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04:30<@planetmaker>not yet
04:35<V453000>no moin
04:35<V453000>or moanin
04:35<V453000>moar nutez
04:36<@planetmaker>paranuts. If you shake 'em enough, they'll naturally surface
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04:41<argoneus>V453000: do you have a car?
04:41<V453000>how the hell does that matter
04:41*argoneus wants to get a car eventually but has no idea what is cheap to buy and maintain
04:41<V453000>jesus fuck
04:41<V453000>depends. :)
04:42<argoneus>I figured that VW/skoda would fall into that category?
04:42<argoneus>since both are produced here?
04:42<argoneus>I mean, I'd imagine it's expensive to repair fords and renaults, no?
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04:43<@planetmaker>Those are expensive to repair which often break down
04:43<argoneus>planetmaker: you talking about fords etc?
04:44<@planetmaker>I didn't compile any statistics.
04:45<@peter1138>It all depends on the car, not really the brand.
04:45<@planetmaker>well, the same screw for a Porsche probably costs 5x as much as for a Fiat ;)
04:46<argoneus>peter1138: car piece by piece, or car model by model?
04:46<argoneus>as in
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04:46<argoneus>are all ford focuses similar in duraiblity?
04:46<argoneus>but it also depends on year, no?
04:47<@peter1138>It all depends, as V453000 said.
04:47<V453000>what I mainly meant is that you should stop "do you have job A, did you do B to get it, and do you live like C now?"
04:47<argoneus>so basically I need to pray to god and buy something and hope it werks?
04:48<@peter1138>V453000, exactly.
04:48<argoneus>V453000: I don't understand
04:48<Jinassi>morning, argoneus, you wanna buy a reliable car?
04:49<V453000>that you should get back to working/studying and not care so much about what other people do or how did they get to it :)
04:49<argoneus>V453000: well, I could really use a car
04:49<argoneus>since we have none in my family, and members of my family who can't really walk that great would like to go to places too :<
04:49<V453000>well then you will probably want to buy an older one anyway, and there it ultra differs
04:49<argoneus>I don't care if it looks like from the 19th century and drives 50 only
04:49<V453000>not just brands / models but also its state etc
04:50<argoneus>I just want something, but I don't even know what that something is that I'm looking for
04:50<V453000>kind of hard to answer then
04:50<argoneus>and from my understanding those salesmen will do anything to sell shitty cars that have been in accidents before
04:50<argoneus>so I was wondering if you had any suggestions :<
04:50<argoneus>from experience or such
04:50<V453000>not really
04:51<Jinassi>I do, get a mechanic, pay him a beer or a kegel and take him with you to find a good,reliable car
04:51<@planetmaker>that is sound advice indeed, Jinassi :)
04:51<argoneus>oh, right
04:51<argoneus>having a friend mechanic is a good idea, I guess
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04:52<argoneus>do people in the shops let you drive the car to a mechanic to check it out?
04:52<@planetmaker>if they're proper business men, yes
04:52<@planetmaker>if they're cut-throats, then no
04:53<@peter1138>you might get a test drive with them
04:53<@peter1138>so no cars in your family
04:53<@peter1138>does anyone have a driving license? heh
04:53<V453000>what is the bad thing on taking them with you? :D
04:54<@peter1138>indeed, you want them to give a glance before you set foot in it, let alone move it
04:54<argoneus>peter1138: nope
04:55<argoneus>my family is me, my mom, and my 80 year old grandparents
04:55<argoneus>if I don't drive, no one will :<
04:56<Jinassi>argoneus, what car do you like so far?
04:56<argoneus>some older fabia or a vw golf
04:56<argoneus>they aren't that expensive I think?
04:56<Jinassi>will you be taking long or short routes?
04:57<argoneus>40 km there and back once/twice per month I'd guess
04:57<argoneus>so like 2500km/year?
04:57<@planetmaker>argoneus, depends also on what you call "not so expensive". You can get a brand new Fabia for 10k€
04:57<argoneus>of course not brand new
04:57<argoneus>used is what I'm talking about
04:57<argoneus>brand new is way out of my league
04:58<argoneus>that's why I think it's tricky
04:58<@planetmaker>A Golf starts at not quite twice that price
04:58<@planetmaker>but used prices then scale somewhat :)
04:58<argoneus>aren't the cheapest on the market basically
04:58<argoneus>"I don't have an engine or I was in a major accident"
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05:01<Jinassi>we can write a thesis about buying used cars, i bought like 6 for myself and my better part, got any voice comms to talk? i cba to write it all, since i'd like to help you out not buying a repainted shit that will start to break and rust in 2 months
05:02<argoneus>I'm at work right now :<
05:02<argoneus>Jinassi: where are you from by the way?
