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04:39<argoneus>go to bed, 3d max
04:40<argoneus>im 2d bob and I'll slap you're shit
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07:00<andythenorth>so are there any good futuristic train grfs?
07:00<andythenorth>and what’s good about them?
07:00<andythenorth>what should futuristic trains do?
07:00<andythenorth>hyper-fast pax, or what?
07:01<@peter1138>Hyper-fast and hyper-cheap, to compete with inflation, which can't be turned off as that is cheating...
07:02<lastmikoi>well, implementing worldwide economy collapse would be needed in order to have realistic inflation :p
07:03<V453000>having things faster than 500kmh is just ugly imo
07:04<V453000>500 is kind of the maximum where you can actually see trains move normally
07:04<lastmikoi>teleportation ?
07:04<argoneus>if you could teleport why would you need trains
07:04<lastmikoi>because retro
07:04<Jinassi>vacuum tube goes 4kkmh, is that fast enough?
07:05<V453000>btw wasnt bad brett od somebody making a patch for smoother train travelling?
07:05<V453000>with x4 it is a bit meh in higher speeds (already like 250kmh)
07:05<V453000>vac trains are just wrong
07:06<@peter1138>There is no smooth train travelling.
07:06<@peter1138>That would require the game logic to run faster.
07:07<@peter1138>Or rather more often.
07:08<@peter1138>You could possibly make slow vehicles smoother, though.
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07:11<supermop_>future trains should have nicer liveries?
07:12<@peter1138>Future trains should be steam...
07:12<@peter1138>Like that 5AT crap...
07:13<argoneus>how hard would it be to implement direct control?
07:13<supermop_>future houses produce fewer passengers as everyone telecommutes?
07:13<argoneus>like click to control a train and forward/backward with arrows
07:13<@peter1138>It's simple.
07:13<@peter1138>But pointless.
07:13<@peter1138>There's better train simulators around.
07:13<argoneus>I don't know any good train sims
07:14<argoneus>only flight sims
07:14<argoneus>can you recommend any?
07:14<argoneus>there's the one with like $500 worth of DLC on steam
07:14<argoneus>but I dunno if that's any good
07:14<@peter1138>No, that's shit.
07:14<argoneus>why don't people make decent train or bus simulators ;;
07:15<@peter1138>There's BVE/OpenBVE.
07:15<argoneus>can you press buttons in your cabin there?
07:15<argoneus>and open/close doors and get passengers etc
07:17<argoneus>do you know any others? I never heard about this
07:17<@peter1138>The Steam one is actually okay, but it's totally ruined by everything being extra DLC.
07:18<@peter1138>Bit sluggish too.
07:18<argoneus>do you know any bus sims? :<
07:18<argoneus>I found OMSI but it's weird
07:18<@peter1138>There's... Bus Simulator
07:18<@peter1138>Bit old now.
07:19<@peter1138>No first-person view IIRC.
07:19<argoneus>the closest I've seen was city bus simulator new york or something
07:19<@peter1138>Which is kinda retarded.
07:19<argoneus>but that wa pretty much one straight street
07:19<@peter1138>Let's make one!
07:19<argoneus>but you could open doors
07:19<argoneus>and take money from people and give them tickets
07:19<argoneus>OMSI is pretty hardcore
07:19<argoneus>it simulates those machines they have, which I have no idea how to operate
07:20<argoneus>and every bus has a different one....
07:20<@peter1138>That ticket machine?
07:20<argoneus>it's not just ticket
07:20<argoneus>it tracks the route, current station, time, expected time, etc
07:21<@peter1138>Maybe. I've not been on a bus for about 20 years.
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07:22<@peter1138>Back then they stood up to wind the sign around...
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07:23<@peter1138>Well it only showed the route number and the final destination, so not that often.
07:23<@peter1138>If a bus was late, it was late, we didn't know when it was going to arrive.
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07:26<@peter1138>And then we had to wait, because there were no smartphones to immerse ourselves in.
07:26<argoneus>you had books
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07:28<andythenorth>peter1138: allegedly we all used to talk to each
07:29<andythenorth>and in other myths, it was always safe to leave your door open
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07:33<LaPingvino>hello :)
07:33<LaPingvino>What is the best way to configure a server, when an admin password is set in the openttd.cfg?
07:34<LaPingvino>how does that work?
07:34<LaPingvino>I can also just edit that file, but the documentation is not really complete about that...
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07:36<Jinassi> you tried this, right?
07:36<@planetmaker>mind, editing openttd.cfg has no effect when OpenTTD is currently running
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07:49<LaPingvino>I already restarted, so that should work
07:49<LaPingvino>I knew the -D option out of my head
07:49<LaPingvino>so I didn't see that page...
07:50<@peter1138>planetmaker, not entirely true. Better to say that OpenTTD will only read it on start up, and will overwrite it on exit.
07:50<LaPingvino>I had the server down, uploaded/edited the file then, then started the server
07:50<LaPingvino>so that should work, I also edited the name and the name has indeed changed, so that should be ok
07:50<LaPingvino>but where do I use the admin password?
07:52<Jinassi>when you join as a player you can use rcon <password> commands to conrtol/change server settings
07:52<LaPingvino>ah ok :)
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07:55<@planetmaker>:) @ peter1138
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07:57<Taede>mind that adminpassword and rconpassowrd are 2 different things
07:57<Taede>what jinassi described is the rcon-password
07:57<Taede>the admin-password is for use by a program that connects via the adminport
07:58<Taede>iirc only one can be set at a time, if both are set in the cfg, only the adminpassword is set
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10:12<LaPingvino>can anybody explain me the semantics of the linkgraph options in openttd.cfg?
