currently I’ve no idea how it works, might be solving wrong problem
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15:33<andythenorth>maybe action4 has the clue
15:34<andythenorth>I’ll look there next
15:34<andythenorth> ?
15:36<andythenorth>can someone who is actually competent help me with this?
15:36<andythenorth>looks like textIDs are alllocated randomly
15:37<andythenorth>unless an ID is found from a ConstantNumeric via global_constants
15:37<andythenorth>which suggests that if I extend numeric constants in global_constants, the strings will get picked up there
15:38<andythenorth>I probably have this wrong :P
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15:43<andythenorth>L150 and following
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16:48*andythenorth wants a ‘kick cdist’ button to force a recalculation of routing :)
16:53<fonsinchen>andythenorth: You can set the recalculation interval and time to small values
16:53<fonsinchen>I usually set it to 2/2 for testing
16:53<andythenorth>it was my own fault
16:53<andythenorth>I failed to scrap a vehicle with old orders
16:53<andythenorth>so waybill carried on allocated cargo
16:53<andythenorth>allocating *
16:56<andythenorth>I am still playing the waybill patch
16:56<peter1139>The what?
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17:02<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r26636 trunk/src/saveload/vehicle_sl.cpp (2014-06-09 17:42:48 UTC)
17:03<@DorpsGek>-Fix [FS#6026-ish]: (memory) size of variables saved for disaster vehicles was not correct in saveload description
17:03<@DorpsGek>Commit by rubidium :: r26637 trunk/src/base_media_func.h (2014-06-09 17:43:59 UTC)
17:03<@DorpsGek>-Fix [FS#6038]: segmentation fault when encountering a .obg/.obs/.obm with empty string/zero length/ MD5 checksums
17:03<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r26638 trunk/src/lang/english_US.txt (2014-06-09 17:45:16 UTC)
17:03<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
17:03<@DorpsGek>english_US - 1 changes by Supercheese
17:08<andythenorth>peter1139: yes
17:08<andythenorth>it is a what
17:10<andythenorth>when is mult-docks?
17:10<andythenorth>multi even
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