05:02<Jinassi>slovenija :)
05:03<Jinassi>yeh, not many knows where that is, it's like we're the black sheep of Europe
05:03<argoneus>I know where it is
05:03<argoneus>just making sure it's not slovakia
05:03<Jinassi>nope lol
05:03<argoneus>I'm not exactly sure where it is tbh
05:03<argoneus>south of austria Ithink
05:04<argoneus>south or southeast
05:05<argoneus>Jinassi: but basically
05:05<argoneus>does it apply that if a car looks too cheap to be true
05:05<argoneus>then it probably is?
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06:59<Sacro>@seen Bjarni
06:59<@DorpsGek>Sacro: Bjarni was last seen in #openttd 3 years, 7 weeks, 3 days, 11 hours, 40 minutes, and 5 seconds ago: <Bjarni> heh
06:59<Sacro>@seen KUDr
06:59<@DorpsGek>Sacro: I have not seen KUDr.
07:00<@peter1138>The shame of C++
07:01<V453000>nuts grew to 50mb already XD
07:02<V453000>65mb unpacked :d
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07:50<argoneus>I bet you guys haven't even played call of duty modern warfare 3
07:59<V453000>but we have played openttd
07:59<V453000>which is quite a lot more intelligent :)
07:59<V453000>you cant get a car for it yeah
08:00<@planetmaker>fully ack, V453000
08:02<Eddi|zuHause>i'd probably play on this level:
08:04<V453000>I dont even remotely understand how can anybody buy the same exact game every year
08:04<V453000>call of duty 12038911
08:04<V453000>that just sounds purely idiotic to me
08:04<V453000>you run and shoot shit, probably the same mechanics, perhaps with TINY differences and graphics to sell it
08:07<Eddi|zuHause>but! there's a campaign with about half an hour of storyline!
08:07<@planetmaker>it's called 'call of duty' as they consider it your duty to shell out the money. anually. ever more
08:08<V453000>big points
08:08<V453000>both of you
08:08<V453000>unfortunately both are very valid I guess
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08:13<@peter1138>FPS should be played with mouse, anyway...
08:15<V453000>toilet paper is great in case of first person shitter
08:15<@peter1138>Although I played Doom with keyboard, back in the day.
08:16<Eddi|zuHause>i played sokoban.
08:16<Eddi|zuHause>(actually, i did play a bit of doom)
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10:33<argoneus>the cod's aren't THAT bad
10:33<argoneus>1 was great, 2 was awesome, 3 doesn't exist, MW1 awesome, 5 good, MW2 fine, black ops good, MW3 ehh, blops2 ehh, advanced warfare 2 fine\
10:34<V453000>which doesnt change anything on the thing that they are all the same? :D
10:34<argoneus>they aren't really
10:34<argoneus>at least 1 2 4 and 5 are very different
10:34<argoneus>4 and MW2 and MW3 are kinda similar
10:34<argoneus>blops 1/2 are similar
10:34<argoneus>adv warfare is differentish
10:35<argoneus>I forgot ghosts
10:35<argoneus>never played ghosts
10:35<V453000>how does it differ?
10:35<argoneus>do I need to cover 1 2 4 and 5 or are those obvious?
10:36<V453000>I go and shoot shit with similar mechanics
10:36<argoneus>those are very different
10:36<V453000>+different grafix! (OMG)
10:37<argoneus>1 was slow paced, had a health system, no hit indicators, WW2 setting
10:37<argoneus>cod2 has better graphics, is slow and tactical, has regenerating health, has a different weapon system, has hit indicators, maps are different, new game modes
10:37<argoneus>cod4 is modern setting, very fast paced, very quick maps, fast shooting and reloading weapons, lots of movement, has sprinting
10:38<argoneus>cod5 is like a mix between 4 and 2
10:38<argoneus>these four feel very different
10:38<argoneus>and are played differently
10:39<argoneus>after that they are kinda similar I guess
10:39<argoneus>but black ops has a great campaign
10:39<argoneus>and advanced warfare has new movement mechanics
10:45<@peter1138>Is it like Minecraft?
10:49<Eddi|zuHause>minecraft is so cruel...
10:50<Eddi|zuHause>i fished an almost perfect bow out of the ocean
10:50<Eddi|zuHause>and it can't be repaired
10:50<@peter1138>Why not?