10:12<LaPingvino>they are for cargodist right?
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10:19<@Alberth>euhm, how was that again?
10:19<@Alberth>load a town name grf, activate it in the options
10:19<@Alberth>create new game
10:20<LaPingvino>I know that :)
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10:20<LaPingvino>just not how to do that via rcon commands...
10:20<@Alberth>sorry, no idea either, I mostly play SP :)
10:21<LaPingvino>ok, tnx anyway :)
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13:31<@Alberth>hi hi
13:31<@Alberth>/me just found you have fish with negative weight
13:32<frosch123>maybe the fish help with swimming
13:33<@Alberth>doesn't look like it, empty trawler is quicker :)
13:33<frosch123>ah, so they swim against the the ship, to prevent their destiny
13:34<@Alberth>sounds likely
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13:35<andythenorth>oh some kind of bug
13:35<andythenorth>what larks
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13:42<andythenorth>need to find all those pesky bugs
13:42<andythenorth>so 1.0 can for christmas
13:42<andythenorth>be *
13:42<andythenorth>typing is a problem
13:44<@Alberth>the medium skips all words that you think :(
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14:00<andythenorth>what will andythenorth do next :P
14:03<frosch123>someone beat V to come up with the idea to refit vehicles between pax and cargo
14:03<frosch123>so, that is not available for you either
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14:06<andythenorth>I already coded that in Road Hog and discarded it because it’s broken
14:06<andythenorth>and not interesting to change either
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14:16<andythenorth>maybe I should play ottd
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14:51<V453000>frosch123: ?
14:51<V453000>some nuts trains can do that, universal wagons maybe too ... some
14:52<V453000>unsure ... why would you need that?
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15:30*andythenorth curry
15:30<andythenorth>very nice
15:30<Wolf01>hello andy :D
15:34<Wolf01>so, my coworker is in London, I was reading the news while chatting with my boss and as soon as I read about the problem at Heatrow I exclaimed "damn, he did it again :D" and my boss laughed hard
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15:42<__ln__>Wolf01, quale è la differenza tra 'giorno' e 'giornata'?
15:44<Wolf01>'giorno' mean 'day', usually 'giornata' means the bright part of the day :P
15:45<__ln__>ok, makes sense. grazie
15:46<Wolf01>but they are interchangeable, like every synonym word in italian
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16:04-!-Rubidium_ is now known as Rubidium
16:05<Rubidium>I'd reckon that the longest "giorno" is at a different date than the longest "giornata"
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16:09<andythenorth>I need to test Squid with expiring vehicles
16:09<andythenorth>how droll
16:17<andythenorth>Alberth: still playing your game? o_O
16:17<andythenorth>how’s it developing?
16:18<@Alberth> Transport, 1899-11-18.sav
16:18<@Alberth>7 tile oil trains @ 40km/h was a bit slow, so I added an engine :)
16:19<@Alberth>and the fish became quite heavy in the trains too :)
16:22<@Alberth>:o many more fishing ground near the corner of the map
16:23*andythenorth knows that it might get more interesting soon :)
16:23<@Alberth>and after I made all these tracks, they build a harbour at the right corner of the map :p
16:24<andythenorth>silly industry placement routine
16:25<andythenorth>ha ha that supplies truck looks very out of place
16:25<andythenorth>it has 1950s graphics
16:25<@Alberth>I should have a little more industries, connected most stuff already
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16:26<@Alberth>quite :)
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16:27<andythenorth>looking at your saves is much easier than playtesting the grfs myself
16:31<@Alberth>your clay default cargo is a bit weird perhaps, as it is a port cargo
16:31<@Alberth>although just this economy probably
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16:33<@Alberth>how difficult is it to recolour the cargo graphics? I find it a bit boring that all cargoes have the same colour
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16:34<andythenorth>which wagons aren’t showing clay?
16:34<piroko>So let's say I've lost a depot. Is there a way to see depots or jump to the nearest depot for a particular vehicle or something without sending said vehicle to a depot?
16:35<Eddi|zuHause>you can make everything except company structures transparent/invisible
16:36<Eddi|zuHause>with ctrl+x
16:37<andythenorth>yeah, no clay support yet
16:37<andythenorth>I’ll fix that
16:37*andythenorth wonders what colour clay is
16:37<piroko>Eddi|zuHause: Nice thanks
16:37<Eddi|zuHause>but probably anything from grey to yellow via red
16:38<@Alberth>firs pink-ish colour would be ok
16:40<@Alberth>combine car is quite nice, I think
16:40<andythenorth>I find it weird
16:40<andythenorth>but Dan wanted it and I have no objection
16:41<andythenorth>if you combine it with Chaplin tank engine, you get a 1.0 long pax/mail train with quite nice stats and low costs
16:41<andythenorth>which is good because there are no decent buses or trams
16:44<@Alberth>oh indeed, it's fast
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21:44<Eddi|zuHause><V453000> btw wasnt bad brett od somebody making a patch for smoother train travelling?
21:44<Eddi|zuHause>i have a patch for a variable
21:45<Eddi|zuHause>which was somewhat rejected
21:48<Eddi|zuHause>the variable behaves a bit weird, anyway
21:49<Eddi|zuHause>and you have to duplicate your sprites for each offset
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21:50<Eddi|zuHause>anyway, this would mainly benefit lower speeds
21:51<Eddi|zuHause>for higher speeds you can't get around the once-per-tick quantization of movement
21:53<Eddi|zuHause>so basically anything above 128km/h is unlikely to improve
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