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08:45<EmeraldNext>So, uh, quick question.
08:46<EmeraldNext>Would it be possible to create a short video series (or video) acting as a tutorial for OpenTTD based directly on the OpenTTD wiki? (with the proper attribution and intro sequence/such)
08:49<EmeraldNext>Would anyone know where I could get permission to do so?
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08:53<blathijs>EmeraldNext: Permission for what exactly? To use images of OpenTTD / OpenGFX?
08:53<blathijs>EmeraldNext: Or permission to put something on the wiki?
08:53<@Alberth>it's all gpl, so if you give proper credits, go ahead
08:53<EmeraldNext>No, no, just to make a non-profit video that uses the outlined script, as a quick introduction to newer players.
08:53<__ln__>Alberth: it's not
08:54<__ln__>Alberth: the wiki content is under GFDL
08:54<EmeraldNext>__ln__: I'll look up that license, then.
08:54<@Alberth> :)
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08:55<@Alberth>but coming from GNU, it's likely to have similar terms of use
08:55<EmeraldNext>Thanks, Alberth - Guess that isn't a problem, although I'm not sure how I can apply it to a youtube video - unless I'm mistaken - let me check very quickly, since Creative Commons isn't an adequate sub
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08:56<EmeraldNext>Well, I guess I'll just put it in the description of the video then, noting its copyleft nature (and all derivative work/reproductions must carry the same license) plus a noting of the original source very clearly at the start.
08:56<EmeraldNext>Thank you very much for your assistance.
08:56<@Alberth>Be clear where you got the information from, and how people can find things on their own
08:57<@Alberth>that also fits your purpose of a tutorial
08:57<EmeraldNext>Yes, I don't mean for this to be the only reference source and I intend to very strongly emphasize the content of the Wiki over my own work.
08:58<@Alberth>I am not so sure the wiki is that interesting tbh
08:58<EmeraldNext>It's a very good reference source, but not structured well, in my personal opinion, for newcomers.
08:59<@Alberth>the initial tutorial is nice, but a bit simple
08:59<EmeraldNext>The Quick Start guide has some gaping holes in defining the logic of OpenTTD (well, I guess I could campaign for a change if it should come to such matters) but this is all plans I need to get to work, lest this ambition is to disappear beneath time.
08:59<@Alberth>then you have a large amount of nothing
09:00<@Alberth>and then at the other end, loads of random stuff for advanced/specific goals
09:00<@Alberth>you may want to check out the tutorial game script
09:00<argoneus>why do people like zbase so much
09:01<argoneus>isn't that thing more proof of concept
09:01<argoneus>it looks like lego
09:01<@Alberth>argoneus: many games look like that perhaps?
09:01<argoneus>name two :<
09:01<@Alberth>I don't know, I never use zbase
09:01<frosch123>argoneus: i suspect people like that you can zoom in
09:02<EmeraldNext>Well, general idea - A - Goal (sandbox, basics of how goods are transported/why goods are transported) B - How to achieve goal - various basic means of transportation available/station interactions C - most efficient in most circumstance, train networks, and signaling D - City Growth
09:02<EmeraldNext>Thank you all very much for your help, but I've got some work to get to. OpenTTD is one of my most very favourite games, so I'm looking forward to a chance to give back to this community.
09:02<@Alberth>city growth?? since when is that an OpenTTD goal? :)
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12:45<@DorpsGek>Commit by translators :: r27089 trunk/src/lang/esperanto.txt (2014-12-23 17:45:30 UTC)
12:45<@DorpsGek>-Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
12:45<@DorpsGek>esperanto - 24 changes by polluks
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13:50<andythenorth>so is it dying then? o_O
13:50<andythenorth>or is it just christmas?
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13:54<FredH>Hay, Do you guys know if there is a way to have two versions installed on a system? I have 1.4.4 and I would like to install 1.2.1 too.
