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05:02<toobored>hey guys
05:02<toobored>is there a way to debug town growth rating?
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05:03<toobored>Have a town that unloads/loads multiple trains per month on it's authority, but town doesn't grow and I have bad bad ratings :/
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05:06<peter1139>More stations.
05:07<wakou2>Plant trees everywhere in that authority
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05:23<toobored>have done that already!
05:23<toobored>let me post an img.
05:23<peter1139>Towns grow quicker with more active stations.
05:23<peter1139>By stations I mean any transport type, not just rail.
05:24<toobored>yeah I have a bus service as well.
05:25<peter1139>Oh, NewGRFs. Could be anything then.
05:27<peter1139>The city view will tell you a little bit.
05:28<toobored>i'm not familiar with this...
05:28<toobored>minimap thingie?
05:28<peter1139>No, click on the city name in the main viewport.
05:29<toobored>a yeah. sorry about that... "Town is not growing", Appalling rating.
05:30<peter1139>Authority rating doesn't affect town growth, I don't think.
05:31<toobored>yeah. I read about that but again I left the town for N years with just the peripheral cargo stations and the rating was stack to Mediocre while it was supposed to be increasing with each active station
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11:59<Flygon>It's snowing in Oklahoma City
11:59<Flygon>This's what happens when you get Steam Tram gridlock
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14:29<Wolf01>hi o/
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14:34<Wolf01>cd1->setup->please insert cd2->please insert cd1->continue->please insert cd1
14:34<Wolf01>how we survived at the times of games on cdroms?
14:35<Wolf01>and the cd3 what is for?
14:35<@Alberth>cdroms? tapes!
14:36<Wolf01>a DAT is surely better
14:36<@Alberth> I meant casette-deck tapes :p
14:37<@Alberth>a whopping 240 chars/sec, or 0.23 k/s :)
14:37<Wolf01>I used those with the Amstrad 464 (I couldn't afford a Commodore)
14:38<frosch123>wing command 3 only ever needed cd 1 3 and 7
14:38<frosch123>no idea what was on 2 4 5 and 6
14:39<@Alberth>counter-pirating measure :)
14:39<frosch123>nah, they came later
14:40<frosch123>the suse linux cds otoh were obvious bloat
14:40<frosch123>7 cds, only need 1
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14:40<frosch123>the other ones were random snapshots of random servers
14:40<frosch123>with software you wouldn't find anyway without an internet search
14:41<frosch123>hmm, though i think one contained source bundles
14:41<frosch123>so, ok, 2 of 7 cds were fine :)
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15:02<Wolf01>ahahah best quote of the day: "German basically has two settings: kawaii and metal, and there is no in between"
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15:17<Eddi|zuHause>what's a kawaii?
15:22<NGC982>Kawai is keyboards for me.
15:23<@Rubidium>yeah, leaving out an i can make a huge difference
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16:50<Wolf01>'night all
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17:16<UukGoblin>how do I increase my rating in a city in which I don't have anything built yet?
17:16<UukGoblin>all the ad campaigns seem to only attract more passengers to my stations, but I don't have any stations there and they don't allow me to build any...
17:30<Supercheese>Plant trees
17:30<Supercheese>lots and lots of trees
17:31<Supercheese>near the city, of course
17:31<UukGoblin>aah. good point.
17:32<UukGoblin>but there's already a lot of them... I guess I should kill them and re-plant, but that feels.. bad
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17:45<Diablo-D3>Hey, it worked.
17:45<Diablo-D3>Rubidium: thanks
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19:28<UukGoblin>it's kinda funny... it's more profitable to transport stuff from faar across the map than to just use the one that's local
19:33<Diablo-D3>I dunno, openttd dynamics are rather screwed up
19:46<UukGoblin>hey d3 ;-)
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21:54<Eddi|zuHause>UukGoblin: do you have any idea how often a t-shirt travelled around the world when you buy it in the shop?
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