10:50<Eddi|zuHause>anvil says it's too expensive
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13:00<ginko>Interesting game on sale on steam (autumn sale) - available for Linux / Mac / Windows, in Alpha, active modding community, Prison Architect
13:00<ginko>Personally have not bought it, but some of you might be interested maybe
13:01<Jinassi>tell me, have you tried KSP yet?
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13:02<+glx>stop spamming
13:02<ginko>Jinassi which is what?
13:03<ginko>glx sorry, thought it would not bother anyone
13:03<Jinassi>Kerbals in space :p so easy on 1st looks, but so hard once you dig in
13:04<Eddi|zuHause>it's only rocket science, how hard can it be...
13:06<ginko>So a Be Elon Musk simulator? ;)
13:06<@planetmaker>ginko, this is not a general game advertizement channel.
13:07<@planetmaker>you now advertized it twice. And keep it at that.
13:07<@planetmaker>we don't exactly need off-topic spam
13:08<ginko>Off-topic discussions are plenty
13:08<@planetmaker>yes. But people who join the channel just to advertize their current favourite game are rare
13:08<@planetmaker>very rare
13:08<ginko>I don't want to have this discussion really. This content is not wanted here, I got notice, I understand, sorry, won't happen again
13:09<ginko>I am not playing it btw, don't think I'd like it
13:09<ginko>Jinassi Kerbal Space Program? Looks interesting
13:09<@planetmaker>kinda makes it worse, doesn't it?
13:10<ginko>planetmaker I thought many in here could be interested even though it's not to my taste
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14:10<Jinassi>would anyone be so kind and enlighten me, if pulling logs with rcon would cripple a running game?
14:11<frosch123>no idea what logs you mean, but likely it has no effect
14:11<Jinassi>hoping that using rcon gamelo would give me actions players did
14:11<Jinassi>*rcon gamelog
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14:12<Jinassi>as i am not able to wake up host lol
14:12<frosch123>no, it doesn't log players
14:12<frosch123>it only logs server admins breaking the savegame
14:12<Jinassi>ah, thank you frosch123
14:12*Jinassi giggles
14:13<Jinassi>i ain't touching that then, since it will have no effect, maybe if i do break it, some alarms would sound...
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14:14<Wolf01>hi hi
14:14<Jinassi>I presume there is something similar running, altough I'd have to ssh in to pull it
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15:34<George>how does the cost of rail types converttation is calculated?
15:36<Wolf01>"cost of the new type - removal income of the old type" I suppose
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15:39<frosch123> <- nah, in ottd the least important thing needs to have a hyper-complex mechanic
15:39<frosch123>which someone believed to me realistic
15:40<Wolf01>Ok, at least I got the first instruction right :P
15:43<@planetmaker>omg... really...
15:44<frosch123>i am sure there were multiple bug reports when it was just like wolf said :p
15:45<frosch123>i also recall a forum topic, but likely it was not helpful
15:47<George>frosch123: could you have a look at FS#6177?
15:47<George>What do you think about it?
15:50<frosch123>apparently your prices are flawed
15:50<frosch123>as you can see in above code, compatible railtypes are cheaper to convert
15:51<frosch123>they are only as expensive as rebuiling, if removal of rail is really cheap
15:52<frosch123>also, about anything involving costs my answer will always be: i don't care
15:53<frosch123>also i always hoped for modular newgrfs which work with others, anything that relies on fixed stuff i consider bad thus
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16:11<@peter1138>I think that was probably Celestar :)
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16:55<Eddi|zuHause>hm, there's a big discount of heroes 6, and i thought to myself: "well, i liked heroes 3, maybe they didn't screw it up enough for me to hate it", but all the reviews are like "fucking uplay is horrible and game can't be played at all"
17:03<Eddi|zuHause>how did it get to this place where even potentially nice games are completely screwed over by DRM crap?
17:06<Sheogorath>why in multiplayer it isn't allowed to take over a company
17:06<Eddi|zuHause>only if they go bankrupt
17:07<Eddi|zuHause>not by buying 100% shares
17:07<Eddi|zuHause>since the game is not balanced at all, it would be a terrible mechanic
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17:19<Jinassi>Eddi|zuHause: I was in the same place as you are when Settlers 7 came out, loved the entire series. Then they started with Uplay and "online bonus" content. Thank you and goodbye
17:20<Jinassi>that was quite a few years ago though, must be really tight by now. Haven't bought anything from Ubi since then
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17:33<Eddi|zuHause>hm, "mini metro"... sounds like something andythenorth would get addicted to.
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