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13:56<frosch123>just install it into a different directory
13:57<FredH>The installer is saying that there is a more up-to-date version already installed
13:57<FredH>and exits
13:57<andythenorth>I have craploads of them all in one folder on OS X
13:57<andythenorth>sorry, that may not help :)
13:58<frosch123>then do not use the installer, but the zip
13:58<FredH>K, that would make more sence
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14:00<FredH>Thanks guys!
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14:07<FredH>It is coming up with Failed to select music set 'OpenMSX' I have DLed the openMSX file but is there something else that I need to do?
14:09<frosch123>just reselect it
14:10<frosch123>the installations share the configuration files
14:10<frosch123>sometimes there are minor incompatibilities, so you have to reconfigure stuff after switching versions
14:11<FredH>So reinstall 1.2.1
14:11<frosch123>just reselect the music set in the game options
14:11<FredH>Ill try thansk
14:12<Zuu>If a setting is renamed, and you go backward in history the old version will not know about that a newer version save it as a different name (or format).
14:14<FredH>The message is coming up when I load the .exe, Is there a folder that the msx needs to be put in?
14:15<frosch123>use the in-game content download to install it
14:15<frosch123>that's easier
14:15<FredH>The Openttd window is just black
14:16<frosch123>i thought you got an error message
14:17<FredH>There s nothing but the error window
14:18<frosch123>is the error window a separate window?
14:18<frosch123>can you just close it?
14:18<frosch123>otherwise you may try to delete openttd.cfg
14:18<FredH>Yes but The TTD window closes too
14:19<Zuu>openttd.cfg contains all your settings, so you may want to move it eg. to your desktop.
14:19<FredH>I can not find the cfg file
14:20<FredH>Thanks, but tis not there...
14:20<Zuu>It can also be in the installation directory of OpenTTD.
14:21<Zuu>But only if you create it there.
14:22<Zuu>The readme.txt has a sectin that explains where OpenTTD looks for openttd.cfg, music, sound and graphics base sets.
14:22<FredH>Everything in the file is extracted from the install sip file
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14:25<Zuu>openttd.cfg is created by openttd.exe upon first time starting it.
14:25<Zuu>Your 1.4 install should have one openttd.cfg file somewhere.
14:26<Zuu>Your problem may be related to that 1.2 finds that openttd.cfg file and can't understand it correctly.
14:27<Zuu>Another option (to deleting it) is to create an empty openttd.cfg file in the installation directory of 1.2. This will cause 1.2 to download online content into the install directory and other things and thus it has to be writeable.
14:29<FredH>K ill try that!
14:31<Zuu>Basically an openttd.cfg in the same directory as openttd.exe will make it ignore the OpenTTD directory in C:\Users\you\Documents
14:33<Zuu>You're welcome. If you want to further understand this, I recommend the readme (located in the installation directory)
14:36<FredH>It will be my bed-time reading tonight!
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14:37*andythenorth waves at Zuu
14:38*andythenorth is pondering GS
14:38*Zuu waves back
14:38<Zuu>andy likes to poundering on GS ideas :-)
14:38<Zuu>IIRC it was this time of year NoCarGoal was written.
14:40<andythenorth>need something to do at christmas, right?
14:40<andythenorth>I should probably work on Road Hog
14:40<andythenorth>it’s even kind of fun
14:40<andythenorth>but I need to play test games....
14:41<Zuu>Not really. IRL will keep me busy this christmas I think
14:41<andythenorth>me also
14:41<andythenorth>2 kids, wife working most days
14:42<Zuu>no kids or wife but guests and dinners
14:43<andythenorth>NoCarGoals would be fun
14:43<andythenorth>it just recycles the goals continuously
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14:46<Wolf01>hello o/
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15:04<Zuu>EcoCarGoal? :-)
15:15<andythenorth>ha ha
15:15*andythenorth thinks that GS doesn’t have to be perfect
15:15<andythenorth>just different
15:15<Wolf01>names for a pet rock? I thought about "fluffy"
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23:54<Eddi|zuHause>anyone besides me think that this advertisment campaign for that seth rogen movie is getting a bit out of hand?
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